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Our Green Future

The story of the hero Dr. BILLAH (al-Moutassam Billah al-Qathafi) stories in clashes NATO:

It was a day before he cites is his comrades Lines front ,, They were soldiers who were with him afraid for his life Aktar of their lives as a war commander ,, and they were saying to him constantly refer back O Moatasem Farbma die here because we are in the crossfire,

and, his response was they (just like you Libyans and people of Libya and Libya of interest to you; so, I’m Libby and accused me of Libya and Mavi difference between us).

God bless my hero !

The commanding side of Dr. Billah

(‘Militant Arabism’)


Baklm al-Vars al-Libya:

Who thinks that the tears Shalgam and Dabbashi fleets moved 28 nuclear state. He is the most important
It is thought that the lies of the island moved Bernard Levy to enter Libya. He is the most important
It is thought that the screaming Obeidi moved the base to take up arms. He is the most important…
It is thought that begging Abdul Jalil and his council move the Security Council. He is the most important…
It is thought that lies Sergiwa forced traitors to split. He is the most important…

It is thought that Western intelligence services do not know all that. It is naive and stupid.
The Security Council is not driven by tears. al-Ifi and cares for the killing of Arabs. NATO does not mean the protection of civilians. al-Qaeda does not concern them democracy. Customers do not think of progress and prosperity.

The plot orchestrated in advance. The roles are distributed. Each did his job and catch the price.

West benefited from the destruction of the ‘Revolutionary Jamahiriya system’ and Arabist been a thorn in front of all Western plans in the region and the continent. And Qatar got the World Cup. And Bernard Levy state and Army and security Arabic destroyed was against normalization with Israel and supports the resistance. And al-Qaeda got arms, money and power. The collaborators and traitors have received billions of balances.

Everyone of the masterminds and perpetrators and beneficiaries know the details. The fools are the only Trojans and they were laughing slogans and wasted the nation, religion and the house and the father and the child. And they returned empty-handed bite enamel remorse.

And for four years, we did not turn our discourse for those masterminds and perpetrators and beneficiaries because they conspired with premeditation. They are still insisting on their actions and defend. And Azarunha it right and the revolution and the blessing and good exposure… Although most of the details.

But our discourse for those al-Amadhok them and who have lost everything and their minds are still stubborn to confess guilt and error or still believe those conspirators and wait for their own good and their blessings.
(‘Militant Arabism’)

WARNING to the evildoers


New image after breakfast yesterday for artist of the revolution and the crowd loved artist Mohammad Hassan

Lord protect him !
(“Knight and Men”)

Mohamed Hassan, new image w friends





‘Room Zintan operations’:


“We demand our governing body of the ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’, immediately respond negatively to the strong Tunisian president’s remarks Essebsi today, that the Department Libya should be of two states! “

نطالب حكومتنا و مجلس النواب بالرد القوي علي تصريحات الرئيس التونسي السبسي اليوم والتي بها قسم ليبيا لدولتين.

WE ARE AT VICTORY; and LIBYA is ‘ONE NATION’ which will NOT be divided as the WESTERN RATS WANT US TO BE !


Bernard Henri-Levy and Bernardino Léon-Gross, drawn from the same poisoness bucket


1 = nation will not accept anything less than the sound of a military boot walks over soil and lead voice shakes the rest of the entity farce in the streets.
2 = our country and we will lead the fight naked heads Vacharfa do not need to cover their heads in glorious hours home.
3 = dogs that bark day tomorrow we will shake our tail.
4 = entry to Tripoli mean tearing drafts of Bernardino Léon-Gross and throw it on the ugly face.
5 = farce no longer has offered classes in her play meager. They are convinced the other to leave the coming season.
6 = people watching the green channel, because he longs of the past and to see a picture of master men.
7 = poet Ali al-Kilani kept in his poems with all the feelings of home in the prestige and dignity of the time.
8 = infallibility of Libya in the hands of men, not in the hands of the traitors owners hands trembling.
9 = sit down for breakfast in the street in preparation for the festival which will run away from the street.
10 = all the lies of ’17February 2011′ only scattered groups remained confused led to fool the latter died.
11 = rats and call themselves ‘rebel-revolutionaries’ are equal in everything, including the experiments conducted by them in the West medicine laboratories or intelligence services.
12 = divided Misurata alone on 2 people and wants it to fall to 16.
13 = client believes that the money enough to buy receivables humans, because he first sold discharged from money.
14 = Tourism ended in Tunisia, and fell at the hands of the state economy; and Bnzqah was crazy state in the previous export to Libya, and returned it the same day… and with the madness Abannzqah.
15 = desperation of people and promises good with ‘next 17 February’, to the point of waiting, became drafts of Bernardino Léon-Gross, which are not worth the ink that writes its value.

16 = Stop the salaries of the people and Hawwafezh investment and they gave him instead of them, in each month, of the draft written by Bernardino Léon-Gross with traitors in Skhirat.

17 = Daash organization wants slaves in our parents and Hur eye in the afterlife; but believe me, that the whole story is about instincts silly, AND nothing to do with the great principles.

Salah Badi, Nuri Bushman, etc..gang
18 = How incredible that the Misuratan Nuri Abusamein Bushman defied threats of England and France; that they are of wavering in front of the street, just as he saw a cockroach who claims to be Haitham al-Tagouris.
19 = whether the provisions of the courts in Egypt is part of the general policy of deterrence, the filter in place of the criminals who commit their crimes, is the same general deterrence.
20 = It is true that the number of dead increases in war; but this does not mean that war is the reason. It means that the dates for Hola-hit death coincided with the outbreak of the war this time.

21 = not receive the death in your bed ibn al-Walid Khalid: He was not lamenting in his life, only to receive death on his sickbed, where there are men who slept the eyes of cowards.
22 = Assad not just in the forest. Often one needs to force more than its need, for justice.
23 = the battle may be bloody and cruel with the militias; but certainly will not be long Valsamud in-need to doctrinise… and the latter does not already own militias.
24 = want from who does not know that fast questions and want of which teaches that fast talking.
25 = the rest of the dust of the earth in the upper part of the hour has become much less of dirt located in the lower part is.
26 = this huge number of men made the challenge and Shoumoukh that prevailed in the era of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

27 = When you put the title or rank or position in front of Muammar al-Qathafi, who benefits from the name titles and ranks and positions from such definitions (?)
and this does not benefit the man whom everyone knows.
And still continuing to play the lead


ABOVE PICTURE: Bernard Henri-Levy and Bernardino Léon-Gross, drawn from the same poisoness bucket. DO NOT DRINK THEIR WATER !





The spread of the so-called ‘militias to withstand’, led by Inventory SALAH BADI, at the entrances to the capital Tripoli.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.


With Allah’s help:

Entry of the Libyan Armed Forces, into the capital Tripoli to electric shock that will restore the pulse of the heart again.

Astt to the joy of victory !

Live Libya !!

al-Qathafi already ‘squeeze” ‘earthquake’: People’s LIBERATION MASS



Salute to all armed forces officers
Salute to all combatants joining brighter
And Ali Anicololhm

Thank Allah your safety
Do not return, go forward.
(“The quake compassionate”)

The Liberation of Tripoli


al-Baghdadi Mamoudi
Dr. al-Baghdadi al-Mahmudi (Lord Aivk captured), to the judge said, in an interview lanes:

“Mr. Judge Say Libyan people before you make any judgments.
We left them in the state treasury billion divided Rshehad.qoma State.
The Libyan investments in more than twenty countries in addition to the amount we launched (it al-Mjunb name). “..

Allah grant victory to the state fair, if they were infidels !!
Aanasr and unjust state, if it is a Muslim !!
(“Knight and Men”)



Tz ‘Dawn Libya‘.

Shooting voices heard in the lead Dahmani Angle area.

Daash vows to control the angle refinery.


Militia in the ‘Ministry of Communications’ had reviewed now Troaehm people and shot in the air and a state of dislocation and fear affects families.


Shooting Nsmawa in the green plateau on the project.


Hear the sounds of shooting in the area of Tajourah.

Message from Misurata militias to Tajoura and Friday Market:

A Libyan court rejects and overturns appeal by Brotherhood slob Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz decision on isolationism and unarmed,

The decision it is valid and he must pay the expenses.


‘Roma Libya’ militias kidnap citizen ‘Khalifa Belaid Winter’, employee of United Bank branch al-Andalus neighborhood, and knead in front of a bank.

Break into al-Andalus neighborhood police station by an armed group and the closure of the road leading to and from the palace Sawani and dirt barricades under the bridge.

Shooting dense light and medium weapons in the vicinity of the Vndq Hotel Rixsos.

‘ROMA LIBYA’ MILITIAS kidnap Rishvana residents of Amiriya areas.

Lies do not end up:

‘Room Zintan operations’:

One armored Raouf ‘Hater’s militias’ that have been captured from the third one by the battalion at the center of the former mill belonging to the service of the new.

(‘Operations room’)



The kidnapping of a child in Sbaah area south of Tripoli in front of his parents by force of arms.





Has Kikla reconciliation between the towns of Zintan and full conditions and the return of the people will be on the next Kikla Althelata maximum.


News of the martyrdom of the hero ‘Abdul Razzaq paste’.

Martyr Hero Abdalrezag Jeenh Abmany of our Champions tribal forces

Martyr Hero Abdalrezag Jeenh Abmany of our Champions tribal forces

We belong to God, and to him we will return
(“Knight and Men”)

Because Tflahawwa:

Zintan is not alone, my immune before you consider taking the fight to the land of men Zintan thought of how to express and Rishvana and al-Rajaban and noble tribes.

We will not leave me alone Zintan, to the last man from the Rishvana and al-Rajaban….

Zintan Valley people were brought up on the splendor in the most difficult ordeals.

Hey dog !


‘Youth Battalion three o’clock’: they campaign to clean the city of Zintan
(Operations room)

Our MARTYRS who sacrificed theor lives to defend

TRIPOLI AIRPORT in summer of 2014:


the destruction of the TRIPOLI AIRPORT by 'DAWN LIBYA'

destruction of Tripoli Airport by 'Dawn Libya', 2

# Zkry_mhamh_mtar_trabuls:

We publish images Martyrs battle for the airport to see that the wrong-doers of was defending the airport are from all over Libya, not only as they claim ‘Zintani’.



They are to be informed about.

(Operations room)

Martyr Nansabh God “Ayman cast”:

Deceased Ahmed al-Mliqth

Martyr Nansabh God “Zuhair Aghannaa”

Martyr Nansabh God birth victor:

Martyr Nansabh God, “Abdul Ilah Geweili”:

Martyr Nansabh God “Issa Ali Aburmelh”:

Martyr Shakshouk-Enaim al-Azar:

Martyr Ali Abokhlkhal:

Martyr Abdalroov Majdoub:

Martyrs Shakshouk-Enaim al-Azar, Ali Abokhlkhal, and Abdalroov Majdoub

Martyr Nansabh God, “Mohammed clank”:

Martyr Nansabh God, “Mohammed Otaith”:


Martyr Nansabh God, ‘Abdullah al-Dhnos’:

Martyr Nansabh God “Salem R”:

Martyr Ahmed Nansabh God al-Rmala:

Martyr Nansabh God ‘Ahmed Taiara’:

Martyr Nansabh God ‘Tariq Faitouri’:

Martyr Nansabh God ‘Hisham al-Vkhal’:

Martyr Nansabh God ‘Ahmed Aoun’:

Martyr Nansabh God ‘Ahmed al-Bombh’:

‘Room Zintan operations’:

“After Wattaya and luau Ali al-Ehiash.
Our children give their lives for the homeland even Aagmh Moarj like you not interested minimum livelihood and Libya where you would not have a foothold, my brothers demons.”



Found in one of the headquarters of oil companies in the region of al-Hachan and Rishvana, where was stationed a force to the organization of  ‘Dawn Libya’, the decomposed body of an unidentified person. The body was being held inside the metal container for more than 4 months.

(al-Sour Paul Taliq)






After the Liberals in the city of Sabratha Last night my shooting at the gate of East was Rat ‘Munir Boukran’ liquidation.

Killing “Tawfiq M’Hamed Gharabli” ﺗﻮﻓﻴﻖ ﺍﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﺍﻟﻐﺮﺍﺑﻠﻲ after being targeted by a hail of bullets near the coast sanatorium before Morocco.



A delegation from the city of Surman has gone up to the city of Zintan to discuss the entry of the Libyan Armed Forces to the city of Surman peacefully. This actually was a draft agreement for signing tonight and is processing.

Arrested a gang of four people were practiced armed robbery in the coastal road in Surman.


‘Room Zintan operations’:
Oh Qllo and Lachin of shooting dead at wedding
Valaaadae Azalo to prey on us and every bullet is important to us in the next
(‘Operations room’)




Daash terrorist organization distributed leaflets preaching to swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi in Epehroh area.


DAASH Propaganda

Using the ‘river collector tourists rationalization’,

found by a group of ‘DAASH’, number and type 3 cars Toyota 24.



fighting in Zawiya


Clashes in the Annaba neighborhood between rival militias led to the injury of a person.



'Dawn Libya' mercenary has his look-out from a 'sniper's nest'

Find a member of ‘Dawn Libya’ militias of

Abouchaalh family, shot dead in quietly area.

Very strong explosion shakes the city of Misurata after 4 days.

Mn Brad el-Safhh:
Today the praise of Allah

and were released the officer Jamal Hussein Hussein al-Krama of dark prisons in Misurata …..

and science is still his father Colonel Gamal Alkrama ordered military police Sirte imprisoned in Misurata.

Thankfully p integrity and Aqaba for the rest of the prisoners.
(“Knight and Men”)

Image of a terrorist, aka ‘Obo Salman al-Sudana’:

suicide bombing area of Chiha al-Cherqah;

and that led to the fall of the seven dead and 13 wounded yesterday evening at the port.
(Question to the dogs of hell why princes ‘Daash’ do not do suicide operations or are they satisfied with Sbyaya and do not want to meet the spirit of the eye)
(‘Militant Arabism’)

Invalid shell exploded Lucan became valid Henw
We hear the fire control p but this is a new explosion.

A suicide bomber blows himself up in a warehouse for Decharh and blast air plane Kdalk college Misurata.

Sources confirm that the explosion of ammunition store and other sources say that a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Air Force Academy and the blast was very strong and hear ambulances place.

Which exploded to Misurata are MiG 25 aircraft and other munitions.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Image from inside the air base Misurata after the explosion dawn this morning
Result in the bombing of a number of warplanes
‘Daash’ regulation published pictures of the planning process and says that al-Angmasien returned safely (that it was not a suicide mission) after the destruction of 13 aircraft altogether Air Misurata.

Flames in the air base of Misurata.
Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar voice “Paddy yogurt”
Amlah al-Hmod.

“The quake compassionate”:

Secured happened and this is the beginning of the work of suicide gangs do them in the rear of satisfaction against militias Natwe and your right we mesh Hnketboa dates.

Yesterday I said that, God willing, a very strong explosion shakes the city of Misrata happen
I’m not a priest or know the unseen and give you the information before I said that, God willing,
Bs in people commented on the publication and said Thou art a priest
Anhab Anicol to our followers are not priests but our strong and sorry prior information of the event
Do not return, instead go forward …







LIBYAN AIRFORCE WARPLANES bombed areas of the DAASH Organisation in NOFALIYA.
'Dawn Libya' terrorist organization sneaking at Nofaliya




The proliferation of gangs Daash terror in the city of Sirte.

Ramadaniat DAASH dogs Fire
My-oriented riffraff who claim Islam
Adoroa dogs in Sirte today said forbidden smoke, and ‘razor blades’ and reel Pimenawa loudspeakers in mosques and Alach because in the days of the Prophet, peace be Mhnac him talk sweet arms and 14 text in the days of the Prophet Mhnac Come Iahma get on your horse and met me with the sword to see who has the equestrian accept bout
(“Knight and Men”)


The assassination of Sheikh Musa Salafi key Hammad,

archery him dead by a car driven by a DAASH terrorist paid mercenary.


An armed group kidnapped named Mvid al-Msora (a colonel Director of Security Directorate at tuber) from in front of his home in CASABLANCA.



Injury to the main communications tower network Libyana, by a mortar shell, causing interruption coverage to most of the city’s neighborhoods also caused the interruption of communications at Prairie City and most of the suburbs of the city of Benghazi.


Benghazi Ministry of Finance targeted by DAASH

Targeting the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance by the organization Daash.

Gunmen storm Benghazi Medical Center and causing material damage.

“داعش” يعلن انسحابه من بنغازي في ليبيا

الخميس 02/يوليو/2015 – 10:56 م


The intensification of the bombing by LIBYAN AIRFORCE warplanes and plumes of black smoke in various clashes axes.
Sharif Faitouri, writes:
The fire of the army, led by first team for General Khalifa Hftar and Falcon Jeroshy, Allah is great !



كتب : محروس اداعش يعلن انسحابهلخطيب

أعلن تنظيم “داعشالمتطرف في ليبيا ، اليوم الخميس ، الانسحاب من مدينة بنغازي ، بعد فشله في السيطرة عليها ، بسبب تواجد الجيش الليبي بقوة وتضييق الخناق على عناصر التنظيم .

وطالب التنظيم عبر إحدى صفحاته على الإنترنت ، عناصره ممن وصفهم بالمجاهدين ، العودة إلى ما أسماها “ولاية طرابلس” في سرت ، معتبرًا أن معركة بنغازي خاسرة ولا جدوى منها .

وكانت المنطقة الواقعة إلى الشرق من مدينة بنغازي، مرتعًا ومنطلقًا لمقاتلي الجماعات المتطرفة والقاعدة منذ 3 أعوام ، مستفيدين من موقعها الجغرافي على ساحل المتوسط وكذلك تضاريسها الجبلية الوعرة.

“Daash” announce its withdrawal from Benghazi in Libya
Thursday 02 / July / 2015 – 10:56 Mtabaah
Wrote: guarded Khatib

Announced “Daash” extremist organization in Libya, on Thursday, to withdraw from the city of Benghazi, after failing to control them, because of the presence of the Libyan army strongly and cracking down on elements of the organization.

The student organization through one of its pages on the Internet, and its elements who described the Mujahideen, to return to what he called “the state of Tripoli” and in Sirte; about Benghazi, saying, that ‘the battle is lost and useless’.  

The area to the east of the city of Benghazi, a hotbed and a starting point for fighters and al-Qaeda extremist groups 3 years ago, taking advantage of its geographical location on the Mediterranean coast, as well as the rugged mountain terrain.

‘Daash’ terrorist organization announces its withdrawal

from Benghazi through theirConstitution newspaper’.

DAASH out of Benghazi

Libyan Airforce Warplanes bombed sites belonging to organize in Daash in al-Sabri and Souk al-Ihut.


Continuation of the violent clashes in the regions and of Laithi and Buhedama.


Renewed violent clashes in the area of Laithi targeting Tmrkzac DAASH 

b axis al-Sabri Noran heavy weapons and mortars …

The evening Libyan airforce warplanes targeted a number of 4 cars armed follower of DAASH at b axis Laithi.

Libyan Airforce Helicopter targeting places of concentration of terrorist groups in the port of el-Mreisse.




Clashes with heavy weapons between Abu Salim and Melcaat Daash al-Emtemrkzan organizing elements in the way of the seven al-Corvat.

Daash adopt bombings tuber undertake to beat Awakening Abu Salim wherever found, according to publishing their accounts on Twitter.


A suicide bombing area of ​​East Shiha, killing six people and wounding 15.

Salm Balkasm al-Hace one child victims of suicide bombings this evening.





Clashes in Sabha Libya 1


Sabha last night
Dead and “3” wounded in the clashes,

“Sabha” between the various arms of rival militias.

Voices of shooting in the vicinity of the hospital ’02 March’ of Sabha.


Slaughter man and Samarra area Manshiyya madinah,

and Nigerian nationality by unknown, ‘al-Sour Paul Taliq’.





PICTURE: Saudi Aggression against Yemen:

Saudi Aggression against Yemen

Wed 01 July  2015 6:42PM

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian

The Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs has called for the cessation of Saudi Arabia’s devastating aggression against Yemen.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made the remarks in a meeting with Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah in the sultanate’s capital Muscat on Wednesday.

Referring to Saudi Arabia’s ongoing attacks against the Yemeni people, Amir-Abdollahian urged an end to all foreign military attacks against the Arabian Peninsula country.

The Omani official, for his part, also described the humanitarian situation in Yemen as deplorable and demanded that the transfer of humanitarian assistance to the country be expedited.

Saudi Arabia has been pounding different areas in Yemen since 26 March 2015 without any authorization from the United Nations and heedless of international calls for the cessation of its deadly campaign against the impoverished Arab country.

Yemenis search for survivors under the rubble of houses in the UNESCO-listed heritage site in the old city of Yemeni capital Sana’a on June 12, 2015 following an overnight Saudi airstrike (AFP photo).

UN Human Rights spokesman Rupert Colville said on June 16 that at least 1,412 Yemeni civilians, including 210 women, had been killed and a further 3,423 injured since the start of the Saudi aggression.

Amir-Abdollahian further described Oman’s positions and role regarding the developments in Yemen as constructive.


Part of the lecture of the martyr leader Mr. Hussein Badr Eddin al-Houthi:

MARTYR Hussein Badr Eddin al-Houthi

“We have – Brothers – always talking about jihad, even those who do not have the spirit of jihad they have to talk about the word (Jihad); because the word [jihad] itself exposed to war!

We are fighting as individuals, and fights our land as the land, and fight our thoughts as ideas, but the war has become a link to our vocabulary, everything by our enemies heads to fight for everything in our arena, to us personally, to our economy, to our culture, to our ethics, to our values, to our language , to Holy Qur’anic jargon, jargon into Arabic.

We must not allow that the facts reflected to this extent, removing them the word [jihad] from the Holy Qur’an, and the absence of the word [terrorism] in the Qur’an, and be replaced by the word [terrorism] American.

This word [terrorism] in the Western-American sense, means that all of the moves against the Jews, (rather all of the shouting under the oppression of Jews) as Sasmonh or ‘terrorist’; and, all of the shouting in anger to God, in anger to his religion, anger for his book, outrage for the vulnerable and the oppressed of the servants of Allah as Sasmonh [terrorist ]; and when they call us a terrorist, there are those who will move to work against you on the basis of this new legitimacy,which they have set-up themselves against each of the moves against their oppression.”

Of lecture: terrorism and peace

جزء من محاضرة للشهيد القائد السيد حسين بدر الدين الحوثي :
إنّ علينا – أيّها الإخوة – أن نتحدث دائماً عن الجهاد، حتى أولئك الذين ليس لديهم روح جهادية عليهم أن يتحدثوا عن كلمة (جهاد)؛ لأن كلمة [جهاد] نفسها تتعرض لحرب !
أصبحنا نُحارب كأشخاص، وتحارب أرضنا كأرض، وتحارب أفكارنا كأفكار، بل أصبحت الحرب تصل إلى مفرداتنا، كل شيء من قِبل أعدائنا يتوجه إلى حربنا في كل شيء في ساحتنا، إلينا شخصياً، إلى اقتصادنا، إلى ثقافتنا، إلى أخلاقنا، إلى قيمنا، إلى لغتنا، إلى مصطلحاتنا القرآنية، إلى مصطلحاتنا العربية.
يجب علينا أن لا نسمح أن تنعكس الحقائق إلى هذا الحد، فتغيب كلمة [جهاد] القرآنية، وتغيب كلمة [إرهاب] القرآنية، وتحل محلها كلمة [إرهاب] الأميركية.
وهذه الكلمة [إرهاب] بالمعنى الأميركي، تعني أن كل من يتحرك ضد اليهود، بل كل من يصيح تحت ظلم اليهود سيسمونه [إرهابي]، كل من يصيح غضبا لله، غضباً لدينه، غضباً لكتابه، غضباً للمستضعفين والمظلومين من عباد الله، سيسمونه [إرهابي]؛ وعندما يسمونه إرهابي فهناك من سيتحرك ليعمل ضدك على أساس هذه الشرعية الجديدة التي وضعوها لهم ضد كل من يتحرك ضد ظلمهم.

من محاضرة : الإرهاب والسلام

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

View | storm the Saudi military al-Hgelh site in Dhahran Asir,

at the hands of the Yemeni Army and th ‘People’s Committees’ 01-07-

Another new scenes from the Yemeni-Saudi borders:
7 Yemeni Mujahideen talking control of a Saudi military base with no response from the Saudi soldiers ..
The Saudi soldiers and vehicles run away to the back of the base before the Yemeni fighters bombing it.


Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:


New scenes from the Yemeni-Saudi borders

Bombing a control tower in a Saudi military base.

See | ‘People’s Committees’ and Yemeni army control building bombing in Saudi military site and other sites bombed 04/07/2015

March satellite channel – Believe the word

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

Shooting down an American reconnaissance aircraft in Sada’a.

It’s the third one being shot in Yemen, and the second one in Sada’a.

One of them had being shot in Dhamar city.

View | projection drone-plane Asttalaihvi Saudi border province of Sada’a by the Yemeni Army and ‘People’s Committees’ 07/05/2015
March satellite channel – Believe word


Photos march failure of the United Nations about the situation the humanitarian situation caused by ASTM
Mis à jour: il ya 16 heures out a mass revolutionary era day march Sunday to condemn the failure of the UN about the humanitarian situation because of the continued aggression and siege on Yemen.

Sharaf Addeen al-Wainani:

A Sunday demonstration today in Sana’a


18 Ramadhan 1436

Yemeni Ramadan Sunday o5 JULY 2015 demonstration against Saudi-USA aggression
Houthi boy Sunday Ramadan demonstration against aggression
Houthi - Yemen Sunday Ramadan demonstration againat aggression


New Great scenes from the Yemen-Saudi borders:
3 – 7 – 2015

– Watch the third operation of taking control of “al-makhrooq” Saudi military base.

– Watch bombing an Abrams tank “American homemade“.

– Watch a Saudi soldier getting out of the tank and falling down.

– Watch another one run away frightened without weapons, then the Yemeni Mujahedeen feel pathetically on him, they let him go ..

– But the strange thing is that a Saudi military vehicle left him behind and run away !!

– Watch the Yemeni army entering the base while the Saudi military vehicles have run away and left behind some killed and wounded soldiers.

View | heroic storming of the site breached the center of the Saudi military soldiers flee 05/07/2015 process
March satellite channel – Believe word

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Vice-President of the Qatari intelligence was assassinated by a few in Germany.



The expulsion of ‘Ambassador of the State Lands Qtaraial to Egypt’.


Terrorist Mohammed Abdul Hamid al-Dilah


‘Room Zintan operations’, informs us:

Terrorist “Mohammed Abdul Hamid al-Dilah” cultural supplement and official injured File Libyan Embassy in Paris. Reverence, does not speak any language. He is a close friend of the offender HiSam bin Humaid”,

LiqaaKhaas Sh. WiSam Ben Humaid (al-Naba' Interview)

and in constant contact with him. Humaid sends him support and aid through ‘Dawn Libya’ and the Shura Benghazi Council.

Rejected abroad, still, yes, the French renewed his residency a few days ago ! Libyan Ambassador of the legitimacy of the “Shibani Bohemod” intervention was renewed residence Ambassador schoolmate and friend and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Hasan small and colleague also favor Makhzoom.



‘Deputy of homosexuals in the French parliament’ bloc up to Tripoli, and greet him with an official reception by the ‘Government of Zlhh’.


Confessions from West to strike Syria and making a new Middle East funded Gulf:







Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎. Photo de ‎أســـود المقـــاومـــة الليـبـيــة‎.

A state of emergency Tunis airport today and very strict measures and road closures that lead directly to the airport and to keep only one way.


Tripoli Declaration Islamic emirate within days

Akram Maikl … oh Saif al-Islam, on FACEBOOK VIDEO:


U.S. plane that landed this morning # Tripoli International Airport has just departed, heading

to the base of Sigonella Italian

and crew on board the U.S. embassy in Tripoli and the U.S. crew consisting of soldiers guard.

It’s war, U.S. Marines began every Libyan is Balibia just happened to Sheela Abbou Gas and Navza

mesh dimensions seem.

Tchro meted Shri land of a thousand dinars Gulwna gasoline and Tlqohash.

A US CARRIER off the LIBYAN COAST bombed al-SABRI today also.

The people there in al-SABRI are practicing the Thrid Universal Theory and a few days ago held a General people’s Committe Meeting in the al-SABRI GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Committee meeting hall.

(SEE BELOW post under BENGHAZI) Many citizens are dead and wounded.

Green Base bombed the American embassy by 8 Grad rockets but failed to hit the target ~ rockets landed

on nearby houses to the “Embassy of goodness “.~ Jay & Aajerman


Summary Speech of Dr. Hamza Al-tohamme:

What came in the intervention dr. Hamza Al-tohamme on 04/19/2014:

Warned the Liberal Failure to appear is not shorten it, but the reasons go back to the Green channel , which is estimated circumstances and explain the reason for this absence and said that this drop-channel Green was 3 months ago, where they refused to respond to it timidly (indirectly) and likely struggling Hamza reason Province channel Green has received threats and pressure and fearing for their arrest has left and said he appreciates these circumstances, he said he told the channel in the ready at any time to talk to are free.

With regard to reconciliation Hamza Mujahid said that reconciliation talk is absurd how is reconciliation and every day out 10 bodies from prisons and how are they doing reconciliation Bavail detainees not by the UN and by how reconciliation and for people still kill and abandon?

He then drew his speech to those who held a conference Malta to reconcile the presence of hardness and said, Where was Salaabi when he sent a tribal delegation of sheikhs reconciliation carrying twigs of olive and interviewed shot, I’ve had hardness at the time inciting the killing of the Libyan people is this hardness that was shown on the island and Arab channels the other for instigating the killing of women and children, Libya is Slaba or another?

He said that the owners of the reconciliation meeting in Malta, Jordan and the Emirates and London.
He said I want to ask those who attended the meeting in London with Ahamrochh and hardness and Mahmoud Jibril Are The commander on the void? Sit down with them you mean you said you were on a falsehood So was the leader on the void when NATO fought?

He said the owners of the events in the positions of influence they went to the point of February, and NATO remained of them, and now he wants to jump to ship in February through the so-called reconciliation.

Ask again, said those who attended the Conference Malta will allow you bin Walid Misrata Is what I did forget the image of suspended Sowaihili? Did you forget tribes that humiliated Will memorable Rishvana and department in Ajeelat Will memorable Tawergha and Rullish displace? Did you forget Sirte from Derna?

He said that if Libya did not drop dead and the only one which is Billah to the Magistrate was impossible with criminals and traitors.

He said that reconciliation is the loss of our dignity and our honor, and this is the last that remains to us after the fall of the country and this is what is looking for rats.

He said that in February ended in what remains now are the norm, and the rest are all servants of the base
He said the rats are looking for reconciliation in order to benefit from the experience and expertise of the Liberal and push them in the front line to fight al Qaeda.

He said all of the dead in Libya are on the neck of Boshna and Mahmoud Jibril and their ilk who called to sedition
Called those who advocate for reconciliation to non-confrontation with Alglaby of the Libyan people because they (Alglaby) have nothing to lose.
Liberal invited to stand strong against all of the trading Abasm blood of the martyrs and the blood of the armed people for reconciliation.

He said that the enemy will not be hundreds of years ago, a friend and said that these enemies of you and we say that these myths In the latter appeared to us the fact that they are enemies
In the latter said that we are winning important patience first.

ملخص كلمة الدكتور حمزة التوهامي : ما جاء في مداخلة د. حمزة التوهامي يوم 19-4-2014 :
نبه الاحرار ان عدم ظهوره هو ليس تقصير منه وانما الاسباب تعود الى قناة الخضراء وهو يقدر ظروفها وشرح سبب هذا الغياب وقال ان هذا الانقطاع عن قناة الخضراء كان منذ 3 اشهر حيث رفضوا الرد عليه على استحياء (بطريقة غير مباشرة)ورجح المجاهد حمزة سبب مقاطعة قناة الخضراء له الى تهديدات تلقتها وضغوطات وخوفا على توقيف بثها وقال انه يقدر هذه الظروف واضاف انه قال للقناة انه في استعداد تام وفي اي وقت للحديث للاحرار
فيما يخص المصالحة قال المجاهد حمزة ان المصالحة كلام ينافي العقل فكيف يتم المصالحة وكل يوم تخرج 10 جثث من سجونهم وكيف تتم المصالحة وهم يقومون بأفاعيل على المعتقلين لم تقم بها امم من قبل وكيف تتم المصالحة والناس مازالت تقتل وتهجر؟
ثم وجه حديثه للذين عقدوا مؤتمر مالطا للمصالحة بحضور الصلابي وقال اين كان الصلابي حينما بعثت القبائل وفد من مشايخها للمصالحة حاملين اغصان من الزيتون والذين قوبلوا بالرصاص,لقد كان الصلابي في ذلك الوقت يحرض على قتل الشعب الليبي فهل هذا الصلابي الذي كان يظهر في الجزيرة والعربية والقنوات الاخرى من اجل التحريض على قتل اطفال ونساء ليبيا ام هو صلابي اخر؟
قال ان اصحاب المصالحة اجتمعوا في مالطا والاردن والأمارات ولندن
قال اريد ان اسأل الذين حضروا في اجتماع لندن مع الحمروشة والصلابي ومحمود جبريل هل كان القائد على باطل؟انتم جلستم معهم يعني قلتم انكم كنتم على باطل فهل كان القائد على باطل حين حارب الناتو؟
قال انه في فترة الاحداث اصحاب المناصب والنفوذ هم من ذهب الى جهة فبراير والناتو ومن بقي منهم الان يريد ان يقفز الى سفينة فبراير عبر ما يسمى مصالحة
قال اسأل مرة ثانية من حضر مؤتمر مالطا هل ستسمح بن وليد ما فعلت مصراتة وهل ستنسى تعليقها لصورة السويحلي؟ هل تنسى القبائل التي اهينت فهل تنسى ورشفانة والعجيلات فهل تنسى تاورغاء والقواليش تهجيرها؟هل تنسى سرت من درها؟
قال انه لو ليبيا لم يسقط فيها الا قتيل واحد وهو المعتصم بالله لكان الصلح مستحيل مع المجرمين والخونة
قال ان المصالحة هي فقدان كرامتنا وشرفنا وهذا اخر ماتبقى لنا بعد سقوط الوطن وهذا ما يبحث عنه الجرذان
قال ان فبراير انتهت وما بقي الان هي القاعدة والباقي كلهم خدم للقاعدة
قال ان الجرذان يبحثون عن المصالحة من اجل الاستفادة من تجربة الاحرار وخبرتهم ودفعهم في الصفوف الامامية لمحاربة القاعدة
قال كل من مات في ليبيا هم على رقبة بوشنة ومحمود جبريل وامثالهم ممن دعى الى الفتنة
دعى الذين ينادون الى المصالحة الى عدم المواجهة مع الغلابى من الشعب الليبي لانهم (الغلابى) ليس لديهم ما يخسرون
دعى الاحرار الى الوقوف بقوة ضد كل من يتاجر باءسم دم الشهداء ودماء الشعب المسلح للمصالحة
قال ان العدو لن يصبح صديق فمنذ مءات السنين ويقال ان هؤلاء اعداء لكم وكنا نقول ان هذه خرافات وفي الاخير ظهروا حقيقة انهم اعداء لنا
في الاخير قال اننا منتصرون المهم الصبر اولا .



“MUSICIAN” writes about TRAITORS.

“MUSICIAN” writes:

This Daatkm responded to you

Of betraying once betray times, who sells his honor and his country will not find it again in order to buy it, of arrogance to the dawn of the Odyssey, he has to grow up to spring flowers, no choice owned Alhaún but to continue his betrayal until the end,

these are all Muslims and the realities are that we are not happy with them, if at all

but She does not concern us in anything Valenato which grown up to him and described himself Balahami the only one you rejected it and Harbnah with courage and heroism,

not a defect that is losing the battle as long as you have your duty to your country, from the dawn of the Odyssey to the blossoms of spring.

You are lost and do not say to you, it does not have a principle of natural does not have a opinion, but should you have to understand that you’re not a role model for us

and treason were not for us on the table in the darkest circumstances and we passed the stage and engage in it with the blood of our martyrs and the words of our leader and courage.

So, it will not leave Libya to the occupation will fight for Libya, we have experienced in the wars of NATO and we have the determination to liberate our country from occupation

and for your dear Almertjvon, no value to our lives and our nation against the principles of this and hear a saw on the ground will not ask you to understand that you are not her folks, and we approached Aazatha provocateurs have,
God willing.

And still continues playing the lead


هذه بضاعتكم ردت اليكم

من يخون مرة يخون مرات ، من يبيع شرفه ووطنـه لن يجده مرة اخري لكي يشتريه، من كبر لفجر الأوديسا عليه ان يكبر لأزهار الربيع ، لا خيار يملكه الحائن سوي الاستمرار في خيانته حتي النهايـة ، هذه كلها مسلمات وحقائق نحن لسنا سعيدين بها على كل حال ولكن هي لا تعنينا في شيء فالناتو الذي كبرتم له ووصف نفسه بالحامي الأوحد لكم رفضناه وحاربناه بكل شجاعة وبطولة وليس عيب ان تخسر معركة طالما انك قمت بواجبك تجاه وطنك، من فجر الأوديسا الي ازهار الربيع انتم ضائعون ولا رأي لكم فمن لا يملك المبدأ من الطبيعي لا يملك الرأي، لكن يجب عليكم ان تفهموا انكم لستم قدوة لنا والخيانة لم تكن بالنسبة لنا مطروحة في احلك الظروف وتجاوزنا مرحلتها وإغراءاتها بدماء شهدائنا وكلمات قائدنا وشجاعته، لذا لن نترك ليبيا للاحتلال سوف نقاتل من اجل ليبيا، لدينا خبرة في حروب الناتو ولدينا عزيمة لتحرير بلادنا من الاحتلال ومنـكم ايها المرتجفون، لا قيمة لحياتنا مقابل ووطننا هذه مبادئ اسمعوها وشاهدوها على الارض لن نطلب منكم فهمها لأنكم لستم اهل لها، عازتها اقتربت ونحن مدسوسين لها بأذن الله.

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

PICTURE: Imperialist forces enter in huge numbers on Libyan soil:


Mahmoud Jibril, one of their channels:
U.S. and Western intelligence had monitored the movements since the beginning and the entry of arms and extremists to Libya, but they turned a blind eye as if she does not know and does not see anything.

– In 2012 the United Nations monitored the process of the transfer of 21 weapons to Ibiakant all of the State of Qatar and the strange thing is that the Security Council also turned a blind eye on the subject!

– Should these extremists that Asalo themselves why the West is silent about them and easy stacking them in Libya?

– The West and the Americans Gdo sight for these despite the presence of all the intelligence world in Libya, they were in the thousands for the future is to intervene on the ground Libya under the pretext of combating terrorism.


Yanks create the “terrorism” and then come-in pretending they are occupying the country “to fight terrorism”!!!

Lies occupied by the homelands
From the Arab Spring to Spring Flowers

Western diplomatic source for the ‘Arabs’: military operation ready for implementation within the territory of Libya aimed at putting an end to attacks on diplomatic and consular missions.

Peek American military operation against militants in Libya: THE PROAGANDA & LIES:

Aerpaljmaa Ghasemi [published in 2014 \ 04 \ 22]
Tunisia – A Western diplomat for “Arabs” that a number of Western and Arab countries directly involved in the evolution of the security situation in Libya, finished finalizing a military operation inside Libyan territory chosen her name “spring flowers”, and so against militant groups that have stepped up abductions diplomats.

The diplomat said that the implementation of this process, which will be limited in time and place, it became imminent in view of the developments serious security taking place in Libya these days, particularly those attacks on diplomatic and consular missions, targeting oil fields, in addition to the growing influence of the “Al Qaeda” in different parts of the country.

Did not explain the source of “the Arabs”, who requested anonymity, the number of countries that will participate in this military operation anticipated, but noted in contrast to that it will be launched from the 3-axis is the west of Libya and east, as well as to the sea, where will use the aircraft and smart bombs, and operations commando limited ground.

He stressed that this process, which began to prepare her for some time is “the process of tactical military sense, that is, they would be” surgical “in the selection of targets for reducing the size of the loss of civilian life to the fullest.”

According to the diplomat, who confirmed that he briefed on the part of the plan related to some logistical issues, especially ones secure transmission of diplomats and nationals of Western countries involved in this process, living in Libya when determining the zero hour, the major oil companies pushed toward that such a military strike anticipated.

He added that those oil companies expressed willingness to finance the expenses of this military operation after that damaged its interests in Libya remarkably because of the growing threats to the militias and the chaos which inflicted heavy financial losses.

And predicted it would not raise this military operation upcoming political debate on the regional and international level, given that Libya is still under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which allows the use of force. The selection of the name of any “Spring Flowers” is intended to suggest that the countries concerned are still supported by the “Arab Spring” (UGH!! BIGGEST LIE!) and want to make it a success (HAH!!) in Libya.

Observers believe that the security events accelerated in Libya, and particularly the repeated attacks on foreign embassies, and the kidnapping of diplomats, and disruption of oil wells and shipping operations, makes such a military operation possibility featured at this critical stage experienced by Libya, especially in front of the increasing reports about the concentration of many of the symbols of the “Al Qaeda” in the country.

In this context, did not rule out a military expert Tunisian, Brigadier General Mokhtar Ben Nasr, the possible implementation of such a military operation in Libya in the coming days, but ruled that the participation of Tunisia.

He said in a telephone interview with the “Arabs”, that “Thus a military operation is not excluded, and implemented in this period is longer improbable considerations linked to the situation of chaos that prevailed in Libya, and the high level of terrorist acts and attacks on diplomats.”

In parallel with this, there were frequent news that the registration of military movements suspicious in eastern Libya coincided with the flight of warplanes unidentified in the skies of the country, has also been monitoring the reinforcements Tunisian military along the border with Libya, the center of information talked about a visit a week ago, a military officer senior U.S. to the Tunisian-Libyan border.

عملية عسكرية أميركية خاطفة ضد المتشددين في ليبيا

مصدر دبلوماسي غربي لـ’العرب’: عملية عسكرية جاهزة للتنفيذ داخل التراب الليبي تستهدف وضع حد للاعتداءات على البعثات الدبلوماسية والقنصلية.

العربالجمعي قاسمي [نشر في 20144\22]

تونس – كشف دبلوماسي غربي لـ”العرب” أنّ عددا من الدول الغربية والعربية المعنية مباشرة بتطوّر الأوضاع الأمنية في ليبيا، انتهت من وضع اللمسات الأخيرة لعملية عسكرية داخل الأراضي الليبية اختير لها اسم “أزهار الربيع” ، وذلك ضد المجموعات المتشددة التي كثفت من عمليات اختطاف الدبلوماسيين.

وقال الدبلوماسي إن تنفيذ هذه العملية، التي ستكون محدودة في المكان والزمان، أصبح وشيكا بالنظر إلى التطورات الأمنية الخطيرة التي تشهدها ليبيا هذه الأيام، وخاصة منها الاعتداءات على البعثات الدبلوماسية والقنصلية، واستهداف حقول النفط، بالإضافة إلى تزايد نفوذ تنظيم “القاعدة” في أجزاء متفرّقة من البلاد.

ولم يُوضح مصدر “العرب”، الذي طلب عدم ذكر اسمه، عدد الدول التي ستشارك في هذه العملية العسكرية المرتقبة، ولكنه أشار في المقابل إلى أنها ستنطلق من 3 محاور هي غرب ليبيا وشرقها، بالإضافة إلى البحر، حيث ستُستخدم فيها الطائرات والقنابل الذكية، وعمليات كومندوس برّية محدودة.

وشدّد على أنّ هذه العملية التي بدأ التحضير لها منذ مدة هي “عملية تكتيكية بالمفهوم العسكري، أيّ أنها ستكون “جراحية” في انتقاء الأهداف للتقليل من حجم الخسائر في أرواح المدنيين إلى أبعد الحدود”.

وبحسب الدبلوماسي، الذي أكد أنه اطّلع على جزء من هذه الخطة متعلق ببعض المسائل اللوجستية، وخاصة منها تأمين انتقال دبلوماسيي ورعايا الدول الغربية المعنية بهذه العملية المقيمين في ليبيا حين تحديد ساعة الصفر، فإنّ شركات نفطية كبرى ضغطت باتجاه توجيه مثل هذه الضربة العسكرية المرتقبة.

وأضاف أنّ تلك الشركات النفطية أبدت استعدادها لتمويل نفقات هذه العملية العسكرية بعد أن تضرّرت مصالحها في ليبيا بشكل لافت بسبب التهديدات المتزايدة للميليشيات وفوضى السلاح التي كبّدتها خسائر مالية فادحة.

وتوقع ألّا تُثير هذه العملية العسكرية المرتقبة جدلا سياسيا على المستوى الإقليمي والدولي، باعتبار أنّ ليبيا مازالت تحت الفصل السابع من ميثاق الأمم المتحدة الذي يسمح باستعمال القوة. كما أن اختيار اسمها أي “أزهار الربيع” المقصود منه الإيحاء بأنّ الدول المعنية بها مازالت تدعم “الربيع العربي” وتريد إنجاحه في ليبيا.

ويرى مراقبون أنّ الأحداث الأمنية المتسارعة في ليبيا، وخاصة منها الاعتداءات المتكرّرة على السفارات الأجنبية، واختطاف الدبلوماسيين، وتعطيل نشاط آبار النفط وعمليات الشحن، يجعل من هكذا عملية عسكرية إمكانية واردة في هذه المرحلة الحرجة التي تمرّ بها ليبيا، لاسيما أمام تزايد الأنباء حول تمركز العديد من رموز تنظيم “القاعدة” في البلاد.

وفي هذا السياق لم يستبعد الخبير العسكري التونسي، العميد مختار بن نصر، احتمال تنفيذ مثل هذه العملية العسكرية في ليبيا خلال الأيام المُقبلة، ولكنه استبعد أن تُشارك فيها تونس.

وقال في اتصال هاتفي مع “العرب”، إن “هكذا عملية عسكرية ليست مُستبعدة، وتنفيذها في هذه الفترة يُعد أمرا واردا لاعتبارات مرتبطة بحالة الفوضى التي تعيشها ليبيا، وارتفاع منسوب الأعمال الإرهابية والاعتداءات على الدبلوماسيين”.

وبالتوازي مع ذلك، تواترت الأخبار التي تُفيد بتسجيل تحركات عسكرية مُريبة في شرق ليبيا ترافقت مع تحليق لطائرات حربية مجهولة الهوية في سماء البلاد، كما تمّ رصد تعزيزات عسكرية تونسية على طول الحدود مع ليبيا وسط معلومات تحدّثت عن زيارة قام بها قبل أسبوع ضابط عسكري أميركي رفيع إلى الحدود التونسية الليبية.

PICTURE: Yanks in Libya to occupy the country to ‘save Libya’ from ‘terrorism’.


“I am a fighter Mujahid” writes us:

“News entertain U.S. plane, and was on board about 300 U.S. troops from the Marines to deploy to Libya,

Nzloh were transported in buses followed the U.S. embassy and guarded also American soldiers, and who is lying in this news,,,

walks ask any one owner confidence to serve in Airport.”

انا مناضل مجاهد

الخبر امتاع الطائرة الامريكية ، وكان علي متنها حوالي 300 جندي امريكي من المارينز للأنتشار في ليبيا ، نزلوه وتم نقلهم في حافلات تبع السفارة الامريكية وتحت حراسة ايضا جنود امريكان ،،، واللي يكذب في هذا الخبر ،،، يمشي يسأل اي واحد صاحبه ثقة يخدم في المطار

The continued closure of bank branches deserts in full for the second day in a row.



Rule: “The Science of Islam” and that alone should be flying in the

skies of Libya

Published: Monday, 05 December 2011

Very soon turn Libya into a Ibiastan.
Rule: “The Science of Islam” and that alone should be flying in the skies of Libya
Said Abu Yahya al-Libi, one of the most prominent theorists of al-Qaeda during the audio recording published Monday,

that “the flag of Islam” and that alone should be flying over Libya.

القاعدة: “علم الإسلام” وحده يجب أن يرفرف في سماء ليبيا

نشرت: الإثنين 05 ديسمبر 2011   عدد القراء : 3381

Rule: “The Science of Islam” and that alone should be flying in the skies of Libya
Published: Monday, 05 December 2011 Number of readers: 3381

WASHINGTON: Male Abu Yahya al-Libi, one of the most prominent theorists of al-Qaeda during the audio recording published Monday, that “the flag of Islam” alone should be flying over Libya, and called on the former rebels who died on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, said not to surrender their weapons to the new government.

According to what reported by Agence France-Presse said the Libyan recording prepared by Al-Sahab media arm of al Qaeda, aired on Islamist websites: “leaders must Libya rebels know that the road is still long and that the fruits of the revolution have not reaped the young yet.”

He said the Libyan “people to the performance of the Secretariat of the martyrs, the wounded and displaced and the general Muslims would not even be flying in the skies of Libya flag of Islam is not aware of undisputed rule does not challenge him.”

Abizaid and Abu Yahya al-Libi: “You are on the crossroads not only be a crucial decision clearly no hesitation in it, either to choose a system secular satisfy crocodiles West Cdjah and they take a boat to achieve their goals and either stand firm stance for the establishment of the religion of God that your victory.”
He called the Libyan former rebels in Libya, which fought to keep weapons out of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, which is seeking new Libyan authorities to assembled.

And directed his speech to the leaders of the rebel leader of al-Qaeda: “abandon the weapon, which was one of the reasons Anataqkm of parchment killer lasted more than four decades Asomkm where al-Qathafi prevented SALAFI means simply refer to slavery in a new guise and delivery of tyrants hardened internal and external plunder your will and control your freedom until If Behrjoa corruption picturesque words and speeches deceptive. “

He urged Libyan rebels not to use these weapons in order to shed blood, whether haram for a Muslim or an unbeliever, and warned in the registry of the ambitions of the West to control Libya’s oil, calling on Libyans to confront firmly and boldly.

Abu Yahya al-Libi in Dec 2011
مفكرة الإسلام : ذكر أبو يحيى الليبي، أحد أبرز منظري تنظيم القاعدة خلال تسجيل صوتي نُشر اليوم الاثنين، أن “علم الإسلام” وحده يجب أن يرفرف فوق ليبيا، ودعا الثوار السابقين الذين قضوا على نظام معمر القذافي إلى عدم تسليم أسلحتهم إلى الحكومة الجديدة.
وبحسب ما أوردته وكالة فرانس برس قال الليبي في تسجيل أعدته مؤسسة السحاب الذراع الإعلامية للقاعدة وبثته مواقع إسلامية: “يجب على قادة ثوار ليبيا أن يعلموا أن الطريق لا يزال طويلاً وإن ثمار الثورة اليافعة لم تقطف بعد”.
وأضاف الليبي: “أداء الأمانة إلى أهلها من الشهداء والجرحى والمشردين وعامة المسلمين لن يكون حتى يرفرف في سماء ليبيا علم الإسلام لا ينازعه علم ولا يزاحمه حكم”.
وأردف أبو يحيى الليبي: “أنتم اليوم على مفترق طريق لا يحتمل إلا اتخاذ قرار حاسم واضح لا تردد فيه، فإما أن تختاروا نظامًا علمانيًا يرضي تماسيح الغرب الشجعة ويتخذونه مركبًا لتحقيق مآربهم وإما أن تقفوا موقفًا صارمًا لإقامة دين الله الذي نصركم”.
وطالب الليبي الثوار السابقين في ليبيا بالاحتفاظ بالأسلحة التي قاتلوا بها نظام القذافي والتي تسعى السلطات الليبية الجديدة إلى تجميعها.
وموجهًا حديثه إلى قادة الثوار قال القيادي بالقاعدة: “التخلي عن السلاح الذي كان أحد أسباب انعتاقكم من رق قاتل استمر أكثر من أربعة عقود يسومكم فيها القذافي سوء العذاب يعني وبكل بساطة الرجوع إلى العبودية بثوب جديد والتسليم لطغاة عتاة داخليين أو خارجيين يسلبون إرادتكم ويتحكمون بحريتكم حتى وإن بهرجوا فسادهم بالألفاظ الخلابة والخطابات الخادعة”.
وحض الليبي الثوار على عدم استعمال هذه الاسلحة كي يسفكوا دمًا حرامًا سواء لمسلم أو كافر، وحذّر في التسجيل من أطماع الغرب بالسيطرة على النفط الليبي، داعيًا الليبيين إلى مواجهتها بكل حزم وجرأة.
Abdul wahab Al-Qayed al-Libi, brother reformed supposedly with the GNC Government of “new” LIBYA:



Al Qaeda Terrorists Live 5 Star Lifestyle while Libyans Suffer

by Joanne Moriarity

Al Qaeda leaders enjoy their private plane rides all over Libya

Abdulhakim Belhaj (blue shirt) was put in charge of security in Tripoli by NATO; he is an ex Guantanamo prisoner and an Al Qaeda Leader . Belhajwho is the best friend of John McCain (see photo below), is robbing Libya blind, flying on private planes all over Libya with his partner in Crime,Abd Alwahab Gayed, the fat slug asleep stretched out in white. Gayed is brother of the famous Al Libi who was Bin Laden’s right hand man. Al Libi seen in the photo ABOVE, and below with his brother Gayeb was killed in Afghanistan by a drone a few years back. Gayeb has appointed himself head of the phoney government in Libya . Gayeb was put in charge of immigration and passports after the NATO war and he has been issuing new Libyan passports to terrorists from all over the world, funding them with million dollars and sending them to the US where they are are passed through immigration and given an immediate green card.

The Libyan phoney government is completely run by Al Qaeda and The Muslim Brotherhood. As most people know Al Qaeda is an invention of the CIA/***(MOSSAD) and The Brotherhood is an invention of MI5/****(MOSSAD)  in 1928.

This is the result of the NATO war against the sovereign nation of Libya to “save the innocents” from the terror of the past regime. The Libyan people really do live in terror now. There are 2 million still in exile, there are one million homeless and the rest live in fear for their lives every day. Food, water and general necessities are at a premium. The people of Tripoli live is a terrible situation now, all the militias (armed gangs) have moved themselves to Tripoli. There were over 1000 young girls captured off the streets a few days ago and taken to prison to be used as concubines for the Al Qaeda and Brotherhood psychopaths. The Jordanian Ambassador was kidnapped some days ago by these terrorist groups and is now presumed dead. (THEY FOUND HIS BEHEADED BODY)

There is no outcry there is no outrage about these atrocities. The US CIA remains in Libya today supporting these criminals. Even more shockingis the US Ambassador Deborah Jones who resides in Tripoli, makes no attempt to help the innocents. She meets with Al Qaeda and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood all the while knowing full well what they are doing. She has made many attempts to meet with the tribal leaders but most tribes refuse to meet with her as they consider her a supporter of the terrorists that occupy their country illegally.

Yet, the leaders of these psychopaths enjoy opulence and 5 star treatment on the backs of the legitimate Libyan people. For all this, they must thank Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and all those one world order criminals who consider all the death, destruction and sorrow in Libya “acceptable collateral damage”.


Al Qaeda Criminal Khaled al Sharif Appointed Minister of Defense in Libya

 by  Joanne Moriarity

Khalid al-Sharif, known as Abu Hazem, a known terrorist a Guantanamo prisoner and a prisoner in Libya – before NATO and the US took charge and opened all the prisons during the NATO war, releasing all the Guantanamo and Aghanastan psychopaths (airlifting them into Libya), if they promised to fight the Great Jamahiriya and Muammmar al-Qarthafi..

Sharif’s brother psychopaths and terrorists now controlling Libya have decided that Mr. TERRORIST should be the Minister of Defense for Libya.

You have to ask yourself; In what alternate universe is a convicted Al Qaeda terrorist appointed to defend innocent people?




 Al Qaeda began operations in the capital Tripoli ..


Still good Atovd on Trabulstan
Qatari aircraft transporting the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to the Libyan capital

Source: Diagonal movement of aircraft Brotherhood leaders to Libyan capital
Media reports deliberated news confirms shift Libyan capital ‘Tripoli’ to the city of incubator for the remnants of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and revealed the source of a breakaway organization of the site ’24 ‘Emirati,

that a large number of ‘Brotherhood leaders have moved to Tripoli.

مصدر: طائرات قطرية تنقل قيادات جماعة الإخوان إلى العاصمة الليبية

 PICTURE: Qatari ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD soldiers who claim to be “THE SAVIORS OF LIBYA” !


Source: Diagonal movement of aircraft Brotherhood leader to the capital Allibahiilathae 22 / April / 2014 – 17:48

Qatari plane
Mustafa Barakat, reports:

Deliberated Media reports news confirms shift the Libyan capital “Tripoli” to the city of incubator for the remnants of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and uncover the source of a breakaway organization of the site “24” Emirati, that a large number of leaders of the Brotherhood may have already moved out of the land of country on their way to Libya, noting that “the Tripoli “is now based essential for these leaders, because of the ties that bind Brotherhood, a number of authorities in Libya.

In the same context, the Libyan source in an exclusive statement to “veto” that during the last few days has moved militias calculated on the group, with the aim of breaking into the capital “Tripoli” and distract the security authorities, for landing planes coming from Qatar to the airport, “Mitigua” carrying a number of leaders Brotherhood.

The source pointed out that most of those who attended on board the aircraft the country, has taken the seat Street “Ejrabh” in the capital Tripoli, behind the building of the Tunisian Embassy.

He stressed that the movement of armed against diplomatic missions, with the aim of closing the headquarters of embassies and pay ambassadors to leave the country, it was in order to conceal the transfer of the group’s leaders,

fearing monitoring members of diplomatic missions of these moves, emphasis was placed on the embassy of Jordan abducting its ambassador,

and Saudi Arabia, which has reduced its diplomatic mission, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates has not been spared from these practices, it is unlikely to be a kidnapping consultant Tunisian Ambassador, was in the same context, particularly

as the building inhabited by Brotherhood leaders close to the Tunisian Embassy.

الثلاثاء 22/أبريل/2014 – 05:48 م

طائرة قطرية - صورة


طائرة قطرية – صورة أرشيفيةمصطفى بركات

تداولت تقاير إعلامية أنباء تؤكد تحول العاصمة الليبية “طرابلس” إلى مدينة حاضنة لفلول جماعة الإخوان، وكشف مصدر منشق عن تنظيم لموقع “24” الإماراتى، أن عددًا كبيرًا من القيادات الإخوانية قد انتقلوا بالفعل إلى خارج الأراضي القطرية متوجهين إلى ليبيا، مشيرًا إلى أن “طرابلس” الآن أصبحت مقرًا أساسيًا لهذه القيادات، نظرًا للعلاقات التي تربط الإخوان بعدد من الجهات في ليبيا.وفى ذات السياق أكد مصدر ليبي في تصريحات خاصة لـ”فيتو” أنه خلال الأيام الماضية تحركت ميليشيات محسوبة على الجماعة، بهدف اقتحام العاصمة “طرابلس” وإلهاء الجهات الأمنية، عن هبوط طائرات قادمة من قطر إلى مطار “معتيقة” تحمل على متنها عددا من قيادات الإخوان.ولفت المصدر إلى أن معظم من حضر على متن الطائرات القطرية، اتخذ مقرا بشارع “جرابة” بالعاصمة طرابلس، خلف مبنى السفارة التونسية.وشدد على أن الحراك المسلح ضد البعثات الدبلوماسية، بهدف إغلاق مقار السفارات ودفع السفراء إلى ترك البلاد، كان بهدف التكتم على عملية نقل قيادات الجماعة، خشية رصد أعضاء البعثات الدبلوماسية لهذه التحركات، وتم التركيز على سفارة الأردن بخطف سفيرها، والسعودية التي قلصت بعثتها الدبلوماسية، ولم تنج سفارة الإمارات من هذه الممارسات، ومن غير المستبعد أن يكون اختطاف مستشار السفير التونسي، كان في ذات السياق خاصة أن البناية التي يقطنها قيادات الإخوان على مقربة من السفارة التونسية.

America decides it Bedier operations in Libya ….

Qatar pulls Bataatha diplomacy from Tripoli

(not because of fear; but, rather now MB rule in total compliance with Qatar).



 Base bombed the American embassy by 8 Grad rockets but failed to hit the target ~

rockets landed on nearby houses to the Embassy of goodness ~ Jay & Aajerman

Urgent ~ cars follow MB Shield Central Tsol and wandering in downtown Tripoli. 

News entry militias shield for Eastern Libya to the capital of Tripoli.

The blood of the victims of the massacre of Gharghour (last November) went in vain!


Today in the morning and boldly the 5 young people attacking the school Ahmed bin Shatwan Preparatory School for Girls, located area Dahra, Tripoli,

and the storm under the influence of alcohol and drug annexes with knives and climb to the second floor, demanding the extradition of some students amid the screams of students and teachers and intimidation to enter some escorts.

Western embassies around the area , this school-based versus the Russian Embassy note that this is not the first time that are attacking them.

Qatar withdraw all its diplomats from the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The threat of bombing of a market in Tripoli Tuesday.

Adjust the large amount of baby milk and medicines expired by the municipal guard Tripoli.



Exchange of fire and injury element of strength ninth

3 dead, including a child died on the spot as a result of the shooting in the field of Qadisiyah by militants

from the NATO rebels.


Tripoli Declaration Islamic emirate within days.

Terrorist Mokhtar Ben Mokhtar:

Exists in the cast will meet with ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHEDRHOOD and other SALAFI leaders in Benghazi.
Some militias armed terrorist
.. Coordination in the battle to “liberate” Tripoli from tyrants (by saying) for Tripoli Declaration Islamic emirate within days.
They are drawing up a plan for an attack on the Lightning and QaaQa Battalions of Zintan

(who has vowed to wipe out the Brotherhood and Salafi from Libya).

Are firm on the principle
Alqtraúlin diplomats to leave because of a military strike near the sites of the jihadi groups fighting their lives and of

course they are expensive clinging to life.

Picture of Zintan’s “QaaQa Brigade”:


Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB informs us:

Revolution Colonel ~ Scheduled again 

News for the voices of a weapon by forces in the airport?


Allah arrived in His miracles:

Almqji disappearance from the streets of Tripoli after hearing a military plane

landing at Tripoli International Airport —

The surprise of a “Green Angel” aircraft arrived at the airport from Zintan in Tripoli; BUT also a few hours later, an American aircraft landed a Tripoli International Airport.

see example picture of ZINTANI GREEN ANGEL jet aircraft:

“Bright Light” commented:


“God willing, the beginning of Egina man costume martyr jejunum and end the farce and connects donkeys who abounded in the country.”

Urgent security alert inside a large brigades Qaqaa, lightning, civil brigade 32 after hearing the news of attacking their camps

by militia MB Libya Shields & ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.


32nd Brigade 03 MARCH 2013

32nd Brigade enhanced

32nnd Brigade new


(BELOW) QaaQa Brigade:

(BELOW) Headquarters of the Lightning Brigade on alet after attack by forces of MISURATA and the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD:




our response now for free Bushra ~ 7 prisoners were freed from Libya’s Revolutionary Guards from a prison in Tripoli.



Since few in the area .. Gargaresh

Qguadf RPG explode in the air and sounds of gunshots and medium heavy weapons

and the main road closed completely ..

because of the death of a person named “Hassan Qadurah” aka Baldnicozh Gargaresh

in the area. Are firm on the principle. Armed clashes between the two families zone Gargaresh.

Clashes in Gargaresh
News almost certain .. killing Hassan Qadurah aka Baldnicozh in the area Gargaresh ….
and hope that you do not go to the area and taken it Gargaresh caution.


Alqtraúlin diplomats to leave because of a military strike near the sites of the jihadi groups fighting

their lives and of course they are expensive clinging to life.


The killing of Abu Bara ‘Libyan commander Daash Hasakah in a suicide attack Front victory.
Ahzaw to that of most leaders of this group are the dupes of our children.



Plateau police station in Tripoli enables citizen (he was identified and issued a communiqué set it) from entering the house of a resident of the capital follows the room, and seized on the inside of the amount of 000. 37 thousand dinars and six thousand dollars

and weapon type NBK T-bag inside a 3000 rounds and the number 8 rifles, FN and number 8 boxes of ammunition gun Klashenmacov.

Fund inside Number 40 grenade and the number 4 rifles Klashen Cove folded and the number 6 rifles Klashenmavov

and 2 devices a mobile phone.

* Vdraj *


Airport Road neighborhood of Abu Salim in the Libyan capital Tripoli:

DRONE BOMBINGS has united citizenry yesterday in Tripoli. The sound of explosions shaking the capital Tripoli,
the sound of her voice close to the NATO bombing.
God save the Liberal.


A powerful explosion took place last night, store the weapon in “ideological education center” located between the

Airport Road neighborhood of Abu Salim in the Libyan capital Tripoli,

In a series of mysterious explosions exposed sites for use as warehouses of ammunition and arms in different parts of the country.
The former is the second blast, which exposed him to the site of the al-Qaida terrorist Melcaat in less than a month,
has been issued for the sovereignty of the state looted so far no statement on the blasts.
It is believed many of the residents of the capital to be the site of a guided missile targeted a drone aircraft,
particularly the population that two days ago they hear the sound of the plane flying in the skies of the capital, day and night,
What reinforces this belief. There were similar blasts during the last period in store for ammunition Mount “Benarev” near Sabha, and an ammunition depot in the area Barak beach south of the country, and explosions at two farms owned by nationals of the tuber
and Gharyan, it turned out later that they used Kmkhoznin ammunition.
The force of these explosions every time to shake windows and doors of a number of houses in the surrounding areas,
the residents said the sounds of bombs and missiles that were fired by NATO aircraft on camps and arms dumps in 2011.

بخصوص ما حدت أمس في طرابلسوقع انفجار قوي الليلة الماضية بمخزن للسلاح في “مركز التربية العقائدية” الواقع بين طريق المطار وحي أبوسليم بالعاصمة الليبية طرابلس،ضمن سلسلة انفجارات غامضة تتعرّض لها مواقع تستخدم كمخازن للذخائر والسلاح في مناطق متفرّقة من البلاد. الانفجار السابق هو الثاني الذي يتعرّض له الموقع التابع لملشيات تنظيم القاعده الارهابية خلال أقل من شهر، ولم يصدر عن سيادة الدولة المنهوبة حتى الآن أي بيان بشأن تلك الانفجارات.ويعتقد كثيرٌ من سكان العاصمة أنْ يكون الموقع استُهدف بصاروخ موجّه من طائرة بدون طيار، لا سيما أن السكان يسمعون منذ يومين صوت تلك الطائرة تُحلّق في سماء العاصمة ليلاً ونهارًا،ما يعزّز ذلك الاعتقاد. ووقعت انفجارات مماثلة خلال الفترة الماضية في مخزن للذخيرة بجبل “بنعريف” قرب سبها، ومستودع للذخيرة في منطقة براك الشاطئ جنوب البلاد، وانفجاران في مزرعتين يملكهما مواطنان من درنة وغريان، اتضح في وقت لاحق أنهما يستخدمان كمخزنين للذخيرة.وأدّت قوة تلك الانفجارات في كل مرة إلى اهتزاز نوافذ وأبواب عدد من البيوت في المناطق المحيطة، ما ذكّر السكان بأصوات القنابل والصواريخ التي كانت تُطلقها طائرات الناتو على معسكرات ومستودعات السلاح في 2011

Jardan and racism
The so-called “local council Friday Market” prevents burial of non-residents of the Friday market

in the Shatt al-Hinhir cemetery.

الجردان والعنصرية
ما يسمي المجلس المحلي سوق الجمعة يمنع دفن الموتى من غير سكان سوق الجمعة في مقبرة شط الهنشير. 

Shatt al-Hinhir Cemetary in Tripoli (translated as “FUNK-OWL”)

Cemetery your rating
Nearby cities: Tripoli, corner, five
Coordinates: 32 ° 53’35 “N 13 ° 14’30” E


pictures of the Shatt al-Hinhir Cemetary in Tripoli:


Shatt al-Hinhir mosque and monastary in TRIPOLI’s Friday Market region:







Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB informs us:AVI late 2011, and after the fall of all Libya in the hands of NATO and their aides, There was someone known
Ldi population of the region as a psychopath, standing next to Abu Salim Hospital accident and Ashley …
Aa-jerdan Aa-jerdan …
Muammar sees how time and his army in the field, Saif 
My pollen from
Wales outcome of the third Zintan and an existence in Tzgrt Niswan … and you Tbeko Aajerdan …!!!Is this dervish sentiments became really achieved?أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمرافي اواخر سنة 2011 وبعد سقوط كل ليبيا في ايدي الناتو واعوانه كان هناك شخص معروف لدئ سكان المنطقة علي انه مختل عقليا يقف بجانب مستشفي الحوادث أبوسليم ويتغناء …
ياجردان ياجردان …معمر راجع كيف زمان وجيشه
بيحكم في الميدان
بي طلع من
الز نتا ن
وعيشة تزغرط في النسوان … وانتم تبكو ياجردان …!!!
هل ماذكره هذا الدرويش اصبح يتحقق فعلا—JUST AS A REMINDER, REMEMBER these reports concerning SAIF al-ISLAM from NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER 2011 and JANUARY 2012:Report Libya:
Abd Jalil is Trying to Place Pressure on NATO and UN To forcefully kidnap Saif al islam to be taken to Tripoli…
Sources say Saif al islam has Married a Lady from Zintan Tribe. This still has To be Reconfirmed. but Great news so far.
I will try to reconfirm the News that Saif al islam has married a Lady from Zintan Tribe in the city of Zintan.
Marriage is a Alliance in Tribalism Culture… Saif al islam was Unmarried before.
I heard this from source who is cousin From Gaddafi family. kept information till last minute. its up to you to decide.
Close Relative Of Saif Al islam has stated he is in Good condition and at home at Zintan. He is behind information of Marriage.
Issue Zintan:
many on Internet have taken Position To insult Zintan and Support a NATO effort to Kidnap Saif al islam and destroy him.
Zintan is a Small Tribe surrounded by many Larger Pro-Gaddafi tribes. itself it has Long historic Links to Baniwalid Tribe
Petitions To drag Saif al islam Away from Libya is exactly what NTC Criminals and NATO want..and not In favor of Libyan people
NATO is no Solution..Dragging Saif to ICC is just Politically killing him with a Slow physical death later. ICC = HELL
Report Zintan:
Zintan has Refused to hand Saif al islam over to NTC Or ICC… Please keep in Mind Zintan has its own Policy.Issue Zintan:
Yusuf Shakir official of Jamahiriyah has already praised Tribe of Zintan. in Recent fights Zintan has helped Green resistance
we need to keep in Mind Official Position of Jamahiriyah is not against Zintan at all. It will be solved by talks.
Writers of Blogs and Articles .. keep in Mind Words of Jamahiriyah to stop Political attacks on Zintan and prevent Civil war
Please Remember that Zintan People have Shown Good steps as Jamahiriyah Officially Stated.Online sites Don’t promote civil war

Report Libya:
Green flags were Flying in all Parts of Sabha for Last 3 days… NATO airstrikes have hit many parts of Sabha Districts.
Green Flags flying in all Parts of Sabha and Tarhuna and Gharyan. Strong progress being made by Green resistance in Libya.
Tobruk Militia’s fought with NTC Benghazi militia.. NTC attempted to return to Tobruk but was unable to win from Militia
Information has been circulating that Saif Al Islam has got married in Zintan, he made the mountains his home.
Protests across Libya including Benghazi yesterday.. Abd jalil accused all protesters of being Pro-Gaddafi.
Abd Jalil’s Personal Guards at Hotel.. Fired upon crowds to Disperse people.. Abd Jalil accused crowds of being Pro-Gaddafi
SomaliaSupport2 Libya:
Report Saif: Tribal leaders met with Saif and Tribe of Bani Walid Met with the tribe of Zintan… Saif al islam is in Good care and at home.

22 DEC. 2011:
Zintan has refused to hand over Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi to NTC, NATO & Qatar for additional charges, claim from Zintan judges and lawyers was insufficient evidence, lack of governement and accountability in Tripoli. Saif will remain guarded in Zintan, allowed to perform his national duties as Libyan citizen, he remains a guest of Zintan people and a holy warrior. Saif will continue to take part in un-announced battles against rebels as a patriotic duty to the nation.

(7) Qatar army and military units have vowed military agression against Saif Al Islam and his followers, Qatar said it will hand over Saif to ICC, details in frontline complecate matters to hand over Saif Al Islam to Qatar,

7215 Qatar soldiers and mercenaries have been killed and hanged on electric poles by the green army around Libya, emir of Qatar, all the armed forces of Qatar and Sheikh Qaradawi are enermies of the green army, inshallah silently and in top secrecy many of the Qatar armed forces and mercenaries that took part in the Libyan battle will all be exterminated. There is no compromise, and there will be no compromise with Qatar.
The state of Qatar has taken the path of destruction towards Libyan people and citizens, those agents of Qatar involved in unprovoked destruction of Libya must die, and no Libby will be extradited to Qatar for killing members of the Qatar armed forces, the people of Qatar involved in hostilities against Libya must be dealt with very swiftly, immediate capital punishment applies to all members of NATO armed forces, Qatar and Israel.
Death penalties must be carried by Libyan citizens, green army or the red army without notification to tribal authority. Their case is clear, precise and without warning, must be done with accuracy and no reservations, they took part in killing Libyan citizens and capital punishment is automatic.

23 December 2011:
News/rumors have been circulated by Qatar, NATO and Israeli war propagandists and psychologicals assassins that Saif is in a high degree of danger and should be taken away from Zintan. Saif is fine and doing well. His healting and hand is much better. On 2 occassions he went with a team of Zintan fighters at the frönt. He was also acquitted by all charges labelled against him by the Zintan tribunal/court.
But NTC and Qatar brought new trumphed -up charges against him. At the moment he is free and moved from a villa confined to a hotel room. They are desperately wants to arrest, kill, and maim Saif. Qatar vowed to send soldiers to arrest Saif and bring him to ICC. But the Zintan tribes highly condemn and reject such a move.

02 JAN 2012:
Jalil is desperately putting pressure on NATO and UN to get Saif from the Zintan tribes and handed Saif to him. One must put in mind the Zintan tribes has its own policy. There is a rumor circulating that Saif married a Lady from the Zintan tribe.A marriage is an alliance in the Tribal culture.This is awaiting confirmation. On the other Saif is well and doing ok according to close relatives.

5 January 2012 at 10 h 59 min
GOOD NEWS from Dr. Shakir:
Dr Yusuf Shakir is a long time Television presenter for Libyan television. He gives us an update; Sabha now has green flags. He says NATO has stopped bombing, but there are a couple of Apache helicopters there for support. No order at all in Tripoli. And there is a lot of violence escalating between militias. Misrata Brigades are trying to control the country, they have many prisoners and weapons.
Qatar has overstretched itself and will not last, it does not represent an Arab agenda.
He corrects me when I say “Greens” because the majority of Libyans are for the Jamariyah. The liberals have been thrown out. Prisoners (including Journalists) are tortured, and radicals have taken over, but they are fighting amongst themselves.
The Zintan Brigades are treating Saif Al Islam well and are on the right path, they control the Airport.


NTC is spreading lies that “Libyan jets” are returning and flying.. this is just a excuse for the NATO jets still bombing.

Issue Saif: ICC placed no Pressure on NTC to hand over the Bashir wanted ICC criminal.. yet ICC complains to others to hand him (Saif) over.
** Report Zintan: Saif Al Islam is in Good health and among his brothers as he stated countless times and Reconfirmed by Yusuf Shakir
Issue Zintan: Spoken to different sources that visited Zintan and people from Qaddafa tribe..They all reconfirm Statements by Yusuf shakir.
The “Rebels” are using heavy weapons such as missiles and anti-aircraft weapons.

NATO has struck today Zintan in the Western Mountains (where Saif is residing), and Sabha, knowing that the Jamahiriya is planning a comeback from the Sabha and the sands of the south of Libya.

NATO continued its slaughtering campaign across Libya. (as of 12 JAN 2012)
Confirmed – NATO struck Zintan 3 times today, one on weapons store other two hits were at army camp.









“Kadhafi Foundation for Global Human Rights”.

Please help in the search for the young woman.
God does not waste the reward of the best pursuant
In the name of God the Merciful.

Appeal of the people of the city …. RACDALIN:

To both recognize the girl I hope that this topic continues.

0913850773 with us over the phone and the girl’s father, Mr. / Imran Shater.
Invocation Shater who lost yesterday evening
Racdalin student in the Faculty of Law Ztun 19 year old.

The hope of anyone recognize them or obtained from any
Information to communicate with her father to cooperate
in spreading the news Hedda
Per the channels of communication Social …

يرجى المساعدة فى البحث على هدة الشابة
والله ﻻ يضيع اجر من احسن عملا 
ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ
ﻧﺪﺍﺀ ….ﻣﻦ ﺍﻫﺎﻟﻰ ﻣﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺭﻗﺪﺍﻟﻴﻦ
ﺍﻟﻰ ﻛﻞ ﻣﻦ ﻳﺘﻌﺮﻑ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻫﺪﻩ ﺍﻟﻔﺘﺎﺓ ﺍﺗﻤﻨﻰ ﺍﻥ ﻳﺘﻮﺍﺻﻞ
ﻣﻌﻨﺎ ﻋﺒﺮ ﺍﻟﻬﺎﺗﻒ 0913850773 ﻭﺍﻟﺪ ﺍﻟﻔﺘﺎﺓ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﺪ / ﻋﻤﺮﺍﻥ ﺍﻟﺸﺎﻃﺮ . ﺍﺑﺘﻬﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﺸﺎﻃﺮ ﺍﻟﺘﻰ ﻓﻘﺪﺕ ﻣﺴﺎﺀ ﺍﻣﺲ
ﺑﻤﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺭﻗﺪﺍﻟﻴﻦ ﻃﺎﻟﺒﻪ ﺑﻜﻠﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻧﻮﻥ ﺯﻟﻄﻦ ﺍﻟﻌﻤﺮ 19 ﺳﻨﺔ
ﻭﺍﺗﻤﻨﻰ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻯ ﺷﺨﺺ ﻳﺘﻌﺮﻑ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﺎ ﺍﻭ ﻳﺘﺤﺼﻞ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻯ
ﻣﻌﻠﻮﻣﺔ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺍﺻﻞ ﻣﻊ ﻭﺍﻟﺪﻫﺎ ﺍﻟﺘﻌﺎﻭﻥ ﻓﻰ ﻧﺸﺮ ﻫﺪﺍ ﺍﻟﺨﺒﺮ
ﻟﻜﻞ ﻗﻨﻮﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﺘﻮﺍﺻﻞ ﺍﻻﺟﺘﻤﺎﻋﻰ …


only God Almighty
With great sadness that convey to you the news of the death of Al-Shater and Ebtihal previously conveyed the news of her disappearance in the past few days across the page … where they found the deceased dead in an area suburbs Racdalin .. was to make sure the body by the coroner.
I am God and to Him we return … and we ask God to forgive her and inspire her family and loved ones beautiful patience and fortitude …







“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, reports:

Today saw the city of Zliten violent clashes between the rats and the family of Ben Hariz bin mystical.

Family of rats led to the killing of a rat and the reason is combing Ktrbel of services company in the way of the hospital.





Misrata militias had last night Btid/executed death penalty for officers of the armed people inside the prisons

of darkness terrorist ~
God is enough, and yes, the agent.“Happey Aujali”, comments:

“God have mercy on them and Aghafrlhm Ashoaahrar and died are free, God willing, my Lord Eskinhm in
eternal peace of the Lord and the Lord Julikm you Aakverh.”







The abduction of a woman inside her home region of Benghazi, a Bo Hdima Hamida Alnbar

a wife named Tarek Atia Warfali.
اختطاف امراة من داخل منزلها الكائن بمنطقة بو هديمه ببنغازى وهى حميده النبار وهي زوجة المدعو طارق عطيه الورفلي



Dead and wounded, (as a result of being targeted by sea by by American Carrier Forces offshore),  in the area al-Sabri. Remember
that al-SABRI is where  the people are re-practicing PEOPLE’s Committees. USA REJECTS  the return of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

General Peoples Congress in al-Sabri, Benghazi:



Abdul Rahim Ali

ننشر الخريطة الكاملة لمعسكرات الجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا.. التكفيريون الليبيون يمتلكون 40 مليون قطعة سلاح.. ومصانع ليبية بصدد إنتاج زي قواتنا المسلحة..وخطة لضم مقاتلين من مالي والجزائر واليمن

عامر بدوي

السبت 19-04 – 01:51 م

(1) تعليقات


أفادت مصادر سيادية موثوقة، أن ما يسمى بـ“الجيش المصري الحر” يضم أكثر من 800 عضو مدربين تدريبات عالية، تلقوها في معسكر سرت، الذي يقوده جهاديون مسلحون، تابعون للقيادي مختار بلمختار، والذي تبين أنه لم يقتل، وأنه موجود الآن في ليبيا، ليدير هذا المعسكر الذي يوزع المقاتلين على الجبهات التي تقاتل فيها القاعدة.

وأضافت المصادر أن عبدالباسط عزوز هو الموفد من قبل أيمن الظواهري لإنشاء ساحات تدريب للعناصر الإرهابية، ومنها حركة أنصار الشريعة، وهي حركة إقليمية توجد في تونس وشمال مالي، وليبيا، ومصر.

وأوضحت أن تلك الحركة كان يقودها الإرهابي أحمد عشوش قبل القبض عليه في كفر الدوار، وهى من أخطر الحركات المسلحة، إضافة إلى تجهيزها وتزويدها الحركات المسلحة المصرية بكل أنواع السلاح المتراكم لديها وخاصة في بنغازي ومصراتة، حيث إن الرقعة الجغرافية لانتشار السلاح الليبي وصلت من مطروح وحتى شمال سيناء.

وأكدت أن القيادي الجهادي شريف رضوان هو أحد قيادات «أنصار بيت الشريعة» وقائد «الجيش المصري الحر»، وهو معتقل سابق، ألقي القبض عليه، وخرج بعد ثورة يناير، إلى سوريا، ومنها إلى ليبيا، ليقود الجيش المصري الحر، على حدودنا الغربية، بعد أن نجح الأمن المصري في خطف ثروت صلاح شحاتة، من إجدابيا بليبيا، وتصوير ذلك إعلاميًا على أنه ألقي القبض عليه في العاشر من رمضان. 

وأشار إلى أن أخطر العناصر الموجودة في ليبيا هو إسماعيل الصلابي، الذي ينسق مع الدوحة ويرتبط بعلاقة صداقة مع رئيس الاستخبارات القطرية غانم الكبيسي. 

ولفتت إلى دور كامي الصيفي، وأبو عبيدة الليبى، في اتصالاتهما بقرة زادة أحد مسئولي التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، لبحث ضم عناصر جديدة من مالي والجزائر واليمن لتكوين أول «جيش إسلامى» لمواجهة الجيش المصري.

من جانبه، قال اللواء سامح سيف اليزل، أن إيران هي من تمد ما يسمى بالجيش المصري الحر بالمعلومات اللازمة، للوصول إلى أفضل النقاط التي يمكن أن ينتقل إليها 700 عنصر من عناصر هذا الجيش إلى الحدود المصرية، وأن ذلك من أسباب استدعاء القائم بالأعمال الإيرانية الأيام الماضية في وزارة الخارجية.

بدوره، أفاد الأمريكي اليهودي يوسف بودانسكي، المدير السابق لمجموعة العمل في الكونجرس حول الإرهاب والحرب غير التقليديةفي تقرير صحفي أن الصراع حول مصر على وشك تصعيد كبير مع إصرار الرعاة الرئيسيين للإرهابيين في سوريا على شن حملة مشابهة ضدها.

وتابع بودانسكي، مدير البحوث لدى جمعية الدراسات الاستراتيجية الدولية، أنه يجري تسليم الجماعات المتدربة، التي تضم إرهابيين من ذوي الخبرة من السودان وغيرهم ممن قاتلوا في سوريا وأماكن أخرى جنبًا إلى جنب مع مصريين، أسلحة ومركبات وغيرها من المعدات التي يقومون بتخزينها في «برقة» بليبيا في انتظار إرسالها لمصر.

وأشار إلى أن «شريف رضوان»، الذي شارك في القتال في سوريا ولبنان وأفغانستان وباكستان، هو أمير أو قائد هذا الجيش فيما يقوم إسماعيل الصلابي بالتنسيق مع الرعاة الأجانب ووكالات الاستخبارات المشرفة، ويلعب القيادي الليبي أبو عبيدة حلقة الاتصال مع قطر. 

وأكد بودانسكي إن مسئولي المخابرات والجيش القطري المتواجدين على الأراضي الليبية التقوا أبو عبيدة عدة مرات للحصول على تقارير حول تدريب أولئك الإرهابيين، وبالتوازي مع بناء الجيش الحر، يجري دعم جماعة أنصار بيت المقدس في سيناء.

وبحسب نفس التقرير فإن مصانع ليبية هي الآن بصدد إنتاج الزي الرسمي الذي يرتديه الجيش المصري، كما يجري توزيع هذه الملابس على المسلحين، استعدادًا للتسلل إلى مصر وتنفيذ المخطط الإرهابي.
ويَـمْتَلِك التكفيريون الليبيون، عدة معسكرات يقودها مصريون، يَحْمِلُون 40 مليُون قِطْعَة سِلاَح، في ظل غياب الدولة والحكومة المركزية.

ويتوزع التكفيريون على حدودنا في عدة معسكرات أهمها: معَسكَر الزِّنْتَان، ويَخْضَع لإدَارَة تَنْظْيـم أنْـصَار الشَّرِيعَة في لِيبِيَا ومِنهُم القِيَادِيّ يُوسِف جـهَانِيّ، وقد خَرَجَت منه مَجمُوعة قَامَت بِعَمَلِيّة منشأة عين أمناس النفطية جنوب الجزائر الواقعة قرب الحدود مع ليبيا، ومُعَسْكر أبُو سلِيم ويُشرِف عليهِ أبُو دُجَانة الـمَوْجُود حالِيًّا في شَـمَال غَرب سُورِيا وهُو مُـخْتَصّ في تحضِير الانتِحارِيِّين.
كما يتواجد التكفيريون بثَكْنَة الجَبَل الأخْضَر دَاخِل مَرْكَز القِيَادَة العَسْكَرِيَّة للجَـمَاعة اللِّـيـبِـيَّـة الـمُقَاتِلَة، بِجِوَار مدِينَة درنَة وهُو الـمُعَسْكَر الأكثَر تَطَوُّرًا وتَجْهِيزًا ويَعْمَل بِنِظَام الدّوَرَات وِفقَ أُسُس أكادِيمِيّة، ويَخْتَصّ بِصُنع وتَفكِيك الـمُتَفَجِّرَات وتَرْكِيب الـمَوَاد الــسَّامة إضَافَةً إلَـى التَّدرِيب عَلى مُختَلف أنوَاع الأسْلِحَة. فضلا عن مُعَسْكَر الإخْوَان “الـمُسْلِمِين” ويَقَع مَقَرُّهُ في مِنطَقة بُوفَاخِر ببنغازي ومِنهُ خَرَجَت طَلاَئِع غُرفَة عَمَلِيَّات ثُوَّار لِيبِيَا التِي اخْتَطَفَت رَئِيس الوُزراء على زِيدَان بِسَبَبِ رَفْضِهِ إدَانَة الإطَاحَة بِمُرسِي العَيَّاط وزِيَارته لِــمِصر.
ويوجد مُخَيَّم للسَّلَفِيَّة الجهادية، ومقره في منطقة الليثى ببنغازى ويُشرِف عَليه عَبد البَاسِط عَزُّوز مُستَشَار الظَّوَاهرِيّ، كما يوجد مُعَسكر مدينة سرت وتحديدا في منطقة الظهير التي تبعد عن وسط المدينة مسافة 15 كيلو مترا، وهو أحدث هذه المعسكرات ويتمتع بأهمية كبيرة بِسبَب نَوْعِيَّة التّسلِيح فِيه وخِبرَات الـمُدَرِّبِين من مُختَلَف الجِنْسِيَّات، ويشهد حركة مهمّة وكثِيفة، ويعتبر هذا المعسكر الرابط الرئيسي بين مختلف معسكرات الجهاديين في ليبيا.
وتوجد معسكرات أخرى على الحدود التونسية، مثل: مُعَسْكَر فِي قَاعِدَة ألُوطِيَّة الـجَوِيَّة في الغَرب اللِّـيـبِـيّ قُرْب مُدُن الجميل والعجيلات الـمُحَاذِيَة لِلحُدُود التُّونسيَّة، وفِيـهَا يُدَرِّب أبُو عِيَاض التونسى الأفراد التابعين له، إضافة إلى معسكر أبُو الـمُهاجِر اللِّيبِيّ الذي له علاَقَة مباشرة بِـمَا يحدُث في مِصر لأن موقعه بعِيد نِسْبِيًّا عن أعيُن الأجهِزَة الاسـتِخـبَاراتِيَّة. 
وفي معَسكَر الفَزَّان توهو يتواجد آلاَف “التكفيريين” من دُوَل الـمَغرِب العربِيّ وأقطَار الصّحرَاء وحَتَّى من السِّنغَال ونِيجِيرِيَا، وَقَد أسْهَـمَ في تَوْجِيه مُقَاتِلِين إلَـى جَـبْـهَة النُّصْرة في سُورِيا مثل أبُو إسحاق السِّرْتَاوِيّ وأبوالأسْوَد الدِّرْنَاوِيّ، إضَافَة إلَى إعْدَاد مُقَاتِلِي جَبهة الدَّعوَة والتَّوحِيد وتَنظِيم القَاعِدة في بِلاَد الـمَغرِب الإسْلاَمِـيّ وجَـمَاعة “الـمُوَقِّعُون بالدَّم” حيث يستعين بِالـمَطَار الدُّوَلِيّ الـذِي تُدِيرُه شرِكَات تُركِيَّة ولُبْنَانِيّة بعد الاتِّفَاق مع التّنظِيم الدُّوَلِيّ للإخْوَان الذِي وَضَع مِصر على رأس القَائِمَة وبَعدَهَا سُورِيَا ثُمّ تُونِس.


CIA/USA Building Al Qaeda Training Camps “Campuses” in Libya

 by Joanne Moriarity

In Libya there is no government there is only Al Qaeda. The Libyan resistance grows stronger everyday as the people of Libya are fed up with the tyranny that now controls their lives. 

Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical groups are laying claim to as much ground as possible in Libya before the Tribes gain enough outside support to return and clean their country of the filth left there by NATO, the UN and the US. 

Fearing that they will lose their grip and their new bank, the US CIA has stepped up its support of the psychopaths in Libya. They are helping set up large training camps around the country. They have dubbed these Al Qaeda nests “campuses”. Now really what radical Islamists even knows that term? “campus”? None this is a typical slight of hand dished out by the CIA to further muddy the water and confuse the west. There are 4 large campuses around the city of Bani Walid because it has never fallen to the radicals and they know that Bani Walid the home of the Great Werfalla tribe will not succumb to their threats. There arecampuses around Tripoli and many other areas in Libya. Remember, Al Qaeda is being funded and trained by the CIA so it is the corrupt Obama administration that is supporting this illegal occupation of Libya.

Also, a top point here, the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri has been moved to Libya along with other top terrorist leaders and given 5 star accommodations. Who do you think facilitated these moves and set up the accommodations? You guessed right if you said the US CIA.

The(re are) 2 million Libyans in exile.

The fact that the US is actively supporting terrorism in Libya and supporting the illegal occupation of Libya is shocking and the whole world had better wake up. Handing a rich and strategic country like Libya to the worlds worst psychopaths and then supporting them against the legitimate sovereign people of that country is a crime against the entire world not just the Libyan people.




the third universal theory the only cure for our ailing planet

MU the flame of the Desert

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi: He is a blessing for Our World

Mu, a blessing for Our World

Qallkm m. P. Equipped for yourselves

قاللكم م.ع.ل جهزوا انفسكم

(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi and secretary DORDA of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA):

(picture shows Muammar al-Qathafi and secretary Dr. DORDA of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA)LUC MICHEL writes
Wednesday, 15 January 2014“DESTRUCTION OF THE LIBYAN GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi”Luc MICHEL (*) for CEREDD /
European Centre for Research and Study on Direct Democracy /
With PCN-SPO – ELAC Website / 2013 January 13 / 2003-2011, Cold War imperialist aggression:
lost illusions of peaceful coexistence, the antagonism of the Western project and the Euro-African vision of Muammar al-Qathafi, and the destruction of the Libyan Jamahiriya.
This is similar to the one that destroyed Yugoslavia from 1985 to 2001 had destabilized process and destroyed al-Qathafi’s Libya.
Libyan has been betrayed from within by its moderate-liberal wing well before NATO carries the coup de grace …LIBYA 2003-2011, A COLD WAR ASSAULT IMPERIALIST: 

In 2003, LIBYA NEWS & FACTS (Bulletin of CEREDD) and ALZZAHF ALAKHDER (“The Green March”, the newspaper of Tripoli Libyan MCR) – I published under the title “LIBYA WAR BETWEEN THREATS AND blackmail IMPERIALIST” (1) a lengthy discussion on the geopolitical choice of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya and the geopolitical context in which they were developed in the years 1998-2003.

If there missing, of course, the conclusion and the destruction of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya in 2011 (2), I explained in 2003 why “peaceful coexistence” between al-Qathafi and the West could only be a game dupes for the Libyan Guide (3) (4). Tripoli was indeed against the path of American imperialism in Africa and the Mediterranean, but also in Europe. I also Dressais-a-table, unpublished elsewhere, on the geopolitics Euro-African vision of al-Qathafi. Again, this draft of Muammar al-Qathafi, could only meet the hostility of the U.S. and its military arm of NATO, not to mention the appetites of France.
Therefore, the confrontation between al-Qathafi’s Libya and the West was inevitable.

The Geopolitical THESES OF Mu’AMMAR al-QATHAFI 

These geopolitical theories of Libya Years 2000-2011, I knew, since I had entered Libya in the mid 90s. “Congress of Polish geopolitics” in 2010 also focused his attention long about it, hidden in Western Europe, but analyzed in the East (5).

If sometimes al-Qathafi was known as a wise Africa, guiding in line Nkrumah the Continent to its pan-African destiny, it is not too often that other facets of the personality of the leader of the Libyan Revolution: al-Qathafi European , one of the strongest supporters of European unification and its currency with the Euro. I wrote in 2003.
“For al-Qathafi knew that imperialism was no more dangerous to the world than being the potential enemy to Europe as well. And therefore had ceased to promote the return to this ancient unity and make its Libya a bridge between Africa and Europe. African unity, for which al-Qahafi’ of Libya was the ambassador of in the Mediterranean, was intended to converge with the European unification.”

Geopolitical vision of al-Qathafi peaked in the years 2007-2010. 

In October 2010, I ‘analyzed the geopolitical position taken by the Libyan “The Europe-Africa Summit held in Sirte / Tripoli on November 29, 2010 marks the centrality of Libya policy both as a driver for the “African Union” – which Muammar al-Qathafi was the main initiator – and geopolitics as a bridge between the European Union and the African Union.

The central role played by the dialogue of cultures is also proposed by Libya to bellogènes thesis of the “clash of civilizations” response (…) The vision of Libya as a bridge between the United Europe and the African Union, were first developed in the early 90s, and is now widely accepted and adopted by the major players of African and European Unions. Note, on this official logo adopted by the European Commission in Brussels, for the cultural project of cooperation between the EU and the African Union “Visionary Africa”, where the Eurasian dimensional map of Great Europe includes Russia “(6).


The aggression against the Libyan, scheduled in November 2010 by the U.S., NATO and France returned Atlanticist, by Sarkozy, will put a sudden stop to these once projects of peace and cooperation. This “outstretched hand, which paved the way for a more fraternal and united Mediterranean Area”, now became criminal to refuse.

And the war against the Libyan as those against Afghanistan and Iraq, is above all a “war against Great Europe”, in the words of General Von Lohausen, German geopolitics friend Jean Thiriart (7) , about Afghanistan. A war waged by the “European” allies in Washington, politicians of NATO and its political appendix EU. An EU exchanged a peaceful project for a chaotic and destabilizing geopolitical environment – Libyan Somalia at the gates of the EU – which only benefits Washington, Tel Aviv, their allies “Arab” and a few multinationals.


But from the start what to expect from other EU? Because the positions of the EU – “Barcelona Process” or “Euro-Mediterranean partnership” – and those geopolitical of al-Qathafi are two completely opposite visions of the Mediterranean.

In October 2007, the Tribune ASIPALV (8) in Tripoli in the auditorium of the General People’s Congress (Libyan parliament burned in late February 2011 by Salafists in the service of CNT), before 2,000 delegates from five continents, I Dressais in my speech on behalf of the European delegations (9), the finding of ideological split between al-Qathafi and EU politicians:

“We also welcome al-Qathafi in a great European who has always supported the unification and emancipation of the European continent, in which he sees an essential element of a multipolar world, free from imperialist domination. Whose pioneering vision already combines African and European units. In this vision, designs the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA as a bridge between Africa and Europe. We must emphasize this view is different from the Atlanticist politicians of the European Union, they do not build bridges, but stand the walls of a fortress. “

I remembered how cruelly the official discourse, self-proclaimed, Brussels and Strasbourg on the “open European society” does not match the reality of Fortress Europe designed by the Schengen Agreement:

“A Brussels or Strasbourg, these politicians arrogant as helpless as give lessons to the world. “Human rights, freedom of movement, freedom” they tell us. But in reality they are the walls of a fortress they stand! Schengen wall to the east which cuts Europe in half. Barbed Schengen still the border between Morocco and Spain. And even within the European Union, two-tier citizenship. Complete for the countries of the old EEC. Limited for Bulgarians, Romanians or Poles rights … Treatment unworthy of the European peoples categorized superior peoples rights and peoples who are denied the same rights. Between 1933 and 1945, under the Nazi Reich there was nothing else. But we said more bluntly … “People of Lords” and “subhuman Slavs!” “

Finally, I opposed the Mediterranean vision of  the EU (as it was as well opposed-to by al-Qathafi):

“The European Union also intends to make the Mediterranean a border, one more! The ‘Barcelona Process” or ‘Euro-Mediterranean Partnership’, which Libya has refused to participate, have no other meaning. Faced with this vision, there is that of Muammar Gal-Qathafi. Who sees the Mediterranean as a place of culture, sharing, exchange. Again al-Qathafi’s memory of the past. One where the Mediterranean was one. Libya, which also remembers its Roman past, who knows Leptis Magna gave the Roman Empire the emperors of the dynasty of Severus. European politicians have also forgotten! Yes, we European activists, we prefer to follow and listen to al-Qathafi, who wants to build bridges to unite politicians of the European Union, who build walls to separate! “

This is similar to the one that destroyed Yugoslavia from 1985 to 2001 had destabilized process and destroyed the
GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of the LIBYAN PEOPLES (vision of Muammar al-Qathafi). Destroyed on a scenario, a “transition” – the name of the CNT in Benghazi is inspired directly – reminiscent closely Yugoslavia and it is not a coincidence. The transition is obviously to the Western parliamentary liberalism, the global ZIONISTA economy and alignment with the U.S. and NATO!As in Yugoslavia, Libya too, since 2003, had a liberal wing, opposed to the socialist patriots.
That gathered behind Saif Al Islam, al-Qathafi’s second son, who brought liberals and radicals (as President Abdel Jalil NTC) in power. Please read these pages reveal Bernard-Henry Levy in his book on Saif personal self-propaganda on Libya “WAR WITHOUT LOVE”, where he asks the question shocking “how it was ours ( expression is of him) he could join his father? “…The Libyan regime has been destabilized and attacked from within.
Before the bombs, armies and mercenaries of NATO and USA will come to finish the job. I lived inside this jack Libya that fought the socialist wing of the MCR. I saw how the illusions of Tripoli on peaceful coexistence and the global economy led the Liberals to form in Libyan Trojan horse and prepare for the storm outside.On the process of transition, Belarus (where President Lukashenko has stopped), Yugoslavia (where President Milosevic has stopped for a decade) and Libya in particular, I gave in 2011 a lengthy analysis entitled ” Model of Belarus as an alternative to globalization “, in Minsk, on the occasion of the International Conference: “THE PROSPECTS OF THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP “. It was filmed for PCN-TV and is available on its website (4).


The response of NATO and the EU, the Washington, geopolitical and ideological challenge posed by al-Qathafi, who is also defined as “opposing the New World Order” will be the imperialist war, first of all the coup of 15-16 February 2011 (CALLED NOW “17 FEBRUARY”), and its transformation into a war of aggression disguised as civil war.

The so-called “revolt against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA “regime” of Muammar al-Qathafi”, is in fact an insurgent coup organized by the U.S. and NATO with complicity in the Liberal-wing liberal Libyan appeared in 2003. He began in Cyrenaica by the establishment of a National Transitional Council in Benghazi.

Eastern Cyrenaica (Benghazi, Derah) was from the 80’s a rebel area where organized Salafist subversion fueled especially by the British secret service MI6 and MI5 from London, the capital of “Londonistan” Salafst. In 1996 broke a large armed uprising, led from London, easily crushed. Then in 1998, a state once more, this one involving bin Laden, and an attack against al-Qathafi in the southern Sahara (Libya had then issued the first international warrant against the leader of Al-Qaida, blocked at Interpol level by the U.S. and British).

The U.S. and NATO have also seized Libya with the help of armed gangs and Salafsts. And they are employed by the CIA Salafists, with a U.S. passport, since the early 80s that run from winter 2011 Libya under NATO occupation.

“General” Hfter, CIA, control the “new Libyan army,” al-Maqrief, the leader of liberal forces, too old employee of the Agency, chaired the first post CNT parliament. Premier Zaidane is also an employee of the CIA, liberal economics but Islamist politics. All three are leaders of a small group founded in the USA in 1980: the National Front for Hi Libya. ”


After the capture of Tripoli and Sirte martyr – the ‘Guernica’ Libya – NATO and its jihadist proxy of CNT, Cyrenaica had proclaimed its independence which was not recognized by the authorities of the NTC. Operation restarted in June 2013. Behind this ‘federalist’ autonomy, we find the Libyan monarchists, driven out by al-Qathafi and his al-Fateh Revolution of 01 September 1969, hand-held directly by the British MI6.

And monarchists, the famous “brotherhoods Senoussi” (near the Turkish Islamic religious brotherhoods that form the basis of the AKP Ergogan), King Idris was removed in 1969 Senoussi. And the leader of the new “independent Cyrenaica” 2013 is still a Senoussi, cousin of the king.

When the leader of the NTC, Mustapha Abdel Jalil (now fled Tunisia as indicted for the murder in July 2011 of General Younes, head of the NTC and katibas troublesome rival “general” Hafter), it was a radical Salafist recklessly placed the government as Minister of Justice of the Libyan by Saif al-Islam, and … one of the leaders of these occult brotherhoods Senoussi prohibited under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Libyan has been betrayed from within by its Islamo-“liberal” wing well before NATO carries the “coup de grace” …

The rise of Salafists and their alliance with the pro-Western liberals thus began well before the CNT in 2011. The leader of the CNT Abdel Jalil was in fact the leader of the so-called “moderate” Liberals who were allied to the Liberal Libyan in Libya “peaceful coexistence with the West” from 2003 in their fight against the Jamahiriyen socialist wing of the regime. Their leader, and that’s where all the drama of the Libyan after 2003, was Saif Al-Islam, second son of al-Qathafi, who had installed the Liberals in heart of Libyan institutions. And especially Abdel Jalil head of the Libyan High Court, where the extremists had organized the case of “Bulgarian nurses”* that cost so much to the Libyan in terms of international image.

*: BUT MUAMMAR HIMSELF GAVE PROOF THAT THE NURSES DELIBERATLELY injected the children with the AIDS VIRUS..and Muammar said the big question remaines: AS TO WHY DID THESE NURSES (a compassionate field supposedly dedicated to helping humanity) deliberately inject these innocent children with the AIDS VIRUS??…virtually condemning these children to an early death, WHY? he over and over asks, something which the media glided completely over and instead focused on the gulit or innoence of the Bulgarian nurses.


Must be parallel to all this stress the fatal blow that was the dropping of al-Qathafi by Moscow and acceptance of the vote of the Security Council by Russia and China (which followed), which paved the way directly to the NATO aggression, at a time when the loyalist forces had restored the situation and had entered Benghazi.

A freelancer not very smart RIA Novosti wrote at that time that “Russia had no fundamental geopolitical interests in Libya.” Huge stupidity! Moscow had a friendly regime, economic interests and especially its single geopolitical ally in the Western Mediterranean. Who remembers that Russia should have, following the visit al-Qathafi to Russia in 2009, there have a naval base? Ironically, precisely in Benghazi … Upon his arrival in Moscow, end of March 2011, the Russian ambassador, evacuated, said to him that the dropping of Tripoli was “a crime against the vital national interests of Russia” …

The refusal of dialogue between the European and African Unions suggested that al-Qathafi only benefits the enemies of the true Europe. Who were and still are also the enemies of Libya. “In this context, the irresponsible policy of the French government, conducted on behalf of the interests of foreign lobbies, is not a fault, but a crime,” I concluded already in 2003. Need I say more?


(*) The Russian radio VOICE OF RUSSIA presented in December 2013 the ‘journey Libyan’ Luc MICHEL:
“Luc MICHEL, specialist in geopolitics and especially Libya (we owe him a GEOPOLITIQUE THE LIBYAN JAMAHIRIYA).
Organizer and man of action, he is also the creator throughout Europe from mid-February 2011 Committees ELAC / Euro-Libyan Action Committees and June 2011 during their African, Committees ALAC / Afro-Libyan Action Committees (with Chad Djim Ley-NGARDIGAL), an organization supporting the Libyan who continues the fight. In April 2011, he organized with the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Libyan National Youth Organization and the only international conference ELAC – Euro-Afro-Arab – support the Libyan “Hands off Libya” Tripoli under the bombs NATO.
He also held leadership positions for the Libyan. From 2004, he headed the Pan-European Network World Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement (MCR, the backbone of the Libyan), the MEDD-RCM (European Movement for Direct Democracy, the only organization of MCR remained active after 2011 and including the Secretary-General is Fabrice Beaur). In April 2011, he was appointed by President Tripoli “International Commission Forum of Associations against the war in Libya” and is responsible for the coordination of the fight for the Libyan in Europe and Africa. He is also the editor of the ELAC & ALAC Website.
Luc MICHEL is both an analyst Libya but also a great witness of aggression against the Libyan, he lived from the inside, and an actor of his defense. ”


(1) LIBYA NEWS & FACTS, the newsletter of CEREDD, published in 2003 FILE “LIBYA 2003″ 5 special editions (bilingual French-English) «LIBYA TO THE CROSSROADS”.
Among the articles:
Moammar Gaddafi: “The end of Arab Nationalism”
Luc Michel: “Libya War between threats and imperialist blackmail”
Njem me: “The jamahirienne Revolution from the perspective of a united Africa”

(2) I have not been alone in less announce, Libya itself (where I was for the “6th European Convention MEDD,” the pan-European network of Libyan MCR held in Zawiah near Tripoli , 5-6-7 February 2011), from the first days of February 2011 the imperialist aggression against Tripoli promised (and Damascus). I was the only one among all the analysts and commentators to understand what is happening and take the exact measure of the event. At a time when all analysts allowed themselves to smoke the nickname “Arab Spring”. Starting with the so-called “non-mainstream” journalists who shouted haro in February-March 2011 Gaddafi while the imperialist storm rising over the Gulf of Sirte.
Cfr. PCN-TV, “The Arab world is on fire”: Interview in French Luc MICHEL for PCN-TV, the so-called “Arab revolutions” (Tripoli, February 7, 2011).
VIDEO on Vimeo:
VERBATIM on the Website JAMAHIRIYAN THE RESISTANCE NETWORK:’agression-occidentale-contre-la-libye-et-la-syrie/

(3) In another analysis, I returned in 2003 on the reasons that lead – and led in 2011-2012 – the inevitable clash between the U.S. and the revolutionary nationalist Arab regimes (Socialism jamahiriyen, Iraqi and Syrian Ba’ath).

(4) On the con game of peaceful coexistence between the West and its enemies
Cfr. my analyzes of socialist reforms in the USSR, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Libya, Iraq and Syria Ba’athists.
Cfr. especially: International conference “The prospects of the Eastern partnership” – Minsk 05.05.2011:
Conference Luc MICHEL (PART.1 – 2 – 3) recovery PCN-TV, on “Belarus pattern as an alternative to globalization” (where I mention long peaceful coexistence in Libya);

(5) The “3rd Congress of Polish geopolitics” – III Zjazd Geopolityków Polskich – held in Wroclaw (Poland, 21 and 22 October 2010), was the occasion of a brilliant intervention Kornel Sawinski entitled “Znaczenie Libii w geopolitycznych koncepcjach Nacjonal-Europejskiej Partii Komunitarnej (PCN) “,” Libya in the geopolitical concepts of the NCP. ”
Geopolitical scientist, sociologist, an analyst at the “Centrum Europejskiego Analiz Geopolitycznych” Sawinski is PhD student at the Silesian Uniwersytetu – University of Silesia – he prepared a thesis on “The geopolitical ideas of Jean Thiriart.”

Geopolitics and the Polish researcher develops at length in “Libya in geopolitical concepts NCP” transnational general action of the NCP and mine for over 25 years, amplified and continued in that of MEDD-RCM (the pan-European network Libyan MCR remained organized in Europe). And its foundations in the work of leading theorist and pan Thiriart in the 60s. It outlines the important and influential role played by transnational Organization NCP as a school of thought and “think tank” (as understood by the Anglo-Saxon policy).
Finally, he arrives at the heart of his presentation: the ties with the Libyan Jamahiriya, close geopolitical theses Moammar Gaddafi, of mine (I became in 2004 General Coordinator MCR in Europe) and the NCP on the Great Europe Eurasia, the necessary emergence of a multipolar world, the Mediterranean designed as a place of common civilization and the role of Bridge Libya ENTERED the European and African Unions.
Sawinski finally evokes the theme of Direct Democracy (in its Libyan and European versions), the role it plays in my mind and that of MEDD-RCM as a fundamental alternative to bourgeois parliamentarism.
The Polish version of the conference – with French and English abstracts, has been the subject of a number LIBYA NEWS & FACTS (No. 2054, 17 November 2010), the Bulletin CEREDD;
Pdf available at:

Pdf on:

(7) The general and geo-political Lohausen Austrian (1907-2002), former member of the General Staff Marshal Rommel, near the anti-Nazi patriots July 20, 1944, is part of the result of geopolitical theories of Jean Thiriart on “Europe from Vladivostok to Dublin.” He wrote pages rave about the European project Thiriart Years of 1960-1975.
The main geopolitical book generally MUT ZUR MACHT. Denken IN Kontinenten translated to the story in French by one of the secretaries THIRIART, is part of the School of HAUSOFER, but also incorporates many designs THIRIART. Lohausen talks including “Europe from Madrid to Vladivostok.” In the copy offered by Lohausen Thiriart in 1983 (and which was bequeathed me his library in 1999) include the following dedication: “In respectful tribute to a great European.”

(8) ASIPALV acronym for the International Assembly of supporters of the Green Paper, which included supporters of the Libyan Direct Democracy.

(9) Luc MICHEL, Speech, on behalf of the Delegations of the European Continent, the Opening Meeting of the World Assembly of the “International Association of Supporters of the Green Paper,” Tripoli, Libya, 25 October 2009: THINKING CONTINENTS !
I borrowed my title “Thinking Continents” the French version of the German book geopolitical “Mut zur Macht. Denken in Kontinenten “General Von Lohausen Jordis.

de Luc Michel
Mercredi 15 Janvier 2014


Luc MICHEL (*) pour le CEREDD /
Centre Européen de Recherche et d’Etude sur la Démocratie Directe/
Avec PCN-SPO – ELAC Website / 2013 01 13 /

Libye 2003-2011, de la guerre froide à l’agression impérialiste :
les illusions perdues de la coexistence pacifique, l’antagonisme du projet occidental et de la vision euro-africaine de Kadhafi, et la destruction de la Jamahiriya libyenne.
C’est un processus similaire à celui qui a détruit la Yougoslavie de 1985 à 2001 qui a déstabilisé, puis détruit la Libye de Kadhafi.
La Jamahiriya a été trahie de l’intérieur par son aile islamo-libérale bien avant que l’OTAN ne porte le coup de grâce …


En 2003, dans LIBYA NEWS & FACTS (le bulletin du CEREDD) et ALZZAHF ALAKHDER (« La Marche Verte », le quotidien du MCR libyen à Tripoli) -, je publiais sous le titre « LA LIBYE ENTRE MENACES DE GUERRE ET CHANTAGES IMPERIALISTES » (1) une longue analyse sur les choix géopolitiques de la Jamahiriya libyenne et le contexte géopolitique dans lesquels ils étaient développés dans les Années 1998-2003.

Si il y manquait, évidemment, la conclusion et la destruction de la Jamahiriya en 2011(2), j’y expliquait dès 2003 les raisons pour lesquelles la « coexistence pacifique » entre Kadhafi et l’Occident ne pouvait qu’être un jeu de dupes pour le Guide libyen (3) (4). Tripoli était en effet sur le chemin de l’impérialisme américain en Afrique et en Méditerranée, mais aussi en Europe. J’y dressais aussi un tableau, inédit ailleurs, de la vision géopolitique euro-africaine de Kadhafi. Là aussi le projet de Moammar Kadhafi ne pouvait que rencontrer l’hostilité des USA et de leur bras armé l’OTAN. Sans oublier les appétits de la France.
Dès lors, la confrontation entre la Libye de Kadhafi et les Occidentaux était inévitable.


Ces thèses géopolitiques de la Libye des Années 2000-2011, je les connaissait bien, puisque je les avait introduites en Libye au milieu des Années 90. Le « Congrès des Géopoliticiens polonais » en 2010 a par ailleurs porté longuement son attention à ce sujet, occulté en Europe occidentale, mais bien analysé à l’Est (5).

« Si on connaît parfois Kadhafi en sage de l’Afrique, guidant dans la ligne de Nkrumah le Continent vers sa destinée pan-africaine, on ignore trop souvent cette autre des facettes de la personnalité du guide de la Révolution libyenne : Kadhafi l’Européen, l’un des plus ferme soutien de l’unification européenne et de son unité monétaire avec l’Euro. », écrivais-je en 2003. Car Kadhafi savait que l’impérialisme n’a pas d’ennemi potentiel plus dangereux que l’Europe. Et n’a donc eu de cesse de favoriser le retour à cette unité millénaire et de faire de sa Libye un pont entre l’Afrique et l’Europe. L’unité africaine, dont la Libye de Kadhafi était l’ambassadrice en Méditerranée, avait pour vocation de converger avec l’unification européenne en marche.

La vision géopolitique de Kadhafi a culminé dans les Années 2007-2010.
En octobre 2010, j’ analysait la place géopolitique prise par la Jamahiriya : « Le Sommet Europe-Afrique qui se tient à Syrte/Tripoli ce 29 novembre 2010 marque la place centrale de la Libye à la fois politique en tant qu’élément moteur de l’Union Africaine – dont Moammar Kadhafi a été l’initiateur principal – et géopolitique en tant que pont entre l’Union Européenne et l’Union Africaine. Le rôle central joué par le dialogue des cultures est également la réponse proposée par la Libye aux thèses bellogènes du « choc des civilisations » (…) La vision de la Libye comme un pont entre la Grande-Europe et l’Union africaine, que nous avons été les premiers a développer dès le début des années 90, est aujourd’hui largement acceptée et adoptée par les grands acteurs des Unions africaine et européenne. On notera sur ce sujet le logo officiel, adoptée par la Commission européenne de Bruxelles, pour le projet culturel de coopération entre l’UE et l’Union Africaine « Visionary Africa », où figurent les dimensions eurasiatiques de la carte de la Grande-Europe incluant la Russie » (6).


L’agression contre la Jamahiriya, planifiée dès novembre 2010, par les USA, l’OTAN et la France redevenue atlantiste de Sarkozy, va mettre un coup d’arrêt brutal à ces projets de paix et de coopération. Cette « main tendue, qui ouvrait la voie à un Espace méditerranéen plus fraternel et plus solidaire », il a été criminel de la refuser.

Et la guerre contre la Jamahiriya, comme celles contre l’Afghanistan et l’Irak, est avant tout une « guerre contre la Grande-Europe », pour reprendre les termes du Général Von Lohausen, le géopoliticien allemand ami de Jean Thiriart (7), à propos de l’Afghanistan. Une guerre menée par les alliés « européens » de Washington, les politiciens de l’OTAN et de son appendice politique, l’UE. Une UE qui a échangé un projet pacifique pour un environnement géopolitique chaotique et déstabilisateur – une Somalie libyenne aux portes de l’UE – , qui ne profite qu’à Washington, Tel-Aviv, leurs alliés « arabes » et quelques multinationales.


Mais dès le départ qu’attendre d’autre de l’UE ? Car les positions de l’UE – « Processus de Barcelone » ou « partenariat Europe-Méditerranée » – et celles géopolitiques de Kadhafi sont deux visions totalement opposées de la Méditerranée.

En Octobre 2007, à la Tribune de l’ASIPALV (8), à Tripoli dans l’auditorium du Congrès Général Populaire (le parlement libyen, incendié fin février 2011 par les djihadistes au service du CNT), devant les 2.000 délégués venus des cinq continents, je dressais dans mon allocution au nom des délégations européennes (9), le constat de divorce idéologique entre Kadhafi et les politiciens de l’UE : « Nous saluons aussi en Kadhafi un grand Européen, qui a toujours soutenu l’unification et l’émancipation du continent européen, dans lequel il voit un des éléments essentiels d’un monde multipolaire, libéré de la domination impérialiste. Et dont la vision avant-gardiste associe déjà les unités africaine et européenne. Dans cette vision, Kadhafi conçoit la Libye comme un pont entre l’Afrique et l’Europe. Nous devons souligner combien cette vision est différente de celle des politiciens atlantistes de l’Union Européenne qui, eux, ne bâtissent pas des ponts, mais dressent les murs d’une forteresse. »

Je rappelais cruellement combien le discours officiel, auto-proclamé, de Bruxelles et Strasbourg sur la « société européenne ouverte » ne correspond pas à la réalité de la Forteresse-Europe conçue par les Accords de Schengen : « A Bruxelles ou à Strasbourg, ces politiciens arrogants autant qu’incapables donnent des leçons au monde entier. « Droits de l’homme, libre circulation, libertés » nous disent-ils. Mais dans la réalité ce sont les murs d’une forteresse qu’ils dressent ! Mur de Schengen à l’Est qui coupe l’Europe en deux. Barbelés de Schengen encore à la frontière entre le Maroc et l’Espagne. Et à l’intérieur même de l’Union Européenne, citoyenneté à deux vitesses. Complète pour les pays de la vieille CEE. Droits limités pour les Bulgares, les Roumains ou encore les Polonais…
Traitement indigne des peuples européens catégorisés en peuples supérieurs en droits et en peuples à qui on nie les mêmes droits. Entre 1933 et 1945, sous le Reich nazi on ne faisait pas autre chose. Mais on le disait plus crûment… « Peuple des Seigneurs » et « sous-hommes slaves » ! »

Enfin, j’opposais la vision méditerranéenne de Kadhafi et celle de l’UE : « L’Union européenne entend aussi faire de la Méditerranée une frontière, une de plus ! Le « Processus de Barcelone » ou le « partenariat Europe-Méditerranée », auxquels la Libye a refusé de participer, n’ont pas d’autre sens. Face à cette vision, il y a celle de Moammar Kadhafi. Qui voit la Méditerranée comme un lieu de culture, de partage, d’échange. Là aussi Kadhafi a la mémoire du Passé. Celui où la Méditerranée était une unité. La Libye, qui se souvient aussi de son passé romain, qui sait que Leptis Magna a donné à l’Empire romain les empereurs de la dynastie des Sévère. Les politiciens européens l’ont aussi oublié ! Oui, nous militants européens, nous préférons suivre et écouter Kadhafi, qui veut bâtir des ponts pour unir, aux politiciens de L’Union européenne, qui construisent des murs pour séparer ! »


C’est un processus similaire à celui qui a détruit la Yougoslavie de 1985 à 2001 qui a déstabilisé, puis détruit la Jamahiriya libyenne de Kadhafi.
Détruite sur un scénario, un « processus de transition » – le nom du CNT de Benghazi s’en inspire directement – qui rappelle étroitement la Yougoslavie et ce n’est pas un hasard. La transition c’est évidemment vers le parlementarisme occidental, le libéralisme, l’économie globalisée et l’alignement sur les USA et l’OTAN !

Comme en Yougoslavie, la Libye aussi, depuis 2003, avait une aile libérale, opposée à celle des socialistes patriotes. Celle rassemblée derrière Saïf Al Islam, le fils aîné de Kadhafi, qui a amené libéraux et islamistes (comme le président du CNT Abdel Jalil) au pouvoir. Il faut lire les pages révélatrices de Bernard-Henry Levy sur Saïf dans son livre d’auto-propagande personnelle sur la Libye « LA GUERRE SANS L’AIMER », où il pose la question qui choque : « comment celui qui était des nôtres (l’expression est de lui) a-t-il pu rejoindre son père ? »…

Le régime libyen a été déstabilisé et attaqué de l’intérieur.
Avant que les bombes, les armées et les mercenaires de l’OTAN et des USA ne viennent finir le travail. J’ai vécu de l’intérieur cette prise de la Libye, que combattait l’aile socialiste du MCR. J’ai vu comment les illusions de Tripoli sur la coexistence pacifique et l’économie globalisée ont permis aux libéraux libyens de se constituer en Cheval de Troie et de préparer l’assaut extérieur.

Sur le processus de transition, au Belarus (où le président Lukashenko l’a arrêté), en Yougoslavie (où le président Milosevic l’a stoppé pendant une décennie) et en Libye notamment, j’ai donné en 2011 une longue analyse intitulée “Le Modèle du Belarus comme alternative à la Globalisation”, à Minsk, à l’occasion de la Conférence internationale “THE PROSPECTS OF THE EASTERN PARTNERSHIP”. Elle a été filmée pour PCN-TV et est disponible sur son site (4).


La réponse de l’OTAN et de l’UE, celle de Washington, au défi géopolitique et idéologique posé par Kadhafi, qui se définissait aussi comme un « opposant à l’Ordre mondial », sera la guerre impérialiste, tout d’abord le coup d’état des 15-16 février 2011, puis sa transformation en guerre d’agression camouflée en guerre civile.

La soi-disant « révolte contre le régime de Mouammar Kadhafi » est en fait un coup d’état insurrectionnel organisé par les USA et l’OTAN avec des complicités dans l’aile islamo-libérale apparue en Jamahiriya dès 2003. Il avait commencé en Cyrénaïque par la mise en place d’un Conseil national de transition à Benghazi.

L’Est de la Cyrénaique (Benghazi, Derah) était depuis les Années 80 une zone rebelle où les islamistes organisaient une subversion alimentée spécialement par les services secrets britanniques MI6 et MI5 depuis Londres, capitale du « Londonistan » islamiste. En 1996 avait éclaté une grande insurrection armée, pilotée depuis Londres, difficilement écrasée. Puis en 1998, un coup d’état de plus, celui-là avec la participation de Ben Laden, et un attentat contre Kadhafi dans le Sud saharien (La Libye avait alors émis le premier mandat international contre le leader d’Al-Qaida, bloqué au niveau d’Interpol par les USA et les Britanniques).

Les USA et l’OTAN se sont aussi emparés de la Libye avec l’aide et par les gangs armés djihadistes. Et ce sont des islamistes employés par la CIA, possédant un passeport US, depuis le début des années 80 qui dirigent depuis l’hiver 2011 la Libye sous occupation de l’OTAN. Le « général » Hafter, agent de la CIA, commande la « nouvelle armée libyenne », al-Megaryef, le chef des forces libérales, lui aussi vieil employé de l’Agence, présidait le premier parlement post CNT. Le premier ministre Zeidan est aussi un employé de la CIA, libéral en économie mais islamiste en politique. Tous trois sont les dirigeants d’un groupuscule fondé aux USA en 1980 : le Front National pour le Salut de la Libye ».


Après la prise de Tripoli et le martyr de Syrte – le ‘Guernica’ libyen – par l’OTAN et ses supplétifs djihadistes du CNT, la Cyrénaïque avait proclamé son autonomie qui n’a pas été reconnue par les autorités du CNT. Opération relancée en juin 2013. Derrière cette autonomie « fédéraliste », on retrouve les monarchistes libyens, chassés par Kadhafi et sa révolution du 1er septembre 1969, directement tenus en main par les britanniques du MI6.

Et avec les monarchistes, les fameuses « confréries Senoussi » (proche des confréries religieuses islamistes turques qui forment la base de l’AKP d’Ergogan), le roi Idriss chassé en 1969 était un Senoussi. Et le leader de la nouvelle « Cyrénaïque autonome » de 2013 est encore un Senoussi, cousin du roi. Quand au leader du CNT, Mustapha Abdeljalil (aujourd’hui en fuite en Tunisie car inculpé pour le meurtre en juillet 2011 du général Younès, chef des katibas du CNT et rival gênant du « général » Hafter), c’était un islamiste radical, imprudemment placé au gouvernement comme ministre de la Justice de la Jamahiriya par Saif al-Islam, et … l’un des chefs occultes de ces Confréries Senoussi, interdites sous Kadhafi. La Jamahiriya a été trahie de l’intérieur par son aile islamo-libérale bien avant que l’OTAN ne porte le coup de grâce …

La montée en puissance des islamistes et leur alliance avec les libéraux pro-occidentaux a donc débuté bien avant le CNT de 2011. Le leader du CNT Abdeljalil était en fait le chef de file des islamistes dits « modérés » qui s’étaient alliés aux libéraux libyens dans la Libye de la « coexistence pacifique avec l’Occident » d’après 2003, dans leur combat contre l’aile socialiste du régime jamahiriyen. Leur chef de file, et c’est là tout le drame de la Jamahiriya après 2003, était Saif Al-Islam, le propre fils aîné de Kadhafi, qui avait installé les islamistes au cœur des institutions libyennes. Et singulièrement Abdeljalil à la tête de la Haute cour libyenne, où cet extrémiste de la Charia, avait organisé l’affaire des « infirmières bulgares » qui a coûté si cher à la Jamahiriya en terme d’image internationale.


Il faut parallèlement à tout cela souligner le coup mortel qu’a été le lâchage de Kadhafi par Moscou et l’acceptation du vote du Conseil de Sécurité par la Russie et la Chine (qui a suivi) qui ont ouvert directement la voie à l’agression de l’OTAN, au moment même où les forces loyalistes avaient rétabli la situation et étaient entrées dans Benghazi.

Un pigiste pas très futé de RIA Novosti avait écrit à ce moment que « la Russie n’avait pas d’intérêts géopolitiques fondamentaux en Libye ». Enorme stupidité ! Moscou y avait un régime ami, des intérêts économiques et surtout son seul allié géopolitique en méditerranée occidentale. Qui se souvient encore que la Russie aurait du, suite à la visite de Kadhafi en Russie en 2009, y disposer d’une base navale ? Ironie, précisément à Benghazi … A son arrivée à Moscou, fin mars 2011, l’ambassadeur russe, évacué, déclarait lui que le lâchage de Tripoli était « un crime contre les intérêts vitaux nationaux de la Russie » …

Le refus du dialogue entre les Unions européenne et africaine que proposait Kadhafi ne profite qu’aux ennemis de l’Europe véritable. Qui étaient aussi et sont encore les ennemis de la Libye. « Dans cette optique, la politique irresponsable du gouvernement français, menée au nom des intérêts de lobbies étrangers, n’est pas une faute, mais un crime », concluais-je déjà en 2003. Que dire de plus !?


(*) La radio russe LA VOIX DE LA RUSSIE présentait en décembre 2013 le ‘parcours libyen’ de Luc MICHEL :
« Luc MICHEL, grand spécialiste de la géopolitique et notamment de la Libye (on lui doit notamment une GEOPOLITIQUE DE LA JAMAHIRYA LIBYENNE).
Organisateur et homme d’action, il est aussi le créateur dans toute l’Europe dès la mi-février 2011 des Comités ELAC / Euro-Libyan Action Committees et en juin 2011 de leur pendant africain, les Comités ALAC / Afro-Libyan Action Committees (avec le tchadien Djim Ley-Ngardigal), organisation de soutien à la Jamahiriya qui continue toujours le combat. En avril 2011, il a organisé avec le Ministère libyen des affaires étrangères, la Libyan National Youth Organisation et ELAC la seule conférence internationale – euro-afro-arabe – de soutien à la Jamahirya « Hands off Libya », à Tripoli sous les bombes de l’OTAN.
Il a aussi exercé des fonctions dirigeantes pour la Jamahiriya. A partir de 2004, il dirige le Réseau pan-européen du Mouvement mondial des Comités Révolutionnaires libyens (le MCR, colonne vertébrale de la Jamahiriya), le MEDD-MCR (Mouvement Européen pour la Démocratie Directe, la seule organisation du MCR restée active après 2011, et dont le secrétaire-général est Fabrice Beaur). En avril 2011, il est nommé par Tripoli président de la « Commission internationale du forum des Associations contre la guerre en Libye » et est chargé de la coordination du combat pour la Jamahiriya en Europe et en Afrique. Il est aussi l’éditeur du ELAC & ALAC Website.
Luc MICHEL est donc à la fois un analyste de la Libye mais aussi un grand témoin de l’agression contre la Jamahirya, qu’il a vécue de l’intérieur, et un acteur de sa défense. »


(1) LIBYA NEWS & FACTS, le bulletin du CEREDD, a publié en 2003 un DOSSIER « LIBYE 2003 » sur 5 éditions spéciales (bilingues Français-Anglais) « LA LIBYE A LA CROISEE DES CHEMINS ».
Parmi les articles publiés :
Moammar Kadhafi : « La fin du Nationalisme arabe »
Luc Michel : « La Libye entre menaces de Guerre et chantages impérialistes »
Me Njem : « La Révolution jamahirienne dans la perspective d’une Afrique unie »

(2) Je n’en ai pas moins été le seul à annoncer, en Libye même (où je me trouvait pour la « 6e Convention européenne du MEDD », le réseau pan-européen du MCR libyen, organisée à Zawiah, près de Tripoli, les 5-6-7 février 2011), dès les premiers jours de février 2011 l’agression impérialiste qui s’annonçait contre Tripoli (et Damas). J’ai été le seul parmi tous les analystes et commentateurs à comprendre ce qui se passe et à prendre la mesure exacte de l’événement. A un moment où tous les analystes se laissaient prendre aux fumées du pseudo « printemps arabe ». A commencer par les soi-disants journalistes « non mainstream » qui criaient haro en février-mars 2011 sur Kadhafi alors que la tempête impérialiste se levait sur le Golfe des Syrtes.
Cfr. PCN-TV, “Le Monde arabe est en feu” : Entretien en Français de Luc MICHEL pour PCN-TV, sur les soit-disant « révolutions arabes » (Tripoli, 7 février 2011).
VIDEO sur Vimeo :
VERBATIM sur le Website THE JAMAHIRIYAN RESISTANCE NETWORK :’agression-occidentale-contre-la-libye-et-la-syrie/

(3) Dans une autre analyse, je revenais dès 2003 sur les raisons qui conduisent – et ont conduit en 2011-2012 – au choc inévitable entre les USA et les régimes nationalistes révolutionnaires arabes (Socialisme jamahiriyen, Ba’ath irakien et Syrien).
sur :

(4) Sur le jeu de dupe de la coexistence pacifique entre l’Occident et ses ennemis,
Cfr. mes analyses sur les réformes socialistes en URSS, Yougoslavie, Belarus, Libye, Iraq et Syrie ba’athistes.
Cfr. en particulier : International conference “The prospects of the Eastern partnership” – Minsk 5.05.2011 :
Conférence de Luc MICHEL (PART.1 – 2 – 3) reprise sur PCN-TV, sur “Le Modèle du Belarus comme alternative à la Globalisation” (où j’évoque longuement la coexistence pacifique en Libye) ;

(5) Le « 3e Congrès des Géopoliticiens polonais » – III Zjazd Geopolityków Polskich –, organisé à Wroclaw (Pologne, 21 et 22 octobre 2010), a été l’occasion d’une brillante intervention de Kornel SAWINSKI intitulée « Znaczenie Libii w geopolitycznych koncepcjach Nacjonal-Europejskiej Partii Komunitarnej (PCN) », « La Libye dans les concepts géopolitiques du PCN ».
Géopolitologue, sociologue, analyste à l’ « Europejskiego Centrum Analiz Geopolitycznych », Sawinski est Doctorant à l’Uniwersytetu Śląskiego – Université de Silésie –, il prépare une thèse sur « Les idées géopolitiques de Jean Thiriart ».

Le géopoliticien et chercheur polonais développe longuement dans « La Libye dans les concepts géopolitiques du PCN » l’action générale transnationale du PCN et la mienne depuis plus de 25 ans, amplifiée et continuée dans celle du MEDD-MCR (le réseau pan-européen du MCR libyen, resté organisé en Europe). Ainsi que ses fondements dans l’action du leader et théoricien paneuropéen Jean THIRIART dans les années 60. Il expose le rôle important et influent joué par l’Organisation transnationale du PCN en tant qu’Ecole de pensée et « think tank » (comme l’entend la politique anglo-saxonne).
Enfin, il en arrive au cœur de son exposé : les liens tissés avec la Jamahiriya libyenne, la proximité des thèses géopolitiques de Moammar KADHAFI, des miennes (je devenais en 2004 Coordinateur-général du MCR en Europe) et du PCN sur la Grande-Europe eurasiatique, la nécessaire émergence d’un monde multipolaire, la Méditerranée conçue comme un lieu de civilisation commune, ou encore le rôle de Pont de la Libye entres les Unions européenne et africaine.
SAWINSKI évoque enfin le thème de la Démocratie Directe (dans ses versions libyenne et européenne), le rôle qu’il joue dans ma pensée et celle du MEDD-MCR en tant qu’alternative fondamentale au Parlementarisme bourgeois.
La version polonaise de cette conférence – avec des résumés français et anglais -a fait l’objet d’un numéro de LIBYA NEWS & FACTS (n° 2054, 17 nov. 2010), le Bulletin du CEREDD ;
Disponible en Pdf sur :

En Pdf sur :

(7) Le général et géopolitologue autrichien Lohausen (1907-2002), ancien membre de l’Etat major du Maréchal Rommel, proche des patriotes anti-nazis du 20 juillet 1944, s’inscrit dans la suite des thèses géopolitiques de Jean Thiriart sur « l’Europe de Vladivostok à Dublin ». Il a écrit des pages élogieuses concernant le projet européen de Thiriart des Années 1960-75.
Le livre principal de géopolitique du général, MUT ZUR MACHT. DENKEN IN KONTINENTEN, traduit pour la petite histoire en Français par une des secrétaires de THIRIART, s’inscrit dans l’Ecole d’HAUSOFER, mais reprend aussi de nombreuses conceptions de THIRIART. LOHAUSEN parle notamment de « l’Europe de Madrid à Vladivostok ». Dans l’exemplaire offert par Lohausen à Thiriart en 1983 (et qui m’a été légué avec sa bibliothèque en 1999) figure la dédicace suivante : « En respectueux hommage à un grand Européen ».

(8) ASIPALV, acronyme de l’ASsemblée Internationale des PArtisans du Livre Vert, qui regroupait les partisans de la Démocratie Directe libyenne.

(9) Luc MICHE


Alert Per Liberal and who stood up to the last moment with the commander with Libya and that there is a list

that contains the name of A. arrest warrant signed by Attorney General present in all the ports.
I caution and not to travel only after making sure that the name is not in the list.

God save all free Libya.

تنبيه لكل الاحرار و اللذين وقفوا لاخر لحظة مع القائد و مع ليبيا أن هنالك قائمة تحتوي على ألف اسم بالقبض عليهم موقعة من النائب العام موجودة في كل المنافذ.
أرجو الحذر و عدم السفر الا بعد التأكد أن الاسم غير موجود في القائمة . حفظ الله كل أحرار ليبيا.



Very serious and catastrophic reveal what Samir Ghattas now senior al Qaeda leaders are present in Libya
خطير جداا وكارثى ما يكشفه سمير غطاس الان كبار قادة القاعده متواجدون بليبيا !!


Aaaaaaagel very very dangerous: in a report now bulletin, CNN expressed by Human Rights Watch expressed deep concern of confirmed information obtained by referring to the use of both France and Britain to internationally prohibited weapons in raids in 2011 on Libya Bmajb Resolution No. 1973, which authorized the NATO Alnatwa pounding of al-Qathafi as long bombardment of those gatherings military and civilian,
and amounted to more than twenty thousand aerial bombings, the organization pointed out that those countries have used cluster bombs Ivkhal in component, Alaoranim irradiated for their ability to penetrate the concrete, which was adopted by the al-Gaddafi in the storage of weapons has resulted in This saturation of agricultural crops, livestock and water sources such Almazh grave
became its results appear on the Newborns in Libya as well as the Libyan citizen, recorded WHO highest rate of fetal malformation inside Libya Mend World War II and reached 23% of newborns and also high injury disease, cancer and strange quality were not known by among ordinary Libyans and amounted to 18% of the total of what has to detect them by a branch of the organization in Libya,
and despite the collapse of the health serious demands of those countries from Libya bill involvement in the overthrow of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, the amount exceeded one billion seven hundred million dollars despite the fact that these weapons were originally intended for disposal and was supposed to pay the states that I used to compensate for Libya because it was the place where it is allowed to get rid of dangerous weapons arsenal teeming with stores overalls British and French defense.
عااااااجل جداً وخطير للغايه :: في تقرير لها الان بنشرة قناة CNN اعربت منظمة هيومن رايتس ووتش عن قلقها الشديد من معلومات مؤكدة تحصلت عليها تشير الي استخدام كلاً من فرنسا وبريطانيا لاسلحة محرمة دولياً في غاراتها سنة 2011 على ليبيا بمؤجب القرار رقم 1973 التي خول حلف الناتوا بقصف مواقع لكتائب القذافي حيث طالت عمليات القصف تلك تجمعات عسكرية ومدنيه وصلت الي اكثر من عشرون الف عملية قصف جوي ، واشارت المنظمة ان تلك الدول استخدمت قنابل عنقودية يذخل في مكونها اليورانيم المشع لقدرتها على اختراق الخرسانات التي كانت تعتمدها كتائب القذافي في تخزين الاسلحه وقد ترتب على ذلك تشبع المحاصيل الزراعيه والثروه الحيوانيه ومصادر المياه بتلك الماذة الخطيره اصبحت نتائجها تظهر على المواليد الجدد في ليبيا وكذلك المواطن الليبي حيث سجلت منظمة الصحة العالميه اعلى نسبة تشوه في الاجنه داخل ليبيا مند الحرب العالميه الثانيه ووصلت الي ما نسبته 23% من المواليد الجدد وايضاً ارتفاع الاصابه بامراض السرطان ومن نوعيه غريبه لم تكن معروفه من قبل بين المواطنيين الليبيين وصلت الي ما نسبته 18٪ من اجمالي ماتم الكشف عليهم من قبل فرع المنظمه بليبيا ،، ورغم ذلك الانهيار الصحي الخطير تطالب تلك الدول من ليبيا فاتورة مشاركتها في اسقاط نظام القذافي بمبلغ تجاوز المليار وسبعمائة مليون دولار رغم ان تلك الاسلحة كانت اصلاً معده للتخلص منها وكان من المفروض دفع الدول التي استعملتها تعويض لليبيا لانها كانت المكان الذي اتيح لها للتخلص من ترسانة اسلحه خطيره تعج بها مخازن وزرات الدفاع البريطانيه والفرنسيه .
Rat withdrawal Mohammed Toumi winning more votes in Tripoli from the Committee on the so-called 60 for his book Constitution
after exposure to his family by members of the militias and the threat of blowing up his home and kidnapped his daughters.
Canal Capital, Muhammad Toumi Evenz what was said that he withdrew from the committee drafting the constitution
and declares that he is continuing to steal, I mean serve the nation, he said …
Voice displaced Libyans in the world:
Important dangerous ::: :::
site published by Qatar’s first real estate development news delivery expressed a number of luxury villas handed over the company to some friends Qatari state described by the company in a project known as the Doha Qatar.
Among the friends who received both Villas / / / Dr. Tarek Sowaidan / / Dr Abdul Khaliq Abdul Gayoom / / Islamic preacher Abdul Rahman Al-Haj / / Islamic scholar (NATO “mufti”) Sadiq Ghiaryiani / / Dr Hassan al-Turabi / / Dr Omar Abdul-Jabbar / / Dr Ali hardness / / preacher Solomon Zahreddine / / preacher Mohammed Aeroda.
خطير ::: هام ::: نشر موقع شركة قطر الاولى للتطوير العقاري خبر مفاده تسليم عدد من الفلل الفخمه التي سلمتها الشركه لبعض اصدقاء الدوله القطريه حسب وصف الشركه بمدينة الدوحه فيما يعرف بمشروع اصدقاء قطر ومن بين الذين استلموا فلل كلاً /// الدكتور طارق سويدان // الدكتور عبدالخالق عبدالقيوم // الداعيه الاسلامي عبدالرحمن الحاج // الداعيه الاسلامي الصادق الغرياني // الدكتور حسن الترابي // الدكتور عمر عبد الجبار // الدكتور علي الصلابي // الداعيه سليمان زهر الدين // الداعيه محمد العرودي .
When NATO bombed and injured honorable,  jackals come from the “17 February” and do ….
what pleases God and His Messenger, nor one of the worlds …
This image represents all 17 February chanted vile NATO and large has sold to Libya
in the international slave market in order to pick up (1) image of such a sadistic!




1) Kidnapping nephew Rat client traitor Mahmoud Jibril in Tripoli today.
Name Poh Hassan Mahdi, a resident of Bani Walid and Anktaf in Tripoli, 16 years old.

He has Hakra February naive Pforthm unclean thinking when they green Ankson our flag will end the tale did not know that the subject is not just a flag and anthem. It is a case of principle and conviction we are very convinced by and even though were a bit unlucky in the past will not stop, but we will continue to defend our case, we’re not defending cover for external or peel, but we Nstmat defense of the roots we defend our history and our assets ..
As of Han them home and the blood of the Libyan They proved they deserved and settlers, not tinnitus, it is lawful and sold the home to the sanctity of Aotun him ..
We are the owners and the owners of the issue of the right to defend our right to the last moment and either live with dignity and cite cases in dignity, we will be the victors.

2) Gunmen kidnapped a girl from Auata Market Street, near the mosque in Tripoli Araarh WHDH is not the first incident …

We ask Allah safety for each home Magdat. Rat kidnapping son traitor client Mahmodghebrel today.




 (The following Commentary was on a ZINTANI page):
Today’s conference Brotherhood tries to vote unanimously on a decoder First Brigade QaaQa and Thunderbolt?
Let us ask ourselves some questions?
1 – Why did not vote for the battalion disappearance Libya hijacked Prime Minister as he slept in his clothes from the Corinthia?
2 – Why did not vote for Ali who surrounded the ministries of the political isolation imposed by force?
3 – Why did not vote for the decoder militias Sowaihili that you want more than one in 50 people Ahaddat Gharghour
but still do not earn money and powers?
4 – Why did not vote for the decoder militias Gneoh which Tsol and wandering and terrorizes apprehensive
and kidnap and kill the people of Abu Salim?
5 – Why did not vote for the decoder militias that Taatkhadd hater of religion and discreetly cover the mouths of force in the Friday Market?
6 – Why did not vote for the decoder armor that charge billions?
7 – Why did not vote to unzip Battalion Ansar al-Sharia, which kills every day in the officers and the army in Benghazi?
And now we come to the question  of the QaaQa:
1 – Where Conference of kidnappings, killings and intimidation and assassinations Altaadib that get in front of his eyes wounded in Benghazi ?
2 – Why is Congress does not issue any instruction or even a press conference regarding Benghazi?
3 – Why is the basis of the conference room disappearance, Libya Qaid Almkulb, led by terrorist Abu Yahya al-Libi ?
4 – Why is imposed upon us the armor instead of the army and police ?
5 – Why is adherence to the terrible extension of the conference and Zaadt his term?
6 – Why is Fatwa absent from the other?
7 – Why is assassinated in either army officers or police?
8 – Why is not succumb to the desire of the people?
9 – Why is the media blackout and the absence facts from the media?
10 – Why is fighting against all who stand in front of them or against them?
11 – Why is distorting both feet in Altorh arrows and they call and deal with agendas Kharigh
12 – Why is the silence is clear from the actions of Ansar al-Sharia and its actions?
13 – Why is Atkhaddon from some areas Jehra them ?
14 – Why is making Al-tkfferin and al-Qaeda alliance, rather than closer to them and make people Halfa them?
15 – Why is taunting and threatening members of Congress that stands against them by kidnapping their children, Tsourém ….. etc.?
16 – Why is trying hard to grab power and the joints of the State ?
17 – Maspb real support behind Qatar them?
18 – Why is trying hard to bring down the government and Zaidane put a substitute for it by people who do not know them?
19 – Why is the Torah trying to steal 17 February  forging history ?
20 – Why is the strong hold in the conference ?
Question Altalt
What the goals of the media war ?
1 – pages of them supported and funded through the agendas Kharijites, and let them in waging war against
      the media and certain areas and distortion and described Palanqlabion and Alazolam and they are trying to impose a policy of force.
2 – Projecting direct to a particular area and distortion Toarha rightful and described them and bandits Balhmj.
3 – unlimited support to the pages of the Brotherhood during the strife-bit and write news Alcadba
      and planting hatred between people and Zganh
4 – try to control intellectual fat Libyan people through news releases and pseudo them.
6 – provide huge amounts of money for each of his desire in the media and bit sedition and falsifies the facts to the people.
7 – open pages on the social networking page Facebook bears the name of a certain area or certain people to Tchoum.
8 – accounts on Facebook for people who do not know them.
9 – agendas Kharijite working night and day in terms of both providing programs or threads or
     analyzes that are trying to control the fat citizens.
10 – describe some of the areas arrows and they’re behind the bombings and assassinations that challenged in Libya.

من أحدى صفحات الزنتاناليوم المؤتمر الاخواني يحاول التصويت بالاجماع علي فك اللواء الاول القعقاع والصواعق؟
فلنسأل انفسنا بعض الاسئله ؟
1- لمادا لم يصوتوا علي كتيبة توار ليبيا التي خطفت رئيس الوزراء وهو نائم في ملابسه من كورنتيا؟
2-لمادا لم يصوتوا علي اللي حاصروا الوزرات لفرض العزل السياسي بالقوة؟
3-لمادا لم يصوتوا علي فك مليشيات السويحلي التي اردت اكتر من 50 قتيلا في احدات غرغور بل ولا زالوا يتقاضون الاموال والصلاحيات؟
4-لمادا لم يصوتوا علي فك مليشيات غنيوه التي تصول وتجول وترعب وتخوف وتخطف وتقتل في اهالي ابوسليم؟
5-لمادا لم يصوتوا علي فك مليشيات كاره التي تتخد من الدين تستر وتكتم الافواه بالقوة في سوق الجمعة؟
6-لمادا لم يصوتوا علي فك الدروع التي تتقاضى بالمليارات؟
7-لمادا لم يصوتوا بفك كتيبة انصار الشريعه التي تقتل كل يوم في الضباط والجيش في بنغازي؟
والان ناتي الى السؤال التاني1- اين المؤتمر من الاختطافات والقتل والترهيب والتعديب الاغتيالات التي تحصل امام اعينه في بنغازي الجريحة
2- لمادا المؤتمر لا يصدر اي تعليمات او حتى مؤتمر صحفي بخصوص بنغازي
3-لمادا المؤتمر اسس غرفة توار ليبيا بقيادة الارهابي القايد الملقلب بابو يحي الليبي
4-لمادا فرضت علينا الدروع بدل الجيش والشرطة
5-لمادا التمسك الرهيب بتمديد المؤتمر وزيادت فترته؟
6-لمادا دار الافتاء مغيبة عن الاخر؟
7-لمادا يغتالون في الضباط سواء بالجيش او الشرطة؟
8- لمادا لا ينصاعون الى رغبة الشعب ؟
9- لمادا التعتيم الاعلامي والتغييب عن الاعلام الحقائق ؟
10- لمادا يحاربون كل من يقف امامهم او ضدهم؟
11- لمادا يشوهون كل من قدم في التورة ويصفونه بالازلام والتعامل مع اجندات خاريجة
12-لمادا السكوت الواضح عن افعال انصار الشريعه وعن افعالها؟
13-لمادا يتخدون من بعض المناطق جحرا لهم
14- لمادا يجعلون التكفيرين والقاعدة حلفا لهم بدل من التقرب وجعل الشعب حلفا لهم؟
15-لمادا يهددون ويستفزون اعضاء المؤتمر التي تقف ضدهم من خلال خطف ابنائهم او تصوريهم …..الخ
16-لمادا يسعون جاهدا الى الاستيلاء علي السلطة ومفاصل الدولة
17-ماسبب الحقيقي وراء دعم قطر لهم؟
18-لمادا يحاولون جاهدا في اسقاط حكومة زيدان و وضع بديلا عنه من قبل اشخاص لا نعرفهم؟
19-لمادا يحاولون سرقة تورة 17 فبرار وتزوير تاريخها
20-لمادا التمسك الشديد بالمؤتمر ؟
السؤال التالت
ما اهداف حربهم الاعلامية
1-لهم صفحات مدعومة وممولة من خلال اجندات خاريجية تدعهم في شن حربهم الاعلامية ضد مناطق معينة وتشويها و وصفهم بالانقلابيون والازولام وانهم يحاولون فرض السياسة بالقوة .
2-التسليط المباشر علي منطقة معينه وتشويه توارها الحقيقين و وصفهم بالهمج وقطاع الطرق
3-الدعم اللا محدود للصفحات الاخوانية من خلال بت الفتن وكتابة الاخبار الكادبه وزرع الحقد والظغينه بين الناس
4-محاولة السيطرة الفكرية علي دهون الشعب الليبي من خلال الاخبار والنشرات الزائفه لهم
6-تقديم مبالغ طائلة لكل من له الرغبة في الاعلام وبت الفتنه وتزيف الحقائق للناس.
7-فتح صفحات علي صفحة التواصل الاجتماعي الفيس بوك تحمل اسم منطقة معينه او اشخاص معينه لتشويهم
8-حسابات علي الفيس بوك لإناس لا نعرفهم
9- اجندات خاريجية تعمل ليلا ونهارا من حيت تقديم البرامج او المواضيع او التحليلات التي تحاول السيطرة علي دهن المواطنين
10-وصف بعض المناطق بالازلام وانهم وراء التفجيرات والاغتيالات التي تحدت في ليبيا
The Majority of people on the allotunai Conference of the General NATIONAL CONFERENCE are
‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD and al-QAEDA members. 6 members, according to Touiti Aeida, work for the CIA as well..
ZINTANI are vehemently (and rightly so) against the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD.
Here is a picture of the “‘MB” ruling “Justice & Construction Party”:
«Al-Ahram Al Arabi» reveal the names of the most dangerous network base in Libya
Source: Al-Ahram Al Arabi
USA and FRANCE launched a sharp attack on the regulations radical North African during the war on Mali.
And U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States has 100 U.S. troops are helping the French troops and West in the war on Mali,. They accusied that they took the stores from the remnants of the GREAT JAMAHIURIYA Army of alQathafi  (BIG LIE…and the fact is that USA, TURKEY & QATAR have been shipping in weapons constantly through LIBYA for the Syrian Insugency, etc,) that it was a “treasure arms” to these militants after “the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”, and it came to a recognition by the Western media that the killer in Mali is to organize Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, and in the heart of it al Qaeda and LIFG, the Government of Libya and its President on Zaidane responded to the allegations that it had closed the border between it and its neighbors to prevent the flow of fighters after the battle of Mali.
On the other hand, said an official Libyan military newspaper “Cyrene Libyan” that more than twenty drone penetrated the airspace of Libya in the east of the country since SEPTEMBER 2012, called on the government to prevent the violation of the sovereignty of Libya even if they are from friends helped them to “get rid of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”, or because of The existence of an agreement with these friendly countries to protect the border. This recognition summoned reply from the Prime Minister on Zaidane, who has denied the flow of al Qaeda to his country after the war in Mali, and at the same time denied that the unmanned U.S. aircraft penetrating Libyan airspace.
“Al-Ahram Al Arabi” opens this thorny issue, and reveal …

And despite the fact that They – the leaders of the new Libya – rely on those SALAFIST MILITANTS and KHARIJITE mercenaries in the security and the extension of state control. The majority of these groups are made up of disparate streams dominated by the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD current, and enjoy in the new Libya, and play an important role in a major rule-based, and the majority of these is now in positions of leadership and sensitive security in the new Libya.

They also supervised the prisons, which arrested the symbols of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, especially from being deported from the countries that handed over to Libya. Where they are detained in the prison of the plateau (College) in Tripoli,

they are of the investigation, arrest, and all the security measures, and those attributed to them finally Panthecat charges relating to serious human rights and calling for a Libyan human rights organizations that they are not qualified to operate a private security prisons. “Al Ahram Al Arabi” published an important report for these leaders.

On February 15 last, Dr. Awad Barasi Deputy Prime Minister that after the appointment of a Minister of Awqaf the government will open a dialogue with the radical Militants in Libya, by clerics and imams inside and outside the country, there is no way to resolve only peaceful means and dialogue !


مـختـار الاخـضـر…الان علي ليبيا اولابنت السبعة طبول
Mukhtar al-Akhdar Green of ZINTAN says
“now Libya first” !
ورشفانة العظيمة / Great WRishvana on FB posts 


6:02 Social Council statement tribes and Rafla on assassinations that affect the tribe elders and Rafla de Rusaifa news

statement of the Council for Social and tribes Rafla on assassinations that affect the tribe elders and Rafla:

Statement of the Shura Council and the Council of Elders and local civil society organizations and area Rishvana
About the identity of the detained sons and Rishvana

In the name of God the Merciful
And peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers beloved prophet Mohammed.


He says ((and those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, they bear the guilt of slander and manifest sin))

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him (like the believers in their mutual love, mercy like one body, if the member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever)

We express our concern about the security situation in the capital, Tripoli, where he became one of the most cities vulnerable to the threat of terrorism and the threat of kidnappings, assassinations, and this threatens the entire territory of Libya, and we are convinced of the need for cooperation of local authorities in the capital with the interim government in establishing security and stability in Libya and that the absence of a comprehensive plan To address the security situation in the capital make many criminal acts occur, especially the increase in the pace of kidnappings identity in front of mirrors and ears of local authorities in the capital Tripoli.

The presence of Alachterqat in Tripoli gives a glimpse of that capital moving stuttering to secure the civilian population and to secure the city, that the Libyan people would not be allowed in any way that the any parties actively Minawi of the Libyan state in the capital and the interests and aspirations of the Libyan people from military sites and non-military in Tripoli .

The prevailing concern of the increase of assassinations and kidnappings of the long-even children in hospitals and diplomats in embassies and bombing operations of satellite channels not to mention the bombing of homes and the storming of the state institutions of the siege of the ministries and the storming and closing hospitals and the highway all of this is a serious indicator is leading the country into a scene more disorder in the community Libyan.

While we appreciate the efforts of the good and righteous people for the release of sons and Rishvana detainees innocent and resolution of disputes and remove the tension, but it was not the release of detained innocent people who have been detained on identity long ago, where were the obstacles in order to grant freedom to the innocent, has make the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana efforts for the release of the detainees where We contacted the people of the Friday market and despite his Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana facilities and cooperation for the release of the detainees, but he did not actually happen.

As a result of the events and Rishvana bloody that took place from 01.19.2014 to 29.01.2014, which resulted in Eschad more than 20 twenty martyr detained innocent civilians on the identity of more than a month until the number exceeded (110) one hundred and ten being held in prisons outside the legitimacy of the state and prisons confidentiality of the capital, Tripoli, for no other reason but the identity and resulted in the events and Rishvana more than 500 house burn some gasoline and the demolition of some indiscriminate bombing and displaced more than 50,000 citizen as a result of criminal acts carried out by those militias regional and tribal armed, and in recognition of the interests of the country and in the light of these criminal acts, we emphasize the the following: –

1 – The kidnapping of identity in the city of Tripoli, the capital of the country is a dangerous phenomenon and a quantum leap in the criminal operations in Libya
2 – hold the interim government and local authorities in Tripoli full responsibility for the abductions, which took place in Tripoli.
3 – We emphasize national unity and kinship with our brothers in religion and blood between the people and the nation and Rishvana market Friday.
4 – renunciation of discord and hatred between the sons of the nation for the higher interest of the homeland
5 – condemn all criminal acts of assassinations, kidnappings and torture that occur in various regions of Libya
6 – and strongly support the efforts of the people of Tripoli in the fight against kidnapping of the capital Tripoli and in the release of detainees
7 – We condemn the kidnappings of identity in the city of Tripoli by armed formations and we ask the immediate release of the innocent
8 – We call on the wise and wise men and people of religion, opinion good Allaltazam laws of God in him was of a dark Vlaokhzha law and the right not to kidnap innocent people to be authorized by God in a strong state
9 – We call on the interim government to assume claimed responsibility and work on the deployment of security and peace of mind to enter the hearts of the people and Rishvana.
10 – The people and Rishvana welcome and support and stand with all the work leading to the release of all innocent parties.
11 – We call on our brothers in Tripoli and the Friday market to build bridges of communication and permanent dialogue in order to contain crises before they occur.
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Shura Council and the Council of Elders and local civil society organizations and area Rishvana
Balzizih released on Monday: Twenty-fourth month of the other spring 1435 Hegira
Corresponding to the twenty-fourth of the month of February 2014 AD

بيان مجلس الشورى والحكماء والمجلس المحلي ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني منطقة ورشفانة
بشان المحتجزين على الهوية من ابناء ورشفانةبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على أشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين سيدنا محمد الحبيب الامين
قال تعالى (( والذين يؤذون المؤمنين والمؤمنات بغير ما اكتسبوا فقد احتملوا بهتانا وأثما مبينا ))
قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم (مثل المؤمنين في توادهم وتراحمهم كمثل الجسد الواحد ،إذا اشتكى منه عضو تداعى له سائر الجسد بالسهر والحمى )
إننا نبدى قلقنا حيال الوضع الأمني في العاصمة طرابلس حيث اصبحت من اكثر المدن عرضة لتهديد خطر الارهاب ولتهديد خطر الخطف والاغتيالات وهذا يهدد كامل التراب الليبي ، واننا على قناعة بضرورة تعاون السلطات المحلية بالعاصمة مع الحكومة المؤقتة في مجال استتباب الامن والاستقرار في ليبيا وان غياب خطة شاملة لمعالجة الوضع الأمني في العاصمة جعل العديد من الأعمال الاجرامية تحدث خاصة ازدياد وثيرة الخطف على الهوية امام مراء ومسمع السلطات المحلية في العاصمة طرابلس .
ان وجود الاخترقات في طرابلس يعطي لمحة على ان العاصمة تسير بخطى متعثرة لتأمين السكان المدنيين وتامين المدينة ، ان الشعب الليبي لن يسمح بأي حال من الأحوال بأن تقوم اي اطراف بنشاط منأوي للدولة الليبية داخل العاصمة ولمصالح وتطلعات الشعب الليبي انطلاقا من مواقع عسكرية وغير عسكرية داخل طرابلس .
كما يسود القلق من تزايد عمليات الاغتيالات والخطف الذي طال حتي الاطفال في المستشفيات والدبلوماسيين في السفارات وعمليات التفجير للقنوات الفضائية ناهيك على تفجير البيوت واقتحام مؤسسات الدولة من حصار للوزارات واقتحام واقفال المستشفيات و الطريق السريع كل ذلك يعد مؤشر خطير يقود البلاد الى مشهد اكثر اضطراب في المجتمع الليبي .
وفي الوقت الذي نقدر فيه جهود اهل الخير والصلاح من اجل اطلاق سراح ابناء ورشفانة المحتجزين الابرياء و فض الخلافات وإزالة التوتر ، إلا أنه لم يتم إطلاق سراح المحتجزين الأبرياء الذين تم إحتجازهم على الهوية منذ فترة طويلة ، حيث إزدادت العراقيل في سبيل منح الحرية للأبرياء ، وقد بذل مجلس الشورى والحكماء ورشفانة جهوداً من أجل الإفراج على المحتجزين حيث إتصلنا بأهل سوق الجمعة ورغم ما قدمه مجلس الشورى والحكماء ورشفانة من تسهيلات وتعاون من أجل الإفراج على المحتجزين إلا أنه في الواقع لم يتحقق ذلك .
ونتيجة لاحداث ورشفانة الدامية التى وقعت من 19 / 1 / 2014 الى 29 / 1 / 2014 والتي نتج عنها اسشهاد اكثر من 20 عشرين شهيد احتجز المدنيين الأبرياء على الهوية أكثر من شهر حتى تجاوز عددهم ( 110 ) مائة وعشرة محتجز في سجون خارج شرعية الدولة وسجون سرية بالعاصمة طرابلس لا لسبب إلا الهوية ونتج عن احداث ورشفانة اكثر من 500 بيت حرق بعضهم بالبنزين وهدم البعض بالقصف العشوائي ونزح اكثر من 50000 مواطن جراء الاعمال الاجرامية التي قامت بها تلك المليشيات الجهوية والقبلية المسلحة ، وتقديرا لمصلحة الوطن وفي ظل هذه الاعمال الاجرامية فإننا نؤكد على الأتي :-
1- ان الاختطاف على الهوية في مدينة طرابلس عاصمة الوطن يعد ظاهرة خطيرة ونقلة نوعية في العمليات الاجرامية في ليبيا
2- نحمل الحكومة المؤقتة والسلطات المحلية في طرابلس المسئولية الكاملة عن عمليات الاختطاف التي تتم داخل طرابلس .
3 – نؤكد على اللحمة الوطنية وصلة الرحم مع الإخوة في الدين والدم والوطن بين أهالي ورشفانة وسوق الجمعة .
4 – نبذ الفتنة والكراهية بين أبناء الوطن من أجل المصلحة العليا للوطن
5 – ندين كل الأعمال الإجرامية من اغتيالات وخطف وتعذيب التي تحدث في مختلف مناطق ليبيا
6 – ندعم و بقوة جهود اهالي طرابلس في مكافحة عمليات الخطف من العاصمة طرابلس وفي اطلاق سراح المحتجزين
7 – نستنكر عمليات الخطف على الهوية في مدينة طرابلس من قبل التشكيلات المسلحة ونطالبها بالافراج الفوري على الابرياء
8- اننا ندعو العقلاء والحكماء وأهل الدين والراى السديد اللالتزام بشرع الله في من كانت له مظلمة فليأخذها بالقانون والحق وليس بخطف الابرياء الى ان ياذن الله في قيام الدولة القوية
9- – نطالب الحكومة المؤقتة بتحمل مسئوليتهما والعمل على نشر الأمن وبإدخال الطمأنينة إلى نفوس أهالي ورشفانة .
10- إن أهل ورشفانة يرحبون ويؤيدون ويقفون مع كل عمل يؤدي إلى اطلاق سراح الأبرياء من كل الأطراف .
11- ندعو إخوتنا في طرابلس وسوق الجمعة إلى مد جسور التواصل والحوار الدائم من أجل احتواء الأزمات قبل وقوعها .
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
مجلس الشورى والحكماء والمجلس المحلي ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني منطقة ورشفانة
صدر بالعزيزية يوم الاثنين : الرابع والعشرون من شهر ربيع الاخر 1435 هجري
الموافق الرابع والعشرون من شهر فبراير 2014 م

Rishvana elders



Found on the bodies of dead citizens in the city of Sirte.





station stops bed because of heavy shelling.


Channel International:
Moatnoan of turf burn themselves and threaten to ignite a new revolution unless it withdraws from Al-mutmr.


Serious Jaddaaaa Benina airport terminal for jihad in Syria and the official recognition and official support
Jaddaa dangerous airport manager Benninah Benghazi, Libya acknowledges and admits he travels daily from
there to Syria and Jhaz Homguetna Kmsal necessity of Jihad in Syria.
خطير جداا مدير مطار بنينية ببنغازي ليبيا يقر ويعترف انه يوميا هناك من يسافر للجهاذ بسوريا وهومقتنع كمسؤل بضرورة الجهاد في سوريا


Aaaaaaagel writer and politician Qatari Abdullah Al-Salem authorized channel pussy

((case of hatred shown by some Libyans direction of Qatar and the Emir of Qatar, is clear evidence of the lack of affiliation Macam by the Libyan people,

the Libyan people, hospitable people and a good estimate his brothers, the Arabs, but housed in Jmuah after races uninvited vindictive that do not belong to Libya ,,

How can they insult all of the freed them from the system of oppression and torture? how they can raise their voices about stopping them in the darkest circumstances? said they believe that Qatar will leave Libya for them to understand the error and Oahmin, Qatar saturate the soil of Libya with the blood of soldiers Qataris and blood-Ghali.

When the Arabs, Qatar opened their coffers when the masses of people in eastern Libya to die of starvation, Qatar armed and defeated al-Gaddafi when he tried to.

Qatar Libyans Qatar are the backbone of the February ‘Revolution’ (in the absence of the ‘revolution’ not for Qatar and its friends from Western countries).

we must wake up Hola lunatics from madness and know that Qatar is able to crush anyone who tries to thwart the Libyan ‘revolution’ and “tarnish” the image of Qatar

and loyal to us from the supervision of the Libyans more than fragmentation hateful, Libya, Libya, an Arab Muslim country or place where the secular and liberal and the Libyan people, religious people respect the Islamic religion and who claim him,,

ended differentiation and knows both its size))

(picture shows Qatari “saviors of Libya” !)

Tramp Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Abdul Aziz said the purchase Dmm you claim Qatari government paid Amtaek in Dmtk
Tramp Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Abdul-Aziz overthrew Wayne rested survey Beah ground Basset Aaron largest greeting Abdelbaset Lake and Lake Alakhoza and shame AamehmoudTribute to Mr. Basit Haroun:


An armed attack on the port of Ras worthy successor smuggling requiredSaid an official security source in Tripoli, shut down the port of Ras
Ajdir until further notice by the Libyan authorities after attack
By unidentified gunman on the back of a smuggling wanted by the
Attorney General, and the source said in a statement that the breakers
Law Ôäć an armed attack on the Security Directorate port of Ras Ajdir and
Smuggled person is wanted to Tunisian territory after
He was arrested by the Libyan authorities to the port.On the basis of the State


Alrjaa author on this topic page There is no power but from God Almighty
هاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااام very …………………………………….
I’ve alerted my brothers and sisters in the past, which is dangerous for insulting the
Prophet Muhammad Messenger nation son Abdullah, Mr. Habibi and the best prayer and peace
ÝĎÇß You are my father and mother darling,
O Messenger of God
There is a page someone accuses Great Prophet
I hope the brothers reported.
He was surprised that I have 15 fifteen admire her friend Owoowoowoa Ali Safi and his mother.
died Abjahlha Nations
I hope publishing the widest.
God has God, bear witness

Hftar arrested and Illigitimate Conference still rules

Mu disguised as a Taureg

(MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi disguised as a Taureg)

Oh God, give us victory, O Lord of the Worlds ..

God and Muammar and Libya ups everywhere.

Revolutionary Struggle continuously until victory, God willing.

Approached the hour of decision …!! Historical hour, God willing,

Rotating in Heretics .. No mercy and no pity with them.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO:
Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Tuareg in Libya:
We will meet before the 20th of February, to determine the current position.

News Libyan armed resistance on FB / SUN WILL LOSE MASS:
Generalizable …………………
Began the process of controlling the coup on the headquarters of the conference pagan and this means
that there is no government, and therefore the military government is in control of the Libyan arena in the coming hours,
Differences between militias among themselves and between the army Allaotunai will cause Ochaabakat
between Triple Almtnahr at the level of the capital to control the institutions and facilities; and,
control means control over Tripoli, Libya.
As for Cyrenaica, we are waiting impatiently for these clashes to declare secession from Libya, but not as a region or Kaamarh Kingdom.
As for the south, there will be cohesion between all Tabu and Touareg to form an army capable of protecting its wealth (oil).
As for the free and honorable green flag, there will be a great surprise in this month, not only for you but for the entire world.
Patience and public awareness is the only way for the return of the Libyan masses (Libya).
ــــــــــــــ شمــس الجمــاهيرية لن تغيب ــــــــــــــ SUN WILL LOSE MASS.

“32 Enhanced Brigade” has an obsession to eliminate the criminal militias in Libya.

“Zero hour” on FB, comments:

“If you are not eligible to say a word because the light is not taking her conqueror and Mbda sacrifice, patience and glory and prestige and victory ….. On behalf of the SOL.

Our patience and a lot more Snsber that preaches us God promised victory .. God Almighty said
(And human patient):
Will not surrender and will not give up the more we signed increases our determination to promote and for each Maashnah will remain steadfast and confident and will not back down no matter what happens and will not accept a fait accompli imposed on us and can not in any way waive victory Vnasrna is our dignity
And for the moral dignity of our lives is not without dignity of life is lived without dignity of life is worthy of our love and self-esteem and pride perfected addicted Shoumoukh will not kneel Alavi our prayers ….”



(pictured are ALI Sour Plant & Misurata NURI arrows in interview together)

see Zaidane’s breakfast with outlaw MISURATA “al-Nassem” dairy products ?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel too ((the text of a leaked ‘phone call today)) from one of the national intelligence service, between the two shares:
Nuri Abu Bushmin arrows and Ali Zaidane :: 
Nuri Abusshmin: 
my brother Ali, how are you? I liked your revolution on the pawns in Benghazi and God does not maibwa red eye, but you Alj-love :::
How are you Professor Nuri ? Aarajl received punishment moldy smell uniforms sweepings speak and antagonize, which I can not run a bath.

ratified Hola Meboa non Gal-Qathafi knows their medicine because their uniforms and Look Zintan from the sale of truffles Yeboah become. Government Is muggers, but the religious and worship Mankhalém go back to selling truffles and housing drilling; and just the boy who in Abu Salim, Ghani, has videos Mskhm of when Xanthan were arrested in Abu Salim of how many months.
I spoke to Hashem (TAGOURIS) and told him Khalha down in the net and Avdhohm; and spoke to a room lenses conference. I told them: “Spread attack Mliqth the hotel and Avdhohm in the street.”
and God refund my servants others Are dogs ::

best Madert I Necip O professor Nouri. Paso Kotaite footmen what the next phase Hovoa fairly acceptable :::

just Mesh Is Aldoh time and more importantly thwart moves Haftar and Zintan, and who then becomes Horn.

any benefits ::: :::

Professor Abu arrows: 
long as a brother and a friend and ask about you all.

((ended with the caller ..))
on Bushmin or Zaidane Akzban this caller, and then we will publish an audio CD ::

I challenge them to discredit it and I’ll wait for them on the hottest coals. …

عااااااااااااجل جداً (( نص مكالمة هاتفيه مسربه اليوم من احد الوطنيين بجهاز المخابرات بين نوري ابو سهمين وعلي زيدان :: نوري ابوسهمين كيف حالك اخي علي عجبتني ثورتك على البيادق في بنغازي والله مايبوا الا العين الحمراء هل الجلوف ::: زيدان كيف حالك استاذ نوري ياراجل تلقى عقاب معفن رائحته زي الكناسه يتكلم ويخاصم وهو مش قادر يدير حمام ،، ابوسهمين صدقت هولاء مايبوا غير القذافي يعرف طبهم لانه زيهم وشوف الزنتان من بيع الترفاس يبوا يصبحوا حكومه هل السراق بس وديني وما نعبد مانخليهم يرجعوا لبيع الترفاس وسكن الحفر وتوا الولد اللي في بوسليم عبدالغني عنده مقاطع فيديو مسكهم عند زنتان قبض عليهم في بوسليم من كم شهر كلمت هاشم وقلت له خلها تنزل في النت وافضحوهم وكلمت غرفة عدسات المؤتمر قلت لهم انشروا تهجم مليقطه على الفندق وافضحوهم في الشارع والله معاد عندي خدمه غيرهم هل الكلاب :: زيدان احسن مادرت وانا بنسيب يا استاذ نوري بس قطيط ما راجل المرحله المقبله شوفوا حد مقبول ::: ابوسهمين توا مش وقت هل الدوه والاهم افشال تحركات حفتر والزنتان وبعدها اللي تبيه يصير ::: زيدان اي استحقاقات استاذ ::: ابو سهمين دمت اخ وصديق ونسأل عنك فقط … انتهت المكالمه )) على بوسهمين او زيدان ان يكذبان هذه المكالمه وعندها سوف ننشر السي دي صوتي :: اتحداهم تكذيب ذلك وانا انتظر منهم ذلك على احر من جمر ..



All channels in February, leaders and analysts are talking about the word coup ::

Here shall clarification ::

Is there a state originally to be a coup
Are there government originally to be a coup

All the Libyans know that the ruling is apparent militias and armed gangs that impose decisions by force of arms. And threatening of Balricksos and Taktafhm and Tbtzhm and their perception and Thenhm and forcing them to walk according to the agenda at and interests. They are just pawns They can not even protect their clothes and their children.

But the Libyans also know that even these militias are not the actual ruler. Because everyone knows that it is managed by Western embassies and Qatar Airways and Emirates .. They issued orders to move these militias or calm, or even whether or not the permit. To see this, despite all the chaos in the country,

but the U.S. ambassador and the British ambassador and the French move easily and wandering in all areas and holding meetings, agreements and without the knowledge of anyone Fberaaria. And only those militias task of protection only. We saw how the U.S. aircraft flying without knowing anyone. We saw how are arrested on any citizen of the center of the capital to protest without any one.

We saw how I could say Khrti Qatar collect weapons if you want it. We saw Kiev were released boob Zidane immediately after the intervention of Western embassies.

We saw how ISO Al-jdharan Britain after the closure of fields to receive instructions.

And therefore does not have a name Shi coup if only the real power that runs things today which external control over the country. But other than that, it is not not change roles according to a scenario prepared in advance of the player and the real ruler of Western embassies located in the capital and intelligence offices scattered across the country.

Intelligence report up since a few of the Conference Allaotunai.

Officers Bakdon group meeting now “Hall of the People in Tripoli” earlier for processing what the report

called the seizure of power.

Urgent .. A MISURATA convoy consisting of three hundred military vehicles from heavy weapons and medium-Track Misrata Military Council reach area Alqrbula waiting for orders to enter Tripoli from Tajourah axis and the axis of Spring Valley.
Defense Minister on his way now to the National Congress held an emergency session.
Columns of the rebel brigades from all the surrounding cities in Tripoli raise the degree of willingness to maximum score.

Strangely Today’s meeting was scheduled to review the alternatives of Zaidane, whatever approach the Zaidane calamity will occur.

Issued by NURI BUSHMIN “so-named” ‘Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces’.

The defense minister has orders to arrest any people gathered in the hall if there is movement.

The so-called room Libya rebels arrest Tamer Ali, Major General Haftar, charges the military coup and seize power.

7:31 Abdullah bending process reveals coup Khalifa Haftar


Tripoli, Libya
Military police refused to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar processing charges to a so-called military “coup”.

Security source confirmed to the Agency that the military police had received an order of the National Congress

to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar accused of presiding over a so-called military “coup” attempt in Libya ..
However, the arrest warrants dismissed from the military police on the grounds that the National Congress

lacks constitutional legitimacy since 07 February 2014 AD, according to the interim Constitutional Declaration
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 AD. Edit. Mohammed Shafi.

And clear the game Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green, who is the head of the Zintani military police. Hua.

Partner in planning the so-called “Coup” !

The Rat Minister of Defense, the so-called “Abdullah bending”, will deliver a statement shortly afterwards:

B self-styled Libya International
URGENT: “National Congress” ended his tenure discusses the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister and confer in alternative names may be more puppet-candidates to succeed puppet Zaidane.
Leaks list of rat candidates for prime minister, succeeding inventory Ali Zaidane:
Omar Ben Younes
Kotaite extender.
Mohammed Poker
Alhaji hopes
Ahmed Al Abbar
Omar Hassi
Ashour Hoael
Gaiblkm AHLA news from ratsA dernalhm ya baby:’Operations room Libya rebels’ “Official Page”
Statement rebel RATs eastern region.We learned this morning from reliable sources, the determination of a group of officers and politicians who are in contact with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as Lennon announced a statement against the legitimacy of the Libyan state and the National Congress,which embraced the Libyan people to be represented by him regardless of the position of the National Congress,we declare to those in conflict with the “will of the nation” that we will protect to the “Libyan 17 FEBRUARY Revolution and our legitimacy ” (HAH, hah!)
and those that protector them stand bdamaena!and our spirits warn all who are tempted to compromise “the security of Libya” (HAh, hah!), that we rebels are ready to protect the (17 FEBRUARY) “revolution” and its gains and the “maintaining the peaceful transition of power.”
Libya .. RATS Supreme Court sets February 24 to consider the constitutionality of “the law of political isolation” .._____(THESE so-called “rebels” are truly dillusional!!!!)

“Zero hour” writes:
Alaagmh who Tahristin where members of Congress and the ventral two years, is very natural that contribute to Tmddhm.
Video shows one seducer Behm by militias cart and humans and Behm involvement in battles against tribes ..
فيديو يوضح احد المغرر بيهم من قبل مليشيات كارة وبشر والزج بيهم في معارك ضد القبائل ..

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Criminals, prisoners of Abu Salim (Ajdbea) receive money in return for a while. Imprisoned
And the people of Tawergha honorable living homeless nor plasmon you Lord cream Aataaorghae

wounded and Hspena God and yes, the agent.

Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi and hardness in the Office of Intelligence
and  Aaddoumon loyalty and obedience to Saif Gaddafi.
Traitors to Kano Athompshon on the eve of their masters !God’s curse on them and this Alvedioa of Alamle at debunking and slag each of its business Ali hardness and Abdul Hakim Belhadj.
بالحاج و الصلابي وسامي الساعدي في مكتب المخابرات و الولاء و الطاعة لسيف القذافي.الخونة لما كانو يتمسحون على اعتاب اسيادهملعنة الله عليهم وهذا الفيديوا من عند العملااء يكشف زيف وخبث ااعمالة لكل من الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بلحاج
(MY OCR refuses to give me a clear translation of the frames written. This is what it gave me!) :
Refine the spring. Solution
Henahma voluntarily for every n 0 k hurry to Haa to the bottom of the pre Jkloh
Iiaalia Amos Lalla
For folks. In general. Yale. Alive
Hah, followed by all
Mind of the king Ingaho hee 2 face Luke. What about you Qlabak unrest
Mmah for each of Qallla
Both players do not Ngilo
You right. BBs. DBS Au minimum altitude Lang. Per each
Iohlljkl to Antabh all at the Keck Pir Takla for Wa.
They Berrah n «T. feed 0.0 g – Aaakul – h—-For Hnella to make
0 of Ah Roma to carry mussels. Tirelessly to Hlqk
Melllqa to ta 2 Te.
Iksa catch of 0 Rtnelllqa ». Barr s for DBS.
—KC resolve each. Aa
Per exempt
Lq 0 Iike Lhz Lake Niamsala
At. Login ml. Instrument.
–Aatk by each pilgrimage. Yen for meat 0.0 taper BmlqtalFor the mind to work does not point to n 0 Ag Look Iqaaa to make it
Ka Bel 0
Makes for Allhaaa to make both She enjoys Iilhal–Ke a Ldi you navigate all yourĹÚ 0CJK Akkar to Ihll hampered
Haq 0 Gelaq. Attached to each.

0 comment because Qubhmanha Air Ra not receive Amsj
Ah Nhah k for Adjala Knit
Table Macllqa for not saluting both 0
Each. Terre for 20 Klaj Nquierj Kllh
For Mhauhelm.

History will not forget and will not Showing videos Stmli world one can erase them … those who provide Jardan loyalty and obedience to the engineer today and climb and rode Gahaar believe that history Sensi Fliscahid Jardan Amalguethm Kano where and what to say …
al-Qathafi’s Sirte Trchana.


Strong sandstorm hit Tripoli now.

ALLAH is making nature to work for us!

The disappearance of the editor of “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”

Atmosphere of the country” – Abdulsalam customary, reporter:

The head of the “Steering Committee for the ‘Libyan News Agency’ (‘and’)” those that are friendly Basset,

“kidnapped” the editor of the “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”, Younes Ali Younes, by persons unknown,

on Monday evening, from a cafe adjacent to the Mahari Hotel in Tripoli.

He added that the journalist known as “friendly Younis” is one of the journalists belonging to the TRIPOLI division

of the” Libyan News Agency, in addition to being editor of the head of the “Tripoli Local Council”.

Boudia assured that the process of “kidnapping” was near the Mahari Hotel, by a white car with five men,

who had escorted the reporter Younis to an unknown location.

It is noteworthy that Tripoli is witnessing these days Anflata security and an increase in kidnappings.

Top Secret …
More than twenty members of the Whitney and the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are reviewing Clinic psychologist specializing in large Libyan capital Tripoli after their discovery that supporters of al-Qathafi were better for my country they are the victors on the plight of February …
The saree has degenerated Dalk doubt in my fingers in his eyes. On behalf of the SOL.
It is strange Almayorl ….
To see a drug addict and a thief and a rapist and a client and a traitor and a spy Athdt his love and loyalty to the homeland ………
On behalf of the SOL

Hello my brother and my friend Libby blood Helena, O Canal honorable Resistance and legitimacy ..

Warning Ooerjae our people in the area street corner. Tripoli

And silks Tripoli Medical Hospital of puppet Mendsh.

Theraia Ibrahim bin Tahir. Place Alacamth street corner ..

Maken and his office of quality in the Tripoli Medical Center ..

It is the customer relationship Pei oversaw Alnami Msaal the Ayn Zara Prison and logged Mclamat

honorable and the numbers on the lists of honest Madvin hospital and medical area resident it ..
God is the greatest above the aggressor Kid.

The total of the tribe Awlad Boucif headed called on Hamid shop owner Auto Glass Whalley on the ring against the Fateh district were from two envoys to Tripoli to receive a dozen cars from the (Ministry of Defense) course commissioned by the brothers new) and Q (and after receiving their cars cut the distance up to Alchuirv Jahm is no traffic on the Alchuirv fear of targeting cars or burglarythem with them expert from invited Ayat income Behm Hamada and then, I grew up in their heads and headed
for the mountains of blacks on the grounds that they were hunting trip. got them militias Misurata unscrewed them cars and weapons saree with them rifles, pistols, ammunition and even Tlfonathm own and beat them and Bala Imarh with them one Qallahm bent boys Boucif Qalolh quieted best thing Nqtalk Alsank and Atohm forty dinars of their money confiscated and Talegohm close to the roadJabhm one bus Marawah to Sabha and since then Msktin on the news and compass in the end walked to Msarit speak to them and Sarilhm split in Bazhm and Taarqua girl Suleiman Qalolhm how SEND civilians bent Qlnalkm walk, including the military and became the lead ..
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely.




Zintan military council asks all battalions to go to the camps brigade and QaaQa battalion,

Thunderbolt and Xanthan military police. Happening now.



News of the MISURATA attack on the prison Mager dawn and taken away by force,

the number of prisoners to the city of Misratah ! Misrata militias are kidnapping 65 inmates

from a prison Mager Bzletn last night and were rushed to the city
Misurata …




The Criminal destroyers of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER announced today that the GMMR is only able
to provide fresh water to Benghazi for one month.

A powerful explosion heard in Benghazi and initial news reports targeting military convoy followed militia Omar Mukhtar field
heading to the agricultural bed.
Street shut again behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi
by the people of the area:
Who blow assassinated in Benghazi and acted them financial compensation for the delay to the time of their crimes.
A group of people in front of the hospital Galaa they are “cut” iron outer wall of the hospital ….




M kidnapping journalists rats channel Libya national branch Sabha. Rats were kidnapped media channel Libya national branch Sabha.
Yesterday was stolen Extensive Library of owner Kdafa person after it has been stealing World Library last few days …
Being God in you, and yes, the agent got shy
(Aamajanb Aajerdan) …
Urgent Najat student during an exchange of fire between the two Faculty of Science, University of Sabha..
Buried a number of unidentified bodies in Sabha.
News of the kidnapping of Mohammed Ferjani Ahoudera by militias Awlad Suleiman. It has been decoding the families of the kidnapped..
Both were abducted …
1 – Ahmed Saleh Qrifa and is displaced from Tawergha
2 – Mabrouka favor Qrifah and are displaced from Tawergha
And knead by self-styled battalion deterrence and is a subsidiary of Awlad Suleiman tribe
We ask God Almighty to two safety and speedy return …
Misurata access 7 Jardan coming from Sabha to Misurata from wounds of different aviation.
All are free to the attention of the first spark Sabha …There is a list of names of wanted GREEN men prepared by Gardah rats which were delivered to the Jews of Misrata taking
cover under the alias of “the battalion Shield Libya” and the National Guard and political security they are:1 – Ali Ibrahim Ali Deeb (ordered Legion fighter during events),2 – Guensoa Hussein Massoud (ordered Legion fighter during events),3 – Ahmed Abuscabh Taboni (Director, Center for Green Book) and the record against the Revolution,4 – Imran Saad al-Megrahi (former officer) and inducible against the revolution and
commander of the Legion of Almgarhh official of arming tribes,5 – Mohammed Abdulsalam Diheby coordinator of the Revolutionary Committees Movement,6 – Abdullah Saqr Meudon security officer and a member of an external filter,7 – Ali Abdullah Eshtewi fighter in front of Brega,8 – Mohamed Omar Khuyt fighter in front of Brega (appeared on the screen) in the field,9 – Saad Ahmid Warfali instigator against rebels,10 – Ali Salem Al Suwaidi (Assistant Masoud Abdel Hafiz) and is responsible for mercenaries,11 – Mohammed Abubakar Bilal officer salaries volunteers,12 – Mohammed Ashanibo for financial management official of Massoud Hafeez,13 – Mohammed cleats Treasury official running Massoud Hafeez,14 – Matouk Aljtalawi fighters against rebels,15 – Moussa Salem Akhchibh Officer patrols Sabha,

16 – Farhat Masood (officer and is responsible for recruiting volunteers),

17 – Hussein Faraj Ferjany (Draa Hafiz Masood).

These will will be kidnapped or filtered (who are upon this list).
Be prepared in knowing of both Mohammed Busafa, and Mohammed Sanusi Aahmoudh-Massoud.

انتباه الى جميع احرار الشرارة الاولى سبها …

توجد قائمة باسماء المطلوبين اعدها جرذان القرضة وتم تسليمها الى يهود مصراتة المتسترين باسم كتيبة درع ليبيا والحرس الوطني والامن السياسي وهم

1 – علي ابراهيم علي الديب (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث )
2 – حسين قنصوا مسعود (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث)
3- احمد ابوشيبة الطابوني (مدير مركز الكتاب الاخضر) ومحضر ضد الثورة
4 – عمران سعد المقرحي (ضابط سابق )ومحرض ضد الثورة آمر جحفل المقارحة ومسؤل تسليح قبائل
5 – محمد عبدالسلام الدهيبي منسق حركة اللجان الثورية
6 – صقر عبدالله ميدون ضابط امن خارجي وعضو تصفية
7 – علي اشتيوي عبدالله مقاتل في جبهة البريقة
8 – محمد عمر خويط مقاتل في جبهة البريقة (ظهر على الشاشة ) في الميدان
9 – سعد احميد الورفلي محرض ضد الثوار
10 – علي سالم السويدي (مساعد مسعود عبدالحفيظ) ومسؤول عن المرتزقة
11 – محمد ابوبكر بلال ضابط رواتب المتطوعين
12 – محمد اشنيبو مسؤل عن المالية بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
13 – محمد المرابط مسؤول الخزينة بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
14 – معتوق الجطلاوي مقاتل ضد الثوار
15 – موسى سالم اخشيبة مسوؤل دوريات سبها
16 – مسعود فرحات (ضابط ومسؤول عن تجنيد المتطوعين)
17 – حسين فرج الفرجاني (دراع مسعود عبدالحفيظ)

سوف يتم خطف او تصفية هذه القائمة .. اعدت بمعرفة كلا من …
محمد البوسيفي _ محمد احمودة _ السنوسي مسعود ..



Godless / / / /

And continue the indiscriminate mortar shelling heavily on reviving Tabu in Kufra and the death toll for
two days and there are some of them under the rubble, according to what was stated …
And knead by militias Azwaip or the so-called Front for the Liberation of South fighter also fired upon …


Malta “warns” of extremism in Libya. (HAH!)
(Picture shows Maltese Armed Forces men)
Really—peanut nation of Hoodlums!!!
Foreign Minister of Malta calls for the European Union to intervene militarily in Libya to eliminate al-Qaeda and terrorism. (HA!)
(LIARS! They party with them and are supplying MISURATA.)


Libyan students in the state of Tennessee, U.S. Grant outage conditions forced him to work in the “Rabash” Cars:
Story sari ..!!
The United States sent in July 1801 a fleet of war consisted of two destroyers processes known in my name and Ledge «President» and «Philadelphia», each with four and forty cannons accompanied by warships and thirty two guns .. The U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, to issue orders to the fleet in the Mediterranean blockade on the port of Tripoli in 1803 and the bombing of the city of Tripoli with guns.On October 31, 1803 from the Libyan navy had captured the frigate (destroyer) and Philadelphia sailors navigated by the Libyans to the port of Tripoli and 308 sailors on board, the Americans surrendered all of its leader and led by Captain Bainbridge Bainbridge .. And when the inability of Americans to recover from this ship slipped her and blasting them so they do not become a trophy in the hands of the Libyans. The shape of the ship incident Philadelphia powerful incentive for the United States to the attention of the establishment of freedom of speech has taken a strong Tripoli anthem echoed her soldiers every morning ..(“FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI…we will fight our country’s battles whether on land or the sea”…)And called this war a war four years and the reason for this war, that the Libyan navy at the time was controlled on the Mediterranean and attacked in the cities of others under her Kskulaih and Genoa and other cities Italian and French while she was staying excellent relationships with other cities and was Kvenesea those cities not to be subject to them attacking Libyan forces and change them to be asked for help from America and what happened happened, and all of this was in the era of the Ottoman Empire ….And still valid devastated “Philadelphia” exist over Castle Saraya red in Tripoli until the present day.
Philadelphia pole still stands in Tripoli.On the night of 16 February 1804, Decatur led a covert team of American sailors into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured Philadelphia.In August of that year, Decatur led an attack on Tripoli Harbor, during which he boarded enemy gunboats, and rescued several American captives from imprisonment. During the battle, his brother James Decatur was killed and a wounded sailor named Reuben James saved Decatur’s life by inserting himself between his captain and a Libyan sword. James survived the attack.How we greats and was Ikhava world …!
 President Thomas Jefferson decided to use force to ensure American “safety in the Mediterrannean”.

As secretary of state in the years prior, Jefferson had long taken a hard line against the Tripoli early resistance to Western Colonialism. In March 1801, Jefferson ordered a squadron led by Commodore Richard Dale to blockade Tripoli and to attack any interfering Tripoli ship.
Captain William Eaton led the conflict’s most daring raid. Eaton, the former consul of Tunis, established an alliance between the United States and the former Bashaw of Tripoli Hamet Karamanli, who had been deposed by his brother Yusuf Karamanli (Jusef Caramanli). In the Spring of 1805, Eaton and Hamet marched an army of 400 Arab and Greek mercenaries  across Libya, and attacked Tripoli’s second city of Derna.
They easily captured the city with the help of three American ships led by Captain Isaac Hull. Before the force could continue on to Tripoli, General Consul Tobias Lear and the Danish Consul Nicholas C. Nissen, reached a peace settlement with the Bashaw. The agreement stipulated that after paying a 44,381.98€ ransom, the United States no longer needed to offer tributes to Tripoli.


Preparing for FRIDAY and a new Chapter

Mu wink
Mu watching what is behind him

(courtesy of GREEN CZAR):

And whoop Mr. Abdul Salam Al Asmar full …….Born Oim Badawi ……..Under you and Agmkm
Forty Aams runs for you, how are you, Libby ……….And serve check how the servants …You
Submissive scared ……….() How dogs Treho on gay and Tenbhawwa the pedestrian is Aref Tabekm
Majntona Tkhounhm ……….The two Awaiedkm from generation to generation, and they looked for help
Infidels and two Haesen and blood god of passengers ………

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Scarcity Sialk home for longer Ccaffrat Alqajrlt and capacity after Alchterlt 0 Sass and selves
After going down to the T. ….. ….

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Taqgueta not you remember the good howl Nnckron Namasshl Astkhqkm Nakt or Astguakm GAO ​​- and
Astnasrkm unjust Q 0 to less Sageddkh entertained and do not follow him and Nasrtamoh Zkitamoh ……..

– two years is given
You and your companion speaks to you first on the scope of the anemone iron Hebron O Zuwarah – whatever angle
Nbashrk whispered …… And Anzourh is Awihariq ……………

(Tripoli O hole
For blood. CES. Absent you Aldiarh 0 Sseasert wound Iltm of Zliti Aetbik
For Bashariq 0 Strhona Ouargla and dropped off to Tripoli armies ……………

(HMC Misrata Treaty gm
Tglebladkm Iharh and fire in the eastern and prevail on Matnqahm scared Nassar – whatever Wellcome, women
And pounds of Tripoli Hleyoga bin Gillan legacy Hakaya ……

({[based and Aamar. Sowalsslaa keeps
Harmful and less harmful than Alhlgharb guide for fitness and the Middle tightens and meet the head of valuable Ham – Yas
Aaashoara … 0. Sahecm and O people of central Tzmau or Metraul ………

{the people of the coast and Tripoli Do
People riot ..)

croak play 0 Sao exhale Zafer Akinte to his followers and supporters ……….

(- Aaashoura
Berdja companion clauses Bamesh traitor – immoral and ungodly shone guide for West

tightens (intensified) wemahad loseHaddssryahyn and walkers who the victors and Sabha p swords with the Cévennes Bnguethi Monday,Submh Gazzaaan Sovereign Czarlrh the applicants and Alvaitat reverse Beys …………..- wisdom and Tabat.
وصيتة سيدي عبد السلام الاسمر كاملة ……. أيجيكم ولد بدوي …….. تحت لك ويحكمكم
أربعين عامس ليدير فيكم كيف ما ليبى فيكم………. وتخدموا تحقق كيف الخدم … وأنتم
خانعة خايفة ……….() كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي وتنبحوا على الماشي هو عارف طبعكم
ماخنتوني تخونهم ………. وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الي جيل وتطلعوا العون من
الكفار وعامين حايسين والدم اله للركاب ……… في كل شعبة وادي وتحصلوا حصلة الشبكة في
ندرة سيالك الوطن للكافرات يعد القاجرلت والقدرات بعد الخترلت٠سس والذوات
بعد ل لنزول ت ….. …. ٠أن بعص ل له نقودتكم غللتي وبننتم وو او وسأوان أمنتي ل رتجقتم٠.٠ … .. ٠وا ن
تاققتي لا تذكرون حسنة ولة ننشكرون نعمةسسهل استخقكم ناكث او استغواكم غاو-و
استنصركم ظالم س٠أق لسقعضدكه خالج لا تبعتموه ونصرتموه وذكيتموه ……..- عامين يرد
عليكم صاحبكم الاول ويكلمكم على لشقار الحديد مجاله الخلي يا زوارة-ايا زاوية
نبشرك بالهمس…… وجنزورة هي اويشارق ……………( طرابلس يا حفرة
للدم .سس.غابت عليك الديارة٠سسياسرت جرحك يلتم من زليتي اتبيك
للبشارق٠سترهونة وورقلة ينزلوا لطرابلس جيوش جرارة ……………( مصراتة همك معاة غم
تجلوبلادكم يحاره ونار في شرقها ويعم يوم ماتنقعهم فزعة النصار-ايا ويلكم يا نساء
وليرة طرابلس من شليوغي بن غيلان تركة حقايا ……({[ ينبني ويعمار .سوالسصلاع يبقي
ضار ضار واقل ياقة من يلهللغرب يهد والشرق يشد وللملاقاة قي راس حم-ياس
ياعاشوارء …٠.وسعهكم يا أهل للوسط تسمعو او ماترعول ………{ أهل الساحل وطرابلس هل
شعب شاغب ..) نعب نلعب ٠سأو زفر زافر لاكنتي أتباعه وأنصاره ……….(- ياعاشوراء
بيرجع صاحبكم بنودة بيمسح الخائن-الفاجر فجوره واشرق يهد والغرب يشد وماحد يخسر
حدسسرليحين واللي مشوا منتصرين وسبها ع السيفين بنقتهض الاثنين ولسوبمة قزاعين
‎ ‏‎ الشظهرلرة طالعين والفايتات عكس البايات …………..- حكمة وتبات

News heroic Libyan resistance:
Are moving some heavy weapons and vehicles from the camp April 17 Bakarions to
a farm in Rulrhh, and the dawn of the morning so far.
/ Son Alzenabil /
يتم نقل بعض الاسلحة والاليات الثقيلة من معسكر 17 أبريل بقاريونس الى مزرعة في القوارشة ، فجر وصباح اليوم وحتى الان/أبـــــنْ الزنابيل/
GPC basic Elvis Bucky free
المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر /

Great Revolution did not leave for Libya it back at the dawn of view like wildfire in the near future.
ثورة الفاتح العظيم لم ترحل عن ليبيا انها عائدة في فجر مطل كالحريق وفي القريب العاجل .
“Zero hour” reminds us:
Excerpts from speeches memory …
How wonderful for people who listen to the words and do not understand the meanings hurting them the truth despite the clarity and this is what happened in Libya three years ago did not Istoabo what was said did not Adricko those words that came in speeches and considered Analysts letters of fire Atsdr only for leaders Allowathagon what they say:
Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in his first appearance after the events, and what he said and how I did not speak Istoabo
Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Libya Masabnaha to leave the Italians Aabal little Saaa our army will be in Libya will be in for
Muammar al-Qathafi came now the role of the security guard and the popular folk thousands of volunteers flock to Tripoli
to defend Muammar al-Qathafi …..
Where the army in the equation and why leaving aside to be replaced by security folk and Popular Guard and volunteers say Ahamqa Libya does Army but battalions and armed people and this is something ignorant Libya that limit in five states and has a desert great and long coastline does Army protected whence came the security and the extension of control and how to prevent smugglers and tightened the noose on illegal immigration and how it has maintained its borders Libya to clean
Vea army and a strong army was not involved in the war, because the army commander knows Masikon was the option of battalions and volunteers.
Famous speech, which terrified the world in front of the house steadfast and carry meanings exceeded the minds of petty because the speaker leader has no parallel today,
and reel creep peaceful from inside cities
and was what became Shi there will creep you…
know how it will be and then Sacred crawl who I am Ancodh creep checks on,
because Libya concern to all nations,
I shall appeal to the millions of the Sahara desert and to stop them.
is estimated to save yourselves before the runners give a crawl of the sacred by what we give, referring to the crawl of the Bible.
Why desert dear leader and why three options and you know which thought will carry the great light to the leader!
and you’re still in a small mouth your mind day and age has wrestled with the years to gain experience not as one
of the worlds desert Haya Adeline and let’s point editing.
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim in connection to the channel view will win them will emerge from the underground until the sand would fight with us.
Words will not be absorbed by one Dear Dr.
It was Libya time last breath to be a victim, however, sneaks narrated a victory, you talk, and whether speech was told to just talk or is there something between the lines Yes today probably absorbed some of what has been said, but we were unaware of the meaning of words old and sands fight with us to be one of the victors.
Song memorable forever, for however long it is, even if the words of Colonel spoken on the lips of another man.
Any thought of carrying Dear Leader is where you all this measure and how it is alone to be you’re the leader of this Trabhm.
Dear Colonel for this fear you are for this want Achtvaúk out of existence because they know if they unite on your
hands countries will be on them in great danger Yes motorists.
Yes Dear guy Vmthelk them great danger threatens their interests and Sieidhm midgets in front of Arabs and Muslims as Kano Mndhu ages for this Athdo against you for this Schro traitors and dogs Arabs also described in that famous speech, when I said the same technique any king Sultan Raúas Republic must be servile vile followed the Americans and be the most despicable of dwarf chattel Americans have a dog Arabs Aatamr orders Washington and on walks to Washington Ihsab spirit walker for the Ultimate Tree …
Yes Dear Leader remember those words and how they fired on the kings of the Gulf and Raaads countries and put them in their size natural that they are tools in the hands of the West.
They can not be Aflo Shi without the approval of the West then realized punk various Bank of worth that be in front of Muslims to unite the peoples of the ancient glory and Aaido Ihrro Jerusalem and Alandals and sober gentlemen and others are slaves of time, but came back in the era of the reign of Almenbtahin treacherous era Alangas Almlaian.
Yes sir commander excerpts from speeches memory of a man who is not like a man to a man who
knows Maicol and when he says and how he says to a man who knows a description of the other leader of the ICON.
ساعة الصفر
مقتطفات من ذاكرة الخطابات…
عجبا لقوم يستمعون للكلمات ولا يستوعبون المعاني فتضيع منهم الحقيقة رغم وضوحها وهذا ما حدث في ليبيا قبل ثلاث سنوات لم يستوعبو ما قيل لم يدركو تلك الكلمات التي جائت في الخطابات واعتبرها المحللون خطابات من نار لاتصدر الا عن الزعماء الواثقون فيما يقولون
الدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي في اول ظهور بعد الاحداث وما قال وكيف لم يستوعبو الكلام
الدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي ليبيا ماسيبناها للترك والطليان يابال شوية صياع جيشنا سيكون وفي لليبيا وسيكون وفي لمعمر القذافي جاء الان دور الامن الشعبي والحرس الشعبي الاف المتطوعين يتوافدون على طرابلس للدفاع عن معمر القذافي…..
اين الجيش في المعادلة ولماذا ترك جانبا ليحل محله الامن الشعبي والحرس الشعبي والمتطوعين سيقول الحمقا ليبيا لايوجد بها جيش بل كتائب والشعب المسلح وهذا كلام الجاهلين ليبيا التي تحد بخمس دول ولها صحراء عظيمة وساحل طويل لايوجد بها جيش يحميها فمن اين جاء الامن وبسط السيطرة وكيف منعت المهربين واحكمت الخناق على الهجرة الغير شرعية وكيف حافظت على حدودها نظيفة ليبيا لذيها جيش وجيش قوي لم يشارك في الحرب لان قائد الجيش يعلم ماسيكون فكان الخيار للكتائب والمتطوعين
الخطاب الشهير الذي ارعب العالم امام البيت الصامد وما حمل من معاني فاقت عقول التافهين لان المتكلم زعيم ليس له مثيل اليوم وبكرة زحف سلمي من داخل المدن وكان ما صار شي سيكون هناك زحف انتم تعلمون كيف سيكون وبعدها في الزحف المقدس اللي انا انقوده زحف اممي لان ليبيا تهم كل الامم ساوجه نداء للملايين من الصحراء الى الصحراء وماحد يقدر يوقفهم انقذو انفسكم قبل ما نعطي اشارة الزحف المقدس
لماذا الصحراء ايها الزعيم ولماذا الخيارات الثلاثة وانت تعلم ماسيكون اي فكر تحمل ياقائد الفاتح العظيم وانت كنت لاتزال في السن صغير فمابالك اليوم وقد تصارعت مع السنين لتكسب منها خبرة لم يحظى بها احد من العالمين الصحراء هيا الرقم الصعب وهيا نقطة التحرير
الدكتور موسى ابراهيم في اتصال لقناة الراي سننتصر سنخرج لهم من تحت الارض حتى الرمال ستقاتل معنا
كلام لن يستوعبه احد ايها الدكتور فقد كانت ليبيا وقتها تلفظ انفاسها الاخيرة لتكون ضحية بيد الخونه فعن اي نصر كنت تتكلم وهل الكلام قيل لمجرد الكلام ام ان هناك امر بين السطور نعم اليوم ربما استوعب البعض ما قد قيل ولكن نحن كنا مدركين معنى الكلام القديم وعن رمال ستقاتل معنا لنكون من المنتصرين
كلمات لاتنسى مهما طال الدهر لانها كلمات العقيد ولو قيلت على لسان رجلا اخر
اي فكر تحمل ايها القائد ومن اين لك كل هذا التدبير وكيف انفردت لتكون انت الزعيم لهذا ترعبهم ايها العقيد لهذا يخافون وجودك لهذا يريدون اختفائك من الوجود لانهم يعلمون لو توحدت على يداك الدول ستكون عليهم خطر عظيم نعم قائدي نعم ايها الرجل فمثلك عليهم خطر عظيم يهدد مصالحهم وسيعيدهم اقزام امام العرب والمسلمين كما كانو منذو عصور لهذا اتحدو ضدك لهذا سخرو الخونه وكلاب العرب كما وصفتهم في ذاك الخطاب الشهير عندما قلت نفس الاسلوب اي ملك سلطان رائيس جمهورية يجب ان يكون ذليل حقير يتبع للامريكان ويكون احقر من القزمة متاع الامريكان يكون كلب عرب ياتامر باوامر واشنطن ويوم يمشي لواشنطن يحساب روحه ماشي لسدرة المنتهى …نعم ايها الزعيم اذكر تلك الكلمات وكيف اطلقت النار على ملوك الخليج ورؤاساء الدول ووضعتهم في حجمهم الطبيعي بانهم ادوات في يد الغرب لايستطيعون ان يفعلو شي الا بموافقة الغرب عندها ايقنت بانك مختلف بانك من تستحق ان تكون امام المسلمين لتوحد الشعوب ليعيدو مجدهم القديم ويحررو القدس والاندالس ويكونو هم السادة وغيرهم العبيد ولكن الزمان اتى بك في عهد المنبطحين عهد الخائنين عهد الانجاس الملاعيين
نعم سيدي القائد مقتطفات من ذاكرة الخطابات لرجل ليس كالرجال لرجل يعلم مايقول ومتى يقول وكيف يقول لرجل يعرف بالزعيم وصف لغيره لايكون

“Zero hour”:
…….. The right word ……
Outside the home when I say Libby will not find it respects you, but you can not tell I am a supporter of leader Muammar Gaddafi and the green flag indicates Brightk pride flag of my country here find smiles in your face and respects you outside your country ….. On behalf of the SOL

Gerdanih remarks / / / / /

The client … Fatima Hamroush Health Minister Previous | |

Many of those waving them goodbye Gaddafi in prisons, it was not unfair to them, has proved to us that it themselves after they were given the opportunity to liberty ..
The time has come to show us the pilgrims again ..


Fedak resisted typhoon
Not subject Valzl destruction
And stuck to the right, the right weapon whatever Garoua
Fedak resisted typhoon
The decision to offer Vanasr
That your life pause Ezz change the Fates.

Seabed wide and can accommodate all but the summit will not climb a narrow but consistent in their stride greater the increase,
the number of ascenders Magl hands trembling because the owners will not be able to climb and currently lack access ..
Thus we now live quite an important period, a result of years of steadfastness times very sensitive these times will decide
the fates of the masks will fall and cover tend to detect hidden from everyone because we are closer to reach the top and
Manaish now is the outcome of long steadfastness.
Valthabton who were honest and steadfastness are confident of themselves are committed to their faith,
and they are unsure of the right owners.
Will reach the end of their rights and get back ..
As for those who were Mrtaychen infiltrators and playing the role of resilience to fake personal interests
or for the purpose of winning the confidence and sow discord will crush crushed under the feet of the summit ascenders
And the poison in the honey is honey will eat the whole .. Be confident and optimistic and Vhmara of cowardice
and frustration and lift Manotm and Atsthinwa this interval Valbrkin to explode when Atstazn.
Groves for Shi published at this time is any Elk awarded
All free aamlo participation. –

أجمـــل شي تنشره في هذا الوقت هو آيــة الكـــرسي
كل الاحرار اعملو مشاركه..

أجمـــل شي تنشره في هذا الوقت هو آيــة الكـــرسي
كل الاحرار اعملو مشاركه..

“Zero hour” on FB, writes to explain terminology to us:

(((The “Base”, the POLITICAL BUREAU de Cyrenaica, the demonic Brotherhood, and fair Zintan)))

1 – the base are backed Misurata illusion of different nationalities and reduce this topic moment Misurata Almutmr will support any government in order not to fall Zaidane is a Conference rule because he did not complete their preparations in control of the camps planned for them by their control.
2_ “tenderly” POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA Hhm Bulls Benghazi and their militias They are trying to find for themselves the entrance to support the Libyan peoples as well as their region.
3_ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the Brotherhood groups Almtaslim religion Infdon with Western agendas cover the debt they are in control of the pillars of state customers.
4_ Zintan Mediators looking hopefully for the entrance of Peace and security or Lada war Alfberaerih coming Come Hdoa between the parties and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood EVIL rule and “gently” people of Cyrenaica and the just Zintan who 
are free and unrelated to any battle which will occur after 7-2 – any day on coming Friday
Zintan Liberals “wish you only total relaxation and trust”…(My words clearly as well.)

“Zero hour” writes:
Beware ………. God bless you???
NATO does not meet boys from a mislead them and outsiders?
But the word (cronies)) to save their plight. ((Saws. Data. Sleeper cells)).
Unfortunately succeed in it .. Is Nted this time .. You are honest, my decision to Libya victorious God.
The arrival of the first battalions Al-Zintani to Tripoli to protect the demonstrations against the GNC, the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, al-QAEDA AND ZAIDANE’s NATO lackies  too 07/02/2014




Abdul Hakim Belhadj (server project Tunisian Renaissance)

“ZERO HOUR” says


Most people who have compassion for them .. They are strangers in Libya loyal to those rats .. They believe that Libya will last intact so .. Unfortunately they do not know the nature of Libya and its people and tribes … So they are digging their own graves.

انهم يقاتلون ويغتالون الشعب ويرهبونه من اجل ان يملكوا الطائرات الخاصة ويسرقوا اموال الشعب باسم الدين واللحية ، محمد الكيلاني من بائع ماشية الي جنرال عسكري !!! تبأ لزمن الروبيضـة .

They are fighting and assassinating people and Arhabonh in order to possess private jets and steal people’s money the name of

religion and beard, Mohammed Kilani cattle from a seller to a military general!!! Heck of a time Alrowhith.



Severe congestion on the gas stations in the city of Tripoli. Congestion at some petrol stations in the capital these days for fear of the coming days, and what is happening in the city and its suburbs ..
The bombing of the headquarters of Libya’s first channel and a channel for the Office of the Liberal Libya:
Immorality Ismail Salaabi lied and told you sow channel Jardan white Ihamo the applicants in
Motmr donkeys year Shufu real video
No No .. not to extend the revolution of new
For Aahzab not brothers .. Libya country brave
الرجاء النشر لفضح الجردان والمقلين وقنوات العهر
كذب اسماعيل الصلابي وقناة الخنزيرة قالك جردان البيضاء طالعين يحمو في موتمر الحمير العام شوفو الفيديو الحقيقي
لا لا للتمديد ..ولا ثورة من جديد
لاأحزاب ولا أخوان ..ليبيا بلاد الشجعانصار قتلي طالعين يحموا فالمؤتمرادمن2

My brother carry you transfer the news and God is my witness /
Today has been meeting on 04/04/2014 rats tribe children Saqr at 17:00 led by Osman Rat flame at the headquarters of the Turkish company or battalion so-called hawks beside (Forest Ben Youssef) was a large number of rats until almost the road closed many of their vehicles and their meeting Karoro it as follows:
They asked 400 volunteers to protect the conference from the pagan people in the coming days alternately where every day is 100 people and they said must alternately repel demonstrations with sticks and if you do not suppress Lead is the solution,
They believed that their presence is associated with the extension of the conference,
Where they said the conference would be extended if he fell chaos will not find it led and therefore will help in entering the algae and will finish it and must try to prevent the demonstrations and if we do not succeed you must use lead,
Asked to cooperate with other tribes rats securing entrances to the corner for fear of exploitation and Rishvana situation and access to the corner,
Angular Mammeri greetings.


Emirati armor up to Tripoli International Airport to support the so-called coalition.

And cargo planes country and all arms of the Turkish brothers and groups of up incitements airport Mitigua.
All of which are directed to kill the Libyans and the destruction of Libya and the disintegration.

Turkish cargo_plane 3
“ZERO HOUR” informs us:
Misurata and the corner are supported by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Zintan and its supporters are firmly against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Misratah and corner support Qatari Turkish; Zionist continuously until complete control on Libya
Zintan twice push their cars into desert and then stop the Misurata support coming in from QATAR:
Result is that the (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) Amsiatrin all state institutions under the phantom seasons Party (Justice and Development) Party, of course, this should it not move in Hua Elly Elly all militias in Libya and (room revolutionaries of Tripoli) under his control
Each of assassinations and destruction Elly holds in Libya and Rah Brotherhood
The credit goes to Mannoi Lee Gahaar glorious spree
Ptasir game winning time Gaah and Elly Pefoz plays the final game with the GS Trophy and his Jdharan.


Sheikh Jalil civil Alchuirv 
MUSICIAN writes:
{ZLITEN Mufti in MISURATA dark prison and outside is SADAK GHARYIANI, the antichrist of NATO,
who is probably involved in assassinations within the country}
Sheikh Jalil civil Alchuirv in prison injustice three years ago, and his charge that he had Nasser right, and fought against falsehood,
and when the state injustice had to be punished supporters of the right to religion in politics in the military police in each area,
Valebatl does not leave the place unless and controlled in time state,
prison Sheikh Alchuirv because he opined that the sanctity of the use of the Jews and Christians,
but he said that what happened sedition and exit from the Guardian is not permissible,
which did not come to these judgments of his own sheikh issued ordinances according to the jurisprudence of the four schools
and Platform Sunnah Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah,
and this means that The four imams and Ibn Taymiyyah if they were revived
and attended events of February, will be a fatwaand will be today in the prisons of oppression Misurata, Valsgen in Misurata today,  is not civil Sheikh Alchuirv.
Prisoner in Misratah is Islamic jurisprudence
and provisions of legitimacy, were all imprisoned because of injustice against religion always,
and hired injustice Dajjal Gharyiani for authorizing the killing of people,
and displaced and imprisoned unjustly,
wander the Antichrist and having fun with his dogs and his norm in everything to fulfill the spoilers in the ground in Doha
and satisfy the devil which simplifies the authority to State of injustice.
Sheikh Alchuirv who reached the age of reprehensible and lost yesterday his wife without being deposited Allowada last
or take solace where knows he defends the right
and he has chosen the Hereafter,
which does not do harm to the believer; does not live in a charlatan.
Sheikh Alchuirv reminds us of the plight of the prophets with their own people; and the plight of The four imams
in upholding the word of truth and non-Ifta including the ruling craves and wants.
Sabra Dear Sheikh Jalil hour State of injustice and state the right time to do that your time with the Paradise Alchuirv Veldakm Sheikh, has the patience and determination of the prophets,
imams and ready to die for the right to prevail in his country and end the injustice, never to return.
And still continues playing the lead…
{المفتي في السجن والدجال خارجه}———————الشيخ الجليل المدني الشويرف في سجن الظلم منذ ثلاث سنوات وتهمته انه قد ناصر الحق وحارب الباطل ، وعندما قامت دولة الظلم كان لا بد من عقاب انصار الحق في الدين في السياسة في الجيش في الشرطة في كل مجال ، فالباطل لا يترك مكان إلا ويسيطر عليه في زمن دولته ، سجن الشيخ الشويرف لأنه افتي بحرمة الاستعانة باليهود و النصارى ولأنه قال ان ما حدث فتنة وان الخروج عن ولي الامر غير جائز وهو لم يأت بهذه الاحكام من عنده فالشيخ اصدر احكامه وفق فقه المذاهب الاربعة ومنهاج السنة النبوية لشيخ الاسلام ابن تيمية ، وهذا يعني ان الائمة الاربعة وابن تيمية لو كانوا احياء وحضروا احداث فبراير فسوف تكون هذه فتواهم وسوف يكونون اليوم في سجون الظلم بمصراته ، فالسجين في مصراته اليوم ليس الشيخ المدني الشويرف .السجين في مصراته هو الفقه الاسلامي وأحكامه الشرعية ، سجنوا جميعا لان الظلم ضد الدين دائما ، واستعان الظلم بالدجال الغرياني ليجيز قتل الناس وتهجيرهم وسجنهم بغير وجه حق ، يسرح الدجال ويمرح مع كلابه ومعياره في كل شي الوفاء للمفسدين في الارض بالدوحة وإرضاء الشيطان الذي يبسط سلطانه على دولة الظلم ، الشيخ الشويرف الذي بلغ من العمر عتياً وفقد بالأمس زوجته دون ان يودعها الوادع الاخير او يأخذ العزاء فيها يعرف انه يدافع عن الحق وانه قد اختار الدار الاخرة التي لا يظلم فيها مؤمن ولا يعيش فيها دجال ، الشيخ الشويرف يذكرنا بمحنة الانبياء مع اقوامهم ومحنة الائمة الاربعة في التمسك بكلمة الحق وعدم الافتاء بما يشتهي الحاكم ويريد .صبرا ايها الشيخ الجليل فدولة الظلم ساعة ودولة الحق الي قيام الساعة ان موعدكم الجنة ال الشويرف فلديكم شيخ يملك صبر الانبياء وعزيمة الائمة ومستعد للموت في سبيل ان يسود الحق في بلاده وينتهي الظلم الي غير رجعة.————————— { ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً } { الموسيقار }


HITLER ZAIDANE EMPLOYS MERCENARIES and ZIONISTA MISURATA and the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD to attack and destroy CYRENAICANS at the EASTERN PORTS, as well as to defray and stop the demonstrations tomorrow in TRIPOLI !

Now flocking gangs and militias rats western region of Misurata and the market Friday and Tajourah, Tripoli and five Mslath and Qara poly Corner by order of the client Zaidane and sign them from the conference traitor Petklifam off strongly 16 000 rat mercenary and funded planes perpendicular fighter and fighter planes to seize ports and oil fields and Crescent oil from the militias region Eastern and headed by Ibrahim Aljdharan knowing now collects Forces Burka Ali Crescent oil to defend him by force of arms and the number of their troops exceed 30 000 rat to the area at the head of Hamad near the area of ninety-east of Sirte
Almlacah and at the head of Hamad.
Today’s explosions, killing and kidnapping of a sniper and the entire eastern region prevails.
Why is this happening?
That all the fruits of his transplant
And it will come a day of harvest
Far eastern region harvested Mazrat
The harvest will not depend on only the eastern region
It will move to all Libyan cities that were planted sedition between the sons of one people
And reap those cities Mazrat and very soon.


Major General Matthew Yatry back .. Benghazi in order to seek security and prosperity.

We declare our responsibility for the lack of any leaflets distributed in Benghazi or any other areas,

and make it clear that these publications at this time is only a weapon used by NATO and shoes

Jews Misurata and bashing each other in their struggles.

We call upon everyone, including the obligation only issued by the spokesman for the resistance

Dr. Mujahid Hamza Thami .. or green channel and follow-up major resistance pages to see the all-new.


In a despicable attempt of the Jardan ĚăÇÚĺ enemies of Sharia in agreement with the Conference pagan distributing leaflets calculated on the resistance and their synthesis arguing that the uprising that ousted’ll get is for a catastrophe against Gahaar
We Fa supporters commander innocent of this topic saws and we have no relationship omitted, either closely or from afar

Vaqowowol you Aajerdan Alabowoo other Libyan people will. not be deceived by the meager Msarhtm. –

Bouchmadh issued orders to withdraw special forces THUNDERBOLT from the street. Physical liquidation
Per soldiers and officers in Benghazi stun enemies Platform is the law now.


Shell landed near the back gate of the University of GarYounes. .
Security source confirmed at the University of Garyounis for a shell landed near
From the back gate of the university, causing no casualties
Mankind, and the source confirmed in a statement that the shell
Targeting the kitchen near the corporate headquarters near the gate
Background and resulted in material losses only in the ceiling and
/ Son Alzenabil /

Now Nghaza mortar fall at the University of Garyounis and not reported human damage so far.
The Benghazi Tawergha camp is near by the Campus !

Tawergha Camp at Garyounis

The disappearance of the Director of the Office of channel capital Benghazi in mysterious circumstances.


Fire Siaaarat in the area Alserta Benghazi and actor Mjhowol …


The killing of a member of the special forces THUNDERBOLT after being tortured and abused him.
Wednesday morning found the body of “Suleiman Mohammed Idris
Alakora “Hawari area of ​​the city of Benghazi, and the source confirmed
Medical hospital to evacuate in a statement that the effects of torture
Clear the body of the victim was also expe Vqe his eyes and put
With his hand on the victim by the paper without her “gift to stun”, as
The source explained that Alakora at the age of 35-year-old, and found
Handcuffed and condemns source pointed out that the cause of death was a bullet in the head
Directly killed him.


Car bombing one Special Forces officers (Abdulsalam Awami) in front of his home in the Laithi Benghazi.

Almajora youth carrying banners in the streets Almajora youth did not use force after
Youth groups angry shut down most of the roads in Benghazi now set fire to tires and lock it with
stones and remnants of construction waste.
/ Son Alzenabil /


Dozens of casualties from the explosion, which targeted a school for children in Benghazi.
And still tells you Jardan ox ăČÇŃßĺ.

Director of the school, which has been targeted bombing today in Benghazi …
denies any of the expelled students .. says there have been no problem between the students did not have acquired one ..
if you know what the novel head operations room Benghazi misleading!!!!!Qroty by today’s bombings schools who turned out to be the bombings and stuff burnt in cities are terrifying
want people to not go out against the Conference Allaotunai.
They do not want to admit to crimes of extremists and supporters of the fry.
The student has been expelled from a school
Tablino area in the city of Benghazi throwing
A homemade bomb on a school cradle
Knowledge spacious area at a time
Rest of the outside wall of the school
Led to the injury of some students
According to the official spokesman of the Committee
Higher Security Benghazi, “Ibrahim al-Shara”
The student threw a bomb at a local
School led to the injury of six students.
Dismissed student who blow up schools in the form of Spiderman because he flew from Benghazi in an hour
and arrived in Sirte schools, but found the enemies of the law found Spiderman.
Ambulances now come to the area after the bombing of the pleasant School
Children, and horror in the region and a large children’s tragic case:
The school where he was the arrival of cases
To hospital infected Galaa.
A student, a victim of an attack on a school, lies down on a bed during medical treatment at a hospital in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi February 5, 2014. At least six children were wounded when unknown assailants tossed a hand grenade into a school in Benghazi, hospital and security sources said on Wednesday. REUTERS-Esam Omran Al-Fetori
The arrival of the parties to the cases of a truncated Galaa Hospital in Benghazi, after a bomb attack on a primary school.
Explosion another school .. GARDENING Benghazi:
In the era of February .. The school is set off by students
News of the death of one of the children of Benghazi Medical Center now.
Syrian refugee area of Benghazi:

30 cars belonging to NATO bandits burned.

Heretic for terrorist Ibrahim Ali Tntosh .. It is one of the members of the LIFG fugitive from justice since 25 years ….
He was hiding in a village in South Africa …
The rats smuggled without a passport within Jardan team plane before taking off in South Africa ..
After landing in Benghazi was received by members of al-Qaeda.
Found dead “Solomon Alakory” the officer b Jardan own dead and it looks like signs of torture and liquidation dead.
The release of “Muhammad Sarit” correspondent channel capital in Benghazi after being held last night at the hands of an armed group had kidnapped him while he was covering clashes that occurred last night between this group and commandos in front of the hospital Galaa.



where there is the underground water of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER !!!:
Newspapers U.S. says has destroyed and executed Kherd arms and nuclear weapons in the South

in the three major Libyan months under the supervision of experts and Amrakin Grbin Lake Aablad !!

God they were your children how to destroy Vick Theloma the enemy!




One of the TABU leaders says:

Misurata Militias must get out of SABHA pronto”…

Tabu channel on Facebook
Msarit Talbo 3 more days … to withdraw from Sabha. Their shape and their uncle Agafo with children.
I advise you to get out of the Sabha today immediately before Morocco ..
if he really want blood to the right Afaragtm abducted from Tabu
Elmejrmyin is protected from criminal when Tabu .. and this is the last warning ..
(Op Parent)


ZERO HOUR advises us:
Haaaaaaaaaaaaam very, very
We hope that our brothers in the Liberal pages Loans & PAT and others not to publish or mention

any movements or information about the South and specifically Sabha
{{{Starting from this moment}}}
I ask you, brothers, even to marinate in the same predicament and insured for Aalzg from the same snake twice
Oh Ahrarna committed instructions and Hraúrna
And, God willing, victors.

SAVING force the withdrawal of security belonging to the military council of Xanthan Sabha and the situation is now engorged …
And which led to the withdrawal of Zintan Sabha comes against the backdrop of one of the parties in the
Extractor Sabha did not agree to accept the terms of Zintan in calming the situation.
Mukhtar al-Akhdar (GREEN) vice president of the military council of Zintan
Is stronger Mukhtar al-Akhdar Green vice-president of the military council of  Zintan in connection channel Zintan this morning, “said Brigades the military council of Zintan stationed at the airport in Sabha and some neighborhoods have begun to pull on the back in opposition to the actions of the rebels Awlad Suleiman and Misurata toward the rebels Tabu in the city .confirmed the Green Brigades the military council of Zintan resorted to reconciliation among the tribes of the south, not to support the party at the expense of another party in a tribal dispute Ngdi foreign agenda in order to fragment the unity of the Libyan tribes of the south.
Quoting channel Zintan on Facebook:
Urgent military council of Zintan forces begin to withdraw from the city of Sebha fully ...
The reason is the denunciation of the cessation of blood between the tribes Tabu and Awlad Suleiman, who was the military council and the elders of Zintan Ertbunha days ago, has committed Tabu this agreement and stopped the bloodshed by them, but unfortunately was killed 4 people from Tabu after this Convention and in spite of that is not answered by Tabu …..
So he decided Zintan rebels to withdraw and return to Zintan, especially that they have given a promise
to themselves not to shed any blood in the south, or engage in any fighting with any party
or tribe we preserve covenants …
What we can say in these circumstances that he had to Thoarna and elders of our tribe effort in bloodshed
and thankfully the fighting has stopped, or at least not as has been the case in recent weeks,
but do not say much, but what God wants to do.
We ask God to preserve the blood of Muslims in the south and our people all over the country.

Urgent. Bloody night in a revival of Sabha.
Where the neighborhood witnessed Mansheya approximately 30: 2 to Alaamlah armed robbery by an armed criminal militias Awlad Suleiman. Ali’s house and store tires and cutting parts for citizen named Mohammed” Ibokhald Zoad.”
This was used by the armed criminal Almelcaa different types of weapons that I’ve got resistance, which were not in the calculus members Almelcaa
Where he was Ahaddabina Ibokhald”” has a weapon type AFP that during the shooting of mutual injured individuals Almelcah a direct impact immediately killed
Clashes continued hours without any intervention worth mentioning. The city of Sabha. Private and Libya public in a state of very big mess where he became often see scenes of clashes between criminal gangs and robberies and theft, kidnapping and bombing and became the news of the death of a citizen or an accident that is easy to accept the

A capital Jardan in Sabha and collaborators with the Crusaders for the destruction of Libya .. His last breath yesterday.

Shooting on the island of Mansheya (Island Mohammed Sassi) shortly before by car type

Toyota Hilux white houses on the Bermaah Alkhtry was wounded by a bullet African American and most

likely he died, and now the situation Hdoa. (as I SAID, LOTS OF YANKS IN THE SOUTH who work for the CIA)

Congestion at Tabu in Sabha after the killing of a citizen Tbawi yesterday and is now being meeting to respond to this crime.
News Tabu rally at Triangle agricultural Pudong Sabha after the announcement of the loss of 13 members

of the person Tabu ..

(Op # lover Billah)

Tabu are hyping and blocking the road from Murzuq or rabbits Tragn to Sabha.


Institutions of civil society in MurzuqInstitutions of civil society in demanding Murzuq militia infantry brigade sixth release of the activist organization in tolerance, “Yusuf Idris Llano” immediately and who was arrested yesterday evening, corresponding to 04/02/2014 in front of the headquarters of General unlawfully and that any prejudice to the rights of humanity, the perpetrators will be held accountable.


Niger calls for international intervention into Libya against the “17 February GANG- government” and its crimes.


Intellectuals, poets, philosophers and artists analisan and discuss the work and figure Muammar Al-Qathafi in his contribution to culture, peace and solidarity among men and nations in the Book Fair in Cairo:

Production and Western nerve…ZAIDANE CALLS IN THE YANKS!

Mu young Imam 2
Word of the Brother Leader of the Revolution Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in “18 months Hannibal syphilis in 1982”, at the Second Conference of the World Islamic Call Society, at Tripoli.

“The nation’s spirit and body, which embrace nationalism and ignoring Islam, this excess and indicates ignorance. Said in an analytical and as is the fact that any nation is the spirit and the body of such a creature, and like any living organism is the spirit and the body. Flesh is nationalism and the soul is religion and if you will allow me to speak to the Arab nation, the Arab nation body and soul of Arab nationalism and Islam can not be separated, and if we decided to kill them if it has this object. If you leave Islam if I took the body without the spirit of nationalism and if left if I took Spirit and left the body and then if we want to keep this object that must Yahya alive the spirit and the body of the twin and not separated and divorced if this organism is dead. ”

“الامة روح و جسد الذي تبني القومية و تجاهل الاسلام هذا شطط و يدل علي الجهل. ان في تحليلي و كما هو واقع ان اي امة هي روح و جسد مثل اي مخلوق و مثل اي كائن حي هو روح و جسد. الجسد هو القومية والروح هي الدين و اذا سمحتم لي ان اتكلم علي الامة العربية, فالامة العربية جسدها القومية العربية و روحها الاسلام و لا يمكن الفصل بينهما و اذا فصلنا بينهما اذا فقد قتلنا هذا الكائن.اذا تركت الاسلام اذا انا اخذت جسد بلا روح و اذا تركت القومية اذا انا اخذت الروح و تركت الجسد و من ثم اذا اردنا لهذا الكائن ان يبقي حيا يجب ان يحي بروح و جسد متلازمين و غير منفصلين و اذا انفصلا مات هذا الكائن الحي”.

*من كلمة الاخ قائد الثورة العقيد معمر القذافي في 18 شهر هانيبال 1982 إفرنجي في المؤتمر الثاني لجمعية الدعوة الاسلامية العالمية طرابلس .




Presence in Morocco … tell the story of Sheikh Sidi Abdel-Salam El Asmar …
—————— —————– Mhajah death appeared in the Sunni Ochow safe in Libya Alebado,
Obiq heart releases I cry but our Lord as much as the Rada and the right of God who create toxic death.Omatarhh uniforms Jerado trimming Daw increased supplemented water and harvested them

cannon harvest and Maarafnash wage is bending Shi Li Ki Light jihad and told you sitting down
is Alenci city of Ajdabiya and Ben horse Alash corner Onhrguet Ohba and Zaid Misurata in the end Alexado Logo.Are you saying to Zuwarah war art in Zintan.

Khalahm ashes and Rhett Alcor how to call plonk and injustice to inspire Deccan blacker Lugar Bambassl

Dsat Aaghanna and the rest of the fire Hrguetlh benefited
—————— Mhajah ——- ——-Every day evolve exceeding In every street Mtbzaa blood and accumulated people.

His men maliciousness responded with one another Lech Ghashm said conspiracy Tree-from afar

and said striped needed completed and Manrdash governing new Manrdash switch science and Alenci
and powdering workers Aghareed
seemed Oakhcoa in the center of meat and sausages.Tema cry in his heart Kamid follow the Taatabie necessary Oaazb it

and punishment severe and intensify them intensify Alglm and acquaint themselves with them Vchkaar

semolina u Bicol how RBC rule and hits them with fire and iron Oakarz them Tqarb Algelm.This Mathm claim martyr Mullah people how to call split and Rhett today to Frguen two and Rhett time

how to call Onberm Halt and another fire Hnhi who benefit ÇäÔÇááĺ Otarb and Tabat Aalsagm—————— Mhajah —————

been beating Valleil and day Libya was Otercb qualitative Aamolaa Ki torch fire Otrd Revenge

people are weak and the matter soon Volhm and destruction sang

guy named Elly shell rock and most important their reaction works shame the lack of origin and religion weak

seemed Oakhcoa in the center of home and was Oaaathm works plume and people still Vst orbit above the embers in Kubba summer

and Rhett How Khalat after Amar.

Bergolha government and the sword seemed Harbin Khashin infidels, said residents of rural Otfdiloa ÇäÔÇááĺ Oqsar are your days,

and extended judgment Oichomk YasifLet them get together and are rated Osgar Anicol of Dhanoh Ojoifah.

* Interpret the tone for this Hadra brothers Bbadih Morocco.




Mu reception


WE MUST BE A LIBYA UNITED under ONE GREAT JAMAMHIRIYA!”Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” writes us on FACEBOOK:

Oh Helena throughout Libya beloved
Per rugged than the western opposition Spring SINS
In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Sudan and Bahrain armed opposition and peaceful, but did not abandon outside home.

As for those outside the western scarp of spring, such as Turkey, Greece and other opposition and even America, but did but abandon the people,

Dear Alfberarion, Dawaanevskm place supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flag,, ((Sbtmbrion))
Do you guarantee the support of the international community over the life of you and kill you and Mhazeltkm Achteraqatkm human rights ?
Certainly not. There is no guarantee you of the international community,
And it will face the fate may be trickier than where we are today.

Does this mean that you do not belong to the nation, to Libya, as charged, the day of the supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Azltohm homeland, and Tusbandounam treason and unpatriotic, and you are trying hard to eliminate them either imprisoned pro or killed and forever, Valley when this injustice and darkness.

The country does not belong to one, and we are partners in it, does not take your pride in unrighteousness.

Yo arrived on the wings of NATO aircraft, and Vredkm on the ground,
The change of strategy, and overtaken, Fastfikoa and return to its senses, and stayed away from political farce experienced by inform you and Mahleljkm and Nashtikm Jurists.

Let Mardakm freely dialogue and talk, to get this country the wounded to safety, Feltatoa Mardakm space in Guenuatcm space ,
Three years ago, we did not hear that there are those who spoke about the return of the displaced unconditionally, of what significance is it ?

The only sign of, is that who governs Libya today, is not of the sons of the homeland,
If they were patriots, for Andhanoa everyone and created a solution M diaspora homeland, even Fatwa implemented in the agendas country.
The purpose and goal of them, creating hotbeds of tension will last a lifetime, for those agendas, and hose who took control are of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and their militias are ideologically against Libya.

The only solution
,, Is that all of the holds Libyan nationality has the right to citizenship and to participate and contribute to nation-building,

We knew independence (PEOPLE’s POWER) flap on Libya 18 years, and the green flag Rfert on Libya 42 years (al-FATEH REVOLUTION),
It is time for the weft national, at the invitation of the tribes of ancient.

Those who are supporters of February, and there supporters Spettmr within each tribe, would allow the division and fragmentation and discord even within the tribe, which are more than three million pro-September, which represents half of the Libyan people,

We will not allow or permit to be marginalized, but Tstikadwa of all those illusions that Taichoha Hey Al February.
Otherwise, continue to dispute and conflict, and every category you want to control and imposing presence, even by force of arms:
The arms means more death, and pain,
Astfikoa of your dreams pink and slogans for a free Libya,

and on the wings of false democracy Alnatwa and employment.

To build a home away from foreign agendas,
Fbmgarna is simple:
Libya today where every citizen has the greatest need for the sake of Libya,
Astfikoa O Helena
Oh and Slmtwa Helena…

(picture entitled “LIBYA UNDER THE YOLKE“)



يا هلنا في ربوع ليبيا الحبيبة
لكل عورة من عورات الربيع الغربي معارضة
في تونس و مصر و اليمن وسوريا و السودان والبحرين معارضة مسلحة وسلمية ولكن لم يهجروا خارج الوطن
واما من هم خارج عورة الربيع الغربي مثل تركيا واليونان وغيرها وحتى امريكا معارضة ولكن لم يهجر الشعب ,,
ايها الفبراريون ,, ضعواانفسكم مكان المؤيدين لمعمر القذافي والراية الخضراء ,, (( السبتمبريون ))
هل تضمنون تأييد المجتمع الدولي لكم مدى الحياة لمهزلتكم وقتلكم واختراقاتكم لحقوق الانسان ,,بالتأكيد لا , فلا ضمانة لكم للمجتمع الدولي ,,
و عليه ستواجهون مصير قد يكون اصعب مما نحن فيه اليوم ,
فهل هذا يعني انكم لا تنتمون للوطن ,, لليبيا ,, مثلما توجه التهم اليوم لمؤيدي النظام السابق وعزلتوهم عن الوطن ,, وتواجهونهم بالخيانة وعدم الوطنية ,, وتحاولون جاهدين القضاء عليهم اما بسجنهم مؤيد او قتلهم والي الابد ,, فالي متى هذا الظلم والظلام
الوطن ليس ملك لأحد ,,ونحن شركاء فيه ,,ولا تأخذكم العزة بالاثم ,,
انتم جئتم على اجنحة طائرات الناتو ,,وفرضكم على الارض ,,
وقد يغير من استراتيجيته , وتنقلب الموازين ,,فاستفيقوا وعودوا الي رشدكم ,, وابتعدوا عن المهزلة السياسية التي يعيشها اعلامكم ومحليليكم وناشطيكم الحقوقيين ,, اسمحوا لمعارضيكم بحرية الحوار والحديث ,,لنصل بهذا الوطن الجريح الي بر الامان ,,فلتعطوا معارضيكم مساحة في قنواتكم الفضائية ,,
ثلاث اعوام ,, لم نسمع ان هناك من تكلم عن عودة المهجرين دون قيد او شرط ,,فما دلالة ذلك ,,
ان الدلالة الوحيدة ,, هي ان من يحكم ليبيا اليوم ,,ليس من ابناء الوطن ,,
فلو كانوا وطنيون ,,لحتضنوا الجميع واوجدوا الحلول للم شتات الوطن ,, فحتى دار الافتاء تنفذ في اجندات قطرية ,, الغاية والهدف منها ,,خلق بؤر توتر تستمر مدى الحياة , من أجل تلك الاجندات وسيطرت الاخوان وميليشياتهم المؤدلجة على ليبيا
فالحل الوحيد
,,هو أن كل من يحمل الجنسية الليبية له حق المواطنة والمشاركة والمساهمة في بناء الوطن ,, فعلم الاستقلال رفرف على ليبيا 18 عام ,, والراية الخضراء رفرت على ليبيا 42 عام ,,
فقد آن الاوان للحمة الوطنية ,, بدعوة من قبائلنا العريقة ,,فهناك المؤيدين لفبراير وهناك المؤيدين لسبتمر داخل كل قبيلة ,,فهل نسمح للتقسيم والتجزئة والفتنة حتى داخل القبيلة ,,اكثر من ثلاث مليون مؤيد لسبتمبر ,,وهو يمثل نصف الشعب الليبي , لن يسمحوا ولن نسمح بتهميشهم ,, الا تستيقضوا من كل تلك الاوهام التي تعيشوها يا آل فبراير ,,
وخلاف ذلك ,, سيستمر النزاع والصراع , وكل فئة تريد السيطرة وفرض وجودها ولو بقوة السلاح ,
والسلاح يعني المزيد من الموت ,,والالم ,,
استفيقوا من احلامكم الوردية وشعارات ليبيا حرة ,,والديمقراطية الكاذبة على اجنحة الناتوا والعمالة ,,لنبني وطن بعيدا عن اجندات اجنبية ,,
فبمقارنة بسيطة
ليبيا اليوم احوج لكل مواطن فيها من اجل ليبيا ,,
استفيقوا يا هلنا
وسلمتوا يا هلنا










Played Zaidane is true on the national and Salemoly oh ..!!!!!!

Shri win to numb the minds of the gullible and rejoice and absorbs anger and abstain it out on 7 \ 2

and drop the conference and the Government of Zaidane .. Greens told you of indignation win Jardan ..

Why did not the prisoners boarded rejoice Aadeah national and especially women, but this their home,

but they and their joy and what Leach said in an amnesty by the way, and turn ya refugees to your country ..

And Lech Lech Lech many benefits on February Salemoly the national God’s.



Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” write:The coming days will both

Hola two of the killings and bring sedition, murder and colonize

1. Haftar
2. Collected tourist
3. Mahmoud Jibril
4. Atman Amliqth

Tajourah and some battalions Jermana in Tripoli military coup and control of Tripoli,

and the war will be between them, the rats of the Corner, Zionista RATS Misratah….and the scapegoat Amazigh.

So say you that anyone who considers himself pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system legitimate for the Libyan people (we the owners of green flags)

We owners have the right to not interfere in this matter!!!

Pottery Wicker some of you are.

الأيام القادمه سيقوم كلاً من

هولاء هما من قتل وجلب الفتنه والقتل ولاستعمار

2.جمعه السائح
3.محمود جبريل
4.عتمان امليقطه
وجرذان تاجوراء وبعض الكتائب الجرذانيه في طرابلس بإنقلاب عسكري وسيطرة على طرابلس والحرب ستكون بينهم وبين جرذان الزاويه ومصراته والأمازيغ لذلك نقول لكم اي شخص يعتبر نفسه موالي للنظام الشرعي للشعب الليبي ومن اصحاب الرايات الخضراء اصحاب الثأر اصحاب الحق لا يتدخل في هذا الموضوع فخار يكر بعضه


Jardan for idiots Mdayrin groups on the net to cast doubt on our ability to expose their stupidity but their transgression because he received his soul named Abdo Altarhuni – Mohammed Warfali – Osama al-Megrahi – the Kadhafi – Muhannad Alsoiei.

(Jardan funny!)

Ali ZAIDANE’s response: BRING IN THE YANKS, full ground forces!

Libya occupied: Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya.
Zdwa celebrated Khrawat

Oh shame on the traitors and agents of Libya occupied:

Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya

Master, NATO speaks,

AND you answered the call rats ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

سيدكم الناتو يكلم فيكم يا جرذان لبوا النداء هههههههههههه









DIRTY Brigades Misurata rebels ask the Minister of Culture beloved secretary supervisor Supply campaign

“liberation of the south” not to provide any financial rewards to Zintan rebels for not participating in

the fighting forces and the Chadian Tabu cronies.




The price of Poti to the Mayflower in the city to 70 dinars, after the price was three days from 30 dinars,

and possibly up to 100 dinars coming days because of pure water scarcity in the city.











Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new

world order .. Project Blue Beam

Tuesday, 13 March 2013 , Last challenged 00:42- Panorama Middle East

Engineer Michelle Clagasiالماسونية-وتدمير-العالم-من-أجل-النظام/

Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new world order ..  Project Blue Beam

The Project Blue Beam is the idea of ​​Zionism Freemasonry for the elimination of the Christian religion and Muslim alike and for the global system in order to control an atheist in the world. Where the framers believed that if you did not unite the world without religion, new age, the possibility of the success of the new world order will be impossible.

The idea of ​​the project to create a strange phenomena, pictures, and short waves, sounds and audios directed to the inside of your brain that are not available to others to look like a certain truth. Thus, the work on the two areas first produces pictures in the air while the other produces pictures in your mind, where they were to use this project (as a weapon) in Iraq during Desert Storm The images three-dimensional tanks and war machines appeared to Iraqis in the desert has led them to fear and thus surrender seemed as if it is actually real. He says specialize in Network Information Free Press World (an international news agency independent) that our mission is to make people realize that the agenda of the new world order is not just a dream wild or theory barbaric exciting to panic a little bit, it is a project demonic real is happening at the present time. It was necessary for them to carry the success of the new world order of cancellation of religions (Christian and Muslim) in order to Istbdloha to a global one, through the abolition of all national identity and all Miabr for national pride in order to emerge a global identity and pride worldwide.

As well as the abolition of the concept of the family in which we live today a group of individuals working for the glory of a world government and a new one. And the destruction of artistic creativity and scientific application to the individual’s point of view one-world government. The Organization of the United Nations after it has been controlled by the Zionist Masonic global work to serve the achievement of this system through the abolition of national constitutions and establish a trade agreement new to all peoples of the world so that the organization strongly backed military and police multiple and the Ministry of Justice around the world and an international court.The Blue Beam Project began in 1983 and officially announced in 1990, where they supporting new technology and innovations in equipment and various software space science.

All this in the service of the new world order, which defined its objectives, including the following: 1 abolition of all religions and replace them with a unified global system.

2 abolition of national identity and replace it with a unified global identity.

3 dismantling of communities and families and replace them with the concept of total service to the new world order.

4 the development of advanced electronic currency for all the world.

5 create a unified, global Army and the Ministry of Justice and one belonging to the United Nations.

6 create one culture to the whole world so that it Atbermj All.

It will be for the new world order system of government, “the center”, which will be a global political system will replace the new spiritual system that we live under it now. It seems they are planning to get rid of all the people who believe in God, where will be replaced by holidays and religious festivals of the new era and will threaten the most important sanctities of Muslims: the Grand Mosque, the Kaaba, the Holy Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and the destruction of the concept of church and symbols such as the cross and considered outlaws and illegitimate . And remove associations and sanctuaries that pose a threat to their survival after a single application of the global system and a one world government (where anthropomorphic put their alleged temple Place Dome of the Rock), also working for the abolition of all national currencies and trade diversion to electronic cash through the electronic network. Must enter the new era in the system to give people for their own beliefs, and to maintain them seem impossible to beat.

The draft NASA Blue Beam on four steps: The first step depends on the preparation for earthquakes fabricated synthetically using a weapon runaway (harp) on specific sites carefully around the planet and it is assumed that the new discoveries then will people wrong all the major religious denominations that offended the understanding and interpretation of the centuries and will appear archaeological discoveries that follow the proof on the size of the mistakes of the Muslims and Christians in the understanding of their religions.

The second step: a space containing a very large dimensions of the triple-outs includes visual and audio, photos and laser show to different parts of the world, each one received a different picture, in accordance with the prevailing religious doctrine nationally and regionally. And mechanisms and computer systems contain languages ​​and cultures of human beings by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture.This mechanism will explain how the holy books had been misunderstood and interpreted is responsible for the coup, brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore, must be canceled to make way for the new age of the system, the new world and using waves VIF ELF electromagnetic influence in their brains and manipulate the mind. Step Three: dependence on feeding thinking industrially via satellite then seems possible occlusion mental control on the entire planet, the only resistance for individuals will be constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts, which do not agree with their thoughts private religious and moral, this concept seems to TV of the most important tools. Step Four: include different orientations. By making the human race believes that the occupation of strangers from another world outside is imminent in every city landmark on the ground making every nation a prominent exasperating to use nuclear weapons to respond attack, whereupon the Court of United Nations disarmament when it appears that the invasion was false. The adoption of an electronic mechanism through complex fiber optic penetrates every person and pay it to the edge of hysteria and madness to drown him in a wave of suicide, murder and psychological disorders. It seems we have reached an advanced stage of implementation of this project, said that the economic crisis experienced by the major powers will be transformed into an economic catastrophe will result and through the stages to end the paper currencies that will disappear out of existence and will be concluded to adopt a cash-mail and so can not be for a war funding of any kind as they put mechanisms to prevent States or any members of their independence and the new world order.

Loved ones they’re putting plans Satanic serve their beliefs and achieve their goals, while sinking our ignorance and embryogenesis and chaos, and we see ourselves rush more and more towards the abyss that will Sagotna where (in our hands) much easier than think that we stayed so, that the rush by some toward Ahdanam of some Arab rulers and other easy task . Flanstikz and open our eyes and see what is being plotted for us and we begin to fortify ourselves and our children and our country, it is not all Maiktton his duty to investigate we can stand on our feet and firmly armed with our faith felicitously Ali Holy adhering to his teachings holy Muslim and Christian protestors faith in God is scattered and departing from our originality and our morality as a people Arabic tradition towards a society “much better , where hard work is sincere and hardworking” (BULL !).








Nut .. And .. Tonsil (8) – Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Sunday 02 February  2014 , Last challenged 17:04- Panorama Middle East

Nut ..  And ..  Tonsil (8) Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Mahmoud Kamel Komy

Tonsil ……. :

And divided the Sykes-Picot, Omassarna Arab occupation between British and French troops, and that was a prelude to the loss of Palestine and robbed by gangs Alhjnah Zionism.

Queen (Asinawight):

The rest of my nation always Fatih Atenksr and Atlin, and wake up again to the beat of the Arab nation’s leadership a new leader of the world-class unique.

It Tgrha royal order the sovereign of the time, the nut shows how the body footsteps of Gamal Abdel Nasser in the struggle and lead the nation into the sky.

Nut ….. :

After being shaken meant dust battles in Palestine, the revolutions in July 1952, has been restored to the people of the Arab and Egyptian spirit again, and became the Arab nation flag flapping in a world fraught with the risk of conflict between East and West, and it was for his mother, led by Nasser leader Guo and leadership of the third world New – and they see me strategy has revealed Mkhatrtamr Brotherhood with British intelligence on Egypt and the Arab nation, he judged people on plotting and bring them out of context, and Gamt Gharbanhm hovering in the distance, and God protect Egypt from the conspiracy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and the aborted plot on the countries of the Arab nation – and when I left the world of life to the afterlife of eternal, Chitnt crows brothers and became hovering from nearby, even elapsed after the revolution of the people of the referee, who committed to Camp David and made him the way, has been grafted band of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood with the intelligence of Uncle Sam, and committed to the eastern East New Israeli-led, and Sal saliva on what Aohmha by Americans of its disagreement on the ruins of Egypt and Syria, and was a ruin and destruction is their way to Syria, and almost the conspiracy that is going to come home to roost implicate Egyptian army there.

Tonsil …………:

But Egypt Mahrosa carefully God, and it remained on the covenant as a shield for the Arab nation and there were mollified by the Egyptian people on the terrorist gangs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nut .. :

And out of the Three Mahrosa and reared commander, side to the people with his army National unique, warned the birth of a new leader is (Abdel Fattah Sisi) who Boagafth and his plan for the road, became on the trail and road abort the plot cosmic on Egypt, Syria and the Arab nation, to stop the planned American colonial Zionist Muslim Brotherhood financier diagonally The Saudis, the scheme, which melt the countries of the Arab nation in the Middle East, a new Israeli-led – and on it (Valsssa) Boagafth majestic with the revolution of the people and established Bouktah calculated and careless, has saved Egypt from the ruins of the brothers who carried it out in Syria, where its succession accused of doing, but on now judge.

Queen (Asinawight):

And on the land of pilgrimage Muslims and the tomb of the messengers, came Wahhabism, destroying graves and portend doom and Altheuer and foolish things of glorifying and maximizes the place of the Prophet in his grave lighted by light, which did not deliver his grave from being hurt, and started on her hands era of atonement for all small and large Aacyr logic and Asratha Allamstakim.

Tonsil .. :

Wahhabism is the Arab nation suffers corruption terrorist groups and militant fundamentalism those funded by and went out of her cloak Daash rule and regulations and every other Maosam Islam with terrorism, abuse, cruelty and aversion, and Islam all that innocent.

Hazelnut and almond:

In the similarity of the drift and consistency in the phrases Agrdan of Tgarhama Bassam, “the people united behind him now, and paid for everyone who wants to question the articles traps and phrases perilous Balgl, hatred and anger from the site of Egypt and its status and its leaders, and Altcol leadership (Sisi) and the uncertainty in the national leadership – therefore, acts No words are what make Sisi Knight of Egypt, which unites her and raise her, and stepping out towards the leadership of Egypt sacrifice him to a leadership position again.

And Henaaaaaaaaaaaaaa realized hazelnut and almond morning, Vomrthm Queen Asinawight silence to speak patency

Waiting for the morning of rising new Mahrosa its Leader (Field Marshal Sisi) into the sky.

Writer and lawyer – Egyptianبندق-و-لوزه-8-السيسى-حلقه-في-تاريخ-المح/


Picture here shows the great al-Asmar brown mosque in ZLITEN, which suffered huge damage on 27 AUGUST 2012

by SALAFI MB Kharijites.:



Sisi and Muammar al-Qathafi (above)


Gamal Abdul Nassar memorial in Benghazi, destroyed by Kharijite vandals in 2011:








Muammar al-Qathafi, Guide of many faces

LE MONDE | 22.08.2011 at 2:52 p.m. • Updated 10/17/2013 at 12:15 |By Jean Gueyras and Gilles Paris

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël en brandissant un pamplemousse "Jaffa", à Tripoli, le 25 mai 1973.

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël

en brandissant un pamplemousse “Jaffa”, à Tripoli,
Muammar Qathafi, who wants to be the champion of Arab nationalism, denounced American support for Israel

brandishing a grapefruit “Jaffa” in Tripoli
le 25 mai 1973. | ABBAS/MAGNUM PHOTOS

Born around 1942 in a goatskin tent somewhere in the desert of Sirte, Muammar al-Qathafi could stay longer confined to his village like so many Libyans. By the influence of his family , who had taken part in the long struggle against the Italian colonial powers, he had dreams and plans to overtake the imposed colonial monarchy. He collected a circle of friends, who, at the instigation of the young al-Qathafi, were to lead an ascetic life: their days are devoted to the study and prayer. They deprived themselves of alcohol , of tobacco , of drugs, do not go to nightclubs, and totally refrain from having pre-marital sex.

In 1965, al-Qathafi completed his studies at the Military Academy. He was sent the following year in England, where he attended a training period of six months at the Military Academy Sandhurst. Back in Libya, he devoted himself entirely to his military activities, while pursuing a clandestine sapping. The Arab defeat of June 1967 to face Israel pushes to accelerate its preparations. The decision to overthrow the regime of King Idriss is taken. 01 September  1969, the “al-Fateh Revolution” is a resounding success.

He quickly takes the upper hand over its peers. His emaciated face, with regular features, its black and voluntary eye, his smile quickly become tense legendary.“The Libyan revolution of Light is an aspect of Arab nationalism that you advocate, and now of whom you are the leader.”

It is in these terms that the young Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi is for the President Gamal Abdel Nasser, merely ten days after the overthrow of the colonial monarchy Senoussi.



Le colonel Mouammar Kadhafi à Colombo, au Sri Lanka, pendant le sommet des non-alignés de 1976.


His concern to imitate the Egyptian model borders on obsession. The offset is however clear between the Nasser regime, chastened by its many setbacks, and Colonel impetuous, impatient to achieve the objectives that Cairo has long held illusory. After Nasser’s death, 28 September 1970, the height of the oil resources of his country, he considers best qualified to take up the banner of pan-Arabism, but a draft “federation soft links” involving Libya the Egyptand Syria in jeopardy soon. Quickly scrambled or cold with most Arab countries, al-Qathafi is marginalized. This isolation will increase after the October 1973 war, for which he was not consulted.

al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed: –

Mu parachutes over the Suez Canal in  1973

In the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front, was  to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces, this is a great topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings of Diary of Staff General Egyptian in time of war ..

This is partly to break the reluctance of Libyans fed by these poor results, al-Qathafi launched the same year, his “cultural revolution”. It is necessary, he said to his people, “to mentally burn books that contain ideas imported from capitalist reaction or Jewish Communism. “ He says that the only authorized ideology that is from the book of God, the Holy Qur’an, and invites “free citizens” to take in hand the institutions, key services public and to take control of command posts. “Hunting the enemies of the revolution ” was built under. But it headlong.

To be facing a nascent opposition, al-Qathafi has the support of the poorest segments of the population (Bedouins, urban workers, youth). He adopted his ideas of “direct popular democratic power” to establish a system of government which in his view

“the first real democracy from Athens.”

Based on the “third Universal Theory”, exhibited in the famous Green Book of the Libyan leader – whose first issue appeared in 1976 – the new form of “government of the people” is exercised through the “Basic people’s congresses”  (which every citizen automatically belongs),” Basic popular committees ” (which are the executive bodies) and trade unions and professional associations: the base of a pyramid on top of which the General People’s Congress is, become the supreme authority of Libya, now called the Great Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”).

As for al-Qathafi, he became the Secretary of the General People’s Congress. For him, socialism advocated direct result of Islam , which is “the eternal message, the revolution continues, a new mother and theories ideology.” Consider themselves strong enough, it is run in April 1977, for the first time, some thirty opponents. They will not be the last.
Better able to devote to the “revolutionary action” Colonel al-Qathafi in September 1978 discharge of all his official duties.

« al-Qathafi’s comments about the people of Egypt with his speech Wednesday, March 2, 2011
al-Qathafi: Egypt became a ruin and the army does not work and play on the tank and sweep the streets and working in the sewers |
speech al-Qathafi on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 al-Qathafi renews his commitment to fight to the last man
and called the protests of the people plot to control oil Libya and the Libyan ground |
Recent News Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi, Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 Saif al-Islam al-Qathafi’s remarks:
“I shall give of trampling
on Shoe at the red lines will not go to Jeddah or Sharm el-Sheikh »


al-Qathafi’s speech on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

al-Qathafi renews his commitment to

fight to the last man and the so-called people’s demonstrations conspiracy to control

Libyan oil and the Libyan ground

Arab News and World



02 MARCH 2011:

Hordes Bomenaar:

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi spoke of his commitment to fight ” until the last man ” against what he called a conspiracy to control Libyan oil

and the Libyan soil,  denying that he has any position to resign from. He also denied that there were any “peaceful” demonstrations against him in parts of Libya, or the existence of any political prisoners. He threw the responsibility of what is happening on the he called sleeper cells

of al-Qaeda base ; and hecalled for the formation of an international fact-finding committee .

al-Qathafi  warned  within his speech today (before a ceremony held in a closed hall in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the proclamation of the so-called of much bloodshed happened if the intervention by the U.S. or foreign powers .

He said that the Libyans would not accept to be slaves ,

“and will run in a bloody war in which thousands die is composed of Libyans If  the United States or NATO entered the country.”


al-Qathhafi also repeated, at the ceremony – which was attended by foreign diplomats – , what he said in a speech earlier:

that he does not assume any official position or authority to abandon from; and he considered himself just a reference code

domesticated by the people.

al-Qathafi said that the officers of the revolution no longer have ” any connection to power in Libya at all”

after which was completed the liberation of the people from reactionary colonialism .

al-Qathafi says that The people became,  since then in charge of all powers in Libya:


” it is not the system in Libya, a government system or a class .  I challenge anyone who claims otherwise.

I withstand, and ask him who believes elsewise, to come to Libya and find out the truth from the people directly .”

He pointed out that what he called the power of the people of the General People’s Congress and the People’s Committees , asking him to intervene sometimes using what he described as his influence literary and the use of revolutionary legitimacy to encourage people to exercise their own power.

deny the accusation and ready
He denied al-Qathafi and the existence of any demonstrations in his country, saying that the people of the whole is supported by, and attributed what is happening in Libya to what he described as cells sleeper al-Qaeda infiltrated the territory of Libya and attacked the battalions of security and took control of some cities, but at the same time expressed his willingness for dialogue with anyone from al-Qaeda adding, “But the rule does not discuss nor the demands of her.”

“It is seen as an appearance in Libya understood that the protesters want al-Qathafi to step down, from what steps down al-Qathafi? there are small cells dormant Qaeda received orders from abroad gradually, there are some Libyans living abroad, in Afghanistan and Iraq. ”

and continued, “Some members of these cells are not Libyans. and went out suddenly and betrayed the Covenant, and these cells are dormant in very small groups. group in Benghazi and the other in the corner, the infiltration of some of them from abroad and Acetkanwa in these areas in the form of sleeper cells. ”

explained “The terrorists seized the weapons stores. there is no demonstration was launched never in Benghazi or white and there are no demonstrations. suddenly, came groups of underground and under the barracks became kill people. Ntrahm on our children who were killed and the children who deceived them.”

demands an investigation
and wondered, “How shall the Security Council and the United Nations resolutions on the basis of reports and news agencies?”, questioning the number of dead declared, pointing out that the death toll between 150 and two hundred, half of them security officers and other insurgents “terrorists”, but the number according to those agencies amounted to thousands.

in this context called al-Qathafi the United Nations and NATO to send a fact-finding committee to investigate the truth of what happened in Libya, pointing out that most of the dead in the cities of Benghazi and the white of the security men were killed in front of the headquarters of Ktaúbhm after an attack of what he called armed gangs.

Though So said al-Qathafi, his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has yet to decide fight what he called armed gangs, despite their control of cities such as Benghazi and Derna and white, pointing out that the people of those cities are subjected to a curfew by these militants.

justify joining
also join the leaders in the military and diplomats abroad resulting from a threat those by gunmen attacked their wives as al-Qathafi said.

considered al-Qathafi that armed groups trapping in place, and can be eliminated, citing what did the Israeli army in Gaza, saying he is fighting insurgents, or the killing of NATO to a hundred people in Afghanistan as militants, saying that kill the insurgents permissible if he decides to fight. was the commemoration of “handing over power to the people” began with the national anthem of Libya and tried to al-Qathafi repeatedly delay his speech a few minutes to give the opportunity to slogans supporting him to appear, and I heard his instructions repeated his aides to focus lights cameras on the owners of these chants before that there is silence and starts Speaking at the ceremony…


Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely ..


(Sister Ezz men)


Common Flock

Mu gently

Our dear and good Mu


Emblem of the  People's Armed Forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Mu  drowsidly eyes

the Resistance 09 DEC. 2013:
Greetings to my fellow martyrs Martyrs Sirte glory in the battlefields
“The national grand”


Some researchers are pointing out that Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose Central Bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war.

Islam forbids the charging of interest, a major problem for the Rothschild banking system. Until a few hundred years ago, charging interest was also forbidden in the Christian world and was even punishable by death. It was considered exploitation and enslavement.

Since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England around 1815, they have been expanding their banking control over all the countries of the world. Their method has been to get a country’s corrupt politicians to accept massive loans, which they can never repay, and thus go into debt to the Rothschild banking powers. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. And if that fails, invasions can follow, and a Rothschild usury-based bank is established.


Re-patched …. News

Libya’s central bank shot diagonally loan worth 100 million dollars at the request of Doha and another to Turkey worth 200 million dollars due to the high interest. The news agency quoted the Chinese remarks director of financial markets, the bank (lamp Akkari) on Wednesday as saying that the Central Bank of Libya has to repay a loan of 100 million dollars without interest, had been submitted by International Bank of Qatar to Libya during “the revolution of 17 February 2011” during the reign of Libyan Transitional Council the past. “and said he” suddenly and without warning request during the past few days retrieving the loan, and immediately the central bank capped the second day of the request without hesitation. “He (Akkari) that Libya also received a loan of  Turkey worth 200 million dollars of great benefit by 2.6 percent. explained (Akkari) that the stock market provides a memorandum to the Libyan central bank governor that the large Turkish loan interest and must be repaid, and immediately made the decision to repay the loan and have already been paid by the Central Bank.
Abdel Moez Bannon informs us:
# Libya …

The Central Bank of Libya to pay the loan to the State of Qatar 72.85€ million, were paid by Qatar to Libya during the (so-called) “revolution”, and after the claim reimburse the State of Qatar, has been repaid in the next day to ask for a direct snap ..

The bank also has a loan to pay another 145.7€ million dollars to the Turkish government …

Complaint to Paris concerning a former head of the Libyan

Revolutionary Committees, who was tortured by the French.


Article in French language about the torture of a leading member of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees, Tahar Dehech, by French and Qatari officials in Libya; and the opening of a legal case against them in France.

by Ismail:

After the book of French journalist Catrine Graciet was recently published, entitled “Sarkozy, Kaddafi: a history of betrayal”, a major witness is now talking. About these workings, Tahar Dehech, (a former head of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees), tells how he was tortured by the French, during the NATO aggression against Libya.

While everyone thought that this case would be forgotten, and the victim, Tahar Dehech, left behind,

it does not stop there; and his lawyer, Eric Moutet, filed a complaint Thursday in Paris for the opening of a legal information judicial hearing.

Have the French participated in tortures during their attacks against Libya in 2011?

It is, in answer to this question, that could meet the French justice, if it decides to proceed with the complaint lodged by Tahar Dehech, on Thursday, 28 November 2012. This former Libyan politician says in effect, that he was tortured by the French in 2011 after the fall of Tripoli which was taken from Libyan Supreme Commander Muammar al-Qathafi.

In the words of Master Eric Moutet, his lawyer, a complaint with a civil action has been filed with the Dean of Judges to Paris for the opening of a judicial inquiry.

Tahar Dehech, former head of revolutionary committees, had already laid the charges in the book “Sarkozy-Gaddafi secret history of betrayal”.

Tahar Dehech was arrested 21 September 2011 by an armed group named “Katibat Shahid Mohamed Madani.” He was then taken to a hotel which was converted into a prison on the seaside,  and in which he was detained for forty days.

He confided that he was tortured by the “rebel” Libyans and Qataris, but also added that French participated in these sessions several times.

 “French and Qataris asked the same questions. If my answer differed, it was electricity…” adding,

“Naked and hooded, they put me barefoot in a puddle and then sent me then to be tortured.”  He was

hung on an axis by the arms and legs, and swung upside down, when he was hit with “electricity and electric batons,  among others things,” and was subjected to electric shocks behind the ears, armpits and on testes, and that he seems to have fallen afterwards.

According to the complaint, there were two men  between 35 and 45 years old, dressed in civilian clothes, and a woman too who always dressed in civilian clothes, with black hair, white skin and measuring approximately 1.65 m.

Finally, from what Dahech Tahar (who is also French) heard,  these French belong to an armed group named “Katibat Shahid Mohamed Madani”, working for Bernard Henri-Levy and of course Sarkozy .

According to Taher’s story, the questions they asked during interrogation sessions, focused on his work with the al-Qathafi family;  but also, according to the complaint, they asked for the “place of storage of missiles, chemical weapons caches, aliens to whom Colonel al-Qathafi had given money.”

Tahar Dahech managed to escape on 27 October 2011, and go to Tunisia, where he was born.

He was questioned by Tunisian Justices three months later, and then released,

at the request of the new Libyan authorities to affect the external security the Tunisian government.

By then, he had denounced his French torturers, given his testimony (contained in the minutes handed to his lawyer,

Maitre Eric Moutet), who attached it to the complaint, as well as a medical certificate issued in Sousse which reported “scars skin wounds multiple in the back and front sides of both legs and aleft inguinal hernia coinciding with physical aggression”.

The complaint was finally filed Thursday in Paris and should now be on the entry of a judge.

This also may put the spotlight another accusation by Tahar Dahech in his book. Therein, he assures that there is evidence of political funding of former President Nicolas Sarkozy by the Libyan Jamahiriya.

“Evidence carries that 57 million was paid in two installments,” Tahar explains. French judges are investigating allegations of Libyan funding of the Sarkozy presidential campaign of 2007. (Naturally, the former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, denies all charges concerned.)


Dr. Paul represents millions of Americans who want peace. We don’t believe in the mainstream rationale that these wars are for a good reason. We are awake to peace. Dr. Paul is responsible for waking more people up than anyone else in recent history.”



Libya will not allow the entry of UN peacekeepers to the territory
12/17/2013, 13:51

ليبيا لن تسمح بدخول قوات حفظ السلام الأممية إلى أراضيها
Photo: © AFP

Said permanent envoy to Britain to the United Nations, Mark Grant Eyal, told reporters that Libya has rejected a UN plan to send more than 200 soldiers from the peacekeeping forces into its territory to protect the UN mission there.

The UN Security Council has agreed last month on the idea of sending 235 “blue hat” to Libya on the back of the prevalence of the attack on the 200 soldiers from the United Nations Mission present in Tripoli.

Grant pointed out that the Libyan government has approved the beginning of the plan, but later rejected it, saying that it is outside interference.

According to the UN report, which was published in the September / September of this year, crime prevail in Libya after the fall of The Great Jamahiriya in 2011 and insurgents controlled large areas of the country.

ليبيا لن تسمح بدخول قوات حفظ السلام الأممية إلى أراضيها

Disclaimer :: ::
Coup attempt brothers failed to topple the government Zaidane today in a meeting of local councils,

and the response was head of the local council of the city of Tobruk stinging in the face of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,

which led to thwart the coup that was sneaky this meeting,,,,,

who was speaking and wanted to drop Ali Zaidane, was Jamal Haji. ..

Haj Faraj’s reply was harsh .. And stinging .. Which led to the withdrawal of Jamal Haji from the Meeting.
The Haj Faraj returned to the meeting after leaving it, because he saw that the meeting came about items that came for it!!

# (Gate _ Libya)



JOHN McCAIN HONORS the Emir of the Libyan Fighting Group Abdul Hakim Belhadj with an AWARD!!!…


Partial interruption of communication between the eastern and western regions  

Atmosphere of the country – Ahmad Azaaeljk
The general director of the company phone Libya “Hussein Toalb” The communication was cut off between the eastern and western regions Wednesday afternoon because of a break in the fiber optic cable terrestrial link between the two regions.
He Toalb ” told the atmosphere of the country that the devices measurements showed that the cutting occurred in the area” as the year “likely to be the reason for the work of excavation or settlement.
He stressed, “Toalb” maintenance teams that went to the place and will show discontinuity detection operations and maintenance due to the nature of the holidays and accurately.
It is noteworthy that in the same cable definitely happened last Sunday between Misrata and  the City of five.
The Ministry of Education and the Libyan
Management exams intensify its efforts to prepare for final exams
Books / Mustafa Ferjany
The head of the department setting management exams at the Ministry of Education (a. Jibril guest of God) that all statements data entry students certificates completed two phases of primary and secondary education has been forwarded permanently offices exams areas and circulated to all schools for data entry students certificates and compliance with health sequence school student .. He (Guest God) in his statement to the website of the ministry today, Wednesday, December 18, 2013 AD that work is underway to prepare for the main exam system receiving input data from the offices of the approved examinations areas according to specific timelines “for the postponement Athtml” .. In the same vein called (Guest God) all students certificates (in homes) to go to the modular exams areas to dictate payroll data input without reference to administer exams main ministry accompanied by documents that prove the validity of the academic hierarchy ..

 Security Fund pensioners demanding a review of the security services offices ….

Called the Social Security Fund Messrs. pensioners security, military and civilian pensions and insurance Owaluclae them, review the security services offices, both by the seat of residence.
The student fund – in his announcement pensioners to bring security and pension card form the national number of eligible family members, so as to maintain the continuity of the pension on time.
Urgent / employees spark oil storming the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy to demand the resignation of the minister after the adoption of the new Board of Directors of the company in violation of the law.
Stormed the employees of the spark of oil, this afternoon, the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, the interim government in protest against the adoption of the new Board of Directors of the Company. Added the source from the Ministry of Economy that “employees of the spark stormed the ministry’s headquarters to demand to reverse the decision and some of the other demands of their own Komazvin.” The source pointed out The Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the ministry to negotiate with the protesters and agreed deadline a day or two to reach a final solution. “the source pointed out that the company’s employees chanted against the ministry and its policy in dealing with many issues.
(Libya’s Al-Watan newspaper)
Al-Quds Al-Arabi 18/12/2013:
Suleiman Zubi: National Conference will not end on February 7
Member of the National Conference of Solomon Zoppi, National Congress will not end on 07 February 2014:FB VIDEO
عضو المؤتمر الوطني سليمان زوبي: المؤتمر الوطني لن ينتهي في ٧ فبراير
Fatima Ahamroch,,,,,,,,,,,
Some are calling that an advisory opinion in Libya cut off the hands of thieves. If actually issued this fatwa has been implemented, I am not exaggerating by saying that we will enter the Guinness World Records under the title: “Most people’s disability in the world!”


Alert ::::

Discovery in thickness Sam Libyan shores lead to death

Warned Chief of inspection control center on the Food and Drug poet Ahmed, of a kind of fish called Sam (maritime Rabbit) located along the Libyan coast, although eating can lead to death.
The poet said, in a statement to the newspaper Korina new they had a tip by Hamid Othman, the citizen of the area Qmins confirms the existence of a large number of marine fish Rabbit scattered on the shore Qmins has caused the poisoning of some of the citizens of the region.
On his part, said the veterinarian in the marine wealth of Benghazi and the Libyan President of the Association for veterinarians Salem customary, this type of fish is not known in the Libyan coast was introduced from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea recently.
According to customary law, that in the year 2007 2008 back of this kind of fish in the Egyptian beaches and caused the death of many people in addition to its discovery in the Turkish coast and Greek in that period, pointing out that it proved he was in the Libyan coast in 2008 and specifically the area Batnan.
The veterinarian, that the thickness of the rabbit sea is inherently Sam and not because of exposure to environmental pollution, noting, that the symptoms of poisoning are in a state of nausea in general, but the danger lies in the periods of reproduction of this fish, which leads to an increase in the proportion of poison in it, specifically in the liver and genitals eating naturally leads to death.

(Valley girl)



“Atmosphere of the country” Abdul Razzaq Cbahi says:

“We signed an agreement to modernize the Air Force with France and have been allocated 60% of the observed value.

We have asked the Congress pass a law criminalizing carrying weapons without a permit, and inspection

campaigns will be launched on unlicensed weapons and there will be official channels to give permits to

those who deserve to bear arms.

will not move any car within the city of Tripoli armed only with instructions and accompanied by military police car, and ten gates around the Tripoli ensure that the entry of any car armed to the city.”



MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in TRIPOLI are armed to cause bloodshed and CHAOS in CAIRO in January 2014

Libyan sources for “veto”: Elements of the Brotherhood are

present in Tripoli to get large quantities of weapons .. “Restricted”

is trying to blow up the violence in Egypt on the anniversary of the

January revolution .. Base “Mitiga” air shipments witnessed the

arrival of Turkish unknown

Tuesday 17 / December / 2013 – 22:50

File photo

File photo ofMustafa Barakat

Revealed Informed Libyan sources, for managed security services, to monitor the arrival of the number of followers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to Tripoli, after holding the elements of the banned a series of secret meetings in “Benghazi.” According to the sources, the round of the Brotherhood in Libya, including the city, “Misrata,” which controlled by militias tracking group in Libya and falls their ranks Egyptian elements.
sources confirmed, that the group that arrived from the followers of the “banned” is to facilitate the entry of the country to know the Brotherhood Libya, and since their arrival security services monitored their movements, and interviews confidential, in order to obtain large quantities of weapons, in preparation to be smuggled across the Egyptian border.
source believes that this step comes in light of preparations banned, to provoke riots and armed actions in Egypt on 25 January next year, to coincide with the celebration of the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.
attributed sources “veto” this weighting to the leaks that come out from the Brotherhood Libyan , and on the need to support the “banned” in Cairo during the event gravely missed expected, in Cairo during January.
The sources, who spoke for “veto,” that the (base Mitiga air) controlled by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, led by Abdul Karim Belhadj, and military officers the country who are in Libya, has seen The arrival of cargo planes country and Turkey during the last period, in an unprecedented way, have been cordoned off from the secret about the nature of the cargo found on board these aircraft were not disclosed until now, which is a cause for concern from the arrival of arms shipments to Takrenha before the arrival of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 
She Sources: “the group’s leaders in Libya and members of parliament have used the issue of the emergence of Ahmad Gadafa-Dam blood relations coordinator Egyptian – Libyan former, in the reign of  the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and launched a media campaign against Cairo, in order to disrupt the visit members of the group native to the country, and the aim of the campaign against Cairo to create pretext to discredit information arming “banned” from Tripoli, the case has been uncovered information about them.On the other hand alerted sources, the need for the Egyptian authorities caution in the coming days, especially as Turkey and Qatar, and placed a plan to ignite the western border with Cairo, with the aim of exhaustion of the Egyptian army in confrontations with militias armed across the Libyan border, in order to open the front face of new to relieve pressure on al-Qaeda in Sinai.
The sources pointed out, the intention of the Brotherhood Libya escalation of the attack against the Egyptian regime during the coming period, under the name of “delivery codes Gaddafi” in order to expel the Egyptian ambassador in Tripoli, fearing monitoring members of the diplomatic mission, visits to members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, adding that the common expulsion of the Egyptian ambassador and sever ties stop behind the Muslim Brotherhood across the page “forged” speak on behalf of the National Congress, the public and managed by the Muslim Brotherhood.



Channel Ifrane on Facebook ::::::
Motoqh sources said the RAT Prime Minister on Zaidane will visit the cities of Mount Nafusa next Friday, will visit the cities of the mountain, but the cities of Gharyan and Kklh and Asabah and Ifrane and the castle and Gado refuse to receive it has sent a memorandum in this regard to the Prime Minister’s Office ..
In protest at the government’s stance negative direction of the abduction of the President of the local council Kklh Mr. Ibrahim small.


Picture of the jeep, which was stolen yesterday from one of the citizens Ajeelat and found
lying on the road in the area of ​​the head of Joseph.


Word now: –

In these moments are delivered President of the Council of Elders and Local Pkklh
.. In the presence of members of the National Congress, and the presence of the Council of Elders and Rishvana,
it was agreed to hand over Abdulkuddous to the judicial police under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice
to complete the investigation,
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya


Urgent special page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana:
We have successfully agreed on the release of detainees from the people Kklh after efforts and post Memberlist National Congress Sharif adequate and Zaidane lamp Abubakar Hamouda, Abdullah Aalghemati and F-Sayeh and honest Kasher and Chairman of the Shura Council and Rishvana and head of the Information Office Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr and a large gathering of elders and notables and Rishvana not the remains, but little time To end this story.

The field commander of the rebels Kklh Mohamed Belkacem Alkkla

in my contact with him shortly before his release and said he was in touch with

Congress MP Hribe Abdul Aziz, who assured him the news.
The commander in the field that it was the release of all detainees from the area

and the people Kklh Rishvana and who were arrested recently
Source: – journalist Essam Al-Zubair

le statut de o’clock news in Rishvana and Libya.

Now meeting all the notables and Rishvana of the Shura Council and the local council

and civil society institutions in the area Alhachan center to resolve the problems between

the family and the brothers of Lzimaim Kklh.
We ask God to reconcile all.

Today we have extensive contacts on the subject of Kklh and Tndt elders and notables Rishvana with Kklh to discuss the issue and develop a solution to the subject of our part as your tribe and Rishvana largest Libyan tribe page and Rishvana on Facebook pleasure for us to make it clear follows:
1 -call on all parties and ill Rishvana Okklh dialogue to which the voice of reason is the language of dialogue
2 -emphasize the sanctity of bloodshed between Muslims and the winner is the loser because any fighting between the brothers does not have a winner … But where there is only a loser
3 -wonder and ask Gnjoh called to Aanivhb your Ahqq to fascinate?
4 -assure the legitimacy that the fatwa decreed by scholars is the commitment of the houses in strife.
5 -We ask God Almighty to slimming on this subject in the nearest time.
(Op main page tribe and the Libyan Rishvana)

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
Disclaimer on 17 DECEMBER 2013
We want God’s peace and reconciliation between the Rishvana and we Kklh shows Khot,
God Rishvana and we do not want to get into conflicts with one, for fear of not one but Hecda brought up. ..
I am my best friend Leah darling and Khoi Khoi and God uniforms of Kklh ..
Channel Kklh on Facebook :::
Office security committee, Salim security apparatus does not follow Kklh not to Kklh any relation with it.
Council is chaired by Abdul Ghani nicknamed me “Gneoh”
Kkly origin …. And Hedda does not mean that the dependency system or institution to Kklh
He is a third-party security security security and the work of its members and affiliates of the Abu Salim area …
catch any process undertaken by the Council does not mean that Kklh are done by just because of office chairs Kkly original.
The logic of the tribal logic is wrong ..
and we were always on the page call on the army and police and dismantling the militias of all kinds,
but does not accept the right and arrest operations in accordance
with the laws and regulations in place security in all countries of the world.
Libya: reports of the orientation of a convoy of Kklh Mddj medium and heavy weapons
towards the bridge Zahra decode Kklh of prisoners held at Isa children by force.
(Channel capital)


One of those crazy ICC petitions is cirulating again; so I must reiterate DO NOT SIGN IT!


Zintan will never harm Saif

ZINTAN will never harm SAIF!





Amid the silence of a government terrible: drones hovering over the cities of Sabratha and Surman for long hours

Libyan homeland – particularly

The drones exploratory forays over the cities of Sabratha and Surman, the flights have increased since last Friday, amid fears of a U.S. and Western increasing activities of al-Qaeda in Libya.
According to eyewitnesses, the homeland of Libya, these aircraft can be seen clearly for flying at low altitudes, and the population listen to the voices of those planes is clearly
And is committed to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, overseeing the drone program, the policy of silence about the air strikes carried out by this kind of attack aircraft, to target the armed militias, particularly with extremist ideology.
The U.S. military sources have confirmed the United States’ use of drones in Libya during the military intervention of NATO, for the purpose of monitoring arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, but they refused to disclose whether the program is still continuing.


Zuwarah Media Center | Zuwara Media Center ::::::

Poll of the image plane, which hovers in the sky of the city of Zuwarah

throughout the past three days, where we were able to capture this image

of the unknown aircraft this evening while flying over the city.

Complete information about the aircraft, which hover over the cities of Benghazi and Derna earlier and now its mission over the western region Zuwarah and Sorman: –
The aircraft is of type EP-3E ARIES II is considered the crown jewel of the U.S. Navy in terms of their capacity to collect information hypersensitive; That plane loaded with receivers and antennas capable of intercepting and analyzing wireless communications military and civilian, as well as other types of electronic communication of e-mail and fax machines and telephone connections, and can be for the American forces through the analysis of these contacts to identify plans and movements of the target state of peace and war.
This plane, which costs 36 million dollars able to fly for more than twelve hours and a distance of 3,000 nautical miles, equivalent to 5555 kilometers. There are of this type about 12 aircraft with the U.S. Navy and can accommodate up to 24 people are full crew between pilots and technicians. The plane with four engines and a length of 32.28 meters and 30.36 meters Paljnahin.
معلومات كاملة عن الطائرة التى تحوم فوق مدينتى بنغازى ودرنة في وقت سابق والأن مهمتها فوق المنطقة الغربية زوارة وصرمان:-الطائرة هي من نوع EP-3E ARIES II تعتبر جوهرة تاج البحرية الأمريكية من حيث قدراتها على جمع المعلومات شديدة الحساسية؛ فتلك الطائرة محمّلة بأجهزة استقبال وهوائيات قادرة على اعتراض وتحليل الاتصالات اللاسلكية العسكرية والمدنية، بالإضافة إلى الأنواع الأخرى من الاتصالات الإلكترونية من بريد إلكتروني وأجهزة فاكس واتصالات تليفونية، ويمكن للقوات الأمريكية من خلال تحليل هذه الاتصالات التعرف على خطط وتحركات الهدف حالة السلم والحرب.هذه الطائرة التي تتكلف 36 مليون دولار قادرة على الطيران لما يزيد عن اثنتي عشرة ساعة ولمسافة 3000 ميل بحري، أي ما يوازي 5555 كيلومترا. ويوجد من هذا النوع حوالي 12 طائرة لدى البحرية الأمريكية وتتسع لـ24 فردًا هم طاقم الطائرة الكاملة ما بين طيارين وتقنيين. والطائرة بها أربعة محركات وطولها 32.28 مترا وعرضها بالجناحين 30.36 مترًا.



Interruption of communications noon for ZLITEN, “Libyana, orbit, Internet”



Interruption of communications noon for MISURATA “Libyana, orbit, Internet”




18 DEC. 2013 VICTORY 1

Sirte ResellOne Aamehllagha,,, Look Dhanaha Mato sentence in Spaha (FB PAGE)
Allah Akbar .. Liberal carry out the process of the first quality in the heart of Misurata
He, the Almighty (God punish killers hands and helps heal them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers and goes rage of their hearts and repent to God wills, and Allah is Knowing, Wise) Almighty God
The Special Unit 38 of the formations and the sectors battalion Garah and with support from the Tres Legion and Rafla proud shortly before stormed the headquarters of rats apostates, or the so-called battalion rebels Badr in Misurata b (3 SAMs 7) and (4 missiles Astngr) at the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee of the rebels NATO in the city of Misrata has been the injury was in the depth of the target, which led to an almost complete destruction of the battalion headquarters and killed 36 of the rat Taratir dogs and NATO have been identified on some dead rats apostates are not following God’s mercy :::
1 – Rat apostate Yunis Salem Alboukbouka
2 – Rat apostate rock Saleh Abdulsalam Al-Masood
3 – Rat apostate Abdulmutallab Hussein Fadlallah five-year
4 – Rat apostate Osama Abdulaziz Firas angular
5 – Rat apostate Abdul Majid Saad Mohammed Alchouda
6 – Rat apostate green denominator Ibrahim Alkkla
After the implementation of this process quality and when to withdraw from conclusive Misrata clashed with members of the rats battalion Rulrhh that arrived to promote and assign rats battalion Badr was the clash of arms, medium and heavy has been hit by heavy losses and led to the arrest of three of the rats battalion Rulrhh they ::
1 – Rat Faraj Mohammed Amin Altilawy
2 – Rat Walid Hazem Mujahid Alsabhawi
3 – Rat Abdulaziz Nasser Mohammed Ghiryani
Valley hell ya dead rats and dogs NATO and what are the tip of the iceberg and will Tendmon on the necks of the commander of the Code Martyr Muammar Gaddafi is not venerated the eyes of cowards, but will not get you nowhere remorse heroes and Tris Great Jamahiriya has devoted themselves to cleanse the nation and defend the destiny and the liberalization of the great sea, air and land from abomination oppressive occupier and to take revenge for all are free and silks majority who have been humiliated by the apostates rats Sarkozy and that our belief in the case of Libya and the freedom of the Great Jamahiriya to Novi Bahdna hero martyr leader Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi, Secretary of Arab nationalism and that we are soldiers Alovyin Under his leadership either victory with the help of God or the certificate on Three Great Jamahiriya and we have and we are ready for …
Coming to cleanse Tripoli
Today’s Wednesday ::
15 / zero / 1435 AH
18 / December / AD
* Military spokesman Special Unit 38
* Abu Qaqa Warfali
* Companies bonds
* Special Unit 38
* Battalion Garah 88
* Armed people
* Libyan resistance glorious
* Libyan armed forces Mujahid
لله اكبر .. الاحرار ينفذوا اول عملية نوعية في قلب مصراتهقال تبارك وتعالى ( قاتلوهم يعذبهم الله بأيديكم ويخزهم وينصركم عليهم ويشف صدور قوم مؤمنين ويذهب غيظ قلوبهم ويتوب الله على من يشاء والله عليم حكيم ) صدق الله العظيمقامت الوحدة الخاصة 38 من تشكيلات وقطاعات كتيبة الجارح وبأسناد من تريس جحفل ورفله الأبي قبل قليل بدك مقر الجرذان المرتدين او ما يسمى كتيبة ثوار بدر في مصراته بـ (3 صواريخ سام 7) و (4 صواريخ استنغر) على مقر اللجنة الأمنية العليا التابعة لثوار النيتو في مدينة مصراتة وقد كانت الأصابة في عمق الهدف مما ادى الى تدمير شبه كامل لمقر الكتيبة ومصرع 36 جرذ من طراطير وكلاب النيتو وتم التعرف على بعض قتلى الجرذان المرتدين لا رحمهم الله التالية اسمائهم :::
1- الجرذ المرتد سالم طارق يونس البخبخي
2- الجرذ المرتد صخر صالح عبدالسلام المسعود
3- الجرذ المرتد عبدالمطلب حسين فضل الخمسي
4- الجرذ المرتد اسامة عبدالعزيز فراس الزاوي
5- الجرذ المرتد عبدالمجيد سعد محمد الشويهدي
6- الجرذ المرتد الأخضر بالقاسم ابراهيم الككليوبعد تنفيذ هذه العملية النوعية وعند الأنسحاب من قاطع مصراتة وقع اشتباك مع افراد وجرذان كتيبة القوارشه التي وصلت لتعزيز واسناد جرذان كتيبة بدر وكان الأشتباك بالأسلحة المتوسطة والثقيلة وقد اصابتهم خسائر فادحة وادى الى القاء القبض على 3 من جرذان كتيبة القوارشة وهم ::1- الجرذ محمد فرج امين التلاوي
2- الجرذ وليد حازم مجاهد السبهاوي
3- الجرذ عبدالعزيز ناصر محمد الغريانيفألى جهنم وبئس المصير يا قتلى الجرذان وكلاب النيتو وما هي الى غيض من فيض وسوف تندمون على خيانتكم للقائد الرمز الشهيد معمر القذافي فلا قرت أعين الجبناء ولكن لن ينفعكم ندم فأبطال وتريس الجماهيرية العظمى قد نذروا انفسهم لتطهير الوطن والذود عن مقدراته وتحرير العظمى بحرا وجوا وبرا من رجس المحتل الغاشم و لأخذ الثأر لكل احرار وحرائر العظمى الذين تعرضوا للأهانة من قبل المرتدين جرذان ساركوزي وذلك ايمانا منا بالقضية الليبية وحرية الجماهيرية العظمى لنوفي بعهدنا للبطل الشهيد القائد المجاهد معمر القذافي أمين القومية العربية وبأننا جنوده الوفيين وتحت قيادته فأما النصر بعون الله او الشهادة على ثرى الجماهيرية العظمى ونحن لها ونحن اهلها…قادمون لتطهير طرابلس
لهذا اليوم الأربعاء الموافق ::
15 / صفر / 1435 هجري
18 / كانون الأول / ميلادي* الناطق العسكري بأسم الوحدة الخاصة 38
* ابو القعقاع الــورفـلــي* سرايا الأسناد
* الوحدة الخاصة 38
* كـتـيـبـة الـجــارح 88
* الشعب المسلح
* المقاومة الليبية المجيدة
* القوات المسلحة الليبية المجاهدة



 Men battalion current situation
Ivory (quality processes _ Libyan resistance dishonest) for
Wednesday. 12/18/2013
(God punish killers hands and helps heal them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers and goes rage of their hearts and repent to God wills, and Allah is Knowing, Wise)
Bleeding masses of our people to the Libyan Sharif Hedda News: –
The Special Unit 38 of the formations and the sectors battalion Garah and with support from men Legion and Rafla proud shortly before stormed the headquarters of rats apostates, or the so-called battalion rebels Badr in Misurata b (3 SAMs 7) and (4 missiles Astngr) at the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee of the rebels NATO in the city of Misrata has been the injury was in the depth of the target, which led to an almost complete destruction of the battalion headquarters and killed 36 of the rat Taratir dogs and NATO have been identified on some dead rats apostates are not following God’s mercy :::
1 – Rat apostate Yunis Salem Alboukbouka
2 – Rat apostate rock Saleh Abdulsalam Al-Masood
3 – Rat apostate Abdulmutallab Hussein Fadlallah five-year
4 – Rat apostate Osama Abdulaziz Firas angular
5 – Rat apostate Abdul Majid Saad Mohammed Alchouda
6 – Rat apostate green denominator Ibrahim Alkkla
After the implementation of this process quality and when to withdraw from conclusive Misrata clashed with members of the rats battalion Rulrhh that arrived to promote and assign rats battalion Badr was the clash of arms, medium and heavy has been hit by heavy losses and led to the arrest of three of the rats battalion Rulrhh they ::
1 – Rat Faraj Mohammed Amin Altilawy
2 – Rat Walid Hazem Mujahid Alsabhawi
3 – Rat Abdulaziz Nasser Mohammed Ghiryani
Valley hell ya dead rats and dogs NATO and what are the tip of the iceberg and will Tendmon on the necks of the commander of the Code Martyr Muammar Gaddafi is not venerated the eyes of cowards, but will not get you nowhere remorse heroes and Tris Great Jamahiriya has devoted themselves to cleanse the nation and defend the destiny and the liberalization of the great sea, air and land from abomination oppressive occupier and to take revenge for all are free and silks majority who have been humiliated by the apostates rats Sarkozy and that our belief in the case of Libya and the freedom of the Great Jamahiriya to Novi Bahdna hero martyr leader Mujahid Muammar Gaddafi, Secretary of Arab nationalism and that we are soldiers Alovyin Under his leadership either victory with the help of God or the certificate on Three Great Jamahiriya and we have and we are ready for …
Coming to cleanse Tripoli
Today’s Wednesday ::
15 / zero / 1435 AH
18 / December / AD
* Military spokesman Special Unit 38
* Abu Qaqa Warfali
* Companies bonds
* Special Unit 38
* Battalion Garah 88
* Armed people
* Libyan resistance glorious
* Libyan armed forces Mujahid
Hedda work and dedicate to the souls of the martyrs of the Great Jamahiriya and the People’s Armed Forces
God is great and above Kid aggressors
The statement issued by the battalion Garah Libyan resistance factions and dishonest
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
كتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
عاجـــ(عمليات نوعيه _ المقاومه الليبيه الشريفه)ــــــــــل
الاربعاء . 18-12-2013
( قاتلوهم يعذبهم الله بأيديكم ويخزهم وينصركم عليهم ويشف صدور قوم مؤمنين ويذهب غيظ قلوبهم ويتوب الله على من يشاء والله عليم حكيم )
نزف الى جماهير شعبنا الليبي الشريف هدا الخبر :-
قامت الوحدة الخاصة 38 من تشكيلات وقطاعات كتيبة الجارح وبأسناد من رجال جحفل ورفله الأبي قبل قليل بدك مقر الجرذان المرتدين او ما يسمى كتيبة ثوار بدر في مصراته بـ (3 صواريخ سام 7) و (4 صواريخ استنغر) على مقر اللجنة الأمنية العليا التابعة لثوار النيتو في مدينة مصراتة وقد كانت الأصابة في عمق الهدف مما ادى الى تدمير شبه كامل لمقر الكتيبة ومصرع 36 جرذ من طراطير وكلاب النيتو وتم التعرف على بعض قتلى الجرذان المرتدين لا رحمهم الله التالية اسمائهم :::
1- الجرذ المرتد سالم طارق يونس البخبخي
2- الجرذ المرتد صخر صالح عبدالسلام المسعود
3- الجرذ المرتد عبدالمطلب حسين فضل الخمسي
4- الجرذ المرتد اسامة عبدالعزيز فراس الزاوي
5- الجرذ المرتد عبدالمجيد سعد محمد الشويهدي
6- الجرذ المرتد الأخضر بالقاسم ابراهيم الككلي
وبعد تنفيذ هذه العملية النوعية وعند الأنسحاب من قاطع مصراتة وقع اشتباك مع افراد وجرذان كتيبة القوارشه التي وصلت لتعزيز واسناد جرذان كتيبة بدر وكان الأشتباك بالأسلحة المتوسطة والثقيلة وقد اصابتهم خسائر فادحة وادى الى القاء القبض على 3 من جرذان كتيبة القوارشة وهم ::
1- الجرذ محمد فرج امين التلاوي
2- الجرذ وليد حازم مجاهد السبهاوي
3- الجرذ عبدالعزيز ناصر محمد الغرياني
فألى جهنم وبئس المصير يا قتلى الجرذان وكلاب النيتو وما هي الى غيض من فيض وسوف تندمون على خيانتكم للقائد الرمز الشهيد معمر القذافي فلا قرت أعين الجبناء ولكن لن ينفعكم ندم فأبطال وتريس الجماهيرية العظمى قد نذروا انفسهم لتطهير الوطن والذود عن مقدراته وتحرير العظمى بحرا وجوا وبرا من رجس المحتل الغاشم و لأخذ الثأر لكل احرار وحرائر العظمى الذين تعرضوا للأهانة من قبل المرتدين جرذان ساركوزي وذلك ايمانا منا بالقضية الليبية وحرية الجماهيرية العظمى لنوفي بعهدنا للبطل الشهيد القائد المجاهد معمر القذافي أمين القومية العربية وبأننا جنوده الوفيين وتحت قيادته فأما النصر بعون الله او الشهادة على ثرى الجماهيرية العظمى ونحن لها ونحن اهلها…
قادمون لتطهير طرابلس
لهذا اليوم الأربعاء الموافق ::
15 / صفر / 1435 هجري
18 / كانون الأول / ميلادي
* الناطق العسكري بأسم الوحدة الخاصة 38
* ابو القعقاع الــورفـلــي
* سرايا الأسناد
* الوحدة الخاصة 38
* كـتـيـبـة الـجــارح 88
* الشعب المسلح
* المقاومة الليبية المجيدة
* القوات المسلحة الليبية المجاهدة
ونهدي هدا العمل الى ارواح شهداء الجماهيريه العظمى وقوات الشعب المسلح
والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين
البيان كما صدر عن كتيبة الجارح وفصائل المقاومه الليبيه الشريفه
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي



Close the offices of the Free Syrian Army in the city of Misrata.

Referred to the main office is located in their area Almquaobh on the highway the other hand, the Libyan stationery Island have been arrested, many of them in the trade of illegal weapons inside and outside the city collecting weapons from the rebels and then sell them locally to other cities.

Krtt shape the story?!

* Singing out of tune.

(Omar Alqoira)


The assassination of Dr. Mokhtar Ramadan Altaorga Bmasratp inside his clinic …

The victim was the head of the kids for 20 years.



Your presence, “Bani Walid” all nations rumor ..:
A group of young people of Bani Walid today to begin the restoration of the monument to the
Battle of Wadi Dinar immortal after being vandalized by the descendants of Bandhat Jratsiana war
in Resolution No. 7 on the city
la photo de Bani Walid speak.Tribute to the traffic police in Bani Walid actually manhood positions manhood manhood acts by our work on the ground!!
This is the love of the homeland remains a little gratitude in their right!!

The young city of Bani Walid maintenance of the monument to the Battle of dinars Sacred Valley in preparation for the anniversary of the famous battle fought by our ancestors, the heroes against the forces of Italian colonization in the last century
Moved on their own and self-paid Bmjhodhm
In order to Bani Walid give their lives .. They are the youth of Bani Walid
The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla



 the continuation of a network outage orbit on all across the city.

Greeting to the family of Mr. Commander

(wounds Mutassim Mahn wounds lead, not for NATO Sirte Matindas)
I am a media material Azaim poem Song Ali Kilani
Voir la traduction
Poet Ali al-Kilani in a poem Mahn wounds lead

أهــداء الي أسـرة سيـدي القـائد (جــروح معتصــم مــاهن جـروح رصــاص،،لـــولا النــــاتــو ســــرت ماتنــدأســـ )
مادة اعلامية عزايم عمري قصيده كلمات علي الكيلاني

الشاعر علي الكيلاني في قصيدة ماهن جروح رصاص

Major Martyr Abdullah Abdullah Saeed Daou Aalghemati (pictured above)
Face seared and injuries by bullets several battles Ras Lanuf Brega Tawergha Misurata Heisha Sirte No. 2 operations room No. 2 and another suffering a rebound 23 in his face remained a fighter to the end, this is the Libyan army and these are Mgaoirh debt raising them and Riqahm martyr Billah to the rank of brigadier and martyred (picture BELOW)

UN’s Syria “Aid” Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists. first PART
By Tony Cartalucci
Global Research, 16 December 2013 August 2011, the Telegraph reported in an article titled, “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte into submission,” that:Rebel leaders hope to starve Colonel al-Qathafi’s home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover.Assisting them in the starvation of the 100,000 civilians who populated the coastal city of Sirte was NATO who rained bombs down upon the besieged city relentlessly while terrorists on the ground cut off electricity, water, gas, food, and other essential supplies.AP would also report on the starvation of Sirte in its article, “U.N. Warns Libya Is Short of Water, Fuel, Medicine:”Rebel commanders have been negotiating with tribal leaders in Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, hoping to avoid further bloodshed. They announced Thursday that they had extended the negotiations’ deadline for another week, from this coming Saturday.“We want to save our fighters and not lose a single one in battles with Qaddafi’s forces,” said Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi.“In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity” and let NATO pound it with airstrikes, he said.And despite the title of the report, the UN made no mention of the tactics of the terrorists and their NATO backers. Instead, the UN was more concerned with aiding areas of the nation already taken by NATO’s proxy army.

In 2011, the general consensus appeared to be that cutting off an entire city surrounded on all sides by desert and sea, constituted a “humane” and “peaceful” means of taking the remaining strongholds of the overthrown Libyan government. How times and the sensibilities of the West have changed…



Ahlam al-Obeidi
Jaballa Hasan
The arrival of the Pioneers of the first rebels of Cyrenaica and volunteers from cities, towns and villages east of the region. Hundreds of fighters on their way to the western borders of Cyrenaica,
with hundreds if not thousands have enrolled and siblings join now stationed at the mouths of the western region.


After losing for ten days was found dead just Hamad Aadalrahman of logic Talmith,
a member of the Libyan intelligence decomposed body was found near
the dome of the City and in particular the apparent Rouge.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


Agency urgently Libya \

admitted Baotaial ten men from the Libyan army Benghazi:

An official source said in a statement to Agence urgent Libya had been arrested the
killer of Martyr Prime sergeants unit sailor “Adel Mohamed Ali senile”,
has been recognized by assassinating at least ten other military.
Guard Bureau campus University of Benghazi
They say love is Magtl I tell Magtl of sadness …
This person is a Palestinian nationality was arrested today at the University of Benghazi by members of the university guards,
accompanied by one of our students and searched it and found Melg Mali has an estimated two thousand dinars,
and the sad thing is that he has the definition of a battalion February 17 ..
meaning it is of the rebels February 17 ..
(Iahma but you know that your country is still occupied) …
We condemn this cowardice of donors to these definitions which enabled this Alvestini vile
to get the card made him and wanders on a whim ….
and God and it Altclan and There is no power but from God.
Commandos arrest people they set Bermaah center of Ras Aobeidh
since few and were driving a car kind Kia Spectra black ……..
Lord protects them and keeps them ……………..
Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri
1 – bulldozer in a sea Aboambassn loaded with Gdaúah, you empty the large number of foodstuffs
carried by it and throw it into the sea to ease the load ….
The amount of these materials arrived at the Sea Geleanp ……
Not around and do not force people to God, but aimed at people of grace and protective mesh to eat …….
2 – SS based on the arrest, the person Blaatdae two people in the street and beaten
with a pistol Belgian without any reasons ……
Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri

Latest News Bengaaaaaaaaaaza ::: :::

1 – 4 people were arrested for Mraviqin and evacuate hospital patients in order

to give them drugs and possession ((Hashish + pills Petrel)) ……

2 – The death of a person as a result of a Syrian tragic car accident ……..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Last told the Salem Radio Benghazi demons on BNN
This statement after clashes between the bolt and the Ansar al-Sharia said demons:
– (We are the army Nhmou in people, and we are of the period and we are silent and Manbosh Nkhco in problems with them, Icolo us infidels and apostates and we are the religion of the Messenger of Allah (HAH!!), and the last resort Anguellahm Elly the Libyan army and police Hanqsolh head )
The Ansar al-Sharia Athmu Salem demons that is behind the clashes and accused him that he and other drunken …
Today Arslo father Elly Khatuwenh than 3 months before the clashes and even Qalolh received either yourself or are we cut off the head of your father, and today peaces his head.
Hdhuma Massachin the blood of their goal to establish a state under the leadership of Emir takfiri Bouchtale Ben Qmo to rip the eyes of Abdel-Fattah and his limbs cut off.

Salem al-Obeidi:
The killers of the father of “demons” Atuadonh a text message on his cell
Profile and tell him that the rest of the parties to the body of his father Stsalh
Each party separately and in a different place, and according to their will
They are, as stated in the text message calling him apostate and infidel
Salem demons was a member of the “Thunderbolt nicknamed Bavarret” has been kidnapped

and his father Msawmth by the Execution of requests which killed his captors and Nice Abu Khmadh.

When he refused their demands Arslo his head and his father the day before yesterday.

There is no truth to the news of clashes between the bolt about the killing of the father of Salem and “al-Ansar al-Sharia”,
false news ..
Mutassim Faitouri.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Special Forces (Thunderbolt and Almdilat)

In the name of God the Merciful
“Hey Hey, self-reassuring Return to your Lord satisfied satisfactory Vadkhala in Ebadi and ÇĎÎáí Committees”
“Almighty God
Thus we found Haj Attia Naala headless without his body, and one reason it August the RO and Salem Attia known Bavarret and also a member of the special forces of science that Haj Attia kidnapped three months ago was threatening Salem that he will be killed
and your father is shown Salem and my father is not the first and the last martyr or more of the times Haj Attia-old 65-year-old was abducted from outside his home three months ago and the party known is the one who fights in the Thunderbolt accused more than once that the Salem demons is causing the problems always
and without any justification being killed in August, Salem and they cut off his head and throw it on the island of rotation neighborhood Peace morning
and so were moved his head to the hospital Galaa and Benghazi hospital medical killed Haj Attia brutally and all Maikrj on the Islamic religion and morality
and they did not get to Salem because he protected with his brothers, the military arrived to his father and to receive the most suffering and cut off his head,

and this is not the first time and truer to our words when slaughtered Two members of the special forces before the eyes of the residents of the cast for nearly 5 months

and two martyr Tariq al-Huwaidi and his companion when they were in their return to the home today Haj Attia is not August Salem only is August for all of us and in the life of our fathers today Haj Attia and tomorrow all of us

how long, O Benghazi? ?? your sons and your fathers sacrifice to protect you Will you keep up with them??? …

God forgive him and Aaffh mercy on him and discharged him and Akram honorable ..

The news has been confirmed …
Special Forces Benghazi:

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province

Since 7 minutes ..

Urgent / information of been identified on one of the criminals who lose the murder of the father of demons called Salem
Hua, a resident of the same area and belongs to the family and there Albornawi news
He was a member of Ansar al-Sharia and is now being negotiated with the family for the delivery of their son
Otherwise, there will be a reaction to the piece received …..

(T. Customary p)

Urgent Benghazi | find the bodies and the alleged father of Salem Naala (demons), a member of the Special Forces
Thunderbolt ....captured a stun time ago ..

and was the head separated from the body, a hospital Galaa now.

Found at the head of the father of Prime knew (Salem Naala) near the hospital on the Galaa promptly at 10 ..:

for the suffering and turn only to God.

UPDATE of 18 DEC. 2013:Gateway Libya Libya GateThe kidnapping of the father of “Salem demons” by the “Ansar al-Sharia” were Msawmth blackmail
and that the assassination “Bouchmadh” and leave the bolt for his release, but he refused it.

Military alert inside the bolt and Amalomat far.


USA causing the assassination chaos in Benghazi ?


Via telephone with the Chamber investigation Thunderbolt and Mr. Rafi Abd Allah Masrati girl’s father say hijacked :::

So far have not found the child, Khadija and contacted the house Jualha and said to a girl is not with us

and As for Page Force Stun says we do not know and is a page as possible to be fake denied the news

and Elly now are still looking for the girl …
And who said that the girl at the home of Jualha confirmed the news

and talking to me on your number and give him the father of the girl

and caused what happened and cooperate with him in finding his daughter ……..
And that God does not waste the reward of the doers of good ……

The kidnapping of one girl forces officers and stun are:
Khadija Rafi Abd Allah Masrati (9 years-old), and the title of the area inhabited by Ben Younes ……………..
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province ::
Urgent / Ola found the body of an unidentified person
Wearing military uniforms behind the court Almajora
(T. Customary p)

Concerning the news of the body that was found when court Almjor,,,,,
What has happened is that there was a personal problem and had been killed during this problem

Akora person and was transferred to the hospital and also forces the bolt arrested person killer ..……

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Adjust the amounts of rotten milk and chicken in Benghazi

Atmosphere of the country – Afia Alzelitni
A spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi Ibrahim al-Shara that the gates of Benghazi precise
and Alnoaqah Yesterday, they adjust the amounts of rotten milk and chicken.
Shara added to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday that the amount of milk a box of about 400, while the amount of chicken was a large quantity of up to more than half a ton and was later executed.
Shara pointed out that the quantities seized by the military forces of the room and common security are being investigated with the carriers by the military prosecutor.
It is noteworthy that a municipal guard was arrested last month on Mgrzac contain fat oxen for chicken feed one candy factories in Benghazi.

Channel tenderly:
A meeting of sheikhs and notables and dignitaries, youth and revolutionaries tenderly next Saturday at exactly at 23:00 soap factory in Benghazi.

(Hall is now equipped to receive the soap factory tenderly meeting tomorrow at 11:00)

Saturday  meeting in Benghazi Soap Factory at 23;00 21 DEC. 2013

(Channel Vision Libya)

Rain falling on the city of Benghazi shortly before.




Announced that the National Oil Corporation said on Tuesday that Gulf Arab Steps to operations resumed oil production Tobruk refinery.
The spokesman for the Foundation, Mohammed heat, for “channel capital” to decode the sit-in was the result of the efforts of the wise and the local council Btabriq, adding that there is an abundant amount of crude oil present in the tanks refinery, expected increase in production volumes from the field obelisk to the refinery corner within ten days .
And that the rate of warming between the quantities of crude oil production at the moment arrived to approximately 225 thousand barrels per day, while natural gas production was 2,000 million cubic feet per day.
He explained that the ratio of the rate of warming gas production increased after the opening of the gas pipeline from the field to meet the complex Mellitah, stressing that the field is the fulfillment of the most important fields of gas production in Libya.
It is noteworthy that the Tobruk refinery oil refinery, a subsidiary of the Arabian Gulf, which produces 20 thousand barrels per day stopped working for more than a month because of the sit-ins.


Urgent very important
There will be demonstrations on Thursday in the city of Derna because it happened there became Almutmr in the national effort to steal were young people who people who turned in the city on demonstrations was carjacked and the abolition of the statement of total Kano mingling among us then Zhbo demonstrations in the capital Tripoli.
(National Almutmr) and they said we want young tuber and battalion Abu Salim we stick and we said in the statement and the demands of the young tuber we said no to yes and battalions of the army and police hope the families and youth of the city of Derna and its suburbs, a commitment Bamoad greetings from me to you.


Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …..
Since a small explosion near the house of a member of the National Congress for tuber, Fattah Alchloi.

Explosion rocks the city as usual !

Tuber: the fall of an unidentified body in the sea | 15-12-2013
# Tuber: 12/15/2013 video camera on the body that has fallen off the coast of the city of Derna, and specifically at the sea area in front of Ms. Khadija neighborhood in the western entrance of the city, according to eyewitnesses, the body which he said that a helicopter had landed at a distance of about 2 km at sea, sunk directly into the water, and had been out at a later time several boats from the port of Derna to try to search for the ruins of the body is immersed in a place defined by eyewitnesses as he fell to no avail, and did not allow to know any details about the identity of the body and the fate of the crew in case of being peopled or not, as the chief of staff has not issued any statement of Libya in particular.
Video filming / Wahab Aldrnawi.
It was published by / Moftah Tarbah
#درنة: تصوير فيديو بتاريخ 15-12-2013 للجسم الذي سقط قبالة شواطئ مدينة درنة، وتحديداً عند المنطقة البحرية أمام حي السيدة خديجة في المدخل الغربي للمدينة، وحسب شهود العيان فأن الجسم الذي الذي ذكروا انه طائرة مروحية قد سقطت على مسافة حوالي 2 كم في البحر، غرقت مباشرة في المياه، وكانت قد خرجت في وقت لاحق عدة زوارق من ميناء درنة لمحاولة البحث عن أنقاض الجسم الغارق في المكان الذي حدده شهود العيان وقت سقوطه دون جدوى، ولم يتسنى معرفة أي تفاصيل عن هوية الجسم ومصير طاقمه في حالة كونها مأهول أم لا، كما لم تصدر رئاسة الأركان الليبية أي بيان بالخصوص.الفيديو من تصوير / وهاب الدرناوي.
وتم نشره بواسطة / Moftah Tarbah

Presidency of the General Staff denies the appointment of

a military governor for the tuber:

Atmosphere of the country –
Denied, spokesman for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army, “Ali senile” to the atmosphere of the country, that a  military ruler was assigned to the city of Derna.
And added to the atmosphere of senile to the country on Tuesday that the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not report commissioned by the military governor, noting that the military ruler in the habit costs the presidency by the government, which in turn learn presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army.
I have contacted the atmosphere of the country, headed by the government, for the transfer of its point of view on the subject, but it has not received a response time limit.
The atmosphere of the country contacted Brigadier “Hamad Alchloi”, which spread the news of his tenure as commander of the military region of the tuber, and refused to permit.
And experiencing the city of Derna months ago Anflata security and a series of assassinations and bombings, most recently targeting the former municipal building an improvised explosive device resulting in the collapse of the facade of the building.




The girl ran away Ankhvt Raho Gallo.


Free newspaper Sabha:
Police patrol the island, which provides health came under fire by the infiltrators on the one hand

and the secondary tank reported injured and one or more members of the police.


The crisis of the lack of gas in Sabha ... $ $
There is a crisis and a severe shortage of gas in light of the reluctance of the state to secure the
non-provision of gas to the south and the ordinary citizen
There are owners of sick souls brokers religion only interest is to collect money at the expense
of the ordinary citizen and raise the price of gas cylinder to the fancy prices, which generates a real crisis in the gas.
(Times newspaper Sabha)


Nag Alqmazvh exposed to the bombing of the treacherous Mlishat Awlad Suleiman

my Qdav mortar and Alasterm will be reply Kasi young Alqmazvh Allahma victory over the oppressors folk.

Arif Ali Osman Alsabhawi

Happening in Sabha

Today, after I came out of the bank and during the stop in one of the shops were

Aalsearta burglary and theft of laptop and and despite attempts to catch up with them,

but they fled to Adhu Thank God … and if at all

Resort to God and yes, the agent


Coordinator of the Commission confirmed the information and security Kufra local council, Ali Borkik, that six trucks of fuel were being held Btazrbu have been allowed to go about Rbeana today, at the request of those who came to the point Owaynat earlier this month.
The Borkik for “capital channel” on Tuesday that allowing spoken of this quantity the “big” of fuel was an attempt to ensure the success of negotiations between the elders south, and kidnapped a Libyan and Sudanese region of Owaynat border.
Borkik pointed out that the defense minister tasked junta chief infidels, formerly follow up this issue, but it did not reach an agreement with the kidnappers until time to the different demands.
Borkik said that the kidnappers did not collect the clear demands among themselves for the release of the abductees, pointing out that most of them demanded the release of their relatives arrested in smuggling cases since the period and allow fuel trucks to reach them.
He pointed out that the area Borkik Rbeana not consume only one truck a month ago, there has only one stop for fuel distribution, stressing that other quantities will escape.
It is noteworthy that a group of area Rbeana accused of being kidnapped six Libyans and twenty-five Sudanese sponsor of the checkpoint Balauinat the border between Sudan and Libya on the second of December.
Quoting \ sitters bed area residents infidels and Rbeana
Important meeting ..
Hall was held yesterday in Tripoli, Prime Ministers expanded meeting with Mr. Ali Zaidane head of the interim government and Mr. Abdullah bending Defense Minister with a delegation from the bed sitters area residents and Rbeana Kufra and in the presence of representatives from the National Council for Liberties and Human Rights and the notables of the Eastern Region
As well as some members of the National Congress
And members of the national assembly Altbawi
Showing where the protestors demands that Taatzmn in three points
connect the power to the area Rbeana
Municipal area Rbeana
branch of my neighborhood and the Shura Qderfa infidels.
Was discussion and clarification around Twasalo. In conclusion to the positive points.
Yesterday Monday, 17 December  2013


Urgent – Opare

The kidnapping of a student in a secondary Opare Basic Sciences
Abducted this morning at eleven o’clock sharp, injectables dental student Hassan, son of Colonel injectables Sunni battalion commander Opare.
The official source at the school (for Vsanaa) that the group that hijacked on, unidentified. As someone close to the likely father of the kidnapped, that there may be financial transactions stuck between Mr. Sunni and another group.
This is referred to as the southern region witnessed during the last period of the wave of kidnappings that have become habit and profession behave Maridi money and positions.



General Sisi:
the western border with Libya, a strategic threat to the Egyptian armed forces
Egyptian television broadcast a formal statement to the Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was considered that the Egyptian-Libyan border area of ​​the most serious strategic directions for the Egyptian armed forces.
The defense minister said the Egyptian at the end of the maneuver Badr 22 Western Region military adjacent to the Egyptian border, it is stated that the Libyan western region acts as a great military to impose control over the most important and most dangerous strategic directions in the current period.
He also praised the Sisi-winning collaboration between the armed forces with air forces and naval forces, border guards, stressing that all of them are fully responsible for the imposition of security up to Egypt on the western region and to prevent the flow of arms to the inside of Egypt.
Adjust 14 automatic rifle and 11 A pack of cigarettes smuggled from Libya’s southern Salloum
Matrouh – Ahmad Nvadi:
 (image of siezures)

Managed border guards in the Western Region military, to adjust the 14 automatic rifle and 11 packs of cigarettes, smuggled from Libya into Egyptian territory south of Salloum. were guards managed to Tuesday evening, to set 14 pieces automatic weapon is a 13 rifle, followed by 7.62, 5 cabinets automatic rifles, and machine gun multi-2 pipe, in addition to the 11 A pack of cigarettes in 1100 Garosh, carrying materials stimulating cancer cells, and that in the bays south of the town of Salloum border, where he delivered the smugglers, and fled into the Libyan territory, after they felt the approaching members of the Guard Egyptian border them. at the same time, the reservation has been seized after the liberation of the record, pending the decision of the competent prosecutor.



U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia :: group “Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia” represent a threat to the security of the Tunisian.

World of Politics


as France presses her foothold throughout Central and North, West and East Africa,

UGH! U.S.A. Military Force!!! throughout North Africa too:

MARSOC unit gets new training for Africa mission

16 Dec. 12013 – 06:00AM   |
Flintlock 10

A Marine critical skills operator instructs Senegalese and Malian counterterrorism team members on movement tactics prior to a training operation in Theis, Senegal. The 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion is planning a pre-deployment training exercise in February that will allow operators to build skills critical to a partnered training mission. (Master Sgt Jeremiah Erickson/Air Force)
By Hope Hodge Seck 
Staff writer

Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command is looking for extremely skilled, native North African role players to help train its operators ahead of a deployment to the region, a move in keeping with the new regional focus for its three battalions.

Though MARSOC officials haven’t discussed the deployment publicly, planning documents indicate one of its tenant units is readying for a mission geared toward training partner African military forces. According to contract solicitations posted in late November and December, MARSOC’s 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion is planning a pre-deployment training exercise in February that will allow Marines in the unit to build skills critical to a partnered training mission — one that involves skilled role players with regional experience.

The training calls for eight role players, including four trained in advanced special operations techniques and two each in human intelligence and signals intelligence. All will have special operations experience and service in North or Northwest Africa, and two must have at least 15 years of indigenous military experience in North Africa and be able to speak Arabic fluently, according to the documents.

Most North African countries list Arabic as an official national language, although Senegal does not.

Several role-player positions require a secret or top-secret clearance.

“The exercise should allow for the (Marine special operations company) to assess and train an indigenous partnered force in the intelligence collection and targeting through HUMINT and SIGINT means,” one of the soliciation documents says. “In order to create the most realistic environment, role-players may be utilized for discrete exercise storylines in order to place the MSOC in an uncertain environment focusing on the (Marine special operations forces) mindset while applying the SOF imperatives.”

The exercises will be completed at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga., and in South Carolina at Fort Jackson and in Charleston, according to the solicitations. MARSOC officials did not immediately respond to further questions about the training and the future deployment.

In addition to the news of an upcoming deployment, this development is significant because it may mark a turning point in training as MARSOC’s three MSOBs move to align with regional combatant commands. Marine Corps Times reported this year that the Corps’ elite special operations unit was moving to embrace a new regional mission as the war in Afghanistan winds to a close.

According to MARSOC announcements, 1st MSOB, out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., will align with Special Operations Command Pacific, while 2nd MSOB and 3rd MSOB, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C., will partner, respectively, with Special Operations Command Central and Special Operations Command Africa.

The initiative, MARSOC spokesman Capt. Adrian Ambe said in September, is designed to create “regionally attuned, linguistically capable and culturally knowledgeable” special operations forces, and would be completed once the Afghanistan mission ends.

Ambe said at the time that region-specific training may be a part of the realignment effort, once commands ascertain which skills their operators require.

“Once identified,” he said, “each MSOB will dedicate time within [its] predeployment training to address regional intricacies.”

The “training the trainers” mission in North Africa is one that has fallen to the U.S. special operations community for years, said J. Peter Pham, director of the Africa Center at the Washington, D.C.-based Atlantic Council.

In 2011, the Marines deployed Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Africa, headquartered at Naval Station Sigonella, Italy, which incorporated Marine reserve components and took on some of these partnership training missions, a development that Pham said helped U.S. forces build more continuity into their presence in northern Africa and elsewhere on the continent and further their investment with indigenous forces.

“What this means over time is, in coming years, you begin to build institutional memory and relationships,” he said. “I’m seeing this as a positive development … a broader regional strategy and more consistent follow-up.”

For MARSOC, such missions also allow operators to reach, through their military partners, countries and regions where the U.S. formally does not have troops on the ground, such as Mali, where al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations have caused unrest and violence. Pham pointed to the success of the annual exercise African Lion in training Moroccan troops as a “case study” for other regions.

“You have this specific knowledge, cultural context. Relationships are critical,” Pham said. “The human and social terrain is critical to special operations in this area.”

Pham said he had one caution regarding the use of role players in training: not to oversimplify a cultural landscape that, with tribal alliances and social strata, can be deeply complex.

“A little information is a very dangerous thing,” he said.



Rothschild’s want Iran’s banks


Could gaining control of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI) be one of the main reasons that Iran is being targeted by Western and Israeli powers? As tensions are building up for an unthinkable war with Iran, it is worth exploring Iran’s banking system compared to its U.S., British and Israeli counterparts.

Some researchers are pointing out that Iran is one of only three countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control. Before 9-11 there were reportedly seven: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran. By 2003, however, Afghanistan and Iraq were swallowed up by the Rothschild octopus, and by 2011 Sudan and Libya were also gone. In Libya, a Rothschild bank was established in Benghazi while the country was still at war.

Islam forbids the charging of interest, a major problem for the Rothschild banking system. Until a few hundred years ago, charging interest was also forbidden in the Christian world and was even punishable by death. It was considered exploitation and enslavement.

Since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England around 1815, they have been expanding their banking control over all the countries of the world. Their method has been to get a country’s corrupt politicians to accept massive loans, which they can never repay, and thus go into debt to the Rothschild banking powers. If a leader refuses to accept the loan, he is oftentimes either ousted or assassinated. And if that fails, invasions can follow, and a Rothschild usury-based bank is established.

The Rothschilds exert powerful influence over the world’s major news agencies. By repetition, the masses are duped into believing horror stories about evil villains. The Rothschilds control the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. Also they own most of the gold in the world as well as the London Gold Exchange, which sets the price of gold every day. It is said the family owns over half the wealth of the planet—estimated by Credit Suisse to be 168.28€ trillion—and is controlled by Evelyn Rothschild, the current head of the family.

Objective researchers contend that Iran is not being demonized because they are a nuclear threat, just as the Taliban, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Qadaffi were not a threat.

What then is the real reason? Is it the trillions to be made in oil profits, or the trillions in war profits? Is it to bankrupt the U.S. economy, or is it to start World War III? Is it to destroy Israel’s enemies, or to destroy the Iranian central bank so that no one is left to defy Rothschild’s money racket?

It might be any one of those reasons or, worse—it might be all of them.



Illegal migration to Europe

Greek authorities deport 13 Libyans  have entered the country illegally.

Libyan Embassy in Greece summoned the police to bring out the wounded Gharghour events of the embassy building was imprisoned.

(Quoting channel capital)



Muammar al-Qathafi, the MRS. and 2 of the Hannibal Grandchildren:


Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards


Good morning, brothers and sisters … Victory Bhmm next morning, men and women covenant with God and the homeland
Jihad and hold out until the return of the land, presentation and dignity
And will teach the wrong-doers will turn any Menklba
Good morning, God willing victories
And F blessing .. O Lord, Mark F Victory

اللهم من اعتزّ بك فلن يُذل، ومن اهتدى بك فلن يضِلّ، ومن استكثر بك فلن يقلّ، ومن استقوى بك فلن يضعف، ومن استغنى بك فلن يفتقر، ومن استنصر بك فلن يُخذل، ومن استعان بك فلن يُغلب، ومن توكل عليك فلن يخيب، ومن جعلك ملاذه فلن يضيع، ومن اعتصم بك فقد هُدي إلى صراط مستقيم، اللهم فكن لنا وليّاً ونصيرا، وكن لنا معيناً ومجيرا، إنك كنت بنا بصيرا اللهم امينصباح الخير إخوتي وأخواتي … صباح النصر القادم بهمم رجالا ونساء عاهدوا الله والوطن
على الجهاد والصمود حتى إسترجاع الأرض والعر والكرامة
وسيعلم الظالمون اي منقلبا سينقلبونصباحكم إنتصارات إن شاء الله

وجمعـة مباركة.. اللهم إجعلها جمعـة النصر يـارب

22 novembre 2013
Pray ye steadfast Liberal Althabton … Pray .. Then pray …
Oh God, is your victory apron sooner in order to … O proved our feet … and our determination strong .. And grant us the certainty hard …. Oh God blinded their perceptions … And scattered the respondents … The earthquake ground beneath their feet
And turned away defeated but victorious …. God save the Liberal steadfast defenders of the homeland, honor and display ….. Oh God, we are your servants, the sons of the sons of your servants Aamek past us your judgment just us … Noasina your taking your hands … Oh God give us victory … Oh God, you learn and Analm Matkhvah breasts … And Mathtwe ribs .. Aaalm unseen and certification … Aabdiya heavens and the earth, Victory Almstdaan slaves and the oppressed and the oppressed … Oh God, that injustice has increased … And tyranny has increased … You know our situation and by us .. Oh Faraj Krbena .. And remove our concern … and forgive our martyrs
And heal our wounded … Lord Gaúibna … Decryption under our prisoners … O Achmt us to our enemies and enemies
Who covered up in the name of religion .. And killed and displaced and destroyed and allied themselves with the infidels and crusaders
Oh God, you view and you say right … It is the most important of them …. and you witness them íÇááĺ
As they call them birds Ababil …. Oh God, you Behm Arena … including the wonders of your ability …. Oh God, that these palms outstretched to you .. And raised our hands to you
Please forgiveness and the forgiveness and Stark and your victory …. God does not want us does not make us all Khaipin door of the expelled
.. O Allah, accept the prayers and Tdharana you … God, do not shed us of our sins
Do not fear you do not have mercy on us … O You who worship our Lord … You are our hope, and when you close the doors
You Mlazna in adversity … Oh God, you view … If you ask me, I will soon answer a call if calling Daan …. Oh God, we Daonak also ordered us … Vastjb Lord also promised us.
Amen, Amen, amen .. And blessings and peace upon Habbeina and lover of Prophet Muhammad and
His family and companions ..
(Friday blessings are free and silks national)
22 novembre 2013

الدعاء أيها الاحرار الصامدون الثابتون … الدعاء .. ثم الدعاء …اللهم نصرك المؤزر عاجلاً غير أجل … اللهم ثبت أقدامنا …وقوي عزائمنا .. وأرزقنا اليقين الثابت …. اللهم أعمي بصائرهم … وشتت شملهم … وزلزل الارض تحت أقدامهم
وردهم على أعقابهم مهزومين غير منتصرين …. اللهم إحفظ الأحرار الصامدين المدافعين عن ووطنهم وشرفهم وعرضهم ….. اللهم أننا عبيدك بني عبيدك بني إيماءك ماضيا فينا حكمك عدلا فينا قضاءك …نواصينا بين يديك …أنصرنا يالله … اللهم انك تعلم ولانعلم ماتخفيه الصدور … وماتحتويه الأضلع .. ياعالم الغيب والشهاده … يابديع السموات والارض انصر عبادك المستضعين والمظلومين والمقهورين … اللهم أن الظلم قد زاد … والطغيان قد زاد … وحالنا أنت أعلم به منا ..اللهم فرج كربنا .. وأزل همنا …وأغفر لشهداءنا
وأشفي جرحانا … ورد غائبنا … وفك قيد أسرانا … اللهم لاتشمت فينا أعدائنا وأعدائك
الذين تستروا بإسم دينك .. وقتلوا وشردوا ودمروا وتحالفوا مع الكفرة والصليبيين
اللهم أنت القائل وقولك الحق … من ولاهم فهو منهم ….وأنت شاهدا عليهم يالله
بأنهم أسموهم طيوراً أبابيل …. اللهم فعليك بيهم …أرينا فيهم عجائب قدرتك …. اللهم أن هذه أكفنا ممدودة إليك .. وأيدينا مرفوعة إليك
نرجوا مغفرتك وعفوك وسترك ونصرك …. اللهم لا تردنا خائبين ولا تجعلنا عن بابك من المطرودين
.. اللهم تقبل دعائنا وتضرعنا إليك … اللهم لا تسلط علينا بذنوبنا من
لا يخافك ولا يرحمنا … اللهم أنت ربنا الذي نعبد … وأنت رجاءنا عندما تغلق الأبواب
وأنت ملاذنا في الشدائد … اللهم أنت القائل … إذا سألك عبادي عني فأني قريباً أجيب دعوة الداعي إذا دعان …. اللهم إننا دعوناك كما أمرتنا … فاستجب يارب كما وعدتنا .
اللهم أمين أمين أمين .. وصلي وسلم على حبينا وحبيبك سيدنا محمد وعلى آله
وصحبه أجمعين ..جمعة مباركة احرار وحرائـر وطني

F blessing for each free and silks national lofty …
F blessing each steadfast loyal to their homeland and their leader and their history ….
F blessing to Jmahirita Great greatness of its men and women honorable heroes unwavering ….
Oh God, make them F victory proved the right of faith in our hearts …
And made us the way of the marchers …
F blessing upon you, God willing, ye steadfast and Alsamdat …
And Manasr Alasber hour … Victorious with God’s help.
جمعة مباركه لكل أحرار وحرائر وطني الشامخ … جمعة مباركه لكل الصامدين الأوفياء لأرضهم ووطنهم وقائدهم وتاريخهم …. جمعة مباركه لجماهيريتي العظمى بعظمة رجالها ونساءها الشرفاء الابطال الثابتين…. اللهم أجعلها جمعة النصر المبين بحق من ثبت الأيمان في قلوبنا … وجعلنا على طريقه من السائرين … جمعة مباركه عليكم بإذن الله أيها الصامدين والصامدات … ومالنصر الاصبر ساعه … منتصرين بعون الله.


GREAT SON  writes the following for us:

I’m great
Where you going yamdena rabaya alzaih??? The magic has turned against the magician.
Oops we are of our features gloat …
We are the children of honest authentic tribes don’t know treason and does not appeal in the back … We are honest and his free will never accept that we put our hands into the hands of our villages, our cities, and she killed and displaced and thousands of our fathers and grandfathers.
Yes we are the children of the Mujahideen who asked the pure blooded on the territory of this country and died standing tall with antique guns in front of hordes of Italian colonial with full ‘ weadatha and its … Stood up and martyred with determination and faith of the hearts to the cause of their honour and dignity of their own soil and. .. Yes yahlna in statement I that was most recently the city of literature and the arts and heritage. Today the city of blood, murder, ghosts …
Most recently you city of peace and purity werbaih aldaih … Today you were given the city loss and ruin. They deceived you and adorned you life all perishable decorations, you came out and will live and destroyed and you kill everything you built him for forty-two years … We addressed you all brothers and affection and we told you.This plot not brothers they followed her. Waskoitm the infidel, you regard as great … We told you bring your hands in our hands to protect the homeland from this sedition designed to break up the motherland and dirt …
You ignored us. And put your hands in the hands of barlandlivi and John McCain and their clients from the States of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, members of intelligence dual nationality holders … You danced and you sang and doing so under media cross … Did you know the moment and think about your history and your ancestors that you stained him by your actions … We’ve got it for water and the armed forces of the people which you are in.. What was may you … Do not call NATO planes and battleships to bombard and destroy and kill your brothers in blood …
Yes, people of Benghazi. Box of sex work. And also condemns the condemned. Oh God, not gloated. God never gloated.You said, your leader and of the believers of the fast of the first statement in his heart. These are not the people start Benghazi. Family and pronounce the name of God you name …You said that they are owners of beards almkomlh … It said a curse us. …
He is aware he says wehaantm have them in their actions and their designs and their dream of building the Islamic Emirate and if you are in need of the same mentality he by God …. You said they’re rats.Vaaghlktm ear. And you received them from all sides and in their gabhm wemo’amranhm sordid. Yes yahlna in statement I is this is the truth which they Stickle on pronunciation. Isn’t this is the bitter reality that they suffer him today by your hands.
History is ruthless. Yes history is ruthless. Unfortunately, as you wrote it with a black line in the pages of dark pages were written with the blood of your ancestors in the pages of glory and honor. O lashmath. God never gloated. Samidoun. Firm … … And with the help of God, victorious

‎أبن العظمى‎
إلى أين أنتي ذاهبه يامدينة رباية الذايح ؟؟؟ ها قد أنقلب السحر على الساحر …
عفوا نحن ليست من شيمنا الشماتة …
نحن أبناء قبائل شريفة أصيلة لا تعرف الخيانة ولا الطعن في الظهر … نحن شرفاء الوطن وأحراره لم ولن نقبل أن نضع ايدينا في أيدي من استباح قرانا ومدننا وقتل وشرد وهجر الألاف من أباءنا وأجدادنا .

نعم نحن أبناء المجاهدين الذين سالت دماءهم الطاهره على تراب هذا الوطن الغالي وماتوا وقوفا شامخين يحملون بنادقهم العتيقة امام جحافل القوة الايطالية الإستعمارية بكامل عدتها وعداتها وجبروتها … وقفوا واستشهدوا بعزيمة الرجال وإيمان القلوب بقضية شرفهم وكرامتهم المتمثلة في ترابهم ووطنهم …. نعم يأهلنا في مدينة البيان الأول التي كانت بالامس القريب مدينة الأدب والفنون والتراث … واليوم أصبحت مدينة الدم والقتل والاشباح ….

بالامس القريب كنتي مدينة السلام والطهارة ورباية الدايح … واليوم أصبحتي مدينة الضياع والخراب والدمار .. خدعوكم وزينوا لكم الحياة الدنيا بكل زخارفها الفانيه فخرجتم وخربتم ودمرتم وقتلتم كل شي بنيتموه طيلة اثنان واربعون عاما … خاطبناكم بكل أخوة ومودة وقلنا لكم ..اخوتنا هذه مؤامرة لا تتبعوها .. فاستكبرتم واسقويتم بالكافر …. قلنا لكم هاتوا ايديكم في ايدينا لنحمي الوطن من هذه الفتنه المراد بها تفتيت الوطن والتراب …

تجاهلتمونا … ووضعتم ايديكم في ايدي بارلاندليفي وجون ماكين وعملاءهم من دويلات قطر والإمارات وأعضاء استخباراتهم أصحاب الجنسيات المزدوجة … رقصتم وغنيتم وصليتم تحت اعلام الصليب … ولم تدركوا لحظة وتفكروا في تاريخ اباءكم واجدادكم الذي لطختموه بأفعالكم هذه … جاءتكم قوات الشعب المسلح لتنقذكم مما أنتم فيه .. فماذا كان جزاها منكم … غير استدعاء طائرات وبوارج الناتو لتقصف وتدمر وتقتل اخوتكم في الدم …

نعم يأهل بنغازي .. الجزاء من جنس العمل … وكما تدين تدان .. اللهم لا شماته .. الله لا شماته …قال لكم حبيبكم وقائدكم ومن حمل مدينة البيان الاول في قلبه .. ابدأ هولاء ليسوا أهل بنغازي .. سماكم بالعائلة وبالاسم …قال لكم انهم أصحاب اللحي المقمله .. فقلتم هو يشتمنا ….

وهو يعي مايقول وهاانتم تعانون منهم ومن افعالهم ومخططاتهم وحلمهم ببناء الإمارة الإسلامية وكأنكم كنتم كفرة محتاجين لإمارة تحكمكم بشرع الله …. قال لكم انهم جرذان ..فاأغلقتم أذانكم .. وإستقبلتموهم من كل حدب وصوب وفي جعبهم إجندتهم ومؤامرانهم الدنيئه …. نعم يأهلنا في مدينة البيان الاول أليست هذه هي الحقيقة التى تكابرون على النطق بها … أليس هذا هو الواقع المرير الذي تعانونه اليوم بفعل ايديكم ….

التاريخ لا يرحم .. نعم التاريخ لا يرحم .. وللأسف الشديد أنتم من كتبه بخط أسود في صفحة من صفحاته المظلمة بعد ان كان يكتب بدماء اجدادكم في صفحات المجد والجهاد والشرف .. اللهم لاشماته .. الله لا شماته .. صامدون….. ثابتون …… وبعون الله منتصرون

Knight Libyan militia headquarters and Delivery 11/21/2013
Subject / delivery of what is called the militia headquarters of the Libyan army 21/11/2013 and important questions must be answered by the Libyan people. .

Mu describesمكافحة-ألارهاب-في-ليبيا

Counter-terrorism in Libya (FB PAGE):

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings
Hello welcome to our new Facebook and old
Counterterrorism We kindly request you to publish the names, photos and Anuin
Heretics and all the terrorists and their whereabouts within the public
To be shamed in front of everyone and expose their criminal acts,,,,
Thanks to all lived Libya green Bonsarha.

Tripoli now :::::

Abdullalh thankless (BELHADJ) is BLAMING MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI again for the violence !

as Hashim humans promises excellence and says “We are returning and we are strong”!!

making slogans with his cohorts and Mu’ammar !

عبدالله ناكر:: الجيش الي طلع في ليلة وضحها هدو جماعة هشام بشر مايكبوش عليكم
لكن نوعدكم ان نحن عائدون وبقوة شوف طرابلس بعد خروج الثوار الحيوط كلها مخربشة بهتافات الازلام وجماعة معمر

High alert in prisons
Ain Zara
The gathering mechanisms and elements of militias dressed in police and army!مكافحة-ألارهاب-في-ليبيا/1481607932064364

Detection and a leaked document shows that shields Misurata will be restored to Tripoli later

News sources have reported the existence of a leaked document that reveals to pull out the armor from Tripoli to Misurata, to stabilize Tripoli and they(Misurata Militia) will return and be restored later.

Detection and a leaked document shows that shields Misurata will be restored to Tripoli later

More operations “delivery and receipt of fakes” in the world recorded in Libya ..!

De ‎المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر‎
أكثر عمليات ” تسليم واستلام مزيفة” في العالم سجلت في ليبيا ..!

REMEMBER FOLKS, this is not real military which are claimed to be receiving the camps and posts from the Militias. They are “fakes” as BASIC PEOPLE’s CONGRESS ELVIS BUCKY says here.
It is a show for the world to see (well publicised); but the Libyan people know better, and have seen the faces of many known militiamen dressed-up as National Army!!


Observer navigational Libyan
Did you know the state of these tanks: –
This picture me 170 tank traveling from France to the port of Misurata and will reach or three days after …..?!

Urgent: – an important and dangerous : –

Partake of one of the police officers of the Directorate of Tripoli : –

In the name of God and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah , O people of Libya
The people of Tripoli, what is happening now in the capital are attempts
Political movement to control Tripoli and control of the
The army and the police , since the meet Colonel Souissi.
He is now Director of the Directorate in Tripoli and was Chairman of the Committee
Supreme Security, was appointed colonel of the National Alternative Mahmoud
Sharif formerly Director of the Police Directorate , wants Souissi
That puts all the companies bonds and branches of the security committee in the
Under the name of the police forces and support the NRF .

Means Gneoh and precordial and Haitham Tagouris forces Nawasi
will continue as a group but the difference they are wearing police uniforms and will have
police cars ,

Colonel Souissi biggest supporter of what they call
Security committee graduate, was the biggest person who refuses to Ashour Hoael .

Also included are a large number of rebels aincluding Alharathi, Mehdi, and Belhadj.
To these terrorists, the so-called Libyan army as groups have distributed to them clothes
Oandmo military official, and now are “official” as a group …

Unfortunately, this scheme is the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their Community

of Islamist fighters want to be and in control Ojuna (of) thpolice and army.
The exclusion of solving all who do not follow them over time. (THEY WILL ELIMINATE ALL THAT DO NOT FALL INTO THIS LINE that they have agreed upon.) THIS IS THE START OF THEIR ISLAMIST CALIPHATE OF TRIPOLI.Oh God, Oh God, I’m hit , I witness …And peace , mercy and blessings of God .
عـــــــــــاجـــــــل :- هـــــــام وخطيــــــر :-مشــاركه من احد ضباط مديرية الشــرطه طــرابلــس :-بسم الله وصلاة والسلام على رسول الله ، يا اهل ليبيا
واهل طرابلس ما يحدث الان فى العاصمه هى محاولات
تيار سياسي للسيطره على طرابلس والسيطره على
الجيش والشرطه ، منذ فتره يجتمع العقيد السويسي
وهو الان مدير المديرية فى طرابلس وكان رئيس اللجنة
الامنية العليا ، وتم تعيينه بديل للعقيد الوطنى محمود
الشريف مدير مديرية الشرطــه سابقا ، السويسي يريد
ان يضع كل سرايا الاسناد وفروع اللجنة الامنية فى
الشرطه تحت أسم قوات الدعم وقـوات التدخل السريع .يعنى اغنيوة والبركي وهيثم التاجوري وقوات النواصي
سيستمرون كمجموعات لكن الفرق أنهم بلباس الشرطه
وسيارات الشرطه ، العقيد السويسي اكبر داعم لما يسمون
لجنة امنية عليا ، وكان اكبر شخص يرفض عاشور شوايل .
ايضا تم ضم عدد كبير من ثوار مهدى الحاراثي وبلحاج
الى الجيش الليبي كمجموعات وتم توزيع عليهم ملابس
العسكرية الرسمية ووانضمو كمجموعه …
للاسف هذا هو مخطط الاخوان المسلمين والجماعه
الاسلامية المقاتله يريدون أخونة الشرطه والجيش
واقصاء وحل كل الذين لا يتبعون لهم مع مرور الوقت .اللهــم أنــــي بلغــــت اللهم فاشهد …وسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
    • Options

      Flood is Coming (FB GROUP):

      (E resistance fighters to whom it may concern , and 3) or
      Publishing and immediate corresponding to the circular on Friday 22/11/2013 5:20 pm Time

      unreal Tripoli Mermaid

      Special Report schemes Misurata militia groups and incitements stationed in Misurata and their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Afghan jihadists and Alchean and mercenaries from all over the world : –

      There are forces of Jardan Misrata and different nationalities , mostly non- Libyans Tabaaan the base , doing military exercises and special training competent in the war of the streets and inside the cities and the opportunities and Tknlogiat and modern equipment , and heavy pressure , high-speed Bmaaonth trained foreign and Israeli Mossad commissioned by Bernald Levy,

      and I’ve made several exercises tactical process within the city of Tawergha , they train on how to concentration on buildings and how to control the streets and administrative buildings , residential , and how to enter and exit the safe withdrawal and how to evacuate the wounded and first aid , and these exercises day and night , and this indicates that they will carry out inside the cities of the mass , and Ayda have training use of gas and how to control the airstrips ,

      I’ve used the houses and streets and farms Tawergha Kanmodj training for this purpose , and they have training on how intrusions small cars and shooting at targets in the case of motion and stability, and to the kidnapping and the storming of prison centers to bring out from inside , they intend to battle on the next few days in Benghazi and Tripoli , and also there Aaha them that there is a military commander

      or Amir Kabir level will come to them after the completion of training for the purpose of assigning them tasks , and Ollalm has been charging two individuals and weapons from Misrata to the base Wattayah Airborne , and there is information also that there is a large shipment of vehicles , carrying plates indicate they are loyal to the army and the signs will be placed at the doors of cars indicate that weapons and ammunition ready in stores Misrata for shipment on board the two ships large , one of them will be heading to the shores of the post Sabratha.

      We do not know to any beach in particular but the purpose rounded to the nearest point for anchorage , and then go shipment to Wattayah , and either the second ship will go to the shores of the tuber , or Sousse and head crescent or area Aldersah , and are now semi- ready to do the job , they are waiting for orders only from their commanders villains , there are information Mukdh that in the days ago , they met several leaders of those from Algeria , Tunisia and Afghans set of brothers coming from Egypt , along with Libyans in Tawergha in ( ( farm the reversal ))) and agreed to set up fuel depots reserve , and warehouses to collect large amounts of Supply and precisely Supply and dry goods supply,

      and then give orders to their fighters blew Quartermaster and fuel hang out of their control and non- affiliated to them and they will blow up some airports such critical Tripoli , Benghazi and Sebha and Sirte and talked about the deployment of several devices to eavesdrop on communications in the south of Libya in the area Opare and Fageej and Mknush and Sebha and Sirte and the corner and Tajourah and Janzour.

      Hedda report and associate reporting Circular No. 2 My father has been published and directed the security authorities in Algeria , Tunisia and the Libyan resistance dishonest men
      Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation.
      Hope Publishing

  • هــ(الى رجال المقاومه ومن يهمه الامر 3ـ)ــــــــــــــــــــــــــام
    للنشر والتعميم الفوري الموافق ليوم الجمعه 22-11-2013 الساعه 5:20دقيقه بتوقيت طرابلس الغرب عروس البحر
    تقرير خاص بمخططات مليشيات مصراته والجماعات التكفيريه المتمركزه في مصراته وعلاقتهم بالاخوان المسلمين في مصر والجهاديين الافغان والششيان والمرتزقه من كافه انحاء العالم :-
    هناك قوات من جردان مصراتة ومن جنسيات مختلفة واغلبها غير ليبيين تابعيين للقاعدة ، يقومون بالتدريبات العسكرية وتدريبات خاصة مختصة في حرب الشوراع وداخل المدن وبأمكانيات وتكنلوجيات ومعدات حديثه ، وبضغط شديد وسرعة عالية بمعاونتة مدربين اجانب ومن الموساد الاسرائيلي بتكليف من برنالد ليفي، ولقد قاموا بعدة تمارين تعبوية عملية داخل مدينة تاورغاء ، قاموا بالتدرب على كيفية التمركز على المباني وكيفية السيطرة على الشوارع والمقرات الادارية والسكنية ، وكيفية الدخول والخروج الآمن والانسحاب وكيفية اخلاء الجرحى والاسعافات ، وهذه التدريبات ليلية ونهارية ، وهذا يدل على انهم سوف يقومون بعمليات داخل مدن الجماهيرية ، وايضاء قاموا بالتدريب على استعمال الغازات وكيفية السيطرة على المهابط الجوية ، لقد استخدموا منازل وشوارع ومزارع تاورغاء كانمودج تدريبي لهذا الغرض، وقاموا بالتدريب على كيفية الاقتحام بالسيارات الصغيرة والرماية على الاهداف في حالة الحركة والثبات ، وعلى عملية الخطف وعملية اقتحام مراكز السجون لاخراج من بداخلها ، هؤلاء ينوون على معركة في الايام القليلة القادمة في بنغازي وطرابلس ، وايضاً هناك ايحا اليهم بأن هناك قائد عسكري او امير كبير المستوى سوف يأتي اليهم بعد اتمام التدريب لغرض تكليفهم بمهام ، ووللعلم لقد تم شحن طائرتين بالافراد والاسلحة من مصراتة الى قاعدة الوطيه الجويه ، وهناك معلومة ايضاً ان هناك شحنة كبيرة من الاليات وهي تحمل لوحات تدل على انهم تابعين للجيش وعلامات سوف توضع على ابواب السيارات تدل على ذلك والاسلحة والذخائر جاهزة في مخازن مصراتة للشحن على متن سفينتين كبيرتين ، احداهما سوف تتجه الى شواطئ مابعد صبراتة ولا ندري الى اي شاطئ بالتحديد ولكن الغرض تقريبها الى اقرب نقطة للرسو ، وبعدها تذهب الشحنة الى الوطية ، واما السفينة الثانية سوف تذهب الى شواطئ درنة ،،او سوسة ورأس هلال او منطقة الدرسية ، وهم الان شبه جاهزين الى القيام بهذه المهمة ، انهم ينتظرون الاوامر فقط من قادتهم الاوغاد ، وهناك معلومة موكدة بأنه في الايام التى مضت ، اجتمعوا عدة قادة لهؤلاء من الجزائر وتونس وافغان بمجموعة من الاخوان القادمين من مصر ومعهم ليبيين ، في تاورغاء في (( مزرعة ال عكش ))) واتفقوا على انشاء مستودعات للوقود الاحتياطي ، ومستودعات الى جمع كميات كبيرة من التموين وبالذات التموين الجاف والسلع التموينية ، وبعدها اعطاء الاوامر الى مقاتليهم بتفجير مستودعات التموين والوقود الخرجة عن سيطرتهم والغير تابعة لهم وسوف يقومون بتفجير بعض المطارات الهامة مثل طرابلس وبنغازي وسبها وسرت وتحدثوا عن نشر عدة اجهزة للتنصت على الاتصالات في الجنوب الليبي في منطقة اوباري والفجيج ومكنوسة وسبها وسرت والزاوية وتاجوراء وجنزور
    ونربط هدا التقرير بالتقرير المنشور رقم 2 الدي تم نشره والموجه للجهات الامنيه في الجزائر وتونس ولرجال المقاومه الليبيه الشريفه
    اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
    نرجو النشر


Tails Mufti Brotherhood platform in claim Abuhradh bring down the government.

Tripoli # Abuhradh

Tell the client Aarouh horses ….. Oliy … Aolaaaaa …. Tell Zaidane Aarouh Khirlh.

Asharq al-Awsat reports:

Mahmoud Jibril called on extremist groups to sit down at the table of dialogue to spare the country the risk of foreign intervention!!!

(as apparently Jabril himself cannot dialogue!!)

Certain news::::::::::

Shortly before the quarrel and clash between both Mahmoud Jibril and Abdul Majeed Mliqth at the Protocol lounge in the Tripoli international airport.
Jabril was yelling for the “armed guards for those who are from abroad”.

(The source of the airport)

Mahmoud Jibril

Mahmoud Jibril (gay)

The former number two in the National Transitional Council of Libya (NTC), Mahmoud Jibril, the traitor to his nation is a friend of the illustrious whose talent is only used for evil, BHL-Botul not the name, the icon empty, had a very bad time for his flight to Tripoli descent.

Mahmoud Jibril   was beaten with unprecedented verbal violence. A memorable fight, according to witnesses. His executioner is a person named “Mgayth” a man from the town of Zintan. Arrested, he confessed that he was waiting long time …

Poor Libya!


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO (FB GROUP)

[God loves and understands Aduch!!! Are we no jealousy on Islam]

Zionist John McCain, owner of the famous statement in which he said
” If it were up to demolished the Kaaba”
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, a supporter of the Islamic State (and SALAFIST LFG/al-QAEDA)
Monday’s meeting contrary to logic and the Islamic faith and the betrayal of God and the
Prophet (PBUH).

Abdullah thankless to free Libya now says on channel Libya Al-Ahrar city of Zintan::

“A large meeting is coming between Misrata and (?) ZINTAN REVOLUTIONARIES after these events happening in Tripoli.
What is occuring is a coup of the Brotherhood and their cohorts of the ‘revolution’; and the ‘revolutionaries’ plan to take control of Tripoli.
Where you die they head KINTU scene Wayne was Badri Sadat….who wants to drive the rebels from their capital and the parties have submitted to them. Almtdahrine are deceived by their leaders.
Badri Sadat. Eat in exquisite mouthful satisfaction thasab your soul with fear elatris…..”

#عبــدالله_نــــاكر علي قناة ليبيا الأحـــرار من مدينة الزنتان :

أين كنتو أنتم يامن تتصدرون المشهد وأين كان سادات البدري .. يريدون اخراج الثوار من عاصمتهم التي حررهو وقدمو الاطراف .. المتضاهرين مخدوعين من قبل من قادتهم ..

اجتماع كبير قادم بين ثوار مصراتة والزنتان بعد احداث طرابلس وما يحدث في طرابلس هو انقلاب من الاخوان والازلام على الثورة والثوار للسيطرة على طرابلس

عبدالله ناكر علي ليبيا الاحرار
للسادات البدري … تاكل في البريوش تحساب روحك بتخوف التريس


Madame story delivery and receipt ongoing, thank God, has been delivered and I find it was the headquarters of the militias being controlled by Misurata.
The HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATION announced previously of reports about the existence of secret prisons which follow the militias in control of Tripoli ; and secretly prepares prisoners with  very large numbers ..
We call  for an official statement of disclosuret from those who are officially received as part of the (GNC) government, such as the Ministry of defense, interior these are political prisoners of the  militia  headquarters..

(Mansouri tango) ..

مدأم قصـــة التسليم والاستلام مستمـرة والحمد لله تم تسليم مقرأت وأجده كـآنت المليشيـآت مسيطـرة عليهـآ نحب انقول ..
أن منطمة هيومن رأيش وويش أعلنت فيما سبق وف تقـآرير منظمــة عن وجود سجون سرية تتبع المليشيـآت المسيطـرة على طرأبلس وهولت أعدأد السجنـآء لاعدأد كبيـرة جدأ ..
عليـه نطالب بالكشف ببيـآن رسمي أذأ كـآنت قد أستلمت الحكومة كوزأرة دأخلية ودفـآع سجنـآء مقرأت هـذي المليشيـآت ..التانجو المنصـوري ..بريد


Things handbag especially accompanied by anyone who knows the contact number: 0922915205
حقيبة يد بها أشياء خاصة لمن يعرف صاحبتها الاتصال على رقم:0922915205



Libya pretend to evacuate the capital of armed militias


Armed militias announce its withdrawal from the Libyan capital Tripoli.

Thousands on Friday, 22 November 2013, in the Libyan capital of Tripoli demanded the evacuation of the city of its armed manifestations,

despite the anticipation of armed militias to declare its withdrawal and delivery locations that were controlled by so-called “Libyan army”.

The move comes after the withdrawal of militias from the city of Misrata who wrecked havoc, blood and death upon Tripoli and her suburbs.

General Staff / DC

“Libby, the army decided to put six major gateway to the capital and Come entrances official decision has been developed not enter any weapon of whatever capital subservience”


Flood is coming (FB PAGE):

A serious warning to the people of the Valley of the seawall assassination operations will reach Zbat army and police

Supporters of Al-Ansar al-Sharia (SALAFISTS) and after their arrival in the Valley seawall and stationed agricultural project Aldboat ” relatives ” they receive today from Madawa Jaleel Ahmed list of more than 37 Zabt between police and military will be liquidated in the coming days .

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تحذير خطير لسكان وادي الشاطي من عمليات اغتيال ستطال ظباط بالجيش والشرطةانصار الشريعة وبعد وصولهم الي وادي الشاطي وتمركزهم بمشروع الدبوات الزراعي ” اقار ” يتسلمون اليوم من المدعوا احمد عبدالجليل قائمة بها اكثر من 37 ظابط بين شرطي وعسكري سوف يتم تصفيتهم خلال الايام القادمة .

Tripoli now :::::

High alert in prisons
Plateau, Ain Zara, Ajdidh

The gathering mechanisms and elements of militias dressed in police and army.

  • Using Military College plateau closed and the spread of fear and security Aln.


Mohamed Al Grira known, Aboiaqhob, and Contact Person for investigating the so-called National Guard, “the former military college” that Abdullah Senoussi and Baghdadi Mahmudi transferred to an undisclosed location in case of any emergency in the demonstrations on Friday.

Calls for a direct demonstration BY Muammar al-Qathafi’s “Islamic Call Society” now!

Center of the country (downtown)

The arrival of the Holy Mosque Square demonstrators in front of the Islamic Call Society


Youth rally shouting:

“No No No No state Brotherhood.”

# # Tripoli Jerusalem

Attempts to get free demonstrations of political parties “Brothers”.


Mustafa Mohammed Suleiman Moktov from the Corner found dead on the sea and the piece after being kidnapped yesterday while driving a Toyota 24 of Bir Muammar in the Corner ..

Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds

Now the Defense Minister  swears by God,

“You must deliver-to and receive true Military people within in a week !!!”
الحوار السياسي الليبي Libyan Political Dialogue ::: متابعات

الان وزير الدفاع يقسم بالله إذا لم يكن تسليم واستلام صحيح فسأعلنه للشعب خلال اسبوع

In the footsteps of the capital city of Tripoli going Corner, in a demonstration after Friday prayers,

demanding to dissolve all militias and armed formations beyond the framework of the state,

to receive military and police functions in all parts of the country.

Demonstration in the field of Abu Hradh to demand the exit of all militias and armed gangs from the capital Tripoli.

Reminder army patrols encircled prisons and camps Wi trend towards these places will be deterred …..

(Mermaid operations room)


From all of the districts of Tripoli, Abu Salim came out against profiles, becoming heroes:

For when Abu Salim was taken-over by henchmen, you o Abu Salim rose up!
خرجت باقي احياء طرابلس ضد التشكيلات فصاروا ابطال و عندما خرجت بوسليم صاروا ازلام لك الله يا ابوسليم

Abu Salim Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel

Urgent ..

Out of area youth, “Mr. Masri” in Tripoli in an angry demonstration in front of the headquarters of Libya Shield fifth division .. Where young people gave this military entity out in a maximum period of Monday and was replied shield them that this office will be handed over to the military intelligence, two days later .. With the rejection of the young people of the area and the presence of any FAKE military headquarters in this region the population flatly!

Tripoli Abu Salim :::

Manifestations at this time in the area of ​​Abu Salim Atjhahha to the headquarters of the security committee Abu Salim.

Abu Salim :::

Demonstration and other pro-opposition in front of the headquarters of the Abu Salim Gneoh.

Youth Abu Salim they demolished the wall of the stadium, which close the (Ghani Alkkla) Gnjoh

located next to the former region of Abu Salim.

Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency
2 injured Altzahreinn front of the headquarters of the security committee of Abu Salim .

Division and street demonstrations in Tripoli after the entry of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, on-line demonstrations.

Friday, November 22, 2013 AD , said correspondent in Tripoli said a split appeared in today’s demonstration after the entry of the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood, on the line of peaceful movement and attempting a character demonstration of the objectives of serving the community , which led to the withdrawal of dozens of demonstrators took to the Green Square .

On the other hand draws protesters to the headquarters of the security area of ​​Abu Salim and clashed with the militias are out there wounded two demonstrators Baadatalaq fire by the militias they ” Mustafa Abussriuel ” and ” Ramadan Abouala.e. “ he has the demonstrators demolished the outer wall of the headquarters of the security committee of Abu Salim .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .

Libya’s international channel ::

URGENT: heavy gunfire in the meantime, in the vicinity of the murderer Gneoh

headquarters of the security committee Branch area AbuSalim.

Now clashes with heavy weapons now in a strong conference emancipation, specifically in the Council of traitors (Gneoh) and Germanh;
Gunmen Gneoh Ahjmo Amoqa and all their equipment and other young people interviewed Valjhh neighborhood huts they come to retrieve the football stadium and exhibition cars now.

Shelter a group of protesters in one of the houses adjacent to the headquarters of the Rat Gneoh Ahtmea lead which overspread Mjermah.

Fugitive of the militia headquarters Gneoh gather outside the home of Gneoh.

Abu Salim :::

Abu Salim Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ::

Gneoh headquarters was raided and neighbor ruin it by demonstrators from the Abu Salim neighborhood huts now.

The death of two persons as a result of being shot by militia Gneoh

Rusaifa of newspaper news:
URGENT: Gneoh Alkkla Babuslam militia fired live bullets at Almtdahiran.
News sources reported that the militias Gneoh Alkkla Babuslam fired live bullets at Almtdahiran.

Network TV Libya LTN
Two deaths and four wounded during the storming of the headquarters of the security committee Abu Salim.

Now suppression of demonstrators from militias Brotherhood, and his militia Gneoh
And Haitham Tagouris:

Fire on demonstrators in front of the headquarters of the security committee “Gnjoh” lead to the death of two and injuring others:

Accidents Hospital Abu Salim receives a number of wounded ..

News about injuries amid demonstrators in front of the headquarters of Militia Gneoh.

Abu Salim ..

Zhov popular at the headquarters of the Abu Salim Gneoh.

Now suppression of demonstrators from militias Brotherhood, and his militia Gneoh
And Haitham Tagouris (shown below):

Shooting at the demonstrators now in Abu Salim
Image directly from the Abu Salim:

According to official channels ::::

Gneoh him to withdraw his militia headquarters and ..
Posted by was shortly before throwing live bullets at the demonstrators and launchers RBG.

Answer when Zaidane and theatrical delivery.

T. official ::::

Gneoh escape militias in the streets of Abu Salim.

Of demonstrations against the Abu Salim Gneoh:

By closing the road to Abu Salim railway bridge by the Army:

Hospital Abu Salim 5 cases of people with at least two of them were in critical condition (NOW DECEASED) due to the protests that occurred in the area in front of the headquarters of the Abu Salim Alamnana Supreme Abu Salim previously, which was handed over to the National Directorate of Security # Tripoli.

# Abu Salim:
The arrival of the army Allaotunai to Abu Salim.
(# Earthquake)

Abu Salim ::::

Gneoh militias and mechanisms plateau secondary school versus home ..

(Citizen resident in the region)



News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO:

Urgent Airport Road # Tripoli:

demonstrators heading to the headquarters of the Islamic Dawa

has now Pray to the pedestrian bridge and militias Jermanah blocked the road

with barbed wire to prevent them from access.

Contact person from the spot…

Tanks stand in the eye in front of the Ministry of Water Company and sewage ..

That we can get the pictures we bring you omitted.


 Mando a small fire inside the Civil Registry of Tripoli and the fire was brought under control.
مندو قليل حريق داخل السجل المدني طرابلس وتمت السيطرة علي الحريق

National Safety Authority Tripoli
Fire residues within the headquarters of the Civil Registry in Tripoli and not, as rumored GS thread that inside the building
Was put out by members of the civil defense department Tripoli.




Clashes in the city of Ifrane between two or Jersan and Aghannaúmh.


A large gathering in the neighborhood of cottages now pretended Sadat Ali Badri

and the decisions of the lead at the capital and Hua not Mentkh mainly citing one young neighborhood cottages.

(Saraya gathered Zintan)


Was thankfully defeated the criminal gang Salah Valley and the remnants of armor Qatar from the 27 final and the camp (KHAMAS previously) and farm of Ahmed Gaddafa-dam Blood
 that was Eachd including criminal Valley-based prisons and above-ground and underground .. The youths stormed the two places after clashes continued for hours where the offender fled the valley and his gang by sea to a destination unknown.

Alhashan news
News of gunfire between the region’s youth and Shield Libya in camp 27 . 

Hedda has given the region’s youth Shield Libya deadline for the evacuation of the camp.

O Allah Akbar and Rishvana

Camp was liberated from 27 Shield Brotherhood and Harbaugh Kaalviran rabid and campers now empty.
Shura Council and Rishvana of
In a step towards the evacuation zone and Rishvana and suburbs of the capital Tripoli armed

formations of the Shura Council and the people of Rishvana Rishvana and participate in the

delivery of Camp 27 to the Libyan army 11/22/2013
Has been delivered to the headquarters of Battalion 27 Marine forces.

(Hedda morning)

The remnants of the gang Salah Valley and wanted justice to the tribe and Rishvana.

They are committed massacres Htaveb for youth, men and Rishvana.

They are as follows:

F Almchklt killer and required
Radwan Hangari killer and thief
Essam Ajavidh killer and thief
Marwan Guare killer and thief
Joseph Aarakiz killer and thief
Ahmed Sawan killer and thief
Spring Abussnana killer and thief
Aka Balrihh thief
Salem Akkari administrative Schuon
Mohammed Abuchydh manufacturing Wines
Aka Balhurcorh thief

Each end of the unjust and RBC in the presence

Libby and Rishvana.

Start officially handed over to the camp of the 27th Military Police.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl: are now delivered 27 military headquarters area west of Tripoli to the General Staff of the Libyan army

Now news channel

Transfer ceremony Camp 27

Because a large gathering of young people and tribes Rishvana Alhachan in preparation for an attack on the shield who’s 27 and Elly Bridge Bash seen and what Aatinh Andar than two days he delivers a brief and camp.
Number of young people what God wills and eluted Etjmau, and who became the beating before shui is just heating up and only attack the judge now, and Tfzaa young people at the same time.

And Shield semi-boxed and God does not have Wayne escapes, to launch a sitting Abanlhm came here to

Youth and Rishvana


# Gharyan:
Deployment of the army and the police suddenly.






A powerful explosion in Misrata shortly before .. And amid thick smoke seen from 20 km.



The deadline for “peaceful solutions given by the government to militias” Jdharan

which occupies the oil ports in central and eastern Libya.


Urgent :::::::::

Shooting votes now that is Tzmonha brawl near the condominium Alcides Bmnth Mr. Hussein and is a quarrel between neighbors and the reason is one Cbba Bmaxh one of the girls I grew up in the region and the problem now, and there are two hospital evacuate.
And the source of the SS …….

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.



Queen Elizabeth II


Channel BBC Arabic ::

British Foreign reach across the Libyan foreign ambassador in Tripoli

that Queen Elizabeth had postponed the historical city of Tobruk scheduled

for next December 24 because of the security situation in Libya ..


Now the city of Derna

He graduated rally against extremist militias in Derna

Newspaper of the future Libya :

the bombing on Friday , unidentified schools in the area Shiha eastern city of Derna , Libya , is scheduled to be used by the authorities Comerkzen election next month in the election of the members of the Committee session, charged with preparing a draft constitution of Libya .

Said Mohammed Alaerg , head of the electoral district in the tuber ” was Friday morning targeting a school gate or the faithful and the school are free Libya in the area Shiha Babutin explosive devices , two two elective . ,

And continued by saying that he ” did not know until now whether the targeting of schools aims to disrupt the election process or for another reason .. And there are no injuries . According to eyewitnesses , the physical damage was limited to only two main gates .
(# Earthquake)



THE “GAME” of juvenile player ALI ZAIDANE

Mu protector

Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards

Mu at his Women's Academy 2

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 19/11/2013 P

Mu is joyous for Victory




President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil, stressed that he did not receive the association does not officially not a figurehead, and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the Prime Minister.
And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.

ITALY and France jointly “will do something” in Libya !!!
(BUT even Hashim humans, the Secretary of Security, is against foreign intervention!!!)
“Lq Italian French weakness of state institutions, the Libyan
Italian Prime Minister, “Enrico Letta,” he accept it, and the French president, “Francois Hollande,” the Italian government at the summit of French Altimt in Rome Wednesday, institutional conditions “weak” in Libya.
He said, “Lita” in a joint news conference with “Holland” on Wednesday evening that “Italy and France share a great concern in the matter of Libya and the need to work for reinforcements state institutions” there.”
قلق إيطالي فرنسي من ضعف مؤسسات الدولة الليبية
أعلن رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي “إنريكو ليتّا” أنه استعرض والرئيس الفرنسي “فرانسوا هولاند” خلال القمة الحكومية الإيطالية الفرنسية التي التئمت في روما الاربعاء، الاوضاع المؤسساتية “الضعيفة” في ليبيا.
وقال “ليتّا” في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع “هولاند” مساء الاربعاء إن “إيطاليا وفرنسا تتشاطران القلق الكبير في الشأن الليبي وضرورة العمل لتعزيزات مؤسسات الدولة” هناك.


Member of the National Congress protect itself b pomegranate ! !

She said one of the members of the National Congress on Wednesday for security at the entrance to the municipality of Tripoli , she carries a hand grenade in her purse ” for self-defense .”
The local council of the city on his Facebook that he ” when they enter the municipality of Tripoli to participate in the meeting , Ms. Souad Sultan passed her purse on the device detect weapons and explosives which led to the launch warning .”
He added: ” When asked what security official carry in her purse , acknowledged the existence of a hand grenade carried justified as self-defense .”
He explained that the authority of the Council was able to participate in the meeting after that delivered the bomb to the security officer , and wanted to ” restore bomb after the meeting, but the security official refused to ” have it delivered .
He said the local council of Tripoli that he was forced to publish this clarification to deny information has been circulating on social networks pointed to the arrest of Sultan .

(Valley girl)

A hand grenade in a bag «Deputy Libyan» … To protect personal!

Adjust the security apparatus of the Council of the Libyan capital Tripoli today (Wednesday) member of parliament Souad Sultan, carrying a hand grenade in her bag when entering the council’s headquarters.
According to official sources td Council Sultan explained that the reason for retaining this bomb to protect personal information.
The media quoted local sources as the Council that the Council members who were meeting infuriated, especially that she was invited to the meeting on the grounds that they represent the city of Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council :

a correction of what is now floating in some social networking pages concerning respected member of Congress Souad Sultan ….. The story is as follows : Ms. Souad Sultan as it entered the Council of Tripoli to attend the meeting and put her purse inside the device detect weapons and explosives fired machine siren and has been offering security officer and asked her about what is found in her purse lean on the existence of a hand grenade ( pomegranate ) and it is used for personal protection Vslmtha him and entered to attend the meeting , then the security officer contacted the security authorities concerned and sent the Security Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Tripoli during the exit asked delivered her but security official refused to do so until the arrival of CID . Health News nor the effect that the member was being held or suspended by the Attorney General ….


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New $ 1.3 billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of  “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party



Cars with political bodies roam within the capital Tripoli repeatedly.
Including cars bearing the logo of the idiocy of the United Nations.

Flying in the skies today

Whatever Alito in the sky and Alito, your record date NATO dogs!!

likbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians
Voir la traduction
Photo: Hlikbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians.

 “Atmosphere of the country”:
Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Cape Muhammad Ali news

that have been traded on cutting off communications from the capital tomorrow.

Anissalem Salem


Misrata militias begin to occupy the coastal road from the five and the movement of tanks and heavy weapons to the headquarters of the Turkish company in the valley as the year the tobacco factory and the purpose is to besiege the capital Tripoli and its people.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

named exists in front of you in the news and for the Turtle witnesses from Zliten.

“Don’t worry ! –
Muammar is leading the battle in the inside of Libya . He was able to fail all the plans of those monsters on the ground.
They will not be able to do anything in the presence of Muammar. “-

Mu on the horizon

vidéo de GPC basic Elvis Bucky free.

Ya live commander
Hey commander live ..

Ali Asbali
Militias out of the capital means the return from where it came from, it does not mean disappearance or evaporation of their arsenal of weapons.

The fact delivered today in Tripoli :::

Most of the militias evidence today says
“Delivery only housings”
Alumblyichiyat not any solution and deliver weapons and its members join the army and police personnel Ka ..

They are meant to change the sites they said Mqratna follow the state and we will deliver it.

Nawasi changed the location and most of the mechanisms in the farms follow them.

Laughed p chins!!!


(PM picks whom should leave; so not all are leaving!!)

President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil,  stressed that he did not receive the association

does not officially not a figurehead,

and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the RAT Prime Minister.

And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.


All Libyan cities will be covered by the decision of the evacuation of the militias, but gradually !

(only Zaidane will decide on the “timing” ! )

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups

And : Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities , today, Thursday , to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week .

The organization said that Jerusalem Square in Tripoli on Friday will see big demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city.

For its part , said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization , ” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui ” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters.

The organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards , and the lack of integration of those responsible for human rights violations in the state institutions .

And Amnesty International pointed out that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces .


Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.


The demolition of the headquarters of the security committee attic – branch headed by Abu Salim’s murderer Gneoh by protesters

Gneoh handover headquarters of the National Security Directorate to Tripoli
The news that he was promoted talking Gneoh president of the Center Abu Salim

Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.

Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the commander of a brigade of civil Shaheed Mohamed Ibrahim civil begins delivery of brigade headquarters to Colonel Salem Souissi in charge of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the presence of the President of the receipt of the Air Defense F Alabana and representatives of the local council of Tripoli and the civil society organizations.

The start of the delivery and receipt:

civil Brigade withdraw today.

The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigade’s Ministry of Civil Defense (4 photos)
Begin preparations for the formal delivery of the brigade civil by the Ministry of Defense and will be in receipt of Colonel Omar Salem Suisse designate to receive one of the largest military forts of the Libyan army camp of Yarmouk, which holds the banner of civil society.

Distribution of brioche and Alrani guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp today

ههههههههههههههههههههههههومعاها Brioche Italian Mhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzelh

This battalion lightning .. Withdraw from Tripoli:

Abolished the Ministry of Interior and the police pause “in solidarity with the victims of Gharghour” was scheduled for today, according to Green  Square, The Director of the Office of Relations Directorate of Security Tripoli Nuri al-Obeid to the “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday.

Band VIII ( Nawasi ) denies evacuation based
“Atmosphere of the country”

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to “the atmosphere of the country ” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

The presence of loop current consultations with the local council to vacate Tripoli headquarters , and transfer to the base band Mitigua air base Thursday morning , noting that the band will respond to the demands of the people of the region that had demanded the evacuation of the headquarters.

He stressed that the buttonhole band is currently involved in securing the city of Tripoli, along with a number of security teams of the Supreme Security Committee of the Ministry of the Interior , under the command of the joint operations room in Tripoli .

It is worth mentioning that the ministerial committee for the implementation of the National General Conference resolutions number twenty-seven (27) and fifty-three (53), has announced what it called the ” time plan and a specific roadmap ” to evacuate the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi from armed manifestations .

Defense Minister Abdullah bending required to shield Libya militias (MISURATA) to return to Tripoli after stabilizing the security situation .. Is this the logic of security men and the army asked to return Mlisheh if extrapolated conditions Tripoli … Why?

(Valley girl)

Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP):

“Qathafi leading currently in Tripoli; Aawallah black day for them!”

 Mamedabussdrh expelled leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization Muflsinmn by Algeria Square Youth.
طرد محمدابوسدره القيادي في تنظيم الاخوان المفلسينمن من قبل شباب ميدان الجزائر
Got Alshall in demonstrations against the local council of Tripoli, non-elected,,,,

Qara Bolle … Alqoaah:

An exchange of prisoners between Misrata and Tajourah presence of dignitaries Qara Bolle
Alqoaah gate area military police breaker.


Happening now:
Dozens of judges and lawyers are coming out now in a demonstration of the Courts Complex in Tripoli to Algeria Square, –
demanding the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed manifestations.

News Libya | Libya News
Allah is the greatest day of the local council received Andar Tripoli protesters in the field of Algeria notify the militia in control of the channel Libya official explained that the demonstrators tomorrow will go to the channel to release it from the militia, which Att where they Cislmoha corruption and police will not back down until this matter.
To all free tomorrow after Friday prayers will be a part of our plan from this channel prisoner.
Now | Chairman Tripoli local Sadat Badri confirms in a speech to the demonstrators in the capital of Algeria in the field of continuing general strike until the last piece of weaponry output of Tripoli, except the army and police force.

Pads Badri: civil disobedience continuously .. And tomorrow will be gathering on the island of Bohradh after Friday prayers.
Tomorrow a major demonstration against the militias in Tripoli and the army and police claim ..
And alert the internal breakthroughs will occur tomorrow demonstration.

Tripoli Local Council at a news conference a little while ago:

formed a committee to follow up the procedures for the delivery and receipt of each site, and follow-up battalions out of the capital.

Director of security of the capital Tripoli on channel shortly before:

It was agreed that tomorrow will be a place to demonstrate in front of the Holy Mosque Babuhradh has been commissioned and will be protected by the police in the first ring and the second ring in the second infantry brigade of the national army.

Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Interior Ministry calls on citizens to gentlemen need to show restraint and to ensure a peaceful demonstration, which will be organized tomorrow to miss opportunities to all of this movement is trying to recruit for other purposes.

Student Media Center :::::

Students’ Union announces # # Engineering College in coordination with the Dean of the College and coordinator of the study and exams that college exams will not be next week ..

Even though the study began with the knowledge that he has not decided yet whether the study will begin next week, or not.

(University Students Union # # Tripoli – Branch # College of Engineering).

Chairman of the interim government will meet the heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli

And met with interim Prime Minister Dr. ” Ali Zaidane ” Wednesday evening at the prime minister, heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli .

During the meeting, which was attended by ministers , higher education , justice , culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education to review and discuss the outcomes of the tragic events that occurred area Gharghour last Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded, including a number of university students .

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education , ” Bashir Alstaoa “ that the students insisted during the meeting of the prime minister on the need to evacuate the city of Tripoli from all military formations , because this action is in the interest of the country.

“The Alstaoa ” that the government had asked give her some time , as the committee in charge of following up the implementation of Resolution 27 issued by the National Congress on the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed formations , is in the process now on the application and implementation of the resolution on the ground and explained \ ” Alstaoa \” that the prime minister discussed with the delegation, the issue of student -stop for the university study , as confirmed in this regard that the wheel of the state and its institutions must spin works including universities .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education that the heads of student unions Sub confirmed at the conclusion of this meeting reservations to continue the study , and constantly demanding civil disobedience .

Deans of faculties of the University of Tripoli, union leaders and faculty members at their meeting today Orteuro unanimously a continuation of the suspension of classes until the exit of all armed formations ..

(AD Student Media)


The return of most of the public and private banks to work this morning in Tripoli. # Libya

عودة أغلب المصارف العامة والخاصة للعمل صباح اليوم في طرابلس. #ليبيا

يحدث الآن :
العشرات من القضاة والمحامين يخرجون الآن في مظاهرة من مجمع المحاكم بطرابلس إلى ميدان الجزائر, للمطالبة بإخلاء مدينة طرابلس من المظاهر المسلحة.


Before the hour and a half:

in front of a gas station Falah, an army patrol arrested two people and armed intervention of the

Joint Committee (deterrence Mitigua) to being released.

Diary of a prisoner in Mitiga ..
I do not know how much time has passed and I’m in this place, perhaps a year or more Time, here is no different Many in the events and circumstances and the night continued and we are waiting for the morning will not shine , it may be here since the fall of Tripoli but tell me when to hit Tripoli and tell me how the date today?

I lost many of my senses as a result of torture no longer hear well and did not a promising taste eating and move my feet with great difficulty , no longer afraid of torture , whether a stick or electrically felt that my body has become its electrical energy sufficient to operate the columns of light in Tripoli sad,

torturers here ordered them strange they ask us to wake up at dawn and dawn prayers lectured and read the Holy Quran after a hot night of torture pa afraid to tell God this and ask him to beat them , which the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night to hear the claims of the oppressed and lift the injustice , I think they do not fear God and do not fill out Belkaúna in the dawn prayer and not for what they tortured us throughout the night , on some nights you hear the sound of someone reciting verses from the Holy Quran at the same time screaming torturers of popular Guard and the Revolutionary Guards and volunteers , as well as men Bani Walid who taxpayers for their honor and display , why put our voice Quran with torture ?

Do you want to plant the Vienna knot listen to the words of God Almighty, no doubt that the Hola demons in human form until the Sheikh who teaches us in the evening in one subject for years, I do not know their number does not come out of the sermon is over it and respect his orders , he says these words to the people tortured morning and evening they do not have a guardian but God , how will go out of obedience ?

What is happening in Mitiga is torture demons of the slaves and the more I wanted to explain to you what is happening in the prisons of Mitiga would I , but I Larry Shi strange every morning and I cried Larry dead person from Vdraj in Bani Walid , a smiley and someone else from Almrdom a smiley and another Alrkdalin a smiley wonder what the secret of smile who die in the night of torture in and out in the morning to morgues ? , There is no doubt that they have seen in their death is great I am waiting for the morning, go out with a smile to the morgue and ask you , O Liberal to fulfill the way it is for your sake and for my bear all this. This commandment from someone on the way to a smile
يوميات سجين في معيتيقة ..
لا اعرف كم مضى من الوقت وانا في هذا المكان ربما سنة او اكثر فالزمن هنا لايختلف كثير في احداثه وظروفه والليل مستمر ونحن في انتظار صباحا لن يشرق ، ربما اكون هنا منذ سقوط طرابلس لكن من يخبرني متى سقطت طرابلس ومن يخبرني كم التاريخ اليوم ؟ فقدت العديد من حواسي نتيجة التعذيب لم اعد اسمع جيدا ولم اعد اتذوق الاكل واحرك قدماي بصعوبة بالغة ، لم اعد اخاف التعذيب سواء بالعصا او بالكهرباء احس ان جسدي صارت به طاقة كهربائية تكفى لتشغيل اعمدة النور في طرابلس الحزينة ، الجلادين هنا امرهم غريب هم يطلبون منا الاستيقاظ في الفجر وصلاة الفجر حاضر وقراءة القران الكريم بعد ليلة ساخنة من التعذيب الآ يخافون ان نخبر الله بهذا ونطلب منه ان ننتصر عليهم وهو سبحانه ينزل للسماء الدنيا في الثلث الاخير من الليل لسماع دعاوي المظلومين ورفع الظلم ، اعتقد انهم لا يخافون الله ولا يعبئون بلقائنا به في صلاة الفجر والآ لما قاموا بتعذيبنا طوال الليل ، في بعض الليالي كنت اسمع صوت احدهم يتلو ايات من القرآن الكريم وفي نفس الوقت صراخ المعذبين من الحرس الشعبي والحرس الثورى والمتطوعين وكذلك رجال بني وليد الذين دافعو عن شرفهم وعرضهم ، لماذا يضعون لنا صوت القرآن الكريم مع التعذيب ؟ هل يريدون ان يغرسوا فينا عقدة الاستماع لكلام الله عز وجل ، لاشك ان هولاء شياطين في صورة بشر حتى الشيخ الذي يحاضر علينا في المساء في موضوع واحد لسنوات لا اعرف عددها لا يخرج من خطبة ولى الامر واحترام اوامره، يقول هذا الكلام الى اشخاص يعذبون صباح ومساء وليس لديهم ولى امر الآ الله فكيف سوف يخرجون عن طاعته ؟ مايحدث في معيتيقة هو تعذيب الشياطين للعباد وكلما اردت ان اوضح لكم مايحدث في سجون معيتيقة فلن استطيع ولكنى اري شى غريب كل صباح وابكي اري شخص ميت من فدراج في بني وليد وهو مبتسم وشخص اخر من المردوم وهو مبتسم واخر من الرقدالين وهو مبتسم ياترى ما سر ابتسامة الذين يموتون في الليل بالتعذيب ويخرجون في الصباح الى ثلاجات الموتى ؟ ، لاشك انهم قد شاهدوا في موتهم آمر رائع انا في انتظار صباح اخرج فيه مبتسما الى ثلاجة الموتي واطلب منكم ايها الاحرار ان تكملوا الطريق فمن اجلكم واجل بلادي نتحمل كل هذا. هذه وصية من شخص في طريقه الى الابتسامة

The resignation of many of the doctors and anesthesia technician in a hospital corner ..

That will come as a result of

Lack of appreciation and respect for them by the director of a hospital corner …

Lack of army or police to protect them ..

Lack of medicines and equipment in a hospital corner ..

(Moved from the Association doctors corner 2013)


Haitham Tagouris the transfer of arms, the special mechanisms of Ninewa Nawasi project ostrich, and also the transfer of a number of prisoners about twenty prisoners to the same place, Haitham refuses to release Hola prisoners and set another prison trench in Tajourah, Haitham does not follow the instructions the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, and no one is able to the taking of prisoners of it, Haitham Tagouris criminal should stand in the face .. Please spread the word to everyone and to campaign for the release of prisoners and we have complaints of the people some of the prisoners who are ostrich project.

Victims Organization for Human Rights
Thursday, 12 November 2013



Anissalem Salem :::

News downright million percent
Very, very fierce battles in the department in Ajeelat.
The spread of the regular police department from Ajeelat within the city this morning.
Department in AJEELAT now ..

An armed attack on the prison department in AJeelat judicial police by unknown assailants.

and Adhu fled and the situation was calm now, no one hurt.

City department in AJEELAT
Now: department in AJEELAT
Clashes between armed groups from the areas of the market and the gift of Jinan.



Area and Rishvana

Heavy shooting my 14.5 in 27 .

Thunderous explosion in the world .. Possible be the voice of an RPG launcher .. In a good college ..

(Channel globe)

Quadraplegic RAT calls in admitting that he abducted 14 Zintani!!

Quoting / / Pictures and News from Rishvana ·

One caller broadcasting Alcdoh 104.3 The anonymity quadriplegic
‘ve Kidnapped 14 people from Zintan in response to the abduction of my brother at the airport in Tripoli after returning from Turkey* have been looking for him from time to 12:00 today afternoon and did not find him

I heard Aladinm contact Hedda … and God knows.

*: TURKEY is where the MISURATA GNC RATS met (including NOAH & BELHADJ) to get their funding and support and plans to take-over TRIPOLI.



27 camp west of Tripoli :::

Fears of storming the camp of the 27 on Friday, according to statements made by the commander of the camp.

Came out not necessary for the militias …


Using Sabratha coastal :: terrible accident causing the death of 5 people 3 men, women and children

11/20/2013 catastrophic car accident the day after refinery Mellitah ..

five cars turn out to be … the remains of five people and LoFat family Jennifan area of Beautiful City..

I am God and to Him we return …
O best of our conclusion and Tova Watt satisfied with us.


Tarhouna Youth Association

Killed, “Ibrahim Souayah” of the tribe Alanaajh weft Aldechailah at the hands of the sons of Cane and is one of the persons involved in the murder of their brother after he was scheduled to be tried in a court in Tripoli where ((invitee has Ashour Nouri handed over to Tripoli so as not to kill him)) and I’ve found lying in the same place where he found the lifeless bodies of the son of Cane.

Armed militias committed crimes in the city Tarhounah on Tuesday, November 19th amid the silence of the government and Almatmalotunai year.

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to the “atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

Pictures. Victims of one militia “handsome hawk” kidnapped, tortured and killed and still missing and the rest of his brothers accused “Ahmdalsaeidi” and “the backing band, led by the fourth” Salah Elmarghani “Friday, November 22, 2013 AD.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 AD , said sources from within the city Tarhounah the Agency : the militias affiliated ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ nicknamed Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin affiliate Lama called Guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani the attack on the police station in downtown Tarhounah and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown stadium ball is dead, ” Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja “ that appears in the picture has been tortured were killed him amid the silence of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the prime minister and the National Conference , which belongs to him called ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ decision in the National Congress , which accuses the people of Tarhounah led campaign horror and the liquidation of the people of the region .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .


News of the arrival of the mechanisms of Al Qaqaa Brigade.   

Zintan brigade to prosperous Camp Mizdah .

(Citizen of Mizdah)



opening of article: “Zintan from truffles to ax ….” by ALzaim Muammar

On one of the peaks of the mountain west and in the middle stationed Zintan, a city in Libya and the tribe of the Libyan tribes of ancient associated brotherhood with the tribes of her weight Corvlh and Qmazfah and they called their alliance on behalf of Khot seriously Zintan area truffles most famous in Libya presence and Trade population was living an existence quiet planting wheat, barley and olives and raise livestock , customs , tribal and owners of one word. It is the mountain to the Mermaid is a vast difference in living , climate and a good place also.

Upon issuance of Resolution No. 7 on Bani Walid, Zintani remained steadfast and did not intervene (but they gave food, weapons and much aid to their Warfalla cousins); and did not pay attention to the order of brothers Grandpa. This  turned Zintan tribe of ancient with the word to the executioners and Mafloh Palmchacheh from the use of gas and shelling of civilians the biggest proof of that when they arrested Ali Saif al-Islam has not Iktsoa him , but on the contrary, Honor and his hospitality and treated him as a prisoner of war and better (they protected him, gave him a fair trial in Dec/Jan 2011-2).  They indeed showed their respect for a honorable and great tribal  family ( the Gadafa).

The Al Qaqaa Brigade,
The Al Qaqaa Brigade engaged in delivering its headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Allah is the greatest mobility of Tripoli reaps the fruits.Sources of news: Zintan Brigades had redeployed in farms through the airport, and Tripoli Local Council will be asked to verify officially leave the armed formations of the capital.

الله أكبر حراك طرابلس يجني الثمار تباعاً


“Atmosphere of the country” ..
Chairman of the Air Defense F Alabana announce
received through the headquarters of a brigade of civil Yarmouk camp on Thursday
for the establishment of a security room in Zintan.


Was liquidated citizen Masood Ahmed Trchana in the city of Sirte and was found in the area 17 west of Sirte and the late order specialty tanks Excellent ..

(Inspired Pen)



That did not Then do what you want …

Today one of the brave heroes of the commandos … The …. The … And calculated on the family ( gunpowder )

With the reservation to mention the full name of this hero .. the infringement on the door of the Operations Section holiest of holies , where the hospital treats people and God gives them life ..

Xi not only because when he entered the hospital did not find a doctor in Antdharh … because he , according to his belief that the doctor knows his presence at the hospital and did not care about the will ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

When Tgosaina reason for storming Hedda Commando operations and found misfortune.

It has taught us that he called him his friend who is not a resident of Bani Walid ? ? ? Outboard mean? ? ! ! And told him that he was subjected to a traffic accident and is in good health and not suffering from only a minor injury in the foot and some bruises … But Hedda Gallant when attending to the hospital was not pleased with the level of health services provided to friendly Barrani ? ? ? ( From Mizdah or Alguentarar by what we heard )
Please proceed directly to the Operations Division , where the process was conducted for Sheikh elder battling the disease … Taking its glass doors and smashed its skull and dislocated Doors …. And terrified workers … where there were doctors from operations outside Bani Walid performing service for the people of this city deprived of several services …
Dear Sir, you are the action offended yourself to this precious family?
Whats suppose that this person was under alamlihho your father do you do these actions?
Suppose you are in a hospital in Tripoli will you this heroic movements?!?!?!

Fear God in this hospital.When the city’s avenues narrowed not only school to this modest facility
Honorable thamlo city, people of your responsibilities towards this vital and sensitive facility.
I swear if he met doctors and workers on strike.(I see it close if this comic situation) getting into trouble for real disaster,.

O you local council and you have to carry your responsibilities , but with Feltrahl Departed
O you Social Council Silence Is not this wisdom absent from you ? ?
You guys city hospital protection of Haala Tramps and Almichdeghin ..
Because you can only ltaalgo the hospital your kinsfolk and kins Hatta as you.

And finally … … …. Realizing it before you end up in disaster. The great fire start (spark) small
(Addicted health)

Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid great

The days reveal the true Libyans , but not seen Baionna .
The membrane was perched on the eyes of the children and the national Pkarth started shaking .
The fact that Sun screamed previously appear today to my brothers at home.
The words of the sheikh said Barghouti has become our wisdom we transfer .
The transfer order said :
That governs the national is nothing but a regional tribal militias and foreign agendas have other flavors, we’ve got the Arab and Lybia .
Today I see what we see every Alepien of delivery and receipt of yesterday who was imposed on us and on the home Mairead who we want him to be the only Fared us to Mairead force of law .
I am .
Congratulate my family in Bani Walid and Ali Atrahm religion righteous martyrs died under the injustice of this topic militias decide today all the children of the nation , but they are not people who are going out on the wrong-doers everything is legal and humane .
Today the Good congratulate the cities of their men and elders and fighters. Pencaúha congratulate her and her children .
I congratulate elders and their wisdom and courage of its men and women fighters Bpsahlthm Bangabehn to Black will be in history and a symbol of her children trace their lineage and affiliation of each of these .
Congratulate Bani Walid victory by the fact that we thank God that each reached the Libyans.
Congratulate her the truth , which paid for it blood.
The fact that its content that shields it is only Adera tribal and regional battalions and all of the issued and other laws are the basis of power and void Ahtaha was the law of the jungle that the Duck .
Congratulate her because she first said yes , yes to the military police, no militia ..
Now, after what you stand on this topic truth .
Libyans O , O conference legalized the orders of those militias days , my government has supported the oppressors days. All of you ask.
But you deserve Bani Walid Alaatdar . But you deserve compensation for the burning and looting destroyed .
But you deserve to Tcolo the right word in the religion of its people fed you and those militias repeatedly bitter pill .
Or you do not dare to tell the truth or what was Alaatdar you and without you around and force yesterday . And you are at the mercy of those bands.
Enough for us the truth . We need you today condemned the crimes committed your decision No. (7 ) .
We do not want only the adoption of the error and injustice.
We do not know no clue how to be a day coming days Valdnaa rotates among the people of God . Van was you or the militias will not happen to us more than it was .
And that we had let it be Aatdarkm and your condemnation of criminals and your recognition of Bachtaúkm cause him to descend the mercy of the oppressed to the oppressors are listed on the Ombudsman and overtaken .

God bless our martyrs and placed them rest in peace .

(Ali Akash Method)

بني وليد العظيمة

وكان الايام تكشف حقيقة لم يرها الليبيون الا باعيوننا .
وكان الغشاء الجاثم على عيون بني وطني بدات تنفض بكارته .
وكان شمس الحقيقة التي صرخنا بها سابقا تظهر اليوم لاخوتي في الوطن .
وكان كلمات شيخنا البرغوتي اصبحت حكمتنا بقوله قلنا ونقل .
اجل قلنا ونقل :
بان من يحكم في وطني ماهي الا مليشيات جهويه قبليه واخري لها اجندات خارجيه جاءتنا بنكهات عربيه واخري ليبيه .
اليوم وانا ارى وكل اليبيين ما نراه من تسليم واستلام ممن كان بالامس يفرض علينا وعلى الوطن مايريد لمن كنا نريد له ان يكون الفارض الوحيد علينا لمايريد بقوة القانون .
فانني .
اهني اهلي في بني وليد واترحم علي شهدائنا البررة الدين قضوا تحت ظلم هده الميليشيات التي تبت اليوم لكل بني الوطن انهم ليسوا الا اناس ظالمين خارجين على كل ما هو قانوني وانساني .
اليوم اهني مدينتي العظيمه برجالها وشيوخها ومقاتليها . اهنئها بنسائها واطفالها .
اهنئ شيوخها بحكمتهم ورجالها بشجاعتهم ومقاتليها ببسالتهم ونسائها بانجابهن لاسود سيكونون في التاريخ رمزا واطفالها بنسبهم وانتمائهم لكل هؤلاء .
اهني بني وليد بانتصارها بالحقيقة التي نحمد الله ان وصلت لكل الليبيين.
اهنئها بالحقيقة التي دفعت من اجلها الدماء .
الحقيقة التي فحواها ان الدروع ما هي الا ادرع قبليه وان الكتائب جهويه وان كل ما صدر من قوانين وغيرها هي باطله اساسها القوة واحتكامها كان لقانون الغاب ان داك .
اهنئها لانها اول من قال نعم للجيش نعم للشرطة ولا للميليشيات ..
والان وبعد ما وقفتم علي هده الحقيقه .
يا ايها الليبيون , يا مؤتمرا شرعن اوامر تلك الميليشيات يوما , يا حكومة دعمت الظالمين يوما . جميعكم اسال .
الا تستحق منكم بني وليد الاعتدار . الا تستحق منكم تعويضا لما حرق ونهب ودمر .
الا تستحق منكم ان تقولو كلمة حق فيها وفي اهلها الدين ضاقوا منكم ومن تلك الميليشيات مرار العلقم .
ام انكم لا تجرؤون علي قول الحقيقه او الاعتدار لما كان منكم وانتم دون حول وقوة بالامس . وانتم تحت رحمة تلك العصابات .
تكفينا الحقيقه . ويكفينا اليوم منكم ادانه لجرائم ارتكبت بقراركم رقم ( 7 ) .
لا نريد الا اقرار بالخطا والظلم .
فلا ندري ولا تدرون كيف تكون الايام القادمة فالدنيا ايام يداولها الله بين الناس . فان كانت لكم او للميليشيات فلن يحدث لنا اكثر مما جرى .
وان كانت لنا فليكن اعتداركم وادانتكم للمجرمين واعترافكم باخطائكم سببا تنزل منه رحمة من مظلومين على ظالمين يوم ترد المظالم وتنقلب الموازين .

رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم فسيح جناته .

علي عكاش الفقهي

Bani Walid :::::::

The College of Cambridge Bani Walid headquarters object Butanuep Jerusalem from start recording in English language courses and computer at different levels as to Launch in methodology courses for the two phases of basic education and average in mathematics, chemistry, and the Arabic language.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: City five

URGENT: News on the presence Shield forces to Libya “Misrata” withdrawing from the camp in Tripoli Albraizh “battalion headquarters Joseph formerly Overture” in five does not know until the moment you presence will be temporary or permanently!!



Misurata satellite channel:

Shortly after the statement of the local council and the military and the Shura Council,

civil society organizations and the Misrata rebels (4) on the events of Tripoli.

Issued local councils and the military and the Shura Council, civil society organizations and leaders of the rebels in Misrata joint statement

Confirm it to claim the National Congress formed a committee to investigate the facts of figures known for their integrity and neutrality holds the search in the details of this incident tragic and planned and instigated them and how they occur and the parties that participated in it by listening to all the parties and witnesses and access to all documents, images and prepare a detailed report particularly during a period not exceeding 30 days.

and, AFTER TERRORIZING  the CITY of TRIPOLI for MONTHS, and this past weekend  alone murdered 48 and over 539 wounded, they have the nerve to lie and ask :

“Shura Council member Fathi Bashaga city of Misrata on channel DC: Chamber of Commerce Tripoli exposure compensation all the merchants of the city of Misrata who have been burning and looting of their property and their shops in the city of Tripoli.”

Which is a BIG FABRICATION, because no one burned their shops or stole from them…

THEY burned their own places of habitation as they left the premises on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!

and what about all the bodies, blood and tortured people and mass graves that were found in the wake???

Not counting the filthe and mess!!!
THESE ARE TRULY EVIL PEOPLE…who now are trying to gain sympathy! and who do you think were the invaders????



Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent and Important: The Interior Ministry denies that it has ordered the formation of the Eastern Province Chamber of rebels .

Friday, 22 November 2013 AD obtained the agency of sources on a book issued by the Minister of the Interior in charge d “friend Abdul karim cream” shows the confusion and exploitation of correspondence precedent in how to set up a room Libya rebels in the Eastern Province is clear from reading the book referred to and that reader will see a copy of it Kiffa to exploit some of the people with the agenda Private correspondence in rigging the state to create objects rejected by the Libyans and manipulation which could be up to a charge of forgery . edit: Mamedalhaafa .






President of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi exclusively for “Reporters” that his office received preliminary approval from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil, and it will begin the sale of oil from all the ports of the region within two weeks,according to Law No. 58, which determines how the distribution of income among regions three. )

and TODAY, this!:

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

The official website of Mission

United Nations Mission in Libya (# UNSMIL) confirms that there has been no agreement with the United Nations which is not given approval to any arrangements related to oil, was initially or process.


Gemayel :::

Injury, “Imam Ammar,” a police officer with Beautiful City, after being
For a hail of bullets is of him during the transfer of a number of prisoners of
Back to the department in Ajeelat, without the recorded cases of escape for prisoners.

# Beautiful


Quoting from Motaz Libya:
* Security force able turf since few of the arrest of a terrorist cell was trying to
Meadow Court bombing arrested three of Benghazi, and two of the tuber and one of the Prairie.


Call me now ordered an investigation commandos and said to me, has given them a

communiqué about the presence of a car bomb outside the home of the Egyptian consul

and forces the bolt is on its way there.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Using cameras in the airport have built international has been know to put the bag Adhesive on one of the airport’s car to blow it up and when they saw the cameras, the airport had Pfkha and fled, but surveillance cameras recorded all this and men Thunderbolt were there Mutiran not to happen Shi what’s out there and not out criminals from the airport and arrested.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

What is  happening in Sabri is a quarrel between two tribes. … …
Saovikm update.
Reporter: Al-Mu’tasim Faitouri-Libya national channel.
Sabri now
# Gun battle between light and Julatinat invited dogs and invited drowsiness
And special forces on the way to there.Stun intervene and break up a dispute between two families in Benghazi area Sabri.(Stun forces)

Security room Benghazi:

Clashes were going on in the streets of Benghazi between the Bolt and the Champions Bats of Darkness.

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the close of the junction prefabricated housing .. Airport Road.

Benghazi shortly before :::

Reporter news channel .. bombing in front of the headquarters of a chief of staff in Benghazi.

Explosion at the headquarters of the General Staff of Benghazi to coincide with the theatrical Zaidane in Tripoli

عاااجل /تفحير مقر رئاسة الاركان الجرذانية #ببنغازي.
وفاء معمر.
Fast/tvhair algrzanet # staff headquarters Jermanah in Benghazi.
Meet Muammar.
Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP).
Contacted news: explosion at the Marine Corps infantry camp in Benghazi without casualties..

Benghazi blast :::::

Urgent ::::::::::::

Since the explosion is a small city of Benghazi explosion kiosk Alsjaúz area milkfish.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

A car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Central Bank of Libya in the center of Benghazi

(Special Forces)



Tunisian in Tobruk holds a million dollars Tobruk

Threw Btabriq border guards arrested a Tunisian million dollars in his possession, he was trying to market them on the black market without legal action.
According to the spokesman of the 415 battalion of the border guards Paljgbob “Abdel Moneim Almabbari” that he was referring the person arrested, and the amount that was in his possession to the shanty points to take legal action about it.

Targeting Unity Hospital in tuber Bakadf  RBJ by armed militant groups after clashes with locals.

The descent of the so-called Army of the Islamic State of Libya to secure the tuber (8 photos)
Was the descent of the so-called Saraya al-Army Libya Islamic state tuber to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs to restore security in the lost city of Derna, according to the leaders of the Islamic Army ..
It is worth mentioning that the people of the city of Derna have today held demonstrations condemning the terrorist operations of assassinations and bombings claim Army and police keep track of the state.

Derna. Bride Middle

The spread of the elements of the so-called Islamic Army of Libya is now in several locations Bdrna,

And conduct inspections and patrols.

Media Center Libya tuber:

Newsflash ….

Shooting by unknown assailants in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fawzi Alzuky and is now in the hospital between life and death.

Derna. Bride Middle

The death of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the tribes of the city council of elders from his wounds as a result of the assassination of the treacherous targeted after leaving the mosque tonight ..

I am God and to him we shall return … and to turn the force except in God.

That the supply of water and electricity for the entire day in the city of Derna .

Tuber November 20, 2013 ( and ) – stopped the supply of water and cut off electricity today fully for the city of Derna after deciding to workers at the station steam disrupt production units shut off , as well as to stop the work of the desalination plant for sea water to protest the exposure station to try to sabotage . He attributed the two workers to stop and drop to the exposure of the steam plant specialized in the production of electrical power on Wednesday to blow up considerably after that unknown persons threw an explosive device at the outer wall near the vehicles and fuel depots , which operates two plants . . The director of the station said the blast did not happen damage mankind did not lead to the breakdown of machinery , and improvised explosive devices did not reach the rooms of electricity and fuel , and not to have occurred damaged severely affected people and property, but this was stopped production to be done to protect the station by the state apparatus .

News reporter: Displays the fiber optic cable between the towns of Derna and Tobruk to cut.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …

Since few in defiance of state traveled in tuber to blow up a polling station in Jnaalstan tuber.



Explosion rocks stillness city of Sabha moments before and Amalomat yet.

Presented yesterday afternoon engineers belonging to the

Al Madar Telecom, assaulted by unknown assailants and Mmelttmin were traveling in a vehicle and carrying Itzhlh machine guns and attacked the engineers during their work on the road link between the area Alchuirv – Qurayyat and stole Maaadathm technical and personal and escaped witnessing the road link between Sabha – Alchuirv – Qurayyat

interruptions in telecommunications service company orbit because of repeated attacks on these stations ..

Reporter Libya Liberal / / Idriss Jbjy

Was shortly before the assassination of the young man (Bashir Jamal Amin) in front of their house

in the city of Sabha after Gardah has attic shooting by unknown assailants when he got out of his car,

I am God and to Him we return.

Turning a van transporting money and theft of 1.26 million U.S. dollars
(Xinhua )
21/11/2013 at 13h33

A group of armed men robbed a van Wednesday CIT and stole 1.26 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sabha in the south of Libya, Xinhua reported a local security official .

“Six militants have set up a checkpoint and searched cars from around Sabha. They stopped the van transporting money heading towards a subsidiary of the Bank of North Africa in the Barak Valley ” , the official said , adding ” as the gunmen robbed the van and fled the scene .”

The mobile phones of four employees , including the director of the bank, were also stolen.

The head of security Sabha said an investigation was underway.

Earlier on October 28 , gunmen attacked a van carrying local and foreign currency for the Central Bank of Libya , flying 54 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sirte , in western Libya , 500 km to the west of Tripoli.

The Libyan authorities have still not recovered this large sum of money. However , official reports have assured that security officers were able to locate those responsible and are currently negotiating with them to recover the stolen money.

From inside the medical center Sabha arrival of four young people with serious injury and are now in the care of rooms car …

a white Toyota Taliban Gazzazha dark and leaden color Sonata kill youth in Sabha.
Yesterday, the killing of a young man in the area Gardah (Bashir Jamal) and today fire on four young …..

Beware, my brothers, and I hope in Sabha.

Sabha young heroes to catch the offender and exact retribution.


Kidnapping, “Abdul Jalil Mohammed Abdul Jalil,” Council Member
Aeltsiara for Ubari and President of the Federation society institutions
Civil since yesterday without knowing the identity of the kidnappers or
Place being taken.

The kidnapping of the institutions of civil union Boubare Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil



A member of the Commission on the social networking Tawergha Saad Saleh said that more than thirty

of Tawergha family emigrated to Germany and some other countries with known human migration.

Saad Saleh explained that the phenomenon is widespread since the period between displaced Tawergha,

where is located the administrative procedures to facilitate them by

some human rights organizations to get German citizenship:



Libya Libya international channel International Channel


International sources: the first Brigade of the border guard and the oil facilities and vital goals, “Al Qaqaa Brigade” formerly the morning Thursday handed over its headquarters in Tripoli to local Council minutes of delivery and receipt, in the presence of representatives of the Government and the Ministry of defence and general staff denied that some of the Al-Quds Brigades, the Brigade withdrew from the border triangle and tape running with Tunisia to Niger on Monday, stressing at the same time the determination of general coordination with border corner led to send confidential Withdrawn from Tripoli to join the rest of his brigades deployed on the western border and the South West.


YesKaddafi à Paris 2

Even if we do not win the victory immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that the defense of the country is an honor and selling it – the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever, no matter how hard some to convince you otherwise ”

Returning Aaazemi Returning —- prepare for victory and liberate the homeland

© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
First: RNI say to all inside and outside our land usurped, daunting and I congratulate you on your patience to spare him and gets in our country.
Second: I would like to point out that war is not a game or a word uttered war situation paper, layout, arrangement and coordination and action.
3-resistance actually exist on Earth and lead the resistance, but not every one finds not desire him.
IV. the happening of events within our territory demonstrates the failure of government customers and traitors and what happen now demonstrates control of armed militias on each mkodarat our beloved human rights violations wetadib and killing and looting and terrorizing all named immoral.
Fifth: our land did not need foreign lisaado to secure the training of Libyan Libyan army is one of the most powerful armies in the world and this greater degree of military organizations in the world.
6-Libya land and glory and our people is put the right solution by uniting and their uprising for the lifting of the unjust hands.
We lived the life safety for 42 years and won’t see a murder or theft of aughtsab or violation of human rights.
7. true, there were some errors in the past 42 years but not the fault of public order or of leader moamer kadhafi, but errors were working under the title of personal interests.
VIII:-resistors are working on the basis provided assistance coverage, and not war, but the reality is that popular uprising from within and not from waiting inside or outside the home are from abroad and vice versa but the reality is the massive uprising sign and put people on the right track and is a public system, not on behalf of the people
9. the Libyan people and elements of the army, police and internal and external security are the backbone of the nation and not a group of militias who have various types of weapons and control people, not a State other than the State of public and non-public authority.
Ppbu Libyan people, how long are you waiting, and you are afraid of death, death is inevitably so grown and tallness and pride and not live a life of humiliation and indignity and servitude anhedo from your lethargy and your calm, you must twagho your fate day even yaisho your sons future safety we lansma everyday only murder, kidnapping, looting, rape and steal the Libyan people from a group of traitors and mercenaries, clients, this is your freedom who want this is your security and amankm anhedo wantvdo, Libya call out to you.
God wemam t, o b o
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اولا :-أقول لكل الاحرار داخل وخارج أرضنا المغتصبة اهنئكم على صمودكم وصبركم على ماحصل ويحصل في بلادنا العزيزة .
ثانيا :- اود ان اوضح ان الحرب ليست لعبة او كلمة تقال الحرب دراسة للاوضاع وتخطيط وترتيب وتنسيق واجراءات .
ثالثا :- المقاومة موجودة فعلا على الارض وقيادة المقاومة موجودة ولكن ليس كل مايشتهيه المرء يجده.
رابعا:- مايحصل من احداث داخل ارضنا يدل على فشل حكومة العملاء والخونة ومايحصل الان يوضح سيطرة الميليشيات المسلحة على كل مقدارات ارضنا الحبيبة من انتهاكات لحقوق الانسان وتعديب وقتل ونهب وترويع وكل مسمى غير اخلاقي .
خامسا:- أرضنا لاتحتاج الى اجانب ليساعدو على تأمينها او تدريب ليبيين فإن الجيش الليبي من اقوى الجيوش في العالم وهدا بشهادة اكبر المنظمات العسكرية في العالم.
سادسا :-ليبيا ارض العز والشموخ وشعبنا هو من سيضع الحل المناسب وذلك بتوحيد كلمتهم وانتفاضتهم من اجل رفع الايادي الظالمة عنها .
نحن عشنا حياة أمن وامان طيلة 42 عام ولن نشاهد جرائم قتل او سرقة اوغتصاب او انتهاك لحقوق الانسان .
سابعا :- صحيح كانت هناك بعض الاخطاء في خلال 42 عام ولكن ليس الخطأ من النظام الجماهيري او من القائد العقيد معمر القذافي بل الاخطاء كان ممن يعملون تحت المسمى الجماهيري لخدمة مصالحهم الشخصية.
ثامناً:- الاسس الذي يعمل عليها المقاومون هيا المساعدة والتأميين وليس الحرب انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة الشعبية التي من الداخل وليست من ينتظرون من الداخل او الخارج فالداخل ينتظرون من بالخارج والعكس انما الواقع هو الانتفاضة العارمة التي ستقلب مجريات الامور ووضع الشعب على المسار الصحيح وهو النظام الجماهيري فلا نيابة عن الشعب
تاسعا :- الشعب الليبي والاحرار والمقاومون والجيش والشرطة والامن الداخلي والخارجي هم عماد الوطن وليست مجموعة من المليشيات الذين يمتلكون مختلف انواع الاسلحة ويتحكمون في الشعب فلا دولة غير دولة الجماهير ولا سلطة لغير الشعب.
يأيها الشعب الليبي إلى متى تنتظرون وتخافون من الموت فالموت قادم لامحالة فلنمت بعزة وشموخ وكبرياء ولا نحيأ حياة الذل والمهانة والاستعباد انهضو من سباتكم وسكونكم وخوفكم يجب ان تواجهو مصيركم اليوم حتى يعيشو ابنائكم مستقبلا في امن وامان ونحن لانسمع كل يوم سوى القتل والخطف والنهب والاغتصابات وسرقة اموال الشعب الليبي من مجموعة من الخونة والمرتزقة والعملاء هده هي حريتكم الذين تريدونها هدا هو امنكم وامانكم انهضو وانتفضو فإن ليبيا تناديكم .
اللــــــــــــــه ومعمــــــــــر وليبــــــــــــــــيا وبــــس
“Thank you to all those who want to know how I am and ask about me.
I feel great and I am here, where I can not be detected.
I live in the heart of millions . Esli will try to kill my body, but you can not kill the soul. “© Muammar al-Qathafi, 2011

That so-called Libyan Army was false!! They ARE MISURATA and EU/NATO forces!! They are disguised as LIBYANS/LIBYA ARMY! The man who wrote to “Valley Dinar NEWS” was correct in his questioning; and many Green sites have recognised some of the so-called “soldiers” now stationed in TRIPOLI, BENGHAZI and Derna. THEY ARE THE ENEMY; and they have taken-over!! The EU is the coup the Misurata captain was referring to…They took over….and it was all preplanned in TURKEY and with the Qatari. They made BelHadj their leader…that is why Noah & BelHadj were in that Ankara TURKEY MEETING this past week. We all know that al-Qaeda works for the CIA and EU. the EU & NATO have actually totally taken-over Libya, and Ali Zaidane was their agent!


No clear of saluting you and discernible discernible military!

Mr. Afandi in greeting # science and greet performance due to you # had betrayed her put the stick of honor underarms with Abba fifth mode thumb O # Bhim in the summit disobedient honor following where is the honor, O traitor

And Altanih

Shame on all of it is the oldest from this Technologic is Aokhadd in command of it freely # # # wilderness air

Military Governor of the # departments have not yet Okhanh
لا من حيـت واضـح عليك واخـد عسكرية واخـد !

يا سيـادة الأفندي في تحيـة #العلم وأداء تحية الواجب إلي أنت #خنتها توضع عصـاة الشرف تحت الأبط مع وضع الصبع الخامس الأبهام يا #بهيم في قمة عصاة الشرف يلي ماعندك شرف يا خائن


الخزي والعار علي كـل من هو أقدم من هذا الأمعـة وهو يأخد في الأوامر منـه #بحرية #جوية #برية

عسـكري محافظ علي #قسمي ولم أخـنه حتي الأن

EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya

18 NOVEMBER  2013

Post image for EU ‘civilian’ mission training paramilitaries in Libya

Source: EU Observer

Both units are part of Libya’s defence ministry.

The BG, a gendarmerie of some 9,000 men responsible for land borders, is, according to the EU paper, under the “direct command” of the Libyan army’s “chief of staff.” The NCG, 6,500 men who look after maritime borders, also reports straight to the top.

 The EU document says Eubam will take BG and NCG “battalions” out of the field, train them in secure locations, and “redeploy” them into action.

Eubam’s 111 personnel will be unarmed (albeit heavily guarded) and many of them will have civilian backgrounds in EU police and customs.

But the EU document notes that Eubam should also recruit people with “military expertise” to “provide specialist skills.”

For its part, the EU embassy in Tripoli, which is to work hand-in-hand with Eubam, is already hosting security advisors from Belgium and Italy. One of them, Luigi Scollo, who was there until September, has the rank of general in the Italian army.

Eubam has earmarked €120,000 a year to buy classified satellite images.

The sensitive nature of its work is also highlighted by EU contacts with Libyan intelligence. “There is readiness from the current director [of Libya’s intelligence services] to liaise with the future … mission,” the EU document notes.

Eubam’s job as outlined in the internal EU document sounds different to EU press releases, which underline its “civilian” nature and which say its main effort is to “draft” a border control “strategy.”

But a spokesman for the EU foreign service, Michael Mann, told EUobserver it is not doing anything out of the ordinary.

“The mission is supporting all border management related agencies and is providing advice and support on border management related issues, not on military tasks,” he said.

He noted that Libya specifically “requested the support of a civilian mission, not a military one, regardless of their internal organisational arrangements.”

He added that he cannot count up how many Eubam people will have military backgrounds “as not all the … staff has been recruited” yet.

Apart from training paramilitaries to stop EU-bound migrants on land and maritime borders, the EU is also trying to build up Libya’s ability to spot and stop migrant boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

The EU paper notes the Libyan navy is aiming to reactivate a “coastal radar capability” called VTMIS.

The EU itself has earmarked €4.5 million for “strengthening their [north African countries’] maritime border surveillance systems” under its so-called Seahorse project, with Libya already signed up.

In other efforts, the EU in December is launching Eurosur, a new IT system to co-ordinate maritime surveillance among 18 member states.

The Eubam document says Seahorse “implies the creation of a regional network between the relevant authorities of participating member states and north African countries that, once set up, will be linked to Eurosur.”

But the EU is also playing down the Libya-Eurosur connection.

Contradicting the internal EU paper, Mann told this website: “Neither Libya nor any other third country can be linked to the Eurosur communication network, because the participation in this network is strictly limited to Schengen member states,” referring to the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone.

He added that some Libya-Eurosur “co-operation” is possible, but only under “clear provisions on non-refoulement and personal data protection.”

Wider effort

Eubam’s part in protecting the Union’s southern belly is just a fraction of what EU countries, the US and other allies are doing on the same front.

An Italian source noted that Italy, the former colonial power in Libya, still remains its “principal interlocutor and donor.”

The Eubam paper shows that Italy set aside at least €250 million for Libya for 2012 and 2013, the vast majority of which is being spent on security projects by Italy’s defence and interior ministries.

Projects include: training 60 Libyan BG officers at Italy’s Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units in Vicenza; teaching 65 Libyan infantrymen at Italy’s Army Infantry School in Cesano; training 280 Libyan military police in Tripoli; and teaching another 150 civilian police in using anti-drug sniffer dogs and in forensic crime scene investigation.

It is also sending a naval boat to Libyan waters to stop “weapons smuggling,” restoring seven Libyan naval vessels and donating 20 “VBL Puma” armoured vehicles.

France is training 75 bodyguards to protect Libyan VIPs, 30 Libyan airmen, 20 naval officers and 72 naval divers.

Germany is helping to stop nuclear fuel in Libya’s Tadjoura research centre from getting into the wrong hands. It is also spending €600,000 on “disposal of chemical weapons” and €800,000 on securing Libya’s stocks of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

The UK has inserted a “Defence Assistance Team” in the Libyan defence ministry and is developing a “joint operations unit.” It has also placed a “strategic advisor” in the Libyan interior ministry.

Denmark, Greece, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania have smaller projects.

But the US and its allies in the region, including Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, are also working on a big scale.

A US state department official told EUobserver it aims to “provide training for 5,000-8,000 [Libyan military] personnel” in a scheme which is “currently in the development phase.”

The Eubam paper adds the US has already launched a $20 million programme on “justice sector [reform], arms control and land border security,” which involves “contracted personnel” from private security firms in Libya and US personnel in “neighbouring countries,” such as Morocco.

Turkey has so far trained 804 Libyan police officers, while the UAE is teaching almost 250 military officers.

A Nato official told this website it is also creating a team of 10 or so military advisors who will be based in Brussels but who will “visit Libya for short periods” to “provide advice to the Libyan authorities on defence institution building.”

The European Gendarmerie Force (Eurogendfor), a little known body also based in Vicenza, Italy, which co-ordinates the work of six EU countries’ military police, is not involved in Libya for the time being.

But its spokesman, Armando Sisinni, noted that an “assessment is taking place with regard to possible future collaborations in [EU] Common Security and Defence Policy missions.”

Official line

The EU’s Mann said the various projects are being co-ordinated by the UN mission to Libya, Unsmil, which holds “regular meetings” with European and US staff.

The official line is that the EU and US projects serve EU security and aim to build a better future for Libyan people.

“Libya’s principal international partners share a common goal, which is the success of the democratic transition and the sustainable stabilisation of the country in the interest not only of Libya but of the whole Mediterranean region,” the Italian source noted.

The state department official said the US wants to “bring stability and rule of law necessary to ensuring the peaceful, democratic and prosperous future for which the Libyan people sacrificed so much.”

But other interests are also at stake.

According to Libya’s oil ministry, it is currently producing just 700,000 barrels a day, but could quickly get back to pre-war levels of 1.4 million barrels if things go well.

EU and US oil contracts aside, Libya has a lot of money to spend on hardware.

The Eubam document noted that in 2012 Libya spent just 40 percent of its national budget, mostly on wages for civil servants, due to administrative chaos.

If things get back to normal, Italy, for one, is poised to take advantage.

According to Giorgio Beretta, an analyst at the Italian arms-control NGO, the Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, Italy was delivering €100 million a year of weapons to Libya before the war broke out.

One Italian scheme, the “Land Scout” radar network, kills two birds with one stone.

Italy began installing the equipment, which tracks migrant movement on land, in 2010.

The Italian source told this website: “The execution of the border control project was de facto interrupted by the Libyan uprising, but the contract remains valid and the project could be implemented as soon as conditions on the ground will allow it.”

On one hand, it will help the EU to stop unwanted migrants at a cost of €152 million to the Italian government.

But on the other hand, it will put the rest of the Land Scout price tag, some €148 million of Libyan oil cash, into the pockets of two Italian firms: Finmeccanica and GEM elettronica.

Asked by EUobserver if EU countries and the US are competing for influence in Libya, the EU’s Mann said “Of course not.”

But the Eubam document is less politically correct.

Noting that “the UK has advisors placed in key positions such as the ministry of defence and in Border Guards,” it goes on to describe the British Defence Assistance Team as “a key enabler for high level influencing.”

Violence on the increase

Violence in Tripoli over the weekend, in which a militia opened fire on unarmed protesters killing more than 40 people, drew strong words from EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, who “deplore[d] the loss of life” and called for “those responsible … [to] be brought to justice.”

It might also prompt EU foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels on Monday (18 November) to consider putting Eubam on hold.

But it is unlikely to see Europe or the US back out for good.

“The EU cannot allow Libya to become a failed state,” a Maltese diplomat told EUobserver last Thursday, the night before the Tripoli clashes took place.

“Libya’s transition is going through one of its most delicate phases. However, we stand ready to accompany and support the Libyan people,” an Italian source added on Sunday.

Eubam is in any case running behind schedule.

The 18 April document said it was to have its own HQ and a “majority” of staff in place by the end of November.

But two weeks before the deadline, it has just 40 or so out of 111 people on the ground and still works out of the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, with the EU’s Mann saying the new HQ is now scheduled for “mid-March 2014.”

Apart from armed clashes, the Eubam document notes that EU staff are at risk on a day-to-day basis from carjackings or kidnappings at fake checkpoints and from robberies by people with “easy access” to firearms.

The EU paper also sheds light on the monstrous size of Libya’s problems.

It notes that the 2010 war “had a devastating effect on the security sector.”

It says there are now some 240,000 “ex-fighters” in the country who took up arms against Libya’s late dictator, Colonel Gaddafi, and who expect to be “rewarded” by the new government.

But the government itself suffers from a “lack of decision making culture” and “widespread corruption,” which sees “many public servants receive double or triple salaries without showing up at their workplace.”

It is also harassed by the Supreme Security Committee – an independent group of revolutionary leaders who want to make sure Gaddafi-era officials do not retake power – and who sometimes snatch government members for “temporary detention for interview” despite having no legal mandate.

The Eubam blueprint adds that just two (Egypt and Tunisia) out of Libya’s 14 official land border crossing points are currently under government control, while the rest are run by “militias or other tribal organisations.”

In terms of Border Guard training, Eubam staff will be working with a force which is largely composed of four “katibas,” or groups of irregular fighters, many of whom lack “basic” military skills, some of whom are illiterate and some of whom are criminals coming from the 26,000 people freed from jail in the uprising.

The BG has “organisational charts [which] do not always reflect the true situation” of who does what.

But it is responsible for guarding 6,000 kilometres of desert borders.

In the south, it operates in a zone where Toubou and Touraeg tribes – who help smuggle people, arms, drugs and counterfeit medicines to Europe – “do not fully recognise the central government [and] question the principle of borders” per se.

It also operates in a zone which contains “hardened fighters” pushed out of Mali by French soldiers and other “Islamic extremists,” including al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

On the maritime side, the Eubam document notes there are “80 sites [which] permit the launching of small craft typical of those used for the carriage of undocumented migrants.”

But it says Libya’s Coastal Police has just four patrol boats, one patrol plane and two marine helicopters, which “require maintenance.”

EU image

The Eubam staff will be well rewarded for their work.

According to a separate Eubam budget document, the mission head, a former Finnish customs chief, Antti Hartikainen, is being paid almost €320,000 a year.

A more rank-and-file Eubam officer gets €120,000 a year, as well as removal allowances and reimbursements for flights to visit family back home.

Eubam staff can also take up to 92 days of holiday a year, in what the EU spokesman, Mann, described as “a horizontal rule for all [EU] civilian missions.”

At the same time, the EU plans to spend €75,000 a year on PR, making TV and radio clips, printing leaflets and organising press conferences.

The “visibility” is badly needed in terms of building a positive image for EU intervention.

The Eubam blueprint from April notes that average Libyans are “still very grateful” for British and French help in toppling Gaddafi, but it adds that “a recent survey carried out by the EU demonstrates that less than 50 percent of Libyans know what the EU is”

Meanwhile, the PR spending stands in contrast to Eubam’s investment in secure communications.

Given the sensitive nature of its work, the Eubam document says: “It must be assumed that there will be considerable interest in the activities of the HoM [head of mission] and his mission staff by regional [intelligence] agencies.”

The Eubam HQ will handle information classified up to EU Secret.

But its 111 staff will talk to each other using unsecured mobile phones, satellite phones and VHF radios.

The Eubam budget document originally earmarked €48,000 to buy eight “Sectra” encrypted phones for Eubam to talk to Ashton’s people in Brussels.

But Ashton’s spokesman told this website Eubam now plans to use just five Sectra phones because it “has … nothing to hide in its daily operations.”

No sex please, we’re the EU

In terms of Eubam staff conduct, the EU document calls for the “highest professional and personal standards” in order to build “trust in the EU.”

It says Eubam staff must not accept gifts, drink alcohol, smoke hashish or use “foul, obscene, vulgar or otherwise offensive” language.

It also forbids them from hiring prostitutes, especially if they are “trafficked persons,” and from looking at pornography on their laptops.

Given the tricky sexual politics in the Islamic country, it adds that the “mission does not encourage the development of any relationship of a romantic or sexually intimate nature with persons from Libya.”

But at the same time, it underlines that if a Eubam staff member is charged with a “serious crime,” such as “rape” or “trafficking in human beings,” they will be “repatriated” to their home country instead of facing justice in Libya.

If anything does go wrong, neither Libyans or Europeans are likely to find out.

The Eubam document notes that if staff talk to media without Hartikainen’s permission it “will be considered a major breach of regulations.”

It adds on two occasions that whistleblowers are not welcome.

“In respect of the protection of the reputation and image of the EU … it is the right and obligation of staff members to report through the appropriate chain of command any cases of malpractice, corruption and incompetence.”

It adds a few pages later that if Eubam staff uncover something “that may have serious implications for the mission” they “will not disclose that information to any other person other than his or her direct supervisor.”

راگہپہز ٱمگہپہانے

18 novembre

Certain words and God is my witness /

To the people of Tripoli: Almsarit Etjmau in Alqrbula in large numbers and many mechanisms …

There are columns of them in Ammi Matafrhouc and Jews yourselves and Jayben crayfish and artillery ..

and it’s mesh to dramatize and Tqdro Taatsalo any extent in Alqrbula ..

caller who once described the strength of the frame Wenta uniforms convoy army Libyan who was heading to Benghazi ( (non intentions differ between the two army of liberation and Msarit destroyed )) and the Aozhuh unfamiliar ( ( Mesh for shows )) ..

story pit blood still Mapdt .. for the information of Haulo folks Alqrbula did Shi lose killing 2 of them were arrested to now 29 people from the sons of area Alqrbula .. Vkhudo Hdrickm singled text Tajourah and Friday Market

God has reached YOUR FRIENDS ,



Mu proud Bannar

From the memory of the homeland: his men and his sons and their wives honorable:

“We – the inhabitants of deserts and jungles , we have never had the capitalist class , big business , the concentration of capital , the middle class and the upper class, there was no nobility, lords and commoners. We – a single nation of nomads , farmers and fishermen. System Jamahiriya – a social system is more suited to us than the party system . Our people will not recognize any party , why tear it apart batches ? If in the state with 80 tribes form a party – there will be 80 games. Suppose that the tribes are tribes and choose their own leaders. We must not divide Africa into pieces imported models of social systems. “

© Muammar al-Qathafi , 2005

Prosecutors fail to Atbat the charges against al-Assad Dr. Abu Zeid Dorda and defense lawyers claim his innocence ..

Captive Abu Zeid Dorda calling for justice in the courts of clients NATO: 

Mahmkh postponed captive hero Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi to the corresponding month. Tripoli appeals court on Wednesday decided to postpone the trial of captured al-Baghdadi Mahmoudi, the former prime minister to the eleventh session of the next month of December at the request of defense counsel.

Postpone the trial detainee Dr. Baghdadi Mahmudi 11 canon 2013


Champions postpone the trial Conqueror to December 11

And: Tripoli appeals court postponed the circle crimes Alsabahjermanyh, at its public meeting on Wednesday to try the defendants: Baghdadi Mahmudi, and carp Zhmul and Amer Tervas, to a meeting on Wednesday, eleventh of next December at the request of defense counsel.


Journalists Syndicate condemns twenty occultation newspaper

Atmosphere of the country Fathi Ismail

Denounced journalists and media workers union said in a statement occultation three government newspapers , and seven of ten private newspaper publication on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, at the invitation of civil disobedience, Tripoli.

Captain Asahafan and media Mustafa Venosh said the atmosphere for the country that he ” was more useful to the issuance of newspapers in black and white to mourn the lives that fell Friday ,” and not fully Ahtgabha ” because of its importance and its role in national calm and a return to stability .”

The Venosh added that the newspapers carry responsibility in the transfer of the facts to the public opinion and its absence from the scene detriment of the media scene .

And killed in the events Gharghour photojournalist favor Ayad, beating occurred and the seizure of some journalists and media burning Al Tobacts television in Tripoli.


Hashim humans, Head of Supreme Security Committee

first, why he is referred to as “Palestinian”:

Hisham humans get his family to the Libyan nationality in 1970!
And they Libyans of 44 years only; just when there was the al-Fateh in Libya!

Palestinian Hashim humans accuses parties of obstructing plans for Libya’s security

The head of the so-called Supreme Security Committee Tripoli, ” Hashim humans ,” says that there are parties and political groupings (factions) which exist in the General National Congress which hinder activation of security, through the deliberate delay in liquidating budgets for the directorates of security in various Libyan cities. Considering that there are parties – which he did not identify – seeking to thwart the transitional government, headed by rat “Ali Zaidane”, in order for themselves to come into power and take office.

Hashim humans said that Tripoli suffered from a security vacuum and chaos (which he described as a systematic), pointing out that the armed clashes that resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of citizens last Friday, may be repeated again at any moment, as long as massive heavy weapons are held by militias (which stands outside the legitimacy of the state) .
Humans announced , his total rejection of the idea of using a foreign peacekeepers in the city, which he said would live like a situation by putting on 20 August 2011 all over again (when the residents of Tripoli lived in a state of terror, where hundreds were arrested or slaughtered in the streets of Tripoli by foreign mercenaries of NATO).


AT LEAST HASHIM humans is correct about not wanting any foreign troops…BUT ZAIDANE has other ideas and plans on using NATO, EU and Yankees for “peace control” and “training” !!!
الفلسطيني هاشم بشر يتهم تيارات بعرقلة خطط الحكومة الأمنية

قال رئيس ما يسمى اللجنة الأمنية العليا طرابلس “هاشم بشر” لـ « الشرق الأوسط » إن هناك أحزابا وتجمعات سياسية موجودة في المؤتمر الوطني العام تعرقل تفعيل الأمن ، عبر تعمد التأخير في تسييل الميزانيات الخاصة بمديريات الأمن في مختلف المدن الليبية ، معتبرا أن هناك أحزابا – لم يسمها – تسعى لإفشال الحكومة الانتقالية التي يترأسها “علي زيدان” لكي تأتي بمرشحها لتولي المنصب.
واعتبر “بشر” أن طرابلس تعاني فراغا أمنيا وفوضى، وصفها بأنها ممنهجة، لافتا إلى أن الاشتباكات المسلحة التي أسفرت عن مصرع وإصابة المئات من المواطنين ، يوم الجمعة الماضي ، قد تتكرر في أي لحظة ، طالما استمر السلاح بحوزة الميليشيات التي تقف خارج شرعية الدولة.
وأعلن “بشر” رفضه لفكرة الاستعانة بقوات حفظ سلام أجنبية في المدينة ، التي قال إنها تعيش وضعا أشبه ما يكون بوضعها في الـ 20 من شهر أغسطس عام 2011 م.

بنت الوادي




Client splitter Abu arrows/ NURI BUSHMIN :

“Gaddafi ‘s followers behind the chaos in Libya.”

( Dehra silence and disbelief pronunciation )

Liberal Libya : The head of the General National Congress Nuri Abusshmin , on Tuesday , said that belonging to the Gaddafi regime behind the ongoing create chaos in the country right now .

And facing Libya over the past few months, the worst crisis since the fall of Gaddafi in October 2011 due to the growing unrest in the oil industry, which deprive the state of export revenues basic control gunmen on wells and oil ports the country’s main , under the security situation ale .

He Abusshmin , during his speech Arab summit African third in Kuwait, ” dark forces of followers of the former regime and who are in some countries in the region take advantage of the poor conditions that led to the country due to the revolution, to create chaos and strife tribal , they are also used method of sabotage targeting foreign missions assassination .”

There is an attempt to Gharghour,

and criminals who follow the criminal LFG Mustafa Noah – (NOW FORMER) General Intelligence Chief, returned from Turkey..
Now they paint SUV painted in the National Army logo “Qara Bolle” until you throw the gates and Madnnin

and they attempt to show knitwear from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and wave green flags.

They then blow up vital areas and other (making it appear that they are “Gaddafi loyalists!” doing the terrorist acts)…

For the people of Tripoli, We teach that there is a conspiracy against Tripoli ..

This bunch of corrupt Salafist hoodlums attempt to flood Tripoli with blood / /

And you will see the features of this plot in the coming days ..

(Gateway Libya).


CONTINUANCE of Blaming the VIOLENCE on Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and those loyal to him and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:


(Blagraa) white:


“All Tripoli battle waged by agents of the former regime”

(بلاغراي) البيضاء:[[مفتي الديار: أحداث طرابلس معركة يشنها أعوان النظام السابق]]

THIS SEEMS NOW TO BE A NATO STRATEGY FOR THE GNC to place the blame on Muammar!!!


Citing France 24 correspondent in Libya …

Prime Corner Air Force Brigadier Mahmoud Issa says that there are countries that are getting rid of their nuclear waste Libyan territorial waters and the desert south of the country, accusing the Zionist entity, stressing they spotted several times suspicious ships entering the territorial waters not to mention the aircraft.

Libyan official: Israel has the disposal of nuclear waste in Libya.

مسؤول ليبي: اسرائيل قامت بالتخلص من مخلفات نووية في ليبيا .

The events of the massacre are handed down from bouslim channels and with that people knew the story of Abu Salim (Quezon), but they ytkelmona the only crime ( but proven not a crime by investigative real report ) they are accused by Muammar of (if it’s a crime) is that if Muammar was aware or not.
Or there are crimes and massacres in the Nakba ttghadah her eyes.For what..
1/massacre of Bani Walid State kill people
2/mesheshiya massacre
3/massacre of Benghazi
4/Ashley massacre
5/massacre of Tripoli demonstrators refused to gangs
6/the mass graves
7/detainees (torture/murder/robbery/rape and sale)
8/looting and robbery by force of arms
And all of this did not speak one of the channels and not who they said they antvadawa against injustice. … If this isn’t oppression??????
We say to the South, beware. They massacred in both East and West.Next time perhaps you role therefore collaborated with some other and you know with whom they treat one another in the South. Though very seriously you are clearing the agents you not they find it helps them in the city.

-مشاركاتكم.احداث بو سليم اصبحت مجزرة تتناقلها قنواتهم ومع ان اغالب الناس عرفوا قصة بوسليم الا انهم يتكلمونا عنها هذه الجريمة الوحيدة التى يتهمون بها معمر لو انها جريمة او اذا كان معمر بعلم بها او لا..
ام الا ان هناك جرائم ومجازر في ظل هذه النكبة تتغاضة عنها الانظار…..لماذا ..
1/مجزرة بني وليد الدولة تقتل في شعبها
2/مجزرة المشاشية
3/مجزرة بنغازي
4/مجزرة ابوسليم
5/مجزرة طرابلس متظاهرين رفضوا العصابات
6/المقابر الجماعية
7/المعتقلات ( التعذيب/ القتل / سرقة الاعضاء وبيعها/اغتصاب)
8/النهب والسلب بقوة السلاح
وكل هذا لم يتكلم احد في قنواتهم الكاذبة ولا تحرك الذين قالوا انهم انتفاضوا ضد الظلم …. ماهذا اذا اليس الظلم بعينه؟؟؟؟؟؟
ونحن نقول الى الجنوب احذروا …. لقد قاموا بمجازر في كلا من الشرق والغرب ..وفي المرة القادمة ربما يكون الدور عليكم ولهذا تعاونوا مع بعض البعض وانتم تعرفوا مع من يتعاملونفي الجنوب ….. ولو جد الجد يجب عليكم يتم تصفيةالعملاء منكم حتى لايجدوا من يساعدهم في المدينة.

URGENT ::: very dangerous ..
Triki still farm where Mlisheh of the sons of Misrata ..

Do you know the people of Tripoli that in farm Triki beside the tomb of Sidi Hussein Baalkassa there are buried Aljtt which was under torture militias This is MACD and there young man serving there saw this with his own eyes told it was in the case of hysteria, which had seen about 14 bodies buried in front of his eye .. Come on now, under the hand of Hassan al-Misrati

Have fallen weak God Libyan air force colonels had a blacksmith workshop blacksmith named “Abdul Rauf /Muhammad hater”  abused youth were killed in Tripoli.

هزلت والله عقداء في سلاح الجو الليبي يحاورون حداد في ورشة حدادة اسمه عبدالرؤوف كارة يمتهن قتل شباب طرابلس ..

Mitigua RAT air-base waiting for their decisive day::


Khrbut Wireless standing in the pleasures Hotel Al-RIXOS HOTEL restaurant.

Alassema TV channel capital
Ministry of Justice announced the interim government to resume its work … Require all employees to return to direct their and daily Manmamanm as of Wednesday ..

On all citizens to complete procedures for their car and license renewal during these days from the date of 12.01.2013 will start stone on any vehicle be contrary to the laws of traffic even though it was a of the Ministry Aldkhalah or chief of staff.

 Ealam Nons ::

Last Sunday, the Minister of Information Culture beloved Alamit released four young people were arrested on Friday and Saturday at the headquarters of the ministry and released are 3 of the Rafla and fourth Klkh and after detecting a group of young people on the transfer of the headquarters of the ministry to prisoners and the Ministry guarding the battalion cranks they are relatives of the Minister Musrati their uniforms and fears of people stormed the ministry and ruin him down and he learned from opening them Latrell and Aatdr them
And the guidance of another crime convert the Ministry of Guantanamo still hear.



No. 193 for help activate the service to citizens by the Directorate of Tripoli‘s remarks on the channel capital …

# Disclaimer | Chiefs of Staff remember that the Libyan air force will air sorties in the skies of the capital and

demonstrations in solidarity with the population in order to remove all armed formations from the capital ..

Deutsche Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. 2 stops their flights to Tripoli for security reasons until 25 November.

German Airlines suspend flights to Tripoli
Atmosphere of the countrySalah Bouhger

The Director of the Office for the interests of air transport and airports Ibrahim to suspend the German airline ” Lufthansa ” flights to Tripoli .

And added that ” Lufthansa ” will suspend its flights to Monday’s twenty-fifth of November in solidarity with the Libyan people following the events of Tripoli last Friday that killed dozens of people dead and hundreds wounded.

It also said that the German company will resume its flights as of next Tuesday, the twenty-sixth of November.

It is noteworthy that ” Lufthansa ” going one flight daily between Frankfurt and Tripoli .


Prisoners Gharghour ::

The reservation on two young brothers from the city of Tawergha brought after the investigation elements of deterrence and check that they have issues or wanted it turns out, that they did not have any interest to remember
They were prisoners in Gharghour area were arrested in their home, accompanied by their father were freed by the people in a demonstration last Friday
They also said that they stayed almost 12 days in custody in a Gargour Thmthm the area that they are from the city of Tawergha and asked them to charges of being ousted regime ……
Vtm today handed over to their uncle and release:


Statement of the Council and local dignitaries Tawergha carries the responsibility of the General National Congress and the interim government assault on one of their camps in the city of Tripoli on Friday and killed one of the sons of the camp and wounding two others:

Youth rebelling Tripoli on armed militias expelled terrorist Mohammed Abu (Bo) Sidra  in Algeria Square a little while ago and some of them tried to hit him for that reason in strife with the country now:

Reported that a member of the National Conference General Mohammed Bo Sidra enter the

intensive care room after being severely beaten by angry mobs in Algeria Square.

Judicial officer with the 8th Brigade (El nawasy) of the Ministry of the Interior, immaculate Erwa, denied to the newspaper “Atmosphere of the Country” that the Interior Ministry was evacuating Divisional headquarters in Abu Sitta, stressing that consultations are currently under way with Tripoli to free local Council headquarters, moving to MITIGUA  air base Thursday morning.

Army calls for citizens to keep away from military sites
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly

Asked the presidency of the General Staff of all citizens not to approach the armed camps and sites to maintain their lives .

A spokesman for the General Staff, JCS Husein told “the atmosphere of the country” that there exploits to attack

armed camps and sites in the theft of weapons and mechanisms .

And cautioned citizens not to attack the camp so as not to repeat the tragedy of the loss of lives and looting of weapons by unknown not attack the camps so as not to repeat the tragedy of the fall of the lives and the looting of arms by unknown destinations .

The military camps in Tripoli were looted , the latest theft was what has happened last week, the Military College for Girls Tripoli area headquarters and military Command of the Air Force accordingly when girls were abducted and apartments were burned.

hwell Alorchwena family receives their son Hani, who was found unharmed and one of the dens Misrata militias area Gharghour in poor health.
Alakhantaf Date: 11/07/2013

camp Alforjan – 

From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – 

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens

Gallows at the headquarters in Tripoli, Misrata militias to kill citizens


After the Militia left this “headquarters”…This is what the people found! The MISURATA RATS slaughtered their kidnapped abducted children and women…This is what happened to all those missing children and women reports!

so many were going missing. Now they know the culprits and who their abductees and murderers were. It shows signs of ritual sacrifice too.

 Crimes of the Zionists Misurata
Photos from inside the camp missiles Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli, Misrata after defeating the armor of it: –
It turns out that the camp contains the writings on the walls indicate racism and Regional
The presence of a spot of blood and a hole in the ground and a suspected mass grave, as well as the presence of civilian cars was not aware of the owners and the brother of one of them came after the owner of the car bring proof of ownership, and told them that his brother
(Car owner) has been missing for days, in addition to sabotage the facilities to clear the camp, which it spent millions for maintenance.This topic and other crimes committed against the people of Libya every day by the militias of Misrata

MISURATA surely made pacts with SATAN!!


blood everywhere and signs of mass graves in the back of the complex

From inside Maskaralsoarich Bkhalh Alforjan – Tripoli after Almsarit withdrawal
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Pictures of within rockets Bkhalh the camp Alforjan – Tripoli,

after the withdrawal of the Central shield him and received by the national army the day before yesterday.

Abdel Moez Bannon:  

Automotive citizens present in the camp school missiles in Tripoli, has been combed by the militia were in the camp trace shield the middle, and had received the camp, according to instructions from the chief of staff in the last month of Ramadan, and the day before yesterday received the camp officers of the Libyan army ,, for car owners to go to the camp accompanied with proof of ownership of the car.

Bulletin communications received on 20/11/2013 :

Center police AboSaleem :

Word communication effect brought to a hospital Saleem called accidents (p . C . P) 41 – year – old resident of Abu Saleem wounded by a live bullet to the man left and back by an unknown person and at 23:50 the signal from achieve that place that affected his health does not allow interrogation .
The initial actions taken in particular.

City police station :

Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . P . ) 21 – year – old resident Friday Market wounded by a live bullet in the right thigh Mansoura area by named Hamza (Unknown rest of the name) .
Ambulance was injured and the investigation is continuing into the incident.

Friday Market police station :
Word communication effect brought to Tripoli Central Hospital called (a . M . A ) a 19 – year – old resident Hani wounded by a live bullet in the chest, the impact of a quarrel with the invitee (a . A . ) 17 years old ambulance was injured and save the hospital .
The initial actions taken in particular.

(National Security Directorate Tripoli)

Revealed the names of the victims of the massacre Gharghour ask God for their forgiveness and mercy:

official death N° 48:

Jump to the mercy of God citizen “Abdullah age diver Alice” this day in the morning,

his wounds as a result of being under machine gun fire “NBK T” in the bloody demonstration on Friday the Gharghour area.

I am God and to him we shall return.



The Al Qaqaa Brigade threatens to publish images rat Fri Ka naked in the airport since he continued his attack on Al Aqsa and Al-Quds Brigades.

RAT JAMA Fri Ka has been kidnapped now for months by Xanthan (the armed forces of al-Zentani), and now has left him naked at the Airport Road near the equestrian.

لواء القعقاع يهدد بنشر صور جمعة القماطي عاريا في طريق المطار فيما لو استمر في هجومه على كتائب وسرايا الزنتان ، وكان جمعة القماطي قد خطف منذ شهور من قبل مجموعة مسلحة تنتمي للزنتان وتركوه عاريا في منطقة طريق المطار قرب الفروسية .
# Tripoli Airport Road this morning and Saraya’s withdrawal of the Xanthan:
The Misurata Convoy withdrawn, were attacking Zintan by shooting and robbery, attempt at the gate of the 27.


Sawani channelURGENT: killing one person a little while ago as a result of being under fire near the bridge Zahra.


Urgent ::: mixture of Misurata brigades destined mechanism about 200 and 500 armed withdraw from the Chadian border Alllibh.

Now, who were the invaders? …and who were the ones to commit murder???
Abdel Rahman Sowaihili says:

I feel sadness and sorrow for the souls of the youth of Misrata who were killed in cold blood in Gharghour defense of themselves as they face companions, criminals and call for the arrest and extradition of offenders to Misratah to receive their fair penalty ..


Tripoli :::::

Mohammed Muammar farm in the way of airport Badkopry the equestrian on Alimainfe direction airport

where Mlisheh of Misrata ..

One of the region’s population mail …

Reported a convoy of Misrata militias in the direction of Tripoli and now in the city of five
  • Bestelmo kidnapped by saying from Tajourah Council

Libya Shield militia announced in a televised statement from their hometown of Misratah “mother”  

withdrew’ (HAH!!) from Tripoli and Tarhuna, Zliten &  five .. I was and what was the greatest hidden ..

القذرة القاتلة شيطانية مصراتة!

The stake who Darōh Almsarit in central Misratah Qamzoa, it.


Deceased car Nadia Zarqaani and their carcasses found in Gharghour company of 6 bodies of other girls found in cabins electricity Pegrgor.

CAN you see  the demon on the pavement (above photo) at rear of car ?



Sheikh tribe children to reach their families in Libya, including Tripoli contributed from Zliten in Tripoli F bloody Taatbra them names and they inform our people in Tripoli, some of the criminals who were involved in the massacre, they are as follows:

1. Ahmed Ali Futaisi ( known as Abu Musab al- Alzelitni ) battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
2 . Abdalrav mast commander shield Libya Zliten Central
3. Brenqgu birth assistant battalion commander Martyrs Zliten
4 . Amslm commander Hafiz Shield forces to Libya Zliten
5 . Munir Cthati
6 . Alaa mast
7 . Sage Agha
8 . Jibril Cthati
9 . Hani Cthati
10 . Ahmed builder
11 . Tariq Akdarh seen fleeing from Gharghour
12 . Abdulrahman Amslm
13 . Khalifa eye
14 . Ibrahim Ahamada
15 . Abdulaziz Futaisi
16 . Fakhri Futaisi
17 . Ali al-Hadi Aqratm
18 . Salem Akaddar
19 . Fathi Ben Ramadan mystical
20 . Faraj Mohammed Thowaibi
21 . Sharif Ali Rinico
22 . Imran cleats Alduibi
23 . Ezzedine Mohammed Futaisi
24 . Abdulkarim builder
25 . Ayman builder
26 . Abdullah Obeid battalion commander Antiquities Zliten
27 . Mohammed Ghalila Mongoose
28 . Mohammed Zadam
29 . Imad F Alsar .
30 . Osama Abdul Razak bin Akedarh . . . .

Tribe boys Sheikh Libya 18/11/2013

(Gateway Libya)



unidentified attacker has shot seven citizens in the west area of Sirte . we will try to obtain more details





Agency urgently Libya / gynecologist and the generation of an infected hepatitis epidemic

————————————————– ———————–

Discovered in the city of Casablanca, Dr. diseases Gynaecology holder of the pandemic virus most dangerous type of hepatitis “c”.
The doctor purposely infected epidemic Hepititus upon those working for private hospitals,

but he fled after the discovery of his command, and he has since moved on to another city.


Subject “named Boubacar Rahim sincere Alvesa” is one of the militia patrols Thunderbolt “for surgery by an hour and a half until this moment, after being targeted by proximity Mnkopri the Ras Aobeidh B Shooting penetrated his gut, and mentions that” Alvesa “at the age of 35 years.

She said the evacuation Gaala hospital information Fadia Elbarghati, told “Atmoshere  of the country” on Wednesday, that the officer of the special forces (commandos) Boubacar Abdulrahim Al went to the hospital after being exposed to fire from unknown assailants, while passing on the expensive chair -patrol near the  Ras Al-Obeidh Bridge in Benghazi
Elbarghati confirmed that the officer is undergoing surgery in an operating room hospital Gaala evacuation.

Exposure at dawn today ordered patrol sergeants head (Abubakar Alvesy) charged on the Iron Bridge and near the Galaa Hospital to a shooting incident by unknown gun by NBK T when he was doing his duty. The criminals traveling in a car type black pocket and entered the hospital on the track and Galaa currently performed surgery wish him healing.

(Gateway Libya)

Image of the car who exploded at the Arabian Peninsula Medical

A car is Ndiaye at Island Hospital, 1200

In front of the Benghazi Medical Center (Hospital, 1200):



Urgent agency Libya / sabotage station generating electricity Bdrnh

According to preliminary information received at the agency “urgently to Libya,” a short while ago that it was blown up a large part of the power plant and water desalination in the city of Derna, causing power outages in full from the city and a severe shortage of water.

Exploded at dawn on Wednesday 2013.11.20 roadside bomb targeted a power station steam tuber which led to the destruction of the gate of Foreign Affairs and serious damage to the station’s training center and shattering a bus full transfer of personnel and injuring a security personnel was seriously injured installations ..
Department of Public Information of the Company for Electricity

# City explosion shortly before the tuber.


Security alert next to the compound the tuber Shiha oriental of health and people are all Talaat after the blast and a state of fear
And panic felt by the population.

(Valley girl)

Libya’s international channel ::::::::

URGENT: Exit demonstration in the city of Derna after Maghrib prayer from the mosque and you still BROTHERS demonstration during which demonstrators denounced the events taking place in the city security roaming the streets amid the growing number of angry demonstrators.

Tuber …..

Assassination attempt traitor officer Mohammad Ali Thana, after shooting him in front of his house,

which are displayed to the incidence of gunshot wounds and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment.



An attack on the channel page capital Jerdanih now

سبها الأن | Sebha Now

العاصمة نبض الثورة وروح الوطن يمكنكم الأن متابعة قناة العاصمة الفضائية على القمر الصناعي Nilesat 107 AB7 على التردد 11393 ـ مستوى الرمز 27500


Linking Oil and War: Review of ‘Petro-Aggression’

18 NOVEMBER 2013

By Rosemary A. Kelanic  // Monday, 18 November 2013

In PE, Jeff Colgan provides an indespensible starting point for researchers interested in the relationship between oil and international conflict.

Although the term “energy security” is now ubiquitous in political speeches and the media, international relations scholars have only just begun to rediscover the topic after a 30-year hiatus. The 1970s oil shocks prompted a wave of research in the 1970sand 1980s but did not produce systematic theories about oil and war. Emerging scholarship assesses the potential threats to energy-importing countries and examines how energy security issues shape importers’ foreign policies, including their decisions to use military force.

Colgan’s book makes a unique contribution by examining a topic that has otherwise received little attention:

how oil might encourage conflict initiation by “petrostates,” which he defines as countries for which oil exports comprise 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) or more (page 2).

Colgan argues that oil income generates cross-cutting incentives for petrostates when it comes to using force.



Ras Igdir witnessing a growing movement Tunisia

Security sources said that customs and border crossing, with a worthy , and at a lower level crossing Thuhayba weigher, has witnessed a remarkable increase in transit traffic to Tunisia on Sunday and Monday .
The official said the National Guard Medenine province that large numbers of vehicles and passengers crossing crossed into Tunisian territory at a rate higher than was recorded during the previous days and weeks .
The official added that security disturbances taking place in the capital of Tripoli and other Libyan regions to pay many to travel to Tunisia in waiting for the return of calm conditions .
Confirmed a family traveling in Medenine it from residents of the capital Tripoli , and that the recent clashes forced them to leave and the exploitation of her time in Tunisia to undergo surgery for an elderly woman of the family.