BATTLES continue



Mu lecture







African lines: more than 6,000 Libyan stranded at airports in Cairo and Amman and Istanbul, Paris, London and Sfax and Manchester and Berlin, Dubai, Jeddah and Alexandria.

 The British Embassy and Germany closed their embassies because of the security situation in the city of Tripoli.

Lack of liquidity in the banks in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

 Demonstrations in the streets of Tripoli, condemning the attacks of the Brotherhood

and extremist groups upon the airport and residential neighborhoods.

Shooting at demonstrators in the field of Algeria now
By armed groups belonging to terrorist Abdel RAOUF ‘hater’ cart.



Brigade operations QaaQa, lightning,and 32nd enhanced civil (XANTHAN)

25 juin 2014:
Scandal Brotherhood candidate Abdul Rauf immune circle Abu Salim

Besides the confessions of Abdul Rauf immune Otina arrested within the Ministry of the Interior for the night at Altanip after midnight with a coordinating political isolation and are desperately searching for papers and documents confidential within the ministry, trying to steal
The excuse that he entered imaging (excuse worse than guilt)

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)
#غرفة العمليات


Lire la vidéo


عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)

#غرفة العمليات

فضيحة المرشح الاخواني عبدالرؤوف المناعي عن دائرة ابوسليم

جانب من اعترافات عبدالرؤوف المناعي أتناء القبض عليه داخل وزارة الداخلية ليلا عند الساعة التانية بعد منتصف الليل مع تنسيقية العزل السياسي وهم يفتشون عن أوراق ومستندات سرية داخل الوزارة محاولين سرقتها
وعذره أنه دخل للتصوير (عذر أقبح من ذنب)

#غرفة العمليات


Urgent .. spread his Turk snipers militias Gneoh tallest buildings in Abu Salim:





Zintan Brigades are moving to control the crossing of Ras Igdir and requests of all young people

displaced in Tunisia and other access to liberate their country from the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Zenazqh.


Urgent…crossing the head of Igdir shut until further notice, and the reason is kidnapped

Tunisian officer and taken to Libya.







“ZERO HOUR” on FB (posts this cry of the people):

Youth eastern plateau and door bin Ghashir inspired Damascus preparing to go out on demonstrations and shut down the streets and declare a state of civil disobedience until the graduated MB militias shield room Libya rebels depart from Tripoli …

Declaration of civil disobedience in the capital Tripoli ask the Liberals meet their obligation to their homes and coming hours, we do not know what hides God save us Liberals honest.

اعلان العصيان المدني في العاصمة طرابلس نطلب من الأحرار توفير حاجياتهم والتزام بيوتهم الساعات القادمه لا نعلم ما تخبئ لنا حفظ الله الأحرار الشرفاء .

A prayer for a family: –
O decoder families captured
O God of Aadahm …. It is usually annoyance Vazh .. It Nazarem Vanzareth …. and the right to paid by ..
God Save them and honor their religion .. and .. themselves ..
Oh God, they are weak .. Vqohm wronged Vanzarethm .. Vthbthm afflicted.

O Allah, keep them out of their hands and their faith and Hmaúlhm is above them and seek refuge Bazmtk to assassinate beneath them.
O slaves .. They came out in Sbelk In order Marzatk .. Oh it Brakhmotk them, and revealed them quiet … and set them, O Lord of the Worlds
O Anse and Hsthm .. and .. Remove Krepetthm tempered grief .. and heal their patient .. and forced Xeirhm ..

Oh God, may say to them, Nasser .. and not only them, you sire and champion .. Oh Vanzarethm your victory apron set sooner rather than later .. oh listens and Aaalam.

Aallahm Yamen Younis out of the belly of the whale .. bring them out of Ganmen families safe and sound.
Oh God, promise them to their families and their children and their friends sooner rather than later .. is Khozaya and Amvetonin
Oh God, the patience of their parents and their parents and loved ones .. and fortitude inspired from Thee, O Lord of the Worlds.
Oh God, crying Huzeinat them mothers, and fathers existence, suffering and pain, and the sons of Aergo them tear on their parents parting ..
Oh God, I will gather them and their friends Bohlehm sooner rather than later ..

Oh God, merciful and bestow Your mercy .. Ashimlhm with great kindness .. A.b pray.
Oh God, you complain about the weakness and lack of strength and resourcefulness Huanna people,

O Most Merciful, the Most Merciful of you, and you are vulnerable, Lord, you are our Lord,

to whom shall Tklhm to Aottaghmanm far enemy, or to a close friend ordered his queen?

If not your anger, but they do not even care that your health wider for them, and we seek refuge in the light of your face,

which brightened his darkness and reconciliation it is that the world and the Hereafter down their anger or solve their wrath,

you threshold until you are satisfied and no strength except your

O Allah, this prayer and you answer. This effort and you’ll Altclan ..
And prayed to God, and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.
O Lord, Ameen

The Gaddafi Towers in Tripoli

دعاء للاسري :-
اللهم فك أسر المأسورين
اللهم من عاداهم فعاده ….ومن آذاهم فآذه ..ومن ناصرهم فانصره ….وللحق سدده ..
اللهم احفظ عليهم دينهم .. وأعراضهم ..وأنفسهم ..
اللهم إنهم ضعفاء فقوهم .. مظلومين فانصرهم .. مبتلين فثبتهم .
اللهم احفظهم من بين أيديهم وعن أيمانهم وعن شمائلهم ومن فوقهم ونعوذ بعظمتك أن يغتالوا من تحتهم .
اللهم إنهم عبادك ..خرجوا في سبيلك وابتغاء مرضاتك .. اللهم فمنَّ عليهم برحماتك،وأنزل عليهم السكينة… وثبتهم يا رب العالمين
اللهم آنس وحشتهم .. وأزل كربتهم .. وخفف مصابهم .. واشف مريضهم.. واجبر كسيرهم ..
اللهم قد قل لهم الناصر.. وليس لهم إلا أنت مولى ونصيراً ..اللهم فانصرهم بنصرك المؤزر المبين ..عاجلاً غير آجل يا سميع ياعليم.
االلهم يامن أخرج يونس من بطن الحوت.. أخرجهم من الأسر سالمين آمنين غانمين .
اللهم أعدهم إلى أهلهم وأبنائهم وأصحابهم عاجلاً غير آجل .. غير خزايا ولامفتونين
اللهم صبر أهلهم وذويهم ومحبيهم ..و ألهمهم الثبات من لدنك يارب العالمين .
اللهم إن لهم أمهات باكيات حزينات، وأباءً يعانون الوجد والألم، وأبناء لايرقأ لهم دمع على فراق أبائهم ..
اللهم اجمعهم بأهليهم وأصحابهم عاجلاً غير آجل ..
اللهم ارحمهم بواسع رحمتك .. واشملهم بعظيم لطفك .. يامجيب الدعاء .
اللهم إليك نشكو ضعف قوتنا وقلة حيلتنا وهواننا على الناس، يا أرحم الراحمين، أنت أرحم الراحمين، وأنت رب المستضعفين، وأنت ربنا، إلى من تكلهم إلى عدو بعيد يتجهمهم، أم إلى صديق قريب ملكته أمرهم؟ إن لم يكن بك غضب عليهم فلا نبالي إلا أن عافيتك أوسع لهم، نعوذ بنور وجهك الذي أشرقت لـه الظلمات وصلح عليه أمر الدنيا والآخرة أن ينزل بهم غضبك أو يحل بهم سخطك، لك العتبى حتى ترضى ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بك
اللهم هذا الدعاء ومنك الإجابة . وهذا الجهد وعليك التكلان ..
وصلى اللهم وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين .
اللهم امين يارب

The closure of the TRIPOLI HIGHWAY.



Youth Zanata and Hani storm the news channel in ALGERIA SQUARE.

International Airport

 la vidéo de ‎عمليات لواء القعقاع الصواعق المدني‎.


Renewed shelling Grad rockets and mortars at the Tripoli International Airport …


hear sounds of heavy weapons now in the way of Tripoli airport:

 at the airport, we count the destruction:
Rise in the number of aircraft infected dead in parts of the airframe to 17 aircraft to airlines and private Libyan ...
Libyan Airlines – African airlines – Buraq Air – Air Mediterranean Almidavea.

Brigade operations QaaQa, lightning & 32nd civil Brigades
Statement to a battalion Illaz airport security
Haddath and betrayal that got from Salah Badi and his militia;
And reassures Libyans that the airport is under control and it is not the king of the tribe

will never be handed over to the militia.




Now been answered by a missile on a camp Salah Badi  fell in front of the camp, specifically by
Hakon QaaQa rocket in the center of camp, God willing, after adjusting Alahdhatiat.

من داخل المطار اليوم

تصريح لأحد ضباظ كتيبة أمن المطار
وحديته عن الخيانة التي حصلت من صلاح بادي وميليشياته
ويطمئن الليبين بأن المطار تحت السيطرة وهو ليس ملك قبيلة ولن يتم تسليمه للميليشيات

 THE ZINTANI REGULAR Battalion security of the airport in Tripoli calling sheikhs Zliten and Misrata and Mslath to come and receive the 50 bodies from the bodies of their children Gu died Tuesday night after being thrown butcher Gharghour Salah Badi in a failed attempt to infiltrate from the back of the Nkulaih on the way “pedestrian” ended in their deaths all.

Perfect ambush behind the road to the airport for transport to Jardan Misrata and some of Jardan Zliten and Jardan Mslath shortly before dawn, and the number of 49 murderers inventory follow the militias of Misrata.


50 dead and 80 prisoners and then eliminate them from the airport to the box accidentally descendants of Jews Almzarat traitors shortly before.




Mokhtar Fernana al-Andar greenhead of the military, now says on “al-Zintani p channel Libya first”:
That there are mercenary forces with Badi and the MB rat-Libyan forces.

ZINTAN attacked the Misurata who we are around the Tripoli airport, and

some were found dumped p Jttthm, and left on the ground while others fled. Zintani have captured a total of them which confessed that they have been paid huge sums of money to fight with Salah Badi’s gangs against ZINTAN.

PICTURE: Mukhtar Fernana al-Andar Green in Airport lounge:







The death of the offender, “Hisham Saleh Turkish” Scantajurae of the origin of the Friday Market

killed in clashes Airport Road.

Renewed clashes locust hand eye Ministry.



Yankee drone is hovering over TRIPOLI:




Misrata in front of the gate of the wellness clinic and in control of the clinic to treat their wounded.


Libya militias shield centered area Qasr Ben Ghashir prevent displaced people from out of town by force of arms.



Grad rocket landed on the family of al-Jabri area of ​​Qasr Ben Ghashir and news about the death

of a family member.
God Save the Liberal Lord.


Misurata militia attack on protesters in Qasr Ben Ghashir and fall of several wound now.





Mortar fire on Tripoli International Airport, by  Brotherhood of militia stationed at Qasr Ben Ghashir.




The death of a whole family in the area near the palace of Ben Ghashir Ntgah wellness clinic,

bombing with heavy weapons.


militias Brotherhood /Zionists of Libya are preventing displaced families from Qsr Ben Ghashir, from receiving aid.

free light dawn arrived ,and claimed victory and mercy Ghawali ~

It ~ hours a glorious catastrophe pick up in February last breath.


 “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:

Pen Commander,writes:

I am God and to Him we return, God Ogerna in our loss and Khuff us good ones “

Attribute to comfort ourselves and our people in the tribe Almgarha in the death of the martyr, God willing Bnaúl Ahmed al-Megrahi and Hidayat, who was martyred in the fighting in the capital Tripoli against the Kharijites and Altkfferin and I hope to God Almighty that inspires his family and his family patience and solace.






Grad rocket landed in an area Biar Spring Valley shortly before




convoy follows the rats out of the Western camp 27 towards Tripoli.


Reported a convoy of RAT Western Shield out of the camp 27
The convoy problem out of the gate Aldavnip towards Tripoli and followed a convoy

heading from the RAT central shield in Spring Valley and at the Airport.




Finding 4 car bombs bearing material “TNT high explosives, each weighing 200 kg in the Libyan capital Tripoli


The bombing of another wildlife park in Tripoli
Caught fire and science park are located
Wild animals and staff employees.



Vote locusts and heavy weapons heard in Tripoli intensely and ambulances voices filled the streets of Tripoli.




Youth are preparing to attack Tripoli property Almsarit in Tripoli in response to the burning of the International




MB militias shield Aloeschy preparing for an attack on al-Zintani. 

Voices of shooting gun in Salah-al-Din now.


forces ZINTANI locusts now used in the bombing of RAT troops and MB armor forces Aloeschy room revolutionaries.


Car bomb fitted in a camp in Salah al-Din’s shield Aloescha to detonate in the crowded streets.


The war began between the Rat shield Aloeschy, and al-Zintani now ~ O Show good free




Now is alerting residents who Airport Road near the oil tanks to evacuate the area.


 rockets locusts now fall heavily on the airport road:


a group of armed militants now in the neighborhood of huts (railway bridge),

by Zintani were seen near the iron bridge road to the airport,

firing toward the headquarters of the so-called “precordial”.


Grad rocket shot down now in the neighborhood of cottages now.




12 young man been killed in the center of the capital Tripoli last night they
Watch the final match between Argentina and Germany in terms of income
Gunmen of the cafe and shot p youth causing
Young man killed 12 and wounded Qatari…..moved the bodies to the hospital Street Corner …

There is no power but from God.

the dead in a hospital just street corner ..
A medical source said the Tripoli Central Hospital «street corner» in Tripoli

that the number of dead at the hospital only by the armed clashes that took place

since Sunday morning has reached to 23 people .


Youths break into buildings for the hospital medical staff Street cedi street corner, next to know what the Ministry of Housing,

note that these apartments empty.


Fire is now under the bridge Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli




A convoy of youth Tarhounah tends to support the Youth Palace bin Ghashir. They are Moajthm

with militias in Misrata ..








Unconfirmed reports of Zintan

The release of some detainees “prisoners” of pro regions of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

in a gesture of unity against the militias and the Brotherhood armor and combat
(# Pen Commander)

Zintan announce the release of all political prisoners captured with Saif al-Islam, (more until further notice)

General Omar Tntosh at liberty !
was released General Omar Tntosh …Lord lifting the rest !

Nbwa Enaihoa freedom Nbwa Enaihoa in safety.

Young Zintani fighter against the Brotherhood:






SALAFI/WAHABI who make up the Zuwarah convoy of militia, consists of five hundred thousand,

and a car and up to six hundred people janzour (TRIPOLI)  to participate in the war against

ZINTANI  Brigades QaaQa and lightning. !!!








(Warning to Khotna in Beautiful City)
Suspicious movements of the group, was born the son of Nile and Born Hltaat of the department in Ajeelat

of their group, together with you ..







martyrdom of Haj Salem Qrbna city of Zliten in five coastal road from the

armed group to kill him, was shot in the head and stole his car ~

God bless his soul and Aghafrlh
الحاج سالم قربنة من مدينة زليتن






“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB
Moked of our sources now Misratah boil against Salah dog Badi;
and there is a threat to him from inside Misratah death

Salah Badi WAS NOT INJURED !! The photo shown was when he went up against BANI WALID in 2012.

Here is the story from his TWISTED MISURATA FB SITE (and remember BADI is evil,despite what it says here on his FB site):

“Dealing in old photo of the year 2012 AD to Thaer infected in the editing bin Walid and say they picked the day of the Haj Salah and the only similarity between the Rebel and the patient is in Haj Salah Shall head cover!
Repeat for the umpteenth time … Haj Salah fine and to praise and thank God … and as the popular saying goes we have in Misrata: who hates you dreamed a dream … Shin Voloa rebels honorable what you like and Ahlmoa Macitm O tails of the defunct O and grown up Traratm in no man’s land and livelihood swelled Btonkm eating Zaqqum Vasari you devil bloodstream in the veins will not be bad for us, but what God has for us … and God is enough, and yes, the agent.”

يتداولون صورة قديمة من سنة 2012م لثائر مصاب في تحرير بن وليد و يقولون إنها ألتقطت اليوم للحاج صلاح و الشبه الوحيد بين الثائر المصاب و الحاج صلاح هو في الشال غطاء الرأس!
نكرر للمرة الألف…الحاج صلاح بخير و لله الحمد و الشكر…و كما يقول المثل الشعبي عندنا في مصراتة: اللي يكرهك يحلم لك الحلم الشين…فأكرهوا الثوار الشرفاء ما شئتم و أحلموا ماشئتم يا ذيول المقبور يا من كبرتم و ترعرعتم في رزق الحرام و أنتفخت بطونكم بأكل الزقوم فسرى منكم الشيطان مجرى الدم في العروق فلن يضرنا إلا ما كتب الله لنا…و حسبنا الله و نِعم الوكيل.

  Salah Badi and Abdul Hameed doing malice in the city of Bani Walid:



# Eye area _ Ministry of some of the young residents of the area were burning factory PVC me Abdelati Auan from # Misurata


al-Sreem street youth are turning to burn Mhalat Furniture owned by Salah Badi pastry shop in front of the world.




Outbreak of fire in some shops in the area Aldrebe belonging to the citizens of the city of Misrata.






Patrols to youth Bani Walid along Valley Road dinars to secure families
Displaced from Tripoli:

 News about starting families out of: these TRIPOLI districts:
– District of Quakh
– Abu Salim neighborhood
– District Project
– Buildings flowers
– Spring Valley .. towards Tajourah

after the announcement of the Cyrenaican army to evacuate the neighborhoods of the population so as not to be displayed or impediment to the operations of the army of liberation of the region from Alasaabat terrorist as the news broke about the exit of armed vehicles belonging to the invited Akkla Gneoh under the pretext of securing the arrival of families to Tajourah while a fugitive and is retiring from the battlefield to Mitigua after the announcement to evacuate the area.








Gate 25 bombing of the city of Barak seawall by unknown assailants.



Soon the end of the al-Qaeda “days” in TRIPOLI

Mu sheikh smile of a sheike



la vidéo de Social Council of the tribe Alqmadfah. elders of the tribe elders assert that they are stronger than the days of the commander at the time,
because everything is calculated on them because they are cousins ​​of the Commander al-Qahafi.


شيوخ واعيان القبيلة يؤكدون انهم اقوى من ايام القائد لان في ذلك الوقت كل شيء محسوب عليهم لانهم ابناء عمومة القائد
بنت الشيخ
شيوخ واعيان القبيلة يؤكدون انهم اقوى من ايام القذافي لان في ذلك الوقت كل شيء محسوب عليهم لانهم ابناء عمومة القذافي

la vidéo de ‎ساعة الصفر‎.

Statement tribe Ma’daan combatant in Sirte withstand
Concerning,,,, reconciliation
Where he was a person of the tribe Ma’daan Mujahid if he wants
Reconciliation will be liquidated by the brave heroes.

There is a special group for the liquidation of all those who want reconciliation;
and we are behind all of the dealership wants the blood of our children and this statement against reconciliation.We do Antegr blood of our sons was not the blood of our sons, we are not Cheap.
We are against all kinds of reconciliation.

The Forewarned is forearmed.

بيان قبيلة معدان المجاهدة بمدينة سرت الصمود
بخصوص ,,,, المصالحة

حيث انه اي شخص من قبيلة معدان المجاهدة لو كان يريد
المصالحة سيتم تصفيته من قبل ابطالنا البواسل فهنالك مجموعه خاصه لتصفية كل من يريد المصالحه ونحن وراء كل من يريد المتاجره بدم أبنائنا وهذا البيان ضد المصالحه
فنحن لانتاجر بدم أبنائنا ولم يكن دم ابنائنا رخيص علينا
ونحن ضد المصالحه بجميع انواعها
وقد اعذر من انذر

Sirte withstand, there will be no reonilliation
How we were and how we’ve becomeكيف كنا وكيف اصبحناGreen Channel


Mr. horsehair / how we were and how we’ve become

PICTURE: Ahmed Gaddaf-a-Dam Horwitzer-blood


Sheikh girl,writes: 

Kahilat Zliten Dhana to Ajwad:

To Ahmed Kaddafi Horowitzer-blood and to those who provide his loyalty and obedience to carp Shban Khalifa lamp Hftar:

birth the jurisprudence Mustafa Zaidi Mohammed Alakecat and to whom was with them at the meeting, which brought together with the traitor client Barrani forms and give allegiance to the traitor dwarf Hftar and walked trained to Atank someone in the back is normal. 

But paying attention .. and find the people closest to you!! This is a disaster ..

* really unfortunate that the search for truth … in the era of treason and are looking to meet … in the hearts of the cemetery ..

* … break my heart like a mirror of the smallest stone hit her!! ..

*: If there From reimburse you, you are a lucky man … and if you are sincere in fulfilling the most fortunate people ..

* More people meanness is the one that gives you back and you desperately need to grip his hand ..

* There is nothing worse than a man who asks for your name Ikrnh as long as it was always a word my friend!! ..

*There is no doubt that you are the dumbest people if you’re looking to meet in the heart of Ilk!! ..

* treason sometimes be the most beautiful feeling … If a person is the victim deserved!! ..

* true fulfillment does not end, but the death of the owner … and fulfill the false die when the owner lives every traitor …

* feigns himself to a thousand and one excuses .. to convince himself that he did the right thing!! ..

* fulfill sincere when the moon is full and the eclipse is the end When they treacherously!! ..

* morality Kalzahrp beautiful .. and is the fulfillment of dew drops .. and betrayal are obnoxious shoe that tramples on Venus Fashakha …

* if every story ends brave warrior became a traitor to all the people like you … O traitor!! ..

* fulfilling feelings and sensations pretty classy .. fulfilling life is dead hearts …

* If you were not eligible for the fulfillment of the word is not taking her … because the fulfillment of sacrifice and patience and fatigue ..

* Do not ask me for treason. .. I do not think that there are words that can be described!! ..

* If you love to fulfill honestly put your trust in God and do not lose hope … and if you’re a liar Varahl!! .. He talked about the judiciary and fulfill the destiny ..

* rare coin .. and .. hearts are banks and a few banks that are dealing with this type of currency!! ..

* say a sincere heart … I love you … So I’m ready to do anything for you …

* Please convinced me anything .. but .. treason!! They tend heartbreaking and life from the bowels of the soul …

* If you honestly do not waver in .. because cowardice is treason, but different letters!! ..

* Man loyal sincere memory remains forever … and the man to end the false traitor Last point … at the bottom of the wound …

* If you do not meet the rips talking about honor and dignity …!! Because the honor and dignity of innocent traitors …

* if it was in your heart one atom of fulfillment …. make sure that the last thing I would consider … is to achieve your interests and ambitions own … if it’s in your heart one atom to meet .. …. make sure that the first thing I would consider ….. is to continue to struggle and fight and stand by the people of legitimacy, even if your life Klvak this

* should not be ashamed to talk about you and the fulfillment of which were planted in the hearts of loyal wounds more painful!!. . If you have returned from Khiantek may Ahbbnak and perhaps to care about you … but if you’re on Egypt Khiantek Tkhazlk … and make sure that hatred and betrayal not only kill the heart of its owner!! ..

* not ashamed of the man faithful representation of the role of the brave with all of which is being encountered in fact a traitor coward. Hallelujah when you go dignity encounter many types of this kind by (companion leader in the struggle)

(Sheikh girl)

كحيلات زليتن ضنا لاجواد

الي أحمد قدافي الدم والى من يقدمون له الولاء والطاعة المبروك سحبان خليفة مصباح ميلاد الفقهى مصطفي الزايدى محمد القشاط والى من كان معهم في الاجتماع الذى جمعهم مع الخائن العميل البرانى شكال واعطوا الولاء للخائن القزم حفتر ومن سار في دربهم أن يطعنك أحدهم في ظهرك أمر طبيعي … لكن أن تلتفت و تجده أقرب الناس إليك!! فهذه هي الكارثة.. * من المؤسف حقاً أن تبحث عن الصدق… في عصر الخيانة و تبحث عن الوفاء… في قلوب جبانة.. * قلبي كالمرآة…تتكسر من أصغر حجر يضربها !!.. * إن كان هناك من يوفي لك فأنت إنسان محظوظ… و إذا كان صادقاً في الوفاء فأنت أكثر الناس حظاً.. * أكثر الناس حقارة هو ذلك الذي يعطيك ظهره و أنت في أمس الحاجة إلى قبضة يده.. * لا يوجد أسوأ من إنسان يسألك عن اسمك الذي طالما كان يقرنه دائماً بكلمة صديقى !!.. * لا شك في أنك أغبى الناس إذا كنت تبحث عن الوفاء في قلب يكرهك !!.. * الخيانة في بعض الأحيان تكون الشعور الأجمل… إذا كان الشخص المغدور يستحقها !!.. * الوفاء الحقيقي لا ينتهي إلا بموت صاحبه… و الوفاء الكاذب يموت عندما يحيا صاحبه… * كل خائن يختلق لنفسه ألف عذر وعذر.. ليقنع نفسه بأنه فعل الصواب !!.. * الوفاء الصادق كالقمر عندما يكون بدراً و الكسوف هو نهايته عندما يلاقي غدراًَ !!.. * الاخلاق كالزهرة الجميلة.. و الوفاء هو قطرات الندى عليها.. و الخيانة هي الحذاء البغيض الذي يدوس على الزهرة فيسحقها… * لو كانت كل قصة مناضل شجاع تنتهي بالخيانة لأصبح كل الناس مثلك … أيها الخائن !!.. * الوفاء مشاعر جميلة و أحاسيس راقية.. الوفاء هو حياة القلوب الميتة … * إذا لم تكن أهلاً لكلمة الوفاء فلا تقلها … لأن الوفاء تضحية و صبر و تعب.. * لا تسألني عن الخيانة… فأنا لا أعتقد أن هناك كلمات قادرة على وصفها !!.. * إذا كنت تحب الوفاء بكل صدق فتوكل على الله و لا تفقد الأمل… و إذا كنت كاذباً فارحل !!.. وتحدث عن القضاء و القدر.. * الوفاء عملة نادرة.. و القلوب هي المصارف.. و قليلة هي المصارف التي تتعامل بهذا النوع من العملات !!.. * يقول القلب الصادق … أنا أحبك… إذن أنا مستعد لفعل أي شيء من أجلك … * أرجوكم أقنعوني بأي شيء..إلا الخيانة..!! لأنها تحطم القلوب و تنزع الحياة من أحشاء الروح… * إذا كنت وفي بصدق فلا تتخاذل .. لأن التخاذل هو الخيانة و لكن بحروف مختلفة !!.. * الرجل الوفي الصادق تبقى ذكراه إلى الأبد … و الرجل الكاذب الخائن ينتهي إلى آخر نقطة…في قاع الجرح… * إذا مزقت الوفاء فلا تتحدث عن الشرف والكرامة …!! لأن الشرف والكرامة بريء من الخونة… * لو كان في قلبك ذرة واحدة من الوفاء…. فتأكد بأن آخر ما كنت ستفكر فيه…هو تحقيق مصالحك وطموحاتك الخاصة … لو كان في قلبك ذرة واحدة من الوفاء…… فتأكد بأن أول ما كنت ستفكر فيه….. هو الاستمرار في النضال والكفاح والوقوف لجانب اهل الشرعية حتى ولو كلفاك هذا حياتك * ألا تخجل من التحدث عن الوفاء و أنت الذي زرعت في قلوب الاوفياء أكثر الجروح إيلاماً !!.. فإذا كنت قد رجعت عن خيانتك فربما أحببناك و ربما لنعبأ بك… و لكن إذا كنت مصر على خيانتك وتخاذلك … فتأكد أن الكراهية والخيانة لا تقتل سوى قلب صاحبها !!.. * ألا يخجل الرجل من تمثيل دور الوفي الشجاع مع كل من يصادفهم وهو في الحقيقة خائن جبان. سبحان الله عندما تذهب الكرامه نصادف انوع كثيرة من هذا النوع بقلم (رفيق القائد في النضال)

بنت الشيخ

CIA KALIFA HFTAR, new silly speech:

Khalifa Belgacem Hftar:

In his first statement on what is happening in Benghazi says:

The terrorist groups that claim Islam under any name and trying to dominate the Benghazi and other cities by force of arms and take of terrorism and terrorizing peaceful citizens through the curriculum, say you did not tell the strength of al-Qathafi

is not in terms of the kit nor gear and remember how he fell and did not have any excuse not religious not a national one and will not Tguenawa Bofalkm, The Musbandtkm will be with the national army Protector homeland and the citizen, which you expected you Qdetwa it.

Our patience from you to this time not because you have strong Satrtm on the situation but we still give you a last chance for you will you go back to its senses and you go back where you come from and let our children in peace and safety in our country.
Enough is enough, and the confrontation became imposed.
خليفة بلقاسم حفتر

في أول تصريح له على ما يحدث في بنغازي يقول:

إن الجماعات الارهابية التي تدعي الاسلام تحت اي مسمى وتحاول ان تسيطر على بنغازي وبعض المدن الأخرى بقوة السلاح وتأخذ من الارهاب وترويع المواطنين الامنين طريق ومنهج، نقول انكم لم تبلغوا قوة القذافي لا من حيث العدة ولا العتاد وتتذكروا كيف سقط ولم تكون لديكم اي حجة لا دينية ولا وطنية ولن تقنعوا احد بأفعالكم، أما مواجهتكم ستكون مع الجيش الوطني حامي الوطن والمواطن الذي توقعتم انكم قضيتوا عليه. صبرنا عنكم إلى هذا الوقت ليس لأنكم اقوياء وقد سيطرتم على الوضع بل لأننا مازلنا نعطيكم الفرصة وهي الاخيرة لعلكم ترجعوا الى رشدكم وترجعوا من حيث اتيتم وتتركوا ابناءنا في سلام وبلدنا في أمان.
لقد طفح الكيل والمواجهة اصبحت مفروضة



Password Dr / Hamza

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 3/5/2014 P


YANKEE COMMANDOS will abduct SAIF and hand him to the TRIPOLI MB RATS!!!

Dr. Hamza Thami
Warns Zintan that U.S. troops of 
Commandos will snatch Mujahid Saif al-Islam and hand him over to Tripoli !!!




All the noble tribes of preparedness and coordination among them
And the willingness and readiness
The Liberal present in cities coordination with tribes
Torre popular forward …




Victory O free evening light:







Was arrested Abdul Hakim Belhadj in Paris during his visit to France yesterday for several hours on the

background of the assassination Shokri Belaid.




Alkrgla Almzrati Ahmad al-Mitigua prime minister for government customers in the farce pagan Conference.




Kidnapped by unidentified gunmen, presumed from the Epiphyseal tribe, in the capital Tripoli on Saturday,
a member of the National Congress for the city of Zintan, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Qadir Pietro. 
الدكتور محمد عبدالقادر بيترو

There is suspicion it ws in response to to years prior abductions of Epiphyseal children by the then hoodlum gangs of Zintan.
“Pietro” was taken (according to informed sources) to an unknown destination.

Threatened also was Mohammed Izz al-Din Yusuf Al-Zentani. Also were abducted, were his two companions,
Bashir and Mukhtar Ali Alqrj by Mizdah.It is note-worthy to recall

[Source: Reuters on October 21, 2011]

the following, from the 21 OCTOBER 2011 interview with



Dr Mohamed Abdel Kader Pietro, the academic who teaches at the University of Tripoli (Conqueror previously, al-Fateh University), (who played a prominent role with the rebels in Zintan (west of the country),) Pietro saw that the components of the boards vary from one region to another in Libya,
“National Council Transitional gave directions with the start of the revolution the formation of councils local, but the specificities of each region and their intellectual capacities, and the responsibility of the reorganization of these councils is today the responsibility of the National Transitional Council, and this is a problem of the problems experienced by the Council today. “

And reduced Pietro importance of questioning the members of the Transitional Council and a private bureau chief executive resigned, asserting that “most of the Libyans agreed to entrust the Council manages the transition phase, and what some see as skepticism is in fact something of a mystery due to poor communication between the National Assembly and local councils in the previous period “.

He told “They are not prophets, they make mistakes as long as they are working,” but warned of the control of the entities on the other, stressing that the polls “will be the al-Faisal sent structures stipulated in the constitutional declaration, constitution is the one that will be resolved These things, and the Constitution itself will resolve his ballot box with the participation of the Libyan people as a whole. ”

It is noteworthy that the Constitutional Declaration issued by the National Transitional Council, accurately separating the next stages of the rebuilding of Libya (see the text of the document accompanying the article on the right).
Quotas between the currents?
When asked Pietro about how much control the logic of quotas on the features of the construction of constitutional seminal put it, responded immediately, “convinced everyone that we are at the stage of not keen in which what we take from Libya as far as our commitment to what we have. Periods. Lesser jihad settled and were in favor of the Libyans, we are embarking now on the greater jihad and we’ll see necessarily diverse ideas and a conflict between the currents, but Libya’s democracy will be first to Libya based on the law and the Constitution, and all the groups that are considered to Libya is that should take up most, ie the opposite of what was the case in the past. ”

When asked: How practically determines the share of each party? Replied: “Efficiency First, things are not measured by the number of martyrs is provided, but what you are able to offer to the nation today, if there is more capable of keeping things in the sector of responsibility will attach himself to him and we’ll be all.”

When addressing the dilemma of multiple rebel groups in Tripoli, the estimated range of at least 27, said Dr. Pietro “The solution is clear and is in the presence of hand or a recognized institution formed by the National Assembly and restore the prestige of the state.” Then he added, “I am this close to the Saraya and I know that when he returned the security of its personnel will return to their original, whether they are students or staff or doctors, engineers …”. He said that the military council in the western region (Tripoli) had to do security tasks due to lack of Department of Defense or institutions, unlike Benghazi, and emphasized that this has helped to reduce crime.

Dr. Pietro felt that these features will disappear return security to the capital. L Transitional Council not to his rapid formation of governing bodies that will maintain security in the city of Tripoli, saying he knows Saraya rebels in Tajourah

and corner and Friday market … “and all of them are ready to surrender their weapons when popped an official holds this process, such as hardware preventive security.” He explained that the rebels “are not angels, but humans make mistakes and wrongs, but Strkm days that young people will disappear from sight when they find who will take the job for them.” He quoted one of his sons who is taking part in guarding the airport in Tripoli who said he does not see it only once a week for one hour, and his second son, who is participating in guarding the radio, which is based in the Victory Street in Tripoli, and the two were waiting with their companions, the official body that Sasalman her reins.However, he admitted Pietro existence of some disagreement in views a difference “remained under the control” of what he said, but he did not rule out the existence of “infiltrators” tarnish the reputation of the rebels, saying that “raising the storm he has to look to Tripoli, which passed in deep trouble (with edited), but the glass façades remained the same, and that its banks intact except for one bank, even though everyone knows what happens when crimes are usually cut off the electricity. ” He believed that “the tranquility that prevails in Tripoli since the liberation due to God and then the rebels coming from Zintan and Aziziya and the corner and the mountain west.”The question remains about the road map prepared by the National Council, Dr. Pietro says that he has some reservations and questions on the application strategy developed by the Council because of the observation of the slow pace of implementation. But did you disappear behind the conflicts that slow? He replied:
“Maybe … ask them,” before pursuing “I did not understand how the plan will be applied both in the field of health or food security or foreign relations?”. He added: “reported that Dr. Gabriel and Sheikh Mustafa Abdul Jalil. Do not deny that the Council according to the international level, but internally things are still not clear, and we need strong Council says does well and the offensive Aces.”

Tripoli and Benghazi:

Perhaps based on the words of Dr. Pietro and many of his ilk on the survival of the majority of departments in Benghazi. Even today, those who have moved to the capital and are not members of the institutions. The rush by many today the formation of a transitional government and the commitment to implement the steps stipulated by the constitutional declaration. Pietro and saw that
“despite the reluctance of some of the Libyan people on some items of the announcement, however, this is what we agreed upon, and we apply it.”

(US bombing predator-drone, over LIBYA)

Published by Foreign Policy,a statement of the deputy Republican Duncan Hunter, they will present new legislation paves the way for U.S. forces to directly target the perpetrators of Benghazi that killed the American ambassador; through the use of drones.

This will require a change in the legislation authorized the use of military force passed by Congress to become law after being signed by President George W. Bush in the wake of the attacks of 9/11, a piece of legislation that allowed the president to target “nations, organizations or persons” who are found to have a direct role in attacks terrorist attacks on New York and Washington

or those countries that harbor terrorists.Said Joe Kasper, a spokesman for Rep. Hunter said the new legislation will be presented on 07 May 2014, in the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives, on the bill on financial Pentagon defense spending, and accused Republicans on Capitol Obama administration to hide the facts about the investigation into the attack Benghazi, while Democrats accused in Senate GOP politicizing human tragedy,

calling to drop the case at a time when the United States faces challenges currently from Russia.

Explains Casper, that the attention of the Attorney Hunter change the legislation “authorizing the use of force” – which is commonly referred to as “AUMF” – came after pressure on Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the subject of attack Benghazi during a closed session of the Armed Services Committee last fall,

and in accordance with Records of secret released by the Pentagon in January, asked Dempsey, by Republican congressman from Texas, Michael Conaway,
why not keep track of the U.S. attackers if senior U.S. officials know who they are ? ..

individual Dempsey that the current legislation does not allow U.S. forces to pursue and kill the insurgents in Libya, and therefore

“simply will not be able to find them and kill them via drone or ground operation,” but Col. Edward Thomas, spokesman for Gen. Dempsey, declined to comment.

(219 m)

Formation of a Military council consisting of all honest tribes from throughout LIBYAN REGIONS

Chamber of Popular Forces:

In the name of God the Merciful …
And was with the help and guidance of Allah ..

formation of a military council includes all tribes and regions honest … to lead the operations of the popular forces …

Nonsmoker and Social Council has been formed to run the country’s political and connectivity between tribes and regions …

We wish success to all the honorable ..

and we call them stability and righteousness.

Claimed to .. honest .. Good luck … and got away from temptation and comments cowardly (with all due respect to the honorable)
which indicates to undergo refraction …

Valielm everyone that all the activities of the Libyan people’s hero .. working all their efforts and energy .. in order to expel all those militias and agenda ..Fethiye to all tribes, regions and families honest ..
which is primed and surprise nearby ..

pray for them and be confident in God first and by sheikhs The elders and notables of the tribes, regions and families ..

honest and claimed them success …

and beware that Tnesmoa or Tdafon or despair dominates the hearts like the rest of the cowards …

in Taaberhm and comments …
(Chamber of Popular Forces)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم …
تم وبعون الله وتوفيقه ..تشكيل مجلس عسكري يضم كافة قبائل ومناطقنا الشريفه …لقياده عمليات القوات الشعبية …
وايظا تم تشكيل مجلس اجتماعي سياسي لتسير البلاد والربط بين القبائل والمناطق …
نتمني التوفيق لكافة الشرفاء ..وندعوا لهم بالثبات والصلاح 
..ادعوا للشرفاء ..بالتوفيق …وابتعدوا عن الفتن والتعليقات الجبانه (مع احترامي للشرفاء ) التي تدل علي الخضوع والانكسار …
غرفة عمليات القوات الشعبية

فاليعلم الجميع بان كافة فعاليات الشعب الليبي البطل ..تعمل بكل جهودها وطاقتها ..من اجل طرد كل تلك المليشيات والاجنده ..فتحية الي كل القبائل والمناطق والعائلات الشريفه ..التي تعد العده والمفاجاه القريبه ..فادعوا لهم وكونوا علي ثقه بالله اولا وبـ مشائخ واعيان ووجهاء القبائل والمناطق والعائلات الشريفه ..وادعوا لهم بالتوفيق …واحذروا ان تنهزموا او تضعفون او يسيطر اليأس علي قلوبكم مثل باقي الجبناء …في تعابيرهم وتعليقاتهم …
غرفة عمليات القوات الشعبية

“GPC ELVIS BUCKY”, on FB, questions:


Name: Gabriel de Garikorao
Adjective: Italian Military Mission Crusade
Issuer: Chiefs of Staff of the so-called ground forces
Libya case intractable!!
Card military, civilian and image, and the State of crusade, and the so-called chief of staff for the ground forces Farah sign!!
The question is:
Why issued this card? Was it necessity for him?
What is the place that will use it?




Scandal-caliber: – Local Council janzour ….. do Abdalmjbd Hangari named as chairman of the School Committee elections inherent Besaad greeted by exploiting statistical Hedda called the Ministry of Education for the national figure in the municipal council elections and knead the resurrection of the registration of teachers without their knowledge,..
and it is beyond doubt registration Nora Hadi Hangari school without her knowledge, because she is currently with her husband in Britan.
(Ba Hedda for information.)





Using Qasr Ben Ghashir unlocked with stones and burning tires and electricity poles in the road with a stone in the middle of the road and the reason is the abduction of one of the leaders of militias as the F light Tunisian did not know him any information



found dead person was Dbha after robbery at his home in Bir Usta birth in the capital Tripoli.




Zintani encircling a group of al-Qaeda in the area of Spring Valley now.

al-Qaeda Militias Moment out of Camp Bucca day 27 YARMOUK CAMP in Spring Valley

Al-Fateh University Department of Civil Engineering subjected to vandalism and assault:





Kidnapping citizen “Hossam Drupal” by an armed group in the city department in Ajeelat.


and Rishvana seven Otpol Iqmon diagonal kill the officer was trying to sneak to their land.


Mr. Chttaf “Ezzedine Joseph,” Director General of the Republic Mizdah bank branch went out on the outskirts
of the Libyan capital today.

ختطف السيد “عزالدين يوسف” مدير عام فرع مصرف الجمهورية مزدة بضواحي العاصمة الليبية طرابلس .


Today was the attack on members of the municipal council and the threshold of the valley when they
were on the way back from Tripoli to Sabha, where the car suffered by the gunmen pointed their weapons
and took them on the car for the municipality and left them on the road and the southern area al-Qurayyat.


I hope Publishing alert Bani Walid out a convoy of about 150 cars Almqji of Orban and now 

the convoy at the entrance to the west of Bani Walid area Qrjovernm determine …

(Return of “Resolution 13” ?)


dirty  MISURATA:



Warplanes out of the military college in Misrata now …



Rat Sharif adequate:

“Choose Ahmed Meitik Astela (nephew of Abdul Rahman Sowaihili) as  head of government power and a violation of the constitutional declaration.”

Ahmed Meitik, Brotherhood candidate:

Alkrgla Almzrati Ahmad Meitikof MISURATA prime minister for government customers in the farce pagan Conference

Abdullah bending: 
“We will not recognize the authority of the Government of Ahmed Meitik.

Spokesman for the so-called Conference Allaotunai: The method of electing Meitik illegitimate ..

Rat Sharif adequate:

“Choose Ahmed Meitik Astela (nephew of Abdul Rahman Sowaihili) of the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD “Justice and Construction” PARTY”,

as head of government power and a violation of the constitutional declaration.”



Member Conference secretary Magbari states when asked about what happened when the broadcast cut to vote??
Answer that the vote was initially being naturally very even round Altanip between the candidates that won Bhi Meitik
73 voice but was supposed to be a third round gives them confidence to 120 voice but when we got to count
113 demanded by some members of the stoppage of the vote and wait a bit because some Members were in the water cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

عضوة المؤتمر أمينه المجبري تصرح عند سؤالها عن ماذا حدث عندما قطع البث في التصويت ؟؟
تجيب بأن التصويت في البداية كان يجري بشكل طبيعي جدا حتى الجولة التانية بين المترشحين التي فاز بهى معيتيق ب73 صوت لكن كان من المفترض ان تكون هناك جولة ثالثه تمنح فيها الثقه ب120 صوت لكن عندما وصلنا للعد 113 طالب بعض الاعضاء بتوقف التصويت والانتظار قليلا نظرا لأن بعض الأعضاء كانوا في دورة المياة !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their democracy Roma

Was cut from the broadcast conference session Allaotunai after the withdrawal of a large number of Jardan:



Congratulations to you, O and Misurata budget 2014.2015
Oh goodness and Jay rats, but the most important thing, but continued to Altkpaier:



Yesterday was kidnapped Sheikh Sharif al-Jaafari, one Salafi preachers was a sermon on Friday, the

former supporters of the fry, from the front of his house by supporters of the fry.

الشيخ الشريف الجعفري


بالامس تم اختطاف الشيخ الشريف الجعفري احد الخطباء السلفيين وكانت خطبة يوم الجمعة السابق علي انصار الزريعة من امام منزله من قبل انصار الزريعة.


Media Foundation banner of the Ansar al-Sharia: for the purposes of “Sharia brothers came out,”

Ansar al-Sharia “in night patrols in SIRTE:







Anfjeran are strong in the jungle area of the airport building east of Benghazi
Czaah littered on the coastal road
The security alert in a large ((gate precise)) Thspena Lay Breaking
It was not known what caused the explosion.

Explosion two bags in the forest area of ​​the building away from the gate precise with “5” kilo, and the explosion
caused no casualties and only material damage caused by Shooting suitcases near the coastal road leading to
Tneshr stones and dirt on the road.




Demonstrations in support of the special forces “Thunderbolt” now patrolling the city of Benghazi.  
Increase in bombings and shootings between “17 Gahaar militia” (affiliated to the “Ansar al-Sharia”), and the Thunderbolt.
There is certain news columns accompanied by a large armored vehicles, tanks and artillery
Al-Qaeda along the route from camp before “17 February”The news that he is heading for the control of the special forces to storm the camp and try to stun spread of the three main outlets for the city of Benghazi
Therefore, we ask everyone to stay away from the places of engagement
Which is likely to start at 1 or 1:30خبر مؤكد هناك أرتال كبيرة مصحوبة بعربات مدرعة ودبابات ومدفعية
لتنظيم القاعدة على طول الطريق الممتدة من أمام معسكر 17 فبراير
وأنباء على أنه متوجه للسيطرة وأقتحام معسكر القوات الخاصة الصاعقة ويحاولون الأنتشار على الثلاث منافذ الرئيسية لمدينة بنغازي
لذلك نطلب من الجميع الأبتعاد عن أماكن الأشتباك
التي يرجح أن تبدأ في تمام الساعة 1 أو 1:30 صباحاً
Convoy consists of 15 car to me supporters of the law in front of the camp and is now 17 Gahaar Junction Street Venice,
where there are special forces and tanks face off camp.


The assassination of Major Mohammed Abdul-Hamid al-Mahmoudi one airport customs officers at the “Have Built Airport”
He mentions have led kidnapped yesterday in the way of Sidi Faraj after ending his work.
On the way back he was kidnapped and found dead in his car slaughtered Qnfodh area today.
Image pioneer in the fight against drug Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mahmoudi born
1977 and a resident of the area, which Alfkat body was found charred
In Qnfodh after losing yesterday in the way of Sidi Faraj.
Abduction of four soldiers of the army in Benghazi:
Sources of news from the city of Benghazi for the kidnapping of two soldiers, employees of the Special Forces: Ezzedine certified and Ibrahim Abdel Meguid Fazzani and Abdulsalam lamp Jadallah of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and
Ojavidh Awad Jadallah of the Marines; 
and the sources said it has lost its connection with these soldiers and there is no information about them yet.


the assassination of Walid Saad cabled area residents Laithi Hijaz Street, was shot dead this evening.


Found an unidentified body behind the gas station Alajabu # Benghazi and are
Due to a man in his forties and wearing a dress and commandos.
Factorial Botalaqtin chest.




Join the U.S. military carrier mechanisms (Cape Race) for the rest of the pieces of NATO warships and located near the east coast of Libya, near the coast of the city of Derna in particular …. This confirms the start of the military operation is imminent …!


Forces rats umbrella to hit the concentration of the base points in Derna:






Yesterday, unidentified gunmen threw a hand grenade “pomegranate” on the headquarters of the

Sudanese consulate in the city of Kufra resulted in material losses to the building, and news about the loss of life.

 A hand grenade exploded at the Sudanese consulate in the Libyan city of Kufra but caused no casualties, a diplomat said Saturday in Libya which has seen an increase in attacks on foreign interests.

An unknown assailant or assailants tossed the grenade at the consulate late Friday, causing only damage to the building, Sudanese Consul Essam Abdel-Rahman told independent Libyan Solidarity Press Agency.

There was no comment from the Libyan authorities.Located in south-Eastern Libya, al-Kufra itself has been rocked by clashes between rival tribes in recent months.
Hospice on the Ancient Egyptian route to al-Kufra:



The armed militia of kidnapping and killing citizens (Ahmed Omar Brini) city of Sabha,

where the militia had kidnapped the victim and took him to their headquarters, and one has to execute him by firing squad:



The release of Libyan detainee in Jordan “Mamednas” for the release of the Jordanian ambassador in Libya
Said lawyer Altntemat Islamic Musa Abdallat leave the detainee Libyan Mohammed Saeed al-Drissi, known
as “Mamednas” to Libya at dawn on Friday by Queen Alia International Airport within the exchange deal struck f
or the release of the Jordanian ambassador kidnapped in Libya Fawaz Eitan with Foreign Ministry
rejected Alardnahaltaliq negative or confirmation.







al-Qaeda in LIBYA:

Libyan intelligence sources:

Al-Qaeda controls the Libyan-Egyptian border:

The newspaper sunrise Tunisian quoting intelligence sources Libyan control of 3,000 fighters

belonging to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb on the Libyan-Egyptian border

and newspaper sunrise Tunisian quoting intelligence sources Libyan that more than three thousand

fighters belong to the currents of radical and incitements, formed about 20 Battalion currently stationed on the Libyan-Egyptian border,

and Lt. Col. Khalid customary military intelligence in Benghazi that the past few weeks have seen the

return of some of the leaders «Al-Qaeda» of Iraq and Syria to Libya,



and that Libya will experience the most difficult stage in the next few days after the control of hard-liners

on most areas, especially the border areas with Egypt.

He said that instructions had been issued to the “Ansar al-Sharia” to his followers in Syria and Iraq to return to Libya

in the coming weeks, to fight a battle on the Egyptian border, after monitoring the movements of these groups

by the Egyptian and Russian intelligence.



PURE and simply Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:


“GPC basic Elvis Bucky free”, on FB

Bakra enter your home, not liters footmen Icollhm

Oh rats soon you will see with your own eyes Algahrh !


Mu scenic 2 Mu SCENIC 3 MU Scenic ONE

Libyan armed forces (Gen. 32 Enhanced Brigade):
Urgent Ras Ajderqubl few people the guidance of Wayne Harbin cattle their shape of Medhm Shi جردان Sanatorium, جهم and salvation of Harbin battles
to Ptasir the P Trbuls the Gaah days after Mlaboa safe and secure هربو the and Akhaddan vacation from the blood and people suffer the curse of God be upon you Egerdan Mantm men.
(Supreme Commander)
Photos du journal
Par : (القوات المسلحه الليبية (اللواء 32 المعزز
عــــــاجل راس اجديرقبل قليل الناس هدي وين ماشيه شكلهم هاربين من شـــي معضهم جردان مصح وجهم وخلاص هاربين من المعارك الي بتصير ف طربلس الايام الجايه بعد ملعبوا بالامن والامان هربو واخدين اجازه من الدم والناس تعاني لعنت الله عليكم يجردان مانتم برجال
القائد الأعلي
Par : (القوات المسلحه الليبية (اللواء 32 المعزز
Libyan armed forces (Gen. 32 Enhanced Brigade):
“Ivory (filter) for
There are demons Lance Aredion nymphs
There are men who carried on their shoulders sent to مبتغاهم,
The total of the sons of Libyan resistance to liquidate inventory (Po supporter thin) in front of the Yarmouk camp this inventory
was delivered in the Liberals and the arrest and Tadibam in prisons and militias was one of the customers participating in the events of Bani Walid and attack them a تاجوري
Vale hell.”
(Supreme Commander)
(القوات المسلحه الليبية (اللواء 32 المعزز
هناك شياطين انس يريديون الحوريات
وهناك رجالا حملوا على عاتقهم ارسالهم الى مبتغاهم
قامت مجموعه من ابناء المقاومه الليبيه بتصفية الجرد (مؤيد بو رقيقه ) امام معسكر اليرموك وكان هدا الجرد يسلم في الاحرار ويقوم باعتقالهم وتعديبهم في سجون المليشيات وكان من احد العملاء المشاركين في احداث بني وليد والهجوم عليها وهو تاجوري
فالى جهنم وبئس المصير
القائد الأعليالقوات-المسلحه-الليبية-اللواء-32-المعزز/514275688652944?ref=stream

Lived Tagے (Bochwhovh) allowed Alshovh the يطرب Aklے

Wayne AnchovhLived Tagے

the Sqralamh His main concern Raoے

homeland Ezz bloodFares Matqdarsh Atzma fought fear Tagے

of the Bojbhh wrappedBorn Ajwad Arabs called the owner Rovh Ikhrvے

world BگlovhDima senior click Aalghemhaarad the Aگtovh are Hadin Alsqraosof.

(Supreme Commander)
22 JUNE 2013

عاش الطاغے( بوشفشوفة) سمح الشوفه يطرب عقلے وين انشوفه
عاش الطاغے صقرالامه صاحب همه راوـے وطن العز بدمه
فارس ماتقدرش اتذمة قاتل خوفة طاغـے بوجبهة ملفوفه
ولد اجواد عرب تسّمى صاحب روفة يقهرفے العالم بگِلوفة
ديما بارز فوق القمةاعراض اگِتوفة هن هادين الصقراوصوف

القوات المسلحه الليبية (اللواء 32 المعزز


 Doaa Night God destroyed traitors and Mark their blood dripped Gertoagaf the they destroyed the country and killed the slaves of Garhak.  


(Supreme Commander)

23 JUNE 2013

دعــــاء اليل اللهم اهلك الخونه واجعل دمائهم يسيل من غيرتوقف فانهم اهلكوا البلاد وقتلوا العباد من غيرحق.

القــــائد الأعـــــلي

القـــائد الاعلـــي

عاش الطاغے( بوشفشوفة) سمح الشوفه يطرب عقلے وين انشوفه
عاش الطاغے صقرالامه صاحب همه راوـے وطن العز بدمه
فارس ماتقدرش اتذمة قاتل خوفة طاغـے بوجبهة ملفوفه
ولد اجواد عرب تسّمى صاحب روفة يقهرفے العالم بگِلوفة
ديما بارز فوق القمةاعراض اگِتوفة هن هادين الصقراوصوفالقـــائد الاعلـــي


23 JUNE 2013
concerning General KHAMIS al-Qathafi:

“Dead District, Poser, the smallest in the world of general Brigadier of the toughest front in the war stationed by NATO. NATO operations rooms and was the center of operations, gathering ammunition and mercenaries from all over the world in his right word.

(and about Muammar al-Qathafi)

I swear to God, but Knight was born Knight ÇÍáÇ to Lake Habib Almlaan, and Commander Muammar al-Qathafi.”

25 JUNE 2013 SPEECH of DR. HAMZA abuschgner THAMI:

Now everyone knows that he started the war on Zintan before yesterday alliances and alliances of yesterday turned against each other.

Now the actual war began it moved to Tripoli and we always we say that war Stbda of Tripoli.

This is the subjective opinion and I know some he Sathss him but I will prove to you health days, my mind, my mind that Zintan would not remain alone, its allies and alliances are now stronger than ever

I have spoken to you Dr. Saif Aasenthan, Almsarit no confidence in them and are not Ahlan confidence and the first stung بنارها the east and they said in their statements (Alfortah) should نمحي Middle and bombings proof.

Brothers Zintan know the tribes that were allied whether Rafla or Alqmazfah (grade now became stronger has united the tribes of Almgarhh and Alqmazfah and Orvlh and المشاشية), it can not be for the tribes to allow Abapadh Zintan despite all the Badr before by the latter (Zintan) until المشاشية stand with Zintan because these tribes know the game well more than Zintan (before) and you know it’s a game of Turkey and Israel However Almsarit and armor and al-Qaeda on the Libyan people and that’s what convinced all Libyan tribes

I will say to you mouth Previews and will see it soon: Alawakir and slaves and Almgarhh, Moroccans and Orvlh and Alqmazfah and المشاشية and Chiaan and the southeastern corner and العجيلات and Alnoael and some Touareg and some tribes do not have room primarily to mention, these tribes will be NATO’s strong stand in the face of Misrata, the role came on and Rishvana and Tarhuna and ستكونان first tribes in the confrontation , inevitably coming confrontation is the responsibility of these tribes in the protection of Libya delivered to Qatar, Israel and Turkey are also located responsibility also to retrieve the legitimate Libyan

Not in front of Zintan other choice, you either go back to the Arab tribes and their allies Loya either end and that he knew the wise Zintan in the mountain (xanthan Tripoli Now Adfaud bill either xanthan mountain knowing the truth)

Of that Tawergha abandoned? Downright MISURATA, who attacked bin Walid? Their armor and shields leadership from Misrata, who leads the war in the West and is grown in sedition and attack in العجيلات? They Misrata, who controls now on Tripoli? Misrata, from blowing in the east and the dirty work? Misrata, things are clear shields and security committees and al-Qaeda are all in the hands of Misratah

No solution to the Libyans, but to break into these tribes Tripoli and secured for the next phase because next phase Scodha the Tarhuna and Orishvana because after Zintan will be filtered and Rishvanaotrhona because they pose a danger to Tripoli.

Explosions that occur in the Middle purpose including distraction Middle and besieged any inability to go out and think about the future things must return the east and التحامها tribes Other tribes and connecting channels of communication with.

There is no government in Libya and the government can not even control the street, Maqrif looted money and will not return to Libya forever.

My words of Independents is the anticipation only suspense only, not shared, Astaudoa only and is not shared, anticipation and study your situation because the battle great because it is not the battle of the streets, the battle must be a hell of a fire in Libya are all so Taatcefy and we must Taatcefy.
ما قاله في مداخلة المجاهد حمزة 25-6-2013

الان الكل يعرف انه بدات الحرب على الزنتان من قبل احلاف الامس واحلاف الامس انقلبت على بعضها.

الان بدات الحرب الفعلية لانها انتقلت الى طرابلس ونحن دائما كنا نقول ان الحرب ستبداء من طرابلس.

هذا راي شخصي واعرف انه سيتحسس منه البعض ولكن ستثبت لكم الايام صحة رايي, ورايي ان الزنتان لن تبقى وحدها ,لها حلفاء والاحلاف الان اقوى من اي وقت مضى

لقد قالها لكم الدكتور سيف يازنتان,المصاريت ليس فيهم ثقة وليسوا اهلا بالثقة واول من اكتوى بنارها الشرق وقالوا في تصريحاتهم(الفورتية) يجب ان نمحي الشرق والتفجيرات دليل على ذلك.

اخوتنا الزنتان اعرف القبائل التي كانت متحالفة معها سواء ورفلة او القذاذفة(الصف الان اصبح اقوى فقد توحدت قبائل المقارحة والقذاذفة وورفلة و المشاشية),فلا يمكن لهذه القبائل السماح باءبادة الزنتان رغم كل ما بدر من قبل من قبل هذه الاخيرة(الزنتان) حتى المشاشية ستقف مع الزنتان لان هذه القبائل تعرف اللعبة جيدا اكثر من الزنتان(من قبل) وتعرف انها لعبة من تركيا واسرائيل بيد المصاريت ودروعها والقاعدة على الشعب الليبي وهذا ما اقتنعت به كل القبائل الليبية

ساقوله لكم بالفم المليان وستشاهدون ذلك قريبا:العواقير والعبيدات والمقارحة والمغاربة وورفلة والقذاذفة والمشاشية والصيعان والزاوية الجنوبية والعجيلات والنوايل وبعض التوارق وبعض القبائل لا يتسع المقام لذكرها,هذه القبائل ستشكل الحلف القوي الذي سيقف في وجه مصراتة,الدور اتي على ورشفانة وترهونة وستكونان اولى القبائل في المواجهة,المواجهة قادمة حتما والمسؤولية تقع على هذه القبائل في حماية ليبيا من تسليمها الى تركيا و قطر اسرائيل كما تقع عليها المسؤلية ايضا في استرجاع الشرعية الليبية

ليس امام الزنتان خيار اخر,يا اما تعود الى القبائل العربية وحلفاءها ويا اما تنتهي وهذا يعرفه عقلاء الزنتان في الجبل(زنتان طرابلس الان يدفعود الفاتورة اما زنتان الجبل عارفين الحقيقة)

من الذي هجر تاورغاء؟ اكيد مصراتة,من الذي هاجم بن وليد؟ هم الدروع والدروع قيادتها من مصراتة,من الذي يقود الحرب في الغرب ويزرع في الفتن وتهاجم في العجيلات؟هم مصراتة,من يسيطر الان على طرابلس؟مصراتة,من يفجر في الشرق ويقوم بالاعمال القذرة؟مصراتة,الامور واضحة الدروع واللجان الامنية والقاعدة كلها في يد مصراتة

لا حل لليبيين الا اقتحام هذه القبائل طرابلس وتامينها للمرحلة القادمة لان المرحلة القادمة سقودها ترهونة وورشفانة لانه بعد الزنتان سيتم تصفية ورشفانةوترهونة لانهما تشكلان خطر على طرابلس

التفجيرات التي تحدث في الشرق الغرض منها الهاء الشرق ومحاصرتهم اي عدم القدرة على الخروج والتفكير في امور مستقبلية ولا بد من عودة قبائل الشرق والتحامها بالقبائل الاخرى وربط قنوات اتصال معها

لا يوجد حكومة في ليبيا وهذه الحكومة لا تستطيع حتى ان تضبط شارع,المقريف نهب المال ولن يعود الى ليبيا الى ابد الابدين

كلامي للاحرار هو الترقب فقط,الترقب فقط,لا تشاركوا,استعودوا فقط ولا تشاركوا,ترقب وادرس وضعك لان المعركة كبيرة لانها ليست معركة شوارع ,المعركة لابد ان تكون جحيم ونار في ليبيا كلها لكي تتصفى ولابد ان تتصفى



Image far from the front of the “32 Brigade of KHAMIS al-Qathafi” put out the enhanced Zintan for weapons Altqilh,

the Front for the brigade ready for any confrontation may occur …

Log in convoy from Zintan from the neighborhood of cottages vector for Salim far …

Tajura rats on full alert to head to Abu Salim …


Libyan armed forces (General KHAMIS 32 Enhanced Brigade on FB):

“Urgent now hearing voices lead near the Alricksos of shape and Lat and his passion for powerful.

Please God circular to miss them scourge….”


عـــــاجل الان سماع اصوات الرصاص بالقرب من الريكسوس شكلها ولعت ولعه قويه نرجو التعميم الله لاتغيب عليهم بلاءالقائد الأعلي


Zintan enthralled Salah البركي.:
The attack on the headquarters of the the “Abu Salim branch of the GNC so-called Security” by some Zintan Brigades (where is the headquarters of “the Hua An Gneoh” )

Yesterday these rat-militia under MISURATA and Qatar, carried out the attack on civil Brigade, who are in the Yarmouk Camp headquarters.

There is now fierce battles spining in the rat quarts of “Abu Salim and the Airport Road”.

Locusts ČÓ the eluted inn Tripoli:

We are now witnessing entry of what is believed to be military vehicles coming down the Green Mountain in support of Zintan….

About the descent ثلاته on news columns of Alrajaban and Jadu and Zintan far from the mountain.

Creamy region is witnessing, which is 7 kilometers to the city of Tripoli entry convoys coming from the mountain “Sure Zintan” since the hour and still to this topic minute intervention convoys to Tripoli, consisting of cars carrying the following types of weapons, 12.5, 14.5, 23, 32 and 106, rocket launchers and a large number of armored vehicles.

(Lippi brought)

Armed groups shut down the airport road and bridge district cottages and by Falah now …



injury rat Gneoh the Alkkla Council Abu Salim. Supreme Security Committee headquarters in Abu Salim takes national Sukm .. Was completely burned.

Urgent :: Kho Gneoh “Fathi” was arrested now …

The news has been confirmed was arrested called Gneoh, Alkkla ordered Saleem Council

Gneoh now in Kuffine …
For aware yesterday Gneoh a attackers on the Yarmouk camp …

M burning house Gneoh the entire …

3 dead follow Gneoh so far in clashes Bowouljm …..

News of the dead and wounded front of Fateh market. Salim .. and still hit randomly on residential neighborhoods.
Zintan brigades besieging the rat Gneoh in his hold now …(Rat Gneoh is the one who published snipers on rooftops ….)


 “you are free, God willing, be the end of this tyrant Gneoh this day.” …


Xanthan confirms the following:Confrontation in Abu Salim ended completely … Salim free of this topic radicals moment ..Concentrated on the point of confrontation amid rapid decline of the attacking forces in the direction of rapid … Of course, the goal has been achieved is the elimination of the extremists. It was control of the headquarters of the Commission security “Gneoh” and the headquarters of Sheikh Salah البركى the Marghany …
And inventory Sheikh headquarters Nasser Alsichery, was storming and found empty ..But what comes from Tajora region and Friday market of shells and support it does not matter, because the goal is to punish those responsible for yesterday’s crime in the kidnapping of the soldiers 9 and اموظفين of the airport and attack Slakh the البركى on transport and Gneoh-on infantry battalion headquarters 24 ……

I hope that the message reached the to agendas owners … And to pawns Qatar and to the extremists …..

لزنتان تؤكد الاتي :

In the absence of the Libyan channels cover what’s going on in our beloved capital Tripoli ..

You can watch footage of the clash which is taking place in Tripoli now on the Dardanelles channel.
يمكنكم متابعة ما يجري في طرابلس على قناة الدردنيل على قمر النايلسات على التردد 11679 H

ليبي اخضر

You can follow what is happening in Tripoli on the Dardanelles channel Moon ÇáäÇíáÓÇĘ on frequency 11679 H

(Libby Green)

Fire at Abu Salim Mlisheh Security Committee.

Plumes of smoke rising from all Salim neighborhoods in the heart of the capital Tripoli, NATO and the Government of sweet faces in Alrksus ….

Escape called البركي, the Forest victory now ..

Ivory Tripoli) (l :::
Shops in whole Abu Salim area closed.
Now and people are all carried out in the whole land weapon.
Gnjoh Bahdo it Zintan and publisher of snipers.
On rooftops and shops in the market.
Two cars at a checkpoint 14.5 Salim
Liberals are advised not presence in Abu Salim
Or near …

FLASH .. The descent تلاته columns of Alrajaban and Jadu and Zintan once again from the mountain and go to Trbuls to support the battle Friday market and Tajura Ptulla of times.

Also please Circulate….

Clashes medium and heavy weapons between militias in Abu Salim . Spin clashes now in AboSaleem and Airport Road and Saladin …

Zintan armor in Airport

From the heart of the event

Helicopters hovering over the Libyan capital Tripoli sky …

Expansion of the clashes in the capital Tripoli to other areas and helicopters hovering above the city.

Misratah dogs could not access my Lord protects free to Abu Salim.

Now the mechanics of 14.5 stands for approximately 20 front collector companions (harsh collector).

One dog Misratah
Salim Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar you erysipelas
(* Sniper *)

Libby Green writes:

1) entry of a convoy of Zintan from the neighborhood of cottages vector for Salim far … Shooting Ashoih on population biology.

2) to storm the military junta in Victory Street and destroy all of its contents.

3) reported casualties front of Fateh market, Salim .. and still random beatings on residential neighborhoods.

4) 14.5 convoys of cars and other car Armed heading to the capital Tripoli from the city of Zintan.

5) vote clashes resound through the Airport now.

URGENT /: the expansion of the Department of clashes reached beating me at  Motaiqha Airbase.  URGENT /: Log Aktar 70 car 14.5 to Motaiqh base to secure it.

Ot ooooh! Troble has not yet learned their lesson:
The arrival of a convoy approaching (FROM Mzrati to Tripoli) consisting of 100 cars ..” ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” out for REVENGE!!

“Mitiga base خشت each

Oh God smite oppressors بالظالمين and the Liberal Victory”

(Supreme Commander)

قاعدة معيتيقة خشت بعضها

اللهم اضرب الظالمين بالظالمين وانصر الاحرار

القائد الاعلي


Zintan controls the headquarters of the Gneoh they are inside ... And Zintan cars in Abu Salim Jazeera pleasures and applied for the market …

Was smuggle prisoners Almujdan the the School of Aleppo one of the headquarters of Gnjoh.

God is above Kid victim

Jriv the large market carpet area # Abu Salim prison in the capital Tripoli #

Prisoners escape from Ahrar inside Gnjoh prison, now please clashes moment of every Liberal to open their homes to me their children in Abu Salim area now


URGENT: has been edited more than 58 detainees from the prison Gneoh.

Some of the effects of torture are still displayed on the bodies of prisoners who had been detained illegally at the headquarters of militia Gneoh

Burn the Office of Security Committee Salim fully escape all Liberal detainees it, open them homes.

Please all the Liberals to open their homes to me their children religion Kano in prisons in the Al Salim far ….

Freeing detainees from the Commission’s headquarters, secretary Salim.

(* Sniper *)

News: # Tripoli: Tripoli Medical Hospital and green يستقبلان the many wounded as a result of armed clashes in the Abu Salim area.

URGENT: voice thick pencil in the Alfornaj and seven.

Urgent Zintan preparing to enter a new battle with  جردان Friday Market and intended the to Heetm’s headquarters Tagouris and Hashim Bashrahsp, resource.

Violent clashes now in the Friday Market.

Zintan went to the Friday market area and the attack on  the heretic Almqml headquarters Abdul Rauf hater.

ZINTAN victorious!

A relative lull in Abu Salim and the sound of sporadic gunfire heard at intervals-


Commander Dundee

Security source confirmed to agency news, that a group of forces Saraya attribution and of the joint force in an

attempt to break into the camp of Yarmouk, to the seizure of two vehicles in front of the camp, and the abduction

of the 8 elements of the employees of the battalion Qaqaa, and they are shooting at the camp and showered him

with missiles, and the response was very violent by the Yarmouk camp, and have been detained a number of attackers

at the camp and seize nearly twenty-five car equipment.

And said the same sources, he has مطادرة to expel intruders, and
Where Adhu b flee and were expelled from the area of ​​Salah al-Din, and has been
To take legal action by the Ministry of Defense, and the competent authorities
And now a large group you are securing the area are full.

Salem contained killed the commander of the twelfth backing band because of the battle of Yarmouk camp

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 10:16

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.
Salem contained death is the task of the so-called attribution twelfth (door Tajora) morning after yesterday wounded at the Battle of Yarmuk.

And now fully prepared for the task of attribution for the twelfth (door Tajora) Tripoli to enter the camp of Yarmouk.

Nasser Al-Attiya Aujali writes:

What happened yesterday from clashes between militias .. There are two novels .. Every Mlishh has a story differ from other Almlishh the … Clashes are part of the struggle for control of the capital .. Fa in any country in the world governing capital governs the whole country ….

And remain self-styled government and the ministries of interior and defense, with staff unable to give the Libyan people the truth story of what happened yesterday … The reason so do not get angry one government militias and punish.

(Girl Allowadiada)


Facts attack on Zintan:
Militias attacked the battalion Qaqaa and civil Alzentani.
Come militias Asswehly the volcano Misurata militia and their so-called Saraya backing of the Supreme Security Committee, led by Ognjoh.

On a clear concept of xanthan and launch said you just brings down your sword again.

Battalion attack on and Qaqaa Alzentani the civil stationed in the Yarmouk camp in Tripoli by Mlisheatalasnad and Jewish militias Misratah and Alhpk strong Balthagal and armor
War far from being Misrata or Zintan.

Misratah turning against  Zintan and crowds of Misratah heading Jews to Tripoli now
Crowds news in Zintan to support battalion and civil Qaqaa in Tripoli
Tripoli just fire.

News about aviation bombing of the headquarters of the so-called First Brigade infantry brigade headquarters enhanced 32, THE KHAMIS BRIGADE.

The surrounding population Yarmouk camp firing distress calls to protect them from the falling shells randomly.

Tripoli Khashh, in part, why the Jewish militia attack Misratah led Sioux sweetens to control the Tripoli
And Alhpk now Balthagal

FIRST: I want to re-iterate that NATO is obviously  helping and motivating MISURATA who works with QATAR, Turkey & ISRAEL, and for months already these EVIL forces have declared War upon Zintan. The AXIS of USA, BRITAIN and FRANCE are fueling the war against Zintan with heavy arms and military artillary/equipment and money for the past  two years. MISURATA desires the rule of all Libya, naming it the territory of KALZENTANSTAN (second homeland for Zionist-Jews) with their KHAN, Bernard Henri-Levy.

ISRAELIS HAVE BEEN OCCUPYING A HUGE AIRBASE ( FOR WHICH THEY CONTRACTED with their puppet-GNC for 30 years but can be perpetually extended) in the GREEN WESTERN NAFUSA MOUNTAINS–which the ZINTAN have highly objected to. US Drones have been bombing the Green Nafusa Western Mountains and numerous fires  a-lit darkening a once beautiful natural protected landmark of North Africa. This is the USA’s causeway into Africa and the Middle-EAST; THEREFore, this enormous War on Zintan (who were once Muammar al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA Green Angel Airforce elite tribe). THESE POISONS ALSO want (and are after) Saif-al-ISLAM, which Zintan would never give to them, and whom they have greatly  cared-for and protected.

A summary of what is happening in the Libyan capital of Tripoli and the Mermaid, which is now the widow of the sea and capital Jardan:

attacked Brigades Tripoli of the interior of the award and National Guard, as well as Guard facilities and border this secrecy resorted secret to the camp of Yarmouk, which settles him the banner of civil and disease clash with the negotiations Links between the banner of civil and interior to fit the topic as requested by the interior of the brigade civil delivery personnel confidentiality spark their equipment and with the stalled negotiations increased the ferocity of the clash and carried ammunition attackers and with poor coordination between them

and get the banner of civil support of the brigade Qaqaa of Airport Road about 150 mechanism fell attacking forces with the progress of the banner of civil where wounded dozens and prisoners of and the number of deaths and the loss of vehicles and so far concentrated and يتمترس each party whereabouts entrenched him

and Tomorrow we expect another attack on the headquarters, where insists internal demand to hand over secret elements spark that attacked the headquarters of the oil installations and ايظا insists all attacking units on the Yarmouk after today’s battle and losses in personnel and equipment on the need to bring out all the Zintan Brigades from Tripoli.

1 – The situation in Tripoli bad to الاسواء and continuous clashes the Yarmouk Bkhalh camp Alforjan .. And the arrival of a convoy of the militia Misrata in Tajora. There is news about the arrival of another convoy from Zintan to the airport road ..
2 – Zintan channel local says that the sons of Muhammad al-Madani Akhaddon a cordon second battle in the Yarmouk camp
3 – injuries to members of the brigade civil Alzentani a result of the bombing of the Yarmouk camp all axes by Misrata militias.
4 – families in the area of Salahuddin are crying via Jardan channels, and the displacement of the people of District flowers and trait Alforjan by clashes Jermanah.
5 – a fall inventory cousins Osman Mliqth, a brigade commander Qaqaa
And Mliqth in radio contact with the youth threatening to launch large-night battles against what he described as the mercenary forces and the Interior Ministry, according to him, said he سيثأر to his men.
6 – brother raped inventory Paddy Salah Abdul Hakim Belhadj required to move all his forces in the direction of trait Alforjan for support until the arrival of the Misrata rebels.
7 – News concentration of vehicles lobster in the Spring Valley area to bomb the Yarmouk camp which holed civil Brigade.
8 – Sheikh Taher الجديع Chairman of the Shura Council Zintan Lefty jihad against the Misurata militia, which he described employment of Qatar.
9 – Zintan enthralled group of dogs Mzrath and sing including Allhém.
10 – Now the Declaration of Emergency in all Tajora camps in anticipation of an attack because there is news says that what is happening is a military coup on the legitimacy of the state phantom
11 – move a column of tanks of to Saraya backing security and in the house of Abu Zeid Dorda to the Yarmouk camp now.
12 – the presidency of the General Jermanyh Chiefs of Staff issued circular بالرماية of the armed convoy on any moves in through the airport without an order from the chief of staff
13 – 10 reported killed of Almzarat and a large number of wounded and كدلك injury Sacred boy named Abdul Raouf forbid hater in the clashes. God does not make them become after today

14 – lived to Libya Khashh each and bring you new ebay.
Admin – steadfast

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  • ملخص لما يحدث في في عاصمة الجماهيرية عروس البحر طرابلس والتي اصبحت الان ارمله البحر وعاصمة الجردان:

    1-الوضع في طرابلس من سيئ الى الاسواء والاشتباكات مستمرة على معسكر اليرموك بخلة الفرجان.. و وصول رتل لمليشيات مصراتة في تاجوراء . وهناك انباء عن وصول رتل اخر من الزنتان الى طريق المطار ..
    2-قناة الزنتان المحلية تقول ان ابناء محمد المدني يخضون معركة الكردون الثانية في معسكر اليرموك
    3-اصابات في افراد لواء المدني الزنتاني نتيجة القصف على معسكر اليرموك من كافة المحاور من قبل مليشيات مصراته .
    4-العائلات في منطقة صلاح الدين يستغيثون عبر قنوات الجردان و نزوح أهالي حى الزهور وخلة الفرجان بسبب الأشتباكات الجرذانية.
    5-سقوط أحد أبناء عمومة الجرد عثمان مليقطة آمر لواء القعقاع
    ومليقطة في اتصال مع راديو الشباب يتوعد بشن معارك واسعة الليلة ضد ما وصفها بقوات مرتزقة وزارة الداخلية على حسب قوله وقال أنه سيثأر لرجاله .
    6-اخو المغتصبات الجرد صلاح بادي يطلب من عبدالحكيم بلحاج تحريك كل قواته في اتجاه خلة الفرجان لحين وصول الدعم من ثوار مصراته .
    7-أنباء عن تمركز عربات جراد في منطقة وادي الربيع لقصف معسكر اليرموك الذي يتحصن فيه لواء المدني .
    8- الشيخ الطاهر الجديع رئيس مجلس شوري الزنتان يفتى بالجهاد ضد مليشيات مصراته التى وصفها بالعمالة لقطر .
    9-الزنتان تأسر مجموعة من كلاب مزراطة ويشدو فيهم من اللحيهم .
    10-الآن إعلان الطوارئ في جميع معسكرات تاجوراء تحسبا لحدوث أي هجوم لأن هناك أخبار تقول بأن الذي يحدث هو إنقلاب عسكري على شرعية الدولة الوهمية
    11-تحرك رتل من الدبابات التابعة لسرايا الاسناد الامني والموجودة بمنزل ابوزيد دوردة الى معسكر اليرموك الان .
    12-رئاسة الاركان الجرذانيه العامة تصدر تعميما بالرماية علي اي رتل مسلح يتحرك في طريق المطار بدون أمر من رئاسة الاركان
    13- انباء عن مقتل 10 من المزاريط و عدد كبير من الجرحى وكدلك اصابة الولد الحرام حاشا اسمه عبد الرؤوف كارة في الاشتباكات. الله لا تصبح عليهم صبح بعد اليوم

    14-عاشت ليبيا خاشه بعضها وسنوافيكم باي جديد.

  • Now Advertising in emergency all Tajora camps in anticipation of an attack because there is news says that what is happening is a military coup on the legitimacy of the state phantom ………… Moved from Germanah page.
    God gives them increase over the scourge of the scourge who are the…
  •  Information Office of the Libyan army chief of staff
    Urgent and Important

    Official page for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan RAT army:

    The presidency of the General Staff are all armed formation out its arms to the streets and fields without permission is out of presidential “legitimacy”news for violent Achtbakan far near Motaiqha base now
    Urgent # # Libya # Tripoli # Motaiqha Air Base # clashes.Is killed prison Alruyemi and Sam Ismail Asamadh, yesterday morning
    # Libya # Tripoli # kill # # prison Alruyemi.

    Assassination is prison Alruyemi “and Sam Ismail Asamadh”

    By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 11:44

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

    Lt. Col. Ahmad Boukraa spokesman for the police jurisdiction of the Al-Watan newspaper Libyan assassination invitee and Sam Ismail Asamadh dawn today in front of his home in the Ain Zara Tripoli, which is a prison Alruyemi ( formerly Baraka now) and is considered a badge of mountain Arab “Nafusa Mountain” and ordered Saraya battalion Martyrs DC Among the rebels NATO, which Andmo device’s judicial police. 
    referring to the issuance of a statement condemning this action and address the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the assassination and detect the perpetrators. 
    also said Boukraa in the statement claims members of the machine over and over again for the conference and the government to provide the necessary resources and support in order to protect employees of the device Because such work contributes to destabilize security and stability in Libya as described.

    المصدر: نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية

  • fall of the two dead and four wounded in clashes in the Salah al-Din.
    FB Video of the clashes today in Salah al-Din area
  • The outcome of confrontations Saladin:
    Brigade detained civil and dominated the 30 car belonging to assign security, mostly under 14 and a half.
    Civil cast Brigade arrested 11 armed security Saraya backing of the Ministry of Interior …
    2 killed, 6 wounded seriously injuring one of them from the security backing Brigades were killed 1 of the brigade civil ..
    Brigade controls the entire civil Salahuddin Road and Airport Road ..
    Major interface totally destroyed civil and injuring more than 10 civilian cars belonging to the citizens …
    Damaged a number of shops and houses on the main road goodness of debt as a result of clashes.

    فيديو لأشتباكات اليوم بمنطقة صلاح الدين بدون تعليق

    Durée : 1:06

    Salem al-Obeidi:

    Force commander attribution injury twelfth Mr. “Salem heir”, in
    Salahuddin clashes, and the killing of “Apo pro thin,” the power of deterrence

    FB Video for the trait Alforjan region today.

    فيديو لمنطقة خلة الفرجان اليوم . لا تعليق

    Durée : 6:54

    Libya Gate:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel …

    Abdel Moneim Louhichi submitted his resignation from the membership of the rat National Congress .. It will be replaced by the following alternative in the order of an individual “Mohammed بوسدرة” on the circuit, including candidate.

  • Amazigh election Nuri Abu arrows, president of the rat  National Congress in LibyaBy Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 08:11The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.Presidency announced that the so-called rat Libyan General National Congress on Tuesday, June 25, Election Nuri Ali Abusshmin, the new president of the conference to succeed Mohamed Youssef Maqrif. Has happened Abusshmin through the second round of voting with 96 votes, while his rival Sharif adequate on 80 votes. The elected Abu arrows after the resignation of former Mohamed Maqrif President of the National Conference last month in the wake of the approval of the law, which prohibits political insulation on each of the attaches great position in the era of THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

  • _________________________
  • SIRTE:

23  JUNE 2013:

Sirte withstand / / / /

As Dkrna yesterday for the assassination of the Manji Buaaver inventory after his injury he and his brother, by an unknown …

This topic is a car that my father was assassinated inventory … Gives neither neglect nor gloating Death penalty but sex work.

  • Photos of the victims of the attack at the gate of a subsidiary of battalion بوحليقة in Sirte (4 photos) by MISURATA:
    Names of those killed in the attack on the southern gate of Sirte, which killed 6 soldiers been Dbham and killed:
    1. Boubekeur Mohammed Ahmed Musa
    2. Mohammed Ahmed birthday Altaorga
    3. The key, Muhammad.
    4. Saleh Mohammad Omar Sharidi
    5. Salem Mohamed Sadiq Attia
    6. Suleiman Ali Mamedalhadi
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  • This chick campus Mohamed F Alchocna of the city of five who went out with Sir Mu’tasim when he was prisoner before his death and said to me, sir Al Moatasem began you Ayamat (Alngngh) Anicololh the son sixty-dog ‘me Mnorruk stars in day and Mnoloh the collective tresses
    Hirih if Menklnash Beck Wayne Aptherb walk me Turkey and not change in Shaklak Bish Maarafs and Atja Lee Street Amtaekm the lioness green Tariqtha mass and Aasouk Beck pimp who in شارعكم (Khalid Faraj الشيخي) leader and pain and Walla Aattiynhlk Almzarat money people Aakalp and Liberal Dima close to you and God Mtkhav all Aaracbwa Vic even overland and Ayamatk soon Te spirit ČÓ and Zaid Thadda Liberal Bahi just Anchovo the Delirious Sourah in Turkey.

    (Supreme Commander)

  •  21 JUNE 2013

    هذا فرخ الحرم محمد جمعة الشوشني من مدينة الخمس الذي خرج مع سيدي المعتصم عندما كان اسيرا قبل استشهاده وقال لي سيدي المعتصم راحت عليك ايامات (النغنغه) انقولوله ياولد ستين كلب لي منوروك النجوم في النهار ومنولوش تريس الجما
    هيرية اذا منكلناش بيك وين ابتهرب تمشي لي تركيا واتغير في شكلك بيش ميعرفوكش واتجي لي الشارع امتاعكم في اللبوه الخضراء طارقتها جماهيرية وايسوق بيك القواد اللي في شارعكم (خالد فرج الشيخي ) القائد والفلوس الا واعطينهلك المزاريط فلوس الشعب ياكلب والاحرار ديما قريبين منك والله متخاف بكل ايراقبوا فيك حتي برا واياماتك قريبا وتي روحك بس وزيد تحدا الاحرار باهي وتوا انشوفوا هاذي صوراه في تركيا

    القائد الاعلي

  • Oh Amin

    (Supreme Commander)

  • __________________

  • Losses incurred backing and internal Brigades “militias” ..Statistics:# # Killing one of the elements of the Interior:Dou supporter Abu thin – deterrence.# # Injuring 4 of the Interior:

    Akram Aghannaa – a hand injury.
    Mohamed bottles – head injury.
    Abdul Hamid safety – in the head – the operating room.
    Sheikh Salim contained (secret door Tajora) – back injury – is transferred for treatment in Tunisia.

    # # Families of the 11 elements of the interior.

    # # Seizure of a number of cars belonging to the internal 14.5.
    Some Zintan dignitaries present at the entrance of Zintan at the foot of the mountain and do not allow any armed out of the Zintan to avoid extravagance and further aggravated the situation.

    Local Council spokesman Zintan:

    Why was the attack on the young Zintan in the Yarmouk camp and كدلك at the same time on xanthan battalions and kidnapping three of them in the battalion that protects the airport, as well as surprising in the post backing the second battalion of the interior and use Althaglah weapons against the Yarmouk camp!!

    Channel capital

  • Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: 
  • 23 JUNE 2013:
  • Said a word to me Zintan previously Come as follows Hakim Belhaj and hardness will not Tgdo them Aljerqal word now scheduled for Tdkir Aasenthan told you Almsarit Haja day Enqlbo you and here they now are waiting Číßă and Aalenon they Semshon including calling Qaqaa battalion and the build-up now by Misurata and encircle the whereabouts of Zintan manner espionage Jewish and survey Zintan from the face of the earth.

    Will Tendmon the Day whereon neither remorse.

  • _________________

  • جردان names the الحرشه area after their return from Bani Walid: –
    1 – Taher Ke
    2 – Idriss Ali Ke
    3 – Abdel-Moneim bin Hamed
    4 – Ayman Omar Abdel-Hamid
    5 – Abdel Nasser bin Hamed
    6 – Abdul Nasser Saleh
    7 – Ahmed Mohamed Saleh
  • ________________

“And continues to fall and split
Member Allaotunai Congress General on the city of Benghazi, Abdel Moneim rat Louhichi announce his resignation from the membership of the Conference.

(Supreme Commander)

ويستمر السقوط والأنشقاق
عضو المؤتمر اللاوطني العام عن مدينة بنغازي الجرذ عبد المنعم الوحيشي يعلن استقالته من عضويته بالمؤتمر

القائد الأعلي

عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل …
اليوم صباحا في بنغازي في منطقة الماجوري بالتحديد قرب المستشفى الألماني
تم اغتيال العقيد جمعة المصراتي آمر كتيبة 20القائد الأعلي

عاااااااااااااااااااااااجل …
“This morning in Benghazi area specifically Almajora near the German hospital”
Colonel was assassinated F Masrati commander of Battalion 20

(Supreme Commander)

  • Benghazi
    Two girls were attacked in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Garyounis appeal knife by drug abusers
    Jay told you good
    # Libya # Benghazi # # University of Garyounis # # assault students
    Wednesday 06/26/2013 Colonel car was targeted the “F Masrati” improvised explosive device, leading to the amputation of one of his legsand is now the intensive care department at Benghazi Medical Center, reported that Colonel follows the General Intelligence Service in Benghazi.Gunman killed in a clash with the army of the government imported in Benghazi

    By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 07:52

    The Gaddafi International News Agency – Benghazi.

    Objected to four unidentified gunmen on Tuesday afternoon a members of Allaotunai army while passing in his car in the area of land-Sharif in the outskirts of Benghazi, who clashed with them what led to the death of one of them and the other three fled. The spokesman for the joint security room in Benghazi, “Mohammed Hijazi” in a statement to the Libyan news agency he was transferred person who was injured during the clash to Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents but he died shortly after arrival to the hospital. The “Hijazi” to that security Allaotunai the elements Arabism police station they book vehicle mechanism used by the gunmen and that investigations are underway to find out the identity of the gunmen and the details and circumstances of the criminal doing this work as described.

  • Source: height
  • ________________

  • Bags of explosives found south of TobrukBy Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 11:52The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tobruk.I found a patrol of anti-infiltration and illegal immigration of the area Tobruk, recently, more than forty bag of explosives. A source in the journal found by the bags and found buried in the sand southeast of the city of Tobruk, and away from the positioning of the security gate stupid five and forty miles. The source said that the المعثور quantity appears to have been intended to be transferred to another place is not known.________________dirty MISURATA:علاميي Mzrath … continued to lie

    مليطان shows regional and tribal face

    URGENT: – Abdulwahab مليطان Masrati, lying on the Liberal ..

    Libya correspondent Liberal Masrati lie now and say of يهجم now on the Yarmouk camp on the banner of Civil Shaheed Mohamed are angry citizens armed with … Lying is afraid and trembling …
    Did not speak about the beauty of Zoubih, Agnjoh and-attribution Ktaib Brigades Gharghour, which is now attacking the banner of Civil Shaheed Mohamed in the Yarmouk camp.

    Mzrath … Akkakh
    مــــــزراطــــــــــة …لقاقه

    News of the kidnapping of 11 young residents of Ajdabiya and Brega were kidnapped and detained in the city of Misratah Jews

    on their way to Tripoli they Almtdreben in the so-called stun Tripoli and now there are negotiations between the families of prisoners and Jews Misratah.

    Libya Gate:
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel: Misrata security and safety!!!!

    In the opening ceremony of Misrata hospital, a group of wounded جردان Misrata kidnapped both Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam judge

    and the Minister of Health and then force them to sign a pledge regardless entire budget to wound جردان the Misrata for their release and that Okhalo obligation they سيقتلونهم!.



fusion folks Tawergha residents of the refugee camp south of Ajdabiya convoy that came from Benghazi and now arrived in the city

of our beloved cities (mentioned refrain from Li safety) as stated in the Libyan channel Raya and with them many of the Libyan tribes of the Middle and the United Nations.

The people of Tawergha entering the gate of Sirte now, accompanied by a committee of the United Nations and the Red Cross.

  • ________________
  • UBARI:Yesterday stormed the headquarters of Directors oil installations afternoon by secret protection field spark in Ubari.Electronic Sabha:
    Hajj Metwally Metwally
    Live ammunition attack on members of the security device attribution Bsabha by a car led by an unknown group and the numberof injuries and four of them in serious injury to the head and they are now hospital medical Sabha and Lord Lester them.

The continued production ceased Libyan oil field Elephant

By Gaddafi news agency on Wednesday, 26 يونيو, 2013 | 08:07

A member of the board of directors of the National Oil Corporation of Libya on Tuesday that crude production is still dependent Libyan Elephant field due to a labor strike. Mustafa said God made to reporters that the production is still dependent in the field of elephant while production resumed in the field of “Abu child”. And manages the company Mellita fields of oil and gas, a joint venture between the national institution and Italy’s Eni.
Source: Reuters


Full withdrawal of جردان special forces personnel from the streets and points of concentration in Kufra, after hearing the news

of the assassination of the inventory report F-Misrati ordered 20 special forces battalion stationed in Kufra, who was

assassinated in Benghazi day after his car improvised explosive device targeting Front area Almajora School

(Libby Green)