One More Day til the Big Surprise

 Mu Chairman of the African Union

From “GREAT SON” we have:

When he speaks fluent pen … Hears mind … He says to me continued resistance
When he speaks the tongue up to speak of the mind … He says to me continued to hold
When the whispers of the heart and mind says tomorrow, the last day …

Then it will not receive a telegram of condolences of Alritn!!!
Valsamud is Msavta between inhalation and exhalation ….

And then there will not be choking to death because he threatens every two honor my lungs the national {{}} is always my inspiration and expiratory.

Steadfast … Are firm … With God’s help victors ..


This video shows the prime reason why
Muammar al-Qathafi was considered a threat to Western World dominance:

It reveals Muammar’s vision of the Green Book for the entire world…which the good and loving people themselves would all eventually espouse…and HOW it was going to be peacefully done:

when I try to share it, I get the following message from FB!!:

“Votre message ne peut être envoyé car d’autres personnes ont signalé son contenu comme abusif.!!!”


The history of MU’ammar al-Qathafi’s Love of ISLAM:

Muammar al-Qathafi’s Plan as a Great Builder of Islamic Socialism

 (taken from: “al-Qathafi, an Introduction to, by  R-eva sistons” )

An Islamic socialism. Nationalism and religion.

“We reject the partisanship and we want to spread the spirit of Islam is tolerance and mutual understanding,” said Colonel al-Qathafi at a Conference organized by Le Monde in Paris in November 1973 … I think we should respect the nationalism and religions of others too, and consider in particular religions as sacred (..) A nationalism should not try to destroy another … Islam is here only to continue the efforts of mankind to achieve some social justice .. Judaism has neglected everything that is not himself. It is closed on religion itself …. Islam makes no distinction of race or color between men. “

(World Roland Delcour November 27, 1973)

Three months after the GREAT al-Fateh Revolution of Light, Muammar al-Qathafi declared:

“Islam has a universal vocation, it is the source of all progress … Socialism is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve to Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism which all seek to destroy the umma (community of believers and indivisible).”

(Jeandet  Christmas World 09/01/1976)


A mystical activism

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself, in April 1976, gave a speech in Misurata, where he defined the main task:

“Creating an Islamic Socialism, an offshoot of the Muslim nation based on the precepts of the Holy Quran away from exploitative capitalism and totalitarian communism” ….

And in his speech of 12 December 1979, he declared:

 “… Islam is more progressive than all revolutionary ideologies. It defines the norms of a society designed to serve the individual and the community he hath uncovered before all other principles of human rights and worker, the abolition of classes, etc. …And upon the principles of the Holy Quran,the Libyan revolution believes that Islamism inevitably grows to become socialist community. Indeed, the Muslim dogma is both gender equality and equal opportunities. Thus, socialism strictly follow an axis parallel to that of Islam. It is the temporal instrument of the believer, the political expression of the divine teaching, the only way to achieve Arab unity and precipitate the demise of imperialism, monopolies and Zionism all who seek to destroy Umma (the community of believers and indivisible).”

(The World Christmas Jeandet 01 September 1976.)


Re-Instill Respect for the Holy Qur’an throughout the world

 By acting as he did (initiating the World Islamic Call Society and advocating full respect of the Holy Qur’an), Muammar al-Qathafi issued a challenge to Islam, that amount of new responses to the modern world “.

(World-WIDE PB 18 April 1973)

Mu holy writ






the Libyan officials authorized to Washington track # Libya and # Abukhtalh

LITTLE BY LITTLE, all of the colonial Powers are back into LIBYA!


Italian Foreign propose intervention in Libya …

“Martha Dassault” Under the Italian Foreign Ministry let in the hearing before the front of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives European to enter a broad international and international plan similar to the Marshall Plan to pick up the Libya of “dislocation and the state of political paralysis and gang wars and lawlessness and terrorism”…

Italian Foreign: security chaos in Libya Somali-like situation
And the central authorities lost its authority over the country with a full spread of anarchy and lawlessness in various areas controlled by local militias with the outbreak of gang wars and terrorism, the situation was out of control and no longer capable of Directors.

Zaidane denies government involvement in facilitating the abduction wanted Libyans
Atmosphere of the country –

Prime Minister Ali denied Zaidane was quoted sources ” CNN that” that the Libyan officials authorized to Washington arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi and Abukhtalh , stressing that the Libyan government did not allow it and will not allow in the future.

Zaidane pointed to begin electronically monitor the border in cooperation with the Italian government Italian technology relies on aerial surveillance and electronic, pointing out that the surveillance start from Owaynat to Forum Algerian Libyan – Tunisian border .


In the name of God the Merciful
That on the day Tuesday, 10.29.2013 , and in the follow-up of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights to some prisons within the city of Tripoli , the FBI visited the Office of the Attorney General and asking about what has been in the files of some of the detainees in Ain Zara Alruyemi prison, the office reported that there are approximately 600 prisoners Mhalin to the Office of the Attorney General in the lists just so period nearly five months,

and the question about the reasons that hinder the complete investigation, the reply was that there are some reasons due to the prison where refuses to prison to refer the accused to achieve another reason is the lack of members on behalf of sufficient number to directly investigation, and is worth mentioning here that the Minister of Justice says there is a commission of inquiry formed and began its functions (O Mr. Minister, we hear Djajh do not see flour ), as we want to make clear is important is that there is an officer jailed played Ministry called ((( gift ))) practiced investigative functions with the prisoners whenever refined his so called by the Exhortation they were wronged and that their files do not contain sufficient evidence and then bring them back to the cell , and so we do not know the location of this person to express what are the powers and any right to achieve with the defendants and why this act , these questions must be answered by the Office Minister of Justice and transparently.

(Libyan Observatory for Human Rights)

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

The Supreme Council for the rebels Libya renews accused through his official Facebook of former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael

of being behind the bombings and their prior knowledge without taking any action.


Witnessed protests against the presence of Amr Moussa of the Arab League meeting

Arab member of parliament ……

Libyan Ibrahim witnessed objected to the presence of Amr Moussa without prescription.


صهد يحتج على حضور عمرو موسى لجلسة الجامعة العربيةبنت الوادي
عضو البرلمان العربي ……الليبي ابراهيم صهد يعترض على حضور عمرو موسي بدون صفة

Tariq Osman writes us:

Group of 94 member retreating from sessions the General National Congress issued a statement announcing the approval

of the presidency to put demands on the agenda of the next meeting next Sunday with the transfer of the sessions directly on the national channel Libya!!!!

The question is: are new Raiders to the next session?
And any door will be admitted?

Will will destroy the contents of the hall as usual?

NEW HEALTH SERVICES PLANNED as CATHOLIC  MEDICAL PERSONEL were forced to LEAVE LIBYA, the need arises for extended health services in LIBYA:

in addition to a group of clinics in Sabha experiencing weakness in the provision of health services , according to Zaidane .

In the same vein Zaidane noted that it was decided to establish a maternity hospitals in both Benghazi and Tripoli , Sabha and Misrata.



WikiLeaks Cyrenaica:

A secret agreement between the Chamber of Libya’s rebels and President of the General National Congress to transform the rebel leaders

to high-ranking military commanders and consider their contribution to the liberation of Libya as seniority 25 years in the military service.

Husamettin penitent through the capital confirmed information that father arrows went appeals Tarek Mitri,

head of the United Nations requested the idiocy to extend the duration of the Conference (1 year and 3 months) after the end of the age of the National Conference!!?


Retreating 94-member group of the National Congress.

Responds to request a return of the presidency of the National Conference on year to be back for sessions starting from the next session on Sunday based on the following:
1 – the national broadcast of the conference sessions directly to citizens
2 – Make items 10 within borings items of the next.

Some answers to questions from reporters:

We asked everyone inside the containment National Congress, without exception, all other parties.
There are no deals behind the withdrawal, as some claim because the withdrawal came to correct the course of the conference, as well as our demands are the same demands of the citizens.

“Abdulrahman Shalgam,” I did not note down any article and sue each
Of the publication of an article or b media said my name, and it will be Mr.
“Shalgam” on the channel of the capital on the evening at 10
Evening as she told me by the daughter of Mr. “Shalgham”.

Ibrahim Dabbashi representative of Libya to the United Nations says that the article (when Migm rats) are actually from the writings of Abdul Rahman Shalgam and his brainchild declared duration despite denying her the media, said Dabbashi position Abdulrahman Shalgam is the position stated some time ago, and he often Maevda about what the secrets in moments of Transfiguration, which is always going to be in, and then quickly amends for his remarks when he comes back to his senses and say the opposite, in a clear reference to the case of permanent sugar (Estascy & MATH) experienced by Abdulrahman .Shalgam these days.

Saloub read God against him despite his nose so pronounced by the fact he is servile series.

God said:

((Tell the truth and the falsehood that the falsehood was zhoka))


An article by Abdurahman Shalgam client traitor “when governing the rats”

When he describes the Libyans who went to oppose it in America and Britain diminutive canines. And groups to use religion as heretics. We laugh and believe that making fun of them. And when he warns that these do not have the values of their control and ready to use all means and all types of treason and would not hesitate to moment in alliance with infidels and to sell back home. When Moussa Koussa and Zeid Dorda on intelligence. Monitoring these and come up with information that I didn’t believe in. So I lived among them during the war that toppled the kadhafi was you an actor or one of the tools. Today after I got things to as she reached him and flew the drunkenness.
The idea emerged as the saying goes and what we see him from them and what they did at home. I have and I don’t pretend the courage but to stress that I wasn’t a hypocrite and I’m not from this gang and that one paralysis of them before God and the nation. Admitted to the Libyans that I missed, maybe for fear and hope. I have encountered difficult conditions and pressure of force majeure. I thought I had my yielding I can save the home. To Muammar al-Qathafi, who’ve certainly had its relevance extends more than 40 years and basically treated me with the utmost respect and gave me the positions I didn’t dream it. And give the nation the value defined by now .. We have been dealing with the world pride and dignity .. Unlike this humiliation that we see since the absence of Muammar Gaddafi. Some might say that Abdulrahman drunk and babbling these words ..

We were dealing with the world with pride and dignity. Reverse this humiliation that we see from the absence of Muammar al-Qathhafi.


Some might say that Abdul Rahman pissed and raving in this speech. Yes I have intoxicated me as she reached to my what do rats with the ship that was prolonged and people heaven her sail peak purity, they trespassed her, insulted her and anointed with dignity and I apologize here for rats because this heinous act be ashamed of rats and may it tells me you are yavalh and you were called West Crusader hand your country see men see delegate Syria hero. This comparison is unfair because Libya has oil and kadhafi who crack the West and humiliated them on more than one occasion denied them and around the Muslim and not continent bend and had to be broken and they were waiting for them, Shalgham spoke bin Halim and sons and brought on February 19, the ambassadors of Britain, America and tied up by good men, Mustafa Zahir, as well as Mr. Zaidane. And Mansour Saif El Nasr. And brought Bernard levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessor, Mr. Maqrief and his family and his brother-in-law Fayez Jibril sohad, I told them.
Then the decision was made before February 17, I’ll be back to explain it inshaallah on book writing and found deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as Libyans. I find myself apologizing for my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons rule in Tripoli. With all due respect I outbid them not cabled to Rahman. To Abdullah Sanussi.

[And Mansour Saif Al – Nasr .. And they brought with them Bernard Levy to Benghazi as well as my predecessors Mr. Maqrif and his family witnessed his brother Fayez Jibril it be before these .. Then that the decision was made ​​before February 17 , I will come back to explain it InshaAllah in a book written and concluded deposited to my wife and my children to know the truth as well as the Libyans .. I find myself I apologize to my brothers and my colleagues who suffered imprisonment and torture in prisons in Tripoli base .. They have every respect not Ozaid them from cabled to Abdulrahman .. To Abdullah Sanusi .. To AbuZayd to Bejad and the Aaty and Mr. Jadallah .. ]

And others. Esteemed loyal men as the martyr Abu Bakr Yunis and glory the debt alhenshiri. Perhaps the Libyans today Minutemen among those between State rats need walsalabi walsaksli weabalmgid Seif walkerghli, Emma wetatanaki, or Cape thief or cyber expert Abdullah thankless. As for ward in Misrata and tubers it happened and there is nothing wrong with respect to the respectable families but I mean residues of Janissary families that do not have assets not even accused of anti-Semitic because I say so and I know there are now saying that I also my grandfather came up with the Al-Ahbash (Ethipians) and settled and married from Fezzan and belonged to them.
This is not a fault but fault that does not admit the truth and do away with the others and hide the causes our spite to Muammar al-Qathafi,  who forced us to  ” Arabs live Arabs die Arabs say it loud “.  As they welcome him in the Mountain West. I am here not to praise Muammar al-Qathafi and his reign and his men, their pros and cons, as I am one of them.  But Libyan and us Street feel remorse and loneliness at home that his rats and stripped of everything and be ashamed even to belong to all of us without its denial

I am here I can not praise Muammar Gaddafi and his reign and his men have their advantages and disadvantages and I am one of them ..

But the street Libyan today and we all feel remorse and loneliness inside the homeland that wisdom rats and stripped of everything and ashamed even to belong to him and all of us without stubbornness say Aayom from the days of Muammar al-Qathafi until these gangs.

You may find this interview with Mr. Mustafa Abdaal Jalil with the Middle East recently.
You have my attention sincerity known him and his confession about the files we used excuses insulting Muammar arguments as AIDS and file Abu Salim and all of them received compensation rewarding and waiver voluntarily and now extorting the Libyan people as if they were heroes , while all of them convicted of crimes documented affecting the security of the nation and the best witness they are now in the street Libyan when they left prison. ! ! Even talking about the dialogue in the Congress of the People with Gaddafi touched on paper .. How al-Qathafi told him that he did not choose the right place to raise this issue and is calculated for al-Qathafi and this habit can carry all what Mr. Abdul Jalil said ministers

I’ve caught my eye charity known and recognized on the files we used a pretext to insult Muammar and arguments as AIDS and Ashley all received compensation paid and voluntary waiver I extort the Libyan people if heroes while all convicted of crimes affecting national security and documented evidence of their presence in the streets of Libya when they left prison. !! Even talking about the dialogue with al-Qathafi touched paper.

al-Qathafi told him how he picked the right place to put this topic is calculated to al-Qathafi and the usual carry all echoed Mr. Zahir continued to Minister
continued al-Qathafi who did not cut his tongue .. Talking about reconciliation put forward by Gaddafi  unless say Mr. Jalil that came out of our hands.  
Also, I am watching emphasized the role of Qatar and paid compensation of $ 1 million for AIDS patients on behalf of Europe after the consent of the parents with “thought that the Emir of Qatar recognize performance in the hands of the West.”.

Finally, I applaud Mr. Jalil its readiness to work for the reconciliation among Libyans seriously.

And will be accepted as long as it is this transparency by a group of  Muammar because they are the heart of one man and have the issue of homeland want to keep it,

but the problem yaakhona Abdul Jalil will not find a partner to do the historical reconciliation needs home as long as rat control home.

Each rat with their rejoicing .. I record this recognition (note) that honesty and clarity that he (Muammar)  knew me and forgive me with which he knew about me,

and God will forgive me foregoing sin and Matakhr .
Rome  29 October 2013 citizen .. Abdulrahman Shalgam –

استنطقه الله غصباً عنه ورغماً عن أنفه لكي ينطق بالحقيقه وهو صاغراً ذليلاً..
قال الله تعالى:
(( وقل جاء الحق وزهق الباطل ان الباطل كان زهوقا ))
صدق الله العظيم
مقاله كتبها الخائن العميل عبدالرحمن شلقم بعنوان ” عندما يحكم الجرذان ”

عندما كان القذافي يصف الليبيين الذين ذهبوا ليعارضوه في أمريكا وبريطانيا كلاباً ضالة .. والمجموعات الي تستخدم الدين بأنهم زنادقة .. كنا نضحك ونعتقد أنه يسخر منهم .. وعندما كان يحذر بأن هؤلاء ليس لهم قيم تحكمهم وعلي إستعداد لإستخدام كل الوسائل وجميع انواع الخيانة ولن يترددوا لحظة بالتحالف مع الكفار وأن يبيعوا الوطن .. وعندما كان موسي كوسا ومن بعده أبوزيد دورده في المخابرات .. يرصدون هؤلاء ويأتوا بمعلومات لم أكن أصدق .. حتي عشت بين هؤلاء خلال الحرب التي اسقطت القذافي وقد كنت طرفاً فاعلاً فيها أو أحد أدواتها .. واليوم وبعد ما وصلت الأمور إلي ماوصلت إليه وطارت السكرة ..وظهرت الفكرة كما يقول المثل ومانراه من هؤلاء وما فعلوه في الوطن .. أجد لزاما ً علي وأنا هنا لا أدعي الشجاعة وإنما لأؤكد بأنني لم أكن منافقاً وأنني لست من هذه الشلل والعصابات وأتبرء منها أمام الله والوطن .. وأعترف أمام الليبيين بأنني أخطأت وربما خوفاً وطمعاً .. لقد واجهت ظروفاً صعبة وضغوطاً من أجهزة وقوة قاهرة .. وأعتقدت أنني برضوخي قد أستطيع إنقاذ الوطن .. وحتي معمر القذافي الذي ربطتني به صلة امتدت أكثر من أربعين سنة وعاملني بمنتهي الإحترام وأعطاني مناصب لم أكن احلم بها .. وأعطي الوطن قيمة عرفتها الأن .. فقد كنا نتعامل مع العالم بعزة وكرامة .. عكس هذا الذل الذي نراه منذ غياب معمر القذافي . قد يقول البعض بأن عبدالرحمن سكران ويهذي بهذا الكلام .. نعم لقد أسكرني ماوصلت إليه بلادي وما فعله الجرذان بهذه السفينة التي كانت شراعها تطاول السماء وشعبها قمة النقاء فخرقوها وأهانوها ومسحوا بكرامتها الأرض وأعتذر هنا للجرذان لأن هذا الفعل الشائن تخجل منه الجرذان وقد يقول لي أنت منهم يافالح وأنت استدعيت الغرب الصليبي ليدك بلدك أنظر إلي الرجال أنظر إلي مندوب سوريا البطل .. هذه مقارنة مجحفه لأن ليبيا فيها نفط وفيها القذافي الذي صدع الغرب وأهانهم في اكثر من مناسبة وحرم عليهم أفريقيا وحولها إلي قارة مسلمة ولا ينحني وكان لابد من كسره ثم هم لم يكونوا في إنتظار شلقم ليدعوهم فقد سبقني بن حليم وأولاده وأحضروا يوم 19 فبراير سفراء بريطانيا وأمريكا وربطوهم بالرجل الطيب مصطفي عبدالجليل وكذلك السيد زيدان .. ومنصور سيف النصر .. وأحضروا معهم برنار ليفي إلي بنغازي كذلك سبقني السيد المقريف وعائلته صهد وصهره فايز جبريل فمن أكون أمام هؤلاء .. ثم أن القرار اتخذ قبل 17 فبراير وسأعود لشرح ذلك إن شاءالله في كتاب خلصت من كتابته واودعته لزوجتي واولادي ليعرف الليبيين الحقيقة وكذلك.. أجد نفسي أعتذر لإخوتي وزملائي الذين يعانون السجن والتعذيب في سجون القاعدة في طرابلس .. ولهم كل الإحترام ولا أزايد عليهم من الزوي إلي عبدالرحمن .. إلي عبدالله السنوسي .. إلي أبوزيد إلي بجاد وعبدالعاطي والسيد وجاد الله .. وغيرهم .. من الرجال المحترمين الأوفياء كالشهيد أبوبكر يونس وعزالدين الهنشيري .. ولعل الليبيين اليوم يقارنون بين هؤلاء وبين دولة الجرذان بالحاج والصلابي والساقزلي وعبالمجيد سيف النصر والكرغلي والشركسي وطاطاناكي أو الكيب السارق أو الخبير الإلكتروني عبدالله ناكر . أما عن مايجري في مصراته ودرنة فحدث ولا حرج مع إحترامي للعائلات المحترمة وإنما أقصد بقايا الإنكشارية والعائلات التي لا أصول لها حتي لا أتهم بأنني معادي للسامية أقول ذلك وأعرف أن هناك الأن من ينعتني بأنني أيضاً جدي جاء مع الأحباش واستقر وتزوج من فزان العريقة وانتسب لهم .. وهذا ليس عيباً إنما العيب أن لا نعترف بالحقيقة ونقصي الأخرين ونخفي أسباب حقدنا علي معمر القذافي الذي أجبرنا أن نكونوا عرباً ” عرب نعيش عرب نموت عرب نقولها باعلي صوت ” .. كما كانوا يستقبلونه في الجبل الغربي . إنني هنا لا أمدح معمر القذافي وعهده ورجاله فلهم حسنات وسيئات وأنا واحد منهم .. وإنما الشارع الليبي اليوم وجميعنا نحس بالندم والوحشة داخل الوطن الذي حكمته الجرذان وجردوه من كل شئ وتخجل حتي أن تنتمي إليه وجميعنا بدون مكابرة نقول يايوم من أيام معمر القذافي حتي هذه العصابات ولعلكم شعرتم بذلك من لقاء السيد مصطفي عبداالجليل مع الشرق الأوسط اخيراً . لقد لفت إنتباهي صدقه المعروف عنه وأعترافه حول ملفات استخدمناها ذرائع لسب معمر وحجج كملف الإيدز وملف أبوسليم وجميعهم استلم تعويضاً مجزياً وتنازل طوعاً والأن يبتزون الشعب الليبي وكانهم أبطال بينما جميعهم محكومين بجرائم موثقة تمس أمن الوطن وخير شاهد وجودهم الأن في الشارع الليبي عندما غادروا السجن . !! حتي حديثه عن الحوار في مؤتمر الشعب مع القذافي لمست رقياً .. وكيف قال له القذافي بأنه لم يختر المكان المناسب لطرح هذا الموضوع ويحسب للقذافي وهذه عادته ان تحمل كل ماقاله السيد عبدالجليل واستمر وزيراً ولم يقطع القذافي الطاغية لسانه .. يتحدث عن المصالحة التي طرحها القذافي ومالم يقله السيد عبدالجليل بأن الأمر خرج من أيدينا ..كذلك وأنا أشاهد أكد دور قطر ودفعها تعويضات مليون دولار لمرضي الإيدز نيابة عن أوروبا بعد موافقة أولياء المصابين ” وفاتنا أن ندرك بأن أمير قطر أداء في يد الغرب ” .. وأخيراً أحيي السيد عبدالجليل علي استعداده في العمل من أجل مصالحة جدية بين الليبيين .. وسيكون مقبولاً طالما هو بهذه الشفافية من طرف جماعة معمر لأنهم علي قلب رجل واحد ولديهم قضية وطن يريدون الحفاظ عليه ولكن المشكلة ياأخونا عبدالجليل لن تجد شريكاً للقيام بهذه المصالحة التاريخية التي يحتاجها الوطن طالما الجرذان يتحكمون في الوطن .. وكل جرذ بما لديهم فرحون .. أسجل هذا الإعتراف بهذا الصدق والوضوح الذي يعرفه عني وليغفر الله لي ماتقدم من ذنبي وماتأخر .
روما 29 أكتوبر 2013 المواطن .. عبدالرحمن شلقم –


Al-Liby was Thought to Be a CIA ‘Double Agent’

14 OCTOBER 2013

Editor’s Note: Al-Liby  captured  2002: Anas al-Liby was one of the FBI’s list of most-wanted. He was captured in eastern Afghanistan in January 2002.The 38-year-old Libyan had been living in the UK and is linked by the Americans to the US embassy bombings in Africa.

Source: World Meets Us

“The operation to capture al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years. … The security services of other countries believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible, or had been secretly collaborating with him.”

By Mohammad ben Ahmad

 Translated By Lina Barakat

 October 14, 2013

Algeria – El Khabar – Original Article (Arabic)
The operation to capture Abu Anas al-Liby on Libyan soil by U.S. Special Forces, who were disguised as Arabs and spoke Arabic dialects, came as quite a surprise. Most intelligence services operating in the region had believed al-Liby to be a double agent – which went a long way to explaining why the Americans had failed to target him for more than two years, despite being aware he was in Tripoli. According to a well-informed source, al-Liby had been put under CIA surveillance a year and a half ago.Most of the security and intelligence services operating in North Africa were aware that al-Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Liby, born Nazih Abd al-Hamid al- Ruqhay, had found refuge inside Libya. An Algerian security source has revealed to al-Khabar that during the closing days of the [Libyan War], Muammar Qaddafi’s security apparatus had informed neighboring countries that a number of senior al-Qaeda figures had returned to Libya from Iraq and Afghanistan, and that Abu Anas al-Liby was one of them, having returned in 2011.

He told us that the United States wasn’t the only country to know of his whereabouts. The security services of other countries, including Mali and Mauritania, were also aware he was in Libya, and believed that the United States had either placed al-Liby under observation to gather as much intelligence as possible from him relating to al-Qaeda in North Africa, or had been secretly collaborating with him.

Our well-informed source revealed that Qaddafi’s agents had told all neighboring countries that the fugitive enjoyed the protection of Salafist revolutionaries in Libya, and that it was “implausible such information had not fallen into the hands of the CIA, which was actively engaged during the war against Qaddafi, and had to be aware of a bargain struck with Qaddafi to bring al-Liby’s family to Libya, as well as of the death of one of his relatives during a clash with Qaddafi forces just days before Tripoli fell into rebel hands.”

Some observers believe that al-Liby’a arrest and deportation to the United States came as part of a military response to the attack against a shopping mall in Kenya, which was carried out by the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group, which has claimed responsibility. Abu-Anas al-Liby has been charged by the United States with being one of the masterminds behind the 1998 bombings that targeted American embassies in East Africa.

Migrants arrive at Hay Wharf in Valletta aboard a patrol boat on October 12, the day after their boat sank. (Matthew Mirabelli/AFP/Getty Images)



EU Tightens Its Grip on the Mediterranean

16 OCTOBER 2013

October 16, 2013  •  From

Roughly 400 immigrants have died in shipwrecks over the last two weeks.

The EU is using this as an excuse to beef up surveillance of the Mediterranean Sea and open up an intelligence base in Libya.

Source: The Trumpet

The European Parliament approved a new “big brother” surveillance program for the Mediterranean Sea on October 10, after an overcrowded boat full of migrants sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa, killing 359. The new program, eurosur, is marketed as the solution to the tragedy. In reality, it is nothing of the sort.

Spiegel Online called the program “precisely the kind of monitoring apparatus America’s NSA intelligence service might dream up.” They titled their article: “EU Plans Big Brother System in Mediterranean.”

The program establishes drones and satellites to keep a vigilant watch on the Mediterranean, aided by offshore sensors and other intelligence equipment. It also includes a system for the EU to share this information.

Britain wanted to give the U.S. access to this intelligence, but the plan was blocked by the rest of the EU. That fact alone shows who America’s real friend in Europe is—no matter how much the American administration tries to curry favor with France and Germany.

Official estimates put the total price tag at €244 million (us$311 million). But the Heinrich Böll Foundation claims this is hugely underestimated: It puts the figure at €874 million ($1.19 billion). Given the EU’s history of massively underestimating the cost of important projects—especially intelligence projects—the latter figure is more likely to be correct. The lower figure, however, makes it easier to sell to the public.

As Spiegel points out, however, the surveillance program “doesn’t offer ways to save people like those killed in the deadly incident.” Deutsche Welle writes that “at its core, the European Border Surveillance System (eurosur) has nothing to do with the tragedy off the Italian coast—it was pure coincidence that the parliamentary vote on eurosur has come up now.”

eurosur has been in the works since 2008. European officials are using the migrant deaths to sell a project they were planning on implementing anyway. It also makes it look like they’re doing something to confront the problem of migrant deaths.

Immigration truly is a problem for EU nations. The EU’s liberal human rights laws and liberal courts make it hard to deport illegal immigrants once they make it to an EU nation. At the same time, voters don’t want the immigrants, and the governments, especially of southern Europe, can’t afford them. It is in the EU’s interest to find these boats before they enter EU territorial waters, so they can be returned to their country of origin more easily. The new program could help control immigration in that way.

But immigration isn’t the ultimate issue. The important point here, from a geopolitical point of view, is that the EU is extending its control over the Mediterranean Sea and into North Africa.

Another program, thinly disguised as an anti-immigration effort, is eubam Libya. Scheduled to be fully operational by December 1, eubam is a group whose stated aim is to help Libya manage its border and train its customs officials. When up to full strength in March, it will have 111 EU staff, 54 local staff members, and the same number of bodyguards. EU Observer described its staff as “a team of heavily guarded men.” While it will help prevent would-be emigrants from leaving Libya illegally, its real purpose, as EU Observer writes, is that “the new HQ in Tripoli will become an EU intelligence asset.”

The EU has requested a private security company to man the headquarters. The firm must provide “high quality security situation analysis” and give “security reports daily, weekly, monthly and six-monthly.” Those leading the security mission must be pre-cleared to handle files classified as “EU SECRET”—the second highest level of secrecy officially used by the EU. eubam will be equipped with 18 bullet-proof jeeps and have clearance to travel around the country and to open field offices.

In April 2011Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned that Iran was trying to gain power over the Mediterranean and Red Seas. In that article, he wrote that “Germany and the Vatican probably see Iran’s strategy better than any power outside the Middle East.” He warned that Europe would prepare to confront Iran.

Exactly a year later, he warned that “Northern Africa is turning into a battleground with enormously important prophetic implications.” He described how Europe and Iran were quietly vying for control of the region and the resources it contains.

That’s what eubam Libya and eurosur are about. eubam gives the EU a foot in the door in Libya, an opportunity to influence the government, and a base it can use to keep an eye on the terrorist groups moving in to fill the power vacuum.

eurosur allows the EU to confront smuggling and cross-border crime. But European leaders must also be worried about terrorists crossing into Europe, either via the land borders, or in small craft in the Mediterranean. eurosur will help the EU keep the most detailed and comprehensive watch ever over the EU’s borders.

Europe is taking offensive measures against the spread of SALAFISM in Africa through its military deployment in Mali and now in the Central African Republic. eurosur is a defensive counterpart to these efforts.

Europe is awake to the threat that SALAFISM poses to the vital trade networks and resources in and around the Mediterranean. It also sees that it can no longer depend on the U.S. to contain that threat, so the EU is dealing with it personally.

Europe has obviously become more aggressive and assertive in North Africa and the Near East, areas it considers part of its sphere of influence.

Watch for this trend to continue as Europe prepares to confront SALAFISM.. ▪




(quoting WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Urgent ::::: :::::

NATO, “NATO” raid yesterday on a weapons store Span area north of the city of what is known at the Corner (confidential victory)
The human damage has not been revealed.


Basher Alwerfally:

God alone stay
Go to the mercy of God hero Mujahid Mohammed Amri song Alalorfli…. after suffering

The period past Gate Maltese by criminal gangs armed and was transferred to the Tunisian territory

for the purpose of treatment and perform several operations, but a quirk of fate that he died.

Ask God to accept it rest in peace and insert it rest in peace .. Pray for him mercy and forgiveness.




Statement users spark field | |

In the name of God the Merciful

Statement users a spark on the field to stop production date : – 10/27/2013

We surfers field spark Today, we forced the wedge to all people LIBYAN free to stop production field spark after force us by protesters who claim to be camped sit peacefully, but it turned out after Mfawdthm with the Department field spark, it does not has any link to the sit-ins, peaceful and the best evidence so they use force of arms to express their demands and force us to stop production , and we tried to users does not shut down production until to Ovqdna the souls for the sake of Libya.

But in order to preserve us on the safety of installations vital yet threatened with bombing by force of arms it we were forced to stop production in order to preserve the capabilities of the people LIBYAN free and hold the responsibility of it to those who voted for them in the National Congress and the government to reform the country, but Otaatdh us the opposite and sorry again for the people LIBYAN free .. .

And lasted for a free Libya and glory and immortality to the martyrs

Peace be upon you and God ‘s mercy and blessings:

Field spark users

The (LONDON) Times: Renegade which suffocates exports to Libya oil

An article in The Times newspaper , prepared by Anthony Lloyd of Ajdabiya in Libya entitled ” Renegade , which suffocates the Libyan oil exports strengthens its efforts to reach the power.”
The paper says that Ibrahim Aljdharan , the man who impedes depend on Libya ‘s oil exports , valued at billions of dollars, has intensified a power dispute with Tripoli to establish a new regional government east of the country .
The paper says that the measure adopted Aljdharan , a 32 – year – old , who was a former commander of the guard oil installations , has raised international concern about oil supplies in the world.
The paper says that about $ 7.5 billion of Libyan oil export revenues lost since the summer due to strikes and armed operations in production facilities .
It adds that the political conflict hit reform and rescue operations in Libya economic paralysis , despite the fact that Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. The newspaper notes that the Libyan economy depends on the oil sector by 95 percent .
The paper says that Declaration Aljdharan of deepening the split between eastern and western Libya where he was appointed a ministerial council composed of 22 ministers in gently.
The paper says that Aljdharan claims that he controls the armed forces comprised of 20 thousand people, and adds that the historical dispute invests in the eastern region of knowledge as Cyrenaica.

(Libyan affairs in the international press)


Lock Mleeta complex gas by constant Amazigh 10/30/2013

Continuation of the sit-in Amazigh rebels Mellita compound of oil and gas for the fourth day in a row, was postponed stop pumping gas

and shut down the complex process even be considered in the decision of the National Conference on the constitutional demands,

with the continuation of preventing vessels from entering the harbor.



Pictures and News of Rishvana

About the explosion, which happened in the world this afternoon

Fall launcher shell or lobster on a farm Belaid Faitouri the Orabi did not cause any material damage
Shell coming from the eastern side.



False federal Gharyiani describes the separatists Tripoli

Libyan said NATO Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Gharyiani” that the declaration of the province of Cyrenaica not a federal announcement, but is a declaration of the Republic within a state.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Chairman of the Board province of Cyrenaica “Zubair Ahmed al-Sanusi”

disowned of the Political Bureau of the province

and the government the problem before him and the process of closing the oil ports.

Zaidane describes the government of Cyrenaica as THE OUTLAWS about the law:

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane,” in a press conference held shortly before Tripoli, that it formed a “government of Cyrenaica”

are people who are outlaws and the RAT Libyan Constitution.

Fields crisis
The Prime Minister said that it had been agreed on the resumption of oil exports , either on Saturday or Sunday arrivals , he said in a press conference on Wednesday that the agreement was through the initiative of the local council of Tobruk, some elders of the region in addition to a number of leaders of the Guard installations….

Zaidane said he decided to set up an oil refinery with a capacity of 300 thousand barrels per day in the Tobruk area ,

Feras Bosalum

“For Tobruk on Sunday or Monday Stistanf export, and will it mean to be it,” (Mr. Ali Zaidane at a press conference today)

“It seems that the Prime Minister met with people who do not represent the striking image that imagined until now not

clear it is still the option of resuming export a remote possibility,”

a senior official of the Arabian Gulf in the oil port of Harika told Reuters by telephone.

Ibrahim Jdharan, Oil Marketing Master in favor of the province of Cyrenaica:


“Harika port of oil will only open when the Politburo agrees and meet our requests ..”

Will open next week as head of the local council of Tobruk and the Prime Minister.

Urgent agency Libya / use of force to end the closure of the oil fields of Tripoli

Wednesday 10/30/2013 held emergency consultations and lengthy between the Presidency of the General National Congress

and the prime minister and the leaders of rebel operations room to Libya to discuss ways to implement the solution and the use of

military force to end the closure of the oil fields, oil Crescent area .
The consultations came immediately following the issuance of the Attorney General ‘s Office recently issued arrest warrants for two brothers,

Salem and Ibrahim Jdharan and some of their friends and in turn completed procedures to inform the international police Interpol and

officially received a copy of those notes International red .
Page predicted the Supreme Council for Libya rebels to be the next few hours full of surprises.


Problems Brquaouih the

Zubair :

“nothing to do with the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and his
President denied what is known as the Transitional Council of Cyrenaica Zubair Ahmed al – Sanusi any relationship of the events that took place in Ras Lanuf , and the resulting declaration of the establishment of what is known as the Political Bureau Cyrenaica, and set up by the government . Sanusi added to the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday we tried with the declared political office to come out to see one, but Tantua and insisted on the implementation of the vision , and that ‘s what did not agree with him . Sanusi stressed that calls for the Federal Union but according to the agreed project , and across the political struggle that can be supported by the Friends of Libya , or the United Nations , faithful and honorable people of Libya , as he put it . Sanusi also denied what appeared in the international news media intention of the Council to make public any legislative or executive institutions at the moment, explaining that “the struggle ” for the federal system peacefully and through legal avenues . It is noteworthy that what is known of the Political Bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica announced the formation of his government last Thursday .”


Al Qaeda in Prairie City

Tails outsiders followers of al-Qaeda, bin Laden and al-Zawahiri Alwan, hoist the black flag over the school in Umm Mtimis, near the city of turf.
The wrote a threat stemmed from the belief deviant stamped a society that is more Muslim them.
The threat which they are not responsible for any student who enters the school after 10 days or from the lowered flag.
They may want a hotel school Kharijites from Afghanistan, Tunisia and other countries.

الخوارج أتباع القاعدة ذيول ابن لادن والظواهري وعلوان يرفعون العلم الأسود فوق مدرسة بمنطقة أم مطيميس بالقرب من مدينة المرج .
وقد كتبوا تهديدا نبع من اعتقادهم المنحرف بتكفير المجتمع الذي هو أكثر إسلاما منهم .
التهديد فيه أنهم غير مسؤولين عن أي طالب يدخل المدرسة بعد 10 أيام أو من يقوم بإنزال العلم .
ولعلهم يريدون المدرسة فندقا للخوارج من أفغانستان وتونس وغيرها من البلدان .



Industrial Zones Authority transfer from Benghazi to Tripoli this day!!

Poor is Benghazi, taker of them all were only Aterco to bombings and assassinations.


– Problematic Omar Street bin Aas between one of the elements of a room Libya rebels
And others resulted in five people wounded.

– In front of a clinic Marwa problematic by the citizens and employees of the room
Libya rebels, wounding four people, one of them in the case of

– Arrived in Galaa Hospital two wounded by gunshots in
Immobilization point to the region of Sidi Hussein.

Arrest of nine people by special forces “Thunderbolt”
Five Neighborhood Clinic sugar Mr. Hussein, and four b Almajora in the
Drunk, accused of shooting cases that reached the Galaa
Last night and in the early morning hours.

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Explosives experts of the joint security room Benghazi they annul the effect of an explosive device composed of Qubltin and type of

TNT explosive materials intended for remote bombing found today in the women’s beauty salon “decorated” area Sir Akharbich in Benghazi.

Agency urgently to Libya … the arrest of the accused put an explosive device Benaazi the

Competent security devices dropped yesterday evening and in collaboration with some neighborhood residents “Land Agherih” urban Benghazi,

arrested a person develops an explosive device adhesive car air force officer the “coastal Said”.
Having known “coastal” on the person accused of the officer reported that he observed some time ago that this person has always maintained Mlazmte while praying in the mosque.



Of wounded protesters blocking the western gate of Ajdabiya

Atmosphere of the country

Ten of the injured closed the western gate of the city of Ajdabiya on Wednesday.

The deputy chairman of the local council Ajdabiya ” key Alcadekke ” atmosphere for the country that the protesters who shut the gate Bank are themselves stormed the National Congress in the twenty-second of October.

And on the demands of the protesters explained , ” Alcadekke , ” they are demanding fast , financial Tfweidathm Exchange , rehabilitation them after being expelled from Congress and change the current Commission for the wounded.

And added , ” Alcadekke ” that the local council dialogue with the protesters to end the closure of the road did not reach a result , and that the Committee of Wise Men in the region are trying to reach a solution with the protesters .

Referred to as closing the gate itself occurred in the city on previous occasions for different reasons.

Wounded city of Ajdabiya city’s blocking the entrance to claim their rights:


جرحى مدينة اجدابيا يغلقون المدخل الخاص بالمدينة للمطالبة بحقوقهم




Children and students from the city of Zliten stage sit-in in front of government headquarters to demand the construction of the city’s schools have alternative schools

that were destroyed during the so-called “war of liberation”.

أطفال وطلاب من مدينة زليتن يعتصمون أمام مقر رئاسة الحكومة للمطالبة ببناء مدارس لهم بالمدينة بديلاً عن مدارسهم التي دُمِرت خلال حرب التحرير.


“A country ambience”  reports:

Battalion spokesman 136 Sirte Khalifa Allowahh, to the “atmosphere for the country”:

had been found on the driver of the car

that was carrying the money were stolen idly and that investigations were under way with him.

“The atmosphere of the country” –

Zaidane says that the stolen money in the car Sirte Bank of Libya will be retrieved within hours.



Shooting center operations department languages ​​General Hospital:

This morning on Wednesday, was assaulted on the operations department hospital languages ​​General firing shots within the department

because of Rvdhalataba an operation for a patient with firing a bullet resulted in almost 40 fragment, which became clear after tests that

he is suffering from infectious (hepatitis) and the reaction of the people of the patient using a weapon and firing bullets and a threat both

in the hospital bombing of the hospital building, which led to the evacuation of the entire hospital.



Urgent Misrata :::::::

Explosion in the western entrance to the city of Misratah.

( Source: Top Drift channel’s)

Word now
About the car that exploded near the western entrance to Misrata was due to launch a rocket launcher on the car theme “Chinese” and not a car bomb ...!!
Which caused in a car explosion in front of him without the occurrence of any human damage or any damage to the gateway western …

NOT A CAR BOMB!!! and no human damage…IT WAS A YANKEE DRONE!

Misrata ::: details of the bombing incident at the gate Aldavnih km recounted Musrati ..

Comment: I hear the flyer drone bass first hear the car without this amazing ^ __ ^

No religion Brotherhood ^ __ ^

Altremadol convicted him!!!!

After the militias from Misratah to kidnap Dr. Khalid Latif was released today and shows bruises on his face where he was assaulted …

Dr. Khalid Latif is the Director of Planning at the Ministry of Health reason for the abduction is planning to build a new hospital in the city of Sirte as also in the city of Bani Walid.



Health facilities
The Prime Minister emphasized that the government authorized the Ministry of Health to begin the implementation of Tobruk hospital by U.S. company Texas ,




Urgent. .. News from the burning of the local council in the city of the entire baton.

(Free newspaper Sabha)


The Ministry of Oil and Gas
Prime Minister Ali Zaidane says he decided to establish a refinery Btabriq capacity of 300 thousand barrels,

and also set up a refinery Other card Baubare 50 thousand barrels for domestic consumption.


Anfajad the export of oil from Libya to the amount of 90 thousand barrels a day just is not.

And Zarhalinvt denies accounts “Reuters” on the quantity of oil exports
A country ambience

Denied the Director General of Planning and follow-up at the Ministry of Oil and Gas Samir Kamal on Wednesday to the report published by Reuters

news agency accounts on Libya ‘s oil exports drop to ninety thousand barrels per day .

Kamal explained to the atmosphere of the country that the quantities of exportable oil in Libya at least at the moment up to the 120 to 130 thousand barrels per day .

On the oil production amounts current time , Kamal said that the amount of the current time oil production amounted to approximately 250 thousand barrels per day after the closure of the spark oil field , pointing out that the spark field produces about 300 thousand barrels per day.

It is noteworthy that the spark oil field is witnessing a sit-in for a fifth day by some residents of the cities of Ubari and Owaynat, with a capacity of 50 thousand barrels in Ubari for domestic consumption.

which led to the suspension of pumping oil in the twenty – seventh of October due to security concerns of the field by the statements of spark oil field manager for the ambiance of the country .

And suffers the oil and gas sector in Libya disorders of the production processes as a result of protests by armed groups which led to daily losses estimated at 100 million dollars a day , according to the ministry ‘s remarks .



An ambitious development. Of large-scale investments.


“Neglected by Western businessmen, forgotten in international economic statistics, Libya, with its 2 million inhabitants, seemed doomed, there are a few more years of underdevelopment. Today, the country has the highest income per capita in Africa.

The grandiose building projects industrial complex multiply.

This money (oil), Libya has an urgent need to rapidly develop its economy. With the backdrop of a goal: Do not depend solely on oil sales.

The new five-year development plan, which covers the period 1976-1980 … The main effort is Agriculture .. The goal: Fertilize 700,000 ha … Libyan basement, in addition to oil, contains another treasure, water … Now, in the oasis of Kufra, 10,000 ha of alfalfa, wheat and barley, emerging desert.  On the coast … it is expected the implementation of 20,000 farms.

Second development, industry … Libya in his cartoons projects projects steel complex. The reserves of iron ore in the country are considerable: 5% of the estimated global resources.

The electrical equipment appears the second largest industrial concerns. This will include more than 20 conventional power plants.

More than $ 4 billion will be spent on housing, nearly 2 billion expansion of universities … and $ 1.3 billion in road construction … The World Jean-Michel Quatrepoint, 1 September 1976

Mr. Friouna Secretary Plan: “Over the past decade, we have restructured the economy to be self-sufficient in key areas … and we have laid the foundation for industrial development we will ensure the post-oil We built 200,000 housing -. and expect much for the next 5 years – 99% of enrolled children increased to 4.5 the number of hospital beds per 100 people . We cover our needs, wool, leather, fodder, flour, cement, bricks, plastic pipes while in 1970 our production in all these areas was no “…. Uncompleted projects will continue, while others will emerge … (As) the establishment of heavy industries. Finally, the road network (3000 Kms on average per year for ten years) will be completed and will link all parts of the country, will begin while a railway line from the Tunisian border to Tripoli …

(World PB, 30 December 1980)


as seen in this video interview with Muammar al-Qathafi:

Irrigate the desert 

 When we’ve been there, in 1973, the work had just begun amidst a landscape of sand, rocks and hills. Today, the hills – shaved – have disappeared, and 24,000 ha developed have a green appearance. The complex, with easy access through a network of 300 km of paved roads, tree-lined, was divided into four zones each with its “center”, with the main commodities: Mosque, school, café, market , clinic, post office, library, cooperative …

Like a thousand other farmers settled there … (It) is rated free house, cow, sheep twenty, fifty chickens, five hives, a tractor and needed to grow its share of 26 ha equipment.


Prepare the “post-oil”

…… 60 km away, near the city of Homs, renovating, we visit a cement plant, a desalination plant, sea water and other agricultural project, even more ambitious, built around the dam of Wadi Kaam that did not exist there seven years. In the South, the culture round – the circles of irrigated acres in the desert – practiced Kufra increased from 5,000 to 40,000 ha and is expected to triple by the end of the five-year plan from 1981 to 1985 …. Impressive record of which holds some figures pitches: 103 projects in 10 years, 400 million trees planted half survived 10 million head of sheep before 1975 against 5 million currently to 1.5 million in 1970. The country holds its consumption of fruits and vegetables and hopes to export due to increased greenhouse.

Unlike many countries in the Third World who have neglected agriculture, Libya has focused on this sector does not ignore the industry. Leaders admit that many projects are not “profitable by Western standards,” but they feel they have to prepare the “post-oil” by transforming the environment and attitudes.

(World PB, December 30, 1980)

“The Great Man Made River”: A pipeline network of 3,500 kms.Courrier International 6.11.2003.

Photo of a reservoir

The largest artificial river


The Garden on the Moon

“Unique … this project is the most exciting contemporary period in agriculture …. It will sheep farming in ways pioneering an unprecedented scale in the world … “

(Specialists American firm Tipton and Kalmbach …).

“We must build this country with oil money in anticipation of the day when the black gold runs out. Should be that we have a solid and permanent economy in which agriculture plays a vital role. Must also we produce enough to meet local demand ”  

(M. Gououd, Minister of State for Agricultural Development).

(World PB, 19 April 1973)



Tripoli also has nuclear ambitions … but the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has always, however, said its peaceful nuclear intentions. Libya has also signed and ratified the Nuclear Non-proliferation and concluded in July with the International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards agreement placing under international control of all Libyan nuclear activities.

(The World,  09 January 1981.)




Sousse: SALAFIST suicide bombing and an attempt to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba

Arab News – Tunisia – Munther Balziafa , Ahmad Cleaner – the oldest man to blow himself up on Wednesday ,

in front of one of the major hotels in the area tourist in Sousse (LIBYAN TUNISIAN BORDER), Tunisia . According to the radio ,

” Jewel FM ” based in the city of Sousse , the young man was carrying a suicide vest packed with explosives and

ignited in front of the hotel ” Riadh Palms ,” while the Tunisian security forces foiled attempt to blow up

the tomb of the first president of Tunisia , Habib Bourguiba , in the city of Monastir .

In this bombing , the terrorist operations have witnessed a remarkable development by reaching the Tunisian cities , and began planning to target sectors and economic development important in the country , especially the vital tourism sector and influential in the Tunisian economy .
It is noteworthy that the city of Sousse was known as the year 1986 hotel bombings , then accused the movement of ” Islamic trend ,” a movement ” renaissance ” now.
This is the first time it is targeting hotel in Tunisia since the revolution that toppled former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , about three years ago .
The Interior Ministry said the Tunisian in a statement that one of the persons brown skin oldest Wednesday to commit suicide in Sousse by blow himself up in one of the city’s beaches , stressing that ” there is no damage or casualties , the search continued to find out the reasons and causes of the accident .”
Witnesses said the “Arab Net,” ” The suicide bomber tried to enter the Riadh Palms Hotel from the back door on the seashore, is that the elements of protection in the hotel had prevented him from after he complained in his order , oldest to blow himself up .
According to eyewitnesses spoke of ” Arab . Net ” the bombing occurred was strong and the latest panic among the population and workers in the tourist area , but it did not result in a material or human losses .
On the other hand , was quoted by Radio ” Jewel FM ” local ” security forces had foiled a suicide mausoleum of the late President Habib Bourguiba Monastir state near Sousse on the east coast .”
Security source said that the Tunisian security forces arrested a suicide bomber was trying to blow up the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir .

The oldest person to blow himself up in Sousse Corniche, this morning, Wednesday, 30 October 2013,
A person named Hamad Clinical Galilean bin Ramadan was born in 1992 Thoroughbred the Zahrouni District of Tunis.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Channel

Saadi life : my son tried to go to Syria via Libya, but security forces prevented him

Carried the mother of the young Tunisian Ayman al – Saadi Ms. Saadi life and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior to what oldest son, Ayman al – Saadi on Wednesday morning of the attempted bombing of the tomb of the late President Habib Bourguiba.

And life – Saadi said that her son was planning to go to Syria for jihad there , but was prevented from traveling by security units to leave after that house several times trying to cross the border to Libya surreptitiously to no avail .

The said Saadi life ” was on the Interior Ministry arrested since the last period ,” saying that her son was follow up by security units without constipation .

Tunisian Interior Ministry:

arrest 5 Salafist terrorist elements linked to the events of Sousse and Monastir.

_ Interior Tunisian arrest 5 Salafist suspects in the bombing of the tourist resort of Sousse and the attempted bombing of the tomb of Bourguiba in Monastir,

also a ministry spokesman said that these persons linked to Salafist “al Ansar al-Sharia”.

# France 24


Agency urgently to Libya / smuggling of weapons through the port and weigher Thuhayba Tunisia

Seen crossing Thuhayba and balance that connects the cities Nafusa Mountains in the south of Tunisia booked

many weapons that were smuggled from Libya into Tunisian territory .
And a Tunisian security source said the crossing of the security forces able to detect two pistols and a quantity

of ammunition to the Tunisians returning from Libya, where weapons were confiscated and Almhpohan was referred to the investigation.
It also managed to reserve a machine gun – type rifles and a quantity of ammunition on board a Libyan car .
Not far from crossing Thuhayba balanced arrested patrol the border guards Tunisian two Libyans gunmen in

military area on the Tunisian side of the border, and released her after her interrogation and verify that they

rebel assigned to patrol the border and they entered the Tunisian territory on the face of error.

Libya ‘s international channel Libya International Chanel

Tunisian morning newspaper :

escaped from prison Mornag .. And trained in 2011 in Libya .. Captured on the black box of the terrorist groups in Tunisia

Al « morning» from security sources informed that he frequented in the circles of security strongly that the units dealing with terrorism National Guard may be suspended during the week Alvart named Ahmed Beauvais one of the most wanted terrorists to justice in a series of criminal cases terrorist relating to the assassination of martyrs Shokri Belaid and Mohammed Brahman and arms smuggling from Libya to Tunisia and stored both civilians and Almnehlh , during the process of combing extensive انتظمت Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, following the armed confrontation between the terrorist group and national Guard troops and ended with the martyrdom of two officers, a captain and a lieutenant and four officers and killing one of the terrorists.

Between taking data reported

While not confirmed security agencies responsible information or denies the our sources suggested that Ahmad Beauvais nicknamed » Shawkaani » between affiliates of these currents hardline religious under arrest and search Butkna National Guard Balauana center discreetly severe and tight security due to the seriousness of the detainee , who described the black-box for groups terrorist Tunisia , and is likely these data provide information about the relationship between Ahmad Beauvais terrorist slain in the events Qublat called Lutfi Zein one of the most dangerous terrorists involved in the assassination of martyrs Brahman and Belaid , and thus the relationship Beauvais set Qublat extended turn with a group Sidi Ali Ben Aoun through several evidence material notably Inspector reported in car events Qublat and found suspicious bomb in the house in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun.

And Ahmed Beauvais was born October 13, 1967 oblique dangerous issued in this regard five saws inspection four of them for belonging to a terrorist group known Psoabgah justice in many of the misdemeanors and felonies most serious maintenance and consumption , possession and ownership structure of trafficking narcotic substance listed in the table » b » and the formation of a gang spoilers for the supply of a narcotic substance Add to violence, has been jailed in the same period which have deposited a group of Solomon, which is likely to be Beauvais known then nickname Holyos may deal with the former regime and Bolesh political control group inside the prison , but this information has not been confirmed that fled the accused from prison suspended during events of the revolution and remained in hiding impersonating several identities , most notably Ahmed Rouissi ( for the correct title Beauvais ) and Ahmed al-Jabali , Ahmed bin Mohamed Mohamed Ben Omar Rouissi the case that the identity is Ahmed bin Mohammed Beauvais ..

Shawkaani .. Black Box

According to some security information , this terrorist seeded security is very serious known Bm’zajh violent extremism and religious affiliation of the current Salafi jihadist via an alias ( Shawkaani ), after it was in the nineties fortune teller reads the horoscope and towers under the nickname of Holyos, but after the revolution merged directly into the extremist currents and infiltration in September 2011 to Libya, where he joined the battalion martyrs of May 28 in control of the barrier of the stopper subsidiary of Bani Walid (Libya) in the period between September 4, 2011 and 20 October 2011 and received military training in the martial arts and the use of firearms before returning infiltrators to Tunisia after the elections October 23, 2011

involved in assassinations and planning terrorist acts in Tunisia is wanted by the governor of the first investigation bureau XIII Baptdaúah Tunisia to the case to the commission of terrorist offenses and to join the organization has to do with those crimes and the use of the name and code inadvertently definition of organized terrorist and its members and its activity and join outside the territory of the Republic to such an organization and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit a group of people in order to commit a terrorist act outside the territory of the Republic and the use of the dust of the Republic to carry out preparatory to the commission of a terrorist crimes

and to provide information for the benefit of persons with a view to helping to commit terrorist offenses and preparation shop for the meeting of the members are involved with terrorist offenses and donate and raise funds directly intended to finance people and activities related to terrorist offenses and join in the soil of the Republic to organize taken from terrorism and means to achieve its objectives to receive military training with intent to commit terrorist crimes and the use of territory of the Republic to recruit and train a group of people intent to commit a terrorist act within the territory of the Republic and the provision of weapons and explosives , ammunition and other materials , equipment, fixtures similar to the benefit of the organization has to do with terrorist offenses

and preparation shop for the meeting of its members and helping to shelter and hide them and raise money with the knowledge that the purpose of financing the organization has to do with terrorist offenses a crime resulting in death and conspiracy to internal state security and abuse intended to switch the state and carry people to kill each other with weapons and exciting Tunisian commotion dust and willful killing of a human with predecessors Aladmar the introduction of firearms intended for military operations and ammunition to carry and transfer and participate in it.

And knows the accused – who has not yet certain news get past the bodies responsible – black-box for groups jihadist terrorist in Tunis, has been able to agents of the Counter-Terrorism months ago to reserve his personal computer and some of his letters for during the search in the case of the armory of Medenine , but the reserved area and according to the rumors disappeared in conditions Mstrabh , which raises more questions .. Conceals ? Why hid ? What refer once again to talk about the parallel security or suspicious relations between some security and jihadists ..




Jabril: our grievance progress on the issue of fishermen imprisoned in Aswan
Atmosphere of the country –

Libyan ambassador in Cairo, Mohammed Fayez Jibril ‘s lawyer said Wednesday that the embassy provide for the grievance on the issue of fishermen Libyans imprisoned Egyptian Aswan .

Jabril explained to the atmosphere of the country , that the Egyptian military court allows grievance before the decision to ratify before the military ruler , explaining that the military ruler has the freedom of choice of acceptance or rejection .

Jabril pointed out that the charges against the fishermen related to cross the Egyptian border illegally , in addition to possession of firearms , he said , adding that the embassy is now working through official and legal means for a pardon by the military ruler before approving the decision.

The Egyptian military court had sentenced the beginning of this week was sentenced to three Libyans entered Egyptian territory by mistake in the course of their fishing trip by Jabril.



Palestinian Fawzy Boktef, the commander of the rebels room to diplomatic ..
Rat Libya’s ambassador to Uganda’s new in his office in Kampala.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Qu’est-ce un dimanche ! / What a Sunday !

My picture of Mu

03 octobre 2013,19:32 · Muammar al-Qathafi did not die were arrested in a convoy of pride and the person

who was arrested and killed not a leader Muammar al-Qathafi will not add more than that, although we have all the facts and Aladalh confirmed

and who Basedk incredible and who Maybee incredible just incredible day shows a particular costume what we have a Hanna Mack Zben and Vena our eyes .

This communication both are free Libya …..

المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر

03 octobre, 19:32 · معمر القذافي لم يموت ولم يقبض عليه في رتل العزة والشخص الذي قبض عليه وقتل ليس القائد معمر القذافي ولن نضيف اكثر من ذلك مع اننا لدينا كل الحقائق والادالة المؤكدة واللي بيصدق يصدق واللي مايبي يصدق توا يصدق يوم يشوف بعينه زي ما كنآ ا حنا مك ذبين وشفنا بعيوننا . هذا بلاغ لكل احرار ليبيا …..

معمر على قيد الحياة بالتأكيد.
3 octobre, 20:04 ·
Members of this page summit in steadfastness and pride and they have a well-established doctrine that Libya will only be as green as the leader Muammar Gaddafi ,

Libya salutes km and pulls on your hands, ye sons that prides itself on their own , you Agder in Libya … Forward and revolutionary struggle continues until victory , God willing …

Greeting to satellite channel Al Khaimah

Speech of Dr.  Hamza Thami on Green  channel, and the tent on 10/05/2013 P

Yamen to know Muammar al-Qathafi?….

Muammar al-Qathafi, the splendor and dignity. Muammar al-Qathafi glory and magnanimity.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s pride and parents. Muammar al-Qathafi Code and tender. Muammar al-Qathafi Shoumoukh and challenge.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and address. Muammar al-Qathafi’s power and victory. Muammar al-Qathafi era courage.

Muammar al-Qathafi’s revolution and progress and urbanization, the past and the future.
Did you know what we mean and to whom these descriptions rare ….. he Muammar al-Qathafi Bomynaar.

BBC 28 FEBR. interview

The commander said .. Resisted , even if no
Hear my voice … On the anniversary of the uprising 14
Dates …. We will resist all possibilities
Everyone will resist God at home
And abroad:
It will be on a global flag burning shame
And we receive your photos and Vidauatcm God
Day 14
It will be on the vigils in every
Around the world and also a day of marches
It will be on mass organizations correspondent
Human rights via the Internet.
Will not make the 14 anniversary of the uprising
Great pass unnoticed … To

You leader Muammar al-Qathafi and the Libyan people

Of a period of two days and in a mosque in Libya
When you open the Voluntary Fund found “Zrv”
And a sum of money, and has the ability, but in the middle of
The amount and found a paper written by the charity
The spirit of “Muammar al-Qathafi” ..

(Salem al-Obeidi and Atef Shelmani)

Zakat quorum Tripoli in Libya

Deployment of the Zakat Fund on his Libyan Platform Home that Zakat quorum is: 4431.05 d. ‘s.

(Valley girl)



Vahil satisfaction Album
Dr. Ahmed Chaibi Assistant Executive Director , General Electric Company confirms the continuation of lock of Amoda main gas line to

Ruwais stations and Corner, and five, & Misratah by a group of young mountain.
It is noteworthy that young people from Kapaau , castle and Gado and Nalut locked the main gas line since last Monday to protest the

lack constitutionalization Tamazight language.

Media Abdulwahab Ali Mellit said :

“Look out for the employees of the former LIFG and you will be seen most of what is happening in Libya.”
(see picture below of Abdul Hakim BelHadj):

The murder assassinations done to
the army, police and Thunderbolt today ..

And their blood Hllo ..

Tomorrow the MB rats will find another excuse .. and another fatwa .. Below you see the men of the MB ZAIDANE GOVERNMENT who Permit the blood of both disagreed ..

كما كفّـرو الجيش والشرطة والصاعقة اليوم .. وحللو دمآئهم .. غدآ سيجدون عذرآ آخر ..وفتوى آخرى .. تبيح دمـاء كل من يعارضهُم ..بنت الوادي


General National Congress cost the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood ” Ali Salaabi “ an adviser to file what is called justice and national reconciliation conference.” (HAH!)

Suleiman Zubi on  Libya first channel speaks only rat bull—:

Noman bin Othman, a member of the former LIFG Ali Al-Arabiya: –

The list is long and we expect more of Amlbh kidnappings and perhaps drone strikes on targets in Libya next period.

Salem al – Obeidi:

While tell homeland and forgotten cities not Taathmuna the chattering
The Patriots and selling helpless I like you , but the difference between us that sacral
Speakers and a silent Adzkm weak brandished your voices not to Italkm the the
Early death , Is there a death worse than death echo !


British Foreign Office 4617 people are international arrest warrants

4617 Libby wanted internationally multiple crimes are divided into groups

>> Extremist terrorist groups 2139
>> Groups of killing and kidnapping and torture of 1593
>> Groups have crimes , smuggling and piracy threats 885 people and armed robberies , blackmail and torture class Altanih

Foreign relations spokesman in Libya
Arish Saeed:

Mohammed Bu Sidra _ a member of the National Conference _ through communicative dial denies the rumors kidnapped news today …


Associated Press

News about trying to catch a member of the Conference ( Mohammed Bo Sidra )
By a special task force to be handed over to the United States

Community National Congress exhibitors for sale on the open market:

Barrel Qatar Mahmoud melon :

One of them told me, like convey me a serious secretly : LIFG is out of control Biya and Kaid is the actual Rayes of the country and they control the major aspects of the state , including the Central Bank of Libya and a number of media. Brotherhood and riding in the back seat Watt extremists are to discipline opponents . Are you among those who believe in it or he تشنيع Ali is nothing but a fighter ?

There are two members of the National Conference was tortured someone tortured for a week and bought filmed a nude and we went to visit him after being tortured and imprisoned and filmed and a member of the National Congress, Omar was with us and father his fibers the Member National Conference karbassi also was with us and after that see this scene in Domat today following his resignation


I swear to God Almighty I swear to God Almighty I swear by Almighty God that I did not lie at all ma2lt and I swear to God that the Conference is not ruling all Hua ma2lt him for theft and Hua I swear to God that the isolation imposed by force but the Prophet doomsday opponent that you lie. I swear by Almighty God that what is happening now is not for 42 in Gaddafi and say some oral and I’m from opponents of Gaddafi falls brothers,
TOUATI alaida divides the Koran and live on the first channel of Libya and challenging any member of Congress to come out and divide the right and denying what alaida is stripping the members of the Conference and the National Conference of extortion and Libya don’t judge but ruled by armed militias and that they stole him in the funeral three years beyond what was stolen during the reign of the tyrant and confirms that the brotherhood and Al-Qaida are spoiled everything confirms that the Brotherhood Members have paid MTD ltkhelid member of a specific problem and the political isolation was under threat The weapon it I think the guy swore he befriended the brothers and their horns will try that distorted the man because it shamed and expose their falseness and I say God bless you yagdaran on what you’re doing with the brothers



Fathi Ben Issa media:

132 member of the National Dates met (they rarely meet) are provoked described Touati Eida that some of them were filmed in Abu Ghraib way …

Not shaken them for the killing of Libyans hair every day …

Not motivated by the violation of the sovereignty of the homeland have sworn they were mother-in-law …

Only personal reputations are putting them …. Nudity types, the most intense and impartiality of the National !!

Word now been Touati Alaadh the family threatened by an armed group vowed the death Alaadh family their sons if they came out Touati on TV screens again.

Touati Alaadh the:

Silence on the scandals and abuses in Libya considered salaciousness .. Wi-person silent, he is a XXXX

Touati Alaadh the:

No one has the right to say to Muammar Gaddafi, a tyrant anymore, because we are the tyrants.

National Congress membership drops Touati Alaadh the
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

A spokesman for the General National Congress Omar Humaydan said the conference voted at today ‘s meeting to drop the membership Touati Alaadh of the General National Congress by 135 votes .

He noted Humaydan that members of Congress demanded the dropping membership Alaadh and hold him accountable on the back of his remarks by accusing the members of the conference, pointing out that the Chairman of the Committee legislative conference between the Alaadh absent from the presence of more than eight sessions , which allows members of Congress to vote on dropping its membership by Regulation Interior of the Conference .

It is noteworthy that the Libyan General National Congress voted , mid – September , to lift the immunity of Touati Alaadh the two others , to appear before the public prosecutor for investigation on charges of ” defamation and slander ” , made ​​by the MB party against them , “Justice and construction.”

Touati Alaeidah the channel Libya first says

“Killed in Benghazi are the rule, and the Brotherhood was Kevin Aajphm of
Even relax murder of the old army leadership and Icomo establishment
National Guard and Army continued their.”

Burqa now

Member of the National Congress General Touati Alaadh shortly before the channel Libya first out copy of the Koran on the air and divided by faith

and the Koran on the sincerity of each Mega him previously, adding that the conference does not govern any part of the country and that “militias”

are judged and that the injustice and abuses misses limit .

Grove Touati professes says
Word now : Touati Alaadh of the vows to reveal a lot of crimes and abuses carried out by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, as he put it
And comment on the dropping membership to the General National Congress became the only conference Brothers .

1 – National Congress less than bad .
2 – suggested the formation of the power to protect the Congress and the government, but rejected the idea .
3 – to prevent the live broadcast of the conference sessions to prevent the broadcast of scandals
4 – voted by a majority of more than 120 members to move the hearings to the white resolution was rejected .
5 – man does not die minus -day life and pause Ezz
6 – Supporters of Sharia national people and I call on them the application of Islamic law .
7 – Multi Photo blackmail members of Congress and the government has heard real ourself to a member who has been an act
8 – The solution is to bring down the National Congress and hold early elections
9 – Al-Qaeda militants and their presence fact working on the destruction of Libya and are seeking to stop the universities and life in LIBYA

(I SAY BAAA to both sides and bring back PEOPLE’S POWER! THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!)
Touati Alaadh the channel Libya Tv:

In serious information which he confirmed his previous statements regarding the kidnapping and torture of members and photographed in breach of conditions and abrasive for modesty and mentioned by name in battalion base Mitiga he has and apostasy information that in the past two days may have been kidnapped another member ,
He also said that what is happening now from the abduction of girls and try to intimidate them to block off the street and what happens to kill and assassinate the whole of making militant groups and al-Qaida and its purpose provocation to ask for a helping hand from the west, which is a key player in blocking composition of the army and police ,
Also stressed the need to dissolve the National Conference and the use of a crisis government runs the country while preparing the constitution , describing it as a reason it has reached Libya from the ruins and that its continuation would lead the country to the abyss.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Touati Alaadh the : –

Who have kidnapped and photographing members of the National Congress are a base Ameitaiqa group?

“Before you, you see the solution to the free majority who rose up against the NATO mercenaries “…

Arise from slumber km

The withdrawal of confidence from a member of the General National Congress , ” Touati
Alaeidah ” , now with 132 votes , by reason remarks
Multi striptease .

(Urgent Salem al – Obeidi)
Source of General Allaotunai Congress confirms channel Libya that some members of the international General Allaotunai Congress

today filed a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister on the inventory Zaidane.



Quoting logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !!
Abdel Mawla Abdel Mawla

Oh good people call me now a friend and he told me that his cousin-old 19 years has been hijacked yesterday next to an Quiche

a resident of Buildings Quiche next to mail and kidnappers armed group traveling in a white Toyota type Luba and on the door

back Astkir Allam independence and disaster was kidnapped in front of people and it strongly arms.
For those who have any useful information about the kidnapping or Ha do not know or suspected hijackers including the kidnapping.

Please call 0927141039 and God does not waste the reward of the best work.

Middle East – Tripoli

Libya .. Abu Ghraib scandal is repeated against officials in the government and parliament

While standing constitutional and executive branches in Libya on the cusp of a new scandal involving blackmail senior officials across photographed in situations of breach of etiquette , 15 soldiers were killed yesterday and five others were wounded in the latest and deadliest attack of its kind against the forces of the Libyan army . The sources said a Libyan official said that «the point of stationing National Army Brigade second pedestrian area and شتاتة , more than 100 kilometers south-east of the Libyan capital Tripoli has been at dawn yesterday to an attack by unidentified gunmen killed twenty soldiers were killed or wounded » .
The Libyan sources quoted witnesses that the incident bore the imprint of al or extremist group , pointing out that the perpetrators grown after soldiers killed according to the novel some of the soldiers who survived the accident, which is the deadliest of its kind against an official military forces . The director of the hospital Tarhuna General Abdul Wahab Abdul Qader arrival of 15 bodies of victims of the accident to the hospital , while the news agency said , local public prosecutor came to the hospital and inspected the bodies and ordered to transmit them to the Tripoli Medical Center , and was transferred five cases that was hit were injured to a hospital Sbaah for treatment. Following the incident , the road was closed link between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid fully in front of movement between the two cities . Colonel Ali said Shi chi , a spokesman for the Presidency of the pillars of the Libyan army , five cars attacked gate shall protect the army or Mataro her dead , pointing to send military units and more than a plane to search and reconnaissance and hunt the perpetrators . He said in his statement yesterday « to now we can not charge anyone, but certainly of offenders who are trying to send a message to young people not to join the army .. This process is purely a terrorist do not want the good and stability of the country .
Officials did not say who is responsible for the incident , noting that Islamic groups are active in the absence of a strong central government , and the Libyan armed forces are not able to fully establish security . And pledged to the presidency of the General Staff of the army to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice , as seen in a statement that these cowardly acts aimed at undermining security and sedition . The statement urged Libyan citizens in the areas adjacent to the scene to help the military forces in the arrest of criminals, and called on every citizen has the information that the arrested because submit them to the military authorities in the region.
He denounced the local chambers and the Shura Council in Bani Walid what they called the attack cowardly , and asked the state should assume their responsibilities through the activation of the army and the police, and the investigation into the incident to uncover the truth . And Mohammed Al Da’aki , Security Coordinator Council of Bani Walid, that the National Security Directorate, declared a state of emergency, and it is in permanent session with the rest of the city’s security apparatus .
He also announced two chambers , military and local Shura Council of Elders and the city of Tarhuna three days of mourning in the city, the martyrs of the army , and demanded a declaration of public mourning in Libya on the lives of the soldiers who represent all Libyan cities and regions . And exposed the Libyan security forces regularly attacks especially in the east of the country , while the authorities have failed to establish army and professional police , as they did not succeed in the arrest of those responsible for these attacks , which have contributed in giving armed militias feeling that they get away with it , and it is , which holds the Security Affairs in the country.

In Benghazi yesterday assassinated Ali Abdullah wig Doi , head of retired officers of the Libyan army , after it was launched by unidentified gunmen shot as he emerged from one of the cafes . The Colonel Abdullah Al – Zaidi , the spokesman for the joint security room , that the victim was part of the forces Thunderbolt has retired some time ago, but did not expose any other circumstances .
Furthermore, in what appeared to be an unprecedented scandal at all, said Alaadh Touati , a member of the National Congress and former president of the National Security Committee , said that gangs and militias control the capital Tripoli. He said in remarks to the channel « Libya first » Thursday evening « There are people responsible in the state of members of Congress and the government and others do them as he did in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq , has strip them and photographed and humiliated by militias . It was not immediately possible to contact the Attorney – Libi, who he reportedly currently visiting the Egyptian capital , while close to him told Al – Sharq al – Awsat , he feared an assassination operation or physical liquidation after his sudden and controversial .
الشرق الأوسط – طرابلس

ليبيا.. فضيحة أبو غريب تتكرر ضد مسؤولين في الحكومة والبرلمان

بينما تقف السلطتان الدستورية والتنفيذية في ليبيا على أعتاب فضيحة جديدة تتعلق بابتزاز كبار المسؤولين الرسميين عبر تصويرهم في أوضاع مخلة للآداب، لقي 15 جنديا مصرعهم أمس وأصيب خمسة آخرين في أحدث وأعنف هجوم من نوعه ضد قوات الجيش الليبي. وقالت مصادر ليبية رسمية إن «نقطة تمركز للجيش الوطني التابعة للواء الثاني مشاة بمنطقة وشتاتة على بعد أكثر من 100 كيلو متر جنوب شرقي العاصمة الليبية طرابلس قد تعرضت فجر أمس إلى هجوم من قبل مسلحين مجهولين أسفر عن سقوط عشرين جنديا ما بين قتيل وجريح».
ونقلت مصادر ليبية عن شهود عيان أن الحادث يحمل بصمة تنظيم أو جماعة متطرفة، لافتة إلى أن الجناة كبروا عقب قتل الجنود وفقا لرواية بعض الجنود الذين نجوا من الحادث الذي يعتبر الأعنف من نوعه ضد قوات عسكرية رسمية. وأكد مدير مستشفى ترهونة العام عبد الوهاب عبد القادر وصول 15 جثة من ضحايا الحادث إلى المستشفى، فيما قالت وكالة الأنباء المحلية إن النيابة العامة حضرت إلى المستشفى وعاينت الجثث وأمرت بإحالتها إلى مركز طرابلس الطبي، كما تم تحويل الحالات الخمس التي أصيبت بجروح متفاوتة إلى مستشفى السبيعة لتلقي العلاج. وإثر الحادث، تم إغلاق الطريق الرابط بين مدينتي ترهونة وبني وليد بالكامل أمام حركة التنقل بين المدينتين. وقال العقيد علي ا لشي خي، الناطق باسم رئاسة أركان الجيش الليبي، إن خمس سيارات هاجمت بوابة يتولى حمايتها الجيش وأ مطرو ها بالرصاص، مشيرا إلى إرسال وحدات عسكرية وأكثر من طائرة للبحث والاستطلاع ومطاردة الجناة. وأضاف في تصريحات له أمس «إلى الآن لا نستطيع توجيه الاتهام لأي جهة، لكن بالتأكيد الجناة من الذين يحاولون إرسال رسالة للشباب بعدم الالتحاق بالجيش.. هذه عملية إرهابية بحتة لا تريد الخير والاستقرار للبلاد».
ولم يذكر مسؤولون من هو المسؤول عن الحادث، علما بأن جماعات إسلامية تنشط في غياب حكومة مركزية قوية، والقوات المسلحة الليبية غير قادرة على إرساء الأمن بشكل كامل. وتعهدت رئاسة الأركان العامة للجيش بملاحقة الجناة وتقديمهم للعدالة، كما اعتبرت في بيان لها أن هذه الأعمال الجبانة هدفها زعزعة الأمن وإثارة الفتنة. وحث البيان المواطنين الليبيين في المناطق المجاورة لمكان الحادث على مساعدة القوات العسكرية في القبض على المجرمين، ودعت كل مواطن لديه معلومات تفيد في القبض عليهم لأن يتقدم بها إلى الجهات العسكرية في المنطقة.
واستنكر المجلسان المحلي والشورى بمدينة بني وليد ما وصفاه بالاعتداء الجبان، وطالبا الدولة بضرورة تحمل مسؤولياتها من خلال تفعيل الجيش والشرطة، والتحقيق في الواقعة لكشف الحقيقة. وقال محمد الدعيكي، منسق الشؤون الأمنية بمجلس بني وليد، إن مديرية الأمن الوطني أعلنت حالة الطوارئ، وأنها في انعقاد دائم مع باقي الأجهزة الأمنية بالمدينة.
كما أعلن المجلسان المحلي والعسكري ومجلس الحكماء والشورى بمدينة ترهونة الحداد ثلاثة أيام في المدينة على شهداء الجيش، وطالبوا بإعلان الحداد العام في ليبيا على أرواح الجنود الذين يمثلون كل المدن والمناطق الليبية. وتتعرض قوات الأمن الليبية بانتظام لهجمات خصوصا في شرق البلاد، فيما فشلت السلطات في تأسيس قوات جيش وشرطة محترفة، كما أنها لم تنجح في توقيف المسؤولين عن هذه الهجمات، مما أسهم في إعطاء الميليشيات المسلحة الشعور بأنها تفلت من العقاب، وأنها هي التي تتولى شؤون الأمن في البلاد.

وفي بنغازي اغتيل أمس علي عبد الله ا لمه دوي، رئيس عرفاء متقاعد من الجيش الليبي، بعدما أطلق عليه مسلحون مجهولون النار لدى خروجه من أحد المقاهي. وأوضح العقيد عبد الله الزايدي، الناطق الرسمي باسم الغرفة الأمنية المشتركة، أن المغدور كان من ضمن قوات الصاعقة وقد تقاعد منذ فترة، لكنه لم يفضح عن أي ملابسات أخرى.
إلى ذلك، وفي ما بدا أنه بمثابة فضيحة غير مسبوقة على الإطلاق، قال العيضة التواتي، عضو المؤتمر الوطني والرئيس السابق للجنة الأمن القومي، إن عصابات وميليشيات تسيطر على العاصمة طرابلس. وأضاف في تصريحات لقناة «ليبيا أولا» مساء أول من أمس «هناك ناس مسؤولة في الدولة من أعضاء المؤتمر والحكومة وغيرهم فعل فيهم كما فعل في سجن أبو غريب من العراق، تمت تعريتهم وتصويرهم وإهانتهم من قبل الميليشيات». ولم يتسن على الفور الاتصال بالنائب الليبي الذي تردد أنه يزور العاصمة المصرية حاليا، فيما قال مقربون منه لـ«الشرق الأوسط»، إنه يخشى تعرضه لعملية اغتيال أو تصفية جسدية عقب تصريحاته المفاجئة والمثيرة للجدل.



Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

You may have to contact the Prime Minister ‘s Office on the question tendentious and false rumors on the subject of cutting

through the pilgrims and lose by stealing the bus and all the passengers that the more than 100 pilgrims with their money and 3 thousand dollars as Zamo ! ! !
P has been answered us that the author , who have been stealing phone and some money from the driver car ” كنتر ” who deliver the excess baggage that the bus could not filed due to load ! ! !
As for amounts to 3 thousand dollars has been NFO that the government has allocated for these sums and pilgrims this Nude health.

When asked about the place and located ; in the local council has said Gharyan told them in Rishvana , did not mention the selection does not place and time! ! !



The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

Was held on Sunday morning , the military ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs of duty sixteen of the national army who were assassinated by treachery and treason , they are guarding the home ground at the gate ” Maltese ” area of and Sheta six located between the cities of Tarhuna and Bani Walid .

And attended the memorial ceremony , and Mr. Defense Minister , ” Abdullah bending “ and Chief of General Staff of the Libyan army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi ,” and a number of Libyan army officers and families of the martyrs and a crowd of citizens.

And the Secretary of Defense awarded “Abdullah bending ” , these men martyrs of God, pure and that their lives were a scapegoat for the safety and security of Libya.

And stressed , ” Abdullah bending ” in his speech at the memorial ceremony , the Ministry of Defense is moving forward in building its military , and the national army to protect the homeland and the citizen .

For his part , the President of the General Staff of the National Army , ” Jadallah al – Obeidi “ in his speech during the memorial ceremony , condolences to the members of the national army and the families of the martyrs who have joined convoys of martyrs of the revolution of February 17 . (FAKE “REVOLUTION”)

And said, ” Dadullah ,” Today we are satisfied and decree of Allaah , hearts possesses her sadness at parting our sons who were killed treacherously at the hands of the criminals who wreak mischief in the land , these men who have joined the ranks of the Libyan army in order to defend the homeland , and the protection of their people, Muslim , was the reward is to extend to them

the hand of treachery that you do not want security and stability of the homeland.

He stressed that these killers treacherous criminals will not escape the hand of justice , and whatever they do will not Atnon to proceed with the construction of our military and our nation .

About the heinous crime that took place in Maltese gate

This heinous crime is not Aarza her Muslim nor acceptable at all how those who accept them God said { And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein , and the wrath of God upon him, and prepared for him a great punishment } said peace be upon him in his farewell address in an interview with Ibn Abi reel said { …… What day is this said we Allah and his Messenger know said: he remained silent until we thought it his names-sake otherwise be named , said { Alice Day of Sacrifice } ? We said Yes, O Messenger of Allah ! Said { the your blood and money } Mohammed said and I think he and honor are Shame on you as sacred as this day in your country that in this month of yours and Stlqon Lord Fasalkm for your business is not Trdjan after me infidels { or astray } beat one another’s necks of some , but to reach the witness absent perhaps some informing him be dare him from some of the hearing and then said not reached } Narrated by Muslim
In an interview narrated by Imam Ahmed { still a believer in the expanse of religion unless it pours blood haram }
{ Said the first thing eliminated among the people on the Day of Resurrection in the blood } …
Then comes after all of the claims of Islam and kill unabated Those who flaunts these killers criminals spoilers in the ground but ran on their hearts and أعميت insight they do not see, and underestimated the pains of God and Oaidh lured by lower Vvst them lust for murder and bloodshed infallible I forbade the Prophet peace be upon him for institutes killed even if he is Muslim, let alone a Muslim prayer and pray testifies that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
Whatever is actors and Atjahthm , the Snaahm This represents Elaaruahhm a stinking despicable and malicious hands stained
Each of their actions innocent Muslim
When we deny this heinous crime reject direct any toes charge to the city of Bani Walid good people by opportunists who have other purposes in the strife and Gerhavan these crimes swept across Libya and Bani Walid , like other cities of Libya infect their afflictions and undergo what defects matter
It also deny the closure of the road to the general public in the city The city where patients and those with other conditions who have dates in Mschkiet Tripoli
But we turn our charge to this state Almtfaragh and that did not put an end to these crimes after
Has yet to reach to the masterminds and perpetrators of these crimes There is no power except God Almighty

Convicted …..

Why Bani Walid …..?

Is it owns answer is sufficient and satisfactory to all Maihdt of rallying public opinion against Bani Walid …

knowing that there was no any evidence sufficient Taatpt involvement Bin Walid in Alhadth …

was that the distal and proximal knows that the gate is located within the administrative boundaries of Tarhounah … ?

Why close the road leading to bin Walid did not shut down the road to Tarhuna ..???

All channels and pages of the Web did not address the Tarhounah … as much as mentioned to Bani Walid.
Where lies the flaw ….???

Abdul Salam Zubaydah



Bani Walid is under siege for the ninth time in two years

There is no power except God Almighty

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

For the second day in a row militias belonging to shield Libya are closing by Bani Walid _ Tarhuna and prevent residents from using the road and you Barjallm forcing some of the behavior of other ways double take hours to get to Tripoli
Semi-government and the National Congress turn a blind eye on the subject as if they were carrying versatile city population of approximately 100 thousand inhabitants fault what happened takfiri militia assault on the Libyan Army soldiers yesterday in Maltese gate
It should also be noted that some of the elders and the elders of the city of Tarhuna had yesterday, opening the way for a couple of hours to come to a set of armor to Libya and re – closed again
So call on everyone to assume their responsibilities and rein in the militias that lock the way .

And convicted

Bani Walid surrounded again been shut down all Almnavd leading to the city were closed and blockaded by the Shield Libya, and young people are stationed on all axes of the city, seems to be threading the conspiracy hatched again and there are those who seek behind Bani Walid .. But tell them that the Bani Walid largest of you and will continue to tall Bohllaha the will not be able to Tercona, Loya Kabylie and Rafla in various regions of Libya moved so as not to develop this command does not allow for the decision and that the repeated massacres on our city,,,

When and Gedo tribes Come dam impregnable against their plans , which shameful
. Have begun the process of striking in some tribes
. Atbhoa O wise Bani Walid and wise Tarhuna
There is a conspiracy to fall between you and your neighbors by corrupt .. Them from Allah what they deserve

عندما وجدو القبائل هيا السد المنيع ضد مخططاتهم التى يندى لها الجبين
. بدأو فى عملية ضرب القبائل فى بعض
. اتبهوا يا عقلاء بنى وليد وعقلاء ترهونة
فهناك مؤامرة تحاك للوقوع بينكم وبين جيرانكم من قبل الفاسدين.. عليهم من الله ما يستحقون

بنت الوادي

Dr. Yusuf Shakir expose the conspiracy hatched on the city of Bani Walid ..10/05/2013

In Depth

Despite the fact that the murder of the officers is heartbreaking and painful
However , Alondal of Aaaoson of sedition and spreading rumors
We did not open a page only to be to show the right for the first Bani Walid , Libya Second .. Without Bani Walid , we were not in Libya mother ..

To fools who Athblon on the Bani Walid ..
Why do we kill officers of the gate ?
– Some of our children and our children ‘s Tarhunah our neighbors and the rest of the sons of the areas that describe the color b buzzing L. .. So why kill them .. This is the logic of response we want revenge !
– The second thing when your use Resolution No. 7 excuse us , and the process was respond revenge Ok why kill those who did not participate in the Implementation of the decision not released .. Originally that we will not target just the gate !
– The third to Dzmana that we are actors and thus be bandits no morals us .. When he did not steal their possessions of weapons , vehicles and ammunition ?
– It is important fourth
Why Nnfd not only as dawn operation which ran out of the U.S. Special Forces operation arrested a senior al-Qaeda ? ?
Is it to cover up , for example? ! !

Why did not you see you ‘re talking about nearly 200 officers who were liquidated within two years ? Or the 4 , 6 and 3 soldiers who were eliminated from near Sirte at the hands of al – Qaeda ?
Or for those soldiers in the Green Mountain Gateway ?
Or … Or ! ?

Enough ridiculous .. It is no longer a Asedkkm

Bani Walid lived a stumbling block against the militias access to the pyramid of power

Great Rafla | Great Werfalla

The Soldier martyrs of Maltese Gate, Tarhounah

Photos of the martyrs , God willing , elements of the Libyan army brigade Deliberation
Libyan National Army elements of the Second Brigade of the Tripoli Military Region , which were targeted gate ” Maltese ” of the city Tarhuna God accept them mercy and Mark Gardens mole resting place I am God and to Him we return
Par: agency Wadi Dinar newsletter . Valley Agency Dinar News
Photos: 14

صور الشهداء باذن الله من عناصر الجيش الليبي اللواء التاني (14 photos)


عناصر الجيش الوطني الليبي من اللواء الثاني التابع للمنطقة العسكرية طرابلس اللذين تم استهدافهم ببوابة ” المالطي ” التابعة لمدينة ترهونة اللهم تقبلهم برحمتك واجعل مثواهم جنات الخلد انــــا لله وانــــا اليــه راجعـــــون


A little while ago : Green Hospital , the arrival of wounded absolutely random at the airport bridge.
A little while ago : Bridge Airport Road , Airport Road, an armed group based indiscriminate firing and injured citizens in their cars .

For you, God …
To sedition publishers and hate and predators and Rafla tribe and the city of Bani Walid ….
Foolish apathy the not cure these diseases ….

The work treacherous that was displayed today [yesterday] at gate Maltese (and Sheta Te ) ( M Rashrash ) which is located 20 kilometers south of Tarhuna and forty kilometers north of Bani Walid any located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Tarhuna , to Orvlh and Bani Walid including two martyrs mercy of God all of us, and may they were all within the city of Bani Walid during the last period and did not affect the stock one on the contrary, they had many friends and loved ones inside the city and became and still fellow others live among the people of Bani Walid, and that is attacking members of the national army attack them everywhere of the homeland and Akadoa are unidentified and who does not want to build the army and the police is trying to divert them in various ways throughout the nation and is almost unknown, but rushing to catch a charge on the city of Bani Walid is another chapter of the chapters of this agenda, which is almost kill this country and sends it to the abyss , and not around and no power but from God ….

Information Office of Bani Walid


COC for the expulsion of the President of the National Congress Nouri Abu arrows and his deputy Almkhozom and MP Ibrahim witnessed the ceremony

Tappin martyrs camp of Saladin by the families and the families of the soldiers and officers who have fallen fire treachery yesterday while performing

their national duty gate Maltese located between the city of Tarhuna and the city of Bani Walid.

(Valley girl)

Of contribution has

Hello my brother , the addicted please publish this speech .. Dear brothers who died today at the gate are a people of the national army are working and guarding the road in order to pay for feeding their families nothing , mostly from Bani Walid and Tarhuna had their positions in Bani Walid war with Misratah
Aloraval participated in the defense of Bani Walid The group Tarhuna contented themselves with neutrality and stand up against unjust war on Bani Walid Believe me , brothers of killed today congregation Lord have mercy on the Muslim Brotherhood and militias Asswehly and Aldhirua to create sedition , they want to create strife by Prime Tarhuna Military Brotherhood Vhdhiroa this liar because he claimed the briefs and requests from Bani Walid extradition , he said , and of the crime are the Muslim Brotherhood and Aldhirua for the manufacture of a rift between Bani Walid and Tarhuna God O addicted I am sitting from the heart of the event and know small and large Brotherhood do not want to be kept Libya quiet and stable , but they want blood and blood to Aokhaddoa the oil and the people fight with him I hope to publish my widely and O I reached

A picture with his son , survivors of the Maltese gate incident which killed 16 military of Libyan army

Maanda Manicol is God and yes, the agent

(Valley girl)

Killer is al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

I demons Smanm the sitting Mbrdsh the and Lipo Adfuha in Ras Bani Walid is seeking the piece but rather seeks to charm and to burn Libya
Because the Bani Walid and with it all Libyans will not be silenced forever

The Libyan news agency today

Military funeral for the martyrs of the Libyan army .

President of the National Conference Nuri Abusshmin , climb the car after it was expelled from the memorial of the martyrs Salahuddin camp

by the families of soldiers and families of the martyrs:

A number of officials in the military and who attended the funeral today for soldiers who have been targeted by al Qaeda militants

We ask Allah to accept them mercy wide

And I am God and to Him we return:

The deceased ‘s funeral will be held due martyr Hussein Massoud Allotfi birthday today afternoon in a mosque in Nabi Boulkheir

N God but Him we return

Dardanelles satellite channel | Aldardanel TV

The arrival of the body of the martyr Hussein Masoud birthday Lotfy Bani Walid, will be laid to rest this afternoon prayer allatafa cemetery in Bani Walid

I am God and to him we return. …We ask God to yghavrlh and soul
Oh God, forgive him and mercy.
And Akram catarrh.
And wash with water and ice and cold.
And conquer delay of sins and sins and purifies the white dress of impurity.

O the award favors charity.
And disadvantages oops and forgiveness.
God revealed to his grave luminance and light.
And Glade, joy and pleasure.

God sent down the coolness and peace.
Oh God, move it to the mercy of the darkness of the grave.
The light position role and inadequacies.

And of the hillside to his gardens of eternity.
In the Sidr thornless.
Karkur talh and composed.
The elongated.
And water spilled.
And many fruit.
Not broken, not banned.
Brushes and Freehand.
O Lord, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise.
O white face.
And grant writing.
Pleased him.
Lane territory.
And his soul.
And on the right path.

O Lord make it who are on the right path as lightning.
O shaded him under your throne.
Day to keep only your shadow and does not rest until your face.
Nor is anathema to the Holy face.
Longing to meet you.

O gather under the banner of your Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
And the pure water of honest hand. Drinking upright his esophagus.
Then start for any thirst

And the language of intercession massenger.
Oh God, make the great Koran and intercede for him in his grave.
And witnesses him in the afterlife.
The argument of his Lord of the worlds.

O replacing them Dara good circuit and welcome good of his family and enter paradise, I charm him from the torment of the grave and the torment of the fire.
God am working as you are his and not dealing with it.
God am I reward him for charity, charity and forgiveness and pardon abuse.
God that was improved, z of attractions, though the offensive beyond its disadvantages.
God, insert it into the paradise it is not account prior discussion.
God, in unity and in Mademoiselle they thumb their noses at mentioning husband.
God, sent down a House blessed and you’re good houses.
God, sent down by friendly homes and the martyrs and the righteous and those good companion.
God, make my playpen Lark gardens of paradise, and not make it the fire pits.
God has opened the Tomb, extended his sight and lay the grave of paradise.
God am I charm him from the torment of the grave, and dry land on her sides.
God, hoping his grave and light and space.
God, that charity and nearby Fiqh charm alfiber and the torment of fire, and you folks meet and right so forgive him and mercy you oft.
God, that thy servant and the son of thy servant came out of the minimum capacity and his sweethearts and loved ones to the darkness of the grave and what is received.
God, it was seen that there is no God but you, that Muhammad is your servant and Messenger, you know.
O install it when question
O Allah, I beseech you to you divide your you advanced simultaneous and torment him
God, he came down and you are the best menzol and became poor to mercy and you goes on his punishment.
God in his mercy, and your satisfaction and charm relived his grave and the mercy of your torture even send him to paradise, o most merciful.
God, move it from slugs and narrow hillside to the gardens of eternity.
God, protect and esterification on display and not disgrace him on send “day of no benefit and no n transactions of God come to the healthy heart”
God, grant writing and his weight to balance the proven advantages path his feet and bring him in the highest heavens next to your lover wemstavak (PBUH).
God, safe from the horror the day of resurrection and of the Hall on the day of resurrection and make itself safe and reassuring his argument.
God, keep it in the belly of the Tomb reassuring when the certification of security and having your contentment is confident and the higher your score.
God, make the right Nora even send him a reassuring security in Newark.
God, see a look of satisfaction, consider him a look of satisfaction do not torment him never
God rest his soul in heaven and roomy, forgive him and have mercy yarhamn yarhaim and override the learning yaalim.
God, pardon him you that “pardons”
God, it came to your door and very poor with Marai, hard by your pardon and a your honoring that.
God the mercy encompasses all things, mercy mercy rest assured himself and recognized.
God, gather with devotion to Rahman.
God, gathering with the owners of the right and make peace you greet him owners right.
Dress of the skin by saying “eat and drink hnaea what you advanced in days.”
God, make it of who pleased in paradise where the flow as long as the heavens and the Earth.
God does not commend you and we calculate it as safe and good work, make him two gardens with Schwinn right when you said:
“And feared as Rob paradises”
God, the Prophet wemstavak and diplopia gathering under its banner and water from his noble drink sleep do not yzoma after all.
God, make it paradise Mole promised rewarded the kicks and their destiny as they will and the Lord promise and responsible.
God, he patiently scourge did not panic, just a Chester who carry out non-wages calculation
You “are carried out by non-wage expense he describes”
God that was a chapel, fthbenh on the right path day still.
God it was fasting you, insert it into a paradise for Al-Rayyan.
God it was following and listening to your book, the Koran and accompanied mercy of flames, and make it yarhamn
Up in heaven the last verse read or heard and the last character read by
God, guide to every character in the sweetness, so every word the dignity and no happiness in every soorah safety and each part kicks.
God of mercy, that he was a Muslim and forgive him, was a believer.
And insert it into the paradise it was your Prophet certified, allowing it to book your intoned.
God, forgive our neighborhood and our mortal and we have seen and our absent and all and all, we said and anthana.
God, you give life to him from us, I salute to Islam and I take one’s due in full him us, Tove on faith.
God does not deprive us of taxi and not misled, however.
God, have mercy on us if Wattana certainty, and the sweat of our brow, whining and nostalgic mug
God, have mercy on us if everybody gave up on us and we cried the doctor, beloved and abandoned us near and strange

وصول جثمان الشهيد حسين مسعود ميلاد اللطفي الى بني وليد و سيوارى الثرى صلاة عصر اليوم بمقبرة اللطفة في بني وليدإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون ….نسأل الله أن يغفرله ويرحمه
اللهم اغفر له وارحمه..
واكرم نزله ..
ووسع مدخله..
واغسله بالماء والثلج والبرد..
ونقه من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض من الدنس..اللهم جازه بالحسنات إحسانا..
وبالسيئات عفواً وغفرانا..
اللهم أنزل على قبره الضياء والنور..
والفسحة والفرح والسرور..اللهم أنزل عليه بردا وسلاما..
اللهم انقله برحمتك من عتمة القبور..
إلى نور وسعة الدور والقصور…ومن ضيق اللحود الى جناتك جنات الخلود ..
في سدر مخضود..
وطلح منضود..
وظل ممدود..
وماء مسكوب..
وفاكهة كثيرة..
لا مقطوعة ولا ممنوعة..
وفرش مرفوعة ..
اللهم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ..
اللهم بيض وجهه..
ويمّن كتابه..
ويسر حسابه..
وليّن ترابه..
وطيب ثراه..
وثبته على الصراط..اللهم اجعله ممن يمرون على الصراط كالبرق الخاطف..
اللهم اظله تحت ظل عرشك..
يوم لاظل إلاّ ظلك ولا باقٍ إلاّ وجهك..
ولا تحرمه النظر إلى وجهك الكريم..
والشوق إلى لقائك..اللهم احشره تحت لواء نبيك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم..
واسقه من يده الشريفة الطاهرة.. شربة هنيئة مريئة..
لايظمئ بعدها أبدا..وبلغه شفاعة الحبيب المصطفى..
اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم شفيعا له في قبره..
وشاهدا له في الآخرة..
وحجة له يارب العالمين..اللهم ابدله دارا خيرا من داره واهلا خيرا من اهله وادخله الجنة واعذه من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب النار .
اللـهـم عاملة بما انت اهله ولا تعامله بما هو اهله .
اللـهـم اجزه عن الاحسان إحسانا وعن الأساءة عفواً وغفراناً.
اللـهـم إن كان محسناً فزد من حسناته , وإن كان مسيئاً فتجاوز عن سيئاته .
اللـهـم ادخله الجنة من غير مناقشة حساب ولا سابقة عذاب .
اللـهـم اّنسه في وحدته وفي وحشته وفي غربته.
اللـهـم انزله منزلاً مباركا وانت خير المنزلين .
اللـهـم انزله منازل الصديقين والشهداء والصالحين وحسن اولئك رفيقا .
اللـهـم اجعل قبره روضة من رياض الجنة ,ولا تجعله حفرة من حفر النار .
اللـهـم افسح له في قبره مد بصره وافرش قبره من فراش الجنة .
اللـهـم اعذه من عذاب القبر ,وجاف ِالارض عن جنبيها .
اللـهـم املأ قبره بالرضا والنور والفسحة والسرور.
اللـهـم إنه فى ذمتك وحبل جوارك فقه فتنة الفبر وعذاب النار , وانت أهل الوفاء والحق فاغفر له وارحمه انك انت الغفور الرحيم.
اللـهـم انه عبدك وابن عبدك خرج من الدنيا وسعته ومحبوبيه وأحبائه إلي ظلمة القبر وماهو لاقته .
اللـهـم انه كان يشهد أنك لا إله الا انت وأن محمداً عبدك ورسولك وانت اعلم به.
اللهم ثبته عند السؤال
اللهم انا نتوسل بك اليك ونقسم بك عليك ان ترحمه ولا تعذبه
اللـهـم انه نَزَل بك وأنت خير منزول به واصبح فقير الي رحمتك وأنت غني عن عذابه .
اللـهـم اّته برحمتك ورضاك وقه فتنه القبر وعذابه و أّته برحمتك الامن من عذابك حتي تبعثه إلي جنتك يا أرحم الراحمين .
اللـهـم انقله من مواطن الدود وضيق اللحود إلي جنات الخلود .
اللـهـم إحمه تحت الارض واستره يوم العرض ولا تخزه يوم يبعثون “يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون إالا من أتي الله بقلب سليم”
اللـهـم يمن كتابه ويسر حسابه وثقل بالحسنات ميزانه وثبت علي الصراط اقدامه واسكنه في اعلي الجنات بجوار حبيبك ومصطفاك (صلي الله عليه وسلم) .
اللـهـم اّمنه من فزع يوم القيامة ومن هول يوم القيامة وأجعل نفسه أّمنة مطمئنة ولقنه حجته .
اللـهـم اجعله في بطن القبر مطمئن وعند قيام الاشهاد أمن وبجود رضوانك واثق وإلي أعلي درجاتك سابق .
اللـهـم اجعل عن يمينه نوراً حتي تبعثه اّمنً مطمئن في نور من نورك .
اللـهـم انظر اليه نظرة رضا فإن من تنظر إليه نظرة رضا لا تعذبه ابداً
اللـهـم أسكنه فسيح الجنان واغفر له يارحمن وارحم يارحيم وتجاوز عما تعلم ياعليم .
اللـهـم اعفو عنه فإنك القائل “ويعفو عن كثير”
اللـهـم انه جاء ببابك وأناخ بجنابك فَجْد عليه بعفوك وإكرامك وجود إحسانك .
اللـهـم إن رحمتك وسعت كل شيء فارحمه رحمة تطمئن بها نفسه وتقر به عينه .
اللـهـم احشره مع المتقين إلي الرحمن وفداً .
اللـهـم احشره مع اصحاب اليمين واجعل تحيته سلام لك من أصحاب اليمين .
اللـهـم بشره بقولك “كلوا واشربوا هنئياً بما أسلفتم في الايام الخالية” .
اللـهـم اجعله من الذين سعدوا في الجنة خالدين فيها مادامت السموات والارض .
اللـهـم لا نزكيه عليك ولكنا نحسبه انه اّمن وعمل صالحاً فاجعل له جنتين ذواتي أفنان بحق قولك:
“ولمن خاف مقام ربه جنتان”
اللـهـم شفع فيه نبينا ومصطفاك واحشره تحت لوائه واسقه من يده الشريفة شربة هنيئة لا يظمأ بعدها ابداُُ .
اللـهـم اجعله في جنة الخلد التي وعد المتقون كانت جزاءً ومصيراُ لهم ما يشاءون وكان علي ربك وعداُ ومسئولاً .
اللـهـم إنه صبر علي البلاء فلم يجزع فامنحه درجة الصابرين الذين يوفون اجورهم بغير حساب
فإنك القائل ” إنما يوفي الصابرون أجرهم بغير حساب ”
اللـهـم انه كان مصلي لك ,فثبنه علي الصراط يوم تزل الاقدام .
اللـهـم انه كان صائم لك , فأدخله الجنة من باب الريان.
اللـهـم انه كان لكتابك تالي وسامع فشفع فيه القراّن وارحمه من النيران ,واجعله يارحمن
يرتقي في الجنة إلي اّخر اّية قرأها أو سمعها وأخر حرف تلاه
اللـهـم ارزقه بكل حرف في القراّن حلاوة , وبكل كلمة كرامة وبكل اّية سعادة وبكل سورة سلامة وبكل جْزءٍ جَزاءً .
اللـهـم ارحمه فانه كان مسلم واغفر له فانه كان مؤمنً.
وادخله الجنه فانه كان بنبيك مصدقً وسامحه فانه كان لكتابك مرتل.
اللـهـم اغفر لحينا وميتنا وشاهدنا وغائبنا وصغيرنا وكبيرنا وذَكّرنَا وأنثانا .
اللـهـم من أحييته منا فأحيه علي الاسلام ومن توفيته منا فتوفه علي الايمان .
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا أجره ولا تضللنا بعده .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اتانا اليقين ,وعرق منا الجبين ,كشر الانين والحنين
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا يئس منا الطبيب ,وبكي علينا الحبيب وتخلي عنا القريب والغريب
وارتفع النشيج والنحيب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا اشتدت الكربات وتوالت الحسرات واطبقت الروعات وفاضت العبرات ,
وتكشفت العورات وتعطلت القوي والقدرات .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا بلغت التراقي وقيل من راق وتأكدت فجيعة الفراق للأهل والفراق
وقد حَمً القضاء فليس من واق
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا حملنا علي الاعناق ألي ربك يومئذ المساق وداعا ابديا للدور الاسواق والاقلام
والاوراق الي من تذل له الجباه والاعناق .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا ورينا التراب وغلقت القبور والابواب وانقض الاهل والاحباب فإذا الوحشة والوحدة وهول الحساب .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا فارقنا النعيم وانقطع النسيم وقيل ماغرك بربك الكريم
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا أقمنا للسؤال وخاننا المقال ولم ينفع جاه ولامال ولا عيال وقد حال الحال وليس الاّ فضل الكبير المتعال .
اللـهـم ارحمنا اذا نَسي اسمنا ودَرس رسمنا وأحاط بنا قسمنا ووسعنا .
اللـهـم ارحما اذا اَهملنا فلم يزرنا زائر ولم يذكرنا ذاكر ومالنا من قوة ولا ناصر فلا امل الا في القاهر القادر الغافر يامن اذا وعد وفي , واذا توعد عفا , وشفع يارب فينا حبيبنا المصطفي واجعلنا ممن صفا ووفا وبالله إكتفي يا ارحم الراحمين ياحي يا قيوم يا بديع السموات والارض ياذا الجلال والاكرام .
اللـهـم انه عبدك و ابن عبدك و ابن امتك مات و هو يشهد لك بالوحدانية و لرسولك بالشهادة فأغفر له إنك انت الغفار.
اللـهـم لا تحرمنا اجره ولا تفتنا بعده و اغفر لنا و له و اجمعنا معه في جنات النعيم يا رب العالمين .
اللـهـم انزل علي اهله الصبر والسلوان و ارضهم بقضائك.
اللـهـم ثبتهم علي القول الثابت في الحياه الدنيا وفي الاخره ويوم يقوم الاشهاد.
اللـهـم صلي وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا محمد وعلي اّله وصحبه وسلم إلي يوم الدين

Image of the funeral of the martyr Hussein the birth Allotfi in Bani Walid Mosque Nabi Boulkheir

We ask God to him steadiness when the question

Funeral due martyr Hussein Massoud birthday Allotfi city of Bani Walid mosque Mujahid Abdul Nabi well after that buffeted

the hands of the treachery and treason area Maltese in Tarhounah.

God’s mercy rest in peace and that God and to Him we shall return

(Valley girl)

Image Hajj Ramadan Falcon and the father of the martyr Hussein Falcon to one Mslaty elements of the Libyan army , which buffeted the hands of treachery in the Maltese gate in the city of Tarhuna

Oh God, forgive him and Rahma.

After that they were accused of sympathy and complicity with the people of Bani Walid and after many charges and the hint of being of ” algae ” and that they are of arrows and the remnants of a battalion Emhemed and General 23 booster , suddenly became members of the national army are important and Libyans for the militia shield Libya saluting been closed roads leading to Bani Walid New and prevent even ambulances from traffic and stop the supply of fuel Almdessna …
Military personnel innocent victims including the sons of the city of Bani Walid and we are the first sad and demand punishment of the killers , but the return to the starting point, for that matter was to Bani Walid relationship incident or not, it is important to close the roads and to review the militias and graduates prisons strength on pedestrians and citizens do not be surprised to support the National Congress for happens and issue another resolution repel the city at the behest of the Doha soldiers and Sheikha Mozah ….

Quoting / Bani Walid the tribes and Rafla capital

Militias receive orders from rat  Libya Shield shut down the road , where the final this Almlisheh the digging paved road in the form of a ditch near the Maltese shop .
Hated these days where even trimming the nails cut hair and the big wage is removing something harmful from the road
And ye, dogs shut roads was Non passers
God bless the army guards!

Before half an hour from now force for Central stationed shield
At the gate of the Maltese crawling up factory Alafah and you
B cracking paved road link between the city of Bani Walid and the west of the country
And has returned two ambulances from Bani Walid carrying emergency
Converted to the city of Tripoli, and Jordanian now.

Nah Dardanelles space …:

Urgent # Bani Walid _

Libya Shield militia stationed at the gate Maltese prevent the passage of ambulances from Bani Walid

carrying emergency situations and force them to return to the city




Urgent agency Libya / Ajdabiya – the reporter
Special source confirms the urgent told Libya that the oil port of Zueitina staff decide to create a new board of directors within the company,

has all the powers , followed by the oil ministry in the government of Cyrenaica , headed by Abed Rabbo Barasi .

News Agency – Italy – rebounds – Urgent

Message From ” Ibrahim Aljzeran “ in the name of the political bureau of Cyrenaica
Addressed to the Office of the Italian Foreign Relations , to arrange for a dialogue between the parties, and this translated message ” Mr. Renato Bfallo , and
Is the Commissioner of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Political Bureau tenderly for the purpose of coordination for

Congress delegation includes a representative of Cyrenaica with the authorities



Colonel Abdullah killed Barasi shot dead by unknown assailant.

Abdullah Al-Zaidi said the official spokesman for the joint security room Benghazi, killing pilot Colonel Abdullah Ahmad Zayed Barasi, after shooting by unknown assailants this morning this morning in Benghazi.

This has been said Director of the Information Office of Hospital Hawari Fadya of Benghazi for “a country ambience” (NEWSPAPAER) that Barasi died during the operation after a bullet to the left shoulder near the heart.

Referred to Benghazi witness months ago assassination operations officers and security men by unknown assailants.
Colonel pilot died , ” Abdullah Abu Zaid Barasi “ built air base in Benghazi after being shot this morning by unknown assailants in the Hawari area .
A security source said that the anonymous shot ” Barasi “ while he was on his way to his office in built air base , which led directly to his injuries was to

resuscitate him to Galaa Hospital but died of his wounds in the intensive care unit

Assassination Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid, this morning in the Hawari area.

Scroll to the mercy of God, since few pilot Colonel Ahmed Abdullah Bouzid , who was assassinated this morning I am God and to him we shall return ..

Benghazi – Correspondent
Benghazi local council demands that the Government Zaidane new emergency budget of up to one hundred million dinars ,

for the installation of surveillance cameras inside the city’s main streets .
Been thrown ” Gelatina ” near Eye Hospital
Specifically in the market for Vespers .

(Salem al – Obeidi)



And our response now:

– The people of the neighboring Lamamra for five driven Jardan the from their region after the Jardan assassination player and a former officer in the armed forces of the people, “Hussein USTA.”

– Having been expelled these Jardan now gather at the headquarters of as Tepthm object Opposite Agayzana School in nearby Ath entertaining area.

NOTE:  ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD are determined to get rid of all major army personel and officers. They do not want a repeat of what occured n Egypt on 230 JUNE 2013!and they do not want at all that Libya should have a standing army.
They have been performing assassinatins now for weeks, and have a “hit-list” and ofourse ZAIDANE’s government will do NOTHING TO STOP THIS, as it is totally controlled by the MB “JUSTICE & CONSTRUCTION” PARTY through Misurata…with Misurata MB Militias called the “ARMORED SHIELDS”!!! Aswerwally corruption condined 100%++++++



No truth to reports transmitted from explosions to the city of Tobruk
According to a security source to the security room of Tobruk.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



. Valley Agency Dinar News:

Sabha – News

URGENT / dead and wounded in clashes in Sabha, and the city declared a state of emergency.

Sabha now
Mahdia Street shops closed by the residents of the area and parking most of my youth weapons.

Urgent Sabha …

Military vehicle Duckh machine gun fire on two of the Flash and AVI Sons broad babysit one was killed and the other is receiving treatment in the medical center Sabha now

Waiting for details



Our correspondent from the city of Jufrah ..

This Newsflash and I wish you publish And who knows any information it provides us with Beah (((today’s delegation arrived for Ajafrh in the Hun consists of 50 people U.S. and is currently present in the hotel oasis city of Hun))) P íÇŃíĘ who knows anything p topic This provides us with



Post image for MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned vehicles

MoD study sets out how to sell wars to the public: special forces, mercenaries and unmanned



Source: Guardian

The armed forces should seek to make British involvement in future wars more palatable to the public by reducing the public profile of repatriation ceremonies for casualties, according to a Ministry of Defence unit that formulates strategy.

Other suggestions made by the MoD thinktank in a discussion paper examining how to assuage “casualty averse” public opinioninclude the greater use of mercenaries and unmanned vehicles, as well as the SAS and other special forces, because it says losses sustained by the elite soldiers do not have the same impact on the public and press.

The document, written in November 2012 and obtained by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act, discusses how public reaction to casualties can be influenced and recommends that the armed forces should have “a clear and constant information campaign in order to influence the major areas of press and public opinion”.

It says that to support such a campaign the MoD should consider a number of steps, one of which would be to “reduce the profile of the repatriation ceremonies” – an apparent reference to the processions of hearses carrying coffins draped in the union flag that were driven through towns near RAF bases where bodies were brought back.

For four years up to 2011, 345 servicemen killed in action were brought back to RAF Lyneham and driven through Royal Wootton Bassett, in Wiltshire, in front of crowds of mourners. Since then, bodies have been repatriated via RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, with hearses driven through nearby Carterton.

The MoD’s suggestion received a scathing reaction from some families of dead military personnel. Deborah Allbutt, whose husband Stephen was killed in a friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003, described the proposals for repatriation ceremonies as “brushing the deaths under the carpet”.

She said: “They are fighting and giving their lives. Why should they be hidden away? It would be absolutely disgraceful.” Allbutt, with others, gained a landmark ruling this year that relatives of killed or injured soldiers can seek damages under human rights legislation.

The paper, by the MoD’s development, concepts and doctrine centre (DCDC), recommends taking steps to “reduce public sensitivity to the penalties inherent in military operations” and says the ministry should “inculcate an attitude that service may involve sacrifice and that such risks are knowingly and willingly undertaken as a matter of professional judgment”.

The paper amounts to what could be considered a prescient analysis of why the British public and MPs were so reluctant to support an attack on Syria. It also says that in any conflict the MoD should ensure that the reason for going to war is “clearly explained to the public”.

The eight-page paper argues that the military may have come to wrongly believe that the public, and as a result the government, has become more “risk averse” on the basis of recent campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“However, this assertion is based on recent, post-2000 experience and we are in danger of learning false lessons concerning the public’s attitude to military operations,” the paper, which has no named author, adds.

“Historically, once the public are convinced that they have a stake in the conflict they are prepared to endorse military risks and will accept casualties as the necessary consequence of the use of military force.”

To back this up, it cites “robust” public support for earlier conflicts – the Falklands war and operations in Northern Ireland between 1969 and 2007. “In those cases where the public is unconvinced of the relevance of the campaign to their wellbeing they are not prepared to condone military risk and are acutely sensitive to the level of casualties incurred.

“Neither the action in Iraq nor the operations in Afghanistan have enjoyed public support and we are in danger of learning a false lesson from the experience of the last 10 years.”

The report adds: “The public have become better informed and our opponents more sophisticated in the exploitation of the sources of information with the net result that convincing the nation of the need to run military risks has become more difficult but no less essential.”

Among other suggestions that could contend with worries about casualty numbers, the DCDC recommends a major investment in “autonomous systems for unmanned vehicles”, cyber-operations and the increased use of mercenaries, referred to as “contractors”.

Noting that the growth of private security companies has proceeded at a spectacular rate during the past 10 years, it adds: “Neither the media nor the public in the west appear to identify with contractors in the way that they do with their military personnel. Thus casualties from within the contractorised force are more acceptable in pursuit of military ends than those from among our own forces.”

Investing in greater numbers of special forces is also recommended. The paper suggests: “The public appear to have a more robust attitude to SF [special forces] losses.” In a reference to a May 1982 helicopter crash, it says: “The loss of 19 SAS soldiers in a single aircraft accident during the Falklands campaign did not arouse any significant comment.”

An MoD spokesman said: “It is entirely right that we publicly honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and there are no plans to change the way in which repatriation ceremonies are conducted. A key purpose of the development, concepts and doctrine centre is to produce research which tests and challenges established doctrine and its papers are designed to stimulate internal debate, not outline government policy or positions. To represent this paper as policy or a potential shift of policy is misleading.”

Joe Glenton, an anti-war activist and former soldier who spent five months in a military prison after refusing to serve a second tour in Afghanistan, said that lowering the profile of repatriations amounted to “hiding the bodies”.

It had also, effectively, already been underway from several years ago.

“We should recall they switched the route of repatriations from the very high profile Wootton Bassett and started again bringing bodies through RAF Brize Norton. In short, hiding the bodies,” he said.

“The public rightly is averse to young soldiers being maimed or wounded, and averse to dusty foreign adventures.”

Christopher Dandeker, a professor of military sociology at King’s College London, said that the issues raised in the paper were timely as the public had recently shown that they were unconvinced by what political elites wanted to do in relation to the use of force in Syria. It also made sense that the military would pay greater attention to the role of military families, who were becoming “a more politically active, questioning independent stakeholder in the military community”.

Ahmed Jehani / El Libya’s representative to the Criminal Court:

Lance Libya is not among the names formally requested his name is not included in the Interpol’s wanted list and therefore process captured in this way is called a Chtta Fa legally and formally violation of Libya’s sovereignty


Statement of the Government Zaidane Bkhbayan the government Zidane on Abu Anas Allibasos Abu Anas Libyan:

Urgent agency Libya / son ” Abu Anas , ” my father was kidnapped by Libyan Tripoli

Confirmed ” Abdullah Alriqiei ” son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” that his father was kidnapped they were talking with a Libyan accent circulating in Tripoli , he said.
The ” Alriqiei Son ” speaking in an interview via Nabaa news channel this afternoon and described kidnappers Palmltmin the who Hahmoua car

his father upon his return from the dawn prayer and took him to an unknown location.

Pentagon confirms that the process is carried out by commandos in Tripoli was in coordination with the Libyan government and the Libyan government denies it.
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / ابن “ابو أنس ” من خطف ابي ليبيون ـ طرابلس
FB VIDEO:أكد “عبد الله الرقيعي” ابن “أبو أنس الليبي” أن من خطف اباه كانوا يتحدثون بلهجة ليبية متداولة في طرابلس على حد قوله.
وكان “الرقيعي الأبن” يتحدث في لقاء عبر قناة النباء الأخبارية ظهر اليوم ووصف الخاطفين بالملثمين الذي هاحموا سيارة والده لدى عودته من صلاة الفجر واقتادوه إلى مكان مجهول .
Abdullah honest Alriqiei son impartially Alriqiei or  Abu Anas al – Libi , which the U.S. government announced they arrested him , he now says
On the news channel that the group that had the arrest of his father is a Libyan American , not a two cars and a bus and زجاجها opaque andwithout plates.
Six o’clock in the morning . And let us know the henchmen first and breaking the glass of his car .

A member of the National Conference [who is also on the U.S. Wanted List] General Mohammed Bo Sidra:

“That exposed our children have been kidnapped and alienation across the seas. This calamity, the issue must be resolved

and Abu Anas is now out of the country and will be deported and probably arrived in New York and will be subjected to

questioning and we are now in front of violating the sovereignty and exposing the Libyan citizen to the danger and acted

strangers in our land as they wish.”

Sunday, October 6, 2013 10:44 PM EDT
U.S. Said to Hold Qaeda Suspect on Navy Ship

The accused operative for Al Qaeda seized by United States commandos in Libya over the weekend is being interrogated while in military custody on a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, officials said. He is expected eventually to be sent to New York for criminal prosecution.
The fugitive, known as Abu Anas al-Libi, is seen as a potential intelligence gold mine, possessing perhaps two decades of information about Al Qaeda, from its early days under Osama bin Laden in Sudan to its more scattered elements today.
Abu Anas is being held aboard the U.S.S. San Antonio, a vessel brought in specifically for this mission, officials said.

 Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – An official U.S. source, Sunday, that the leader of al-Qaeda, “Abu Anas al-Libi,” was transferred to a U.S. warship,

after being arrested in Libya special operation carried out by commandos of the elite U.S. Special Forces, known”Delta.”
(Delta Force)


 U.S. source: the arrest of Abu Anas al-Libi, the Libyan government was to know; (but ZAIDANE denies this)!

Arrest ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” : the government describes as kidnapping and others saw as a ” violation of sovereignty ”
Country ambiance – Faraj Garah

Libyan government demanded that the U.S. authorities to provide clarification on the arrest of the citizen ” Abu Anas al – Libi ,” and describing the process as ” kidnapping” in a statement on Sunday.

” International crime ”
He described the former Interior Minister Ashour Hoael process of ” international crime and a violation of the sovereignty of the Libyan ” Regardless of the justification, and a recognition from foreign countries to the inability of the government to extend its influence on the Libyan territory , adding to the atmosphere of a country that, in the event of continuing security situation as it is going to Libya likely ” violations ” of other countries , as he put it .

” Great insult ”
For his part, a researcher at the National Security Affairs Bashir willow for the ambiance of the country that the abduction of a Libyan citizen in his country by the United States is “insulting the major ,” surprising how occur Libya an international crisis in the former regime by refusing to hand over two Libyans accused in the case , ” Lockerbie “; while the arrest of the Libyan citizen by a foreign country like this?

“More congestion ”
National Forces Alliance was considered in a statement today that the attack will lead to more ” tension and negative repercussions ” in light of the proliferation of arms in the country , while impounded figures in the General National Congress from making any particular position .

Media reports have indicated that the United States was arrested on Saturday, the Libyan citizen Nazih Abdul Hamid , alias ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” in the capital Tripoli.

Ali On the Aspli:

Killed and murdered and kidnapped dozens, if not hundreds, supporters did not come out in demonstrations condemning the law, but when he was

arrested named Abu Anas al-Libi!! Apparently he is the only Muslim.

(Valley girl)

Image Source : Official website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

مصدر أمريكي: القبض على أبو أنس الليبي تم بمعرفة الحكومة الليبية

Network NBC NEWS U.S. stresses the unit commandos U.S. implementation of two simultaneous early Saturday morning was the first in Somalia

during which arrested the leader of the youth movement affiliated with al Qaeda , known as “Abu Zubayr ”

The second was in the capital Tripoli targeted through honest Alriqiei known as ” Abu Anas al – Libi ”

Word now :

Libya to help in the arrest of a number of militants wanted by the International Police (Interpol).
Where contribution arrested the Libyan security forces arrest 3 leading radical figures present on Libyan soil and attributed it is a member of the al-Qaeda group .

By statements son ” Abu Anas al – Libi ” on the news channel : –

Mlisheh from Tripoli helped the Special Unit of the U.S. Army in the arrest of Abu Anas al – Libi .

Omar Al – Hurra reporter Touati U.S.

Sources of Alhurra-TV
” Abu Anas al – Libi “ will be transferred to New York # to appear before the court that ” convicted “.

 Commander of backing militias Haytham Tagouris :

Obama will push the personally abducted price of citizen Abu Anas al – Libi . Word forces backing will be thunderously and unexpected.


The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

Global Research, 03 October  2013
THE GLOBALIZATION OF NATO Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Clarity Press (2012) Pages: 411 with complete index Now Available: Order directly from Global Research The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day.
One organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington’s influence in Europe and continue what was actually America’s post-World War II occupation of the European continent.
In 1991 the raison d’être of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO’s moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.
Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism.
Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean.
It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.
These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO’s objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes. The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire.
NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project.
NATO’s globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III.


The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index

Global Research Editor’s Note We bring to the attention of our readers this important and timely book by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). This book analyses in detail the historical evolution of NATO’s post-Cold War mandate and military interventions. T

he author takes the reader across the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia and the Far East, through the “military corridors” of the Atlantic Alliance, the Pentagon and the Washington think tanks, where the new post-Cold War military doctrine of global warfare is decided upon. And from the formulation of military doctrine, Nazemroaya examines NATO’s mandate, its military campaigns, focusing on the geopolitical regions where Global NATO has extended its Worldwide grip.

The book from the outset examines the economic dimension of NATO’s military undertakings, how the latter support the imposition of deadly macroeconomic reforms on sovereign countries. War and globalization are intricately related. Economic globalization under the helm of Wall Street and the IMF is endorsed by a global military agenda.

Nazemroaya explores how dominant economic interests are supported by the “internationalization” of NATO as a military entity, which has extended its areas of jurisdiction from the European-North Atlantic region into new frontiers. “The Globalization of NATO” endorses and sustains the Worldwide imposition of neoliberal economic doctrine. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a man of tremendous courage and conviction. Having lived through the extensive NATO bombing raids of Tripoli at the height of NATO’s humanitarian” war on Libya, the lives of others within his entourage were always more important than his own life.

It is within this frame of mind and commitment, having witnessed firsthand the horrors of NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect”, that upon returning from Libya in September 2011, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya started working relentlessly on his manuscript. While the conclusions of Nazemroaya’s detailed analysis and investigation are by no means optimistic, this globally military agenda can be reversed when people around the world, in the true spirit of internationalism and national sovereignty, join hands in dismantling the NATO killing machine and its corporate sponsors.

That is why this book is an important landmark, a handbook for action. Through commitment, courage and truth at all levels of society, across the land, nationally and internationally, this process of “global militarization” described by Nazemroaya, can be forcefully reversed. At this critical juncture in our history, “the criminalization of war” is the avenue which must be sought, as a means to instating World peace.

Can the objective of World peace be achieved? In the words of former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, read Nazemroaya’s book “before it is too late.”

Michel Chossudovsky, Montreal, October 8, 2012


“The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is simply magnificent, erudite and devoid of the ethnocentrism to which one has become so accustomed from Western authors. The book deals with what doubtless are the most important and relevant issues of the day for all those committed to saving life and protecting Mother Earth from rampant human irresponsibility and crime. There is no other book that, at this particular time, I would most heartily endorse. I think Africans, Near Eastern peoples, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Asians and Europeans generally and all the progressive Latin American countries of today will find a much needed reinforcement and support for their peaceful ideals in this excellent must-read book.”


Foreign Minister of Nicaragua (1979-1990) and President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2008-2009): Managua, Nicaragua.

“We are far away from the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was created and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal stipulating that some state actions can be considered crimes against peace. Nazemroaya’s book, in addition to reminding us that the role of the United Nations has been confiscated by NATO, elaborates the danger that the North Atlantic Treaty represents to world peace.”


Chairman of the United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries (2005-2011): Ferney-Voltaire, France.

“Through carefully documented research, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya analyzes the historical and geopolitical evolution of NATO from the Cold War to the post 9/11 US- led “Global War on Terrorism.” This book is a must read for those committed to reversing the tide of war and imperial conquest by the world’s foremost military machine.”


Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG): Montréal, Canada.

“A very timely book. Yes, US-led NATO is globalizing, like the US-led finance economy. No doubt also for it to protect the latter, the “free market.” It is a classical case of overstretch to help save the crumbling US Empire and Western influence in general, by countries most of whom are bankrupt by their own economic mismanagement. All their interventions share two characteristics. The conflicts could have been solved with a little patience and creativity, but NATO does not want solutions. It uses conflicts as raw material it can process into interventions to tell the world that it is the strongest in military terms. And, with the help of the mainstream media, it sees Hitler everywhere, in a Milosevic, a bin Laden, a Hussein, a Qaddafi, in Assad, insensitive to the enormous differences between all these cases. I hope this book will be read by very, very many who can turn this morbid fascination with violence into constructive conflict resolution.”


Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and Sociology at the University of Oslo and Founder of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO), the Galtung- Institut, and the Transcend Network: Oslo, Norway.

“Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s prolific writings give us a comprehensive understanding of the character of the military thrust and it’s all out, no holds barred STRATEGIC plans and moves to invade, occupy and plunder the resources of nations, inflicting unprecedented barbaric acts on civilian populations. He is one of the prescient thinkers and writers of contemporary times who deserves to be read and acted upon by people with a conscience and concern for humanity’s future.”


Admiral and Chief of the Naval Staff of India (1996-1998): Mumbai, India.

“This is a book really necessary to understanding the role of NATO within the frame of long-term US strategy. The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya not only provides an articulate analysis on the Atlantic Alliance: it is the best modern text devoted to the hegemonic alliance. With this book Nazemroaya reconfirms his ability as a brilliant geopolitical analyst.”


President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences/L’Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG): Rome, Italy.

“Nazemroaya is an unbelievable prolific writer. What has often amazed many is his almost nonstop writing on extremely important issues for the contemporary world and his analysis about the globalization of NATO. What amazes many of us in other parts of the world are his seemingly limitless depth, breadth and the thoroughness of his knowledge that has been repeatedly appearing in his work. We are deeply indebted to Nazemroaya’s humble, tireless and invaluable contributions through his fearless, insightful and powerful writings.”


Editor-in-Chief of The 4th Media and Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University: Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

“The Journalists’ Press Club in Mexico is grateful and privileged to know a man who respects the written word and used it in an ethical way without another interest other than showing the reality about the other side of power in the world. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya gives voice to the “voiceless.” He can see the other side of the moon, the side without lights.”


Mexican Broadcaster and Secretary-General of the Mexican Press Club: Federal District of Mexico City, Mexico.

“With his very well documented analysis, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has conducted a remarkable decryption of the strategies implemented by NATO – in the interests of the United States, the European Union and Israel – to expand its military grip on the world, ensure its control over energy resources and transit routes, and encircling the countries likely to be a barrier or a threat to its goals, whether it be Iran, Russia or China. Nazemroaya’s work is essential reading for those that want to understand what is being played out right now on the map in all the world’s trouble spots; Libya and Africa; Syria and the Middle East; the Persian Gulf and Eurasia.”

SILVIA CATTORI, Swiss political analyst and journalist: Geneva, Switzerland.

The Globalization of NATO

Author: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya ISBN: 978-0-9852710-2-2 Clarity Press Year: 2012 Pages: 411 with complete index



 Shura Renaissance rejects resignation of the government and clings Baltacisa

that before the start of the dialogue in Tunisia

With the Third UNIVERSAL THEORY, this world can be close to Paradise

Green Park

THIS  YOU-TUBE VIDEO SHOWS WHAT HAPPENED to create the present situation in the world: LIBYA

Almamrah mass. Traitors. Customers. Terrorism. Militias. Oil to the West. Sentenced to Qatar:

Trust Bibnaúkm and brothers of the members of the resistance they are working silently Tam and hatred Devin the traitors and agents

and while Thin their clock will see the wonder of their rifles respond revenge and hear their footsteps express their anger to vibrate

which burrows rats will not be able to stand in front of them from the horror of what they will see with their own eyes devoid trust

and faith in God is strong and morally muzzlehugging the sky and I swear to you by God Almighty victory ally and joy to come

and would be extended every house Libby free Cherif you live hours of glory and victory that will not be long overdue.

(Resisters of the Legion of security 219)
ثقوا بأبنائكم وإخوانكم من أفراد المقاومة فهم يشتغلون بصمت تام وبحقد دفين على الخونة والعملاء وحين تحين ساعتهم سترون العجب من بنادقهم لرد

الثأر وستسمعون خطواتهم تعبر عن غضبهم لتهتز منها جحور الجرذان التي لن تستطيع الوقوف أمامهم من هول ما سيرون بأعينهم خلوا ثقتكم وإيمانكم بالله

قوي ومعنويا تكم تعانق عنان السماء وأقسم لكم بالله العظيم النصر حليفنا والفرحة قادمة وستعم كل بيت ليبي حر شريف أنتم تعيشون ساعات المجد والنصر الذي لن يطول إنتظاره .

مقاومي ا لجحفل الأمني 219


Bari Atwan in the Arab channel Sky News:

I predicted the failure of the revolution in Libya before the coup, led by the Alliance, “NATO” and accused me after the Libyans I Athaml the revolution that were not revolutionary general theory, and has fabricated the Libyans me a paper claiming that I was I get a salary of al-Qathafi and I was tougher than decry and allows Book opponents Libyans in writing in Al-Quds his reign, the day Libyans regret for what happened in 2011 and many became say publicly, “and not a day of your days, O colonel” Valkhtaf, murder, theft, rape and murder became part of the lives of the Libyan citizen, but the Libyan citizen became afraid to go out to the street so as not to be a victim of sacrificed the gangs and armed groups that Nhspt on the rebels, not to mention corruption and theft of money that exceeded what was happening in a under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, I always say anywhere enters the West colonized under any excuse will turn to ruin, and this is what happened in Libya and Iraq.


The Ministry of Oil and Gas:

Brega Oil Marketing alert citizens to the presence of cylinders traded in the local market of fake and non-certified company is ticking

bombs but I take your company logo, entered the Libyan market by some weak people, and warns the company citizens from buying

them informing them that they book any cylinder of this quality are to warehouses and the also be destroyed ..

An increase in the clarification about the Cylinder fraudulent trading in the local market

and is accredited by the company:


Please post publication in order to preserve the lives and property Share plz


Advertisement Haaaaaaaaaam to even basic pension holders are not taken to stop the exchange rate of the pension …

And anyone who does not know ::: ((basic pension, which include widows, divorcees, the infirm and the owners of diseases and disabilities.
It is intended to announce your own fill out forms national number, not pensions issued by the Social Security Fund.

Who is known as SMS or call the following number two Haigoumoua the mobilization 0212202398
Or E to

This site model:
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ولمن لايعرف:::((المعاش الاساسي والتي تشمل الارامل والمطلقات و العجزة و أصحاب الامراض والمعاقين .
وهو المقصود بالاعلان الخاص بتعبئة النماذج الخاصة بالرقم الوطني وليس المعاشات الصادرة من صندوق الضمان الاجتماعي .

واللي ما يعرف ابعت او اتصل على الرقم التالى وهما حايقوموا بالتعبئة 0212202398
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وهذا موقع النموذج

Contact for mobilizing Nmodj way the basic pension, please call the following number 0212202398

note that the contact time is from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

or send e-mail data

للإستفسار عن طريقة تعبئة نمودج المعاش الأساسي يرجى الاتصال على الرقم التالى


علما بأن وقت الاتصال يكون من الساعة 9.00 صباحاً حتى الساعة 1.00 ظهرا او ارسال البيانات على البريد الألكترونى


Model national number

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The inclusion of national ID number under Family Handbook

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Nombre répertorié 77380



United Nations calling for an end to the mistreatment of detainees in Libya
United Nations issued a report on the mistreatment of detainees in Libya, calling on the parties concerned to work a speedy transfer of prisoners detained by the

armed battalions to the effective control of the state.

Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations in which he stated:

“Cases of some men to withdraw from the street on their way to work or were arrested from their homes without explanation of the militiamen, and how they were beaten and raped bottles or large bullets and left without food in filthy jails.”

27 “deaths died as a result of torture in prisons controlled by militias”

[But they totally ignored the 39 Tortured in Misurata from the captured of BANI WALID last October!!!]

This is what happens in the prisons of the militias and we all know that report did not surprise us that even some of us over it carelessly!!
Brought us the case is so dull!!

Network neutrality Libya. L N N

  United Nations: the death of 27 prisoners in Libyan prisons because of torture since the end of 2011

Tragedies prisons in Libya

Hdttna one of the doctors who reveal the new prisoner

That prison Karth humanitarian sense of the word . Among one of the stories told by me. Sometimes come renewed prisoners and accused of heinous crimes . These prisoners remain Balummen of the and Atalath days screaming and insulting men security and Atesfhon the immoral words on each of the products found inside the prison . After the expiration of ecstasy after two days and sometimes 3 days later . Start and tranquility and was crying and recognition. Who says killed my brother and I did not mean to . Killed my sister did not mean to . Stolen car and threw on owner bullets .. Etc.

But among the stories which Tatert .
First, a large proportion of the new guests are criminals and thugs primarily and Okatram the people with Balhbataatas and AIDS.
This is Dr. Leah said literally. That there are some prisoners who are simple Thmthm . Keep two or followed by six days . And has come out and finds himself infected Balhbataic . And the last of these stories also told me literally
A young man like roses and sweet clean and Mterba . Charges Te beaten and single car Nashh . Vhpsoh in the new will not answer a waiver of Amalie milled . Ftalo nearby Week Bash Ih Pray waiver . When he revealed it before leaving prison and they found infected Balhbataatas .
Note that this doctor always submit reports to the director of the prison . On patients season and Africans. For new prisoners who do not have precedents. But not the lives of those calls .
(Page Libya talks)



Who is responsible for the abduction of the Libyan schoolgirls and send them to Syria to practice Jihad marriage ?

Dialogue with the President of the World Rally for Libya united, democratic and representative assembly at the Libyan tribes Fatima Council Abu flames.

Interview: Nawaf Al – Ibrahim .

Text of the interview :

Q: Professor Fatima talking about the event , which has spread widely so in the media , especially the electronic media and Facebook , according to what our response to you about the existence of abductions of schoolgirls and schoolgirls to call a spade , especially in Tripoli was kidnapped more than forty girl or a student to be sent to Syria in order to practice Jihad marriage or so forth as they call it , would be better if you place in the form of the merits of this event which is not human , so to this event?

Answer: Sir, what is happening unfortunately in Libya today something can not be acceptable to the mind and logic and disassociate itself from the simplest meanings of humanity , Antst phenomenon since the period of the abduction of women and their mothers, housewives and those who are lawyers and have been kidnapped , and reiterates this event , and many despite boiling poet as a result of this event in particular , but it was many or the majority expecting it a crime among the crimes that come in the process of chaos and lawlessness and lack of holistic existence of the State all its meanings and its corners , but the disaster where wakes Libyans at home and abroad on the votes of teachers , women, and some mothers of Matsmat on Wednesday in the city of Tripoli, specifically in the street early September in the heart of the capital they demonstrating this phenomenon Makdat that when he went to some citizens and some teachers to a security centers to report the fifth case of kidnapping of students in a school if their Atfa Legion that the author comes number 41 in a matter of days only , and that was PLAGUE and the news thunderbolt solution to all regions of Libya and noble tribes and all Libyan families that everyone knows how the Libyan society is conservative and mean to him concerning this matter a lot .

It was to make a note of what is known Minister of Education to take urgent action to stop the study in girls’ schools until these events are a questionnaire and try to reduce these crimes.

Women screaming callers We do not want the salaries and we do not want something and gave away everything but the display does not honor not, and misfortune since a period where we received news and notices that there is mobilization and incitement of the street Libyan and among women in particular to involve Libyan women in so-called jihad marriage and drifting behind these fatwas misleading , Aomarw they and Ihr Z Wenham and ask them to go to Syria, and one came out militants on a radio broadcast local in the city of Tripoli Aúma all women Libya after it was met with this offer and this incitement rejected by all segments of Libyan society and women specifically rejected entirely blame them on they did not Coordination of their role like the other sisters Arab participation in the footsteps of Jihad in Syria and do Boajphen toward religion, as he put it , to conclude his speech that if you come women Libya voluntarily force n unwillingly to do Boajphen jihadist Sha n Hnco n other Libyans , if this actually confirms this accidents and crimes of kidnapping , currently know them.

Q: Who is behind these events and where the Libyan authorities , we are not in Libya, we do not know the validity of these events , but since we are talking and we communicate with you permanently and you proved objectively and information has always been documented and I’m not questioning every mother never Professor Fatima but we have to We emphasize that these events are taking place and we assure that the Libyan authorities take on this or find a solution for him , and we do not know how is the relationship or dealing with this matter by the authorities ?

Answer: Sir, there is no so-called Libyan authorities like non-existent for these events and these events, and we have documents and we have scenes confirm that they responded to a lot of grievances , including distress a lot of women they do not have something with bands, this while were not the same as The so-called authorities, Libyan , and you do not specify a person sir , but speak of what is called the Libyan government and we know that a very large proportion of influencers and members affiliated to the so-called Libyan government are extremists and al-Qaeda members and supporters and currents radical and that we know of Coordination in behind them from foreign countries and the first is the State of Qatar and its government and everyone knows meddling in affairs of Libya and everyone knows their role in the tragedy of Syria, and I do not say the war in Syria, but the tragedy in Syria , and what ails Syria is what suffered Libya , and now settled قون models shameful of terrorism , including the involvement of youth Libyan fighting in Syria and marketing arms openly , and arms shipments that are poured into Turkey and everyone knows this, including the so-called officials in Libya declare publicly, Libyan youth exist in the documents and scenes in the videos every day adopted a mourning tent for a group of young people that come news of their deaths continuum, there’s still people Libyan pay tax foreign intervention is still attrition Libyan blood , and now the playing Libyan privilege .

من المسؤول عن اختطاف طالبات المدارس الليبية وإرسالهن الى سورية لممارسة جهاد النكاح؟

حوار مع رئيسة التجمع العالمي من أجل ليبيا موحدة وديمقراطية ومندوب التجمع لدى مجلس القبائل الليبية فاطمة أبو النيران.

أجرى الحوار: نواف ابراهيم.

نص الحوار:

سؤال: أستاذة فاطمة نتحدث عن الحدث الذي انتشر بشكل واسع جدا في وسائل الإعلام وخاصة الإعلام الالكتروني والفيس بوك وحسب ما وردنا منكم عن وجود عمليات اختطاف لفتيات المدارس وطالبات المدارس لنسميها بمسمياتها وخاصة في طرابلس تم اختطاف أكثر من أربعين فتاة أو طالبة لإرسالهم إلى سوريا من أجل ممارسة جهاد النكاح أو إلى ما هنالك كما يسمونه، حبذا لو تضعين في صورة وحيثيات هذا الحدث الذي يعتبر غير إنساني إن صح هذا الحدث؟

جواب: سيدي ما يحصل للأسف في ليبيا اليوم شيء لا يمكن أن يقبله العقل ولا المنطق وتتبرأ منه أبسط معاني الإنسانية، انتشت ظاهرة منذ فترة وهي اختطاف النساء ومنهم أمهات وربات بيوت ومن هم محاميات ومن تم اختطافهم، وتكرر هذا الحدث، وكان الكثيرون رغم غليان الشاعر من جراء هذا الحدث بالذات، ولكن كان الكثيرون أو الأغلبية يتوقعون أنها جريمة من ضمن الجرائم التي تأتي في طور التسيب والانفلات الأمني وانعدام كلي لوجود الدولة بكل معانيها وأركانها، ولكن الكارثة حيث يصحو الليبيون في الخارج والداخل على أصوات مدرسات ونساء وبعض الأمهات ا لمعتصمات يوم الأربعاء في مدينة طرابلس تحديدا في شارع أول سبتمبر في قلب العاصمة وهن يتظاهرن على هذه الظاهرة مؤكدات أنه عندما ذهب بعض الموطنين وبعض المدرسات إلى أحد مراكز الأمن للتبليغ عن خامس حالة اختطاف من طالبات إحدى المدارس فإذا بهم يتفا جؤون أن هذا البلاغ يأتي الرقم 41 في ظرف يومين فقط، فكان ذلك طامة كبرى وخبر حل كالصاعقة على كل مناطق ليبيا وقبائلها الشريفة وكل العائلات الليبية التي يعرف الجميع كم هو المجتمع الليبي محافظ ويعني له هذا الأمر الكثير.

بلغ الأمر إلى تقديم مذكرة لما يعرف بوزير التعليم باتخاذ إجراء عاجل بإيقاف الدراسة في مدارس البنات حتى يتم استبيان هذه الأحداث ومحاولة الحد من هذه الجرائم.

النساء يصرخن مناديات نحن لا نريد مرتبات ونحن لا نريد شيء وتنازلنا عن كل شيء ولكن العرض لا والشرف لا، والمصيبة منذ فترة حيث وردتنا أخبار وتبليغات عن أن هناك تعبئة وتحريض للشارع الليبي والوسط النسائي بالتحديد لإقحام الليبيات فيما يسمى بجهاد النكاح والانسياق خلف هذه الفتاوى المضللة، يأمرو هم ويحر ض ونهم ويطلبون منهم الذهاب إلى سوريا، ويخرج أحد المتشددين على أحد الإذاعات المسموعة المحلية في مدينة طرابلس لائما لكل نساء ليبيا بعد أن قوبل هذا العرض وهذا التحريض بالرفض من كل شرائح المجتمع الليبي ومن النساء تحديدا رفضا كليا، يلومهم على أنهن لم يق من بدورهن كسائر أخواتهم العربيات في المشاركة في ركب الجهاد في سوريا والقيام بواجبهن تجاه دينهم على حد تعبيره، ليختتم كلامه بأنه إن لك تأت نساء ليبيا طوعا سيجبر ن كرها على القيام بواجبهن الجهادي شأ ن هنشأ ن غيرهم من الليبيين، إذا هذا فعلا ما يؤكد هذه الحوادث وجرائم الاختطاف، حاليا نعرف من وراءها.

سؤال: من يقف وراء هذه الأحداث وأين السلطات الليبية من ذلك، ونحن لسنا في ليبيا ولا ندري مدى صحة هذه الأحداث، ولكن بما أننا نتحدث ونتواصل معك بشكل دائم وأنت أثبت موضوعية ومعلومات كانت دائما موثقة وأنا لا أشكك بكل امك ابدا أستاذة فاطمة ولكن علينا أن نؤكد أن هذه الأحداث تجري ونؤكد أن السلطات الليبية تأخذ على عاتقها هذا الأمر أو تجد له حلا، ولا ندري كيف هي العلاقة أو التعامل مع هذا الأمر من قبل السلطات؟

جواب: سيدي لا وجود لما يسمى السلطات الليبية وكأنها غير موجودة أصلا لهذه الأحداث ولهذه المجريات، ولدينا وثائق ولدينا مشاهد تؤكد على أنهم ردوا على الكثير من التظلمات بما فيها استغاثة الكثير من النساء بأنهم لا يملكون شيئا مع العصابات، هذا في حين لم تكن هي ذاتها ما يسمى بالسلطات الليبية، وأنت لم تحدد شخصا سيدي وإنما تتكلم عما يسمى بالحكومة الليبية ونحن نعرف أن نسبة كبيرة جدا من المؤثرين والأعضاء المحسوبين على ما يسمى بالحكومة الليبية هم من المتطرفين وأعضاء القاعدة وأنصارها ومن التيارات المتشددة والتي نعرف من يق ف وراءها من دول أجنبية وأولها هي دولة قطر وحكومتها والكل يعرف تدخلها في الشأن الليبي والكل يعرف دورها في مأساة سوريا، وأنا لا أقول الحرب في سوريا بل المأساة في سوريا، وما تعانيه سوريا هو ما عانته ليبيا، والآن يسو قون نماذج مشينة من الإرهاب منها الزج بالشباب الليبي في القتال في سوريا وتسويق الأسلحة علنا، وشحنات السلاح التي ترد وتصب في تركيا والكل يعرف هذا، وبما يسمون بالمسؤولين في ليبيا يصرحون علنا، الشباب الليبي موجود في الوثائق وفي المشاهد وفي الفيديوهات وكل يوم تبنى خيمة عزاء لمجموعة من الشباب التي تأتي أخبار وفاتهم المتوالية، فلا زال الشعب الليبي يدفع ضريبة التدخل الأجنبي ولا زال الاستنزاف للدماء الليبية، والآن اللعب بشرف الليبيات.



Alassema TV channel capital
Group of young men stormed the building shortly before the Russian Embassy and intruders has lowered the flag of Russia over the embassy building the Aldahara area.


An explosion in the center of the capital Tripoli and News says that the explosion occurred at the Russian embassy ..

(Naima Misrati) …,

Russian Foreign Ministry:

the attack on the Russian embassy in Tripoli did not result in injuries among its employees

Protesters who shortly before the Russian broke into the embassy building and take down the flag of Russia over the embassy building the area Aldahara object in Tripoli

Diplomatic police patrols surrounded the Russian embassy in Tripoli after the receipt of a communication from people

storming of the Embassy of the Russian flag-lowering.

Not yet clear, the identity of the intruders and whether they are armed or unarmed and motives behind Malk.

Tripoli airport road …

Concentration of heavy and medium mechanisms now ….
Vote medium weapons Shooting heard in the area of Abu Salim.

The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy that Ruwais station engineers were able to avoid the technical problems experienced

by the second unit operated using light fuel “fluid”, and entered on the network Libyan electric capacity of 110 MW.

And the ministry said in a statement today on its website that the station engineers also managed to run fourth and the first unit using

liquid fuel, and thus the total units fueled light-3 units total electrical capacity of about 340 MW.

She said the rest of the units are still operate on gaseous fuels despite the drop in gas pressure to a low level, very simple payload can

hardly remember about 70 MW, and work is underway to stop the sixth unit to run tomorrow morning liquid fuel.

Libya February National Security Directorate communications Tripoli

Communications Daily Bulletin dated 10/01/2013 :

Plateau police station :

( Robbery )

On 30/09/2013 at 09:10 The defendant ( n ) resident Alkizh the the required intercept for the complainant ( b . . Q . N )

30 years old when he was on board his car bearing the number Libya -5-1077020 the type BMW color blue 98 month

making it a firearm and seized him by force boil mentioned his car and fled on board and on the same date then find

on the complainant car in front of an plateau Alkizh and Mtardh to a traffic accident from the front.
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to adjust the actor .

Airport Road police station :

( Robbery )

09/29/2013 at an unknown group of unidentified persons on board a car unknown number Toyota SUV and a white they

attacking the complainant ( e . Q . M . P) when he was in charge of guarding the U.S. embassy and took him on

Karishmakov bearing the number ( 87 936 ) belonging to the Department of diplomatic Security escorts .
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to find out the perpetrators caught and retrieve the stolen gun .

Police station door Ben Gasheer :

(Theft from inside the car)

On 30/09/2013 at 13:15 unknown actor managed to open the complainant and the car from inside seized $ 15,000 d . ‘s

Cash and diplomatic passport as (b . ) And the banking book instruments issued by the Bank of deserts and your bank card

and disability issued by the Social Security The papers and documents belonging to the Assembly ( Israa Libyan child ) .
Taken the necessary measures and research is still underway to determine the perpetrator and set and retrieve the loot .


On 09/29/2013 enables members of the Bureau CID Tripoli from both settings :
1. P . M . H . A 28 years old Chadian nationality
2. D . J . A. 21 years old Chadian nationality
3 . And . C . . 23 years old Chadian nationality
Suspicion of them on the reality of theft from inside the house and the complainant (a . A . ) And that got the Department of

Ain ​​Zara police station on 22.09.2013 and investigate them inside the office admitted the incident mentioned and

retrieve them gold jewelery and $ 365 d . ‘s Cash
Action has been taken necessary and Ahalo to the specialist center referred to the public prosecution in terms of jurisdiction.

Tripoli, the capital

Voice plane combing over the capital Tripoli since more than 14 hours…

Alassema TV channel capital

News down the road Friday Market  in front of the National Security Center

Friday Market ::::

Lock through Haj Sons and through and through Soualem arsenal by some residents of the area to protest the killing arsenal person

named Walid al-Barre by the forces of deterrence (Alnoa recommends):

Shortly before the deterrence of the Abdul Alroav of murdering a young man hater Libyan market area Friday and named Walid Saad

under the pretext of selling drugs and just Khute Muschrin street and fond of fire.
The news agency – Tripoli – reporter

The burning of a police station Friday market and all its contents, protest
The killing of the citizen “Walid Ojaili” at the hands of deterrence
And the source confirmed early b that “Ojaili” was one of the employees of the deterrence
Previously and still master of the situation congestion.

Reason for the assassination of and Walid Ojaili today in the market Friday by “Alnoa recommends“:

Friday Market Safety and Security

Young man killed in Friday Market Street to AJeelat was very drunk and users of grain, he fired randomly at people and passing cars.
It was not yet known whether he shot himself or during a clash with security agencies.
He loved ones and comrades created attack on the National Security Center Friday market and the closure of the road.

(Tripoli, Libya lighthouse)

Friday Market main road closed and some other ways within the scope of the Friday market  and burning parts of the

National Center market on Friday and a private car burning place and burning tires in the road

And the reason for the killing Walid Ojaili of a population to Friday market of AJeelat 
And witnesses Aocdonn that killed a group of deterrence forces.

(Media center for the rebels Friday Market)

Re-open  after a demonstration, of Friday Market and sit Sakhbayn by this morning.

Saluting that since the early morning hours locked way in the region of 15 birds in the market Friday and was burning center part

of the Friday market and that by a group of residents entity and to protest against the killing of a local resident by the Task

deterrence private and after an exchange of launch fire.

National Security Directorate Tripoli

The dawn today a large number of anarchists and mob area Friday Market assaulting Center Friday Market

burned the contents of the center and two cars for the police and damaging a number of cars members of staff of the center, due to the death of a

people of the region by a bullet during the chase by SARTENE type of Toyota (ram) Color White and fled .. the people of the

victim has opened communication Ain Zara police station in particular.

Part of the roof fall season on a child, killing him

Moved to the mercy of God this morning one of the sons of Qasr Ben Ghashir student Muhannad Ibossaa, studying first-year Preparatory School

(Abu Bakr Siddiq district of Khuwailid). Where the child fell on this part of the roof of separation from the outside during the break.



Director on behalf of the Ajdabiya subjected to an armed robbery in Tripoli

Director of exposure on behalf of the military Ajdabiya, recently robbed by gunmen in pressures Alshall area of the capital Tripoli.

A military source said for “solidarity news agency that” a number of people took the director on behalf of Ajdabiya car last Friday

evening at gunpoint in Tripoli, pointing out that the security authorities did not seek to prosecute the attackers as he put it.

The source explained that during the passage of the Director on behalf of Ajdabiya, accompanied by a member on behalf of the

Benghazi region pressures Alshall Stowe Agafthm a fake checkpoint in the region and seized the vehicle and personal belongings.

(Solidarity News Agency)



The Ministry of Oil and Gas
Libyan gas supplies to Italy through the Green Line – Stream connecting to the island of Sicily decrease by half a day Monday

because of the protests of the Amazigh minority, according to Reuters #

Saad Dinala:

Each blood Libi, who did not stir the owners wasted interactive initiatives, but closing the oil pipeline Move national sensations and careful dialogue.


Now Tripoli ::: after Zintan mechanisms move

Was the praise of God release Salah Alkhpashh who was kidnapped while returning to his home by gangs Gneoh and Briki.

Of Zintan



as no one should be fored to be under the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood rule (of the puppet NATO GNC), I wish CYRENAICA good will:

Just gently
Today, in a press conference will be announcement of the Federal Government Cyrenaica.


Zaidane denies payment of government funds to Naji al-Mokhtar Tripoli

Denied interim Prime Minister “Ali Zaidane” the government to be involved in what is known Bakdh “Naji Jdharan” stressing that

the government did not pay one dirham in this process and all there that the government has issued instruments is payable to

those who said he agreed to buy weapons from some battalions revolutionaries.






Treasury in Benghazi refuse to transfer taxes to Tripoli

Tomorrow, a delegation from Tripoli to persuade the Treasury
In order to transfer taxes to the center in Tripoli

Some activists and civil society organizations will
The PAUSE tomorrow at ten in the morning in front of the Treasury
Order upheld the decision of the Treasury in taxes in Benghazi survival.

(Free channel Cyrenaica)

The assassination of Colonel / benefit ELHOUDERI and child who wears uniforms at the sight of people in front of the Arab Medical University.

Now was the assassination of a man and his young son in front of the people.

Car image Colonel Saleh ELHOUDERI, commander of the Coast Guard sector and security Almaana which buffeted by treacherous morning.

Man wearing military uniforms of the Navy in Benghazi
And the one who handles Baby Clothes School.

Murder of a colonel in the Marine in the Libyan city of Benghazi

2/10/2013 | 18:28

News Arab worlde AFP Photo Archive

Murder of a colonel in the Marine in the Libyan city of Benghazi

Murder of a colonel in the Marine in the Libyan city of Benghazi Gunmen assassinated in Libya, a colonel in the Navy on

Wednesday, October 2 / October, in the city of Benghazi, north-east of the country.

The news agency “Agence France Presse,” the spokesman for the security services Abdullah Al-Zaidi as saying that

“unknown persons opened fire on Marine Colonel Saleh ELHOUDERI and shot him in the case.”

“The attack took place in front of the Faculty of Medicine at Benghazi, where he was a colonel in his car for the delivery of his son,”

a student who was seriously wounded in the attack.

And comes in a series of assassinations targeting officers in the army, police and attributed to Islamic extremists.

The Benghazi in the past months been the scene of several attacks and attacks against the army and the police.

This was killed last Sunday, three of the army and police officers in separate attacks in this city, in light of the

inability of the interim Libyan authorities to extend its control to contain the violence. :روسيا اليوم

Child “Firas Saleh ELHOUDERI”, when he saw the wounded
Assassination of his father, Colonel the “favor ELHOUDERI”, when did he say to
School, and turn to God’s mercy under the operation before
Minutes from now, “Firas” at the age of 7 years.

This and pray on the Fiqidan funeral prayers in the afternoon after the Mosque of Omar bin Abdulaziz in Almajora (Benghazi)

God and to Him we shall return…

We are in the homeland has become the cry Manual stun grenade explosion
Overwhelming ecstasy, in the homeland has become the laugh is the cheapest price
You pay to maintain your tears following the massacre here completely
In this country of plenty in front of you only for control Alfjaúa
Remote pending death walking your direction for watching closely.

Child “Firas Saleh ELHOUDERI”, when he saw the wounded
Assassination of his father, Colonel the “favor ELHOUDERI”, when did he say to
School, and turn to God’s mercy under the operation before
Minutes from now, “Firas” at the age of 7 years.

Salem al-Obeidi to God and to Him we return.

Victims of explosions and assassinations in Benghazi and still bleeding continuously for how long???
Firas ELHOUDERI one of the victims of the recent operation that targeted his father:


Firas Salem ELHOUDERI, ..


The child who killed him with Poh, Colonel Saleh Houderi .. So is the m allegedly arrows?
Even Delirious bit time walking at the head of arrows?
If melodic angels and Maandnash Guendharien! The Conference of the in Hakaan government protection sons of Benghazi and provide support to stun

There is no power but of God .. God and to Him we shall return

A spokesman for the security room Benghazi surprised by the failure to prosecute the killers of Colonel ELHOUDERI citizens today, especially

since it’s in a crowded area and he describes cheese!.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Explosion in Shebna, and there he put a bag “bag”
B home Al Altarhuni, which has been targeting their son and his wife at
Last month of Ramadan by mistake when taking a sister car, and
A victim of the explosion, and the loss of material Al Altarhuni of house
Only in this explosion, according to a security source.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Noureddine Bouchiha:

Do Libya Asubhh state gangs …?
Where oh .. Haitham El Tagoury, who owns the weapon is strong
Director was kidnapped me and medical supply Ministry of Health Tripoli
Ashraf was kidnapped Alabbar, head of the department
Comptroller was kidnapped me and Ministry of Health and had to pay 50 thousand dinars was released by Haitham El Tagoury, the gang leader
And around him kidnapped Salah Abdul permanent director of the customary Caan administrative and financial me and Tripoli and the

Ministry of Health but thank God been smuggled from Tripoli to Benghazi

The release of official medical supply Tripoli, Benghazi

Media official said Hawari Benghazi hospital “Hani Oraibi” that was released official technical direction in the medical device supply

Tripoli Dr “Ashraf Al Abbar” late on Tuesday night after he was kidnapped in the morning by unknown assailants.
It was Dr. “Alabbar Ashraf” Director of the Department of Pharmacy at Hawari General Hospital in Benghazi before taking over as

Director of the Technical Department to a medical supply.


The hands of treachery today militias Slath the rogue dawn assassination former Hussein USTA player when he came out of the mosque after dawn prayers in a mosque in Lamamra.

Page of the Legion of security 219:
The people of Benghazi, did not respond to this appeal
I was supposed to meet this appeal
It was different from what is happening now
Admin Rafiq
اهل بنغازي لم يستجيبوا لهدا النداء
كان من المفترض تلبية هدا النداء
لكان الامر مختلف عما يجري الان
ادمن رفيق



Valley Agency Dinar News

Told you a peaceful sit – in and two smugglers loss on the text of Libya ! ! !

Mazzika legitimate demands Lipo Ieino a whole city in the company! ! !

A country ambience
Youth Gallo sit- 59 oil field to claim their employment
Country ambiance – Gallo – Mohamed Alqbouzay

Spokesman young protesters Gallo 59 oil field , ” Mahmoud Mustafa Hussein “ : The Aatsamana of peacefully to demand the

right to work our neighboring oil fields in a time when we see many of appointments per month by the Ministry of Oil and the

National Foundation with the deliberate marginalization of us .

He added , ” Hussein ” to the country ambiance they Imalon the Libyan state was forty- eight hours , but will climb to sit close all oil fields adjacent to the city of Gallo .

The observer Gallo field 59 ” Taher raised ” that the protest has affected the work in the field to prevent the flight from landing inside , in addition to disrupt the work of service companies for Oasis .

He added ” upped ” to the country ambiance that legitimate demands of the protestors but they need to several administrative procedures and that Oasis has recently hired several employees of all cities .

For his part , head of the local council Gallo ” Ahmed Ataiwir ” The Council is in contact with Oasis management in order to find a solution to resolve this sit-in in the coming hours.

The ” Ataiwir ” that it is the right of the sons of oasis cities claim their appointment in the fields surrounding them as contributing more than 80% of Libya’s production of oil.

It is noteworthy that the major oil companies in Libya within the administrative domain of the cities of the oases .



Racdalin today

Sit youth Radalin front local council Racdalin the parents did not do something useful for the region

and on Oatra lock Council until Talpat is the native region demands or muggers expelled from ….
Depending on to become just told someone from the board will sit down and talk with some young parents will be appointed by the youth.




Tuber witnessed the events of last night too hot , the first car bombing type Nissan Ailt Mozainy in Almidh and the city is witnessing armed clashes

in the area Jubaila more than an hour ago . And a huge explosion was heard in the Bab al- Shiha West was not yet known who is the target ”



Libyan Network Neutrality

Thankless: the Agheilanah region in the south was a military zone can not be any ordinary person access to them ..
Information I have since the beginning of the liberation that this region has gone containers and funds may also be bomb
And the possibility that the cemetery for famous personalities
It went Barr Hill this region get information and intent of the region to extract it.
There must be transparency Wai Shi extracted from there it must know the Libyan people.

Urgent and Important

Extension of what is happening in the South more than a week ago and a follow-up to this disaster wants by some

unscrupulous destruction of what remains of the soil of the homeland.
One of these trucks are carrying on board container heavy weight guarded by two military “Duckh” area Allod between

Punjam and Odan out of the way the temple and raised dust too, which shows coup, when you bid for help from passers

cordoned off the truck by members of car protection escort and hyper-arms and the threat of fire.
And all them other trucks destined from Misratah to Gillan area which confirms the transfer of toxic waste containers

and buried near the industrial network of river water, although drilling list Bgalan since days.

Radicle mentioning the existence of reconnaissance aircraft and a capacitor permanently in the south and possibly

unmanned drones which may foretell a lousy job by these aircraft.

God save the country from an abomination to them.

Tribe Aolahdeslaman out today in the march of pro-federal system in the province of Fezzan,

and respond strongly to the enemies

of the federal debt want to sow discord among the sons of the province of science march through the streets of Mansheya Wa to

his loan was to fly the flag province of Fezzan federal and honorable tribe Aolahdeslaman not and will not Aradw by virtue of a

certain family working together supporters mefoil the scheme fully tribes of Fezzan a greeting and thanks to Champions Almpaysh

and Alharidat masculine stance my father Vdilo the the benefit of Fezzan for the tribe and family promise you tomorrow publish

video immediately upon arrival to us …


Sabha today

Exclusive pictures Li Hoiat the convoy in Agheilanyh in Mount Al_husawneh and away from the Wadi Shatty 180 km


Ubari kidnapping wholesale ::::::::

Mr. release “Solomon Embarak” Device Manager Guard
Municipal Branch Ubari evening after he was kidnapped this morning
By an armed group, has also been kidnapped bank manager
Republic Branch Ubari two days before now Mr. “Sanusi
Ahmed Alodani “of the same armed group, after refusing to
Instrument exchange value of 2 million Libyan dinars, and fingers pointing
To the President of the Local Council and Valley life, according to a source familiar with.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


(Forced evacuation after an ILLEGAL LAND GRAB…where GNC sold their properties to an Indian Firm !!)


Local Kufra looking evacuation of 1,500 homes continued to Indian company

A member of of infidels Boshnav local council Abed:

The Council discussed yesterday evening with the director of security and head of the

military council in the city takeover issue a number of citizens on the one thousand and five hundred dwelling belonging to the Indian company.
Abed added that the conferees agreed to adopt a soft approach in addressing this issue, and then resort to the formation of a joint force if necessary.

The meeting comes after the deadline provided by the local council infidels for citizens of the city period of forty-eight hours in order to return home to the Indian company.



Libby Ba

Information for Libyans accused: Chad creeps fifty kilometers from the Libyan territories





Hundreds of demonstrators in the Tunisian capital demanding the government

to drop 2/10/2013 | 19:24 News Arab world

Hundreds of demonstrators in the Tunisian capital demanding the government to drop

Demonstrated in the Tunisian capital Wednesday, October 2 / October, hundreds of supporters of the National Salvation Front and the Popular Front, a rebel movement and the Union of the owners of certificates unemployed for work, to demand the overthrow of the government. The march started from the Avenue Habib Bourguiba and roamed the streets of the capital to stop in the yard in the Kasbah government amid a heavy security presence surrounded the headquarters of the government. Police closed a number of ports leading to the Kasbah Square, where demonstrators raised slogans calling for the dismissal of the government and accused of “lying” and “terrorism industry” and involvement in political assassinations. Recorded skirmishes between security forces and demonstrators without excessive use of violence. As an expression of their anger demonstrators threw eggs at pictures of Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki and Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo and leaders of the Islamic Renaissance Movement has been installed on a large plate and so before Thishimha. :روسيا اليوم



  • Mu white leader
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    Mu Green Land
    Mu listens in Session
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    Mu lightning
    Almzarat Ihsabo who fear for enhanced brigade headquarters:
    Eachd prestige Maihsabohash the distant on their cowardly and Ikt the years Lin Imutw the.
    المزاريط يحسابو اللي يخش لمقر اللواء المعزز ياخد الهيبة مايحسابوهاش بعيده على سنونهم ويقعدو جبناء لين يموتو
    “God Save the Mermaid Tripoli and the river from the destruction and devastation ….
    اللهم احفظ طرابلس عروس البحر والنهر من الدمار والخراب ….”

    Mentioned by the Libyan army, they sulk and heart woes ..

    Showing pictures of the Libyan army and an enhanced 32 Brigade,, Mesh rebels NATO; Ho Ho Qatar:

    Mu and the Green Resistance

    Mu veiled

     Mu Support
    In order to reach our voice to the whole world and Nsdh right in the face of the prisons of darkness, please support this page:

    Captive Batal Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour

    Praying for Osrے …

    Oh you praise should also Jalal, face cream and a great visit, and access God be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions and peace

    O decoding the families of the captured and oppressed detainees in detention centers between February “Libya”
    God of عاداهم usually … …
    And annoyance Vazh … And from Nazarem Vanzareth and paid by the right
    God save them their religion and honor and themselves …
    Oh they weak Vqohm the wronged Vanzarethm the مبتلين Vthbthm …
    God keep them from their hands, their faith and for Hmaúlhm and from above
    And we seek refuge in Your Greatness that assassinate beneath them Oh God, they’re slaves went out in your path and a view Marzatk …
    Oh God it’s them mercy and down them tranquility and set them, O Lord of the Worlds
    O Lance Hsthm and uncheck Krepetthm and tempered grief and heal their patient and forced Kasaarham
    O may you give them Nasser and not them, but you sire and a champion …
    Oh Vanzarethm بنصرك apron set out sooner is for O is Hearing, Knowing
    O O out Younis from the belly of the whale brought them out of captivity unharmed safe غانمين the …
    God اعدهم to their families and their children and their friends sooner is to non Khozaya and not fascinated
    O patience of their families and their loved ones, their loved ones and inspired consistency from Thee, O Lord of the Worlds …
    God said to them mothers باكيات the Huzeinat … And parents suffer الوجد and pain … And sons not يرقا them tear on their parents parting O gather them Pahlém and their companions sooner in order to …
    Oh ارحمهم bestow mercy and Ashimlhm with great kindness, O Mujibur pray
    O Allah, you complain about the weakness of our strength and lack of Hiltna and Huanna people, O Most Merciful, You are the Lord of the vulnerable and you are our Lord to from Tklhm? To the enemy far Aottaghmanm or to a close friend queen ordered them? If not your anger on them not care but عافيتك is wider for them … we seek refuge in the light of your face, which brightened his darkness and peace it is this life and the afterlife to come down their anger or replace their wrath. ..
    Threshold you until you are satisfied … Threshold you until you are satisfied … Threshold you until you are satisfied, not about not only your strength

    O Allah, this prayer, you answer, and this effort and you Alzqlan ..
    God bless and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and Praise be to Allah ..
    . Amen .. Amen .. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

    آلْدْعْــــــــــــآء لْلْأسْــــــــــــــرْے …اللهم لك الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال و جهك الكريم و عظيم سلطانك و صل اللهم على نبينا محمد و على اله و صحبه و سلماللهم فكـ اسر المأسورين والمعتقلين المظلومين في معتقلات بني فبراير” ليبيا”
    اللهم من عاداهم فعاده… …
    ومن آذاهم فآذه… و من ناصرهم فانصره و للحق سدده
    اللهم احفظ عليهم دينهم واعراضهم و انفسهم …
    اللهم انهم ضعفاء فقوِّهِم مظلومين فانصرهم مبتلين فثبتهم…
    اللهم احفظهم من بين ايديهم و عن ايمانهم و عن شمائلهم و من فوقهم
    ونعوذ بعظمتك ان يغتالوا من تحتهم اللهم انهم عبادك خرجوا في سبيلك و ابتغاء مرضاتك…
    اللهم فمن عليهم برحمتك و انزل عليهم السكينة و ثبتهم يا رب العالمين
    اللهم انس وحشتهم و ازل كربتهم و خفف مصابهم و اشف مريضهم و اجبر كاسيرهم
    اللهم قد كنت لهم الناصر و ليس لهم الا انت مولى و نصيرا…
    اللهم فانصرهم بنصرك المؤزر المبين عاجلا غير اجل يا سميع يا عليم
    اللهم يا من اخرج يونس من بطن الحوت اخرجهم من الاسر سالمين آمنين غانمين…
    اللهم اعدهم الى اهلهم وأبنائهم و اصحابهم عاجلا غير اجل غير خزايا و لا مفتونين
    اللهم صبّر اهلهم وذويهم و محبيهم و ألهمهم الثبات من لدنك يا رب العالمين…
    اللهم ان لهم أمهات باكيات حزينات… و آباء يعانون الوجد و الالم… و ابناء لا يرقا لهم دمع على فراق ابائهم اللهم اجمعهم باهليهم و اصحابهم عاجلا غير اجل …
    اللهم ارحمهم بواسع رحمتك و اشملهم بعظيم لطفك يا مجيب الدعاء
    اللهم إليك نشكو ضعف قوتنا و قلة حيلتنا و هواننا على الناس يا ارحم الراحمين و انت رب المستضعفين و انت ربنا الى من تكلهم؟ الى عدو بعيد يتجهمهم أم إلى صديق قريب ملكته أمرهم؟إن لم يكن بك غضب عليهم فلا نبالي إلا أن عافيتك أوسع لهم …نعوذ بنور وجهك الذي اشرقت له الظلمات و صلح عليه أمر الدنيا و الاخرة أن ينزل بهم غضبك أو يحل بهم سخطك…
    لك العتبى حتى ترضى… لك العتبى حتى ترضى… لك العتبى حتى ترضى و لا حول و لا قوة إلا بكاللهم هذا الدعاء و منك الإجابة و هذا الجهد و عليك الثكلان..
    و صلى اللهم و سلم على نبينا محمد و على آله و صحبه أجمعين و الحمد لله رب العالمين ..
    .آمين .. آمين .. آمين يا رب العالمين



    The Western Mountain News Agency:


    German company offered the Libyan GNC RAT government investment solar Sahara Greater paid that feeds all regions of Libya electricity and export the surplus to Europe,

    but some of the brothers officials of the electricity company and Agafo in the face of this project explicitly, fearing for their chairs and office and Aterbt it from loss (Business)!

    Libya Telecom and Technology |
    – Permit
    What is rumored through some of the pages and sites that the Ministry of Communications will be closed Facebook pages and put them control

    We check that this matter Nude on health and because:

    this service is not available in Libya at all.

    ليبيا للاتصالات والتقنية|
    ما يشاع عبر بعض الصفحات والمواقع بأن وزارة الإتصالات ستقفل صفحات الفيسبوك وستضع عليها رقابةنؤكد من جهتنا أن هذا الامر عاري عن الصحة و ذلك لأن هذه الخدمة غير متوفرة في ليبيا اصلا.



    The first secret Marines monitor بارجتين of the monitor بارجتين of بحريتان in international waters, one British-flagged after 110 nautical miles from the coast of the tuber

    and the other within 87 nautical miles between Sirte and Benghazi.

    Fishing boats from the area confirmed presence of a large escort of small gunboats anchored in the middle of the sea and do not move and do not allow approaching

    from a distance of 20 nautical miles in diameter circular.

    Benghazi operation room :: became almost certain that certain regions in some cities will be targeted.
    Quoting from the official page of the Civil Status Authority – very important for publication

    Please note that the news that appeared in some media
    That he “has been suspended million a family booklet on the national number
    There is an error in trading the news
    As well as other news that says “that there is a million fake national number in Libya”
    And the correct news is that he has been suspended million people did not issue them a national number of the foundation not booklet million family.

    This suspension comes for several reasons, including:

    – Double the number under family
    – Duplication grant 2000 dinars
    – Errors in the deaths and births and names
    – Errors in sex between male and female
    – Stop returning from the Diaspora of the Touareg, TPU, Chad, Egypt and Tunisia

    Department of Civil Status interests of the media.


    Received the President of the National Status Department Mr. Mohamed Boubacar death threats! Because of national figures that have been shut off!!

    There are fierce attack and a very large on the page and there is a campaign Notifications and there are letters up successively threat of mob Misratah and its lackeys.
    We hope you contribute (b comment. Post. Impress).
    And, God willing, continue in exposing and transport their news. This approach do not Nthbly on a convey the truth from their mouths and the center of their devices.

    The story, published on page نتحداهم come Ptnffinedh in but Khsaisn and decadent morals Qicomon threat and Altesfh …

    And God’s best kept …

    [Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News]

    MISURATA is rotten to the core, seeking a ZIONIST TAKEOVER of LIBYA!!

    Zintan, in reality is aligned with XANTHAN and Qaqaa Batallions which are full of GREEN and then also with the 32nd Civil Brigade…How else then do you explain about KHAMIS?

    Do not be fooled by the lying stories about Saif being tortured by Zintan; there is more to this than you realise:

    Remember the “Concord Agreement” made between Zintan (red army) and the Green Resistance of NOVEMBER 2011. Also they never gave the airport back to the RAT GOVERNMENT as requested. The RATS had to fight them if you recall. They also never gave Saif up to Tripoli.

    THIS IS more than “rats fighting RATS”. Zintan is not looking for power. If anything, as always, they are fiercely independent…and MISURATA wants their prime lands for the new 2nd Jewish homeland. The Misratans already displaced many of Zintan off their properties (given to them even by Muammar)!!!

    Do not be taken-in by the RAT STORIES or those who have personal vendettas against ZINTAN!! also the ZINTAN supported and still sympathise with BANI WALID….and the ZINTAN are totally against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood; whereas, MISURATA are ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, if not Jews; and they made alliances with France, Belgium and Britain. Bernard Levy is their leader!!!

    ZINTAN would NEVER adhere to this abhorance to humanity and their people.

    Many have a deep-set bitterness/animousity to ZINTAN…even among supposedly GREEN! Do you want a Kalzentanstan in which MISURATA is the Capitol and Levy is their KHAN (as Aswaly, Bushmin and other Misratans espouse) ?, instead of a LIBYA called the Great JAMAHIRIYA (a union of all LIBYAN PEOPLES who rule themselves)…????

    Trumpet Brotherhood:

    Mohammed Amehasn:
    Expectations to carry out a military operation and includes extensive areas cauliflower, الساعدية, Amiriya and the arrest of the gang

    holed up inside for some time and returns electricity and cars Vector Alenzan and citizens’ cars to their owners as soon as the instructions of the

    President of the General National Congress.

    URGENT / / / / military strike against Libya’s eastern described Balhacma the

    Agency Aerasa

    According to a military source of Aerasa News Agency at the U.S. base in Germany that Egypt Msalin Westerners have seen that a military strike immediately after Eid al-Fitr

    will be directed to the east of Libya and will be the last for this topic groups and the assassination of the wide range of terrorist groups by what he described.

    He said that they would not allow them to stay after the Muslim Eid al-Fitr:

    Anatolia news agency: America intends to air strikes eastern Libya within days

    Said a Libyan military official, on Saturday, if there is information to the Libyan civil aviation, that the Pentagon intends to air strikes on sites east of the country, believed to be al-Qaeda in Libya, during the next few days.

    The official, who requested anonymity, that “there is news talking about the rejection of Libyan officials directing the strike to make sure Tripoli that the target sites are the camps of al-Qaeda,” was not immediately available to confirm or denied any of the official authorities of America or the Libyan regarding this regard.

    The source pointed out, “the increasing number of U.S. aircraft in the airspace Libya a few days ago,” explaining that “the U.S. aircraft unmanned keeps growing, especially on the east of Libya and the city of Benghazi specifically, they scoured the sky over the past 24 hours,” he said, and pointed out that this Operations carried out by unmanned aircraft “is a breakthrough for the rule of Libya by the United States of America,” noting at the same time that “the Libyan government did not know this aircraft, where there is no permit them to fly in the skies of Libya, has not been informed of Tripoli officially Btalaaadtha.”

    And linking the official increase the number of aircraft meeting the U.S. ambassador in Libya, “Debra Johnson” last week with the head of the Libyan government to Zidane, who was press sources said that eating the security situation in the country, and the threat of al-Qaeda attacks on Western interests in North Africa and the Middle East.

    The United States announced on Friday that its diplomatic missions in the Middle East, Africa, closed since last Sunday, in order to prevent exposure to the terrorist attacks possible, would all open their doors on Sunday, except for the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, said the official, who works in the Information Center of Civil Aviation in Tripoli, that center, which works by and of the Civil Aviation Authority, “is the entity authorized to highlight and detect air targets in collaboration with the Libyan air defense, and this is the context of practice in all countries of the world,” as he put it.



    This MISURATA and Brotherhood Shields coming into Tripoli was part of OBAMA’s plan…This whole thing was orchestrated by him and the Brotherhood via his “go-between” John McCain.
    See the huge number of forces that entered in Tripoli…It far out-numbers all the population of Misurata…so it is impossible…and by the accents, people know these are Brotherhood and Salafists who have come in from all over the Middle-East and Africa…This is certainly no “peace-keeping-cleanup” force…
    and OBAMA will not bomb them; instead OBAMA gives his bombers and drones as protection for these monsters. They are after the GREEN TRIBES , the Xanthan, the Qaqaa and 32nd Civil Brigades…and now the Rishvana and Warfalli are under siege, as well as the Zintani! Clearly the Brotherhood is after the Resistance and NOT al-Qaeda – as they themselves are the terrorist gangs (like GNEOH in Abu Salim and Sallah-a-din)…and they honor these thugs..and will not in any manner arrest them! These are the same ugly forces that sieged BANI WALID in OCTOBER last.

    Tripoli O blood pit ..

    Jardan Madaourh knock the drums of war and declare a state of emergency:


    News about the client Ali Zaidane in of marine Besaad academy pre-27 bridge and the concentration of forces and Misratah Tiran in the port of Sidi Bilal

    and prepare to complete a sweep of the coastline of the bridge 17 to the corner edge of the grounds on the Elimination of car robberies.


    Denied Omar Eshteiwi affairs chief security forces to shield Libya in charge of securing the capital Tripoli decision of the Presidency of the General Staff of the army.

    Libyan denied news handled by the pages of social networking Facebook regarding evacuation.

    Shield forces to Libya to three military sites were controlled by armed groups and said Eshteiwi that this Abar unfounded of Health and shield forces to Libya responsible for the protection of Tripoli:

    secure and protect their citizens and enforce security by not yet begun to implement the resolution is likely to begin tomorrow morning in the implementation of resolution officially,

    saying that there are administrative procedures followed the Presidency of the General Staff and the state of the end of these procedures, the shield forces to Libya will begin immediately in the implementation of the resolution on the ground with full force and packages …

    نـــــــقلانفى عمر إشتيوي رئيس الشؤون الأمنية لقوات درع ليبيا المكلفة بتأمين العاصمة طرابلس بقرار من رئاسة الأركان العامة بالجيش الليبي نفى الأخبار التي تتداولها صفحات التواصل الإجتماعي فيس بوك بخصوص إخلاء قوات درع ليبيا لثلاث مواقع عسكرية كانت تسيطر عليها مجموعات مسلحة وقال إشتيوي أن هذه اأخبار لا أساس لها من الصحة وقوات درع ليبيا المكلفة بحماية طرابلس وتأمينها وحماية مواطنيها وفرض الأمن بها لم تبدأ بعد في تنفيذ القرار ومن المرجح أن تبدأ غذا صباحا في تنفيذ القرار رسميا قائلا أن هناك إجراءات إدارية متبعة لدى رئاسة الأركان العامة وحال إنتهاء هذه الإجراءات فإن قوات درع ليبيا ستبدأ فورا في تطبيق القرار على أرض الواقع بكل قوة وحزم …


    Tripoli – Salahuddin

    News for delivery in the camps Salah al-Din area Tracking Zintan militias which shield the Libya people  peacefully, despite the decision of Bushmin !

    Zintan “Itbthon” handed over the camp and educational facility and a residential building in the area of ​​military Salahuddin in Tripoli Mtaatad  to the shield Libya forces !! peacefully…

    Of they have Jbnaha and eluted in the needs of Wajid whom they knew to rats on the Libyan army.
    من عندهم جبناها ومزال في حاجات واجد تو يعرفوها الجرذان على الجيش الليبي

    Almzarat Ihsabo who fear for enhanced brigade headquarters:

    Eachd prestige Maihsabohash the distant on their cowardly and Ikt the years Lin Imutw the.

    المزاريط يحسابو اللي يخش لمقر اللواء المعزز ياخد الهيبة مايحسابوهاش بعيده على سنونهم ويقعدو جبناء لين يموتو

    From the occupied Tripoli
    From within the plateau Badri
    There are militias besieged the place and the locals smugglers loss of matter just 4 hours and there are voices of gunfire in the area.

    Serious and urgent

    Militants escape from the tuber to Tripoli fear of unexpected blows from U.S.
    50 armed vehicles arrived to Tripoli from dirt, led by Salem Derby of Libya’s al-Qaeda (under pretext of “protecting Tripoli”).
    News Mukd 100%

    some al-Qaeda TARGETS! Do you believe that is the YANKS intended strikes?

    At the request of the Pentagon:

    the United States of America will start virtually air strikes against al-Qaeda strongholds in Libya within 48 hours…

    Salem Fares Gaddafi

    Urgent ‫ # _ Libya _ Tripoli

    After the arrival of convoys belonging to the armor of the corner and Gharyan and زليطن to ‫ # Tripoli today.. Unexpected arrival of 600 military vehicles in addition to the 650 that arrived yesterday!! And the total number is (1250) a mechanism for the Misurata militia occupies ‫ # _ capital Tripoli, at dawn tomorrow morning, the government will announce the coup and occupation Almasasat.. And the people not the lives of those calls.

    Clashes and shootings inside ‫ # gallery _ Tripoli International _ Omar al-Mukhtar Street, panicking families inside the show now.


    شارع عمر المختار قبل قليل !

    Durée : 0:07

    Tripoli shortly before …

    Media Maram Albuaiche ‫ # Tripoli

    Clashes Qowih in Haara the age Almokhtaaaaaar and the launching heavy Rsaaas in cabarets.

    Newsflash | a little while ago in the city park Omar Mukhtar Street .. Income people to cabarets and with him Ombritta the gun and he shot at people, the victims of 18 person Antgulwg to the mercy of God ..
    God and to Him we shall return.
    Shooting in Omar Mukhtar Street (Tripoli International Fair – amusements) resulted in the deaths of 3 and injuries toll continues to rise and that we can not find out the reasons which led to knead.

    The problem to become in the amusement park (Omar Almokhtaar Street) by little are caused by a group Chaabaaab Mirdiff residents of the area!! .. The members of the Security Council taking them out of amusement to me immoral behavior of others in front of people and families stood wrecker Chaabaaab bringing down their arms and rise on the roofs of buildings opposite me the amusement park and random do Bermaah the nightclubs and news Alawalah Toshir that in the wound Medenine and Alalaúlat of the … Source one Agdhaa the security


    Shooting inside the Tripoli International Fair resulted in the wounding of two girls so far
    One of them is dead arrived to the hospital plateau green 16-year-old
    And the other was taken to hospital Salim
    With the closure of the hospital street corner since the morning because of the doctors sit!

    [Mermaid operations]

    Marines “sprays rebels” who entered the day yesterday!!:

    Image of clashes in front of 17 FEBRUARY “nightclubs” in Omar Mukhtar Street, which did not exist and were prohibited under the Great Jamahiriya.

    اطلاق نار في شارع عمر المختار (بمعرض طرابلس الدولي – الملاهي ) اسفرت علي مقتل 3 اصابات والحصيله مازالت في الارتفاع و لم يتسنى لنا معرفة الاسباب التى ادت الى دلك
    Durée : 0:07

    God used not about ćáÇŢćÉ but Almighty God. . Victims of clashes in ‫ # gallery _ Tripoli _ International ‬ reached so far to 18 victims, including women and children, have been a clash between the militias used the (Sprinkler type Ambritta and Sprinkler my type KTN) and Tripoli cry my free Tripoli O honorable a Ntfdo of the militias and Misratah want to make Tripoli hole for blood and everyone is watching and paying the price they are innocent!!! The security situation so far in the Libyan capital Tripoli ‫ #: “loss of some children from their parents situation remains tense place.”

    Lady’s death at the age of forty years at the plateau green Bhadth the hospital shooting Tripoli International Fair. 

    The death of Mrs. “me Abdullah الشعافي,” an 40-year-old resident of Tripoli’s old city as a result of being infected by a bullet during an exchange of fire in nightclubs in the Libyan capital Tripoli ..

    I am God and to Him we return ..

    Newsflash | a little while ago in the city park Omar Mukhtar Street .. Income people to cabarets and with him Ombritta the

    gun and he shot at people, the victims of 18 person Antgulwg to the mercy of God ..


    Media center for the youth of the capital:

    The process of securing the capital begins tomorrow in the following areas:

    Ameria, Venus, الساعدية and surrounding areas, after the process of monitoring and identification of foci by the chief of staff and support unit via pilots drone carried out before a few days ago to places believed to follow the militias

    and armed gangs stole trucks affiliated with the General Company for Electricity and police Agricultural Company Hygiene & tracking citizens cars and military vehicles…


    The Western Mountain News Agency

    Shields now will not intervene in the clashes armed with Zintan because of the power possessed by Zintan and because of the large losses that will inflict shields plus it will be a long battle continues to the days of The armor Sete have combat experience and military universally now for such clashes inside the cities, and the occurrence of such these clashes is a great danger to residents of the city of Tripoli and therefore casualties of citizens, and Libya under Chapter VII, I mean, if long fighting the possibility of external intervention become very close, but the task of الدورع now impose, and its presence on the ground and can be dynamic and will be the beginning of the armor is to eliminate some of the forces that currently exist and Bidiyah will be Rishvana And what about the capital Tripoli and after the elimination of any armed force Borcvana.

    And what about the city of Tripoli will be the turn of Zintan, in order to ensure الدورع prevent any support and join any force and Rishvana or other of xanthan … And thus be a confrontation with the Zintan Brigades, only without the presence of any support from any other battalions.

    The solution is to join all the battalions under the command of one and the formation of a joint operations room and of course all of these battalions belonging to the chief of staff, including armor formality, but in reality belonging to individuals whether or armor battalions again ..

    And what is happening now is a conflict of interest … Valdrua each followed by members of the National Congress and this is the reason for the defense to claim to be the legitimate purpose of protecting national its members Balatmr the positions … Ali Zaidan not about him and ćáÇŢćÉ walking instructions. And Abusshmin of his prime he could Conference dismissal …..

    Conflict of interests people Tnmny for currents and parties …

    and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood took control of the government

    now is the time to control on the ground …

    The fear of some people, which arrived for the National Conference and the government from the wrath of the street is what made them Atkhaddoa this step for

    the purpose of terrorism street in Tripoli .. And prevent any demonstrations against the government or the National Congress.

    وكالة أنباء الجبل الغربيالدروع الان لن تدخل فى أشتبكات مسلحة مع الزنتان نظراً للقوة التى تمتلكها الزنتان و بسبب الخسائر الكبيرة التى ستلحق بالدروع بالاضافة الى انها ستكون معركة طويلة تستمر الى ايام كما أن الدروع لسيت لها الخبرة القتالية و العسكرية الكافة حالياً لمثل هذه الاشتبكات بداخل المدن، و حدوث مثل هذه الاشتبكات يشكل خطر كبير لسكان مدينة طرابلس و بالتالي سقوط ضحايا من المواطنين ، و ليبيا تحت البند السابع ، يعنى لو طال الاقتتال امكانية التدخل الخارجي تصبح قريبة جداً ، و لكن مهمة الدورع الان فرض و جودها على الارض و بالامكان الحيوية و ستكون بداية عمل الدروع هو القضاء على بعض القوى التى موجودة حالياً و البدية ستكون ورشفانة و ما حول العاصمة طرابلس و بعد القضاء على أي قوة مسلحة بورشفانة و ما حول مدينة طرابلس سيكون الدور على الزنتان ، لكى تضمن الدورع منع أي دعم و انضمام لاي قوة من ورشفانة أو غيرها للزنتان … و بالتالي تكون المواجهة مع كتائب الزنتان فقط دون و جود اي دعم لها من اي كتائب أخري .و الحل هو انضمام كافة الكتائب تحت قيادة واحدة و تشكيل غرفة عمليات مشتركة و طبعاً هذه الكتائب كلها تابعة لرئاسة الاركان بما فيها الدروع شكلياً و لكن فى حقيقتها تابعة الى أفراد سواء كانت دروع او كتائب أخرى .. و ما يحدث الان هو صراع مصالح … فالدروع بعضها يتبع اعضاء بالمؤتمر الوطني و هذا هو سبب دفاعها لما تدعي بأنها الشرعية لغرض حماية مناصب اعضاءها بالؤتمر الوطني … وعلي زيدان لا حول له و لاقوة يمشي بتعليمات . و ابوسهمين من وضعه رئيساً للؤتمر بأستطاعته اقالته ….. صراع مصالح اشخاص تنمنى لتيارات و احزاب …و الاخوان سيطروا على الحكومة الان هو وقت السيطرة على الارض …كما أن خوف بعض الاشخاص مما وصلوا للمؤتمر الوطني و الحكومة من غضب الشارع هو ما جعلهم يتخدوا هذه الخطوة لغرض ارهاب الشارع بطرابلس .. و منع اي مظاهرات ضد المؤتمر الوطني او الحكومة .بنت الوادي

    Formal accreditation of the General Staff and the conference
    Alaotunai transition up to the beloved capital Tripoli huge convoy of rebels
    Misratah goal in Libya Shield forces in partnership with the Friday Market rebels and rebels
    Corner and Gharyan ready to evacuate headquarters where groups based
    As well as armed camps and Airport Road area and secure the capital
    And vital facilities of the armed manifestations and receive the security file
    In coordination with the Ministry of the Interior.

    The final installment of rats
    Misratah will be launched after
    Friday prayers
    And will also kicks off the rest of the
    The rats Shield forces to Libya region
    Zliten and five مسلاته
    Tarhuna and battalion May 28,
    As well as rats Shield Libya region
    Western Tripoli and Gharyan
    And Surman corner and Nalut
    , Kklh and Gado, Sabratha and visitors
    To the capital Tripoli.

    Revolutionaries “airbrush”:  ‘Misrata Jews were here’ .. Even cow did not deliver them!!

    Crowds Germanah the criminal and beards Mqmlh of coming from the city of Misrata invade the capital, with all kinds of weapons:

    Shield Libya militias are the same militias that killed the children of Bani Walid, as well as youth Benghazi and currently Etbi complement the people of Tripoli.

    Militias now Mzrath in Tripoli …

    DC shortly before … Columns militias Jerdanih the dictate the highway and through the coast.

    URGENT: – Essam el-Erian offender Brotherhood assassin

    Brotherhood organization brothers are trying to control of the capital

    Libya Egypt obtained Brothers until p full support
    Current moves were approved in urgent meeting
    Brothers in Turkey, was to give orders to me Brothers
    Branch Libya to move quickly master p, DC
    Libya …

    God curse all of the satisfaction of that fight or kill Libyan Libby
    For a foreign agenda, God curse each client to Qatar
    Turkey’s affiliation, mentor and Qatar ..

    Urgent ….Most of the troops that entered on behalf of Misurata to Tripoli is one of the mercenaries, “Egyptians, Tunisians and Syrians” who are

    trained jihadists under the guise of “free army” since a period in Misratah.

    The right words and hungry Libyan O

    Important information: –

    Cutthroat Benghazi attacking Tripoli

    From reliable sources and Sam Bin Humaid is the de facto leader of the campaign (Phalange) en route from Misrata to protect

    Tripoli to implement Resolution 27 of the General National Congress judge to vacate the capital of militias and armed manifestations.

    The same forces that have implemented Resolution No. 7 is
    Now been charged with securing the General National Congress and the capital
    Central armor – armor Bank

    Central shield was led by Salah Paddy Member Conference
    National ..
    Shield Western Conference led by Sheikh Mohammed Kelani

    Central shield consists of: – most Ktaib of Misratah and with it
    One tribe of Zliten and the people of Zliten not represent them.

    Western Shield consists of: – rebels Salafis and corner them
    Rebels Gheryan.

    Misratah and market Friday, Tajora and Gharyan and the angle
    Allied with the Brotherhood and the militant group to rule Libya
    And I’m talking about the rebel leaders and not the people of this
    Brotherhood cities hate …

    (This is the same group of monsters who tried to squash BANI WALID last OCTOBER!!]


    McCain was Obama’s “go-in-between-boy”–

    McCAin was Obama’s messenger for instructions to the Muslim Brotherhood in these various countries, to set up their present rule over TRIPOLI.

    SALAFISTS/WAHABISTS/Muslim Brotherhood were funded and supplied militarily as well, by OBAMA (through Turkey with daily airlifts of munitions
    and heavy weaponry into Misrata airport and Mitigua airbase in Tripoli)…and they all came together last night to impose their Vishey-type NAZI- ZIONIST
    GOVERNMENT rule over TRIPOLI [and eventually all of LIBYA] by their Zionist (“2nd Homeland” ) “capitol” of MISURATA…OBAMA has been planning this for
    at least 18 months…only thing Obama did not count pon was the people of these nations uprising, as in EGYPT & TUNISIA.
    BUT the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is well armed now..and have total rule over LIBYA by terror (despite the populace objecting). US bombers are also protecting “their interests” [the reasoning behind OBAMA’s”legal” US-Congressional signing of fresh airstrikes in Libya] and are shielding the Misratans who invaded Tripoli with puppet GNC full support and Resolution N° 7 of the so-called “National Congress”!!!
    (There is more to 11 SEPT.Stevens/Benghazi Affair than meets the naked eye!)
    The GNC- ALI ZAIDANE “government” remains a puppet of the USA..and they are 100% ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood under SWEHLI & BUSHMIN.
    Did you know that Asswehly when he met the leaders of the bloc Fed had wanted to be called the great province of Tripoli great province of Misratah Misratah or Aamilo territory alone.
    وردَ الآنهل تعلم ان السويحلي عندما قابل قادة التكتل الفيدرالي كان يريد ان يسمي اقليم طرابلس الكبير باقليم مصراتة الكبير او يعملو اقليم مصراته لوحده.

    بنت الوادي

    Only obstacle in their way is ZINTAN!! WHICH GNC AND NATO have declared a war upon.

    Amnesty International’s report which states Misrata turned into a haven for Tkvrien …

    Misrata, Libya turned into stronghold Takfirists and possession of advanced missiles..


    They got the missiles from OBAMA via Turkey with their daily airlifts into MISURATA AIRPORT:

    Misrata, Libya turned into stronghold Takfirists and possession of advanced missiles

    Sunday 04 August 2013 – 10:32 م


    100 million dinars secure the capital budget has been granted to the militias of the so-called “shields”.


    NATO and the rebels terrorism
    The leaders of the security of the capital?????????????

    Detection site Sudan today that the Organization of Justice and Development for Human Rights revealed suicide bombings in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia after warning the United States, she said: that there is intense movements of Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda from the east Libyan heading to Misratah daily and stabilizes them and also in Zuwarah, in addition to the orientation of hundreds of jihadist elements infiltrated from Africa across the desert to the south of Libya .

    He said: “Al-Qaeda and the jihadists confirmed that they imported advanced technology to launch missiles and the technology to make missile range up to 100 km and more and there are high chances that the move jihadist elements to the coasts of the European across the sea and are carried out within the depth of Europe, Italy and France with the help al-Qaeda members residing in Europe.”

    He pointed out that the organization said: There are thousands of jihadist elements who had returned to Libya after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya from countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and settled in the Libyan ports and the city of Misrata, which turned into a stronghold of al-Qaeda and the militias, 

    Abdel Moez Bannon:

    “I’m sitting now with Mr. Amara rhetorical columnist, I asked him about his opinion about what’s happening on the scene, he said to me: ‘ Bushmin him to Libya for

    the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood ….’ “

    ALSO:  there was too many “MISRATANS” in their convoys last night to be just MISURATANS coming in to “support the ‘SHIELDS’ ” (which are all 100% ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood initiates)…
    The whole evil hord of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is out there with them.
    They were all trained by the Americans and the Brits in the airfields of Misrata and Mitigua. International air-traffic police have documented and made note of this.
    “Global Aviation Organization (IATA) slowed the Libyan authorities months fully identified its history to evacuate the airports of appearances and the presence of armed militias outside the law.”
    Yesterdays Plan to bomb aviation squares coincides with the storm Misrata militias to transport site on the airport road….”OBAMA really planned all of this! He had McCain pass on the instructions at each visit.
    All their weapons have been given to them by the Yanks via Turkey for the past 18 months…They were stockpiling these weapons for this event.]

    Quoting the media center for the youth of the capital:

    Process described Paljrahih to eastern Libya became uncertain after Barack Obama‘s remarks yesterday ..

    … a secret U.S. commando operations!! The results of this process and the consequences on the Libyan matter?

    All their weapons have been given to them by the Yanks via Turkey for the past 18 months…They were stockpiling these weapons for this event.]

  • Thsaboha Sahlh??
  • UrgentTripoli200 tank-type T-72 and T-55 and more than 150 vehicles and 100 crayfish armored vehicle tracking Zintan Brigades
  • is now based at the airport road and through Sawani and some of them began to enter these battalions camps in the capital Tripoli
  • Processing of heavy weapons from tanks and lobster and ground-to-ground missiles in Zintan far ..Quoting r / / logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

    Sound of an explosion in tourism shortly before.

    (Quoting youth Gargaresh, Valley Agency Dinar News they said in Alriviath )


    Before about a week has been stolen car trash in broad daylight with the kidnapping of the driver and their employees by a gang composed of 6 persons,

    were evacuated They Masobin eyes outside the city of Tripoli, and after that has been stolen car was successfully transferred the driver and his companions to the Bedouins … .
    Even garbage cars delivered combing,,, so God, oh my God and ask honorable safety .

    Infection transmitted qualifying for the capital Tripoli, the assassination of Colonel
    “Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Salam Lafi”, after being subjected to a release
    Lead during the way back to his house and steal his car, and utter his last breath
    Omar Hospital Askar Sbaah.

    Shooting on Chinese company Bzoarh the two foreign and wounding two people, and uncertain of the shoots.

    Airport Road
    Armed robbery at the headquarters of the “foreign workers” behind the flowers neighborhood architecture “by rain
    Hit only one person.

    Quoting / / Mermaid operations room
    Shooting voice now selects between فشلوم and Aleneuvlin

    Problem between the two families

    (Mermaid operations)

    Urgent … Mermaid operations room

    Who lose بالرماية today in Tripoli International Exhibition “Amralmokhtar”

    1 – Radwan Tbjee St.
    2 – Rami Albelkh,

    Any information on them please Report the nearest police station. .

    Win the army and the police!!!!!!

    Those of the target and the bombing of a police station pond
    The latter, and are residents of the C Street Abdul Jalil has been
    The arrest of a third person, and I could not see his face, and
    From the day of the blast have been arrested.:

    Was arrested at least two of the four escapees yesterday in the case of fire in the amusement park in Tripoli ..
    Catch someone in the Wadi Alheirh south of Tripoli and other in بواية Ras Igdir

    The right words and hungry Libyan O

    Dr-. Mohammed ElSuwey

    I’m a doctor, Department of Hospital Resuscitation accidents Salim
    This topic photographs were taken yesterday in hospital accidents Abu Salim …
    I hope publication for everyone to know the suffering of the doctors … And the suffering of the citizens …. And shorten the ministry ….

    And Wayne Tdhb the state funds …. To get to put people on the ground …..!!

    كلام الحق وجاع يا ليبيينMohammed ElSuweyالسلام عليكم
    انا طبيب بقسم الانعاش بمستشفى الحوادث ابوسليم
    هده الصور التقطت بالامس في مستشفى الحوادث ابوسليم …
    ارجو النشر ليعرف الجميع معاناة الاطباء … و معاناة المواطنين …. و تقصير الوزارة …. و اين تدهب اموال الدولة …. لكي نصل الى وضع المصابين على الارض …..!!

    Mohamed Amehasn  informs us| |

    MISURATA‘s Abushmin (of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “Jusice & Construction” PARTY which rules Libya under the GNC, asked Libya Shield forces “protecting Tripoli International Airport” after entering the armed group to a control tower for the past days,

    and (thank goodness) prevented a plane belonging to Qatar Airways from landing at the airport in Tripoli.
    Almost certain news delivered tomorrow protection Airport Tripoli to Mlisheh the armor.

    Tripoli existence of militias shields:

    Please of discernible precaution citizens and الحدر during their leadership luxury cars
    Where a little while ago came citizen and his wife of the communication when Haulo armed group stopped in front of the University of Tripoli

    and the driver did not stop and increased speed where they were beaten Btgah lead by Bridge Street orbit

    and is full flight of direction through the railroad did not hurt the citizen and his wife, knowing that their car type Kia Sportage

    and the car that was chased by type Miche Lancer without plates by gunmen.
    Thousand Ahamdallah on safety!!



    THE RISHVANA ARE NOT CRIMINALS–They are kin to BANI WALID WARFALLI–that is why the RATS are after them!!!!
    Word now uncertain

    From the Ministry of the Interior and notables:

    Access will be me and Rishvana me “arrested criminals” ..

    Remember God and Rishvana ..

    Quoting r / / Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya.

    Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya:


    Last Almstnjaddat in Rishvana tribe

    The advent of cars, including so-called shield Libya where entered the first time to the Naval Academy, the spectrum according to what they said they sin against in place and they are coming to protect the coastal road and the concentration in the port of Sidi Bilal, actually came out of the Naval Academy and went to the port of Sidi Bilal my hunter where came to them with the President of the local fisherman (Ali Alhmala) and Chairman of the port of Sidi Bilal Besaad (Ramadan bin Faraj) and they said to them, Why did you come? said we we will stationed inside the port to maintain it, and also to protect the coastline me and Rishvana which stretches 30 kilometers and the link between Tripoli and the corner, they said, we will get out of the port in the case of and no breakthroughs or thefts, the spectrum of a decision of the national Congress .. this speech, which we have heard, which is not true in Nzerana ..
    And still come and heavy weapons to enter the port of Sidi Bilal coming from Tripoli and to some extent because the corner ..
    And Rishvana said believe the coastal road and you and they will be access Cemetery.
    I do not want to talk about things more of Fbdao military ..

    We see a conspiracy against Rishvana but

    1 – We are ready for me any traitors occur.

    3 – We want to warn that Misrata corner will always keep you ..

    قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya
    السلام عليكم

    آخر المستنجدات في قبيلة ورشفانة

    قدوم سيارات بما يسمى درع ليبيا حيث دخلت المرة الأولي الي الأكاديمية البحرية وذالك حسب ما قالوا أنهم اخطؤ في المكان وانهم قادمون لحماية الطريق الساحلي وتمركز في ميناء سيدي بلال ،فعلا خرجوا من الأكاديمية البحرية وذهبوا الي ميناء سيدي بلال بي صياد حيث جائهم رئيس المجلس المحلي صياد (علي الهمالي )ورئيس ميناء سيدي بلال بصياد (رمضان بن فرج )فقالوا لهم لماذا أتيتم ؟قالوا نحن سوف نقوم بالتمركز داخل الميناء للحفاظ عليه وكذالك حماية الشريط الساحلي لي ورشفانة الذي يتمدد 30كيلومتر والرابط بين طرابلس والزاوية ،فقالوا نحن سوف نخرج من الميناء في حالة وجود اختراقات او السرقات وذالك بقرار من المؤتمر الوطني ..هذا الكلام الذي سمعناه وهو ليس صحيحا في نظرانا ..
    ولازال السلاح ثقيل يأتي ويدخل الي ميناء سيدي بلال قادم من طرابلس والزاوية الي حد لان ..
    ورشفانة قالت آمنوا الطريق الساحلي وإياكم والدخول فإنها سوف تكون مقبرة .
    لا أريد ان أتحدث عن أمور عسكرية أكثر من ذالك ..

    نحن نراها مؤامرة تحاك ضد ورشفانة ولكن

    ١-نحن مستعدون لي اي خونة تحدث

    ٣-نريد ان نحذر الزاوية ان مصراتة لن تبقي دائماً معكم ..

    Urgent entrances and Rishvana Libyan / / /

    Now the entire region is under siege by the powerful coming from Misrata and followers of the corner and five and مسلاتة and battalions so-called revolutionaries NATO,

    so the Mtsakna those areas appealing to the concerned authorities to intervene to put an end to such violationsand abuses of citizens isolate.
    عـــــــــــــــــــــــاجل مــــن مـــداخل ورشفانــــــــــــــــة الليبــية /// الأن المنطقة بالكامل تحت الحصـــــــار مــــن قبل قوي قادمة من مصراتة و أتباعها مــــن الزاوية و الخمس و مسلاتة و كتائب مــــا يطلق عليهم ثـــوار الناتــــو ، لذلك فإن متساكني تلك المناطق يناشدون الجهات المعنية بالتدخل لوضع حــــد نــــــــهائي لمثل تلـــــك الإنتهاكات و التجاوزات لمواطنين عـــــزل

    • الان في شريط الاخبار على قناة الدوليه الجردانيه مكتوب الخبر التالي ///

      اغلاق مداخل ومخارج ورشفانه استعدادآ لعملية القبض على المطلوبين من قبل قوات جردان ليبيا

    Now in the news on the channel bar International written Jerdanih Products following news / / /

    Shut down the entrances and exits of and Rishvana in preparation for “the arrest of wanted by the RAT forces جردان to Libya” (CRACKING DOWN ON THE GREEN RESISTANCE!!)

    In the name of God the Merciful

    A statement of the Supreme Council for tribes and Rishvana, and components of civil society

    As a result of going through Libya today of serious incidents threatening national security and the witnessing of security breaches serious, the Council of tribes and Rishvana and civil society components underline the national constants of the Libyan people in its territorial integrity, social and thus contributing to the control of security and stability in all parts of the country dear, it emphasizes on the following :
    1 – emphasis on supporting the legitimacy of the General National Congress and the interim government elected by the Libyan people and يتوجهان for everyone to exercise caution and not to be drawn and drift behind the rumors that will damage the unity of Libya and its security.
    2 – call upon the government to expedite the building of the Libyan army and not the regional police and all security agencies to consolidate and maintain the state bear responsibility for events that threaten the security of the state.
    3 – condemns tribes and Rishvana strongly all criminal acts of assassinations, kidnapping, torture, theft and tampering with funds private and public that occur in various regions of Libya and calling on the government to strike with an iron fist at the hands of each of the these actions to communicate to the Libyan people, the results of investigations carried out in all the assassinations the beginning of the death of General Abdel Fattah Younis and other brothers in all areas of national Libya.
    4 – tribes and Rishvana denounces what Try it some members of Congress and Ihbikunh work against it as a result robbery, which was on a camp martyr Abdel-Fattah Younis in 27 say to them to make sure, and open investigations to discover who stormed the camp and stole its mechanisms and tell them also where you are and why not تصدرون sanctions against those who stand to pump oil, which is a source of livelihood Libyans all, and where you are when you stole Camp Hamza, and where you are when it was infringing on the First Battalion Qasr Ben Ghashir Brigade first, and where you are from deprivation and torture, which profoundly regret some of the Libyans, and where, and where, and where When double these different weights.
    5 – Rishvana not have a feud with one did not go for any one to تستفزه or to simplify its influence is an incubator for all Libyan tribes since dozens of Sunni and calls on all Libyans to not compromise on Libya and يكونو ranks and complies with all of the words of God ((And those who annoy believing men and women without what gained The احتملوا slander and manifest sin))
    6 – Welcomes tribes and Rishvana of the decision of the conference, which enjoined insurance by the coastal road from the National Army as AD 27 and recommends that this decision includes the coastal road from east to west, and all roads in Libya.
    In conclusion Our beautiful congratulations to the Libyan people and their government and Islamic nations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr make it God فرجا and the joy and acceptance.
    God save Libya
    Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings

    Supreme Council for tribes and Rishvana, and components of civil society

    29 Ramadan 1434 AH
    Corresponding to 07 August 2013

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمبيان المجلس الأعلى لقبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدنينتيجة لما تمر به ليبيا اليوم من أحداث خطيرة تهدد الأمن الوطني وما تشهده من اختراقات أمنية خطيرة فان مجلس قبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدني يؤكدان على الثوابت الوطنية للشعب الليبي في وحدته الترابية والاجتماعية وبما يسهم في ضبط الأمن والاستقرار في كل أرجاء الوطن الغالي فانها تؤكد على مايلي:
    1- التأكيد على دعم شرعية المؤتمر الوطني العام والحكومة المؤقتة المنتخبين من قبل الشعب الليبي ويتوجهان للجميع بتوخي الحذر وعدم الانجرار والانجراف وراء الشائعات التي من شأنها الأضرار بوحدة ليبيا وأمنها .
    2- نطالب الحكومة بالإسراع في بناء الجيش الليبي وليس الجهوي والشرطة وكل الأجهزة الأمنية لتثبيت دعائم الدولة والمحافظة عليها وتحملها مسؤولية الأحداث التي تهدد امن الدولة.
    3- تدين قبائل ورشفانة بقوة كل الأعمال الإجرامية من اغتيالات وخطف وتعذيب وسرقة وعبث بالأموال الخاصة منها والعامة التي تحدث في مختلف مناطق ليبيا وتطالب الحكومة بضرب بيد من حديد على يد كل من يقوم بهذه الأعمال على أن توافي الشعب الليبي بنتائج التحقيقات التي تتم في جميع الاغتيالات بداية من استشهاد اللواء عبد الفتاح يونس وغيره من أخوانه الوطنيين في جميع مناطق ليبيا.
    4- ان قبائل ورشفانة تستنكر ما يحاوله بعض أعضاء المؤتمر وما يحبكونه من أعمال ضدها نتيجة السطو الذي تم على معسكر الشهيد عبد الفتاح يونس ب 27 فتقول لهم ليتأكدوا، ولتفتح التحقيقات ليتبين من الذي اقتحم هذا المعسكر وسرق آلياته ونقول لهم أيضا أين انتم ولما لا تصدرون العقوبات ضد من يقفون ضخ النفط الذي هو مصدر رزق الليبيين جميعاً ، وأين انتم عندما سرق معسكر حمزة ، وأين انتم عندما تم التعدي على الكتيبة الأولى قصر بن غشير التابعة للواء الأول ، وأين انتم من الحرمان والتعذيب الذي يقاسيه بعض الليبيون ، وأين ، وأين ، وأين فلما الكيل بهذه المكاييل المختلفة .
    5- ورشفانة ليس لها عداء مع احد ولم تذهب لأي احد لتستفزه أو لتبسط نفوذها وهي حاضنه لكل القبائل الليبية منذ عشرات السنيين وتدعو جميع الليبيين أن لا مساومة على ليبيا وان يكونو صفاً واحداً وليمتثل الجميع لقول الله تعالى (( والذين يؤذون المؤمنين والمؤمنات بغير ما اكتسبوا فقد احتملوا بهتانا وأثما مبينا ))
    6- ترحب قبائل ورشفانة بقرار المؤتمر الذي أوجب تأمين الطريق الساحلي من قبل الجيش الوطني من ك م 27 وتوصي أن يكون هذا القرار يشمل الطريق الساحلي من الشرق إلى الغرب وجميع الطرق بليبيا .
    وفي الختام نتقدم بأجمل التهاني إلى الشعب الليبي وحكومته والشعوب الإسلامية بمناسبة حلول عيد الفطر المبارك جعله الله فرجا وفرحا وقبولا .
    وحفظ الله ليبيا
    والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهالمجلس الأعلى لقبائل ورشفانة ومكونات المجتمع المدني29 رمضان 1434 هـ
    الموافق 7 أغسطس 2013

    Cry Libya News:

    People and Rishvana warns buyers, Misratah and زليطن who have Henagher, stores and businesses in commercial markets its land by burning

    and sabotage because of the greed students the power of those tribes and parties and threatening to enter the territory of and strongly Rishvana the arms.

    The Libyan news agency today

    Aaaaaaaaagel: militias armor is preparing for an attack on (Rishvana)

    Of armor believed to be Brotherhood Misrata and Asswehly militias called his name and Thimh of (Soeriasuehali) submitted to Tripoli
    (Darkening of the eyes) is the most important agenda .. it has a large and very large

    Of source close Motmr the Leah said, and I quote There are a total of of Misratah armor and dodges and angle convince in الموتمر of the

    National Alajuaana Bazaaaar Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana??? Ali and God heard Khobar Anzhilt and shocked and Leah said

    the story is nothing but camouflage armor to protect the capital in appearance but have own agenda in sub-drop of a hat for the implementation of Resolution No. 7 on city and Rishvana.

    Uttered by former F tourist to Soahali my father risked in the name of Misrata said will not relax until Ada broke Khcom the the Tarhuna and Orishvana).

    Quoting fall and extremist militias in Libya

    Aaaaaaaaagel “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ”
    From a source close to the conference said Leah literally There are a total of Misratah shields and dodges corner and convince in الموتمر national Alajuaana Bazaaaar Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana??? Heard Khobar Anzhilt and the shocked and Leah said the story is nothing but camouflage armor to protect the capital in appearance but have own agenda in sub-drop of a hat for the implementation of Resolution No. 7 on the city and Rishvana … Iaaarb Mitalaa speech this hoot!!!!! Because Mesh strange virgin Atalona Resolution No. 7 of Cyrenaica and south.
    وكالة أنباء ليبيا اليـوم

    عااااااااجل :مليشيات الدروع تستعد للهجوم على ( ورشفانة )

    من يعتقــد أن دروع إخــوان مصراتــــة ومليشيات الـسـويحلـي المسماة بإسمه وتحيمه (سراياالسويحلي ) قدمت لطرابلس
    ( على سواد عيونها ) فهــو واهم..فلديها أجنده كبيرة وكبيرة جدا

    من مصدر مقرب للموتمر قال ليا بالحرف الواحد هناك مجموعه من دروع مصراته وزاويه تتحايل وتقنع في الموتمر الوطني الاخوااني باظهااار قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه ؟؟؟ علي والله سمعت الخبر انذهلت وصدمت و قال ليا قصة الدروع ماهي الا تمويه لحماية العاصمه في الظاهر ولكن لديها اجنده خاصه في الباطن اوهي لتنفيذ قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه .

    .قالها سابقا جمعة السائح إن لسويحلي الدي يغامر بإسم مصراتة قال لن أرتاح الا إدا كســـرت خشـــوم ترهـــونة وورشفــانة )
    نقلا عن تسقط ميليشيات والمتطرفين في ليبيا

    عااااااااجل “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””
    من مصدر مقرب للمؤتمر قال ليا بالحرف الواحد هناك مجموعه من دروع مصراته و الزاويه تتحايل وتقنع في الموتمر الوطني الاخوااني باظهااار قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه ؟؟؟ سمعت الخبر انذهلت وصدمت و قال ليا قصة الدروع ماهي الا تمويه لحماية العاصمه في الظاهر ولكن لديها اجنده خاصه في الباطن اوهي لتنفيذ قرار رقم 7 علي مدينة ورشفانه …يااارب مايطلع الكلام هذه صاح !!!!! لان مش غريبه بكرا يطلعونا قرار رقم 7 لبرقه والجنوب .
    Conspiracy and Rishvana planned
    A witness from her family.






    Quoting the Libyan news agency today:

    Urgent folks western mountain Gado and Alrajaban suffer from a lack of gasoline because of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood War against ZINTAN,

    and their GNC Banzina Bach refusal Enzlosh to support Zintan in any manner, shape or form.

     ZINTANI in TRIPOLI, are doing their best to defend TRIPOLI with the XANTHAN, Qaqaa Battalions and 32nd Civil Brigade.


    Ask God to preserve Libya and its people and to save her from the evil Brotherhood demons who covered up behind the guise of religion to hide their folly and faces.

    ……. These are some of the realities of the Muslim Brotherhood rats for those who do not know them:

    1 Tzhlhm in the consolidation.
    2 double loyalty and disavowal.
    3 and falling in fads.
    4 secret underlying the approach to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    5 fanaticism of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood
    6 fanaticism Brotherhood wrote.
    7 fanaticism for lectures Brotherhood.
    8 cooperation among الإخوانيين of approach for the Muslim Brotherhood
    9 warning severe Mentgosai the Brotherhood
    10 warning of books that warn of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    11 Tzhlhm in the application of science ..
    12 distribution of tapes prohibited.
    13 Tjoisahm the emirate in urban areas.
    14 distribution of books in which astray.
    15 تسترهم the precautionary approach and falsely alliance.
    16 threat of leaving their approach to the Salafi approach.
    17 make some for some mattresses and fake.
    18 adoption should approach the budget in reply.
    19 organization of demonstrations and marches.
    20 young breeding coups.
    21 call for succession.
    22 accompany them to Mardan.
    23 احتواؤهم for Msalin and frequent مجالستهم.
    24 Sama p songs innovators.
    25 passport representation.
    26 propagation of nocturnal sorties in remote places.
    27 pay the money given to each member of the Muslim Brotherhood for the benefit of the community.
    Their eagerness to assemble 28 young people under the false base.
    29 believed that their best outfits groups on the scene.
    30 claim that the only difference between the Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood is merely a different variety.
    31 claim that the call is not only succeed in joining their group.
    32 engaging reading magazines and newspapers.
    33 assassinations management.
    34 are keen to attract young people without young.
    35 exploit some of the official activities for the benefit of the community.
    36 polish their leaders and hyperbole in their praise.
    37 sympathy with Stray parties.
    38 keenness on the leadership to serve the interests of the group.
    39 gradient youth to their inclusion in the Muslim Brotherhood organization cord.
    40 allegiance to the Brotherhood curriculum.
    41 Salafi hostility to united.
    42 interest at the expense of virtues dogmas.
    43 exploit the Hajj and Umrah seasons to brainwash young Muslim Brotherhood ideology.
    44 Xtharhm of leisure trips to attract young people.
    45 are keen to intelligent people and not others.
    46 taken to the opinions that agree whim.
    Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d’aide à l’export

    We have left the Mr. Mohammed Alguendoz the mine yesterday to warn us of the consequences of a coup against the GNC but it came to be identified schedule on promptly at seven in the morning, so wits exceeded all states intelligence devices. But Acunnina may have become accustomed to hearing such rumors from customers Brotherhood Qatar. In the past, they were more committed a crime or wanted to do something stayed provoke smuggling Saif of Zintan.

    Today, after understanding the citizen plot and discovered their lies and wickedness, and descended to the streets in demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood and the control of the joints of the state, they wanted to يوهموه that there is a risk greater than the risk of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, namely Khtaralozlam Valozlam in their coming to overthrow the legitimate, and on بالأزلام O wealthy? They Zintan المتمثلون the Qaqaa Brigade and a brigade of civil society.

    Although these two brigades never hear from them that stood obstacle to the establishment of the state or surrounded by the Ministry in order to pass the decision to serve their interests with their ability to so Aknhm always يغلبون interest of the nation km accustomed to. What they are doing today broadcast rumors should not involve the citizen, and I mean honorable citizen of the sons of the homeland. Just a coup story to divert attention from their crimes of assassinations, bombings and that angered the Libyan street came out in condemning the demonstrations in several Libyan cities.

    These rumors also to absorb the anger after being closed condemn stealing oil fields of Libya’s wealth and sold without counters on the black market. Pressure must be on the street and strongly these stinking fragmentation that Ozakmt noses repeated its crimes. There is no coup, even if they no longer found it is a coup to rewind the legitimacy that raped and stole into the arms of the citizen. Coup against the legitimate court on plans that besieged ministries and even before that, when the head of the Office kidnapped Zaidane.

    Since that time, the legitimate usurped no longer a legitimate or government in Libya, it has been controlled in full and became just the body not the spirit of it. Did not content with this, but are now seeking to form a government crisis proposal submitted by Abdul Razak Al-Aradi, one of the arrows, which was supposed to be prison with his partner and Nasib family Baghdadi Mahmudi,

    yes it is arrows and climbing the beginning of the newest and broke Transitional Council support diagonal because of its partnership relations one of the princes Qataris, the owner of the idea of ​​creating national guard, which serves as the Revolutionary Guards Muslim Brotherhood, to complement his control and his brothers on the wealth country. It also stated that the late hero, God willing, Abdulsalam cuneiform and Member Touati Alaadh the Congress, and accused of stealing money and have served the country, but stealing money to satisfy their guide in Egypt. O you Libyans honorable God has given us minds distinguish the wicked from the good and right from wrong, we have to use this sense of right and not let others control us through the media systematically.

    Ask God to preserve Libya and its people and to save her from the evil Brotherhood demons who covered up behind the guise of religion to hide their folly and faces.

    لقد خرج علينا المنجم السيد محمد القندوز بالأمس ليحذرنا من مغبة انقلاب علي الشرعية بل وصل به الأمر إلي تحديد موعده على تمام الساعة السابعة صباحا,فاق بذلك دهاء كل أجهزة الدول الإستخباراتية. ولاكننا قد تعودنا على سماع مثل هذه الشائعات من الإخوان عملاء قطر. ففي السابق كانوا كلما ارتكبوا جريمة أو أرادوا فعل أمر ما بثوا إشاعة تهريب سيف من الزنتان. اليوم وبعد أن فهم المواطن مخططهم واكتشف أكاذيبهم وخبثهم و نزل للشارع في مظاهرات ضد الإخوان وسيطرتهم على مفاصل الدولة,أرادوا أن يوهموه بأنه ثمة خطر أعظم من خطر الإخوان ألا وهو خطرالأزلام فالأزلام في نظرهم قادمون لإسقاط الشرعية, ومن المعني بالأزلام يا ثري؟ إنهم الزنتان المتمثلون في لواء القعقاع ولواء المدني . مع أن هذين اللواءين لم نسمع عنهم يوما بأن وقفوا عائقا أمام قيام الدولة أو حاصروا وزارة ما من أجل تمرير قرار يخدم مصالحهم مع قدرتهم على ذلك ولاكنهم دائما يغلبون مصلحة الوطن كم اعتادوا. ما يقومون به اليوم من بث الشائعات ينبغي ألا تنطوي على المواطن, وأعني بالمواطن الشرفاء من أبناء الوطن. قصة الانقلاب مجرد عملية صرف أنظار عن جرائمهم المتمثلة في الإغتيالات والتفجيرات والتي أثارت غضب الشارع الليبي فخرج في مظاهرات منددة في عدة مدن ليبية. هذه الشائعات أيضا لامتصاص الغضب بعد أن أقفلت حقول النفط تنديدا بسرقة ثروة ليبيا وبيعها دون عدادات في السوق السوداء. يجب على الشارع الضغط وبقوة علي هذه الشرذمة النتنة التي أزكمت الأنوف بجرائمها المتكررة. لا يوجد انقلاب, حتى وإن وجد فلا يعد انقلابا بل هو لترجيع الشرعية التي اغتصبت وسرقت إلى أحضان المواطن. الانقلاب على الشرعية تم بخطط محكمة يوم أن حوصرت الوزارات بل وقبل ذلك, عندما اختطف رئيس مكتب زيدان. منذ ذلك الوقت والشرعية مغتصبة ولا يعد هناك شرعية أو حكومة في ليبيا, فقد تمت السيطرة عليها بالكامل وأصبحت مجرد جسم لا روح له.لم يكتفوا بذلك, بل يسعون الآن لتشكيل حكومة أزمة بمقترح مقدم من عبدالرزاق العرادي وهو أحد الأزلام الذي كان من المفترض أن يكون بالسجن مع شريكه ونسيب العائلة البغدادي المحمودي, نعم إنه من الأزلام وتسلق بداية الأحدث واخترق المجلس الانتقالي بدعم قطري لما له من علاقات شراكة بأحد الأمراء القطريين, وهو صاحب فكرة إنشاء حرس وطني, أي بمثابة الحرس الثوري الإخواني, ليكمل سيطرته ومن معه من الإخوان على ثروات البلاد. كما ذكر ذلك المرحوم بإذن الله البطل عبدالسلام المسماري وعضو المؤتمر التواتي العيضة, وليتهم سرقوا المال وخدموا البلاد, بل يسرقون المال لإرضاء مرشدهم في مصر. فيا أيها الليبيون الشرفاء لقد وهبنا الله عقولا نميز بها الخبيث من الطيب والحق من الباطل فعلينا أن نستخدم هذه الحاسة في الحق ولا نترك غيرنا يتحكم فينا من خلال الإعلام الممنهج.نسأل الله أن يحفظ ليبيا وأهلها وأن يخلصها من شر إخوان الشياطين الذين تستروا خلف ستار الدين ليخفوا قباحة وجوههم.ابن ليبيا

    Zintan, Zintan and the war of Zintan and the Zintan
    Loud sounds that war was going to be in Tripoli between Misratah and Friday market and counter-party are Zintan????
    Zintan Misratah will not fight and will fight Friday market and will fight anyone,,, men Zintan and youth Dvino the the weapons and ultimately into Bmaol construction, wanted to enter in war فالابواب on Musraeiha, but to determine his identity must first enemy,,, ,
    Zintan has not signed a contract to be a policeman Libya, Zintan only will be Nazareth oppressed and will stand with the right either to be placed in the corner of Almenachrh this and will not be total, as they say (unapproachable in fire Bzath)
    Zintan actually began to build their city, its people and fennel rejuvenated their sleeves and ادركو that the war can not win The post-liberation war is ruining the winner of the loser,,, and will not be party to the destruction of Libya,,,
    What separates Zintan Tripoli is 160 kilometers and when Ahtajtna Tripoli to Pena appeal and will not shrink and will not Nadm medium,,, either degenerated in the face with our brothers and pillars of the revolution will not be and predators words will not change our opinion one iota,,,
    Zintan stand to be given an opportunity to the rest of the cities that join up with the revolution or rather rode correct the Revolution …..
    Zintan take into account the sanctity and inviolability of blood fighting for Muslim world, let us not forget that this world is not settled when God mosquito’s wing, and Muslim over a Muslim is haram, his money, his blood, and display,,,
    Any war will be far are only giving the excuse full of foreign interference and will not be there after the vote, but vote lead and there will be no odor, but the smell of death and would only be destruction, let us gather on one word, but is no god but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah and let Ncatv efforts to build the rest of the country good wherein goodness what accommodate a lot and where the people are good what explains the chest and removes carefree,,, they are years Kassar want to spend in obedience to God and lives of dignity and after will inherit God’s earth, and them and سيخلفها with other folk as خلفناها,,,
    May Allah accept صيامكم

    (Abubaker Jalghum)

    الزنتان و الزنتان و الحرب من الزنتان و على الزنتان
    تعالت الاصوات بأن حربا ستكون فى طرابلس بين مصراتة و سوق الجمعة و الطرف المضاد هم الزنتان ؟؟؟؟
    الزنتان لن تحارب مصراته و لن تحارب سوق الجمعة و لن تحارب اى احد ,,, رجال الزنتان و شبابها دفنو اسلحتهم و استبدلوها بمعاول البناء ,,, من اراد ان يدخل فى حرب فالابواب على مصرعيها و لكن يجب ان يحدد هويتة عدوه اولا ,,,,
    الزنتان لم توقع عقدا لتكون شرطى ليبيا ,,, الزنتان فقط ستكون ناصرة المظلومين و ستقف مع الحق اما ان توضع فى زاوية المناحرة فلن يكون هذا و الكل كما يقال (يدنى فى النار لخبزته )
    الزنتان بدات فعليا فى بناء مدينتها و اهلها و شمر شبابها عن سواعدهم و ادركو ان الحرب لا ربح فيها فحرب ما بعد التحرير هى خرب الرابح فيها خاسر ,,, و لن تكون طرفا فى خراب ليبيا ,,,
    ما يفصل الزنتان عن طرابلس هو 160 كيلو متر وحين احتاجتنا طرابلس لبينا النداء و لن نبخل ذلك و لن نعدم الوسيلة ,,, اما ان نحط فى مواجهة مع اخوتنا و اعمدة الثورة فلن يكون و كلام المتربصين لن يغير رأينا قيد انملة ,,,
    الزنتان ستقف لتعطى فرصة لباقى المدن ان تلتحق بركب الثورة او بالاحرى ركب تصحيح الثورة …..
    الزنتان تراعى حرمة الدم و حرمة قتال المسلم من اجل الدنيا فدعونا لا ننسى ان هذه الدنيا لا تسوى عند الله جناح بعوضة ,, و المسلم على المسلم حرام ,, ماله و دمه و عرضه ,,,
    اى حرب ستكون الان ماهى الا اعطاء العذر الكامل للتدخل الاجنبى و لن يكون هناك بعدها صوت الا صوت الرصاص و لن تكون هناك رائحة الا رائحة الموت و لن يكون الا الدمار ,,, فدعونا نجتمع على كلمة واحدة الا هى لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله و دعونا نكاثف الجهود لبناء ما تبقى من هذه البلاد الطيبة ففيها من الخير ما يسع الكثير و فيها من الناس الطيبة ما يشرح الصدر و يزيل الهم ,,, هم سنون قصار نريد ان نقضيها فى طاعة الله و عيشة كريمة و من بعد سيرث الله الارض وما عليها و سيخلفها قوم اخرون كما خلفناها ,,,
    تقبل الله صيامكم

    (Abubaker Jalghum)

    Libyan News Network
    == Tmimyat ==
    Urgent shortly before /
    Tamim Bin Al Khalifa, shortly before a news conference on the security situation in Libya Qaúl to Athurh in Libya after the (so-named) “revolution of the seventeenth of February”

    and will crush anyone who tries to touch but ox !!
    As Hadar also Zintan accelerate Bmhakmt of the tribe Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, but will be an urgent and immediate intervention, who controlled the military intervention of Gulf Shield forces.
    شبكة الأنباء الليبية
    عاجل قبل قليل /
    صرح تميم بن ال خليفه قبل قليل في مؤتمر صحفي عن الاوضاع الامنيه في ليبيا قائلاا لاثوره في ليبيا بعد ثوره السابع عشر من فبراير وسيتم سحق كل من يحاول المس بل ثوره
    وكما حدر ايضا قبيلة الزنتان بتعجيل بمحاكمت سيف الاسلام القدافي والا سوف يتم تدخل عاجل وفوري وسيطر فيه تدخل عسكري من قوات درع الخليج



    Libya talks

    Statement to the people of Zliten

    In the name of God the Merciful
    Our Lord تؤاخذنا not including doing foolish of us
    At this difficult time through which Libya rivalry and wars knock طبولها in the Libyan capital, in particular, between the brothers as a result of the absence of the state and the absence of sensible and not hear the voice of religion and prohibitions on fighting, we see the fools and psychiatric patients led by common interests with Misratah and instead يكونو neutral party seeks to Oid sedition and seek to reform among people see these fools have sought to tarnish the image of Zliten and enjoys renown good in all regions of Libya’s involvement themselves in war have no camels nor sentences.
    We Kthoar the city of Zliten and its inhabitants dissociate ourselves from these scum and what they do and they bear the guilt of their actions and will not call for blood if happened to them any ill
    And remind them by saying:
    {And God, for example, hit the village was safe reassuring approach her livelihood Raghda of everywhere Vkfr the بأنعم God Vomagaha God bass hunger and from the fear of what they make}
    We are sorry for the policy pursued by the local council Zliten, which does not reflect the position of the people of the city and is pursuing a full dependence of Misratah.
    This Altabieh, which took place on the city formerly shameful positions not يرضاها the honorable people of the city.
    Free on 08/09/2013
    Free city of Zliten

    لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
    بيان لأهالي زليتنبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    ربنا لا تؤاخذنا بما فعل السفهاء منا
    في هذا الوقت العصيب الذي تمر به ليبيا من تناحر وحروب تدق طبولها في العاصمة الليبية خاصة ، بين الاخوة نتيجه لغياب الدولة وغياب العقلاء وعدم سماع صوت الدين ونهيه على الاقتتال ، نري سفهاء ومرضى نفسيين تقودهم مصالح مشتركة مع مصراته وبدل أن يكونو طرف محايد يسعى إلى وئد الفتنة والسعي إلى الاصلاح بين الناس نرى هؤلاء السفهاء وقد سعوا إلى تشويه صورة زليتن وما تتمتع به من صيت حسن في كل مناطق ليبيا بإقحام انفسهم في حرب لا ناقة لهم فيها ولا جمل .
    ونحن كثوار مدينة زليتن وسكانها نتبرأ من هؤلاء الحثالة وما يفعلونه وأنهم يتحملوا جريرة أفعالهم ولن نطالب بدمهم إذا حدث لهم اي سوء
    ونذكرهم بقوله :
    { وَضَرَبَ اللّهُ مَثَلاً قَرْيَةً كَانَتْ آمِنَةً مّطْمَئِنّةً يَأْتِيهَا رِزْقُهَا رَغَداً مّن كُلّ مَكَانٍ فَكَفَرَتْ بِأَنْعُمِ اللّهِ فَأَذَاقَهَا اللّهُ لِبَاسَ الْجُوعِ وَالْخَوْفِ بِمَا كَانُواْ يَصْنَعُونَ }
    وإننا نأسف للسياسة التي ينتهجها المجلس المحلي زليتن والذي لا يعبر عن موقف اهالي المدينة وينتهج التبعية التامة لمصراته .
    هذه التبيعة التي جرت على المدينة سابقا مواقف مخزية لا يرضاها أهل المدينة الشرفاء .
    حرر بتاريخ 09/08/2013
    أحرار مدينة زليتن



    Urgent and dangerous

    3 battalions of tracking base in Cyrenaica .. They went to the spread in Tripoli under the false pretext of protecting the city…
    Fear and evasion of possible U.S. air strikes in the near future on the base sites in the Middle…

    The Libyan news agency …

    Abu arrows brings the base of Cyrenaica to Tripoli to protect them from the shelling Americans

    “Abu Salim Martyrs ” + mixture Bin Humaid shields and ALI hardness.
    Some supporters of the law of Benghazi, Sirte and tuber

    These are the so-called safe-keeping force “terrorism” Tripoli!!!




    Media reports targeting Osama Abdel Razek ELHOUDERI
    B-caliber bullet to the city of Ajdabiya and will be moved to hospital
    Clearness Benghazi after hours and did not تردني details.

    Up to this moment not sure targeting Osama news
    Houderi, and when you connect to his profile he replied girlfriend
    And he told me that he infected and did not give me the details and now his

    (Salem al-Obeidi)

    Official page for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army

    Information Office of the Libyan army chief of staff

    About the camps, which were exposed to looting, theft and vandalism by some of the armed gangs there are intelligence reports that some

    of the employees of these camps were complicit with these gangs .. Investigations are under way to see Alhanah the vandals and prosecute.



    Sirte | |

    A group of armed outlaws blew up a power station 11 kV. F. improvised explosive device detonated on Saturday, the third day of Eid al-Fitr in

    central Sirte, near the intersection of Alzachra resulted in a serious injury to the station and cracked the building and electricity for residential

    area of ​​the first and part of the residential area of ​​the second.

    God of God day our street
    Sniper Sirte 13


    Sirte support Thunderbolt and بوحليقه of the …

    Elders of Sirte, met with Colonel Salah بوحليقه
    Martyrs Brigade command angle (thunderbolt 21) and Ocdo
    Their support for the Thunderbolt and the National Army and rejection
    Any other names within the city, and they said that
    All people of Sirte appreciate and are in a state of gratitude for the role of Thunderbolt
    P within Sirte …

    Armed clashes between the bolt and tried to break into terrorist groups since a few Thunderbolt.
    Refute the rumors about a clash or targeting for forces headquarters
    “Thunderbolt” This news is a shame for Health, has been
    Targeting home Arafa President “Boubacar الشحومي of” neighborly
    Company poultry Buatunai, and is continued for the special forces, and
    Blast did not result in casualties, and respond to them from
    Some employees of the Special Forces “Thunderbolt” stationed in
    The headquarters of a Libya Buatunai the shield was arrested three people
    And are being interrogated

    (Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)



    An explosion near the militia battalion camp in Benghazi Thunderbolt and archery light followed by shooting with heavy weapons after trying unidentified Alstirh at Mqrthm ‫ # Libya
    THIS IS MORE THAN PROBABLY USA ATTACKS. This is not al-Qaeda. Thunderboldt has proven themseòves to be honest, good and loyal to Green LIBYA:

    American Reconnaissance aircraft patrolling the skies of Benghazi.

    Urgent ‫ # Benghazi |
    Assassination the Ezzedine Qossad inventory media channel Free Libya after the two Matmtan cars targeting gunshot wounds

    in the region of Sidi Hussein near a blood bank;; Eid Mubarak O جردان.

    Urgent Benghazi
    I hope Publishing the scope and Aaaaasa of
    Please all are free of Benghazi, journalists and activists
    Rally today after the Asr prayer in the square opposite the Tibesti

    عاجل بنغازي
    ارجو النشر بنطاق واااااسع
    يرجي من كل احرار بنغازي والأعلاميين و النشطاء
    التجمع اليوم بعد صلاة العصر في الساحة المقابلة لتيبستي
    after ransacking a mosque [“Abdullah ibn Ja’far”] in Benghazi Buhedama area, the rats penned-up innocent felines in small boxes:
    سرقة صناديق الزكاة من مسجد “عبد الله بن جعفر” بمنطقة بوهديمة بنغازىبنت الوادي

    Investigations of the joint security room Benghazi

    One family’s neighbors (Ali) hardness neighborhood parks stressed common security of the room that the specifications of the car that its owner

    assassinated martyr Abdulsalam cuneiform hesitated on “the hardness” house twice before the assassination of cuneiform and once

    after his assassination and those noise occurred and disappeared:

    Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

    Aaaaaaaaagel Jaddaaaaaa :::

    Through the channel of Benghazi local, said Ismail Salaabi this evening follows:

    “I tell the Libyan people every year and you are fine on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr re God on us and on the nation unification of good and safety, and Atrahm on Hhmaina pure and ask God to يغسلهم water, cold and يدخلهم rest in peace,

    during the past few days directed America indictment of one of our brothers the Mujahideen to kill the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi, a Mujahid Ahmed Abuchthalh and ماسوف result in the charge of the claims judicial brother Ahmed, I say to America that I felt one of the top Ahmed Abuchthalh we have the most expensive of all Safaraúk all over the world

    and kill for our brothers in the dirt and bombed by aircraft is also a crime must Naaqpk them, and any attempt you to undermine any one of the Mujahideen will burn the ground under the feet of every American and Florin will be all interests in Libya,

    but all over the goals for us now to Vena arms and money is no longer our front is weak, but we will open fronts in all over the world against America tried to exposure to us and engage in شئوون Libya has paid the blood of us versus editing will not only be an Islamic Emirate governed by the laws of God and tell the Libyan people any cooperation or betrayal of the Mujahideen of you in favor of intelligence America will be our response to tough

    and every person reaches us about information he client to America will be liquidated with one of his brothers, and his family expelled from Libya and the punishment stipulated in the law of God in the treatment of traitors to Islam, renew Thdera to America and Western countries and Libyan collaborators that punishment too harsh.”

    عااااااااجل جداااااا :::عبر قناة بنغازي المحلية صرح اسماعيل الصلابي هذا المساء بالاتي (( اقول للشعب الليبي كل العام وانت بخير بمناسبة عيد الفطر المبارك اعاده الله علينا وعلى امة التوحيد بالخير والامان ، واترحم على شهذائنا الطاهرين ونسأل الله ان يغسلهم بالماء والبرد ويدخلهم فسيح جناته ،، خلال الايام الماضية وجهت امريكا اتهام لاحد اخوتنا المجاهدين بقتل السفير الامريكي في بنغازي وهو المجاهد احمد ابوخثاله وماسوف يترتب عليه هذا الاتهام من مطالبات قضائيه لاخونا احمد ، اقول لامريكا ان شعرت واحد من راس احمد ابوخثاله عندنا اغلى من كل سفرائك في كل العالم وان قتلك لاخوتنا في درنه وقصفهم بالطائرات هو ايضاً جريمة يجب ان نعاقبك عليها ، واي محاولة منك للنيل من اي احد من المجاهدين سوف نحرق الارض تحت اقدام كل امريكي واروبي وسوف تكون كل مصالحهم في ليبيا بل في كل انحاء اهداف لنا الان لذينا السلاح والاموال ولم تعد جبهتنا ضعيفة بل سوف نفتح جبهات في كل انحاء العالم ضد امريكا ان حاولت التعرض لنا والدخول في شئوون ليبيا فلقد دفعنا دماء لنا مقابل تحريرها ولن تكون الا امارة اسلاميه تحتكم لشرع الله واقول للشعب الليبي اي تعاون او خيانه للمجاهدين منكم لصالح مخابرات امريكا سوف يكون ردنا قاسي وكل شخص تصل لنا عنه معلومات انه عميل لامريكا سوف يتم تصفيته مع احد اخوته وطرد اسرته من ليبيا وهذا العقاب نص عليه شرع الله في معاملة الخونه للاسلام ، اجدد تحديري لامريكا والدول الغربيه ولليبيين المتعاونين معهم ان العقاب قاسي جداً )
     OBAMA’s scapegoat:
    What about the 3/4 million that OBAMA has killed by drones and airbombs and paid mercenaries throughout North Africa and the Middle East….
    which he is himself RESPONSIBLE for; as well as it was he who created the present situation of the ‘Muslim’ BROTHERHOOD & SALAFISTS and TERRORISTS placed
    in high positions in the puppet-Governments the CIA/USA installed. Is not OBAMA the top WAR CRIMINAL?–or are not the lives of innocent Libyans worth
    anything in OBAMA’s eyes and deluded psychopathic murderous brain of his ???

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl ..Benghazi

    Recce aircraft for special forces patrolling the skies Buatunai after dark bats failed attempt to storm the camp.
    Sound of a strong explosion in Benghazi
    The news preliminary Gelatinh over the bolt and bolt camp area.



    Urgent tuber: –
    Now been blown car “key Sassi” resident district Jubaila.

    The explosion resulted in damage to nearby houses and cracking glass Delivery.



    U.S. spy planes in the sky Sabha today:

    Sabha Times 2
    Mnicoowol /

    From / Asalumh of Naji

    Now equipment inside the headquarters of the Sixth Infantry Brigade went resolution of the conflict between the conflicting parties within the city of Sabha.  

    A fire in a house ((Abdul Kader al-Kilani)) is still continuous shooting and an exchange of Kdaúv between the parties
    Warn citizens not to traffic from Mahdia circular to solve this crisis.

    Free newspaper Sabha

    Vsanaa – Sabha
    Violent clashes continued until this moment in “Fatih district” between Omlh and Alahtman led to the death of Moses behind God (Aomla) and Masoud Al-Kilani (Ahtmana) in the complete absence of security and the army and the police ..

    News of the death of “Moses behind God Alomla”, and has
    Besieged the house killer “bin asked Alahtmana”, the bride in the south
    Sabha! And clashes reciprocal and mutually Random shells تضرم fire
    In the house of a citizen, “Abdul Qader al-Kilani,” which has nothing to do with
    However, the relationship status came in the crossfire.

    (Salem al-Obeidi)


    TIFF free zone Shah between Bonn Shah family and family Algueno Ni were killed 4 members of the Shah family Bonn and 2 of family Algueno Ni and clashes are still continuing to now.

    (Valley girl)

    مشاجره بمنطقة الحر شه بين عائلة شه بون و عائلة القنو ني تــم قتل 4 من افراد عائلة شه بون و 2 من عائلة القنو ني و لازالت الاشتباكات مستمره الى الان .

    بنت الوادي

    Sabha today

    Retrieved Sabha Medical Center in the early hours of the morning, the bodies of the dead
    (Omar Ibrahim Ali adequate)
    (Massoud Abdul Kader al-Kilani)
    The first victim is a neighbor Abu Talib and his friend
    The second victim is the brother of Abu Talib was subjected to several bullets one in his right eye and his left hand and feet Monday
    There is no power but from God Almighty.

    Sabha URGENT: news clashes between Alahtman and Alomlh and news about the death of son behind God Aldaql the Alomla Gaddafi

    Aaty killed Ajtalaoy Khadaffy hope deviated functioning in the city of Sabha in Ubari Atina way back from a flour factory located path Aurbara the

    Voice Cyrenaica

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel /

    Mnicoowol / Latest Tazrbu News

    Announces the south battalion on the sit-in on Sunday 08/11/2013 at Headquarters local council Tazrbu the river and the possibility of locking industrial site Tazrbu on the cause of their salaries and appointments 2004 asked whom it may concern attendees at 10 am.

    Image clashes Hdtt in Sabha yesterday

    Libya Gate

    “Bed gas station for electric power generation”

    I’ve been enemies on the bed gas station staff by an armed group of Tabu and the beating and assaulting staff and dragged naked and humiliated, beaten and threatened at gunpoint.

    And inspection staff and their car on the station and did not allow detention for one to get out of the station and are now in their actions to continue the electric feeding station.

    Was stopped receiving fuel for the station and the station now operates fuel tanks Let’s not enough only for a day or a day and a half.

    Each of the armed group I say it and ask forcibly filling a fuel to generate electricity to help power grid

    And the lives of those who are calling and there are families and children and women at the station and a certificate from its cadre of insurgents in distress bed gas station

    (Valley girl)

    Libya Gate”محطة السرير الغازية لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية”لقد تم الاعداء على كادر محطة السرير الغازية من قبل مجموعة مسلحة من التبو وذلك بالضرب وبالاعتداء على الكادر وجرهم من ملابسهم والاهانة وبالضرب المبرح وتهديدهم بقوة السلاح .وتفتيش الكادر وسيارتهم الخاص بالمحطة والحبس ولم يسمحوا لاحد بالخروج من المحطة وهم الان في اعمالهم لتستمر المحطة بالتغذية الكهربائية .وتم ايقاف استلام الوقود للمحطة والمحطة تعمل الان بوقود الخزانات وهيا لا تكفي الا لمدة يوم او يوم ونصف .وكل واحد من المجموعة المسلحة يقول انا الامر ويطلبون تعبئة الوقود بالقوة وهي وقود لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية لمساعدة شبكة الكهربائية

    ولا حياة لمن تنادي وهناك عائلات واطفال ونساء في المحطة وشهادة من كادرها الاستغاثة من المسلحين في محطة السرير الغازية

    بنت الوادي



    Libyan attack and the other al-Qaeda Algerian Ali police station Sinaon and wounding a policeman was shot in the leg and Butrt leg incident today at dawn.



    Dr Tawfiq Okasha.
    il y a environ une heure
    ÚÇÇÇÇĚá President Mubarak

    Security source:

    Former President # Hassanymbark led Friday prayers at a mosque Tora prison farm, came after the prayer in a wheelchair, a wearing white Turnnj and black glasses, accompanied نجلاه of Alaa and Gamal and a number of symbols of the former regime.

    He added:
    Following the exit Mubarak from the mosque, surrounded by a number of prisoners, and Padloh congratulations on Eid al-Fitr, and Dar interview them for a quarter hour, talked with him during which about the political situation of the country, and said to them # Mubarak said Egypt’s plight, commenting «intensity and disappear», he added that he was confident the success of the armed forces in the management of the affairs of the country in this period, and said that he had rejected U.S. pressure and external interference in the management of the affairs of the country, and continued: armed Forces in Egypt would survive this ordeal, God willing.

    عااااجل عن الرئيس مباركمصدر أمنى :الرئيس السابق ‫#‏حسنىمبارك‬ أدى صلاة الجمعة بمسجد سجن مزرعة طرة، وخرج عقب الصلاة على كرسى متحرك، وهو يرتدى ترننج أبيض ونظارة سوداء، وبصحبته نجلاه علاء وجمال وعدد من رموز النظام السابق.وأضاف:
    عقب خروج مبارك من المسجد، التف حوله عدد من السجناء، وبادلوه التهانى بعيد الفطر، ودار حديث بينهم لربع الساعة، تحدثوا معه خلالها حول الأوضاع السياسية للبلاد، وقال لهم ‫#‏مبارك‬ إن مصر فى محنة، معلقاً «شدة وتزول»، وأضاف أنه واثق من نجاح القوات المسلحة فى إدارة شئون البلاد فى هذه الفترة، ، وقال إنه كان يرفض الضغوط الأمريكية والتدخلات الخارجية فى إدارة شئون البلاد، وتابع: القوات المسلحة ستنجو بمصر من هذه المحنة إن شاء الله.الكبيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييير

    Egypt urges Libya to activate the supply agreement million barrels of oil per month

    Al Sharif said Ismail, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Egypt, that he had contacts with Abdel Bary Arousi and Libyan oil minister urging him to activate the supply agreement of 1.2 million barrels a year to Egypt.



    REPORT from 32nd BRIGADE enhanced:

    There are two incidents in Tunisia suffered two girls unit has been thrown out of the apartment and the other have been slaughtered on the way Zarqawi

    Because God wants to demonstrate the rats and Evdham, before the world was caught three of the rats who work

    As a matter of knowing the girls is not a Liberal supporter of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi commander

    So the world knows that these creatures we launched them utter rats because they Tgerzu of morality and Agayam and humanitarian.

    هناك حادثين في تونس تعرضت لهما فتاتين وحدة تم رميها من الشقة والاخرى تم ذبحها على طريقة الزرقاويولان الله يريد ان يدلل على الجرذان ويفضحهم امام العالم فقد تم مسك ثلاثة جرذان من قاموا بالعملومن باب العلم الفتاتان ليس من الاحرار المؤيدين للقائد الزعيم معمر القذافيلكي يعلم العالم ان هؤلاء المخلوقات اطلقنا عليهم لفظ الجرذان لانهم تجرذوا من الاخلاق والقييم والانسانية

    The arrest of a young girl accused of killing Libyan Tunisia Bkhozama of Tunisia.

    Aaaaaajl Jaddaa and dangerous ..

    Cracking all Libyans cars in Tunis after Tunisian girl killed in Sousse.

    Tunisia / Sousse
    Clashes between security and shows in خزامة Sousse and news exchange of fire on the background of the slaughter of Libyan citizen of Tunisian girl

    and throw another one apartments Almktrah and seems to be the case to a criminal background:



    Clashes between Tunisian security and youth to show because ماقام by a Libyan man Dbh Tunisian Girl and ditched النافده.

    Dead and 3 wounded, including Libyans in a terrible car accident

    Five passengers were killed and three others were injured when a collision risk a Libyan another car near the Tunisian city of Kairouan, central Tunisia, a short while ago. Police sources said traffic that Tunisian and Libyan dead and wounded were taken quickly to a nearby hospital. The cause of the accident – according to the interests of traffic – to high speed and lack of attention.



     la photo de ‎صوت المقاومة‎./ VOICE OF RESISTANCE:

    USA knows everything and all things living—–no one in the entire world is really “safe”:


    (See how many times they said “Muammar al-Qathafi was dead” in the past…remember the one book I told you about “dead in 1986″…well here is another, that he died in Chad!!

    How many times does the USA lie?…Remember this…WEST LIES!!!):


    One flimsy arguments that say it ignorant rats: Muammar Gaddafi was killed army in Chad??

    To know if the fact that the war in Chad ::

    After Mafshl Americans and الفرنسيس of hit us from the north to Jaa to set up a base in Chad to threaten the security and sovereignty of the Libyan state, it was the presence of the Libyan army in Chad imperative for the defense of Libya and the security of the Libyan people, and they confront us in Chad, with the United States and France were not with Chad and the Chadian people Muslim brother , with evidence that even prisoners who fell in the war of Chad were transported to America, and further proof that when he failed to West catastrophic failure in the attack and response on the Libyan army in Chad for Jaa to conclude a peace treaty, sat French President ميترون with Muammar Gaddafi to conclude a peace treaty with Libya, and did not conclude Treaty with Chadian President, as you claim, this our Vi_ak_ war was inevitable and necessary to defend the security and integrity of Libya even though the entire Libyan army technician, Vmuammr Gaddafi to ايرضى the Lay force can shake the security of his country ..

    We are not like you daily foreign aircraft hovering over the Libyan sky but one telling her where are you going??

    اقرؤا history well

    Source: person a witness to the event
    صوت المقاومة

    احد الحجج الواهية التي يقولها الجرذان الجهلة: ان معمر القذافي قتل جيشنا في تشاد ؟؟
    لنعرف اذا حقيقة الحرب في تشاد ::

    بعد مافشل الامريكان والفرنسيس من ضربنا من الشمال لجؤا لانشاء قاعدة في تشاد لتهديد أمن وسيادة الدولة الليبية, عليه كان وجود الجيش الليبي في تشاد ضرورة حتمية للدفاع عن ليبيا وأمن الشعب الليبي , وكانت مواجهتنا في تشاد مع امريكا وفرنسا لم تكن مع تشاد والشعب التشادي المسلم الشقيق , بدليل انه حتى الاسرى الذين وقعوا في حرب تشاد تم نقلهم لامريكا , ودليل اخر انه عندما فشلوا الغرب فشل ذريع في الهجوم والتصدي على الجيش الليبي في تشاد لجؤا لابرام معاهدة سلام , فجلس الرئيس الفرنسي ميترون مع معمر القذافي لابرام معاهدة سلام مع ليبيا , ولم تبرم المعاهدة مع الرئيس التشادي كما تزعمون ,,لهذا حربنا فيتشاد كانت حتمية وضرورية للدفاع عن امن ليبيا وسلامتها حتى ولو فُنيَ الجيش الليبي بأكمله , فمعمر القذافي لايرضى لاي قوة ان تهز امن بلاده ..

    لسنا مثلكم الطائرات الاجنبية تحوم يوميا فوق السماء الليبية ولاحد يقول لها اين تذهبين ؟؟

    اقـــــــــرؤا التــــــــــــــــــاريخ جيـــــــدا

    المصدر : شخص شاهد على الحدث


    Said Ali al-Shihri, alias Abu Sufyan en Libye?

    Al Qaeda in Libya since February 2011 ..

    Abdul Rauf Abdullah: Monthly Saeed was in Libya before his death

    Monthly Said Deputy Emir of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, nicknamed Abussvian, a Saudi national, entered Benghazi and Derna in 2011

    laying the foundations of al-Qaeda and left in Yemen killed during a U.S. raid to silence him.

    A strong message to those who say there is no database Here senior commander of al-Qaeda leaders appear in Libya at the beginning of the so-called  “revolution” on Al-Jazeera, where he appeared passport photographer claims that his name is Mohammed Saaiti, also confirmed sites Yemeni and Saudi appearances between combatants in Libya and said through his speech in front of the court in Benghazi.

    But naivety Libyans and their passion is greater than that Adricko what woven around them by Qatar, which provides foreign intelligence facilities through airports to transport these criminals to wreak havoc in Islamic Albadan purpose of fragmentation and تضعيفها and has been stealing its resources.


    To verify the report Log on these links or type in القوقل the monthly happy in Libya and enter the sites Saudi Arabia and Yemen not to say that the news is true with it was published in 2011 and is not unbelievable ..

    (Valley girl)


    another LESSON in HISTORY:

    Together to realize the size of the plot on Libya and Islam:
    On this day of the year 1940 Britain established مايعرف army Sanusi and set traitor client Idriss commander of him in Egypt, a fugitive from fighting the colonial Italian fought in the battles of Tobruk and worlds as – as the army – a bunch of mercenaries paid them the price (see story Gen. Rommel’s Desert Fox ), as a prelude to the inauguration of Idris on the throne of Libya after the Allied victory over the Axis powers in World War II in 1945 as a result of Khaanth fighters and martyrs Libyans
    معا لندرك حجـــم المؤامرة علي ليبيا و الاسلام :
    في مثل هذا اليوم من العام 1940 قامت بريطانيا بتأسيس مايعرف بالجيش السنوسي وتعيين الخائن العميل ادريس قائدا له وهو في مصر هاربا من مقارعة الاستعمار الايطالي ليحارب في معارك طبرق والعالمين بإعتبارهم – باعتبار الجيش- حفنة من المرتزقة المدفوع لهم الثمن (راجع قصة الجنرال رومل ثعلب الصحراء) ، تمهيدا لتنصيب ادريس على عرش ليبيا بعد انتصار الحلفاء على دول المحور في الحرب العالمية الثانية عام 1945 نتيجة لخاينته المجاهدين والشهداء الليبيين..

    Mu’ammar and his family (aunt):

     Mu’ammar and his sister and his two sons…

    Mu in FRANCE 3 DEC 2007

    (a memorable salute from FRANCE  DEC. 2007)

We are waiting!

Muammar speaks as IMAM leader

Now the time has come to the ears of dawn prayers in local time for the occupied city of Tripoli God accept your prayers and prayer everyone


Per flag .. State per .. thought .. Legislation per ..
Green knee .. Libyan .. Think commander .. Holy Quran!

Mu rising

32nd Brigade enhanced

Now struggles Brother on the Green Channel sends a message to the Libyans there 17 HOURS AGO: ..

“We are coming and no one will come from abroad to set you free…”

THE GREEN ARMY PEOPLE’s RESISTANCE is located inside our beloved land…and will soon make the Rat’s knees bend!

Or the growth of T. (General Khamis)
الان الاخ كفاح على قناة الخضراء يوجه رسالة لليبيين..لايوجد هناك قادمون ولن يأتي احد من الخارج ليحرركم
موجودون داخل أرضنا الحبيبة هذي بلادناااا ونحنا فيها لن نستسلم نتصر
أو نمو ت

Mu in Tripoli Victory

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings .. every day are getting challenged steadfastness and insistence on the victory .. we are the owners of the right and legitimacy .. Manwayatna the high hugging همات the sky … فالنصر is soon Iaahrar the and حرائر the Great Jamahiriya and the banner of pride Hatrverw high Whisk in the granule Great Jamahiriya.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ..كل يوم نزداد صمود وتحدى واصرار على الانتصار ..فنحن اصحاب الحق والشرعيه ..معنواياتنا عاليه تعانق همات السماء … فالنصر بات قريبا يااحرار وحرائر الجماهيريه العظمى وراية العزة حاترفرف خفاقة عاليه فى جماهيريتنا الحبيبيه ….

Mu leader

Dr Hamza Abuschgner Thami 31 JULY  2013

He said,if Khamis is dead show all the libyans his dead body, and 10 doctors will be from Qadafa tribe and 20 doctors from the rats

should be….

If according to the rats Muammar is dead, show us the dead body.

And tell us why was his video made by a mobile despite of so many media channels in libya!


Mujahid Hamza intervention on 31/07/2013

voted for Libya

Talked about Gen. Khamis, leader Muammar al-Qathafi on A_i_hadahma or tactful Ihma alive, regarding T said Dr. he told cited Vsalina upon you who prayed him (in the presence of Dr. Musa Ibrahim and Dr. Ahmed Alrahim and Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the presence of the people of Bin Walid at the funeral buried Many of the martyrs who were killed pounding NATO) and the two days after the channel view displays the bar with him and how his death, I called my family leader and asked me Acav tape immediately and delete or prosecution against the channel, at first we thought it offend martyr or kind of like that, after the battle Bin Walid dig his grave rats (Gen. T) فبم find his body and asked the doctor also answer stays with you

About the commander said Dr. Hamza does not want you to Tsedkola not lie Hamza but used the minds of the right of Libyans and tribe Alqmazfah to know the fate of this man, troubled cited this legged it is supposed to be a corpse, Fine body of this man? Aatbroo Ne crazy and Cyruna, is it reasonable to Muammar al-Qathafi, who Harepetth 48 countries and all the world was filled radio stations throughout the 8 months it reasonable that neither conceived nor radio and Ahdhoasour the only mobile phone? Secondly, the doctor who wrote the report for the death of the leader died and suddenly died So what reason? Answer a third stays with you why the government refuses Committee set up by the United Nations for the detection and investigation of the body? Fourth, this challenge to the government that did not have a form in itself, choose a family leader or someone from the tribe Alqmazfah for 10 doctors from Doctors Without Borders and reveal the body (check my father if any) and announced at a press conference publicly that the body of the leader V. Without leaks, which says gene is identical Wu and without leaks that Mu’tasim said to rats that Falcon Athni it, does not solve the puzzle, but Doctors Without Borders and the challenge to show the government and put an end to talk deployed and says Muammar is dead, let the word that Qatar spotted call the leader and what went to the scene and found the tea Hakhan and Commander did not find him and let the words he km commander spoke to T. and let the words he saw the district Commander and showed the corpse of Physicians and completed in the Libyan street debate

صوت ليبيا

تحدث عن الجنرال خميس والقائد معمر القذافي بخصوص استشهادهما او بقا ئهما على قيد الحياة ،بخصوص خميس قال الدكتور انه قيل لنا استشهد فصلينا عليه وكنت ممن صلى عليه(بحضور الدكتور موسى ابراهيم والدكتور احمد الراهيم والدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي وبحضور اهالي بن وليد في جنازة دفن فيها العديد من الشهداء الذين استشهدوا بقصف الناتو) وبعد يومين قامت قناة الراي بعرض شريط عنه وكيفية استشهاده،فاتصلت بي عائلة القائد وطلبت مني اقاف الشريط فورا ومسحه او المتابعة القضائية ضد القناة،في البداية ظننا انها اساءة الى الشهيد او نوع من هذا القبيل،بعد معركة بن وليد حفر الجرذان قبره(الجنرال خميس) فبم يجدوا جثته وسالوا الطبيب ايضا والجواب يبقى عندكم

بخصوص القائد قال الدكتور حمزة لا اريدكم ان تصدقولا ولا تكذبوا حمزة ولكن استخدموا عقولكم،من حق الليبيين وقبيلة القذاذفة ان تعرف مصير هذا الرجل،فاءن استشهد هذا ارجل فمن المفروض ان تكون فيه جثة،فاين جثة هذا الرجل؟اعتبرو ني مجانين وسايرونا،هل من المعقول ان معمر القذافي الذي حاربته ٤٨ دولة وكل اذاعات العالم كان شغلها طيلة ٨ اشهر فهل من المعقول ان لا تصوره ولا اذاعة واحدةويصور بالهاتف النقال فقط؟ ثانيا الطبيب الذي كتب التقرير عن وفاة القائد مات وفجاة مات اذن ما السبب؟الجواب يبقى عندكم ثالثا لماذا ترفض الحكومة اللجنة التي شكلتها الامم المتحدة للكشف والتحقيق عن الجثمان؟ رابعا هذا تحدي للحكومة ان لم يكن لها شكل في نفسها،تختار عائلة القائد او شخص من قبيلة القذاذفة ل 10 اطباء من اطباء بلا حدود وتكشف عن الجثة (فحص الدي ان اي) وتعلن في مؤتمر صحفي علني ان الجثة للقائد خامسا بلا التسريبات التي تقول ان الجينات غير مطابقة ووو وبلا تسريبات ان المعتصم قال للجرذان ان الصقر اتهنيت عليه،لا يحل اللغز الا اطباء بلا حدود واتحدى ان تظهر الحكومة وتضع حد للاحاديث المنتشرة وتقول ان معمر مات ،اتركوا كلام ان قطر رصدت مكالمة القائد ولما اتجهت الى المكان وجدت الشاي شاخن والقائد لم تجده واتركوا كلام من قال انه كلم القائد وكلم خميس واتركوا كلام من قال انه راى القائد حي واظهروا الجثة للاطباء وانهوا الجدال في الشارع الليبي

Translated from GREAT SON on FB:

Mujahid Hamza intervention on 31/07/2013

Talked about Gen. Khamis, leader Muammar Gaddafi on A_i_hadahma or بقائهما alive, On the point T said Dr. he told cited Vsalina upon you who prayed him (in the presence of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the presence of the people of Bin Walid at the funeral buried where many of the martyrs who were killed pounding NATO) and the two days after the channel view displays the bar with him and how his death, I called my family leader and asked me Acav tape immediately and delete or prosecution against the channel, at first we thought it offend martyr or kind of like that, after the battle of Ben Walid dig his grave rats (Gen. T) did not find his body and asked the doctor also answer stays with you

About the commander said Dr. Hamza does not want you to Tsedkola not lie Hamza but used the minds of the right of Libyans and tribe Alqmazfah to know the fate of this man, troubled cited this legged it is supposed to be a corpse, Fine body of this man? Aattabrona crazy and Cyruna, is it reasonable Muammar Gaddafi, who Harepetth 48 countries and all the world was filled radio stations throughout the 8 months it reasonable that neither conceived nor radio and Ahdhoasour the only mobile phone?
Secondly, the doctor who wrote the report for the death of the leader died and suddenly died So what reason? Answer stays with you
Third, why the government refuses Committee set up by the United Nations for the detection and investigation of the body?
Fourth, this challenge that the government did not have the same form in, choose a family leader or someone of Alqmazfah tribe for 10 doctors from Doctors Without Borders and reveal the body (check that any parents) and declare publicly at a news conference that the body of the leader
V. Without leaks, which says that genes do not match, Wu and without leaks that Mu’tasim said to rats that Falcon Athni it, does not solve the puzzle, but Doctors Without Borders and the challenge to show the government and put an end to talk deployed and says Muammar is dead, let the word that Qatar spotted call the leader and what went to the scene and found tea Hakhan and the commander did not find him and let the words than he km commander spoke to T and let the words from said he saw the district commander and showed the corpse of Physicians and completed in the Libyan street debate

مداخلة المجاهد حمزة يوم 31-7-2013


تحدث عن الجنرال خميس والقائد معمر القذافي بخصوص استشهادهما او بقائهما على قيد الحياة ،فبخصوص خميس قال الدكتور انه قيل لنا استشهد فصلينا عليه وكنت ممن صلى عليه(بحضور الدكتور موسى ابراهيم والدكتور احمد ابراهيم والدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي وبحضور اهالي بن وليد في جنازة دفن فيها العديد من الشهداء الذين استشهدوا بقصف الناتو) وبعد يومين قامت قناة الراي بعرض شريط عنه وكيفية استشهاده،فاتصلت بي عائلة القائد وطلبت مني اقاف الشريط فورا ومسحه او المتابعة القضائية ضد القناة،في البداية ظننا انها اساءة الى الشهيد او نوع من هذا القبيل،بعد معركة بن وليد حفر الجرذان قبره(الجنرال خميس) فلم يجدوا جثته وسالوا الطبيب ايضا والجواب يبقى عندكم

بخصوص القائد قال الدكتور حمزة لا اريدكم ان تصدقولا ولا تكذبوا حمزة ولكن استخدموا عقولكم،من حق الليبيين وقبيلة القذاذفة ان تعرف مصير هذا الرجل،فاءن استشهد هذا ارجل فمن المفروض ان تكون فيه جثة،فاين جثة هذا الرجل؟اعتبرونا مجانين وسايرونا،هل من المعقول ان معمر القذافي الذي حاربته ٤٨ دولة وكل اذاعات العالم كان شغلها طيلة ٨ اشهر فهل من المعقول ان لا تصوره ولا اذاعة واحدةويصور بالهاتف النقال فقط؟
ثانيا الطبيب الذي كتب التقرير عن وفاة القائد مات وفجاة مات اذن ما السبب؟الجواب يبقى عندكم
ثالثا لماذا ترفض الحكومة اللجنة التي شكلتها الامم المتحدة للكشف والتحقيق عن الجثمان؟
رابعا هذا تحدي للحكومة ان لم يكن لها شكل في نفسها،تختار عائلة القائد او شخص من قبيلة القذاذفة ل 10 اطباء من اطباء بلا حدود وتكشف عن الجثة (فحص الدي ان اي) وتعلن في مؤتمر صحفي علني ان الجثة للقائد 
خامسا بلا التسريبات التي تقول ان الجينات غير مطابقة ووو وبلا تسريبات ان المعتصم قال للجرذان ان الصقر اتهنيت عليه،لا يحل اللغز الا اطباء بلا حدود واتحدى ان تظهر الحكومة وتضع حد للاحاديث المنتشرة وتقول ان معمر مات ،اتركوا كلام ان قطر رصدت مكالمة القائد ولما اتجهت الى المكان وجدت الشاي شاخن والقائد لم تجده واتركوا كلام من قال انه كلم القائد وكلم خميس واتركوا كلام من قال انه راى القائد حي واظهروا الجثة للاطباء وانهوا الجدال في الشارع الليبي.

Mu Commander

Dr. Hanza Abuschgner Thami on 28 JULY 2013

صوت ليبيا

Voice Libya

With regard to word Mujahid Hamza in the green channel on 07/28/2013

He said that the SPLM has nothing to do with the commander’s family nor resistance nor the Libyan people and the list of its members present has no objection to publish that he wanted the Libyan people and you will see the names contained therein

At the same topic (SPLM) called fields to channel neutrality and take the news from the source and avoid mis which occurred when the island

Male names who تقاضوا funds (grants monthly) from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and made an instrument number 9,250,444 on 09/29/2012 under Letter No. 12-445 dated 9 months of 2012, released instrument Abasm the Mohamed Sawan head of the ruling Justice and under construction to help burdens extra Ali Bin Fahad Al-Hajri, Assistant Foreign Minister the country and the list includes:

Nizar Ahmed Youssef Kawan – Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Milad Hussein – Abdul Rahman Abdul Majeed Aldpiani – Majed Mohammed small farmer – Salah Mohamed Hussein modding – safe Faraj Khalifa rainy – Saleh Mohammed Almkhozom good – Hoda Abdel Latif Aut – Mohamed Ahmed Arish – Mona Belkacem Omar _ Khaled Ammar Mishri – Mohamed Imran Birthday Merghem – Arab Fathi Abdel-Kader Saleh – Amina Omar Ibrahim Mahgoub – Zeb Belkacem Ibrahim بعيو – Mohammed Muammar Abdullah Diab – Fawzia Abdel Salam Ahmed Kordan – Abdel the Ibrahim Ismail ÇáŐÝŃÇäí peace

With regard to power outages Qan Alaarb electricity company engineer Bokra on Asan said Dr. unreasonable to cut off electricity on Libya, but for one reason is neglect and corruption, the Libyan war and the engineer said yesterday partners (Lafraarien) approaching a real civil war

Talked about some Almhazel and said that the military police in Ben Ghazi most of them militants and chaired Gulab (Broker sheep) named Ahmed Fakhri was imprisoned in Abu Salim

Said Dr. farce, too, in the Central Bank of Pia connects great friend Misrata militias (for fear of demonstrators) and the movement of money through two cars of Libyans pressures Alshall to Misratah

Of farce also Dr. said that in the face in front of the Libyans in Libya’s international channel, Touati faces Mishri says that the ruling Justice and sells construction oil smuggling to calculate the Brotherhood help Arousi and oil minister, because he continued to Brothers after supply disable Adeddat the

Of farce also said Dr. storming the prime minister today by rats Tajura and Misratah

Farce, Dr. The demonstrators are calling for a system and the system drops plopped also, but there is no system originally

Request of the Liberals who are in Egypt took Awakening and careful because Egypt made a 72-hour deadline for closure of the Salloum crossing and then will travel to Egypt via sea or air


فيما يخص كلمة المجاهد حمزة في قناة الخضراء يوم 28-7-2013قال ان الحركة الشعبية لا علاقة لها لا بعائلة القائد ولا بالمقاومة ولا بالشعب الليبي وقائمة اعضاءها موجودة عنده ولا مانع في نشرها ان اراد الشعب الليبي وسترون الاسماء الموجودة فيهاوفي نفس الموضوع (الحركة الشعبية)دعى قناة الميادين الى الحياد و اخذ الخبر من المصدر وتجنب الخطاء الذي وقعت فيه الجزيرةذكر اسماء الذين تقاضوا اموال(منح شهرية) من قطر والامارات وقدم رقم الصك وهو 9250444 بتاريخ 29-9-2012 بموجب رسالة رقم 12-445 مؤرخة في شهر 9 من سنة 2012,صدر الصك باءسم محمد صوان رئيس حزب العدالة والبناء تحت بند مساعدة اعباء اضافية من على بن فهد الهاجري مساعد وزير الخارجية القطري والقائمة تضم:

نزار احمد يوسف كعوان-محمود عبد العزيز ميلاد حسين-عبد الرحمن عبد المجيد الدبياني-ماجد محمد الصغير الفلاح-صلاح محمد حسين الشعيب-امنة فرج خليفة مطير-صالح محمد المخزوم الصالح-هدى عبد اللطيف عوط-محمد احمد عريش-منى بلقاسم عمر_خالد عمار المشري-محمد عمران ميلاد مرغم-فتحي العربي عبد القادر صالح-امينة عمر المحجوب ابراهيم-زيب بلقاسم ابراهيم بعيو-محمد معمر عبد الله دياب-فوزية عبد السلام احمد كردان-عبد السلام ابراهيم اسماعيل الصفراني

فيما يخص انقطاع الكهرباء قاءن الاعرب بشركة الكهرباء المهندس بوكرع قال على اسان الدكتور من غير المعقول ان ينقطع الكهرباء على ليبيا الا لسبب واحد وهو الاهمال والفساد والحرب الليبية وقال المهندس ان شركاء الامس(الفرايريين) يقتربون من حرب اهلية حقيقية

تحدث عن بعض المهزل وقال ان الشرطة العسكرية في بن غازي معظمهما من المتشددين ويتراسها جلاب( سمسار غنم )يدعى احمد الفاخري كان مسجون في بوسليم

قال الدكتور من المهازل ايضا ,في مصرف لبيا المركزي يتصل الصديق الكبير بمليشيات مصراتة(خوفا من المتظاهرين) وتنقل اموال الليبيين عبر سيارتين من غوط الشعال الى مصراتة

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور انه في مواجهة امام الليبيين في قناة ليبيا الدولية,التواتي يواجه المشري ويقول ان حزب العدالة والبناء تبيع النفط بالتهريب لحساب الاخوان بمساعدة العروسي وزير النفط لانه تابع للاخوان وذلك بعد تعطيل عددات التزويد

من المهازل ايضا قال الدكتور اقتحام مجلس رئاسة الوزراء اليوم من طرف جرذان تاجوراء ومصراتة

من المهازل قال الدكتور ان المتظاهرين ينادون يسقط النظام والنظام ساقط ايضا بل لا يوجد نظام اصلا

طلب من الاحرار المتواجدين في مصر اخذ اليقضة والحذر لان مصر قدمت مهلة 72 ساعة لاغلاق معبر السلوم وبعدها سيتم السفر الى مصر عبر البحر او الجو

Greeting to men men .. Patient steadfast القابضين the embers of sleeping on the soil of the homeland and يلتحفون Basmaúh and يكتوون بجمر enemies day and night

Glories of this day
Glory this day and raced on the glories and the glories of this day for tresses Free libya Ihamo of the Qaid fire

Part in the Lord of the subjects who revealed the snow over the hills we will stay on our pledge to wear white under the soil

Pass this on to your profile:

Words rock Aidob from girl Tstgat of injustice this time and what happened in Libya expressive words in which you write to Sir commander that يسامحها …
Please posting rut Sister words in your pages ..
Mind Aahasso Halnas and the health of their hearts and their country’s Inodo:



Very dangerous and very important :::
In a statement issued today, 07/31/2013, Sheikh Abdullah bin Saud Al Thani, Governor of Qatar Central Bank in response to a statement Hisham Ramez Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, in which he said that the Muslim Brotherhood did not deposit two billion dollars get them from Libya Central Bank of Egypt as well as the same amount from the Qatari government bank governor said Qatar ((We are dealing with governments, not people, and when they were providing depository country Egypt was dealing with the elected government of the people, and no room for any manipulation in this and Mlbg two billion feet of the Egyptian government by Libya intervened Sheikh Hamad Amir at the time and asked the brothers Libyans help Egypt amount of two billion dollars to prevent the collapse of the Egyptian economic and brothers in Libya responded to the demand of Sheikh Hamad was transferred amount to the Central Bank of Egypt immediately and the Secretariat of the intervention of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, President of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Islamic preacher Sheikh Ali hardness to accelerate filing of the amount of the Central Bank of Egypt and Lama announced by Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt is illogical words and we consider it unacceptable blackmail and will deal with it as a robbery and an international monument and Qatar will never compromise on their money))

Declares the Central Bank of Libya, the masters of our valued citizens that the deadline for receipt of grant grievances millennial dinars is on 15 August 2013 branches and departments of the Central Bank of Libya.

He explained the Central Bank of Libya – said in a statement, that this action was taken to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 65 for the year 2013 and to extend the duration of the amounts due to the exchange period – 6 – six months commencing from
From the date of 15.02.2013.

Touati Eida on Libya:

“first I have several documents to prove that Qatar
Intervene in Libya, and I have documents proving that the construction of justice and they are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood customers receiving money from Qatar.
Qatar will not leave Libya in the same, and I tell the Libyans Mecheri God will not Aradw the rule of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, sooner or later you will Tanthon.”

Lock Port Zueitina and Sidra and Harika and Ras Lanuf and stopped most of the oil fields, including the fields key such as a field fountain, field hopes, field Gallo, the field of the bed, the field of Oasis, the field of elephant, field Aldahara, field meet “cut off oil pipeline between Mellitah and meet “!!

Minister of Oil and Gas Dr Abdul Bari Arousi: Libya’s production of oil has become 30% due to the closure of a number of gunmen oil ports

Dar Al-Fatwa Calls guard oil installations to decipher sit and cautions that the sit-in to stop the oil or any vital service does not solve the religiously because it is harmful to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the government pockets we are not sincere Even Hikhkm the Gharyani fils.
NATO Mufti in Libya

News about the closure of several oil fields. Young eastern region after making sure that the oil is sold and

counters parked and its Tdhb funds to personal accounts.
Forward Iaahrarrrr the oil سكروا Qatar فرانسا !

this your oil, our oil and oil all Libyans …

Still current oil production is below pre-war levels, the suffering frequent sector strikes and protests in different parts of the country, according to Oil Minister Abdul Baari Arousi. It must be remembered that thousands of barrels of oil are stolen daily by NATO and the U.S.

Nasser Aujali:

Why did not you get caught signatory signatory Oil Ministry ? Throughout this period, or one of the militia leaders speak about the sale of Libyan oil in special accounts without counters to calculate the amount of oil ..
Even after some workers revealed the scandal committed a lot of revolutionary claims and national silence … !!!

Intrusion and control of the oil refinery of the company’s Libyan Arab Emirates

Takeover of armed militias “Aljdharan” on the oil refinery of the company’s Libyan Arab Emirates and today has elements of these militias control of the office building of the company have been suspended all activities of the company, despite efforts led by the Union of workers of the company as well as managing the company into the early morning hours of the day in order to clarify the implications of this matter and its implications, whether from the side economic or environmental or legal but to live by those who advocate for the Aama personal interest the eyes of these young people and we are sorry for such young people who undoubtedly had deceived them and pictures of them they are claiming rights project for them and despite what We heard from the youth to the extent of death threats and publicity arms in the face of users of the company this morning from engineers and financial and Adarein and technicians, but the users of the company تحلوا patience and decided to return and meeting elsewhere to discuss the matter and pondering where to then lose the company every day worth 22 million dollars every hour delay of vectors present in the various ports almost 10 thousand dollars in order to God, O Libya

Ras Lanuf company to manufacture oil and gas

The workers shut down bed field, the largest oil field in North Africa .. They will not be back until oil production counters are installed and open a serious and immediate investigation
The conviction and imprisonment of criminals.

Prepare just bash Chhtwa the Libyans!

Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul Bari Arousi / / / /

– Port Closed Azwaitah to until now which يغدي 100 thousand barrels per day
– Shut down the port of Sidra and Ras Lanuf and الذان produce 600 thousand barrels per day
By armed groups by force under the pretext that they have demands and we are in
Communicate with them
– Today the sympathy of a group of established oil and guards shut down the port
Tobruk (Hariqa) of oil.
– Continue in this matter has very serious consequences.
– Shut down these ports affect the feed power plants to generate energy
– The only port that works now is the port corner.

Two days ago were kidnapped son Colonel Mohammed Eshteiwi Director Military Accounts Department of the tourist area and the required ransom not released ten million dinars .. Son of Muhammad Eshteiwi Mesh player at Real Madrid Paso Pooh player in the whole army fils.


statut de ‎ثورة الفاتح‎.



Ivory (from our own sources. Soldiers Bo Minyar)
To whom it may concern
There is confirmed information very 100% stating that it had been the transfer of all members of the armed people who have been their families since Almham 2011 from prisons Benghazi to several places, including in Tripoli, most of whom were imprisoned in jails Ameitikh, the reservation they were separated civilians from them in the prisons of Ain Zara and Tadjourah and Wadi spring and the airport road and the angle and the Soane and the farmer, but they kept on the number of other prisoners in Benghazi because they يخصون Benghazi,and there is an agreement between the Jardan, in the event of any movement against these Jardan and their existing in the country, will use these prisoners Kadrua mankind to face any danger يداهمهم of Resistance fighters,,,,,,,,,I hope further investigation in Tripoli, and try to find out the whereabouts of the prisoners and their numbers and names can save it, I hope publication and dissemination, investigation and let us know what offers have,,, and you have our sincere thanks
Media Committee of the men of the current situation battalion.
عاجـــ(من مصادرنا الخاصه .جنود بو منيار )ــــــــــــــــــل
الى من يهمه الامر
هناك معلومات مؤكدة جداً 100% تفيد بأنه تم نقل كل افراد الشعب المسلح الذين تم اسرهم منذُ العام المشؤم 2011 من سجون بنغازي الى عدة اماكن من بينها في طرابلس واغلبهم تم سجنهم في سجون امعيتيقة ، للتحفظ عليهم وتم فصل المدنيين عنهم في سجون عين زارة وتاجورة ووادي الربيع وطريق المطار والزاوية ومنطقة السواني والفلاح الا انهم ابقوا على عدد اخر من الاسرى في بنغازي لانهم يخصون بنغازي ،، وهناك اتفاق ابرم بين الجردان ، في حالة حدوث اي حركة ضد هؤلاء الجردان ونظامهم القائم في البلاد ، سوف يستخدمون هؤلاء الاسرى كادروع بشرية لمواجهة اي خطر يداهمهم من رجال المقاومة ،،،،،،،،، ارجوا زيادة التحري في طرابلس ومحاولة معرفة اماكن تواجد الاسرى واعدادهم واسمائهم ان توفر ذلك ، ، ارجوا النشر والتعميم والتحري وابلاغنا بما توفر لديكم ،،، ولكم منا جزيل الشكر
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي

Channel Owaynat on Facebook | |

Based on events that occur region Owaynat this period of robbery by force and the threat of arms and terrorize the citizens security.
Within the framework of establishing security: –
Mr. briefing \ Mustafa Amghar the Knduwih head of the military council Owaynat that as part of the formation of a joint security area room performs all security operations and the establishment of the gates at the entrances to the area and we will support this room each مانستطيع of material and moral possibilities that contribute to the restoration of security. As citizens required to cooperate fully with the room and contact them in case of watching for any threat to the security of the region.

Will be allocated telephone numbers of the room to report any emergency.




Urgent .. The main points of the press conference Prime Aloza Ali Zaidane, a group of Ministers and that took a little while ago ..
Zaidane: stop the production of Zueitina port of Sidra and Brega and Ras Lanuf leaving only the oil exported from the port only corner ..
Zaidane: oil income dropped to 30% which is affecting the budget ..
Oil Minister Dr.. Abdalbari Arousi: ports closed by gunmen have personal demands and we are in contact with them.
Laroussi: from suspended production employees of the Ministry of internal demand بمرتباتهم and another group of guards oil installations in solidarity with their boss, who resigned.
Laroussi: is strange .. A large force in large numbers to affiliated facilities allow guards to a small number of ports and lock the oil fields ..
Laroussi: production Libya today fell to 330 thousand barrels per day out of 1.45 million barrels ..
Laroussi: lock ports deprive oil we import fuel and its derivatives ..
Laroussi: sold metered oil on ships and on the ground, and there are measurable and administration oversees the inspection.
Laroussi: Port Sidra fully destroyed Aadadath the oil during the “liberation war” and we stop in front of two solutions either for export or work in a rudimentary way, a decision taken by the previous government.
Arousi .. Snkadhi anyone who wants to distort Picture minister or who wants to distort the reputation of the Ministry of Oil and Gas National Oil Corporation.

Media Fathi Ben Issa:

“Zaidane is now clearly recognized at the press conference have prevented us rebel groups to form an effective security apparatus to protect the country!!
This يقلها not spoken Zaidane media!!”


The most prominent kidnappings, assassination and sabotage in 2013 up to the moment and the list of those who were murdered and kidnapped ************************************ *********
* On July 28 / are assassination of Major General Abdul Fattah Younis and his companion in Benghazi
On March _ / Colonel was assassinated (Mohammed الحاسي) Bdrna
On June _ / judge was assassinated Chancellor (F Gazoa) Benghazi
* In August _ / was the assassination of Brigadier (Mohamed Fitouri) – responsible for military ammunition and weaponry – in Benghazi
* In August _ / Colonel was assassinated military intelligence (Suleiman Bozyredh) in Benghazi
On September _ / Dean was assassinated military intelligence (F Alcadekke) in Benghazi
On September _ / assassination was an officer in the Air Force Badr al-Obeidi in Benghazi
On November _ / retired colonel was assassinated (Abdel Karim الورفلي) in Benghazi
On November _ / values ​​were the assassination of Sheikh Ansari Mosque (Abdullah Alvesa) Benghazi
On November _ / Guard officer was assassinated municipal (Younis Shalawi), in Derna
* In _ Despmr / was the assassination of Colonel (Faraj Darsi) Director of the Security Directorate of Benghazi
On December _ / investigations officer was assassinated (Fakhiri Awad) in Abyar
On January _ / President was kidnapped CID Benghazi Security Directorate (Abdel Salam المهدوي) is still kidnapped
On January _ / cop was assassinated Benghazi Security Directorate (Salah Alozyre) in Benghazi
* On April _ / police officer was assassinated agricultural (Mohammed القابسي) in Derna
On June _ / judge was assassinated Chancellor (Mohammed Howaidy) Bdrna
* June 26 / Colonel was assassinated in military intelligence (F Masrati) in Benghazi
* July 15 / colonel was assassinated air defense (Fathi Lamama) Bdrna
* July 19 / Colonel was assassinated Air Force pilot (Akila al-Obeidi) near Benghazi
* July 21 / retired colonel was assassinated (Abdel Latif Mozainy) in Derna
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Salem Mohammed large.
* July 26 / lawyer was assassinated and political analyst Abdul Salam cuneiform.
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Mohammed Abdul Rahim speech Friday 2013 in the city of Benghazi.
* July 26 / was assassinated Colonel Mohammad المسلاتي, Friday, 2013 in the city of Tripoli.
* On July 30 assassination of Benghazi protection force commander of the battalion February 17 Ahmed Faraj Albornawi, and nicknamed the “aberration”, and the survival of his sons after the bombing of his car on Tuesday, 30/7 before the Maghrib prayer the eastern region of milkfish “Land guard.”
* On July 30 assassination of the commander of Libya Shield forces in the city of Derna, Colonel Adnan Alnobar.
There are one result of any crime for the sake of secrecy on the outcome of the investigation and hide the identity of the perpetrator.

– The assassination of Colonel Adnan Alnueasiri the armor battalion commander Libya in the tuber.
– Killed Abdullah Arvidh, a military police personnel Misurata.
– Car bombing targeting Colonel Special Forces Congratulations to Mohammed al-Obeidi in Benghazi

A summary of some of the events: –
1 – the continuing power outages for long hours up to 6 hours in various cities of Libya, especially the capital Tripoli
2 – bombing targeting a police station pond in Benghazi.
3 – bombing targets Courts Complex in the city of Sirte.
4 – a car bombing near the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli.
5 – The assassination of a member of staff of Homeland Security device Misurata on Monday in the city.
6 – The assassination of two army officers in the city of Derna.
7 – three murders in the city of Derna previous days.
8 – rocket kind Arbjee was prompt Corinthia hotel, but hit the architecture, and form a party hit the car in the capital.
9 – Page Libyan Arab Airlines remember pull-old craft of Libyan Arab Airlines Fokker 27 of the old airport in Tripoli Square outside the airport and do not provide information on the Altes pulled the plane and no where to be escorted ..!!
10 – down the road in the Bab bin Gashir, in protest at Katra frequent power outages in the capital.
11 – The assassination of Judge Najib Howaidy in the tuber.
12 – acts of sabotage and theft of 66 industrial district station Sirte by outlaw gang station 66 that feed the industrial district of Sirte.
13 – UAE embassy was targeted Tripoli Bakazfa the RPG of the two cars April Cunha Msilvrh and the Toyota Camry dated 07/25/2013.
14 – vacant prison “‫ # Alkwyfah” guest east of Benghazi after fleeing late Friday evening, the estimated number of guests between 800 to 1,300 prisoners between criminal and politicians after the Libyan war 27/07/2013.
15 – exposed the company “Libyana” Street Omar al-Mukhtar to fire by 3 unknown persons in a car without plates and are white in color type “Hyundai for the clean and jerk” and resulted from this incident, two cases of under these circumstances a child did not exceed the age of 7 years.
16 – the first blast near the North Benghazi Court on Sunday 07/28/2013.
17 – a very powerful explosion after Morocco’s ears directly targeted Court Benghazi God and yes, the agent and the curse of God on them on Sunday, 28.07.2013.
18 – storm the headquarters of the Civil Status Authority in Arab culture, architecture Gamal Abdel Nasser street in Benghazi at dawn today 29.07.2013.
19 – a car bombing colonel in the Navy and taken to the hospital in critical condition 29/02/2013.
20 – armed clashes in the city of Sirte between battalion witnessed the corner and between the armed group killed two people and wounding five others 29/07/2013.
21 – a series of explosions in the city of Benghazi 07.29.2013.

Major “Salem Alguenida” refuses to deliver the headquarters of the General Staff to the President appointed Major General Staff “Abdel Salam Jadallah.”

Sources said the Agency Major General “Salem Guenida” Chief of Staff-designate refused to hand over the management and headquarters staff in Tripoli to the chief of staff appointed by the National Congress of the year, which was promoted to the rank of Major General, “Abdulsalam Jadallah” The chief of staff faces opposition from members of the Libyan Army officers being calculated on the State of Qatar and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

Quoting | | Mermaid Agency







Held yesterday a meeting of rebel battalion Tripoli to discuss the plans and possibilities for an attack on a

camp of Yarmouk Civil battalion headquarters ..



Of the daily crimes registered at the Directorate of National Security in Tripoli ..:

On 2013.07.31 at 19:15 received a tip from a police station Al-Andalus was expressed by a group of unidentified people armed with a weapon type of identity “NBK T” as well as a Kalashnikov rifle in a car type Miche Lancer dark gray color without glass plates stealing a car carrying Center Panel No. 002 745 Police Type Hyundai Santa Fe color white and red led (e. c. p), accompanied by t. (p x. m. m) by force of arms area Gharghour near Polyclinic infertility

and at 19:30 pm and received signal by telephone from alternate achievement Center Police Airport Road that the same group mentioned stealing car center bearing the number plate 002 445 Police Type Hyundai Santa Fe color white and red led t. p. (a m. A), accompanied by a policeman (m. A) by force of arms area Gharghour near the compound clinics infertility

and when 23:00 pm and received a telephone signal from the alternate achieve the industrial district police station that the same group mentioned stealing a car belonging to the deity and the National Safety at 23:05 and received a telephone signal from the alternate achievement by the airport police station that the same group of stealing dual type Miche car color white license plate number 3279 belonging to the Army Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Operations force of arms Gharghour area near the compound of infertility clinics …

An armed gang stormed Sawani Court of First Instance on Thursday afternoon during the determination of the police jurisdiction of the Court for the transfer of prisoners held there on a bus to another place ~ in an attempt of this gang to free some prisoners from the grip of the police #

Where attacked a car (Toyota Tundra), the seat of the Court in absence Taaaam for security elements ~!! This resulted in the theft of a car (Toyota 24) loaded with 14.5 # In addition to the theft of the car, which was filled with prisoners ~!! Been stolen, including in respect of prisoners and take it to an unknown location,

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that he spoke similar acts ~ It is strange that all the previous times were occur in broad Alnhaaaar in the ~!! Which puts many question marks residents of the area about twice or for the transfer of security (insecurity) in the region so to speak ~!!

(Quoting channel Sawani on Facebook)

Libya talks
From inside Tripoli Security Directorate was yesterday night to steal cars for 7 security patrols during their passage Gharghour area by militias in the region Gharghour.

Doha battalion .. One Misrata militia Jews stationed in Tripoli:

Students and demonstration will begin the first students of the University of Tripoli to demand security
Walk from the University of even Alricksos the Q11 evening of 05 August 2013
Under the name of peace movement

Tripoli News Revolution: –

Abduction Colonel Hamed الحاسي from the by gunmen after his motorcade region objected Sellouk and killed three of his bodyguards.

hear the sound of an explosion in the area of Abu Salim.


Only God Can I have a Multi prophet is published:
I residents of Abu Salim today Gary poor footmen great age walk a Bashab his money from the bank of the Republic

in the arena green withdraw the amount of 4,600 dinars and pollen Berouh in one becomes it in the bank of العصبات

armed on the way Li arrived at Bab Azizia Derso 3 Sirat him and Qvoh and Nzlolh Pei arms and beat him and كسرو

the car and Khaddo the sprayer us his money all and Qalolh if Matattiyh pain and Nguetloc after beating Atahm

and spirit of the poor in the case of Libya Hadi time.

And Rafla resilience to withstand

Urgent .. Colonel exposure “Abdulsalam Mansouri” head of the Center the municipal بجنزور Guard west of the capital Tripoli for the shooting and armed robbery ..

Presented the President of the Municipal Guard Center Libyan janzour area in the Libyan capital Tripoli, Colonel Abdul Salam Al Mansoori to the assault and armed robbery while going to perform the work, where a group of Libyan armed outlaws shot him and forcing him to get out of his car and stolen ..
Guard sources said the Libyan farmyard today that Colonel Al Mansoori was shot in his right side and is now lying in a hospital Libyan accidents.
She added that the armed group to capture his own weapon, a Kalashnikov type as well as money and mobile هواتفه ..


A fire broke out Management and Administration Authority of the بجنزور army
It was thankfully put out the fire by the officers and non-commissioned officers in charge of guarding and protection.

From inside the Security Directorate of Tripoli
Yesterday at night to steal cars for 7 security
Periodicals during their passage area Gharghour
By militias in
Gharghour area.

aircraft in the skies of Tripoli at low altitude.

Escape of more than 20 prisoners on behalf of Sawani Tripoli!

Urgent ..Armed militia attacking Court Sawani and the release of 14 prisoners and
confiscated the judicial police cars inside the garage court .. Source channel Sawani on Facebook.

Airport Road armed group of armed robbery and has stolen
Aktar than 50 SUV from Hamza Training Center Airport Road.

God Tsamehohna the O are free to speak sharply times provocative times Mordant but Nthmilo some of when

Ndtlaqo in Green Square, God willing, and Ndkirkm for forgiveness and pray.


Day 14-10 dates -2011 output the people AboSaleem and plateau بصدورهم and simple weapons to face aggression and everyone was trained on the trail of the Popular Resistance .. But since the project back to us coming and is hypnosis Libyan people Magnattsaa the rumors coming from overseas armies tractor show those rumors exactly every three months on a regular basis and all of the Rouge to those rumors of an elite must Ihaspu the charges hit the morale of the Libyan people

Gwaly Ali wrote on 14-10-2011 and the story coming ::

God ratified O Admin words 100% true, and I reflect on the situation this day commander said Atalaao and Matseposh country Vidin Jardan Almqji free to plateau and Saleem are answered the call and Kano in a timely and خرجو issuance nude face dogs NATO and then Talaaolna Bakadmon and God’s great if Samao words of the leader of what he said all cleansed area itself Rahm Rdjao the country in 3 days only Mesh close Nskro the the three years and a bad case of the abuses
يوم 14-10 التمور -2011 خرج اهالي ابوسليم والهضبه بصدورهم واسلحتهم البسيطه لمواجة العدوان والكل كان على دربهم على درب المقاومة الشعبية .. ولكن منذ ان ظهر لنا مشروع قادمون ويتم تنويم الشعب الليبي مغناطسيا بإشاعات القادمون من الخارج بجيوش جراره تظهر تلك الاشاعات بالضبط كل ثلاثة اشهر بشكل منتظم وكل من روج لتلك الاشاعات من النخبة يجب ان يحاسبو بتهمة ضرب الروح المعنوية للشعب الليبي

Gwaly Ali كتب عن 14-10-2011 وقصة قادمون ::

والله صدقت يا ادمن كلامك صحيح 100% وانا نتفكر فيه الموقف هدا يومها القائد قال اطلعو وماتسيبوش البلاد فيدين الجردان المقملين احرار الهضبة وابوسليم هم من لبى النداء وكانو في الموعد وخرجو بصدور عارية للمواجهة كلاب الناتو وبعدها طلعولنا بالقادمون والله العظيم لو سمعو كلام القائد لما قال كل منطقة تطهر نفسها راهم رجعو البلاد في 3 ايام فقط مش قريب نصكرو على ثلاثة سنوات والحال من سيئ لاسواء


  • dirty MISURATA:

Now 6 explosions camp (Crescent header), the spectrum me Zjul the country Oslahh new to the camp and specifically to MISRATA and are bombing by the Zintan tribe Mujahid, the spectrum me use of Alaslahh of the them …



    الأحكام الصادرة من يهود مزراطة في معتقالاتهم اليوم بحق الأسرى .. الاحكام الصادرة اليوم من محكمة استئناف مصراتة محكمة الاستئناف مصراتة تصدر حكم الاعدام في حق كل من : 1 – أحمد محمد إبراهيم منصور حضورياً : بالاعدام (تعزيرا) أي بموجب قانون العقوبات الليبية . 2 – وليد عبد القادر دينون حضورياً : بالاعدام (قصاصاً) اي نسبتا للقصاص وتشريع الدين الاسلامي . 3 – عبدالرحمن عبدالحميد عبدالله حضورياً : بالحبس 5 سنوات والحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 4 – فرج على ابراهيم منصور حضورياً : عن التهمة الثالثة الموجهة له بالحبس 3 سنوات وغرامة 200ديناراً – وبالحبس 3 سنوات اخرى عن التهمة الاولى الموجهة له والحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 5 – مراد ابراهيم بن نايل حضورياً : بالحبس 3 سنوات ومصادرة السلاح الموجود بحوزته . 6 – الساعدي المبروك بن نايل حكم غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 7 – ضو ابراهيم محمد منصور حضوريا : بالحبس 5 سنوات وغرامة 50 دينارا وبالحرمان من الحقوق المدنية طيلة فترة الحكم وسنة بعد نفاذ الحكم . 8 – مفتاح عامر المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 9 – محمد سالم المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً . 10 محمد الفيتوري المهدي اوحيدة غيابياً : بالاعدام قصاصاً .
    Durée : 5:31

    Scandal Court Misrata.

    As the Court of Appeals Misrata judge ruled the provisions of varying range of including Saadi carp bin Nile sentenced in absentia: death retribution, and the fact that al-Saadi in edema of God and has died at the end of 2011.
    Dou also Ibrahim Mohamed Mansour, who is said to be in his presence, and 5 years in prison and a fine of 50, Vdo has died outside his home Mounhih the city of Sabha on 19. 9. 2011.

    The news agency – Misratah

    Assassinate Khaled Rafidah and was intended assassination Abdullah Rufayda,

    of which the prisoner transfer Batal Ahmed Ibrahim trial.

    Misratah assassination ordered prison Mohamed Ali Kerkom this morning.

    Killed Abdullah Arvidh, a military police personnel Misurata.

    Ibrahim house money,” he Misratah Court,
    Sentenced the accused, “Ahmed Ebrahim,” by firing
    B Bullets charge of incitement to secure the state and sedition and broadcast
    The Civil War, and note that “Ahmad Ibrahim,” one of the men
    Muammar Gaddafi’s “regime”, and he was arrested on 20 – 10 – 2011
    B city of Sirte.

    Dr. intervention Hamza Thami about the unjust sentence against militant Ahmed APRA by alfath4everON-AIR
    alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

    مداخلة الدكتور حمزة التهامي حول الحكم الجائر ضد المناضل احمد ابرا by alfath4everON-AIR
    alfath4everON-AIR | Other | TRIPOLI, LY

    Nasser El Hawary:

    “Down with all the provisions announced by the right of prisoners in Misrata, sentenced to death and life imprisonment, the right of people did not get fair trial guarantees, crushed to Hola tyrants, who prove every day that they, issue of injustice and aggression to the Libyans, we must intervene Supreme Court to stop the implementation of each of those provisions unfair, until conditions are met and the guarantees of a fair trial.”

    Thus be men
    By :: girl Alqmazfah:

    At the time overturned the balance of wisdom and logic of the mind and mixed leaves, overshadowed by the truth, and changed the goals and objectives, and lost morality, and زوت meanings, and replaced by the words, and changed values, and faded principles and fell norms, and distorted religion, and destroyed constants!! !
    Bringing the wolf shepherd and criminal Mujahid and the client Thaer and slain martyrs and suicide bomber hero and martyr mercenary and theft Trophy and nudity Fashion and injustice justice and fighting brotherhood and duty legitimate and colonialism edit, became Alroidp Mufti and Senators and their flesh is poisoned, and Sheikh dignified مفتن and a liar, and his imprisonment decision inevitable, drinking alcohol and became flaunting taboos in front of people’s personal freedom, and became a bitch fallen dishonest chaste.
    Males become men, and men avid الأفذاذ under the grip Bastards suffer agony and the horrors of prison, humiliation Etjron and humiliation, suffering and abandonment dimension …..
    And no doubt that these criminals who issued the death sentence on Geert Men Libya are victims of genes genetic, it is impossible to be genes genes Arab native pursue path of Islam religion tolerant religion of love and pardon the religion of justice and dignity and morality and Mrah goodness and support the oppressed and defending the land and supply , all of the events and indicators, facts and signs indicate that the genes genes sodomites, the Mongols and the Tatars, the Magi and the Israelis.
    They do not hold of Islam and Arabism only their names.
    What we see today is not nothing but Islam is the mirror image of the Israeli trial to invalidate the Palestinians and U.S. courts against fighters for human rights
    فالإبطال, and the mujahideen, and activists, clergy tolerant, and avid الأفذاذ the all numbers are within the cells of semiconductor men cuckold
    It is not every male men, and male animals
    Men are tough measure of manhood have no boundaries it for them, obedience to God and stability on the right and catch the embers of the faith, and above the word only God but Allah, manhood ethics and principles and values ​​and the feet and the courage and Mrah, the means to fulfill manhood covenants ……
    Either semiconductor men believe that women confined to manhood and virility, and a beard adorns the face, and Muscle barged, and along Potiphera, Had Thus the meaning of manhood that most of the Jews and Christians, men ……
    Every these الأفذاذ the story is totally different from the other, but there is a common factor between them and is the love of the homeland and desperate defending it, was a major crime is unforgivable to them and will satisfy their jailers only one with something and is silencing the voice of right so Isdh not this love
    أفذاذ severe breathing injustice and inside their cells …..
    أفذاذ Oshidad Tbthoa on the right and never back down with him and they are in the enviable position …..
    أفذاذ tough changed features the legendary بصمودهم world …..
    أفذاذ tough was their day a memorable day and historically, how if you put this unjust sentence …..
    أفذاذ tough that killed them will only kill men will add another lesson from the lessons of the struggle and the struggle of which will not be able to oldest academies and universities around the world to teach, and will make us are getting insistence and determination to continue this way and strongly put pressure on our wounds so as not to feel pain and do not listen to our voice. ….
    أفذاذ tough would turn after their death to martyrs issues …..
    Not slept the eyes of cowards

    هكذا تكون الرجـــــــــــال
    بقلم :: بنت القذاذفة
    في زمن انقلبت فيه موازين الحكمة و منطق العقل و أختلطت الأوراق ، وتاهت الحقيقة ، وتغيرت المقاصد والأهداف ، و ضاعت الأخلاق ، و زوت المعاني ، و أستبدلت الكلمات ،وتبدلت القيم ، و تلاشت المبادئ و سقطت الأعراف ، و شوه الدين ، ودمرت الثوابت !!!
    فأصبح الذئب راعيا و المجـرم مجـاهد و العميـل ثائـر والقتيـل شهيـدا والمنتحر بطل والشهيد مرتزق والسرقة غنيمة والعري موضة و الظلم عدالة وقتال الأخوة واجــب شرعيا و الأستعمار تحرير ، أصبح الرويبضة مفتى و شيخا و لحمه مسموم ، و الشيخ الوقور مفتن و كاذب و سجنه قرار محتوم ،أصبح شرب الخمر و التباهي بالمحرمات أمام الناس حرية شخصية ، و أصبحت العاهرة الساقطة شريفه عفيفة.
    أصبح الذكور رجالا ،،،، و الرجال الأشداء الأفذاذ تحت قبضة الأنذال يعانون العذاب و ويلات السجون و يتجرعون الذل و الأهانة ، و يقاسون البعد و الهجر…..
    و بلا شك بان هؤلاء المجرمين الذى صدور حكم الإعدام على خيرت رجال ليبيا هم ضحايا للجينات الوراثية ، من المستحيل إن تكون جيناتهم جينات عربية أصلية ينتهجون منهج الإسلام الدين السمح دين المحبة و العفو دين العدل والكرامة و الأخلاق و مرؤة والخير ونصرة المظلوم والدفاع عن الأرض والعرض، كل الأحداث و المؤشرات و الوقائع و دلالات تشير بان جيناتهم جينات قوم لوط و المغول و التتار و المجوس و الإسرائيليين .
    فهم لا يحملون من الإسلام و العروبة إلا أسماءهم فقط .
    فما نراه اليوم ليس من الإسلام شئ بل هو صورة مطابقة للمحاكمة الإسرائيلية للإبطال الفلسطينيين و محاكم الأمريكية ضد المناضلين من أجل حقوق الأنسان
    فالإبطال ، و المجاهدين ، و المناضلين ، و رجال الدين السمح ، و الأفذاذ الأشداء كلهم أصبحوا أرقام داخل زنازين أشباه الرجال الديوث
    فليس كل ذكر رجلا ،، و للحيوانات ذكور
    فالرجال الاشداء مقياس الرجولة عندهم لا حدود له فهى بالنسبة لهم، طاعة الله و ثبات على الحق و قبض على الجمر من أجل الدين، و أعلاه كلمة إلا اله إلا الله ، الرجولة أخلاق و مبادئ و قيم و إقدام و شجاعة و مرؤة ،الرجولة تعني الوفاء بالعهود……
    إما أشباه الرجال يعتقدون بان الرجولة تقتصر على المرأة و الفحولة ، و لحيه يزين بها وجه ، و عضل مفتول ، و طول فارع ، فلو كانت الرجولة هكذا معنى ذلك أغلب اليهود و النصارى رجالا ……
    فكل هؤلاء الأفذاذ قصة تختلف أختلافا كليا عن الأخر و لكن هناك عامل مشترك بينهم و هو حب الوطن و دفاعهم المستميت عليه، فكانت جريمتهم كبرى لا يغتفر لهم و لن يرضى سجانيهم إلا بشئ واحد و هو إسكات صوت الحق حتى لا يصدح بهذا الحب
    أفذاذ أشداء يتنفسون الغبن داخل زنازينهم …..
    أفذاذ أشداد تبثوا على الحق و لم يتراجعوا عنه أبدا و هم فى موقف لا يحسد عليه…..
    أفذاذ أشداء غيروا ملامح العالم بصمودهم الأسطوري …..
    أفذاذ أشداء فكان يوم أسرهم يوماً مشهوداً وتاريخياً ، فكيف لو نفذ فيهم هذا الحكم الظالم…..
    أفذاذ أشداء أن قتلوهم فلن يقتلوا إلا رجالا سيضيفون درسا أخر من دروس الكفاح و نضال التى لن تستطيع أعرق أكاديميات و جامعات العالم تدريسه ، و سيجعلنا نزداد إصرار و عزيمة على مواصلة هذة الطريق و نضغط بقوة على جراحنا حتى لا نشعر بالألم و لا يسمعوا صوتنا …..
    أفذاذ أشداء سيتحولون بعد موتهم الى شهداء قضايا …..
    فلا نامت أعين الجبناء

    Muammar al-Qathafi  & Shiek Ibrahim

    دكتور مصطفي الزايدي يكتب
    انتقد البعض طرحنا في تبنى مشروع المقاومة السلمية واعتبروها نقيصة تصيب العمل الوطني ،انا لا اؤمن بجدوى المقاومة العنيفة وحدها لماضارها المجتمعية ولأنها خيار القلة التي لا تمتلك سندا من الجماهير من جانب ، ولأنها لا تحقق دائما نتائج على الارض ، المقاومة السلمية اكثر نجاعة في تجاوز الازمات وتحقيق الانتصار الحاسم وهي لا تعنى المهادنة ولا الصفح و لا التصالح مع العدو كما يتوقع البعض ،انها تعني مقاومته والانتصار عليه بالوسائل السلمية ، ولقد كان القائد رحمه الله حريصا على المقاومة السلمية بالجماهير وتحاشى قدر الامكان استخدام القوة في التعامل مع الازمة الا اضطرارا ،ولعل حرصه على تسيير المسيرات الشعبية الى مصراته والبريقة صورة من صور تلك الاليه .
    محمد مرسى وحكم الاخوان في مصر سقط في ايام معدودات بعمل سلمى بحت ،ودون اطلاق رصاصة واحده ، حيت زحف اكثر من ثلاثين مليونا من المصريين ، فذهب مرسى وجماعته في لمح البصر ،لو استخدمت القوة لإسقاطه لكان الثمن فادحا .
    هذا ليس اختراع منّى انه المنهج الجماهيري في التفكير، ان الجماهير العزلاء تستطيع ان تحدث التغيير وهى اقوى من اية قوة ، انه زمن الثورة الشعبية.
    ولان هذا المنهج الثوري السلمى يزعج المنتفعين من فبراير فلقد كتب خليل الكوافى احد رموز ودعاة الفتنة ،مستهزئا بمقالتنا حول استحقاقات الانتفاضة المتواصلة للشعب الليبي ضد سلطة المليشيات المفروضة والمدعومة من الخارج ، ولان فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه ، لجاء السيد الكوافي لاستحضار استوانه قديمة مشروخة للسيناريو الدرامي الذى شارك هو وجماعة جبهة الإنقاذ في اعداده ضدي في اوائل الثمانينات من القرن الماضي لدوافع سياسية ليس الا ، ورغم سذاجة المشهد وسخف الاستدلال الا انّى اساله ، لنسلم جدلا بتلك القصة التي اوردها مستندا الى مقالة صفحة صديقه” ليبيا المستقبل” وقصاصات جمعت وفبركت من هنا وهناك صحيحة وهو يعلم انها من نسج الخيال ، فإنها تحكى عن حدث وقع افتراضيا قبل نصف قرن، فما قوله في التصفيات التي يشهدها الليبيون اليوم و في العشر الاواسط من شهر رمضان 2013 والتي طالت الجميع وانهار الدم التي تسيل يوميا وسياسة التفجيرات الارهابية والخطف ،ناهيك عن القمع والتعذيب والتشريد ، والتبجح علنا من قادة المليشيات بالتصفيات الجسدية لمعارضي فبراير وهى جرائم يعاقب عليه القانون في كل الشرائع؟ .
    نحن يا سيد كوافى في القرن الواحد والعشرين فما قولك في حال ليبيا اليوم ،ودع الامس بخيره وشره للمؤرخين ،فكيف تنهى عن منكر وتغمض عيناك عن افعال تستحى من فعلها الشياطين وما تعليقك على الحكم الجائر الظالم الذى اصدرته مليشيات مصراته اليوم 31 ناصر 2013 ضد الكاتب المناضل اخى احمد ابراهيم فرج الله كربه والهمة الصبر والعزيمة ورفاقه لا لشيء الا لكونهم ضد منهج فبراير الذي راي الليبيون حقيقته .
    فعلا ان لم تستحى فافعل ما شئت!! .
    اما احمد ابراهيم ورفاقه فهم من حكموا على اعداء الوطن بالإعدام ، فالحكم الصادر بحقهم هو صورة اخرى لحكم السفاح جريسيانى على عمر المختار ،وسيكون هذا اليوم يوما مشهودا فبي التاريخ الليبي كما كان 16 سبتمبر ، امّا احمد ابراهيم ورفاقه الشجعان فهم انما يؤدون واجبهم الشرعي والوطني وهم موقنون بان الاعمار بيد العلى القدير وإن الموت مدرك للجميع اينما كانوا فلم يخشوه ، وهم محتسبون عند الله عز وجل الذى لا يظلم عنده احد .
    هم بين اقبية التعذيب وأروقة محاكم التفتيش فضحوا عدالة فبراير البغيض وبينوا حجم حقد أتباعه على ليبيا والليبيين . فنالوا الحسنيين، فلقد انتصروا بصبرهم وجلدهم على شياطين الانس الفبرايريين ، وقد ينالوا الشهادة لينعموا في جنة الخلد مع الانبياء والصدقين .
    سلام عليك يا أخى احمد وسلام على رفاقك المعذبين وسلام على الشهداء اجمعين ، وقل ربى ارحمهم جميعا فانت الرحمن الرحيم وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.
    مصطفى الزائدي
    حركة المقاومة الليب

    Ahmed Ibrahim: Silence of the Lambs

    Posted: 2013/08/01
    Prisoner of conscience Ahmed Ibrahim the Secretary of the World Green Book Research Center and former Secretary of the People`s Committee for Education has been sentenced to death


    Adam King


    The western media, echoed by media the world over, simply and lazily echoes the false charges of a kangaroo court in Misurata, Libya, against a popular figure of their age-old hated rival city of Sirte, Dr Ahmed Ibrahim. They echo the charges that Ibrahim murdered a family and that he incited Sirte to fight against the Misurata-based rebels who were fighting against the Jamahiriya government which had firm support in Sirte.

    They don’t even comment on his abduction and torture these past years and even now when he is sentenced to death by a “court” in Misrata, they still don’t mention it. Nor the thousands of others being abused in prisons not fit as dog kennels. Human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, remain silent. This is one of the reasons AI became known as Amnesia International for its false reports on the Libya war.

    At least Human Rights Watch had the balls to come out with an investigation and publish the fact that Muammar al-Qathafi was not hiding in a sewer, and that the old man who was captured along with others was brutally murdered by these same purveyors of injustice which have been holding Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, subjecting him to ridicule (search YouTube videos proudly uploaded his captors) and now sentenced to death.

    What are the real reasons for the sentencing to death of Dr Ahmed Ibrahim? The reasons are extremely damning, not so much for the Misratans and reactionary Libyan islamists and their various cohorts, but damning to the entire academic world in the west, as well as the human rights organizations and media. It is because he is from Sirte and is a gentleman and a scholar.

    He was a director of the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, based in Tripoli, an academic institution on a par with universities which held symposiums world wide as well as academic conferences and publications on this democratic ideology.

    The Centre was one of the first targets in the 2011 bombing by NATO, wrecking half the centre and believed to have killed 8 people in the bombing. NATO, for the uninitiated, is the US-led alliance of military forces from North America and Western Europe but which has also been joined by some Arab Gulf kingdoms and other subserviant pro-US regimes as the armed forces of the “New World Order”.

    For those who are new to Libya, there is a centuries old hatred by the people of Misrata against the people of Sirte. Ahmed Ibrahim was “tried” after being held captive and tortured, on false charges, and naturally given the prejudice and hatred against all who had any association with Gaddafi (he is a distant relative, as are most people in Sirte), he was sentenced to death on July 31, 2013, by Misrata Court.

    But he is not dead yet. We can hardly expect the world media who have proven themselves to be presstitutes to the US-led New World Order of the banker elites, nor can we expect the lame human rights organizations to take any action. They have clearly become enemies of the people world wide and should be handled as such. But we should hold academia to account to be informed and educated.

    Dr Ahmed Ibrahim was one of those rare academics in the world who bravely espoused an alternative theory of direct democracy, natural socialism and national harmony, as summed up in The Green Book  ideology ascribed to by all those now languishing in jails.

    Please support the efforts to raise this issue in front of university leaders and academics. For those who can organize a campaign, as the Australian co-director of the same Green Book Center I am still alive and able to speak in front of audiences on this issue as well as the Libya human rights situation in general.

    If Ahmed Ibrahim is put to death it will not only be his murderers who are held to account but those lambs who were silent. The wolves in sheep’s clothing, the western media, are doing their job. But the academics and real human rights defenders must do theirs, otherwise all will be led like lambs to the slaughter, if the New World Order is coming to you too, and all laws and logic will be suspended.

    ية(ح م ل)  
    Sorry, O ¤ Al law February to Ayatervon the Will saw your days animals subject to the laws of humanity?
    Has been sentenced to death by firing squad on the prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim Although he is a civilian, not military, this may not be ¤ Supreme Security Committee headed by anything named Hashim humans is a civilian, not military, this is not permitted.
    And all militias disbanded and fun in the country, all the owners of precedents and drug dealers and people are being killed daily and publicly in front of everyone and القاتلون free at large and arrest them is impossible and this is not permitted and shoplifters criminals only are they all immunities that protect them and prevent accountability Oazaaajhm and this is not permitted and became both HP and bear are the owners this positions may not be ¤ Wu etcetera excesses that not be considered and countless and اوجود law ¤ ¤ state will live tykes ¤ ¤ ¤
    (lawyer leader)
    عـفـوا أيـهـا الـقـانـون¤ آل فـبـراير لايـعـتـرفـون بـك فـهـل رأيت يـومـا حـيـوانـات تـخـضـع لـقـوانـيـن بـشـريـه؟ فـلقد تم إصدار حكم بالاعدام رمـيـا بالرصاص على الأسير احمد ابراهيم بالرغـم من انه رجل مدني وليس عـسكريـا وهـذا لايـجـوز ¤ واللـجنـة ألامنية العليا يترأسـهـا شئ يدعى هاشم بشـر وهو مدني وليس عسكـريـا وهذا لايـجـوز . وجميع المليشيات التى تسرح وتمرح في البلاد جميعهم اصحاب سوابق وتجار مخدرات والناس يقتلون يوميا وعلى الملأ امام الجميع والقاتلون أحرار طلقاء والقبض عليهم أمر مستحيل وهذا لايـجـوز والسارقون المجرمون فقط هم من لديهم كافة الحصانات التي تحميهم وتمنع مسائلتهم أوازعاجهم وهذا لايـجوز واصبح كل من هب ودب هم اصحاب مناصب وهذا لايجوز ¤ وووو الى أخره من التجاوزات التي لاتعـد ولاتحصى ولاوجود للقـانـون ¤¤ فتـحـيـا دولـة الـحـقـراء ¤¤¤ مـحـامـيـة الـقـائـد..

    Word now: Assassination in Misratah!!

    Abdulwahab مليطان, reporter channel Libya Al Ahrar:

    Abdullah‘s assassination Rafidah head of the military police knew this day after the Asr prayer in Misratah!!

    There are daily assassinations in Misratah, but Jews there يتكتمون about these assassinations
    Last assassinations took place the day after the Asr prayer has been اغيتال military head of the police knew

    Misurata Abdullah Arvidh,

    All camp Falah 07/31/2013 full story

    The story aftershocks old in attacking the camp by Mlishat Misratah stationed Pegrgor where the morning at 07:30 entered the camp two cars carrying the first badge Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli and the second police car entered the camp and took from them harassing a resident of the camp and then to Wadhwa fled out of the camp and صوبوا weapons towards the gate of the camp and have started to shoot thick went Folks am Mdaouran went out a group of young people and they pursue cars and those where Wadhwa fled away from the camp, then they have parents with clasps the way Moody in front of the camp to protest against what happened to them stood a passing “Kkla residents Tripoli “Balchager with parents and the taking out his gun in their faces, what was the locals only surround and beat him and took him to the camp and arrested and booked his weapon and documents فحضر relative of his was settled position but were kept his weapon and his papers, here increased Choc residents in the street to protest Famer someone else” Musrati ” uttered the words racism and Nabih front of parents and families what expanded people only beaten Ibraha ground after about 15:00 pm has one of the cars of heavy weapons بالرماية the camp farmer from a distance not far and Balqguadf “RBG”, thank God, did not claim the lives but injuries fragment a kids camp and later found that these cars are militias Misratah stationed in the neighborhood Gharghour then withdrew, knowing that the members of the local council turned to more than one hand and the local council of Tripoli and everyone simply by saying “There is no power but from God,” although some actors carrying capacity executive in Tripoli and its environs and information Allowadh to, uh, put the issue in the National Congress has been the lack of understanding of such attacks in the coming days … But hopefully from my family and care should be taken in all their movements in Tripoli and thank you to all of do his utmost to stop the bleeding blood Altaorga …

    أحداث مخيم الفلاح 31/07/2013 القصـــــــــة كاملـــــــةللقصة توابع قديمة في مهاجمة المخيم من قبل مليشات مصراته المتمركزة بغرغور حيث قامت صباح اليوم عند الساعة 07:30 دخلت للمخيم سيارتين تحمل الأولى شارة اللجنة الأمنية العليا طرابلس والثانية سيارة للشرطة دخلتا للمخيم وقاموا من فيها بمضايقة أحد قاطني المخيم ثم لادوا بالفرار خارج المخيم وصوبوا أسلحتهم نحو بوابة المخيم وبدأو في إطلاق النار الكثيف خرجوا الاهالي صباحاً مدعورين فخرجوا مجموعة من الشباب وقاموا بملاحقة السيارات ومن فيهم حيث لادوا بالفرار بعيداً عن المخيم ، بعد ذلك قاموا الأهالي بأغلاق الطريق مودي من أمام المخيم للاحتجاج على الذي حدث لهم فقام أحد المارين ” ككلي من سكان طرابلس ” بالتشاجر مع الاهالي وقام بأخراج سلاحه في وجوههم فما كان من الاهالي إلا محاصرته وضربه وأخذه إلى داخل المخيم واعتقاله وحجز سلاحه ومستنداته فحضر قريب له وتم تسويه الموقف ولكن تم الأحتفاظ بسلاحه وأوراقه ، هنا زاد خوج الاهالي في الشارع للأحتجاج فمر شخصاً أخر ” مصراتي ” تلفظ بعبارات عنصرية ونابئة أمام الأهالي والعائلات فما وسع الناس إلا ضربه أبراحه أرضاً بعد حوالي الساعة 15:00 مساءً قامت إحدى سيارات السلاح الثقيل بالرماية على المخيم الفلاح من مسافة ليست ببعيدة وبالقوادف ” RBG ” والحمد لله لم تزهق أرواح ولكن أصابات شظية أحد الاطفال في المخيم وتبيّن فيما بعد أن هذه السيارات هي لمليشيات مصراته المتمركزة في حي غرغور ثم أنسحبت ، مع العلم إن اعضاء المجلس المحلي اتجهوا إلى أكثر من جهة وللمجلس المحلي طرابلس والكل يكتفي بقول ” لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله ” رغم أن بعض الجهات تحمل الصفة التنفيذية في طرابلس وضواحيها والمعلومات الوادة إلي إه تم طرح الموضوع في المؤتمر الوطني وتم التفاهم على عدم حدوث مثل هذه الأعتدائات في الأيام القادمة … ولكن نأمل من أهلي أخذ الحيطة والحذر في كل تحركاتهم في طرابلس وشكرا لكل من بذل جهده في أيقاف نزيف الدم التاورغي …عماد إرقيعةlibyan Network for Human Rights

    (Imad Argiah)

    The fact that at the height of summer rain on Misurata ….

    Qatari aircraft on the sky of Misrata drag-and-grown Libyan ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood is paid the value of agriculture clouds on Misrata skies to rains in the summer, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood might get the money from the sale of Libyan oil without counters
    It also has some militias Almusratih the interception by cumulus clouds en route to the city …….. And converted by force of arms to Misrata in order to forcibly summer rains fall on Misrata

    By: Ntihh The

    (No alliance – not for brothers)



    Besbasa Uh oh my .. Implant :: Besbasa launch of the times and read just Morocco close Besbasa the the ::: we read in the book of Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi, Khalid Sharif, who supervised him hardness and entitled Corrective Studies in the concept of jihad and judge people ::: ::: implant launched Shaklak Pttzlq O Besbasa and sell case ::
    Besbasa :::: not O implant ČÓ, I know the size of hypocrisy prophet who when Belhadj and hardness and how deceived Saif al-Islam in this speech.
    Implant :: danger O Besbasa of the hardness mesh you have a family companion in the center of Libyans Jihad cell shows you continued hardness Mnyn a family their origin ::::
    Besbasa :::: I asked him Illagrsh he told me Misratah mixture of people of several races in which of them Turks, Armenians, Circassians and Jews all races Mesh have known in their countries of origin continued :::
    ::: Aasatr this implant so reasonable in their home countries originally Maandhm you a disaster O Besbasa, but launch Mazzika on family hardness ::::
    Besbasa ::: told me Hdhum the belong to Abdullah Bin Abi Salool,, the first grandfather who was mesmerizing between immigrants and supporters in the city and told me Ali hardness climber has the same thinking and behavior :::
    Implant :::: God, O Besbasa waging told you on Fortaa and Asswehly and Alraeid and Paddy :: Besbasa ::: told me Asswehly this family Unknown origin precisely because they resorted in ships trade and settled the coast and Fortaa and broadband and Paddy Hdhum Makhltin to leave, Jews, Armenians and Greeks important O Misratah implant this Mavera even 10% and this shows علاش Maandhm mercy does not belong to Libya and Libyans ::: ::: implant immemorial, God willing, and fire loose ::: Besbasa :: and close O Baalta, the ….

    بسباســــــــــي اه يا بلادي .. غرسة :: بسباسي شن تقرأ من العصر وتوا المغرب قريب بسباسي ::: نقرأ في كتاب عبدالحكيم بلحاج وسامي الساعدي وخالد الشريف اللي اشرف عليه الصلابي وعنوانه دراسات تصحيحية في مفهوم الجهاد والحكم على الناس ::: غرسة ::: وشن شكلك بتتسلق يا بسباسي وتبيع قضيتك ::
    بسباسي :::: لا يا غرسة بس انا نبي نعرف حجم النفاق اللي عند بلحاج والصلابي وكيف خدعوا سيف الاسلام بهذا الكلام .
    غرسة :: خطرها يا بسباسي على عائلة الصلابي مش عندك صاحبك في مركز جهاد الليبين خليه يشوف لك اصل عائلة الصلابي منين اصلهم ::::
    بسباسي :::: سألته ياغرسة قال لي مصراته خليط من البشر من عدة اجناس فيه منهم اتراك وارمن وشركس ويهود وكلها اجناس مش معروفة لها اصل في اوطانهم الاصلية :::
    غرسة ::: ياساتر معقولة حتي في بلدانهم ماعندهم اصلا عليك كارثة يا بسباسي لكن شن قالك على عائلة الصلابي ::::
    بسباسي ::: قال لي هذوم ينتموا الي عبدالله بن ابي سلول جدهم الاول اللي كان يفتن بين المهاجرين والانصار في المدينة وقال لي علي الصلابي طالع له نفس التفكير والتصرفات :::
    غرسة :::: يا الله يا بسباسي وشن قالك على فورتيا والسويحلى والرعيض وبادي :: بسباسي ::: قال لي السويحلي هذه عائلة مش معروف اصلها بالضبط لانها جأت في سفن التجارة وسكنوا الساحل وفورتيا والعريض وبادي هذوم مخلطين من ترك ويهود وارمن واغريق المهم يا غرسة مصراته هذه مافيها حتي 10% ليبين وهذا علاش ماعندهم رحمة ولا انتماء الي ليبيا والليبين ::: غرسة ::: سحيقة ان شاء الله ونار طليقة ::: بسباسي :: وقريب يا بعلتي ….



    Dardanelles channel

    Prisoners Balsoana the car smuggling by an armed group.

    Religious ceremony to commemorate the lives of the martyrs of Bani Walid. Mosque of “Aldlol”,.
    Adnan Alnobary who betrayed him today at the hands of al-Qaeda in Derna .. With his sons, which one of them came out of the hospital and second bullet يستخرجون the it!!

    Tuber ….

    Unidentified masked Yesterday Bdrna intercepted Sector Director of Education city of dirt Professor “Attia Faraj Bin Nasser” افتكاك car traveling owned by the Ministry of Education. He said Mr. Attia Bin Nasser that masked booster elements with Kalashnikov rifles and sticks they Bavtkak the electric car from him when he was on his way to the headquarters of the sector to attend a meeting of managers secondary schools.

    – The assassination of Colonel Adnan Alnueasiri the armor battalion commander Libya in the tuber.
    City of Derna affects assassination Lt. Col. Adnan Alnobar, who participated in the war, the destruction of Libya!!

    Derna, the assassination of Colonel / Adnan Alnueasiri, since few in Derna, near the bridge of the garrison.
    Alnobar is the first city of Derna officers who announced their joining of the rats in front of a crowd of rats,

    one of those who participated in the fighting against the legitimate….

    Aaaaaajl and Haaaaaaam and Khtiaier:Forming operations room Libya rebels … In Tobruk,!!Oil-based InstituteZakrrrrraArefanha Sean rebel operations room??Means new militias belonging to Qatar.



    the population attacked a camp of NATO mercenaries and seized war material, NATO bandits fled.

    Melita Oil and Gas: execution and the burning of crude oil in the field to meet by the closure of the oil line
    link between Hamada red and complex coastal Melita:

    Mellita company for oil and gas
    Deficit ratio in the Libyan oil exports exceed 70%

    Lock Port Zueitina and Sidra and Harika and Ras Lanuf and stopped most of the oil fields, including the fields key such as a field fountain, field hopes, field Gallo, the field of the bed, the field of Oasis, the field of elephant, field Aldahara, field meet “cut off oil pipeline between Mellitah and meet “!!


    Magistrates Commission between the cities Kklh and Rullish holds in Kklh meeting to heal the rift between the two parties. Thursday, 1 August 2013 (13:30:0)
    Kklh August 1, 2013 (and) – Magistrates Committee held between the cities Kklh and Rullish – emanating from the National Unity Forum Western Region Balhawwamd of – meeting in Kklh, to heal the rift between the two parties. According to the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for National Unity Forum Western Region “Khaled Old” – Libyan news agency – that the Committee agreed to continue their meetings after the Eid al-Fitr in a move aimed at entrenching the values ​​of tolerance and reconciliation and achieve national reconciliation among Libyans. … (And) …







    From only kills jailed in Libya from a massacre in Benghazi, gives nine hundred million dinars this case,

    your government with the criminal and Sam bin Humaid.



    Now the assassination of inventory (Ahmed Mukhtar Alsoiei) which is a battalion (EPA)

    Benghazi one of his bodyguards were killed.

    Colonel “Ali Saleh Ferjani” 136 infantry battalion command area
    Central, received his son, “Saleh” Dahr today and who was abducted
    A few days ago in front of his house, and found him last night by
    Security room Benghazi.

    Car Colonel Mabrouk al-Obeidi, who was targeted by a few after he left the mosque:

    Targeting car retired Colonel “Congratulations Mohammed al-Obeidi”
    , منطفة the gardens in front of el-Ansari, and has been a shift
    To the hospital and the leg was amputated, and the Colonel, “al-Obeidi,” continued
    National Army’s Special Forces.

    Peace to you
    Today Benghazi Ehtifun the
    Cyrenaica worthy Mejiha betrayed Bo inventory Mgtiha
    And my God news for sure 100% 100%.

    Body was found this morning in citizen’s Elsafsfah project
    “Faisal القماطي”, and is a young age, and did not have any
    Sawa fault that his mother “Naima drunk”! Was in the Revolutionary Committees,
    Kidnapped 6 days ago and was tortured over days and clear torture
    His body.

    To register call diversion Ismail Salaabi, threatening Abdul Salam cuneiform (now deceased) liquidation



    Ham now: Western Region

    Spread an intensive جردان security in Sabratha west gate Palace Alalalgah and Khuwaildi Dahmane gate east of Sabratha and Sorman Semaphore and gate الحرشه gate steady and Cimafro warranty on the coastal corner .. Please Liberal discernible caution ..

    Medical Center in Sabratha:
    NEWS still holds for this summer (old Report from 20 MARCH when Spring began):



    Minister of Oil and Gas Abdul Bari Arousi / / / /

    – Port Closed Azwaitah to until now which يغدي 100 thousand barrels per day
    – Shut down the port of Sidra and Ras Lanuf and الذان produce 600 thousand barrels per day
    By armed groups by force under the pretext that they have demands and we are in
    Communicate with them
    – Today the sympathy of a group of established oil and guards shut down the port
    Tobruk (Hariqa) of oil.
    – Continue in this matter has very serious consequences.
    – Shut down these ports affect the feed power plants to generate energy
    – The only port that works now is the port corner.

    – Cider and Ras Lanuf: Oil Workers Cider plants and Ras Lanuf in Libya have begun a strike

    and taking months without receiving their salaries.



    There are leaks Chaa to there are efforts to peace between Abouhliqh and al-Qaeda

    In Sirte sponsored many notables of the city and personalities that have

    Acceptance by both parties .. In other news almost certainly say that the leaders of supporters

    Sharia ((base)) exploit these Alambardh of trying to collect leaves

    The advantage of this period to you Bembagth the Thunderbolt Battalion 21 ((Martyrs

    Angle)) seems to Colonel Salah بوحليقة, ordered the battalion knows what is going well

    He and his companions is well aware that these malicious traffic ((base))

    Himha treachery …. Caution caution my brothers and Ataatkhazloa in support of Noah

    Libyan army battalion 21 Thunderbolt …..

    (WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

    URGENT :: Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte large spread my side park mechanics Tqilh and Misurata

    number one side coffee Mhammed large spread my mechanisms Tqilh the

    Sirte violent clashes between the supporters of al-Sharia (al-Qaeda) and the battalion

    of Salah Abu curl: there is a crash and a violent attack by one battalion of Colonel Abu corner

    curl on the Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte by the popular new behind the gas station, according to

    residents of the area of attack was fierce and used in the crash, heavy weapons and lasted

    nearly an hour and a witness said no serious injuries in the ranks of Ansar al-Sharia.

    Today Sirte Hospital Link infected of fry supporters “Sharia” live fire in the leg from the heart of the event source.



    Free newspaper Sabha

    Libya’s oil escapes to the outside without the expense and we are in the south, soon we will have to use firewood for cooking gas shortage (and they already have been without electric totally for months)!

    NIOSH aircraft arrival yesterday evening at the airport Sabha loaded Baaslhh,

    the military equipment was received by of VPL Maj. Gen. VI of the RAT Solomon and Sons existence of military ruler.

    Urgent … The arrival of a plane from Misratah loaded with different types of ammunition to Sabha to arm the RAT Solomon Sons Brigades, which is overseen by a certain religion Sea one of the leaders in the south shields and accused of smuggling equipment and machinery to neighboring African countries.



    Word now :: Egyptian Embassy stopped granting visas to Libyans.


    Muammar and Bashear ASSAD of Syria.
    Gaddafi and Ceauşescu: Heroes راية معمر الخضراء من اجل كل العالم


Zionist War for the World

Mu determined

Mu leader of the revolution


Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
God is great above the aggressor Kid
And God for the oppressed best supporter
I certainty and armed Savtda
My light of truth shines in the hands of
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is great
God is above the aggressor

Oh this world Otala and Listen
Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the
Right will be featured Bmdfie
If consumed will courtyards with me
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the aggressor

Tell me Woe to the colonist
And God is above the treacherous arrogant
God is great oh my
And take بناصية, modulator Admoury
Tell me tell me
God, God, God is greatest
God is above the victim

Mu flag

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings Iaaahrar, light حرائر, great … morale Taannagalsme and Pat victory soon …
صحه فطور
كم …

Health Breakfast
How …


Mu white suit 2

Great TAEDEMON / REGRET!!! (from a former RAT):

SELECTION from Nadmowowon (contentment and openness and disclosure of brave men attributes):

 …the right word is said that in his life was the most beautiful and wonderful very much about life…
Now become Ijzim we sinned, a fatal error in the (so-named) “revolution” (“FEBRUARY 17”) …
Ijzim that God and his angels angry that we tried to kill al-Qathafi who is one of the men of God righteous Vemoaagafh many in the service of Islam,
I feel like crying, but screaming the loudest voice (“My God have mercy My God allowed My God, forgive us What we made against Libya”) when I hear and read.
Miketbh follow al-Qathafi know they Buhlool of us much and they settled Cmat well I we we were in a coma when we went out to Tzmir Libya and Althmana with Qataris who يصفوننا now that we are not loyal and not to Vena out and we عرعار and Roma!!
So we really,
But we discovered that after the destruction of the country and killing people of our “revolution” and we grow in the name of God in our stomachs wine in our minds ecstasy!!
Actually deserve case with us now all merit and type so Make myself a moment of serenity and comfort while typing …………………..
[Rebel ((Mahmoud Ayad الشهيبي))]

Urgent …

The first statement of the Libyan people from the military official .. Meeting held in Tripoli 30 July 2013 …
And which included officers and non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the various الصنوف military zones LIBYA:

قيادات الجيش الليبي تخرج عن صمتها وتصدر بياناً بشأن تشكيل مجلس أعلى لقيادتها

Durée : 7:06
Abtaaaaalk Avtakry Bayhoum ….. Idaaaaauowo without Araaadém the

 Brought a joyous Itagmr the Libyan people as a whole grief will expire Masatkm the will Tdhb of you will come to you soon, but joy joy of victory.
لارجوع الى الامام..
Your time today at 12:00 at night with a new episode of the struggle of media and media as assets in the national program wounded .. So be on time .. And watch good ..
RAT infested LIBYA:
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel””” Juma tourist Member Allaotunai Congress hours before Libya’s international channel””””” expose the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, said they are wasting people’s money they impose the law of political isolation.
They assassinate in the army and the media they were kidnapped named Alqreis Director, Office of Zaidane and Zaidane under threat and weapons implemented in Aaamr Brotherhood and Zaidane suffering and turn to him and the Brotherhood are in control of all aspects of the state they walk in the conference Bmlishathm and by force of arms illusion of control the Libyan oil and is sold under the under the Brotherhood Muslims are does not want the army nor the police that you and the Muslim Brotherhood were kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned,
they wronged he concluded that the oppressor and the injustice of Edom said they are fallen and are going to the abyss now and in the sixty artful and the Libyan people سيثور them and claimed Libyans to that Atoroa them.

 (at MELITA GAS in MIZDAH):Colonel Ali Hassan Lahrac that Ali Zaidane and Bari Arousi may request
Disengagement me sit-ins to force oil sites and fire on the protestors!!!!!!
Mthadjin that the law organizing sit-ins provides us legitimacy بالرماية the
I refused justified so that I am not looking for legitimacy Tjulna the killing Libyans.

Aaaaaajl ….

Zizi Alamhh Ali Zaidan head now Alausera in a press conference:

– People camped close the facility for the purposes and using
Is dangerous weapons.
– Stop these ports directly will affect power generation
Electrical and ask all Libyans solidarity with us in this matter
And to stop these things and reject it.
– These people have been trained to protect the oil facility and gave arms
State stores protection they became يهددونها.
– The commander of the guard will change oil facility after this press conference
– Prepare all the officers and soldiers in the guard established to protect this property
Do not abuse it and shut down.
– Total of rebels prevented The fact that internal security in the state and investigations device .. and soon we will work this ..

Aaratha sterilized Aaamal … You Tkdry a rotate need Aaamhh ..

عاااااجل….زيزى العمشه علي زيدان رئيس الاوزراء الان في مؤتمر صحفي :- اشخاص يعتصمون ويغلقون منشآة من اجل غايات وبأستعمال
الاسلحة امر خطير.
– ايقاف هذه المواني سيأثر بشكل مباشر على توليد الطاقة
الكهربائية واطلب من جميع الليبيين التضامن معنا في هذا الامر
وايقاف هذه الامور ورفضها .
– هؤلاء الاشخاص دربوا لحماية المنشآة النفطية واعطوا السلاح من
مخازن الدولة لحمايتها فأصبحوا يهددونها .
– سيتم تغيير آمر حرس المنشآة النفطية بعد هذا المؤتمر الصحفي
مباشرة .
– اعدوا جميع الضباط والجنود في حرس المنشآة حماية هذه المنشآة
لا الاعتداء عليها واغلاقها .
-مجموع من الثوار منعت ان كون امن داخلى فى الدوله وجهاز تحريات ..وقريبا سنعمل هذا ..

ياريتها عقمت ياعميل …انت تقدرى اديرى حاجه ياعمشه..

لارجوع الى الامام..

Ali Zaidane apply for an additional budget of 17 billion bridge bottlenecks (?) And is 67 billion could not remove garbage from the streets of the capital!

Libya and councils node:
National Conference this morning discusses the project of establishing the National Security Council
And earlier discussed the project of establishing a National Guard
And Bohakor submitted a project for the establishment of the National Council for Planning
All new projects for the theft and combing budgets.

Brotherhood and love of culture positions
Muslim Brotherhood who Mesh Minister and not mesh Ambassador and not Mesh Shad position. Make him the national conference position or project Business Atalaaolh the budgets and Icololh signed amok
The constitution and the army and police in Al-Kharj greet you on the words of Ghawar
علي زيدان تقدم بطلب ميزانية اضافية 17 مليار لسد الاختناقات (؟) و هو ب67مليار لم يستطع ازالة القمامة من شوارع العاصمة!

ليبيا وعقدة المجالس:
المؤتمر الوطني يناقش صباح اليوم مشروع انشاء المجلس القومي للأمن
و قبلها ناقش مشروع انشاء الحرس الوطني
و بوشاقور مقدم مشروع لأنشاء المجلس الوطني للتخطيط
كلها مشاريع جديدة للسرقة وتمشيط الميزانيات .

الاخوان و ثقافة حب المناصب
الأخواني اللي مش وزير و لا مش سفير و لا مش شاد منصب . يصنع له الموءتمر الوطني منصب او مشروع بزنس و يطلعوله ميزانيات و يقولوله عت في الأرض فسادا
و الدستور و الجيش و الشرطة يسلم عليكم في الخرج علي قولة غوار

 F tourist a member of the National Conference on Libya first channel says:

“Ali Zaidane of having been abducted his cousin and threatening to become like the doll is driven by the Brotherhood like what you want, just became a body without the spirit.”

USA gifts 200 to their RAT puppet:
F-Sayeh stressed that the decision to grant $ 900 million shields, is an individual decision of the President Bushmin and contrary to the earlier decision of the conference to dissolve collective armor .. Science first infantry battalion DAT figures Makhaddosh military salaries of age and Mibosh of Anzlolhm Shufu who fights in the Army from above [see yesterday’s WP LIVE SPACE POST, “Fizzle or soon Triumph”]

Abu arrows between the hammer and the anvil of its assets Brotherhood Tamazight:

Backstage National Congress and public source Maabed from inside the conference stressed that Abusameen was under pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood in a resolution and $ 900 million of armor and the paper pressure constitutionalization Tamazight language in the Libyan Constitution in return for agreeing to disburse the amount of armor and return to their previous work.

Abu arrows was faced with two choices:

First: The submit his resignation Alatmr the gain love and satisfaction أهاله Amazigh and support him.

II: But as to approve the disbursement of $ 900 million for armor and her former directly and remains president of the Conference and are constitutionalization Tamazight language and guarantee the rights of its people Amazigh.

With this be Abushmin hit two shares RISE one presidency and Aldstrh the.

When you are satisfied Brotherhood ease of making decisions in a single day and disbursement of the decision and the decision shields constitutionalization Tamazight language and decision to return to an earlier work shields.

You God Aajerman …
The Court today issued its ruling to cancel the Integrity Commission’s decision b Solomon Dogh and Abdul Rahman Khalifa Al-Shater:



A little while ago:
Airport Road targeting a patrol of the Commission
Higher Security) Hashim humans (by patrols
Lightning) Zintan.

Ivory (Tripoli) :::

Very powerful explosion targeting the Libyan capital of Tripoli after the condemned Morocco ..

Burning tires on the island of pressures Alshall accidentally rapid currently in the city of Tripoli …

Ali was shot someone from the Sunday market named Mohammed Alchrid the turn to God’s mercy _ and then burn 3 cars of the Security Committee and the bombing of the gate mouth Melgh and now a closed road ..

A huge bombing in Aziziyah area resulted from an explosive device was detonated in the Supreme Security Committee …

Warning important Jaddaaa the …

Moved to you …

Ghazi AHA: Hello

Extremists are putting sticky bombs on “Almmermath” and after heats explode and I’m shaft this in more than one incident ya rite alert people out they’re before Julau car Iderio the suspect Aalmmermath is …

تحذير مهم جدااا …منقول لكم …غازي اةا : السلام عليكمالمتطرفون يضعون القنابل اللاصقة على ” المرميتة” وبعد تسخن تنفجر وانا شفت هذا في اكثر من حادثة يا ريت تنبه الناس عليها انهم قبل ما يولعو السيارة يديرو تشك عالمرميتة….لارجوع الى الامام..


America’s plans for a military coup and Libyan secret visit of President Obama to Libya

Said Asaad Ambah Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent reporter Sidon Online & reporter and an observer to a number of radio stations world which broadcasts on shortwave and satellites, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 According to sources, the center Libyan Quoting news بتم circulating among Libyans that the Libyan government began to take strict security measures inside the Libyan capital Tripoli, especially around the airport Mitigua International, a military airport earlier the same sources ready to receive U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic visit and the confidentiality of Libya take a few hours the U.S. ambassador in Libya.

Ms. Debra Jones has not issued an official statement confirms or denies the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to Libya perhaps for a secret visit and the Libyan authorities are silent has not issued any official statement until this OT said Asaad Aboqilh by another transfer “Radio Sawa” the American, which broadcasts in Arabic, two days ago, reports news refers to the possibility of supporting the United States for some of the leaders of the Libyan army to a military coup in Libya to establish safety and security in the country for a transitional period temporary as quoted by al-Hurra satellite American speaking Ballah Arab summary of the hearing of the U.S. Congress about Libyan news report said that the United States will not be able to rely on government Jamahiriya,

have to work outside the capital and know real players on the ground, because that is where there will be the battle as well as cooperation with regional powers and European and International Aalancth military and the terrorist Libya after the incident, the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi spread to neighboring countries.
(BEWARE: Most of the remainder of this story is total BULL!)

Libya on channel First F tourist there scheme to separate the south and Libya in a civil war ..

Lock the road leading to the کoberی District Alaکoakh previously leading to the airport road from before Tripoli جردان now …..



Will not Nnsaaak the Iaaataaaorgaa ….

Moved from a friend page .. Imran Imran Imran …

In the name of God the Merciful
I بنقول to both come out on satellite channels and speak on behalf of Tawergha Shoumoukh and Alkipria them that We teach our Ban sons Taorgaouacharfa and heroes to Ayarvo but Revenge of the parents Hrdo their parents will not Ihtermu kids did not Arau elderly, women and parents sinuous in knelt martyrs and Taadib prisoners, even the women and stole all Xi District and rigid and Moved did not deliver them anything until the buildings were destroyed and the majority burned to the conference Allobtarabuls order Atkelmo Pmaamelih them to improve the image of the disease جردان Almzarat the latest Queer Abdul Rahman Asswehly uttered that he was Alatvq with Turkey to build the city of Tawergha in the west of Benghazi and كدلك other city in Gallo and still there are horns of Tawergha Atzlqo for Mzarat after buying Dmthm of inventory double agent Abdel-Rahman Alchukhak dogs Council Almnhaly Tawergha upon him say Hola Tawergha Mount lofty and youth conscious of what is happening and will come capacity horn and victory, but the patience of hours and finally the words of God and Muammar and Libya ups to Akharnevs O climbers ..

لن ننساااك ياااتاااورغااء ….منقول من صفحة الصديق .. عمران عمران عمران …بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
انى بنقول الى كل من يخرج على القنوات الفضائيه ويتكلم باسم تاورغاء الشموخ والكبريا عليهم ان يعلمو بان ابناء تاورغاءالشرفاء والابطال لايعرفو الا الثار من الدى شردو اهلهم ولن يحترمو الاطفال ولم يرعو كبار السن والنساء والدى متلو فى جثت الشهداء وتعديب السجناء حتى النساء وسرقت كل شى حى وجامد ومنقول ولم يسلم منهم اى شى حتى المبانى دمرت والاغلبيه حرقت امام المؤتمر اللوبطرابلس لكى يتكلمو بمايمليه عليهم لتحسين صورته لداء جردان المزاريط واخرها اللوطى عبد الرحمن السويحلى يتفوه بانه تم الاتفق مع شركه تركيا ببناء مدينه لتاورغاء فى غرب بنغازى وكدلك مدينه اخرى فى جالو ولازال هناك ابواق من تاورغاء يتسلقو للمزاريط بعد شراء دمتهم من الجرد العميل المزدوج عبد الرحمن الشكشاك كلاب المجلس المنحلى تاورغاء عليه عليه نقول لهولاء تاورغاء جبل شامخ وشبابها واعيين بما يحدث وسوف تاتى سعة النفير وما النصر الا صبر ساعه واخيرا اقوال الله ومعمر وليبيا وبس لاخرنفس يا متسلقين..لارجوع الى الامام..
Citizens angered by the city of Tawergha closing by peasant protest at their conditions:Tawergha residents blocking the road leading to the farmer (sports Cimafro) with stones and burning tires and car was glass breaking one of the citizens in protest against the attack by a car carrying three young people lose بالرماية Ali camp, injuring residents and one was taken to the hospital ..



Urgent .. Huge explosions in Tajora and heavy fire.



Guetham Dar Fatwa Jermanah in Prairie
Controlled by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood bankrupt,
By demonstrators demanding بسقوطهم



Stop work white 95.5 fm radio affiliate
After threats Brotherhood youth burning white
That lasted radio broadcasting.


Sam bin Humaid refrain from paying dues to associate the shield

Pretext I just Mesh time the distribution of money and asked the associate Aldroaich

That gather under the Martyrs Battalion of Free Libya on the pretext am, there ousted

Want to ruin the country ….

A new policy which

………………………. Martyrs Battalion Free Libya

………………………….. Zintan Martyrs

…………………………. Rav God Alshaty the



Assassination called Ahmed البرغثي deputy chairman of the security committee resigned half Saaah ago while he returns to his car from Qmins area in the region of Garyounis specifically the city of Benghazi.
And Eye Shahuod said that the car (a black Poh) has stopped and أنزلته from his car and fired two shots in the head resulting in his death.

Dismissal of the so-called President of the Chamber of Benghazi security Rat Mohammed Sharif

Exposed filament game dirty Brotherhood

After the military defeat of the Brotherhood armor Qatar in Alkwyfah epic and the fall of the militia headquarters between Mshon and lotion, has revealed a plan to re-Brotherhood military presence in Benghazi are as follows:
1 – intensification of terrorism, bombings and assassinations largely to terrorize and scare the people of Benghazi.
2 – The government and the Brotherhood deny Thunderbolt and the army of possibilities to secure the city’s efforts fail.
3 – smuggling and arrows prisoners from the prison Alkwyfah
4 – fabrication smuggling charge for lightning, national security, and portray the military as a collaborator with the arrows.
5 – Court bombing detonated a huge be stronger than the previous bombings apparently different.
6 – to suggest that the bombing are fugitives arrows of prisons and attaching each violations بالأزلام.
7 – the work of a strong media campaign that the time has come to return the “rebels” to secure Benghazi and they are the only ones who are able to respond to ousted.
8 – the descent of the militia forces of Qatar Muslim Brotherhood in a military parade to prepare people for the idea of ​​returning.

Steps 1 to 8’ve already got, and the next steps is expected in the coming days:

9 – intensification of bombings and assassinations frantically unprecedented.
10 – show that helpless army and an accomplice with arrows.
11 – to lure the army to engage in battles that may fall civilians to incite the public opinion on it.
12 – an order from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Government to withdraw its military forces from Benghazi.
13 – commissioned militias Qatar Brotherhood dissolved protection and Benghazi insurance.
14 – Court security control Brotherhood militias on the city of Benghazi and achieve the target re-entry shields Brotherhood.

Some of the details may vary but the summary of the plan are in the 1 – enter Benghazi in a series of daily terror … 2 – glued that بالازلام and accuse the army of helping them …. 3 – to withdraw the army and hand over the city to the Muslim Brotherhood after their expulsion.

The only way to address this satanic are planning to rally around and support the army and attack any gathering an army and military police to prevent the remnants of the defunct national shields from the same collection and return to form militias and headquarters. Oh my Kid Brotherhood in نحورهم and make recruited destroy a circuit and make them spin and Avdham on Alohhd heads you heareth prayer.
انكشفت خيوط لعبة الإخوان القذرة

بعد الهزيمة العسكرية لدروع قطر الأخوانية في ملحمة الكويفية و سقوط مقرات المليشيات بين مسحون و محلول, فقد انكشفت خطة الإخوان لإعادة تواجدهم العسكري في بنغازي وهي كالتالي:
1- تكثيف الارهاب و التفجيرات و الاغتيالات بشكل كبير لإرهاب و إفزاع أهل بنغازي.
2- تقوم حكومة و مؤتمر الإخوان بحرمان الصاعقة و الجيش من الإمكانيات لتفشل جهود تأمين المدينة.
3- تهريب السجناء و الأزلام من سجن الكويفية
4- تلفيق تهمة التهريب للصاعقة و الأمن الوطني و تصوير الجيش على أنه متعاون مع الأزلام.
5- تفجير المحكمة بتفجير ضخم يكون أقوى من التفجيرات السابقة ليبدو مختلف.
6- الإيحاء بأن من قام بالتفجير هم الأزلام الهاربون من السجون و إلصاق كل الخروقات بالأزلام.
7- عمل حملة إعلامية قوية بأنه قد حان وقت رجوع ” الثوار ” لتأمين بنغازي و أنهم الوحيدون القادرون على التصدي للأزلام.
8- نزول قوات من مليشيات قطر الإخوانية في استعراض عسكري لتهيئة الناس لفكرة عودتهم.

الخطوات من 1 إلى 8 قد حصلت بالفعل, و التالي هو الخطوات المتوقعة في الأيام القادمة:

9- تكثيف التفجيرات و الاغتيالات بشكل جنوني غير مسبوق.
10- إظهار الجيش على أنه عاجز و متواطئ مع الأزلام.
11- استدراج الجيش للدخول في معارك قد يسقط فيها مدنيين لتأليب الرأي العام عليه.
12- إصدار أمر من مؤتمر و حكومة الإخوان بسحب قوات الجيش من بنغازي.
13- تكليف مليشيات قطر الإخوانية المنحلة بحماية و تأمين بنغازي.
14- سيطرة أمنية محكمة لمليشيات الإخوان على مدينة بنغازي و تحقيق الهدف برجوع دروع الإخوان.

قد تختلف بعض التفاصيل لكن ملخص الخطة هي في 1- إدخال بنغازي في مسلسل ارهاب يومي … 2- إلصاق ذلك بالازلام و اتهام الجيش بمساعدتهم …. 3- سحب الجيش و تسليم المدينة للإخوان بعد طردهم منها.

الطريقة الوحيدة للتصدي لهذا التخطيط الشيطاني هي في الالتفاف حول الجيش و مساندته و مهاجمة أي تجمع عسكري غير الجيش و الشرطة لمنع فلول الدروع القطرية المنحلة من تجميع نفسها و العودة لتشكيل مليشيات و مقرات. اللهم أجعل كيد الإخوان في نحورهم و أجعل تدبيرهم تدميرهم و أجعل الدائرة تدور عليهم و افضحهم على رؤوس الأشهد أنك سميع الدعاء.

لارجوع الى الامام..

Isra names which were smuggled from Benghazi Please Aahrar publishing Tkspo wages in connecting me their families.:

A car zone “‫ # milkfish” Behind “Video Broadcasting” in Benghazi for “Ahmed Faraj Albornawi” nicknamed “aberration” which was a former officer in the device “internal security” of the system.

Another picture of the body that was found in the area Rulrhh seems awareness of the signs of torture.

Found dead b area Rulrhh, the meantime by
Men Navy special forces infantry, and apparently tortured
And until this moment did not know the identity of the person of the victim
And action will be taken by the Chamber of Benghazi and security
The body will be transferred to a refrigerator Dead now Rulrhh.



Far out a convoy of Gharghour (the of Misratah Jews) toward the farmer, to kill and

protesters wiped out (Tawergha) and the withdrawal of the security committee of the place

for fear of the Jews Misratah ‫ . in Tripoli ‬ 

Misratah Jewish gangs in Gharghour doing gates in the neighborhood and searching the cars all state agencies Jermanah the.

Unpaid agent????????????
جردان Aolahdeslaman and them جردان the القرضة their points of intersection which have been assigned free and voluntary
Liberal to track and arrest return them to Jardan of others areas of the afterlife is
Who was fighting in Misratah received by the them and that he was fighting in Brega be extradited to جردان Benghazi and their agents in the investigation and eavesdropping on the Liberals and got several cases of arrest airport Bsabha and follow-up within the city and began to free Alqmazfah the and Almgarhh.
They do not forget it
Take some precautions Dear Liberal … Lurking bastards you Antbho …

الوكيل بدون اجر ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
جردان اولادسليمان ومعهم جردان القرضة لهم نقاط تقاطع وهي تم تكليفهم مجانا وتطوعا
لتتبع الاحرار والقبض عليهم وتسليمهم الي الجردان الاخرون من المناطق الاخره وهـــــي
من كان يقاتل في مصراته يتسلمه لهم وان كان يقاتل في البريقة يتم تسليمه لجردان بنغازي ولهم اعوان في التحري والتلصص علي الاحرار وحصلت العديد من حالات القبض بالمطار بسبها وداخل المدينة والمتابعة بدات للاحرار القذاذفة والمقارحة .
عليهم لا ينسوا ذلك
خدوا حذركم ايها الاحرار … الاوباش تتربص لكم انتبهو …لارجوع الامام..

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim on trial_

Libya: freedom fighter sentenced to death Ahmed Ibrahim
The Gaddafi International News Agency – Misrata. According to media sources, citing the Court of Misratah of the news of the death penalty militia fighter Ahmed Ibrahim this morning.

Ali Chendeb Ali Handb
Ahmed Ibrahim and the Order of execution:

Death .. Is the decision of the Court of militias and rebels and the mujahideen and Islamists NATO in Misrata right thinker Arab nationalist and Islamic Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim, of course, no one is looking for reasons for mitigation of the man, and no one will say as a matter of propitiation to the hands of Ahmed Ibrahim white and non-contaminated with the blood of the sons of his race, and Ahmed Ibrahim was thought twins inseparable, and he was bold in his views, and direct in his thoughts, and he was among the few cheerleaders Leader in public b Muammar, and that to him was a pilgrimage advocates liberation movements and advocates of the nationalist movement and its leaders, and he spent much of his time with the leaders of the factions Kulstinih factor on unity and save it from falling apart, as it was constantly working on thinking if the nation from Islamist movements commented induced distortions intellectual curricula alien to Islam, which worked on the marketing of other than the operative part of the message targets the Islamic Shari’a.
It was also the most prominent pillars of the system mass and power of the people in Libya, and he had a lot of pros, and it has a lot of notes, perhaps the most prominent of what turned into a peg he canceled teaching English in Libyan universities when he was secretary of higher education, as if this decision was foresees case current and connected by some Libyans from employment of Arab foreign was Western Umm .. It was among the few Libyan officials of him continued to press and men, and whatever we talked, we can not deny the man his right, it is one of very few adopted the thinking and acts of thought, especially in the face of Zionist imperialism projects ..
For this and other worthy Ahmed Ibrahim and Sam penalty, so-called between Jews Libyans,, Vlomerca him avenge because Ahandana and struggle to support the Iraqi resistance that hosted حاورها and her voice was within the area in the Libyan decision.
But what hurts, that there are some voices of nationalist and Islamist who was sing his friendship and relationship بالصديق Ahmed Ibrahim, and since it detained in Misratah detention not ينبث one of them a word or a statement of repudiation or stance of solidarity even less fulfilling door ..
Sorry, my friend Ahmed has changed and become nationalism and the struggle against the Zionist entity profession Astrezagah in time before these ..
You in Matqlk and the Order of execution, which deserves the biggest of them in dependence crown new نعمتهم and known him ..
Decision certificate Baeidamk you, and condemn them ..

احمد ابراهيم ووسام الاعدامالاعدام.. هو قرار محكمة ميليشيات وثوار ومجاهدي واسلاميي الناتو في مصراتة بحق المفكر القومي العربي والاسلامي الاستاذ احمد ابراهيم، طبعا لا احد يبحث عن أسباب تخفيفية للرجل، ولا أحد سيقول من باب الاستعطاف بأن أيدي احمد ابراهيم بيضاء وغير ملوثة بدماء ابناء جلدته، وأن أحمد ابراهيم كان والفكر صنوان لا يفترقان، وانه كان جريئا في ارائه، ومباشرا في افكاره، وانه كان من بين قلة ينادون الاخ القائد امام الملأ بـ معمر، وانه اليه كان يحج دعاة حركات التحرر ودعاة الحركة القومية وقادتها، وكان يقضي الكثير من وقته مع قادة الفصائل القلسطينية عاملا على وحدتها وانقاذها من التشرذم، كما كان يعكف وباستمرار على التفكير في حال الامة انطلاقا من علق بالحركات الاسلاموية من تشوهات بفعل المناهج الفكرية الغريبة على الاسلام التي عملوا على تسويقها بخلاف منطوق واهداف الرسالة الاسلامية السمحاء.
كما كان من ابرز اعمدة النظام الجماهيري وسلطة الشعب في ليبيا، وكانت له الكثير من الايجابيات، وعليه الكثير من الملاحظات، لعل ابرزها ما تحول الى شماعة من انه الغى التدريس باللغة الانكليزية في الجامعات الليبية عندما كان امينا للتعليم العالي، وكأنه بهذا القرار كان يستشرف الحالة الراهنة التي وصلها بعض الليبيين من العمالة للاجنبي عربيا كان ام غربيا.. وكان من بين قلة من المسؤولين الليبيين من له تواصل بالصحافة ورجالها، ومهما تحدثنا فلن نستطيع ان نفي الرجل حقه، فهو من قلة قليلة اعتمدت التفكير واعمال الفكر، خصوصا في مواجهة المشاريع الامبريالية الصهيونية..
لهذا وغيره يستحق احمد ابراهيم وسام الاعدام، ممن يسمون بين الليبيين باليهود،، فلأميركا معه ثأر بسبب احنضانه وجهاده لدعم المقاومة العراقية التي استضافها وحاورها وكان صوتها داخل منطقة القرار في الجماهيرية.
لكن الذي يؤلم، ان هناك بعض الاصوات من قومية واسلامية ممن كان يتغنى بصداقته وعلاقته بالصديق احمد ابراهيم، انه ومنذ اعتقل في معتقلات مصراتة لم ينبث احد منهم ببنت شفة ولا ببيان استنكاري ولا بوقفة تضامنية حتى من باب اقل الوفاء..
عذرا يا صديقي احمد فلقد تغير الزمن وباتت القومية والكفاح ضد الكيان الصهيوني مهنة استرزاقية في زمن مضى لهؤلاء..
فأنت في معتقلك ووسام الاعدام الذي تستحق اكبر منهم في تبعيتهم لولي نعمتهم الجديد والمعلوم اياه..
القرار باعدامك شهادة لك، وادانة لهم..


Details verdicts today from the Court of Appeal Misrata

Misrata Court of Appeals issued a death sentence in the right of each:

1 – Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour in his presence: death (تعزيرا) Any under
Libyan Penal Code.
2 – Walid Abdel Qader Denon in his presence: death (retribution) any ratios for punishment
The legislation of the Islamic religion.
3 – Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid Abdullah in his presence: 5 years in prison and deprivation of
Civil rights for the duration of the sentence and years after the entry into force of the judgment.
4 – Farag Ibrahim Mansour his presence: The third charge against him
3 years in prison and a fine of 200 dinars – and another 3 years in prison for the charge
The first against him and the denial of civil rights for the duration of governance and the year after
Entry into force of the judgment.
5 – Murad Ibrahim bin Nile in his presence: 3 years in prison and confiscation of arms
Found in his possession.
6 – Saadi carp bin Nile sentenced in absentia: death retribution.
7 – Dou Ibrahim Mohammed Mansour in his presence: 5 years in prison and a fine of 50 dinars
And deprivation of civil rights for the duration of the sentence and years after the entry into force of the judgment.
8 – a Amer Mahdi Aouhadh the key in absentia: death sentence retribution.
9 – Mohamed Salem Mahdi Aouhadh the absentia: death sentence retribution.
10 Mohamed Faitouri Mahdi Aouhadh absentia: death sentence retribution.

Remind you that the most important charges against Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim in this case is
Formation of gangs under the name (liquidation committees) the effects of sedition and inciting the people of Sirte
Other Libyan cities – lying deliberately broadcast news, إشعات and false and tendentious
Local radio Sirte during the war and dumping bin horror people in the city
And demoralizing – the killing of the victim key friend Elsafrona and the abduction of
Inside the Ibn Sina hospital and kill – incitement and Buffering kidnapping and killing of:
Hadi Elsafrona, _ Mohammed Hadi Elsafrona, for _ friend Elsafrona for _ Salem beauty
Hoidhar _ Hamza Mustafa Abdlali, for _ Azzedine Fawzi Abu Zeid. Kaehud accused
Destroying and burning family Mmtlakat a family Elsafrona and intimidation and the threat of force of arms
To key Elsafrona the wife and young daughter.

Lord avenge you Aaehud Mzrath Lord



Valley Agency Dinar News a partagé le statut de young and Liberal Rishvana on Facebook.

City explosion cherished
Explosion was caused by a grenade explosion (pomegranate)
In the village of Omar al-Mukhtar, specifically in the arena corresponding to the previously popular security.



Josberides rebel “
God delivered him!!

News ask God to not be true for rally on the outskirts of Sirte RAT GNC SHIELDS of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Ruling Party “Justice & Construction” forces to attack 21 Thunderbolt headed by Colonel Salah بوحليقة!!

Killing extremist “Ali Sassi” Algerian nationality and a
Wanted by the Algerian government, and the death of a battalion commander supporters
Sharia and called “Ahmad Attir” alias “Abu Ali”, and
Wound extremist Tunisian nationality and named “Hassan Mohammed” and
Transfer of the wounded and injured another abroad on Tuesday evening
For treatment, after the outbreak of armed clashes and تعديهم

(see yesterday’s report, “Fizzle or soon Triumph”)

Men’s national army, the bolt 21, the morning of Monday
B Sirte and clashes resulted in the killing of the soldier, “Mansour
Oraibi, “and wounding three soldiers. – News Agency – Sirte – reporter

Allocated Soliman Fortaa $ 3 million to anyone who kills Colonel Salah Abouhliqh, the battalion commander 21 Thunderbolt in Sirte.

ÚÇÇÇĚá :: mobilize large in the city of Sirte and limbs in the area Alnovljeh gathered Aktar than 150 car for Ansar al-Sharia and armor coming from Benghazi, including force led by Sam bin Humaid and a battalion February 17 and still build-up continues at the Alnovljeh east of Sirte, 115 km and 3 battalions from Misratah are located in the region of Zamzam west of Sirte, 130 km, so as to advocate for supporters of legitimacy ((base)) after the battle of the day before yesterday with the army led by Colonel Salah Abouhliqh, and the goal of these militias eliminate the nucleus of the national army Almtemtlh in Thunderbolt booklet 21 ((battalion Martyrs corner)) … Nbwa confirm the news … Oh our brothers in the areas surrounding the city?? Zamzam * * Hrarōh the * Alhanioh * Sultan * metropolitan * 90 of.



Turkish assassination of Abu Bakr, a member of the Zintan militias shortly before Zahra ‫ # region southeast of Tripoli _



What happens inside the airport Sabha???

Continued pressure on the airport manager Sabha rat Mohammed Aouhadh to submit his resignation and news reporters and Testimonials send to airports and ports administration at the Ministry of Transport and mediation and intervention client on Zidane to ask the captain (never Aviation) to take over the management of the airport as an alternative to Mohammed Aouhadh

The Ministry of Transport refused to replace the Director despite pressure.



Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Islam prideWe hope that all the pages on Facebook refer video this is to point out, but Tarafo I safest commander

to endorsed million people and more.(Libby Green)

نرجــــو من كل صفحات علي الفيس بوك نشير فيديو هذا لنشير بس تعرفـو أنى القائد أسلم علي ايده مليـون شخص واكثـرليبي اخضر

الله اكبر الله اكبر بالاسلام عزتنا
نرجــــو من كل صفحات علي الفيس بوك نشير فيديو هذا لنشير بس تعرفـو أنى القائد أسلم علي ايده مليـون شخص واكثـرليبي اخضر