And the wars continue, with The USA feeding the WAHABI

Mu taking the events as Allah desires

 In such Hedda today 22/02/2011 Anniversary of the
Historical discourse speech hero Muammar al-Qathafi, in which he described the events and will beget them from disasters caused to The Great Jamahiriya as a nation and the people.


Saqr Jeroshi: “Libyan people wish now for one day to live in bliss with al-Qathafi. Mu’ammar al-Qathafi did not steal any of the money….” 


al-Qathafi did not steal the money. They are present and frozen billions more than 400 billion found in South Africa and Uganda, Switzerland and Europe, those of Watteau after al-Qathafi are the true tyrants; and we did not witness history like them before during the Great Jamahiriya.”

“They have Killed and massacred; and the Libyan people now have but one wish: for the day when al-Qathafi returns…. to come even one day of with al-Qathafi, and this is a fact which this topic explicitly umpteenth.”


Allah and the words of the guy, “the right words”, without fear of the ‘International Community’


 Russian ship landing “Novuccirkask” is heading towards the Libyan coast:



Contrite on February (so-called) ‘Revolution’ of 2011

Newspaper the Middle East: the Brotherhood MISURATA militias

in Libya seize 1,000 cubic tons of chemical weapons (through QATAR).



Opened the head at RAS Worthy crossing of the border, after a massive sit-in decoder.

Moatinin Libyans flow through the head of Ras Worthy crossing.





Burning home inventory (Mohammed BAIO Be’aou)

Burning of the home of Mohamed BAIO

(co-partner of Abdul Hakim-Belhadj, and el-Mahdi Haratine/ Akkla Gianni Gneoh),

of ‘DAWN LIBYA’–after he refused
to condemn the bombing of the Tobruk City dome.



Disaster Green Hospital in Tripoli today were evacuated

patients as a result of the lack of medicine and the hospital is now a semi-free.



Militias and criminal Gneoh GIANI Alkkla (el-Mahdi Haratine) 

arrest labor Egyptians Shaibani,

at the locality of Salah-al-Din Street in Abu Salim.

(HAITHEM TAGOURIS is seen on the extreme right of the picture too.)


I have two people in a day in the deaths ‘Dawn Libya’ terrorist

positions in the Capitol operations. One Zouari and second Musrati.


The death of seven children following the spread of the virus Hospital corner City. “God and that we shall return.”
7 children in the ‘Teaching Hospital corner’.

I am God and to Him we return.
(“Knight and Men”)

News about the kidnapping of girl aspiring Prime Ministry

of the Interior Sharif Madaokhald from the city of Tripoli.



‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports:
Day of thing happened yesterday and Allah and the highest order !
A set of “Bangladesh” in the repair of aircraft technicians

of the terrorist detonated when the plane exploded,

killing all repairs technocracy Abanngladec.

God is great ! Allah is great !

An informed source confirms the death of a group of

experts Abanngladec five points in the city, because

of the explosion of a plane, who were referred

reformed in favor of militia ‘Dawn Libya’.

 ‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’:
The name of Allah the Merciful
(Who kills without the same or corruption in the earth

as if he has killed all the people, if it is recited saved all mankind)
The great truth of Allah.




Strong hit in al-Zahra.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, informs us:
Do you know the sheikhs signed a reconciliation between Zintan and the castle and visible regions of the mountain Baeshrav Libyan military operations and the opening of closed road “Bamaahidh Convention” ?



Omar Matouk, explains:

About what some of the pages on ‘Zintan and Misrata’ “dialogue”. After researching the matter of the sources, the meeting was limited to the subject of the detainees only, and there is no agreement on anything other than that, and that the committees that met in Asbi’a was only authorized the issue of detainees.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, on FB, comments:
I now discovered that the dawn of the pioneers of Libya pages of all the children and the owners Ahoaa whim and dragging them to the temptation and lies and dreams Zaifah.
Please members of the page to go to the false dawn pages and what they write about the meeting that took place in his fingers between the Commission Isra of Zintan and Misrata on prisons.
Haha Oh for Atjrna Read wonder !!
Dialogue !!! Why do we say Arab dialogue in order to your land? Do you recognize the existence of terrorism in Misurata, Libya ?? Is the acknowledged Bamcil House ?? You will extradite criminals to eliminate the city ??




Private Mahmoud Toumi. | Libyan army operations room in the Western Region clarify the question of dialogue with militants.


Colonel, “Ahmed Idris material,” the commander of the Libyan army operations room in the Western Region, said that the Libyan army forces continue in the war on terrorism and extremism in all corners of the country, he did not issue any decision on the stop the advance of the Libyan army forces fighting hubs west of the country.
And material, saying “ongoing Libyan army forces in progress operations and engagement with ‘Dawn Libya’ militias, and the  Libyan Army of the most important goals is added to maintain the safety of civilians Libyan cities.


all axes:

Mutassim Faitouri, reporting:
Latest news :::::::::::::::::::
1. official military source said today that the Libyan army was able to edit a large part of the river through an extension to the military camp and police source confirmed to blow all the axes and the most western point and source noted on everyone to be patient. The decisive battle has approached.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, with exuberance:

greeting from Valiant axes in south of
Beautiful City and south of Ajeelat…And Melita axis
And by the river
And Bir al-Ghanam
And protected
And south corner
The axis Valley neighborhood
And the axis of al-Ash
Coming todays news excellent Libyan army will be on time
I want to zoom in on the biggest news coming to excellent.

Enlarge “Allah is the Greatest”

émoticône smile

تحية من بواسل المحاور في
جنوب الجميل
و العجيلات
و محور مليتا
و طريق النهر
و بئر الغنم
و جنوب الزاوية
ومحور وادي الحي
ومحور العسة

انتظرونا الأيام أخبار ممتازة وجيش الليبي سوف يكون في الموعد

أريد أكبر تكبير علي لاخبار القادمة الممتازة




Martyr Salah Hidah Ferjany al-Tarhouni
Was captured after suffering a field in the southern front, south of the city of Ajeelat triangle heroes; and deported to the city of Sabratha where he was ‘liquidated’ on 16 FEBRUARY 2015 // by the inventory of Jardan of the TRIPOLI CORNER.

Lord have mercy and Aghafrlh
(“Knight and Men”)



 Mc Mego:
Sporadic clashes can hardly continue to minutes in front Akrabieah
And quietly racked in all axes, followed by from time to time some bursts weapon al-Tqilh period.
And military forces in control of the land and their…

Now fierce fighting with heavy weapons axis Akrabieah,

south of Beautiful City. And Ooooonaba for Libyan

airforce aerial bombardment on the Melcaat ‘Roma Libya’

sites south of Beautiful City. 

Libyan army forces bombard Dawn terrorist weapons sites al-Tqilh southwest of Ajeelat and Beautiful City.

Omar Matouk, reporting:

The killing of two of the Kharijites at least in a clash with Libyan army forces south of Beautiful City, without casualties among our military personnel.

Renewed armed clashes south of the city of Ajeelat between

the Libyan Army and militias ‘Roma Libya’. News of a downed ‘Melcaat Roma Libya warplane’, south of Ajeelat, struck by LIBYAN ARMY AIRFORCE.” Artillery shelling and medium weapons south of the city of Ajeelat.




The killing of an Italian engineer belonging to one of the oil companies operating in the Zuwarah, at the hands of DAASH masked men, riding in a white car with the slogan (Syria malc) of the militias Daash, in Sabratha, which are subject to the leadership of the Emir of Daash in Sabratha , named  Hristi al-Dbashi.

Leadership Prince Daash Sabratha (Yahia _ Dabbashi)
لزعامة امير داعش صبراته ( يحي_الدباشي )
Field commander Yahya Dabbashi: ‘rebel’ (DAASH) forces

defeated the remnants tried to infiltrate Ajeelat


Clashes between the army with heavy weapons and terrorist ‘Dawn Libya’ near West Ajeelat al-Rcharik area.


The clinic in Surman is locked, after the arrival of an African patient.
Complex doctors think he has Ebola, thus collected Faqamo to lock the complex.


‘Roma Libya’ militias abduct 5 of Youth City of Zaltan:
not been identified whereabouts.






discontinued communications and Internet service within the city of BANI WALID, for the second day in a row.

 Back communications now after interruption since yesterday.




Daash Libya will announce the city of Zliten as part of the ‘Islamic Emirate’ in two days,
With all swearing allegiance to al-Baghdadi.
Names ‘Daash Zliten’:
1. Hamad Ali al-Fezasa
2. Abdul Rauf mast
3. Hamdi Abdel Raouf Troch
4. Farhat Huwaydi
5. Moses Bo back

 Islamic mandate of Zliten
Extremist organization Daash publishes list of people Murad liquidated published
Next …..
Owners al-Rdelh Zliten Islamic state will be applied to the extent retribution described
1. Ghani Abussnana director Tanueh Zliten Central
2. Abdul Ghani bin bright junta chief
3. Osama Judge / a apostates
4. tribe children Hablo area Kadosh
5. Mohammed mast. Member of the Committee sixty
6. Apostates boys Ahmada
7. workers Radio Zliten
Will be applied ‘retribution’ on them as soon as they get together the
‘Islamic Caliphate state Zliten soldiers’.




Exit convoy includes tanks from the city of Misurata

this morning, heading towards the south, believe that

the goal of these moves is to besiege the southern oil

fields, in order to control them.

LOOK GOOD, and you will see YANKEE Manufactured trucks and tanks.


Misrata channel describing the bombing of the dome at Tobruk, as ‘the quality of the process carried out by the rebels tuber’.
And then Leszek one tells dialogue is Lhalz
No Dialogue
(Amilit al-Jeic al-Outna)




“Zintan brigade Qaqaa”, informs us:
To all the friends page last few days I told you that ‘Daash’ owns and supplies Misurata and ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ (al-Vena Bayao “Baghdadi” continues, at a later time, catering and supplying of Misurata.

Q Where do you go next Misurata Battalion 166 from Misurata to Sirte and disappeared ???
The answer / Battalion worked “father”, jumped the barriers and jumped on top of Sirte, and found themselves in the path of Bin Jawad.

And Allah is the greatest !  Our Hawks of the Air, bombed the convoy, which was heading to the occupation of oil ports of Cyrenaica.
(al-Gosh al-Hakiqih)
‘Dawn terrorists’ have now allied with ‘Daash’ in Sirte and Benghazi and Derna.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’:
Cut the head of Mazzika Atamot prey “Misrata Misrata Yes” here to Libya.
Chairman of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader and manager and head of the office and the military commander and is factions in Benghazi
Political Bureau and Sheikh aka Godfather
And the Council of Elders of the area and the town and combat leadership and key finance groups and the story of the South and vibration support Benghazi and Derna
are all evil with Misurata.

إلى جميع أصدقاء الصفحة الأيام الماضية قلت لكم ان داعش التموين الخاص بها من مصراتة وأنصار الشريعة الذينا بايعو ” البغدادي ” في وقت لاحق التموين ولامداد من مصراتة

سؤال أين ذهبت الكتيبة 166 مصراتة القادمة من مصراتة إلى سرت واختفت ???

الجواب / الكتيبة عملت ” أب ” قفز حواجز وقفزت فوق سرت وجدت نفسها في طريق الي بن جواد

والله أكبر صقور الجو قصفت هذا الرتل الذي كان متجه إلى احتلال الموانئ


الفجر الإرهابي حليف داعش في سرت ودرنة وبنغازي


قالك المؤرخ اقطع الرأس اتموت الفريسة ” مصراتة نعم مصراتة ” لهنا ليبيا .

رئيس لإخوان و المرشد والمدير و رئيس المكتب وقائد العسكري و أمرا الفصائل في بنغازي
والمكتب السياسي والشيخ الملقب بالعراب
و حكماء المنطقة ومجلس البلدة و قيادة المقاتلة ومفتاح تمويل الجماعات وقصة اهتزاز الجنوب و دعم بنغازي ودرنة


Melcaat Tl abeb (Daash) in the city of Sirte on

the basis of Andmo in traffic today.

Libyan Army to clean-out ‘Daash sites in Sirte’.

LIBYAN AIRFORCE Military aviation bombed

1) the ‘Higher Institute’ in Sirte.

2) Closure of the ‘Ibn Sina Hospital’ and

an appeal to medical staff to leave the Hospital. After injuring ‘Ibn Sina Hospital’ shrapnel bombardment panic among
Patients .. and leave the patients to the hospital.


The last bombing targeted the southern gate of the city of Rabat

front of Sirte for the second time in a few days.

The RAT families of the city of Misurata derail women and children, the elderly and asks young people to stay in the residential area No. 1 in which they reside to support the Brotherhood Rat Misurata militias in the event iIF there are armed clashes with ‘Melcaat Tl abeb (Daash)’.

Voices firearms medium inside Sirte.


LIBYAN AIRFORCE Warplanes bombed ‘Dawn’ gathering terrorists stationed at Bin Jawad.



 Aircraft landing safely on the ground the wounded (from TOBRUK)  at Abraq Airport ambulance outside the home, ready for CASABLANCA HOSPITAL.

The destruction of a suicide car continued to organize Daash tried

to target the western gate of the airport Abraq.

Abraq Airport subjected to bombardment missiles locusts, and Grad rockets fall on Abraq Airport by ‘Daash’.

Demonstrators in CASABLANCA, are demanding to Batjmad the (so-called) ‘dialogue’, and leave the ‘dialogue’ after the elimination of all terrorist groups and affiliated organizations.



Urgent Security
Control over street Mahdaa!
Colonel Walid Drissi control Blcaml Ali Mahdaa Street in the heart of the whale market and is based Homeland Security northern court after Controlling 60% of the country.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reporting:

Libyan Army arrests three elements who provided support and information to ‘Daash’ in Benghazi (Petrol _malomat_autamrkzac Army), where a suspected their soldiers to the large movements of one of the houses which are stationed with the Army called them what to watch

And take caution in dealing with him until he fell beyond doubt, however, the Libyan Army and the full registration will be broadcast after the conclusion of the investigation as the response from the source.
Allah is great !

(Picture below, DAASH controls the market in al-SABRI):

Injury to a central Benghazi bed towers at ‘1200 HOSPITAL’ in consequence of random shell fire.





MP “Issa Oraibi” shortly before the Arabic channel event:
Will look at the expulsion of the British and US embassy ordered
Next Monday.

Issa Oraibi Member of ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ for Benghazi:

“We have come to the conclusion after meetings
Officials from the US and Britain
They are against the LIBYAN Army building and they  share their ‘Power’ with the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ their allie people.

We know this fact, and thus, we should be
Standing one row, heading for
Closer ties with Egypt
Russia, China. We must stop this (so-called) ‘Dialogue’, which, in fact is against the Libyan Army and against the Majlis al-Nuwaab. The ‘dialogue’ is in order to save the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, after their losing political and military powers.”


Last 25 November 2014:

Shaykh al-Sheikh calls for the Libyan people Batkacv with some and not to split, and obedience to the guardian of the ‘Majlis al-Nuwaab’, the government, and the leaders of the Libyan Army and all the fabric of our Armed forces, and renounce disperse and dispersion.

‘MUSICIAN’ writes:

…when Americans like the fate of a bitch, which expelled from the den of prostitution for her age…

America and Britain support the ‘Dawn Libya’ because of this support one of the main conditions for the continuation of planned chaos in Libya….

Noman Ben Othman:


“I regret to inform America, Britain and their allies, that we are on the hours after the fateful decision will turn the nature of the battle, and go to hell ‘Geneva negotiations’.”

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, comments:
US refuses to recognize Ppadulh Palestine in the Security Council?
We consult and to arm our Libyan Army Tobruk forces, “Majlis al-Nuwaab” Libyan !!
Bashar and the opposition participants in the political settlement?!
And the complexity of arming deal with Israel through the Council for Security ??
Washington Daash fighting in Syria, Iraq and send ground troops there ?? Organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Harik to Washington !!
Washington double Bamkialin policy in the Security Council
Contradict itself.

‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’:
Haddad on advertising all over the country 7 days of mourning for the souls of the martyrs in the massacre of the dome’.

The ‘MAJLIS al-Nuwaab’ has expelled the British and US ambassadors from LibyaAmerica is with the ‘Dawn of Libya’.

And ….. Haj Hamad will not be displayed in Ramadaaan .. !! Verse did not descend in vain. !! (Though obey more than in the ground lead you astray from the path of Allah, follow nothing but conjecture, and they only Ikrson (116) Anaam .. !!

(quoted from Mohammed Garag breeds)

Omar Matouk, explains:

I have written this article last month 9 to clarify what got to him personally about the impact of the organization of the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood in America, and when deepened in the file and found that (CAIR), the Brotherhood has become one of the most important advisers to the Yankee WHITE HOUSE al-Abs on Middle East affairs.

How broke the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, American society and succeeded in reaching the decision makers?
C /
One of the main reasons for the spread of ideology of al-Brotherhood is the possibility of coloration and air conditioning, and no prohibitions, if for the organization’s interest in the organization allows all taboos, Vnglgl this thought among students and they are often the first target group, as well as the activity of the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood is the strongest at the level of civil society organizations (as happened in Libya after ’17 February’); and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood was accepted by the world….

Perhaps one of the most successful institutions that had penetrated the American society is an organization (CAIR), the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which was established in 1994 under the bright slogans of ‘protecting the rights of Muslims and foreigners’ and to improve the image of Islam in America, where the Palestinian Nihad Awad managed with Egyptian colleague Alaa Bayoumi.

Did not this great organization like that the attacks of September, and here emerged as a star (CAIR), which presented itself as ‘moderate’ Islam and civilized thought, and to do business (humanitarian) toward al-Mtzerran of events, and intensified it exits to the media and ongoing conferences, until it got to the top Pyramid and US security policy, and became Nihad Awad, one prominent writers in major US newspapers.

It is time now to the (CAIR) lobby Brotherhood became influential in the United States, and the propaganda aspect of this malignant organization.

‘Zintan brigade Qaqaa’, reports and comments:

‘Dawn terrorist’ danger cursing say intelligence Egypt ……

shut up and prudery your soul and you are on Krontia explosion came primed intelligence US, Britain and Sodneya Mngalkmh on country lane Alastkhabrat Darrow Perfume in Krontia rooms…
Hmata and salvation.

MAJLIS al-Nuwaab,
And the Government, our Libyan Army,
And our people,
All stand a row and freeze dialogue with terrorist groups and those who are supporting terrorism.
To go to hell ‘Morocco dialogue’ !
Dialogue where there is Abdul-Hakim Belhadj and Abu Obeida and Akkla Gneoh  (el-Mahdi Haratine) and Ali ‘hardness’ and Salah Badi and Deborah (JONES) not Bahawwar.

(al-Qaeda Security directorate at the Plateau in TRIPOLI) Khaled Sharif adequate, and Conciliation Ebric attach to attend the (so-called) ‘dialogue session’ in Morocco.

(A tribute to the brave men fighting here at home.
Hands trembling not resolved battles.
Greetings to complement: the ‘dialogue’ must be

frozen after the eradication of terrorism spreading.)

A section of the dome’s funeral yesterday Oh Agvrlhm and Arahmanm.


(Medical clinics Tunisian) Declares its full readiness for the reception of wounded from the ‘massacre at the dome’; and condemns terrorist acts on Libyan territory.

Revolution Hospital Bawhita ask any blood type (-negative).

Director of the Department of Defense Office, Colonel Ahmed Bani,
Heroes of the Libyan army, and air Seteron Hawks to the ‘martyrs of the dome’ is  strong.

The Libyan Army did not, and will not, stand idly by; and will not be hindered by ‘international policy’….

Abdul-Hakim Belhadj‘s office leaked information /

responding gave-out huge sum to kill Khalifa Hftar and his brigades in 2011…

I mean just like Brigade Abdel-Fattah Younis

(was by Abdul Mustafa Jalil, when Jalil realised Younis and Hftar were double-agents working for al-Qathafi).

And the money will not be returned.


the LIBYAN AIRFORCE warplanes bombed militia positions  Tl abeb
(Daash) in the city of Derna. Air Force bombed several sites in the tuber,  and preparations wild intrusion. Aviation turbofan enters fighter participating in the attack on the stronghold of extremists in the tuber. Intense air strikes on the extremists sites in the tuber by the Libyan Air Force. Aaaaaajl /
Libyan Air Force initiate operations and bombed sites for the ‘organization of the Islamic-State’ 
in tuber and bombed a group of their camps and sites…
Oh hit a pitch.
“Tribute to Libya”

The first infantry brigade | First Brigade Infantry Force:

Of incoming mail Derna:
Hl talm that all armed vehicles that was reviewed by the organization
 Daash in Tuber are completely bombed and burning, in the business machine company, and at the mountain through Taiaran al-Mbar,

and now have cars calculation bus only talk from inside the TUBER, downright 100%.




Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.
Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.Photo de ‎أســــــــــــود المـــــقاومــــــة الـلـيـــبــيـــة‎.



The kidnapping of three Egyptians on their way to the city of Sabha, at al-Jufra. The abductees are engineers belonging to the French company ‘Telecom’, which does not know their fate so-far…

The names of the abductees are:
_1 Rami Hassan al-Najjar
_2 Khaled Youssef Aoun
_3 Osama Ibrahim cheek


THE “GAME” of juvenile player ALI ZAIDANE

Mu protector

Early Pic of Mu w his amazon angel guards

Mu at his Women's Academy 2

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 19/11/2013 P

Mu is joyous for Victory




President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil, stressed that he did not receive the association does not officially not a figurehead, and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the Prime Minister.
And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.

ITALY and France jointly “will do something” in Libya !!!
(BUT even Hashim humans, the Secretary of Security, is against foreign intervention!!!)
“Lq Italian French weakness of state institutions, the Libyan
Italian Prime Minister, “Enrico Letta,” he accept it, and the French president, “Francois Hollande,” the Italian government at the summit of French Altimt in Rome Wednesday, institutional conditions “weak” in Libya.
He said, “Lita” in a joint news conference with “Holland” on Wednesday evening that “Italy and France share a great concern in the matter of Libya and the need to work for reinforcements state institutions” there.”
قلق إيطالي فرنسي من ضعف مؤسسات الدولة الليبية
أعلن رئيس الوزراء الإيطالي “إنريكو ليتّا” أنه استعرض والرئيس الفرنسي “فرانسوا هولاند” خلال القمة الحكومية الإيطالية الفرنسية التي التئمت في روما الاربعاء، الاوضاع المؤسساتية “الضعيفة” في ليبيا.
وقال “ليتّا” في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع “هولاند” مساء الاربعاء إن “إيطاليا وفرنسا تتشاطران القلق الكبير في الشأن الليبي وضرورة العمل لتعزيزات مؤسسات الدولة” هناك.


Member of the National Congress protect itself b pomegranate ! !

She said one of the members of the National Congress on Wednesday for security at the entrance to the municipality of Tripoli , she carries a hand grenade in her purse ” for self-defense .”
The local council of the city on his Facebook that he ” when they enter the municipality of Tripoli to participate in the meeting , Ms. Souad Sultan passed her purse on the device detect weapons and explosives which led to the launch warning .”
He added: ” When asked what security official carry in her purse , acknowledged the existence of a hand grenade carried justified as self-defense .”
He explained that the authority of the Council was able to participate in the meeting after that delivered the bomb to the security officer , and wanted to ” restore bomb after the meeting, but the security official refused to ” have it delivered .
He said the local council of Tripoli that he was forced to publish this clarification to deny information has been circulating on social networks pointed to the arrest of Sultan .

(Valley girl)

A hand grenade in a bag «Deputy Libyan» … To protect personal!

Adjust the security apparatus of the Council of the Libyan capital Tripoli today (Wednesday) member of parliament Souad Sultan, carrying a hand grenade in her bag when entering the council’s headquarters.
According to official sources td Council Sultan explained that the reason for retaining this bomb to protect personal information.
The media quoted local sources as the Council that the Council members who were meeting infuriated, especially that she was invited to the meeting on the grounds that they represent the city of Tripoli.

Tripoli Local Council :

a correction of what is now floating in some social networking pages concerning respected member of Congress Souad Sultan ….. The story is as follows : Ms. Souad Sultan as it entered the Council of Tripoli to attend the meeting and put her purse inside the device detect weapons and explosives fired machine siren and has been offering security officer and asked her about what is found in her purse lean on the existence of a hand grenade ( pomegranate ) and it is used for personal protection Vslmtha him and entered to attend the meeting , then the security officer contacted the security authorities concerned and sent the Security Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Tripoli during the exit asked delivered her but security official refused to do so until the arrival of CID . Health News nor the effect that the member was being held or suspended by the Attorney General ….


Abdul Hakim Belhadj based international airline was the launch of a multi-national airline Libyan new company bearing the name of the wings to fly in the Dubai Air Show on Monday, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of seven Airbus aircraft. And asked the company, based in Tripoli -350-900 A three aircraft and four aircraft -320 A New $ 1.3 billion according to the price list.

Gateway Libya Libya Gate:

Clarify ::
Concerning airline Libyan new company bearing the name of  “the wings to fly” where it was founded by:

1 – Mr. Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi …… National Party
2 – Mr. Mustafa Noah …………….. Vice President of the Libyan intelligence
3 – Dr. Ali hardness ……………. Historian in Islamic history
4 – Dr. Abdulrahman Sowaihili …. President of the ruling Union for a home for the Jewish despora.

(Libyan political dialogue Libyan Political Dialogue ::: rebounds)

“I do not have an airline or a satellite channel, the news channel project are based on the investment for many of the business”

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, “Abu Abdullah Sadiq”
President of the National Party



Cars with political bodies roam within the capital Tripoli repeatedly.
Including cars bearing the logo of the idiocy of the United Nations.

Flying in the skies today

Whatever Alito in the sky and Alito, your record date NATO dogs!!

likbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians
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Photo: Hlikbtor plane over the skies of Tripoli and the presence of a military aircraft accompanied

God Tsatrib Qlboha highway even above the salvation of the loin Maadsh Traffic from under you Barbarians.

 “Atmosphere of the country”:
Denied, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Cape Muhammad Ali news

that have been traded on cutting off communications from the capital tomorrow.

Anissalem Salem


Misrata militias begin to occupy the coastal road from the five and the movement of tanks and heavy weapons to the headquarters of the Turkish company in the valley as the year the tobacco factory and the purpose is to besiege the capital Tripoli and its people.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

named exists in front of you in the news and for the Turtle witnesses from Zliten.

“Don’t worry ! –
Muammar is leading the battle in the inside of Libya . He was able to fail all the plans of those monsters on the ground.
They will not be able to do anything in the presence of Muammar. “-

Mu on the horizon

vidéo de GPC basic Elvis Bucky free.

Ya live commander
Hey commander live ..

Ali Asbali
Militias out of the capital means the return from where it came from, it does not mean disappearance or evaporation of their arsenal of weapons.

The fact delivered today in Tripoli :::

Most of the militias evidence today says
“Delivery only housings”
Alumblyichiyat not any solution and deliver weapons and its members join the army and police personnel Ka ..

They are meant to change the sites they said Mqratna follow the state and we will deliver it.

Nawasi changed the location and most of the mechanisms in the farms follow them.

Laughed p chins!!!


(PM picks whom should leave; so not all are leaving!!)

President of the Islamic Call Society. Dr. Abdul Karim Khalil,  stressed that he did not receive the association

does not officially not a figurehead,

and that what happened today is just a play between the battalion lightning and the RAT Prime Minister.

And he said he was not allowed to enter his office, and that the military force stationed there still remain as they are.


All Libyan cities will be covered by the decision of the evacuation of the militias, but gradually !

(only Zaidane will decide on the “timing” ! )

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups

And : Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities , today, Thursday , to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week .

The organization said that Jerusalem Square in Tripoli on Friday will see big demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city.

For its part , said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization , ” Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui ” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters.

The organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards , and the lack of integration of those responsible for human rights violations in the state institutions .

And Amnesty International pointed out that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces .


Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.


The demolition of the headquarters of the security committee attic – branch headed by Abu Salim’s murderer Gneoh by protesters

Gneoh handover headquarters of the National Security Directorate to Tripoli
The news that he was promoted talking Gneoh president of the Center Abu Salim

Gneoh headquarters shortly before the Abu Salim

Has been received from the National Security Directorate Tripoli ..

New play!!

Urgent ::: now rotate cycle by Side headquarters Gneoh eluted group Gneoh Maskin headquarters this they Aihtermun minds Vemoadna tomorrow after Friday prayers.

(Abu Salim Liberals against slaves)

Called Gneoh said pollen prisoners who are on the Committee have all of them on the basis of its length and has a national and Elly and Rahm Mahma only total but he Amatsh all imprisoned Lech Akdb say Talaathm all Wayne rest Wayne Khaddathm not launched rotate them their parents ask is right Aarafo and Atmno.

Reporter “atmosphere of the country”:

the commander of a brigade of civil Shaheed Mohamed Ibrahim civil begins delivery of brigade headquarters to Colonel Salem Souissi in charge of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the presence of the President of the receipt of the Air Defense F Alabana and representatives of the local council of Tripoli and the civil society organizations.

The start of the delivery and receipt:

civil Brigade withdraw today.

The official handover of the Yarmouk camp by the brigade’s Ministry of Civil Defense (4 photos)
Begin preparations for the formal delivery of the brigade civil by the Ministry of Defense and will be in receipt of Colonel Omar Salem Suisse designate to receive one of the largest military forts of the Libyan army camp of Yarmouk, which holds the banner of civil society.

Distribution of brioche and Alrani guests for the handover ceremony Yarmouk camp today

ههههههههههههههههههههههههومعاها Brioche Italian Mhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzelh

This battalion lightning .. Withdraw from Tripoli:

Abolished the Ministry of Interior and the police pause “in solidarity with the victims of Gharghour” was scheduled for today, according to Green  Square, The Director of the Office of Relations Directorate of Security Tripoli Nuri al-Obeid to the “atmosphere of the country” on Thursday.

Band VIII ( Nawasi ) denies evacuation based
“Atmosphere of the country”

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to “the atmosphere of the country ” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

The presence of loop current consultations with the local council to vacate Tripoli headquarters , and transfer to the base band Mitigua air base Thursday morning , noting that the band will respond to the demands of the people of the region that had demanded the evacuation of the headquarters.

He stressed that the buttonhole band is currently involved in securing the city of Tripoli, along with a number of security teams of the Supreme Security Committee of the Ministry of the Interior , under the command of the joint operations room in Tripoli .

It is worth mentioning that the ministerial committee for the implementation of the National General Conference resolutions number twenty-seven (27) and fifty-three (53), has announced what it called the ” time plan and a specific roadmap ” to evacuate the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi from armed manifestations .

Defense Minister Abdullah bending required to shield Libya militias (MISURATA) to return to Tripoli after stabilizing the security situation .. Is this the logic of security men and the army asked to return Mlisheh if extrapolated conditions Tripoli … Why?

(Valley girl)

Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP):

“Qathafi leading currently in Tripoli; Aawallah black day for them!”

 Mamedabussdrh expelled leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization Muflsinmn by Algeria Square Youth.
طرد محمدابوسدره القيادي في تنظيم الاخوان المفلسينمن من قبل شباب ميدان الجزائر
Got Alshall in demonstrations against the local council of Tripoli, non-elected,,,,

Qara Bolle … Alqoaah:

An exchange of prisoners between Misrata and Tajourah presence of dignitaries Qara Bolle
Alqoaah gate area military police breaker.


Happening now:
Dozens of judges and lawyers are coming out now in a demonstration of the Courts Complex in Tripoli to Algeria Square, –
demanding the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed manifestations.

News Libya | Libya News
Allah is the greatest day of the local council received Andar Tripoli protesters in the field of Algeria notify the militia in control of the channel Libya official explained that the demonstrators tomorrow will go to the channel to release it from the militia, which Att where they Cislmoha corruption and police will not back down until this matter.
To all free tomorrow after Friday prayers will be a part of our plan from this channel prisoner.
Now | Chairman Tripoli local Sadat Badri confirms in a speech to the demonstrators in the capital of Algeria in the field of continuing general strike until the last piece of weaponry output of Tripoli, except the army and police force.

Pads Badri: civil disobedience continuously .. And tomorrow will be gathering on the island of Bohradh after Friday prayers.
Tomorrow a major demonstration against the militias in Tripoli and the army and police claim ..
And alert the internal breakthroughs will occur tomorrow demonstration.

Tripoli Local Council at a news conference a little while ago:

formed a committee to follow up the procedures for the delivery and receipt of each site, and follow-up battalions out of the capital.

Director of security of the capital Tripoli on channel shortly before:

It was agreed that tomorrow will be a place to demonstrate in front of the Holy Mosque Babuhradh has been commissioned and will be protected by the police in the first ring and the second ring in the second infantry brigade of the national army.

Tripoli – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Interior Ministry calls on citizens to gentlemen need to show restraint and to ensure a peaceful demonstration, which will be organized tomorrow to miss opportunities to all of this movement is trying to recruit for other purposes.

Student Media Center :::::

Students’ Union announces # # Engineering College in coordination with the Dean of the College and coordinator of the study and exams that college exams will not be next week ..

Even though the study began with the knowledge that he has not decided yet whether the study will begin next week, or not.

(University Students Union # # Tripoli – Branch # College of Engineering).

Chairman of the interim government will meet the heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli

And met with interim Prime Minister Dr. ” Ali Zaidane ” Wednesday evening at the prime minister, heads of student unions subsidiary of the University of Tripoli .

During the meeting, which was attended by ministers , higher education , justice , culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education to review and discuss the outcomes of the tragic events that occurred area Gharghour last Friday and claimed the lives of dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded, including a number of university students .

According to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education , ” Bashir Alstaoa “ that the students insisted during the meeting of the prime minister on the need to evacuate the city of Tripoli from all military formations , because this action is in the interest of the country.

“The Alstaoa ” that the government had asked give her some time , as the committee in charge of following up the implementation of Resolution 27 issued by the National Congress on the evacuation of the city of Tripoli of armed formations , is in the process now on the application and implementation of the resolution on the ground and explained \ ” Alstaoa \” that the prime minister discussed with the delegation, the issue of student -stop for the university study , as confirmed in this regard that the wheel of the state and its institutions must spin works including universities .

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Higher Education that the heads of student unions Sub confirmed at the conclusion of this meeting reservations to continue the study , and constantly demanding civil disobedience .

Deans of faculties of the University of Tripoli, union leaders and faculty members at their meeting today Orteuro unanimously a continuation of the suspension of classes until the exit of all armed formations ..

(AD Student Media)


The return of most of the public and private banks to work this morning in Tripoli. # Libya

عودة أغلب المصارف العامة والخاصة للعمل صباح اليوم في طرابلس. #ليبيا

يحدث الآن :
العشرات من القضاة والمحامين يخرجون الآن في مظاهرة من مجمع المحاكم بطرابلس إلى ميدان الجزائر, للمطالبة بإخلاء مدينة طرابلس من المظاهر المسلحة.


Before the hour and a half:

in front of a gas station Falah, an army patrol arrested two people and armed intervention of the

Joint Committee (deterrence Mitigua) to being released.

Diary of a prisoner in Mitiga ..
I do not know how much time has passed and I’m in this place, perhaps a year or more Time, here is no different Many in the events and circumstances and the night continued and we are waiting for the morning will not shine , it may be here since the fall of Tripoli but tell me when to hit Tripoli and tell me how the date today?

I lost many of my senses as a result of torture no longer hear well and did not a promising taste eating and move my feet with great difficulty , no longer afraid of torture , whether a stick or electrically felt that my body has become its electrical energy sufficient to operate the columns of light in Tripoli sad,

torturers here ordered them strange they ask us to wake up at dawn and dawn prayers lectured and read the Holy Quran after a hot night of torture pa afraid to tell God this and ask him to beat them , which the Almighty descends to the lowest heaven in the last third of the night to hear the claims of the oppressed and lift the injustice , I think they do not fear God and do not fill out Belkaúna in the dawn prayer and not for what they tortured us throughout the night , on some nights you hear the sound of someone reciting verses from the Holy Quran at the same time screaming torturers of popular Guard and the Revolutionary Guards and volunteers , as well as men Bani Walid who taxpayers for their honor and display , why put our voice Quran with torture ?

Do you want to plant the Vienna knot listen to the words of God Almighty, no doubt that the Hola demons in human form until the Sheikh who teaches us in the evening in one subject for years, I do not know their number does not come out of the sermon is over it and respect his orders , he says these words to the people tortured morning and evening they do not have a guardian but God , how will go out of obedience ?

What is happening in Mitiga is torture demons of the slaves and the more I wanted to explain to you what is happening in the prisons of Mitiga would I , but I Larry Shi strange every morning and I cried Larry dead person from Vdraj in Bani Walid , a smiley and someone else from Almrdom a smiley and another Alrkdalin a smiley wonder what the secret of smile who die in the night of torture in and out in the morning to morgues ? , There is no doubt that they have seen in their death is great I am waiting for the morning, go out with a smile to the morgue and ask you , O Liberal to fulfill the way it is for your sake and for my bear all this. This commandment from someone on the way to a smile
يوميات سجين في معيتيقة ..
لا اعرف كم مضى من الوقت وانا في هذا المكان ربما سنة او اكثر فالزمن هنا لايختلف كثير في احداثه وظروفه والليل مستمر ونحن في انتظار صباحا لن يشرق ، ربما اكون هنا منذ سقوط طرابلس لكن من يخبرني متى سقطت طرابلس ومن يخبرني كم التاريخ اليوم ؟ فقدت العديد من حواسي نتيجة التعذيب لم اعد اسمع جيدا ولم اعد اتذوق الاكل واحرك قدماي بصعوبة بالغة ، لم اعد اخاف التعذيب سواء بالعصا او بالكهرباء احس ان جسدي صارت به طاقة كهربائية تكفى لتشغيل اعمدة النور في طرابلس الحزينة ، الجلادين هنا امرهم غريب هم يطلبون منا الاستيقاظ في الفجر وصلاة الفجر حاضر وقراءة القران الكريم بعد ليلة ساخنة من التعذيب الآ يخافون ان نخبر الله بهذا ونطلب منه ان ننتصر عليهم وهو سبحانه ينزل للسماء الدنيا في الثلث الاخير من الليل لسماع دعاوي المظلومين ورفع الظلم ، اعتقد انهم لا يخافون الله ولا يعبئون بلقائنا به في صلاة الفجر والآ لما قاموا بتعذيبنا طوال الليل ، في بعض الليالي كنت اسمع صوت احدهم يتلو ايات من القرآن الكريم وفي نفس الوقت صراخ المعذبين من الحرس الشعبي والحرس الثورى والمتطوعين وكذلك رجال بني وليد الذين دافعو عن شرفهم وعرضهم ، لماذا يضعون لنا صوت القرآن الكريم مع التعذيب ؟ هل يريدون ان يغرسوا فينا عقدة الاستماع لكلام الله عز وجل ، لاشك ان هولاء شياطين في صورة بشر حتى الشيخ الذي يحاضر علينا في المساء في موضوع واحد لسنوات لا اعرف عددها لا يخرج من خطبة ولى الامر واحترام اوامره، يقول هذا الكلام الى اشخاص يعذبون صباح ومساء وليس لديهم ولى امر الآ الله فكيف سوف يخرجون عن طاعته ؟ مايحدث في معيتيقة هو تعذيب الشياطين للعباد وكلما اردت ان اوضح لكم مايحدث في سجون معيتيقة فلن استطيع ولكنى اري شى غريب كل صباح وابكي اري شخص ميت من فدراج في بني وليد وهو مبتسم وشخص اخر من المردوم وهو مبتسم واخر من الرقدالين وهو مبتسم ياترى ما سر ابتسامة الذين يموتون في الليل بالتعذيب ويخرجون في الصباح الى ثلاجات الموتى ؟ ، لاشك انهم قد شاهدوا في موتهم آمر رائع انا في انتظار صباح اخرج فيه مبتسما الى ثلاجة الموتي واطلب منكم ايها الاحرار ان تكملوا الطريق فمن اجلكم واجل بلادي نتحمل كل هذا. هذه وصية من شخص في طريقه الى الابتسامة

The resignation of many of the doctors and anesthesia technician in a hospital corner ..

That will come as a result of

Lack of appreciation and respect for them by the director of a hospital corner …

Lack of army or police to protect them ..

Lack of medicines and equipment in a hospital corner ..

(Moved from the Association doctors corner 2013)


Haitham Tagouris the transfer of arms, the special mechanisms of Ninewa Nawasi project ostrich, and also the transfer of a number of prisoners about twenty prisoners to the same place, Haitham refuses to release Hola prisoners and set another prison trench in Tajourah, Haitham does not follow the instructions the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, and no one is able to the taking of prisoners of it, Haitham Tagouris criminal should stand in the face .. Please spread the word to everyone and to campaign for the release of prisoners and we have complaints of the people some of the prisoners who are ostrich project.

Victims Organization for Human Rights
Thursday, 12 November 2013



Anissalem Salem :::

News downright million percent
Very, very fierce battles in the department in Ajeelat.
The spread of the regular police department from Ajeelat within the city this morning.
Department in AJEELAT now ..

An armed attack on the prison department in AJeelat judicial police by unknown assailants.

and Adhu fled and the situation was calm now, no one hurt.

City department in AJEELAT
Now: department in AJEELAT
Clashes between armed groups from the areas of the market and the gift of Jinan.



Area and Rishvana

Heavy shooting my 14.5 in 27 .

Thunderous explosion in the world .. Possible be the voice of an RPG launcher .. In a good college ..

(Channel globe)

Quadraplegic RAT calls in admitting that he abducted 14 Zintani!!

Quoting / / Pictures and News from Rishvana ·

One caller broadcasting Alcdoh 104.3 The anonymity quadriplegic
‘ve Kidnapped 14 people from Zintan in response to the abduction of my brother at the airport in Tripoli after returning from Turkey* have been looking for him from time to 12:00 today afternoon and did not find him

I heard Aladinm contact Hedda … and God knows.

*: TURKEY is where the MISURATA GNC RATS met (including NOAH & BELHADJ) to get their funding and support and plans to take-over TRIPOLI.



27 camp west of Tripoli :::

Fears of storming the camp of the 27 on Friday, according to statements made by the commander of the camp.

Came out not necessary for the militias …


Using Sabratha coastal :: terrible accident causing the death of 5 people 3 men, women and children

11/20/2013 catastrophic car accident the day after refinery Mellitah ..

five cars turn out to be … the remains of five people and LoFat family Jennifan area of Beautiful City..

I am God and to Him we return …
O best of our conclusion and Tova Watt satisfied with us.


Tarhouna Youth Association

Killed, “Ibrahim Souayah” of the tribe Alanaajh weft Aldechailah at the hands of the sons of Cane and is one of the persons involved in the murder of their brother after he was scheduled to be tried in a court in Tripoli where ((invitee has Ashour Nouri handed over to Tripoli so as not to kill him)) and I’ve found lying in the same place where he found the lifeless bodies of the son of Cane.

Armed militias committed crimes in the city Tarhounah on Tuesday, November 19th amid the silence of the government and Almatmalotunai year.

Judicial officer denied the band known as the eighth ( Nawasi ) Tahir loop to the “atmosphere of the country” on Wednesday, the news circulating on the evacuation of the band ‘s headquarters in Abu six Tripoli .

Pictures. Victims of one militia “handsome hawk” kidnapped, tortured and killed and still missing and the rest of his brothers accused “Ahmdalsaeidi” and “the backing band, led by the fourth” Salah Elmarghani “Friday, November 22, 2013 AD.


Thursday, November 21, 2013 AD , said sources from within the city Tarhounah the Agency : the militias affiliated ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ nicknamed Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin affiliate Lama called Guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani the attack on the police station in downtown Tarhounah and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown stadium ball is dead, ” Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja “ that appears in the picture has been tortured were killed him amid the silence of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the prime minister and the National Conference , which belongs to him called ” Ahmdalsaeidi “ decision in the National Congress , which accuses the people of Tarhounah led campaign horror and the liquidation of the people of the region .

edit: Mamedalhaafa .


News of the arrival of the mechanisms of Al Qaqaa Brigade.   

Zintan brigade to prosperous Camp Mizdah .

(Citizen of Mizdah)



opening of article: “Zintan from truffles to ax ….” by ALzaim Muammar

On one of the peaks of the mountain west and in the middle stationed Zintan, a city in Libya and the tribe of the Libyan tribes of ancient associated brotherhood with the tribes of her weight Corvlh and Qmazfah and they called their alliance on behalf of Khot seriously Zintan area truffles most famous in Libya presence and Trade population was living an existence quiet planting wheat, barley and olives and raise livestock , customs , tribal and owners of one word. It is the mountain to the Mermaid is a vast difference in living , climate and a good place also.

Upon issuance of Resolution No. 7 on Bani Walid, Zintani remained steadfast and did not intervene (but they gave food, weapons and much aid to their Warfalla cousins); and did not pay attention to the order of brothers Grandpa. This  turned Zintan tribe of ancient with the word to the executioners and Mafloh Palmchacheh from the use of gas and shelling of civilians the biggest proof of that when they arrested Ali Saif al-Islam has not Iktsoa him , but on the contrary, Honor and his hospitality and treated him as a prisoner of war and better (they protected him, gave him a fair trial in Dec/Jan 2011-2).  They indeed showed their respect for a honorable and great tribal  family ( the Gadafa).

The Al Qaqaa Brigade,
The Al Qaqaa Brigade engaged in delivering its headquarters for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Allah is the greatest mobility of Tripoli reaps the fruits.Sources of news: Zintan Brigades had redeployed in farms through the airport, and Tripoli Local Council will be asked to verify officially leave the armed formations of the capital.

الله أكبر حراك طرابلس يجني الثمار تباعاً


“Atmosphere of the country” ..
Chairman of the Air Defense F Alabana announce
received through the headquarters of a brigade of civil Yarmouk camp on Thursday
for the establishment of a security room in Zintan.


Was liquidated citizen Masood Ahmed Trchana in the city of Sirte and was found in the area 17 west of Sirte and the late order specialty tanks Excellent ..

(Inspired Pen)



That did not Then do what you want …

Today one of the brave heroes of the commandos … The …. The … And calculated on the family ( gunpowder )

With the reservation to mention the full name of this hero .. the infringement on the door of the Operations Section holiest of holies , where the hospital treats people and God gives them life ..

Xi not only because when he entered the hospital did not find a doctor in Antdharh … because he , according to his belief that the doctor knows his presence at the hospital and did not care about the will ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

When Tgosaina reason for storming Hedda Commando operations and found misfortune.

It has taught us that he called him his friend who is not a resident of Bani Walid ? ? ? Outboard mean? ? ! ! And told him that he was subjected to a traffic accident and is in good health and not suffering from only a minor injury in the foot and some bruises … But Hedda Gallant when attending to the hospital was not pleased with the level of health services provided to friendly Barrani ? ? ? ( From Mizdah or Alguentarar by what we heard )
Please proceed directly to the Operations Division , where the process was conducted for Sheikh elder battling the disease … Taking its glass doors and smashed its skull and dislocated Doors …. And terrified workers … where there were doctors from operations outside Bani Walid performing service for the people of this city deprived of several services …
Dear Sir, you are the action offended yourself to this precious family?
Whats suppose that this person was under alamlihho your father do you do these actions?
Suppose you are in a hospital in Tripoli will you this heroic movements?!?!?!

Fear God in this hospital.When the city’s avenues narrowed not only school to this modest facility
Honorable thamlo city, people of your responsibilities towards this vital and sensitive facility.
I swear if he met doctors and workers on strike.(I see it close if this comic situation) getting into trouble for real disaster,.

O you local council and you have to carry your responsibilities , but with Feltrahl Departed
O you Social Council Silence Is not this wisdom absent from you ? ?
You guys city hospital protection of Haala Tramps and Almichdeghin ..
Because you can only ltaalgo the hospital your kinsfolk and kins Hatta as you.

And finally … … …. Realizing it before you end up in disaster. The great fire start (spark) small
(Addicted health)

Valley Agency Dinar News

Bani Walid great

The days reveal the true Libyans , but not seen Baionna .
The membrane was perched on the eyes of the children and the national Pkarth started shaking .
The fact that Sun screamed previously appear today to my brothers at home.
The words of the sheikh said Barghouti has become our wisdom we transfer .
The transfer order said :
That governs the national is nothing but a regional tribal militias and foreign agendas have other flavors, we’ve got the Arab and Lybia .
Today I see what we see every Alepien of delivery and receipt of yesterday who was imposed on us and on the home Mairead who we want him to be the only Fared us to Mairead force of law .
I am .
Congratulate my family in Bani Walid and Ali Atrahm religion righteous martyrs died under the injustice of this topic militias decide today all the children of the nation , but they are not people who are going out on the wrong-doers everything is legal and humane .
Today the Good congratulate the cities of their men and elders and fighters. Pencaúha congratulate her and her children .
I congratulate elders and their wisdom and courage of its men and women fighters Bpsahlthm Bangabehn to Black will be in history and a symbol of her children trace their lineage and affiliation of each of these .
Congratulate Bani Walid victory by the fact that we thank God that each reached the Libyans.
Congratulate her the truth , which paid for it blood.
The fact that its content that shields it is only Adera tribal and regional battalions and all of the issued and other laws are the basis of power and void Ahtaha was the law of the jungle that the Duck .
Congratulate her because she first said yes , yes to the military police, no militia ..
Now, after what you stand on this topic truth .
Libyans O , O conference legalized the orders of those militias days , my government has supported the oppressors days. All of you ask.
But you deserve Bani Walid Alaatdar . But you deserve compensation for the burning and looting destroyed .
But you deserve to Tcolo the right word in the religion of its people fed you and those militias repeatedly bitter pill .
Or you do not dare to tell the truth or what was Alaatdar you and without you around and force yesterday . And you are at the mercy of those bands.
Enough for us the truth . We need you today condemned the crimes committed your decision No. (7 ) .
We do not want only the adoption of the error and injustice.
We do not know no clue how to be a day coming days Valdnaa rotates among the people of God . Van was you or the militias will not happen to us more than it was .
And that we had let it be Aatdarkm and your condemnation of criminals and your recognition of Bachtaúkm cause him to descend the mercy of the oppressed to the oppressors are listed on the Ombudsman and overtaken .

God bless our martyrs and placed them rest in peace .

(Ali Akash Method)

بني وليد العظيمة

وكان الايام تكشف حقيقة لم يرها الليبيون الا باعيوننا .
وكان الغشاء الجاثم على عيون بني وطني بدات تنفض بكارته .
وكان شمس الحقيقة التي صرخنا بها سابقا تظهر اليوم لاخوتي في الوطن .
وكان كلمات شيخنا البرغوتي اصبحت حكمتنا بقوله قلنا ونقل .
اجل قلنا ونقل :
بان من يحكم في وطني ماهي الا مليشيات جهويه قبليه واخري لها اجندات خارجيه جاءتنا بنكهات عربيه واخري ليبيه .
اليوم وانا ارى وكل اليبيين ما نراه من تسليم واستلام ممن كان بالامس يفرض علينا وعلى الوطن مايريد لمن كنا نريد له ان يكون الفارض الوحيد علينا لمايريد بقوة القانون .
فانني .
اهني اهلي في بني وليد واترحم علي شهدائنا البررة الدين قضوا تحت ظلم هده الميليشيات التي تبت اليوم لكل بني الوطن انهم ليسوا الا اناس ظالمين خارجين على كل ما هو قانوني وانساني .
اليوم اهني مدينتي العظيمه برجالها وشيوخها ومقاتليها . اهنئها بنسائها واطفالها .
اهنئ شيوخها بحكمتهم ورجالها بشجاعتهم ومقاتليها ببسالتهم ونسائها بانجابهن لاسود سيكونون في التاريخ رمزا واطفالها بنسبهم وانتمائهم لكل هؤلاء .
اهني بني وليد بانتصارها بالحقيقة التي نحمد الله ان وصلت لكل الليبيين.
اهنئها بالحقيقة التي دفعت من اجلها الدماء .
الحقيقة التي فحواها ان الدروع ما هي الا ادرع قبليه وان الكتائب جهويه وان كل ما صدر من قوانين وغيرها هي باطله اساسها القوة واحتكامها كان لقانون الغاب ان داك .
اهنئها لانها اول من قال نعم للجيش نعم للشرطة ولا للميليشيات ..
والان وبعد ما وقفتم علي هده الحقيقه .
يا ايها الليبيون , يا مؤتمرا شرعن اوامر تلك الميليشيات يوما , يا حكومة دعمت الظالمين يوما . جميعكم اسال .
الا تستحق منكم بني وليد الاعتدار . الا تستحق منكم تعويضا لما حرق ونهب ودمر .
الا تستحق منكم ان تقولو كلمة حق فيها وفي اهلها الدين ضاقوا منكم ومن تلك الميليشيات مرار العلقم .
ام انكم لا تجرؤون علي قول الحقيقه او الاعتدار لما كان منكم وانتم دون حول وقوة بالامس . وانتم تحت رحمة تلك العصابات .
تكفينا الحقيقه . ويكفينا اليوم منكم ادانه لجرائم ارتكبت بقراركم رقم ( 7 ) .
لا نريد الا اقرار بالخطا والظلم .
فلا ندري ولا تدرون كيف تكون الايام القادمة فالدنيا ايام يداولها الله بين الناس . فان كانت لكم او للميليشيات فلن يحدث لنا اكثر مما جرى .
وان كانت لنا فليكن اعتداركم وادانتكم للمجرمين واعترافكم باخطائكم سببا تنزل منه رحمة من مظلومين على ظالمين يوم ترد المظالم وتنقلب الموازين .

رحم الله شهدائنا واسكنهم فسيح جناته .

علي عكاش الفقهي

Bani Walid :::::::

The College of Cambridge Bani Walid headquarters object Butanuep Jerusalem from start recording in English language courses and computer at different levels as to Launch in methodology courses for the two phases of basic education and average in mathematics, chemistry, and the Arabic language.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ::::::: City five

URGENT: News on the presence Shield forces to Libya “Misrata” withdrawing from the camp in Tripoli Albraizh “battalion headquarters Joseph formerly Overture” in five does not know until the moment you presence will be temporary or permanently!!



Misurata satellite channel:

Shortly after the statement of the local council and the military and the Shura Council,

civil society organizations and the Misrata rebels (4) on the events of Tripoli.

Issued local councils and the military and the Shura Council, civil society organizations and leaders of the rebels in Misrata joint statement

Confirm it to claim the National Congress formed a committee to investigate the facts of figures known for their integrity and neutrality holds the search in the details of this incident tragic and planned and instigated them and how they occur and the parties that participated in it by listening to all the parties and witnesses and access to all documents, images and prepare a detailed report particularly during a period not exceeding 30 days.

and, AFTER TERRORIZING  the CITY of TRIPOLI for MONTHS, and this past weekend  alone murdered 48 and over 539 wounded, they have the nerve to lie and ask :

“Shura Council member Fathi Bashaga city of Misrata on channel DC: Chamber of Commerce Tripoli exposure compensation all the merchants of the city of Misrata who have been burning and looting of their property and their shops in the city of Tripoli.”

Which is a BIG FABRICATION, because no one burned their shops or stole from them…

THEY burned their own places of habitation as they left the premises on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!

and what about all the bodies, blood and tortured people and mass graves that were found in the wake???

Not counting the filthe and mess!!!
THESE ARE TRULY EVIL PEOPLE…who now are trying to gain sympathy! and who do you think were the invaders????



Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent and Important: The Interior Ministry denies that it has ordered the formation of the Eastern Province Chamber of rebels .

Friday, 22 November 2013 AD obtained the agency of sources on a book issued by the Minister of the Interior in charge d “friend Abdul karim cream” shows the confusion and exploitation of correspondence precedent in how to set up a room Libya rebels in the Eastern Province is clear from reading the book referred to and that reader will see a copy of it Kiffa to exploit some of the people with the agenda Private correspondence in rigging the state to create objects rejected by the Libyans and manipulation which could be up to a charge of forgery . edit: Mamedalhaafa .






President of the Executive Office of the territory of Cyrenaica Mr. Abed Rabbo Barasi exclusively for “Reporters” that his office received preliminary approval from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil, and it will begin the sale of oil from all the ports of the region within two weeks,according to Law No. 58, which determines how the distribution of income among regions three. )

and TODAY, this!:

Libyan affairs in the international press ·

The official website of Mission

United Nations Mission in Libya (# UNSMIL) confirms that there has been no agreement with the United Nations which is not given approval to any arrangements related to oil, was initially or process.


Gemayel :::

Injury, “Imam Ammar,” a police officer with Beautiful City, after being
For a hail of bullets is of him during the transfer of a number of prisoners of
Back to the department in Ajeelat, without the recorded cases of escape for prisoners.

# Beautiful


Quoting from Motaz Libya:
* Security force able turf since few of the arrest of a terrorist cell was trying to
Meadow Court bombing arrested three of Benghazi, and two of the tuber and one of the Prairie.


Call me now ordered an investigation commandos and said to me, has given them a

communiqué about the presence of a car bomb outside the home of the Egyptian consul

and forces the bolt is on its way there.

Reporter: Mutasim Faitouri – national channel Libya.

Using cameras in the airport have built international has been know to put the bag Adhesive on one of the airport’s car to blow it up and when they saw the cameras, the airport had Pfkha and fled, but surveillance cameras recorded all this and men Thunderbolt were there Mutiran not to happen Shi what’s out there and not out criminals from the airport and arrested.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

What is  happening in Sabri is a quarrel between two tribes. … …
Saovikm update.
Reporter: Al-Mu’tasim Faitouri-Libya national channel.
Sabri now
# Gun battle between light and Julatinat invited dogs and invited drowsiness
And special forces on the way to there.Stun intervene and break up a dispute between two families in Benghazi area Sabri.(Stun forces)

Security room Benghazi:

Clashes were going on in the streets of Benghazi between the Bolt and the Champions Bats of Darkness.

Hear the sound of a powerful explosion shortly before the close of the junction prefabricated housing .. Airport Road.

Benghazi shortly before :::

Reporter news channel .. bombing in front of the headquarters of a chief of staff in Benghazi.

Explosion at the headquarters of the General Staff of Benghazi to coincide with the theatrical Zaidane in Tripoli

عاااجل /تفحير مقر رئاسة الاركان الجرذانية #ببنغازي.
وفاء معمر.
Fast/tvhair algrzanet # staff headquarters Jermanah in Benghazi.
Meet Muammar.
Fulfillment of Muammar (FB GROUP).
Contacted news: explosion at the Marine Corps infantry camp in Benghazi without casualties..

Benghazi blast :::::

Urgent ::::::::::::

Since the explosion is a small city of Benghazi explosion kiosk Alsjaúz area milkfish.

Reporter: Faitouri Mutassim – Libya’s National channel.

A car bomb explosion near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Central Bank of Libya in the center of Benghazi

(Special Forces)



Tunisian in Tobruk holds a million dollars Tobruk

Threw Btabriq border guards arrested a Tunisian million dollars in his possession, he was trying to market them on the black market without legal action.
According to the spokesman of the 415 battalion of the border guards Paljgbob “Abdel Moneim Almabbari” that he was referring the person arrested, and the amount that was in his possession to the shanty points to take legal action about it.

Targeting Unity Hospital in tuber Bakadf  RBJ by armed militant groups after clashes with locals.

The descent of the so-called Army of the Islamic State of Libya to secure the tuber (8 photos)
Was the descent of the so-called Saraya al-Army Libya Islamic state tuber to secure the city of Derna and its suburbs to restore security in the lost city of Derna, according to the leaders of the Islamic Army ..
It is worth mentioning that the people of the city of Derna have today held demonstrations condemning the terrorist operations of assassinations and bombings claim Army and police keep track of the state.

Derna. Bride Middle

The spread of the elements of the so-called Islamic Army of Libya is now in several locations Bdrna,

And conduct inspections and patrols.

Media Center Libya tuber:

Newsflash ….

Shooting by unknown assailants in front of the mosque, Sheikh Hussein Ali Fawzi Alzuky and is now in the hospital between life and death.

Derna. Bride Middle

The death of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the tribes of the city council of elders from his wounds as a result of the assassination of the treacherous targeted after leaving the mosque tonight ..

I am God and to him we shall return … and to turn the force except in God.

That the supply of water and electricity for the entire day in the city of Derna .

Tuber November 20, 2013 ( and ) – stopped the supply of water and cut off electricity today fully for the city of Derna after deciding to workers at the station steam disrupt production units shut off , as well as to stop the work of the desalination plant for sea water to protest the exposure station to try to sabotage . He attributed the two workers to stop and drop to the exposure of the steam plant specialized in the production of electrical power on Wednesday to blow up considerably after that unknown persons threw an explosive device at the outer wall near the vehicles and fuel depots , which operates two plants . . The director of the station said the blast did not happen damage mankind did not lead to the breakdown of machinery , and improvised explosive devices did not reach the rooms of electricity and fuel , and not to have occurred damaged severely affected people and property, but this was stopped production to be done to protect the station by the state apparatus .

News reporter: Displays the fiber optic cable between the towns of Derna and Tobruk to cut.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …

Since few in defiance of state traveled in tuber to blow up a polling station in Jnaalstan tuber.



Explosion rocks stillness city of Sabha moments before and Amalomat yet.

Presented yesterday afternoon engineers belonging to the

Al Madar Telecom, assaulted by unknown assailants and Mmelttmin were traveling in a vehicle and carrying Itzhlh machine guns and attacked the engineers during their work on the road link between the area Alchuirv – Qurayyat and stole Maaadathm technical and personal and escaped witnessing the road link between Sabha – Alchuirv – Qurayyat

interruptions in telecommunications service company orbit because of repeated attacks on these stations ..

Reporter Libya Liberal / / Idriss Jbjy

Was shortly before the assassination of the young man (Bashir Jamal Amin) in front of their house

in the city of Sabha after Gardah has attic shooting by unknown assailants when he got out of his car,

I am God and to Him we return.

Turning a van transporting money and theft of 1.26 million U.S. dollars
(Xinhua )
21/11/2013 at 13h33

A group of armed men robbed a van Wednesday CIT and stole 1.26 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sabha in the south of Libya, Xinhua reported a local security official .

“Six militants have set up a checkpoint and searched cars from around Sabha. They stopped the van transporting money heading towards a subsidiary of the Bank of North Africa in the Barak Valley ” , the official said , adding ” as the gunmen robbed the van and fled the scene .”

The mobile phones of four employees , including the director of the bank, were also stolen.

The head of security Sabha said an investigation was underway.

Earlier on October 28 , gunmen attacked a van carrying local and foreign currency for the Central Bank of Libya , flying 54 million U.S. dollars in the city of Sirte , in western Libya , 500 km to the west of Tripoli.

The Libyan authorities have still not recovered this large sum of money. However , official reports have assured that security officers were able to locate those responsible and are currently negotiating with them to recover the stolen money.

From inside the medical center Sabha arrival of four young people with serious injury and are now in the care of rooms car …

a white Toyota Taliban Gazzazha dark and leaden color Sonata kill youth in Sabha.
Yesterday, the killing of a young man in the area Gardah (Bashir Jamal) and today fire on four young …..

Beware, my brothers, and I hope in Sabha.

Sabha young heroes to catch the offender and exact retribution.


Kidnapping, “Abdul Jalil Mohammed Abdul Jalil,” Council Member
Aeltsiara for Ubari and President of the Federation society institutions
Civil since yesterday without knowing the identity of the kidnappers or
Place being taken.

The kidnapping of the institutions of civil union Boubare Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdul Jalil



A member of the Commission on the social networking Tawergha Saad Saleh said that more than thirty

of Tawergha family emigrated to Germany and some other countries with known human migration.

Saad Saleh explained that the phenomenon is widespread since the period between displaced Tawergha,

where is located the administrative procedures to facilitate them by

some human rights organizations to get German citizenship:



Libya Libya international channel International Channel


International sources: the first Brigade of the border guard and the oil facilities and vital goals, “Al Qaqaa Brigade” formerly the morning Thursday handed over its headquarters in Tripoli to local Council minutes of delivery and receipt, in the presence of representatives of the Government and the Ministry of defence and general staff denied that some of the Al-Quds Brigades, the Brigade withdrew from the border triangle and tape running with Tunisia to Niger on Monday, stressing at the same time the determination of general coordination with border corner led to send confidential Withdrawn from Tripoli to join the rest of his brigades deployed on the western border and the South West.


Juma Blessings


Friday Juma Blessings


Mu in Malta

Muammar al-Qathafi at the Malta Arab Islamic Center:
Mu at Malta Arab Islamic Center
Mu reaches out Mu teacher Struggle unto victory, nothing less

Mujahid Hamza Abuschgner Thami 12 9 2013 Do you know?




and the last week’s ‘CRIES’ WERE FABRICATIONS:

Zaidane signs disastrous agreement with Malta make Malta a very refreshed state

And make Libya dumbest oil country on the face of the earth !

Of the terms of the agreement according to statements ( Maltese Brotherhood )

– Sale of Libyan oil at a discounted price to Malta
– Sale of oil products , including aviation fuel , diesel and LPG
– In the case of Libya ‘s inability to provide Malta with oil derivatives Libya is committed to sell oil at a discounted price ( equivalent to the value of petroleum products )
– Libya is committed to the export of energy through Europe to Malta ( Malta broker ) and sale of petroleum products on its way to Europe
– Begins in exploration work in the disputed area described by a joint Libyan Maltese ( without mentioning the Maltese Prime Minister, details)
Malta will conduct the necessary training for the oil sector ( Zaidane Mnsash partner Gabriel and training companies from division)

Maltese Prime Minister says that Malta will cut the foreign markets for the first time in 22 years will be a boom economic recovery and the price of electricity bills discounted Brothers Maltese

It seems that Zaidane very upset of the amount Mahss budget , an amount too small 66 billion and the extra budget remember it 16 or 18 billion ,

it is not enough to satisfy the wishes and aspirations resorted to an agreement disastrous with Malta to sell the oil under the ground and compromise on the disputed areas conditions known to God.

Each it Rjoh only be Zaidane has signed agreements we do not know sold the Libyan people and the land on which they walked to another one of the Germans or others !



Link 20Releases/Pages/2013/September/02/pr1823.aspxLink


زيدان يوقع اتفاقية كارثية مع مالطا تجعل من مالطا دولة منتعشة جدا
وتجعل من ليبيا أغبى دولة نفطية على وجه الارضمن بنود الاتفاقية حسب تصريحات (الإخوان المالطيين)-بيع النفط الليبي بسعر مخفض لمالطا
-بيع منتجات النفط ويشمل وقود الطيران والديزل وLPG
-في حالة عجز ليبيا عن تزويد مالطا بالمشتقات النفطية تلتزم ليبيا ببيع النفط بسعر مخفض (وبما يعادل قيمة المنتجات النفطية)
-تلتزم ليبيا بتصدير الطاقة عن طريق مالطا الى اوروبا (مالطا وسيط) وبيع المنتجات النفطية عن طريقها الى اوروبا
-يبدأ فى اعمال التنقيب فى المنطقة المتنازع عليها يصفة مشتركة ليبية مالطية (دون ان يذكر رئيس الوزراء المالطى التفاصيل)
-مالطا ستقوم بعمليات التدريب اللازمة للقطاع النفطي (زيدان منساش الشريك جبريل وشركات تدريبه من القسمة)يقول رئيس الوزراء المالطى ان مالطا ستستغنى عن الاسواق الخارجية لاول مرة منذ 22 سنة وستكون طفرة انتعاش اقتصادية واسعار فواتير الكهرباء مخفضة للاخوان المالطيينيبدوا ان زيدان منزعج جدا من المبلغ المحصص للميزانية وهو مبلغ صغير جدا 66 مليار والميزانية الاضافية اذكر انها 16 او 18 مليار ، فهي لا تكفي لاشباع رغباته وطموحاته فلجأ لعقد اتفاقية كارثية مع مالطا لبيع النفط الموجود تحت الارض والتنازل على المناطق المتنازع عليها بشروط يعلمها اللهوكل ما ارجوه الا يكون زيدان قد وقع اتفاقيات لا نعلمها باع فيها الشعب الليبي والأرض التي يمشى عليها لاحد آخر من الألمان أو غيرهمالرابطالرابط ENERGY PROCUREMENT AGREEMENT WITH LIBYA
gov.mtبنت الوادي


Department of Civil Status – Libya In a statement to the head of the Civil Status Authority Mr. Mohammed Poker ,

who gave thanks to all the departments of branches and offices and service offices Version undertaken Ptzakith and sent correspondence to support

for the presidency and stand with interest.

And Mr. Booker that the presidency of Civil Status Authority require all officers and staff records on Civil and departments branches to abide by the

performance of their work and duties entrusted to them all in place , location, and not sit and close offices in any way to preserve the service of

the citizen and not to disrupt the interests of the people for any reason and to preserve the national security through continued interest in the

completion of their programs , business and projects currently working out non-stop these projects…

whatever it takes because it is a national duty and affecting national security.

And Mohammed Poker and his administration are just employees Vbakahm or dismissal does not mean a thing ,

but the important thing is very dangerous and should that wraps around all staff is to keep the interest and citizen data Libyan identity and sovereignty of the Libyan state.

This escalation comes by staff after interest to a large body of news for the determination of Mr. Ali Zaidane dismissal of the head of the Civil Status Authority.

Mr. Poker as well as the number 8 persons representing the Presidency of interest suddenly and without warning.

(Department of Civil Status interests of the media)

Media Abdulwahab on Melli Tan:

Mohammed Khalil Zarouk, member General National Congress, announced his resignation from the MB ruling “Justice and Construction” Party:

the political wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.





The attempted kidnapping of the rat Minister of Justice.
Attempt to kidnap the Minister of Justice at “GREEN Square” has intervened audience of people and two police officers to terminate it by calling for a police car ride.

Been found ‘Ali Ibrahim calf Merghany murdered and thrown in the toolbox your car Ahaanh beside the hospital green Tripoli

It is worth mentioning that the victim by the residents of the area as the year Balkhms works truck driver European Color White Plate Number 18640_6 Libya,

where no news after leaving the station Albive heading to visited him and his eye was closed after his disappearance.

Publishing I hope, sirs “Abduction of a student in middle school at gunpoint from her home on Thursday evening in the area of ​​the seven called Fatima Murad Ghazzawi

family in case Erty her please everyone the news bulletin of publicly contribute thereby help the victim and family.

This at the request of one member of the family religion asking the state and the security authorities help them recover their daughter that a 15-year-old was born in 1998,

God help slave as long as the servant helps his brother and thank you very much. “


The attempted kidnapping of the rat Minister of Justice.
Attempt to kidnap the Minister of Justice at “GREEN Square” has intervened audience of people and two police officers to terminate it by calling for a police car ride.

Picture of moment Annagadh and Justice Minister Salah Marghany of kidnapping his performance after Friday prayers in GREEN Square today:

Aaaaaajl across channel visual, DC:
Justice Minister Salah Marghany reason I came out of yesterday GREEN SQUARE is an attempt Khtafi gang at gunpoint for this reason I came out of  GREEN Square.



Sirte channel Suffice God and yes, the agent …

Young man killed in Sirte in their twenties named ((Abdulsalam Dou Boumaaz the Fergany)) …

One refugees from Misrata Slain found dead this morning in front of a break Bomrem 30 kilometers west of Sirte.

God and to Him we return



Demonstration condemning the attack on local council Bdrna 

Atmosphere of the country :

Systems by representatives of civil society institutions network Bdrna today a protest demonstration

in front of the Sahaba Mosque in the city, to denounce the attack on the headquarters of the local council in the city last week.

A spokesman for the network of civil society institutions, Bdrna Basset Bozhb for the ambiance of the country:

We condemn the attack on local council and Nstanl the matter how we disagree in evaluating its performance.

Referred to as the city of Derna was recently witnessed an escalation in the frequency of attacks on government interests

was the latest attack on Omar Mukhtar University, which led to the shut down of the study.

Libya in “February” …

Salman the Persian School between Bir Ashhab (Tobruk):



  URGENT / news of the escape of more than 300 prisoners of illegal immigrants

from a prison in Benghazi Sports City.

Urgent … Salem al-Obeidi reporting:

Prisoners trying to escape the illegal immigration of the evening
Imprisoned headquarters next to the sports city of Benghazi, and was an attempt
Escape by force, and has been arrested all of them, without exception,
Existed Rescue Force and Marine Corps Special Forces and Thunderbolt
‘s Arrest, also helped a number of young people in civil
The arrest, and was recognized position quickly, and picked up the news about
The reason for their flight is deportation decision.

He stressed, “Walid customary” to try to escape immigration others prisoners
Legitimacy because tomorrow is the date for the deportation to the beach Brac Chat’ai,
And they do not want to deportation because poor Bladenhm and wars, as
“Customary” is that they are from three countries are Somalia and Ethiopia
Eritrea, and deportation, the day after tomorrow will be with God’s help

News of the assassination of Representative “Tariq Sheikhi” baseless,

News is not true, you must consider the authentication in the news.

(Salem al-Obeidi)


 Intelligence Benghazi What was in this meeting.

That there is a statement will be issued by the National Congress and the local council of Benghazi and money-called civil society organizations commissioned by the rebels (shields)

to protect the entrances and exits of Benghazi and protect the streets of Benghazi on the grounds there is information that the city has the sleeper cells of the arrows (GREEN RESISTANCE).

Bu Sidra ensure inciting Media.

Bin Humaid is of push for the issuance of this statement.

Logic =. Your faaace. ಠ _ ಠ

Was Benghazi assassinations Assassination of Mohammed Amer media correspondent channel capital city of Benghazi, as soon as he left Friday prayers Leithy area.

exiled media news of the assassination of Mohammed Amer correspondent channel capital and this link his personal:



Officers at the base of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Benina Air Base of tribes of Cyrenaica noble, threaten to bomb any invading force come from the west of the country

under the pretext of resolving picket oil fields. Everyone knows that the army dismantled a mere tribal militias.

(Colonel Jibril Alokwak)

The news is confirmation ……




– Zliten – Correspondent Dr. “mast Osama” it was resuming work in Zliten Teaching Hospital, b Sections women and birth Births, as of today,

Thursday 12 – 9 – 2013 m, and is Receive cases from the 12:00 pm,

after the end of Maintenance and sterilization in sections.

News Agency



The city of Bani Walid these days maintenance work for many of the facilities and headquarters general

and the work of paving roads and maintenance of some of the other in the appearance of a hopeful life

and the challenge to machine Brotherhood military and their militias and gangs and their slaves mercenaries

who destroyed the city on this day a year ago and killed her youth and her children statement,

the coverage of “Violator “national Public which authorized them for their crimes by criminal Decree No. 7 …

But the killers are mortal and criminals to the dustbin of history going

and Bani Walid will remain with its people and its youth wings dear tall and remain what remains of history.

Bani Walid workshop these days Machae God (3 photos)



Free newspaper Sabha:

Peace be upon you.

. Limited the murder of the last few days in Sabha me someone drivers Tanth been killing me the purpose of robbery,

one of the city of Ajdabiya, was arrested on one of the murderers in Um rabbits from the city Rullish almost was trying to

escape after purely on Aljtah d them to place side warehouse is still the criminal Deliberation runaway, a Sudanese citizen ..

Slain were buried yesterday in Sabha.

Lord have mercy!



Interruption mobile communications services (Libyana networks, and orbit) about the popularity of the

valley of life (Ubari) since the early hours of Friday ..


U.S. book exposes the ‘Obama’ and reveals his relationship with the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood

September 13 2013 11:11:50

Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen.

Barack Obama accused the new book, in the United States, U.S. President Barack Obama of committing several crimes summons isolated,
including the support of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and regulations friendly to them at the expense of national security the United States in the Middle East.
He revealed the book titled «crimes and accusations: the case of isolated Barack Obama from office», that Obama’s support for political Islam
across the Middle East in the wave of change overwhelming that swept the region since 2011, has resulted in disastrous consequences for this country
and hurt the interests of the United States there .
The authors of the book «Aaron Klein,» and «Brenda Elliott, both from the best-selling book in America,
new information useful to the work of the Obama administration behind the scenes with the Brotherhood to facilitate the transfer of power to him,
Hosni Mubarak stepped down after former Egyptian president.
The authors published information confirming the existence of political coordination between Washington
and some elements of the revolution «25 January that toppled Mubarak,
as well as the role of Obama in the fall of the Tunisian presidents’ Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, ‘right’, Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The authors pointed out that abandoning Mubarak was just the beginning to enable the radical Islamic groups from the rule of the region.



Bashear Assad fights the Devil



Assad tells Obama to stop arming rebels, or no deal

Joel Gehrke Washington Examiner 12 Sept. 2013

President Obama must promise not to arm rebel forces Bashar Assad will not hand over his chemical weapons, the embattled leader told a Russian state media outlet today

while demanding that Israel also surrender its nuclear arsenal.

“When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention and stops

supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria,”

Assad told RIA News.

Obama asked Congress to postpone a vote authorizing use of military force in Syria after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to broker a deal

whereby the U.S. would not attack the Assad regime if he surrendered his chemical weapons. BY JOEL GEHRKE | SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 AT 5:24 PM Photo –

Syrian veternarian and President Bashar Assad said Thursday that President Obama must promise not to arm rebel forces or he will not hand over his chemical weapons.

(AP/SANA) Bashar Assad said Thursday that President Obama must promise not to arm mercenaries and “rebels”…

President Obama must promise not to arm mercenary or “rebel” forces, or Bashar Assad will not hand over his “chemical” weapons,

the embattled leader told a Russian state media outlet today while demanding that Israel also surrender its nuclear arsenal.

“When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention,

and stops supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria,”

Assad told RIA News.

Obama asked Congress to postpone a vote authorizing use of military force in Syria


after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to broker a deal


whereby the U.S. would not attack the Assad regime if he surrendered “his chemical weapons”.

Assad tells Obama to stop arming mercenaries and rebels

Assad said that the Middle East won’t have peace until Israel also surrenders its weapons of mass destruction.

“If we really want stability in the Middle East, all the countries [in the region] must honor the agreements.

And the first country to do so is Israel because it possesses nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – all types of weapons of mass destruction,”

This is just the Beginning!

Mu CROWD Interview 1

Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami

12 SEPT. 2013

Mu handsome

Battalion Black day

Moved …. Everyone should generalize ….
There are lot of Manfolh from for burnout enemy and help the heroes in the liberation of our homeland, because we will not stand handcuffed men made ​​a Rua Haa scapegoat to liberate the homeland , and we well as resist Bisht ways ::
1 – Jewish boycott all products ( Breeze ) , which supports their Ot Gu matter violations .
2 – We will support all the pages of the resistance and help them in publishing and listen to their advice and instructions and not to join the pages of shame and tails .
3 – We will support space stations such as green tent and all stations anti cause sms messages for staged continuity .
4 – to benefit any information that may be useful and resistance heroes .
5 – Continue to expose customers and collect as much as possible collection of pictures and clips and condemns their business materials and their plans fail .
6 – Assist in the martyrs and missing inventory and monitor all violations.
7 – to spread terror in the hearts of Jardan Bisht roads.
8 – always engaging in organized collective action that organized pages resistance and forums.
9 – to refrain from opening new pages dispersion of our goal and distract us with him .
10 – stay away from any matters that may give rise to discord between cities and tribes and to beware of lurking and Muftnin us .
… Please everyone not to underestimate any information, and interest in all credibility and grandparents , and we welcome any ideas or subtracted from the works for the better in order to facilitate the honorable mission in the ground ….
God grant you success … shall be published for all honest people in the Libyan and beyond
Sirte fighter erupted booklet
(The main Admin)

Our armed forces will not Tkhaddlkm God willing you will be in the green arena with the help of God. Soon ..

Although free Maouselo the required number, I decided to spread the gospel.

The heroes seize the car was inside 4 rats Mqji the gunmen, طرحوهم to the ground and seized their vehicle and their equipment, and as you can see the green flag was raised by

Assure you that our heroes okay and safety, and the commandment sincerely commander

God is above the aggressor Kid

We apologize for Male place to ensure the safety of our heroes

# Akhaddralltham

بالرغم من ان الأحرار ماوصلو للعدد المطلوب، قررت ننشر البشارة.

قام ابطالنا بالإستيلاء على سيارة كان بداخلها 4جرذان مقملين مسلحين، طر حوهم ارضا و استولوا على سيارتهم وعتادهم و كما ترون تم رفع الراية الخضراء عليها

نطمئنكم ان ابطالنا بخير وبسلامة،، ولوصية القائد مخلصين

الله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

نعتذر عن ذكر المكان لضمان سلامة ابطالنا




Nharkm happy and blessed ..

Anniversary of the al-Fateh

Nharkm happy and blessed ..Alvarez is protected by cavalry …. embody the idea and believe….

All Glory to the martyrs who Users Say lives for the Great Jamahiriya

(Honorable son)


J’aime · il y a 20 heures

صبـــاح النصـــر يــاأحـــرارهمتكــم ياأحــــرار مازال 100مشتــرك حتى تصــل الشبكــة تحمل في داخلـــها 8000 مشتــرك
معــــمر وبـــس#فخــرالأجيــــال

I know my weapon .. And my weapon knows me

The argument of the Golden General “Khamis Gaddafi”



Libyan Company for Foreign Investments

Refuses to hand over the custody of the current authorities

And operating offices Bank still retains enter the because they are reserved by the Security Council and frozen and does not deal only with

the Libyan Company for Foreign Investments .

And operational information to the Attorney General benefit Transitional Petrt and nutria government and influential members of the General Conference

and a number of leaders of the rebels stole 200 billion at once , including and Scriter Mustafa Abdul Jalil alone stole 165 million and fled to Lebanon.

The stolen groups in Benghazi an amount of 400 million on conversion and transfer of currency to please and killed the group that was supervisor of transportation

upon the Foreign Investment Company Declaration of Altefid full and responsibilities.

We wish all property Libyan abroad at their disposal until the establishment of the State and the Government of authentic

Libya owns 1437 hotel and resort around the world generate profits on Libya and that Libya has the fifth largest balance of Dahab in the world after the U.S. , China, Japan and Russia.

The head of the company that he will not admit it , CSG and authentic banks , but the government is ready to lock any account in place

in any project dreamer evidence and proof since received until now .

He confirmed that a theft of $ 200 billion will be delivered to the Attorney General to see the extent of the application of the law in Libya.

Oktermn 53000 global investment company registered in the register of the World Trade British and U.S. half , waiting for access to Libya awaiting the return of the state to civil order and the return of calm and stability and the presence of the Government of authentic and even now there is no such thing
Or a clear vision .

Libya has exposed to severe penalties that continued on this road there are 3000 period at least will raise the company claims against Libya if it stays like this, what it hailed it lost its projects and equipment and stolen institutions in Libya.

Brazil, one company demanding payment of 9 billion compensation to stop the projects in Libya for the Implementation of airports and supplemented it signed with the former regime, which are offered cheapest and best bidder for the construction and restructuring of 7 Airports in Libya worth 13 billion was made ​​by a State or a company at this price. Saluting Astavdt Brazil in its bid with the latest industry technology specifications under the supervision and not Estrada anything ready.

The large number of companies waiting to go back and new waiting for entry and complained that the country without officials, who are described as some of the companies that they Mkhad Aoun and crooks and opportunists have been rolled our complaints of extortion and will investigate these allegations , but to then wait for the State on the ground.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry Libyan today received a copy of the Book of the World Trade Organization by the Libyan Foreign Ministry.


Libyan women noble within the armed militias detention under torture

Libyan women noble within the armed militias detention under torture

Confirmed Altdt the name of Libyan tribes loyal to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi stadium as the assets that the Libyan women are honest, which turned in Libya,

while the Brother Leader Muammar al-Qathafi (a human being) is now destitute and suffers injustice and oppression who to all human beings gave appreciation and respect,

and (now women) become a partner actually in the battle of the shift cultural side along with their brother men, decided for themselves what  you want, and choose what fits

their nature by which God created them for.

There was no force or coercion in what you want to do any activity that practical or scientific, has seen pervades all areas, a doctor and an engineer, and a university professor,

and Secretary, and the Ambassador, and the leader of a plane, and all failed by women, even in developed countries, as well as for her role as a mother manages the affairs of

her house, did not stop her role on the physical aspect but also had a pivotal role in relation to industry sovereign decision and fateful in the legislative, judicial and executive,

and became the so-called International Women’s Day which is held on March 8 every year under the auspices of the United Nations in Libyan women is considered just a

funny scenario lie added to a series of lies that boasts the world who claims to civilization and progress claim, the unfortunate thing Wailing and disastrous turn these gains

after the impact of an eye  ,

This case Libyan women after the catastrophe of February 17, which came out the so-called Arab Spring, women in Libya today sitting behind bars under the pretext of support

for the system made ​​it a man his pride and dignity, where trafficking in all forms of torture, rape and murder of those charges and detention centers are still to this day a witness

to it where holding hundreds if not thousands of women and girls who tortured, raped, and it went further than that, it has around jailers who claim Islam al way (warlords) into

a marketable commodity in brothels Gulf states for some of the money .

And went some of them to Mufti need to go to the battlefields in Syria under the name of Jihad marriage, and we wonder where human rights organizations and

where the United Nations that claim to be keen on the rights of women, which happens to Libyan women today, unfortunately, did not even see the condemnation

of this crime, or make any investigation by any organization around the recklessness of its dignity as if women Jamahiriya Atantma to humans, but must be punished

being a Libyan and Arab and Muslim

Lived a great conqueror. And Baden God Almighty will recover in the near future, which wounded dignity and right to my father

and raped the land which had been desecrated by the armed militias that revels in the ground of corruption.

المرأة الليبية الشريفة داخل معتقلات المليشيات المسلحة تحت التعذيب

أكد المتحدت بأسم القبائل الليبية الموالية للزعيم الليبي معمر القدافى الاستاد باسم الصول أن المرأة الليبية الشريفة التى تحولت في ليبيا أثناء وجود الأخ القائد معمر القذافي من كائن بشري معدم تعاني الظلم والاضطهاد إلى إنسانه تحظى بكل التقدير والاحترام , وأصبحت شريكا فعليا في معركة التحول الحضاري جنبا إلى جنب مع أخيها الرجل , تقرر ماتشاء وتختار كل ما يناسب طبيعتها التي خلقها الله عليها

فلم يكن هناك أي إجبار أو إكراه في ما ترغب القيام به من أي نشاط عملي أو علمي , وقد رأيناها تقتحم كافة المجالات , طبيبة , ومهندسة , وأستاذة جامعية , ووزيرة , وسفيرة , وقائدة طائرة , وكل ما عجزت عليه المرأة حتى في الدول المتقدمة , فضلا عن دورها كأم تدير شؤون بيتها , ولم يتوقف دورها عن الجانب المادي بل كان لها دور محوري في ما يتعلق بصناعة القرار السيادي والمصيري في السلطات التشريعية والقضائية والتنفيذية , وأصبح ما يسمى اليوم العالمي للمرأة الذي يقام في 8 مارس من كل عام بإشراف من الامم المتحدة في نظر المرأة الليبية هو مجرد سيناريو مضحك وأكذوبة تضاف إلى سلسلة الاكاذيب التي يتبجح بها العالم الذي يدعي الحضارة ويدعي التقدم , أما الشيء المؤسف والمبكي والكارثي أن تتحول هذه المكاسب أثر بعد عين ,

وهذا حال المرأة الليبية بعد نكبة 17 فبراير التي أتى بها ما سمي بالربيع العربي , فالمرأة في ليبيا اليوم قابعة خلف القضبان بحجة دعمها لنظام جعل منها انسان له عزة وكرامة ,حيث تتجرع كل صنوف التعذيب والاغتصاب والقتل بتلك التهمة والمعتقلات مازالت إلى اليوم شاهدا على ذلك حيث تحتجز مئات إن لم يكن الالاف من النساء والفتيات اللاتي يعذبن ويغتصبن وذهب الامر إلى أبعد من ذلك , فقد حولها السجانين الذين يدعون الاسلام على طريقة القاعدة (أمراء الحرب) إلى سلعة رائجة في مواخير دول الخليج مقابل بعض الاموال.

وذهب البعض منهم إلى الافتاء بضرورة الذهاب إلى ساحات القتال في سورية تحت مسمى جهاد النكاح , ونحن نتساءل أين منظمات حقوق الانسان وأين الامم المتحدة التي تدعي أنها حريصة على حقوق المرأة مما يحدث للمرأة الليبية اليوم , للاسف لم نرى حتى إدانة لهذا الاجرام , أو إجراء اي تحقيق من قبل أي منظمة حول الاستهتار بكرامتها وكأن المرأة الليبية لاتنتمي إلى البشر بل يجب معاقبتها كونها ليبية وعربية ومسلمة … عاش الفاتح العظيم . وبأدن الله تعالى سوف نسترجع فى القريب العاجل الكرامة التى جرحت والحق الدى أغتصب و الارض التى تم تدنيسها من قبل المليشيات المسلحة التى ترتع فى الارض فساد

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Women's Military Academy graduation 1981

al-Qathafi at Women’s Military Academy Graduation 1981

Libyan chief of state Muammar al-Qaddafi attends a 1981 graduation at the women’s military academy in Tripoli.

The academy opened in 1979 during Qaddafi’s push to include women in Libya’s armed forces.

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30 août 1981
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Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site
Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site 9.11.2013 | 23:58
Digital World  
Libya obscured by nearly one million pornographic site Libya announced on September 11 /
September they blocked about a million pornographic sites on the Internet, as confirmed by the Chairman of the Commission communication
and transportation in the General National Congress (parliament) Libyan Mohammed Ammari Zayed. Participated Zayed suspension on
his at the site “Facebook” which stated:
“The praise of God Almighty withholding more than 962 000 pornography site from appearing in Libya,” noting that “access to these sites
was a 30 to 40 percent of Internet use in Libya, “Zayed also expressed his gratitude to everyone who has been instrumental to achieve this goal.
Produced statements Libyan official These are some of the questions by the militants in the World Wide Web, focused mostly on the resolution
and the mechanism followed by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Libyan under block pornographic websites, in addition to express
some surprise at the number of Internet users who were entering to browse these sites.
Hereinafter the same in regard to the Egyptian judiciary had refused at the end of last month, made by the citizen suit to block pornographic
websites in the country.
The plaintiff Nasser Ali had stressed in his note that

“Islamic texts of the Koran and all heavenly religions, came to transcend human beings

to the desired level of dignity.” :روسيا اليوم

Curt  Weldon led the first congressional delegation to the Great Jamahiriya in 2004 and traveled to Tripoli three more times, in 2004, 2005 and 2008.

While there, he developed a close relationship with the al-Qathafi family.



Portal to موطفي interest

User Name
Remember me

The objective of the project

The objective of the project: 1_ communicate with citizens and receive complaints and inquiries, suggestions and reply as soon as possible. 2_ provide the necessary information on the number of complaints and the places that need for the construction of the control and knowledge of the shortcomings in the follow-up plans, which will reflect directly on improving services. 3_ know the level of performance of departments that deal with citizens and the strengths and weaknesses in the performance of employees in these departments.

In the context of improving the services provided by the Department of Civil Status Authority decent citizen and to respond to the vast amount of questions and inquiries, very soon will the Civil Status Authority sprayed system complaints and inquiries via its online e-WWW.CS.GOV.LY
Where they are now working on this system, which will be launched through the website for the purpose of communicating with citizens and promote a culture of transparency and Stvsarh on issues affecting them, “which is located within the jurisdiction of Civil Status Authority directly,” as well as providing any complaint of ill-Maamah any employee or any negligence or omission of any civil registry office belonging to the civil Status Authority and citizens will all of this is located in the home or work without having to go to the headquarters of the civil registry or branch management or administration Home

Civil Status Authority Libya

Department media interest
Voir la traduction
Complaint System and consensus-mail to the Civil Status Authority Libya


Badri Council denies receiving 58 million Zaidane calls for debate
Atmosphere of the country – the dumplings Collapse

Chairman of the local council denied Tripoli Sadat Aalibdra the that it has received a budget of 58 million dinars for the benefit of the Council ,

adding that this amount to exchange company hygiene and not to support the local council also said Prime Minister Ali Zidane.

Badri confirmed that Zaidane wanted to shuffle the cards through the impact on the budget spent for hygiene company , said it is

disbursed to the Council in his support .

Aalibdra said Thursday the country ‘s airspace that Tripoli local council did not only receive from the government budget for the first

quarter of the year, estimated at 14,750,000 dinars , explaining that it steering of the Council ‘s budget is no more .

Badri explained that the general hygiene company received from the government budget is estimated at 58 million dinars , and that this

amount it spent 40 million salaries for workers and employees of the company while the rest was distributed to run landfills and corporate

support and other needs of the company in accordance with what he said .

Badri called on Prime Minister Ali Zaidane to debate in public to show the facts in the capital Tripoli , pointing out that Zaidane shortened

problem of waste in the capital and forgetting the security situation and social development.

The Prime Minister Ali Zaidane said during a news conference on Wednesday that the government ” allocated to the local council for the

cleanliness of 58 million dinars,” he said , adding that the cleaning company is headed by its General Assembly , head of the local council of

Tripoli and the departments shall Vice President of the Council .

Room (rebels) Libya

The so-called Chamber (* rebels) Libya …..

and Libya innocent of them! Blackmail the government for financial and amount

(one hundred and sixty million), compared to their insurance capital!!!!
The government refuses to extradite the amount … and the room trying to squeeze through Contact Bthoar from the mountain

and convince them to get off to Tripoli!, To now been the failure of the plot and the mountain rebels refuse offers room ..

(/ Weldalasema)

Attorney General issued an order preventing Mohammed Boukaiqis from traveling outside Libya after news of his intention

to go to Britain and asked for political asylum there on the back of a call against on made ​​by Zaidane against government.


Security Council / Branch Libya / anti-crime agency

Urgent Attorney General in Tripoli consider the request Anpn the
And two daughters to Abdulrahman Asswehly

Consider the evidence presented and evidence to catch the four sons of Abdul Rahman Asswehly

Attorney General consider evidence arrived today that the number of four sons of Abdul Rahman Asswehly has issued an arrest warrant against them and that after the confirmation of telecommunications companies as primarily responsible for promoting rumors and strife in the country in the number of pages FB The source said that the thread which promote chaos Tibet all from the same home Abdulrahman Sowaihili.

Today is achieved and prosecutors from the evidence presented may be detained missed from boys least two of the girls from the house of Abdul Rahman Asswehly accused PBT mess Cefahathm.

– Libya HD
– Libya max
– The corner from the heart of the event
– Black Benghazi Lin Akhaddloa the religion

The prosecution asked the telecommunications company investigating the matter was handed over evidence this morning.

12/09/2013 14:11Officials:

Msalon: Airports Libya unsafe
12/09/2013 14:11 Officials: Airports unsafe Libya Libya: security file search

Khaled Almher – Tripoli – Al Jazeera Net: hide the Libyan authorities concerned with the fact that the security situation airports of sight for fear of the reluctance of international airlines from landing at airports in Tripoli and Benghazi. And the longer chaos largest airports in the big cities of the total 17 airports in Libya Al Jazeera Net sources say It currently facing security problems with the increasing number of travelers across it. Has stopped Tripoli International Airport last week of work for one day after gunmen stormed an airstrip aviation, to forcibly prevent planes from landing or take-off, in a scene repeated in many previous occasions.He admitted Transportation Committee Chairman General National Congress M’hamed Omari occurrence of such breakthroughs, expressing his deep regret for the airport’s lack of security barriers that prevent unauthorized access to the aircraft emplacements. But he also said that the intentions of some armed formations “good” aimed at securing airports, but at the same time stressed that the gunmen In doing such acts but are contributing to the destruction of airports, lack of knowledge of safety standards. He went on saying that successive governments had to impose prestige of the state on the air ports and compliance with international standards in this aspect. He added that the Committee’s best public transportation to the National Conference and the Ministry of Transportation decision to suspend work temporarily at major airports, and convert flights from Tripoli and Benghazi airports to other cities to airports while ensuring international airports. He said that there is a heated debate going on inside the corridors of the Ministry of Transportation between supporters to stop working in large airports – Tripoli and Benghazi –
and convert trips to other cities or airports remain open to travelers and adhere to international standards. Omari revealed that Libya’s airports unlicensed internationally and is working to take advantage of the reputation of international airlines that use these airports. He also revealed that complaints and reports filed against Libya in the international aviation organizations, stressing that it is no longer a secret to anyone what is happening in Libya’s airports. He stressed that due to the eagerness of its citizens to travel abroad for the purpose of trying to therapy devices on the reform of security at airports and remain open, describing the security situation as a major challenge for them. And saw the head of the Airports Affairs in the Ministry of Transport Mohamed house money during his speech to the island revealed that airport security is not their specialty. He said in this regard that the interest Airports Affairs if it considers it unsafe conditions at any airport, what it until closing,
as happened when gunmen attacked a plane to Libya’s Buraq Company was heading to the city of Benghazi last week. The money appealed to the security agencies to enhance security, and describing the security situation as bad. He said that the lack of security hampered efforts to develop the airports, because of the refusal of companies to operate under the current security situation runaway, pointing out that some airports safe witnessed development work, such as airport Abraq eastern Libya Airport and the city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli).
In turn, the agent said the Ministry of Transportation for aviation in the eastern region Tiger Tiger favor that Libya far from the basic rules of civil aviation, but it takes work seriously to achieve security and safety. He assured the island revealed that the main problem now is the proliferation of weapons and armed gangs and outlaws, and broke into Airports by force of arms, expressing fears of the impact of such actions on air safety. And warned against what he called “serious consequences” if not adhered to Libya standards of safety, stressing that the airline EU countries may prevent aircraft from landing at airports Libya under the pretext of non-compliance with international laws, and insurance companies may raise their fees imposed on airlines operating in Libya , which may lead to increased ticket prices in Libya. He accused director Pnina Benghazi airport Jamal forces Oqaili and described Balkhvah, in their interest to keep the security situation at the airports as it is,
demonstrating that the assassination attempt suffered by the head of the security room at the airport in Benghazi Salem Shaaban two days ago. He Oqaili security breaches that occur now a criminal nature, such as smuggling, and attempts to get the money as a result of illegal immigration, pointing out that a slight improvement in the security situation at the airport. The director of Sebha airport south of Libya, said the island revealed that full responsibility lies with the ministries of interior and defense, aviation officials urged to protect مطاراتهم and secured if the two ministries can not do their work perfectly. It is noteworthy that Alice could not get the hang of the Ministry of Interior on issues related to the security of airports and neglected reasons for this file.«Libya Al-Mostakbal»
Khaled Almher – Tripoli – Al Jazeera Net: hide the Libyan authorities concerned with the fact that the security situation airports of sight for fear of the reluctance of international airlines from landing at airports in Tripoli and Benghazi. And the longer chaos largest airports in the big cities of the total 17 airports in Libya.
Al Jazeera Net sources say It


Soon monitoring committee exams in Libya

Edema God

Turn to God’s mercy the Abdulsalam master artist, after a struggle with the disease,

God’s mercy and bring him’s roomy جنانه.
“I am God and to Him we return

From leading its work Habaytha the and me anytime Ratha.

(Valley girl)

Artist / Abdul Salam master, to his final resting place, claimed him for forgiveness and mercy:



Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya ·

There are sources within the Office of the Attorney General that the Supreme Council for the tribes and Rishvana has had to raise

the issue of urgency against members of the National Congress of the year they Mohammed Kilani and Khaled Mishri and Mustafa Triki,

according to the complaint upgraded charged them with temptation and lying on the tribe and Rishvana.

and they are the cause of affliction which happened between the Corner and Rishvana of murder and kidnapping and torture.

The source said they have documents condemns Mishri Kilani and Triki source also confirmed to submit a complaint to the

International Criminal Court and to address international human rights organizations regarding incitement to murder and hatred.



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(to prevent Western Entrpeneurs from  obtaing Libyan oil).

Congress and the government are seeking to resolve the sit-ins oil crisis peacefully  (really?)

Country ambiance Moataz Belaïd

The Chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference Naji al-Mokhtar:

The orientation of the Conference and the government to resolve

the problem of sit-ins in the oil harbors a peaceful and there is no intention to use force.

The mayor added that the crisis committee set up by the conference is working to solve the problem peacefully with tribes protesters, stressing that

if unsuccessful attempts to end of next week, all the solutions on the table to resolve the crisis.

The chosen not to put the idea of ​​the use of force from the inside or from countries that rely on oil refineries Libyan oil so far, despite his successor stop the

export of Libyan oil losses for both sides.

For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Abdel Razek Cbahi that the trend now to resolve the crisis peacefully, at all levels of civil society organizations

and tribes, confirming the existence of signs in this regard.

The Cbahi pointed out that the solution is coming and that force is the last option unless there are other solutions.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Ali Zaidane had stated at a press conference yesterday that the government will move quickly to confront the protesters.

NATO oil _ and # bands “


Issuance of arrest warrants against leaders of the striking oil workers ”
Tripoli) Reuters (Wed Sep 11, 2013
– Zaidane : prosecutor issued arrest warrants against leaders of the striking oil workers , adding that it will move
Urgency in the face of protesters ”
– Zaidane : alluded to move an army ! ? The strike, which did not stop paralyze the oil sector . Many warn
Libyans that such a move could spark wider unrest in a country teeming with internal divisions and tribal ”
– Officials : in the oil industry that the main instigators to disrupt and stop production in the west of the country are the ” sons
Zintan tribe ” who have a strong influence . Zintan main rebel group now has a strong influence in units
And trying to review the strength to get a bigger political role ”
– Official: a touch Bmsoalin oil senior negotiating with the tribe and asked not to be
Personal ” Zintan ” negotiating the for greater financial gains and a greater role in guarding installations
Oil. ”
Stop the last month in the fields of production and the desert elephant and the two main oil fields in southern Libya
Holiday production of at least 500 thousand barrels per day of production, or nearly one-third of production in Libya before
Crisis , which amounted to 1.5 million barrels a day ”
– In the eastern coastal areas country disrupts the protesters in the oil export ports exceed demands
Wage increases to the political demands as demanding Ofer share in the oil wealth , greater autonomy
Of the main areas of the oil-producing

(Libby marrow)



Mu in Ghadames

Heavy weapons clashes between people from Zintan residents in and Jeramlh tribe drawer tray settlers also dead and wounded retardation

between the two parties in addition to the physical damage as burning houses Jeramlh which Mstajerynha area Tqth preliminary

information and talking on the existence of 6 dead and clashes continue.

(Honorable son)

Drawer … Zintan Jeramlh a …. western Libya

Completed remove buildings Jeramlh in the city of drawer successfully where still rebels Zintan brave houses of innocent people and the

number of buildings that have been demolished 15 home distributed between regions drawer and also the number of victims of the

tribes Jeramlh 7 people with the displacement of others note that the tribes Jeramlh tribes Libyan and not as promoted inform them that Algeria,

even if they are from Algeria is it permissible displacement of innocent among the dead were an elderly man aged 88 years

and we condemn this crime, which resembles the criminality of Israel in Palestine, but tougher and the people to wake up now Revolution ended

Oha do not want to destroy Libya under the pretext of protecting the pretext they were the perpetrators of the revolution

Libya will return to the Middle ages because these gangs do not care Libya not interested in the homeland.

Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi:

Is stronger Haj “blind Salem” a senior sheikhs and the Elders Mount
Nefoussa, that the situation is very tragic in a drawer houses burned
Families abandon and demolish homes b Alkatrbel, due to the outbreak of
An armed clash between two families in one drawer of assets
Senthanah and other tribe Jermla, and increased stress and tension
After the fall of four people, three of them Senthanah assets Qatunaian
B region and fourth person Jermla the people of the city, and
Now the situation is very serious and not communicate with sages and wise
Zintan and the death toll is increasing, but not limited to perhaps ranges
Among the 8 or 10 dead.

Sauaakm each new injection of God the blood of Libyans.

Haj said ” Ammar Boukraa ” one of the sheikhs Zintan and Council
Elders and the beginning of the Shura problematic when the commander of the secret
Zintan of 17 , which provides in the region , and their response communication
The presence of a quantity of drugs in a person’s home Jermla
When the interviewer he had to shoot it , P Contact
Is a secret to his friends and told them he suffers and his colleagues came to the
Spot P has besieged and ambushed them , killing
Two of Zintan in the ambush and the clashes became
Hot Tin and killed a third person , and when the news arrived
Zintan was very young engorged and no one could be controlled
They were killed ” 6 ” people of tribe Jeramlh , also confirmed
” Boukraa ” B to B act was demolished and burned some houses , and that
Alalaúlat that were in the open are now found in field
Meet and some of them chose to go to Ghadames and them Lisu
Of Libyans Jeramlh P fled to Algeria , and there is a committee of
Elders now in Tripoli and met with Mr. “Nuri
Bushmin , ” head of the General National Congress for the possibility of providing
Eat and shelter for families and fighting now stop and there Elders
Working on leaps and bounds in order to stop the bloodshed , and said Haj
” Ammar Boukraa “ now seek to calm the situation , including the investigation
In the subject , reconciliation and 3 death toll from Zintan and
Injured very seriously, and is the first injured and 6 killed in a drawer
Of Jeramlh .

[Urgent and exclusive Salem al – Obeidi]

Clashes with heavy weapons between Xanthan (GREEN) drawer tribe Jeramlh settlers tray retardation casualties between the two sides in addition

to the physical damage as burning houses Jeramlh that Mstajerynha area Tqth.

According to the information hyphen to us now that the Xanthan drawer they demolish houses Jeramlh located in drawer as the death toll exceeded 6 people.

They are: of Xanthan drawer: Abdul Latif Alsoumaa Abdul Qadir, Fadel safety Nasr, Mohamed Abdel Prophet Alzentani and others Snowickm

them when we receive the news. There is no power except with Allah

Now rewarding its challenged in the city of drawer Li Kabylie Gamlh consonants in the drawer and displaced from the city of Ghadames ethnic cleansing Ihdt now

and kill any Jermly in a drawer, in yesterday were killed Mohammed Mabrouk (Jermly) Li identity killed Zintan in the city of Ghadames, and because being demolished homes.

Jermlh in drawer without move Li Government Zaidane and now threats Li Jeramlh, who dwell in the Ghadames and the movement of large

displacement now in the Dbdab border crossing. 

For fear of oppression, Zintan  ask Kabylie Jermlh move the barrier of International Human Rights.

Li Li protect Alailat the Jermlh of Zintan attack them and proceedsdead Jermlh far 9 dead, 1 in the clashes s award yesterday and 1 killed in Ghadames of Zintan identity

and today have been killed 7 of Jermlh and families live Jermelih fearing large and please move CSO Libya

and the Red Cross and Nnashz intervention Mndhub the UN Tariqmetric Li and parking with a minority that is exposed to the extermination and ethnic cleansing

and the sons of upon the arrival of a convoy of large Zintan mountain Li drawer do Zintan Pei demolishing the homes of Jeramlh in the drawer,

about 35 car weapon average and dismiss and live Jermlh Ghadames in a panic Hved and displacementall Jermlh from Ghadames to Dbdab ..

Ghadames – drawer (Germa) 12 SEPTEMBER 2013

A fight broke out and armed clashes on Wednesday evening in the drawer area away from the city of Ghadames

100 kilometers between members of the Zintan tribe and others of the tribe Jeramna.

The clash resulted in killing of armed Tlat two dead people from the Zintan tribe and a third dead of the tribe Jeramna.

An informed source told Xinhua South “Germa” the clashes erupted because of a fight happened between two people

on a car, the source said that the votes bullets are still heard in the region with a stop-motion in the area did not intervene

wise to extinguish the fire of sedition and anticipation caution is master of the situation currently in the region (Germa ) – special.

# Drawer: armed clashes between the population of Alzentanih assets with a population of tribes Jeramlh and resulted in the

deaths of five people and cause a quarrel between two people, but turn ćáÇŢćÉ except God ..

(WikiLeaks tenderly) 


اشتباكات بين زنتان درج وقبيلة الجراملةو وقوع 7 قتله من قبيلة الجراملة و 3 قتله من الزنتانحفظ الله ليبيــــــا
اشتباكات بين زنتان درج وقبيلة الجراملةو وقوع 7 قتله من قبيلة الجراملة و 3 قتله من الزنتانحفظ الله ليبيــــــا




U.S. weapons theft in the storming of the camp of the U.S. Special Forces in Tripoli

Sources told Fox News Channel United States on Wednesday evening that


Sources: US weapons stolen in Libya raids, fueling Special Forces pull-out

Highly sensitive U.S. military equipment stored in Libya was stolen over the summer by groups likely aligned and working with terrorist organizations, State Department sources told Fox News — in raids that contributed to the decision to pull Special Forces personnel from the country.

The stolen equipment had been used by U.S. Special Forces stationed in the country. Lost in the raids in late July and early August were dozens of M4 rifles, night-vision technology and lasers used as aiming devices that are mounted on guns and can only be seen with night-vision equipment.

“This stuff is how we win wars. The enemy doesn’t have that,” one source said.

The overnight raids happened at a military training camp run by American Special Forces on the outskirts of Tripoli, in the weeks before the team was pulled from the country in August.

That U.S. team was funded by the Department of Defense Section 1208, which provides support to assist and stand up foreign counterterrorism forces in other countries. And in the case of Libya, the trainers were also tasked with hunting down the Benghazi attack suspects that killed four Americans one year ago. As Fox News previously reported, members of that team are leaving Libya.

“The loss of this military equipment is what pulled the plug on the U.S. operation,” one source with direct knowledge of the events told Fox News. “No one at the State Department wanted to deal with the situation if any more went wrong, so State pulled its support for the training program and then began to try and get the team moved out of the country.”

The 12-member American team was not at the training camp when either raid occurred, as they regularly stayed at a nearby villa that served as a safehouse at night.

Located just outside of Tripoli, the camp was supposed to be secured each night by Libyan forces. But on two occasions, the camp was attacked and raided by either militia members or groups affiliated with terrorist organizations.

The training and the stolen equipment was provided by American forces and thus paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars.

The raids and stolen equipment quickly caused a rift among U.S. Special Forces, Libyan military leaders and ultimately the U.S. State Department.

“They didn’t want anything to go wrong and they didn’t want to take the blame. Sensitive items were taken,” one source said. “Bad guys can now shoot people at night with no signature.”

Meanwhile, in response to an exclusive Fox News report last month about the trainers being pulled from Libya, multiple Pentagon officials claim that the 1208 trainers whose camp was raided were not there to track the Benghazi suspects.

That wasn’t their mission, according to these officials. However, special operators in the region and State Department sources insist that the Pentagon is playing with words — and while the Libya training mission was important, it was partly a cover for U.S. operations in Libya to hunt down those responsible for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

Fox News reported earlier this year that U.S. forces had identified suspects by the end of November 2012, and reported on their whereabouts to the U.S. Libya Chief of Mission at the time William Roebuck last January — and that same information was passed along to military leaders, yet no action was taken.

Operators in the region sat in de facto standby for months, despite eventual charges filed by the Justice Department.

U.S. equipment is highly sensitive stored in Libya have been stolen

during this summer before it ‘s likely groups belonging to terrorist organizations have contributed to the withdrawal of the special forces .
Stolen military equipment consists of dozens of guns of the type M4 with night vision equipment and laser beams that are fitted over the guns .
These things are the way they are winning the war the enemy does not have this equipment is the only way to eliminate it.
The raid occurred for a training camp run by U.S. special forces on the outskirts of Tripoli in the weeks leading up to withdraw the team from the country in August.
U.S. training team consisting of 12 individual funded by the U.S. Department of Defense Section 1208 in order to support and assistance to other countries in the fight against terrorism.
In the Libyan case , the assignment trained on the task of training other than a track suspects in the attack of Benghazi , which killed four Americans .
It was supposed to be protecting and securing training camp in Tripoli by Libyan forces , but the camp was raided in more than two occasions by militias belonging to terrorist organizations.
Theft of such equipment , which are to be paid at the expense of taxes in America put a major rift between American special forces and Libyan military forces .
Libya translation notizie
Article link from Fox News :



UNO CLAIMS THAY HAVE RECEIVED OVER !1000 + pleas and signatures for NATO re-entery into TRIPOLI !!!!
URGENT :: London : Tripoli require intervention from the United Nations

Quoted two Human Rights Hewancia and Human Ralitsooth

That they Thsalta to the browser Talatmaúh to thousand signatures from residents of Tripoli alone, demanding the intervention of the United Nations to enforce the law on the ground by force , disarmament and state-building.

According to many telegrams UN deplores Activity in Tripoli and described it as trapping and is able to describe the real situation of what is happening on the ground.

This was the signatures from the general community and civil society organizations and human rights activists and people educated and enjoy educational level Excellent in Libya , while the government continues and the conference and assert their control on the reality on the ground , but the Aktar than a quarter of a million people directing blame at the same conference of the signatures that TH got them.

The the signatures owners refusal to cooperate with the United Nations Office in Tripoli and they called Palmaaq of actually accomplish anything or move to do anything.

It also rejected the presence of a certain strength on the ground without the other and demanded the United Nations forces to arrest and prosecute all those who were the reason behind the chaos accused of armed militias and the Libyan Conference behind this.

And بدونا will convey a memo to head of the UN body to consider the issue too is expected to end Libya’s UN intervention force on the ground to maintain security and peace.

Obtained our exclusively on a copy of the report and any point of legal jurisdiction can contact us and delivered a copy ..

Security Council / Libya Branch / anti – crime agency


عـــــــاجــــــل :: لندن : طرابلس تطلب تدخل من الأمم المتحدة

نقلت منظمتين حقوق الأنسان هيوانسيتي وهيومن رايتسووتش

بأنهما تحصلتا على أكتر من تلاتمائة الف توقيع من سكان طرابلس وحدها يطالبون بتدخل الأمم المتحدة لفرض القانون على الارض بالقوة ونزع السلاح وبناء الدولة .

وذكرت برقيات كثيرة تستهجن نشاط الامم المتحدة في طرابلس و وصفتها بأنها محاصرة وغير قادرة على وصف الموقف الحقيقي لما يحدث على الارض .

وكانت هذه التواقيع من عامة المجتمع ومنظمات المجتمع المدني والحقوقيين واشخاص متعلمين ويحظون بمستوى تعليمي ممتاز في ليبيا ، في حين تستمر الحكومة والمؤتمر و يؤكدان سيطرتهما على الواقع على الارض الا ان أكتر من ربع مليون شخص يوجهون الاتهام الي المؤتمر نفسه من التواقيع التي تح صلنا عليها .

ورفض اصحاب التواقيع التعاون مع مكتب الامم المتحدة في طرابلس و وصفوه بالمعاق فعليا على انجاز اي شيء او التحرك لفعل اي شيء .

كما رفضوا تواجد قوة معينة على الارض دون اخرى وطالبوا بقوات للأمم المتحدة للقبض ومحاكمة كل من كان السبب وراء الفوضى متهمين المليشيات المسلحة والمؤتمر الليبي وراء هذا .

وبدونا سننقل مذكرة لرئيس هيئة الامم المتحدة للنظر في القضية ومن المتوقع جدا ان تنتهي ليبيا بتدخل الامم المتحدة كقوة على الارض لحفظ الامن والسلام .

تحصلت صفحتنا حصرياً على صورة من التقرير واي جهة اختصاص اعتبارية تستطيع الاتصال بنا و تسليمها نسخة..

عنــ مجلس الأمن / فرع ليبيا / وكالة مكافحة الجرائم

The release of Dr. favor of idiosyncratic Solomon (former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and director of the Center for

Biotechnology Research Palace bin Ghashir) after the outlaw militias abducted on 28/8/2013 in front of his home in the Damascus district of Tripoli.

A picture of Pharmacy that occurred where crime yesterday Bsabha after that the angry relatives of the victim burning:


Assassination attempt an artist Hassan Kazzouz, in the launch of 7 rounds in his car
Yesterday at night in the way of the Yarmouk camp.

Assassination attempt:

Exposure adviser Apolkasem Abu Bakr bin Saleh yesterday, Wednesday, 11/09/2013 m to the assassination attempt was the targeting of his car

with bullets and hit by several bullets in different parts of the structure and the grace of God and kindness did not hurt Chancellor and survived

this attempt treacherous against him on the main road Azizia Tripoli coming from Zintan and heading to his office in Tripoli, and it is useful to

note that Chancellor Apolkasem Abu Bakr bin Saleh is a judge and member of the Board of Directors of the Truth and national Reconciliation.

(The Libyan news agency today)

Center of the country Tripoli (downtown)
Shooting in optical signal at the Aldahara Crossroads of Dahmani Angle, and lock part of the road next to the entrance to the bus company and the reasons are not yet clear.

Shortly before 11:51 pm Exactly

A group of drunken young people descend from the wedding procession and Aagaflon the way public and dancing in the street and utter verbally graffiti

themselves in front of people and respect for families or neighbors

How long Snbaka Hecda??

(El Haj)


Media spokesman exposure Mr. Joseph Kerkom to the attempted kidnapping of the day while coming out of the channel

by international armed men in two cars were waiting for him in front of the channel, but God’s peace and survived Mr Kerkom of abduction attempt
This Mr. Kerkom was a guest on Libya’s international channel to talk about the Civil Status Authority and what achievements

made ​​during the past short period and adjust and stop cases of fraud
The fact stop a very large number of counterfeiters and not give them a national figure as a result of the problems of fraud and

manipulation in the Libyan identity and modern method carried out by an electronic archiving interest you detect fraudulent files and manuals
We ask God for safety to Mr. Kerkom the faithful and all men in the management of stakeholders who are working on the

development and advancement of administrative work.
Service to the citizen Karim

Department of Civil Status interests of the media

Group stormed the headquarters of President-mail Tripoli yesterday, holding some engineers, in order to cut communications

services on the southern region, similar to what they did to the people of the south to cut off the water. It is noted that the

shield and deterrence forces managed to protect the mail and conditioner from them.

Establishing a reserve tank accommodate 24 million cubic meters of water to provide water to Tripoli

And – The Minister of Water Resources Hadi Suleiman dear for near the end of the crisis of water cuts in the capital Tripoli,

the minister said at the press conference on Wednesday in Tripoli, that the water had reached the cities of Tarhuna and Misurata,

and access the actual city of Tripoli will be on Friday morning.
He revealed هنشير for the ministry constructed tank reserve capacity of 24 million cubic meters of water, enough to provide water to the city of

Tripoli for 30 days, in addition to the ministry to provide alternatives to the water supply, and the establishment of plants for desalination, and

maintenance of a number of existing stations in Tobruk and Misurata and other cities.

Water began to return gradually to Tripoli

Country ambiance – Fouad Diab reporting:

Member of the Committee announced the crisis Tripoli Local Council and chairman of the security and stability of the capital Nasser of Crewe on

Thursday that the industrial river water began to return to the city of Tripoli gradually.

He explained the Crewe atmosphere for the country that the water began to reach since the dawn of the day to areas in the city center , and

Ben Ashour and Mazran , the revelation of Andalusia, and the plateau .

And between Crewe that ” water will take time to reach Delivery wear due to water and air to enter water pipes in addition to the presence of some highland areas .”

For his part, Director of Operation and maintenance company water and sanitation Mohammed Ashab:

The air-filled water network and we are now in the process of expelling air from the pipe gradually by using the company ‘s stocks of water in order to avoid leaks . ”

The bald eagles that the water will gradually evening and attributed the delay because the citizens run water pumps and withdraw large amounts of water. ”

The Minister of Water Resources Pacific are Cher had said yesterday at a news conference that the ministry reserves the construction of a reservoir with a

capacity of 24 million cubic meters of water in order to secure the capital with water for 30 days.

The tribal group in Sabha Stop power plants river water system feeding the industrial city of Tripoli , in the pause was organized to protest the

” kidnapping of ” Anoud the daughter of the President intelligence service of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Abdullah Sanusi, last week .

Western Region system – Manmade River WesternSystem ·

Urgent …..
Beyond the tourist water tank in the direction of the distribution network in Tripoli, the capital, will significantly water the night the day,

and low-lying areas will be the front-runner in the arrival of water to it sooner than that.
God, who reached the Mieh tell us … At the same time, who has Vskah not Ja negative Mesh Azlam Abaaha all day and cleared the opportunity

for people Altanih, Two days later Eachd the comfort of expression.

Western Region system – Manmade River WesternSystem ·

For destinations word is and Salch in Mieh and even those who Mieh where weak Nicolohm the little patience and Tffuc the Friday,

but the findings in all that, God willing …
What applies to the pipeline river large-diameter and long-distance Bntbak on the internal network of cities, where you must take

into account the expulsion of air from the network and bring water misplaced and carefully so as not to result will be the destruction

of the network and especially since the network such as the distribution network Tripoli older than in some of the points for 60 years,

wi pressure is thoughtful of water may cause the explosion of the distribution pipe, it however that the water currently in the system,

but the young people in the control room and the stations are working in coordination and distribution as requested by the public water

company which is responsible for distribution within cities .. And God help everyone and Jazee patient bono.


Journal of Qasr Bin Ghashir Qaser Bin Ghashir Magazine

The arrival of water to Tripoli

Up now water to revive Tripoli consecutively where residents told us some areas of the capital that the water reached them very well and thankfully.

Intelligence Benghazi

Meeting The now Az of Sidra and Ben Bo Hamid Altarhuni and orthopedist me and some of the other

battalion commanders in Tripoli in the Oasis Hotel Tripoli
To discuss the situation in the city of Benghazi, we bring you what is new upon arrival.

Street corner Libyan demonstrators blocking the building of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Naima Misrati reporting:
Tripoli September 12, 2013 the oldest dozens of demonstrators angry residents of the street corner in the center of the capital,

Tripoli, today / Thursday /, the closure of the building of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and prevent employees from their work.
And sources said Omnahn demonstrators blocked the ministry building and demanded to cut off communications to the southern region of the

country in response to what he did to some members of the tribe Almgarhh of cutting the water supply to the capital since the days – because of

the reservation to the daughter intelligence chief of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Anoud Abdullah Sanusi – which returned to some areas While waiting for her

return capital to the other after the release of al-Sanusi and delivered to her family in Sabha.
And launched a similar protest on Wednesday attended by dozens of people from the population in the streets to condemn the process of

cutting off water and the resulting crisis in the capital.
And according to a source from the Office of the Minister of Communications and Informatics, the protesters surrounded the ministry building

consisting of 13 floors, as well as postal divider minister and talked with them, in particular, but they insisted on the protest that led to his

departure and some of the workers of the building.

Close the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications of the interim government by some people demanding corner Street stop communications service for the south!.

With the lack of security forces guarding the building.




Mzalt racism Mtkacrh in Libya, which manufactured Fberaúr to kill Libyan children are Dbha only because of Torghae

by militias Misratah. Been kidnapped from City Nzoha Trbuls Hecda Let freedom Lada Filter racist.,. Please circulate and Alnscherali widest ..

God bless the child …

One prisoners were executed and Rafla in the city of Misratah family Bovernmarh by a few
After confirming the name of the dead who were executed today in the city of Misratah are,

Mohamed Ali Eboumharh to Orvly,,, Salah Mareis to Orvly

Gary inquire about the names of the rest of the dead.



Intelligence Benghazi ·

What was in this meeting.
That there is a statement will be issued by the National Congress and the local council of Benghazi and money-called

civil society organizations commissioned by the rebels (shields) to protect the entrances and exits of Benghazi and

protect the streets of Benghazi on the grounds there is information that the city has the sleeper cells of the arrows.
B and Sidra ensure inciting Media Bin Humaid is of push for the issuance of this statement.

Intelligence Benghazi

Meeting The now Az of Sidra and Ben Bo Hamid Altarhuni and orthopedist me and some of the other

battalion commanders in Tripoli in the Oasis Hotel Tripoli
To discuss the situation in the city of Benghazi, we bring you what is new upon arrival.

Guidance following Guetltohm the Aaarb Benghazi .. Tistahlo the Megikm.
O Allah, make him of martyrs Lord.

Start a security force charged with protecting the airport built

Atmosphere of the country

Spokesman confirmed the joint security room in Benghazi Abdullah Al-Zaidi, assigning one hundred and fifty policemen to

organize the work of airport built a port, led by the commander of the airport Colonel Hamid Ali Alabbar, in addition to the airport

protection force, consisting of one hundred and twenty members of the Thunderbolt and one hundred and twenty others of the military police.

Zaidi said that the airport is quiet, orderly and everyone feels good security measures have been taken to provide security.

Zaidi said he was provided airport Bmtab the industrial mine detection vehicles, calling on citizens not to enter the airport car without license plates.

It is noteworthy that built the airport was suffering from breaches as a result of the absence of a security force to protect it.

A security source said of the joint security inside the room to protect Benghazi on Thursday, to stun forces received

today securing Benina International Airport.
And stun forces secure the airport received from home and abroad and customs, pointing out that 25 bad element

Menon airport on a daily basis. Or that in the coming days will provide the vital places that are constantly exposed to

assault weapons, pointing out that the special forces secured the Galaa Hospital recently.

Relics in Benghazi

An observer in Benghazi effects Mohamed Clmana that there are several things threaten the effects of the Eastern Region
He said that the mining operations carried out by unlicensed bulldozers citizens of the greatest threats to the effects accusing

engineers draw plans and sell them to people in spite of the lack of documents ..

The Clmana also stressed that the stolen archaeological deposit with the National Commercial Bank of Benghazi is one of the

largest losses suffered by the sector effects, pointing out that Egypt is the dealer of the stolen ..

Also demanded Clmana need fencing archaeological sites are prone to looting and theft, adding that he assumed the interests

of the effects of providing adequate funding for the fencing of archaeological sites …

The news agency – Benghazi – reporter

National Security Directorate Benghazi

And our response follows a bag of explosives found behind the Italian consulate Street Amr ibn al-Aas

Source: common security room ..

Finding bag Muftgrat by the proximity of the Italian Consulate
And explosives expert was informed immediately and move and when he tried to dismantle
Bag, which he placed next to the Italian consulate b Omar
Ibn al-Aas, confirmed that the bag is empty they seem camouflage or something
Like this and did not find what Ivkkh them because they contain things do not have
Relationship with the bombing.

News Agency – Benghazi – Urgent

19 car flying the flag of unification “Ansar al-Sharia” roam the middle
The city of Benghazi, and shouting “Osama and not Obama,” the center
Congestion by citizens wounded in the city, which is not
Of her children “Osama Ibahuma” according to one of the citizens.

Came out yesterday, a car carrying 19 banner flag uniformity “Ansar al-Sharia” mentioning celebrates 9/11

roam the center of the city of Benghazi, and shouting “Osama and not Obama,” the center congestion by

citizens wounded in the city, which is not of her sons “Osama Ibahuma the”according to one of the citizens.

# _ Gateway to Libya

Blast, which targeted the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Congress and the government are seeking to resolve the sit-ins oil crisis peacefully
Country ambiance – Moataz Belaïd

The Chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference Naji al-Mokhtar :

The orientation of the Conference and the government to resolve the problem of sit-ins in the oil harbors a peaceful and there is no intention to use force.

The mayor added that the crisis committee set up by the conference is working to solve the problem peacefully with tribes protesters, stressing that if

unsuccessful attempts to end of next week, all the solutions on the table to resolve the crisis.

The chosen not to put the idea of ​​the use of force from the inside or from countries that rely on oil refineries Libyan oil so far, despite his successor

stop the export of Libyan oil losses for both sides.

For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Abdel Razek Cbahi that the trend now to resolve the crisis peacefully, at all levels of civil society

organizations and tribes, confirming the existence of signs in this regard.

The Cbahi pointed out that the solution is coming and that force is the last option unless there are other solutions.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Ali Zaidane had stated at a press conference yesterday that the government will move quickly to confront the protesters.

Aljdharan Re over age Alchukmak.

Free channel Cyrenaica
News Bushmin presence in the city of Ajdabiya to meet Ibrahim Aljdharan, the ..

News leaked secret … !!

It seems that Bushmin afraid to announce his visit to Ajdabiya then proves to Alleppey people

that sit-Ras Lanuf on the right …

Ibrahim Jdharan (head of the political bureau of the territory of Cyrenaica) is given permission Abdulrahman Asswehly after he described the rebels:

We are not Bmtmurden to close the oil ports in order to acquired; only Oglguenaha in order to preserve the wealth of the Libyans and the

coming generations that robs without no control and no accountability, no counters to export control, as well as the National Oil Corporation

is not subject to the Audit Bureau or any watchdog Outerwear.
When we closed the oil ports demanded direct the formation of an investigative committee of judges and national neutrals do not belong to any

stream partisan or political selected from the Supreme Court; charge of showing the facts in the circumstances of this topic referred to include the

investigation of Mr. interim Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil and the Management Committee national Foundation for oil and to present the

results of the investigation on the Libyan people, at a news conference for this purpose
Otherwise ports closed by the sons of the province of Cyrenaica from east and west to the south, and any infringement of them is considered

reckless behavior will enter the country in the dark corridors of the civil war for dignity and defense of the land and honor and tampering

with the riches of the region.

We shall provide the initiative to resolve the crisis include the return of the National Oil Corporation

to Benghazi Otherwise Snnchee the the new institution and oil export


Libyan citizen killed in the city of Ajdabiya at the hands of his friend, b is
Accidentally when was Amazha by weapon type “Kalismakov,” rifle before
Hours from now, with a reservation on the offender and will take
Legal proceedings in the chaos that prevailed in the state now
And proliferation conditions, day or lose-old son

On the other hand killing of Libyan citizen “Ali Amujahd the Oglilip
Alkhatri Gaddafi “in the absence of the relevant security departments and
Developed, initial reports also indicate that African killer
Nationality works by area Pharmacy Mansheya, when he sent
Treacherous bullets to the victim Artdh the dead and fled to escape.

(Salem al-Obeidi)



Name: Zuhair Saad Ashour
Missing from Thursday OK 5/9/2013 work place company LTT God to him ăÚáćăĺ communicates with his family


May God reward you all the best.



The discovery of bacteria, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Zliten – special – Libyan Media Network – # LNM – Karim Mansouri

Management confirmed Zliten Teaching Hospital Department of Obstetrics and lock birth until disinfected after

detection of bacteria (all Absala) birth of live of the death and wounding another .. And told the hospital administration

and the Ministry of Health on the need to equip a hospital private Friday Bzletn market women and childbirth reception cases” ‘

12 septembre 2013 18:51
Zliten / 13 schools damaged in the conflict, 2011 are still intact

زليتن/ 13 مدرسة تضررت في بسبب استهدافها من قبل الناتو في 2011 وهيا لا تزال على حالها الى الان …

زليتن/ 13 مدرسة تضررت في صراع 2011 لا تزال على حالها




Sabha – (Germa) 12/09/2013

He died Wednesday, six people accident two cars collided on the road between Sabha and Ubari, including 5 members of one family consisting of a man and his wife and two children and his mother, while the sixth was driving the car coming from the opposite direction

A security source said the Sabha Medical Center told the South (Germa) that the family was flying from Sebha to area Tikirkibh (150 km southwest of Sabha) and their car collided with a car driven by someone coming from the city of Ubari.

The source added that the bodies of family members quoted to Tikirkibh area on Wednesday night, hours after arriving at the Sabha Medical Center.

The deceased were identified as: the righteous Younis and his two children, Ahmed and his mother lamp mercy Faraj Mohammed
And his wife Ayesha Farag righteous, and Mohammed Salem Jermawi.

Free newspaper Sabha

Do you know officials in Brega Oil Marketing that replacing an empty gas cylinder full steamer in the city are sold at 35 dinars languages
In Sabha, the price of 20 dinars?

Medical Laboratory Reference – Sabha

* Some of the problems afflicting the laboratory Medical Reference Sabha : –

Suffers from a lack of laboratory capabilities necessary that adversely affect the functioning of the laboratory , whether on Motaf or patient alike
Possibilities currently available is a decent for laboratory Abashkl and Apmkanth QC not required to mention the scene General Almzara him …
Saluting sanitation or drawing tools or a lack of hardware , Office Alawat and analyzes Nmadj tests not to mention the power outage and water Mtkar
*** The internal and external problems begin to external problems which are necessary : —

* Public appearance … saluting note accumulation Garbage in the foreign arena for the laboratory and do not get rid of it on a regular basis with the knowledge

that it is a harmful biological materials and toxic. , As well as the sorry state of bathrooms
And the absence of charges Todhah . Lack of interest in the garden and a lack of interest in trees
* No reception room Todhah drawings illustrate special places to sit down with men and women and the lack of air conditioning and Dell are laboratory

interface must be of Aktar places that must be taken care of

* Suffers queries staff in this section of the very same in Nmadj analysis and the lack of Althuaih saluting he Closed there all the windows to insert or

eject a lack of air ( tables and chairs ) convenient to the employee within this section .

* The Department of clouds staff suffers from lack of special seats dragging and lack of ventilation and the absence of special tools for sterilization

and the lack of first aid room in the ambulance to the patient in the event of any emergency during or after the checkout process
These are some of the problems which we hope foreign competent authorities to find appropriate solutions and not be ignored.

Killing the young Ali Amjahid Aglilip Alkhatri Gaddafi at the hands of Chadian Pharmacy owner after a dispute between them
In city of Sebha!!! Of course in Libya to another e Chadians have pharmacies and weapon Ikthelo!!! God’s mercy!


(Libby marrow)


Al Qaeda: The Database

Global Research, 24 June 2013
Wayne Madsen Report and Global Research 20 November 2005
Al Qaeda: The Database.

Global Research Editor’s Note

This article originally published by Global Research in 2005 sheds light on the nature of Al Qaeda, an intelligence construct used by Washington to destabilize and destroy sovereign countries, while sustaining the illusion of  an outside enemy, which threatens the security of the Western World.

*       *       *

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Courtesy of World Affairs, a journal based in New Delhi, WMR can bring you an important excerpt from an Apr.-Jun. 2004 article by Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence.

“I first heard about Al-Qaida while I was attending the Command and Staff course in Jordan. I was a French officer at that time and the French Armed Forces had close contacts and cooperation with Jordan . . .

“Two of my Jordanian colleagues were experts in computers. They were air defense officers. Using computer science slang, they introduced a series of jokes about students’ punishment.

“For example, when one of us was late at the bus stop to leave the Staff College, the two officers used to tell us: ‘You’ll be noted in ‘Q eidat il-Maaloomaat’ which meant ‘You’ll be logged in the information database.’ Meaning ‘You will receive a warning . . .’ If the case was more severe, they would used to talk about ‘Q eidat i-Taaleemaat.’ Meaning ‘the decision database.’ It meant ‘you will be punished.’ For the worst cases they used to speak of logging in ‘Al Qaida.’

“In the early 1980s the Islamic Bank for Development, which is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, like the Permanent Secretariat of the Islamic Conference Organization, bought a new computerized system to cope with its accounting and communication requirements. At the time the system was more sophisticated than necessary for their actual needs.

“It was decided to use a part of the system’s memory to host the Islamic Conference’s database. It was possible for the countries attending to access the database by telephone: an Intranet, in modern language. The governments of the member-countries as well as some of their embassies in the world were connected to that network.

“[According to a Pakistani major] the database was divided into two parts, the information file where the participants in the meetings could pick up and send information they needed, and the decision file where the decisions made during the previous sessions were recorded and stored. In Arabic, the files were called, ‘Q eidat il-Maaloomaat’ and ‘Q eidat i-Taaleemaat.’ Those two files were kept in one file called in Arabic ‘Q eidat ilmu’ti’aat’ which is the exact translation of the English word database. But the Arabs commonly used the short word Al Qaida which is the Arabic word for “base.” The military air base of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is called ‘q eidat ‘riyadh al ‘askariya.’ Q eida means “a base” and “Al Qaida” means “the base.”

“In the mid-1980s, Al Qaida was a database located in computer and dedicated to the communications of the Islamic Conference’s secretariat.

“In the early 1990s, I was a military intelligence officer in the Headquarters of the French Rapid Action Force. Because of my skills in Arabic my job was also to translate a lot of faxes and letters seized or intercepted by our intelligence services . . . We often got intercepted material sent by Islamic networks operating from the UK or from Belgium.

“These documents contained directions sent to Islamic armed groups in Algeria or in France. The messages quoted the sources of statements to be exploited in the redaction of the tracts or leaflets, or to be introduced in video or tapes to be sent to the media. The most commonly quoted sources were the United Nations, the non-aligned countries, the UNHCR and . . . Al Qaida.

“Al Qaida remained the data base of the Islamic Conference. Not all member countries of the Islamic Conference are ‘rogue states’ and many Islamic groups could pick up information from the databases. It was but natural for Osama Bin Laden to be connected to this network. He is a member of an important family in the banking and business world.

“Because of the presence of ‘rogue states,’ it became easy for terrorist groups to use the email of the database. Hence, the email of Al Qaida was used, with some interface system, providing secrecy, for the families of the mujaheddin to keep links with their children undergoing training in Afghanistan, or in Libya or in the Beqaa valley, Lebanon. Or in action anywhere in the battlefields where the extremists sponsored by all the ‘rogue states’ used to fight. And the ‘rogue states’ included Saudi Arabia. When Osama bin Laden was an American agent in Afghanistan, the Al Qaida Intranet was a good communication system through coded or covert messages.

Meet “Al Qaeda”

“Al Qaida was neither a terrorist group nor Osama bin Laden’s personal property . . . The terrorist actions in Turkey in 2003 were carried out by Turks and the motives were local and not international, unified, or joint. These crimes put the Turkish government in a difficult position vis-a-vis the British and the Israelis. But the attacks certainly intended to ‘punish’ Prime Minister Erdogan for being a ‘toot tepid’ Islamic politician.

” . . . In the Third World the general opinion is that the countries using weapons of mass destruction for economic purposes in the service of imperialism are in fact ‘rogue states,” specially the US and other NATO countries.

” Some Islamic economic lobbies are conducting a war against the ‘liberal” economic lobbies. They use local terrorist groups claiming to act on behalf of Al Qaida. On the other hand, national armies invade independent countries under the aegis of the UN Security Council and carry out pre-emptive wars. And the real sponsors of these wars are not governments but the lobbies concealed behind them.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive the ‘TV watcher’ to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money.”

In yet another example of what happens to those who challenge the system, in December 2001, Maj. Pierre-Henri Bunel was convicted by a secret French military court of passing classified documents that identified potential NATO bombing targets in Serbia to a Serbian agent during the Kosovo war in 1998. Bunel’s case was transferred from a civilian court to keep the details of the case classified. Bunel’s character witnesses and psychologists notwithstanding, the system “got him” for telling the truth about Al Qaeda and who has actually been behind the terrorist attacks commonly blamed on that group.

It is noteworthy that that Yugoslav government, the government with whom Bunel was asserted by the French government to have shared information, claimed that Albanian and Bosnian guerrillas in the Balkans were being backed by elements of “Al Qaeda.” We now know that these guerrillas were being backed by money provided by the Bosnian Defense Fund, an entity established as a special fund at Bush-influenced Riggs Bank and directed by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith.

French officer Maj. Pierre-Henri Bunel, who knew the truth about “Al Qaeda” — Another target of the neo-cons.


U.S. priest arrested in Florida was preparing to burn 2998 copies of the Holy Quran on the

anniversary of September 11

U.S. priest arrested in Florida was preparing to burn 2998 a copy of the Koran on the anniversary of September 11

Florida authorities arrested the U.S. Wednesday, the Rev. Terry Jones when

he was preparing to burn 2998 a copy of the Holy Quran on the 12 anniversary of

the attacks of 11 September / September.

He was charged with fuel illegally and possession of a firearm, according to the local newspaper.

Telegram (text)

 American arrested Pastor Terry Jones in Florida Wednesday when he was preparing to burn about three thousand copies of the Holy Quran on the occasion

of the 12 anniversary of the attacks September 11 according to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported.

Jones was arrested 61-year-old in Mulberry, near Tampa in Florida (southeast) and charged with fuel illegally and possession of a firearm, according to the local newspaper.

Upon his arrest, Pastor was driving a pickup pulls locomotive contains a grill that has copies of the Holy Quran poured kerosene.

And on its website Jones announced Wednesday that he intends to burn 2998 a copy of the Holy Quran in Tampa Bay in memory of the victims of the September 11 attacks / September.

He was arrested with the Rev. Marvin Sap minutes before his feet to burn the Koran, according to the newspaper said.

In July 2010 he drew attention to burned pages of the Koran on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11 / September 2001.


On September 1, Egypt’s largest newspaper had a screaming headline:


The article goes on to say that Khairat El-Shater, the number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy—now in custody by the Egyptian military—

has evidence that will put Obama is prison.

Kharirat El-Shater is singing like a bird, implicating our ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood President, Barack Obama, but there’s no need. The Egyptian military,

putting the horde of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood thugs on trial for murder, burning churches, and crucifying Christians, has found a treasure trove of documents,

including proof that the Obama regime was funneling millions of dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood, having in hand the actual signed receipts.

But this is just small change compared to what Barack Obama has been up to. Khariat El-Shater signed an agreement with Obama about a little

parcel of land known as the Sinai Peninsula. As reported by Egypt Daily News, Obama secretly transferred a staggering $8 billion to the

Muslim’ Brotherhood to guarantee that the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s terrorist wing Hamas.

Why would Obama want Hamas to take over the Sinai Peninsula, an area of land larger than the entire state of Israel?

It’s a good thing Barack Obama’s BFF, former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, is no longer in power. But this is only the beginning.

Obama has his fingers in every aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood pie, including the Brotherhood’s mercenary army, al-Qaeda—

Obama actually colluding with the the so-called “rebels” in Syria!



Middle East – BBC Arabic – Italian journalist: Syrians opponents “treated me like animals”
Italian war correspondent Domenico Quirico, who was kidnapped by armed opposition groups in Syria, says that opponents treated him “as treated animals.”

المراسل الحربي الايطالي دومينيكو كيريكو، الذي اختطفته مجموعات مسلحة معارضة في سوريا، يقول إن المعارضين عاملوه “كما تعامل الحيوانات.”
Traffic Eastern Mediterranean ..  New Russian ship sailing toward Tartus and Washington instruct to Madmradtha not to depart :روسيا اليوم
AFP Traffic Eastern Mediterranean .. New Russian ship sailing toward Tartus and Washington instruct to Madmradtha not to departPresident Barack Obama instructed American destroyers deployed in the eastern Mediterranean should not depart from its place,
with the survival probability used to strike a blow to Syria. In the meantime, the ship headed guard Russian “Smiteleyfa” to the Syrian coast
to enhance the formation of Russian naval operational in the region.
According to the U.S. Department of Defense that Obama ordered his defense minister Chuck Hagel during a phone call
Wednesday, September 11 / September to keep destroyers equipped with missiles “Tomahawk” winged in the eastern Mediterranean.
And in turn contact Hagel Commander Destroyer “Perry”, which was scheduled to come home soon, and ordered him to remain in the region,
“in the context of preparations for military action against the Syrian regime.”
A statement issued by the Pentagon that Hagel “commended the work of the devastating” Perry “and other ships from the U.S. formation region
is to ensure the ability of U.S. forces to the implementation of the tasks ahead of it in the event of receiving orders in this regard of the Supreme Commander.”
Guard vessel “Smiteleyfa” heading to the Syrian coast Confirmed the press service of the Russian military fleet to escort ship “Smiteleyfa” of the Black Sea Fleet,
sailed Thursday, 12 September / from the port of Sevastopol towards the Syrian coast. It is scheduled to join the ship with two ships, the missile cruiser “Moscow”
and a large landing ship the “Nikolai Valchenkov” to Russian naval operational configuration in the Mediterranean Sea. It is scheduled to cross the ships “Smiteleyfa”
and the “Nikolai Valchenkov” straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles together, to تتوجهان the then to the Syrian coast, where a large landing ship will visit the
Syrian port of Tartus for the transfer of military equipment to the Russian Center for securing material and technical port.
Source: “Russia Today” + Agency

Kremlin: Russian initiative Damascus strike set aside for a certain period and must not be lost in vain

12.09.2013 | 13:14 Russia Aleomaki the

Kremlin: Russian initiative grève Damas mis de côté pendant un certain temps et ne doit pas être perdu en vain


TERRORIST (so-called) “Free Syrian Army” refuses initiative Alrossaah on international chemical control Syrian

12.09.2013 | 12:03

Free Syrian Army reject the Russian initiative on international chemical control Syrian

Free Syrian Army reject the Russian initiative on international chemical control
Syrian Announced the “Free Syrian Army” rejected the Russian initiative on the development of the Syrian chemical weapons under international supervision.
The Chief of Staff of the army free Salim Idris said in a statement a video posted on YouTube on Thursday, 12 September / September:
“announces Chiefs of Staff categorical rejection of the initiative Russian to develop chemical weapons under international trusteeship
and requests from the international community not only to withdraw chemical weapon, and even accounting perpetrator of the crime and the trial . “
Source: AFP


News about the arrival of Anoud Abdullah Sanusi to Cairo International Airport.


30 AUGUST 2008:

This is the first African country (LIBYA) to be compensated by a former colonial master,

Mu & Berlusconi sign Concordia

Mr Berlusconi (left) and Col al-Qathafi shook hands

Italy seals Libya colonial deal


BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Libyan leader Moammar Qathafi signed a memorandum pledging a US$5 billion compensation package involving construction projects, student grants and pensions for Libyan soldiers who served with the Italians during World War II.
“It is a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that our country has done to yours during the colonial era,” Berlusconi told reporters at the airport on his arrival. “This agreement opens the path to further cooperation.”

In return, Italy wants Libya to crack down on illegal migrants turning up on Italian shores, and Italy will fund US$500 million worth of electronic monitoring devices on the Libyan coastline.

al-Qathafi received Berlusconi under a big tent in Benghazi where they discussed the agreement over lunch. The Italian leader said US$200 million of the package would be for infrastructure projects over the next 25 years, including a coastal highway stretching across the country from Tunisia to Egypt.

The two leaders exchanged gifts, with Berlusconi giving al-Qathafi a silver inkstand, sculpted in the form of a lion’s head, with two pens inside to sign the agreement. The Libyan leader gave Berlusconi a linen suit.

Berlusconi’s office said in a statement that the premier would also hand over to al-Qathafi the Venus of Cyrene, an ancient Roman statue taken in 1913 by Italian troops from the ruins of the Greek and Roman settlement of Cyrene, on the Libyan coast.

Relations between the two countries have warmed over the last few years, with Italian leaders meeting al-Qathafi several times. However, it has taken years of negotiations for the two sides to reach a deal on compensation for Italy’s rule over Libya from 1911 to 1943.

Libya named Aug. 30 Libyan-Italian Friendship Day.

From from BBC

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has signed an agreement to pay Libya $5bn as part of a deal to resolve colonial-era disputes.

Libyan leader Col Muammar al-Qathafi said the settlement signed in the city of Benghazi opened the door to partnership between the two states.

Mr Berlusconi said the deal, which sees the money being released over 25 years, ended “40 years of misunderstanding”.

Libya was occupied by Italy in 1911 before becoming a colony in the 1930s.

The former Ottoman territory became an independent country in 1951.

This is the first African country to be compensated by a former colonial master, the BBC’s Rana Jawad reports from Benghazi.

The question is, she adds: will this latest move set precedents for other former African countries to follow suit?

Coastal motorway

Mr Berlusconi explained that $200m would be paid annually over the next 25 years through investments in infrastructure projects, the main one being a coastal motorway between the Egyptian and Tunisian borders.

The Venus of Cyrene statue is displayed at the signing ceremony   

The headless statue was displayed when the two leaders met

There will also be a colonial-era mine clearing project.

As a goodwill gesture, Italy also returned an ancient statue of Venus, the headless “Venus of Cyrene”, whichhad been taken to Rome in colonial times.

The settlement was a “complete and moral acknowledgement of the damage inflicted on Libya by Italy during the colonial era”, the Italian prime minister said.

“In this historic document, Italy apologises for its killing, destruction and repression against Libyans during the colonial rule,” Col Gaddafi said for his part.

The agreement was signed in the Benghazi palace which once housed the Italian colonial administration, Reuters news agency reports.

Rome and Tripoli have spent years arguing over compensation for the colonial period.

Mr Berlusconi’s one-day trip was his second since June when illegal immigration from Africa to Europe was the key issue of talks.

Italy has been swamped by thousands of African migrants trying to reach its shores by boat.


Issue #32
September 28th, 2008

Former Colonial Government Pays African Reparations
by William Reed

Under Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s prolonged and persistent pressure for justice, Libya became the first African country to receive apologies and compensation from a former colonial power. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently apologized to the North African country for damage Italy inflicted during 40 years of colonial rule and signed an agreement to pay $5 billion as compensation to resolve colonial-era disputes.

Libya’s leader said the settlement opened the door to partnership between the two states. Long a pariah among Western powers, Gaddafi called the treaty historic and that it marked the defeat of colonialism. Gaddafi said “Tyranny has a price which must be borne by the perpetrators,” while Mr. Berlusconi said the deal ended 40 years of misunderstanding.

Italy was a minor player in European whites Manifest Destiny of domination over lesser races to shape the world in their image. During their Colonization Period European nations extended their sovereignty over territories beyond their borders by establishment of either settler or exploitation colonies during which indigenous populations were directly ruled, displaced, or exterminated. For almost a century European countries engaged in systems of direct political, economic, and cultural intervention and hegemony over weaker, and almost always non-white, nations. Italy invaded Libya in 1911. It also invaded Ethiopia and occupied Eritrea and Somalia.

When Italy invaded the North African country that borders the Mediterranean, much of the European thinking was that colonialism was legal. Rome and Tripoli Rome have spent years arguing over compensation for the colonial period. But, Gaddafi doggedly pursued reparations and labeled colonialism as crimes recognized in international law.

Although the Italian Reparations have numerous self-serving tenets, African leaders are pondering: Will the move set a precedent? And, whether other former colonial masters will pay reparations for the civil wrongs and human rights abuses they visited on former subjects?

Until Italian confession and penance, former colonial powers had refused to acknowledge the legal and moral basis for reparations for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses and other international injustices they committed in Africa. Mr. Berlusconi told Libyan journalists that the $5 billion compensation was a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that Italy had made during colonialism. But, many said say that the deal has much more to do with Italy’s concern about oil and immigrants.

Mr. Berlusconi said he’d pay $200 million for infrastructure projects over the next 25 years, including a coastal highway across Libya from Tunisia to Egypt – to be built by Italian contractors. There will also be a colonial-era mine clearing project. Italy also returned an ancient statue of Venus, the headless Venus of Cyrene, taken to Rome during colonial times.

Italy has been swamped by thousands of African migrants trying to reach its shores by boat and Berlusconi wants Gaddafi to crack down on African migrants and Italy is to pay for $500 million of electronic monitors along Libya’s coast as part of the compensation package.

In this historic document, Italy apologizes for killing, destruction and repression Libyans during the colonial rule, Col. Gaddafi said. Gaddafi has pushed for the United States of Africa for years. Libya is a North African country that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the north and lies between Egypt to the east and Sudan to the southeast, the former Ottoman territory is an area of almost 700,000 square miles, 90 percent of which is desert. Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa by area, and the 17th largest in the world. Oil was discovered in 1958 and has transformed its economy. The capital, Tripoli, is home to 1.7 million of Libya’s 5.7 million people.

Now that Libya has been compensated by its former colonial master, who will follow suit? France, a major ex-colonial force in Africa, downplayed the treaty as “strictly an arrangement between Italy and Libya to enhance relations between Libya and the international community, including European”.

Proper restitutions will begin when all Europeans acknowledge they benefited from colonialism and that it was a crime against humanity whose consequences are still with us.

William Reed’s article reprinted from

Juma Blessings upon all the Earth and the Worlds innumerable as the Desert Sands

Juma Blessings

Hypocrites do not reign them only their own interests!!

The Almighty said: (hide in themselves do not seem to you) [Al-Imran: 154].
It hypocrisy .. It hypocrisy ..
That was for sedition February 17, 2011, which broke out in Libya good, it exposed a lot of hypocrites, and revealed their nakedness in front of everyone. This has helped to reveal the face of strife hypocrisy ..

Where he fell mask deception on the faces of many of Al al-Bayt (Alqmazfah) and many of the pioneers of Al Khaimah (barracks Bab al-Aziziya) Libyans and undercover and westerners from politicians and thought, culture and art, the press and the media who Heck Roa over more than four decades in the glorification of Fateh Revolution of September: the great and the system mass Badi

and full declaration of loyalty to the commander internationalist revolutionary thinker Muammar Gaddafi ..
But, as soon as they felt that the captain of a ship of the system is determined to face waves of NATO winds were afraid and if all of them jumping out of the challenge and ship quickly turning and turning against the regime were participants in workmanship and take advantage of it for over 42 years!.

They are people who betrayed cowards stunned, lying their wares, and betrayal created them. Vahdhiro are not take you their mercy! They are hypocrites!.

المنافقون لا عهد لهم سوى مصالحهم!!

قال تعالى: (يُخْفُونَ فِي أَنْفُسِهِمْ مَا لا يُبْدُونَ لَك) [آل عمران:154].
انه النفاق.. انه النفاق..
ان كان لفتنة 17 فبراير 2011 التي اشتعلت في ليبيا من حسنة ، أنها فضحت الكثير من المنافقين، وكشفت عوراتهم أمام الجميع. فقد ساعدت هذه الفتنة على كشف وجه النفاق .. حيث سقط قناع الخداع عن وجوه العديدين من آل البيت (القذاذفة) والكثيرين من رواد الخيمة (ثكنة باب العزيزية) الليبيين والمستعربين والمستغربين من أهل السياسة والفكر والثقافة والفن والصحافة والإعلام الذين تباروا على مدى أكثر من أربعة عقود في تمجيد ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر العظيمة والنظام الجماهيري البديع وإعلان الولاء التام للقائد الأممي المفكر الثائر معمر القذافي.. ولكن ، حالما شعروا بأن ربان سفينة النظام عازم على مواجهة أمواج حلف شمال الأطلنطي العاتية خافوا وإذا بهم جميعا ًيقفزون من سفينة التحدي وسرعان ما يتحولون وينقلبون ضد نظام كانوا من المشاركين فى صنعه والاستفادة منه على مدى 42 عاما !. إنهم قوم بُهْت غدر جبناء، الكذب بضاعتهم، والخيانة خُلقهم. فاحذروهم ولا تأخذكم بهم رآفة! فإنهم منافقون!.

ناصر صلاح الدين السهولي (ناشط حقوقي ليبي)

Mu Friday Juma Blessings

Blessed Islam

Juma Blessings upon all the Earth and the Worlds innumerable…




Do you want to be dead and the aspirations of the island’s violin ..

Follow the steps Congratulations to you martyr remained and Httalaa on the island:

® 0 • ● ♥ Ḿǿhąḿęd ♥ ● • 0

عاوز تكون ميت وتطلع فى الجزيرة كمان..

اتبع الخطوات ومبروك عليك بقيت شهيد وهتطلع في الجزيرة

®٠•●♥ Ḿǿhąḿęd ♥●•٠

عاوز تكون ميت وتطلع فى الجزيرة كمان..اتبع الخطوات ومبروك عليك بقيت شهيد وهتطلع في الجزيرة®٠•●♥ Ḿǿhąḿęd ♥●•٠

Pollen difference between the two images… Abt ÇÍäÇ O Issam


A ship flying the flag of Libya February name bararos stalled since 19 \ 8 Belkrb the Malta and now you maneuver strange Belkrb

of a whale Liberian (Mnich Aref people as a follow-up thread and non-formed but not practical scheme to smuggle crew located in a whale and God knows).

From the site of Maritime Navigation
Direct transfer to ships Maps – automatic identification system – the movement of ships and their locations:

Member of the National Conference year the names of tax: the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs:


To stop any imam converts speech and Friday prayers sermon political (MUST ONLY BE WHAT MB STATE ORDERS …through SADAK GHARYIANI, nothing changed).

impact of the altercation hears forward libel and insult and rejection of his sermon political shows us their defenders.

to say the meat scientists poisoned.

The mosque to pray, to pray for “tolerance and serenity souls to cleanse the hearts of the convergence of God Almighty and to unite and move away from hatred and rancor”,

but they exploit platforms to settle accounts.

(in other words, the people are forced to obey NATO/MB propaganda at Mosque services on Friday Nights…and anyone deviating from this will be incarcerated!)

ALL THIS ROT must be stopped NOW!|


A failed  attempt to assassinate Abdullah thankless BelHadj.

Alzentani from someone Tunisian personal order of the high امارتية have failed …

Abdullah thankless at the crossroads national unity held Balsoana, the August 15, 2013




Qatari journalist Ahmed Ali and across the note, his followers morning

Friday, 08/23/2013 at exactly eight o’clock and seven

Twenty minutes are Doha Send Tweets via Twitter in which he said:

Hrfaita ((farce dominated by gangs and Kharijites for Libyan oil will not be silent

The world and do Roadin of humans prevent a livelihood for the people of Arabic free

Will not go unpunished as we can with the Libyan people overthrow

al-Qathafi will fall any sneaky criminal regime under federal, Libya

To federal Athtml areas and social composition can not Vdrltha and on

Eastern Libya that is well aware of this and know that Qatar will not abandon the people

Libyan and leave the scum of the creatures that controlled for Libyan oil, this

My you Aaasabat dark outsiders and the second letter will reach

You for editing planes that will come to you from all over the world and tomorrow

Headmistress near and tell you Libyan oil either have or Libyans originally ICON

Oil in Libya and return to the pre-oil discovery, these words to you

And must be placed between your eyes and ears penetrate).”



Mohamed Kabta head of a branch of the Brotherhood, Libya: –

1 – I do not mind that governs Libya someone from Malaysia or Egypt.

2 – a nationality is Islam, not Libby.

3 – National word is a word secular infidel imported from the West.

4 – word of the Libyan state border is a secular term infidel.

5 – Libya must be Bayt Mal Muslims all over the world.

6 – Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood is a global organization that does not recognize the homeland and border states.

7 – must harness the Libyan oil for the return of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt to power again.
محمد الكبتي رئيس جماعة الاخوان فرع ليبيا:-

1- لا مانع من ان يحكم ليبيا شخص من ماليزيا أو مصر.
2- ا جنسية هي الاسلام و ليس ليبي.
3- كلمة الوطنية هي كلمة علمانية كافرة مستوردة من الغرب.
4- كلمة الحدود الدولة الليبية هي مصطلح علماني كافر.
5- ليبيا يجب ان تكون بيت مال المسلمين في جميع انحاء العالم.
6- تنظيم الاخوان المسلمين هو تنظيم عالمي لا يعترف بالوطن و لا بالحدود الدول.
7- يجب تسخير النفط الليبي من اجل رجوع الاخوان في مصر الي السلطة من جديد.

RANS LANAUF / BREGA / AJDABIYA and Green Mountain of the RED VALLEY:

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Green Mountain newspaper – Libya
Arab country ($ Benghazi $)
Urgent escape artist in favor of White minutes before the assassination attempt and we bring you the details later.

Shield militia threat Benghazi youth Cyrenaica

In the name of God the Merciful
Statement force shield to Libya in the city of Benghazi, Libyan nation – No. (1)
About the developments and implications of the Declaration of Ras Lanuf

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings
After, Fbtaatba efforts maliciousness of this nation, and efforts to distortion paths and principles of the revolution of the seventeenth of February glorious; starting from the Conference Alaualah and passing through the corrupting life media and tamper inputs which distorted the overall vision of the political landscape, through to the Conference of Ras Lanuf, which was announced for the region and reality , and put the Constitution of 1951 as a reference, and control the sources and pathways of the Libyan nation’s wealth under the grip of a clique of renegades, seeking in forcibly Avckakea.

Based on the principles and decisions for which they emerged from under our blessed revolution; victory of religion, and the unity of the homeland, and استرجاعا of Rights and Freedoms and wasted resources in order to preserve them, and that was an infinite thanks to God and retrieval of deceased tyrant claws.

Do not have all jealous, and we all see rope wraps conspiracy on the neck of our people and our country, in light of the slowdown and the inability of Death extent of the organs and institutions of the government concerned to impose the system, and the extension of prestige, and put things in perspective .. Which we can not accept the restructuring and the demarcation project tyranny and uniqueness about it, who Salt them themselves to drive a wedge of separation and differentiation, and the manipulation and disregard for the unity of the nation, and equitable distribution of the wealth of the Libyans and strengthened their children and their source of livelihood and the future of their generations and dignity.

We are in this statement and advertising,
We declare that we will strike with an iron fist; each of the same begging him to continue tampering schemes glorious revolution project, or on the borders of assault or home unit Aziz, or prejudice the interests of the Libyan and the wealth of the nation combined.
And we still proceed from the same principles that brought us from our homes to Nntzaa our freedom and sovereignty, and that Ndhud honor of Rights Project, honor and justice sought by all Libyan dear dad.

This is necessary, and Allah is the before and after ..
Shield forces to Libya – Benghazi
The first power – the second force – force seventh
20: August: 2013

– A copy of the General National Congress
– A copy of the presidency of the General Staff.
– A copy of the interim presidency of the transitional government.
– A copy of the notables and tribal elders and those areas.

Ghaithi friend of Cyrenaica to the atmosphere of the country:

((We will sell oil in broad daylight in front of the open))
الصديق الغيثى من برقة لأجواء لبلاد :

(( سنبيع النفط جهاراً نهاراً أمام العلن ))

Council Cyrenaica region in the process of establishment of the Council for Fatwa for the region .. And the circle around Ahttiar consultations people!!

Allahu Akbar
Urgent now
Sheikhs and notables and dignitaries tribes Alawakir various homes and Tafrathm from the coast and suburbs and Benghazi in the largest convoy of cars followed by military vehicles in a convoy majestic barely slow down traffic on the road to Benghazi, Ajdabiya on their way to meeting their children youth of the Political Bureau of the region of Cyrenaica and its president-designate of the Council of Cyrenaica transition to bless the announcement Ras Lanuf historical and put it into practice.
One image to tribal sheikhs Alawakir
Tribe adviser Sheikh Yusuf al-Abbar Altaib …

We all Ibrahim Aljdharan to extract human Cyrenaica
الله اكبر
عـــــــــــــــــاجــــــــــــل الآن
مشائخ واعيان ووجهاء قبائل العواقير بمختلف بيوتهم وتفرعاتهم من الساحل والضواحي وبنغازي في اكبر رتل من السيارات تتبعها سيارات عسكرية وفي موكب مهيب تكاد تبطئ حركة السير على طريق بنغازي اجدابيا في طريقهم للاجتماع بأبنائهم الشباب بالمكتب السياسي لاقليم برقة ورئيسه المكلف التابع لمجلس برقة الانتقالي لمباركة اعلان راس لانوف التاريخي ولوضعه موضع التنفيذ .
الصورة لاحد مشائخ قبائل العواقير
مستشار القبيلة الشيخ يوسف التايب العبار…

كلنا إبراهيم الجضران لإنتزاع حقوق بـرقـة

(Valley girl)
انفجارات قوية تهز منطقة المعمورة وابوصرة في حدود مدينة الزاوية قبل ساعة من الان …
مبروك قد نجح من جلب المليشيات معينة لطرابلس .. بزرع واشعال الحرب بين ورشفانة والزاوية .. حتي ينفذ السبب الحقيقي من وراء جلب المليشيات وصرف الملايين من قوت الشعب الليبي عليها ..

اللي جاب المليشيات الي طرابلس .. هو من يزرع في الفتنة بين الزاوية وورشفانة الان


Chairman of the Joint security room in Ajdabiya stating that the oil is pumped at the local level only.

The head of the joint security room city of Ajdabiya Colonel “Bashir Abdul Qadir Bodverh” that extends from the oil field the Zueitina

through Marsa Brega oil to the ports of Ras noses and Sidra pumped at the local level only, the outer Export suspended completely.
An expanded meeting now in Ajdabiya for elders Middle Libyan

A little while ago: through the globe Bossrh.

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica
قبل قليل : طريق المعمورة بوصرة.

ويكيليكس برقــــــــــــــة


A press release from the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya, 23 August 2013

Tripoli, on August 23, 2013 – surprised the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya, the most surprising came in a statement last Libyan Fatwa on security conditions in the country in terms of reference to what she called the “United Nations call for the division of the country.” He regrets that includes a statement of the Libyan Foundation solemn, religious and national, intrusive is no justification for the United Nations in name intimation unfounded.
It is no secret to any early and keen to know the truth that the United Nations does not call for, in any form, to split Libya أوالى the adoption of federalism. (A WARNING to CYRANAICA?)

But it emphasizes its adherence to the national unity of Libya and respected, in a strict manner, national sovereignty. In the exercise of its role in supporting Libya 


Libyans and their priorities options and stand on their side with their own consent for themselves to achieve the goals of their (RAT) “17 FEBRUARY Revolution”.



I hope Publishing
Broadcaster Mohammed Alodani
Gentlemen owners compassionate hearts
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings
Please note that “child-Saadi Ahmed Soliman
Critical condition and he needs blood to the amount of which now Bmsahh the average Btageor constructive and his platoon are very rare,

“and ask you lived Tripoli and his platoon a negative trend immediately” to the clinic to Rescue his life and God does not waste the reward of the best work ”
To all the brothers should be publishing in the fastest time
To continue on this number 0913717061
ارجو النشر
المذيع محمد الوداني
السادة اصحاب القلوب الرحيمة
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
نحيطكم علما” بأن الطفل الساعدي احمد سليمان في
حالة حرجة وهو يحتاج لكمية من الدم وهو الان بمصحة المتوسط بتاجور اء وفصيلته نادرة جدا” ونطلب منكم من كان يسكن طرابلس وفصيلته a سالبة التوجه فورا” الى المصحة لانقاد حياته والله لا يضيع اجر من احسن عملا”
الي جميع الاخوة يجب النشر في اسرع وقت
وللتواصل علي هذا الرقم 0913717061


Tripoli also came

Aaaaaaaajl reasons for the high smoke in the field of Algeria
Is a fire broke out in a building municipal guards and cause a problem in the electricity and civil defense in place.

Abdel Moez Bannon is informing us:

A fire in the car park municipal guards now in the street municipal center of the capital Tripoli, was directed by residents of the building, which is located beneath the headquarters safe side, and civil defense reached the place now, was closed streets surrounding architecture,,, and I’m in the place every few minutes hear the sound of bombing in inside, it seems to cars belonging to the Municipal Guard ..

Seven cars ash fire so far and sitting in the garage municipal guards municipal central street of the capital Tripoli …


Urgent :: hijacked lawyer killed :: Moved

Attorney benign and yellow, which was hijacked on 15/08/2013 in front of a behalf janzour the court today found partial lifeless body under a bridge of 17 janzour.

Branch Security Council Libya

The truth behind the abduction of lawyer benign yellow of Janzur. Yellow lawyer benign elevation of a case against a crime to say the least it is one of the worst kinds of crimes known to mankind. He killings capturing on the other Mmtlakat what if the killer brother from the same mother and father?
This is the reason behind the kidnapping of benign Yellow is a defense to a case brought by a woman against her husband ÇÎćí where they killed brother and Astolo on his property. Hamid Yellow raised the issue with courage and received a lot of threats to stop this topic issue but continued. Until the day of the hearing, the same day he was kidnapped. ÇÎćí the woman’s husband Kill brother Astelaúhm wife on his property and his home and Mtlkath. Lose kidnapped lawyer because she defended the truth. Now, the offender is known: What is the fate of the lawyer?





Quoting  RAT MB Libya Shield Forces Central Region :
We received a message regarding events and Rishvana the corner ..

Colt shield Libya Central Region emphasizes the readiness at any time to move according to the orders of the General Staff of the security settings, and affirm that any gang rogue threaten citizens or security within the territory of Libya will not only find the strength to deal with it while exported our command, and the “patience of the state is running out with the this rogue gangs.
نقلا عن قوات درع ليبيا المنطقة الوسطى
وصلتنا رسالة بخصوص احداث ورشفانة والزاوية..

قولت درع ليبيا المنطقة الوسطى تؤكد على جاهزيتها في أي وقت للتحرك بناءا على اوامر من رئاسة الأركان لضبط الأمن، ونؤكد أن اي عصابة مارقة تهدد المواطنين أو الأمن داخل تراب ليبيا لن تجد إلا القوة للتعامل معها في حين صدرت لنا الأوامر،وصبر الدولة بدأ ينفذ مع هذه العصابات المارقة

And Rishvana great / Great WRishvana

Valtfajr and Rishvana Basodha and heroes

تشكرنا corner to Tadipana the Bltjatha

And recall, although we in the media slander, and hit areas and Rishvana the tanks and mortars

,,, And Rishvana not used force yet, (inhabitants of Rishvana Tian Rdobaa), and without launchers and tanks because we fear that bomb فتهدم the buildings and homes.
And now we are the masters of the field and medium and light weapons only.
ورشفانة العظيمة / Great WRishvana

فالتفخـر ورشفانة باسودها و ابطالها

ولتشكرنا الزاوية لتاديبنا لبلطجيتها

و نذكر رغم الافتراء علينا اعلاميا ، و ضرب مناطق ورشفانة بالدبابات و الراجمات

ان ،،، ورشفانة لم تستخدم القوة بعد ، ( نسمة من ورشفانة طيحت رطبها ) ، و بدون راجمات و دبابات لاننا نخشي ان نقصف فتهدم العمارات و المنازل .
و نحن الان اسياد الميدان و باسلحة متوسطة و خفيفة فقـــــــــــط

عاجل جداً……
بيان مجلس الشورى ورشفانة
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله محمد ابن عبدالله
بيان مجلس الشورى ورشفانة
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(وأتقو فتنة لا تصيبين الذين ظلموا منكم خاصة واعلموا ان الله شديد العقاب (25) الانفال)
في ضل الظروف الراهنة التى تمر بها منطقة ورشفانة وما تتعرض له من هجمات من الاشعات الكاذبة والمغرضة وتشويه الحقائق وتضليل الرأي العام ومحاولة تشويه ابنائها من الشرفاء الوطنين فان مجلس الشورى ورشفانة يؤكد على الاتى:
1. ان قبائل ورشفانة تستنكر ما يحاوله البعض من ضعفاء النفوس ومايحكونه من اعمال ومؤامرات من اجل اشعال نار الفتنة مع جيرانها من قبائل الزاوية مستخدمين الاعلام والسلاح في تاجيج نار الفتنة
2. ان الواجب الوطنى يحتم علينا التنبيه الى ماتشهده الاوضاع الامنية والسياسية في ليبيا من تدهور الى مستوى ينذر بالخطر على مستقبل الوطن ويهدد وحدته الترابية، مما ادى الى انتشار الملشيات المسلحة التى تعمل خارج نطاق الدولة وتثير القلاقل بين المدن والقبائل لدعم واستمرار الفتنة
3. ان ماحدث خلال الايام الماضية هو دخول مجموعة مسلحة من المنطقة المجاورة لمنطقة المعمورة حيث تم الاستيلاء على مدرسة الشعب والمسجد والمستوصف الواقعين داخل الحدود الادارية لمنطقة ورشفانة حيث تم اطلاق النار على الموظفين وطردهم من المستوصف وقد تم تبليغ موسسات الدولة الشرعية بماحدث
4. ان قبائل ورشفانة تفند الاخبار التى تتنقالها بعض وسائل الاعلام ووسائل الاتصال الاجتماعى والتى تذكر ان سبب هذه المشكلة هما المارقين والخارجين عن القانون في حين ان الصحيح هو اعتداء من المنطقة المجاورة لمنطقة المعمورة من قبل مسلحين لاستيلاء على المدرسة والمستوصف وقد استخدم المسلحين اسلحة ثقيلة ادت الى اضرار بالكثير من المدنين والمنازل
5. اننا نؤكد على الهدف الرئيسى وهو وحدة التراب الليبيى وسيادة القانون وسلامة الليبين ونحترم الحدود الادارية للمدن المجاورة ونتجنب الوقع في فتنة الفرقة وتشتيت اللحمة الوطنية
6. اننا ندعو العقلاء والحكماء وأهل الدين والراى السديد اللالتزام بالمواثيق والعهود التى تمت بين ورشفانة والزواية لوئد الفتن ووقف الاقتتال الى ان ياذن الله في قيام الدولة القوية ونحكم شرع الله عز وجل في من كانت له مظلمة فليأخذها بالقانون والحق وليس بسفك الدماء
7. نؤكد على شرعية مؤسسات الدولة المنتخبة ونرفض اى مظاهر مسلحة خارج السلطة الشرعية وضرورة انضمام كل التشكيلات المسلحة تحت مظلة الجيش الوطنى كافراد عسكريين نظامين يحكمهم القانون العسكرى
8. نطالب الحكومة بفتح تحقيق في الاعتداء الذى تم على منطقة المعمورة
9. الدعوة الى حوار وطنى يضم كافة الليبيين يهدف الى المصالحة الوطنية وتفعيل قانون العدالة الانتقالية

حفظ الله ليبيا

مجلس الشورى بورشفانة

Statement Shura Council and Rishvana of
————————————————– —–
In the name of God the Merciful
And prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah Muhammad ibn Abdullah
Statement Shura Council and Rishvana of
In the name of God the Merciful
(And أتقو sedition not Tosaibin who wronged you special and know that Allah is severe in punishment (25) Anfal)
Strayed current circumstances experienced by the region and Rishvana and subjected him from attacks by from rays false and tendentious and distort the facts and mislead public opinion and try to tarnish the honorable sons of the homelands, the Shura Council and Rishvana of emphasizes the following:

1. The tribes and Rishvana, denouncing what Try it some of the weak souls and Migouna the acts and conspiracies in order to ignite the fire of strife with its neighbors from the tribes of users corner flags and weapons in fueling the fire of sedition.

2. That national duty requires us alert to Machhdh security and political situation in Libya deteriorated to an alarming level on the future of the nation and threaten its territorial integrity, which led to the spread of Almelcaat armed, which operate outside the state and excite unrest among cities and tribes to support the continuation of sedition.

3. That happened during the past few days is the entry of armed group from the vicinity of the area of the globe where they were grabbing people and the mosque school and clinic located within the administrative boundaries of the and Rishvana the region where they were shooting at employees and expelled from the dispensary has been Report institutions in the state legitimacy Pmahaddt the.

4. The tribes and Rishvana refutes news that Taatnqalha some media and means of social communication, which remember that the reason for this problem are renegades and outlaws while the right is an attack from the area adjacent to the area of the globe by militants to seize the school and the clinic has been used militants heavy weapons led to the damage a lot of civilians and houses.

5. We emphasize the main objective of a unit dirt الليبيى and the rule of law and the safety of Libyans and respect the administrative border of the neighboring cities and avoid the impact of the in strife band and distracting national cohesion.

6. We call on the wise men and wise men and the people of religion, opinion good Allaltazam conventions and covenants, which has between Rishvana and Nook for Oid sedition and stop the fighting, to authorize God in the establishment of a strong state and judge the law of God Almighty in whom she has a dark Vlaokhzha law and the right, but not bloodshed.

7. Affirm the legitimacy of the elected institutions of the state and reject any armed appearances outside the legitimate authority and the need to join all armed formations under the umbrella of the national army as individuals military regimes ruled by martial law.

8. We demand the government to open an investigation into the attack, which was the area of the globe.

9. The call for a national dialogue involving all Libyans aimed at national reconciliation and activate the law of transitional justice.

God save Libya

Shura Council Borcvana the
ibyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Shortly after meeting will begin at Madinat al-Zahra objects, Rishvana, the Abu Humaira Sons  and notables of the Corner ..
قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

بعد قليل سوف يبدأ الاجتماع في مدينة الزهراء بين أعيان ورشفانة وأعيان اولاد أبو حميرة من الزاوية..

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Armistice now been canceled. Access to support young children’s Isa globe with heavy weapons of locusts, tanks and missiles diverse.
قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

تم إلغاء الهدنة الآن. وصول دعم من شباب آولاد عيسي لـ المعمورة بـ السلاح الثقيل من الجراد والدبابات و الصواريخ المتنوعة.

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Gangs and criminals corner did not meet with the Covenant and the truce and had violated the truce declared between the two parties; P advise them to be stopped shooting now;, otherwise you will get no dire consequences.

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

عصابات و مجرمين الزاوية لم تفي بـ العهد و الهدنة و قد خرقت الهدنة المعلنة بين الطرفين؛ فـ أنصحهم أن يتم إيقاف إطلاق النار الأن؛ و إلا سوف يحصل ما لا يحمد عقباه.

and the GNC MB Militias will continue to do these atrocities to all tribes that do not adhere to the MB!

The General National Congress must be removed. Do not forget you can be part of your own Great Jamahiriya again!
وميليشيات الإخوان المؤتمر الوطني العام ‘مسلم’ سوف تستمر في القيام بهذه الأعمال الوحشية إلى جميع القبائل التي لا تلتزم

جماعة الإخوان ‘مسلم’!

يجب إزالة المؤتمر الوطني العام. لا تنسى يمكنك ان تكون جزءا من الجماهيرية العظمى الخاصة بك مرة أخرى!

Locust bombardment by militias on the people and corner Rishvana

قصف بالجراد من قبل ميليشيات الزاوية على اهالي ورشفانة

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Displacement of some residents of the border region of the globe – Abe hub; following a random beatings by tanks, mortars and rockets C5 aircraft by criminals Abe hub;

and still beating continuously of Abe hub; and God.

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

نزوح بعض سكان المنطقة الحدودية المعمورة-آبي صرة؛ إثر الضرب العشوائى بـ الدبابات و قذائف الهاون و صواريخ الطائرات C5 من قبل مجرمين آبي صرة؛ و مازال الضرب مستمر من آبى صرة؛ والله المستعان.

قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

بعد قليل سوف يبدأ الاجتماع في مدينة الزهراء بين أعيان ورشفانة وأعيان اولاد أبو حميرة من الزاوية..
Congratulations has managed to bring certain ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD militias of Tripoli ..

Planting and ignite a war between, Rishvana and corner ..

Even performs real reason behind bringing militias and exchange millions of profiteers by the Libyan people ..

Default Gap militias of Tripoli .. He who sows discord between Corner and Rishvana the now …

And gives the MB party promises to support military action against the Peoples of Rishvana.

Urgent statement from a civil and military parties in the corner on the recent events between the Corner and Rishvana.

Powerful explosions rocked the globe and Abossrh area in the city limits of an hour before the Corner now …

Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Corner Teaching Hospital announced that following the events that took place on the evening of Thursday the Abossrh area emergency department received a number of 3 cases, including:
1 – Khaled Mohammed Abu carpet 41 years old gunshot injury spine, liver injury, and the lower vein cava injury he underwent urgent and is now under the care of intensive care department.
2 – Taher Abdel Fattah كشلاف 31 years abdominal gunshot injury he underwent urgent, and is now the chamber of care.
3 – Tahir Sadiq Shibani direct hit to the head led to his death. (martyr)
قبيلة ورشفانة الليبية Wershfana Tribe Libya

اعلن مستشفى الزاوية التعليمي عن انه اثر الأحداث التي جرت مساء يوم امس الخميس بمنطقة ابوصرة استقبل قسم الإسعاف عدد 3 حالات منها :
1-خالد محمد أبو زربية 41 سنة إصابة بطلق ناري بالعمود الفقري ، إصابة بالكبد ، وإصابة بالوريد الأجوف السفلي أجريت له عملية مستعجلة وهو الآن تحت الرعاية المشددة بقسم العناية .
2- عبدالفتاح الطاهر كشلاف 31 سنة إصابة بطلق ناري بالبطن أجريت له عملية مستعجلة ، و هو الآن بحجرة العناية .
3- الطاهر الصادق الشيباني إصابة مباشرة بالرأس أدت الي وفاته


Libyan Rishvana tribe Wershfana Tribe Libya

Shortly after meeting will begin at Madinat al-Zahra objects, Rishvana, the Abu Humaira Sons notables of the Corner ..

Urgent particular tribe page and Libyan Rishvana
Shortly before the arrival of delegation from Khotna of Zintan and Jadu and كدلك delegation from the Council of Elders of Libya has been agreed on the following
1 committee has been formed for the sake of both parties of conflict, Rishvana and the number of corner this topic Committee 12 people from each party
2 cease-fire from both sides
3 Dhab brothers from Zintan and Jadu to the National الموتمر of telling them that the problem DAT tribal in nature and will be resolved in accordance with the norms, customs and traditions
We ask God that is injected into the blood of Libyans


عاجل وخاص صفحة قبيلة ورشفانه الليبية
قبل قليل وصول وفد من خوتنا الزنتان وجادو وكدلك وفد من مجلس حكماء ليبيا وتم الاتفاق علي الاتي
1 تم تشكل لجنة مصلحة من طرفين النزاع ورشفانة والزاوية عدد هده اللجنة 12 شخص من كل طرف
2 وقف اطلاق النار من الطرفين
3 دهاب الاخوه من الزنتان وجادو الي الموتمر الوطني لابلاغهم بان المشكله دات طابع قبلي وسيتم حلها وفقا للاعراف والعادات والتقاليد
نسال الله ان يحقن دماء الليبينبنت الوادي

Reuters news Libya Reuters

Libya’s international channel

Sources for Libya’s international channel:

After the visit of a delegation of the Elders of Zintan and Jadu, as well as a delegation from the Council of Elders of Libya since morning till late hours of the evening

for the parties to the conflict in the region of the globe has been agreed on the following:

1 – for an immediate cease-fire between the two sides

2 – the formation of a reconciliation committee from both sides of conflict, Rishvana and angle to be a number of the 12 people from each party authorized to talk about party Who they represent

3 – commissioned Zintan and Jadu delegation and the Council of Elders of Libya go to the General National Congress and notified that the problem is tribal in nature and will be resolved in accordance with the norms, customs and traditions customary in such cases

Is stronger Haj “blind Salem” one of the sheikhs Gado and Mount Nefoussa
B Anh directed number of sheikhs Jadu, Zintan and mountain areas since
Morning and it will be attached to them tomorrow, for an end to clashes
Broke out between the Corner and and Rishvana and led to the deaths and injuries
He also stressed “Salem blind” that there trying to sow discord and all
Libyans resorting to the language of reason is not the language of arms, and things will end
After the formation of a committee of wise men and talk with the parties.

(Urgent and exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)
آكد الحاج ” سالم الآعمى ” أحد مشائخ جادو و جبل نفوسة
بـ آنه توجه عدد من مشائخ جادو و الزنتان و مناطق الجبل منذ
الصباح و هو سيلحق بهم يـــوم الغد ، لـ آنهاء الآشتباكات التي
آندلعت بين الزاوية و ورشفانه و آدت إلى سقوط قتلى و جرحى
كما أكد ” سالم الآعمى ” بـ آن هناك من يحاول زرع الفتن و على كل
الليبين الآحتكام لـ لغة العقل لا لغة السلاح ، و ستنتهي الآمور
بعد تشكيل لجنة من الحكماء و الحديث مع الطرفين .

عاجل و حصري سالم العبيدي

And Rishvana great / Great WRishvana

Recent developments problem Rishvana and Corner.

At first things went well after the intervention of elders from the mountain areas to resolve the dispute.
It was agreed to form a committee made ​​up of 12 people from, Rishvana and met by 12 people from the Corner,

it is through them develop a mechanism for reconciliation between the conflicting parties, and the extradition of

persons who were captured during the clashes that took place. (They are two of the Corner).
But it happened a serious development, which is to be reported that an armed group of the corner of killing three young people from and Rishvana after their arrest ….

After the initial meeting has been confirmed news of the death of the three young men, which put middleware parties in an embarrassing situation.
All that fear now that the young and thoughtless Rishvana Adapted and kill the two detainees from the corner.
Irresponsible behavior by young corner push things that are going to be serious trouble and endless bloodbath.

We ask God for safety
ورشفانة العظيمة / Great WRishvana

أخر مستجدات مشكلة ورشفانة والزاوية .

في البداية سارت الامور على ما يرام بعد تدخل اعيان من مناطق الجبل لحل النزاع .
وتم الاتفاق على تشكيل لجنة تتكون من 12 شخص من ورشفانة ويقابلهم 12 شخص من الزاوية ، يتم من خلالهم وضع آلية للصلح بين الطرفين المتنازعين ، وتسليم الأشخاص الذين تم اسرهم خلال الاشتباكات التي حدثت . ( وهم شخصين من الزاوية ) .
الا انه حدث تطور خطير ، وهو ورود انباء تفيد بأن مجموعة مسلحة من الزاوية قامت بقتل ثلاثة شباب من ورشفانة بعد اعتقالهم ….

بعد انتهاء الاجتماع المبدئي تم تأكيد خبر مقتل الشباب الثلاثة ، مما وضع الاطراف الوسيطة في موقف محرج .
وكل ما نخشاه الآن ان يقوم شباب ورشفانة بتصرف ارعن ويقتلوا الشخصين المحتجزين من الزاوية .
التصرفات الغير مسؤولة من قبل شباب الزاوية يدفع الامور بان تتجه الى مأزق خطير وحمام دم لا ينتهي .

نسأل الله السلامة
And Rishvana great / Great WRishvana
(((((Martyrs duty and Rishvana)))))))))

Ahmad Mubarakiya,,,,, of the tribe of Mubarak’s Sons
Favor Alqublawi,,,,, of the tribe Malth
Tariq Charge,,,,,, of the tribe of Saud Sons

O Sidi condolences Sons, one and Massaibna and one, call me fever brave protectors for mercy and

forgiveness to understand our cousins ​​and Dho for our tribe.

We ask God to have mercy on them and forgive them and bring them into eternal peace
And kicking their families beautiful patience and fortitude to God and to Him we return.

ورشفانة العظيمة / Great WRishvana
((((( شهـداء واجـب ورشـفـانــه )))))))))أحمد المباركية ،،،،، من قبيلة اولاد مبارك
صالح القبلاوي ،،،،، من قبيلة الملطـة
طارق صولة ،،،،،، من قبيلة اولاد سعوديا اولاد سيدى عزائنا واحد و مصابنا واحد ، ادعو لى حماة الحمي الاشاوس بالرحمة و المغفرة فهم ابناء عمومتنا و ضحو من اجل قبيلتنانسأل الله ان يرحمهم و يغفر لهم و يدخلهم فسيح جناته
و يرزق ذويهم جميل الصبر والسلوان إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون



Ahlam al-Obeidi reports:
Benghazi now …
Meeting now and the picture of the scene of the head of the political bureau Ibrahim Aljdharan, Alawakir tribe in Benghazi ..

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica

The arrival of a large number of cases of poisoning to Hawwari hospital and all of the employees of the Scout Movement and the likely reason is expired juice .. O Allah, peace

Aktar than 100 cases of poisoning arrived Hawari hospital in Benghazi in camping scout camp after eating of contaminated Khaddrau ..

And declaring a state of emergency in all hospitals in Benghazi tonight and asked all the doctors who are in their homes enrollment hospitals to cover the shortfall in medical staff

Hani Al Oraibi information officer at the hospital on Friday 20 138 23 7 pm Hospital Hawari Benghazi receives 39 cases of poisoning of children and young people from 150 cases of camp Scouts and thanks to all the Doctors Internal Medicine and nursing technicians and Aladarein and ambulance drivers and volunteers from outside the hospital to treat the injuredScouts and the rest were transferred to Children’s Hospital and the Republic and Oct. 7 cause food poisoning a speedy recovery for all Anchaouallah

عاجل بنغازي
_________________اكتر من 100 حالة تسمم وصلت لمستشفي الهواري في بنغازي في معسكر تخييم للكشافة بعد تناولهم للخضراوت ملوثة ..واعلان حالة الطواريء في جميع المستشفيات في بنغازي هذه الليلة ويطلب من جميع الاطباء المتواجدين في منازلهم الالتحاق بالمستشفيات لتغطية العجز في الكادر الطبي

Critical situations by someone Altzmsm of suffering from failure
Callaway time ago and is now in the care, and the second case as a result of
“Vomiting” vomiting attic fear of drought is also Valmlahzh
According to a statement by doctor hospital Hawwari now, and the rest of the cases
Some of them went out and the rest in the October 7, and their condition is stable, and has a
Full number at 150 scout Hawari and 7 October.

The news agency – Benghazi

Assassination submitted “Mustafa, wife of Moroccan”, Head of Unit
Detection and crackers heroes of the Directorate for safe Benghazi, after
He left a mosque Botalhh b Area Almajora, and is a resident of
Hijaz Street, where two people riding a car type Lancer
Swade to send a barrage of bullets Ertdh dead.

Victim today, “Colonel Mustafa wife of” heads the unit was revealed and crackers heroes of the Security Directorate of Benghazi.

Colonel Mustafa’s assassination Moroccan CID officer after Friday prayers in front of Al-Ansar mosque in Benghazi parks

There is no power but from God.



The citizen Tariq Belaid Albarbar‘s Body was found lying between the Union Cement manufacturers and Arab city of Zliten.

He was found dead in his car in the place mentioned above. His death is due to the yellow crane of the Cement Factory falling upon his car and the engine exploding in actuation.
We ask Allah to forgive the deceased and his family inspires beautiful patience and fortitude.
“I am God and to him we shall return”.

Zliten residents and children of Sheikh ABDULSALAM ASMAR.
CNN Haon the first anniversary of the demolition of
And targeting “Abdulsalam Asmar” tomb and mosque, and a number of them were killed in
Salafist war broke out in this day since Rum platform,
In the absence of safe and shading of public opinion in those events.

MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI, (speaks of the GREEN RESISTANCE and the Holy GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) It will RETURN, as ALLAH is my witness!أبن العظمىلن نيأس .. لن نستسلم .. لن نبيع ..لن نخون .. قالوا لي ..لقد أنتهت المعركة وهزمتم……. قلت لهم لا لم تنتهي ولم نهزم حتى وإن خسرنا جولة ….. قالوا لي …ولكن نحن الواقع الأن ….. قلت لهم أنتم السراب في أعين الشرفاء الأبطال الصامدين ….. قالوا لي ….ولكننا موجودون …. قلت لهم انتم تحلمون وسوف ينتهي حلمكم وترحلون …. قالوا لي ..ولكن قائدك ورمزك قد مات …. قلت لهم أيها الجهلاء ألم يقل للعالم ولكم إنه في قلوب الملايين ألا تعقلون …. قالوا لي …نحن التاريخ الأن …. قلت لهم التاريخ لا يصنعه الخونة والعملاء والمنبطحون ….. قالوا لي …. أنت تهذي … قلت لهم سوف تستفيقون على حقيقتي قريباً أيها الغافلون ….. قالوا لي .. سوف نقتلك … قلت لهم مرحباً بالشهادة في سبيل ديني ووطني وكرامتي وتاريخي …. قالوا لي ..ومن معك … قلت لهم معي الله ورسوله والشرفاء من أبناء وبنات وطني …. قالوا لي الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى … قلت لهم نعم الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى أيها الجبناء والعملاء المرتجفون .. ومالنصر إلا صبر ساعة … فأنتظروا …أني معكم من المنتظرون …. صامدون …… ثابتون ….منتصرون بعون الله(QUOTE):”Will not give up .. We will not surrender .. We will not sell, we will not betray .. They told me .. I ended battle and Hzemtem the ……. I told them did not finish and did not defeat even though we lost the round ….. They told me … but we are actually now ….. I told them you mirage in the eyes of the honorable steadfast heroes ….. They told me …. But we are …. I told them you dream and your dream will end and Trahlon …. They told me .. but al-Qathafi your code has died …. I told them, O ignorant least pain to the world and to you that in the hearts of millions not no sense …. They told me … We are now history …. I told them that history does not make it the traitors and customer Almenbtahon ….. They told me …. You تهذي … I told them will Tstfikon on my reality soon, O heedless ….. They told me .. I’ll kill you … I told them hello to testify for the sake of religious and national dignity and the departure …. They told me .. and you … I told them to me Allah and His Messenger, and the honorable sons and daughters of national …. They told me the days between us and you will see … I told them yes days between us and we will see you cowards and customer Almertjvon .. And Manasr but the patience of an hour … فأنتظروا … I am with you of المنتظرون …. Steadfast …… Are firm …. victorious with God’s help.”WHY they destroyed the Shrine of 15th Century Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri:updated with the full report of what happened at the ZLITAN shrine and mosque of Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri and his decendants.l
Muslims and the World Islamic Call Society: The Libyan Situation 2012فشة غل البلادتداعيات أحداث زليتن الخطيرة التي وقعت يوم 23 أغسطس 2012
————————————-(إحصائية الأسرى والمسروقات والقتلى في المواجهات القبلية)بتاريخ الثالث والعشرين من شهر اغسطس للعام 2012 اندلعت أعمال مسلحة بين قبائل في مدينة زليتن الليبية والتي تبعد حوالي أكثر من150 كيلو متر عن العاصمة الليبية طرابلس ، وفي غياب تام لقوى الامن والشرطة والجيش تدخلت بعض الميليشيات الدينية المتطرفة لمساندة أحد طرفي ذلك النزاع وهو الطرف الذي استنجد بها مقابل وعودٍ بحق التصرف في مقدسات دينية للصوفية ، وتطور النزاع بعد ان تهجمت الميلشيات الدينية مع حلفائها القبليين على بعض المقدسات الاسلامية الصوفية التي تحاربها عقائدياً هذه الميليشيات وتناهض وجودها ، وبالفعل تم هدم أضرحة وحرق زوايا أشهرها زاوية الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر الفيتوري ونبش قبره وحرق مكتبة المنارة والجامعة الاسلامية والعبث بمخطوطات تاريخية هامة ، وتم نعت وتصنيف كل من نبذ وتصدى لمسألة هدم المسجد والمنارة وكل من وقف مع قبيلة اولاد الشيخ الفواتير الذين كانوا يتولون مسألة رعاية تلك الأماكن، والذين تم اتهامهم بأنهم من بقايا النظام السابق في ادعاء باطل الهدف منه فقط تبرير تلك الأعمال الأجرامية واللا أخلاقية ،
وقد نتج عن هذه الاحداث المؤسفة قتل عدد من أحفاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر وتشريد العديد من الأسر وحرق البيوت وخلف كل هذا شرخًا عميقًا في النسيج الاجتماعي داخل مدينة زليتن توفرت لنا من بعض المصادر احصائيات عن عدد القتلى وحصر مبدأي للدمار الذي حل بالمنارة والجامعة والاضطهاد الذي تعرض له أحفاد الشيخ على مر 10 أشهر وعلى مرأى ومسمع من الحكومة وأبناء المناطق المجاورة وهي بعد التحري والمراجعة كالتالي//*السجناء:بالنسبة لعدد أبناء عائلات قبيلة أولاد الشيخ الفواتير في سجون المليشيات القبلية 316 شخص دون محاكمات أو توجيه اي تهم ،،هذا العدد في معتقل ماجر فقط .*وفيات تحت التعديب من ابناء وعائلات قبيلة اولاد الشيخ الفواتير بالصعق الكهربائي :

14 عذبوا من قبل المليشيات القبلية.

*الأسر المهجرة أكتر من 100 عائلة وأكتر من 700 شاب

*البيوت المهدومة بالكامل 5 بيوت

*والبيوت المحروقة 26 منزل تم حرقهم في نكبة 23-8-2012

*البيوت المنهوبة 88 منزل لأولاد الشيخ نهب منها ما يقدر ب 15 مليون دينار ليبي

*سرقات: تمت سرقة 153 شاحنات نقل و72 سيارة خاصة من ابناء عائلات قبيلة اولاد الشيخ .
*عدد البيوت المقتحمة لغرض التفتيش 190 بيت وتعرضت كلها للنهب وتمشيط موجوداتها .
*احتلال 40 شقة تابعة للسكن الداخلي للجامعة الاسمرية .

*سجن علماء ومشايخ الجامعة الاسمرية بتهمة انهم من الصوفية
وهناك معلومات تصلنا عن سجناء خارج سجون ماجر لم يتم تقدير عددهم وفي الغالب ان ظروف سجنهم احسن حالاً من سجن ماجر .

فشة Gul country

Serious repercussions of the events of Zliten which occurred on August 23, 2012 at the Shrine & mosque of Sheikh Abdulsalam ASMAR (brown) Faitouri:

(Statistical prisoners and loot and dead in tribal clashes)

On the twenty-third of August of 2012 broke out armed actions between tribes in the city of Zliten Libya, which is about more than 150 kilometers from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and in the complete absence of security forces, police and army intervened some militias religious extremist to support one of the parties to the dispute, a party that استنجد in return for promises the right to act in the sacred religion of Sufism, and the evolution of the conflict after Tahjmt militias religious with its allies Tribal some Islamic sanctities Sufi تحاربها ideologically these militias and opposes the existence, and has already been demolished shrines and burn the corners of the most famous corner Sheikh Abdulsalam brown Faitouri and dig up his grave and burn Library lighthouse The Islamic University and tampering with manuscripts important historical, was describing and classifying each of renunciation and address the issue of the demolition of the mosque and the lighthouse every stop with the tribe El Sheikh bills who were in charge the issue of care of those places, who have been accused of being the remnants of the former regime’s claim is false intended only to justify those criminal acts and immoral,
As a result of these unfortunate events killed a number of descendants of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown and the displacement of many families and the burning of houses and behind all this rift deeply into the social fabric within the city of Zliten available to us from some sources statistics on the number of dead and inventory of the principles of the devastation solution بالمنارة, university and persecution suffered by the Sheikh descendants over 10 months and the glare of the government and people of the neighboring areas after investigation and review are as follows / /

* Prisoners:

For the number of children of the families of the tribe of children Sheikh bills in prisons tribal militias 316 people without trial or any charges, this number Guantanamo only Mager.

* Mortality under التعديب of the sons and families of the tribe of Sheikh Sons bills electric shocks:

14 tortured by tribal militias.

* Displaced families Aktar than 100 families browser than 700 young people

* Fully demolished houses 5 houses

* And burned 26 houses were burning house in the Nakba 23/08/2012

* Looted 88 houses house for the children of Sheikh looting of which an estimated 15 million Libyan dinars

* Thefts: 153 was stolen trucks and 72 private car of the sons of the families of the tribe of Sheikh Sons.
* Number of homes invasive inspection for the purpose of 190 House and all looted and combing their assets.
* Occupy 40 apartments belonging to the inner housing for University الاسمرية.

* Prison scientists and university chieftains الاسمرية on charges they Sufi
There is information we receive prisoners outside the prison Mager not estimate the number and often that prison conditions fared better of Mager prison.


* Of the worst killings, the assassination of Mustafa filtered Hamouda with 57 bullets.
Filtering is also a number of guests inside Zliten hospital for wounded sons of Sheikh and the number 8 by tribal militias
They ::
Salem Njie Alati
Ibrahim Al-Tahir
Salem long Alati
Nuri Alahirh (was placed in the Fridge dead a neighborhood)
Fathi road
Mustafa Hamouda
Tayeb Alati
Hafiz Njie Alati.

Militia officials directly responsibility for acts of torture:
Abdul Rauf Troch Ahamada
Abdul Hamid builder
Tariq ibn Wali
Emhemed Mansour Ahamada
Mohammed الزريقي builder
Mohammed Sawan and is now in America
Massoud Aalghemona,
Ahmed al-Qaeda Futaisi ordered Bzletn
Abdullatif Brenqgu Al
Massoud Aalghemona,
Hafiz Amslm
Murad mast
Mounir Cttsati,
Khaled Andishe,
Alaa mast
Mahmoud Andishe,
Abdulkarim Ali builder
Tarek Ahmed Akhchih Ahamada
Abu Agila Sharif

City of Zliten captive and prospects for strong tribal التوثر …

And the results of February that made them God sects البسهم the some Vbiq the shares quite a few.
We all know the battle that resulted in the bombing of the tomb of Shaykh Abdul Salam Asmar Faitouri in the city of Zliten and McCain from the bombing and burning the homes of family Alawata various ramifications Family who Anhdhiron from the tribe of Sheikh Al Asmar in the city, and already the expulsion of some individuals and families of the tribe of bills tribe parent tribe Awlad El Sheikh tribe.

Following التوثر calm after those clashes Alumblychaouih the rotten that terrorized innocent people from all shades of the city back التوثر to a new city and anticipation for events next Friday?
Featuring family Alati Dakhmh economic influence and affluence many days the public gave it back upon us in the near future this Masaadha pouring money dramatically tribe invoices and Awlad El Sheikh residents Misurata decades ago, in the duration nearby last letter arrived to follow in February المخبوله by Misrata Mvazha need the return of displaced families, which accused the defense on the building of a private place and that these families had supported the February before it erupted? Money and weapons and the release of detainees from the tribe Sheikh Sons and desist wanted to chase after this battle as far as he described.

On the other hand the tribe locals Bzletn which is considered the largest supporter of February plot is Responsible to blow primarily Asmari This Mtbut Balvedioat and images to communicate Misurata where popularized the past few days in Zliten phrase” orders from Misrata” regrettably for Sdj rabble who Tzlho against legitimacy Green responded Misrata he like me can not for Misrata control it and come there to Zliten you all conciliatory answer them even shot بمختلفة kinds and forms and in all its force, following this post right words from Misrata or” orders” the need to disarm the Phalange security problem Bzletn such as battalion Antiquities and other Brigades tribe locals, refused to parents so Asubho preparing for facing and prepare inside Misrata by leaps and bounds saluting announced that they Orteuro that يكونو next Friday بالمقام Asmari demolished and will strike” Hadra” will be the weapon is Extractor Force and Sicomo control of the city center and then the whole city.

Unfortunately” orders” from Misrata as well as the locals publish leaflets supports legitimacy green and strange surprising that they lose publish publications openly filming in office in front of their knowledge, saying ((Lahu give you one non-response mind اتقول or Ischofh extent have)) on the Maine ya??? ? And to disseminate that supporters Sicomo the move on next Friday so that is located supporters if they move under captivity or killed by the immediate families and the bombing of his home and his family homeless.
Expected strong clashes between the two parties in the city and pray to God the near future victory permission for green legitimacy based on the true Islam.

مدينة زليتن الاسيرة واحتمالات التوثر القبلي الشديد …
ومـــــــن نتائج فبراير ان جعلهم الله شيعا والبسهم ببعض فيضيق باسهم بأس بعض .
نعرف جميعا المعركه التي اسفرت على تفجير مقام الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الفيتوري في مدينة زليتن وماكان من تفجير وحرق لمنازل من عائلة العواتي بمختلف تفرعاتها الاسرية الذين ينحذرون من قبيلة الشيخ الاسمر في المدينة , وما سبق من طرد لبعض الافراد والعائلات من قبيلة الفواتير القبيلة الام لقبيلة اولاد الشيخ بالقبيلة .
على اثر هدوء التوثر بعد تلك الصدامات المليشاوية العفنه التي ارعبت الامنين من جميع اطياف المدينة يعود التوثر لمدينة من جديد والترقب لاحداث الجمعه القادمه ؟
تتميز عائلة العاتي بضاخمة النفوذ الاقتصادي والثراء الكبير من ايام النظام الجماهيري اعادها الله علينا في القريب العاجل هذا ماساعدها بضخ المال بشكل كبير لقبيلة الفواتير واولاد الشيخ المقيمين بمصراتة منذ عقود من الزمن , في المده القريبه الماضية وصلت رسالة الى اتباع فبراير المخبوله من قبل مصراتة مفاذها ضرورة عودة العائلات المهجره التي اتهمت بالدفاع على مبنى المقام وخاصة ان تلك العائلات قد دعمت فبراير من قبل اندلاعها ؟ بالمال والسلاح والافراج على المعتقلين من قبيلة اولاد الشيخ والكف على مطاردة المطلوبين على اثر هذه المعركة على حد وصفهم .
من جانب اخر قامت قبيلة الاهالي بزليتن التي تعتبر اكبر الداعمين لفبراير المؤامره وهي المسؤله على تفجير المقام الاسمري وهذا متبث بالفيديوات والصور بالاتصال بمصراتة حيث شاع الايام الماضية في زليتن عبارة ’’ اوامر من مصراتة ’’ للاسف الشديد لسدج الرعاع ممن تسلحو ضد الشرعيه الخضراء فردت مصراتة بانه شأن قبلي لايمكن لمصراتة السيطرة عليه ومن ياتي هناك لزليتن لكم جميع الصلحية بالرد عليهم حتى بالرصاص بمختلفة انواعه واشكاله وبجميع القوة , على اثر هذا الرد لحق كلام من مصراتة او ’’ اوامر ’’ بضرورة نزع سلاح الكتائب الامنية المشكله بزليتن مثل كتيبة العاديات وغيرها من كتائب قبيلة الاهالي , رفض الاهالي ذلك واصبحو يستعدون للمواجه والاستعداد داخل مصراتة على قدم وساق حيت اعلن على انهم قررو ان يكونو الجمعه القادمة بالمقام الاسمري المهدم وسيضربون ’’ الحضره ’’ وسيكون السلاح هو النازع لسلاح وسيقومو بالسيطرة على وسط المدينة ومن ثم المدينة باسرها .
للاسف ’’ باوامر ’’ من مصراتة كذلك قام الاهالي بنشر منشورات تؤيد الشرعيه الخضراء والغريب المستغرب انهم قامو بنشر المنشورات علنا بالتصوير في المكاتب امام معارفهم قائلا (( اهو نعطيك واحد غير رد بالك اتقول او يشوفه حد عندك )) على مين يا ؟؟؟؟ وذلك لنشر ان المؤيدين سيقومو بالتحرك يوم الجمعه المقبله لكي يقع من يقع من المؤيدين اذا تحرك تحت الاسر او القتل قبل الاسر فورا وتفجير منزله وتشريد عائلته .
من المتوقع حدوث اشتباكات قوية بين الطرفين في المدينة وندعو الله النصر العاجل القريب باذنه لشرعيتنا الخضراء المبنية على الاسلام الحقيقي .

Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar

And Egikm born Badawi, under the Country, forty Agmkm the year, Idir how what Abie you, Tkhaddmo is underlined how the servants, and you خانعين خايفين, you are How dogs Treho on the coming and Tenbho the pedestrian and Hoaraf Tpkm.

And how Khntona the Atjunoh, these Awaiedkm from generation to generation, and Ttalbo aid of the infidel, and two years and you Haasn and blood to the knee in each division and the valley, and the network Thsalo got him in Sidra.

Aohl home, Ulkiprat After Alfjrat, Algdarat after Alkhtrut, and Alzoat after freaks, if your mission to Tgorkm Glltm and خنتم, although believed Erajaftm, or … n you fear Naafqatm a, do not you remember well, and give thanks grace,

Are Astkhvkm the Nakt? Or GAO Astguakm? Or unjust Astnasrkm? Or Asteddkm the خالع? Only تبعتموه and Aoeetmoh and Nasrtamoh and Zakitamoh.

Two years later, Aird you صاحبكم first Aakofm the on the iron Ashvar. Jack Hebron Aazoarh, and what angle نبشرك mind, and janzour are noted, and oh Tripoli O hole blood Vic blood of the knee, and oh and يلكن O women and Dhar Tripoli Hleyona bin Gillan Tercpinh Hfalla, and the publican Banebeny and Aamar, arms begins the midst of the captain, the money my lack of movie , West يهد, and the Middle tightens, and Almlacah in Ras Al Hamad O festival Ashura:

We are now in the final stage of the commandment, thank God.

Sheikh Abdulsalam Al Asmar and Egikm Badawi was born, under the Country, forty Agmkm the year, Idir how what Abie you, Tkhaddmo is underlined how the servants, and you خانعين خايفين, you are How dogs Treho on the coming and Tenbho the pedestrian and Hoaraf Tpkm. And how Khntona the Atjunoh, these Awaiedkm from generation to generation, and Ttalbo aid of the infidel, and two years and you Haasn and blood to the knee in each division and the valley, and the network Thsalo got him in Sidra. Aohl home, Ulkiprat After Alfjrat, Algdarat after Alkhtrut, and Alzoat after freaks, if your mission to Tgorkm Glltm and خنتم, although believed Erajaftm, or … n you fear Naafqatm a, do not you remember well, and give thanks grace, Are Astkhvkm with the Nakt? Or GAO Astguakm? Or unjust Astnasrkm? Or Asteddkm the خالع? Only تبعتموه and Aoeetmoh and Nasrtamoh and Zakitamoh.

Two years later, Aird you صاحبكم first Aakofm the on the iron Ashvar. Jack Hebron Aazoarh, and what angle نبشرك mind, and janzour are noted, and oh Tripoli O hole blood Vic blood of the knee, and oh and يلكن O women and Dhar Tripoli Hleyona bin Gillan Tercpinh Hfalla, and the publican Banebeny and Aamar, arms begins the midst of the captain, the money my lack of movie , West يهد, and the Middle tightens, and Almlacah in Ras Al Hamad O festival Ashura and we are now in the final stage of the commandment, thank God,

(Libby Green)

الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

وايجيكم ولد بدوي، من تحت البل، يحكمكم اربعين عام، ايدير كيف ما ايبى فيكم، وتخدمو تحتة كيف الخدم، و أنتم خانعين خايفين، انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي و تنبحو على الماشى و هوعرف طبكم.

وكيف ما خنتوني اتخونوه، وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الى جيل، وتطلبو العون من الكافر، وعامين وانتم حايسن والدم الى الركبة في كل شعبة و وادي، وتحصلو حصلة الشبكة فى السدرة.

يأهل الوطن، والكفرات بعد الفجرات، والغدرات بعد الخترات، والزوات بعد النزوات، إن بعثتكم إلى ثغوركم غللتم وخنتم، وإن أمنتم أرجفتم، وإ…ن خفتم نافقتم، لا تذكرون حسنة، ولا تشكرون نعمة،

هل استخفكم ناكث؟ أو استغواكم غاو؟ أو استنصركم ظالم؟ أو استعضدكم خالع؟ إلا تبعتموه وآويتموه ونصرتموه وزكيتموه .

وبعد عامين أيرد عليكم صاحبكم الاول ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد. جاك الخلي يازوارة، ويا زاوية نبشرك بالهم، وجنزور هي الإشارة، ويا طرابلس يا حفرة الدم فيك الدم للركبة، ويا ويلكن يا نساء و ذر طرابلس من شليوني بن غيلان تركبنه حفايا، والعشار بينبنى ويعمار، والسلاح يبدا غمار غمار، والمال يا قلة من يلم, الغرب يهد، والشرق يشد، والملاقاة في راس حمد يا عيد يا عاشورا
ونحن الان في المرحلة الاخيره من الوصيه والحمد لله
الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر وايجيكم ولد بدوي، من تحت البل، يحكمكم اربعين عام، ايدير كيف ما ايبى فيكم، وتخدمو تحتة كيف الخدم، و أنتم خانعين خايفين، انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي و تنبحو على الماشى و هوعرف طبكم. وكيف ما خنتوني اتخونوه، وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الى جيل، وتطلبو العون من الكافر، وعامين وانتم حايسن والدم الى الركبة في كل شعبة و وادي، وتحصلو حصلة الشبكة فى السدرة. يأهل الوطن، والكفرات بعد الفجرات، والغدرات بعد الخترات، والزوات بعد النزوات، إن بعثتكم إلى ثغوركم غللتم وخنتم، وإن أمنتم أرجفتم، وإ…ن خفتم نافقتم، لا تذكرون حسنة، ولا تشكرون نعمة، هل استخفكم ناكث؟ أو استغواكم غاو؟ أو استنصركم ظالم؟ أو استعضدكم خالع؟ إلا تبعتموه وآويتموه ونصرتموه وزكيتموه . وبعد عامين أيرد عليكم صاحبكم الاول ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد. جاك الخلي يازوارة، ويا زاوية نبشرك بالهم، وجنزور هي الإشارة، ويا طرابلس يا حفرة الدم فيك الدم للركبة، ويا ويلكن يا نساء و ذر طرابلس من شليوني بن غيلان تركبنه حفايا، والعشار بينبنى ويعمار، والسلاح يبدا غمار غمار، والمال يا قلة من يلم, الغرب يهد، والشرق يشد، والملاقاة في راس حمد يا عيد يا عاشورا ونحن الان في المرحلة الاخيره من الوصيه والحمد لله

ليبي اخضر

  • MUAMMAR AL-QATHAFI, (speaks of the GREEN RESISTANCE and the Holy GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) It will RETURN, as ALLAH is my witness!أبن العظمىلن نيأس .. لن نستسلم .. لن نبيع ..لن نخون .. قالوا لي ..لقد أنتهت المعركة وهزمتم……. قلت لهم لا لم تنتهي ولم نهزم حتى وإن خسرنا جولة ….. قالوا لي …ولكن نحن الواقع الأن ….. قلت لهم أنتم السراب في أعين الشرفاء الأبطال الصامدين ….. قالوا لي ….ولكننا موجودون …. قلت لهم انتم تحلمون وسوف ينتهي حلمكم وترحلون …. قالوا لي ..ولكن قائدك ورمزك قد مات …. قلت لهم أيها الجهلاء ألم يقل للعالم ولكم إنه في قلوب الملايين ألا تعقلون …. قالوا لي …نحن التاريخ الأن …. قلت لهم التاريخ لا يصنعه الخونة والعملاء والمنبطحون ….. قالوا لي …. أنت تهذي … قلت لهم سوف تستفيقون على حقيقتي قريباً أيها الغافلون ….. قالوا لي .. سوف نقتلك … قلت لهم مرحباً بالشهادة في سبيل ديني ووطني وكرامتي وتاريخي …. قالوا لي ..ومن معك … قلت لهم معي الله ورسوله والشرفاء من أبناء وبنات وطني …. قالوا لي الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى … قلت لهم نعم الأيام بيننا وسوف نرى أيها الجبناء والعملاء المرتجفون .. ومالنصر إلا صبر ساعة … فأنتظروا …أني معكم من المنتظرون …. صامدون …… ثابتون ….منتصرون بعون الله
    “Will not give up .. We will not surrender .. We will not sell, we will not betray .. They told me .. I ended battle and Hzemtem the ……. I told them did not finish and did not defeat even though we lost the round ….. They told me … but we are actually now ….. I told them you mirage in the eyes of the honorable steadfast heroes ….. They told me …. But we are …. I told them you dream and your dream will end and Trahlon …. They told me .. but al-Qathafi your code has died …. I told them, O ignorant least pain to the world and to you that in the hearts of millions not no sense …. They told me … We are now history …. I told them that history does not make it the traitors and customer Almenbtahon ….. They told me …. You تهذي … I told them will Tstfikon on my reality soon, O heedless ….. They told me .. I’ll kill you … I told them hello to testify for the sake of religious and national dignity and the departure …. They told me .. and you … I told them to me Allah and His Messenger, and the honorable sons and daughters of national …. They told me the days between us and you will see … I told them yes days between us and we will see you cowards and customer Almertjvon .. And Manasr but the patience of an hour … فأنتظروا … I am with you of المنتظرون …. Steadfast …… Are firm …. victorious with God’s help.”
  • مسلاته – newspaper Mesfi 24
    Voluntary Fund for exposure Mosque ((left)) to try to steal last night …
    (Mesfi) ..
    Voluntary Fund exposure mosque left to try and steal it in the late hours of the night yesterday …
    This time is the second time after the fund is stolen four months ago and did not know of the actor ..
    Values were found the remains of the effects of dislocation of the Fund and the broken door, knowing that the voluntary fund is located inside the campus mosque, and the Steering Committee of the opening minutes of the mosque achieve at مسلاته police station .. / / legacy mosque is located a few meters away from the police station and the National Directorate of Security مسلاته … Where are the police patrols???
    With regard to who these actions Venzlm words of Almighty God ((And the mosques God do not let anyone along with Allah)) ..


    مسلاته-صحيفة مِسْفِي24
    تعرض صندوق التبرعات لمسجد (( خلفته )) لمحاولة سرقة ليلة البارحة …( مسفي ) ..
    تعرض صندوق التبرعات بمسجد خلفته لمحاولة سرقة وذلك في الساعات المتأخرة من ليلة البارحة …
    وتعتبر هذه المرة هي المرة الثانية وذلك بعد تعرض الصندوق للسرقة منذ أربعة أشهر ولم يعرف من الفاعل ..
    وقد عثر القيم على بقايا آثار الخلع للصندوق والباب المكسور ، علما بأن صندوق التبرعات موجود داخل حرم المسجد ، وقد قامت اللجنة التسييرية للمسجد بفتح محضر تحقيق بمركز شرطة مسلاته ..————–للعلم // مسجد خلفته يقع على بعد أمتار من مركز الشرطة ومديرية الأمن الوطني مسلاته … فأين دوريات عناصر الشرطة ؟؟؟
    وأما بخصوص الذين يقومون بهذه الأعمال فنذكرهم بقول الله تعالى (( وأن المساجد لله فلا تدعوا مع الله أحدا )) .
    • God protects Muammar.I am sure you know of all the miraculous escapes each time the EVIL tried to assassinate him..and his protection all through his childhood years too!Muammar said he will “die as a martyr”. Muammar also said this in 1971 when Britain tried to invade Libya at that time; and USA threatened intervention too. This does not mean he will not have a natural death even 30 or 40 more years from now. He is living his life as a pure marabout in sacrifice of worldly things for the sake of Libya and the world. All his energies are directed at this purpose. The Libyan people need their Great Jamahiriya back. There is a reason for God giving to Muammar the inspiration to write down the Green Book, The Great Charter, and starting the Great Man-made River Project amongst so many things…He will not just back down and run away as Jonah/YOUNIS at Nivenah wanted to do. He is a devout man by Allah’s design. He will NOT FAIL GOD…and the Great Jamahiriya will return again—greater than ever before before the entire Globe!
    • Destroyed shrine holy man and burned the Koran and نبشوا graves
      Betrayed Gaddafi in 20_8_2011 the? Two years after the so-called liberation of Libya 20_10_2011 from here begins the days down to two years any to 20_10_2013 finish past?
      In Zliten when they said to Dahab Gaddafi to Venezuela Shaykh great age that Gaddafi did not escape but Sikhan? Told them that serves as Sheikh Sedmrōh? Said to them, now that the war is lost they asked him, he said to them that one of the sons will be led? From here, Why Billah Gaddafi said Sheikh commandment which is at the height of its strength in terms of its soldiers Daw ask him about replay in high spirits any were not in a state of fear? The wise man understandsلمادا المعتصم بالله القدافي قال رؤية الشيخ قبل وفاته؟
      دمروا مقام الولي الصالح واحرقوا القران ونبشوا القبور
      خانوا القدافي في20_8_2011؟ وعامين بعد مايسمي تحرير ليبيا20_10_2011م من هنا تبدا الايام وصولا الي العامين اي الي 20_10_2013تنتهي العامين؟
      في زليتن عندما قالوا ان القدافي دهب الي فنزويلا قال شيخ كبير في السن ان القدافي لم يهرب ولكن سيخان؟وقال لهم ان مقام الشيخ سيدمروه؟وقال لهم ان الحرب الان خاسرة فسألوه فقال لهم ان احد ابناء سيقودها؟ من هنا لمادا المعتصم بالله القدافي قال وصية الشيخ وهو في عز قوته بدلالة ان جنوده بداو يسالونه عنها واعادتها في روح معنوية عالية اي لم يكونوا في حالة خوف؟ والعاقل يفهم


      لمادا المعتصم بالله القدافي قال رؤية الشيخ قبل وفاته؟
      دمروا مقام الولي الصالح واحرقوا القران ونبشوا القبور
      خانوا القدافي في20_8_2011؟ وعامين بعد مايسمي تحرير ليبيا20_10_2011م من هنا تبدا الايام وصولا الي العامين اي الي 20_10_2013تنتهي العامين؟
      في زليتن عندما قالوا ان القدافي دهب الي فنزويلا قال شيخ كبير في السن ان القدافي لم يهرب ولكن سيخان؟وقال لهم ان مقام الشيخ سيدمروه؟وقال لهم ان الحرب الان خاسرة فسألوه فقال لهم ان احد ابناء سيقودها؟ من هنا لمادا المعتصم بالله القدافي قال وصية الشيخ وهو في عز قوته بدلالة ان جنوده بداو يسالونه عنها واعادتها في روح معنوية عالية اي لم يكونوا في حالة خوف؟ والعاقل يفهم

  • Photo

    الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمروايجيكم ولد بدوي، من تحت البل، يحكمكم اربعين عام، ايدير كيف ما ايبى فيكم، وتخدمو تحتة كيف الخدم، و أنتم خانعين خايفين، انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي و تنبحو على الماشى و هوعرف طبكم.وكيف ما خنتوني اتخونوه، وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الى جيل، وتطلبو العون من الكافر، وعامين وانتم حايسن والدم الى الركبة في كل شعبة و وادي، وتحصلو حصلة الشبكة فى السدرة.يأهل الوطن، والكفرات بعد الفجرات، والغدرات بعد الخترات، والزوات بعد النزوات، إن بعثتكم إلى ثغوركم غللتم وخنتم، وإن أمنتم أرجفتم، وإ…ن خفتم نافقتم، لا تذكرون حسنة، ولا تشكرون نعمة،هل استخفكم ناكث؟ أو استغواكم غاو؟ أو استنصركم ظالم؟ أو استعضدكم خالع؟ إلا تبعتموه وآويتموه ونصرتموه وزكيتموه .وبعد عامين أيرد عليكم صاحبكم الاول ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد. جاك الخلي يازوارة، ويا زاوية نبشرك بالهم، وجنزور هي الإشارة، ويا طرابلس يا حفرة الدم فيك الدم للركبة، ويا ويلكن يا نساء و ذر طرابلس من شليوني بن غيلان تركبنه حفايا، والعشار بينبنى ويعمار، والسلاح يبدا غمار غمار، والمال يا قلة من يلم, الغرب يهد، والشرق يشد، والملاقاة في راس حمد يا عيد يا عاشورا
    ونحن الان في المرحلة الاخيره من الوصيه والحمد لله
    الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر وايجيكم ولد بدوي، من تحت البل، يحكمكم اربعين عام، ايدير كيف ما ايبى فيكم، وتخدمو تحتة كيف الخدم، و أنتم خانعين خايفين، انتم كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي و تنبحو على الماشى و هوعرف طبكم. وكيف ما خنتوني اتخونوه، وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الى جيل، وتطلبو العون من الكافر، وعامين وانتم حايسن والدم الى الركبة في كل شعبة و وادي، وتحصلو حصلة الشبكة فى السدرة. يأهل الوطن، والكفرات بعد الفجرات، والغدرات بعد الخترات، والزوات بعد النزوات، إن بعثتكم إلى ثغوركم غللتم وخنتم، وإن أمنتم أرجفتم، وإ…ن خفتم نافقتم، لا تذكرون حسنة، ولا تشكرون نعمة، هل استخفكم ناكث؟ أو استغواكم غاو؟ أو استنصركم ظالم؟ أو استعضدكم خالع؟ إلا تبعتموه وآويتموه ونصرتموه وزكيتموه . وبعد عامين أيرد عليكم صاحبكم الاول ايكملكم على اشفار الحديد. جاك الخلي يازوارة، ويا زاوية نبشرك بالهم، وجنزور هي الإشارة، ويا طرابلس يا حفرة الدم فيك الدم للركبة، ويا ويلكن يا نساء و ذر طرابلس من شليوني بن غيلان تركبنه حفايا، والعشار بينبنى ويعمار، والسلاح يبدا غمار غمار، والمال يا قلة من يلم, الغرب يهد، والشرق يشد، والملاقاة في راس حمد يا عيد يا عاشورا ونحن الان في المرحلة الاخيره من الوصيه والحمد للهليبي اخضر
  • ” Bahi Íaadinm the book you’re reader grandfather Sheikh Asmari the rest of the poem means launched or poem Elly uttered protection money Basset Asmari the mercy of it …. Of course Mavi extent known poem Basset Asmari because everything is clear where the poem Teen ….
    Because most of the shows _ak_ian in a poem my grandfather Sheikh Omh knowing Evsrōha was Zeyen.”Suoltana Aisha: باهي ياأدمن انت قارئ كتاب جدي الشيخ الأسمري باقي قصيده وشن تعني او قصيدة اللى قالها خوه عبدالباسط الأسمري رحمة عليه …. طبعا مافي حد يعرفها قصيده عبدالباسط الأسمري لأن كل شيء واضح فيها قصيده وش تقول ….
    لأن معظم ليبين شاديين في قصيدة جدي الشيخ ومش عارفين يفسروها زييين
  • Admonh Phoenix and Rhqana
    Voir la traduction
    Libyan political dialogue :: militias crimes in Zliten
    In the plight of August 23, 2012, has been stolen and burn the contents of our FM radio for a boys owner Sheikh brown …. Alumblyxiaoa Abdel Raouf Mohamed mast says: No car graduated weapon without my permission .. .. Claims that the arrows are robbed and burned our radio and to know him including theft, video demonstrates that stole the radio and burn our country forces are led by Alumblyxiaoa, Abdel Raouf mast

    Asmar operations room

    • في نكبة 23 أغسطس 2012، تمت سرقة وحرق محتويات راديو بلادنا إف إم لمالكه أحد أولاد الشيخ الأسمر …. المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف محمد الصاري يقول: لاتوجد سيارة سلاح تخرج بدون إذني .. .. يدعي أن الأزلام هم من سرقوا وحرقوا راديو بلادنا وأن لاعلم له بمن سرقه، الفيديو يوضح أن من قام بسرقة وحرق راديو بلادنا هي القوات التي يتزعمها المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف الصاري غرفة عمليات الاسمر
      Durée : 7:12
    • الله أكــــــــــــــــــــــبر، نحن غرفة عمليات الأسمر، سنوافيكم بكل جديد
    • Talk to see Sheikh. مانعرفه of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar few which do not exceed tales we hear from our forefathers and grandmothers in times of
      sporadic and often mind that going to the shrine in Zliten is a kind of entertainment and family trips kaybolan years due Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar
      to the forefront of events in Libya to see the old include what happened and will happen in Libya, in these years, and surprisingly and puzzlement that
      the scenes and chapters of this vision has been achieved already and the near future suggests verification the remaining part of the chapters of the vision
      which made all Libyans Atsalon how to Sheikh
      deceased centuries ago to see the events will be located after his death by this time whether similar vision Sheikh Al Asmar story vegetables in the Cave?
      Why this harsh vision on the people did not exist at the time to see? And what will happen to us after the end of the vision sights?Is it blasphemy by faith?
      These questions do not have a single answers and trying to answer them will drown in a sea of contradictions and especially you live classes vision can not convince other supporters of secularism honestly occur, the only solution is to leave the events continue to believe the facts of vision and will come back to power in Libya It will die, and will run away all the fates may be God has Qdraha the slaves and seen by a slave is valid from the slaves and the slave anger of the betrayal of his son
      and killed him he took up his including behind him, and ماسوف construed him if this people after centuries long, this is the closest interpretation to see no one can تكذيبها this days, even with the absence of the tomb of Sheikh, who uttered, is without a doubt a tragedy but necessary for the return of life and punish traitors descendants in time no longer stand him one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      And still play continues.”حديث في رؤية الشيخ . مانعرفه عن الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر قليل وهو لا يتعد حكايات كنآ نسمعها من اجدادنا وجداتنا في اوقات متفرقة وغالبا ما اعتبارنا ان الذهاب الى ضريحه في زليتن هو نوع من الترفيه والرحلات العائلية وتمضى السنون ويعود الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الي واجهة الاحداث في ليبيا برؤية قديمة تتضمن ماحدث وسوف يحدث في ليبيا في هذه السنوات ، والمثير للدهشة والاستغراب ان مشاهد وفصول هذه الرؤية قد تحقق فعلا والمستقبل القريب يوحي بتحقق الجزء المتبقى من فصول الرؤية الامر الذي جعل كل الليبين يتسألون كيف لشيخ متوفي منذ قرون ان يري احداث سوف تقع بعد وفاته بمقدار هذا الزمن وهل تشبه رؤية الشيخ الاسمر قصة الخضر في سورة الكهف ؟ ولماذا هذه الرؤية القاسية على شعب لم يكن موجود في زمن رؤيتها ؟ وماذا سوف يحدث لنا بعد انتهاء مشاهد الرؤية ؟ وهل من الكفر الايمان بها ؟ هذه اسئلة لا يملك لها احد اجابات ومن يحاول ان يجيب عليها سوف يغرق في بحر من المتناقضات وخصوصا انك تعيش فصول رؤية لا تستطيع ان تقنع الآخرين انصار العلمانية بصدق حدوثها ، الحل الوحيد هو ان تترك الاحداث تستمر في تصديق وقائع الرؤية ومن سوف يعود للحكم في ليبيا ومن سوف يموت ومن سوف يهرب كلها اقدار قد يكون الله قد قدراها على العباد واطلع عليها عبداً صالحاً من عباده وهذا العبد غضب على خيانة ابنه وقتله فنطق بما رائه وماسوف يؤول له حال هذا الشعب بعد قرون طويلة ، هذا اقرب تفسير لرؤية لا يستطيع احد تكذيبها هذه الايام حتى مع غياب ضريح الشيخ الذي نطق بها، هي بدون شك مأساة ولكنها ضرورية لعودة الحياة ومعاقبة احفاد الخونة في زمن لم يعد يطيقه احد . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ولازال العزف مستمراً (( الموسيقار ))
      ((musician) )

      حديث في رؤية الشيخ . مانعرفه عن الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر قليل وهو لا يتعد حكايات كنآ نسمعها من اجدادنا وجداتنا في اوقات متفرقة وغالبا ما اعتبارنا ان الذهاب الى ضريحه في زليتن هو نوع من الترفيه والرحلات العائلية وتمضى السنون ويعود الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الي واجهة الاحداث في ليبيا برؤية قديمة تتضمن ماحدث وسوف يحدث في ليبيا في هذه السنوات ، والمثير للدهشة والاستغراب ان مشاهد وفصول هذه الرؤية قد تحقق فعلا والمستقبل القريب يوحي بتحقق الجزء المتبقى من فصول الرؤية الامر الذي جعل كل الليبين يتسألون كيف لشيخ متوفي منذ قرون ان يري احداث سوف تقع بعد وفاته بمقدار هذا الزمن وهل تشبه رؤية الشيخ الاسمر قصة الخضر في سورة الكهف ؟ ولماذا هذه الرؤية القاسية على شعب لم يكن موجود في زمن رؤيتها ؟ وماذا سوف يحدث لنا بعد انتهاء مشاهد الرؤية ؟ وهل من الكفر الايمان بها ؟ هذه اسئلة لا يملك لها احد اجابات ومن يحاول ان يجيب عليها سوف يغرق في بحر من المتناقضات وخصوصا انك تعيش فصول رؤية لا تستطيع ان تقنع الآخرين انصار العلمانية بصدق حدوثها ، الحل الوحيد هو ان تترك الاحداث تستمر في تصديق وقائع الرؤية ومن سوف يعود للحكم في ليبيا ومن سوف يموت ومن سوف يهرب كلها اقدار قد يكون الله قد قدراها على العباد واطلع عليها عبداً صالحاً من عباده وهذا العبد غضب على خيانة ابنه وقتله فنطق بما رائه وماسوف يؤول له حال هذا الشعب بعد قرون طويلة ، هذا اقرب تفسير لرؤية لا يستطيع احد تكذيبها هذه الايام حتى مع غياب ضريح الشيخ الذي نطق بها، هي بدون شك مأساة ولكنها ضرورية لعودة الحياة ومعاقبة احفاد الخونة في زمن لم يعد يطيقه احد . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ولازال العزف مستمراً (( الموسيقار ))

      Urgent … Mosque Mr. Abdulsalam Al Asmar, scientific and angle are still serving the Muslim Ummah
      Now announced two workers of the State of Nigeria are working in the city, one in the car wash and the other in contracting announced Acela important
      in the mosque of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown before the Friday sermon shortly before the crowds Sheikh mosque now read them their rights in Islam
      and reminds people their names and announce they Ihspain and treated as Muslims and give them a document guaranteeing them their administrative procedures.


      أخبـــــــــار ليــــبــــياعـــــاجل … مسجد سيدي عبدالسلام الأسمر وزاويتهالعلمية مازالا يقدمان للأمة الإسلاميةالآن اعلن اثنين من العمال من دولة نيجيريا يعملان بالمدينة أحدهما في غسيل السيارات والآخر في المقاولات اعلنا اسلامهما في مسجد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر قبل خطبة الجمعة بقليل أمام الجموع شيخ الجامع الآن يتلو عليهم حقوقهم في الاسلام ويذكر الناس باسمائهم ويعلن انهم يحاسبان ويعاملان كمسلمين ومنحهم وثيقه تضمن لهما اجراءاتهم الإداريةبنت الوادي

Event On this day ::
Today August 23 approved the first anniversary of the attack on the mosque, Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar and burned and dug up the tomb of holy man and burning his library and his manuscripts and accessories by militias of extremist takfiri besieged city under the silence and the weakness of the government and claimed that the presence of the ousted them and the shelling randomly and after feet on the destruction of the corner الاسمرية chased corner defenders in their homes, in hospitals, and has even بتصفيتهم physically injured them in hospitals.

(Valley girl)
Many pictures of the attack on corner الأسمرية: This is the thought of killing Ambassador (66 photos)



Free Aúr Tarhuna celebrates great conqueror 44


A very unfortunate accident happened today in the coastal road ::

Today has one of the gates in the corner opened fire on a speeding car and did not stop it because they believe that the autonomic car from the parties to the conflict with Rishvana ...
, But later found that the car was on its way to Tunisia and his condition is urgent and patient is of Tarhuna about 60 years old and named Faraj Muhammad Mahfouz permanent.

Unfortunately shooting led to the death of the patient Mohammed permanent, injuring the driver and the other seriously injured facilities quoting on the track to Zahra Hospital.




Roadside bomb in the city of Derna car explosion resulted in damage to cars and homes adjacent to the place of explosion.



Urgent and infidels important / / /

“Some residents of the city of Kufra, and Gedo paper hanging on the door of the local council of the city and written the names of the officers and colonels

who will be liquidated as stated in the paper”.

This photo paper ….



Site a diagonal Turkish intelligence in Libya to oversee the smuggling of weapons into Egyptian territory

Jerusalem / Al-Manar /

sources informed for (Al-Manar) that is responsible intelligence diagonally and another from Turkey is the deputy intelligence chief Turkish

carrying out since the days of secret visit to Libya, to oversee the extensive network of smugglers of arms in Libya, in order to transfer into Egyptian territory and, particular to the Sinai.
According to these sources,

the elders of Qatar and Turkey are trying to pump the largest possible quantity of arms to Egypt

and make it accessible to everyone and keep the state of instability and impede any economic development in Egypt, which began to regain its role regionally and internationally,

the sources pointed out that Ankara and Doha, along with Western countries see that the recession economic is a door that can be accessed

through which to put pressure on the new Egyptian leadership.



Gangster State US/UK

Global Research, August 21, 2013

On July 23 I wrote about how the US reversed roles with the USSR and became the tyrant that terrifies the world. We have now had further confirmation of that fact. It comes from two extraordinary actions by Washington’s British puppet state.

David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of Glenn Greenwald, who is reporting on the illegal and unconstitutional spying by the National Stasi Agency, was seized, no doubt on Washington’s orders, by the puppet British government from the international transit zone of a London airport. Miranda had not entered the UK, but he was seized by UK authorities.
Washington’s UK puppets simply kidnapped him, threatened him for nine hours, and stole his computer, phones, and all his electronic equipment. As a smug US official told the media, “the purpose was to send a message.”
You might remember that Edward Snowden was stuck for some weeks in the international transit zone of the Moscow airport. The Obama tyrant repeatedly browbeat Russia’s President Putin to violate the law and kidnap Snowden from Obama. Unlike the once proud and law-abiding British, Putin refused to place Washington’s desires above law and human rights.
The second extraordinary violation occurred almost simultaneously with UK authorities appearing at the Guardian newspaper and illegally destroying the hard drives on the newspaper’s computers with the vain intention of preventing the newspaper from reporting further Snowden revelations of US/UK high criminality.
It is fashionable in the US and UK governments and among their sycophants to speak of “gangster state Russia.” But we all know who the gangsters are. The worst criminals of our time are the US and UK governments. Both are devoid of all integrity, all honor, all mercy, all humanity. Many members of both governments would have made perfect functionaries in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany.
This is extraordinary. It was the English who originated liberty. True, in 1215 it was the freedom of the barons’ rights from the king’s infringement, not the freedom of the commoner. But once the principle was established it spread into the entire society. By 1680 the legal revolution was complete. The king and the government were subject to law. The king and his government were no longer the law and above the law.
In the 13 colonies the Englishmen who populated them inherited this English achievement. When King George’s government refused the colonies the Rights of Englishmen, the colonists revolted, and the United States was born.
The descendants of these colonists now live in an America where their Constitutional protections have been overthrown by a tyrannical government that claims it is above the law. This raw fact has not stopped the US government or its puppets from continuing to cloak the war crime of military aggression in the faux language of “bringing freedom and democracy.” If the Obama and Cameron governments were in the dock at Nuremberg, the entirety of both governments would be convicted.
The question is: are there sufficient brainwashed people in both countries to sustain the US/UK myth that “freedom and democracy” are attained via war crimes?
There is no shortage of brainwashed Americans who love to be told that they are“indispensable” and “exceptional,” and therefore entitled to work their will on the world.It is difficult to discern in these clueless Americans much hope for the revival of liberty. But there is some indication that the British, who did not inherit liberty but had to fight for it for five centuries, might be more determined.
The British Home Affairs Committee, chaired by Keith Vaz, is demanding an explanation from Obama’s lap dog, the British prime minister. Also, Britain’s watchman over anti-terrorism enforcement, David Anderson, is demanding that the UK Home Office and police explain the illegal use of anti-terrorism laws against Miranda, who is not a terrorist or connected to terrorism in any way.
Brazil’s foreign minister has joined the fray, demanding that London explain why the UK violated its own law and abused a Brazilian citizen.
Of course, everyone knows that Washington forced its UK puppet to violate law in order to serve Washington. One wonders if the British will ever decide that they would be better off as a sovereign country.
The White House denied involvement in Miranda’s kidnapping, but refused to condemn the illegal action of its puppet.
As for the UK’s destruction of press freedom, the White House supports that, too. It is already happening here.


Anba Moscow – Moscow NEWS AGENCY:

Moscow condemns attempts to pressure the Security Council for the use of force against Syria

Announced that the Russian Foreign Ministry that Russia considers it necessary to enter the government and the Syrian opposition in cooperation with a team of United Nations experts to conduct the investigation objective on the reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and expressed disapproval of the position of those who claim the UN Security Council to use force against Syria, based on the charges Mthboth not
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# Russia # Moscow # Syria # Damascus
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Moscow condemns attempts to pressure the Security Council for the use of force against Syria
Announced that the Russian Foreign Ministry that Russia considers it necessary to enter the government and the opposition.

Moscow condemns attempts to pressure the Security Council for the use of force against Syria

Announced that the Russian Foreign Ministry that Russia considers it necessary to enter the government and the Syrian opposition in cooperation with a team of United Nations experts to conduct the investigation objective on the reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and expressed disapproval of the position of those who claim the UN Security Council to use force against Syria, based on the charges Mthboth not

The Russian Foreign Ministry © RIA Novosti16:16 | 2013/08/23

“News Moscow,”
said the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Ukashević, that “Moscow will continue to follow the news that talk about the occurrence of a chemical attack alleged near Damascus.”
said Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement broadcast on its Web site that shows more evidence that the information which accuses government forces Syrian using chemical weapons fabricated, noting that “news sites on the Internet circulating news that the information, which accuses government forces published hours before the alleged attack.”
said in a statement that the Russian leadership appeals to the Syrian leadership and encourages them to engage in constructive cooperation With a team of United Nations experts located in Syria now, and that the Syrian leadership to take “constructive attitude.”
crossed the Russian Foreign Ministry regrets that the Syrian opposition does not show readiness to provide security for United Nations inspectors in territory controlled by “fighters,” noting that “this prevents the investigation substantive regarding information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. ”
and see the Russian Foreign that “may not be, and in this case, invite some European capitals to put pressure on the UN Security Council in order to determine the use of force.”
noted the Russian Foreign Ministry that the call fired ” who objected in March / March last year to invite the Syrian government to conduct an immediate investigation and objectively on the use of anti-weapon chemotherapy in Khan honey. ”
The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, expressed shock to hear reports on the alleged use of chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus early Wednesday , and stressed that any use of chemical weapons, by any party, under any circumstances, would violate international humanitarian law.
pointed Ban Ki-moon that there is a team internationalist present in Syria now, under the chairmanship of Oka Saleström, to investigate allegations of using chemical weapons in the area of Khan honey, reported by the Syrian government, as well as two others, informed them a number of other countries.
Hundreds have died and wounded in East Gouta in Damascus, in an attack that appeared to be the result of the launch of toxic gases, according to tapes and photos posted on the web sites.
It is not unlikely that have extremists اندسوا the in the ranks of the Syrian opposition launched the attack, according to the opinion of some experts.

Mu and Bashear 1Mu and Bashar Assad

Le Figaro: French commando teams, Israeli and American advancing towards Damascus

Date 23 August 2013

The newspaper “Le Figaro” French that according to the information available to it, the opponents of the regime, was تأطيرهم through a French commando teams, Israeli and American, advancing towards Damascus since mid-August.

The newspaper said that the unnamed sources that this attack could explain potential asylum to the Syrian president to the Chemical Weapons!

The newspaper asked in my article published for Elizabeth Lasserre: What is the benefit of Bashar al-Assad to carry out a chemical weapons attack in the time allowed UN inspectors, after Irqa long as several months, to investigate the use of chemical weapons?

And she replied: According to the information collected by the “Le Figaro”, the first Syrian units that have been created according to the system of military bands through Americans in Jordan began its work since mid-August in southern Syria, in the region of Daraa. The first group of 300 men problem, which is without a doubt the supported Bkmondos the Israelis and Jordanians, as men of “Si. Aye.”, Cut off the border on August 17. A second group have attended on August 19. ”

The newspaper added: According to military sources, the Americans who do not want to publish any troops on the Syrian territory, and arming rebels who control part of them Islamist radicals, make up a secret, several months ago, at the training center is located on the border with Jordan – Syrian fighters of the Syrian army free, carefully chosen!

Thanks to the summer, I began to these groups in the control units of the Syrian army in the south of the country, during the progress towards the capital. “Felt fighters Free Syrian Army in Gota, so, they were fighting, but without making a difference in the realms of the castle Damascene,” explains David Ragoulih – Rose, a researcher at the French Institute for Strategic Analysis.

According to this specialist affairs of the region, the idea reached by the Washington requires the establishment of a buffer zone starting from the south of Syria, and impose a no-fly, allowing them, and safely, train opponents, so changed the balance of power. This is the reason that led the United States to deploy Patriot batteries and F-16 aircraft, at the end of June, in Jordan.

The French newspaper said: The pressure that has been practiced recently against Gouta, threatening the capital, Damascus, the heart of the Syrian power.

Chemical warhead targeted eastern suburbs of Syria’s Damascus – Russian Foreign Ministry

Сирия Дамаск химическое оружие газ отравление

The missile with a chemical poison gas sarine was launched by Syrian rebels and targeted the eastern suburbs of Damascus. This is according to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.
“Early morning of August 21, a homemade rocket carrying an unknown chemical warfare agent was launched on the eastern suburbs of Damascus. The missile resembled the rocket which was used by the rebels on March 19 in Khan al-Asal,” said Lukashevich.
“Moscow believes it is important to carry out an objective and professional investigation of what happened”, the diplomat continued. “It looks like an attempt to create a pretext for the UN Security Council to side with the opponents of Assad‘s regime and thus undermine Geneva-2 talks which are now scheduled for August 28″.
“Once again we urge all those who have the opportunity to influence the armed extremists to make every effort to put an end to provocations with the use of chemical agents,” Lukashevich asserted.
Noteworthy is the fact that “the biased regional media immediately, as if on demand, began an aggressive information attack, placing the responsibility for the attacks on Assad’s government. All of this can only suggest that we are dealing with a pre-planned provocation,” Lukashevich stated.
“This is supported by the fact that the criminal act was committed near Damascus at the very moment when UN investigators began their work in Syria”, the diplomat concluded.

Syria chemical weapons use reports are pre-planned provocation – Russian Foreign Ministry

Information that Syrian authorities used chemical weapons resembles a provocation planned in advanced, says Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.
“The fact that agenda-driven regional mass media have begun an aggressive attack at once, as if on command, laying all responsibility on the government, draws attention,” the ministry quoted Lukashevich as saying in a statement on Wednesday.
“It is apparently no coincidence that information like this regarding the authorities using chemical weapons has been thrown in before, including in the past days, citing some opposition sources, however it was not confirmed later,” Lukashevich said.
“All this can only lead us to think that we are dealing again with a provocation planned in advance,” Lukashevich said.
“The fact that the criminal action near Damascus was carried out just when the mission of UN experts to investigate the statements on possible chemical weapons use there has successfully begun its work in Syria points to this,” the statement said.
“Moscow thinks that it is important to hold an objective and professional investigation of what has happened,” Lukashevich said.
“We are urging again all those who have the opportunity to influence armed extremists to make every effort to put an end to provocations with the use of poisonous chemical substances,” the statement said.
“In the past days, the governmental forces carried out intense activity against militants on various fronts, including the eastern suburbs of Damascus,” Lukashevich said.
“A home-made rocket with a poisonous chemical substance yet unknown, the same as one the terrorists used in Khan al-Assal on March 19, struck this area early on August 21 from a position taken by insurgents. Casualties among civilians are reported,” Lukashevich said.
Reports on chemical weapons use near Damascus aimed at confusing UN observers – Syrian Ambassador

Media reports that the government forces allegedly used chemical weapons near Damascus are not true and aimed at confusing international observers, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said.
“This is not true,” Haddad told Interfax on Wednesday when commenting on the reports. “All reports regarding this issue are false and aimed at confusing international observers,” the diplomat said.
The Syrian forces have never used, do not use and will not use chemical weapons even if they had them,” Haddad said.
“All reports on this topic are aimed at repeating the Iraqi scenario in Syria where there were allegedly weapons of mass destruction,” he said.
After the information regarding the use of chemical weapons in the city of Khan al-Assal on March 19 emerged, Syria asked the UN to investigate these reports, Haddad said.
“But there was an attempt to politicize this investigation by one of the superpowers supporting terrorists in our country,” he said.
After Damascus agreed to allow UN observers to investigate the March incident, terrorists committed a massacre in northern Syria, which claimed the lives of 450 Kurds, Haddad said.
The members of the UN committee investigating incidents of chemical weapons use arrived in Syria on August 18.
Dubai TV channel Al Arabiya has informed that the Syrian troops had allegedly bombarded the suburbs of Damascus with missiles containing toxic chemical substances. 200 or 500 victims are reported. There is no evidence of these reports and the information seems to be another monstrous provocation on the part of the channel, which is financed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. Al Arabiya, created in 2003, was repeatedly accuses of lying.
In February, the channel reported that Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria, Faisal al-Miqdad allegedly fled from Damascus to the UAE.
Since then, al-Miqdad, who occupies his previous post, has dozens of times met with foreign journalists in Damascus, held press conferences and given interviews to CNN.
1,300 killed in chemical attack, Syrian opposition says

More than 1,300 people have been killed in a chemical weapons attack near Damascus, according to the Syrian opposition.
A leading Syrian opposition figure said on Wednesday 1,300 people had been killed in attacks by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces around Damascus in which he said chemical weapons had been used.
“Today’s crimes are…not the first time the regime has used chemical weapons,” George Sabra told a news conference in Istanbul. “But they constitute a significant turning point in the regime’s operations…This time it was for annihilation rather than terror.”
Syria denied activist reports on Wednesday that the army had used chemical weapons, describing the assertions as completely untrue. Video footage from districts east of the capital showed people choking, some of them foaming at the mouth, and many bodies with no signs of injuries.
Opposition claims gas attack, shelling on Damascus suburbs kills 494

A Damascus opposition monitoring group said on Wednesday 494 people had been killed in a gas attack and shelling by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces on Wednesday, citing data from medical centres in the Syrian capital.
Syria has denied reports of chemical weapons being used in Damascus.
The Damascus Media Office said in a statement 150 bodies were counted in Hammouriya, 100 in Kfar Batna, 67 in Saqba, 61 in Douma, 76 in Mouadamiya and 40 bodies were collected from Irbib.
“The attack began at around 3.00 am. Huge numbers of civilians were subjected to the gases. The numbers continued to increase rapidly as they suffocated to death, with lack of necessary medical supplies to save them,” the statement said.
Hollande calls for UN to visit suspected Syria gas attack site

French President Francois Hollande is calling on UN inspectors to visit the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, government spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said Wednesday.
During a cabinet session, Hollande “announced his intention to ask the UN to visit the site of the attack,” she told reporters, adding: “This information obviously requires verification and confirmation.”
Arab League urges UN chemical inspectors visit Syria attack site ‘immediately’

The Arab League called Wednesday on UN chemical weapons inspectors now inside Syria to immediately visit the site of an alleged new chemical weapons attack outside Damascus.
Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi urged the inspectors in a statement to “go immediately to Eastern Ghouta to see the reality of the situation and investigate the circumstances of this crime.”
Syria denies using chemical arms near Damascus – State TV

Syria denied reports on Wednesday that chemical weapons had been used in an attack on the eastern suburbs of Damascus which activists said killed more than 200 people.
State television quoted a source as saying there was “no truth whatsoever” to the reports, which it said were aimed at distracting a visiting team of United Nations chemical weapons experts from their mission.
“The reports are untrue that chemical weapons were used in Al- Gotta Al-Sharakiyeh, and what is being aired by television like Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera and others only supports terrorism and is an attempt to obstruct the mission of the UN experts of chemical weapons to Syria,” the official Syrian news agency, SANA, reports.
It dismissed as “unfounded” the reports from opposition activists carried by Al-Jazeera, Sky and other satellite news channels “which are implicated in the shedding of Syrian blood and support terrorism.”
“It’s an attempt to prevent the UN commission of inquiry from carrying out its mission,” SANA said.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, meanwhile, said an army operation launched early on Wednesday against rebel forces in the Ghouta suburbs had left at least 100 dead.
A security source in Damascus rejected as “lies” the reports of chemical weapons use in an army drive against rebel strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus.
“There is nothing new happening here because there’s fighting every day. Operations are under way in all regions to chase armed groups,” he said.
Al-Watan newspaper, meanwhile, reported the government had “pledged to cooperate and facilitate the work” of the UN chemical inspectors who launched a mission in the country on Tuesday.
Reports of nerve gas attack near Damascus as UN inspectors arrive in Syria

LYING Syrian activists accused forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday of using chemical agents during the heavy bombardment of rebel-held areas around Damascus. They themselvbes are using these banned weapons against civilian populations just as they openly did in BANI WALID (LIBYA). There are tons of photos and evidence to prove this.
(The reported use of the chemical agents could not be immediately verified. It coincides with a visit to Damascus by a United Nations team of chemical weapons experts.)
The incident reportedly took place in Ghouta, on the green agricultural belt territory surrounding the Syrian capital.
The news emerged on the day UN inspectors arrive in Damascus to examine suspected cases of chemical weapons use in the war-torn country.
There was no government comment on the claims and the reports could not be independently confirmed.
The UN received some 13 reports of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria and the UN inspectors will be investigating the “allegations” of chemical weapons use, rather than determining who was behind the attacks.
In July, Russia submitted to the UN its analysis of samples taken west of Aleppo. Russia’s findings indicated that it was rebels behind the Khan al-Assal incident, in which more than 30 people died.
The LYING US contradicted the Russian findings, stressing they had their own data which proved that the government forces were behind the attack. However, Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN commission’s inquiry into rights violations in Syria, said the evidence provided by the US did not meet required standards.
Syrian authorities and rebels have accused each other of using chemical agents in the course of the civil war, in which 100,000 people have been killed. (THE LEGAL SYRIAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOT USE CHEMICAL WEAPONS!!!)



Nien Moktuay heads, they are a father and his two sons in western Algeria in a place not far from the city of Tlemcen.

It seems that the three men went to a remote fishing “Wednesday,” and did not return, has told relatives gendarmerie but their bodies were not found only morning “on Thursday.”

And the same sources said a fourth person was apparently accompanied but managed to escape.

The area near the border with Morocco on a mountain overlooking the neighboring country, a rear base for armed groups in the nineties during the decade which saw the civil war and is still a small Islamic group feel free him.

(Valley girl)

Another hopeful weekend

Mu explains

1_9_1969 light Forever:

The expert said the Russian military and strategic “channel Russia Today
That the trauma of fierce media waged by the forces of the West sponsor to sign any Arab leader in just three days …
But the Arab leader, Muammar al-Qathafi, surprised everyone assume that the shock and overcome to make the forces of the world, LIVES: Come shock Resistance …

Mu, the Brotherhood called him a heretic

In the name of God the Merciful:

(Preached the hypocrites that for them a painful punishment * who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers Oeptgon have Glory, Glory to God all)
Adjlon on the youth of the nation and say that al-Qathafi infidel ..
You know why al-Qathafi infidel Crusader when the elders Safavid Almtzina, when elders hypocrisy and criminality and vile and الدناءة?? :
Infidel because the expulsion of military bases to the occupiers of the Americans and the French and the British from Libya ..
Infidel because the United Libyan oil ..
Infidel because he distributed the wealth of Libya to the Libyan people ..
Infidel because he initiated the law that the House occupants and State are procures pay to buy homes of their owners and donated to the lessor ..
Infidel because he was allowed to change the officials by popular election ..

Infidel because he was adamant that live in the Arabian desert tent wherever he went and left in signify Zhdh, and his love and pride in the Arabian life ..

Infidel because the transfer of the Libyan people from the top of underdevelopment and poverty to prosperity and riches ..
Infidel because it was a lot of money invested in the Libyan Arab and Islamic countries and poor African ..

Infidel because it was used as Arabs instead of foreign workers to fill labor-shortage was of Egyptian Arab workers in Libya 2 million workers ..
Infidel because he was the first sponsor of the liberation movements in the world ..

Infidel because he had to say and that what educates witnessed by the Arabs from the western U.S. Zionist aggression is a war and there is not a border war and it is a crusade against Islam ..

Infidel because of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Allah’s mercy he called the Secretary of Arab nationalism ..

Infidel because he had advocated and worked for the unity of the Arab countries ..

Infidel because he stood against the crusader aggression against Iraq ..

Infidel because it calls for the support of the Iraqi resistance and the Palestinian and Afghan and expel the occupiers ..

Infidel because he always stop with the Palestinian resistance and support in every way and was the last position is the call to open the door of jihad to Palestine after the Zionist aggression on Gaza ..

Infidel because it is against the trial “big mujahideen” Saddam Hussein by the occupiers and stooges ..

Infidel he sent his daughter الماجدة Khansa,  Aisha Arabs to defend their mujahid leader Saddam Hussein before the Court of the Crusaders and Safavids and their slaves ..

Infidel because he declared three days of mourning in the spirit of the holiday pilgrimage martyr Saddam Hussein’s largest ..

Infidel because he tore the Charter of the United Nations in their own backyard in his famous speech at the United Nations headquarters ..

Infidel because the Americans tried to assassinate him and bombed his house steadfast in 1986 and thus al-Qathafi’s Libya was the first Arab country is exposed to direct U.S. aggression ..

Infidel because he was humiliated and Isthakr Western officials when they met him, he put his foot in the face of Blair, refused to shake hands with Condoleezza Rice ..

It is by Berlusconi hands ..

Infidel because he was forced to apologize for Italy Italian occupation era ..

Infidel because he was forced Italian officials to bend in front of the son of Omar Mukhtar and apologize for the execution of the martyr Omar Mukhtar ..

Infidel because he refused to subservience to “Hola cushion Senate” to the occupiers of the Crusaders infidels ..

Infidel because the BBC and Zionist circles in the seventies was called soldier of Islam (there is a documentary film to prove it) ..

Infidel because it crosses down in Libya when he revolution (Sheikh certificate booth) ..

Infidel because he was calling people to embrace Islam even embraced thousands of Africans and hand them the kings of African tribes and they shot him

the title of King of Kings of Africa (Did you know Alan fact this title which maligned by al-Qathafi) ..

Infidel because he builds a mosque in every African city ..

Infidel because it is only produced the film which deals with the dawn of Islam phase ((film message)) and the representatives of the battles are

Revolutionary Committees have been filmed in the deserts of Libya and the testimony of the late film director Moustapha Akkad ..

Infidel because he was not allowed to sell liquor in Libya did not find foreign tourists, even a glass of liquor in Libya ..

Infidel because he was against brothels and prevents adultery in Libya ..

Infidel because it prevents writing addresses the shops and businesses and names Oagamah hotels ..

Infidel because he was encouraged to save the Holy Quran and was equal between the Holy Quran and maintained between a university professor in salary

and benefits until the number of those who keep the Holy Quran in Libya to Hafez million ..

Infidel because he hugged Islamic scientific conferences in Tripoli and was Hola Senate likes of Qaradawi and Wajdi Ghoneim,

Mohamed Hassan Arifi and Qarni and others are racing in order to get a picture with him ..

Infidel because he was the only Arab leader who leads the tens of thousand of Muslims in much of the night ..

Infidel because he refused to escape from Libya, and leaves it to the crusaders infidels and tails Khariji ..

Infidel because he fought the Crusaders and stooges even to eat latter is the brave sons and his and avoidance supporters even destroyed Bani Walid

and Sirte from their father pulley because the Crusader NATO aircraft bombing or as criminality elders call Alababil birds!

Infidel because the father of Libyan mujahideen against the Italian occupation and because his grandfather was the first martyr in the city at the hands of five Italians

and because his children Billah and T and the sword of the Arabs and grandchildren are received martyrdom at the hands of the Crusaders and their slaves ..

Infidel because they were  martyred at the hands of the Crusaders and their slaves is Osudh the Mutassim and Khamis and Saif al Arab and

The grandsons children anime

of Aisha Gaddafi.

Yes Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, Shahid withstand parents, Shahid Arabism and Islam, is an infidel, but of Akaber infidels Zionism and imperialism and capitalism Crusades Almtzina the ..

God bless you free Sharif commander Tahir Basel steadfast ..

God bless my knight Libyan desert Arab and Persia Bawadi ..

God bless O Hussein afternoon ..

God bless and collected under his shadow on your shade but not under the Almighty O brave Varsena.

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and only Arab Stpad as Tmapadh Redskins speech in 1988.

Speech martyred leader Muammar al-Qathafi at the United Nations and its Charter and shredded his defense of the Iraqi and Afghan resistance

and the Palestinian call for an international inquiry into the assassination of the leader Saddam Hussein in violation of the symptoms of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib.

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Leader Muammar al-Qathafi attached a picture of the martyr Omar Mukhtar on his chest and accompanied by son of the martyr Omar al-Mukhtar

in his visit to Italy, an Italian and an apology for the colonial era for Libya.

Berlusconi accepted by al-Qathhafi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم(بشر المنافقين بأن لهم عذاباً أليماً* الذين يتخذون الكافرين أولياء من دون المؤمنين أيبتغون عندهم العزة فإن العزة لله جميعاً)
يدجلون على شباب الأمة ويقولون ان القذافي كافر..
تعرفون لماذا القذافي كافر عند شيوخ الصليبية الصفوية المتصهينة، عند شيوخ النفاق والإجرام والخسة والدناءة؟؟ :
كافر لأنه طرد القواعد العسكرية للمحتلين الأمريكان والفرنسيين والبريطانيين من ليبيا..
كافر لأنه أمم النفط الليبي..
كافر لأنه وزع ثروات ليبيا على أبناء الشعب الليبي..
كافر لأنه شرع قانون ان البيت لساكنيه وان الدولة هي من تتكفل بدفع بشراء البيوت من ملاكها وإهداءها للمؤجر..
كافر لأنه كان يسمح بتغيير المسؤولين عن طريق الانتخابات الشعبية..كافر لأنه كان يصر ان يعيش في خيمة الصحراء العربية أينما ذهب ورحل في دلالة على زهده، وحبه واعتزازه بالحياة العربية الأصيلة..كافر لان نقل الشعب الليبي من قمة التخلف والفقر الى الرفاهية والغنى..
كافر لأنه كان يستثمر الكثير من الأموال الليبية في الدول العربية والإسلامية والإفريقية الفقيرة..كافر لأنه كان يستخدم العمال العرب بدل الأجانب في سد النقص الحاصل بالأيدي العاملة فكان من العمال العرب المصريين فقط في ليبيا 2 مليون عامل..
كافر لأنه كان الراعي الأول لحركات التحرر في العالم..كافر لأنه كان يقول و يثقف على ان ما يشهده العرب من عدوان صهيوني أمريكي غربي هو حرب وجود لا حرب حدود وإنها حرب صليبية ضد الإسلام..

كافر لان الرئيس الراحل جمال عبد الناصر رحمه الله اسماه بأمين القومية العربية..

كافر لأنه كان يدعوا ويعمل لوحدة الأقطار العربية..

كافر لأنه وقف ضد العدوان الصليبي ضد العراق..

كافر لأنه يدعو لنصرة المقاومة العراقية والأفغانية و الفلسطينية وطرد المحتلين..

كافر لانه وقف على الدوام مع المقاومة الفلسطينية ودعمها بكل السبل وكان اخر موقف هو دعوته لفتح باب الجهاد الى فلسطين بعد العدوان الصهيوني على غزة..

كافر لأنه ضد محاكمة “كبير المجاهدين” صدام حسين من قبل المحتلين وإذنابه..

كافر لأنه أرسل ابنته الماجدة خنساء العرب عائشة للدفاع عن القائد المجاهد صدام حسين أمام محكمة الصليبيين والصفويين وإذنابهم..

كافر لأنه أعلن الحداد ثلاث أيام في العيد على روح شهيد الحج الأكبر صدام حسين..

كافر لأنه مزق ميثاق الأمم المتحدة في عقر دارها في خطابه الشهير في مقر الأمم المتحدة..

كافر لان الأمريكان حاولوا اغتياله وقصفوا بيته الصامد عام 1986 وبذلك كانت ليبيا القذافي أول قطر عربي يتعرض لعدوان أمريكي مباشر..

كافر لأنه كان يذل ويستحقر المسؤولين الغربيين عند لقاءهم به، فهو من وضع قدمه في وجه بلير وهو من رفض مصافحة كوندليزا رايس.. وهو من قبل برلسكوني يداه..

كافر لانه اجبر ايطاليا على الاعتذار عن حقبة الاحتلال الايطالي..

كافر لانه اجبر المسؤولين الايطاليين على الانحناء امام ابن عمر المختار والاعتذار عن اعدامهم للشهيد عمر المختار..

كافر لأنه رفض الخنوع إلى “سادة هولاء الشيوخ” إلى المحتلين الصليبيين الكفار..

كافر لان قناة البي بي سي والدوائر الصهيونية في السبعينات كانت تسميه جندي الإسلام (هناك فلم وثائقي يثبت ذلك)..

كافر لأنه انزل الصلبان في ليبيا عند قيامه بالثورة (بشهادة الشيخ كشك)..

كافر لأنه كان يدعو الناس لاعتناق الإسلام حتى اعتنق على يده ألاف الأفارقة ومنهم ملوك القبائل الإفريقية وهم من أطلقوا عليه لقب ملك ملوك إفريقيا (هل عرفتم ألان حقيقة هذا اللقب الذي يعاب عليه القذافي)..

كافر لأنه كان يبني مسجد في كل مدينة افريقية..

كافر لأنه هو من أنتج الفيلم الوحيد الذي يتناول مرحلة فجر الإسلام ((فيلم الرسالة)) وكان ممثلوا المعارك هم من اللجان الثورية وقد صور الفيلم في صحراء ليبيا وهذا بشهادة مخرج الفيلم الراحل مصطفى العقاد..

كافر لأنه لم يسمح ببيع الخمور في ليبيا ولم يكن يجد السائح الاجنبي ولو قدح من الخمور في ليبيا..

كافر لأنه كان يمنع بيوت الدعارة والزنى في ليبيا..

كافر لأنه كان يمنع كتابة عناوين المحلات والشركات والفنادق بأسماء أعجمية..

كافر لأنه كان يشجع على حفظ القران الكريم وكان يساوي بين حافظ القران الكريم وبين الأستاذ الجامعي في المرتب والامتيازات حتى وصل عدد حافظي القران الكريم في ليبيا إلى مليون حافظ..

كافر لأنه كان يحتضن المؤتمرات الإسلامية العلمية في طرابلس وكان هولاء الشيوخ أمثال القرضاوي ووجدي غنيم ومحمد حسان والعريفي والقرني وغيرهم يتسابقون من اجل الحصول على صورة معه..

كافر لأنه كان القائد العربي الوحيد الذي يؤم بعشرات الألف من المسلمين في ليلة القدر..

كافر لأنه رفض ان يهرب من ليبيا ويتركها للصليبيين الكفار واذنابهم الخوارج..

كافر لأنه قاتل الصليبين وإذنابه حتى الرمق الأخير هو وأولاده الشجعان ورفاقه وأنصار الإبطال حتى دمرت بني وليد وسرت عن بكرة أبيهما بسب قصف طائرات الناتو الصليبي او كما يسميها شيوخ الإجرام طيور الأبابيل..!

كافر لان أبوه من المجاهدين الليبيين ضد الاحتلال الايطالي ولان جده هو أول شهيد في مدينة الخمس على يد الايطاليين ولان أولاده المعتصم بالله وخميس وسيف العرب وأحفاده هم من نال الشهادة على يد الصليبيين وإذنابهم..

كافر لأنه استشهد على يد الصليبيين وإذنابهم هو وأسوده المعتصم بالله وخميس وسيف العرب وأحفاده أولاد الماجدة عائشة القذافي.

نعم ان القائد الشهيد معمر القذافي، شهيد الصمود والآباء، شهيد العروبة والإسلام، هو كافر بل من أكابر الكفار بالصهيونية والرأسمالية والامبريالية والصليبية المتصهينة..

رحمك الله أيها القائد الحر الشريف الطاهر الباسل الصامد..

رحمك الله يا فارس الصحراء الليبية وفارس البوادي العربية..

رحمك الله يا حسين العصر..

رحمك الله وجمعنا بك تحت ظله يوم لا ظل إلا ظل سبحانه وتعالى يا فارسنا الشجاع.

روابط وثائقيات ذات صلة :

شهيد الأمة معمر القذافي يحذر من عودة الاستعمار للأقطار العربية واحتلال العراق وليبيا ويدعو إلى الوحدة، وان المقاومة هي الحل ويدعوالى التوزيع العادل للثروة على الشعب العربي ويدعوالى دعم المقاومة الفلسطينية والا ستباد العرب كما تمابادة الهنود الحمر الخطاب عام 1988

خطاب القائد الشهيد معمر القذافي في الامم المتحدة وتمزيقه لميثاقها ودفاعه عن المقاومة العراقية والافغانية والفلسطينية ودعوته لفتح تحقيق دولي في اغتيال القائد صدام حسين وفي انتهاك اعراض الاسرى العراقيين في ابي غريب

القائد الشهيد معمر القذافي يصف القائد صدام حسين بالشهيد القديس ويستهجن الادعاءات الأمريكية بامتلاك العراق لاسلحة دمار شامل

مفاجأة/الشهيد القذافي هومن انتج فيلم الرسالةالاسلامي

القائد معمر القذافي يدعو الايطاليين والايطاليات لاعتناق الإسلام

القائد معمر القذافي يعلق صورة الشهيد عمر المختار على صدره ويصطحب ابن الشهيد عمر المختار في زيارته لايطاليا، واعتذار ايطالي عن حقبة الاستعمار لليبيا

برلسكوني يقبل يد القائد القذافي

Mu graceful


Important communication: ÇŃĚćÇ circular
Got a car accident carrying radioactive chemicals specifically the Abugarin area opposite the hotel is located on the main road ..

So in order to preserve the safety of citizens passing non-stop on the car to inspect the place so as not to be at risk ..

For information purposes only, there are people injured fainted in the region as a result of the inhalation of radioactive chemicals .. نتمى safety for all.

Media center for the youth of the capital informs us:

Mirage squadron received formal orders from the Chiefs of Staff to fly in the military zone extending of Zueitina to base Alkarzabih military in the region of Central
and targeting any extraneous ships issued an order of targeting Chiefs of Staff ..!!!

Presidency of Staff of the Air Force: Libyan air force on standby to carry out orders to bomb any piece freely approaching oil ports ..

D Nuri Balrwin, the chairman of the National Oil Corporation
Now says there is a customer told him that there is an armed Mlechih 7 million offered for sale text him.
(Liberal Libya now)
Libyan political dialogue:

النواصي militia kidnaps General Manager of the Bank of North Africa, Ali Zaidi.

The Director General of the Bank of North Africa in 2012 succeeded in reaching the bank to cover مصاريفه and simple profit margin despite the weakness of the possibilities.

Being bankers who knew of the incident contacts with Libyan officials in the state and escalate votes calling vigil in all banks in Libya 10:30 am for an hour next Sunday.


In thefts
Mohammed Boukikas / very dangerous /

Amazigh today reveal a plot to waste of public money :

O God, have fed Varushdna to right:

Today my thinking and mental disability of the existence of any justification or comment on what is happening from the actions of Mr. Ali Zaidane,

but because it wants to put Libya between bankrupt countries, which reaches out to the World Bank loans.

Country open border unchecked and can not protect them.

Security and safety is missing because of lack of courage in the confrontation.

Basic services for citizens and infrastructure are missing no trace of her.

Libya’s investments in overseas plundered his knowledge and under his supervision.

Libyan oil and gas stealing oil minister acknowledged his presence personally.

Budget 2013 (68 billion) missed and did not see a school or hospital builds and Libyans Aahton the salaries of (3) months or more.

Doing regardless of the amount (900 million dinars) without legal action and outside the budget to control the current situation as he put it

in his letter to the President of the Conference previously posted on my page.

Finally, conference calls regardless of the amount of (15.250.000) fifteen billion two hundred and fifty million dinars, an exception and cover the budget for some of the commitments.

By God, if my words wrong and you are satisfied with what happened Valanona and tell me what you looked at my right and canceled your friendship on My order Tstrehawwa to Trhata.

(Mohammed Boukaiqis)

13/08/2013 AD

 New scandal for the squandering money Libyans.

Syrian students studying in Turkey at the expense of the Libyan state.

News on preparing for demonstrations .. Syrian students in Turkey .. Condemnation to cut off oil in Libya
Which causes the delay in payment of grants

Note that the census schools that teach students the Syrians and the Libyan state-funded
64 .. School!

Libyan prime minister commissioned 52 people to travel to Turkey to follow up the basic education and exams average of Syrian request Libyan students in schools in Turkey.

WikiLeaks Cyrenaica

Forne Political Climate Precedes newspaper:. Libya is going into bankruptcy .. Libya became a state

assassinations sequential … And break into prisons …… And the bombing of the car …..


READ full RAT report which falsely still blames most of the country’s woes on MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI:

Libya Goes for Broke

The economic paradox of Libya: It’s rich, but it’s bankrupt.


Libya has been an especially difficult place to live over the past few weeks. With a string of high profile assassinations, a jailbreak, and a series of sometimes thwarted car bomb attacks, there is plenty for Libyans to be exasperated by. Yet amidst the lawlessness of recent weeks, nothing has frustrated the Libyan streets more than the daily power outages, sometimes running up to an excruciating 16 hours at a time.

The government has offered explanations, from overconsumption in the summer months to lack of maintenance, a legacy underinvestment in the network, and even “sabotage by Qaddafi loyalists” (!!!). This may be post-Revolution Libya, but given the country’s vast riches, a lack of electricity is a problem that seems especially hard to explain away.

The country boasts some of the world’s largest proven oil reserves, substantial capabilities for natural gas production, $168 billion in foreign assets and an enviable 2000 km-plus stretch of coast on the Mediterranean. For all these assets, Libya (pop. 6.4 million) also has a relatively small number of mouths to feed. In other parts of the world, the combination of small population and ample natural resources has generally proven a surefire formula for success. Why does Libya fail to follow suit?

Truth be told, conditions for ordinary Libyans have not improved in the two years since the “Revolution”. The hospitals are “unfit for human beings,” in the Health Minister’s own words. The schools are decrepit. Sewage spills pungently into the once-pristine Mediterranean shoreline. Even an internet connection is a serendipitous occurrence. For Libyans and observers alike, it is not immediately obvious why Libya should be in such dire straits.

Incompetence and widespread corruption top the list of popular explanations for the country’s current condition. …The reality is that even a competent and fully transparent government would find governing today’s Libya an impossible task. The reason is simple: despite its apparent wealth, Libya is broke.

All you have to do is run the numbers. The country’s projected national budget for 2013 amounts to some 67 billion Libyan dinars (or $52.5 billion), 90 percent of which will be derived from the export of oil throughout the year. Of this, LYD 20 billion ($16 billion) is earmarked for public sector salaries and a further LYD 10 billion ($8 billion) for subsidies and transfers. After operating expenses, what’s left for “development and reconstruction” is LYD 19 billion ($15 billion) — a meager LYD 3,000 ($2,300) per head — to basically build a country from scratch. …

 (UGH!! THIS GETS worse and worse as you read on, to poison your mind from the real truth!!)

War map War Map from August 2011from August 2011:

Libyan People’s National Movement

16 août 2013 18:57
Party leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya ((Mohammed Flint)) says that every Libyan citizen did not vote for the Muslim Brotherhood, and gave voice to the Alliance Party … Is one of the ousted Gaddafi regime.
:: Means that did not give me your voice then you are ousted al-Qathafi and you must be eliminated.
{And wrong, but they wronged themselves}

رئيس حــــزب الاخــــــوان المسلمين في ليبيا (( محمد صوان)) يقول ان كل مواطن ليبي لم يصوت للاخوان واعطى صوته لحزب التحالف … هو من ازلام نظام القذافي.
يعني:: ان لم تعطيني صوتك فانت من ازلام القذافي ويجب القضاء عليك.
{وما ظلمناهم ولكن كانوا أنفسهم يظلمون}


Senior army officer murdered in Tripoli

By Ashraf Abdul-Wahab

Yet another member of the armed forces has been murdered. Colonel Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Abdussalam Al-Lafi, a member of General Staff has died after being shot on Wednesday as he was returning to his home in Tripoli’s Jama Attughar district. According to a statement from the General Staff, he was taken to the Ali Omar Askar hospital in Assabea but died there.

There has been a spate of assassinations and attempted assassinations in the past month, many of them security officials who worked under the Qaddafi regime, but not all.  Political figures have been targeted as well, most notably political activist Abdulsalam Musmari, murdered on 26 July.

Most have been in Benghazi and eastern Libya, although five days ago the General Staff reported an attempt to assassinate the former interim Chief of Staff, Brigadier Salem Gnaidi.

Three days ago a car bomb exploded in Benghazi killing of its driver, a civilian.  It is thought that this was a case of mistaken identity and that the real target was a security official.

A week ago, the Commander of Sebha Security Support Forces, Colonel Fawzi El-Ujali, was killed in the city when a bomb attached to his car blew up.

July was one of the bloodiest months since the end of the counter-revolution for both Benghazi and Derna.

In Benghazi on 4 July, an attempt on the life of former Qaddafi air force officer Colonel Hamed Al-Hassi, who now heads the military wing of the self-proclaimed Cyrenaica Transitional Council, killed two men, although Al-Hassi survived.

Four days later, an another former Qaddari-era security official, Colonel Fawzi Al-Burki was killed when his car was blown up.

On 19 July, gunmen attempted to murder the head of the Libyan Observatory for Human Rights in the eastern region, Nasser Soualem.

A week later, on the same day that Musmari was assassinated, two colonels were also murdered in separate incidents: Colonel Khatab Younis Al-Zway,  the head of the city’s Shekhra area police station, and Colonel Salam Al-Sarrah, a retired senior air force officer.

Four days after that, on July 30, Ahmed Farraj Al-Barnawi, who commanded the Benghazi Protection Force, was killed when a bomb attached to his car exploded outside his house in Benghazi.

The next day there was an attempt to assassinate retired Colonel Mubarak Mohammed Al-Obeidi.  The attack on him resulted in him having his leg amputated.

In Derna, on 15 July, a day after a tourist project in the town had been bombed, a Captain Fathi Alamami was murdered.

Less than a week later, a retired colonel, Abdullateef Emdawi Al-Dali Almzeni, was gunned down.

And at the end of the month, the commander of the Libya Shield battalion in the town, Colonel Adnan Nuwaisiri, was also assassinated there.

According to Human Rights Watch, which is trying to keep a tally of the killings, at least 51 people have died in the recent murderous attacks in Benghazi and Derna – and the figure does not appear to include those killed this month.

The victims include two judges and “at least 44 serving members of the security forces, most of whom had held positions in the former government says a HRW report issued this week.

“At least six were high-ranking officers under al-Qathafi. HRW has strongly criticised the authorities for  not arresting anyone.

“What started as assassinations of members of the police, internal security apparatus, and military intelligence has been further aggravated by the killing of judges and a political activist,” said Joe Stork,

HRW’s deputy Middle East and North Africa director.

“The failure to hold anyone accountable highlights the government’s failure to build a functioning justice system.”
Statement of Shariah scholars Azhar Ali Azahari channel and channel axis:
Brotherhood apostate officially saying “we took up arms not one of us.”

Urgent please Circular reports with the direction of a group of Brotherhood Muslamin and the accused opened fire on the army and police and to the Egyptian Libyan border in order to login to the Libyan territory, which could die and cause the destabilization of security and stability it wish Guard troops border in the eastern region to be careful and not allowed to Hola criminalsfrom entering Libyan territory.

(Libby free)


General Electric Company requests from the Libyans to repay their debts or stay in the dark

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Tripoli.

Appealed to the electricity company and renewable energies client Libyan government repay what perpetuates citizens discharged from the debt resulting from the consumption of electric power and to avoid power cuts and the accumulation amounts. The General Electric Company in an appeal on its official social communication network: ”My Libyan brother : You have to pay the electrical bill if you want  the continuity of the power supply.”

The Ministry called on its citizens to go to  their own meter reading and go to the box office collection to be invoiced consumption of electric power to facilitate the repayment of debt and lack of accumulation of them.

(**I want to see now what the New Libyans will do when they will have to pay things (electricity,water) that previously were free of charge.)



PM’s media office launches rumour control measure

The PM’s Media Office is launching an initiative to counter rumours in social and regular media using its rumour hash-tag initiative.

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, 14 August 2013:

The rat Prime Minister’s Media and Communications Office launched a new rumour counter-measure initiative yesterday on its Facebook page

The page announced that in future rumours circulating in the media or onsocial networking sites will be marked, in Arabic, with the word rumour followed by a hash-tag ( rumour#) within a red square .

Already since its launch yesterday the PM’s Media office has had to deny three strong rumours doing the rounds yesterday regarding:

European embassies refusing to issue Shengen visas,

(**Its true not a rumor – Shengen visas are denied to Libyans they denied it to me thank God I had some good connections with one European embassy and got my visa)

European nations objecting to thuwar (former (extremist  rebel “freedom fighters”) holding government positions,

and the rumour that US drones have been bombing of Al-Qaeda sites in eastern Libya

(**in Derna  and Benghazi suburbs its true it’s not a rumor).

It will be interesting how this new initiative develops and whether the PM’s media office will be able to keep up and respond to all the rumours that are often doing the rounds in Libya.

What is clear is that the PM’s media office is keen to dominate the media agenda and progress in its media output, as well as “help serious media outlets in performing their jobs”.

(HAh, Hah!)

It will be recalled that the government had finally appointed its Deputy Culture Minister, Abdussalam Sabri Sharief, as the official government spokesperson on 14th July in an effort to better “communicate with the media”. (joke?)

RAT source:


The spread of gunmen searched the cars on the coastal road:



Ajdabiya tribes they met and decided to protect Mnchaouat oil alone:

Ajdabiya area residents and its environs declare their rejection of all forms of attacks and sit-ins related to oil installations.

Ajdabiya 16 August 2013 (and) –

The people of the Ajdabiya and its environs from the elders and notables, young people and various tribes and clans of the region and members of civil society organizations expressed their support for the legitimacy of state institutions elected a National Congress of the year and the interim government, stressing that any aggression it is an attack on the sovereignty of the Libyan people . He urged the people of Ajdabiya area and its environs in a statement issued on Thursday and obtained the Libyan news agency, a copy of the General National Congress and the interim government to expedite the conduct of the elections for the Constituent Authority for drafting the constitution until the establishment of the rule of law, justice and institutions.

He warned the people of the Ajdabiya and its environs in their statement that any prejudice to national unity without death, stressing the territorial integrity of Libya and the right of every citizen of expression and peaceful demonstration requirement to maintain the higher interest of the homeland and is not endangered in any way.

They also expressed their rejection of any armed appearances outside the legitimate authority, demanding the accession of all armed formations under the umbrella of the national army as individuals uniformed military ruled by military law.

He announced the people of the Ajdabiya and its environs in their statement refusing all forms of attacks and sit-ins related installations in oil fields, ports and considered the actions of illegal pose a serious threat to the artery vital to the Libyan people and livelihood is oil and gas, and an assault flagrant on the sovereignty of the Libyan people, as well as what might consequent exposure the country for the intervention of foreign military forces under the pretext of protecting its security and economic interests.

The statement stressed that a guard oil facilities as the only military responsible for protecting oil installations, and its mission is to protect the facilities and not disrupting work, given that these facilities are the Secretariat of the Libyan people in the necks of the President and members of the officers and soldiers to secure and protected. He called the people of the Ajdabiya and its environs at the end of their statement, the interim government to work to provide all the necessary facilities for a guard oil installations to be able to impose military escort and protect oil facilities from tampering abusers, stressing their determination and their determination to protect these facilities, their lives and their blood if necessary. (And Ajdabiya ..)



Special power and light and medium weapons and more than 400 armed organized car now on the orders of carp friend to go to Ras Lanuf ...

In connection with my uncle Mohammed al-Ras Lanuf, assured me that he did not see such a military build-up in his life until the day of the war, no retreat Aatric tenderly …

Ali العسبلي a


Ras Lanuf refinery you load the first tanker since the unrest began about three weeks ago. Friday, August 16, 2013 (19:54:0)

London, 16 Aug. 2013 (and) – shipping sources announced that the Ras Lanuf refinery largest refinery in Libya on Friday has to download the first tanker

petroleum products since the labor unrest hit the oil sector about three weeks ago. Quoted by Reuters news agency as these sources that the tanker

“Cape is evidence” began in early Friday to download kerosene which is used as fuel for jets from Ras Lanuf refinery, which also produces diesel high sulfur

content, and is expected to ship heading to Italy. The sources said that the navigational load crude is still shut because of strike by security guards in Ras Lanuf

second largest seaport but load petroleum products from the refinery separately.

Ras Lanuf preparations for the day 17. 8

Libya threatens army action against oil protesters

By Feras Bosalum

TRIPOLI | Thu 15 Aug 2013 11:07pm BST

(Reuters) – Libya‘s government will use all means, including military force if necessary, to prevent striking security guards at the country’s main ports from selling its oil independently,

rat Prime Minister Ali Zaidane said on Thursday.

In a critical challenge to the government, strikes at Libya’s largest ports have pushed oil production and exports, the lifeblood of the north African country’s economy, to their lowest levels since the CIA created civil war that ousted veteran leader Muammar al-Qathafi in 2011.

Libyan officials said their patience with protesters was running out as the country was losing billions with its oil exports more than halved in the past weeks.

Rat Prime Minister Zaidane said that the leader of the protesters, Ibrahim al-Jathran, who is the regional head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, wanted to sell the oil independently of Libya’s state national oil corporation (NOC).

“The head of the protesters wants to export oil for their own group, they do not want to make concessions,” Zaidane told a news conference.

“If any tanker comes to the port to pick up oil, then we will use any means to stop it,” he said. This could involve the army, navy or air force, he added.

The protests are located mainly in the eastern part of Libya, which has been pushing for greater autonomy.

The strikes have hit major oil export sites such as Es Sider and Ras Lanuf with armed security guards asking for higher pay. No comment was immediately available from the protesters, who have not publicly threatened to sell oil independently.

Export problems have reduced Libya’s output to just 500,000-600,000 barrels per day compared to the country’s production capacity of 1.6 million bpd representing over 1.5 percent of the global oil output.

Libyan supply outages have been aggravated by disruptions in Iraq, Nigeria and South Sudan as well as lower exports from Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which have all hit hard European oil buyers.

Libya has joint projects with many Western majors such as Italy‘s ENI and many firms have reported lower sales and higher financial losses this year, citing Libyan unrest.


Oil Minister Abdelbari al-Arusi told the same news conference all Libyan export ports were shut by protests except for Zawiya in the west.

“Libya has lost $1.6 billion in oil sales since July 25 until today,” al-Arusi said. “We have lost a lot of our clients and they are now searching for other providers,” he added.

OPEC oil member Libya told its customers earlier in the week it could make no promises on crude deliveries next month as strikes paralysed its major terminals.

On Thursday, officials said strikes were still crippling the main facilities despite hopes the disputes would be at least partially resolved this week.

“We will use force to stop any tanker from entering waters without a contract with NOC,” Libya’s defence minister Abdallah Al-Thani told the same news conference.

(Writing by Julia Payne and Dmitry Zhdannikov,; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

Oil cause of the conflict is the key to the solution
Stopped him …..
I said it before its sources and oil ports that emits the solution and the paper that is not controlled by militias
Stop pumping oil ستجفف the sources of funding and will be international intervention to solve them and eliminate them
The money derived from oil have not benefited only the salaries of citizen, which Tssal to the ordinary citizen does not constitute a quarter of the budget The rest goes in the corridors of politics and corruption remain in the ground that ينصلح the case of the country or the benefit of another generation
Yes to close the ports and the fields and the damage will be much less than the bill for the blood that is flowing today stopped him …..

Albarghothee Ben Matref

Albarghothee Ben Matref explains:

Oil and wars do not end
I think that is the oil fields, which would move the civil war, not blood.
Do you know why because oil is more precious than blood when many
Sinarioa possible?
Oil will depend sooner that later, especially oil fields in the Middle
And capital controls in the political decision can not silence Valpetro of dollars will depend.
Move forces to control oil and its sources, especially since the various border Is Red in the valley or in Brega.
The tribes of Cyrenaica ستنتفض and defend its interests
There will be a Libyan tribes in the West, with tenderly and will seize the opportunity because they feel they are marginalized.
Break out war between the tribes and between those who control the political decision-represented in the religious currents that want to تحتفط

legitimacy violated along with cities such as Misrata and Tajura and Friday market and some of the tribes Zliten (residents) and some of the tribes

of the corner (with assets Alkrglah) they possess weapons, but the land and the people not with them.
Would be a devastating war may be an end in Ras Al Hamad…
النفط والحروب علاقة لا تنتهي
اعتقد ان حقول النفط هي التي ستحرك الحرب الاهلية وليس الدماء
هل تعرفون لماذا لان النفط اغلى من الدماء عند الكثيرين
سيناريوا محتمل
النفط سيتوقف عاجلا ان اجلا من الحقول النفطية خاصة في الشرق
العاصمة ومن يتحكم في القرار السياسي لن يستطيع السكوت فالبترو دولار سيتوقف
ستتحرك قوات للسيطرة على النفط ومنابعة خاصة وان الحدود مختلف عليها هل هي في الوادي الاحمر ام في البريقة
قبائل برقة ستنتفض ولتدافع عن مصالحها
سيكون هناك قبائل في الغرب الليبي مع برقة وستنتهز الفرصة لانها تشعر انها مهمشة
ستندلع حرب بين القبائل وبين من يتحكم في القرار السياسي متمثلا في التيارات الدينية التي تريد ان تحتفط على الشرعية المنتهكة ومعها مدن مثل مصراتة وتاجوراء وسوق الجمعة وبعض من قبائل زليتن (الاهالي )وبعض من قبائل الزاوية(ذوي الاصول الكرغلية ) هم يمتلكون السلاح لكن الارض والشعب ليس معهم
ستكون حربا ضروس قد يكون نهايتها في راس حمد.

Libyan Libyan
Still revenues (oil) Libyan

Of hard currency shift in

Fund accounts (friends of Libya in Qatar)

The absence of prime minister looked and people face the truth.

(Albarghothee Ben Matref)

 Led military convoys named Ali Imran customary hawks fighter battalion commander heading for support Aljdharan is renegade guard oil installations

to assist in control of the Libyan oil fields against the legitimacy of the National Congress and the government ..
Tabu forces now control oil fields by force

Track Issa Abdul Majeed forces Altbawi controlled on the following fields: “camel field, morning, Field Ghanaian” The Organization of control process and coordination with Jdharan of the “Order of the guard oil installations Central Region responsible for the protection of fields” Sirte Basin “..

(Free newspaper Sabha)

The new committee for the Arab Gulf Company receive functions
Country ambiance – Alaa Darsi

Said President of the General Union of Arab Gulf congratulations Ben Ali The process of delivery and receipt between the management company Arabian Gulf Oil previous and the new committee has on Thursday.

Ben Ali added that the delivery and receipt has within two days and that the new Chairman of the Committee Mohammed bin Shatwan pledged activating danger Alaote and rotation.

The company’s workers have staged several vigils demanding the change of the company’s Management Committee.

The Western Mountain News Agency

An armed group controls the fields in the south and is a field (Naqa – morning – Field Ghana) and the source said that the process of controlling

the organization and to strengthen its positions with the eastern region and what is going on Ras Lanuf.



Something laughing cry!!!

Britain’s ambassador in Libya asked Libya transfer Safartha to the city of Zuwarah but Alkharigah refuses to agree to open a consulate only

comes this matter within Atfqat between the British ambassador in Libya and the local council Zuwarah to support the economy and the

creation of projects in Zuwarah and other reason that the city of Zuwarah are safe places in Libya for three years 2011-2012-2013



Dr. Tawfiq Okasha on Lafraain channel
Brotherhood pour oil on the asphalt on the highway for the cause of accidents and the rhythm of more victims treacherously

Suffice God and yes, the agent in both afford to hurt people.

Algerian newspapers say that the Algerian and Tunisian militants trained in Libya Misurata.


Angry describe Obama’s “mentor” real Brotherhood
“Rebellion” demanding to cut or freeze political relations with the United States

To read the news click the following link

Angry describe Obama’s “mentor” real Brotherhood
The dawn of the statement of U.S. President Barack Obama, on Thursday, on Egypt and its Abolition Bright Star exercises to train with

And fell Brotherhood
Fell rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after he exposed what they signed their face mask and pant their identity as a group are looking for power at any price, end then justify the means no qualms in trading of religion to achieve the interests of its members in the world.
But more importantly, that the Egyptian media alert to the fact that the plot carried out against the Arab nation, and enough of the suffering of commentary and analysis, and took it upon himself to enlighten public opinion, the fact that the plight of the Arab Spring and are the true leaders and the nature of their goals and what the characters are being implemented.
Our hearts to Egypt, which the West is trying to push into the unknown and the destruction of its army, similar to the destruction of the Iraqi army and the Libyan army and the Syrian army.
Our heart is with the Egyptian people, who alerted to the plot before it is too late Daaha decided to eradicate the malignant tumor from the body of Egypt, and re-naming of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the Muslim Brotherhood liars, they lie to God first,

and lying to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, they are the group is not Religion in something Ray a number of Muslim scholars who hosted the Egyptian media channels, will not Nkverhm as they disbelieve Muslims truthful, mere Mwalathm of the infidels became from Mashrhm let alone the actions that Aotonha and crimes يقترفونها the right of individuals, groups and ashamed by demons who did it.
It stung Libyans fire Brotherhood and they knew and did not know them one others will not do any methods of repression practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood against them in the hour delay decisiveness coming soon, God willing, the Almighty peaceful or war, is aware of Almthompshon Bgelabeb Brotherhood steeped in the pleasures of country Almertmyin in the embrace of conspiracy Bank, said the time of the Muslim Brotherhood has been removed and that their may Waffle and that star lie may fool some people some of the time but it will not fool all of the people all of the time.
My message to mentor boys in Misratah and Benghazi Friday market and Tajora to look at it as it has brightened the sun and probably will not be enough time for dialogue gentle persuasion and some will be forced to surgical treatment which will lead to more bloodshed.
My speech to the conscious of the group Islamic movement in Libya that patience carried out and the time exceeds the end and you are possessed of the corner of the initiative’s real out of the tunnel, which introduced the Brotherhood of our country and heal the rift left by the destruction inflicted plot February on our people, and that التمترس lying around and illusion will not protected from aftershocks earthquake.
This is the view from the heart to the mind working folk who know the facts and analysis results predicted and moving away from the illusion and they know that it has not yet eliminated them in the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt proof whom Amit sight and went their minds.
In Libya, the scene was the most painful of the play is the Arab Spring and which could open the way to build the future of Arabic away from foreign interference and influence of the major countries.’s Future is made by the Libyans themselves, without the intervention of the deviant group unjust and outside the scope of the media hype and campaigns fraud systematic and without the impact of fatwas are looking to justify the means, and to legitimize crimes .

(By / d. Mustafa hyperbolic

Green Thought Forum)

وسقط الاخوان
سقط حكم الاخوان في مصر بعد ان انكشفت حقيقتهم ووقع القناع عن وجههم ، وبانت هويتهم كجماعة تبحث عن الحكم باي ثمن، الغاية عندها تبرر الوسيلة فلم تتورع في المتاجرة بالدين لتحقيق مصالح لأعضائها في الدنيا .
لكن الاهم ان الاعلام المصري تنبه لحقيقة المؤامرة التي تنفذ ضد الامة العربية ،وكفانا معاناة الشرح والتحليل ، واخذ على عاتقه تنوير الراي العام بحقيقة نكبة الربيع العربي ومن هم قادتها الحقيقيون وما طبيعة اهدافها وماهية الشخوص التي تنفذها .
قلبنا على مصر التي يحاول الغرب دفعها الي المجهول وتدمير جيشها اسوة بتدمير الجيش العراقي والجيش الليبي والجيش السوري.
قلبنا مع الشعب المصري الذى تنبه الى المؤامرة قبل ان يستفحل داؤها فقرر استئصال الورم الخبيث من الجسد المصري ،واعاد تسمية حركة الاخوان المسلمين بحركة الاخوان الكاذبين ، فهم يكذبون على الله سبحانه وتعالى اولا، ويكذبون على رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم ،هم جماعة ليست من الدين في شيء على راي عدد من علماء المسلمين الذين استضافتهم قنوات اعلامية مصرية ، لن نكفرهم كما يكفرون هم المسلمين الصادقين ،فمجرد موالاتهم للكفار صاروا من معشرهم ناهيك على الافعال التي يأتونها والجرائم التي يقترفونها بحق الافراد والجماعات والتي تستحى الشياطين من فعلها .
لقد اكتوى الليبيون بنار الاخوان وعرفوها كما لم يعرفهم احد غيرهم ولن تجدى اساليب القمع التي يمارسها الاخوان ضدهم في تأخير ساعة الحسم القادمة قريبا بإذن الله العلى العظيم سلما او حربا ،فهل يعي المتمسحون بجلابيب الاخوان الغارقين فى الملذات القطرية المرتميين في احضان المؤامرة الغربية ان زمن الاخوان قد زال وان نجمهم قد افل وان الكذبة قد تنطلي على بعض الناس بعض الوقت لكنها لن تنطلي على كل الناس كل الوقت.
رسالتي الى صبيان المرشد في مصراته وبنغازي وسوق الجمعة وتاجوراء ان ينظروا الى الامر كما هو فلقد اشرقت الشمس وربما لن يكون زمن كاف للحوار بالحسنى وسوف يضطر البعض الى العلاج الجراحي الذى سوف يؤدى الى مزيد الدماء .
خطابي الى الواعين من جماعة الحركة الاسلامية في ليبيا ان الصبر نفذ والوقت جاوز النهاية وانتم من يمتلك ناصية المبادرة الحقيقية للخروج من النفق الذى ادخل فيه الاخوان بلادنا ورأب الصدع الذى خلفه التدمير الذى اوقعته مؤامرة فبراير على شعبنا، وان التمترس حول الكذب والوهم لن يحمى من توابع الزلزال .
هذا قول من القلب الي قوم يعملون العقل يعرفون تحليل الوقائع وتوقع النتائج ويبتعدون عن الوهم ويعلمون ان الامر لم يقضى بعد ولهم في مصير الاخوان فى مصر برهان لمن عميت ابصارهم وذهبت عقولهم .
في ليبيا كان المشهد الاكثر ايلاما من مسرحية الربيع العربي ومنها قد يفتح طريق لبناء مستقبل عربي بعيدا عن التدخل الأجنبي ونفوذ الدول الكبرى .مستقبل يصنعه الليبيون انفسهم دون تدخل الفئة الضالة الظالمة وخارج نطاق الضجيج الإعلامي وحملات التزوير الممنهج وبلا تأثير لفتاوى تبحث في تبرير الوسائل وشرعنة الجرائم .بقلم/ د. مصطفى الزائديمنتدى الفكر الأخضر

Confirmation for the news media published by Naima Misrati

Coast Guard out of Tobruk,

shortly before the move now, to stop Tractor “UNITED” flying the flag of Cyprus, and came out yesterday
From the city of Misratah, and are suspected of carrying weapons, has also been
Report to the Egyptian Coast Guard intercepted because it’s increased in speed
Which amounts to 9.7 “knots”, and almost away from the “112 degree”
Above Tobruk, where they are prosecuted, as confirmed by the Egyptian Coast Guard.

By the time he was arrested locomotive carrying arms Scheduled
From city of Misratah destined about Egypt.

Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Coast Guard out of Tobruk by half an hour from now, to stop
Tractor “UNITED” flying the flag of Cyprus, and came out yesterday
From the city of Misratah, and are suspected of carrying weapons, has also been
Report to the Egyptian Coast Guard intercepted because it’s increased in speed
Which amounts to 9.7 “knots”, and almost away from the “112 degree”
Above Tobruk, where they are prosecuted, as confirmed by the Egyptian Coast Guard
By the time he was arrested locomotive carrying arms Scheduled
From city of Misratah destined about Egypt.

Exclusive Naima Misrati

What I talked about Naima Misrati is true and I have a directory
And waiting for the news from Tobruk, Coast Guard or Coast
Egyptian coast, will be inspected if you do not carry
Arms will emerge and if afford to be arrested.

(Point p line Salem al-Obeidi)

(Exclusive Salem al-Obeidi)

Egyptian coast guard arrested on a tanker loaded with weapons launched from Misrata towards Egypt!!:


Egyptian Air flight arms a little while ago was discovered four vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition from Libya and are trying to penetrate the Egyptian-Libyan border …

We are not news page .. But deliberately publish this news to talk consciouly about the position in Libya customers of the situation in Egypt and what are the implications of this situation for the Liberals in Egypt,

as well as the Egyptian armed forces of Libya?? Is the defeat of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in all of the land of Egypt and the land of Sham will have an impact on the Brotherhood and takfirist groups in Libya?

عاجل : طيران السلاح الجو المصري يقوم قبل قليل بتدمير أربع عربات محملة بالسلاح و الذخيرة قادمة من ليبيا و هي تحاول إختراق الحدود المصرية الليبية …
نحن لسنا صفحة أخبارية .. لكن تعمدنا نشر هذا الخبر لنقاش تدعيات موقف العملاء في ليبيا من الوضع في مصر و ماهي تداعيات هذا الموقف على الأحرار في مصر و كذلك القوات المسلحة المصرية من ليبيا ؟؟ و هل هزيمة الإخوان في كل من أرض الكنانه و ارض الشام سيكون له أثر على الأخوان و المجموعات التكفيرية في ليبيا ؟
Airline Egyptian armed forces resist a vehicle loaded with weapons and ammunition from Libya tried to Penetrate the Egyptian-Libyan border ..

وان الذين وضعوا العلم تحت اقدام اليهودي ليفي , وتحت اقدام رموز الناتو من الاوروبيين والامريكيين , سيدفعون الثمن

 Reblogged from Jamahiriya News Agency:

‫تاريخ |.. .. الــعــــلـــمـ .. .

هو الرايه او اللواء الذي يعقدونه للحرب , و كان هذا اللواء يسلم الى رئيس الجيش او الفرقه او المجاهدين , ليحمله اثناء المعركة و هو رمز رئاسته , و ما دام اللواء مرفوعا فإن الجيش لا يزال يقاتل وهو منصور , و بذلك يدافع الجيش على لواءه و يقاتل حتى النهايه , و التاريخ يروي قصة المعركة الاسلاميه ( مؤته ) التي تبادلت قيادات المجاهدين العلم , فكلما قتل حامل الرايه يحملها غيره , حتى ان جعفر ابن ابي طالب رضي الله عنه , مسكها بيده اليمنى فلما قطعت رفعها بيده اليسرى , فلما قطعت احتضنها ببقايا يديه الى صدره , فقتل , و اخذ الرايه خالد ابن الوليد , و سمي جعفر بالطيار , لان الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم , قال انه عوضه الله بجناحين يطير بهما في الجنه , و في العصور الحديثه اصبح العلم رمز الدوله و فخر اعتزازها ترفعه على اداراتها الحكوميه , ومناسباتها الرسميه , واذا ما زارها ضيف رسمي يحيي راية الوطن .




In History |

.. .. Science .. .

Is a flag or brigade يعقدونه of the war, and it was this brigade handed over to the head of the army, regimental, the Mujahideen, the holds during the battle and is a symbol of his presidency, and as long as the brigade brought the army is still fighting a Mansour, and thus defend the army on his brigade and fighting until the end, and history tells the story of the battle Islamic (MU’TAH) exchanged by the leaders of the Mujahideen of science, the more killing Ensign carried by others, so that Ja’far Ibn Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him, Maintained his right hand when he lifted his left hand cut, and when he embraced the remains of his hands cut to chest, killing, and taking Raya Khaled Ibn Al Waleed, and named after Jafar the pilot, because the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, said he was offset by God wings to fly with them in heaven, and in modern times has become a symbol of the state and flag pride pride flies Government departments, and events official, if it has had guest formal salutes the flag of the country.
wandered into the gallery history in Malta, In History Hungary in Budapest, when drawing a battle won by the Christians draw their knowledge is brought, science Islamic Turkish reminded time lying on the ground تدوسه Achilles and people, If painted battle defeated them, rising Islamic science and fall of Christian Science.
Libya as a whole countries flags over the history symbol strength and triumphs military, it has been the Mujahideen against the Italians waving the banner of green reading Quranic verse, and when I resigned Libya and put the flag with the three colors and the star and crescent symbol her, and was selected the late Omar ultra Hanib, and approved by the Assembly session, and after the Revolution of September was chosen aware of another of the Republic and retained science former respected, then انشئوا note another of the Union republics and finally the green flag, with respect for the media past and conservation, science is the symbol of the state, and the symbol of the people, and not a symbol of the president or king.
when he attacked NATO Libya was his goals topple the state, and an insult Raya Jamahiriya or brigade Libyan or science Libyan and veto it, cooperating with NATO, they are in history’s judgment traitors, who helped the enemy on the occupation of their country and their destruction, they insulted the flag-Libi, Dasoh feet, and placed him under the feet of the Jewish Levy, and placed him on the threshold of public places to Aydosh people.
it’s science!
he Raya!
that brigade!
as a symbol home!
nothing to do with Gaddafi nor Padres, and those who come after them, is that ignorance and lack NATIONAL make some citizens, contributing to the insult banner national and defend the flag, the task of every Liberal in any nation, and an insult to science, is an insult to the people all of us, and who put the flag under the feet Jewish Levy, and NATO under the feet of the symbols of the Europeans and the Americans, will pay the price dearly, sooner or later, and which does not envious of his knowledge and the flag of his homeland not jealous of his honor, his dignity and his humanity.

Of |
Mohammed Alakecat

Libyan news

Israel’s War Of Aggression On Libya
Speech Given By President Gamal Abdel Nasser In Tripoli Libya Celebrating The Evacuation Of American Forces From The Oqba Bin Nafea Base the
Speech Given By President Gamal Abdel Nasser At The People’s Conference In Tripoli Libya
BELHADJ spilling his lying worms

Durée : 0:21

SOS to Misrata honest!!

My uncle named Mohammed Anwar Zarouk kidnapped yesterday at one pm and Hua Marawah work actuation Hua Director of Marketing and Sales for spark oil company
The whole because wrote the report for Ali Zaidan and spoke on the company’s branch in Misratah they Aozfo in people Maandhmh the experience nor the qualifications, mostly from their city
Kidnapped him at one pm and Hua Marawah’s monsters in Airport
Mavi no news of him so far
And when we look at and Chavna the blade through the company Win out of Misratah place!!!!!
Note that good footmen and intentions in the case and people are all loving it

Shen Yeboah from God you how long this continues, his family and young God knows Bayhoum launched Sayer them and God defect Janas Rana Muslims and

Eyen and blindness of the rebels and the people you know defect ارحموه and mercy on his family when this is done Hzu people who Qltoa flown to Tripoli bash Ihamoha walk kidnapped foot and Arfoh to Misratah
Aeshrfa Misratah mercy guy and his اشفعوا the family and this is a revolution that Libyans want you this Elly qualify revolution dignity of Libyans Is this is Elly Tboha freedom

Mercy of the earth in heaven bless you

(Nephew kidnapped)

Invent ways of Torture and Revenge for Supporters of the Former Regime

invent ways of torture and revenge for supporters of the former regime

(Hammouda), one of Libyan supporters of the former regime WASarrested by  rebels – gangs in the east of Libya and THEY suspended from his hands on the edge of one of the doors and  exercised by the physical and psychological torture of humiliation and insult collectively in stock less what can be said of him that he grotesque .. This has been featured many of the videos, pictures and reports are included in the observer a lot of videos that show reprisals from supporters of the former regime in violation of all human rights …..




Clashes  between the Misurata MB RATS of GNC,  and  the native, free Rafla in the neighborhood No. 1. there are 2 people injured.





Today has been the launch of prisoners the existing المشاشية tribe in Zintan
Number 14 captive prisoners within the Haj Owaidat prisoners of the elders tribe المشاشية and Reconciliation Commission.

Please Publishing
(Noor Ahmed)



Libyan Arab Airlines

Tripoli International Airport to close its doors next month of October for the maintenance of the main runway at the airport ..

And will be Mitigua Air Base airport temporarily substitute for international and domestic flights from the airport in Tripoli and is expected to last maintenance period of 3 months.

Libya’s ‘marginalized’ Ahmazag are said to have threatened to use arms against deputies (liars)

Libya’s ‘marginalised’ Berbers threaten to use arms against deputies  


An emergency meeting held yesterday in Gado
An emergency meeting held yesterday in Gado was agreed to form a committee of lawyers and legal advisers to file a lawsuit against a member

of the National Conference-General Omar Abolivh of the claim that the Amazigh had insulted Islam during the demonstration and Constitutional Merit demanded dropping of Islam.!

Lafrasin greens News

Very important .. From a reliable source inside ‫ # Conference _ National ‬ has benefit that ‫ # Amazigh ‬ when Ahjmo the conference hall there was collusion with some of the presidential guard, and that he was assaulted بالشتم and beat many of the members of the conference center wraps extreme about this information in addition to the disappearance of some of the documents and important documents ..

And that there are some members of Congress has stolen their mobile devices and personal iPad, including Maihtoy on important documents secret and very private family pictures ..

Blessed you, Hmaz, the prospects of that you can not protect yourselves P how Sthmoun the home .. !

هام جداً .. من مصدر موثوق داخل ‫#‏المؤتمر_الوطنى‬ تمت الافادة بأن ‫#‏الأمازيغ‬ عندما هجمو على قاعة المؤتمر كان هناك تواطؤ
مع بعض الحرس الرئاسي و انه تم الاعتداء بالشتم وبالضرب للعديد من اعضاء المؤتمر وسط الكتمان الشديد حول هذه المعلومة بالاضافة الى اختفاء بعض الوثائق والمستندات الهامة ..و إن هناك بعض اعضاء المؤتمر تمت سرقة اجهزة المحمول الخاصة بهم والأى باد الشخصى ومنها مايحتوى على وثائق هامة جدا سرية وصور عائلية خاصة ..هنيئاً لكم يا شذاذ الآفاق من لم تتمكنوا من حماية أنفسكم ف كيف ستحمون الوطن .. !منقول

The dawn Friday, 08.16.2013 armed group exposure on channel Ibrarn The Libyan Amazigh firearms was the attack on the staff of the channel led to the injury of a fractured staff!


Ahmazag storm national assembly to protest against what they believe is their marginalization.


Image Archive

Amazigh crowd stormed the headquarters of the General National Congress in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Tuesday, August 13 / August, attackers smashed windows and furniture inside the building.

The spokesman of the National Congress General Omar Humaydan that the attack took place during the protests of the Amazigh take into account the rights of claimants.

Did not reach any news of casualties or injuries. The spokesman pointed out to destroy the furniture and the loss of some of the documents inside the building lead to intrusions.

And demands that Amazigh Libyans, who are a minority in the country, the need for representation in all institutions of the state and include cultural

and political rights in the new constitution to be drafted by the National Conference of Libyan year.

TRIPOLI – Members of Libya’s Ahmazag

community, angered over what they believe is their marginalization, stormed the national assembly Tuesday, a deputy said.

Ahmazag “who had been demonstrating outside the seat of the General National Congress, broke in to the chamber… ransacking furniture and slinging out documents,

as the RAT president and members of the GNC were meeting with their representatives,” Suad Ganor said.

They also “threatened to use weapons against certain deputies,” Ganor added.

The Ahmazag, who make up about 10 percent of Libya’s population, are demanding that their language, ethnicity and culture be recognized in the future constitution.

At the beginning of July, they withdrew their representatives from the GNC to protest against marginalization.

On July 17, they joined with two other minorities — the Tuareg and the Toubou — in announcing a boycott of elections to a constituent commission.

And they have threatened to launch a campaign of civil disobedience to pressure the GNC.

On July 25,  Ahmazag in the western district of Nalout shut down the pipeline leading to the Millitah ITALIAN gas facility.


Kidnapped lawyer benign Yellow in janzour City in front of behalf janzour the primary ..



Outlawed group this morning is in the process break-ins and burglaries on the National Commercial Bank branch Bani Walid. Friday, August 16, 2013 (17:40:0)

Bani Walid, 16 August 2013 (and) – National Commercial Bank exposure Bani Walid branch in the early hours of Friday morning for the robbery by a group of outlaws.

A correspondent Libyan news agency in the city that this outlaw group has dislocated the iron fence of protection for the bank building after being assaulted

on the security guard in charge of the protection of the building, adding that the work in progress on the physical inventory losses of the bank and the search for the perpetrators.



‘Muslim’ Brotherhood arrested owner Mohammed believer believer Shops, along with 13 of the Brotherhood leadership,
inside a villa owned by Mohammed believer. The sources did not reveal the personality arrested.

Explosion in Derna
And our response now: dirt: the blast, which occurred shortly before in Fanar Street in dirt targeted a Mahdi Poltah car shop owner a good perfume.

(Green Mountain)

The expulsion of the Greek tanker from by protestors establishments guards in the oil port of Harika (Tobruk) 12:45

Lock Port Hariqa “Tobruk” oil after refusing to ship oil via the Greek carrier, which has contracts with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) for the shipment of Libyan oil ..

Media from tuber Taqi al-Din Shalawi: tuber die

Omar Mukhtar University tuber announced suspension of classes in all colleges indefinitely as a result of the deterioration of the security situation,

which likeable city and long-University فسرقت and looted.

Dirt uttered breath very slowly, leaving only by banks and citizens, and the fragrant smell of death, which is renewed after a while.

Suspension of classes at the University, “Omar Mukhtar” city of Derna enters its second week because of looting, robbery and arson ..
Enters the decision of the Governing Council of the University “Omar Mukhtar” city of Derna on the suspension of classes in the university colleges

in its second week due to looting, theft and vandalism and arson suffered by the college buildings and their contents ..
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Education, Dr. “Jibril Aldepana” said that all the university faculties subjected to looting, theft and vandalism and

arson which makes the resumption of the study is difficult until further notice ..


Revolutionary Guard
25 FEBR. 2013

Suhaib Faitouri = city of Derna

gangs Qaeda officially announced the city of Derna Islamic emirate .. And declares that it will apply Sharia (according to their understanding) in all walks of life .. This will be the emirate starting to build the Islamic state ((on the basis that Libya and Libyans are not Islam at all)) .. He also announced that even if he was activated the police and the military, they Saotmran orders Qaeda .. And it prevents schools and institutes and Jam عات Derna any mixing between the sexes and that women should not exercise any action unless compatible with Islamic law and that the killer will kill the thief will break his hand .. The organizing gangs Qaeda has established a so-called Court legitimacy and consists of judges follow this organization offender and these judges to Ivgahon in the applicable laws in the civil courts with the knowledge that he does not have in the city of Derna any police station or public prosecutors, court or prison in.”



Philanthropists Benghazi ÚÇÇÇĚá the

Children from the city of Tobruk at the age of 14 years old infected with leukemia (blood cancer) resident in the

Benghazi hospital medical needs blood group (-B) P negative and has no relatives in the city of Benghazi,

whom wish to donate dials Aalerqam following: 0,922,817,752 / 0,917,533,817.
I publishing Valdal on good is like.
God does not waste the reward of the best work. Publishing please please

أهل الخير بنغازي عاااجل

طفل من مدينة طبرق يبلغ من العمر 14 سنة مصاب باللوكيميا ( سرطان الدم ) مقيم في مستشفى بنغازي الطبي يحتاج الى فصيلة دم (-B) بي سالب وليس لديه أي أقارب في مدينة بنغازي فلمن يرغب في التبرع يقوم بالاتصال عالأرقام التالية: 0922817752 / 0917533817 .
أرجو النشر فالدال على الخير كفاعله .
والله لا يضيع أجر من أحسن عملا .ارجو النشر من فضلكم



Reply to control Isa Abdul Majeed Tabu oil fields / /

Tabu present and guarding these and other fields in that region of 2011 curb Today .. Just what is the return of Isa grandfather

of the infidels from the south west at the beginning of last week …. Fagin other and disease in fabricating movies!!

Tbawi Understand Tbawi Understand

الرد على سيطرة عيسى عبدالمجيد التبو على حقول النفط //

التبو موجودين ويحرسون هذه الحقول وغيرها في تلك المنطقة من 2011 لحد اليوم .. فقط ما جد هو عودة عيسي لكفرة من الجنوب الغرب في بدايات الأسبوع المنصرم…. فجن البعض وبداء في فبركة الأفلام!!

Tbawi Understand Tbawi Understand

Sabha Times 2

Back plane to fly over the sky at high altitude Sabha after an absence of two days for her???



REAL Muslim & Christian Unity in Egypt:
Egyptians arrived on Friday afternoon prayers in front of churches flesh Adtha of the Brotherhood Heatian attacks and outsiders atonement yen:

Muslims Sohag protecting the church during the passage of a demonstration in support of President Mohamed Morsi isolated
(Page Sohag Governorate)

Mubarak, you are free
Measures are being taken to stop fake and ugly Al-Jazeera broadcasts on the moon Nilesat

  حركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)

Brotherhood demonstrators burn Arab Contractors Building next to Ramses Square.

URGENT :: gangs set fire Brotherhood mosque Fath برمسيس now.

Message de soutien aux Coptes

Message de soutien aux Coptes

Posted: 16 Aug 2013 05:38 AM PDT


Message de Mgr Pontier, président de la CEF, à Sa Béatitude Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak, Patriarche Copte catholique d’Alexandrie  :

« Béatitude,

Apprenant les difficultés que traverse votre peuple et conscient des souffrances endurées par beaucoup d’Egyptiens, je voudrais vous assurer de ma proximité et de la prière des catholiques de France. Je demande à Dieu qu’il vous garde dans l’espérance.

Si cela vous paraît opportun, je vous remercie de transmettre à Sa Sainteté Tawadros II, Pape d’Alexandrie et Patriarche du Siège de Saint-Marc, l’assurance de notre prière dans ces circonstances difficiles. »
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 9 شوال 1434هـ – 16 أغسطس 2013م KSA 20:01 – GMT 17:01
Angry describe Obama’s “mentor” real Brotherhood
“Rebellion” demanding to cut or freeze political relations with the United States
Friday, 9 October 1434 e – August 16, 2013
Cairo – Sunni Said

The dawn of a statement by U.S. President Barack Obama, on Thursday, on Egypt and its Abolition maneuvers shining star to train with the Egyptian army volcano of popular anger sweeping the politicians and the Egyptians, and they saw as interference unacceptable in the internal affairs of Egypt, and U.S. support for terrorism practiced by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

This is happening at a time when organized tens of thousands of activists, social networking sites electronic mass demonstration on the official Obama page in protest against the intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs.

And an expression of anger youth of Obama’s speech exceeded the right of Egyptian sovereignty, tens of thousands of systems pioneers of social networking sites demonstration sites on page Obama’s official site “Facebook” demonstration included the comment in Arabic and several other languages ​​on Obama’s speech.

Has spotted the “gate-Ahram” the activities of this demonstration, electronic, where he confirmed the Egyptians refusing to intervene American affairs of Egypt, and Obama’s speech, in response to what he described as “violence is justified,” pursued by the Egyptian government, which forced management page response to this invasion-mail to close in front of the comments and delete a lot of comments, and here the Egyptians resorted to writing their comments on Obama’s own pictures.

Call the ambassador and expose the plot

MP former Naji al-Shihabi, the leader of generation, he expressed disapproval Party of the speech of U.S. President Barack Obama and considered it a blatant interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, stressing rejection of the letter in form and substance, and said the “Arab News” that “Obama speaks as if Egypt is one of the banana republics of him, and this reveals his ignorance of history and geography together, Obama and his speech this confirms his insistence on the implementation of the American Zionist scheme, not Brotherhood capacity happening to cause chaos, to complete his plan to divide Egypt, however, the Muslim Brotherhood.

He added that they are in the party generation demanding the Egyptian government a strong response includes calling the U.S. ambassador and declared Egypt’s rejection of Obama’s speech and American aid, as the government must expose to the world of America’s involvement in the conspiracy.

Provocative and hostile to the people

She described the hope of honor, Member of the Political Bureau of the April 6 Movement, told the “Arab Net,” Obama’s speech as provocative and hostile, affecting the internal affairs of Egypt, and that external interference is completely unacceptable.

According to the hope that the people authorized the army and police to combat this terrorist group will not be pleased with this decision substitute, and believes that the statement from the Egyptian presidency enough to respond to Obama.

On the contrary, sees Hassan Shaheen, a founding member of a rebel movement, the Frente June 30, that the statement of the presidency is not enough, and stressed the “Arab News” the need to cut political ties with the United States or even frozen for a while, to know America is aware that Egypt is a sovereign state, and we do not accept the tutelage of an American nor the other, and they should respect our will and our sovereignty Egyptians if they want to deal with us.

Shaheen warned of a Brotherhood attempt to split the motherland and fabrication of sedition and dissemination of terrorist groups, and defiant as “neither America nor the other can stand against the will of the Egyptian people.”

Youth Rescue and “Wall Street”

Alaa Isam, a member of the Executive Office for the youth of the FIS, in his comment for “The Seventh Day” believes that Obama’s speech confirms “labor of the Muslim Brotherhood,” pointing out that “Obama’s double standards, because look at what happened in Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood as a peaceful sit-in despite violence, while Wall Street was considered subversive groups were well Sit by force. ”

He described the protesters الإلكترونيون Obama to “sponsor of terrorism”, and attributed to the administration’s sponsorship of terrorism, and in a sarcastic comment, said one of the Egyptians: “If Obama is the leader of the real Brotherhood,” and called some commentators American citizen to be alert to Obama’s support for terrorist groups with funds payers taxes.

He said thousands of others in a comment uniform Obama: “Stay in you doing,” and in another comment said thousands of activists Facebook in the word uniform: “We assure you in all languages ​​of the world that we as a people, Egyptian stand behind the men of the armed forces and the police in their opposition to this terrorist group subversive, and we will not We allow you or for someone else, nor any country in the world to intervene in Egypt’s internal affairs, and tell you to raise your hand for Egypt .. Enough support for terrorism. ”

Official page for the Ministry of the Interior
(An Interior Ministry statement “3”)

Continuation of terrorist attempts to organize elements Brotherhood to push the country into a cycle of violence and assault centers and police stations ..

The armed groups trying to break into the Arab Police Department Port Said Security Directorate but the troops engaged them

and foiled their attempts and managed to kill three of the terrorist elements, injuring 60 and adjust the number of those elements and in possession of large quantities of Molotov cocktails.

And security services continue to tackle tack outrageous attempts aimed at undermining the security and stability of the nation ..


URGENT: – the end of the Muslim Brotherhood ..

Presidential decree No. 397 for the year 2013 shall be effective starting from tomorrow Saturday, 17/08/2013

President after seeing the Constitutional Declaration and Law No. 73 of 1956 decided the following:

{First article}
Muslim Brotherhood put on the list of terrorist organizations, Egyptian
Article II {}
Assignment of all prove affiliation to Jamaahalajuan Muslims for military trial
{Article III}
Confiscation of money and the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood at home
Article IV {}
This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall take effect from the date of issuance
Issued by the Republic on 10 October in 1434 AH
17 th August 2013 AD …



United Press International (UPI) :

Tunisian financial expert says that his country within two degrees of bankruptcy ..
The expert in financial risk Tunisian “Murad Lumberjack” on Friday that Tunisia has become a two degrees from bankruptcy, after the ad agency “Standard Ondborz” cut credit ratings for the debt of Tunisia’s sovereign long-term two notches because of political instability in Tunisia in addition to the instability of the basic elements of the economy, particularly the export and tourism, which declined by 20% ..

Trips to Tunisia reserved for two or ثلاته weeks in advance .. Why are not elderly or sick they would like to go to Tunisia for treatment ..

They Zaidane has to provide the 13,500 dinars, the price of defending the homeland ..

Going to Tunisia and Transit them to Morocco. Even spend the price of their defense and their parents without obligation upon this that they did ..
Note / a friend called me asking my full name with my identity card number so add me to the list the rebels even اتحصل on the 13500 ..

(Mr. Ibrahim lovers Jdharan)

Lafrasin greens News
Demonstrations in Tunisia supports the Interior and the Egyptian army and raise the Egyptian flag and green flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya:

Tunisia – Libya‘s future – Khalifa Ali Haddad: hit the Tunisian Airlines plane bound for Wednesday evening from Tunis-Carthage airport toTripoli airport to the rare incident, when he was forced to return to Carthage airport after the halfway cut. The Tunisian security sources said that the young people of Libya was on the plane while intoxicated assaulted a number of passengers and crew on the plane and threatened to open the doors and exposing passengers to danger. Faced with this situation the best pilot of the plane to return to Carthage airport after it impossible to continue the trip. And if the descent of the plane the Tunisian security arrested the young man and opened an investigation into the purpose.


15/08/2013 21:45 Tunisia: a young Libyan plane forced to return to Carthage Airport



Yesterday, 15.08.2013, member of delegation of Libyan Resistance came to garden of Muammar Gaddafi.
His name is Bassem Al Sool, he is political activist of Libyan Jamahiriya, which is occupied now.
This garden was planted by members of movement “For Gaddafi and his people” in Moscow.
This movement support Libyan people in their fight against occupiers and local traitors since February 2011.
We be fight together with people of the Great  Jamahiriya untill end the occupation.

Par : Brigade 32 Internet army

As assets across the channel Russia Today to defend the great Libyan people, displaced and detainees in the prisons of the militias.


Mu blow-up

The 44th year of the al-Fateh will be a Triumph

Mu 44th

The nation’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, God bless *** ** Commander greetings to complements …

Mu fasting

to the front and the Mtzmr Revolutionary struggle until victory. Mu determined


Four tanks moved abruptly from the Islamic Call Society, more than an hour ago!

  Mu looks out

2012 at festival of 02 MARCH “PEOPLE’s POWER” and they pray: “may God protect him … And every year, …”

Our Mu in Navy uniform

Mu Lion over the sea

Baghdadi Mahmudi French lawyers seeking to postpone the proceedings for lack of access to visas

French defense team asked for al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi last prime minister in the Gaddafi-era Libyan judiciary to postpone the

start of the proceedings, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday 7 July / August, because of the lack of access of its members on

the Libyan visa. A member of the defense team, Pierre-Olivier Sur said in a statement:

“I sent a request to postpone the proceedings

to the court after not being able to see the call and speak with my client or get a visa despite all the requests made by the Libyan

authorities, and even been attempts to blackmail.”

Wall expressed his concerns in connection with what is going on, regarding it

as similar to the trial of Saddam Hussein, where

“the defendant is deprived of any defense, and his lawyers are exposed to danger.”

Source: “ITAR – TASS” + “Russia Today”

محامو البغدادي المحمودي الفرنسيون يطلبون إرجاء المرافعات لعدم حصولهم على تأشيراتطلب فريق الدفاع الفرنسي عن البغدادي علي المحمودي آخر رئيس وزراء في عهد القذافي من القضاء الليبي
إرجاء بدء المرافعات التي كان من المقرر أن تبدأ الأربعاء 7 أغسطس/آب، بسبب عدم حصول أعضائه على التأشيرة الليبية. وقال
أحد أعضاء فريق الدفاع بيير أوليفييه سور في بيان له: “أرسلت طلبا بإرجاء المرافعات إلى المحكمة بعد عدم تمكني من
الاطلاع على الدعوة والتحدث مع موكلي أو الحصول على تأشيرة الدخول رغم كل الطلبات التي تقدمت بها للسلطات
الليبية، وحتى تعرضت لمحاولات ابتزاز”. وأعرب سور عن مخاوفه بصدد ما يجري، معتبرا إياه شبيها بمحاكمة
صدام حسين، حيث أن “المتهم محروم من أي دفاع، ويتعرض محاموه للخطر”. المصدر: وكالة “إيتار-تاس” + “روسيا اليوم”

07 08 2013 comments the Mustafa Qdereboh fighter about the description of the NATO Mufti for his subordinates dogs.

 Mu ready



There is no truth to the rumor launched by journalist known for his erroneous news events regarding Mujahid Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
لا صحة للإشاعة التي اطلقها الصحفي المعروف عنه بالاخبار المغلوطة بخصوص المجاهد سيف الاسلام القذافي.






500 Lake want to Rafik commander hero martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber offer greetings and appreciation to the family of Rafik

commander Abu Bakr Younis Jaber …. (Libby Green)




“A large plot by the Council of Tripoli and Misurata rebels for control of the capital Tripoli after the Eid al-Fitr.

Basset Haroun on Jardan channel Libya official says: –

– Who governs Libya now are the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and militias Misratah and I do not mean the people of Misrata

understand honest I mean Militias Asswehly. – Shields and security committees track ideologies Li and Brotherhood.

They of Hasro ministries and National Congress several times. – Order bin Humaid killer committed massacres and

killed 42 martyrs In Benghazi stood Bushmin honored and put President Libya protection. – When he was arrested for a

colonel in the Homeland Security charged with Ghazal journalist killed Boktef came to me and Ismail Hardness and

they said we want to release him because he husband’s aunt One of them, that I was with them a national Icolo that

you are against them They say ousted. – I expect every day to be dead and praise be to Allah out Betty pure, Mtzaki

and ready to die at any Moment for God and the homeland and the right word and holistic remorse Ali’s parents being

in Libya have lost ……

Libya’s international channel Libya International Channel

Sons neighbors save their neighbor from death

In the area of ​​Laithi old at the exit young Mahmoud quality Barasi a member of the National Army of the Asr prayer mosque Awzai

heading towards his home in a car Toyota’s national army, and when he stood on one of his neighbors Venbha as well as young street

to the car by Shi from under burning Vtm stay away from them exploded and quality have been rescued from death.

Ali Zaidane, commenting to one of satellite TV for Helms in a letter of resignation Awad Barasi: Challenge him to find two

government ministers to vouch for the truth of what he said in his letter of resignation, because ماقاله incorrect and baseless,

and in any case, I am not of the nominated to be deputy to me, but it was nominated is the party of Justice

and Development Who belongs to him.

(Rat Newspaper) LIBYA HERALD: Tripoli, 6 August 2013: Following the resignation of his Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi the

previous day, and a few weeks of intense and increased public criticism, (RAT) Prime Minister Ali Zaidane again attempted to

defend his own personal leadership and his government’s performance at yesterday’s press conference. However, when asked

directly by Libya Herald for his response to Barasi’s resignation remarks that Zaidane’s centralized decision –making within the

cabinet, was responsible in the delay in creating an army and a police and that the government was ineffective, Zeidan chose to

answer in a very brief and non combative mode . “He has the right to resign”, responded Zaidane, before continuing: “We have

trained 17,000 in the police and when we saw that local training was not working we planned to train them abroad”, he explained

regarding Barasi’s accusation that Zaidane was responsible for delaying the creation of a police force. To the accusation that the

government was ineffective, Zaidane reiterated his oft quoted response: “There is no state in Libya…so it is not only the

government that is failed”. On the third main accusation that Zaidane was dictatorial in decision-making within the Cabinet,

Zaidane would not respond directly. “I have accepted his resignation. I do not want to comment further on this matter”,

he concluded. Deputy Prime Minister Awad Barasi, a member of the Islamist Justice and Construction party, had

announced his resignation from the Zaidane government at a press conference, apparently without the courtesy of

informing his rat Prime Minister first. This led to Zaidane announcing his acceptance of Barasi’s resignation through a

press release. General National Congress considering the possibility of transferring the Ministry of Interior to the city of Benghazi!


Aaaaaaaaaaaa Gel: Member of the National Congress for “Justice and construction” (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD) Khaled Mishri

through Sabratha radio: the removal of fuel subsidies will be after 3 years.

The fall of the National Congress and the government in Libya a matter of time ….

Henih Dr. Yusuf Shakir on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr 8 8 2013

Is the Egyptian scene will be repeated in Libya and why preventing country aircraft landing at the airport in Tripoli?

Question: strategic analyst and expert on Libyan Dr. Yusuf Shakir

Welcome guest of the waves Voice of Russia from Moscow, went with Houdrtk of the latest developments in Libya, especially regarding

the acceptance of the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Libya as a result of the failure of the government in the implementation of

programs and tasks that was placed before it, the beginning of how you read the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and in what

context can be placed?

A: I my brother Karim think that is a not courage principle but is the process of jumping from this sinking boat and drown, which we

see before our eyes in this failed state. Mr. Awad Barasi is part of this system, which has claimed Libya to what it is, a man of his

sympathy and links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and is now trying to justify that has a vision, but a failed state can not be there to

see, and in the state eliminates the strategic planning and the state of non-existent the executive agencies for the implementation

of the resolutions and the establishment of the concept of the non-existent state,

I am not surprised that comes Mr. Ali Zaidan resign in these coming days, therefore my brother Karim This series of resignations in

the National Council and within the government. Mr. Zidane himself said, I met with 37 officers refused to accept the Ministry of

Defence, what does this mean? Into this that there is no safety and security and there is no state in the conventional sense in the

science of politics, and this is my brother Karim what we say in this regard, but there are other things ready to fight what is going

on in Libya.

QUESTION: Yes, of course through this resignation we will move to the internal situation in the security developments, and in a new

scene of instability and the regime in Libya, where there is a group seized control of the Tripoli International Airport did not allow

for aircraft Qatar to land at the airport, why specifically airplanes country do you think?

Answer: Qatar accused of igniting fires of discord and the introduction of weapons into Libya, but let me go back to you out of the

box and one where the two led to the conversion of Libya to the State to be the number one al-Qaeda, became a state-owned

al-Qaeda financially and geographically and Tzlyahya. Libya surface area vast and its geostrategic and its borders with Africans

and Bhdodh Mediterranean with Europe Afghanistan became real,

this fact by fleeing from politicians and the media, because it is transferred to Libya all fighters base of the Arabs and others, and

we saw syndrome Libyan What led in Tunisia, Algeria and Mali, about this situation now finds West itself that these artificial

revolutions by him otherwise dominated by the basic its premises, and that these oppressed peoples want freedom and want

democracy. There is movement basal and militia rode these waves and dominated by because it is the regulation was the only

organization and this is my brother Karim drift on what is happening in Libya now assassinations and qualifiers were killed,

and must attach the rings to each other which should be linked to the situation Libyan situation with the Tunisian situation Egyptian

together, as it was before the seventeenth of February now associated with some other. It fells Europeans and Americans are in

big trouble as they call the fight against terrorism and takfir movements and jihadist movements allied everywhere in Syria and

Libya. Libyan case my brother Karim Valielm and everyone knows the decision-makers, that the Libyan situation Libyan rebels

arrived jihadists Alhadion the Almilchouwon unbearable to some extent, in terms of arrests and prisoners and tampering

Bmekdarat State, money and oil and all that springs to mind.

Q: Excuse me Doctor here specifically want to take your opinion at this point any of the countries that experienced changes such as

Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, where he was Qatar’s role is too big to achieve these changes, but in Tunisia and Egypt, there was

opposition force is now in Egypt, was able to isolate President and there in Tunisia there is a very large Dat on the movement of the

Renaissance, is in Libya, a counter-force to the existing de facto force now in the country?

Answer: Yes, Ob Quran The proxy country is the one who tried to implement this plan, because the Americans and the local agents,

regional and international, and the crisis was France, Qatar and other clients on the ground, as seems to be the proxy country

now exceeded his mandate and commissioning the U.S. has led to pledges made by Qatar to the same decision, and was removed

Emir of Qatar and was removed many of those standing in this way, the country is the failure to failure overthrow of President

Bashar al-Assad, Syria has demonstrated repeatedly that it fights jihadist movements.

Q: Is the reverse process started from the point of Syria’s steadfastness and do not fall in the Saudi country project Turkish?

Answer: Yes, the stability of Syria led to the dismissal of Sheikh Hamad and his foreign minister and replaced بنجله Prince Tamim,

this means within what it means to curb ambition country within the borders of Qatar, and this means that the Islamic movements,

particularly the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood who do not are their only access to power regardless of the reasons received a slap and a fatal

blow to do so.

Q: Do you expect to be the next Libya is after Egypt and then Tunisia?

Answer: Yes, I’m telling you that what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt, which two Albwabtan which paved the storming

Libya and overthrow, and are now re-quorum them again through popular movements rejecting the movement of militant

Islam in Tunisia and Egypt and all Arab countries. Tunisia is now home to thousands of Libyans and the People in Tunisia

has changed and changed thanks to the behavior of NATO and the rebels, which he knows our people in Tunisia.

We have seen and warned us, and it was the role that speech and lecture strategic Lalit delivered by President Vladimir Putin

at the eight is the building block that formed a blow to the West when he talked about militant Islam facts and accurate information

that Altagaftha Germany and Altagafha many, talk about the dangers of militant Islam which is supported by the United States

and the West and some Arab countries, and accurate information stunned by the leaders of the eight countries, especially the

Americans and the French,

and here we see that the German Chancellor adopted and endorsed everything uttered by President Vladimir Putin and this

push to prevent Europe to pass a resolution reinforcing the Syrian opposition, in this context, we have seen a change in Qatar

and we heard about the elections in the coalition Syrian opposition, led by someone from the Shammar tribe, and unceremoniously

Qatar and grab Arabia files a sober somewhat in diplomacy replace confusion

Qatari practiced by Qatar with zone files, and Auhed these files to Saudi Arabia, and we have seen how translated in the Egyptian arena.

I preach that the crisis of Libya will end also began the same scenario, and now Libya live the last moments of custom Brotherhood U.S.

as evidenced by what happened in Egypt and what happened in Tunisia, and this means that there is awareness of the public will have

the United States Bokhzkh into account.

This popular rejection of political Islam rejects jihadist Brotherhood baseband, and in Libya had been in the previous period creep and

attacking the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood in the length and breadth of the country as a result of inhuman and immoral practices

exercised by jihadists against each of them different opinion.

And a series of assassinations that we’ve seen all of the supporters who created the revolution, and anyone who disagreed with the

opinion killed, kidnapped or tried to assassinate him or blow it up. The people who had refused their authoritarian are now refuses

Alastaidad religious now practiced by Islamic movements, now known as the pride of Islamic,

and therefore, as I told you Albwabtan the Tunisian and Egyptian re quorum them again now, we are in this context, we say that a

scenario for Libya will end as he began the process of international protection for civilians and to protect people who kill people

who know all the international intelligence and know what is going on in Libya,

but the decision makers are scared and afraid and say that al-Qaeda-controlled and can now on the capabilities of the Libyan state

and this has made a lot of embassies shut down and withdraw, and this means the beginning of withdrawal of the legality of this

system, and one oil this oil, which was reduced from four hundred million to 350 thousand as a result of these practices in the

occupation, but there is no police state or entity, and how will state without police or army?

Therefore kills adjust the army all أصنافهم, and anyone who tries to build the nucleus of a security or military killed or filtered and

most recently was chief of staff in charge, and all of the income in an intervention on one of the programs serve the goal of forming

the nucleus of security was killed, and the start of Mr. cuneiform and even Geneidi finally tried to hit him in the His feet have

survived, and there are officers were killed and all of this revolution began and protected killed, and here is the question and a big

question mark and this is what is afraid to say Libyan officials for any occasion.

هل سيتكرر المشهد المصري في ليبيا ولماذا منع الطائرات القطرية من الهبوط في مطار طرابلس؟سؤال: المحلل الاستراتيجي والخبير في الشؤون الليبية الدكتور يوسف شاكير أهلا وسهلا بكم ضيفا على موجات إذاعة صوت روسيا من موسكو، أنطلق مع حضرتك من آخر تطورات الأوضاع في ليبيا ولا سيما فيما يتعلق بقبول استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء الليبي نتيجة لفشل الحكومة في تطبيق البرامج والمهام التي كانت موضوعة أمامها، بداية كيف تقرؤون استقالة نائب رئيس الوزراء وفي أي سياق يمكن وضعها؟
جواب: أخي الكريم أعتقد أن هي ليست شجاعة مبدأ بل هي عملية قفز من هذا المركب الغارق والذي يغرق والذي نراه أمام عيوننا في هذه الدولة الفاشلة. السيد عوض البرعصي هو جزء من هذه المنظومة التي أودت بليبيا إلى ما هي عليه، وهو رجل له تعاطف وارتباطات بالاخوان المسلمين، ويحاول الآن تبرير أن لديه رؤية، ولكن في دولة فاشلة لا يمكن أن تكون هناك رؤية، وفي دولة ينعدم فيها التخطيط الاستراتيجي ودولة منعدمة فيها الأجهزة التنفيذية لتطبيق قرارات وإقامة دولة بمفهوم الدولة منعدمة، أنا لا أستغرب أن يأتي السيد علي زيدان ويستقيل في هذه الأيام القريبة القادمة فلذلك أخي الكريم هذه السلسلة من الاستقالات في المجلس الوطني وداخل الحكومة. والسيد زيدان نفسه قال تقابلت مع 37 ضابطا رفضوا قبول وزارة الدفاع فماذا يعني هذا؟ بعني هذا أن ليس هناك أمن وأمان وليس هناك دولة بالمفهوم المتعارف عليه في علم السياسة، وهذا أخي الكريم ما نستطيع قوله في هذا الصدد ولكن هناك أمور أخرى مستعدون للخوض فيها لما يدور في ليبيا.
سؤال: نعم بطبيعة الحال من خلال هذه الاستقالة سننتقل إلى الوضع الداخلي في التطورات الأمنية، وفي مشهد جديد من حالة عدم الاستقرار والنظام في ليبيا حيث أن هناك مجموعة سيطرت على مطار طرابلس الدولي ولم تسمح للطائرات القطرية بالهبوط في المطار، فلماذا تحديدا الطائرات القطرية برأيك؟
جواب: قطر متهمة بإشعال نيران الفتنة وبإدخال الأسلحة إلى ليبيا، ولكن دعني أرجع لك من المربع واحد حيث سنتين أدت إلى تحويل ليبيا إلى أن تكون الدولة رقم واحد لتنظيم القاعدة، صارت دولة تملكها القاعدة ماليا وجغرافيا وتسليحيا. ليبيا بمساحتها الشاسعة وموقعها الجيواستراتيجي وبحدودها مع الأفارقة وبحدوده المتوسطية مع أوروبا أصبحت أفغانستان الحقيقية، هذه الحقيقة التي يهربون منها السياسيين والإعلاميين، لأنه نقل إلى ليبيا كل مقاتلين القاعدة من العرب وغيرهم، ورأينا المتلازمة الليبية ما أدت في تونس والجزائر ومالي، إزاء هذا الوضع الآن وجد الغرب نفسه أن الثورات المصطنعة هذه من قبله سيطر عليها خلاف لمنطلقاتها الأساسية، وأن هذه الشعوب مقموعة وتريد الحرية وتريد الديمقراطية. هناك الحركة القاعدية والميليشيات ركبت هذه الموجات وسيطرت عليها لأنها هي كانت التنظيمات الوحيدة المنظمة وهذا الأمر أخي الكريم ينساق على ما يحدث في ليبيا الآن من اغتيالات وتصفيات وقتل، ويجب أن نربط الحلقات بعضها ببعض أي يجب ربط الوضع الليبي مع الوضع التونسي والوضع المصري ببعضها البعض، كما كان قبل السابع عشر من فبراير الآن يرتبط ببعض البعض. الأمر أوقع الأوروبيين والأمريكان في ورطة كبيرة فيما يدعونه محاربة الإرهاب والحركات التكفيرية والحركات الجهادية التي تتحالف في كل مكان في سوريا وفي ليبيا. الحالة الليبية أخي الكريم فاليعلم الجميع وليعلم صناع القرار، أن الحالة الليبية وصل الثوار الليبيون الجهاديون القاعديون الميلشويون إلى حد لا يطاق، حيث الاعتقالات والسجناء والعبث بمقدارات الدولة والمال والبترول وكل ما يخطر بالبال.
سؤال: عفوا دكتور هنا تحديدا أريد أن آخذ رأيك في هذه النقطة أي في الدول التي شهدت تغيرات كتونس ومصر وليبيا، حيث كان لقطر دور كبير جدا في تحقيق هذه التغيرات، ولكن في تونس ومصر كانت هناك قوة معارضة وهي الآن في مصر تمكنت من عزل الرئيس، وهناك في تونس هناك ضعط كبير جدا على حركة النهضة، فهل في ليبيا من قوة مضادة لقوة الأمر الواقع الموجودة الآن في البلاد؟
جواب: نعم أخب الكريم إن الوكيل القطري هو الذي حاول تنفيذ هذا المخطط، لأنه لدى الأمريكان وكلاء محليين وإقليميين ودوليين، وفي الأزمة كانت فرنسا وقطر وعملاء آخرين على الأرض، فيما يبدو أن الوكيل القطري الآن تجاوز التفويض الممنوح له وأن التكليف الأمريكي له أدى بأن التعهدات التي قطعتها قطر على نفسها ما لبت بها، وأزيح أمير قطر وأزيح الكثيرون من الواقفين في هذا الطريق، الفشل القطري هو الفشل بالإطاحة بالرئيس بشار الأسد، وبرهنت سوريا على أنها مرارا تحارب الحركات الجهادية.
سؤال: هل العملية العكسية بدأت ابتداء من نقطة صمود سوريا وعدم سقوطها في المشروع القطري السعودي التركي؟
جواب: نعم ثبات سوريا أدى إلى إقالة الشيخ حمد ووزير خارجيته واستبداله بنجله الأمير تميم، وهذا يعني ضمن ما يعنيه تحجيم الطموح القطري ضمن حدود قطر ، وهذا الأمر يعني أن الحركات الإسلامية وخاصة الاخوان المسلمين الذين لا هم لهم إلا الوصول إلى السلطة بغض النظر عن الأسباب تلقوا صفعة ولطمة قاضية بذلك.
سؤال: هل تتوقع أن تكون ليبيا هي القادمة بعد مصر ومن ثم تونس؟
جواب: نعم أنا أقول لك إن ما يجري في تونس ومصر اللتان هما البوابتان اللتان مهدتا لاقتحام ليبيا والإطاحة بها، وها هما الآن يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد عبر حركات شعبية رافضة لحركة الإسلام الجهادي في تونس ومصر وكل البلاد العربية. تونس الآن تحتضن آلاف الليبيين والمجلس الشعبي في تونس تغير وتبدل بفضل سلوكيات ثوار الناتو والتي يعرفهم أهلنا في تونس. ونحن رأينا وحذرنا، وكان للدور الذي ألقاه والمحاضرة الاستراتيجية اليت ألقاها الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين في مؤتمر الثمانية هي اللبنة التي شكلت ضربة قوية للغرب عندما تحدث عن الإسلام الجهادي بالوقائع وبالمعلومات الدقيقة التي التقفتها ألمانيا والتقفها الكثيرون، فتكلم عن مخاطر الإسلام الجهادي الذي تدعمه الولايات المتحدة والغرب وبعض الدول العربية، ومعلومات دقيقة فاجأ بها قادة الدول الثمانية وخصوصا الأمريكيين والفرنسيين، وهنا نرى أن المستشارة الألمانية تبنت وأيدت كل ما نطق به الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين وهذا الأمر دفع إلى منع أوروبا إلى إصدار قرار التسليح للمعارضة السورية، في هذا السياق رأينا التغيير في قطر وكلنا سمعنا عن الانتخابات في النظام الائتلافي السوري المعارض والذي يقوده شخص من قبيلة شمر، وأزيحت قطر وتلقفت السعودية الملفات وهي رزينة نوعا ما في دبلوماسيتها محل التخبط القطري الذي مارسته قطر مع ملفات المنطقة، وعوهد بهذه الملفات إلى السعودية، ورأينا كيف ترجم ذلك في الساحة المصرية. وأنا أبشر أن أزمة ليبيا ستنتهي كما ابتدأت بنفس السيناريو، والآن ليبيا تعيش اللحظات الأخيرة من العرف الأخواني الأمريكي والدليل على ذلك ما حصل في مصر وما حصل في تونس، وهذا يعني أن هناك وعي شعبي ستضطر الولايات المتحدة بأخذخ بعين الاعتبار. هذا الرفض الشعبي يرفض الإسلام السياسي الجهادي القاعدي الاخواني، وفي ليبيا جرى في الفترة السابقة زحف ومهاجمة مكاتب الاخوان المسلمين في طول البلاد وعرضها نتيجة الممارسات اللإانسانية واللاأخلاقية التي يمارسها الجهاديون ضد كل من يختلف معهم بالرأي. وسلسلة الاغتيالات التي رأيناه كلهم من المؤيدين والذين خلقوا الثورة، وكل من اختلف معهم بالرأي قتل أو اختطف أو حاولوا اغتياله أو تفجيره. إن الشعوب التي كانت ترفض أنظمتها الاستبدادية هي الآن ترفض الاستيداد الديني الآن الذي تمارسه الحركات الإسلامية الآن باسم العزة الإسلامية، فلذلك كما قلت لك البوابتان التونسية والمصرية يعاد النصاب إليهما من جديد الآن، ونحن في هذا السياق نقول إن سيناريو ليبيا سينتهي كما ابتدأ بعملية حماية دولية للمدنيين وحماية للناس الذين يقتلون والناس الذين تعرفهم كل المخابرات الدولية والتي تعرف ما يدور في ليبيا إلا صانعي القرار خائفون ومتخوفون ويقولون إن القاعدة تسيطر وتتمكن الآن على مقدرات الدولة الليبية وهذا الأمر جعل الكثير من السفارات تغلق أبوابها وتنسحب، وهذا يعني بداية سحب الشرعية من هذا النظام، وملف النفط هذا النفط الذي خفض من مليون وأربع مئة إلى 350 ألف نتيجة هذه الممارسات في الاحتلال، ولأنه لا يوجد كيان دولة ولا شرطة، وكيف ستقوم دولة بدون شرطة أو جيش؟ فلذلك يقتل ضبط الجيش بكل أصنافهم، وكل من يحاول بناء نواة أمنية أو عسكرية يقتل أو يصفى وآخرهم كان رئيس الأركان المكلف، وكل من دخل في مداخلة على أحد البرامج تصب في هدف تشكيل نواة أمنية قتل، وأبدأ من السيد مسماري وحتى جنيدي أخيرا حاولوا ضربه في رجليه وقد نجا، وهناك ضباط قتلوا وكل من ابتدأ هذه الثورة وحماها قتل، وهنا السؤال وعلامة استفهام كبيرة وهذا ما يخاف أن يقوله المسؤولون الليبيون في أي مناسبة.

NATO rebels responded to messages مفتيهم Antichrist Ghariyani.


The fall of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Egypt make sincere Gharyani gets mad and Ali hardness becomes delirious ..

Did you know that the Qatari ambassador in Saudi Arabia was present at a banquet breakfast at the home of Solomon back,

which was attended sincere Gharyani, did you know that the Qatari ambassador lavished on the Mufti of Libya with money and gifts,

which he described gifts Prince and asked him to clarify the position of Qatar from the Libyan revolution per Libyans, from here you

know thatleast a description of the dog is a description of the price paid like advertising business.

هل تعلم ان السفير القطري في السعودية كان حاضرا مآدبة الافطار في منزل سليمان العودة التي حضرها الصادق الغرياني

، هل تعلم ان السفير القطري اغدق على مفتي ليبيا بالاموال والهدايا التي وصفها بهدايا الامير وطلب منه توضيح

موقف قطر من الثورة الليبية لكل الليبين ، من هنا تعرف ان وصف الاقل من الكلب هو وصف مدفوع الثمن مثل الاعلان التجاري




Declare a state of Tawari today at Tripoli Medical Center in the days of Eid al-Fitr to all Doctors surgery has asked them to stay on the alert!!

EID 1434, Libya crescent using a technique astronomical observations

Best wishes for a happy New Year…

A clearer picture was taken shortly before the aircraft which fly in the skies of Tripoli and hear her voice in various neighborhoods

of the city:

The Western Mountain News Agency

Gated inform you that the gypsum in Tripoli is now closed due to the transfer of certain equipment and munitions from one camp to the second camp!!!.

And on Gentlemen citizens change path to walk.

There are a farm in the Palace bin Gasheer to person Musrati in Bear Mulberry specifically and Almsarit hiding the car in


بالخفاء. ‫ # .

An armed group attacked the headquarters for a ceremony in Tripoli and seized a large number of cars owned and mechanisms

of the state by force of arms. ‫ # Libya.

Reported cancel the decision to dismantle the Supreme Security Committee of Tripoli and extended to the year 2014

URGENT / Tripoli / communications DC Now Tripoli / killing تلاتة of shows they kidnappers

Killing members تلاتة in a Mitsubishi Lancer car black opaque without plates and the survival of the young Miss fourth was hijacked in the way of the airport.

Demanded in Airport Road patrol car type Mitsubishi Lancer

Without plates speeding cut a red flag to stop and started shooting from the person next to the driver on the passenger’s police car.

Police car asked for help and reached for the car that came out of the airport road in the direction of Qasr Ben Ghashir Anzmt to chase

a car belonging to the security of the joint was on patrol explored and near Hadath young man behind the driver out of the نافدة

door machine gun and started shooting at everybody is a young man the other next to the driver. Fired at the tires of the car

and tried Alldoratan arrest them alive, but the car cause imbalances in their fall from the car at speeds of 140 km per hour or almost

Aktar car jumped the other way and fell from the bridge and the driver died immediately There is no power but from God and to God

and to Him we return flowed into a number of periodicals to complete the investigation and ambulances, but who died died فالحال

survived Alazh and the young man’s parents turned out that her brother, and they were kidnapped and discernible car kind of Nissan.

Sunny (modern by someone else was with Young died in debt case) One investigating officers were handed the young man and his

sister to Doehma, but there are things in the trunk car of permits and the involvement of people who have betrayed the nation

and took advantage of their influence in the industry crime will not go unpunished, and when asked said, avoiding discord and

Atart public opinion سنكتفي بهدا

We point of order does not allow بالتعاطي with crime even completion of the investigation.

(Voice Cyrenaica):

Names of those killed by the kidnappers:

Came ambulances loaded Btalath, dead and least two of the wounded, accompanied by a number of officers in the police.

The dead are Osama Miloud Anasir approved,

34 years old, a driver.

The cause of death break Alagafs the Sadrists strongly as a result of dishes steering wheel firmly on the chest and broken rib cage

in full cardiac contractility. With a broken jaw as a result of another strike on the consistency of some articles of the steering wheel

Salem Issa fishing: nearby Zarouk 36 years old driver Cause of death was multiple fractures to the head and brain concussion

and broken pelvis and hand Eisery and left shoulder and تدمدم the large in the face of violent friction on the floor of the way.

Fathi Moussa Faraj Abu leisurely:  35 years old passenger behind the driver. The cause of death is broken paragraph Altanih

and Altalth, fourth and fifth of the neck and broken rib fourth and sixth left rear leg deliberation front and a bullet in the thigh

and external تدمدم Alraluge and fractures of the skull from the Alesrh and fall teeth Tayeh and Altalth of the upper jaw left side.

Cases completely dead.

Ms. kidnapped young brothers and their status was good was a difficult psychological condition as a result of fear and what they

have seen to have bruises and credit for their safety due to put Almnaqbd you Atkhaddoh inside the car.

Otina the jumping from the bridge. They put under الملاحضة they completely vacant of any fractures or internal bleeding,

thanks to God and handed over to their families.

Have reservations on the names of survivors to other necessities.















Yesterday at Tajura caught Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Libya was hit on the face gloves is driver Amtall and stole his car and his wife’s bag!!

Yesterday has one of the gates in the area of ​​Tajura Adjust the Ambassador Alardbijana, and his family and stole his

money and beat him in front of his wife and his sons, and the Libyan Foreign apologize today and calls cowardly act and pledges to pursue

the perpetrators.











A little while ago was one of the leaders Altcfhirien farm called (SE legion) in Fattaih District Bdrnh under attack from several

directions Bakoazv RPG …

is the first operation of its kind against outsiders and extremists in the dirt ..

And bring you developments as soon as they arrive …

wise Menba a # Saif Cyrenaica #

(Free channel Cyrenaica)









Aa Gel “‫ # Benghazi :: |

Throw Julatinh p replaced Mango and Terranova in the way airport near the Cimafro of the Leithy!!! Each year, You متفجرين> <

Airport Road was blown up shops on the first day of Eid al-Fitr:


::: Unknown group has actually burned the Civil Registry in District

Leithy today.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


After his talk yesterday about the dangerous situation in Benghazi, Rat Hijazi relieved from his post as a spokesman
for the security room militia.
News Libyan Resistance 24/24 (Libyan intelligence):
Quoting Page Libya Gate
SOS ………. مانقدرش the Lander need I know I k (Libby) I can not protect my soul …
let alone a foreigner or foreign Foreign medical personnel exposed (Filipino – Bangladeshi and Arab) in the Hawari Hospital
and other hospitals to theft at gunpoint and cut through and attempts to assault and battery …..
.. This is repeated almost daily operations, among them, for example, but not limited to: –
A bus transfer foreign nursing Hawari hospital days ago to cut through from a young man armed and threatening to steal money
and weapons, stretchers and even fruit bags and food
– Nurse فليبيني the exposure assaulted and threatened with weapons and theft within the Bank of the Republic when withdrawn
salary and try deposited in the adjacent nets to convert funds (WU) ..
and other similar attempt got Bank of the Islamic Dawa inside a building – Filipino nurse suffered a kidnapping attempt by
young gunmen in front of a private hospital and the nurse, nor crying and some people’s (began) means (Mongi present) –
Displays a nurse while working to change the wound of a patient in the surgical department assaulted a scalpel and injury in the
neck by utilities (recession ČÓ .. Mesh theft) –
Patient exposure during the submission of an injection treatment at the hospital threatened with weapons and mobile phone theft
by the patient and utilities –
Last need .. (was a nurse فليبيني while coming to the hospital beaten (paws on his face) and the theft of mobile in Ezz day ….
arrived to the hospital (crying) ..!!
The idea is repeated every day ……. and commemorated those who advocate ….. I asked them (innocently) Non-out Banagal or money …..
they said,  “(If you do not give a need we are exposed to beatings and kicking and cursing and (Bokhms the الكلاش on his head)
Filipino nurse ask:
why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>
ask why to Aigdr Libyans our support to them days of the revolution and the survival of a large number of them in our hospitals
despite their government asked them to leave Libya as unsafe country ..
and the idea did not يحصلو rewards (rebels) not even a certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Health.
Ukrainian doctor ask:
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan, why they do these crimes >>>>
She thinks (though Christians) that for a Muslim to work good works for the face of God in the month of Ramadan and surprised
how the Libyans are doing it in this holy month. Overall … a result of these deteriorating security conditions Philippine embassy
may withdraw its nationals in Libya and prevent them from traveling to it ………
and learned many of them have begun thinking about leaving the country (and Slumbly to hospitals, whether private or public).

نقلا عن صفحة Libya Gate

استغاثة ……….ومانقدرش اندير حاجة
أنا عارف أني كـ(ليبي ) مش قادر نحمي روحي …فما بالك بأجنبي أو أجنبية
تتعرض الأطقم الطبية الأجنبية( فليبينية – بنغلاديشية وعربية ) في مستشفى الهواري وغيره من المستشفيات

إلى عمليات سرقة تحت تهديد السلاح وقطع طريق ومحاولات للأعتداء والضرب …..وتتكرر ..هذه العمليات شبه يوميا نذكر منها على سبيل المثال لا الحصر :
– تعرضت حافلة نقل التمريض الأجنبي بمستشفى الهواري منذ أيام إلى قطع طريق من شاب مسلح وتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة المال والنقالات وحتى أكياس الفواكه والطعام
-تعرض ممرض
فليبيني للاعتداء
والتهديد بالسلاح
والسرقة داخل مصرف الجمهورية عند سحبه لمرتبه ومحاولة إيداعه في الشباك المجاور لتحويل اأموال
(WU) ..ومحاولة أخرى مشابهة حصلت بمصرف داخل مبنى الدعوة الاسلامية
– تعرضت ممرضة فليبينية لمحاولة خطف من قبل شباب
مسلحين من أمام مستشفى خاص ولولا صراخ الممرضة وبعض الناس لـ(راحت فيها) يعني ( المنجي حاضر )
-تعرض ممرض أثناء عمله لتغيير جرح لمريض في قسم الجراحة للإعتداء بمشرط والإصابة بجروح في رقبته من قبل المرافق (كساد بس ..مش سرقة )
-تعرض مريض أثناء تقديمه لحقنة العلاج بالمستشفى للتهديد بالسلاح وسرقة النقال من قبل المريض والمرافق
– آخر حاجة أمس ..(تعرض ممرض فليبيني أثناء قدومه للمستشفى للضرب (كفوف على وجهه ) وسرقة النقال في عز النهار ….وصل للمستشفى (يبكي ) ..!!
وعلى فكره تتكرر كل يوم …….ولاحياة لمن تنادي
طلبت منهم (ببراءة ) عدم الخروج بنقال أو فلوس …..قالو (( إذا لم نعطي حاجة نتعرض للضرب والركل والسب و(بأخمس الكلاش على راسه )
ممرضة فليبينية تسأل : why Libyan didn’t appreciate what we did in the revolution >>>تسأل لماذا لايقدر الليبيين مساندتنا لهم أيام الثورة وبقاء عدد
كبير منهم في مستشفياتنا رغم طلب
حكومتهم منهم الرحيل باعتبار ليبيا دولة غير آمنة ..وعلى فكرة لم يحصلو على مكافآت (ثوار ) ولا حتى شهادة تقدير من وزارة الصحةطبيبة أوكرانية تسأل :
it supposed to do your best for Allah in Ramadan , why they do these crimes
هي تعتقد (رغم أنها مسيحيية) أنه على المسلم أن يعمل أعمال صالحة لوجه الله في
شهر رمضان وتستغرب كيف الليبيين يفعلون ذلك في
هذا الشهر الفضيل .وعموما …نتيجة لهذه الظروف الأمنية المتردية قد تقوم السفارة الفليبينية بسحب رعاياها في ليبيا ومنعهم من السفر اليها
………وللعلم فقد بدأ العديد منهم يفكر في مغادرة البلاد (وسلملي على المستشفيات سواء الخاصة أو العامة )بنت الوادي
Clash in the sluice gate Hawari between the armed group and the group located in the gate,
and the armed group coming the village of Rbeana. And we have not excluded so far identify the armed group.
Attack targeting Dorria of the militias Thunderbolt by BMW in Benghazi stricken.



Youth Social Council Southern Region honor the families of martyrs

Youth Social Council of the tribes of South and Rafla region honor the families of the martyrs of Bani Walid victims decision unjust No. 7.

شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .
شباب المجلس الاجتماعي لقبائل ورفلة بالمنطقة الجنوبية يكرمون عائلات شهداء بني وليد ضحايا القرار الظالم رقم 7 .


Free newspaper Sabha ...

7 people killed in deviated walk in the road to Sabha Tmanhunt precisely in front of the petrol station (Shell Massoud Abdul Hafeez)

and was caused by congestion in that station to fill petrol went in person has Hyundai refused to stand in the queue and wanted to

fill petrol forcibly rejected people and Hdtt quarrel with him,

Get out the person knead his rifle and began firing ground and random, which led to confusion among the people inside the station

for fear of explosion and they fled where he went out one car from the station very quickly and there happened Alhadt.

I am God and to Him we return.



BREAKING! Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life To Become President! Documented Report
Visit the DREAMER movie site: Dr. Jerome Corsi’s original story (
  • Obama GAY, Was Married to Pakistani Man Before Michelle
    –Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld says that President Obama is “out of the closet” and “officially gay for class warfare.”
    –Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi suggests…
  • Obama Kenya Born and his Satanic Wicca History!
    A great deal of evidence suggests that Barack Obama’s parents and American grandparents were followers of the Satanic Wiccan religion.
    They from an area in Ka…
  • Obama’s Homosexual Encounter With “Pop”
    Barack Obama writes poem about gay relationship with much older man.
  • Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Jeff Kuhner interview with Larry Sinclair. Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality/Drug Use?
    Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Li…
    President Obama’s decision to sign air strikes .. “Militant strongholds” in Libya:






mass exodus from Tripoli to Tunisia

Magdy Rady march to the border Almnfd header worthy of the occasion of Eid al-Fitr saluting the estimated number of vehicles alone,

more than 6,000 cars during the early hours of this morning:

French news agency AFP :: Tunisia prevent about five thousand jihadist from traveling to Syria ..
Interior Minister Tunisian Lotfi Ben Jeddo Tuesday that his country’s security services prevented about five thousand Tunisian jihadist

from traveling to Syria and detained dozens of those involved in the deportation Tunisian jihadists to this country ..
The Tunisian minister said during a public meeting organized by the Constituent Assembly to hold the government accountable

on the security situation in the country that managed security services since March / March last year “to prevent nearly five thousand

young Tunisian travel to Syria and dismantle networks deportation”.
He added that the security agencies referred 50 of those involved in the deportation of Tunisian jihadists to Syria on the judiciary,

which issued against them filing cards imprisonment.
Tunisian minister did not disclose all parties involved in the deportation of “jihadists” Tunisians to Syria, accusing the opposition and

media of the State of Qatar.
On 15 March / March last year reported the newspaper “Sunrise” said Tunisian networks deportation to Syria Tunisian jihadists get

from the State of Qatar on the “commission of $ 3000 U.S. dollars for every young Tunisian is recruited.”
He explained that “a number of human rights associations and charitable show involvement in this area is huge money is obtained

from the State of Qatar to support its activities through reached by money in cash in suitcases across the border points sensitive

and vital as the airport Tunis / Carthage International.”
And enters the Tunisian jihadists to Syria via Turkey, which arrive to in flights that runs from Tunisia or

neighboring Libya as an Interior Ministry official said AFP.

He said, “jihadists” returning from Syria, said “thousands” of Tunisians Bqatlon the Syrian regular forces and including girls

Ikmn “Jihad marriage.”
On 19 April / April this year announced Sheikh Osman Watermelon and was then Mufti of Tunisia before being dismissed,

that 16 Tunisian Girl “lured them and sending them” to Syria for “Jihad marriage”, which he considered “prostitution” and

“morally corrupt.”
He announced Tunisian Interior Minister in a press statement released earlier that it was “hard to count” the number of

Tunisians who have been deported to Syria, “because many of them leave the country by stealth or not attention-grabbing ways.”
“When they return we record the minutes (against them) and they remain under surveillance (security) in order

to protect our children and our people.”


Investigation with trained by the Tunisian supporters of the law and entered illegally
Sharia supporters in tuber terrorizing and killing and stealing people and its supporters in Benghazi,

we are entering foreigners to train them and they go to Syria (to lie) means in Tunisia Mavi extent trains and walk along to Syria.

(Addicted Qsqas)

انصار الشريعة في درنة ترهب وتقتل وتسرق الناس وانصارها في بنغازي يدخلون علينا الاجانب لتدريبهم
وذهابهم لسوريا (على حد كذبه) يعني في تونس مافيش حد يدربهم ويمشوا طول لسوريا أدمن قصقاص
Durée : 4:54


“Nearly half a million Tunisian Winslow to Pardo Square and surrounding approaches to demand to dissolve a

founding crowd did not have history except for instance Tunisian opposition leader’s funeral Shokri Belaid

on February 8 last”. Rats t Kpthm the shiver of similar commander in Tunisia …:


Tunisian media: more than one hundred thousand demonstrators now in Pardo Square in front of the headquarters of the

Constituent Assembly demanding the drop is the government which two Ennahda-led government, the Board announced to

suspend its sessions until a national dialogue combines various shades of Tunisian society to get out of the current crisis.




for the Qathafi Family:

For the Qathafi Family


Song Eid crescent
Eid crescent every song Happy new year

tous à bientôt finalisé / All to be Finalised soon

Leader of the Nation

Juma Blessings

((((The demands of the Libyan people to move and the Intifada)))
1 _ an Ad Resistance Leadership via international channels.
2_ spokesperson label and the name of Resistance and personal appearances on TV.
3_ formation of popular committees mission work revolutionary direction of the Libyan people and coordination with the tribes, guide them and direct guarantees

from the Leadership to be moving in all areas of he tribes scared to themselves to Aasirlha the costume مصار in and Rafla in Taorga.
4_ and most importantly directing a letter from the Leader of the Resistance, Muammar al-Qathafi and the announcement of the popular movement

and the uprising and give directive to move.
5_ this requirement mothers of martyrs and Galabh our young people, which is that the People’s Armed Forces primitive action and show something tangible on the ground.
WHDH Come on things that have been deduced through communication, audit and research with all young people are saying to Libya and they are all the same thing and the same demands to move (and this ray street and demands, regardless of the things that we know and we hold ourselves).
(((((مطالب الشعب الليبي للتحرك والانتفاضه )))
1 _ اعلان المقاومه عن قيادتها عبر قنوات عالميه

2_ تسمية متحدث رسمي وشخصي باسم المقاومه وظهوره على التلفزيون

3_ تشكيل لجان شعبيه مهمتها العمل التوجيه الثوري للشعب الليبي والتنسيق مع القبائل وارشادها وتوجيهها بضمانات من القياده ان يكون التحرك في كل المناطق لانه القبائل خايفه على نفسها ان يصيرلها زي مصار في ورفله وفي تاورغا

4_ والاهم توجيه خطاب من قائد المقاومه معمر القذافي
واعلان الحراك الشعبي
والانتفاضه واعطاء ايعاز بالتحرك

5_وهدا مطلب امهات الشهداء وغاليبة شبابنا وهو ان تبداء قوات الشعب المسلح بالتحرك واظهار شي ملموس على الارض
وهده هيا الامور التي تم استنتاجها من خلال الاتصالات والتدقيق والبحث فيما يقوله كل شباب ليبيا وكلهم نفس الكلام ونفس المطالب للتحرك (وهدا راي الشارع ومطالبه بغض النظر عن الامور التي نعرفها ونحتفظ بها لانفسنا))

Mu reading a memo

Saif al-Islam

Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi speaks:

“You can fool all of the people all of the time, but not the Libyan people even for a while. We know the truth and we fight for it, just as we were meant to do. We know what’s right and we live for it, that’s why we stand firm and tall.

So, even in our darkest hour, our souls will not falter, and our hearts will not wither, for we know that one day, the sun will rise and shine upon our heads, and justice will triumph over your barbarism. We are here to stay. We are here to fight. We are here to live. We are here to win, and nothing can stop us now!!!!!!!”

Khotna Liberal alert today communication system has been installed to monitor the Internet, and phone …….. Specifically, place Almotaigah the (sparkling)
We hope the Liberal Khotna discernible precaution and Alhaddar topic of utmost importance;


With you, brother, we live the glories Commander:


Evening in the streets of Rome


A great O # Libya

Perhaps nights Our group gathered days oh # Libya.
I returned home full of feelings love, Alhaninn and printed above the soil great immortal kiss. Thus speaks to us back home. Not in words, but directly to our souls. When we listen to the voice of the nation, we would rather listen to the voice of the sacred presence. In the attended shut words, we do not need only to be at the height of the completion of our senses. The homeland is driven by all of and shows its manifestations in all the things around us.

Gomaa blessing to all the people # Libyan Arabic to everyone in all parts of the earth:

عـــظـــيــمــه يـا #ليــــــبــــيا

عسى الليالي التي فرقـتـنا أن تجمعنـا يومـا يا #لــــيبيــــا.
عدت إلى الوطن مملوءا بمشاعر الحب والحنينن وطبعت فوق ترابه العظيم قُبلة خالدة. هكذا يتحدث إلينا الوطن. ليس بالكلمات وإنما مباشرة إلى أرواحنا. إننا عندما نستمع إلى صوت الوطن، فإننا إنما نستمع إلى صوت الحضور المقدّس. وفي حضرته تخرس الكلمات، ولا نحتاج إلا إلى أن نكون في ذروة اكتمال حواسّنا. فالوطن هو الذي يحرّكنا جميعا ويظهر تجليّاته في كلّ الأشياء من حولنا.

جمعه مباركه لكل شعب #الليبي الي لكل فرد عربي في كل بقاع الأرض

Admin Saqr Alcdoh
FB VIDEO political dialogue ::: reports
Report shocking and catastrophic for human rights and freedoms in Libya provided Allaqi.
Allaqi confirms the existence of approximately one million Libyan abroad and confirms the increasing torture, kidnappings and secret prisons.
تقرير مروّع وكارثي عن الحريات وحقوق الانسان في ليبيا يقدمه العلاقي.
العلاقي يؤكد وجود مايقارب من مليون ليبي بالخارج ويؤكد ازدياد التعذيب والخطف والسجون السرية.

Mohammed Allaqi President of the National Council for Public Freedoms and Human Rights:

the human rights situation in Libya is very bad cases of kidnapping, torture and reached a level that can not be tolerated

and the National Congress still Atlkk in the issue of transitional justice law!

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)


1969 mercy and Noor Ali, Mr. Billah Gaddafi

And 1969’s mercy and Noor Ali martyrs of duty and volunteers who taxpayers from the earth and supply

And 1969, the patience of the displaced

And 1969’s patience on our prisoners oppressed

And 1969 greet each steadfast and unwavering

Light as long as Nora who guided and fire and hell and the volcano of assault and God is above Kid aggressor.

(Supreme Commander)

1969 رحمه ونور علي سيدي المعتصم بالله القذافي

و1969 رحمه ونور علي شهداء الواجب والمتطوعين الذين دافعو عن الارض والعرض

و 1969 صبر علي المهجرين

و 1969 صبر علي اسرانا المظلومين

و1969 تحيه لكل الصامدين والثابتين

ودام الفاتح نورا لمن يهتدي ونارا وجحيما وبركانا علي من يعتدي والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

القائد الأعلي


(see yesterday’s post):
An invitation to return people of Western Riyaana to their city after an agreement with the sheikhs

and senior Zintan tribe and the National Reconciliation Commission before the holy month of Ramadan.

 Read me hot Knights Zintan

(Saqr janzour)

اغاني ليبية — ابناء الزنتان “خود الرساله alzentan libya

Music Libyan – Zintan sons “Take on Message”

Heart and Rishvana of Albban came to us the next …?

(Admin Saqr janzour)

Khalhen Mfajrna Aicoln us … I bow Nsktwa and our actions Atrna the
(Adam Saqr Diaspora n)

28 juin 2013 08:15
2 video ..
Wedding and Rishvana horses ..
Video tired when this prophet you think in the comments .. And who shows him a copy yet manages post ..

الفيديو 2 ..
من افراح ورشفانه بالخيول ..
الفيديو تعبت فيه لهذا نبي رايكم في تعليق.. واللي يبي منه نسخة في صفحته يدير مشاركه..

Western Mountain News

Major General Salem Guenida says:

“Zaidane is the person who hinders army building and did not arrive Shi of the budget 2013 for the army.”


Ali Zaidane bribes an agreement with Tabu tribes to protect the oil fields instead of Zintan and exchange them $ 35 million, from a source familiar with

From a very reliable source ….
Yesterday in جيهات the and related Palmchacheh areas to interfere with them against Zintan …
المشاشية reply was Zapper them ….
They said, and I quote …. Yes they are tougher enemies but Nstdaf not our enemy …
We we fight with them face-to-face just do not get with any party against Zintan.
We are neutral and will not interfere in one and a limit in our region do not want anyone to planting new strife between us.
And stamped the word Zintan and Lena Knights pride they first enemy ….
Do you speak arrived xanthan and rejuvenated.

من مصدر موثوق جدا ….
امس في جيهات و مناطق تتصل بالمشاشية للتدخل معهم ضد الزنتان …
فكان رد المشاشية صاعق لهم ….
قالو بالحرف الواحد…. نعم هم اشد الاعداء لكن لا نستضعف عدونا …
نحن نتقاتل معهم وجه لوجه فقط لا ندخل مع اي طرف ضد الزنتان
نحن محايدين و لم ولن نتدخل في احد و نحد في منطقتنا لانريد لاحد ان يزرع فتنه جديدة بيننا.
وختمها بكلمه الزنتان فرسان و لينا الفخر انهم عدونا الاول….
هل الكلام وصل للزنتان و شبابها.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

God is great above the aggressor Kid

God for the oppressed best supporter

I certainty and armed Savtda

My light of truth shines in the hands of

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is great

God is above the aggressor

Oh this world Otala and Listen

Army Aloaada came wanting Musraei the

Right will be featured Bmdfie

If consumed will courtyards with me

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

God is above the aggressor

Tell me Woe to the colonist

And God is above the treacherous arrogant

God is great oh my

And take بناصية, modulator Admoury

Tell me tell me

God, God, God is greatest

الله أكبر الله اكبرالله أكبر فوق كيد المعتديالله للمظلوم خير مؤيدأنا باليقين وبالسلاح سأفتديبلدي ونور الحق يسطع في يديقولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله أكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

يا هذه الدنيا أطِّلي واسمعي

جيش الأعادي جاء يبغي مصرعي

بالحق سوف أرده وبمدفعي

فإذا فنيت فسوف أفنيه معي

قولوا معي قولوا معي

الله الله الله اكبر

الله فوق المعتدي

قولوا معى الويل للمستعمر

والله فوق الغادر المتكبر

الله اكبر يا بلادى كبرى

وخذى بناصية المغير ودمرى

قولوا معى قولوا معى

الله الله الله اكبر



Of Page-mail.


I hope publication and dissemination of importance:

People in Tripoli and especially families could leave Tripoli Vlegaderha in the fastest time,
We have confirmed information that militias and gangs controlling on Tripoli mobilize and preparing and Sttqatl among them
And the citizens who are able to protect their homes and belongings they formed popular committees to protect their neighborhoods.


Start now in the battle Gargour between Almzarat of the Zintan.

Anfjaaaaaaaaaaaaaar very strong heard in Tajora.
Agneoh closes roads in Abu Saleem and publishes a number of
Cars carrying 14.5.
Blockings Bakery victory until Salim Island and closing of the road
Front capital Pharmacy ……


A statement of the so-called Tripoli local council regarding the recent events:

Situation is now in Abu Salim spread to 14 cars and text from informant victory to the island of Abu Salim and by Mascara has also been closing the road in this topic

next moments Health Institute front capital Pharmacy!!!

Now fear in the heart of Abu Salim shops closed and few human movement and 14 cars exist Bactrh

and the text people carrying Qguadf of the RPG and screens in the streets and burned cars on roads and Mscrin the streets ..

real description of what is going on now is a state of war.

Tripoli .. Capital and not spoil them grappling militias ..!!
Admin Saqr Alcdoh
More than 150 car 14.5, 23 and 106 provide the market Friday entrances and equipped military vehicles in the Mitigua Airbase now.
Lock entrances to Tripoli from all جيهات now by the militias of Tripoli
And mobilize mechanisms coming from the airport Mitiqua towards the Abu Salim.

Out a group of wounded residents of the capital Tripoli, in a field demonstration
Algeria on Thursday evening,’s claim to the disappearance of the armed manifestations
Of the capital Tripoli.

Urgent Tripoli:

Jardan Ndmoa pause protest arena green .. After Friday prayers .. A rejection of what happened in Abu Salim area .. And claim to resolve the problem battalions p basis of tribal sense healthier (Zintan against) and accuse them of being Admon among its ranks arrows on end Dlm … Enhanced from 32 Brigade and Maqrif … And trying to call Tripoli residents to get out and this measure جردان Gnjoh and loyal Almsarit them and market جردان pursuit and the Council of Tripoli …

عاجل طرابلس :

الجردان نضموا وقفة إحتجاج فالساحة الخضراء .. بعد صلاة الجمعة.. رفضا لما حدث بمنطقة أبوسليم .. ومطالبة بحل الكتائب المشكلة ع أساس قبلي بمعنى اصح ( ضد الزنتان ) ويتهمونهم بانهم يضمون بين صفوفها الازلام على حد دكرهم … من اللواء 32 معزز والمقريف … ويحاولون دعوة سكان طرابلس للخروج وهدا بتدبير جردان غنيوه والمصاريت المواليين لهم وجردان سوق السعي ومجلس طرابلس …

Shut down the highway after the bridge Zenata towards the west of Tripoli!!

Friday Market:


Youth the Bei Bei Iagnhh Abu Salim Bay.
Admin 313

Exclusive scenes to break into the people of Abu Salim of the offender Gnjoh the Council to follow up on new always Subscribe canal and continued our Facebook account the

The (good) Spokesman for xanthan on Libya’s international …

Youth Brigades backing on the orders of Interior Minister attacked the 24 Infantry Battalion which is a military contingent of military numbers,

and they بالرماية the image of Civil Shaheed Mohamed shot and they burned.

The right words and hungry Libyan O

The sacking of defense minister after he said Defense Minister Mohammed البرغثي that the error is from the interior minister who gave the orders to Saraya backing the Commission’s security Supreme attack on the Battalion 24 Infantry of the Army National After protested البرغثي the decision of the Interior Minister Mohammed Sheikh, decided البرغثي resign and leave the office …

Information from one of the relatives of Abdul Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)


Champion from Libya February

Inventory / Abdel Ghani Alkkly aka (Gnjoh)
Level Scientific / secondary school certificate
Current job / confidential commander 11 Supreme Committee phantom Salim (حكمدار the Abu Salim area with 300 thousand inhabitants)
Occupation before the revolution of February 17 / drug dealer that has a hatred of the police, the judiciary and the assumption of storming the Ministry of Justice in what is known revolution signatory signatory to approve the law of segregation
His achievements after 17 February
Share siege of the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Finance and himself assaulted the Minister of Justice
Under his administration’s secret prisons outside the authority of the state where torture and financial extortion, rape and murder.
Despite سطوته and tyranny on the young men and women and children of Tripoli, but he escaped wet Kjerz and hid in base Ameitikh when approached camping,

5 cars to Zintan revolutionaries made ​​to arrest him.

Did you know that Gnjoh drug dealer and a drunkard …
Did you know that Gnjoh killed his mother in 1994 …
Did you know that Gnjoh cutting off the hands of his sister, and caused her to block when he returned to the house while intoxicated …
Did you know that Gnjoh hampered parents …
Is this stinking represents youth Tripoli … of course not
Is this stinking secret 11 commander of Qatar Supreme Committee will provide the safety and security of the citizen … of course not
Did you know that this is the Stinking and his gang took siege of the ministries and the Ministry of the Interior, Justice, Finance and the attack on the Minister of Justice in collaboration with the stinking hater and his gang, backed from Misratah ..
Did you know that these bands are besieging National Congress and usurp its members impose on the conference to issue decisions by force
Did you know that Gnjoh has not learned the secret prisons until the government ..
Did you know that prisons Gnjoh exceeded the Abu Ghraib prison in the torture and rape of men ..
And God is witness to what I say …

(Admin Saquaoui)

Salim the … Gneoh morning they said Gah chronic diarrhea…

Inventory Nizar Kawan visit the inventory Gneoh in the burning headquarters yesterday!!

FB Video presents a strong debut yesterday clashes AboSaleem the
Euphoria of young people and the people of Saleem escape when a song or Agnjoh not waging named this

ادمن الدكتور


فرحة عارمة من شباب و اهالي ابوسليم عند هروب اغنية او اغنيوه ولا شن اسمه هذا

Durée : 0:50

Salim before Friday prayers:

..Qatari armor scattered Cimafro the harsh plateau and confusion exists in front of college and there are some people gathered near Council Agneoh which was burned.

Certainly, we will see the day the elders of sedition screaming on the platforms to incite the people to go out in demonstrations.

Abdullah (Hamid Belhadj) thankless says the National Conference of God be in a Libyan His help smooth and lock ……………….

Abdullah thankless said before Matfatho file Abdullah Sanusi Afatho, file
Abdel-Fattah Younis

RIM and addicted Rishvana.

Abdullah ungrateful ….

106 company you got the adoption of a placebo in one day and $ 5 million per company …..

Sacking of defense minister rats Mohamed Bargty of the office after clashes in Tripoli yesterday (see yesterday’s post).

Bridge June 11, the concentration of heavy weapons it with the presence of قناصات and night vision speakers.

Salem Derby (‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD & al-QAEDA) indicted indirectly to Hfter in the assassination of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis
Salem derby the previous command to Abu Salim Martyrs’ Brigade Drnhaly Libya Ahrar channel

The killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis is the one who wants to replace him in the office, one of his now marketed for the presidency of the RAT  Army Staff!

Ayman civil nephew of martyr Muhammad al-Madani:

– We went to the Prime Minister when we abuse and the meeting is guaranteed and you told us the army and I do not have the ability to these militias ideological

and told us not to publish the meeting on the grounds that President Per Libyans.

– Ayman civil confirms that they were ready to withdraw from Tripoli
And the formation of a single army, provided that the total out of Tripoli.

NATO-MUFTI (pro-Misurata/Qatar) Sadek Garyiani:

Aaaaaajl Jaddaaaaa

And dangerous since the moments ended Mufti of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Ghiryani of statement singled out by channel Friday market local and broadcast channels in Misratah and dirt in which he said ((Praise be to Allah that our victory in our revolution blessed, Praise be to Allah who Astafana recruited him to raise the banner of Islam in our country glorious and liberated from disbelief and slavery, God said in an airtight Holy Book (ear to those who fight because they do wrong, and that God is the victory of the omnipotent driven from their homes unjustly only because they say our Lord God and if you do not pay God’s people to each other for the demolished silos and Sell prayers and mosques stating the name of Allah much and Inasrn God of victory that God is strong Aziz) that ماقامت him yesterday militia outside of the state of the killing and Tzmir in the area of ​​Abu Salim in Tripoli and killing and expulsion of the rebels from their homes and offices Lahu work Danny does not accept the legitimacy of God that never This group, which came from the uttermost parts of the west of Tripoli Rebekah ousted and gangs regime collapsed want to return us to the pre-revolution blessed by God and therefore fight this category transgressing became a chore, but ordered a legitimate requirements of the current stage of the country and complacency with them is the loss of the country and the displacement of the slaves ({Fight punish God, your hands and pricks and you against them and heal the breasts of folk who are believers}
Via each Libya rebels come Jihad date of the new God Nasirkm nor Naseer them), peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

عاااااجل جداااااوخطير مند لحظات انتهى مفتي ليبيا الشيخ الصادق الغرياني من تصريح خص به قناة سوق الجمعه المحليه وتم بثه في قنوات مصراته ودرنه قال فيه (( الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي نصرنا في ثورتنا المباركه ، الحمد لله رب العالمين الذي اصطفانا جند له لرفع راية الاسلام في بلادنا المجيده وحررنا من الكفر والعبوديه ،، قال الله في محكم كتابه العزيز ( أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا وَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلى نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ * الَّذِينَ أُخْرِجُوا مِنْ دِيارِهِمْ بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ إِلاَّ أَنْ يَقُولُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّهُ وَ لَوْ لا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُمْ بِبَعْضٍ لَهُدِّمَتْ صَوامِعُ وَ بِيَعٌ وَ صَلَواتٌ وَ مَساجِدُ يُذْكَرُ فِيهَا اسْمُ اللَّهِ كَثِيراً وَ لَيَنْصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَنْ يَنْصُرُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ ) ان ماقامت به يوم امس مليشيا خارجه عن الدوله من قتل وتذمير في منطقة ابي سليم بطرابلس وقتلها وطردها للثوار من ديارهم ومكاتبهم لاهو عمل دني لا تقبله شرعية الله ابداً ان هذه المجموعة التي قدمت من اقاصي الغرب الي طرابلس رفقة ازلام وعصابات النظام المنهار تريد ان ترجع بنا الي ماقبل ثورتنا التي باركها الله وعليه فأن قتال هذه الفئه الباغيه صار واجباً بل امراً شرعياً تتطلبه المرحله الراهنه للبلاد والتهاون معهم هو ضياع للبلاد وتشريد للعباد ( {قَاتِلُوهُمْ يُعَذِّبْهُمُ اللّهُ بِأَيْدِيكُمْ وَيُخْزِهِمْ وَيَنصُرْكُمْ عَلَيْهِمْ وَيَشْفِ صُدُورَ قَوْمٍ مُّؤْمِنِينَ }
فيا كل ثوار ليبيا حان موعد الجهاد من جديد والله نصيركم ولا نصير لهم ) والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Guenida added (SEE YESTERDAY’S POST ON DEFENSE BUDGET) that he was moving the army to protect the city’s ports and camps, calling for citizens with the help of the army because of its potential “weak” !!! – he said.

The Chief of Staff-designate Salem Guenida was may face charges for the Prime Minister to intervene in the military and non-payment of the budget, and that at the hearing by the National Conference of the year last Sunday.




زليطن became Colombia???

Admonh Phoenix and Rhqana


Libyan political dialogue :: militias crimes in Zliten
In the plight of August 23, 2012, has been stolen and burn the contents of our FM radio for a boys owner Sheikh brown …. Alumblyxiaoa Abdel Raouf Mohamed mast says:

No car graduated weapon without my permission .. .. Claims that the arrows are robbed and burned our radio and to know him including theft,

video demonstrates that stole the radio and burn our country forces are led by Alumblyxiaoa, Abdel Raouf mast (nickname Abdel Hater):

Asmar operations room

في نكبة 23 أغسطس 2012، تمت سرقة وحرق محتويات راديو بلادنا إف إم لمالكه أحد أولاد الشيخ الأسمر …. المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف محمد الصاري يقول: لاتوجد سيارة سلاح تخرج بدون إذني .. .. يدعي أن الأزلام هم من سرقوا وحرقوا راديو بلادنا وأن لاعلم له بمن سرقه، الفيديو يوضح أن من قام بسرقة وحرق راديو بلادنا هي القوات التي يتزعمها المليشياوي عبد الرؤوف الصاري غرفة عمليات الاسمر
Durée : 7:12

Plain Tnaqra of two sides of Libya???
RIM and addicted Rishvana

Voir la traduction
((Colorless climber biography of modesty))
Name: Abdel Azim bin Njie.
Surname: Abu Libya.
Fame in Zliten: Alchkh.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Mental state: a sense of grandeur.
Before the revolution of February 17:
– Secretary of the Association of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
– Coordinator of the revolutionary المثابة Zliten.
– Member of the Supreme Committee for the celebrations of April 7 and has certificates of thanks and appreciation, in particular.
– Member of the formation of fulfilling the security of the Combat guys Alqirdafa.
– Studious to actively participate in forums held by the ideological Revolutionary Committees Movement since the first university forum 1992 and read a telegram covenant and pledge sent Qirdafa.
– The father Haj companion on bin Njie general coordinator of the revolutionary Almthabat Zliten.
– On February 17, wrote on his Aalves Community ((in the eye you Weah Libyan Muammar free and Nfdoh Bdinma)).
After the revolution of February 17:
– Spokesperson Zliten rebels.
– Spokesperson Libya Shield forces Zliten, headed by his uncle Abdul Raouf mast.
– Member of the Committee support the revolution in Syria.
– Attendance and participation and speeches and sermons in all the celebrations of revolution of February 17.

My advice to the Libyans:
Who wants to learn the art of climbing and jumping فليقرأ the biography of this creature he has the face of health is unmatched in the world rather than that insinuates his head in the dirt disgrace and shame still topping the platforms and deliver speeches and words There is no power except God Almighty.

And soon, very soon:

Coming with a very large archive where lots and lots of scandals semiconductor revolutionaries and semiconductor men.

We have more.

Tip today:

If you want to publish a rumor in Libya at lightning speed and unbelievable people saying for HVAC mast and turn Christkiha for Chkh that Christak around a story and put some spices and considered spread and smelt Rihtha.

Praise be to God who has made enemies of the fools and idiots.


Treatment Colonel Abdul Razak Qadara on the expense of the armed people after being shot in the attack on Misrata and still Ben Guidara resident Tunisia and assesses the red nights.

Blood martyrs Emcich the drain.

Some dwarves try and Almthabat graduates and revolutionary guys Alqirdafa and Homeland Security Ochaouih tarnish the image of Professor Omar after he announced his position explicitly against gangs and mafias revolution and demand the rule of law will publish you successively About Us him and some of his compositions.

Another GOOD GUY martyred:

Name: Osama bin Qadara.
City: Zliten – Libya.
Son: Maj. Gen. Abdul Razak bin Guidara fugitive to Tunisia and injured in front of Misrata during his attack on the area Zureiq Misurata.
Occupation previously: Kadhafi Brigades.
Current job: Tripoli airport.
Revolutionary protection: Nuri Vraiwan.:

And document Taatbut the injury Osama bin Qadara and treated at the hospital during his participation attack on Misrata injury and is still evident in his face.

Note: utilized to document the rest of the other names that have participated attack on Misrata.
Blood martyrs Emcich the drain:

M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed, MARTYR.

(posted in “Sister Erjalklna the Martyr Muammar Gaddafi Libya builder and editor of the world“)M’Hamed Embarak Mhammed killed during his participation in the liberation of prisoners from the prison militia faction Agneoh Alkkla in the neighborhood of Abu Saleem.

مقتل امحمد امبارك امحمد اثناء مشاركته في تحرير معتقلين من سجن مليشيا يتزعمها اغنيوة الككلي في حي ابوسليم



Agency Wadi Dinar newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Libya news today … Benghazi – Urgent

Bu Sidra Mdayr served Melih Halummen

Will emerge cars Ansar al-Sharia those who deny the army and police uniformity black flags “Flags Rule” to roam the streets of Benghazi after age!!

(Valley girl)
Rule in Benghazi review Masmoh of the martial arts and sword to cut off the neck.

Celebration of al-Qaida in Benghazi!!!!

Ansar al-Sharia launches second Gathering in support of  (false) WASHABI/SALAFI style ofIslamic sharia law in Benghazi under the banner of a step towards a state of Islam ..!!!

Lock Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents Benghazi because of NATO rebel assault on the doctor inside the hospital.

Khobar – Benghazi – a special report news agency

Hospital evacuation and problematic doctor with a member of the Special Forces

What happened between Arafa President Saleh who Anhaz age of between 35 and
45 and one of the doctors Galaa Hospital, by reason behind patient
A big topic, it was assumed that his condition has improved and come out of the
Hospital and then found drenched in blood has narrated from his mouth.

When commissioned special forces “Thunderbolt”, to protect the hospital
Evacuation and secured, came armed group want abduction of a
Patients, and named “Spring Alsberati”, by force of arms, a man
Carries an infected bullet came out, and was very critical condition, and in
Time the group tried taking by force, troops intervened
Private, occurred Shooting them and the patient was returned “Alsberati”
And the other from time to time be traffic upon by men “Thunderbolt”
Even know what the cause of trying to kidnap him and taking by force of arms,
And did not tell them anything, but it of Haulo taking are Itarodnh
And his condition was improving.

Days before now doctor came and log out for “Alsberati”, and
And said that his condition was stable, and does not need to stay in hospital,
And when one of the workers entered and Jeddah steeped in blood, directed by
From his mouth, and the income of a member of the special forces “Thunderbolt” President
Arafa “fit”, and argued with the doctor regarding the patient, who
He died with his secret, and but Arafa President “favor” I did not ride roughshod
The doctor and did not raise his hand, what happened is the only altercation
Between them.

And note that the security room has to investigate with President Arafa
“Invalid”, and changed the group that she believed hospital
And what is known about the “fit” a wise man and not a young man, and he performed
B corpse dead Agra when he sees one in the morgue.

Chief of Staff Salem Aguenida: –

The assassination of Colonel (F Masrati) a member of the General Intelligence in Benghazi is undoubtedly one of the consequences of past events.

Unfortunately, because Colonel F Masrati is promising from the intelligence report about the attack and stun youth killed in Benghazi and usually

are written off the name author of the report before submitting it to the conference … But this did not happen .. Some members of Congress leaked the name to militia leaders.

Because he is exposing some of them and their involvement in crimes ..



Yana Aassob Massabelk **** over Adhor Joad horses
Adam Parent n



In the name of God the Merciful

Back Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi from the city of Misrata, which resided in the country for between his family and his cousins ​​to the city of Zliten and to all the children of Sheikh invoices and Amayem and honorable Friday and the other components of Zliten consult with him and obey his orders and not go out on his instructions and instructions Mujahid Menem Alsaddaaa and Allah is the before and after.

Glory to the martyrs God save Libya.
Mujahid Sheikh Saif Lafi

(dirty) Misratah Tfajtém TPU launched from the latter.???





Libya – preventing Tawergha residents displaced from returning

(Tripoli) – The Human Rights Watch said today on the Libyan authorities to allow residents of Tawergha displaced persons to return to their homes safely. Local authorities have in Ajdabiya re-group of the population of Tawergha on June 25 / June 2013 from where they came. Some of them left Benghazi in a convoy of about 40 vehicles heading to Tawergha, which is located at a distance of 750 km to the west, and then prevented from passing in Ajdabiya, 150 kilometers from Benghazi.

Tawergha residents fled their village in August / August 2011 with the approach of armed fighters from the nearby city of Misrata from Tawergha. There are about 35 thousand inhabitants of Tawergha distributed throughout Libya armed groups have prevented them from Misrata to return. Misratah groups accuse Tawergha residents armed fighting in the ranks of Gaddafi’s forces during the 2011 conflict of committing war crimes in Misrata.

She told Human Rights Watch that while he understood that some people of Misratah may have a desire to justice for crimes committed against them by some individuals, it does not give them the right to prevent the right of return for displaced people. The systematic forced displacement or practices widely which is implemented as a matter of policy – as in this case – may amount to a crime against humanity.

Said Eric Goldstein, deputy executive director of the Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch: “There agglomeration Full fallen hostage to the crimes alleged that the lack of it have been committed. Burden is now on the shoulders of the government, to end this collective punishment by ensuring the ability of residents of Tawergha on fully exercise their right to return home eventually. ”

Over recent weeks, the government warned and warned by tribal and religious leaders and the United Nations Mission in Libya of mono initiative Herald Tawergha residents to return to their homes in June 25. Government and others said they were concerned about the potential for clashes with groups opposed to the return of the people of Tawergha.

Local the Tawergha Council decided – which is the main body responsible for the Tawergha displaced population – to postpone the return process. But a small group of residents of Tawergha, driven partly concerned about having a plan in the process of preparing to resettle permanently in a place other than Tawergha, they began to return. Have been barred by the local authorities in Ajdabiya. Local officials appear to have taken their actions in agreement with the central government, which خشت of attacks on the convoy by groups of Misrata, according to a person from the convoy attended meetings with local authorities told Human Rights Watch.

Visited by Human Rights and Tawergha Watch the regularly in 2011 and 2012 and reviewed satellite images of the destruction of the city in several subsequent stages. Researchers monitor the work of extensive burning and looting of residential and commercial buildings in most areas of the city, from the intentional burning and demolition of the buildings after the fighting stopped in mid-2011, in an apparent attempt to prevent Tawergha residents from returning to their homes. The government is unwilling or unable to intervene to end the state refused to return adopted by the militias of Misrata, about the return of the people of Tawergha.

Eric Goldstein said: “prevent people from returning to their homes is tantamount to detain them.” He continued: “The authorities should not let them return to their homes, but also have to ensure their safety during the trip and after returning to there.”



Average lead and ambulances hear in the middle of Sabha ..

Mu the teacher explains

Both are free of Homeland Security who are in Sabha taken it caution because it is جردان of beards group

and with them the Egyptians and Ethiopians to catch
Ali Liberal, and present in the conference hall new residential neighborhood in Sabha.

(Supreme Commander)

لكل احرار الأمن الداخلي الموجودين في سبها أخد الحيطه والحذر لأن فيه جردان من جماعة اللحي ومعاهم مصريين واثيوبيين للقبض
علي الاحرار ، وموجودين في قاعة مؤتمر الجديد حي سكني في سبها.القائد الأعلي

Now an explosion in the city of Sabhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a car bomb in Purdy now.

Sabha newspaper ….
Where bodies under Alannagad the day third day nor life, no calls and no local council nor the so-called government moved residents:


On what Khrti Qatar landed his son in power and rolls rats who in Libya, the Supreme Security Committee looked in confusion and clashes and everyone Libby solved and dismantled.

من يوم ما خرتيت قطر حط ولده في السلطة و فات الجرذان اللي في ليبيا, بدت اللجنة الامنية العليا في تخبط واشتباكات والكل يبي حلها وتفكيكها.

Great rock deaf writes:

O losses O Abouapn, how Ruskm was raised and proud with the great leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

you became followed اوباش of Qatar, Kingdom of bananas and the whole world laughed you

العظمي صخرة صماء يا خساره يا ليببين كم كانت روءسكم مرفوعه وشامخه مع القائد العظيم معمر القذافي اصبحتم تبع لاوباش قطر ،مملكة الموز وكل العالم ضحك عليكم

ان الذي يحدث في ليبيا من تقتيل وتدمير لا يخدم الأطراف المتنازعه ولا المقاومة بل يخدم المخطط المعروف التي صنعه المخطط الصهيوامريكى لأعادة تشكيل الدول العربية وتجزئتها من دول الى دويلات صغيره وأعلان دولة إسرائيل الكبرئ من النيل الى الفرات وكل الثروات التى تملكها هذه الدويلات المتصارعة تحت النفود الأسرائيلى وكل هذا لا يتم إلا بزرع الفوضة الخلاقة وتتبيث الاحقاد الدمويه والقبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية ومن الوهم السياسي والغباء أن تعتقد بأن سيأتي يومآ ما ستنتهي الدخيره لطرفين متناحرين فالاثنان يتلقون دعم للامحدود من دولة قطر و دولة الامارات…الرجا التفكير جيدآ واللجوء الى الحوار والرجوع الى حضن القبائل التى غيبت لان سلاحكم الوحيد هو الوحدة فعدوكم الاول في ليبيا هو الصهيوامريكيا وعملائهم من الخونة والاوغاد كلامى موجه الى جميع الليبيين بجميع الاطياف القبلية والعرقية والطائفية والعقائدية والفكرية
وان الذي يحدث وبأختصار هو صراع الاخوان ضد الجيش وكلاهما مدعوم ينفد اجندات خاصة ممنهجه , الأخوان مدعومون من قطر والجيش مدعوم من الامارات.
الرجاء مشاركة هذا المقال ,,,’’’’,,,’’’’,,,أدمن قناص ورشفانه

That which is happening in Libya, killing and destruction does not serve the disputing parties nor the resistance but serves scheme known that the author planned Alzioomriki to reshape the Arab countries and fragmentation of states to small states and the declaration of the state of Israel Kabri from the Nile to the Euphrates and all the wealth owned by the states competing under Nafud Israeliall of this is not only planting Alfodh creative and Taatbeth grudges vessels and tribal, ethnic, sectarian and ideological and the illusion of political and stupid to think that will come someday will end Aldkhirh for parties rival فالاثنان receiving support for Amehdod of the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates … Please think well and resort to dialogue and return tobosom of the tribes which disappeared because your weapons only is the first Fdokm unit in Libya is Alzioamrakia and their customers from the traitors and villains my words addressed to all Libyans in all walks of tribal, ethnic and sectarian and ideological and intellectual
And that which occurs in short is a struggle against the army and the Brotherhood, both powered running out private agendas systematic, backed by Qatar Brotherhood and the army supported by the United Arab Emirates.
Please share this article,,,”,”,,, addicted Sniper Rishvana







EVIL YANKEE CIA began the transfer of arms shipments to Jordan in order to be delivered to the Syrian opposition

(Admonh pride Rishvana the)



28 JUNE 2013 BY  

Edward Snowden, as an NSA contractor at the mega-corporation Booz Allen Hamilton, discovered a program called PRISM, where Internet and phone giants like Verizon, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are feeding literally trillions of electronic communications into a mega database shared by the National Security Administration and GCHQ, General Communications Headquarters—the British equivalent of the NSA.

What exactly are they collecting? Recordings of phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, Skype, credit card transactions, even your banking records!  They not only know who you are, but where you are: Your smart phone’s GPS coordinates are being collected by the trillions along with the content of your phone calls.

What does Barack Hussein Obama think about the NSA in bed with corporations gorging themselves with every imaginable piece of data on American citizens? He doesn’t try to hide it—in fact he’s proud of it, touting it as necessary to protect us as a result of his endless war on terrorism. Finding it necessary to nullify the Fourth Amendment. In effect nullifying the Constitution!

The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini famously said that the definition of fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.

And that is exactly what has occurred with the government in bed with mega-corporations and so-called “contractors” like  Booz Allen Hamilton, which is just one of literally dozens, if not hundreds of “contractors” that the U.S. and British government use to spy on the world.

Booz Allen Hamilton has been portrayed as an innocent party in the spying controversy, but they are far from innocent. As is apparent from a cursory look at who goes in and out of the government-corporate revolving door, they are virtually indistinguishable from the U.S. government, the NSA, and CIA.  Where does  the government begin and the private company end? They are literally indistinguishable.

Of the thirty thousand or so employees of Booz Allen Hamilton and its parent company The Carlyle Group, most are former NSA and CIA employees. And why not? The government and the corporate world have become virtually indistinguishable under Barack Hussein Obama.

These are just a few of the crème de la crème passing through the government-corporate revolving door atBooz Allen Hamilton:

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence who famously lied to Congress about collecting and archiving every single phone call made by Americans, is a former Booz Allen Hamilton executive.

James Woolsey, a former CIA director, is currently a high ranking executive.

Frank Carlucci, owner of the Booz Allen Hamilton parent company The Carlyle Group, was the Deputy Director of the CIA under Carter. Yes, the government-corporate connection goes way back!

This is just a short list. The Carlyle Group and Booz Allen Hamilton are literally gorged with former NSA and CIA employees. Barack Hussein Obama has taken Mussolini’s fascist state-corporate merger to a new level!

Oh, but this is just the beginning.

According to the Guardian—the publication that has broken virtually all of the Edward Snowden revelations—what we initially learned about the scope of the U.S./UK government’s snooping on American and British citizens pales in comparison to what has now been revealed.

Per the Guardian:

Britain’s spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world’s phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency.

This bears repeating: The NSA and GCHQ are collecting, archiving, and analyzing the world’s phone calls and internet traffic: that is, the vast majority of the citizens of the world are being spied on by the American and British governments: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide!

Having access to this vast amount of information is a recipe for abuse of power:  power over information means power over individuals. Citizens worldwide. A global fascism. A precursor to a one-world dictatorship.

Barack Hussein is the embodiment of Mussolini’s definition of fascism. But he is beyond Mussolini. In fact, he is beyond Hitler. He is the 21st century’s Der Führer on a worldwide scale, collecting information on every single person on the face of the earth in order to keep them under his thumb, in order to control them, to punish them, and more than likely ultimately to kill them.  “Der Führer” Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped. Americans put a stop to Hitler, and Americans will have to put a stop to Barack Hussein Obama. Impeachment must begin nowToday.



Al Ahram: the accumulation of more than 900 truck Salloum land port Egypt .. Pending to allow it to pass in the direction of Port Assistant Libya.


Great from the day of his birth…
Allah knows Our Leader…

Great from the day of his birth

attente triomphe / AWAITING TRIUMPH

Mu desert Mystic

Steadfast and the Covenant are staying
Default stainless Mai presses Lake says ..
Challenge and Shoumoukh morning ..

Mu a man of vision

All free Aasgel attending me Alaajaaaaaaaaaab of how much brighter now ..?

Gaddafi Sniper. writes:

Victory morning Aagel anger and victory is coming victors (bony O) … Victory O Oschhaddena, in Libya green .. Soon hour decisiveness, God willing …
صباح النصر ياجيل الغضب والنصر قادم منتصرون ( يا عظمي ) … النصر يا أستشهادنا يــــ ليبيا الخضراء ـــا.. قريبا ساعة الحسم باذن لله …


Astt to cleanse the occupied homeland inch inch of untouchability and races
Never will not allow Libya themes between our hands Bgot wrong –


Distribution continuously to Amsakah the unified Resistance:


Greetings to you, sir Muammar al-Qathafi
Admin 69


Still the official name and customary for Libya is
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
And Moto oh rats
This proves nothing indicates Adzkm and you Tarafo not launch Adero
This is a picture of a Libyan passport has been stamped at the Libyan Embassy in Russia:


Alqtron | |

Interruption of water for most logic Albouka neighborhoods for the seventh day in a row.


RAT Derby (SHIELDS under USA TRAINING) gives the government a week to resolve the battalion Qaqaa (of ZINTAN) and the Atmosphere of the country:  by Abdul Hamid Alamrna

Shura Council Balzntan disown from Qaqaa battalion and confirms that it has nothing to do have Zintan Bthoar.

Statement Qaqaa Brigade: –

The Brigade first Bracken border and vital and strategic objectives closely cited some of the media channels and social networking pages containing some of the threats against the brigade by some Individuals that Oaljamaat and indicate the weakness of the argument owner and slander charges.
Recalling what was said Mufti Sheikh the “sincere Ghiryani” about the difficult phase experienced by Libya and the emergence of strife began to show signs visible aiming to undermine the stability of the country, and his call for all to the need for restraint.
The First Brigade of the corner borders and vital goals and strategy reaffirms joining under the legitimacy of the Libyan state represented in the National Conference year and the interim government, and it is subject to the instructions of the presidency of the General Staff of the army-Libi, and comply with the orders of Chief of General Staff-designate Maj. Gen. corner “Salem Guenida” Judge not tolerated wants the attack on the legitimacy of the Libyan state and prejudice to the prestige of the military and endanger the security of the homeland and citizens at risk, assuring full allegiance to God and the homeland.

First Brigade Bracken border guards and oil facilities and vital and strategic goals
Issued in Tripoli 20/06/2013

Salem Derby Martyrs Brigade commander Abu Salim Ali Libya T now threatening the Qaqaa بالويل the battalion and destruction and annihilation after a week if not resolved! !

The battalion commander gave “Salim Salim Martyrs of Derby” a week to disssolve the anti-RAT-government “Qaqaa battalion”, which he said includes a number of former employees of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of al-Qathafi .

The Rat Derby Militia receives training at the hands of U.S. forces.

Derby threatened in a statement to the atmosphere of the country on Wednesday to transfer the battle to Tripoli if it is not a solution “Qaqaa battalion” and hold all of transgressed against the Libyan people – according to the recipe.

The people blamed the RAT-government (Shield derby) for the deteriorating security situation in the cities of Benghazi and Derna, which “Tktoyan fire result of Thoarha refusal ousted Gaddafi.”

Darby-Commander’s comments came in sync with resolving all claims battalions and their members to join the RAT national army.

Citing the First Brigade of the border guards, facilities and vital and strategic objectives

Do you joined the brigade members 32 and enhanced M’Hamed Makrif St. battalion yesterday to the Qaqaa brigade or are they from the beginning in the district?

Why then talk now about Qaqaa, Sheikh Salem Derby?

(I think the 32 Brigade enhanced sentenced him Misurata during the liberation war and remains at the Gardens Hotel Misurata like what destroyed the T and the rest of the arrows in Bani Walid)

Are the people of Tripoli complained Qaqaa Brigade or of militias Sowaihili in college girls, Gharghour and the other militias?

For me Qaqaa base ÓÇßĘ the good and bad .. I have not heard they were arrested, imprisoned or besieged or killed as I’ve heard from others.

ONLY reputation need them two days before they are and battalion lightning Tripoli supported Thunderbolt Benghazi military armored vehicles and mechanisms to assist in the protection of Benghazi after the problem shields in Benghazi.

For this reason, Sheikh Salem become Enhanced brigade?

O Sheikh Salem if you have a military force have the ability to fight Qaqaa is better you have to believe and protect them annihilated in tuber to كملوا the killers every day one of them either dead or the first Valagherbon bombing Virtue .. And give Qaqaa and non-Qaqaa for the people of Tripoli Wahl Mecca know بشعابها.

Personally I am against all militias legally or illegally, and with the national army and national police, which are subject to the legitimate orders and ordered people not threaten the legitimacy and the people.

God save Libya without ideologies…

Urgent .. Holding Osman Mliqth, is Qaqaa Brigade expanded meeting with the battalion commanders of the military council of Zintan to discuss in the face of threats to the brigade of Rav Alshata Brigades and the remnants of Libya and shield the martyrs AbuSaleem.

God’s curse on you in Hell, Mohamed Barrani Ichkal, who joined the جردان Maakm

Libya – The General Barrani Ichka was killed by the Resistance. 18/12/2011
(ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, unconfirmed information still talking about the assassination of General Mohamed Barrani Ichkal. He was executed at his home by fighters of the Liberation People’s Army of Libya under Muammar al-Qathafi.

Mohamed Barrani Ichkal was a cousin of Muammer, the guide. As Commander of the brigade  Omar el-Megarief,  he had a mission to protect and guard the gates of Tripoli. On 21 August 2011, he opened the doors to the battalion Abdelhakim Belhadj (al-Qaeda) which allowed the fall of Tripoli to come quickly with the Special Forces of NATO. Barrani ordered his troops to join the  so-called “rebels” or be killed. Therefore, RAT Abdul Salam inventory skins declared:

Qaqaa battalion is Ptheriba of Tripoli before the editing process and  had a major role in the (so-called) ‘liberation’ (Fall) of Tripoli and Menteabhe Kano…”

Ali Zaidane:

“We met with shields and the state does not want to exclude a —-
We asked Conference Amhalna four أسابع on armor because it’s complicated and composite….

Multi payroll needs administrative and financial procedures and complex legal.”


Liberal brethren, please pay attention and fight this topic Elsafhhalta to tracking the movement of Libyan name ..

unsure .. out in July next day 07/07/2013 ……… Please do not Ansaag, please Circular and publishing ……..Admin – steadfast.

 Communications Commission and Transport National Congress general open an investigation into the strike sudden, which was carried out by Employees of Hospitality Management Air belonging to the airline Libyan days ago which caused disabling a large number of flights and congestion for travelers at airports in Tripoli, Benghazi and Istanbul and Jeddah, demanding the company publish a formal apology to those affected by this strike.

Ministry of martyrs and wounded says the death toll from the civil war from Alfberara side reached 5517 people.
The ministry did not address the death toll from the other side who are the Libyan army September and supporters as well as opponents of February (opponents of February not necessarily to be supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA).
Alice these Epieon and many of them have left have no families headed? Why this الحقارة in the handling of the ministry? Why deliberately deepen the rift between the sons of the homeland? Is the ministry stood at the door of Paradise to give the recipe a martyr of want Tnzaaha about does not want to?


“VALLEY GIRL”  writes:

“Traders of religion …

Just look to the members of the so-called National Congress gives you an idea of the type of state control of Libya February …..”:

عاااااااااعااااااااااااااجل and Haaaaaaaam
((The right words … At the core)) shortly before the end of a meeting with Adnan successful is the so-called brigade Fattah Younis \ Tripoli in the homeland and with the awakening program Broadcaster Khalifa al-Obeidi on the so-called channel Libya first ….

literally said the words of sincere and genuine and describing what is happening in Libya stricken Now ((he said people knew all the farce that pass out of Libya now and knew Libyans why the continuation of this anarchy landing in order to steal and loot the largest amount of money the Libyans., and because there are certain countries do not want Libya’s stability and said the plot of the first on Libya and the implementation of foreign agendas ___

he will not do to Libya Start menu as long as there marginalization of Libyan tribes, such as Bani Walid and Tarhuna and Orishvana and beautiful Rkdalin and العجيلات and Owoowoowoalkh from that calculated on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and that these tribes waiting nearby explode and rise up and revolt, along with the rest of the people because he knew everything .. knew of secret prisons and torture, theft, looting and chaos and lack of security and safety and knew agendas external parties and ideological and Owoowo Aljosov arise on the conference Dead and government sleeper, which have an Hia only Almaatemrat press releases and lie to the people and also stressed Adnan successful that more than a million text Libby displaced surprised and said strange not they those Libyans were burned several homes and stole their money and possessions including many still displaced from their injustice and Tanna ….

The death every day and assassinations every day and the bodies of Libyan aimed at sea and in the deserts and in the farms and the salvation to be revealed truths of the Libyan people ….. He said unfortunately for more than two years and we are waiting around in his throat treadmill and ask where officials who were in the National Transitional Council and the Executive Office and the Government of nutria all stole and looted and fled because they came from behind the sea and returned to their countries ….. When asked Broadcaster .. how long ..?? answered successful … soon Centvd Liberals and honorable and national Ali these extravaganzas of the conference and the government and all the gatekeepers in the people …………………………

He concluded by inviting the Libyan people to get out of the uprising and the revolution this injustice and chaos.

عاااااااااعااااااااااااااجل وهاااااااام
(( كلام حق… وفي الصميم)) قبل قليل انتهاء لقاء مع عدنان الناجح امر مايسمي بلواء عبدالفتاح يونس \طرابلس في برنامج صحوة وطن ومع المذيع خليفه العبيدي علي مايسمي قناة ليبيا اولا ….قال حرفيا كلام صادق وحقيقي واصفا مايحدث في ليبيا المنكوبه الان(( قال الشعب عرف كل المهزله التي تمر بها ليبيا الان و عرف الليبيين لماذا استمرار هذه الفوضي المقصوده وذلك لسرقه ونهب اكبر قدر من اموال الليبيين . ولان هناك دول معينه لاتريد لليبيا الاستقرار وقال هي مؤامره من الاول علي ليبيا وتنفيذ لاجندات خارجيه___وقال انه لن تقوم لليبيا قائمه ابدا مادام هناك تهميش القبائل الليبيه مثل بني وليد وترهونه وورشفانه والجميل ورقدالين والعجيلات ووووووووووالخ من التي محسوبه علي النظام السابق وان هذه القبائل تنتظر وقريب تنفجر وتنتفض وتثور ومعها باقي الشعب لانه عرف كل شئ ..عرف السجون السريه والتعذيب والسرقه والنهب والفوضي وانعدام الامن والامان وعرف الاجندات الخارجيه والاحزاب المؤدلجه ووووووو الخوسوف تثور علي المؤتمر الميت والحكومه النائمه والتي لاتملك شئيا الا المؤاتمرات الصحفيه ويكذبوا علي الشعب وايضا اكد عدنان الناجح علي ان اكثر من مليون ونص ليبي مهجر واستغرب وقال غريبا اليسوا هؤلاء ليبيين وتم حرق العديد من منازلهم وسرقت اموالهم وممتلكاتهم ومنهم الكثير لازال نازح من مناطقهم ظلما وعدواننا ….وقال الموت كل يوم والاغتيالات كل يوم وجثث الليبيين ترمي في البحر وفي الصحاري وفي المزارع وخلاص لابد من كشف الحقائق للشعب الليبي…..وقال للاسف لاكثر من سنتين ونحن ننتظر وندور في حلقه مفرغه وتسأل اين المسؤولين الذين كانوا في المجلس الانتقالي والمكتب التنفيذي وحكومه الكيب كلهم سرقوا ونهبوا وهربوا لانهم جاءوا من وراء البحر ورجعوا لدولهم…..وعندما سأله المذيع ..الي متي ..؟؟ اجابه الناجح …قريبا سينتفض الاحرار والشرفاء والوطنيين علي هذه المهازل من المؤتمر والحكومه وكل المتحكمين في الشعب …………………………وختم حديثه بدعوه الشعب الليبي للخروج و للانتفاضه والثورة علي هذا الظلم وهذه الفوضي



Zaidane head of the RAT Government of Libya February at his press conference:


“I hope the people of Tawergha postpone their return and leave the area for the government to deal with it.”

Ask the people of Tawergha stay where they are in the camps sympathetic with Mzrath, and told them to stay in their place to deal with the matter during the current government or the next government.

Zaidane craft statements regarding the return of the people of Tawergha:
– We ask of Tawergha As the government and Guardian, that postpone ordered their return to their city!
– What happened to Misrata is not easy and the wound has not healed yet!!
– Time sponsor that fit it between Misrata and Tawergha!
– I heard the words of a good principle of Misrata regarding Tawergha!!
Analytical Profile:
Zaidane using a Guardian, proves to me that the speech and native of Islamist sincere العرياني and beneficiaries of adulation for Misrata ..
The class تترجى government disadvantaged to bear the injustice in order to preserve the feelings of a class without law and retaliated and killed homeless and abandoned and still wound did not heal gangrene and means need to be amputated ..
Government has failed to impose its control and advocate for children, the elderly and women .. Unreliable in the establishment of any democracy of any kind!
Resistance and the resistance and the resistance must purge the country of filth and الانجاس .. The point is over.
(Iman Saad)

Lech Thorgae of Tawergha

To the RAT Libyan state will not accept livelihood Palmjimat and our decision to return to our land and without the protection of you because you do not you respond Zaal Misurata gangs and on this basis, our decision to return on 25/06/2013. For Libya peace ….




 al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …under the command of NATO & MISURATA!

Libya Gate
بداءت the drums of war knock against Zintan .. the the NATO’s anti-xanthan (Misrata + Gheryan + the some battalions corner + some battalions market Friday)

Was one involving the city of al-Qaeda Derna leaders to lead the fight …

If the aim was to end the militias .. No threats were all militias, which occupies the capital only in Gharghour or through the airport .. Yes Qaqaa and the rest of the Zintan militias and presence against the construction of the state .. But militias Faraj Asswehly, the other in the capital and its existence against the building of the State.

Salem Derby Martyrs Brigade commander Abu Salim Ali Libya T now threatening the Qaqaa بالويل the battalion and destruction and annihilation after a week if not resolved! !

(WE ALL KNOW  THE ZIONIST REASONS for the Attack on ZINTAN, “KALZINTANSTAN”, LEVY and SAIF—just to name a few!)

Urgent .. Holding Osman Mliqth, is Qaqaa Brigade expanded meeting with the battalion commanders of the military council of Zintan to discuss in the face of threats to the brigade of Rav Alshata Brigades and the remnants of Libya and shield the martyrs AboSaleem.



A Repeat of what MISURATA & NATO did to BANI WALID?

Rhett rats Mottagoyen / and of Zintan p / God Kiedkm is in Nhrkm Iabl NATO /
NATO Asswehly declares war on Zintan

Statement of the common room Western Region
Friday ..
After more than two years of the Declaration of the country’s liberation and the establishment of the National Conference year and securing its elections and deliver the country to the state’s fledgling support and fell revolutionaries real step backward for the purpose of enabling the state of the building itself and let her order of priorities in the hope of us in the establishment of the state of justice, equality and law and thinking of us that the country تطهرت and the revolution succeeded and it the time of building the state and its institutions ..
Vtfajina that the state was not built and the army was built and security was restored and the country did not purify herself from the remnants of the former regime, which slipped into the joints of the state and its institutions and managed to reach the decision-making circles and formed battalions security and military and staged their ranks with the help of some rebels criminals and opportunists who have material interests, military and their political purposes external support from the remnants of the arrows and some countries which have interests in the country, and affect those on the public and even on the rebels
Themselves as recorded many of the abuses and violations of physical, moral, and physical and killed many of the people of this country honorable at the hands of those most recently killed two brothers area os crushed cars in a manner ugly and to the public, and even assault repeated on the legitimacy of the state and its officials who Bayanahm and Artadhanahm Olah our issues ..
Resulting in congestion Street Libyan and the deterioration of the security situation and the wrath of the Libyan citizen of these acts, which seeds resulted in a meeting Thoarha real and military councils and local western region and the establishment of this room for the purpose of addressing all of these abuses and serious violations and take a series of decisions that are inevitable and irreplaceable and that will adjust the security and the reduction of these abuses and support the legitimacy and pave the way for a constitutional order and build institutions ..
The decisions are: –
1 – solution (Brigade Qaqaa) abroad for legitimacy and Almtmitrs successor Battalion (Emhemed Maqrif) (Major General 32 booster) and many criminals and agents of the former regime, led by the so-called B Mliqth who was to the end of the month (7/2011) supports all the power in the system Previous ..
2 – Solving (battalion lightning) beyond legitimacy and Almtmitrs the left many of the ousted former regime, criminals and supported by the State (UAE) with money and equipment and weapons
3 – solution (Martyr Brigade Muhammad al-Madani), which is exploited by criminal gangs took over the state institutions and negotiate where to deliver the money ..
4 – Delivery of all these headquarters, equipment and machinery of the state for the purpose of use in building the state and its military ..
5 – Calling all brothers associate these brigades and battalions to withdraw them and deliver everything Bahdthm to the state through (a week from today) so we believe them to join the Libyan army ..
6 – Granting the leaders and employees of the military and security formations outlaw (a week) to resolve these formations and join the State or commitment in their homes and their regions and tribes bloodshed and maintain the capabilities and successes of the Libyan people ..
7 – Notify the National Congress and the interim government in this statement for taking all the procedures and measures that would remedy the implications of this matter and its impact on state-building
8 – within one week from the date that you did not make all these points mentioned above will be the use of force and the storming of these dens and delivered and contents of the Libyan state ..
Of the importance of hope all the honorable people of this country to cooperate with us in controlling the security and stability of the country and state-building, which has long dreamed of, God is great and God is great and thankfully …

The common room of the local and military councils and rebels of the western region

Youth Resistance – Tarhuna
Ezz men’s sister




What end in Salem you and Cherkm to my rats ……..

German injured during an attack on his car in Libya

By Gaddafi News Agency on Friday, 21 يونيو, 2013 | 18:49

The Gaddafi International News Agency – Ajdabiya.

Wounded German engineer working for the group viz. Me. J. My Swiss-Swedish engineering and driver Libya during a shooting attack Thursday on their vehicle in eastern Libya, which has troubled security increased. car was transported four engineers from the group no. me. my Energie, they are three Germans and one Czech, when they move between the towns of Ajdabiya and Zueitina where they work to set up a system to monitor the power station on gas.
The German was wounded in the leg and chest, while the driver managed Libi, who was hit in the face of continuing to drive the car and escape, as explained in charge of security in Ajdabiya. The injured were taken to the hospital in this city before being sent to Benghazi, 130 kilometers to the east. official explained, citing German engineers said the attackers “masked” were on board my car pickup colored army vehicles.
And witnessed the east of Libya a large number of attacks on Western interests and a wave of attacks on commissions, police and assassination operations security officials. Libyan authorities are facing difficulty in illegal establishment of effective security forces still face armed militias composed of former combatants who fought under the Crusader NATO aircraft.
German expert injured in fire east of Ajdabiya

And – exposure crew experts from the company “no. PE.” German on Thursday to shooting at the entrance to the Zueitina area east of the city of Ajdabiya by masked gunmen wearing military uniforms.
An aide station Zueitina Western engineer Fathi Mahfouz experts, the German company were ambushed at a crossroads Zueitina on their way to conduct final tests for the power station Zueitina new.
He added that the attack caused the wounding a German experts, shot in the foot and a minor injury to the driver, a Libyan nationality and the survival of the Swiss expert.
For his part, a battalion martyr Abdul Qadir halloumi to protect oil installations that the incident occurred after an armed robbery attempt by a number of outlaws were traveling in a military vehicle. He added that the injured were taken to a hospital in Ajdabiya for treatment.



STATEMENT from These tribes of Tarhuna great (and are sixty-three tribes)

1 – Alhamalh. Their homeland green and Targlat the Petrhona Tarhuna city. Their presence is very large in Sirte, where the tomb of their grandfather’s guardian (Ben negligence) They are the first tribe lived in Sirte, they and their brethren Alforjan and their presence large in Tripoli and the market Thursday, Benghazi and Misrata and Tawergha Wajid Apia and white and dome and Sellouk and Suknh and الرقيبة South Sabha They Khot Alforjan and Almuammrien and all of them (boys and Muslim)
2 – Alforjan homeland Aldawon including Furjan Sump residing in Alchuirv Petrhona, and are present as well as in Tripoli (retreat Alforjan) In Sirte and Sukna and Ajdabiya, Benghazi and Tobruk and Bani Walid (Akhawazm) and زليطن and respects the four (Albesra), and are present as well as in Egypt, they Akhut Alhamalh. Boys Amslm
3 – المهادى the their Algosaiah homeland they are from the rest of the Awlad Suleiman in the region and are present as well as in Tripoli and Benghazi, and their presence in Tunisia and Egypt
4 – boys Ahmed their green and Targlat homeland eyes Dogh. Have a major presence in Tripoli and Benghazi and Saturday market and Ben Gasheer Palace, and Sawani and janzour and Creamy, and their presence in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria,
5 – Awamer, their Algosaiah homeland near Sidi Muammar and their presence in Tripoli, Benghazi and Azizia.
6 – Almuammrien the their Algosaiah homeland and near the tomb of their grandfather a Almuammrien area and return to Alhamalh and Alforjan
7 – Azib. Their homeland between greens and Targlat. They have a large presence in Spring Valley and Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabha (Zayadan)
8 – Alanaajh, homeland Southeast Tarhuna the city and have a big presence in Tripoli
9 – Alchwetrh the present in eyes Dogh and their presence in Tripoli
10 – Aldoaam. Tarhunah exist in the city and green as well as their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
11 – Aljas. Are present in green Petrhona
12 – Alzoaadah. Exist in the Green Zone
13 – blessings. Exist in the area of exotic and blessings region Sidi and fishing have a major presence in Tripoli, Benghazi and مسلاته
14 – Alabataat. Divided into Abanat Mjy and Abanat Gborh. And exist in Abyar Mjy a Sidi fishing and Balkhaddra market Friday Tarhuna, as well as have a big presence at the Saturday market, Creamy and Tmana Misurata as well as their presence in both Tripoli and Benghazi.
15 – Rahaimih, are present in the area of exotic eyes Dogh of
16 – Asamoat. Exist Dogh eyes area
17 – Algrarat, exist the Algrarat area near tomb guardian Muammar and their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
18 – the deaf. Exist deaf area near the tomb guardian Muammar
19 – Alkuanin. Tarhunah exist south of the city, as well as hill eyes Dogh of the region and their presence in Tripoli
20 – Awassi exist Petrhona the city and the green and Targlat the region, and their presence in Tripoli
21 – Alinvashh. Exist near Alqomen area and their presence in Tripoli in فشلوم and Ben Achour
22 – tourists, exist near Alqomen area
23 – Aerabeyen, exist in area Aerabeyen between eyes Dogh and Friday Market
24 – A’badleh the exist near the Friday Market
25 – Almassabhh, are present in the market Friday, and their presence in Tripoli
26 – Pilgrims are present in the market Friday
27 – Almkhalev exist in the Friday Petrhona the market
28 – Alqracth exist in Tarhuna Friday market
29 – Masaeed exist in Tarhuna Friday market
30 – Terhune Sons, are present in the city Tarhuna, south and north (Crcharh) and have a large presence in Tripoli
31 – Hawatim, exist in epitopes area. And their presence in Tripoli, as well as Tajora
32 – rifts. Exist in Tarhuna the city and Crcharh in Tripoli
33 – Sawaleh exist in Tarhuna the city and Crcharh and their presence in Tripoli
34 – البهاليل exist in the city Tarhuna a large presence in Tripoli as well as present in the Sahel region Balkhms
37 – Awlad Zeid. Exist in the area of Abu Zeid Sons near Abyar Mjy, and have a large presence in Tripoli
38 – Almzawgh. And exist in the city Tarhuna apparently, fishing Osidy and Sidi الشارف El a Melgh mouth, and they have a large presence in Tripoli and the Saturday market and Creamy Tajora market Friday, as well as their presence in Benghazi, Sirte, زليطن and the majority of Libyan cities, Tunisia
39 – blades. Exist near Abyar Mjy, and their presence in Tripoli and Alqrhpoly the
40 – ID Sons exist in the west and south west of the city Tarhuna and their presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
41 – the Sons. Exist in the area of the Sons near the Qamath of Gharyan, Sidi fishing and have a big presence in Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as their presence in the Saturday market and trait Alforjan
42 – Almakkakrh. Exist in the area of Sidi fishing and have a large presence in Tripoli
43 – Joseph Sons exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli and Benghazi
44 – Salamat. Exist in Sidi fishing and their presence in Tripoli
45 – Alzgadna exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli
46 – Alzarkan exist in Sidi fishing area and have a large presence in Tripoli as well as the western exist mountain
47 – Daraheb exist in area Daraheb between Abyar Mjy a Melgh mouth and have a large presence in Tripoli
48 – glaucoma exist area mouth Melgh and their presence in Tripoli
49 – Alhamadat exist in the market mouth Melgh and Sunday and have a big presence in Tripoli, Tajora and Ain Zara
50 – Alababsh. Exist in the market on Sunday and have a large presence in Tripoli and have a large presence in Tripoli and its environs
51 – Alkamamhh exist in the market on Sunday and have a large presence in Tripoli and Tajura
52 – Alroashidah. Exist in the market Sunday
53 – Alaveab 54 – Asamalqh 55 – Contrail 56 – Alboady of the 57 – Aghannaimih 58 – Alzerarfah
59 – Alahmoudat 60 – 61 subunit – Almquaoh 62 – Ahudaat 63 – Aljaddaadah ….
The Tarhuna tribe of more than keepers of the Book of Allah (the Holy Quran) in Libya

  • مشاركاتكم :

    هذه قبائل ترهونة العظيمة ( الثلاث وستون قبيلة )
    1 – الهماملة. موطنهم الخضراء وتارغـلات بترهونة وترهونة المدينة. لــهـم تواجد كبير جدا في سرت حيث ضريح جــدهم الـولى (بن همال) وهم أول قبيلة سكنت في سرت هــم واخــوتهم الـفـرجان ولــهـم تواجد كبير في طرابلس وسوق الخميس وبنغازي ومصراته و تاورغاء واجد آبيا والبيضاء و القبة و سلوق و سوكنه والرقيبة جنوب سبها وهـم خوت الفرجان و المعمريين وكلهم ( أولاد مسلم )
    2- الفرجان موطنهم الداوون ومنهم فرجان القرارة المقيمين فى الشويرف بترهونة, ويتواجدون كذلك فى طرابلس (خلوة الفرجان) وفى سرت وسوكنة واجدابيا وبنغازى وطبرق وبنى وليد(الخوازم) وزليطن والنواحى الاربعة(البصراء) , و يتواجدون كذلك فى ومصر, وهم اخوت الهماملة .أولاد امسلم
    3-المهادى موطنهم القصيعة وهم من تبقى من اولاد سليمان بالمنطقة ويتواجدون كذلك فى طرابلس وبنغازى, ولهم تواجد فى تونس ومصر
    4-أولاد أحمد موطنهم الخضراء وتارغلات وعيون دوغة. لهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى وسوق السبت وقصر بن غشير, والسوانى وجنزور والكريمية, ولهم تواجد فى تونس ومصر والجزائر,
    5-العوامر , موطنهم القصيعة وبالقرب من سيدى معمر ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس والعزيزية وبنغازى.
    6-المعمريين موطنهم القصيعة وبالقرب من ضريح جدهم بمنطقة المعمريين ويرجعون الى الهماملة و الفرجان
    7-العزيب . موطنهم بين الخضراء وتارغلات . ولهم تواجد كبير فى وادى الربيع وطرابلس وبنغازى وسبها(الزيادين)
    8-النعاعجة, موطنهم جنوب شرق ترهونة المدينة ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    9-الشفاترة يتواجدون فى عيون دوغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    10-الدوايم. يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والخضراء وكذلك لهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    11-الجلاص. يتواجدون فى الخضراء بترهونة
    12-الزوايدية. يتواجدون فى منطقة الخضراء
    13-البركات. يتواجدون فى منطقة الدخيلة ومنطقة البركات بسيدي الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازي ومسلاته
    14-العباتات . ينقسمون الى عبانات مجى وعبانات غبورة . ويتواجدون فى ابيار مجى وسيدى الصيد و بالخضراء وسوق الجمعة ترهونة, وكذلك لهم تواجد كبير فى سوق السبت والكريمية وطمينة بمصراتة وكذلك لهم تواجد فى كل من طرابلس وبنغازي.
    15-الرحايمية, يتواجدون فى منطقة الدخيلة بعيون دوغة
    16-السموعات. يتواجدون بمنطقة عيون دوغة
    17-الغرارات, يتواجدون بمنطقة الغرارات بالقرب من ضريح الولى معمر ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    18-الطرشان. يتواجدون بمنطقة الطرشان بالقرب من ضريح الولى معمر
    19-الكوانين. يتواجدون جنوب ترهونة المدينة وكذلك بمنطقة التلة بعيون دوغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    20-العواسى يتواجدون بترهونة المدينة ومنطقة الخضراء وتارغلات ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    21-النفاشة. يتواجدون بالقرب من منطقة القومن ولهم تواجد في طرابلس في فشلوم و بن عاشور
    22-السياح,يتواجدون بالقرب من منطقة القومن
    23-العرابيين, يتواجدون فى منطقة العرابيين بين عيون دوغة وسوق الجمعة
    24-العبادلة يتواجدون بالقرب من سوق الجمعة
    25-المصابحة ,يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    26-الحجاج يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة
    27-المخاليف يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة بترهونة
    28-القراقطة يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ترهونة
    29-المساعيد يتواجدون فى سوق الجمعة ترهونة
    30-اولاد ترهون, يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة وجنوبها وشمالها(الشرشارة) ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    31-الحواتم , يتواجدون فى منطقة الحواتم . ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وكذلك تاجوراء
    32-الشقاقات. يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والشرشارة فى طرابلس
    33-الصوالح يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والشرشارة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    34-البهاليل يتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وكذلك يتواجدون فى منطقة الساحل بالخمس
    37-اولاد ابوزيد. يتواجدون فى منطقة اولاد ابوزيد بالقرب من ابيار مجى ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    38-المزاوغة. ويتواجدون فى ترهونة المدينة والظاهر ووسيدى الصيد وسيدى الشارف وفم ملغة, ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وسوق السبت والكريمية وتاجوراء وسوق الجمعة , وكذلك لهم تواجد فى بنغازى وسرت وزليطن واغلب المدن الليبية وتونس
    39-الارياش. يتواجدون بالقرب من ابيار مجى ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس والقرةبولى
    40-اولاد معرف يتواجدون فى غرب وجنوب غرب ترهونة المدينة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    41-اولاد على. يتواجدون فى منطقة اولاد على بالقرب من قماطة غريان وسيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى وكذلك لهم تواجد فى سوق السبت وخلة الفرجان
    42-المقاقرة. يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    43-اولاد يوسف يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وبنغازى
    44-السلامات . يتواجدون فى سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    45-الزغادنة يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    46-الزرقان يتواجدون فى منطقة سيدى الصيد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وكذلك يتواجدون بالجبل الغربى
    47-الدراهيب يتواجدون فى منطقة الدراهيب بين ابيار مجى وفم ملغة ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس
    48-الزرق يتواجدون بمنطقة فم ملغة ولهم تواجد فى طرابلس
    49-الحمادات يتواجدون فى فم ملغة وسوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وتاجوراء وعين زارة
    50-العبابسة. يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وضواحيها
    51-الكمامشة يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد ولهم تواجد كبير فى طرابلس وتاجوراء
    52-الرواشدية. يتواجدون فى سوق الاحد
    53-الاذياب 54-السمالقة 55 – نفاث 56- البواضى 57 –الغنايمية 58- الزرارفة
    59 –الحمودات 60-الوحيدات 61 –المقاوش 62 – الهديات 63-الجدايدية ….
    وتعتبر قبيلة ترهونة من اكثر حفظة كتاب الله (القران الكريم) في ليبيا

  • _______________________

الارهابي الايرلندي المهدي الحاراتي قام اليوم بزيارة لجامعة الفاتح وطلب تجهيز المدرج الاخضر له وفعلاً تم له ما طلب ،، بعد طلب احضار عشرة فتيات من كل كلية وخمسة شبان للمدرج وفعلاً تم له ما طلب اجتمع بهم وتحذث معهم عن قهرت فبراير وطلب منهم تشكيل خلايا داخل الكليات لكشف الطحالب وعندما ما هم بالمغادرة قام بتوزيع ارقام هواتف على الفتيات وغادر في موكب من سيارات بي ام دبليو مصفحة كانت تخص القيادة التاريخية ،، الغريب ان لا عميد الجامعة ولا احد قال له من تكون وماهي صفتك بل فعل ما يريد وغادر .

 Terrorist Irish Mahdi Alharatne has today visited the Al-Fateh University and request processing runway green him and actually was him asked, after a request to bring ten girls from each college and five young runway and actually was him what the request met their Thzt them about overwhelmed February and asked them to form cells within the colleges to detect algae, when what they leave the distribution of telephone numbers of girls and left in a convoy of cars BMW armored belonged to the historic leadership, strange not to Dean and no one told him who you are and what your recipe, but did what he wanted and left.
  • عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل ..”محمد لطفي محمد المقطوف” يبلغ من العمر 13 سنة
    مفقود منذ 10 أيام
    الطفل بحالة نفسية يرثى لها نظراً للظروف المعيشية السيئة التي تمر بها العائلة
    السكن : عمارات باب بن غشير مقابل محطة الوقود
    الرجاء من أصحاب القلوب الرحيمة الإبلاغ في حين التعرف على الطفل كما في الصورة……الإتصال على رقم والدته (092.3343677)
    أو إبلاغ أقرب مركز شرطة أو نقطة أمنية.
    إِنَّ الله لا يضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلاً
    أرجو النشر
  • عاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااجل ..”Mohammed Lotfi Mohammed المقطوف”, at the age of 13 years
    Missing 10 days ago
    Child psychological pitiful condition due to the poor living conditions experienced by the family
    Location: Buildings door son Gasheer against fuel station
    Please compassionate hearts owners while reporting to identify the child as in the picture …… call his mother (092.3343677)
    Or inform the nearest police station or security point.
    God does not waste the reward of the best pursuant
    I hope Publishing
  • عاجل .. ﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﺀ ﺍﻟﻨﺸﺮ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﺴﺎﻋﺪﺓ في توفير الدم:
    ﺍﻟﻄﻔﻠﺔ (ﻧﺒﺄ) ﻧﺰﻳﻠﻪ ﺑﻘﺴﻢ ﺍﻷﻭﺭﺍﻡ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺮﻛﺰ ﻃﺮﺍﺑﻠﺲ ﺍﻟﻄﺒﻲ، ﻭﺿﻌﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﺼﺤﻲ ﻏﻴﺮ ﻣﺴﺘﻘﺮ ﻭﻫﻲ ﺍﻻﻥ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﻌﻨﺎﻳﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﺮﻛﺰﻩ، ﻣﺤﺘﺎﺟﻪ ﺍﻟﻰ
    ﻣﺘﺒﺮﻋﻴﻦ ﺑﺎﻟﺪﻡ فصيلة (O-) ﺍﻟﺮﺟﺎﺀ ﻟﻤﻦ ﻳﺴﺘﻄﻴﻊ ﺍﻟﺘﺒﺮﻉ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﺍﻻﺗﺼﺎﻝ ﺑﻮﺍﻟﺪﻫﺎ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺮﻗﻢ:
    ﻭﺍﺩﻋﻮﻟﻬﺎ ﺑﻨﺘﻨﺎ .. ﻭﺍﺳﺎﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻟﻬﺎ ﺍﻟﻌﺎﻓﻴﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﺸﻔﺎﺀ ..
    ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻻ ﻳﻀﻴﻊ ﺃﺟﺮ ﻣﻦ ﺃﺣﺴﻦ ﻋﻤﻼً, ﻭﺑﺎﺭﻙ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻓﻴﻜﻢ ..

    Urgent .. Please publishing and assist in the provision of blood:
    Child (news) stranger, Department of tumors in the Tripoli Medical Center, and their health status is unstable and is now in intensive care, in need of
    Blood Donor type (O-) please those who donate or help can contact her father figure:
    And Adeolha of our daughter .. And Ask God ÇáÚÇÝíĺ a healing ..
    God does not waste the reward of the best work, and God bless you ..


    Ismail Eshteiwi, asked Adnan secret missile commander of the second issue a warrant of arrest on the European Player

    of زعبية exchange for a large sum of money is known that Adnan rocket one fan club Al Ahli Tripoli.


    The local council OS sends a note to the local council janzour calling for reconsideration of the administrative border granted to the OS.

    Storm the General Administration of anti-drug …

    Thursday on 2013.06.20 at 04:20 been storming General Administration for Drug Control object Rail Road Tripoli by an

    armed group and theft of weapons, including assault rifles, 2 pistol and a number of prisoners smuggling was kidnapping

    two people تابعان to confidential attribution stationed at Headquarters was fled.


     الشلش of potatoes Tripoli area, who was arrested and killed

    Killed in prison Ameitikh under torture … Skin lobe and electricity to be dead
    The question for the group, “al Shara”: WASHABI-style-Shara saw in the murder of a drunken person arrested was beaten lobe, electricity and broken in more than one place was killed .. ?

    Libya actually become Afghanistan

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel ….

    Deterrence do gates at the entrances to the center of the capital now




    Some members of the General National Congress from Benghazi meet with representatives of the battalion “Ansar al-Sharia”.

    Benghazi military prosecutor is preparing to investigate Abdullah الشعافي in assassination attempt

    According to the official spokesman for the joint operations room Benghazi Mohammed Hijazi, on Thursday, the former spokesman room there is currently at the military police in the city.

    Hijazi said the spokesperson a conservative Abdullah الشعافي, room by military police in the city, which is now in good condition after undergoing surgery to extract الرصاصتين from his legs recently.

    He added that الشعافي will be presented to the military prosecutor to investigate him about the incident, which exposed her puppies to the shooting.

    Khobar – dome – Correspondent

    I learned from informed sources, that the people of the city of Benghazi and dirt before two days from now, in an attempt to

    smuggle weapons to Syria via Abraq International Airport, but the intervention region’s youth, and they have to take up arms and moved to the dome and storage.

    News from the explosion of a very strong now in Benghazi and it says in the news الفويهات.

    Since the explosion moments in Benghazi … He did not specify the place.

    (Asmona radio program)

    Solomon field | |
    Laithi lead intermittently .. And the voice of an ambulance .. And aircraft hovering in the air ..


    Wounding two soldiers Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” in
    Targeting a patrol of the national army and national security,
    B proximity to the military hospital by Alsalmanie.

  • Now came the first group of special forces “Thunderbolt”
    ‘s Positioning in the points immobilization fixed and will be deployed in the streets of Benghazi
    And will come out the rest of the group after the redistribution points Alastaagaf,
    Inspection will be mandatory in the late hours P on citizens
    Compliance with them by spaciousness released.
  • (Salem al-Obeidi)
  • Word now ….
    A relentless war waged against the army and army men ..News about the issuance of an arrest warrant from the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army against Colonel Salah Ibouhliqh on background killing of Omar Saleh Abu Saada
    Comment: and to this moment has not issued an arrest warrant against the offender and Sam bin Ahmid after killing 41 young people from youth Benghazi?Including the valley
  • _______________________
  • DERNA & THE TUBER:TuberSince a few of each house was blown lifter in the Coast region bin Nasser tuber ..
    A family whose son was killed two days ago young Mohamed ابريك Ben Hammadi.(Salem al-Obeidi):

    A resident of Sabri, and was at his relatives or friends in the

    Cast, and attended killing “Tariq Majeed” famous of the b Aldrnawi,

    And the killing of “Abdul Salam Mohammed,” who were killed slaughtered, Day events

    Saturday and bloody attack on the special forces, is now under

    Is it a coincidence missing!!

  • The hero martyr .. Abdullah Muhammad Muhammad.
  • may Allah have mercy on him.
  • cited in team Khuwaildi house Hamidi.
  • ask God that the eternal God. Amin
  • Hope Remains
  • Media Center tuber Libya

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel /

    Violent explosion shakes area east coast Bmudbna the tuber.
    O Allah, protect dirt and honorable people.



    RAFLA of South Libya

    A big greeting to the Social Council for tribes and Rafla on his that يبدلها night and day in order to better tomorrow Orvlh the entire Libya

    Image # lens and Rafla _ Great
    Social Forum of the Council to tribes and Rafla in the southern region primarily in the city of Sebha # .. and will be followed by many other forums in # Libya to increase the coherence between sons and Rafla and remove the differences between her sons

    And Rafla majority

    Sabha protest

    Tribes and clans and the people of the south come out in a large crowd because of their marginalization and demanding of Colonel Salah Abu curl to stay in the south of Libya and establish security and safety wasted. Has delivered tribes and clans and my family south statement saying Miley

    Came out Wednesday evening on 19 -6 -2013 P tribes and clans and people of the south in the way Sabha Tmanhunt and locked the road so as to claim to reverse the decision to transfer Colonel Salah Abouhliqh and the extension of security and safety in the south after the people of the south of security and safety because of the militias that claim lives and invade homes and cut off roads and inflame flames of sedition .

    : المصدر : نقلا عن وكالة أنباء القذافي العالمية:


Media activist :: Tariq Quiche ..:

On the stretch sight .. Tens or even hundreds of kilometers of electric wires have been robbery during and after the revolution and keep them exhumed in search of land and robbery and melted brass and sold Xbaúk the neighboring countries ..?!
Image for protected Surman and columns mounted without cables embody size Almadsh and heinous crime .. The tragedy of this country that without national ..
Tell me a Libyan friends in the south that one of the battalions stationed one of the agricultural projects in the south has over three consecutive months using a crawler excavators to pull electrical cables from the ground for tens of kilometers, melted down and smuggled ..

  • Amnesty International: Thousands of migrants detained in conditions “deplorable” in Libya
    AFP – Amnesty International announced in a report thereon to the Libyan authorities to put an end “to arrest for an indefinite period,” for thousands of migrants, including refugees and asylum-seekers subject them to torture.
    And denounced the international organization that defends human rights, based in London, at the same time by the European Union with the help of the Libyan government to “strengthen security on the border in order to curb the movement of illegal immigration to Europe at the expense of human rights.”
    He also denounced as “unacceptable treatment of thousands of foreigners, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa who are subjected to arbitrary arrest and detained for long periods in appalling conditions.”
  • ______________________________________________________________
    Poverty created by USA

    Understand the Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

    Global Research, June 19, 2013

    The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

    by Michel Chossudovsky

    In the expanded second edition of Chossudovsky’s international best-seller, the author outlines the contours of a New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women. The result as his detailed examples from all parts of the world show so convincingly, is a globalization of poverty.

    This book is a skillful combination of lucid explanation and cogently argued critique of the fundamental directions in which our world is moving financially and economically.

    In the enlarged second edition, the author reviews the causes and consequences of famine in Sub-Saharan Africa, the dramatic meltdown of financial markets, the demise of State social programs and the devastation resulting from corporate downsizing and trade liberalisation.

    “This concise, provocative book reveals the negative effects of imposed economic structural reform, privatization, deregulation and competition. It deserves to be read carefully and widely.”
    – Choice, American Library Association (ALA)

    “The current system, Chossudovsky argues, is one of capital creation through destruction. The author confronts head on the links between civil violence, social and environmental stress, with the modalities of market expansion.”
    – Michele Stoddard, Covert Action Quarterly

    Click to learn more about The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order by Michel Chossudovsky

    Preface to the Second Edition

    Barely a few weeks after the military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, overthrowing the elected government of President Salvador Allende, the military Junta headed by General Augusto Pinochet ordered a hike in the price of bread from 11 to 40 escudos, a hefty overnight increase of 264%. This economic shock treatment had been designed by a group of economists called the “Chicago Boys”.

    At the time of the military coup, I was teaching at the Institute of Economics of the Catholic University of Chile, which was a nest of Chicago trained economists, disciples of Milton Friedman. On that September 11, in the hours following the bombing of the Presidential Palace of La Moneda, the new military rulers imposed a 72-hour curfew. When the university reopened several days later, the “Chicago Boys” were rejoicing. Barely a week later, several of my colleagues at the Institute of Economics were appointed to key positions in the military government.

    While food prices had skyrocketed, wages had been frozen to ensure “economic stability and stave off inflationary pressures.” From one day to the next, an entire country was precipitated into abysmal poverty: in less than a year the price of bread in Chile increased thirty-six times and eighty-five percent of the Chilean population had been driven below the poverty line.

    These events affected me profoundly in my work as an economist. Through the tampering of prices, wages and interest rates, people’s lives had been destroyed; an entire national economy had been destabilized. I started to understand that macro-economic reform was neither “neutral” – as claimed by the academic mainstream – nor separate from the broader process of social and political transformation. In my earlier writings on the Chilean military Junta, I looked upon the so-called “free market” as a wellorganized instrument of “economic repression”.

    Two years later in 1976, I returned to Latin America as a visiting professor at the National University of Cordoba in the northern industrial heartland of Argentina. My stay coincided with another military coup d’état. Tens of thousands of people were arrested and the Desaparecidos were assassinated. The military takeover in Argentina was a “carbon copy” of the CIA-led coup in Chile. Behind the massacres and human rights violations, “free market” reforms had also been prescribed – this time under the supervision of Argentina’s New York creditors.

    The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) deadly economic prescriptions applied under the guise of the “structural adjustment program” had not yet been officially launched. The experience of Chile and Argentina under the “Chicago Boys” was a dress rehearsal of things to come. In due course, the economic bullets of the free market system were hitting country after country. Since the onslaught of the debt crisis of the 1980s, the same IMF economic medicine has routinely been applied in more than 150 developing countries. From my earlier work in Chile, Argentina and Peru, I started to investigate the global impacts of these reforms. Relentlessly feeding on poverty and economic dislocation, a New World Order was taking shape.

    Meanwhile, most of the military regimes in Latin America had been replaced by parliamentary “democracies”, entrusted with the gruesome task of putting the national economy on the auction block under the World Bank sponsored privatization programs. In 1990, I returned to the Catholic University of Peru where I had taught after leaving Chile in the months following the 1973 military coup.

    I had arrived in Lima at the height of the 1990 election campaign. The country’s economy was in crisis. The outgoing populist government of President Alan Garcia had been placed on the IMF “black list”. President Alberto Fujimori became the new president on the 28th of July 1990. And barely a few days later, “economic shock therapy” struck – this time with a vengeance. Peru had been punished for not conforming to IMF diktats: the price of fuel was hiked up by 31 times and the price of bread increased more than twelve times in a single day. The IMF – in close consultation with the US Treasury – had been operating behind the scenes. These reforms – carried out in the name of “democracy” – were far more devastating than those applied in Chile and Argentina under the fist of military rule. In the 1980s and 1990s I traveled extensively in Africa. The fieldresearch for the first edition was, in fact, initiated in Rwanda which, despite high levels of poverty, had achieved self-sufficiency in food production. From the early 1990s, Rwanda had been destroyed as a functioning national economy; its once vibrant agricultural system was destabilized. The IMF had demanded the “opening up” of the domestic market to the dumping of US and European grain surpluses. The objective was to “encourage Rwandan farmers to be more competitive”. (See Chapter 7.)

    From 1992 to 1995, I undertook field research in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam and returned to Latin America to complete my study on Brazil. In all the countries I visited, including Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco and The Philippines, I observed the same pattern of economic manipulation and political interference by the Washington-based institutions. In India, directly resulting from the IMF reforms, millions of people had been driven into starvation. In Vietnam – which constitutes among the world’s most prosperous rice producing economies – local-level famines had erupted resulting directly from the lifting of price controls and the deregulation of the grain market.

    Coinciding with the end of the Cold War, at the height of the economic crisis, I traveled to several cities and rural areas in Russia. The IMFsponsored reforms had entered a new phase – extending their deadly grip to the countries of the former Eastern bloc. Starting in 1992, vast areas of the former Soviet Union, from the Baltic states to Eastern Siberia, were pushed into abysmal poverty.

    Work on the first edition was completed in early 1996, with the inclusion of a detailed study on the economic disintegration of Yugoslavia. (See Chapter 17.) Devised by World Bank economists, a “bankruptcy program” had been set in motion. In 1989-90, some 1100 industrial firms were wiped out and more than 614,000 industrial workers were laid off. And that was only the beginning of a much deeper economic fracturing of the Yugoslav Federation.

    Since the publication of the first edition in 1997, the World has changed dramatically; the “globalization of poverty” has extended its grip to all major regions of the World including Western Europe and North America.

    A New World Order has been installed destroying national sovereignty and the rights of citizens. Under the new rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) established in 1995, “entrenched rights” were granted to the world’s largest banks and multinational conglomerates. Public debts have spiraled, state institutions have collapsed, and the accumulation of private wealth has progressed relentlessly.

    The US-led wars on Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), mark an important turning point in this evolving New World Order. As the second edition goes to print, American and British forces have invaded Iraq, destroying its public infrastructure and killing thousands of civilians. After 13 years of economic sanctions, the war on Iraq plunged an entire population into poverty.

    War and globalization go hand in hand. Supported by America’s war machine, a new deadly phase of corporate-led globalization has unfolded. In the largest display of military might since the Second World War, the United States has embarked upon a military adventure, which threatens the future of humanity.

    The decision to invade Iraq had nothing to do with “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction” or his alleged links to Al Qaeda. Iraq possesses 11 percent of the World’s oil reserves, i.e. more than five times those of the US. The broader Middle East-Central Asian region (extending from the tip of the Arabian peninsula to the Caspian sea basin) encompasses approximately 70% of the World’s reserves of oil and natural gas.

    This war, which has been in the planning stage for several years, threatens to engulf a much broader region. A 1995 US Central Command document confirms that “the purpose of US engagement. . . is to protect US vital interest in the region – uninterrupted, secure US/Allied access to Gulf oil” .

    In the wake of the invasion, Iraq’s economy has been put under the jurisidiction of the US military occupation government led by retired General Jay Gardner, a former CEO of one of America’s largest weapons producers.

    In liaison with the US administration and the Paris Club of official creditors, the IMF and World Bank are slated to play a key role in Iraq`s post-war “reconstruction”. The hidden agenda is to impose the US dollar as Iraq’s proxy currency, in a currency board arrangement, similar to that imposed on Bosnia-Herzegovina under the 1995 Dayton Accord. (See Chapter 17.) In turn, Iraq’s extensive oil reserves are slated to be taken over by the Anglo-American oil giants.

    Iraq’s spiralling external debt will be used as an instrument of economic plunder. Conditionalities will be set. The entire national economy will be put on the auction block. The IMF and the World Bank will be called in to provide legitimacy to the plunder of Iraq’s oil wealth.

    The deployment of America’s war machine purports to enlarge America’s economic sphere of influence in an area extending from the Mediterranean to China’s Western frontier. The US has established a permanent military presence not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it has military bases in several of the former Soviet republics as well. In other words, militarization supports the conquest of new economic frontiers and the worldwide imposition of the “free market” system.

    Global Depression

    The onslaught of the US-led war is occurring at the height of a global economic depression, which has its historical roots in the debt crisis of the early 1980s. America’s war of conquest has a direct bearing on the economic crisis. State resources in the US have been redirected towards financing the military-industrial complex and beefing up domestic security at the expense of funding much needed social programs which have been slashed to the bone.

    In the wake of September 11, 2001, through a massive propaganda campaign, the shaky legitimacy of the “global free market system” has been reinforced, opening the door to a renewed wave of deregulation and privatization, resulting in corporate take-overs of most, if not all, public services and state infrastructure (including health care, electricity, water and transportation).

    Moreover, in the US, Great Britain and most countries of the European Union, the legal fabric of society has been overhauled. Based on the repeal of the Rule of Law, the foundations of an authoritarian state apparatus have emerged with little or no organized opposition from the mainstay of civil society.

    The new chapters added to this second edition address some of the key issues of the 21st century : the merger boom and the concentration of corporate power, the collapse of national and local level economies, the meltdown of financial markets, the outbreak of famine and civil war and the dismantling of the Welfare State in most Western countries.

    In Part 1, a new Introduction and a chapter entitled “Global Falsehoods” have been added. Also in Part 1, the impacts of “free markets” on women’s rights are examined. In Part II, on sub-Saharan Africa, the chapter on Rwanda has been expanded and updated following fieldwork conducted in 1996 and 1997. Two new chapters, respectively, on the 1999- 2000 famine in Ethiopia and on Southern Africa in the post-Apartheid era have been added. The chapter on Albania in Part 5, focuses on the role of the IMF in destroying the real economy and precipitating the breakdown of the country’s banking system.

    A new Part 6 entitled “The New World Order” includes five chapters. Chapter 18 centers on the “structural adjustment program” applied in Western countries under the surveillance of the World’s largest commercial and merchant banks. The ongoing economic and financial crisis is reviewed in Chapters 19 and 20. Chapters 21 and 22 examine, respectively, the fate of South Korea and Brazil in the wake of the 1997-1998 financial meltdown, as well as the complicity of the IMF in furthering the interests of currency and stock market speculators.

    Click here to learn more about The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order!

    Global Research Publishers, 2003 | ISBN 978-0973714708 | 400 pages with complete index

    Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), which hosts the critically acclaimed website . He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica. His writings have been translated into more than 20 languages.

    Muammar al-Qathafi has the solution to this problem. It worked beautifully in Libya until

    NATO bombed Libya.

    Amongst 6 Billion Souls, 192 Nations, There is but One man with nothing but a desire to serve his fellow men, fight the EVIL, and leave an everlasting Template
    for the betterment of all Mankind:The brave IMAM-warrior who keeps fighting against an innumerable EVIL enemy, and thus has become the deadliest enemy the VILE-covenant has ever faced….:MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI.
    Post image for Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

    Report: Mossad recruiting Algerian youth

    19 JUNE   2013

    Source: Digital journal

    According to a report issued on Wednesday by an Algerian newsletter, Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, has begun to recruit Algerian youths to fight alongside the Syrian opposition, in the battle against Bashar al-Assad.

    Sources within the North African country had told the Algerian daily al-Fajr, that the opposition Salafi groups operating within Syria had been held under the supervision of Mossad. They also claimed that the groups initiated campaigns to recruit Algerian youths through the use of propaganda, and talked of a frequent “Jihad in Syria“.

    In addition to Mossad’s business in Syria, an Austrian official who was pulled out of the Golan Heights, was interviewed with the Palestinian news daily al-Manar. Providing crucial information with regard to Israel’s affiliation with the Syrian opposition, he stated, “Israel crosses the border with Syria very often and interferes in Syria’s border villages at an unimaginable rate and these interferences include assistance and aid (to the rebel and terrorist groups) in various logistic, military and medical grounds.”

    The official went on to say that Israel hosted and provided medical treatment to wounded members of the opposition in areas bordering Syria and Israel.

    In late May, Qatari government sources confirmed that the Israeli government sent their coordinator on Syrian affairs to London, where the arming of the Syrian rebels was discussed with Qatari officials.

    “During the meeting, It was decided that Israel prepare and supply the weapons needed by the terrorists in Syria and enter negotiations with European arms manufacturing companies on arms purchases and money transfer methods, and the Qatari side cover the funds and needed budget for purchases,” told by a source to the Fars News Agency.

    The current Syrian crisis has been an ongoing conflict for more than two years, where foreign-backed militancy from nations such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and recently, the United States, has resulted in a ravaging clash with Bashar al-Assad’s government. According to the U.N., the death toll has passed 90,000, where both the lives of civilians and military personnel have been claimed.


    Post image for Army Radio: French Officers Train Syrian Rebels in Jordan, Turkey

    Army Radio: French Officers Train Syrian Rebels in Jordan, Turkey

    19 JUNE 2013

    Source: JP

    Sources familiar with the events in Syria have told Israel Army Radio on Wednesday morning that military officers from France have been training Syrian rebels in Jordan and Turkey. The information reveals a picture whereby the government in Paris is the most active among Western nations in attempting to topple Assad

    The French military officers are instructing the Syrian rebels on the use of the advanced weapons with which they’ve been supplied, in Jordanian and Turkish territories.

    The information indicates that Paris is the life and soul of the Western campaign to topple the Assad regime. The French also work hard at the “Geneva Conference 2″ to resolve the situation in Syria, although chances are low that it will indeed take place.

    French intelligence officers are coordinating their activities with their Saudi counterparts, who invested large sums of money in funding the rebels. Over the past two weeks, since the fall of the city of Kosiir into the hands of President Bashar Assad’s army, the French have held several meetings with representatives of Saudi intelligence and Turkish security systems executives, to coordinate their actions, especially in light of the approaching battle over control of Aleppo.

    A frequent participant in these coordination meetings is Brigadier General Salim Idriss, commander of the largest rebel army, the Free Syrian Army.

    France and Saudi Arabia have marked Brigadier General Idriss as their Man among the rebels, and he is provided with the bulk of arms and ammunition coming in from the west.

    Brigadier General Idris is a former Syrian army officer, originally from the city of Homs, who was given the top position only six months ago. He is known for his opposition to the Jihadist organizations that are currently fighting in Syria.

    Syria’s President Baschar al Assad gives Interview to German television [ARD, 2012-07-08]

    The original English interview without German voiceover. A version with German voiceover can be found here:
    Ajoutée le 09/07/2012
    3 295 visionnage(s)

    Obama’s Humanitarianism as Window-Dressing for the US “Deep State” Agenda: The

    Case of Syria

    Global Research, 18 June  2013

    This essay examines the connections between the foreign intervention crisis in Syria, the vast NSA surveillance program that has recently been exposed, and the sequence of events that begin with NSA program changes in February, 2001 — six months before 9/11. The connections are illuminating.

    In mid June 2013 the Obama administration announced that it will start arming insurgents against the Syrian government because the regime crossed a “red line” by using chemical weapons — which it estimates have killed, over time, an estimated 100-150 rebels.[1]

    What we are not being told is the history of President Bashar Assad, nor is he seen speaking in the American media.

    Assad is a medical doctor of mild personality who graduated in Damascus in 1988 and later began a four-year program of ophthalmology in London, England. When Hafez Assad, President of Syria, his father died in 2000, Bashar was elected President of Syria by a large popular majority, and again in 2007.

    We are not given insight by the media into President Bashar Assad, the man.

    He is married to British-educated Asma al-Assad, born in London, and a former investment banker. “She received the Gold Medal of the Presidency of The Italian Republic for humanitarian work in 2008 and won an honorary archaeology doctorate from La Sapienza university in Rome.”[2]

    Although seen in interviews by independent journalists to be mild-mannered, respectful, rationally articulate, and fluent in English, Assad is seldom seen speaking in the US mainstream media.

    Thus it is poignant to watch his 18-minute interview with German reporter Jürgen Todenhöfe in July 2012, and to hear his under-stated account of the foreign-backed insurgents whose violence has led to the deaths of thousands of Syrian state supporters.[3]

    It is illuminating to watch the 5-minute interview Assad gave the Sunday Times, March 3, 2013, saying that as long as Britain arms the insurgents to save Syria from its repressive dictator, “the arsonist cannot be seen as the firefighter.”

    In another recent German TV interview, Assad (whom we know is a medical doctor) discusses the alleged and contradictory use of chemical weapons — defined as “weapons of mass destruction” — in local ground combat. He goes on to describe external financial support to the insurgents as “stoking the fire.”[4]

    Indeed, Aron Lund, a Swedish observer of the Syrian opposition, has listed about a dozen rebel groups, the largest of which are funded by either the West, the Gulf states, or Turkey. The 80,000-strong Free Syrian Army (also known as the Supreme Military Council), “was created in December 2012 after pressure from Western and Gulf Arab nations, which seek to make it the military wing of Syria’s civilian exile group, the National Coalition.”[5]

    To understand why the Western media, under heavy influence from the Pentagon, has demonized Mr. Assad as a vicious and indiscriminate murderer[6] of his own subjects, we can turn to a 2006 interview of General Wesley Clark, a Rhodes scholar and the Supreme Allied Commander (Europe) of NATO, 1997-2000.

    Speaking on 02 March 2007 (THE JAMAHIRIYA “DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER)  to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Clark said that about ten days after 9/11 he visited his former staff in the Pentagon. They told him, in astonished tones, that the US was going to go to war with Iraq — which they said had no demonstrated connection to 9/11, and they were at a complete loss to explain why.[7]

    A few weeks later Clark went back to the Pentagon and was told that the US was going to “take out” seven Middle East countries in the next five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. He added, “Had there been no oil there it would be like Africa. Nobody is threatening to intervene in Africa.[8]

    This early agenda for “take out,” said by Clark to have been in place immediately after 9/11, raises questions about the anthrax attacks, which started September 18, 2001.

    The letters containing the lethal spores targeted, among others, Democratic Senators Tom Daschle (Senate Majority Leader) and Patrick Leahy. During this period of intense panic in Washington the 342-page Patriot Act was rushed through Congress October 24 and passed the Senate the next day.[9]

    It has since been amply demonstrated that the highly weaponized spores contained in the anthrax letters originated from within a US military laboratory, and were too sophisticated to have been produced by a non-state laboratory or by an individual.[10]

    Now if we look at the origins of the NSA super-surveillance program, which is generally believed to have begun right after 9/11 as a provision of the Patriot Act, we will see that in fact it began in February, 2001, within weeks after the swearing in of the Bush administration.

    Mr. William Binney, a 40-year veteran of the NSA, explains that all communications companies were required at that time to collect data on their customers. One company, Qwest Communications, refused to do this, and its CEO, Joe Nacchio, is still in prison on false charges of insider trading.[11]

    Mr. Binney emphasized that virtually no one in the country was exempt. Even judges were recorded, so that almost everyone in the United States could potentially be coerced, using selected personal data as leverage.[12] The implications are staggering. How many elected and bureaucratic officials could be — or have already been — brought to heel in this manner?

    Thus by 9/11 the “deep state” was already armed against its population in a manner that Binney referred to as “J. Edgar Hoover on super steroids.”[13]

    Meanwhile, the mainstream media have increasingly accepted the US position that Middle East countries plagued by civil wars caused by repressive dictators must be saved by humanitarian intervention from enlightened Western democracies.

    Indeed Reuters correspondent Mark Hosenball reported last August that “President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.”[14]

    The Reuters article continued:

    “Recent news reports from the region have suggested that the influence and numbers of Islamist militants, some of them connected to al Qaeda or its affiliates, have been growing among Assad’s opponents.”[15]

    On June 17, 2013, CNN supported the al Qaeda connection:

    “Al Qaeda’s affiliate inside Syria is now the best-equipped arm of the terror group in existence today, according to informal assessments by U.S. and Middle East intelligence agencies, a private sector analyst directly familiar with the information told CNN.”[16]

    In May, 2013, former FBI translator and whistle-blower[17] Sibel Edmonds had reported that “Bin Laden – and his number 2 Al Qaeda lieutenant – Ayman al-Zawahiri – worked with the U.S. government for 3 months after 9/11 to coordinate destablization in the Caucus region.”[18]

    In light of the evidence above connecting al Qaeda to the U.S. government, it is imperative to go back to 9/11 — the trigger event for the global war on terror — and take a second look.

    In fact this is being done.

    A new source of evidence-based research is being developed by the academic 24-member 9/11 Consensus Panel,[19] which has developed 32 Consensus Points examining the official claims about how events unfolded that day. The Panel uses a standard medical model to evaluate its evidence, which is intended to provide confidence to the media and the public in reconsidering the events of 9/11.

    The enormous cost in lives and dollars of the Middle East wars, coupled with the pervasive spying of domestic citizens now in progress, should prompt all those interested in democracy to look carefully at this evidence.

    And regarding Syria at this moment, why is it the responsibility of the United States to intervene in the civil war of a sovereign country?

    If humanitarian intervention is indeed desired, why is it not a peace-keeping initiative arranged by the United Nations?


    [1]“Text: US Statement on Syria — Chemical Weapons,” ABC News, 14 June 2013 ( ). To put the priority of this “red line” in perspective, note that 443,000 preventable deaths are caused each year in the USA by smoking, “Tobacco Use: Targeting the Nation’s Leading Killer at a Glance, 2011,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    [2]“Asma al-Assad: Syria’s first lady,” ABC News Australia, 21 March 2012


    [3]“Syria’s President Baschar al Assad gives Interview to German Television” (

    [4] “German television interviews the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad,” February 20,


    [5]“Freedom Fighters? Cannibals? The Truth about Syria’s Rebels, The Independent, June 17, 2013 ( “Mr. Lund is a regular contributor to the Swedish Institute for International Affairs. He is considered one of the best informed observers of the Syrian opposition.”

    [6]Google Images shows that so far the West has not managed to capture an angry or unpleasant photograph of Mr. Assad. He is consistently mild and patient.

    [7]“General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned — Seven Countries In Five Years”.

    [8] Ibid.

    [9] The Patriot Act is downloadable at

    [10] Edward Jay Epstein, “The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved,” The Wall Street Journal, January 24, 2010 (

    [11] William Binney interview: “Inside the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance Apparatus: Whistleblower William Binney Speaks Out,” Democracy Now, June 10, 2013 (, and Dave Hodges, “Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio,” The Common Sense Show, June 13, 2013 (

    [12] Binnie, Ibid.

    [13] Ibid.

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    [16] Barbara Starr, “Analyst: Al Qaeda Affiliate in Syria now Best-Equipped of the Group,” CNN, June 17, 2013 ( ).

    [17] Edmonds’ credibility was confirmed in a 2002 coalition letter to the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ( ).

    [18] “Report: U.S. Government and NATO Worked with Bin Laden and His Top Lieutenant 3 Months AFTER 9/11,” Washington’s Blog, May 2, 2013 (

    [19] See: Note the Panel’s methodology, voting members, and honorary members.


    Fake WMD “Intelligence” and Orwellian Double-speak : Washington Is Insane

    Global Research, 17 June 2013

    In the 21st century the two hundred year-old propaganda that the American people control their government has been completely shattered. Both the Bush and Obama regimes have made it unmistakenly clear that the American people don’t even influence, much less control, the government. As far as Washington is concerned, the people are nothing but chaff in the wind.

    Polls demonstrate that 65% of the US population opposes US intervention in Syria. Despite this clear indication of the people’s will, the Obama regime is ramping up a propaganda case for more arming of Washington’s mercenaries sent to overthrow the secular Syrian government and for a “no-fly zone” over Syria, which, if Libya is the example, means US or NATO aircraft attacking the Syrian army on the ground, thus serving as the air force of Washington’s imported mercenaries, euphemistically called “the Syrian rebels.”

    Washington declared some time ago that the “red line” that would bring Syria under Washington’s military attack was the Assad government’s use of chemical weapons of mass destruction against Washington’s mercenaries. Once this announcement was made, everyone with a brain immediately knew that Washington would fabricate false intelligence that Assad had used chemical weapons, just as Washington presented to the United Nations the intentional lie via Secretary of State Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein in Iraq had dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

    Remember National Security Advisor Condi Rice’s image of a “mushroom cloud over American cities?” Propagandistic lies were Washington’s orders of the day.

    And they still are. Now Washington has fabricated the false intelligence, and president obama has announced it with a straight face, that Syria’s Assad has used sarin gas on several occasions and that between 100 and 150 “of his own people,” a euphemism for the US supplied foreign mercenaries, have been killed by the weapon of mass destruction.

    Think about that for a minute. As unfortunate as is any death from war, is 100-150 deaths “mass destruction?” According to low-ball estimates, the US-sponsored foreign mercenary invasion of Syria has cost 93,000 lives, of which 150 deaths amounts to0.0016%. If we round up, Washington’s 150 deaths comes to two-thousands of one percent.

    In other words, 99.998% of the deaths did not cross the “red line.” But the 0.002 (rounded up) percent did.

    Yes, I know. Washington’s position makes no sense. But when has it ever made any sense?

    Let’s stretch our minds just a tiny bit farther. Assad knows about Washington’s “red line.” It has been repeated over and over in order to create in the minds of the distracted American public that there is a real, valid reason for attacking Syria. Why would Assad use the proscribed weapons of mass destruction in order to kill a measly 100-150 mercenaries when his army is mopping up the US mercenaries without the use of gas and when Assad knows that the use of gas brings in the US military against him?

    As the Russian government made clear, Washington’s accusation is not believable. No informed person could possibly believe it. No doubt, many Americans wearing patriotism on their sleeves will fall for Washington’s latest lie, but no one else in the world will. Even Washington’s NATO puppets calling for attacking Syria know that the justification for the attack is a lie. For the NATO puppets, Washington’s money overwhelms integrity, for which the rewards are low.

    The Russians certainly know that Washington is lying. The Russian Foreign Minister Larov said:

    “The [Assad] government, as the opposition is saying openly, is enjoying military success on the ground. The [Assad] regime isn’t driven to the wall. What sense is there for the regime to use chemical arms–especially in such small amounts.”

    Larov is a relatively civilized person in the role of Russia’s main diplomat. However, other Russian officials can be more pointed in their dismissal of Washington’s latest blatant lies. Yury Ushakov, an aide to Russian President Putin said: “The Americans tried to present us with information on the use of chemical weapons by the [Assad] regime, but frankly we thought that it was not convincing. We wouldn’t like to invoke references to [the infamous lies o] Secretary of State Powell [at the UN alleging Iraqi WMD], but the facts don’t look convincing in our eyes.” Aleksey Pushkov, the chairman of the Russian Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, cut to the chase.

    “The data about Assad’s use of chemical weapons is fabricated by the same facility that made up the lies about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Obama is walking George W. Bush’s path.”

    Here in America no one will ever hear straight talk like this from the US presstitutes.

    Orwellian double-speak is now the language of the United States government. Secretary of State john kerry condemned Assad for harming “peace talks” while the US arms its Syrian mercenaries.

    Washington’s double-speak is now obvious to the world. Not only Assad, but also the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and every US puppet state which includes all of NATO and Japan, are fully aware that Washington is again lying through its teeth. The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are trying to avoid confrontation with Washington, as war with the modern nuclear weapons would destroy all life on planet earth. What is striking is that despite 24/7 brainwashing by the presstitutes, a large majority of the American population opposes obama’s war on Syria.

    This is good news. It means more Americans are developing the ability to think independently of the lies Washington feeds to them.

    What the neocon nazis, the bush/obama regime, and the presstitute media have made clear is that Washington is going to push its agenda of world hegemony to the point of starting World War III, which, of course, means the end of life on earth.

    Russia and China, either one of which can destroy the United States, have learned that the US government is a liar and cannot be trusted. The Libyan “no-fly” policy to which Russia and China agreed turned out to be a NATO air attack on the Libyan army so that the CIA-sponsored mercenaries could prevail.

    Russia and China, having learned their lesson, are protesting Washington’s assault on Syria that Washington pretends is a “civil war.” If Syria falls, Russia and China know that Iran is next.

    Iran is Russia’s underbelly, and for China Iran is 20% of its energy imports. Both Russian and Chinese governments know that after Iran falls, they are next. There is no other explanation for Washington surrounding Russia with missile bases and surrounding China with naval and air bases.

    Both Russia and China are now preparing for the war that they see as inevitable. Washington’s crazed, demented drive for world hegemony is bringing unsuspecting Americans up against two countries with hydrogen bombs whose combined population is five times the US population. In such a conflict everyone dies.

    Considering the utterly insane government ruling in Washington, if human life exists in 2020, it will be a miracle. All the worry about future Medicare and Social Security deficits is meaningless. There will be no one here to collect the benefits.

    Anyone GOOD still living in the USA: GET OUT OF THE USA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, Your Country is UNDER CONDEMNATIONThe U.S. can became disabled from an EMP SOLAR FLARE or external attack. the U.S. federal government has refused to make the potential for an EMP event a priority. MANY OTHER NATIONS GLOBALLY are preparted; but not the USA. USA is more interested in creating a Global Police State which they can Rule…(The USA has lost her true priorites: To serve the American people. This is no longer the purpose of the US Federal Government or any its priorities!)The Act to Secure the Safety of Electrical Transmission Lines was introduced by Maine Rep. Andrea Boland, D-Sanford.Read more at: stands for Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage Act.“This is a problem big enough to be seen but small enough to fix before an EMP happens,” Franks said at a news conference.He was accompanied by former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has been outspoken in recent years on the threat of an EMP attack.Read the documentation that’s sparking the worry about the EMP threat, in “A Nation Forsaken”.Gingrich believes an EMP event is the greatest national security threat facing the United States today.Franks explained that the U.S. is not more vulnerable than before but has “become a victim of our technological sophistication and scientific advancement.”“Why does the U.S. need to be vulnerable to such a threat?” he asked. “EMP is the ultimate cyber security threat.”In terms of coping with external man-made threats, Franks pointed out that Congress has seen to it that the military’s triad of land, sea and air assets has been hardened against the prospect of an EMP attack. Yet, the military is 99 percent dependent on the national grid, making it difficult for it to respond in the event of such an attack.He pointed out that at the cost of two B-2 strategic bombers, the U.S. could fix the grid so that it could come back in short order should it be brought down.

    “The SHIELD Act is a bill that goes in the right direction,” he said.

    The legislation passed the House in the last Congress but never made it through the Senate.

    Sources on Franks’ staff said that they are actively looking for a Senate version, possibly to be introduced by Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.

    The SHIELD Act would amend the Federal Power Act to encourage cooperation between industry and government in developing and implementing standards and processes needed to address the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the grid to a major EMP event.

    It does not include provisions to deal with cyber-security threats which legislators decided to leave to a separate bill. However, Franks said that an EMP attack, whether natural or man-made, would be “the ultimate cyber-security threat.”

    The legislation also would give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authority to develop standards but won’t preclude industry from developing its own.

    “This increased authority is necessary to protect the entire grid,” a congressional fact sheet on the SHIELD Act said. “Some industry stakeholders may develop these standards on their own, but unless the entire grid is uniformly resilient to EMP, cascading effects of blackouts resulting from stakeholders that did not protect their entities from EMP will most likely still cause rolling blackouts and massive outages.

    “Some industry stakeholders may not view EMP as a credible threat (e.g., Southern stakeholders may not feel threatened by solar storms because of their relative latitudinal protection,” the fact sheet said. “Therefore, we cannot rely on voluntary action by industry stakeholders to protect against this threat.”

    The legislation also offers “hardware-based solutions,” available at minimal cost. The hardware will automatically react to an EMP disturbance, removing the “guessing-game” operators currently face.

    “If we are going to be serious about avoiding such a catastrophic event” as an EMP, “a priority on this legislation is greater than defense spending,” Gingrich said.

    “We can literally see a civilization crash,” he said, referring to the U.S. dependency on the grid’s technology-based infrastructure.

    He pointed out that the people of the Netherlands have a particular problem with their dikes. If repair is neglected, he said that more than 40 percent of the country would be underwater. Consequently, he said, there is no question in their minds to maintain the dike system because of this alternative.

    The same should apply to the U.S. ensuring protection of the U.S. electrical grid system.

    “We could lose 90 percent of the population if an EMP only hit the U.S,” Gingrich asserted.

    The U.S. then would have “massive needs of foreign assistance” if no other country were affected.

    “That would mean we’d lose our sovereignty,” Gingrich declared.

    Congress wakes up to cataclysmic threat
    A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

      Ron Paul ‘Worried’ U.S. Might Kill Snowden With Drone
      Added by Kryptographic on June 20, 2013 at 3:56am
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      Towards the end of an outspoken 24 hours of media appearances, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared via phone on Fox Business Network with Melissa Francis an..

    Federal authorities on Wednesday accused two upstate New York men of assembling a

    portable X-ray weapon that they intended to use to secretly sicken opponents of Israel

    Federal authorities on Wednesday accused two upstate New York men of assembling a portable X-ray weapon that they intended to use to secretly sicken opponents of Israel.

    Prosecutors said 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford, of Galway, and 54-year-old Eric J. Feight, of Hudson, have been charged with conspiracy to provide support to terrorists following a yearlong undercover investigation.

    Investigators said Crawford approached Jewish organizations looking for people to help him with technology that could be used to surreptitiously deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against those he considered enemies of Israel. They assembled the mobile device, which was to be controlled remotely, but it was inoperable and nobody was hurt.

    The damaging effects of the radiation would have appeared only days later, authorities said.

    Both men were scheduled to appear in federal court Wednesday in Albany. They could face up to 15 years in prison.

    “This case demonstrates how we must remain vigilant to detect and stop potential terrorists, who so often harbor hatred toward people they deem undesirable,” U.S. Attorney Richard Hartunian said.

    The investigation by the FBI in Albany and police agencies began in April 2012 after authorities received information that Crawford had approached the Jewish organizations.

    FBI Special Agent Andrew Vale said efforts to thwart violent plots require public help.

    (RAT) General National Congress issued a decree appointing “Ibrahim Dabbashi” the permanent representative of the RAT State of Libya to the United Nations
    (RAT) General National Congress issued on Wednesday, the decision to appoint Mr. “Ibrahim Omar Dabbashi” permanent representative of the RAT State of Libya to the United Nations body.Under Article II of the Resolution No. (55) on the provisions of this decision from the date of issue, and eliminates all the rule of exclusion and shall be published in the Official Gazette.
    FRANCE:France T-: interpreter Gaddafi displays tens of millions of documents to support Sarkozy’s campaign in the 2007 electionsFrance 2 channel conducted an interview with a key Missouri, former diplomat and translator Gaddafi during the interview and documents confirm Gaddafi’s support for Sarkozy’s campaign.Key said in the interview that these documents were dated 2006 include financial support for the electoral campaign Bnyukula Sarkozy worth 50 million euros, and these documents are real.Article link the Balvedioa extension shows the interview:

    VIDEO. Campagne de Sarkozy en 2007 : les soupçons d’un financement libyen se renforcent

    Dans “Complément d’enquête”, diffusé jeudi 20 juin sur France 2, un proche de Mouammar Kadhafi, l’ex-dictateur libyen, indique que Tripoli a versé “20 millions de dollars à la France”. Extrait.

    L'ancien pr&eacute;sident fran&ccedil;ais Nicolas Sarkozy serre la main de Mouammar Kadhafi, le 12 d&eacute;cembre 2007 devant l'Elys&eacute;e, &agrave; Paris.
    L’ancien président français Nicolas Sarkozy serre la main de Mouammar Kadhafi, le 12 décembre 2007 devant l’Elysée, à Paris. (STEVENS FREDERIC / SIPA)
    Par Francetv infoMis à jour le 20/06/2013 | 19:59 , publié le 20/06/2013 | 14:10


    Son témoignage risque de gêner l’ancien président. Dans un extrait de l’émission “Complément d’enquête” diffusée jeudi 20 juin sur France 2, repris par Mediapart, Moftah Missouri, diplomate libyen et interprète personnel de Mouammar Kadhafi, affirme que l’ancien “Guide” a versé “une vingtaine de millions de dollars” à Nicolas Sarkozy, à l’occasion de la campagne électorale de 2007.

    Il assure que “Kadhafi [le lui a dit] verb