Pasquale Paoli, Father of Modern Western Civilization; And the French Rûle of Corsica

Corsica’s Defense against France, 1767, and French RULE
By 1766, the Corsican flag (double black-on-white blindfolded moors) became familiar in all harbors along the coast of the Mediterranean. The scheming (Malfia-like) Genoaese had lost control of the Island. Leading the Genoa/Serene Republic, Sorba petitioned France to extend their troop-support residence beyond their agreed-upon withdrawal date (to end in 1768). He knew that the Republic could not hold onto the Island. Paoli’s solution was that Genoa accept Corsican Independence, and the Liberated nation of Corsica would compensate the Genoaese for the ports they vacated.
The Serene Republic was too vain and proud to accept that humiliation; and they instead decided to carry on their intrigues with the French Court, and try again to bribe and buy the loyalty of the islanders…and if all those measures failed, they continued to stir-up discontent, bigotry and revive the vendetta on the Isle!
To protect Corsican liberty, Pasquale Paoi, with a fleet of 2 Ships and about 250 men, sailed into Capraja on the 15 February 1767, into the harbor of Macinaggio. Gian Battista Ristori walked from his Corsican ranks, and made a declaration to the peoples of Capraja:
“Friends, we do not come here as conquerors. We are your brothers and you know this. Why then have we come? We are free, but you are still under the yoke of our common enemy. We come to share our liberty with you. Our cause is the same. Embrace us; march with us.”
Caprajans threw down their arms and rushed to embrace the Corsicans.
When at daybreak, the Genoaese commander, Baron Oltre, saw the flying Corsican Flag, he at once proclaimed that Macinaggio would be razed to the ground….Instead, the Genoaese ended-up having to flee. A felucca brought back the good news to Paoli in Centuri….
The pride of the Genoese was exacerbated. They would assemble the largest armada ever in their history! And, meanwhile, French Marshall Choiseul decided to do his part in settling the matter. Matteo Buttafuccio, traitor and colonel of the French-Royal-Corse, was sent to Paoli.
He treacherously (knowing that it was highly not the case) offered Corsica her independence IF THE GENOESE SUZERAINTY WAS FORMALLY RECOGNIZED AND THE GENOESE WERE ALLOWED CONTROL OF THE SEAPORTS! Choiseul was well aware that “The Treaty of Compiègne” had only a year left to run. If the French would then retire as agreed, the Corsicans would certainly be liberated masters of their own Isle.
The 05th of May 1767 brought the Genoaese Armada again to the coast of Capraja; and among them was Antonuccio Mantra and all his “Casa Nostra” mob-followers…Some of these knew the Island well….But, patriotism ran really high amongst the Corsicans, and many loyal Corsicans had sought refuge in Genoa…and were part of the conscripted seaman aboard the Armada. Some of these men were left in Civita; and while they were being mustered to man the Genoaese ships, that a mutiny broke-out: The exiles suddenly decided that they would no longer fight against their brothers.
One of the most respected officers in the Genoaese Service, Major Quenzi, resigned his commission rather then lead men against his countrymen.
It was not only the Serene Republic that was threatened, but also France on account-of the Commerce situation. Capraja lay athwart the Genoaese sealanes to the Lavant….If the Tuscan Seaway was denied to Genoaese and French shipping, the ships would have to go around Corsica itself! This startled the French into scheming a way around their soon-to-run-out Treaty!
The French knew that Genoaese rûle was a fiction; and that only their French troops in Corsica stood in the way of Corsican full Independence. The reports that Chauvelin received from Dumouriez convinced him and the French government that French troops could indeed overthrow Paoli. The French sought to annex Corsica. (This was already widely believed since 1735, as Campredon’s position.) It was to stop the progress of Britain in the Mediterranean, who already held Gilgraltar and Minorca. [AND JUST SEE WHAT THEY DID TO THOSE ISLANDS!!] France already lost Canada to the British in the “Seven Years French & Indian War” and Choiseul, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, knew it meant high recognition for him if he could so regain French Pride in harnessing Corsica.
Unfortunately, Pasquale Paoli did not know the manner in which Choiseul`s mind was working! Paoli knew that Corsica was admired throughout all Europe and America. He also knew that his principles put into action on the Isle of Beauty won him even the respect of many Frenchmen.
But there was the threat of an English intervention; and this was foremost in the mind of Choiseul. He schemed, lied and convinced Paoli…in the following manner:
Choiseul informed Paoli that if the Corsicans would permit Genoaese suzerainty over some coastal ports, Genoa would recognize Corsican Independence.
Paoli may have been trusting; but he certainly was no fool: on 03 June, Paoli rejected the offer.
Choiseul subsequently proposed that Genoa should maintain garrisons in Bastia, San Fiorenzo and capo Corso….Obviously Paoli rejected this as well.

Going on at the same time of these “negotiations”, was the Jesuit expulsion from Spain.
The Pope was unwilling to see all the Jesuit Fathers wandering homeless in Europe. So, he proposed to the Genoaese Senate, if they could be permitted to set-up home in Corsica. France, though, who already had expelled the Jesuits, was angered that the Genoaese was so quickly to offer them succor!…As a mark of displeasure, on the day that the Jesuit Fathers landed in Ajaccio, the French retired from the town…as a gesture, surrendering the fort to a Genoaese garrison before they officially left.
Immediately, Ajaccio was overrun and occupied by Paolists; and besieged the fortress. The Genoaese, in desperate straights, summoned MARBEUF who in-turn requested Paoli lift the siege.
Paoli did this, innocently and willing as ever to prove his respect for the French.
But still, the Jesuit Affair led to bitter enemity between the French and Genoaese Courts. The Genoaese knew though, that without the French protecting the Corsican ports for them, they would elsewise have to accept any terms Paoli pressed forth on them. The disastrous defense of Capraja cost them, 3,000.000 lires. G.B. Brignole of the Genoaese Senate planned for the Genoaese leave of the Island by accommodating the French, if only the French declined to formally relinquish recognition of Genoa’s authority and suzerainty over the Isle. The seaports that were leased to France in 1764, the French would continue to exercise autonomy, as well as other locations on the Island which the French deemed necessary for the safety of French troops. The French possession of the Isle was to be security for the repayment of expenses incurred by the French during the occupation.
This “Treaty of Genoa” proposed that at any time, the Genoese could reassert her rights to turn the French out IF THEY COULD PAY THE COST TO DATE OF THE LEASED OCCUPATION. For ten years, France was to pay the Serene Republic 200,000 livres a year for the advantages of governing-occupation of the Isle. In the bargain, the French were to free from Corsica, the island of Capraja and return Capraja to Genoa. In effect, the Genoaese just ceded the Isle of Corsica over to France!
Sorba sought that this treaty was effected.
But, everyone was skeptical of the sincerity of the French…knowing their full interests in the matter; as well as their desire to have complete autonomy over Corsica.
On 15 May 1768, Sorba and Choiseul negotiated and signed the GenoaeseTreaty! This was power politics as naked and unashamed as any power-politics could possibly be! All this was done without any approval by the Corsican people. 

 Marbeuf IMMEDIATELY requested that Paoli totally leave the town of Ajaccio.
Paoli did not know the complete scheming going on. He relied on the good relations which existed between his government under the old Treaty of 1764. Paoli knew nothing of the closing provisions of the new treaty. Paoli therefore, asked point-blank for an explanation of the request to leave Ajaccio! Marbeuf lied to him brazenly: He told Paoli that the evacuation was requested so that the Treaty of 1764 could be terminated without any legal squabbles with the Genoese…and [deceivingly and out-right lying] said that this in no way affected the original Treaty or the determination of the French NOT TO ALTER THE STATUS OF THE ISLAND!
Paoli may have been doubtful; but he had no cause to distrust the French as the end of their occupation under the Genoaese was so near; AND HE DARED NOT DO ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE CONSTRUED AS HARMFUL TO THE “DE FACTO” RELATIONS WHICH EXISTED AS OF YET WITH THE FRENCH and his (Paoli’s) government. On the19th of may, Paoli withdrew his forces from Ajaccio.

But, the threat was evident and soon clear. So, Paoli convened a Consulta at Corte on 22 May 1767. On the 22nd, as the representatives were gathering for the Consulta, news was brought of the tons of French transports arriving at the harbor of Ajaccio loaded down with French troops and artillery. The assembly was unnaturally quiet when Paoli entered. Paoli detailed what he knew of the negotiations of the past months.
“We had reached a position which I hoped would soon enable me to declare to the nation that our long labor was on the point of being crowned by an honorable peace. ON THE CONTRARY, all is now doubtful, dark and confused. Peace now appears further away from our shores. Our enemies sound more menacing. Our very existence may now be in danger…
The French had assured me, that if we suspended our operations against the ports that they had occupied, that they would retire at the end of the four-years’ agreement and we Corsicans would be free to assert our rights. I sacrificed all the manifold advantages we had because I honored the French King’s intentions toward us.”
Paoli told the assembled Consulta, that the Corsican people throughout the four year term of the French occupation was willing to negotiate and be part of a good agreement between Genoa and the Corsican peoples….accepting the French mediation was sure proof of this. But the Corsican people always insisted that any agreement had to guarantee Corsica her independence and unity of all nine provinces of the Isle. When it became quite clear that the Genoaese would not come to any agreement of this kind alone, the Corsicans were expected to believe that the introduction of French forces would be for peace-keeping purposes only; and the French would accordingly retire from the Isle once the four years ended, and thus the inhabitants of this fair Isle would be free to settle their own differences with the Serene Republic.
“We had regarded the rumors which reached the Isle of some sort-of dubious provisional cession of Corsica, by the Genoaese to the French, as baseless and indeed incredible, YET, the French have just disembarked troops…and other arrivals of French troops are now expected. We are completely ignorant of the motives behind this landing and of the end for which the expedition is intended. But, naturally enough, this event alarms the whole nation. You have gathered here for purpose of considering the French action and of adopting the measures that you judge will be the most efficacious in the PRESERVATION OF OUR LIBERTY AND INDEPENDENCE. I have no doubt the measures that you undertake today will be worthy of the people who have chosen you for their representatives.”
Paoli immediately wrote to the French government concerning the enormous attachment of French troops to the isle.
At the University of Corte, a patriotic student exhorted:
“If foreigners land on our shores to sustain the pretensions of their allies, we will face them!…may our resolution never fail and may our enemies, whatever may be their name, learn by experience that the conquest of Corsica is not an easy task. There are in this country free men and free men know how to die!”
The old Genoaese art of bribery and corruption tried to peek open again with a vengeance, this time through Marbeuf and the French!…while always deceivingly claiming neutrality and friendship toward Paoli’s government. This was obvious deceit, as the true intentions of the French was known, even if to only a few of the French officers serving in Corsica.
General Paoli was indeed uneasy, but prepared to hold his forces in check until the truce between the French and Corsican people expired on 07 August.
Until the French actually attacked, he had estimated that a free Corsica and her people could still be a reasonable expectation.
Unexpectedly, at this very moment, Paoli’s government was awarded full diplomatic recognition by Tunisia!
(Some months back, a Tunisian ship ran aground near Balagna’s coast. When Paoli heard of it, he gave immediate instructions that the Tunisian sailors were to be succored and all Tunisian goods returned to them.
Paoli’s order was obviously obeyed; for the Balagna people counted Paoli’s word as divine. Paoli then offered to repair the ship and provisioned with a new set of sails along with many gifts for the Bey of Tunis.
The Bey of Tunis was astounded that Christians would act so toward them; and he repaid the Corsicans and Paoli in kind. “The Bey salutes you and wishes you well”, one of his secretaries announced as they landed at Isola Rossa in July. Paoli at Corte shook his hand, and catching him at his arm, conducted the ambassador to the Palace. There followed a series of talks and gift-giving. Paoli was given an Arabian horse, two ostriches, a tiger, pistol-pair, and a diamond sword.
The Ambassador attended Paoli’s “Council of State” to see how the Corsicans operated.)
Fun and games were short experiences….
The Soubise regiment of Calvary disembarked at San Fiorenzo, and demanded to be permitted to procede to Bastia. Paoli, still suspicious (but diplomatic as ever) agreed PROVIDED THAT THE THE REGIMENT PROCEED ONLY WITH UNLOADED WEAPONS.
Agreeing, the French continued onto Bastia unmolested.
STILL, in reality, the French had already decided upon war: all they needed now was a pretext/ an excuse.
Finally, Marbeuf informed Paoli that the Marquis de Chauvelin was on his way to the Island ready to fully explain the intentions of the Duc de Choiseul. Paoli MUST, along with the village of Isola Rossa admit all the coming French troops!
This demand, obviously, was designed to break the truce and provoke a breach.

Paoli surely felt that the time for diplomacy was at an end. A clear Corsican stand had to be made…But before he had even time to reply to Marbeuf, the FRENCH LAUNCHED THEIR FIRST ATTACK!

Such was the act of French cynical “chagrin” complete, especially now that they were in a strong, fortified position on the island. Marbeuf’s extremely heavy attack overwhelmed the Corsican forces. The unexpectedness of the attack, the perfidy of “good-will”, the so-many “professions of friendship”. The keys to Capo Corso were lost to the French.. Before long, the French occupied all the peninsula coast. Corsican men were either killed or captured. The French attacked the defenders even on the east coast. Casella had sent the remainder of his garrison to the aid of Barbaggi’s Tower. The next day, the sentinels in the tower saw the approaching French troops. A feeling of defeat was finally coming over the Corsican people.
But Casella feigned-on; fooling the French that he had a batallion of men with him. A white-flag came toward him at the fortress-tower, asking him terms for surrender….Casella demanded that his garrison should march out with full honors of war, and furnish horses to draw away the cannon. Grand French-General Maison consented. Accordingly, with the Documents of capitulation exchanged, French granadiers lined-up at the foot of the tower to render the honors due to the surrendering “garrison”. The door opened, and out-marched Casella. The French commander inquired of the old-man, “Where is the rest of your garrison?”….Casella proudly exclaimed “I am the garrison”! The terms for the capitulation were accurately observed….

The deliberate “chagrin” of the French roused the Islanders to a fury. Once again, the clergy were preaching a Holy War in the glens..Clemente Paoli managed to repulse the French forces of the Marquis de Chauvelin (who had managed to sail back to Corsica from the ports of Provence with an official French commision)! But the marquis brought some 9,000 additional troops making a total under his command of 13,000. The arrival of Chavelin spelt an end to Corsican libertarian hopes. The English government, led by the Chathamites, under their Prime Minister Grafton, was completely opposed to any Corsican aid. Weymouth and the Bedford Whigs were unanimous. This was the main decision rendering in Choiseul thinking. Since England would not go to war over Corsica, he was free to press forward with his attack upon Corsica.
But the sudden “dénouement” was unexpected by Paoli. Upon the arrival to Corsica of Chauvelin, Paoli announced, “While Rome deliberates, Saguntuum is lost.”

Along with the hoards of French troops, Chauvelin proclaimed he and the French WERE THEIR LEGITIMATE RÛLERS, announced his “Social Contract” over Corsica….and immediately forbade them to ever sail under the Corsican national-flag. Paoli replied:

“Already our nation has shown how little claim the Genoaese had to our island. All the powers of Europe, especially France, have recognized us in practice AS A FREE AND INDEPENDENT PEOPLE. So France has treated us, until the last few years. Even if Genoa had possessed the sovereignty she falsely claimed, would she now be able to transfer it to another nation WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THOSE SHE PROFESSED TO GOVERN? SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO DO SO, FOR THE BASIS OF SOVEREIGNTY IS THE PEOPLE.”

Paoli issued a call to all the Corsican Islanders to keep the ranks they had closed against the Invaders. The French again had taken over the old-malfia Genoaese tactic, assuring the Islanders that the King of France was going to make Corsica a model French state! And that Paoli was leading them astray. Falsely he Chauvelim said he would pardon the chiefs who deserted General Paoli and submitted to the King! The Chiefs would be paid handsomely for their submission….
Paoli aimed to counter the French blandishments with his ernest appeal to the Islander’s love of country and liberty. His inspiring proclamation reads:

“Let each take-up his appointed position. We will show them that we are not to be treated like a flock of old sheep bought in a market-place; for, that is what they are trying to do. Always, there have been strangers between ourselves and the Genoaese, preventing us from a decision by negotiating or by the force of our arms, and always, as a result, Justice and Honor have been trampled in the mud. Now we are face to face with our last enemy. Citizens, I know the danger is great but I know too, we are not accustomed to count the number of our foes.”

Corsicans could not be divided and intended to fight. Chauvelin quickly came to this realization and launched a full scale attack to crush the Corsicans. The French brought with them all the necessary weapons for an unpresidented attack, hailing a shell of bombs and bullets, Furiani was taken. The town was reduced to ruins. Houses were set afire.. But the French were less successful in their attempts to storm the passes of the Nebbio; still, effectively pinned-down, Clemente Paoli’s forces could make no progress. The French advanced to the bridge across the Golo.* Chauvelin used french warships and transports to effect a landing in the rear of the defenders of the Golo. The French commander, Arcambal landed and attacked with all their force the bridge of the Golo. Corsicans, who in the last stage of the Great Battle, fought from behind a rampart of their dead. The traitor, Buttafucio occupied his native village of Vescovato.
The Junta of the Casinca, established at the Convent of San Antonio della Casabianca (where Paoli’s Gereralship was inaugerated), counter-attacked. It became a rallying place. Clemente Paoli rode rapidly from Nebbio’s mountains to take command of the forces at Casinca. But the French were everywhere. Emmisaries of Bottafucio, came down proclaiming the Corsican cause to be lost; so please surrender! Clemente Paoli, this warrior-monk to be, turned these village traitors over to the Fathers of the Commune for trial and punishment; and then launched a furious attack on Vescovato. The French viciously burned the olive and chesnut groves in the area; but they were overwhelmed by the onrush of Clemente’s militia. Vescovato fell, the French army split…retreating to Penta. Heavy losses or not, Clemente Paoli wasted no time, and pushed-on with his detachments, storming Penta.
As soon as it was reported to him of his brother’s successes, Pasquale Paoli gave orders to all his Commanders on every front to make an all-out attack on the French positions…. The French were highly unused-to such furious and impetuous attacks and were successfully driven from Vignale, after suffering heavy losses, leaving their munitions and provisions for a whole division, in the hands of the Corsicans. Colle pursued the French across the “macchia” of Nebbio.
Clemente Paoli, led by Serpentini, mopped-up the French forces in the Casinca. General Arcambal regrouped at Loreto and made head for the Golo. Clemente detached his best troops over the mountains to help sieze the Bridge over the Golo (*: as I previously reported)
The French arrived at Lagobenetto, finding the bridge occupied by the patriots…. Gen. Arcambal ordered his troops to swim or ford across the river. Of the 2000 French, only 500 made the far-bank. In Borgo, the French believed that they were safe….On the night of 07 October, Paoli issued orders to all his commanders in the east to gather under the walls of Borgo. He held a council of War with them; at which unanimously they decided to attack the village. On the evening of 09 October the assent to capture Borgo began. The French had 4000 infantry, 300 Calvary, nine pieces of artillery, and were commanded by the Marquis de Chauvelin. Added to that were the 1500 men of Gen. Maison who had attempted to advance to the mountains of Oletta…. At mid-day, Nabonne-Fritzlar (commanding the German genadiers of the Saxony & Rovergue Regiments) ORDERED A SUICIDAL bayonet-charge. The Corsicans held firm and the French finally retreated. Colonel de Ludre suffered the humiliation of seeing the Corsical national-flag flying from the ramparts of the town.

For France to have suffered such a defeat astonished all of Europe. But Paoli’s Captain Ristori was being held captive in Bastia. Paoli wrote:

“Against their own best interests the French today make war against a people which had always delighted to be on good terms with them. And now they complain that I am seeking assistance from a foreign power, as if that were a crime! Indeed, if I were the master of thunder I would use it for the defense of the liberty and independence of my country. On the other hand, I would not, however, refuse any proposal from the King of France, which might spare us our National identity. We would really respond to any overtures of that nature, but if they do not come, I know where my duty lies and be assured I will do it.”

If England attempted to give Corsica even a shadow of support…such would, he hoped, persuade France to recognise the danger of having another enemy in the Mediterranean. The British government dissolved in November 1768, but even with the new Parliament, a “Corsican” motion was defeated 230 votes to 84. They had more things to worry about, particularly in the Americas.
French money seems to be accomplishing what French arms could not. Chauvelin’s agents in Capraja bought Astolfi, and Astolfi surrendered Capraja without even one shot. But at Leghorn, Angelo di Franceschi would not assent to the King. He answered that he already owed allegiance to a Queen [Mary] who favored her subjects with Liberty.. Yet Paoli would not punish the families of those who gave their allegiance to France. Paoli stated that he would not sacrifice the many innocent for the sake of the few guilty.
Paoli’s friend, the Abbé Rostino, said of him:
“We do not believe that he can be deceived or that he will ever deceive us.”
And, the islanders were willing to follow Paoli wherever he led them. But Paoli was no vain dreamer: He understood that fighting a guerrilla war would not only hurt the trust of honor shown him by the world; but that with the passage of a short time, France would remain strong, and Corsica gradually would become weaker and weaker, without a male patrimony to sustain her as a nation. So, Paoli wrote to the Duc de Choieul, his enemy, and outlined a plan which he presumed would satisfy both France and his nation….
Paoli proposed that royal Authority would be recognized by Corsicans; but that the Corsican people would have (and perpetually retain) their own right to manage her own affairs internally, and continue to make he own laws, as per sé the Constitution that was already operative. France should protect Corsica from any further aggression or attacks; and Corsica would supply France with troops if France became militarily involved with any other power…an equal number of Corsicans would serve France in any possession she might stipulate on the continent or the Americas.

There was agitated discussion at the French court; for it was widely believed that the King was thinking about accepting Paoli’s proposal. But Choiseul would not make any attempt in replying to Paoli. It offended his “pride” too much. Besides, Choiseul now saw what his money could buy; and he was ready to make more purchases..
Balagna was behind Paoli all the way…

At the Port of Isola Rossa, two Englishmen, Fawkener and Menzies awaited him. They had ascribed for the Corsican patriots 8,000 British Pounds Sterling. They regretted that the legacy was so small. It was bestowed by an old man who said “he left his little fortune to Liberty and its struggle with Royal despotism on the island of Corsica.” He gave it “to that liberty, for which heroes shed their blood and sacrifice their lives.”

Then there were two emissaries from France who wished to see Paoli as well.They were the priests, Guasco and Morazzini. Paoli met them in the company of Falkener and Menzies at the Convent of Santa Reparata on the 13th of November 1768. They conveyed Chauvelin’s hope for a winter “reprisal” or temporary “armistice”. Paoli sent them back, telling them that “it was a matter of indifference to us whether we die in one season, or another.”
Chauvelin took the news just as he suspected. He knew that his new well-laid plot was about to be hatched.: Guido Peraldi and Fillipo Banconi, making contact with Abbé Fabbiani, seduced the weak abbot by promise of ecclesiastical promotion! Fabbiani was thus able to subvert his nephew who was an officer at Isula Rossa.
But, when confronted by the suggestion, Fabbiani’s nephew (totally devoted to Paoli) outright refused partaking in the scheme.
Then Dumouriz played another “plan”: The Abbé contacted Comte de Perez (captain of Paoli’s naval Fleet) whose flagship presently lay in the Bay of Isola Rossa.. Accepting the bribe, Perez was to persuade his crew consisting of the Paoli loyal Knights of Malta, which were protecting [for Paoli] the Corsican coasts. Most of these Maltese refused, so, boat-loads of French at night boarded the vessel and ousted the Maltese and Paoli’s dedicated followers.
Perez then hoisted a lantern aloft as a signal to the French warship cruising just off-shore, “La Provence”, which rapidly then landed their French troops just outside Isola Rossa,sailing into the harbor, opening fire on the citadel. Paoli’s guard was out-numbered, BUT from the surrounding houses came Paoli’s followers. So Dumourez and Perez scuttled swiftly back to their boats…BUT the traitor Abbé Fabbiani drowned as his bateau overturned!
Perez hardly landed his treacherous crew at Ajaccio when again he was proposing another scheme to the Comte de Narbonne (who was commanding the French troops on the western end of the Isle…. He proposed enlisting the Oltremonti Greek decendents on the Isle (which had been transported by the Genoese to Ajaccio from the Peloponnesos in 1676); whom he thought were outcasts to Paoli’s people, as they were not “Roman” Catholics. He would supply them with weapons!

note from “maccorsica”:

I should point out that the Greek Church at Cargese is not Greek Orthodox, but a Catholic Church of the Byzantine rite. That’s how they are allowed to have a single priest serving both churches; the Vatican would never allow one of its priests to conduct a Greek Orthodox mass.
When the Greeeks came to Corsica (to escape the Ottomans) at the invitation of the Genoese Government, it was made a condition of entry that they should abandon Greek Orthodoxy (with its different date for Easter, Patriach of Constantinople etc) and embrace the Roman Catholic Faith. They were however allowed to continue to celebrate their masses in the Greek language.
There have been more than a few hints over the years that some of the community have leaned in the direction of Orthodoxy despite their ancestors’ assurances, but now, sadly, the community does not even speak Greek as its first language any more. Cargese’s last Greek speaker died in the 1970s.

Abbatucci was laying ill, but he dragged himself out-of-bed to lead the Ajaccienne faithful to victory…Again driving back Perez! Perez took ship, as quickly as possible, for France…. Next, the French tried bribing young Matteo Massesi. He would be given a high position in the new French Government to be set-up in Corsica! Oddly enough, the letter to Matteo fell out of his pocket, was intercepted; and Paoli’s followers sent Matteo to Corte to be tried. The young man, ashamedly confessed..along with the Viceroy.
Then there arrived ten new batallions of Infantry from France, as well as two squadrons of Calvary.
Chauvelin planned a concerted attack, and the Corsicans were raised to a new degree of boldness and commitment. Within a week, they had swept the French out-of almost all the of Murato. They stormed and took back their village of Barbaggio.
Chauvelin finally reached the conclusion that Corsica was not worth the expense of men and monies necessary to achieve a conquest…resulting in Chauvelin being recalled to France on 28th December 1768. The Comte de Marbeuf was promoted to Lieutenant General. Oletta held a garrison of some 1500 French troops, quartered mainly at its great Church which the French turned into barracks! Grand-Maison governed the village by a deliberate system of terror and repression. Any Corsican found, without a French issued pass or not back a an appointed time, would find his entire family imprisoned or worse. All Corsicans were totally disarmed, were not permitted to hunt. Any violation would mean instant execution without trial for the perpetrator and his family….Grand-maison had ordered martial law; summery executions were publicly made…and a church-plot to blow-up the Church in Oletta was foiled.
Two of Paoli sea-captains, Paciola di Calvi and Lazaro Costa cost the French 2,000,000 francs. By the December’s end of 1769, they successfully captured two French warships which were bringing aas a relief to the French forces in Corsica, 3000 muskets, 340 barrels of gun -powder and 160,000 of francs worth of uniforms, Abbatucci with his fighting force of priests Guagno and Guilio Foata occupied the Jesuit Convent in Ajaccio.
But the traitors in Olmeta enables the French to regain possesion totally of the town; and then later retook the Jesuit Convent in Ajaccio as well. The French already had thirty batallions of Infantry on the island. That was increased to 45! Three regiments of french Calvary were already at Bastia, and they were also brought-up in strength…by adding a fourth! Obviously the Mantra clan volunteered to add their weight ot deriding the Paolist government. These evil men were calles the “corps of Vttoli” after the Sampieo murders in 1765. Corsicans would defend their native soil to the very end; but Paoli was concerned about the utter destruction of his beautiful people. He did not want Corsicans to become an extinct race. Accordingly, on 15 April 1769, Paoli convoked an extraordinary Consulta at San Antonio della Casabianca in the Casinca….Amid wild cheering resolutions were carried for “a leveé en masse”…every Corsican able-bodied from ages 6 to 60 were put at the disposition of Corsican freedom.
“Since all Corsicans enjoy the same advantage of Liberty it is just that they all take part in its defense.”
Priests and Monks preached a holy war against their French invaders. Paoli knew that the French had, at the commencement of de Vaux’s attack, as many men as there were living, native inhabitants of Corsica. Perhaps Paoli, as a devout Catholic, hoped in his innermost heart for a miracle. If Corsica was defeated as a nation, its overthrow would be that of a nation, not of a guerrilla-band. He also believed in the ultimate victory of Justice over Evil. He was sure, that if Corsica would not be free within his own lifetime, in the fullness of time, eventually Corsica would be a free nation before God.
In the presence of Lord Pembroke and Admiral Smith, Englishmen on unofficial business visiting the isle, reviewed his assembled troops.. In their company were two Italian painters who painted the General’s picture. In Paoli’s regiment were two companies of Swiss and Prussian volunteers, as well as a corps of Tuscan volunteers of which the Paoli brothers were extremely proud-of.
de Vaux marched out of San Fiorenzo with 24 batallions and several squadrons of cavalry. They occupied the village of San Pietro di Tenda. Marbeuf had six infantry batallions and a regiment of Calvary. Grand-Maison in Oletta had a fourth batallion of Infantry. The French were everywhere! They had such masses of artillery in action; and all day long French cannons boomed.. On the 4th, de vaux#s troops moved against the village of Rapale. The fighting for the town was more than savage….Paoli’s two most trusted captains, Gaffori and Grimaldi, unknown to him, turned traitors!
Initially it was Paoli’s express wish that the Golo was to be held at all costs. The bridge at Pontenuovo was protected by 15,000 troups under his Commandere Saliceti. he sent 1000 more men from Rostino.
But Gaffori, the turn-coat, neglected to fortify Lento (believed intentionally), and this is where we get the widely used term of “a gaff”! There was hopeless confusion.. The Corsicans put-up a desperate resistence until nightfall. Their heroic struggle was in vain. the french had unlimited numbers of reinforcements.
Pontenuovo was obviously the decisive battle. Treachery had caused the Corsican defeat. There were so many accounts of treason at this bridge! The despair this caused was increased was only increased as it became known that Cavavaggia was betrayed by Grimaldi!


F.D. Guerrazzi: The Night of Ponte Novo  Dalzeto, Sébastien : ” Ponte Novo, un Epoque”     Auteur :Dalzeto, Sébastien  Editeur : Longin  Langue : Français  Parution : 1926  Format : Moyen (Roman, BD, guide de voyage…Nombre de pages : 210

Paoli 3 : Ponte Novu, la couverture (PASQUALE PAOLI) posté le mardi 15 septembre 2009 19:38

Et voilà, le tome 3 de la série Paoli est terminé. Ponte Novu sortira en même temps que les coffrets collectors en décembre 2009. Voici la couverture de ce troisième et dernier volume.

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Paoli 3, Ponte Novu, c’est pour bientôt. En attendant, je vous propose de découvrir un très court extrait mis en couleurs par Bruno Pradelle. Dans moins d’une semaine, l’album partira à l’imprimerie.

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Et bien voilà, cette fois l’aventure Pasquale Paoli touche à sa fin. C’est aujourd’hui qu’Eric Rückstühl a terminé les dessins du Paoli 3. Une aventure de trois ans qui se termine. L’album, qui s’intitulera “Ponte Novu”, est actuellement à la couleur (Bruno Pradelle) et sortira en décembre prochain. L’album sera également vendu dans un coffret collector. Néanmoins, ma collaboration avec Eric va continuer, puisque nous avons deux autres séries qui débuteront en 2010 : les Petits Bagnards (titre provisoire), ainsi qu’une série d’humour qui se déroule en Corse. J’ai également d’excellentes nouvelles de mes autres projets. Mais c’est secret pour l’instant…

The defeat at Pontenuovo caused such a loss of heart that the people were unwilling to continue the struggle.
de Vaux bribed the villages of the interior…but along with blandishments, also came intimidations so severe: Any Corsican found with an arm, with or without ammo would be sent directly to the gallows.
4000 French marched out of Calvi. de Vaux’s troops advanced from the South. The Corsicans were held-up at Isola Rossa; and as many of them as possible embarked on an English vessel and were taken to Ajaccio. Paoli shifted his headquarters to Vivario. Abbatucci held the French troops off until his people and command were successfully on a transport sailing out-of Ajaccio. Clemente informed his brother Pasquale that the “other side of the mountains” had no more troops to spare. The Corsicans caused the French disproportionate losses, but Paoli was now discouraged with the knowledge of such great miseries a continuance of guerrilla warfare would impose on the Corsican populace. From Vivario, Paoli gave the order to continue fighting only for long enough to enable the most deeply compromised of their leaders to “make their way to the other side of the mountains” or, if that be impossible, to some place on the east coast where they might embark for Tuscany.
Paoli himself waited, entrenched in Vivario, until he was completely ensured that this had been accomplished. Then Paoli made his way to Porto-Vecchio, where on the 12 June, he was enabled to embark on an English vessel placed at his disposal by Admiral Smith. With him went 300 of his most faithful accomoraderie. About 300 others escaped intermittently to the Leghorn.

Paoli advised those who remained in Corsica to try to make peace with the French.² He could not believe that the cause of Liberty for Corsica was lost forever. In England, if and when he reached there, he would plead his cause to the world. But, Paoli’s first task was to see to the well-being of his fellow refugees. Corsicans were widely popular in Tuscany. They found employment in army and civil life. Still, many like Clemente, retired to a Monastic life or to Convents in Tuscany… Some eventually went to the New Smyrna colony of St. Augustine, Florida in the new World!. [Andrew Tumball, the Scot and physician of the East Florida Society in London conceived of a plan to bring colonists to Florida.]

The French had little affection for the Corsican monks who had supported Paoli. The French were all too aware that the Monasteries still kept the memory of Paoli hallowed. The Civil Commission was to appease those, who remained on the island and did not too radically deviate from Paoli’s system of government. But the islanders rejected the taxes. A shepherd said to the French collection officials, “Yes, we GAVE it to Paoli; but YOU TAKE IT FROM US!” The Corsicans viewed themselves as a defeated Nation, NOT as a conquered people.. Their clan system had been slighted, their chosen leaders were driven into exile, their liberty lost. They resented everything “French”! Out of sight of the island, merchant ship hoisted the Corsican National Flag, but this time with bandaged eyes. But then the French proceeded to re-organize the Paoli government into their French-government away from Corsicans.. The French began to enforce their ways all the more firmly. Suspected liberating sympathisers were quickly cut-down without trials, and stigmatised Corsican “bandits” were to hung from the nearest trees immediately, without any court proceedings. Families of those Corsicans who had gone into “Diaspora” were quickly deported. On 20 April 1771, and person helping or aiding a “bandit” or who had even written to a Corsican exile was to be immediately arrested and imprisoned. The “Podesta Majors” were commanded to squeal on any citizenry and provide lists of any suspected deviators. Fires could not be lit, or any other action that could be construed a signal. In August 1772, draconian measures were implanted. No Corsican could absent himself from the village without written French authorical permission. Everyone had to be enrolled upon a register. If not enrolled, he was proclaimed a fugitive.. If one did not return to his village before 6 months passed, he was declared a criminal and all his possessions were convascated. Four territorial juntas were set-up which had to cooperate with French troops. Mounted police were established in Bastia. Corsican politicians were to be “broken at the wheel”. many houses were burned to the ground; no Corsicans would hold any office again.
By 1774 pressures were mounting so high, that it exploded into a revolt. Corsicans were brought out in defense of Corsica, just at the mention of Paoli’s name….
Sionville overran the fortress of Bastia. He attempted NO JUSTICE. In every village, men between 8 and 60 were dragged out of their habitations and automatically hung. What was so hideous about Sionville’s vengeance over the Corsican people, remains in Corsican popular memory and song. Sionville repeatedly hanged any relatives of rebels he could find. No one was immune to his wrath. Not even those of second-degree cousinhood were safe from Sionville and his punishments. , To those that freely surrendered to him (at his word that he would place them in exile only) he DID NOT KEEP HIS WORD. He strangled some on the spot; others were sent to rot in dungeons on the continent at Toulon. His cynicism, brutality and arbitrariness sunk firmly into the Corsican conscience…. 20 years later, Corsicans were telling Pasquale Paoli of the horrors inflicted by the marching brigadiers.
Narbonne-Fritzlare was hated as much as Sionville. He governed the island from August 1774 to May 1775. He was ruthless. His year of governance was smoky, bloody, full of trampling troops, blazing cabins…and he filled from the streets of Bastia cartloads of his prisoners…sending them on loathsome, overloaded ships to Toulon.
Marbeuf returned then to rûle. He took within his quarters a mistress, Madame de Varese. he was full of injustices, vanity and pride. One of his most infamous of procedures was his condemnation of GIACOMO PIETRO ABBUTUCCI to the gallows (Paoli’s former side-Lieutenent in the “Olremonti”). Abbutucu had freely surrendered to the French. Why did Marbeuf hate Abbutucci so much? Abbutucci retained the respect and liking of even the most intransigent of Corsicans by his sweet disposition, moderation and good sense. His most damaging crime in the view of Marbeuf was that he authored a pamphlet complaining about Marbeuf’s mode of rûle!.
Marbeuf established foreign colonies from Lorraine who spoke only German, at Poretto. At Chiavari and galeria he settled genoese.. At Cargese, in 1774, he established Greeks, who were refugees from Ajaccio (after turning on their Roman Catholic brothers). Marbeuf died in 1784. [Upon the opening of the French Revolution, the citizens of Bastia smashed his marble tomb within the Great Cathedral to bits and pieces.]
In 1784, on the demise of Marbeuf, Vicomte de Barrin took over. Pasquale Paoli kept a close watch on Corsican Affairs.
²: Hundreds of eyes were said to scan the horizon off of the Corsican coasts for any boats bringing news from France; but no one was permitted to write to any relatives who might have sought refuge off of the Island. Tod do so meant to be executed immediately by the French without trial or notification to family members. This was “the great diaspora”, where knowledge of families were lost for generations! There were an exceedingly large number of French troops on the island. The remaining population was agitated by French taxes Corsicans officials were constantly being replaced by foreign entrepreneurs and others placed into positions of authority by the French who knew or cared little for the Corsican people or their customs. France was determined to make Corsica into a model French State.
Cherier, on 07 September professed that he would not permit Corsicans commerce. He would not allow money be passed”to the enemies of France”; he would hang them first before this would happen! This declaration was seen as a threat to all Corsicans remaining on the Island.
When Cherier left his house, he was attacked. Pro-French families prudently took ship for Provence. Ajaccio soon followed the example of Bastia. At Corte and Sartene and Bonifacio similar occurrences prevailed. The villages of the interior were uncontrollable. There, the French government collapsed. In glen after glen, communities were personally electing commitees to take over French appointed officials. When news reached Paris, on what was disastrously happening to the French in Corsica, Saliceti and Cesari devised a plan. They were to set-up a “National Committee”, composed of 22 members from the island. The Commitee would have an executive inspector in each of the 12 French-created jurisdictions. The Committee would be responsible to the decrees of the French National Assembly. even though this proposal would have given Corsicans a larger measure of autonomy, and many Paolists embraced it. Barrin rejected the whole plan, and ordered that French troops would be sent again to the island to restore french order. General Gaffori once united the Island…and his memory was still revered was sent to Ajaccio. Once he landed, he said that his sole ambition was to release Corsicans from servitude to liberty. The name he bored assure good-will and an assurance of Freedom. But the town was divided. Gaffori’s patriots hoped to pluck at least a degree of independence for their compatriots. Among them was Napoleon Bonaparte, a 20 year-old artillery lieutenant (who father was Paoli’s secretary). He had recently returned to Corsica, hopeful of employment. Paoli at first also believed that “The Constituent Assembly” would freely grant Corsica her liberty. His expectation was a disappointment. The Corsican cause WAS his cause. Paoli sent Masseria on two rejected the National Committee of Saliceti and Cesari as dangerous and impositions. There were many good intentions towards the General on the Island; but none expected the Corsicans to regain their freedom. In October, Paoli tried dialogue to break the status quo. He sent Antonio Gentili to Paris, where Gentili conversed with Lafayette and la Tour du Pin. Gentili explained that Paoli had given-up on the idea of an Independent Corsica in hope of creating a government in accordance to his Constitution implemented from 1755, along with the ancient character and Institutions and Traditions of the Isle. NOT TO BE BASED UPON THE SLAVISH FRENCH MODEL. Gentili recalled the happy days of Monsieur de Cursay where Corsican customs mingled with the happy Corsican rûle. He wanted to recreate a similar, happy state of affairs. La Tour du pin and Lafayette had firm doubts of ANY collaboration with General Paoli. The peace that Gaffori hoped to establish could NOT endure. The Manifesto of the Twelve rejected the proposals of Saliceti and Cesari.
A manifesto, by the hand of Napoleon Bonaparte who led the Ajaciennes, was presented on 31 October. Meanwhile, Narbonne commanding 50,000 troups relieved Gaffori and reasserted a Tyranny on their Island. Ajaccio was seething. Bastia broke into open rebellion. the French saw Bastians as “beggars and Italians”. Civil War loomed again….


In 1773 Corsica was rûed by France’s “Ministry of War”. Financial matters were under the control of Abbé Terany. His agents were reckoned amongst the blackest of all the island’s oppressors. They were two Lorrainers: The Coster Brothers. They themselves remained in Versailles. they sent their representatives…hoards of their relatives and clients who fed greedily upon Corsican natural resources and the people.. To be part of the governing administration, it was said one must be a Lorrainer or related to a Lorrainer.. The reign of the Costers was truly deplorable.. Almost everything they used was imported from France (dress, food, drink, furniture, etc.). The French Inspector of Agriculture would not give permits to native Corsicans to farm. During the 20 years of French rûle, no benefits came came from agriculure and husbandry. They were not permitted to pasture their land, cultivate their fileds, etc. In 1789, when Paoli came back, he noted that Corsicans had neither ploughs, nor stables, nor dairies. Paoli who always treasured the choice Corsican Vineyards, was broken-up viewing the condition from neglect of the orchards of his land. French custom dues were unusually heavy. Fishermen were forbidden to fish by The French Royal African Company. Prior under Paoli’s administration, there numbered over 140 craft; and over 1000 men were employed in their coral-fishing industry alone!
Paoli had an extensive road-system built, and he improved the roads throughout Corsica by 1768; now, they were in a state of ruin and people had to resort to using the old mountain passes and back alleys. Public works under the French, were executed by swarms of money-bagging entrepreneurs…acting like locusts. (They charged three times the amount any decent Corsican would ask for the same work performed.) The French also introduced a system of monopolies. The rights to sell, especially farmed-meats, skyrocketed. And since they were forbidden to hunt, they were forced to pay exuberant prices for meats and meat products. The monopolies also cornered the corn and chestnut industries. They held all the granaries. They forced those who lived in the Interior to repay the sellers on their borrowings from them into the next years harvests!. Everything was costly and uncertain. The judicial system which the French set-up obviously malfunctioned in vice of greed and special interest groups. The juntas overruled any court procedures and were oppressive. The Supreme Council was staffed by unqualified foreigners and lawyers with no legal-experience (only family ties to the rûlers on the Continent).

To the great Corsican people, whom Paoli had taught to respect law-givers and teachers as amongst the noblest of professions, the French officers were truly an incompetent bunch of thugs.

Corsica had sent two deputy-representatives to the “States-Generale”, and Napoléoné dearly hoped this would end the occupation of the “Royal-Commissioners” in Corsica. Napoléoné wanted to command the Local Militia; and Joseph desired to be an elected-official deputy! He truly had hopes now of fulfilling Paoli’s dream of a free and independent nation of Corsica.
In Dec. 1789 the newly formed the “Constuent Assembly” in France declared that Corsica was no longer just a possession but a full fledged “Department of the Country of France. Napoléoné was saddened, and ordered his mother Letizia to hoist up banners: “Viva la Nationé; Viva Paoli”….
It was therefore logical that Paoli was received well, in triumph, by the Paris Convention, after a long winded speech by the young Napoléoné Buonaparté. The Marquis de Lafayette served Paoli well as a guide to Paris.” Pasquale Paoli to Napoléoné: “There is nothing modern about you: You are a character out of Plutarch.” So, Paoli was invited back by the DIRECTOIRE, to become the miltary Governeur of Corsica and appointed head of the Corsican National Guard and President of the General Council. Joseph received his dream; and was chosen as one of the three delegates to receive Paoli ! When Paoli returned from British exile, Paoli greeted Joseph like a long-lost son; and presented Joseph with a portrait of Paoli (that his father Carlo drew of him on the back of a playing-card) when Carlo was his First Secretary.Letizia treasured this.
From 1789-1791, Paoli only wished to preserve good relations on the Island with the French Government.
Paoli was 64 years of age; and Letizia in her mid-thirties believed Paoli was making unwarrented advances toward her! Things got very mixed-up…with Paoli believing that Napoléoné was rejecting his authority….Nothing could have been further from the truth; as Napoléoné adored Pasquale Paoli.
Napolèoné believed a HIGHER VENGEANCE at work; that over all human affairs there broods a DIVINE regulative JUSTICE! In the reforms Napoléoné wished accomplished, he saw the tragic fate of those he envisages for the reformation….BUONAPARTé wrote a 40 page essay, of which he submitted for a prize of 1200 livres offered by THE ACADEMY OF LYON in answer to the QUESTION: “What are the Most Important Truths and feelings to instill into men for their happiness?”
Napoléoné began with an epigraph: “Morality will exist when governments are free” [echoing Raynal’s “Good morals depend upon good government”]. Napoléoné writes: “Man is born to be happy: Nature, an enlightened mother, has endowed him with all the organs necessary to this end. So, happiness is the enjoyment of Life in the way most suitable to man’s constitution.And every man is born with a right to that part of the fruits of the earth necessary for subsitence. Paoliìs chief merit lies in having assured this.”
On ‘feeling’, Napoléoné says that man experiences his most exquisite pleasure when he is alone at nightfall, meditating on Nature’s Origin; and such sentiments would be man’s most precious of gifts, among which also must be included as, LOVE OF COUNTRY, LOVE OF WIFE, and “DIVINE FRIENDSHIP”. He writes: “A wife and children! A father and a mother, brothers and sisters, a friend! yet, surprisingly, some people find fault with nature, and ask why they were ever born!…. Feelings make us love what is beautiful and just; but, they also make us rebel against tyranny and evil. It is the second aspect we must try to develop and protect from perversion. The good legislator must therefore, guide feeling by reason. At the same time, he must permit complete and absolute frredom of thought, and freedom to speak and write (except where this would endanger/DAMAGE the social order. Tenderness, for instance, must not degenerate into flabbiness….It is reason which distinguishes genuine feeling from VIOLENT Passion, reason that keeps society going, reason that develops a natural feeling and makes it great: To LOVE one’s country is an elementary feeling; BUT to love it above everything else is the ‘love of beauty in all its energy, the pleasure of HELPING TO MAKE A WHOLE NATION happy’….But there is a perverted kind of PATRIOTISM, engendered by ambition.” Napoléoné denounces this fanatical ambition, “with its pale complexion, wild-eyes, hurried footsteps, jerky jestures and sardonic laugh.”….Napoleon repeastedly comments in his notebook “To what lengths can a man be driven by his passion for fame!” Napoléoné contrasts the ambitious egoist with the genuine PATRIOT: the man who lives in order to HELP OTHERS. Through courage and manly strength, the patriot attains true happiness. To live happilly and to work for others’ happiness is the only religion of God. He says, what pleasure there is to die surrounded by one’s children and be able to say, “I have insured the happiness of a hundred families: I have had a hard life; but the State will benefit from it. Through it, my fellow citizens live calmly; through my perplexities, they are made happy, and, through my sorrows, they are joyous.”
SUMS IT THUS: “This was the essay written by Second Lieutenant Buonaparté in his cramped billet in Auxonne(Auçun) between parades and sentry duty…The patriot is clearly Napoléoné himself. His aim in life is to work for others’ happiness….he sees himself as a member of a greater community, working for “a hundred famiies”…and he is not now a soldier; but a civilian. Napoléoné, on 12 June 1789, wrote to General Pasquale Paoli: “I am still young, and maybe rash to undertake this: but I shall be upheld by my love of thruth, of my country and my compatriots, and by the enthusiasm I never cease to derive from the prospect of an improvement of our state….”
Napoléoné, who never ceased admiring Paoli, had early in 1791 requested of Pasoli to provide him with documents, in order that he could fulfill his dream of writing the true history of Corsica. …But the misunderstanding esculated to the point where Paoli issued a legal warrant to have Napoléoné summoned to his “court”! Napoléoné and some others of his “militia” thought it was a warrant for his arrest and inprisonment…which ofcourse it was not (as all Paoli wanted to do was speak and question Napoléoné); but, this was enough to send Napoléoné and his 12 year-old brother Luigi (now known as Louis) fleeing Corsica, to Provence. Napoléoné was transferred back to Valance. Dying, great-uncle Lucciano, the Archdeacon, said to Joseph: “You may be the eldest; but mark my words, your brother Napoléoné will be head of the Buonaparté family.” To Napoléoné he said, “Tu poi, Napoléoné, serai un omone;” and told him to keep an eye on Lucien…to be weary of him. In October 1791, Archdeacon Lucciano died, Guiseppi Fesch took his uncle’s archdeaconite position at Ajaccio. Letizia feared Paoli and was confused to what a good Corsican patriotess should do…the French or the English! Three months later, Napoléoné was appointed Adjuntant Major of the “Corsican-Volunteers”. The minister of War in Paris granted it to him! He considered resigning from the French Army, and make Corsica his career…for the cause of Life And Liberty!
Robespiere, with his “new edict of Nantes”, declared war on the Roman Church by the oath required of priests November 27, 1790 the day after Christmas Federation. Its adapted declaration , stifled religious consciences, and compelled religious-opposition, in declaring war on the Roman Church, by the oath required of priests 27 November 1790 the day after Christmas Federation.
“This meeting will, in earnest, bring bishops, priests, vicars, to swear to the constitution within a week, otherwise they will be deemed to have waived their office. The mayor is held eight days later to denounce the lack of swearing. And those who, on oath, to fail, would be cited in district court and those who refused to interfere in their former office, prosecuted as disturbers.”
It is the creation of “the constitutional church”, the priests philosophers who confuse law and morality, the sworn priests who turn away from the Pope, to stand up against him. The fanaticism of refractory priests transform this into a heretical schism, especially in the West, Brittany and Vendée.
On 28 February 1792 Saliceti ordered the suppression of Corsican convents in Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio and Corté!. In Ajaccio on 25 March, Capucins delivered Easter Communion. The receivers of Holy Communion declared it was by religious men, and not the bought “priests” of the Directory.
In San Francesco a delegation of faithful Corsicans petitioned a stay of the Orders from Saliceti. It was JOSEPH Buonaparté who ordered them home! When Napoléoné heard about this, he was angered and upset. (It is told that Paoli told Napoléoné: “go forth and be the successor of Alexander.”) Napoléoné was a second lieutenant in the Artllery. Two lieutenant-colonels were to be elected for each batallion. One candidate, Quenza, qas also favored of Paoli. Napoléoné kept “open-house” for his Volunteers. He was very impressed that one decided to stay at his home. The election came the next day, at the Church in San Francesco. Matteo Pozzo di Borgo entered-in like a Malfia bully with arms; and Naopoléoné’s followers marked him down openly with shouts and dragged him from the platform; And against the French law, Napoléoné got himself elected “lieutenant-colonel” with his Corsican Militia along with Quenza.
Joseph Buonaparte sent the company of Volunteers to Ajaccio. On 02 April 1792 they were formerly inspected by the French garrison official, Colonel Maillard. Maillard insisted that only a quarter of the Volunteers [Napoléoné included] could stay in Ajaccio, the rest, under Rossi would have to go into the interior. The “Ajaccienne division” would be given barracks just outside of Ajaccio’s walls. Son fighting broke-out between the Volunteers and the Ajaccio mariners. Many families fled the city and took ship for Italian ports.
Easter Sunday, the nonjurying priests offered Mass at the Convent of San Francesco. On 09 April, the Faithful made a Procession. 17:00 hours in the evening. Violance broke out again between the sailers and the Volunteers. One of Napoléoné’s lieutenants, Rocco-Serra, was murdered beside him. Napoléoné with some others ran through the Ternano mansion to escape…right aside the Cathedral Square…where the seminarians sheltered them. He tried to go to and explain to Colonel Maillard. But Maillard refused Napoléné’s admittance to his residential-governing house in Ajaccio,The Volunteers needed to be within the cidadel for their safety. Napoléoné relentlessly pleaded with Maillard; but said only the King’s orders could permit that!.
and he refused to give Napoléoné and Quenza municians they so badly needed. The next day some unruly Jacobeans, accused of being among the Volunteers of Napoléoné, killed Abbé Santo Peraldi, a widow and a young girl, 13 years-old. The Abbé’s father, Mario Battista Peraldi, with some parishoners, attacked the Seminary. The Volunteers counter-attacked and had to occupy the local houses. The ancient Church of the Jesuits was stormed. . The townsfolk blamed Napoléoné for causing a riot. The French Governor Maillard said that he would attack and destroy the Volunteers if they did not withdraw immediately!
Both Napoléone and Quenza were “men of religion”; and were well known to Abbé Coti, the Procurator Syndic of the District of Ajaccio. Abbé Coti, acted on his own Authority, knowing Napolèoné….Maillard finally agreed to make peace with the Volunteers. Napoléoné that night had attacked the Benelli mansion; so on 10 April, in the meeting with Quenza, Napoléoné, some other officers and Maillard, there was drawn-up an armistace….But the armistance was not being obeyed! There was a break-ot of violence again over a water-fountain. Napoléoné saw these French troops, and Maillard who led them, as disreputable bullies and is believed to have organized an insurrection against Maillard. On the 11th, Maillard reversed his armistace and gave the Municipality cannons to fight the Volunteers.


The French government sent two commisioners, Cesari and Bartolemeo Arrighi to Ajaccio. Meeting them ahead in Bocognano, Napoléoné gave them the true story. Paoli himself gave Napoléoné and Quenza the right of arms to bring-down the violence in the city of Ajaccio! On 16 April, Cesari and Arrighi entered Ajaccio. The Commissioners sent Quenza to Corté; despite Napoléoné’s pleas; but his brother Joseph interceded against his brother’s wishes, and Napoléoné had to give way. There was no “cuccagna”! Abbé Coti was threatened with suspension of his position and called to Corté. In Paris, Pozo and Peraldi spoke-up against Napoléoné and Paoli. Carlo Andrea Pozzo was made in Paris one of the Four Commissioners of War! It became increasingly plain, that Pasquale Paoli was the one sure center of Corsica: and the only one who could guarantee Corsica’s security. Saliceti deplored Paoli, seeking his “power”. When Napoléoné came to Corté with his batallion in May, he immediately sought out Paoli. He proposed a new batallion under his command on 13 May. Joseph told Napoléoné: “It seems to me, that your most prudent course of action would be to leave the island immediately and return to France.” Letizia and Joseph convinced Napoléoné to go to Paris to defend himself and Paoli.
Napoléone told his brother Joseph on 29 May 1792: “Keep on close terms with General Paoli. He is everything, and can do everything. He will be all important in a future that no one in the world can predict….”

Napoléoné was sickened by what he saw; recognizing Robespierre and “the Committe for Public Safey” as the vermin they were. Soon came the revelation of the Royal family fleeing justice….and three months after the flight of Varennnes , Napoléoné defended Paoli, finally, at the French Consul despite all that ocurred…as he loved “Il Babbu”, when the French wanted to remove and behead Paoli! Napoléoné was granted leave to return to his Corsican family and meet with the old General!
His sister, Maria-Anna was at St Cyr: the aristocratic convent school where her name became Elisa. The Invading Prussian Army were raping and murdering in the wild unruly atmosphere of Paris. The prisons were broken into by them; and they butchered 14,000 prisoners by September! The Revolutionaries tried to stop Napoléoné and Elisa …only thing stopping them from being slaughtered was he and his sister’s Corsican tongue, his uniform and his Corsican passport. They made it back to Ajaccio.
Napoleon despised Robespierre, was very fearful of the The “Commitee of Public Safety”. He loved the ringing of Church bells; and said that he firmly believed that only religion could answer man’s thirst for perfect justice….
Napoléoné was reinstated, and Letizia wrote Louis XVI a letter of thanks…one of the last letters of correspondence sent to the great constitutional-Bourbon King! At this time, Robespierre had supressed all regious Orders. in two weeks time, by August, the Tuilleries were attacked; and then began the mass public executions! The Royal Family had been imprisoned in the Temple!
Napoléoné condemned the beheading of the Royal family, therefore by 1793, came “the severe rupture”.
Pasquale Paoli understands that the revolution is falling into the errors of terror, and turns away from France…after a confirmed meeting with General Napoléoné Buonaparté…who was highly critical of “the Commitee for Public Safety” and the Directory of Robespierre!
“The federalism discordant sects vanished in unity, indivisibility of Reason>>.
When King Louis XVI was executed, Pasquale Paoli said to Lucien Buonaparté: “The wretches have guillotined their King: the best of men, a Saint! No Corsican wants anything to do with them [the Robespierreists]…shame on anyone who side with the brigands!”
It was LUCIEN [not Napoléoné] who made accusations against Paoli in the Toulon Revolutionaries Club. “The Convention” orderered Paoli’s arrest….Thus these advents fulfiled the old Archdeacon Luciano’s prophecy concering young Lucien…..
On 11 July 1793, they all finally were enabled to rondevous together out of Ajaccio with the French vessel commadered by Napoléoné; and they sailed for Toulon. They landed in two days time. Napoléon [removing the “é” from his Christian name, and the u and accent of his surname] landed with his family in Toulon, 14 July 1793. France had as its new Government “The “Commitee of Public Safety” ( a Commitee of 12 likened to the 12 Apostles!) …the whole clan and the Fesch’s…into the scheming arms of Lucien, who felt no remorse….
After the holiday season, masqueraders of Reason storm Notre-Dame de Paris on 10 November 1793 dis-establishing the worship of the Supreme Being.
On 16 November 1793, the Convention says Catholicism is “deprived of public worship>>. The most concrete consequences of this, lie in the confiscation of Church property. “In principle all buildings used for worship and housing of his ministers should serve as an asylum for the poor and establishment for public instruction>>. Thus began a process of dispossession of all Church properties!!!
Just after this, the British win control of Corsica.
Paoli despised the French, was afraid of his own head be taken…And although having no great love for the English, Paoli hoped that the English would grant Corsica the liberty and freedom of State that France was denying Corsica…as he made a few prominent English “friends” to Corsica’s “cause”….But little hope, commitment and no money was coming from the English Government; and from his so-called “friends”, came but a few British pounds Sterling.
Napoléon plucked the Convention on Freedom of Worship, on 21 November 1793, hoping to calm the spirits of the nation, and restore sanity to the “state”!.
Paradoxically, Napoléon intended to induce the clergy to respect “the powers of the state”, Catholicism, still widely popular, especially for the needs of the masses, finally
re-appears as an Institution that qualifies for renewal. The Church of the Papacy is decisively right; and Napoléon seeks to reestablish its full presence in France. In August
of 1794, Napoléon was involved with the fall of the Robespierrists; and for his part in overthrowing Robespierre and “The “Commitee of Public Safety”, he was arrested. He was
imprisoned near ANTIBES. Saliceti played a part in his imprisonment….and wished Napoléon to be guillotined!
A French naval squadron had appeared in Ajaccio, and Paoli decides to abdicate his power, as he [General Paoli ] will not serve under England’s [Sir Eliot’s] incompetant
Governorship and cruelty, anyway. Paoli abdicated his power…and is exiled to London, for fear that “the Commitee for Public Safety” & France’s First Consul would have his head as well!!
Paoli resides in London under the hope that someday his ideals will see the free light of a republic of Corsica and the Western would would follow suit in return…He hoped that if General
Bonaparte finally achieved high enough position that he would keep his desired promise of freeing Corsica…BUT the Directory of France (while Napoléon was in Egypt) had other ideas….

*A “Man of Faith”, Napoleon was, have no doubt.
“The existence of God is reflected in everything that affects our imagination and if our minds does not reach Him , it is that we did not allow that our
intelligence should go so far.
An honest man never doubts the existence of God; because, if reason does not understand, the instinct of the soul adopts. All things that make the soul,
has sympathy with religious sentiment>>.
There is no doubt of Napoléon’s sincerity iin making these statements. In other circumstances, he will summarize in more explicitly: “Our credulity is
the vice of our nature>>.
It seems that the Spirit continually lived in Napoléon’s measurable periods: Premonition… this question was addressed, as sort of meditation aloud,
reading like a inspired prophecy :
“Who knows if the happiness of today is not the misfortune of tomorrow? Religion offers comfort in all phases of life – We are less unhappy when given
to religious thought; it is therefore, always in itself, the strength for us to bear misfortune>>.
The spiritual foundation of the Catholic Church has never been questioned and no persecution took place under the Empire:
“The most sacred among men is the consciousness that man has a secret voice crying that nothing on earth can make him believe what he does not believe.
The most horrible of all tyranny is that which obliges a nation to embrace a religion contrary to their beliefs, otherwise they can not exercise the rights of
 citizens, or possess any property, which is the same thing as to have some country on earth>>.
At a minister, whose name we would now be destined to laugh at, Bigot, truly Bigot de Preameneu said by way of injunction:
“The officers and prisons should never be a means of reducing practice of religion.
We can bring the conscience of a man to no court; and, no one is accountable for his religious opinions to any earthly power>>.
Napoleon believed in God, he advocated freedom of conscience; but also, he admits the need for the Church:
“Society can not exist without religion. When a man dies of hunger near another who is full, it is impossible to make him admit the difference if there is not an Authority who tells him: “God wills it: It must be that there are poor and the rich in the world; but, then and for eternity, the division will otherwise cease>>.
Priests are required to pass through the beautiful liturgy of mysteries.
The Justice of God’s power is given to the people through the power of priests>>.
How is Napoléon to be more explicit in his definition of religion in the public interest?
“Religion is still a sort of inoculation or vaccination, which satisfying our love of the marvelous, guarantees us quacks and sorcerers, as well as the priests who are better than Cagliostro, Kant and all the dreamers of Germany>> .
And the best way to maintain/supply this wonderful need is through the Ritual Offices.
“Does the Catholic religion speak more to the imagination of the people by the pomp of her ceremonies than by Her Supreme Morality? When you want to electrify the masses we must first talk to them>>.
Under this aspect [and only in respect] of the necessary annals of Liturgical-Ritual, a sort of audio-visual storytelling [which permits man with the understanding of the Holy precepts]; and so, this remains validly clear today. Napoleon was a family-minded traditionalist who was willingly suited the nostalgic moment….
( Read Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop of Epon, who is still a figure of thought with close to the thinking to that of the Emperor Napoléon.)
The policy of the Eternal Church is made of a diplomacy of small steps.
Napoleon, found in religion a natural adjuvant against tyranical-monarchy.
“The biggest Republican is Jesus Christ. Aristocracy is in the Old Testament, democracy in the new.
The moral of the Gospel is that of equality and therefore most favorable to republican government.
Popular sovereignty, freedom, equality, is the code of the Gospel>>.
For other reasons, the Roman Church in France [banned under the Revolution, then tolerated with the legal separation of church and state], was re-proclaimed by the Convention of February 21, 1795. It remains even today, very faithful to the Pope and continues to be favored by French Catholics.
Thus, popular with the large French majority, The Church condemned The Revolution; yet it bustled with vitality and holiness. Bishop Gregory, accused the State of being subservient to power of the Revolution !.
Unfortunately, the Roman-Catholics hierarchy mistakenly identified with a con-revolutionary “spirit”. Napoléon tried to counteract this attitude.
For him, the body of the State is willing to concede to religious Authority and a republic.
“Priests have an administrative function: they are on the verge of civil service”.
“A priest must be a natural judge, the moral head of population.
The priests, in the true spirit of the Gospel, must contribute to the public peace by preaching the true mission of charity>>.
And that’s a chagrin that never fails:

In 1796: upon hearing of Napolèon’s triumph in the abolishment of the Republic of Genoa, Paoli cried out: “It is by the hand of a Corsican that Genoa has received “la Coup de Grace!”
Blog de bertocchini :Le blog de Frédéric Bertocchini, Pasquale Paoli, L'IntegraliBlog de bertocchini :Le blog de Frédéric Bertocchini, Les Secrets de la BD sur Pasquale Paoli (1)
Therefore, Paoli fortunately, was able to see his vision fulfilled during his lifetime. though but for a short while (For when Napoléon was exiled, Corsica returned as part of France.):


The wedding present Napoléon gave to his sister Elisa and the Corsican Patriot Felice Pasquale Bachiochi (a distant cousin of his on his maternal-side) consisted of 40,000 francs and a military Command for Bachiochi in Ajaccio. The only condition he imposed upon them was that their “civil” marriage should be as soon as possible be blessed by a Catholic Ceremony in Mombello.
The Priest who blessed their union, on the same day blessed the marriage between his other sister, Pauline and Officer Victor-Emmanuel leClerc.

When Corsica was liberated [the previous October],

Napoléon ordered that the family “Casa Buonaparté” be totally repaired. Soon Letizia was able to return to her Corsican home! She returned home to cheering crowds, Mother of the Liberator of Corsica!
(Therfore, the Napoléonic exile lasted only 4 years!) Hudson Lowe was billoted in Ajaccio at the same time…hence the beginning of a future end….The troublesome Lucien was now a French Commisioner in
Corsica. Joseph purchased for the family, the part of the house that was not legally Letizia’s. Her half-brother, the young Abbé Guiseppe Fesch joined in, and bought some adjacent lands. But Priests were still
being persecuted who did not take the Civil Oath of The New Regime by the French “Enlightenists” who still remained on the Island! So, in Spring 1798 a clash broke-out while Napoléon and Louis were in
Egypt [with their party of archaeologists]. She said: “My son will not perish in Egypt as his enenemies are hoping. I know a higher destiny awaits him”. Louis returned first to his mother, carrying some of
Napoléon’s Egyptian trophies with him…although he would soon head for Paris. The “Battle of the Pyramids” made Napoléon “Master of Cairo”! Josephine, though (in her infidelity) called the Bonapartes
“those monsters” !!!! Grieving, Napoléon was contemplating divource…legally his right for her adultery and barren marriage. Letizia was still weak after recuperating from malaria; and Louis prompted her to
go to Paris with him so she could take-in the medicinal waters/pool of a French Spa. (15 years later, she was only able to return for a few hours.
   In 1800, upon hearing that Napoléon was elected the First Consul, Paoli lit-up all the window’s in his London house on Oxford Street..
In 1805, Paoli continued to make sure his dream of Corté University in Corsica was a reality. Napoléon’s Prefect in Corsica was Pietri. To him, Paoli outlined in great detail, what each of the chairs should be teaching, the syllibus for each Corsican instructor: the completed project should produce a responsible and educated electorate, politicians which were solely devoted to the well-being of their Corsican Nation, and an educated and responsible Clergy.* He desired a school be errected in his native glen of Rostino where all children could be educated. He also desired that 5 scholarships be available to young Corsicans to be enabled to go to the mainland and study at a University of their choice.


File:Pasquale Paoli by W Beckey.jpg
Upon hearing of Paoli’s passing in the arms of co-patriot Giacomorsi, on 05 February 1807, [aged 82] Napoléon exclaimed, with great passion, love and admiration: “He devined that I should be something extraordinary.” He was unable-to (while Paoli was still alive) reinstate him, because, as he (Napoléon) explains: “But taken-up with Affairs of State, I rarely had the opportunity in endulging my personal desires.”
*: Each professor is given a two year course. First Chair: to teach the fundamentals of natural theology and revealed Catholic religion and examination of religious Texts; Second Chair was the teaching of Political Science and Philosophy, using his conscribed Constitution for the Corsican Nation, so that the students will learn to govern well and with probity. The Third Chair would go to logistics, metaphysics and math. Logic and Metaphysics were to accomplish and “direct and assist man’s natural faculties of reasoning and understanding in consideration of general ideals”; and math was to provide the foundation for future studies of the natural sciences, as well as establish a future administrator to manage the nation’s finances in the wisest manner.
Also to die in exile would be Napoléon on St. Helene. Jefferson would soon die as a Monticello begger, in 1826. Freedom looked lost to Western Europe!
image“Citizen of Heaven”, is the expression Pascal Paoli gave for himself. In a pretty and touching manner, used in his letter to a friend of his (on the anniversary of his seventy-seventh year in exile), living in London, Paoli wrote:
 “I remiss more on The Other World, and what would make me worthy of being a citizen of Heaven. “
 Thus, it is to Heaven where he lovingly contemplates on being a citizen-of. Of course, a “chagrin” is not a profession of faith. But what here looks like a nod to Eternal existence, he says that the purpose of life should center around the common good for mortal society. Because of that, Paquale Paoli contently lived a life in pure dignity. Understanding his wonderful moment in the history of Corsica, under the concept of citizenship [in addition to its resonance throughout our world] one truly can appreciate the loyalty of this idealistic statesman , summed-up as “the authenticity of an effective life”. Men are only as much as the questions they pose. For it is, from them, that they can be driven to either be: the lesson, or to make for others, a lesson! In this essay, Paoli questions the meaning of those who ceased to inhabit their puposed native [or heart-felt] land, and yet still be fully commited one’s country! This led Voltaire to declare: “All Europe is Corsican! “  



“The rocks that surround us will turn to liquid before I cease to remain committed to the freedom of the nation …”
Two centuries after his death is now more than ever to balance the work of Pasquale
Paoli, the man of the Corsican Nation, “U Babbu di a Patria”
It is hoped that this month of February 2007 will be conducive to highlighting the
immense stature of the ruler who ever thought to future generations and not the next election.
In this modest contribution I would like to endeavor to emphasize Paoli was the
resistance in action in three areas.
Resistance to foreign conquest first, whether Genoese, French or even English.
The only ambition of Paoli was to achieve and then maintain, a Corsican by the
sovereign exercise of democracy and the consideration of national interest.
It foreshadowed what would later be called “self government” power by the Corsicans for Corsica.
He devoted to this task most of its energy and those who advised him to take a woman he invariably replied “my wife’s
homeland. The country thought it finally found freedom in 1790 before the Jacobins and the French revolutionary
terror will throw their masks hideous!
Paoli resisted by political leader he was rather than military leader he was little.
His two primary qualities, intellectual honesty and lucidity, prevented him to agree to his country to an unjust rule,
refusing the honors offered him many times. In the name of national honor.

Resistance clans then because if Corsica was never a conglomeration of tribes they suffered and still suffers from the

division of his children, the spirit of party or faction.

If he had to deal with the notables of the island he never failed to surround himself with exceptional men, clergy or laity, who had no

concern that the common good.

From this perspective it is necessary to analyze its implacable opposition to the then Matra Bonaparte, Trojans occupant. Ruling clans

he preferred the power of the people and devoted all his efforts to establish a constitution adapted nourished our community traditions

and the prestigious precedent Bastianu COSTA.

He was always saving money for the state and turned partisan, like Machiavelli, a popular army.

Resistance to violence and finally by the uncompromising struggle he undertook against the perverted institution of the feud.

Refusing the fratricidal clashes he realized before anyone else, that the major issue was the education and training policy of the people.

Building on the youth he favored only merit as the University of Corti in his administration. He was the inventor of the “community of

fate” not hesitating to accept Jews or descendants of Genoa rallied to the cause of Corsican. More than the feeling he was the champion

of the national consciousness Corsican considering that for his time, freedom must first be summed collectively.

He opposed the peace on behalf of peace, hoping that later the great philosopher Immanuel Kant called “universal peace” based on

international law fair and mutual respect among peoples. If Paoli has crossed into our hearts and our memory space that joins the

ideal to reality simply because it was a strong positive, a builder, but focused dignity safety.

More than a true monument remains our very breath, that which makes us even today, be inflated with hope, men still standing.

Vincent Stagnara

Pasquale Paoli, a modern legislator

Paoli’s genius lies in his astonishing ability to understand the past to enlighten the future.

In the intellectual formation of Paoli, there are two poles, his classical culture with perfect knowledge

of Greek democracy and republican Rome, and also acquired the Christian lucid and not bigoted.

Corsica in 1755 did not emerge from a period of slavery, she knew neither the horrors of fratricidal

wars of religion, nor the absolute power of crowned despots. She has always fought against the invaders

now in its successive democratic gains very old. At all times, the Corsican communities have lived in the

expression of direct democracy, electing their representatives.

Each citizen has always been able to speak whatever his rank, gender or origin.

All decisions involving the lives of communities were taken together in the most perfect democratic transparency.

It was thus in 1755 a democratic secular tradition, alive and well, respects the opinions of each individual freedoms,

concerned about the public good and always driven by strong Christian values. Corsica was then a set of Pieve,

provincial, self-managed and highly conscious of their independence as decision-making may be the family unit.

The genius of Paoli was summarizing his theoretical knowledge and culture to achieve unity of a nation, respecting

the diversity of its components. Here is the modernity of the great man. In Europe, political construction, we are

witnessing a similar process across a continent. The nation states formed in the 19th century, or after conflicts of 14-18

and 39-45, decompose and regional communities in Europe reappear to claim their sovereignty.

All diplomatic maneuvers Paoli had intended that the recognition of national sovereignty and protection, not in the

sense of colonial protectorate, but the meaning of mentoring. This has happened today with the European construction.

In this process, subsidiarity is put forward, is to approximate the maker of the citizen to delegate executive power to regions

and empower the elected decision makers in the eyes of their constituents citizens. The motto of the EU “in pluribus unum”

Is not the essence of the Corsican nation, unity in diversity. What elements should we draw from the legislative work of Paoli?

A popular representation holds legislative power, omnipotent in all areas. An executive appointed by popular representation

responsible for implementing policies set by the majority. A judicial review exercised by a court independent, responsible for

auditing the public finances but also say the law in all areas. A constitution reduced to essentially changed by the Cunsulta which

is a code of good functioning of institutions and not a regulatory straitjacket.

The broad application of the principle of subsidiarity in the decision-maker closer to the citizen, and policies to empower citizens

in their rights and duties, the state being there to inspire policy and to exercise its sovereign powers, justice, education, health ,

budget and national solidarity, security.

This is where the legislative work of Pasquale Paoli is modern, it has respected the traditions and customs, religions and respect the

secular without being an atheist, organize an effective state where energy is not lost in the miles leaves administration. The nation

Corsica tomorrow plural respectful individuals, sitting on his historic achievements, a stakeholder in this Europe will be our tutor

in the comity of nations.

Clément Filippi

 Two thousand seven will we know the year Pascal Paoli. If he is right to shine in this bicentennial of his death vividly paoline lights,
it is good that Corsica whole is rallying behind him who was the founding father of our country, we must however take care that his
memory is neither defiled nor used for crass electioneering.

Already looms the faded image of a consensual Paoli amputated his more flamboyant impulses, who made him a chief of collecting,

as he wrote September 15, 1755, all efforts “to fight for country and against the common enemy of our nation “(1)

Soon’s plot came mystification of those who have always opposed the concept of homeland and nation as understood Paoli, will fight to

become the testamentary heirs. Leaves to completely alter the thinking and the message, even to diminish the magnitude for the swallow

to the rank of first President of the General Council that has served him “the council once November 11, 1790 (2 ) as he haughtily refused

such pseudo powers.

Similarly, the controversy opened by Michel Franceschi Verge that the nationalist movement was wrong “to see him (Pascal Paoli) the

enemy of France because he does not lie simply in terms of states, Genoa, France, the England, and this narrow view is an insult to his

memory as a citizen of the world “(3) has no place and finds its clearest refutation in the texts of Paoli reported by the same historian in

his book: Pascal Paoli, a Corsican of the Enlightenment. It is clear that Paoli was still vehemently opposed to France and this at every

stage of his life.

Young head of state, when August 27, 1768 he said to Mann: “If my country is crushed, I do not stay in Corsica or in a territory of the

French Empire, so I can escape. Everything will be done to oppress me personally and to tear all my messages so that they may one

day see the light, could enlighten the world about how the ministers of France consider fair. “(4)

Exiled, in 1770 when he wrote in his pamphlet “Corsican national feelings against the invasion of their country” about the surrender

of Corsica to Genoa by France: “It is outrageous to think that the rights of sovereignty that a monarch or a republic have on rights can

be transferred to another sovereign without their free and spontaneous. “(5)

When Prophet October 24, 1793 he takes this final statement: “the flag of the French republic is no longer that of the Corsicans’ (6).

Male age, when in 1798 he regretted the death of his sister: “My sister has left to live and France cruel, and the rapacity of his

government have made too many bitter last moments of his life. (7)

The vision of the Corsican nation as a free nation is at the heart of thought paoline as an act of faith which explains everything and justifies

everything. In the embodiment of that dream was realized the staggering challenge of an independent Corsica at the end of a journey

chaotic but always consistent. When Paoli endorses the ideas of the revolution, it is to ignite a vision of the French nation is that of a

temporary state exporting lights and fighting for the sacred values of freedom and natural rights .

In fact, as confirmed and disappointment quickly and continued his political struggle, it is for Paoli adherence to an ideal and a choice of

absolutely pure ethics and philosophy, not d a rallying tutoring bearer of authority and power distributor. In his mind the vision of Corsica

as a nation is still intact as the show closer to the England with which it deals “on a footing of equality between nations. (8)

So those who do not see the future shining in the flame of the Corsican nation, can not say all the heirs of those who wrote to King George III:

“The Corsican people is resolved to maintain its freedom and independence.” (9)

The son of Paoli are now looking into the ranks of those fighting for an ideal, more than ever this year with tributes a constant presence and vigilance,

they will protect the integrity and express vitality.

Dr. Augustus Bagnaninchi

(1) PASCAL PAOLI CORRESPONDENCE VOLUME I, took power in 1749 -1756, page 177, ANTOINE MARIE GRAZIANI, Editions Alain Piazzola.
(2) PAOLI A CORSE OF LIGHTS, MICHEL VERGE Franceschi, Editions Fayard, page 450.
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Pasquale de’Paoli, Babbu di a Patria (corsa)

The work of Pasquale de’Paoli is exceptional and can only be glad to see that even pro-French leaders clanistes fight to

celebrate the bicentennial of his death. If one day they are really interested in the history of Corsica, which still does

not appear in the curricula of schools and colleges of Corsica, they will find that Paoli was exactly the opposite.

A character who has always put the interests of Corsica first. A character who was willing to sacrifice everything

for that Corsica can be free. A man of charisma certainly uncommon and has contributed so much not only to

Corsica, but also to Europe and America. Its work is universal and timeless.

For cons, the work of leaders clanistes Corsican remain as one of the greatest betrayals in history. How sad to hear

these clanistes implore the French government to put an imprisoned Corsican patriots who defend this land,

many sacrificing their lives, often risking their freedom.


Paoli’s work is universal. Appointed by the convent Cunsulta

Sant’Antoni di Casabianca was General in Chief of the Corsican

Nation 13 and July 14, 1755, Pasquale de’Paoli immediately

declare the independence of Corsica in the name of the right

of peoples to dispose of themselves.

The Cunsulta the burden of writing a constitution.

Merely thinking of writing one is a feat in the Europe of the eighteenth century! From 16 to 18 November 1755, at a Cunsulta to Corti,

the constitution is proclaimed. She is the heiress 25 years of revolution and inspired by the philosophies of the Enlightenment of the

early eighteenth century, including Montesquieu. This constitution preamble to “the Corsican people, legitimately master of himself.”

Those who would commemorate Paoli today would do well not to forget. De facto, the Constitution proclaims the equality of all before

the law, long before the French revolutionaries did so. While the France of the ancien regime favors Nobles and traps right and left

without reason, independent Corsica became the first modern-style democracy in Europe.

Paoli Corsica organizes independent and must fight Matra will eventually seek the help of the Serenissima before dying in combat.

Betrayal is a constant in our history, and Matra has nothing to envy clanistes current leaders who are under orders from Paris.

Gradually, all pieve Corsica Paoli acknowledges as general of the nation and participate in independence.

Paoli put into practice the universal suffrage and even gives the vote to women, when they are heads of household. Recall that,

in most “democracies” today, it was not until the twentieth century that women could vote. The French for example have the right

to vote in 1944 and vote for the first time the following year, ie almost two centuries after some Corsican women.

Paoli will also give Corsica a navy, while using the race, an army regular, albeit limited, but all the villages will be mobilized by third

parties where necessary. The Corsican flag will be formalized in 1762. A national printing will be created, and of course that money, i soldi.

Pasquale de’Paoli will also open the first university in the history of Corsica, in January 1765. It will give much attention to this university

and exams in May, it will pull itself out to the subjects and students make their presentations before the Cunsulta.

The University will close its doors at the military conquest of Corsica by the troops of the King of France. Corsicans (well some) require

reopening for two centuries. Only when that finally riacquistu and cons of the opinion leaders clanistes of the time, the French government

will accept the reopening of the university in 1981. Since then, a very short memory, heads clanistes Corsican regularly come celebrate

the 10 years, 20 years … This university, as they had fought for its reopening! But nothing stops them Paoli who see a champion of

nonviolence, Corsica French and therefore no loss of identity and culture of Corsica …


Forced into exile after the defeat of Ponte Novu marking the bloody end of the independence of Corsica Pasquale de’Paoli will be celebrated throughout Europe and received by the King of England as head of state that it was.

In 1774, the United States of America declared their independence. In 87, they proclaim their constitution. Some do not hesitate to say it was inspired by that of Paoli. In any case, Paoli is known and celebrated in the U.S. that pay homage to freedom fighter. Several cities set up right now bear his name and still exist today.

The return of Paoli

In 1789, the French Revolution broke out and then they are ideas of democracy and freedom that we had practiced that triumph.

It is therefore logical that Paoli is received in triumph by the Paris Convention. The French revolutionaries fighting for her weaving praise, and the Marquis de Lafayette will serve him well as a guide to Paris. Corsica accepted at this time to “integral part of the French empire.” Paoli was appointed head of the Corsican National Guard and President of the General Council.

But in 1793, is the rupture. Paoli understands that the revolution is falling into the errors of terror, and turns away.

This time the English who remained passive in 1769 intervened militarily to help us release new Corsica. It is the

creation of the Anglo-Corsican Kingdom, the second independence. This kingdom will fail because the English decide

to appoint Sir Eliot, one of them, Viceroy of Corsica and Paoli not, but still this episode Anglo-Corsican has enabled

our nation to avoid the bloodshed of Terror as the Vendee was able to know.

Finally, in 1796, isolated in the Mediterranean, threatened by the Italian Campaign of General Bonaparte, the British

left Corsica and the French troops reoccupied. This episode is known in official history as “the issue of Corsica, but in fact

it is a re-occupation that has lasted more than two centuries.

If he remains today of the Corsicans who are fighting to liberate our land, there are still men who think they can sacrifice

everything for their country, there are still people who believe that the Corsican nation must continue to live, it is because

they are conscious of being heirs of Paoli and his national eighteenth century.

Ghjuvan Filipu Antolini



22 MARCH 2011 Muammar al Qathafi
Bab Al Azizia memorial in Tripoli, Libya:

“This is the battle against the crusaders.
This is a crusade war.
Demonstrations are everywhere in the world, to support you.
In Asia, Africa, Europe, America, the people are against them. Those who are against you, they are just a handful. Handful of fascists.
A handful of crazed people. As a handful of those who will be defeated by their own people. We shall win this historic battle. We will never surrender.
We will never be scared by these fireworks.

These missiles are fireworks. The Libyans are laughing. The Libyans are ridiculing these. We will defeat them, in every way that we can. Either short term or long term. We are ready for this battle, whether it’s long or short. The best of air defenses are people, those people are all in front of you.

It’s you. It’s you, the air defense. (crowd cheers) Demonstrations are everywhere in the world, in support of the people of Libya against this aggression, which is unjustified.
Against the wish of the United Nations – it’s an aggressor. It’s an aggression against the Libyans by fascists, who will end up in the bin of history (grins) My Libyan people, you are living in glorious moments.

This is a glory. These are glorious times that we’re living in. All the people around the world who are with us, they are leading the revolution against imperialism and tyranny.
And I say that to you, I do not fear those storms at all.
I do not fear those storms at all. I do not fear the destructions.
I am steadfast, I’m whole, I am here in my house, and my tent.
I have the right.
I am here, I am here, I am here.”

(Translation by M. Ramirez)


FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011

Libya: The Zionist Dragon and The Drums of War

The Zionist Dragon; seen here,
looking to feast on Lebanon.
It now seeks to destroy Libya.

by Jonathan Azaziah

It’s happening all over again. Do you hear them? You must be able to. The deaf, those incapable of hearing the sounds of serenity and calamity since birth, could hear them due to their almost wretched loudness. What? What you ask? The drums of war of course. And the drummers are composing their iniquitous cacophony from the same locations that they always do. Tel Aviv. Washington D.C. London, the City of London to be most precise. The audience for their bloodthirsty melody this time around? Libya. Their previous audiences included the ravaged nation of Afghanistan and the devastated nation of Iraq.

War, classically defined, is a state of armed, hostile conflict between nations. But the war of the drummers is different. Their war, in their minds, is waged on children of a lesser God. Women of a lesser state of being. Men of a lesser right. Their war is mass murder of unarmed innocents, occupation, theft of land and resources, desecration and dehumanization. Their war is genocide. These drummers sometimes appear to be of an otherworldly nature; vampires from movies produced in the dregs of the morally destructive institution known as Hollywood. Their aim is to remain. Remain as the sole holders of the globe; the lone controllers; the only existing cabal of masters and elders, who will govern masses of cattle.

20 years of sanctions, occupation and decimation of land, water and natural resources in the shell of a nation known as Iraq left the people, the steadfast and courageous Iraqis, intimate with the inner workings of the drummers and their compositions of mayhem. Add another 10 years to the equation, and the resolute and brave people of Afghanistan could also write essays on the murderous music known as American interventionism. In both cases, the dismemberment of their societies came under the guise of “humanitarianism.” The bullets came wrapped in heroic garb. The missiles and bombs were packaged with false sympathy for the oppressed. The rapes were for liberation. The murders were for freedom. Libyans beware; the drummers want to make your nation their next humanitarian adventure.

(A Young lieutenent)  Muammar Qaddafi overthrew King Idris, a monarchical stooge for the Zionist-occupied US war machine and Italy, seeker of re-colonization of Libya in one form or another, in 1969. It was Qaddafi who removed the American military bases from Libya and it was Qaddafi who consistently supported the struggle to reclaim occupied Palestine from the Zionist entity and its ruthless operators ….

(1)… Israel wanted revenge. Using the Libyan people as the sacrificial lambs and the wave of protests sweeping the Arab world as the cover, the plot was hatched to remove the creator of the Great JAMAHIRIYA. The Zionist dragon was deployed into the frame. And the music of Zionism’s chaos began to play.

The false flags against Libya were exclusively produced by Mossad.

A Short History: Operation Trojan, Lockerbie and Abu Salim
During the beginnings of the presidency of war criminal Ronald Reagan, the Zionist media vociferously promoted what would become a long-running propaganda piece about a Libyan hit squad operating in the United States. This hit squad’s mission was to assassinate Ronald Regan. The source of the story was Manucher Ghorbanifar, a former agent of the overthrown Shah of Iran’s secret police, SAVAK. SAVAK, the notorious apparatus known for its brutal torture techniques, learned everything from Mossad and Ghorbanifar himself had deep-rooted personal ties to the Mossad, the world’s leader in false flag terrorism. The purpose of this hit squad story was to drum up support from the American populace for a strike on Libya.

(GEORGE TREMLETT wrote in 1993) :

In December 1981:
The U-S. administration claimed that Muammar al-Qathafi sent a team of libyan hit-men to Wahington to assassinate the US President–Wide publications in all the media showed roadblocks set up and armed guards on the White House roof–FALSELY, Reagan said:”We have evidence and Gaddafi know it”!

BUT when the names and photgraphs ere published of the “Libyan Hot-men” they were actually photos of famous well-known and respectable Lebanese business banking contractors, with no connection to Libya or terrorism.

Azaziah continues:

This particular false flag vis-a-vis Ghorbanifar didn’t accomplish the mission to the degree that the Zionist entity designed it to. The illegitimate Israeli state subsequently turned up the heat and put Operation Trojan into motion. The Trojan is an Israeli communications device used by Mossad’s psychological warfare squad, LAP (LohAma Psicologit), as a relay station for misleading intelligence reports emanating from Israeli navy ships in the region. The Trojan is to be planted in nations resisting the Zionist Power Configuration, or in Israeli intel terminology, “hostile environments,” at targets where official state business is conducted, like an embassy. These false reports were to be picked up by states allied with Israel on separate frequencies, wherein the information would be confirmed by Mossad. Little do the ally states know, the reports themselves are being created by Israel.

Operation Trojan was a success as the device was planted in the heart of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, and the American government began retrieving numerous messages from the Trojan and processing intelligence proofs that Libya was closely linked with the planning and execution of terrorism. The chiefs of Mossad were exceedingly pleased (3). On April 5th, 1986, the final stages of Operation Trojan came to fruition when a disco club in Berlin was bombed, leaving two American soldiers and a Turkish woman dead, in addition to the severe wounding of 229 others (4). A heinous false flag blamed on Libya, the 1986 bombing of the La Belle disco was an extensive Mossad operation which was carried out with assistance from its allies in the CIA (5). This event led to the US military’s Operation El Dorado Canyon on April 15, 1986. This murderous violation of Libya’s sovereignty left dozens of Libyan civilians dead, including Muammar Qaddafi’s 15-month old adopted daughter (6).

The murder of Qaddafi’s daughter and so many other innocent Libyans was designed to boost Mossad’s image in the international intelligence community and display to the Arab/Islamic world that the United States stood with the Zionist entity (7), or more accurately, that the USA stood wherever the Zionist entity told it to stand. Colonel Qaddafi was acutely aware of the deception that led to the murder of his child and the arrogance of the powers attempting to break him and the Libyan nation. Qaddafi didn’t budge and his Resistance didn’t end. The illegitimate Israeli state then kicked its next plot…” into high gear: the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988, better known as the Lockerbie bombing. 270 people died in the attack (8).

Abdelbaset Mohmed
Ali al-Megrahi: Framed
by Mossad.

Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, a former Libyan intelligence officer, was sentenced to 27 years in the Scottish Greenock prison for the mass murder. Al-Megrahi was innocent. Completely innocent. There wasn’t a drop of evidence against him; concrete or otherwise. His arrest and imprisonment were horrific and deliberate miscarriages of justice that robbed his wife and five children of decades with him (9). Miscarriages perpetuated by a conspiratorial charade enforced incessantly by the Zionist media. Additionally, his conviction deflected the public’s attention from the actual purveyors of the crime on December 21st and the reasons for its execution, most obviously the continued demonization of Qaddafi and Libya (10).

The Lockerbie bombing was carried out with a suitcase bomb, a known signature of Mossad, which has used this explosive weapon in its false flag operations in Kenya, numerous villages and cities in occupied Palestine, Beirut, Dubai, London, Houston and India (11). The Lockerbie bombing was yet another Israeli ‘dirty trick’ used against Zionism’s eternal Arab/Muslim enemy for furtherance of the anti-Islam agenda gripping the world on a daily basis via mass media institutions owned by Zionist extremists.

It has been linked to Abu Nidal, the infamous “Palestinian terrorist” who has been outed as a Mossad agent. Mere hours after the crash, Mossad’s LAP unit unleashed psychological warfare on all international media hotlines, conveying to Israel’s stooges that Libya was behind the bombing, telling them that there wasn’t even the faintest doubt about it. Mossad agents were in Lockerbie, Scotland the day after the atrocity to remove evidence from the scene. The piece of evidence? A suitcase of course. The head of Pan Am’s security at the time of the bombing was Isaac Yeffet, former chief of security at the illegitimate Zionist entity’s airline El Al (12). El Al is known for being a front for Mossad’s most intricate sabotage operations (13).

Not only did the Zionist media’s version of the events behind the Lockerbie bombing bury Mossad’s involvement beneath a mountain of lies, it also buried the CIA’s. Aboard Pan Am 103 were massive amounts of CIA-smuggled heroin and agents from CIA and DIA who were doing the smuggling (14). Mossad’s suitcase bomb eliminated them and protected its terrorism partner’s interests in the global narcotics market.

Finally, Lockerbie served one more purpose of the Mossad, a purpose with geopolitical implications that quite literally changed the world: the 9/11 false flag attack carried out by Israeli intelligence and its corrosive network of sayanim. Lockerbie was a major LAP psychological warfare operation, embedding the idea of “Arabs hijacking planes and blowing them up out of hatred for the West” into the minds of millions of Westerners, Americans specifically. When the remote-controlled planes of Dov Zakheim’s SPC struck the Twin Towers, Americans (and the rest of the world for that matter) remembered Lockerbie and didn’t bat an eyelash when the Zionist media told them 19 Arab hijackers just struck the USA. They were oblivious to the names of Silverstein, Lauder, Lowy, Eisenberg and Harel, 9/11’s primary criminals (15).

With al-Megrahi indicted and the world’s attention focused on Qaddafi for the malevolence of the Lockerbie bombing, the Zionist entity rejoiced over another successful operation. In the first quarter of 1992, right on schedule, the criminal UN imposed crippling sanctions on the nation of Libya for the attack. The sanctions would demolish Libya’s oil-refining capabilities, prevent Libyans from traveling for over a decade and cut them off from their relatives in the United States (16). The UN didn’t lift these sanctions until 2003, while the US didn’t lift its sanctions on Libya until 2004. It is here where Qaddafi reluctantly sold out the interests of his people to the Western nations he despised.

HRW, funded by Soros,
covers up Israel’s massacres,
and generates “genocides”
to further the Zionist

In 1996, a curious event formally labeled by the Zionist media as the “Abu Salim Prison Massacre” occurred. An event lambasted by “human rights” organizations, this event served as as furtherance of the worldwide anti-Qaddafi agenda put in place by Mossad and its LAP, giving credence to the criminal sanctions slapped on Libya by the US and the UN. Despite its own admission that the reports of Libyans slaughtered at Abu Salim Prison in June 1996 were unverifiable and scarce, the world-renowned Human Rights Watch maintained that 1,200 people were murdered (17). Human Rights Watch is the same US-backed NGO that concocted the grossly false story about the gassing of Iraqi Kurds in Halabja to give legitimacy to the Zionist-instigated invasion of Iraq two decades ago, and continued to serve as an excellent tool to create support for the Zionist coalition’s invasion of Iraq 8 years ago. Intelligence reports have debunked the “Halabja Massacre” as nothing but pure wartime propaganda (18).

The false story about Abu Salim Prison has been used by leftists everywhere to justify the “revolution” taking place in Libya. It is pathetic that they have inadvertently fallen into the Zionist trap of playing the drums of war for an invasion. Human Rights Watch is being bankrolled, to the tune of $100 million, by none other than internationalist Zionist war criminal, George Soros (19), who also heavily funds J Street, a pro-occupation, pro-war, pro-ethnic cleansing Zionist Lobby group masquerading as a bunch of peace-seekers (20).

It is by no means a coincidence that Soros, the corrosive billionaire who is responsible for insider trading in France, bankrupting the Bank of England and waging financial war against Malaysia (21), pulled out his oil investments from Libya a mere 3 months prior to the unrest (22), and now the human rights wing of his empire is leading the assault against Qaddafi (23). Soros is also responsible for infiltrating the Egyptian Revolution and using his proxies to draft the new constitution which will enslave the African nation with an enslavement far worse than Mubarak (24). For the people of Libya and Egypt, the Zionist dragon has just begun to torch your existence.

Qaddafi at the UN;
blasting Israel for
assassinating JFK (rip).

The Origin Points

As soon as the sanctions against Qaddafi were lifted by all Western powers in 2003-2004, “pro-democracy” groups were established inside Libya by various programs within the US State Department as a means to keep an eye on its newest ally. These groups were to be activated for the purpose of regime change if Qaddafi ever stepped out of line, under the guise of an uprising or a people’s revolution.

Qaddafi’s first mistake in the eyes of the Zionist dragon came in September 2009 when he delivered a speech to the United Nations and struck a nerve that few have struck, “The whole world should know that Kennedy wanted to investigate the nuclear reactor of the Israeli demon (25).” The Zionist entity’s Kidon hit squad, an elite unit of Mossad, in collusion with the CIA and elements of the Meyer Lansky crime organization, assassinated John F. Kennedy for several reasons. Kennedy’s silent war with al-Nakba architect David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s nuclear program is at the top of the list (26). Israel does not like anyone, especially a leader as prominent as Qaddafi, making mention of it.

Qaddafi’s second slip-up was the Libyan humanitarian aid convoy headed by one of his sons that cracked the illegal, internationally condemned siege against the Palestinian people of Gaza in July 2010. The aid ship, “al-Amal,” was loaded with 2,000 tons of food, cooking oil, medicines and pre-fabricated houses. The Israeli navy harassed the ship and threatened the passengers on board with a forceful takeover (27).  The Zionist entity has shown the world the lengths it will go to regarding its preservation of starving Gaza to death. 9 murdered activists on the Freedom Flotilla in international waters tell the story of the lengths in gruesome detail (28).

Qaddafi called on
the Palestinian people
to revolt against their
Zionist occupiers.

Just four days before the “Feb17 Revolution” in Libya, on 13 February 2011, Muammar al-Qathafi engaged in his third and final mishap, triggering the Zionist dragon’s drums of war. In the wake of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt which disposed dictators Zayn al-Abidin Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, two of Qaddafi’s friends ironically enough, Muammar al-Qathafi called on Palestinians to revolt against their Israeli occupier. He called on Palestinians to amass from all over the world, coming to the shores of occupied Palestine by boat, to call on Zionism to give into the hands of the oppressed Arab people or face revolution (29). 

Keeping Palestinians demoralized and subjugated is the chief weapon used by the Zionist regime in its 63-year occupation of the Holy Land. It is why it keeps collaborationist stooges like Abbas and Fayyad in place, to lead Palestinians down a perpetual road of servitude to Zionism. It considers any call for Palestinians to rise up for their dignity an existential threat. Qaddafi’s call to the people of occupied Palestine may have been an honorable one, but to the Zionist dragon, it was an act of war.

The Zionist-founded,
Zionist-controlled NED
is as subversive as
the CIA.

Controlled Opposition: Zionism 101

It was the mass murderer of tens of millions of Russian Christians, and leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin, who said “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” It should come as to no surprise to anyone that the Zionists who identify themselves as  neo-conservative, all of whom are admitted ex-Leninists and ex-Trotskyists (30), are the leaders behind implanting “pro-democracy” groups throughout the MENA to control opposition to global Zionist hegemony. The board of directors at the National Endowment For Democracy (NED), the leader of the “pro-democracy” project in Libya (31), as well as the notorious globalist institution Freedom House (32), are comprised almost entirely of neo-cons.

The foundation of NED was built between 1982-1984 at the behest of a research study headed by staunch Zionist Allen Weinstein, who has headed a plethora of globalist projects masked by the pursuit of democracy. Weinstein has authored numerous books in defense of the Zionist entity’s genocidal operations throughout the Middle East, including one in particular that stressed the necessity of America’s commitment to the illegitimate Israeli state (33). Allen Weinstein publicly admitted in 1991, that the NED’s activities are modeled after the CIA’s operations, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” CIA monies are laundered through the NED (34), which serves as a perfect cover due to its perceived nature as a organization championing the cause of democracy.

The current head of NED is Carl Gershman, a ubiquitous globalist figure and zealous Zionist who has received awards for furthering the CIA’s agenda in Tibet and who has composed a study entitled “Israel, the Arabs and the Middle East” defending al-Nakba and all of Israel’s colonial endeavors (35). Gershman also worked for the most venomous of all Zionist Lobby organizations, the Israeli intelligence wing known as the ADL. Gershman is rabidly anti-Muslim and anti-Christian; he has stated that the Qur’an “vilifies Jews” and that the Christian World spread the “blood libel.” Additionally, he believes that Arabs and Arab culture suffer from a “moral sickness” and has gone on record to chastise any and all people who have associated Mossad with the 9/11 terror attacks as “anti-Semites (36).”

NED is already deeply embedded in the fabric of Egypt, and has reared its ugly head from the shadows upon the command of Gershman since the fall of Mubarak (37). With Qaddafi upsetting the Zionist dragon to the point of rage, Israel-Firster Gershman initiated the activation of the democratic army. Just three of the NED-funded groups taking part in the “pro-democracy” protests in Libya are the Akhbar Libya Cultural Limited (ALCF), Libya Human and Political Development Forum (LHPDF) and the Transparency Libya Limited (TL). These groups were funded in the hundreds of thousands by NED (38).

MEPI is an NED-backed
group greatly involved
in the deconstruction
of Libya.

NED’s chief sister organization, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), headed by Zionist war criminal and butcher of Iraq’s children Madeline Albright (39), is also deeply involved in the Libyan uprising, as is a smaller NED-linked group, the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). Aswat, an Arabic propaganda hub in Libya, Libya’s General People’s Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation, My Arabic Library (MAL) and Youth Of Today, Leaders Of Tomorrow are all funded by NDI and MEPI (40). So, an umbrella of organizations controlled by an anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Arab, pro-war, pro-Zionist war monger is looking out for the interest of the Libyan people? Right.

The organizing of the “Feb17 Revolution” in Libya was led by a group known as the National Conference for the Libyan Opposition (NCLO). The NCLO called for mass protests against the Qaddafi regime in a multi-level manner, inside Libya and abroad, all for the goal of bringing down the 42-year reign of the Libyan Colonel (41). The NCLO was formed on June 25, 2005 in London. The main goal of this organization was to foment the end of Colonel Qaddafi’s revolutionary, political, military and security powers and to trigger the formation of a transitional government run by “trustworthy” individuals (42). The NCLO is comprised of six umbrella groups, with the National Front Of The Salvation of Libya (NFSL) sitting at the head. A Libyan exile who resides in London named Ibrahim Sahad is NFSL’s leader (43).

At the onset of the Feb17 Revolution, Sahad and other NFSL and NCLO members began providing the Zionist media with “first-hand” information of massacres, human rights abuses, death tolls and other outlandish accusations that were never independently verified. Ominously, Sahad made it clear to state in an interview that “Qaddafi will not survive the protests (44).” The Zionist media has never given an audience to dissidents from occupied Palestine, occupied Iraq, occupied Kashmir, occupied Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan or the Resistance in Lebanon. So why Libyan dissidents? Simple. Because these particular Libyan dissidents belong to the NFSL, an organization funded for decades by the CIA and closet-Zionist regime of Saudi Arabia (45). In fact, whether it’s the American-Zionist puppet Qatar’s Al-Jazeera or typical Western media outlets like the Zionist-owned BBC and the New York Times, all reports leave a trail that leads back to the CIA’s NFSL (46).

Libya’s premier
group, is fully
backed by
the CIA.

As aforementioned, one of the NFSL’s goals was to set up a transitional government to replace the regime of Qaddafi as momentum from the wave of protests was mounted. On February 27, 2011, 13 days after the fake Feb17 Revolution began, the National Transitional Council, also known as the Libyan National Council, was formed (47), in perfect accordance with the NFSL’s CIA-based agenda. One member of this transitional council is Mahmoud Jibril, who recently met privately with Zionist warmonger Hillary Clinton in Paris (48). Jibril also held a meeting with the Zionist President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy and spoke by phone with the warmongering British Foreign Secretary, William Hague (49).

Mahmoud Jibril, the 
Western dope
groomed to replace
Qaddafi in the new, 
Zionized Libya.

Jibril, who heads the Foreign Affairs division of the Council, was educated in the United States, receiving a master’s degree and PHD at the University of Pittsburgh prior to teaching there for many years. Jibril also headed an organization called the National Economic Development Board (NEDB), Libya’s largest think tank, formed in 2009 (50). The NEDB was set up and advised by a group of international consulting firms from the US and UK and is in partnership with the London School of Economics (51), which receives its largest amount of funding from none other than George Soros (52). Once the “rebels” secure victory and Qaddafi is overthrown, Jibril is expected to maintain his position at the head of this institution of subservience to neoliberalism. With Jibril’s ties alone, it invalidates the Council’s claims to being the sole representative of the people of Libya. It is the sole representative of Zionism in Libya.

The Council almost immediately called for a no-fly zone over Libya (53). No self-respecting person of conscience, let alone the righteous Libyan people, the sons of the great Omar al-Mukhtar (rip) who led two decades of Resistance to Italy’s colonization of their nation, who are keenly aware of the aims of foreign occupiers and colonialists, would ever call for a no-fly zone over Libya. The same military operation that led to NATO bombing thousands of innocents to death in Kosovo with depleted uranium and cluster bombs and that led to the bombing of tens of thousands to death in Iraq prior to 2003’s invasion. However, stooges of Western interests most certainly would. Could anyone imagine Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (rip) or Hugo Chavez calling for a no-fly zone? Didn’t think so.

MI6 worked with Mossad to 
assassinate Qaddafi 15 years ago.
“Al-Qaeda” was used in the
false flag.

Israel’s War: From Subversion To Aggression

Excluding game-changers like the assassination of JFK or the 9/11 false flag attacks, the Zionist entity’s Dragon Policy may be its most prized operation. Through an intricate web of relationships woven with blood-drenched silk, linking it closely to its allies in RAW, Blackwater (Xe) and the CIA, Israel has terrorized the Islamic Republic of Pakistan through an unlimited supply of patsy terror groups and ordnance experts strategically scattered through the country. The face of the Dragon Policy, set up officially in 2001 and constantly rammed down the throat of the world’s masses by the cabalistic Zionist media, is the Tehrik-I-Taliban, which is reported as being closely linked to the king of kings in terms of fake terror groups, “Al-Qaeda.” Never is it reported that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist and never has existed (54), it is merely a name used to create and subsequently exacerbate psychological warfare. In the case of the Tehrik-I-Taliban and the Mossad-RAW nexus that runs it, it is only linked to Al-Qaeda because RAW agents of the Dragon Policy pose as Al-Qaeda to provide their patsies with weapons and money (55).

Israel attempted to run its Dragon Policy in Libya 5-6 years prior to its sanguinary beginnings in Pakistan through British intelligence. A Mossad-MI6 nexus was formed and an “Al-Qaeda” cell was paid handsomely to assassinate Qaddafi in his hometown of Sirte (56). Anas al-Liby was the leader of this cell. He would be used as a patsy for Mossad in its 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya (57).

Mossad worked with
MI5 for the 7/7
bombings in London.

These operations were part of a long-running Israeli project in which Mossad would recruit Palestinians to carry out terrorism to provide justification for escalation of Israeli military operations throughout occupied Palestine, and extrajudicial revenge policies abroad. The terrorism would be blamed on “Al-Qaeda.” The Palestinian operation however, would turn out to be a failure (58). Mossad’s relations with MI-6 shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Most recently, in the London bombings of July 7th, 2005, the Zionist’s entity’s Mossad, notorious Shin Bet-infested Israeli security company ICTS and Britain’s internal intelligence service MI5 collaborated for a successful false flag operation (59). It should also come as no surprise then, given the history, that Qaddafi is accusing “Al-Qaeda” of staging the unrest in Libya (60). Al-Qaeda in this case, is interchangeable with CIA and Mossad.

When the Zionist entity’s tactics of subversion via a decade worth of false flag terrorism and sanctions didn’t achieve the goal of crippling Qaddafi, it switched its tactics to all out aggression against Libya. With its allies in the CIA manipulating protests and its patsies forming the National Transitional Council to create the illusion of the Libyan people’s representative, the next cog to be turned in the Zionist entity’s machine was to create the illusion of a humanitarian crisis.

From the onset of the Feb17 Revolution, stories from all ends of the media spectrum were surfacing about massacres of “unarmed” protesters at the hands of African mercenaries hired by Qaddafi and his regime (61). Just as quickly as the stories surfaced, Qaddafi immediately issued an emphatic denial of his regime hiring anything of the sort, as did regime officials (62). Oddly enough, the US government, which had been hawkish towards Libya from the moment the uprising began, inserted a clause in a February 27th UN Resolution that would shield these African mercenaries from being prosecuted for their crimes (63). Many commentators speculated that this was done to prevent the US itself, notorious for using hunter-killer corporations like Dyncorp and Xe to carry out mass killings in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, from being subsequently prosecuted for the same crimes.

While this speculative theory was certainly plausible and even logical, it wasn’t congruent with the greater plot at hand. Mercenaries, Xe (Blackwater) specifically, had been escaping  international prosecution for a literal decade. Why start now? Especially when the world’s hegemonic powers had a “genocide” stop.

Global CST’s mercenaries
are creating chaos in Libya.
Global CST is run by Zionist
General Israel Ziv.

The reason why the US, the Zionist entity’s patron, lap dog and military enforcer, introduced this clause into the UN resolution, is because the mercenaries on the ground have been recruited and employed by Global CST, an Israeli security company with strong links to Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman tied to war crimes and arms trafficking in Georgia and several countries in Africa. The director and owner of Global CST, retired Israeli General Israel Ziv, held a high-level meeting with Aman chief Aviv Cokhavi, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (all war criminals) shortly before the Feb17 Revolution to receive approval for the deployment of 50,000 mercenaries into Libya. The mission of this Israeli operation? Fuel civil war to bring about Western military intervention (64).

The mercenaries were in place and massacres of protesters were occurring, so the Zionist media took the opportunity presented by the troubled atmosphere to bolster its usual yellow journalism, stating that Qaddafi was now bombing civilians in Benghazi on February 22. As one would expect however, this story was farcical. The story was first exposed as sheer falsehood by the Russian military (65), and then astonishingly confirmed by war criminals Admiral Mike Mullen and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (66). Despite two of the most powerful militaries in the world confirming that there were no airstrikes against civilians, the Zionist media continued to report them as fact.

Wolfowitz and Kristol:
Zionist extremists;
destroyers of Iraq;
invaders of Libya.

As the mercenary’s massacres kept flowing, the Zionist dragon comprised of heads from the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) emerged from the shadows. Its thirst for blood not quenched by millions of dead Iraqis and Afghans, it now wanted Libya to solidify the Zionist entity’s revenge against Qaddafi once and for all. With US, UK and French special forces deployed to Tobruk and Benghazi a day after the fraudulent airstrikes stories were run (67), an organization called the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) wrote a letter to Obama, puppet of Zion, urging an immediate full-scale military intervention to take out Qaddafi and “end the violence.” Who are the leaders of FPI, you ask? PNAC repackaged: Wolfowitz, Kristol, Abrams, Kagan, Edelman and Senor. The genocidal maniacs who designed the ravaging and pillaging of Iraq and Afghanistan. In line with FPI’s request, Zionist hawks Joe Lieberman and John McCain called Washington from Tel Aviv demanding that Obama arm the “rebels (68),” who were already receiving training from Western Special Ops.

Obama followed suit, obeying the commands of his Zionist masters. On February 28th, the United States passed its largest set of sanctions ever, freezing $30 billion in Libyan assets and subsequently positioned its warships right off of the Libyan coast (69). The very next day, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon called for a no-fly zone over Libya to, no, this is not an attempt at comedy, “stop the genocide (70).” Ayalon of course, did not call for a no-fly zone when the Zionist entity committed genocide from above in Lebanon in 2006 or in illegally besieged Gaza in 2008-2009.

A curious event took place on March 6th, as SAS forces led by an MI6 (Mossad’s Dragon Policy partner) officer dropped into Libya armed with guns, ammunition, explosives and false passports, all to be delivered to Libyan “rebels.” The Libyans were infuriated by such a bold move (71). That though, isn’t what invokes the accusation of curiousness. The Libyan people proposed the idea, that these British forces were actually Israelis using false British passports, as they did with Mossad’s assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January 2010 (72). Two scenarios should be noted. Scenario One: this British convoy really was just simply delivering weapons to the CIA-backed rebels, as per the West’s policy of backing the anti-Qaddafi opposition from day one. Scenario Two: this British convoy was a false flag terrorism unit on a mission to carry out a massive attack on Libyan civilians to hasten a military intervention. Since they were detained and kicked out, the mission failed. Due to the gap between Obama’s positioning of warships coupled with the round of sanctions and the actual invasion, the latter scenario seems to be the correct one.

Netanyahu and Barak
both want Qaddafi out of
the picture to ravage Libya.

On March 17th, the butcher of Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu stated clearly that Muammar Qaddafi was not a friend of Israel and not a friend of the Jewish people, while stating rather ambiguously that he wouldn’t mind seeing military action implemented in Libya, nor would he mind seeing Qaddafi removed (73). Coincidentally (not really), also on March 17th, the UN passed its resolution for a no-fly zone over Libya and the approval of ‘all necessary measures to protect civilians,’ i.e. bombing Libya incessantly; preparations for a coalition strike began (74).

Zionist war criminal Ehud Barak praised the UN for its decision the following day, going on the record that Qaddafi would be gone within weeks and also mentioning that the Arab League (of thugs, dictators, oil barons and kleptocrats) giving its support was key to invading Libya (75). Barak’s nauseating diatribes brought back the memory of 9/11. Just moments after the Towers were struck, Barak was live on the air to blame Osama Bin Laden and call for an invasion of Afghanistan (76). Barak played a key role in Mossad’s false flag attack on 9/11, overseeing the operation as a special advisor for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a Mossad haven partnered with another Mossad-run firm, SCP Partners. EDS and SCP secured the thermite explosives used to bring down the Twin Towers from several explosives-expert firms in their business portfolio (77).

Nearly 10 years after 9/11 and the criminal, genocidal invasion of Afghanistan, Israel has itself yet another war and its desired revenge on Qaddafi is imminent.

Obama has invaded
Libya to secure
Israel’s oil needs.

Egyptian Oil Workers and The 1975 MOU

Referring back to the malevolent statement of Vladimir Lenin regarding the creation of opposition to locate and destroy real opposition, the Egyptian Revolution makes its return to the forefront in the discussion of the Zionist dragon’s impending conquest in Libya. The Egyptian Revolution is not an absolute truth, nor is an absolute fiction. It is a combination of reality and fantasy; the Zionist entity’s way of quelling what was coming, what was bound to burst and isolating the catalytic threats to Israeli hegemony. The atmosphere leading to the “Jan25 Revolution” was a tense one. Several protests had already been held due to the Mubarak regime stealing the recent parliamentary elections and Muslim-Christian unity rallies were getting larger in the wake of the Mossad bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria (78).

A revolution was already a decade in the making. Egyptians began hitting the streets in protest of Mubarak and his cronies in 2000, during occupied Palestine’s 2nd Intifada. In December 2006, poverty-stricken workers formed unions and partook in massive strikes. As a result of the growing revolutionary fire from these strikes, there were two huge uprisings in 2008, one in Mahalla, and another in Borollos. Both were crushed by the regime. These anti-Zionist workers and revolutionaries were aware of the Westernized “reform-seekers” in their mix. The real protesters? They wanted Mubarak gone. His regime gone. Ties with the Zionist entity severed and the siege of Gaza lifted. The elite dismantled and the wealth returned to the people. The reform seekers wanted to maintain the status quo with little change; only the illusion of it (79).

Mohamed ElBaradei:
George Soros’ puppet
in Egypt.

Unbeknownst to many of these revolutionaries, the reform-seekers that they kept their eyes on weren’t just Westernized… they were Western-trained. “Activists” from the April 6 Youth Movement, a group vociferously promoted by the Zionist media as the face of the Egyptian Revolution, received their training from the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) and the International Center For Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), both funded by Zionist billionaire strongman Peter Ackerman and the face of internationalism, George Soros. The April 6 Youth Movement also works closely with Mohamed ElBaradei, a stooge and former board member of the International Crisis Group, founded by neo-con warmonger Morton I. Abramowitz and funded by Soros. ElBaradei sat on the board of International Crisis Group with Ackerman’s wife (80). And these men want freedom for Egypt? Oh, the trail of smoke left behind by the Zionist dragon’s fire.

The April 6 Youth Movement also received full backing from the US Statement department, with helping hands extended by Undersecretary For Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs James K. Glassman and Jared Cohen of Hillary Clinton’s Policy Planning Staff. Glassman is a rabid Zionist who was once a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a pro-Israel think tank known for providing talking points to the US government. The April 6 Youth Movement reveled in these endorsements (81). Once Mubarak transferred power to a military junta fully backed by Zionism, it is these puppet activists, these whitewashed and westernized House Arabs, that told Egyptians to go home and “work harder than ever before to build a new Egypt” while real activists remained in Tahrir Square, demanding the collapse of the regime, planning more strikes in Egypt’s various business sectors and calling for the end of normalization with Israel (82).

The most important of all of these strikes, is that of the Egyptian oil workers, who are sick of corruption, slave wages, no unions and most of all, gas being pumped to to the Zionist entity, which they refuse to ever do again (83). Israel had raked Egypt over the coals for its precious resources, forcing the North African Arab nation to lose over 100 billion Egyptian pounds since 2005 alone (84). No gas has been pumped to Israel since February 13th, with the most recent protest being held in Suez on March 20th (85). Due to pressure from the Egyptian people, the military junta have not resumed gas to Israel and reluctantly have no plans to do so, also because of that pressure. 40% of Israel’s natural gas comes from Egypt, which the Zionist entity uses to produce 20% of its electricity (86). Egypt’s natural gas is an important element needed by the Zionist entity to maintain its 63-year occupation of Palestine.

George Soros funded
the undermining
of Egypt’s real

Due to its proximity to Palestine, and the traitorous Camp David accords, Egypt’s sale of natural gas to the Zionist dragon was always practical. But now with a war on the ground between the brave revolutionaries and workers, champions of Arab dignity, and the Soros-Ackerman armada of House Arabs, and the Israel-friendly military junta stuck in the middle and walking a tight rope to appease its paymasters in Washington D.C. which fund it to the tune of over $1 billion a year, the Zionist entity needed another source. Enter Libya, a nation with the largest prove oil reserves in all of Africa (87). Coupled with the Zionist entity’s eternal vendetta against Qaddafi, this made Libya a prime target for another Israeli victim of balkanization.

On September 1st, 1975, an odious Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the United States of America and the Zionist entity residing on stolen Palestinian land. This MOU stated the following, “The United States Government will make every effort to be fully responsive, within the limits of its resources and Congressional authorization and appropriation, on an ongoing and long-term basis, to Israel’s military equipment and other defense requirements, to its energy requirements and to its economic needs.” Also, “If the oil Israel needs to meet all its normal requirements for domestic consumption is unavailable for purchase in circumstances where no quantitative restrictions exist on the ability of the United States to procure oil to meet its normal requirements, the United States Government will promptly make oil available for purchase by Israel to meet all of the aforementioned normal requirements of Israel (88).”

To simplify, whenever the Zionist entity needs oil, as per the 1975 MOU, the United States will answer Israel’s beckoned call and go secure the oil. As was the case with Iraq, in which Benjamin Netanyahu bragged of Iraqi oil flowing from Kirkuk to Haifa (89), the war with Libya is indeed a war for oil. But not oil for America. Oil for the Zionist entity.

The US, UK and France
have invaded Libya
on Purim. It’s occupied Iraq 
all over again.

Conclusion: Purim and Occupation

On March 19th, 2011, 2 days after Netanyahu’s declarations against Qaddafi and the UN’s approval of a no-fly zone, another dastardly crime of epic proportions was committed against humanity. The name of this crime is Operation Odyssey Dawn, the title for the French-British-American coalition attack on Libya. It began with 110 cruise missiles being fired from the sea by the US and the UK and bombardment from above being provided by France (90). 64 Libyan civilians were slaughtered and over 150 were wounded (91). Another genocide in the making. General Petraeus, the slaughterer of Iraqis and Afghans, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, another slaughterer of Iraqis and Afghans, think the mass murder of innocents deserves a good laugh (92).

It is certainly of no coincidence that the war against Libya, a revenge operation designed by the Zionist entity and instigated by its political assets, was started on the very same day that Iraq was invaded in 2003. Several analysts and politicos have made mention of this key point. The point that is not being mentioned, a point more important than the former, is that Libya, like Iraq (both inhumane invasions) and Kosovo before it, was invaded on Purim, the Jewish holiday of vengeance based on the events in the biblical Book of Esther, commemorating the killing of Persian Prime Minister Haman, who tried to wipe out the Jewish people before being wiped out himself. Haman’s descendants are the Amalekites, and due to decades upon decades of brainwashing from the global Talmudic rabbinate, many Israelis and American Jews feel that Arabs and Muslims are the Amalekites (93). It is not a conspiracy theory, an opinion, a perspective or a supposition that Purim is a heightened time of conflict in the Middle East. It is a fact (94).

For Purim 2011, the occupied West Bank was placed under siege and terminals within besieged Gaza were shut down (95). One of the most gruesome incidents on Purim in occupied Palestine was Purim 2006, when Palestinian prisoners were stripped naked, beaten, detained and photographed after IOF tanks shelled a jail of illegally held Palestinians (96). But, a flashback that digs even deeper is required to fully understand what is being done to Libya. On March 5th 1991, only five days after the Highway of Death incident in occupied Iraq, the US Congress honored a racist, xenophobic, genocidal Chabad Lubavich rabbi named Menachem Mendel Schneerson, deemed by American presidents as an achiever of “eminence as a moral leader for this country.”

The killing of non-Jews, the goyim, according to Rabbi Schneerson, was not only permissible, acceptable and even recommended, but he considered non-Jews to be a separate species from Jews. This monstrous man was the spiritual leader for many of the Zionist officials in the United States government from the first Bush administration through the second. These Zionist officials were the planners and executors of the invasions, occupations and genocides of Iraq and Afghanistan. Were they spilling non-Jewish blood on Purim to appease their spiritual leader? (97).

Those reading can “do the math,” especially considering that these same Zionist extremists are the warmongers who have orchestrated the spilling of blood in Libya today. Murdering Arabs, the Amalekites, on Purim, has become a sacred Israeli tradition (98), with certain rabbis going as far as considering Arabs worthy of annihilation for “obstructing the building of the 3rd Temple (99).” This extremism, which has claimed the lives of millions of Arabs and Muslims in the genocides of Iraq and Afghanistan, is never reported on by the Zionist media. Instead, the American people are given sustenance with fast mood meals of anti-Islamic rhetoric by the same pro-Israel war criminals sending their children to die for an illegal occupying entity. It is high time that they know what the true meaning of Amalek is and why it is of such esoteric significance to the Zionist controllers.

Cruise missiles fired by
the occupiers into

What began as classic military interventionism has evolved into full blown occupation. Libya, like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir, should be referred to as occupied Libya from now on. 2,200 Marines are directly offshore, making preparations to enter Libya (100). US Forces recently opened fire on Libyan villagers, wounding 6, including a young boy that needed to have his leg amputated (101). SAS squads classified as ‘Smash Teams’ are on the ground to aid the Operation Odyssey Dawn coalition in its incessant bombing of Libyan territory (102). And as the occupiers mobilize and multiply, the Zionist media is spreading obscene propaganda, echoing the lies of Iraq pre-invasion. Zionist puppet David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, is already parroting Gulf War-style tripe about Qaddafi using chemical warfare against the Libyan people (103); SAS forces are ready to seize the “mustard gas of the dictator” according to his government (104). The occupiers have already stated that there is ‘no timeline’ for the end of Odyssey Dawn (105).

An Iraqi child badly 
deformed by depleted 
uranium. This is what is 
in store for the 
children of Libya.

The Zionist media is spreading its lies about the non-existent chemical weaponry of Muammar Qaddafi for a very specific reason: because the Zionist entity’s American enforcer and its allies are using chemical weapons on the Libyan people. 45 2,000 pound depleted uranium bombs have been dropped on Libya (106). As the confirmed civilian casualties rise to 100 (107), the nightmare starts anew. Birth defects, cancers and fetal damage from radiation among innocent Iraqis in Mosul, Basra, Fallujah and Samarra and Baghdad after US, Israeli and British depleted uranium in occupied Iraq (108). Contaminated blood, birth defects and cancer among young Albanians after 11 tons of NATO depleted uranium in tiny Kosovo (109). Birth defects, incomplete hearts and brain malformations in the children of illegally besieged Gaza after Israel’s depleted uranium during Operation Cast Lead (110). Birth defects, deformities, leukemia and esophageal cancer in Afghan children after US and NATO depleted uranium in occupied Afghanistan (111).

Pain. Suffering. More pain. More suffering. This is what Zionism and all of its allies bring to the indigenous peoples of the world, specifically the Middle East. It is sad, abysmally tragic and flat-out despicable that so many “activists,” “truth-seekers” and “journalists” have cheered on this occupation and incoming genocide of the Libyan people in an emotive, thoughtless manner, forgetting the lessons of the past.

Obama serves
Zionism. Period.

They were nowhere to be found when the US incinerated children in Iraq and Israel’s DU-tipped car bombs triggered hell on Iraqi streets from north to south. They were nowhere to be found when NATO destroyed Kosovo. They were nowhere to be found when the US and NATO massacred Afghanistan. They were definitely nowhere to be found when the Zionist entity rained hellfire on the innocent men, women and children of Lebanon and Gaza. They were nowhere to be found when US predator drones turned Pakistanis into dust matter. But now, they are on the front lines, cheering on Obama’s war, a criminal that the Zionist political machine of Chicago, rooted in gangsterism, considers the “first Jewish president (112).”

The Zionist dragon has breathed its fire on one nation after another since it came into being almost 64 years ago. The blood of the Amalakites is what it needs to survive, and the innocents inflicted by Israeli-created genocides mentioned in the previous paragraph are obviously, not enough. It is up to the people of conscience to seek out the drummers of war and eradicate them ideologically, rendering them irrelevant and placing the defense of the indigenous above all. Muammar Qaddafi has a special place on the Zionist regime’s hitlist, and it doesn’t care how many Libyans will die a brutal depleted uranium-touched death to accomplish its goal of overthrowing and burying him. Mahmoud Jibril, the Western stooge discussed earlier, has already been tapped by the Zionist Power Configuration as the “interim Prime Minister of Libya,” i.e. Qaddafi’s replacement (113).

The real message of the
Libyan people: NO

To the vast majority of Libyans, who are not on the CIA payroll, whether you stand with Qaddafi or have issues with him, it is clear that you absolutely, positively, want nothing to do with the occupiers who are in the beginning stages of destroying your country. It is now up to you to fight back. It is up to you to cure this cancer. The traitors among you have made their decision to ally themselves with the butchers and bombers who have carved up the ancestral Arab and Muslim homelands like firewood on a chopping block. It is up to you to form a Resistance against all collaborators, all invaders, a model like that of Hezbollah in Lebanon, to save your nation.

Self-determination is a universal right that belongs to all people. It is embedded in the spiritual code of society, Islamic, Christian, secular or otherwise. It cannot be taken away by foreign powers; powers that never had any jurisdiction over such a right to begin with. Libya will overcome the siege of the Zionist dragon, no matter how long it may take, and when its self-determination blossoms, spitfire flowers will strike back at the powers who attempted to enforce humiliation against them.

And to those “humanitarians” attacking Muammar Qaddafi, an enigmatic leader who built Libya from the ground up over 42 years (114), you should direct your attention to real massacres from US-backed dictators ignored by the Zionist media like Islam Karimov, the barbaric 21-year dictator of Uzbekistan who slaughtered 700 of his citizens in the Andijan Massacre of 2005 (115).

Why are these “humanitarians” unaware of such a killing spree? Because Uzbekistan is a major torture center for the CIA’s Rendition program (116), the cornerstone of Zionism’s Orwellian ‘War On Terror.’ These “humanitarians” should remember that war is never the answer for anything, other than increasing the wealth of the globe holders. And finally, they should remember the words of late, great revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, whose words when applied to Libya and the oppressed Arab world have never rang so true, “Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.” Indeed.

~ The End ~


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Gadhafi avec Curt Weldon of PA, USA:

The Other Truth about Libya
Posted: 01 April 2011 by Slindauer

The Truth About Libya
By Stephen Goodson

Colonel Muammar Gadaffi is frequently referred to in the media as a “mad dictator” and “bloody tyrant”, but do these allegations accord with the facts?

Libya consists of over 15O tribes, with the two main groups, the Meghabra living in Tripolitania in the west and the Wafallah living in Cyrenaica in the east. Previous attempts to unite these tribes by the Turkish (1855-1911) and ltalian {1911-43) colonial rulers failed and the country was split in two for administrative purposes.

Oil was discovered in Libya in 1959, but King ldris of the Senussi tribe allowed most of the oil profits to be siphoned into the coffers of the oil companies. The coup d’etat on 1 September 1969 led by Colonel Gadaffi had countrywide support. He subsequently married a woman from the royal Barqa tribe and adroitly unified the nation.

By retaining Libya’s oil wealth for the benefit of all its people, Gadaffi had created a socialist paradise. There is no unemployment, Libya has the highest GDP in .Africa, less than 5% of the population is classified as poor and it has fewer people living below the poverty datum line than for example in Holland. Life expectancy is 75 years and is the highest in Africa and I0% above the world average.

With the exception of the nomadic Bedouin and Tuareg tribes, most Libyan families possess a house and a car. There is free health care and education and not surprisingly Libya has a literacy rate of 82%. Last year Gadaffi distributed $500 to each man, woman and child (population 6.5 million).

Libya has a tolerable human rights record and stands at 61 on the International Incarceration Index, comparable with countries in central Europe (the lower the rating, the lower the standing – the USA occupies the no.1 spot!). There is hardly any crime and only rebels and traitors are dealt with harshly.

Anyone who has read Gadaffi’s little Green Book will realize that he is a thoughtful and enlightened leader. Libya has been accused of having committed numerous acts of terrorism in the past, but many of these have been perpetrated by foreign intelligence agencies as false flag operations – the Lockerbie bombing being a prime example.

The CIA and MI6 and their frontmen have been stoking up dissent in the east of the country for almost 30 years. Libya produces exceptionally high quality light crude oil and its production cost of $1 a barrel, compared to the current price of $115, is the lowest in the world.

Riba (usury) is not permitted. The Central bank of Libya is a wholly-owned by the Libyan Government and is run as a state bank, issuing all government loans free of interest. This is in contrast to the exploitative fractional reserve banking system of the West. The no-fly zone and the bombing of Libya have nothing to do with the protection of civilians. It is an act of war ­ a blatant and crude attempt by the oil corporations and international bankers to steal the wealth of Libya.



“Moammar Gadhafi, as Piero Gheddo KNOWS HIM TO BE” 28 MARZO 2011:

Few people know that Gaddafi worked to open schools and universities for women,
guaranteed freedom for them to leave home unaccompanied, developed the country’s economy. He asked John Paul II for nuns who were nurses for Libyan hospitals. The appeal of Benedict XVI
and Archbishop Martinelli to dialogue. With the end of Gaddafi the risk of Islamic fundamentalism grows.

The West has sided with opponents of the Muammar Gaddafi, who will have to choose between dying in a Tripoli reduced to rubble or accepting exile in
a friendly country. At this point it is only a question of time, and is superfluous to recall what the Pope has said many times. And again yesterday, 27 March  after the Angelus,
Benedict XVI said:

“Faced with the increasingly dramatic reports from Libya, my trepidation for the safety and security of civilians and my concern for the unfolding situation,
currently signed by the use of arms, is growing. In times of greatest tension, the need to put to use all means available to diplomacy becomes increasingly urgent and to support
even the weakest signs of openness and willingness on both sides involved, for reconciliation in search of peaceful and lasting solutions. In view of this, as I lift my prayer to the
Lord for a return to harmony in Libya and the entire North African region, I also appeal to the international bodies and all those in positions of military and political responsibility,
for the immediate start of dialogue and the suspension of the use of weapons”.

The Bishop of Tripoli, Mgr. Giovanni Martinelli (, March 25) adds: “The war could have been avoided. A few days before Sarkozy decided to bomb, there were some glimmers of hope for
real mediation. But the bombs have damaged everything”.

“The Guide”  since 1969,  Gaddafi has followed a revolutionary line, but never Islamic-Extremism. He expelled from Libya: 25 thousand Italians and other foreigners living in Libya [who were the backbone of the economy and public services and were the cause of bringing his people to misery]. In 1986, Reagan bombed the six tents, inside the barracks, one of which housed the Libyan prime minister, who escaped by a miracle. [BUT found Hanna, his adopted 5 year-old daughter, dead; and two of his sons scarred by shards.]

Isolated between pro-Western Egypt and Tunisia, he realized that the revolutionary line was destined to fail and so he gradually changed his policy: he may have continued to make revolutionary and
anti-Western speeches, but in practice, especially after the economic embargo was removed in 1998 and the embargo on arms sales in 2004, he started a process of rapprochement to the West and,
what is more important, the education of his people with schools and respect for the rights of man and woman .

I was in Libya in 2007 and have stayed in touch with friends. Gaddafi has used oil revenues to develop the country: roads, schools, hospitals, universities, low cost housing, the beginning of
industrialization and agricultural development bringing water to the desert, up to a depth of 600-800-1.000 m! Two water systems (built by South Korean) taking water from the desert to the coast, 900 km to the north

The Gaddafi regime is supported by the tribes of Tripolitania, it has fought those of Cyrenaica, a region that has rebelled and easily won power in Benghazi and other cities. A traditional rivalry that had already caused problems at the time of the Italian colonization. The recent uprising was not caused by poverty, such as those of Egypt and Tunisia, in fact, to date, of the many refugees from the Maghreb countries, no
Libyan has fled from Libya, a sign that people were not so badly off. The revolt is led by tribal rivalries (the tribes are called “Kabila”).

But we can not forget what “The Guide” has done: he sent girls to school and college, abolished polygamy and passed laws in favour of women in marriage: for example, he prohibited the use of keeping girls and women locked in the rooms and walled courtyard of the house. Above all, he controlled and kept in check Islamic extremism. A committee of Islamic scholars in Tripoli prepared religious texts in advance of Friday, sending them to all the mosques of the country, the imam had to read that text without adding or removing anything, on pain of loosing his position.

Until now there has been religious freedom in Libya. The 100 thousand Christians (no Libyans, all foreign workers in most part Egyptian Copts), albeit with many limitations, enjoy freedom of worship and assembly.
Caritas Libya is a well respected agency and often asked to intervene in certain situations. Two exceptional circumstances. In 1986, Gaddafi wrote to Pope John Paul II asking for Italian nuns for hospitals. He built hospitals and clinics, but had not yet trained Libyan nurses. The request came from the good example of the two Italian Franciscan nurses who assisted Gaddafi’s foster-father until his death. In Libya today there are about 80 Catholic nuns (mainly Indian and Filipino, but also Italian) and 10 thousand Catholic nurses from the Philippines and India, as well as many Filipino, Indian, Lebanese, Italian doctors. Archbishop Martinelli said to me:

“The presence of these young Christian women, professionally trained, polite, attentive to the needs of patients caring for them with love, are changing the image of Christianity among Muslims.”

This is not allowed in any other Islamic country.

A second fact. I was in the desert at 900-1000 km. from Tripoli, where because of water pulled up from the depths of the earth the region is blooming. A lake of 35 km long and cultivated fields and towns, where 20 years ago there was nothing. The capital city in the region of Sabha has 80 thousand inhabitants, and is home to an Italian doctor and priest, Don Giovanni Bressan (Padova), was one of the founders of the central hospital. Don Bressan gathered to him many refugees from African countries south of the desert (Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, etc..) He founded a church, a school and a community centre for them. The Africans work and are paid for three or more years, remaining in the south, then when they have enough money they attempt to reach Italy! They do all kinds of jobs and are seen as honest and strong workers. Don Vanni (Giovanni) succeeds in stopping some families, others want to come to Italy, or Europe. The process towards full integration of Libya into the modern world and the Charter of Rights had begun. I am not defending Gaddafi, but it does seem only fair to testify aspects of his rule that have been completely ignored in recent days.

On March 26, Magdi Cristiano Allam wrote about in the Italian newspaper “Il Giornale”: “In the war that has broken out in Libya and which sees Italy on the front line, the only real certainty, beyond the intentions of those who unleashed it, is that the Islamists will win and that, consequently, the populations of eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean will be increasingly submissive to sharia, the Islamic law that denies fundamental human rights and legitimises theocratic dictatorship. An outcome that is exactly the opposite of the official proclamations of Sarkozy and Obama and their excessive use of catchphrases such as ‘freedom and democracy’. “

26 March 2011 Last updated at 01:03 GMT The Muammar Gaddafi storyBy Martin Asser BBC News

How can you adequately describe someone like Muammar Gaddafi? During a period that has spanned six decades, the Libyan leader has paraded on the world stage with a style so unique and unpredictable that the words “maverick” or “eccentric” scarcely do him justice.

His rule has seen him go from revolutionary hero to international pariah, to valued strategic partner and back to pariah again.

He has developed his own political philosophy, writing a book that is – in the eyes of its author, at least – so influential that it eclipses anything dreamt up by Plato, Locke or Marx.

Gaddafi on women – and ‘insanity’

“Freedom of expression is the right of every natural person, even if a person chooses to behave irrationally, to express his or her insanity”.    “Women, like men, are human beings. This is an incontestable truth… Women are different from men in form because they are females, just as all females in the kingdom of plants and animals differ from the male of their species… According to gynaecologists women, unlike men, menstruate each month… Since men cannot be impregnated they do not experience the ailments that women do.”

Both excerpts from the Green Book

He has made countless show-stopping appearances at Arab and international gatherings, standing out not just with his outlandish clothing, but also his blunt speeches and unconventional behaviour.

One Arab commentator recently called him the “Picasso of Middle East politics”, although instead of Blue, Rose or Cubist periods, he has had his pan-Arab period, his Islamist period, his pan-African period, and so on.

Early promiseIn the heady days of 1969 – when he seized power in a bloodless military coup – and the early 1970s, Muammar Gaddafi was a handsome and charismatic young army officer.

An eager disciple of President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt (he even adopted the same military rank, promoting himself from captain to colonel after the coup), Gaddafi first set about tackling the unfair economic legacy of foreign domination.

For Nasser, it was the Suez Canal. For Gaddafi, it was oil.

Significant reserves had been discovered in Libya in the late 1950s, but the extraction was controlled by foreign petroleum companies, which set prices to the advantage of their own domestic consumers and benefited from a half share in the revenue.

Col Gaddafi demanded renegotiation of the contracts, threatening to shut off production if the oil companies refused.

Gaddafi was a huge admirer of Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, who led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952

He memorably challenged foreign oil executives by telling them “people who have lived without oil for 5,000 years can live without it again for a few years in order to attain their legitimate rights”.

The gambit succeeded and Libya became the first developing country to secure a majority share of the revenues from its own oil production. Other nations soon followed this precedent and the 1970s Arab petro-boom began.

Libya was in a prime position to reap the benefits. With production levels matching the Gulf states, and one of the smallest populations in Africa (less than 3m at the time), the black gold made it rich quickly.

Political theoristRather than persevering with the doctrines of Arab Nationalism, or following the glittering excesses of Gulf consumerism, Col Gaddafi’s innately mercurial character led him and Libya on a new path.

Born to nomadic Bedouin parents in 1942, Muammar Gaddafi was certainly an intelligent, resourceful man, but he did not receive a thorough education, apart from learning to read the Koran and his military training.

Nevertheless, in the early 1970s he set out to prove himself a leading political philosopher, developing something called the third universal theory, outlined in his famous Green Book. The theory claims to solve the contradictions inherent in capitalism and communism (the first and second theories), in order to put the world on a path of political, economic and social revolution and set oppressed peoples free everywhere.

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Gaddafi tells Palestinians: Revolt against Israel

Libyan leader says refugees should gather peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands

By Ali Shuaib

updated 2 hours 4 minutes ago 2011-02-13T20:49:01 File:MuammarGaddafiBHObama7-9-2009.jpg

TRIPOLI — Palestinian refugees should capitalize on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said Sunday.

Gaddafi is respected in many parts of the Arab world for his uncompromising criticism of Israel and Arab leaders who have dealings with the Jewish state, though some people in the region dismiss his initiatives as unrealistic.

He was giving his first major speech since a popular uprising in neighboring Egypt forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign, an event which electrified the Arab world and prompted speculation that other Arab governments could also be toppled.

“Fleets of boats should take Palestinians … and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,” Gaddafi was shown saying on state television. “This is a time of popular revolutions.”

“We need to create a problem for the world. This is not a declaration of war. This is a call for peace,” he said in a speech given to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed, a holy day in the Islamic calendar.

Palestinians have long demanded that refugees who fled or were forced to leave in the war of Israel’s creation in 1948 should be allowed to return, along with their descendants.

Israel says any resettlement of Palestinian refugees must occur outside of its borders.

Gaddafi also issued a call to Muslim countries to join forces against Western powers. He said the world was divided into white, denoting the United States, Europe and their allies, and green for the Muslim world.

“The white color has decided to get rid of the green color,” Gaddafi said. “These countries should be united against the white color because all of these white countries are the enemies of Islam.”

He also said: “All Arab states which have relations with Israel are cowardly regimes.”

Gaddafi has for decades challenged what he describes as Western imperialism. His oil exporting country spent years under international sanctions. But the sanctions were lifted in 2004 when Gaddafi renounced his previous activities.
He still frequently deploys his colorful rhetoric against the West.

On the Arab world and Africa

“Libya is an African country. May Allah help the Arabs and keep them away from us. We don’t want anything to do with them” Libyan TV, March 2007

“I am an international leader, the dean of the Arab rulers,… and my international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level” Arab League summit, March 2009

The solution to society’s woes, the book maintains, is not electoral representation – described by Gaddafi as “dictatorship” by the biggest party – or any other existing political system, but the establishment of people’s committees to run all aspects of existence.

This new system is presented diagrammatically in the Green Book as an elegant wagon wheel, with basic popular congresses around the rim electing people’s committees that send influence along the spokes to a responsive and truly democratic people’s general secretariat at the centre.

In the parallel world of the Green Book, the system is called a Jamahiriyya – a neologism that plays on the Arabic word for a republic, Jumhuriyya, implying “rule by the masses”.

Gaddafi’s ‘system’ as envisaged in the Green Book
Gadhafi's portrait hangs in a meeting hall as Libyan tribal leaders gather to...

Gadhafi’s portrait hangs in a meeting hall as Libyan tribal leaders gather to discuss the situation in Tripoli.

So the long-suffering Libyan masses were dragooned into attending popular congresses: vested as the only powers, authority or budget  [a system that was designed to end oppression and dictatorship].

They include laws allowing collective punishment for anyone who spreads theories aiming to change this theory; and, life imprisonment for disseminating information that tarnishes the country’s reputation. Gaddafi was able to take his anti-imperialist campaign around the world.

“There is no state with a democracy like Libya’s on the whole planet”

Adventures abroad & A new detente?

The resolution of the Lockerbie case, along with Col Gaddafi’s subsequent admission and renunciation of a covert nuclear and chemical weapons programme, paved the way for a significant warming of relations between Tripoli and western powers in the 21st century.

Tony Blair visited Gaddafi at his luxurious Bedouin tent after sanctions were lifted

With international sanctions lifted, Tripoli was back on the international political itinerary, allowing British Prime Minister Tony Blair, among other luminaries, to drop in at Col Gaddafi’s famously luxurious Bedouin tent erected in his palace grounds.

In true nomadic style, the tent also went with the colonel on trips to Europe and the USA….

Business deals were struck with a succession of western defence manufacturers and oil firms.

Ironically, it was on the Arab front that Col Gaddafi kept his black sheep status alive. He was viewed as a heretic by Islamic-Muslims because he shaved and believed in the value of womanhood.

Throughout the 2000s, the normally staid proceedings of annual summits of the Arab League were almost guaranteed to be disrupted by the Libyan leader’s antics, by his tossing insults at Gulf rulers and the Palestinians, or declaring himself “king of kings of Africa”.

The UN has also witnessed his genuine inability to conform. At the 2010 General Assembly, he gave a speech more than an hour-and-a-quarter longer than his allocated 10-minute time slot, tearing out and screwing up pages from the UN Charter as he spoke.

The combination of water and oil gave Libya a sound economic platform
Gaddafi was not so widely perceived as a western lackey as some Arab leaders accused of putting outside interests before those of his people; He had redistributed wealth – He sponsored grand public works, such as the improbable Great Man-Made River project, a massive endeavour inspired, perhaps, by ancient Bedouin water procurement techniques, that brought sweet, fresh water from aquifers in the south to the arid north of his country.There was even something of a Tripoli Spring, with long-term exiles given to understand that they could return without facing persecution or jail.

When the first calls for a Libyan “day of rage” were circulated, Col Gaddafi pledged – apparently in all seriousness – to protest with the people, in keeping with his myth of being the “brother leader of the revolution” who had long ago relinquished power to the people.

Gaddafi’s days of flamboyant appearances in New York, the capitals of Europe and the Arab world, are now behind him. So too the spell which he once cast over Libyans with his “universal theory”.


It’s been just about a week since the United States started doing some, you know, shooting hundreds of cruise missiles at Libya — no biggie — and you might be wondering why we
haven’t had that moment where President Barack Obama sits in the Oval Office and explains at length about what we’re up to and what the plan is and what we hope to achieve.
Well, per Glenn Thrush and Carrie Budoff Brown comes the answer: the president doesn’t want to do something that makes anyone worry that there’s a war on or anything. This is just
some light “kinetic military action,” people! That is barely like getting to second base with a war in Libya.
Today 3:48 PM Reporter Claims ‘The Charred Head’ Stared Upwards
More details emerge from AFP reporter Sara Hussein’s story on the aftermath of airstrikes near Ajdabiyah:
The body lies on its back, the charred head staring upwards, the right arm bent and the hand reaching out, everything below the upper torso gone – the remains of a soldier from Gaddafi’s
forces. The man’s curly hair is still visible atop his scorched face. Standing over him, locals from the town of Ajdabiya take pictures and stare wide-eyed.
The body is one of dozens strewn on the road outside of Ajdabiya, a key eastern town that sits at the junction of roads leading to the oil town of Tobruk and the rebel-stronghold of Benghazi.
Today 3:39 PM The Damage Following Air Raids
According to BBC News, there was much damage after the allied air raids in Ajdabiya. AFP’s Sara Hussein reports, “13.56 A graphic description of the horrific aftermath of airstrikes from
Sara Hussein, an AFP reporter on the scene near Ajdabiyah:
The body lies on its back, the charred head staring upwards, the right arm bent and the hand reaching out, everything below the upper torso gone – the remains of a soldier from Gaddafi’s forces.
The man’s curly hair is still visible atop his scorched face. Standing over him, locals from the town of Ajdabiya take pictures and stare wide-eyed.
The body is one of dozens strewn on the road outside of Ajdabiya, a key eastern town that sits at the junction of roads leading to the oil town of Tobruk and the rebel-stronghold of Benghazi.
Ajdabiyah ended in the early hours of Saturday morning, after two days of heavy coalition airstrikes.
The damage caused by the aerial bombardment is astonishing. Body parts – some identifiable as such, pink and covered with flies, others little more than piles of ash – are visible next to
blankets and the carcasses of tanks. A medical team from the city works to clear the bodies from the site, loading one after another from a stretcher into the back of a white pick-up truck.
Volunteers wearing blue-green face masks try to cover the bodies.
One doctor, Osama Al-Qasy, estimates at least 21 bodies have already been put into the truck at the site, a few kilometres outside of Adjabiya’s gate leading west. “But there are so many
body parts, pieces, that we don’t know yet how many there are here.”
Today 1:17 PM U.S. Pilot Tells Of Raid Over Libya
Capt. Ryan Thuli talks to the New York Times about his mission:
Suddenly, red tracers of antiaircraft fire streaked up from the desert below. Captain Thulin, a 28-year-old Air Force Academy graduate on his first combat mission, instinctively veered his single-seat jet away from the ground fire and dropped 500-pound, precision-guided bombs on the Libyan forces. A huge fireball lit up the cloudless sky.
Several minutes later, the scene replayed itself, only this time Captain Thulin bombed army targets much closer to the outskirts of a city in eastern Libya where government troops, rebel fighters
and civilians were in dangerous proximity. In the air campaign against Libya, allied warplanes have not attacked targets
in cities before, except for Tripoli,
and were under strict instructions to avoid hitting civilians. But now that has completely changed, and there are immense
civilian casualties!

A military official said Air Force B-2 stealth bombers flew 25 hours in a round trip from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and dropped 45 2,000-pound bombs.

What happens when rebel forces eventually go on the offensive against Gadhafi’s troops remains unclear, as they obviously have not heeded the “cease-fire” agreement.

Burned-out tanks and personnel carriers littered one of the main desert roads leading from the Libyan capital. A power station hit by a shell on Thursday was still burning, its blackened fuel tank crumpled,
with flames and black smoke pouring out.
The U.N. resolution authorizing international military action in Libya, not only sets up a no-fly zone but allows “all necessary measures” ….

In Cairo, a group of Libyans angry at the international intervention in their homeland blocked the path of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon following his meeting at the Arab League on Monday.
Ban had finished talks with the Arab League chief Amr Moussa and left the organization’s headquarters in Cairo to walk around nearby Tahrir Square, the centerpiece of Egyptian uprising that last month
toppled Hosni Mubarak, when dozens of Libyan protesters converged on him and his security detail.
The Libyans, carrying pictures of Moammar Gadhafi and banners critical of the United States and United Nation, blocked Ban’s path, forcing him to return to the league and leave from another exit.

The resolution makes Gadhafi, and the Libyan government-forces, legitmate potential targets for U.S. and European strikes.
The U.S. military, for now at the lead of the international campaign, is trying to walk a fine line over the end game of the assault. It is avoiding for now any appearance that it aims to take out Gadhafi or help
the rebels oust him, instead limiting its stated goals to protecting civilians.
Britain also is treading carefully. Foreign Secretary William Hague refused Monday to say if Gadhafi would or could be assassinated, insisting he would not “get drawn into details about what or whom may be targeted.”
“I’m not going to speculate on the targets,” Hague said in a heated interview with BBC radio. “That depends on the circumstances at the time.”

Turkey and France clash over Libya air campaign
Tension mounts over military action as Ankara accuses Sarkozy of pursuing French interests over liberation of Libyan people Erdogan
Ian Traynor in Brussels, Thursday 24 March 2011 16.20 GMT Article history
The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accused France of seeing Libya as a source of ‘oil, gold mines and underground treasures’. Photograph: Osman Orsal/REUTERS
Turkey has launched a bitter attack on French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s and France’s leadership of the military campaign against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, accusing the French of lacking
a conscience in their conduct in the Libyan operations.
The vitriolic criticism, from both the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the president, Abdullah Gül followed attacks from the Turkish government
earlier this week and signalled an orchestrated attempt by Ankara to wreck Sarkozy’s plans to lead the air campaign against Gaddafi.With France insisting that Nato should not be put in political charge of the
UN-mandated air campaign, Turkey has come out emphatically behind sole Nato control of the operations.
The row came as France confirmed that one of its fighter jets had destroyed a Libyan air force plane, the first to breach the no-fly zone since it was imposed on 19 March. The Libyan G2/Galeb trainer aircraft was
destroyed by an air-to-ground missile just after it landed at an air base near the rebel-held town of Misrata, a French military spokesman said.
The clash between Turkey and France over Libya is underpinned by acute frictions between Erdogan and Sarkozy, both impetuous and mercurial leaders who revel in the limelight, by fundamental disputes over
Ankara’s EU ambitions, and by economic interests in north Africa.
The confrontation is shaping up to be decisive in determining the outcome of the bitter infighting over who should inherit command of the Libyan air campaign from the Americans and could come to a head at a major
conference in London next week of the parties involved.
Using incendiary language directed at France in a speech in Istanbul, Erdogan said: “I wish that those who only see oil, gold mines and underground treasures when they look in [Libya’s] direction,
would see the region through glasses of conscience from now on.”
President Gül reinforced the Turkish view that France and others were being driven primarily by economic interests. “The aim [of the air campaign] is not the liberation of the Libyan people,” he said.
“There are hidden agendas and different interests.”

The Turks are incensed at repeated snubs by Sarkozy. The French failed to invite Turkey to last Saturday’s summit in Paris which presaged the air strikes. French fighters taking off from Corsica struck the first blows. The
Turkish government accused Sarkozy of launching not only the no-fly zone, but his presidential re-election campaign.

MOSCOW | Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:35pm EDT

MOSCOW (Reuters) – NATO could be dragged into a full-scale war in Libya, like those being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia‘s ambassador to the military alliance was quoted as saying on Saturday.

NATO has control of an arms embargo on Libya and agreed this week to assume command of a no-fly zone over its territory but Washington has been left in control of conducting air strikes against
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s ground forces.

“Just as we forecast, NATO is being drawn deeper and deeper into war in North Africa,” Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, told Interfax news agency.

“The statements we are hearing today from NATO members and the alliance on the whole could draw this bloc into a full-scale operation on Libyan territory, which means
essentially the U.S. and its closest allies could be drawn into a third war in addition to those in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has expressed concern over the possibility of civilian deaths and told U.S. President Barack Obama in a telephone conversation earlier this week
that such casualties had to be prevented. 

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia’s paramount leader, has taken a harder stance, comparing the U.N. resolution to “medieval calls for crusades.”

(Reporting by Thomas Grove; editing by Elizabeth Piper)

In his Wednesday morning appearance, Gadhafi added: "This assault ... is by a...
AP/ Libyan State TV

In his Wednesday morning appearance, Gadhafi added: “This assault … is by a bunch of fascists who will end up in the dustbin of history.”

(Good eventually is victor over EVIL; as God will be the FINAL ANSWER and be VICTORIOUS. This “false war” will one-day enter history books,
revealing the last stand of a demoralized West, in the last pangs of its death-throws ~ to a dying star.)

28 March  2011 (KHARTOUM) – The chairman of Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA) slammed the beleaguered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and accused him of being the top supporter of the rebel groups who took arms since 2003 against the central government.

JPEG - 29.9 kb
Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi (MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

West Darfur governor Al-Shertai Ga’far Abdel-Hakam who is also the TDRA head told a forum organized by the National Union of Sudanese youth that Gaddafi provided money and weaponry to rebels in the region as well as the East and the South.

He provided no details to back his claims. However, he is the first high ranking Sudanese official to go on the record with these allegations that his peers made privately for years.

A failed by attempt by the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in May 2008 to take over the capital was blamed on Libyan and French backing. Sudanese media quoted government sources at the time as saying that the financing of the operation was made through the Libyan Sahel-Saharan bank.

Libya is currently hosting JEM leader Ibrahim Khalil after being refused entry by the Chadian authorities last year where he was based. Sudan has sought without success to have Libya expel him.

However, it was Gaddafi that pushed the African Union (AU) to grant Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir immunity from arrest in the continent despite an arrest warrant against him issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for his alleged role in Darfur war crimes.

Gaddafi is fighting an armed rebellion that initially started as a popular uprising in mid-February. Diplomats at the UN told Reuters last week that Sudan has quietly granted permission for coalition aircraft to use its airspace for enforcement of the No-Fly Zone.


 Patre Nostru chì sì in celu, ch’ellu sia sanctficatu u to nome…. …ma francaci da u male.


Lockerbie Diary: Gadhaffi, Fall Guy For CIA Drug Running
By Susan Lindauer, Former U.S. Asset covering Iraq and Libya – Contributing Writer
March 4th, 2011

For years I was told the terrorist who placed the bomb on board Pan Am 103, known as the Lockerbie bombing, lives about 8 miles from my house, in Fairfax County, Virginia.

His life-time of privilege and protection, gratis of high flyers in U.S. Intelligence, has been a reward for silence on the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking in Lebanon during the 1980s.

As sources go, I was more than a casual observer. From May 1995 until March 2003, I performed as a back channel to Tripoli and Baghdad, supervised by my CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, who claimed from day one to know the origins of the Lockerbie conspiracy and the identity of the terrorists. He swore that no Libyan participated in the attack.

Armed with that assurance, our team started talks with Libya’s diplomats for the Lockerbie Trial, and I attended over 150 meetings at the Libyan Embassy in New York. After the hand over of Libya’s two accused men, our team engaged in a concerted fight to gain permission for Dr. Fuisz to give a deposition about his primary knowledge of the conspiracy, during the Lockerbie Trial. In a surprise twist, the U.S. Federal Judge in Alexandria, Virginia imposed a double seal on a crucial portion of Dr. Fuisz’s deposition. The double seal can only be opened by a Scottish Judge. In my opinion, that should be a priority, as testimony hidden by the double seal maps out the whole Lockerbie conspiracy. Most significantly, it identifies 11 terrorists involved in the attack. Dr. Fuisz’s testimony could put the whole matter to rest forever.
here’s good reason for my confidence. Much to my surprise, during the Lockerbie talks, Dr. Fuisz’s allegations of CIA opium running in Lebanon received unusual corroboration. One day, as I left the office of Senator Carol Moseley-Braun on my lunch break, an older spook caught up with me in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. From out of nowhere, he stepped in my path and invited me to lunch. With extraordinary candor, he debriefed me as to what motivated the CIA’s actions. I remember it as one battle-hardened old spook sharing the perils of fieldwork with a gung ho young Asset, anxious to get started on great adventures.

It was a morality tale for sure. According to him, the CIA infiltrated opium and heroin trafficking in Lebanon as part of a crisis operation to rescue AP reporter Terry Anderson and 11 other American and British hostages in Beirut, including CNN bureau chief Jeremy Levin and Anglican envoy Terry Waite. The hostage crisis was a legitimate CIA concern. The CIA Station Chief of Beirut, William Buckley, was also kidnapped by Islamic Jihad and brutally tortured to death, his body dumped in the street in front of CIA headquarters. The rescue was protracted and complicated by Lebanon’s Civil War—ultimately, Terry Anderson’s captivity lasted seven years. Many of the hostages suffered beatings, solitary confinement chained to the floor, and mock executions.

The older spook who refused to identify himself swore that the CIA considered it urgently necessary to try every possibility for recovering the hostages. The concept of infiltration into criminal networks cuts to the murky nature of intelligence itself. Drug enforcement frequently rely on the same strategies. Where the CIA went far wrong was in pocketing some of those heroin profits for itself along the way. The dirty little secret is that the CIA continued to take a percentage cut of opium and heroin production out of Lebanon well into the 1990s.

As for the hostage rescue itself, considering the operation took years to accomplish, it’s always been whispered that a corrupted CIA officer enjoying those opium profits might have swallowed reports on the hostages’ locations, or otherwise diverted his team in order to protect his narcotics income.

That appears to have become a serious fear at the time, among other U.S. officers jointly involved in the rescue.

In December 1988, infuriated Defense Intelligence agents issued a formal protest, exposing CIA complicity in Middle East heroin trafficking. When teams from both agencies got summoned back to Washington to attend an internal hearing, they boarded Pan Am 103. A wing of militant Hezbollah led by Ahmed Jibril, his nephew Abu Elias, Abu Talb and Abu Nidal took out both teams in order to protect their lucrative cartel.

Classified Defense Intelligence records show that Jibril and Talb had been toying with a conspiracy to bomb a U.S. airplane during the 1988 Christmas holidays anyway. They planned to bomb a U.S. airliner in revenge for the U.S.S. Vincennes, which shot down an Iranian commercial airliner loaded with Hajiis returning from Mecca in July, 1988. However the Defense Intelligence threat to expose their heroin network put the bombing plan into action. Islamic Jihad’s ability to discover actionable intelligence on the flight schedules would definitely confirm that somebody at CIA was operating as a double agent, keeping Islamic Jihad a step ahead of the rescue efforts.
That’s the dirty truth about Lockerbie. It ain’t nothing like you’ve been told.

Wait a darn moment—I anticipate your confusion. Libya got blamed for the Lockerbie attack. Daddy George Bush told us so! The United Nations imposed sanctions on Libya, demanding that Colonel Moammar Gadhaffi hand over two Libyans for trial. One of the two, Lameen Fhima got acquitted immediately. The other Abdelbasset Megrahi got convicted (on the most flimsy circumstantial evidence that overlooked endless contradictions). Libya paid $2.7 billion in damages—amounting to $10 million per family death— to make the U.N. sanctions go away, and expressed a sort of non-apology for the deaths—while never acknowledging its involvement in the conspiracy.

So Libya was innocent the whole time? In a word, yes…..
But the bottom line is that Libya had nothing to do with the bombing of Pan Am 103, which exploded over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland.

We should care about Lockerbie because of the serious problem that it exposed. Opium trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley provides a major source for global heroin production. In turn, the global pipeline of narco-dollars keep militant operations alive world-wide from the Middle East to Indonesia, Colombia, Burma and the Far East.

That’s something to fear. We don’t have to deploy soldiers to shut it down. With a little creativity, we could attack the bank accounts of these global heroin traffickers and cut off funds for the violence without damaging the local society through warfare. We could strike down two scourges—heroin and terrorism. And the U.S. would not require military action all over the planet to accomplish its goals. Thankfully, there are other ways.

n another ground breaking interview on The Intel Hub, former CIA Asset and 9/11 whistleblower Susan Lindauer discussed her visits to the Libyan Embassy in Washington this week, and revealed that she started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libya’s diplomats at the United Nations.

Lindauer dished on Gadhaffi, Libya’s vendetta culture and how tribalism might have inspired Gadhaffi’s recent desperate gamble for survival.

She also explains how the Lockerbie bombing was tied to the CIA’s involvement in heroin trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon during U.S. operations to rescue Terry Anderson and other hostages in Beirut.

Susan explains how infuriated Defense Intelligence agents became determined to expose CIA complicity in Middle East heroin trafficking, and how terrorists took out both teams to protect their lucrative cartel.

The Intel Hub
By Susan Lindauer, former U.S. Asset who covered Libya at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003
March 28th, 2011

Who are we kidding? The United States, Britain and NATO don’t care about bombing civilians to contain rebellion. Their militaries bomb civilians every day without mercy. They have destroyed most of the community infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan before turning their sights on Libya. So what’s really going on here?

According to the CIA, the following never happened…

Last October, US oil giants— Chevron and Occidental Petroleum— made a surprising decision to pull out of Libya, while China, Germany and Italy stayed on, signing major contracts with Gadhaffi’s government. As the U.S. Asset who started negotiations for the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats, I had close ties to Libya’s U.N. Mission from 1995 to 2003.

Given my long involvement in the Lockerbie saga, I have continued to enjoy special access to high level intelligence gossip on Libya.

Last summer that gossip got juicy!

About July, I started hearing that Gadhaffi was exerting heavy pressure on U.S. and British oil companies to cough up special fees and kick backs to cover the costs of Libya’s reimbursement to the families of Pan Am 103. Payment of damages for the Lockerbie bombing had been one of the chief conditions for ending U.N. sanctions on Libya that ran from 1992 until 2003. And of course the United Nations forced Gadhaffi to hand over two Libyan men for a special trial at The Hague, though everybody credible was fully conscious of Libya’s innocence in the Lockerbie affair. (Only ignorant politicians trying to score publicity points say otherwise.)

Knowing Gadhaffi as well as I do, I was convinced that he’d done it. He’d bided his time until he could extort compensation from U.S. oil companies. He’s a crafty bastard, extremely intelligent and canny. That’s exactly how he operates. And now he was taking his revenge. As expected, the U.S. was hopping mad about it. Gadhaffi wasn’t playing the game the way the Oil Bloodsuckers wanted.

The Vampire of our age—the Oil Industry—roams the earth, sucking the life out of every nation to feed its thirst for profits. Only when they got to Libya, Gadhaffi took on the role of a modern-day Robin Hood, who insisted on replenishing his people for the costs they’d suffered under U.N. sanctions.

Backing up a year earlier, in August 2009 the lone Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 people, Abdelbasset Megrahi, won a compassionate release from Scottish prison. Ostensibly, the British government and Scottish Courts granted Megrahi’s request to die at home with dignity from advance stage cancer—in exchange for dropping a legal appeal packed with embarrassments for the European Courts.

The decision to free Megrahi followed shocking revelations of corruption at the special Court of The Hague that handled the Lockerbie Trial. Prosecution witnesses confessed to receiving payments of $4 million each from the United States, in exchange for testimony against Megrahi, a mind-blowing allegation of judicial corruption.

The Lockerbie conviction was full of holes to begin with. Anybody who knows anything about terrorism in the 1980s knows the CIA got mixed up in heroin trafficking out of the Bekaa Valley during the hostage crisis in Lebanon. The Lockerbie conspiracy had been a false flag operation to kill off a joint CIA and Defense Intelligence investigation into kick backs from Islamic Jihad, in exchange for protecting the heroin transit network.

According to my own CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, who’d been stationed in Lebanon and Syria at the time, the CIA had established a protected drug route from Lebanon to Europe and on to the United States. His statements support other sources that “Operation Corea” allowed Syrian drug dealers led by Monzer al-Kassar (also linked to Oliver North in the Iran-Contra scandal) to ship heroin to the U.S. ON Pan Am flights, in exchange for intelligence on the hostages’ whereabouts in Lebanon.

The CIA allegedly made sure that suitcases carrying heroin were not searched at customs. Nicknamed the “Godfather of Terror,” Al Kassar is now serving a prison sentence for conspiring with Colombian drug cartels to assassinate U.S. nationals.
Building up to Lockerbie, the Defense Intelligence team in Beirut, led by Maj. Charles Dennis McKee and Matthew Gannon, suspected that CIA infiltration of the heroin network might be prolonging the hostage crisis. If so, the consequence was severe. AP Reporter Terry Anderson got chained in a basement for 7 years, while 96 other high profile western hostages suffered beatings, mock executions and overall trauma. McKee’s team raised the alarms in Washington that a CIA double agent profiting from the narco-dollars might be warning the hostage takers whenever their dragnet closed in.

Washington sent a fact-finding team to Lebanon to gather evidence.

On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA’s Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis. In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.

The punch line was that the U.S. State Department issued an internal travel advisory, warning that government officials should get off that specific flight on that specific day, because Pan Am 103 was expected to get bombed. That’s right, folks! The U.S. had prior knowledge of the attack.

Unforgivably, nobody told Charles McKee or Matthew Gannon. But other military officials and diplomats got pulled off the flight—making room for a group of students from Syracuse University traveling stand by for the Christmas holidays.

It was a monstrous act! But condemning Megrahi to cover up the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking has struck many Lockerbie afficiandos as grossly unjust. Add the corruption of purchased testimony– $4 million a pop— and Megrahi’s life sentence struck a nerve of obscenity.

It struck Gadhaffi as grievously offensive, as well—The United Nations had forced Libya to fork over $2.7 billion in damages to the Lockerbie families, a rate of $10 million for every death. Once it became clear the U.S. paid two key witnesses $4 million each to commit perjury, spook gossip throughout the summer was rife that Gadhaffi had taken bold action to demand compensation from U.S. (and probably British) oil corporations operating in Libya. More than likely, Libya’s demands for kick backs and compensation extended to other European oil conglomerates as well—particularly France and Italy—who are now spearheading attacks on Libya.

I knew last summer there would be trouble. Payback would be a b—tch on both sides. You don’t lock an innocent man in prison for 10 years on bogus charges of terrorism, and expect forgiveness. The United States and Britain had behaved with remarkable selfishness. You’ve got to admit that Gadhaffi’s attempt to balance the scales of justice demonstrated a flair of righteous nationalism.

Alas, Gadhaffi was playing with fire, no matter how justified his complaint. You don’t strike a tyrant without expecting a tyrant to strike back.

And that’s exactly what’s happening today.

Don’t kid yourself. This is an oil war, and it smacks of imperialist double standards. Two articles by Prof. Chossudovsky at the Global Research Centre are must reading: “Operation Libya and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa” and “Insurrection and Military Intervention: The US-NATO Attempted Coup d’Etat in Libya?”

There is simply no justification for U.S. or NATO action against Libya. The U.N. charter acknowledges the rights of sovereign nations to put down rebellions against their own governments. Moreover, many observers have commented that plans for military intervention appear to have been much more advanced than U.S. and European leaders want to admit.

For myself, I know in my gut that war planning started months before the democratization movement kicked off throughout the Arab world—a lucky cover for U.S. and European oil policy. Perhaps too lucky.

As Chossudovsky writes, “Hundreds of US, British and French military advisers arrived in Cyrenaica, Libya’s eastern breakaway province” on February 23 and 24— seven (7) days after the start of Gadhaffi’s domestic rebellion. “The advisers, including intelligence officers, were dropped from warships and missile boats at the coastal towns of Benghazi and Tobruk.” (DEBKAfile, US military advisers in Cyrenaica, Feb. 25, 2011) Special forces on the ground in Eastern Libya provided covert support to the rebels.” Eight British Special Forces commandos were arrested in the Benghazi region, while acting as military advisers to opposition forces, according to the Times of London.

We’re supposed to believe the United States, Britain and Europe planned, coordinated and executed a full military intervention in 7 short days— from the start of the Libyan rebellion in mid-February until military advisers appeared on the ground in Libya on February 23-24!

That’s strategically impossible.

Nothing can persuade me that Gadhaffi’s fate wasn’t decided months ago, when Chevron and Occidental Petroleum took their whining to Capitol Hill, complaining that Gadhaffi’s nationalism interfered with their oil profiteering. From that moment, military intervention was on the drawing board as surely as the Patriot Act got stuck in a drawer waiting for 9/11.

The message is simple: Challenge the oil corporations and your government and your people will pay the ultimate price: Give us your oil as cheaply as possible. Or die.

Don’t kid yourself. Nobody gives a damn about suffering in Libya or Iraq. You don’t bomb a village to save it. The U.S., Britain and NATO are the bullies of the neighborhood. The enforcers for Big Oil.

Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan have something in common. They have vast and extraordinary oil and mineral riches. As such, they are all victims of what I call the Vampire Wars. The Arab Princes get paid off, while the bloodsuckers pull the life blood out of the people. They’re scarcely able to survive in their own wealthy societies. The people and the domestic economy are kept alive to uphold the social order, but they are depleted of the nourishment of their own national wealth.

The democratization movements are sending a warning that I don’t think Big Oil, or their protectors in the U.S. and British governments understand or have figured out how to control. The Arab people are finished with this cycle of victimization. They’ve got their stakes out, and they’re starting to figure out how to strike into the heart of these Vampires, sucking the life blood out of their nations.

And woe to the wicked when they do! (END OF SUSAN LINDAUER’S TESTIMONY)

Statements Gaaaaah in importance to the process of the U.S. Central Intelligence the CIA “Susan Lindor” – news among international intelligence for receiving two witnesses in the Lockerbie trial, $ 4 million each – I named Tony Gucci Tony Gauci and the second brother, for false testimony against Megrahi to install condemn Libya – senior officials of neutral states in United Nations Chkko in the safety of the trial, which was a condemnation of Libya Lockerbie incident that ”


Plastered with “especially that there is intelligence information indicating the involvement of U.S. intelligence commit and do the U.S. State Department to issue a warning internal to government employees to avoid a trip that plane ominous before detonation. – when we hear allegations of the use of the Gaddafi civilians as human shields we give to ourselves in front of supervisor normal in the world justify the killing of dozens of civilians by “mistake.” – who was watching the escalation of U.S. statements since the start of the campaign against Libya Gaddafi sees it programmed in the footsteps of a quiet but somewhat slow so as not to suggest a deliberate intention to take control of Libyan oil. – down air strikes and allow Ljeic Libyan progress of cities out of control was blackmail rebel Libyans to make concessions and meet the demands of American and Western because negotiate Americans with Almstagir easier than Tfawdahm with leaders of sovereign states and stable – warned the International Energy Agency that oil demand in the coming years will rise by 36%, and comply with the agency to impose the Americans controlled the estimates so as not to raise oil markets. During that Gaddafi was acting on his or her liberty contracts oil has been negotiating from a position of strength and to impose conditions. has not lived up that of the United States. The U.S. motives to stand against Gaddafi is revenge because forced U.S. oil companies, British and even French and Italian, which participated in the fly, to contribute its share of the Libyan oil production to compensate for Libya for losses paid to meet the Lockerbie bombing which nearly $ 2.7 billion a rate of $ 10 million for people with each victim as well as the ban costly against Libya lasted from 1992 until 2003.


Libyan Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, whowas framed by the CIA asguilty of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, top left, is accompanied by Seif al-Islam el-Gadhafi,
son of the Libyan leader, upon his arrival at the airport in Tripoli on Aug. 20, 2009. “Megrahi promised in an interview with Britain’s Times newspaper published on
Saturday that he would present new evidence before he died exonerating him of the bombing.”

We read from Susan Lindauer:

Libya never sponsored any terrorism in the West, or in any part of the world.
BUT, the return to Libya in 2009 of the falsely convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, released from a Scottish jail on health grounds, angered Washington, because it might reveal another
of the U.S.’s great cover-ups and False-flag CIA Drug-running Operations.
Libya by the Numbers: War for the
Profit of the Usual Suspects
by Russ Baker
18 June 2011
let’s now examine the relationship between the Western governments and Qaddafi. Was it, as presented in the media, merely a case of doing the right thing against a brutal tyrant? One also accused of being behind the murder of those airline passengers?
This is not the place to recount the entire back history between Qaddafi and the alliance. Suffice to say that Qaddafi is one of a long string of foreign leaders who insisted on an independent course, including requisite regional bigfooting, and got in trouble. Specifically, we could look at some skirmishes with the US Navy during the Reagan-Bush administration, but there’s a long list of grievances. This, as in the case of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, is compounded by the fact that he sits on massive oil reserves.
As animosity grew, Libya started being labeled a terrorist force, possibly with some truth, and then connected to a series of major outrages with which it may or may not have had anything to do.
One was the death of several US soldiers in a Berlin nightclub in 1986, and another the alleged sponsorship of a hijacking that same year. But the thing that turned much of the world against Qaddafi was the alleged role of Libya in blowing Pan Am 103 apart.
Most of us probably remember, vaguely, that Libya’s role in that is an established fact. If so, we’re off base. Let’s start with this 2001 BBC report, following the conviction of Megrahi, a Libyan intelligence officer:
Robert Black, the Scottish law professor who devised the format of the Netherlands-based trial, was quoted on Sunday as saying he was “absolutely astounded” that Al Megrahi had been found guilty.
Mr Black said he believed the prosecution had “a very, very weak circumstantial case” and he was reluctant to believe that Scottish judges would “convict anyone, even a Libyan” on such evidence.
The view, published in British newspapers, echoes that of some of the families of UK victims of the Lockerbie bombing, who are calling for a public inquiry to find “the truth of who was responsible and what the motive was”.
Wednesday’s verdict sparked angry protests in Libya on Saturday, as Washington and London demanded the Libyan Government accept responsibility for the atrocity and pay compensation to the victims’ families.
The protesters condemned what they called a “CIA-dictated” verdict and demanded compensation for the victims of the 1986 US air raids on Tripoli and Benghazi.
For more on doubts about Libya’s role in the bombing, see the excellent summary of powerful evidence that the Libyans may have been framed, evidence not presented at trial, on Wikipedia. (While Wikipedia should not be considered a definitive source, it is often a good roundup of what may be found elsewhere and thus a starting point for further inquiry.) The troubling elements, which constitute a very long list, include an alleged offer from the FBI of $4 million for certain incriminating testimony, the subsequent admission by a key witness that he had lied, details of strange goings-on in the FBI’s crime lab, and indications that the bomb may have been introduced at an airport where the defendant was not present.
Nevertheless, Megrahi’s conviction, and the media’s dutiful reporting of it as justice done, meant that Libya, and Qaddafi, would continue under sanctions that had already isolated the country for a decade from the international community.
Qaddafi had sought to undo the cordon, including handing Megrahi over for trial in 1999. But that had not done the trick, and the January 31, 2001 conviction, coming 11 days after the inauguration of George W. Bush, threatened to make things worse—much worse. Qaddafi particularly had to worry about how it might impact his own survival.
By May 2002, with US troops in Afghanistan having ousted the Taliban and four months after Bush listed Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria as part of an “axis of evil” seeking “weapons of mass destruction”, Libya was feeling the heat. That month, it offered staggered payments to the Lockerbie victims’ families, as part of a trade for the cancellation of UN and US trade sanctions, and removal of Libya from the State Department’s list of states sponsoring terrorism. By August, 2003, several months after the invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi cut a deal, as reported in the New York Times:
Libya and lawyers for families of the victims of the 1988 midair bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, signed an agreement today to create an account for $2.7 billion in expected compensation, a lawyer said.
”Libya and the lawyers representing families of the victims have signed an agreement to create the escrow account at the Bank for International Settlements,” said the lawyer, Saad Djebbar, an Algerian living in London who has followed the case since 1992.
As a result, he said United Nations sanctions might be lifted.
With the agreement, Libya is expected to deposit the money in the account and to send the United Nations Security Council a letter accepting responsibility for the bombing, in which 270 people died.
In Washington, family members said today that the State Department had invited the victims’ families to a briefing on Friday.
It was a package deal, with many tentative aspects. Libya told the UN it “accepted responsibility” in the bombing—though, notably, it did not admit guilt. [Mathaba Editor: not true. Libya “accepted responsibility for the actions of its officials” and allowed the Anglo-American media to twist that into what even this researcher has falsely ascribed]. Indeed, as late as 2008, Qaddafi’s son Saif told a BBC documentary crew that the only reason Libya “admitted responsibility” [Mathaba: for the actions of its officials] was to get the sanctions removed. The documentary noted that several victims’ families had declined compensation because they felt Libya had not actually been behind the bombing.
The 2003 deal was enough, however, to begin welcoming Libya back into the family of nations. The Bush administration moved quickly to begin trade with Libya. By December, 2003, Libya had agreed to give up whatever WMD programs it purportedly had in return for the US lifting sanctions.
This heartened not only Libya, but also major Western companies, which had been champing at the bit for years to get a piece of Libya’s assets, including its vast oil reserves and the income they generated.
The inexorable trade machine kept grinding along. Within a few weeks, Bush signed an executive order restoring Libyan immunity from terror lawsuits and ended pending US compensation cases.
In 2007, strongly encouraged by the UK oil company BP, Britain began pushing for a transfer of Megrahi back to prison in Libya, resulting in a series of events that concluded with his 2009 release from incarceration—on purported medical grounds. (New information on BP’s role has come out recently, with Hillary Clinton and key US senators expressing outrage and declaring their intent to investigate–see here. No mention by the Dems of the doubts about his guilt, just indignation that a “murderer” had been freed.)
In 2009, the same year Megrahi was released, Qaddafi, faced with stiff ongoing Lockerbie payments, began pressing oil companies to pay more to help cover his debt.
We learned of the pressure on the oil companies during the recent propaganda effort to build support for military action against Qaddafi. In a New York Times article headlined “Shady Dealings Helped Qaddafi Build Fortune and Regime”—the crux of which was Qaddafi’s shadiness (though not necessarily that of the oil companies)—was this gem of an item. It was easily missed and as easily misconstrued:
In 2009, top aides to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi called together 15 executives from global energy companies operating in Libya’s oil fields and issued an extraordinary demand: Shell out the money for his country’s $1.5 billion bill for its role in the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 and other terrorist attacks.
If the companies did not comply, the Libyan officials warned, there would be “serious consequences” for their oil leases, according to a State Department summary of the meeting.
Now why would Qaddafi be desperate for cash? The article didn’t say. But if I’m connecting dots correctly, I’d say that you have to read another paper, then link the two.
Here’s the Wall Street Journal with an exclusive from May 31 that is hugely important but has thus far been seen in isolation, unconnected to the oil demand above. I recommend reading the lengthy excerpt that follows:
In early 2008, Libya’s sovereign-wealth fund controlled by Col. Moammar Gadhafi gave $1.3 billion to Goldman Sachs Group to sink into a currency bet and other complicated trades. The investments lost 98% of their value, internal Goldman documents show.
…In 2004, the U.S. government had lifted an earlier set of sanctions…That opened the door for dozens of U.S. and European banks, hedge funds and other investment firms to pile into the North African nation.
The Libyan Investment Authority set up shop on the 22nd floor of what was then Tripoli’s tallest building and launched in June 2007 with about $40 billion in assets. Libya approached 25 financial institutions, offering each of them a chance to manage at least $150 million, recalls a person familiar with the fund’s plans.
Soon it was spreading chunks of the money to firms around the world. In addition to Goldman, those institutions included Société Générale SA, HSBC Holdings PLC, Carlyle Group, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Och-Ziff Capital Management Group and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to internal fund records reviewed by the Journal.
… “The country made a conscious decision to join the major leagues,” says Edwin Truman, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and former assistant Treasury secretary. Until then, the investment fund’s money was held in Libya’s central bank, earning ho-hum returns on high-quality bonds.
Goldman seized the opportunity. In May 2007, several Goldman partners met with the Libyans at Goldman’s London office. Mustafa Zarti, then the fund’s deputy chairman, and Hatem el-Gheriani, its chief investment officer, invited the Goldman partners to see the fund’s Libyan headquarters for themselves. Mr. Zarti was a close associate of one of Col. Gadhafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, and reported to a longtime friend of the Libyan ruler.
…Goldman soon carved out a new business with the Libyans, in options—investments that give buyers the right to purchase stocks, currencies or other assets on a future date at stipulated prices. Between January and June 2008, the Libyan fund paid $1.3 billion for options on a basket of currencies and on six stocks: Citigroup Inc., Italian bank UniCredit SpA, Spanish bank Banco Santander, German insurance giant Allianz, French energy company Électricité de France and Italian energy company Eni SpA. The fund stood to reap gains if prices of the underlying stocks or currencies rose above the stipulated levels.
But that fall, the credit crisis hit with a vengeance as Lehman Brothers failed and banks all over the world faced financial crises. The $1.3 billion of option investments were hit especially hard. The underlying securities plunged in value and all of the trades lost money, according to an internal Goldman memo reviewed by the Journal. The memo said the investments were worth just $25.1 million as of February 2010—a decline of 98%.
Officials at the sovereign-wealth fund accused Goldman of misrepresenting the investment deals and making trades without proper authorization, according to people familiar with the situation. In July 2008, Mr. Zarti, the fund’s deputy chairman, summoned Mr. Kabbaj, Goldman’s North Africa chief, to a meeting with the fund’s legal and compliance staff, according to Libyan Investment Authority emails reviewed by the Journal.
One person who attended the meeting says Mr. Zarti was “like a raging bull,” cursing and threatening Mr. Kabbaj and another Goldman employee.Goldman arranged for security to protect the employees until they left Libya the next day, according to people familiar with the matter.
…Following the showdown in Tripoli, the fund demanded restitution and issued vague threats of legal action.
The Journal goes on to describe Goldman’s response—which “audacious” doesn’t begin to describe. Goldman offered to make it all up to Libya by selling it a huge stake…in Goldman itself. That Journal piece is well worth reading, as is this essay from Rolling Stone, but a bit off our topic beyond the notion that Western companies loved rubbing this rube’s nose in it.
The point, at least to me, is that Libya had taken the advice of an American firm and invested, and lost, a huge amount of the funds that are supposed to generate profits used in governing Libya. Including providing the kinds of services that kept Libyans loyal to Qaddafi in the first place.
Is it any surprise that just as this banking disaster unfolded, Qaddafi in 2009 turned desperately to the Western oil companies, which were doing well by Libya, and wanted them to pay more royalties to fund the Lockerbie settlements? Settlements he perhaps should not have had to pay in the first place?
By December 2010, when a Tunisian man set himself on fire, the Arab Spring revolt was under way—in Egypt, Bahrain, and elsewhere. Pretty quickly, it was clear to everyone that the Western powers were in danger of losing crucial oil suppliers—and vital military bases.
It certainly was convenient that, right about that time, Libya showed signs of moving in the opposite direction—into the US camp. Read our piece here about the CIA ties to the Libyan uprising.
Then consider the timing of February’s ramped-up claim by the defecting Libyan official, that Qaddafi himself had ordered the Lockerbie bombing.
If that wasn’t enough in the propaganda department to get the global public worked up, next came the Libya rape story. The average person doesn’t have the time or appetite to follow the kinds of complex corporate maneuverings that fascinate us here, but they do understandably get upset about bombs on civilian aircraft and rape.
We wrote about that rape story back here. Our point, which still stands, is that it is highly unusual for rape victims and their families to come forward publicly. It is almost unheard of in Arab countries, where the consequences can be severe. (Update: the woman and her family are being relocated in the West¸ and she’s said she’d like to come to America.)
We noted the timing of the story, the alacrity with which the Western press grabbed it and spread it, and the simple fact that there’s no evidence tying Qaddafi in any way to any such act. Even the woman herself doesn’t claim that. Yet it infuriated untold millions and postings all over the Web show that it moved a lot of public opinion into the column supporting military action to remove the Libyan leader.
That the corporate media cannot see what is going on here, or refuses to see, tells us how far we have not come since the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
Still, we can hear the other shoe dropping if we listen carefully enough. For example, the website Politico ran a little item the other day on a powwow between Hillary Clinton and corporate executives over business opportunities in Iraq.
FIRST LOOK: WALL STREET IN IRAQ? – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Secretary Tom Nides (formerly chief administrative officer at Morgan Stanley) will host a group of corporate executives at State this morning as part of the Iraq Business Roundtable. Corporate executives from approximately 30 major U.S. companies – including financial firms Citigroup, JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs – will join U.S. and Iraqi officials to discuss economic opportunities in the new Iraq. Full list of corporate participants:
Give it a couple of years, and they’ll be having the same party celebrating a more sympathetic regime in Libya.
# THE FAKE ARAB SPRING: Connect the dots, and you will see that the evidence points to a plan to create an “Arab Spring” for the Good Old Boys—CIA, banks, oil companies. Read and see if you don’t agree.

More pieces are falling into place. Those pieces have names of your favorite players: oil companies, banks like Goldman Sachs, and they paint a picture of endless corporate intrigue. The sort that never seems to come out in the corporate media.

US media misconception on Libyan Lockerbie compensation trial

Posted: 2012/09/11
From: Mathaba
A commentary on the case of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of the murder of 270 people in the Pan Am 103 disaster.

The Lockerbie Case
by Professor Robert Black, QC

Some of the media in the United States are reporting that the trial of Abdel Ati al-Obeidi and Mohammed Belkasem al-Zwai which recently opened and was adjourned in Tripoli involved an accusation of their “squandering $2.7 billion in public money meant to compensate families of those killed in the Lockerbie bombing.”  Examples, which seem to be based on a report from The Associated Press news agency, can be found here and here and here. This is, of course, wrong.  The accusation is not that the officials diverted or embezzled money intended for Lockerbie relatives, but that they were involved in negotiating the payment  that was made to the relatives.

The Globe and Mail, a Toronto-based newspaper, bases its coverage on the Reuters news agency report and gets it right.

— Mathaba News Agency coverage of this news is here.

Robert Black QC FRSE became Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh in January 1981, having previously been in practice at the Scottish Bar. He is now Professor Emeritus. He has been an Advocate since 1972 and a QC since 1987. From 1981 to 1994 he served as a temporary sheriff (judge). He has taken a close interest in the Lockerbie affair since 1993, not least because he was born and brought up in the town, and has published a substantial number of articles on the topic in the United Kingdom and overseas. He is often referred to as the architect of the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands.



Have you ever read Gadhafi’s GREEN BOOK or VISION.??? Until you have, I would say, all you know about Moammar Gadhafi is HEARSAY!

How Gaddafi Helped Bring An End to the Humiliation of Apartheid

Quote from Jean-Paul Pougala, a Cameroonian writer. Translated from the French by Sputnik Kilambi. Courtesy of Pambazuka News. Edited by Henry Gombya. Courtesy of Pambazuka News
Lest we forget: When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher refused to allow sanctions against then apartheid South Africa and used to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist, Moammar Gaddafi was embracing him and funding his fight against apartheid by training ANC fighters, arming them and paying for their education abroad. No wonder this photo shows how President Mandela appreciated what Col Gaddafi had done for South Africa.
For most Africans, Gaddafi is a generous man, a humanist, known for his unselfish support for the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist, he wouldn’t have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. For five long years, no plane could touch down in Libya because of the embargo. One needed to take a plane to the Tunisian city of Jerba and continue by road for five hours to reach Ben Gardane, cross the border and continue on a desert road for three hours before reaching Tripoli. The other solution was to go through Malta, and take a night ferry on ill-maintained boats to the Libyan coast. A hellish journey for a whole people, simply to punish one man.Mandela didn’t mince his words when the former US president Bill Clinton said the visit was an ‘unwelcome’ one – ‘No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do’. He added – ‘Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi, they are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.’Indeed, the West still considered the South African racists to be their brothers who needed to be protected. That’s why the members of the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, were considered to be dangerous terrorists. It was only on 2 July 2008, that the US Congress finally voted a law to remove the name of Nelson Mandela and his ANC comrades from their black list, not because they realised how stupid that list was but because they wanted to mark Mandela’s 90th birthday. If the West was truly sorry for its past support for Mandela’s enemies and really sincere when they name streets and places after him, how can they continue to wage war against someone who helped Mandela and his people to be victorious, Gaddafi?

Gaddafi and Mandela: Brother Leaders

Posted: 2011/07/18
From: Mathaba

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African Freedom Fighters: Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Colonel Muammar Qaddafi of Libya


by Quoriana 

Today, July 18, 2011, is Nelson Mandela’s 93th birthday; Happy Birthday Mr Mandela!

When the West refused to allow sanctions against Apartheid in South Africa and used to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist, Gaddafi was embracing him and funding his fight against Apartheid by training ANC fighters, arming them and paying for their education abroad.
Nelson Mandela always has been very reserved to call anyone “friend”, but repeatedly stated Gaddafi is his close friend:

Tripoli, May 18, 1990 (mathaba) ~ Nelson Mandela: “No country can claim to be the policeman of the world and no state can dictate to another what it should do. Those that yesterday were friends of our enemies have the gall today to tell me not to visit my brother Gaddafi. They are advising us to be ungrateful and forget our friends of the past.”


October 23, 1997 ~ Victory over destruction; Gaddafi and Mandela in front of Gaddafi’s house which was attacked by the US in April 1986.


June 13, 1999 ~ Gaddafi shakes hands with Mandela on his first foreign trip since sanctions against Libya were suspended. Mandela: “We look forward with joy and anticipation to the full re413-entry of Libya into the affairs of our continent and the world.”


Never walked alone: “Gaddafi helped us at a time when those who say we should not come to Libya were helping the enemy.” ~ Nelson Mandela


There’s the West ~ don’t trust them!”


Appearances matter – and remember to smile.” ~ Nelson Mandela.


I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.” ~ Nelson Mandela.


As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Nelson Mandela.





he [Qaddafi] wishes to follow the example of the Prophet who fought with such determination

against oppression and inequality in society that Bilal, the Black slave, became equal

with his master Umayyah. He sees his own mission and the task of the Libyan

revolution as having the same motivations and goal for modern Muslim society.


Coalition of Crusaders Join with al Qaeda

to Oust Qaddafi and Roll Back Libyan Revolution

By Gerald A. Perreira

A coalition of Crusaders, as Qaddafi described them, including the US, Britain, France, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Canada, have begun an all out military assault against Libya. Using what Libya claims is an invalid and illegal UN resolution as a pretext, the coalition is pounding the Libyan defense forces with a military might that has not been seen since the Gulf war.

The real and illegal goal of what has been called Operation “Odyssey Dawn” is “regime change.” A replay of the nightmarish Gulf war scenario, the plan is clear: to disable Libya’s defense ability, and to arm and strengthen the reactionary conglomerate of rebel forces in Benghazi, in the hope that this rag tag bunch will roll back, once and for all, the Libyan revolution.

This is not the first imperialist attempt to lynch Qaddafi and bring Libya to its knees. In 1986, the US falsely accused Libya of the bombing of a discotheque in Berlin and Reagan attempted to assassinate Qaddafi, by bombing the Bab al-Azizia compound in Tripoli where he was housed, killing Qaddafi’s daughter and over one hundred Libyans. Next, Libya was falsely accused of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing as an excuse for initiating sanctions, in order to economically cripple the revolution.

Not the first time Britain and al Qaeda have collaborated on Libya

In 1996, British intelligence employed the services of an al Qaeda cell inside Libya, paying them a huge fee to assassinate Muammar Qaddafi. A grenade was lobbed at Qaddafi as he walked among a crowd in his hometown, Sirte. He was saved by one of his bodyguards, who threw herself on the grenade.

Former MI5 operative David Shayler revealed that while he was working on the Libya desk in the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is connected to one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants.

Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces were the first to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. They have spent years trying to warn the world about the very serious threat posed by these Islamic deviants. According to Shayler, western intelligence turned a deaf ear to Libya’s warnings because they were actually working with the al Qaeda group inside Libya, to bring down Qaddafi and the Libyan revolution.


Anas al Libi was a member of the Libyan al-Qaeda cell. He remains on the US government’s most wanted list, with a reward of $25 million for his capture, and is wanted for his involvement in the African embassy bombings. al Libi was with bin Laden in Sudan before the al Qaeda leader returned to Afghanistan in 1996.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, despite being a high-level al Qaeda operative, al Libi was given political asylum in Britain and lived in Manchester until May of 2000.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

The claims by Qaddafi and the Libyan revolutionary forces that the rebels in Benghazi are inspired by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and the serious threat this poses, not only to Libya but to the entire region, are once again falling on deaf ears, just as David Shayler said they did back in the mid 90s. Why? Because once again, British intelligence forces, among others, are clearly in collaboration with the rebels in Benghazi—those referred to all over Libya as the “bearded ones,” who have close ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The evidence for this is overwhelming. As revealed by Shayler, the British have a long standing relationship with the al Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, based inside Libya. The British also have an historical relationship with the Wahhabi/Salafi brand of Islam, espoused today by Ikhwan al Muslimeen (Mulsim Brotherhood) and their offshoots, including al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

A Battle with a Long History

In 1744, an alliance was formed between the founder of Wahhabism, Muhammad ibn Abdal-Wahhab and the ruthless tribal leader, Muhammad ibn Saud, whose descendants rule Saudi Arabia up to today. This reactionary brand of Islam was the perfect theological foundation for the colonial creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Wahhabism remains the official Islamic tendency in Saudi Arabia up till today. In 1915, the British entered into a treaty with the murderous House of Saud, protecting their lands and supplying them with weaponry, as part of the colonial project to establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the British did everything they could to help the Wahhabist doctrine to flourish, recognizing it as the perfect ideological tool to further their imperialist objectives. Some scholars have argued that the British actually helped to create Wahhabism.


Imagine, today, the British are calling on the descendants of Muhammad ibn Saud, the current Saudi regime, and their present day army of Wahhabis in the form of al Qaeda, to join in a medieval crusade to crush a bastion of revolutionary Islam, which is present day Libya. And the contradictions verify this. We have to wonder why a Saudi government official can say on BBC that “to allow the people to choose their own government is a very bad thing,” and why, with all the Western outcry about women’s rights in the Muslim world, the Saudi regime, which does not even allow women to vote or drive motorcars, is never questioned. Instead they are the ones that the Americans, British, and French are calling on to join them in the destruction of Libya which has liberated women and struggled to bring real democracy to its people.

As early as the mid 19th century, Wahhabi fundamentalism was imported into Benghazi by the reactionary and feudal Senussi fraternity. The influence of this tendency has been passed on from generation to generation, and Benghazi has been the center for those who have consistently opposed the liberatory Islam articulated by Qaddafi and implemented by the Libyan revolution.

The Muslims of Benghazi, who embrace the same ideology as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and have done for the last hundred years or more, have been reinvigorated in the last few years by AQIM’s presence on Libya’s borders. There is a renewed interest in the possibility of achieving the stated goal of AQIM, which is the establishment of an Wahhabi Islamic Emirate in the Maghreb, stretching over the entire North African region. When we understand the history of this region, we realize why the imperialists have not gone out of their way to find Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri and how and why these reactionary forces and doctrines are actually encouraged by western powers.

To understand Qaddafi’s current claims about al Qaeda in the Maghreb, we have to understand both the history of this current battle and also the present day chapter: how al Qaeda affiliated organizations operate in the region in 2011. There is a deliberate attempt to misguide the uninformed with the suggestion that Qaddafi is throwing up a simplistic image of Osama bin Laden directing the rebellion in Benghazi from a cave somewhere, as a scare tactic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Qaddafi is well aware of the reactionary aims of Wahhabism and understands only too well their modus operandi in the region. Being affiliated to al Qaeda does not mean that each cell refers to an al Qaeda central command. Rather, al Qaeda is a Wahhabi/Salafi ideological movement and it has reinvigorated Salafi movements and cells worldwide. The term Salafi simply refers to a contemporary strain of Wahhabism. 

If there remains any skepticism regarding Qaddafi’s claims, let us turn to the Washington based think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, which gives us a description of AQIM’s operations in the region.

On their official website they state:

Terrorist activity in North Africa has been reinvigorated in the last few years by a local Algerian Islamist group turned pan-Maghreb jihadi organization: al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). A Sunni group that previously called itself the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), the organization has taken responsibility for a number of terrorist attacks in the region, declared its intention to attack Western targets, and sent a squad of jihadis to Iraq. Experts believe these actions suggest widening ambitions within the group’s leadership, now pursuing a more global, sophisticated, and better-financed direction. Long categorized as part of a strictly domestic insurgency against Algeria’s military government, AQIM claims to be the local franchise operation for al Qaeda, a worrying development for a region that has been relatively peaceful since the bloody Algerian civil war of the 1990s drew to a close. European officials are taking AQIM’s international threats seriously and are worried about the growing number of Europe-based cells.

The Struggle Continues

This current battle in Benghazi is not new in Libya. For many years, the revolutionary forces have been struggling to keep this feudal, reactionary brand of Islam in check. 

On February 24th, 2011, at the very outset of the Benghazi rebellion, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb posted the following statement on the al Qaeda affiliated al Fajr website:

We declare our support for the legitimate demands of the Libyan revolution. We assert to our people in Libya that we are with you and will not let you down, God willing. We will give everything we have to support you, with God’s grace.

A few days after this statement was issued by AQIM, al Libi  resurfaced. The same al Libi exposed by David Shayler as an al Qaeda operative working inside Libya back in the 90s. Now a top al Qaeda commander based in Afghanistan, he urged his countrymen to overthrow Muammar Qaddafi’s regime and establish Islamic rule. Al Libi, a pseudonym that means ‘the Libyan’ in Arabic, said in a video, produced by As-Sahab, the media wing of al Qaeda, that “it would bring shame to the Libyan people if the strongman (Qaddafi) were allowed to die a peaceful death.” 

Al Qaeda and Drugs in the Maghreb

Libya’s revolutionary forces have also made continual references to the fact that there are drug problems in the region and that many of the young people are affected. Once again, this claim was scoffed at by Western media and analysts, who are ill informed about what is actually taking place on the ground.

As recently as November 2010, Moroccan police detained 34 people with ties to al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb, attempting to move 1,300 pounds of cocaine through the country.

Moroccan Interior Minister, Taieb Cherquaoui said “We are dealing with an apparent coordination and collaboration between drug traffickers and terrorists linked to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.”

He added that the leader of AQIM’s drug ring was detained in Mali, and he stated that the international drug peddling ring involved local Moroccan drug traffickers, who were collaborating with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, as well as cartels in Latin America.

Until recently, Moroccan authorities have been able to keep the actions of al Qaeda inside Morocco at bay. The drug activity, however, has now revealed the extremist organization’s growing network, and the interior minister expressed “the urgent need for the Sahel countries to collaborate to secure their territories and to fight the group’s expansion.”


Tragically, the “coalition of crusaders” has seen fit to pound Qaddafi’s defense installations, thereby preventing Libya from being able to challenge AQIM’s expansion into their sovereign territory.

In a further development on this front, the Wahhabi spiritual leader of Ikhwan al Muslimeen, Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, issued a fatwa stating that any Libyan soldier who can shoot dead embattled leader Muammar Qaddafi should do so “to rid Libya of him.”

Qaradawi is a neo-feudalist, who has defended the practice of female genital mutilation, called for the death penalty to be applied to those who leave Islam and advocates separate systems of law for different classes of citizens. Such are the views of those who are opposing Muammar Qaddafi. 

In a letter to Barak al Hussein Obama and in a separate letter to Sarkozy, Cameron and Ban ki-Moon hours before the coalition launched its first military strikes, Qaddafi stated clearly that the destabilization of Libya’s eastern cities was being inspired and assisted by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and he invited member states of the coalition to come to Libya and confirm this reality for themselves. 

Of course, just as the war in Iraq was not about establishing the truth regarding weapons of mass destruction, this war against Libya was not about discovering the truth of events on the ground or verifying Qaddafi’s claims. When we understand the historical and present day facts, we realize that the crusader coalition is well aware of exactly who they are fighting and who they are supporting. In fact, that is why they were in such a hurry to act—to prevent any international fact finding mission which would verify Qaddafi’s claims for the world to see.

In the letter to Obama, Qaddafi asked him if al Qaeda was occupying American cities what Obama would do so that he (Qaddafi) could follow his lead. All to no avail, because Qaddafi has been demonised to the point of being inhuman and therefore not requiring even the courtesy of a response. Named by US media as the Castro of the Middle East there is only one aim—remove him by any means necessary.


In contrast to the Wahhabis and the neo-colonial regimes in the region, Qaddafi is a revolutionary leader who has consistently opposed western hegemony in the Arab and African World. Libya’s revolution has, for the past three decades, assisted liberation movements all over the world struggling against neo-colonialism and imperialism.

Libya’s oil resources are of course a factor. We know for sure that control of oil resources is a top priority for the US and Europe. But even more worrying for the imperialists is Qaddafi’s call for a United States of Africa—with one government, one army, and one currency.

Not surprisingly, the actions taken against Qaddafi and Libya are in stark contrast to western inaction with regard to events on the ground in other countries in the region such as Yemen, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, where protesters are being shot in the streets. In the case of Bahrain, protesters are being brutally suppressed with the assistance of invading Saudi ground forces and in Saudi Arabia itself, the regime has told its people that “anyone who raises a finger against the Saudi monarchy will have their finger cut off!.”

The so-called international community can barely name their long time partner in crime, Saudi Arabia, in their pronouncements, such is their support for this most undemocratic of regimes. In fact, far from condemning the actions of these governments, the Crusading coalition is frantically trying to get some of these same Arab countries to actively join the military operation against Libya so that this whole thing does not look like another US and European led aggression.

Are we going to hear impassioned pleas regarding the aspirations of the people of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? Are the US, Britain and France going to launch attacks on Yemen and Bahrain to assist the uprisings there to achieve regime change. I don’t think so.

Arab League legitimizes Crusade

The Arab League endorsed this imperialist attack on Libyan soil despite the nightmare of Iraq, where the number of civilian deaths has now reached one and a half million. It is an honor for Qaddafi to have no support among this league of bloated imperialist surrogates. At a recent meeting, he told them, prophetically it now seems, that they should be ashamed of themselves, having sat by and watched the US hang the entire leadership of the Iraqi Arab Ba’ath regime. It should be noted that although there were serious ideological and political differences between Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, Libya took a principled position regarding hostile external aggression against Iraq. A few days ago, the National Leadership of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party issued a statement expressing solidarity with the revolutionary forces of Libya.

The Arab League has been consistently embarrassed by Qaddafi’s outspoken criticism of their double standards and hypocrisy with regard to Palestine, Iraq, and a host of other issues, they are terrified by Qaddafi’s revolutionary Islam, and are contemptuous of Black Africa and Qaddafi’s attempts to bring about African-Arab unity.

Recently, when Qaddafi urged Libyans to intermarry with Africans, following the example of Prophet Muhammad himself, who encouraged intermarriage between races, Libyan and Arab contempt for Black Africans re-surfaced. Extremely few fair skinned Arabs would sanction the marriage of their daughters to a Black African. Rarely do fair skinned Libyans marry Black Libyans. Their disdain for Black people runs deep.

In fact, across other Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Gulf States, the horror stories emerging regarding the mistreatment of African domestic servants is reminiscent of the kind of treatment meted out to Black people during the days of chattel slavery. So a project for the development and unification of all of Africa, uniting, on equal terms, the “Arab” north with Black Africa, is not close to the hearts of many fair skinned Arabs. Qaddafi is an exception to the rule.


In his book Islam and the Third Universal Theory: The Religious Thought of Muammar Qaddafi, the respected Muslim scholar, Mahmoud Ayoub, states that:

he [Qaddafi] wishes to follow the example of the Prophet who fought with such determination against oppression and inequality in society that Bilal, the Black slave, became equal with his master Umayyah. He sees his own mission and the task of the Libyan revolution as having the same motivations and goal for modern Muslim society. The basic aim of the Green Book is to present in general and contemporary terms the ideals of justice and equality which Qaddafi sees in the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet and his community.

And what of Libya’s African neighbors?

“A Million Man March”

Already an estimated 16,000 African freedom fighters (not mercenaries as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera would have us believe) have poured into Libya from the Congo, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to fight to the death for the Libyan revolution and Brother Muammar Al Qaddafi.

According to an official in northern Mali, hundreds of young Tuaregs from Mali and Niger are also among the African fighters, “We’re very worried,” said Assalat Ag Abdou Salam, president of the Regional Assembly of Kidal, “These young people are moving in droves to Libya. It’s very dangerous for us because whether Qaddafi wins or falls the impact will be felt in our region.”

We are witnessing a Pan-African unity on the ground that we have never seen before. Who is this man and this revolution that has the moral authority and power to draw an army of Africans from every corner of the continent?

One Tripoli resident answered with the following statement: “Qaddafi is our Che Guevara, and for Libyans and many people around the world, he is a symbol of freedom and democracy.”

He explained that the West does not understand Libya and the age old tribal and religious battles that are being waged, and pointed out, that even if Qaddafi was to leave Libya, these armed gangs and tribes would fight till judgment day. He added that it is Qaddafi who has tried for the last 40 years to overcome these age old conflicts and the backwardness that accompanies them, and build real democracy, through a system of people’s congresses and popular committees.

He finished by saying that “the West does not know this man but that they would surely come to know who he is now.”

The Pan-Africanism we are finally witnessing is not the ivory tower academic brand, which has been viewed as relatively harmless and ineffective by the imperialists, but a grassroots Pan-Africanism—bottom up—which has given birth to the continent’s first Pan-African army, willing to lay down their lives for a revolution and a leader that they love and to whom they owe a great deal.

Many of these fighters and liberation movements have received education, military training and assistance from Libya when they were battling imperialist backed despotic regimes in their own countries, and now they are determined to defend the man and country who stood by them in their darkest hour. This attack on Libya has serious repercussions for the entire African continent.

The Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) travelled to Libya to meet with Qaddafi face to face and express their support and solidarity. They issued a statement expressing “their support to Qaddafi, who had been crucial to the PAC during the days of apartheid in South Africa.”

“We have a long cooperation with Qaddafi himself and Libya. Our cadres were trained in Libya by Qaddafi and a friend is a friend no matter what,” said the party’s spokesman,

Mzwanele Nyhontso

Qaddafi has been a friend to all oppressed peoples throughout the world. There is hardly a liberation movement that has not been helped in some way by Qaddafi and Libya over the past three decades. He is our friend and brother and let’s hope everyone is clear on who our enemies are.

The Emperor is naked—what’s new?

Of course, imperialist maneuvers and crusades similar to this current one have been on going for centuries. In more recent times, from Vietnam to Iraq, we have seen the same scenario played out based on a litany of lies. So what is different this time around?

Certainly not the lying part—they are still weaving their usual web of lies. The African freedom fighter Kwame Ture, who had close ties with the Libyan revolution, warned us that “the imperialists don’t just lie sometimes, they lie all the time.”

What is different is that things are changing for the imperialists as the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, and their ability to influence affairs worldwide is diminishing rapidly. In the midst of rebellions all over the Arab world, what is clear is that fewer and fewer people give a damn what the US and Europe thinks. So they saw fit to take desperate measures in an attempt to regain some political hegemony and limit the demise of their strategic influence in the region.

Even as Mussa Kussa, the Libyan Foreign Minister, announced a cease fire and the Libyan authorities determination to accept the UN resolution and utilize it in a positive way, the French and British were in a frenzy, trying to get international support for military strikes against the Libyan forces. We have witnessed their war mongering before, however, they were quite literally foaming at the bit this time.

Such a frenzy can only be understood against a backdrop of their dwindling ability to dominate. Even in the economic sphere, their power is decreasing, as China, India and Brazil emerge as vital new trading partners in Africa and South America. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Neo-colonialism is not a sign of imperialism’s strength, but rather of its last hideous gasp”.

In 2011, the imperialists have brought the world to the brink of disaster. At an economic summit, at the outset of the current ongoing global capitalist crisis, former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, publicly told the gathering that “the credit crunch was the fault of white, blue-eyed people.”

As the capitalist crisis worsens, and the world plunges deeper and deeper into chaos, the imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence and direct events worldwide as they are used to doing. Events which they are increasingly incapable of comprehending—not only because of the speed at which these events are occurring, but also because of the complexity of the events and the paradigm shifts taking place, that are, quite simply, far outside their western imagination.

Furthermore, they have lost all credibility as the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles continue. The Emperor is naked, and the hypocrisy of the Empire has become so transparent, that even the least informed observers are finally realizing that something is horribly wrong.

A Last Hideous Gasp?

Imperialism is experiencing its “last hideous gasp” and it is imperative for progressive and revolutionary movements worldwide to seize this moment and to oppose this current assault with all of our collective strength. Those who still struggle to see the wood from the trees remain enablers of the continued enslavement of our people. As Pan-Africanists we need to come together as never before to defend this brother and the Libyan Al Fateh revolution.

Sadly, the African Union has become another impotent international body with a neo-colonial mindset, due to the fact that unfortunately, a number of member states are still imperialist facilitators. The Pan-Africanist scholar, Chinweizu, calls these facilitators of imperialism “leaders in Africa,” because, as he points out, they are not “African leaders.”

Despite this, the African Union, under the guidance of progressive members, have managed to take a principled stand on Libya. In a statement issued by the AU Peace and Security Council, headed by Zimbabwe, they unanimously opposed any foreign military intervention and recognised the unity and territorial sovereignty of the North African State of Libya. The statement went on to call for “an urgent African action for the immediate cessation of all hostilities.”

How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man . . .

Muammar Qaddafi has a vision for Africa—a United States of Africa—with one government, one army, and one currency. Of course, if this were to happen, it would shift the balance of power globally. The well documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all African resources and raw materials to the western nations for just one week—the United States and Europe would grind to a halt—they are that dependent on Africa and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent.

Control over Africa’s affairs has always been a priority for the imperialist project. As Minister Louis Farrakhan pointed out many years ago at a conference in Libya, “Europe and the US cannot go forward into the new century without unfettered access to the vast natural resources of Africa” and he added that “Qaddafi is one who stands in their way.”

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions, thereby ensuring it is always in a position of weakness. African unity and true independence is something white supremacy, in all of its manifestations—capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism—will oppose with all its might.

When Sarkozy the clown, to quote Saif Qaddafi, made his ridiculous pronouncement recognizing the rag tag conglomerate of reactionaries in Benghazi as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, and Hillarity rushed to meet with the “Libyan opposition,” the sinister imperialist plot began to unfold. Their mission was certainly not to “protect innocent civilians.” They had from the outset, very clearly chosen a side and now, as they bombard the Libyan revolutionary forces we know without any doubt, whose side they are on.

Their plot further unraveled, when a Dutch helicopter, carrying Dutch marines on some kind of sabotage/espionage mission was captured right inside Libyan territory. The Dutch government finally acknowledged that its warship, the Tromp, was offshore in the sea off Sirte and the captured helicopter had lifted-off from there.


If the rebellion in Benghazi was, as the media has reported, “a spontaneous rebellion, like others in the region,” then the Dutch were surprisingly well prepared. Actually, it would have been impossible for them to arrive so swiftly at the scene, and so they had to have had prior knowledge of what was taking place. It is now crystal clear that this rebellion in Benghazi was an orchestrated attempt, supported by foreign sources, to use the events taking place across North Africa as a cover for the overthrow of the Libyan revolution.

And then there was William Hague’s brazen landing of the British SAS personnel inside Libyan territory to make contact with the al Qaeda inspired rebels. Of course it is no surprise that the British and al Qaeda are on the same side—as noted above they have been collaborating to destroy Libya for a very long time. Reactionaries inevitably end up dovetailing, and a partnership with the imperialists is after all where al Qaeda had its beginnings: as a US instrument in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. George Bush Senior had close ties with the Taliban, and Ronald Reagan poured millions of dollars into assisting the Jihadists in Afghanistan, the forerunners of al Qaeda, which means “the base,” and refers to a data base of Mujahideen from numerous countries, compiled with the help of the CIA.

Many Battlefronts

In addition to the battle between “true religion and false religion” to paraphrase the Muslim revolutionary thinker, Ali Shariati, there is another major battlefront in Libya.


It is the battle between Black Africans and those fair skinned “Arab settlers,” who embrace a “separatist” stance, refusing to acknowledge their African heritage, and who want little to do with the Pan-African project although they are on the African continent. As noted above, these “Arabs” look upon black people with utter contempt and disdain. They definitely do not share Qaddafi’s vision of a united Africa and resent the resources of Libya being used to assist projects towards this end throughout the continent.

It has been well documented that the Libyan rebels are committing crimes against humanity. There have been “African hunts” in rebel held territory. Black workers, students and refugees have been detained, raped and executed—some of them were led into the desert and stabbed to death. Even Black Libyans have been targeted, and many of them have been abducted by armed rebels and are being held in secret locations. These are the forces that the imperialists are racing to support. There has been a deafening silence from the so-called international community and western media regarding these well documented “African Hunts” and the massacre of Black Africans by the rebels.

From Washington, France and London, they continue their attempts to demonise Muammar Qaddafi with their lies. But the truth is that he is a revolutionary and a freedom fighter, who has assisted almost every struggle for liberation over the past three decades, and worked tirelessly, day and night, to facilitate African advancement and unification. At the same time, the revolution he has led, has taken Libya from the status of being the poorest country in the world to a country that has attained the highest standard of living in Africa. The “weapons of mass deception” assembled by the Crusaders can never succeed in portraying him as a ruthless dictator—an enemy of humanity? Let us heed the warning of the great revolutionary, Al Hajj Malik Al Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X:

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.

As I write this article, Qaddafi is addressing the world. He is defiant, preparing Libyans for a long war and assuring the crusaders that they will never get their hands on Libya and its resources. Meanwhile, the coalition of Crusaders and their Arab enablers are starting to show some signs of strain.

I am reminded of Qaddafi’s words in 1986, when Reagan bombed his residence, “They may hit us with long range missiles and aircrafts—this is expected, but they will never stay. This land is too hot for their feet.”

Gerald A. Perreira has lived in Libya for many years. He served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defense of the Libyan revolution and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli. He can be contacted at

This article previously appeared in Global Breaking News

Source: BlackAgendaReport

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Naked Aggression: ‘Libya assault planned months ahead’

Eastern Libyas Tribes Jihadism: Did U.S. Consider Its Own Libya Intel?

John Henrike Clark—Cheika Anta Diop  / Farrakhan Warns, Advises Obama on Libya (March 11, 2011)

Minister Farrakhan on Ghaddafi & Libya—1 / Minister Farrakhan on Ghaddafi & Libya—2

China slams US-led airstrike on Libya  / China regrets military strike against Libya

Putin likens UN Libya resolution to crusade call 


In September 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush formally ended a U.S. trade embargo as a result of Gadhafi’s scrapping of his arms program in 2003. In 2004, the international embargo and sanctions that had been imposed on Libya for more than a decade were lifted by the UN Security Council when Muammar Gadaffi announced that Libya would give up its [ficticous] nuclear weapons. Further, out-of compassion, not guilt Gadhafi agreed to compensate the families of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing and the attack on the TWA flight that occurred in the late 1980s (even though it has since been proven that no Libyan was ever involved with [what was really] the unfortunate CIA-drug cartel-running incident). This remarkably loving gesture on behalf of a totally innocent Gadhafi, was viewed as a commitment for Libya to rejoin “the international community”. In the sprit of “reconciliation”, Mike Obrien arranged for Prime Minister Tony Blair to fly into Tripoli, declaring that Libya was now an ally in the fight against “global terrorism”. Under arrangement with Mike Obrien, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, left, flew to Libya in 2004 to hold talks with Gadhafi inside a Bedouin tent. Here, Blair and and Gadhafi stroll to a separate tent in Tripoli for lunch during a break in their talks.

Gadhafi has no official government function and is known as the “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution.” The system of rule created by Gadhafi — the “Jamahiriya,” or “rule by masses” — is highly decentralized, run by “popular committees” in a complicated hierarchy that effectively means there is no real center of decision-making . In 1977, Gadhafi gave all his “power” over to the “People’s Authority” of Libya. & is no longer the Libyan “head-of-state”. Why must the Gadhafi family leave? His daughter, Dr. Aicha Gadhafi is a brilliant LAWYER.

“My father, alone among the Arab leaders, wanted to give to women, an equivalent status to men.” Colonial Gadhafi asked Libyan women not to marry defeated Arab men. “My father is right. I am disappointed in the Arabs. Were not they the first to impose sanctions on my country? They did not support us in the difficult times. As an optimist, I hope that the Arab world will evolve and will follow ‘The Guide’ in the path of harmony that he has opened-up….other governments should make use of his wisdom….”

One of his sons was a top soccer star, all his other sons are remarkable political-theoreticians. Gaddafi’s son watched Zapad-2009 military exercise in Belarus (Photo)Khamis Gaddafi is a commander of a reinforced brigade of the Libyan army. Mutassim is the national security adviser

Saadi Kaddafi (à dr.) et son frère Mootassem, en Italie, en 2005

Gadhafi and his wife Safiya  wave to the crowd upon their arrival in Dakar, Senegal, for a three-day official visit on Dec. 3, 1985.

Gadhafi has eight biological children, six by Safiya.. He is deeply committed to certain principles and to his means of achieving them. That does not make him irrational or impervious to pressure. Two of his own children were injured, and an adopted daughter, Stephanie [Hana], was killed in the American Bombing of Libya in 1986. Gadhafi has never even thought about “revenge”!

Pierre Salinger in 1999 (six years before his death), wrote an “Introduction” to a book of al-Gadhafi’s fictional and contemplative essays:

Photo of SalingerThe original, splendid Book-Jacket reads:

The following, was Salinger’s splendid assassment of Moammar al-Gadhafi and the then “new” Libyan JAMAHIRIYA:

For the rest of the introduction, please click a miniature (below) to magnify and see the texts. They are in order (1-20). 

There is more going-on than meets the eye! 

Gadhafi is the founder of the Libyan Great Jamahiriya. He made Libya what it is. Before him, it was a sand pile with WWII scap iron and no future. A wondrous work indeed…and one that cannot be brushed off lightly—or as you say, if Gadhafi is side tracked, then there is no Jamahiriya—and that would be an enormous tragedy. The whole system is his ingenious creation. Gadhafi, like Pasquale Paoli for Corsicans, will live forever. He lives in the hearts and minds of millions. To know him, is to love him; and to be eternally grateful for having this “man”!…and he has yet still so much to offer us and give!

NOW, Since when has the “Christian” West sided with the Al-Qaeda publicly (‘though everyone knows that al-Qaeda was a CIA creation to fight the Russian wars in Afghanastan) ?

Gadhafi is taking the total Fall  (again) for this Western false flag. Seems like nothing is new, and history is repeteing itself from 1986 once more.

This time, it is for LIBYA’s strategic location [albeit  al-Gadhafi refused American pleas from Obama to have Libyan lands for AFRICOM bases in North Africa—as the Americans already have bases to “rule” from throughout the entire globe—except for North Africa —since Gadhafi threw-out the Americans, British and Italians when he accomplished his 1969 BLOODLESS coup],  and economic resources (as the Great SAHARA Waterway Pipeline is completed), and virgin-pure oil. Obviously, it is for these interests alone—far from anything “humanitarian” (as Obama expressed) that the Western Nations have contemplated this war in Libya. (They are extremely fearful of African economic independence and growth. They dread the immergence of an AFRICAN-DINAR; as it would spell ruin to the investments of the IMF.)  OBAMA planed on the assets of the IMF and the WORLD BANK ORGANIZATION to “rebuild” Africa into a new western democracy (as he said in his public address to the American Nation); and then have Africa indebted unto the West forever!…So much for his evil and sinister plan. Meanwhile, to implement his so much beloved NEW WORLD ORDER (as he so addressed the U.N. in his speech), Obama, as U.S.A. President (EXECUTIVE),  has ensurped all the powers of the Congress and the Judiciary Branches (under the pretense of  the Patriotic Act for Homeland Security in these times of perpetual world wars [under the provisions of Marshall Law] wherein the U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights attached to it, are “null and void”. Under his new “World War Act” ,  he now excersizes his dictatorial “POWERS” throughout the world at any time; and he can (anywhere)  arrest or assassinate anyone he seems fit to, without trial or question. His “TSA-feelers” have already overtaken all “Commercial” air-flights throughout the entire planet….and the “Elite’s” NAZI plan to start “the culling” has long begun….

 They did not learn a lesson from IRAQ! The West has already frozen and accessed all of  The JAMAHIRIYA’s humanitarian FUNDS for African Developement that were placed in Western bank-holdings. They thought that this is how to get out of government financial bankruptcy at the expense of the African peoples!  Sarkozy & the U.S. are leading the insanity for blood & revenge! and the U.K. has invested interests at spoil with B.P Petroleam if al-Gadhafi got his way with the Jamahiriya’s  People’s Congresses for Libya’s oil assets to be nationalised for distribution of revenues to the Libyan people’s themselves instead of  foreign entrepeneurs. The European nations already lost millions upon millions of revenue they once  received by their sponsorship of telecommunications, when Gadhafi  himself paid the bulk of  monies needed for a Pan-African Communications Satellite System in orbit and its facilities as based in northern Libya, now servicing all of Africa per pennies instead of being robbed by the Western Nations of millions in rental-fees.

 Open-up “The Green Book” On page One, you will understand why Gadhafi is not, and cannot be a “dictator” as the West and Al-Qaeda are portraying him.

To Islamic extremists, Gadafi & Ahmadinejad and those like them, are INFIDELS! al-Gadafi rejects Sharia Law (as a faulty interpretation of the Quaran), shaves [Shaving the beard, to extreme Islamists, is infidel disobedience  ], wants women educated,

 Gadhafi waves after delivering a speech during a meeting with 700 women from the business, political and cultural spheres on June 12, 2009, in Rome. The Libyan strongman drew cheers and jeers when he criticized Islam’s treatment of women

and uses women in security positions:

Libyan women bodyguards provide security

Libya has an open-press, people -controlled JAMAHIRIYA STATE  tv/radio system.

al-Gadhafi himself respects nature, admires art, western-civilisation-music (loves van Beethoven!), and  is an inspired political theoretician who relies on NO ONE to write his speeches. He also possesses 

a sound understanding of all scriptures (not just the Quaran), and is considered by many to be a MUJJIDAD or INMAN. He does not believe in capital punsihment and seeks no revenge for ills against himself or the people of the Jamahiriya! When he gave all power to the Libyan people themselves in 1977, he kept his promise of non-interference into the final decisions of the People’s Congresses. By 14 MARCH 1984, the Jamahiriya was completely in place; and each year there is now celebrated within LIBYA  that wonderous and UNIQUE event.

&, al- Gadhafi has been blessed with a talented family!



A “peace-protest movement” does not rely on weapons . FACTS are facts. This was an “infiltrated armed-uprising”. Under the political system in Libya, if they really wanted to voice oppositon, there are the PEOPLE’S CONGRESSES in every Village, and the main Congress in Tripoli. Instead, “the Opposition” burnt the Congressional Meeting Halls, destroyed the “Green-book” Memorial and symbolically all the Green books they could put their hands on. That is not wishing for democracy; that is anarchy. (see what terror the “OPPOSITION” are inflicting!)

The “bombing” airplanes were the Libyan Air-forces; but their target was NOT initially people, BUT RATHER THE LIBYAN GOVERNMENT’s [their own] AMMUNITION AND ARMS DEPOTS; in-order that “the Opposition” (who does have al-Quada amongst them) would NOT get their hands on ballistic weaponry, etc. UNFORTUNATELY, “The Opposition” was still able to get all those arms + ammunition and other hard weaponry which was smuggled into the country through groups as The al-Quada. (So much for “peaceful crowds”!) When the Uprising began, the Libyan government sought to destroy their own arms depots only. On the “CROWDS”, to dispearse them, they used only rubber bullets and tear gas. BUT “THE OPPOSITION” w/al-Qaeda & outside forces, started militarily training THEIR “RECRUITS”. Those so-called “crowds” now have enough rockets, balistic missiles, anti-aircraft weapons AND enough ammunition and ground-power (TANKS) to wipe-out humanity! “The Opposition” is putting guns to the heads of young black Libyans. 

You can now go Online to  READ “THE GREEN-BOOK” & “MY VISION” ! You will be inspired politically and economically by Gadhafi’s “THIRD WAY” which is NEITHER COMMUNISM or CAPITALISM. It really is a great solution if only people would listen and READ!!!

——————————————————————————————- Moammar Gadhafi was the creator of  THE AFRICAN UNION—————————————–

Gold, Oil, Africa and Why the West Wants Gadhafi Dead

Posted: 2011/06/12
From: Mathaba
<!–abbr title=”Coming Soon! (Not Yet Working)”><sup–><!–/sup></small–>   More: Muammar Gadhafi’s decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate Share on TwitterFacebook
Muammar Gadhafi’s decision to pursue gold standard and reject dollars for oil payments may have sealed his fate
( – The war raging in Libya  since February is getting progressively worse as NATO forces engage in regime change and worse, an objective to kill Muammar Gadhafi to eradicate his vision of a United Africa with a single currency backed by gold.

Observers say implementing that vision would change the world power equation and threaten Western hegemony. In response, the United States and its NATO partners have determined “Gadhafi must go,” and assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner.

“If they kill Brother Gadhafi, I submit to you that American interests in Africa will come under severe strain,” warned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on WPFW-FM’s “Spectrum Today” program with Askia Muhammad.

“That man has invested in Africa more than any other leader in the recent history of Africa’s coming into political independence,” he continued. The Muslim leader said America needs access to the mineral resources in Africa to be a viable power in the 21st century.

Minister Farrakhan further pointed out in the April 1 radio interview that the current plot to kill Col. Gadhafi comes at a time of great distress and decline for America. The fall of the dollar is a manifest loss of America’s prestige and influence among the nations of the earth and an indicator of her end.


Graphic: MGN Online

“How’s America’s wealth today? How is she doing financially? What is the deficit? Some say it’s about $56 trillion counting Social Security and Medicare. That’s a big number. She’s printing money, but there’s nothing backing it,” said Min. Farrakhan.In the book, “The Fall of America,” the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote, “One of the greatest powers of America washer dollar. The loss of such power will bring any nation to weakness, for this is the media of exchange between nations.”

“The English pound and the American dollar have been the power and beckoning light of these two great powers. But when the world went off the gold and silver standard, the financial doom of England and America was sealed,” he explained. Mr. Muhammad said further that “the Fall of America is now visible and understandable.

“Long has Allah (God) been gradually removing the power of the great and mighty America while few have noticed it. This has been done by degrees, and they do not perceive it.”

Mr. Muhammad warned America’s fall serves as a sign of fate for her European counterparts.

Analysts say introducing the gold dinar as the new medium of exchange would destroy dependence on the U.S. dollar, the French franc and the British pound and threaten the Western world. It would “finally swing the global economic pendulum” that would break Western domination over Africa and other developing economies.

Attacking Col. Gadhafi can be understood in the context of America and Europe fighting for their survival, which an independent Africa jeopardizes.


“Gadhafi’s creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa.”
—Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba

“Gadhafi’s creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa,” said Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba.

The moves are also bad for France because when the African Monetary Fund and the African Central Bank in Nigeria starts printing gold-backed currency, it would “ring the death knell” for the CFA franc through which Paris was able to maintain its neocolonial grip on 14 former African colonies for the last 50 years.

“It is easy to understand the French wrath against Gaddafi,” said Prof. Jean-Paul Pougala of the Geneva School of Diplomacy.

“The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies,” said political analyst Anthony Wile in an editorial for The Daily Bell online.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Libya’s Central Bank is 100 percent state-owned and estimates that the bank has nearly 144 tons of gold in its vaults. If Col. Gadhafi changed the purchasing terms of his oil and other Libyan commodities sold on the world market and only accepted gold as payment; a policy like that wouldn’t be welcomed by the power elites who control the world’s central banks.

“That would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal,” said Mr.Wile.

Furthermore, pricing oil in something other than the dollar would undercut the pedestal of U.S.. power in the world. Although in trouble, the dollar is the reserve currency based on a deal made with Saudi Arabia in 1971 in which the Saudis, as the world’s largest oil producer, agreed to accept only dollars for oil, Mr. Wile observed.The Libyan affair has sparked a divide in the world community with the African Union and nations like Venezuela, China and Cuba—and until recently Russia—on one side as voices of reason, caution and respect for international law and honoring the UN mandate which set the parameters for engagement in Libya.

On the other side are war hawkish America, France, Britain and Italy pursuing regime change and actively trying to assassinate Col. Gadhafi, though they deny that aim.

“Why all of a sudden, this rush to destroy Gadhafi?” asked Min. Farrakhan during his March 31 press conference on America’s Middle East and Libya policy. “I know why you are angry with him; because he never agreed with your policies when it came to sucking the resources of Third World peoples, and putting in place dictators that would be amenable to America’s policies.”

Other analysts concur that the control of Africa is front and center as the prize in the scramble to kill Col. Gadhafi and preserve Western domination on the world stage, making the African Union critical at this time.

The AU stood with Libya since NATO forces began their missile bombardment. The AU has also accused Western nations of marginalizing an African solution to an “African problem.”

The AU criticized NATO for bombing Tripoli, targeting Gadhafi family compounds and violating the stated UN mandate to uphold a no fly-zone and protect civilians.

AU negotiations to end the conflict were brokered by South African President Jacob Zuma, which the Libyan government accepted, but were discarded by the rebels who set preconditions—in conjunction with NATO—that demanded Col. Gadhafi’s removal.


Graphic: MGN Online

The AU is the framework the Libyan leader was using to establish African self determination and economic self-sufficiency. Col. Gadhafi financed the restructuring of the former Organization of African Unity—formed by African leaders Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Sekou Toure of Guinea, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt and others—into the AU and revived the concept of a United States of Africa with one continental army and a single currency backed by gold.However critics of U.S. foreign policy objectives in Africa say efforts toward the continent becoming a unified bloc have been consistently weakened for fear that Africa will leverage more equity and control in the arena of global economics.

But the plan for an independent African currency backed by gold appears to be the real reason behind the frenzied attack on Col. Gadhafi.


“The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS (Bank for International Settlements), and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets.”
—John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

Whenever a government and leader arose that desired to use the resources of that nation for its people, America—through the CIA—would plan insurrections, coups, terrorist activities and even assassination of good leaders, observed Min. Farrakhan.

Despite the ire of Western foes, Muammar Gadhafi gained the clout to lead creation of a single currency because of strong oil profits versus a small population.

“The US, the other G-8 countries, the World Bank, IMF, BIS (Bank for International Settlements), and multinational corporations do not look kindly on leaders who threaten their dominance over world currency markets,” wrote John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” on It is redolent of Saddam Hussein advocating similar policies shortly before the U.S. invaded Iraq, he said.

“Gadhafi knew how to play the West at their own game. He dared to wield real economic power in the name of Africa and anyone who dares to do so will feel the full wrath of Empire,” remarked. Perrier.

With the hopes of breaking Col. Gadhafi, foreign governments froze nearly $70 billion of Libyan assets belonging to the Libyan Investment Authority, the 13th largest international investment fund in the world. Although designed to hurt Col. Gadhafi, it injures Africa, because Libya assists with development projects throughout Africa.

An example of such projects was installing independent satellite communications across Africa, cutting off an expensive dependency on Europe for the same services. Col. Gadhafi infused $300 million into the project after the IMF, America and Europe broke repeated promises of finance.

In the 1990s forty-five African governments started RASCOM—Regional African Satellite Communication Organization—so Africa would have its own satellite and control communication costs on the continent.

Before RASCOM, costs for telephone calls to and from Africa were the highest worldwide and the continent was burdened with an annual $500 million fee paid to Europe for satellite usage. African satellites cost a onetime payment of $400 million and no annual fee—a move for self determination led by Col. Gadhafi that agitated Europe.

The rebels and collaborators

Since the beginning of the hostilities, the 69-year-old Gadhafi has consistently called for ceasefires and a political solution only to be rebuffed and have NATO missiles aimed at him and his family. However, with the stakes so high, what kind of Libya will emerge if Col. Gadhafi is killed?

“It will not be the rebels and the transitional council who will take power in Libya—it will be the imperialist powers who take over and the implications for Libya will be a complete re-colonization,” said Mr. Pereira.

Some nations officially recognized the NTC as the new legitimate government; however the NTC will face severe challenges as a government post Gadhafi. The NTC and other rebel groups lack cohesive unity, strengthening possibilities for ongoing civil strife.

Furthermore, the insurgency has become a nightmare wrought with hard financial and military questions. Xinhua News-English reported the group is cash poor and has difficulty raising money; while the only commodity available to them is oil, which still belongs the Gadhafi government and is embroiled in UN sanctions.

“I don’t have any resources. Not a single dinar came in to the treasury,” lamented NTC oil and finance head Ali Tarhouni during a May 29 press conference. “We only exported one shipment (of oil) and got $150 million for that. So far we’ve spent $408 million on fuel. It’s not a good number.”

The Benghazi-based rebels include remnants of the monarchy deposed by the 1969 Al-Fateh revolution. Several times over the years, the royalists attempted assassination of Col. Gadhafi and destabilization of the revolution, but lacked military ability and popular support.

On May 24, U.S. assistant secretary of state Jeffery Feltman announced the NTC will establish an office in Washington at the invitation of President Barrack Obama. Comparable arrangements exist with France and Britain.

For now, after several months of military intervention, betrayal by former comrades of the revolution and continued assassination attempts by NATO, Muammar Gadhafi is still standing. For the imperialists however, his elimination means the future of their power in Africa.

“Make no mistake, if NATO succeeds in Libya it will be a massive setback for the entire continent,” said Mr. Pereira.

SELECTION from “Vision” of Mummar Gadhafi

44 NATIONS attack Mu’ammar al-Qathafi  




كلمة القذافي 17 مارس – 12 ربيع ثاني الجزء الأول , وفيها تهديد شديد للأهل بنغازي , ونسأل الله أن تكون هذه آخر كلمة لهذا الطاغية ,, اللهم آمين

كلمة القذافي 17 مارس – 12 ربيع ثاني الجزء الأول , وفيها تهديد شديد للأهل بنغازي , ونسأل الله أن تكون هذه آخر كلمة لهذا الطاغية ,, اللهم آمين
Vision [Relié]
Muammar Al Gaddafi (Auteur), Hans Schmid (Traduction)

Comments on Muammar Qaddafi by a Mathaba Committee in USA

Posted: 2011/07/19
From: Mathaba

showInitialOdiogoReadNowFrame (_odiogo_feed_id, ‘627615’, 290, 0);
Message from an Information Warrior, Truth Defender, Angel Supporter and Conscience Caller from the belly of the beast
Greetings to all,
Get out your handkerchiefs, some of ya’ll:
The Libyan people–the girls, boys, men, women and the tribes–are very politically astute.  Remember: The literacy rate in Libya is 90%.  They are absolutely clear about their history, and the significance of “The Revolution,” that is, the revolution brought by Gaddafi, who is still referred to as, “Leader of The Revolution” by the Libyan people.
They are not un-educated, un-refined tribal people who can be easily manipulated against each other from outside.  This is the mistake that the France, Britain, and the U.S. either did not know, or they did know and simply didn’t care, choosing to see if they could simply bludgeon the people into submission.
They know that one-million of their people were killed by the Italians.  And that fact is in their blood.  It is in no way possible that they will give in to force, because, in their minds, that would be a betrayal of those Libyans who lost their lives to the Italians, as well as a betrayal to the man who brought them a progressive society, Muahmmar Gaddafi.
I’ve been trying to decide which of the two demon-inspired vicious wars have been worse, Vietnam or this Libyan war.  Vietnam still comes out “on top” in the category of horrifying, genocidal oppression–a “distinction,” of course, we all hope that no country, in the future, will have the misfortune of having.
A word on the traitors: It is pure fact that, had the traitors [called “rebels”] not eagerly conspired with NATO, there would be no war at this moment.  I’ve sent enough material to you for you to know what this is about: money and power.  Part of the problem, as I have learned by working with people in the Jamahiriya and the mathaba that are very close to Gaddafi, is that he is too trusting.
They love him, but are frustrated that he has this habit of trusting.  Everyone in Libya very well knew that Bengazi was the center of trouble for Libya.  But the most that Gaddafi did was keep an eye on them.  In fact, this is another proof that he has not been some “brutal dictator,” otherwise he would have emptied Bengazi of those Al-Qaeda and jihadist elements that he knew were there.
Years ago, the U.S. normalized relations with him and began calling him a “friend” of the U.S.  Well, we all know what THAT means!  It means nothing.  You’re a friend to the U.S. for as long as you appear to be of some use.  When he agreed to normalize relations, he also agreed to cease certain military development.
He was warned directly by Minister Louis Farakhan, and I remember when that happened, because I was sitting at The Final Call building when Minister Farakhan returned from Libya after having sat with Gaddafi to warn him of what was in store for him in the future, if he really believed the U.S. overtures of peace.
What most people do not understand is this: Although Gaddafi is an Arab Socialist, he does practice Islam, though not fanatically.  It is instinctive, in Islam, to follow the “sunna,” or the practice of the Prophet Muhammad.  During Prophet Muhammad’s battles, whenever the enemy would sue for peace, the Prophet would immediately agree, and stop battling.
His “sahaba,” i.e., companions, or followers, would become upset with him and say, “Oh Holy Prophet of Islam!  You know that the enemy is suing for peace only so that they can re-group and attack us later!”  But, he would ignore them.
That is what Gaddafi follows.  It’s sad that his country has become attacked, in part due to his following his belief: an enemy sued for peace, and he immediately drop his defences, contrary to what Minister Farakhan had told him (Incidentally, I’m not a follower of Farakhan’s, but the man has been on target at many times throughout his leadership of the NOI).
A measure of the level of Gaddafi’s belief in religion can be seen in two incidents.  During this war, the news media was trying to dig up every kind of possible dirt they could.  They found nothing.  In one article, they interviewed one of his Bulgarian nurses.  They pressed and pressed and pressed, virtually directly asking her if he “fooled around.”
The woman actually laughed and said, “Gaddafi?!  Ha!  He’s a prude?”  When asked, “But why does he have beautiful women as his nurses,” she answered, “for the same reason that he likes flowers and other beautiful things.” 
Another incident once occurred in Italy.  He was in a hotel with some aides.  A group of young fashion models walked by.  He had his aides stop them.  He asked them to come to a “party” that he was having in the hotel later that night.
They all went to the party.  When they got there, he handed each one of them a copy of the Holy Qur’an, and began reading it to them, and explaining the verses.  In other words, he taught a class.  They were stuck, of course, because he was a head of state and they wanted to give him that respect.  But, it was not the kind of party they’d expected.  During the class, he softly suggested that they consider another profession that was “more pious.”  LOL!!!
Anyway, the members of the Jamahiriya–and this is just me sharing information, just ‘case I like to DO that–are frustrated with him, because of his trusting nature.  But they say, “Well…we love him ANYWAY!”  It’s all very fascinating to learn about this stuff.  I’d known about Gaddafi many years ago, when I used to read Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, Gaddafi’s Green Book, and other information about Libya.  But, I’d not been connected with the Libyan scene for decades.  So, it is very interesting (though extremely sad and deeply frustrating) to be involved, and to learn.
One of the most frustrating things it the absolutely complete media blackout.  We are in an information prison.  It is SO astonishing.  Every report sounds as if it’s written by the same individual.  And you can’t get any perspective.  You’re told one side of this, and that’s it.
This is truly new.  It just blows me away.  It’s why I, along with others, have contributed tons of work at  It’s fulfilling because the work is being done by Christians, Muslims, ATHEISTS, revolutionaries, etc., etc., and just people who deplore injustice.  Do check out the articles at, and please inform people about the work there. (Register at and login to the Mathaba Committees forum if you wish to help out).
Those of you who feel this, in your heart, please continue to pray that the suffering of the Libyan people under racist, imperialist aggression will soon come to an end.  Thank you.


19 SEPTEMBER 2005:

The Meeting of the Brother Leader with European & American Writers, Men of Letters &Parliamentarians Affiliated with the Global Green Auditorium

The Leader:

I welcome you in Libya, and thank you for coming. I had appealed to professors in the world, and to thinkers, politicians, parliamentarians, and members of social, economic and political research centers, asking them to come to the Jamahiriya, enter the Green auditorium, learn lessons and see for themselves the applications of direct popular democracy. In fact the appeal was heeded by members of the Russian Duma, professors from Russian Universities and thinkers whom we met.

They came to the Green Auditorium, where we had a meeting like the present meeting. Now you honor us with your presence and by responding to the appeal. For which I thank you. . The fact that you have come from such remote regions indicates that you are earnest in the pursuit of knowledge and in seeking the truth.

This is required. We must seek the truth without preconceived racial, religious or other notions. It is my belief that the Green Book, which represents a guide for the struggle of peoples to achieve direct popular democracy and popular socialism the object of a preconceived racist, irrational position on the part of a number of societies which are governed by dictatorial, arbitrary governments. . Such a position is, of, course, unscientific and irrational. It is due to political reasons or disputes among states, such as antagonism to Alagathafi regarding the cause of liberation and such.

Taking a hostile position on the Third Universal Theory is the policy of rulers and governments, but you breached that embargo. Here you are in Libya and in the Green Auditorium. This is the difference between scholar and an intellectual, free of racist complexes, who comes to seek the truth and judges it subsequently, having seen it for himself and rulers who take hostile, colonialist, racist positions in total contradiction with logic, science and impartiality.

Regrettably, it is the position of arbitrary governments to prevent people from reading the Green Book. It is our belief that the contents of the Green Book will chart the definitive road for the world towards democracy and the solution of the socio-economic problem through the establishment of the direct, popular democracy of the masses, i.e. the system of the masses, and of popular socialism. However, failure to study the Green Book will cause peoples to flounder, take a long road and lose a lot of time to arrive at this solution.

They will attain this solution with the Green Book or without it, because it is inevitable. The mass opposition is becoming more broadly based and growing in magnitude. It used to be individual and natural, but has now become a broad, mass opposition. It looks like a pyramid whose base grows wider and wider until it becomes a horizontal line.

The march of the masses towards power and the elimination of oppression and exploitation will not stop halfway, but will surely reach its destination. It cannot be static, which means continuous, ceaseless movement. This is inevitable; the picture before us shows that the base of the pyramid continues to widen until the pyramid becomes a horizontal line, and then all the masses assume power, and acquire their share of wealth. The question of power and wealth is very clear before us now in the world.

The power is in the hands of the government not the people, and the people everywhere is ruled by a government. Such hateful terms as ‘the government’ and ‘the people’, the ‘governor’ and the ‘governed’ are unashamedly taking their place; there is no shame anywhere in the world. Now there is talk of the ‘governor’ and the ‘governed’ and the one who is responsible. In other words, there is one who is responsible and one who is not, and he who is not responsible is a slave.

It is well known, even in the slavery system, that a slave is not responsible, but his master is responsible. Now, there is talk of responsible officials, but who are they? They mean the rulers. Fine, are the people responsible? They say “no”; they don’t say “You are responsible,” but they say “The ruler is responsible….the one who is responsible official of this state…those who are responsible officials of that state.” However, the rest are not responsible, because they are slaves, and, indeed, when one is a slave, one is not responsible; the term “responsibility” is never ascribed to a slave, but to his master, and this is the reason behind the expression extant in the world today.

It is said “I met a number of Italian responsible officials….I met a number of Indian responsible officials….I met a number of responsible officials of this state….I met the first responsible official of this state…..I met a responsible official from that state …..I met a responsible official from the other state…” These are masters who are responsible….When someone refers to a responsible official, it means he has met one of the rulers or the prime ruler, etc. However, the others are not responsible because they are citizens, i.e. slaves, hence the expressions “responsible officials” and “responsible official”.

Someone who is responsible for managing the affairs of the slaves. They are his slaves, and he is responsible for them. This is the truth we uncover when we remove the present camouflage. The truth is that the citizens are now slaves everywhere in the world, and there is someone in charge of them, who is the government. They exchange courtesies, cables, congratulations and such, and say: ‘Government and people, ruler and ruled’ which means that the people is not the government but is governed “I thank your government and people for your warm hospitality…..I thank the government and the people for hosting the conference.”

This is an abhorrent expression, because it is an autocratic expression, because it devoid of equality and robs the people of sovereignty and dignity and ascribes everything to the government and the responsible official. You can see this being practiced without shame, as the forces ensconced on the throne of authority in the world are the forces that have the resources that enable them to be defiant and to brag and insult.

It is the dictatorial theory that is prevailing in the world now and is called modern democracy or representative democracy, but it is not democracy. It consists of politicians and businessmen who are the capitalists who own the wealth. It is this wealth that that enables then to put whoever they want in power. Therefore there is an alliance between those who have the financial power and those who have the political power, while the people are deprived of this political potential and this economic potential.

For example, they, esp. in the Western countries, speak of freedom of the press, and say that the press is free. This is deception, distortion and false. This absolutely untrue, since there is no free press and the poor cannot publish a newspaper. A newspaper is published by a corporation, and the rich own the newspapers. These newspapers are founded by this class to serve its interests. Hence, they are guided, controlled, forced to pursue a certain policy and are not free.

To be free is to follow any direction and say anything, but these papers were by certain forces to serve their interests. Therefore they are servile and in the pay of their masters. It is also said that there are elections and that the people elected representatives. This is a distortion of the truth, and the people are innocent of this. It is the corporations and the rich who create the representatives, as a poor person can’t become a member of the Congress, the Parliament or the House of Lords in any state.

A poor person can’t become a member of parliament, publish a newspaper or become a ruler. These are the monopoly of political-economic duo, the capitalists and the politicians created by the capitalists to be in their service. The politicians are ruled by the capitalists who made them; this is clear.

It is said that President So&So is supported by the oil companies, for example, which means he was made by the oil companies and became president to serve their interests. Sometimes, it is said that President So & So is against the oil companies and favors the iron and steel industry, because those companies managed to get him to the presidency to serve them.

It is then said that the oil companies are unlucky, because the winner is supported by the iron and steel companies, and sometimes the opposite is said. Any other economic activity that possesses an effective financial power can create a president, a congress, a parliament or a government biased in its favor to serve its interests. This capitalist class owns the press, which is falsely said to be free, when it is not; it is the slave of the capitalist who owns it. This press generates publicity and influences public opinion in favor of one candidate or another

In actual fact, everything they say to you and to us and to the world about there being democracies and freedoms is not true. On the contrary, all societies now, esp. Western societies, are dangerously dictatorial. Why? The current ruling parties are not real parties made up of citizens, of ordinary people. They are a political force that enjoys economic support and has all the means. They control the army, the police, the press and capital, and beyond that, they control the power of decision-making.

In other words, this is one of the most hideous dictatorships, which does not leave a breathing space for any kind of freedom. Peoples everywhere are discovering this truth year after year. One finds that those who go to the ballot boxes in the past years were seventy percent, for example, only to become fifty percent in the following year and, later, thirty percent. Nowadays, in the elections held in some states, the turnout in certain constituencies was down to three percent, and, at most, reached, ten percent. This is a rejection of the system by the ordinary citizen, because it is an arbitrary, dictatorial, useless system…

It exploits the citizen to bestow legitimacy on the dictators, the capitalists and the exploiters Thus, this is the sole function of the citizen; he is told, “Bestow legitimacy on this dictator! All we want from you to take this paper and put it here,” so that they can acquire legitimacy, because without elections no one can claim the presidency or the premiership, since he will be asked, “Who appointed you?”

Nowadays, people do not participate in appointing the president or the prime minister, but it is necessary to claim that he was elected president. So, they address the people and ask them to stand in queues on a certain date , and place the ballot papers in designated boxes, The citizen handles this paper just as he handles a piece of toilet paper which he puts in the waste basket or in the garbage after using. This is exactly how he puts this paper in this box, the garbage box or the ballot box.

Some go as if going to the market or for a walk on the beach. He is told, “There are elections today,” so he says, “Fine, we’ll kill an hour or two by taking a paper and putting it in the ballot box,” just as if he was going to the zoo, the beach or a café; that’s what it has come to.,. The majority now knows this and do not go. In the third world, it is well known that the citizen who votes has been paid the price.

If there are elections, it means votes are bought; “Take a dollar and put your ballot in the box.” It is, in other words a process of buying and selling… Someone would say to himself, “Since there are elections today, I can put a paper in the ballot box and receive a dollar in return, instead of staying at home and not getting anything.” The buying of votes is well known now. Those who do not have money cannot contest the elections.

We, the owners of companies who want this president to serve our interests, cover these costs and claim that we contributed to his campaign. It is silly for the candidate himself to come and vote for himself and says, “I have nominated myself…” This is one of the farces of the theory of representation. If the people are present why should we have representatives for them?

What is the justification for removing the people deliberately and bringing those who represent them? It is said, “Where shall we bring the people, since this hall can only accommodate a hundred people?

Since the people number a hundred million, let them elect a hundred people to represent them in this hall, because this hall is too small for all the people, and can only hold a hundred people.”

Therefore the people can meet a hundred a time until all one hundred people everywhere are covered. Why settle for this hall only? Let’s build a thousand such halls, where the people can meet in congresses and decide what they want. Then the secretaries of these congresses can meet and bring with them the decisions of these congresses, in which all the people, men and women, were represented, and agree to issue these decisions taken by the people and drafted in these meetings. Sometimes, there is confusion.

At times we would be talking with someone and refer to people’s congresses and direct popular democracy, and he says, “We have parliaments just like you.” No, I want to explain the major difference between parliaments and congresses, congresses are bodies elected by the people, while congresses are made up of the people themselves. Thus, when we speak of a parliament we mean a body elected by the people, but when we speak of a congress we mean the people, all the people. For instance, in the Jamahiry (mass) system in Libya, the people’s congresses comprise all the people, adult men and women who are legally accountable, and they are the ones who rule.

The people’s congress is like the Congress, while in a certain country there is one Congress, there are 400 Congresses in Libya, reflecting the number of the population, and all the people are present in 400 Congresses. Imagine!! In one country there is one parliament and you come to Libya and find 400 parliaments. Why is that?

Because all the people are members of these four hundred parliaments. Hence, whatever is decided is decided by the people and not by the representatives of the people. Naturally, in the name of representation, the people were separated and slowly excluded from governance and its management, toe replaced by another means which, as already indicated, is adapted by money and such.

The danger does not, in fact, lie in the exclusion of democracy inside the country, and that the regime is dictatorial and arbitrary, etc., and that the citizen does not have self-determination, but in the fact that t his clique that rules on behalf of the people, be they representatives or government, and that were made in the manner we have already explained, does not pose a threat to itself but to the world and to world peace.

The danger is that one individual can decide to declare war or peace, to destroy the world or not to destroy it, and to invade or not to invade. The danger is that these Hitler-like governments threaten us and threaten our lives. They threaten our peace and security just as Hitler posed a threat, because he had the mightiest force at the time. He was one individual governing by himself, who began with a gang, a minister of propaganda and a minister of defense, and eventually imperiled world peace and posed a real threat.

Now there are individuals who have bombs, missiles, planes and chemical and bacteriological weapons. This is very serious, because these weapons of mass destruction are controlled by a group of individuals. People everywhere demonstrated against the war. They wanted peace, not war. However, the war broke out, the forces were moved and the children died. Where is the democracy then? Don’t the people who are against the war have representatives?

If the representatives had represented the people they would have objected to the war, but they supported the rulers, therefore they do not represent the people. Hence, representation is a fraud. It has been proven that the representative does not represent the people. The representatives do not act on behalf of the people, which have been proven. In general, they are all haunted by the crisis, the crisis of governance, democracy and the economic system.

Even when you meet many presidents, they do not tell you that they are alright. They know they are experiencing a very grave crisis. They tell you,” we do not know the tools we need. Politics is in a crisis. We do not know how to relate to the citizens or how to manage our affairs. . The economy is rejected, .politics is rejected and all the current processes are rejected by the ordinary citizen. The masses express their aspirations, their desires and their views, like the “ Seattle masses”, in isolation from their representatives and their governments.

Millions, heeding no borders, march to raise their voice, stats their views and express their rejection. The rulers are being pursues everywhere by demonstrations, while the workers are organizing strikes and demanding their rights. As for the economy ,the crisis has been exacerbated and has endangered the entire capitalist system of production, which has prompted them to seek solutions to save themselves, which is, indeed, evident , What is positive is that the company that used to be owned by one person in Europe, the U.S. or Canada has now become a public company. This, as we have already stated is an inevitable solution.

What is stated in the Green Book is inevitable. Without reading the Green Book, then with the passage of time and through struggle we will arrive at this solution. On the economic front, the major capitalist companies have begun to go public in spite of them, otherwise they would face death. The workers have begun to demand their right, which means they are preventing the owner of the company from profiting at their expense, whereas he founded that company to exploit them, reap profits and accumulate capital.

This has led automatically to a solution, as the workers themselves became shareholders in the company. If you go to the stock market, you will find the shares of this company are publicly traded, the same company that used to be owned by one individual may be now owned by a million shareholders. This means that socialism is a solution that imposes itself, and it has not failed or is dying as they say. On the contrary, it is capitalism that is dying; it is dying everyday…

Holding on to it is an exercise in futility and a waste of time. It is like keeping a person on life support systems. What is the use of clinging to the life-support systems if the patient is clinically dead? This is exactly the case of capitalism and the theory of representation. Holding on to them is like keeping someone alive on life-support systems.

Now, privately held companies are beginning to become public companies, and in the final analysis, you will find that only the popular socialism, which was addressed in the second chapter of the Green Book, will prevail. However, now they call it popular capitalism as Thatcher called it, since they do not like the term “socialism”. Whether you call it popular capitalism or popular socialism does not matter. Even in Libya it is possible to speak of popular capitalism; what matters is that the people own the capital, which means socialism…

This leaves the political problem as representation of the people is still espoused. Generally speaking the political problem has not been solved yet, and the political crisis still persists. We have seen that the peoples and the parliaments that they claim were elected by the people are not on the same page. There is a grave crisis experienced by the world today, which is the crisis of Iraq.

It is a war of devastation and genocide and it is a threat to peace and a waste of the world resources, ad the oil is being burned everyday, it is a war t which the peoples rejected, and the parliaments endorsed. Then what is the use of convening another parliament for these peoples, and holding another election for such a parliament as long as the parliament does not represent the people? We should abolish the parliament and uphold the will of the people. But how do we allow the people to govern?

It is very clear that the people can govern through the people’s congresses and the people’s committees. Instead of having one Congress or one parliament, there will be a thousand congresses or a thousand parliaments accommodating all the people. The structures within we are working now are so obsolete that they can no longer accommodate the new realities. The peoples are marching towards power and want to govern.

The old structure of the government and the parliament is crumbling before this new reality. All the people will enter this structure, which is too narrow for a government and a parliament. So this structure will break up and should break up. Even the wealth was monopolized in a structure confined to a handful of capitalists. Now, all the peoples want their share of the wealth, and all will gain access to the structure, and therefore the old structure of individual capitalism will break up.

A single individual used to own a company and enlist the labor of a million workers to increase his profits by exploiting them and robbing their efforts. This structure will break up, because the million want their share in this company. All of these are practical, material proofs of the validity the Green Book theory, the third universal theory…

We are reassured to know that there is a solution set down in a book, the Green Book. If we study this book and if the people learnt it, we will arrive quickly at a solution and spare ourselves this prolonged suffering. However, if we fail to study it, we will certainly arrive at the solution prescribed by the Green Book, but through suffering, after traveling a long road and paying a heavy price. Now the U.N. Security Council, whose meetings used to be open only to 15 members, finds itself compelled to allow states non-members to attend the debates.

The most recent recommendation was made this month at a summit meeting of the U.N. General Assembly. Naturally, they did not agree to expand the Security Council with the addition of new members, and maintained its present size, but they recommended that the Security Council continue to allow the participation of the largest possible number of non-member states in its meetings, because the world will no longer allow 15 members to decide its fate, and war and peace,… They said,” This is true.

We will allow a number of non-member states to speak in every meeting… This shows that even the old structure of the Security Council is beginning to break up now, because everyone wants to gain access to this structure, and this is only the beginning. A hall like this can only accommodate on hundred, but there are a thousand people outside who want to come in. . . . Fine, we will let in ten of you, then twenty, then thirty, because we want to solve the problem of those who are outside the hall. For if they came in they would smash the premises, break the windows, and cause such confusion that we would not be able to work.

Once the one thousand come in and destroy the hall, a new hall will be built to accommodate a thousand. This is what is happening, which means that the old structures will crumble before the new challenges posed by the masses.


(Hopes of) blossoming of relations with the West. Libya’s leader, Colonel Muammar Al Gathafi, has expressed revolutionary thoughts that distinguish his country from the world around it. Ideas put forward in his Green Book aim at an alternative to both communism and capitalism while Islam is adhered to but with a unique slant. Republished in a new translation, The Green Book provides fresh insight into the thinking of Muammar Al Gathafi and his Third Universal Theory for a new democratic society. Outlined first is his theory for direct democracy in society, or Jamahiriya, which focuses on the authority of the people, renounces representation or delegation of authority, and recognizes the need for organization of the people at lower levels of society. In The Green Book, Muammar Al Gathafi also suggests an economic revolution, transforming societies of wage earners into companies of partners by applying a political and economic theory of social organization that gives the ownership and regulation of production, distribution, and exchange to the community as a whole. Additionally, the book looks at the launching of a social revolution, presenting solutions to man’s struggles in life and the unsolved problems of man and woman, as well as lacking the situation of minorities by laying out sound principles of social life for all mankind. The Green Book provides readers with new insights into a fascinating country, and the philosophies of one the most controversial and prominent leaders alive today.
Interview with AICHA MUAMMAR al-Gadhafi, by Edmond Jouve:“My father, alone among the Arab leaders, wanted to give to woman, an equivalent status to men.”

Colonial Gadhafi asked Libyan women not to marry defeated Arab men. “My father is right. I am disappointed in the Arabs. Were not they the first to impose sanctions on my country? They did not support us in the difficult times. As an optimist, I hope that the Arab world will evolve and will follow ‘The Guide’ in the path of harmony that he has opened-up….other governments should make use of his wisdom….”

When questioned as to the relationship with her father: “he spends alot of time with us. My relationship with him is strange.Sometimes I feel it is the relationship between governor and governed, sometimes it is that of a generous friend In all cases it is the best remedy for my sorrows and meloncholy….”

THE YEAR 2000 Assassination attemptindependentLondon

The Leader of the Revolution Speaks to the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies and to the Chiefs of Judicial Bodie
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In his meeting with the members of the Supreme Council of Judicial Bodies in the Great Jamahiriya, the leader of the revolution made an important speech. In it, he called upon the Libyan people to annul all exceptional courts like the Special People’s Court. He also appealed to the people to abrogate the penal laws enacted by the Revolutionary Command Council before the establishment of the sovereignty of the Masses, and to return to the normal penal code and procedure.

He also demanded that a definitive investigation in the case of the Abi Selim Prison be expeditiously carried out. He appealed for the cessation of any action such as arrest without warrant or extra-judicial punishment, should they exist.

He said that no detainee or prisoner should be denied the right to see his family or meet with his attorney. He/she must have the right to choose his own counsel from outside the ranks of the People’s Counsel. Prisoners must continue to have the right to family visits outside prison on special social occasions.

The Leader of the Revolution appealed to the Libyan people to swiftly ratify the anti-torture conventions. He strongly deplored the conduct of governments that have not done so. He condemned the countries that oppress detainees and those that allow such acts to be conducted, by their police forces or prison authorities, with impunity.

The Leader expressed his heartfelt regret that some governments carry out such acts against their own citizens and against foreigners alike. That sad fact was stressed in the reports of Amnesty International that he put before those present in the meeting. He called upon the Popular Justice Committees in Libya to cooperate with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations. He commended the efforts made by those organizations. He demanded that Libya, by virtue of being the first state of the masses in the whole world, play a pioneering role on the world level in the defense of human rights.

The following was mentioned in his speech:

In the name of God.

In meeting with this elite group of jurists in the Jamahiriya, my purpose was to address certain subjects that need reflection. In the early days of the revolution, certain legislation was made in response to the needs of that stage. All politicians and jurists are aware that a revolution must be accompanied by certain harsh measures. Those measures must be time-bound and of exceptional nature, like wartime legislation. Such measures cannot be permanent or else they would constitute a denial of justice. They must be reconsidered. It was our hope that Libya with its revolution would become a model of freedom, popular democracy, and the state free from oppression and injustice. However, with the measures I mentioned above, Libya became another conventional state, even a dictatorial or police state. This is deeply regrettable. We are not like that nor do we want to be like that.

It so happens that we are in the Third World, in a region that is branded as backward. It was difficult for the world to distinguish between what happened here and any other Coup d’état that took place in Sudan, Iraq, Mali, Indonesia, or Argentina. All the events of the last year were purely superficial. They brought all sorts of oppression and injustice. This is perfectly normal since military generals carry out this kind of action in those countries. For us in Libya, it would be unfair to have us in this list. We are not generals who led a Coup. We led a popular revolution for which we used the army. This means we had a doctrine and an ideology. The Libyan revolution was a correction of the events in the Third World. Yes there was a military action accompanied by some injustice. Nevertheless at a very early stage, the power was returned to the people. The popular committees were established and they put before the peoples’ congresses their draft laws and policies. We, the leaders of the revolution, are witnessing the people creating their own committees and entities that are conducting the business of the society of the masses. There is no way for us to enact a law that runs counter to the will of the people. But some of the measures that were supposed to be temporary, somehow, continued to live with us. For example, the People’s Court was established at the beginning of the revolution. In each and every Third World country, when there is a revolution or a Coup, they establish a court named the “Revolution Court”. Its judges are military men and generals. That was the case in Syria, Iraq, and even in Egypt at the beginning of its revolution. For us, even the name would not stand. As we said, our movement was a correction of all the events that happened in other Third World countries. We called it the “People’s Court” because the Revolution was a People’s Revolution. The People’s Court was made up of a military man, a member of the police, a member of the clergy, and the civilian man of law. We could have composed it of young officers like all such courts in the Third World. But its composition was meant to ensure that it was a People’s Court. Anyway, this court continued with us until the year 2000. This should not have happened. Why should we have a special court when we are not in a state of war, anarchy, or upheaval? Human rights organizations and Amnesty International address this question and justifiably. The statute of the court was amended four times. This is proof that it is no longer fit for the new stage.

The People’s Court was supposed to try the officials of the monarchy who exercised power before the revolution. After their trial, the court should have ceased to exist. Unfortunately, this was not the case. We started amending it and giving it additional powers. I was amazed to see that someone who sold his farm was referred to the People’s Court. Why? Because his farm was given to him by the state and selling it was a violation of the law. Another person slammed his car into a lamp post, and he too was referred to the People’s Court! Supposedly because the lamp post is public property and running into it is a violation of the law. This is a farce. It is laughable. Could the People’s Court be asked to look into such petty things? Its statute was modified four times in order for it to be able to deal with these new cases that are not within its jurisdiction. My hope is that you would draft a law to put before the popular conference in order to put an end to the existence of the People’s Court. Its mandate and jurisdiction should be transferred to regular courts.

We are not the United States. They say they were subjected to a terrorist attack. They enacted special laws, created special courts, reestablished a ministry of the interior, they have Guantánamo and extra judicial measures. They say: “we are at a world war against terrorism; therefore, we must have special measures”. We are not like America. We are not at war. We don’t need special measures to face an outside enemy or to win a war. Why should we have these special measures in a calm and stable country like ours? There is no power struggle in our country. Power is in the hand of the people. Our men and women make the laws, make the decisions, determine the policy of the country, and set its budget. We have no civil war. We have no external war. We have no power struggle. Our society is homogeneous linguistically, religiously, and ethnically. It is a blessing from God that we have such a calm, stable, and content society. Why should we resort to exceptional measures? Because China did? Because Iraq did? Because Syria did? Because I don’t know who did? They have their problems. The US did that, and so did Britain because they are in a state of war. They are scared and terrified. Their fear makes them overreact to the smallest of emergencies and resort to exceptional measure. We don’t have that. Even if America enacts all sorts of exceptional measures, we will not do the same. Every society has its own circumstances. We are a coherent, stable, and calm society that has absolutely no problems. Why should we resort to exceptional measures? Just by way of imitation? Long ago people joked that Arab communists carried their umbrellas in Aden when it snowed in Moscow. Because communists mimicked what happened in Russia, even if they had never seen snow in their lives!

What I need to say is that the People’s Court is no longer necessary. It’s supposed to have ended. We appreciate the efforts of its founders, and its efforts to hold to account those who exploited the Libyan people from October 1951to 1969. We should start a normal stage with regular procedures. In 1969, the Revolutionary Command Council adopted the law on the protection of the revolution. That was justifiable at that time. Today, after the establishment of the people’s power, we can no longer talk about the defense of the revolution. We could only talk about the protection of the power of the people and the maintenance of the system of the masses which constitutes the basis of our state. The law was necessary at the time of its adoption. Things were fluid and unpredictable. There used to be five American military bases and a number of British ones. Cyrenaica was completely occupied by the British. There were twenty thousand Italian settlers who controlled all economic activity in Libya. The remnants of the old regime were still active inside and outside the country. It was possible for all those to conspire against the revolution. Therefore it was necessary to adopt a law on the protection of the revolution that provides for severe punishments for any attempts against it. After a while Libya achieved independence and ended the military, economic, and settler colonialism. The revolutionary command council ceased to exist. It was replaced by the people’s power. The republic was replaced by the Jamahiriya. There is no longer a justification for the existence of that law or for us to continue to invoke it. There are other laws that should be sufficient to protect our system of popular direct democracy without resort to any special or exceptional measures.

The establishment of the people’s court led to the establishment of the office of the special prosecutor for the security of the revolution. Now we have regular court system and regular offices of prosecutors so why should we need to continue to have that special office? It would have been possible at the time of the revolution, for us not to enact any special laws or provide for any special punishments. It could have been assumed that the old laws came to an end with the beginning of the revolutionary era. We could have run the country without those laws. However, I thought it was necessary for us to enact a law to protect the revolution and a new status. By their very nature, exceptional measures create fear and result in oppression. All Third World countries that established special courts, military courts, and adopted oppressive laws were not spared conflicts and upheaval. They never achieved stability. Those laws did not provide the solution. The real solution lies in a change in the nature of the people and the society. Normally, in every society there is a struggle for power, either among individuals, political parties, tribes, families, or social classes. The solution cannot be found in laws. To provide a radical solution for the problem, there is a need to end the power struggle. Not to frighten those who struggle for it. The struggle for power comes to an end when all the people exercise power, like the situation in Libya now. All adult Libyan men and woman, exercise power, and therefore there is no struggle for it. Anyone with an opinion can express it in the People’s Congresses and try to persuade others of it. The Office of the Special Prosecutor is no longer necessary.

There is another law that criminalizes partisanship. There is no objection to the idea itself. My personal objection is to the severe punishments included in it. There is also the fact that with the establishment of the power of the people no such act could take place. If somebody suggests that a political party be established, what would be the use of it? Nobody will join it in a country where the people run their own affairs in direct democracy. Parties and partisanship are completely outdated. They belong in museums. This is the era of the masses. The world is full of parties that have never solved the problems of their societies. If I establish a party, people would think that it is simply lust for power and wealth. People will ask themselves if they should vote for us so that we can rule them and monopolize power and wealth. The ruling party in any country benefits only its members. Even within the party itself, the members charge its central committee of usurping the power of the party and monopolizing its money and that is shows total disregard to the members of the party. Then the central committee itself accuses the politburo of dictatorship and monopoly. So in the final analysis the party is made up of no more than five people who are the members of the politburo. Even the politburo itself usually accuses the chairman of the party of dictatorship and of showing no regard to the politburo. This is what happened with Brezhnev, Gorbachev and Suharto. So what parties are they talking about?

The parties do nothing. When people have grievances, they take to the street and the members of the parties are nowhere to be found. People opposed to the war in Iraq, the unemployed, and the poor go out on the street to demonstrate. Violence spreads, and the parties do nothing. People will not establish a party in this day and age. Our people exercise power by themselves. Why should they hand over their power to a party or to a group of people to control them? Take the example of Lebanon. It is made up of many communities. Its political system is sectarian. The president must be Christian and the Prime Minister must be a Sunni Muslim. And the minister of the interior must be a Druze. In the seventies or the eighties a general whose name I don’t remember moved the army, went to the radio station, and broadcast a statement saying that the army has seized power in Lebanon. But nothing changed the following morning. The parliament remained with its sectarian composition unchanged. The general was not even tried. They just asked him what you think you’re doing. The communal and sectarian system is the basis of the government. Can you turn a Christian into a Muslim or a Muslim into a Christian? Nobody in Lebanon could possibly think of a military Coup because all communities are represented in the parliament and in the cabinet. Here we have our People’s Congresses and popular committees. What do we do with parties? They have no role in our system. Therefore, there is no need to give any importance to partisanship. It could be resisted or we could impose severe punishments for it. But in fact, partisanship is over in the whole world. This old model of political parties can no longer express the new reality. All old models like the rule of an individual, a party, or a family, have come to and end. We should not be talking about parties but rather about securing the fabric of the social institutions. All actions, conduct, and behavior must make sure that this fabric is unharmed. This is the very basis of all the constitutions of the world including those that claim to be democratic. Look at the French constitution for instance. It talks about the rights of the human being and the citizen. In order for these rights to be respected, the constitution must be preserved. All actions of the French citizens must not run counter to the constitution. If you infringe the constitution, you are in a collision course with the society and the whole establishment, you can be tried, imprisoned, and be faced with severe punishments. Like they say, the constitution must be preserved; we say that the purpose of all actions must be the protection of the Jamahiriya, the system of the masses and the power of the people. No one is allowed to infringe upon the social establishment. There is also the principle of the people’s sovereignty. That sovereignty is inherent in the people and nobody can exercise without their consent. No one can claim sovereignty for themselves. All the constitutions of the world state that sovereignty belongs to the people and it is exercised through their representatives. Why should it be exercised through representatives? The people can exercise their sovereignty directly. Why should they be denied that right in favor of a small group of representatives? In our system this is a sacrosanct principle. Anyone who challenges it challenges the very fabric of our society and does harm to our social institutions. Therefore, they must be punished to the full extent of the law. Everywhere in the world, people have the freedom to do what they wish, without doing harm to the society. The same applies here. If one attacks the Jamahiriya and the power of the people, he is attacking the whole social institution. This is an indisputable fact. The democratic constitution of the federal republic of Germany, states the Germans have the right of assembly, without need for prior notification, provided it is calm and unarmed. Public assembly requires prior notification. This clearly means that certain actions can only be carried out in accordance with the law in Germany, and other democratic countries. Same applies in France. No anti-republican group would be allowed to organize there. Now In certain Muslim countries, some people start organizing and following certain rituals. This runs counter to the law. They claim that their brand of Islam is better than ours. They change even the rules of prayer. They do not pray at home or in the mosque. They go and pray in public squares. This is undermining the whole religious system of the society. There is no provision in Islam for adopting this unusual form of prayer. If somebody wishes to fast for 40 days, it’s his choice. Nobody will prevent him from doing so or fasting his whole life if he so wishes. But, to start a party or an organization, and to start advocating this idea is an attack on the foundations of religion. It is unacceptable anywhere in the world. Not in France, not in Switzerland, and definitely not in Libya. French law states that it is forbidden to display religious symbols in public schools; no cross, no Star of David, and no Muslim head cover. They say you are free to exercise your faith at home or in a house of worship. It is not acceptable to create distinction among communities in the same society. You must be seen to be French only not followers of one Religion or the other. France is not a mosque or a Church. France is a secular state. When asked why the head cover was banned, the answer was: “At school, you must be seen only as a teacher. To be seen as a follower of a certain religion could put you against the followers of another religion.” In public institutions people must be seen as French, they must keep their faith to themselves, and exercise it in houses of worship. Otherwise, the country will be divided on religious basis. For us in Libya, we are all Sunni Muslims. Why should anybody adopt new rituals, new thought, or new distinguishing marks? This is unacceptable, it undermines the whole society. Anyone can stand on a street corner and preach good behavior and pious conduct. But what is the purpose of gathering a secret underground group? Is it to undermine the whole society? This is totally unacceptable, everywhere in the world.

Under the constitution, Germans have the right to form organizations. It also provides for a prohibition of organizations whose purposes are unlawful or against the system of government or destroys the harmony of the society. This is included in the German constitution. Can anyone accuse Germany of being an authoritarian or dictatorial state? There is a consensus on the German system of government and its institutions. No one is allowed to attempt to undermine them. If you call for the establishment of revolutionary committees to rule Germany or to hand over the power to the people, you are undermining the society and committing an unlawful act. There is another article that is very clear. Anyone who abuses the freedom of expression with the purpose of undermining the basic democratic system shall be stripped of those fundamental rights. Even a phone call, if used to jeopardize what they consider a free democratic system, will lead to legal accountability and a denial of constitutional rights. What I mean to say is even in the countries that are considered modern and democratic; there are laws to protect the social institutions and the fabric of the society. A society is like a structure built on pillars. No one has the right to tear down one of the pillars because that will bring down the whole structure. No pretext, religious, political, economic or ideological would permit tampering with the basic structure of the institution. In Germany, the confidentiality of contacts, correspondence and phone calls is guaranteed. However, if any of them is used to fight against the basic free democratic system, that guarantee is annulled. One is stripped of those fundamental rights. That means that his phone is tapped. You could use your phone for any purpose you like; harass people, use foul language or even steal. But if you attack the social institutions, the right to privacy is annulled. Even your pets will be tapped. The right to property is also conditional upon respect for the basic free democratic system. If your house, store, vehicle or farm is used for the purpose of harming the social institution or the system of government, you would lose it. In the Western countries suspects have an electronic homing device implanted in their bodies. They are under surveillance every minute of the day because their activities threaten the society. Even the multi-party system has to observe those rules. The court can rule that any party is unconstitutional and ban its activities if its program is a threat to the free democratic system or to the existence of the republic. Therefore, no one can establish a political party in Germany if it is incompatible with its basic system. A call to regulate or change the party system in Germany would be accused of dictatorship. They say we have a democratic and constitutional order. These are two sides of the same coin. The society and its institutions are sacrosanct and cannot be tampered with. The laws are there to protect the society and its order. The order we have in Libya is the Jamahiriya of the people’s power. The faith is Islam and the doctrine is popular socialism. These are the pillars of the society. It is forbidden to attempt to shake or undermine them.

In Germany you cannot establish a political party at whim. Haidar in Austria for instance, he established a party and was immediately told that his was a right wing, fascist party and that it would not be allowed to reach power. In France the same thing happened. So, while they speak of the freedom to form parties, they maintain that the parties that disrupt the established order are not allowed to come into existence. The system is free and democratic, but to attempt to destroy it and build something different in its place is not allowed. I have the German constitution in front of me. There is another article that deals with the freedom of worship. That freedom is guaranteed as long as it is compatible with public order and morality. In Switzerland it is forbidden to exercise a faith that runs counter to the public order and morality. In Switzerland where people seek asylum, measures are taken to protect the public order, social peace and to prevent the Church from infringing upon people’s rights. The Church in Switzerland cannot detract from the rights of the people or criticize the order of the State. Can someone call for German to be the sole official language in Switzerland? Of course not, because the constitution stipulates that the official languages are French, Italian and German. No archdiocese could be established on Swiss territory without the approval of the federation. The federal government lays down the rules that regulate radio and television and other mass media. The task of the media is to educate and entertain the viewers while taking into account the specific characteristics of the country and the special needs of the cantons. No radio station or newspaper can operate if it does not take the specific character of Switzerland into account. Switzerland is made up of four peoples that united together. German, French, Italian and Flemish peoples make up the country. It is forbidden to start a radio station that calls for the independence of the French or German part. The media in Switzerland must observe the public order and the character of the society. The freedom and independence of the media are guaranteed within the limits set in the article I just cited. Even in Switzerland, there are limits on the media.

Citizens in Switzerland have the right to form political parties or associations provided that none of their goals or methods is illegal or constitute a threat to the state. The laws and regulations stipulate the measures necessary to deter the violation of these provisions. The Swiss constitution speaks of deterring anyone who might threaten the state. A Swiss citizen cannot receive anything from a foreign country. They cannot receive gifts, decorations or money. As a citizen of a state, it is forbidden to visit certain states. You have all heard of the case of Abdul Rahman Al-Amoudi; an Arab-American who is currently on trial. He is likely to be sentenced to one hundred years in jail because he visited Libya a number of times. A Swiss citizen cannot be deprived of his political rights unless he threatens the social institution. Some fools from the Third World go to seek asylum in Switzerland then proceed to demand things that are unheard of in that country. Of course they deport him immediately. He labors under the illusion that they will allow him to undermine Swiss institutions.

Birthday Message to Muammar Gaddafi and the Muslim Community

Posted: 2011/06/07
From: Mathaba
A special birthday message to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, also to the Muslim community at large, from an African American elder in the United States of America, on behalf of Black People in America
Happy Birthday, Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi!!I extend this Happy Birthday to you on behalf of all African-Americans [except, of course, Barack Obama] who, whether you know it, or believe it or not, are rooting for you!!  In the black barber shops and beauty shops, away from the ear-shot of their white American oppressors, they are on the edge of their seats, praying and agonizing over you, just as we prayed and agonized over the Vietnamese, until they finally, after 20 long hard years, won their war against the U.S. genocidal maniacs; praying to God that you will succeed in defending your country against the genocidal maniacs of the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization, just as the Vietnamese people won their war against the genocidal maniacs of the U.S. government!
King of Kings

You have not lost anything!  You have not “lost” any children!  You have millions of children all over the planet.  Your children will never die!

And you will never die.  Remember: Your name will go down in human history for all eternity!  You will be written about for as long as human beings inhabit the earth.  But the names of your oppressors will not be known.  They will be called only be their collective name: The Rats.  Yes, indeed, in the history books of tomorrow, when the students reach the chapter on the subject of NATO, Western countries, and the U.S., that chapter will be titled, The Rats.

Barack Obama’s name will go down also, for as long as humans inhabit the earth.  His name will go down as the most shameful black man in world history — the man of African descent who rained bombs on Mother Africa, his ancestral home.  So, when his picture is shown in the history books, that picture will evoke hatred from the students.  It will evoke SHAME in black people, as they ponder over the utterly unbelievable fact that a descendant of Africa sold his soul to serve his white masters of Europe and the U.S., and became the only man in all human history to bomb Africa in the most intense, cruel, vicious, and genocidal manner that has ever occurred.  One wonders if he suffers from a typical disease that some black people, whether high or low, suffer: self-hatred in the face of what they perceive as the “superior” white nations.  Why else would he unleash such a furious war against African people?!

No songs will be sung for Barack Obama!  No prayers will be said for his soul, except by the very righteous saints and monks, God bless them.  But, for you, songs will be sung in all lands of the earth.  Prayers will rise up to the heavens daily.  In fact, I call on all men, women, and children who support our beloved Brother Leader Colonel Gaddafi, to write and sing songs to him now, not before he leaves this earth!!  Now is the time to write and sing songs to, and for, Colonel Gaddafi!  Sing them in your villages and cities and towns and places of worship!
I am not a Muslim.  But it is very easy for me to see that you, Colonel Gaddafi, are a Mujjahid!  You are a Reformer within this Age, and nobody can doubt it.  Maybe there exist other such Reformers.  But you are also as Reformer, somewhere near the top of the list! You elevated yourself above and far beyond the petty tribalism of Arab nationality.  In your love and your humanity and your sympathy, you embraced your suffering black African brethren, while your Arab brothers looked on in shock, wondering why you would extend your love, protection, and support of all kinds, including trillions of dollars, to black Africans.
And the answer is that you believe in the sayings of your Prophet, whom you call Rasulallah!!  You believe in his Farewell Message, in which he stated that a red is no better than a white; a white is no better than a black.  We are all equal, except to the degree of our righteousness!
How sad it is that the Arabs wonder at your love for black people!  They have forgotten, tragically, the love that Rasulallah had for Bilal.  They have forgotten the love that he had for Zaid.  They have forgotten that he was nursed by a Black woman.
When they deride and despise black Africans, they deride and despise their Prophet!!!  When the Bengazi gangsters lynch a black African, they lynch their Prophet Muhammad.
How amazing it is that, despite sometimes being rejected, you have remained a lover of those who despise you.  This is astonishing!  But, again, it is your love for Rasulallah, Prophet Muhammad, that created you in this manner.
Muammar leading prayers in AfricaWere the Muslim world to practice Islam as you know it, the world religion today would, without a doubt, be Islam.  Because, everyone would be so attracted to it, due to your example. 
I call on real Muslims, who can see; who have asked themselves the question, “Who are the Imams of this age?”  I will not answer that question for you.  But, I will say this: How many times in Muslim history have the mujjahids been murdered by “Muslims” themselves?  How many times in Muslim history have the mujjahids and saints and reformers been ridiculed, while they were alive?
If you cannot see the Great Reforms that Colonel Gaddafi has made in this world, then I cannot answer the above question for you.  If you cannot see how Gaddafi helped to break the back of Apartheid in South Africa, as Nelson Mandella himself admitted, then I cannot answer the question for you.  If you cannot see how he transformed Libya into an oasis, with a man-made water supply that stands as a wonder of the world, then I cannot answer that question for you.
If you cannot see how, at this moment, he has stood up against the most powerful and most vicious military command in history, I cannot answer that question for you.  If you are not familiar with the projects that he has done for the African and other people around the entire globe, I cannot answer that for you.
But, if you can see.  If you fully understand what he has been responsible for in his short 69 years on this earth, then perhaps you will be able to answer the question yourselves.
Who is a Mujadid today?  Does the mujjahid have long beards (the “bearded ones,” as Gaddafi calls them)?  Do they walk with their eyes half-closed, feigning piety and wisdom? Do they spend their days and nights in prayer and food?  Perhaps.  I do not know.

But were I a Muslim, I would have to give serious consideration, in my mind, heart and soul, to the status of this man who is alive and walks with us.  It is one thing to recognize a Mujahid hundreds of years after he has gone.  But it is quite another thing to recognize one now; to lend him your support now.  He needs your help.  The time is crucial.  The time he needs your help is now.  Right now!!  Give him a real birthday present of material help against NATO

I am glad that I have given him honors, and that I pray for him throughout the day.  What will the Africans and Arabs do?  What will the world do?
I hope that they will come to his aide.  But, if they do not; and if they allow the NATO rats to destroy him and Libya, it will not change the power and status of Colonel Gaddafi.  In the history books of tomorrow, the only reason he might not be mentioned is because his influence will be seen as so large as to require his life and works to be compiled in 100 encycolopedias!  The Encyclopedias of Brother Leader Colonel Muamar Gaddafi!!


NATO says cannot do without U.S. participation on its illegal war against Libya

Posted: 2011/06/22
From: Mathaba,
The white nations bankers army NATO continues to ignore all demands by the African Union to cease hostilities against Libya, it’s barbaric mission to assassinate Africa’s King of Kings under the guise of “protecting civilians” long exposed to the world
(Mathaba) Cracks are increasing within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), dubbed the Northern Atrocities Terrorist Organization by its detractors, due to it’s failure to observe any laws in its all-out efforts to destroy Libya. So far NATOhas succeeded only in strengthening support for the popular Muammar Qaddafi, who was already Africa’s best known and most loved hero due to his having handed power to the people of Libya in 1977 after only eight years in power after seizing it from a corrupt monarchy, as well as his massive endeavours for African independence, wealth and development over the years.The former colonial powers, Britain and France, with the help of the United States of America, all three with dictatorship regimes which were opposed by the majority of voters but came into power and have embarked upon a war against Africa without any approval by parliament nor congress, have been waging a 96-day long bombing of Libya with already around 5,000 bombing missions.Had any African state launched just one single bombing mission, let alone five thousand, against any white nation, no doubt the uproar would have been deafening, however the white nations media have been mute for over 3 months, although thousands of civilians have already been killed including dozens of babies and small children, from NATO bombs.Only in the last few days, have the white nations’ media started to mention civilian casualties, and only because NATO itself was finally forced into admitting the fact.The killing of 3 baby grandchildren of Muammar Qaddafi, all aged under 2 years of age and one just 4 months old, by a direct bombing of his house on May 1st in an attempt to kill him, which also took the life of his youngest son, was conveniently ignored by the white nations media networks, because the US conveniently announced the “killing of Bin Laden” just half an hour later.

Zuma visits Qaddafi

Since then NATO has continued relentless bombing raids on the houses surrounding the area, as the elder Qaddafi has refused to cower and run or seek shelter, and remained in his home, where African heads of state such as South Africa’s Zuma have visited him to wish him well, and Russian Chess experts have come and played chess with him.

NATO originally believed, as evidenced by pronouncements of the British dictator Prime Sinister Cameron, that the efforts to murder Qaddafi would take “at most two days”. 96 days later, NATO is now forced to try to win public opinion and funding for a war to last “at least until the end of September.”

September is when people from around the world will converge on Libya for one of the World People’s Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity, an event that is expected to be held in 8 locations around the world simultaneously and continue for at least one month uninterrupted.

It is also the month when Libya will celebrate the 43rd year of its freedom, and another significant event will take place, which the US and EU have already attempted to prevent by seizing billion of its billion start up assets fund: the inauguration of the African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, and African Investment Bank.

These financial institutions, backed by gold and not mere electrons or pieces of smelly American paper, are set to give Africa its long awaited economic freedom to say good bye to the so-called International Monetary Fund (IMF) known by its African detractors as the “International Mercenary Force” and also the World Bank, which is a private institution of elite banksters.

The war against Libya also prevented the United Nations from awarding Muammar Qaddafi an exceptional recognition, which had been slated to be presented in March this year, for his contributions to human rights and freedoms. Libya is the first state in the world to ratify the Green Charter on Human Rights and Freedoms, which is the most advanced human rights document to date.

Meanwhile, cracks continue to appear in Europe where participants in the bombing mission have questioned their ability to sustain it long-term, and NATO allies not currently taking part have been reluctant to offer support.

At the same time, the fame of Qaddafi has grown exponentially outside Africa with hundreds of Facebook pages springing up in his support, and millions having discovered The Green Book which contains the solutions to the problem of democracy, economics and also puts forward suggestions for the social basis of a “Third Universal Theory” which puts people first.

Whilst known by every man, woman and child across even the remotest of African villages, Muammar Qaddafi was virtually unknown by a young generation around the world outside Africa, because unlike in Africa where the bush telegraph functions effectively mouth to mouth, non-Africans have been wearing walkmans, Ipods and glued to TV screens for decades.

All that is starting to change, after the short-lived euphoria for an Australian hacker by the name Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, who was exposed as being financed by New World Order advocate George Soros, caught the imagination of many young whites who identified with Assange as victimised for exposing governments as oppressive and secretive.

Although Assange now sits since 6 months under luxury house arrest in a mansion in England, fighting extradition to Sweden on forced-sex charges, the rise of WikiLeaks, although suspiciously encouraged by the same banker-elite “new world order” media that are attempting to block any coverage of Qaddafi, showed that a young generation can still care about current issues.

Whether they can be motivated to action, and moreover overcome an environmental racism and actually listen to Qaddafi, an African, Arab and Muslim, and realise that Qaddafi and the Green Charter Movement have the solution to their own problems no matter their religion or position, remains to be seen.

So far the signs are encouraging, with already The Green Book ideas on democracy taking hold, with the formation of several People’s Conferences around the world.

This lends analysts to believe, that coupled with the events later this year where millions may converge on Libya to rebuild the nation in solidarity and as atonement for what their governments have done, in the largest ever solidarity movement in history, this may turn around the world from war and toward peace, by showing what true love of fellow humans, and noble values and ideals can achieve.

Already suggestions have been put forward for People’s Committees of various vocations and skills, such as cooks, engineers, electricians, and other fields of expertise, who may converge on Libya after September in order to undertake the organised reconstruction and building of a new “Jamahiriya” (state of the self-governing people), with daily hard work and celebrations and popular entertainment and enjoyment of good food in the evenings.

Other spontaneous reactions to the atrocious massacres of civilians in Libya by bombs dropped from 10km high in the air, and missiles fired from ships far out at sea, as well as from pilot-less drone aircraft that are remote-controlled by computer operators in the USA, in the world’s most cowardly ever war against a defenceless nation, have included “visualization” and prayers.

Those who have read the Green Charter and agree with the rights and freedoms it proclaims, have also registered their support by signing up to the independent social media network, Mathaba dot info, to engage in the Mathaba social concept of “Meeting And Talking/Typing/Texting Helping All Become Aware”, showing that there is no need to rely upon U.S. networks such as Facebook.

A great many initiatives to highlight some of the many videos which show the truth about Libya have taken place by Internet users around the world, and there have been calls for all “Warriors, Builders, Angels and Callers” to do more to engage in the now growing options at their disposal to bring about required positive change in the world.

The “Warriors” are those who have the skills in editing and reporting, and Mathaba set up a Publication Bridge to allow them to work together to ensure that truth reaches the world. Builders are now able to get to work to join and grow People’s Conferences to replace defunct government structures and failed democracy, Angels are invited to donate, and Callers to call others to join in. #

PM of Italy: NATO Split Over Libya

Posted: 2011/07/10
From: Mathaba

TRIPOLI (mathaba) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Thursday he was against NATO intervention in Libya but had to go along with it, an admission that he had been pressured because of closet skeletons regarding corruption and sexual improprieties, exposing the fragility of the alliance trying to murder Muammar Qaddafi.Muammar Qaddafi, leader of the International Green March of the Worldwide Revolutionary Committees Movement, who holds no government decision-making position within Libya, resigned from government after handing power to the people on March 2nd, 1977 after less than 8 years in power, having seized it from a corrupt Italian-installed king on 1st September 1969.In recent years, Muammar, whose supporters say he can never be killed as he resides within the hearts of countless millions of downtrodden in the world, was also crowned King of Kings of Africa by hundreds of traditional leaders, because of his service to Africa where he successfully campaigned for the creation of a Great African Unionas a step toward the United States of Africa.The current war in Libya was hatched by an outside conspiracy hatched between England and France, in a decision taken to murder the revolutionary leader due to his speech given at the United Nationsin New York on 23rd September 2009, in which he called for the UN to be democratized and moved to another location, as well as for the so-called Security Council to be abolished.Islamist Al-Qaida extremists, released from prisons by Seif-al-Islam al-Qaddafi over the heads of the People’s Committees, joined with officials that had been also been appointed by Seif-al-Islam bypassing the Basic People’s Conferences, including the Justice Minister who was subsequently placed under investigation for corruption, and other Libyans who had wrongfully been restored Libyan citizenship by the intervention of British-educated Seif, and who had recently returned from the United States and Britain, took control of Libya’s second largest city, Benghazi, with the coordination of French and British intelligence.During the past decade the Libyan revolutionary leader of the world wide international green march had been restricted by imperialist double-agents surrounding him, including Musa Kusa and Nouri ElMesmari, who also joined the conspiracy at the outset of the war on Libya, according to Mathaba sources who spoke to the Leader.The Leader had requested the Pakistani revolutionary committee during a visit in recent years, while his minders were at a distance out of ear-shot, to “tell the world that I have not changed, I am still a revolutionary, but I am imprisoned.”Speculation is rife among the historic and pure international revolutionary movement of Muammar Qaddafi that his son Seif-al-Islam was among those who were part of an agreement to restrict his freedom. Seif-al-Islam had befriended the global elite and is being accused of reactionism by the revolutionary movement of Muammar Qaddafi.NATO war-planes have been bombing Libya under the pretence of a U.N. mandate to “protect civilians”, but the alliance is under mounting strain because of the cost of the operation and the failure, after more than three months, to produce a decisive outcome.NATO has succeeded, in fulfilment of George Orwell’s “War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Slavery is Freedom” futuristic New World Order prediction, to murder Libyan babies, including 3 from the Qaddafi family, and tens of thousands of Libyan defence forces and civilians.The organisation, dubbed the Narcissistic Arrogant Terrorist Organization, which is the collection of white European and North American military forces, is being led by the former colonialist nations which once again are bankrupt after depleting the resources stolen from Africa which had artificially boosted the capitalist economy for the past century.Already the bankrupt NATO countries have stolen more than million ( billion) from Libya and plan to steal 144 tons of gold for which mercenaries and spies masked as journalists, humanitarians and experts, have been dispatched.As a result of the blatant false pretences of destroying all Libyan infrastructure, including by the use of depleted Uranium and the planned of use of nuclear weapons, in order to “protect civilians from Qaddafi”, 1.7 million Libyans — around one third of the entire population — came out in the world’s largest ever march on July 1st, shouting slogans against NATO and in support of Muammar Qaddafi.Because NATO has continued to bomb Africa’s most wealthy and strongest defence, with its longest coastline on the North of Africa, people around the world are now planning a “Ten Million Man Woman And Child International Green March”, to show support for the man who gave freedom and dignity to a nation and an entire continent, where his name is known by every child in the remotest of African villages.

“I was against this measure (to bomb Libya),” Berlusconi said. “I had my hands tied by the vote of the parliament of my country. But I was against and I am against this intervention which will end in a way that no-one knows.”

However, observers note that Berlusconi only made this pronouncement after 111 days of non-stop bombing failed to kill Muammar Qaddafi, who refused to leave Tripoli, in spite of several direct hits on his humble abode. They note that Italy now realizes it will have to pay tons of gold for any future oil supplies from Libya, upon which it depends, because Libyans are now solidly united behind their Leader.

Many of the alliance bombing missions over Libya take off from military airbases in Italy as it is the closest point of NATO to Libya, and the operational command is being carried out by a Canadian war criminal from NATO’s Italy headquarters.

There was no suggestion following Berlusconi’s comments that Rome would withdraw the use of the bases in spite of mounting calls to do so. But Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa said that the cost to Italy of the Libya operation would fall from 142 million euros in the first half of the year to less than 60 million euros in the second half as part of general defence spending cuts.

He said after a cabinet meeting on Thursday the aircraft carrier Garibaldi with three aircraft on board had been withdrawn, and their tasks would be taken on by land-based aircraft. in oil and gas projects.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-subservient South Korea Moon Sectarian U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had the gall to “urge Gaddafi — who has dismissed rebels trying to end his four-decade rule as criminals and vermin — to listen to the will of the people.”

Which part of the “Two Million Man Woman And Child Green March” does Ban Ki-Moon fail to understand?

“We are far from reaching an agreement to reach an end to the conflict but the negotiating process is ongoing,” the U.N. Secretary General told reporters in Geneva. “He (Gaddafi) has to listen much more attentively and seriously what would be the best for the future of the Libyan people.”

Future World People’s Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity are likely to set up a World People’s Tribunal to try the South Korean for his failure to carry out his duty for peace as head of an organisation that claims within its charter to conduct that role, because he refused to send fact-finding missions to Libya and conduct a proper research of the false allegations of the white colonial powers.

Further, the United Nations has prevented the African Union Peace & Security Council from performing its mandated role, and has ignored all calls from Muammar Qaddafi for a cease-fire and end to the bombing of Libyans by NATO.

The terrorists trying to advance towards the capital, Tripoli, launched offensives on two fronts on Wednesday and made “significant gains” according to foreign media that have been pushing this same line since the outset of the war, now couched by the added phrase “but analysts said the advances were not yet enough to shift the military balance against Qaddafi.”

In the Western Mountains Southwest of Tripoli, the same NATO media that failed to report the largest march in history on Friday 1st July, reporting from the comfort of their Rixos Hotel claim that “fighters pushed pro-Gaddafi forces out of the village of Al-Qawalish, clearing the way for them to try to seize control of the main highway heading north to the capital.”

Anti-Gaddafi terrorists received a “fresh diplomatic boost” when China sent a senior diplomat to meet the rebel leadership in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

The visit by Chen Xiaodong, China’s foreign ministry chief for North African affairs, was the second official meeting between China and Libyan opposition leaders in less than a month.

“China believes that the present situation cannot go on and a political resolution to find a way out of the Libyan crisis must be found as soon as possible,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular news briefing in Beijing.

There were reports this week that Gaddafi — under pressure from the five-month-old uprising against his rule, sanctions and the NATO bombing campaign — was seeking a deal under which he would step down.

His government has denied any such negotiations are under way, and NATO’s chief, another individual facing the upcoming war crimes tribunal said he had no confirmation that Gaddafi was looking for a deal to relinquish power.

Libya experts point out that this is something rather hard to do since he gave up all governing powers in 1977, and gave instructions to the international revolutionary committees movement that contain the green print for democracy.

A Libyan official told Reuters on Wednesday there were signs a solution to the conflict could be found by early August, when the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins. However, he did not say what that solution might involve.

In response to the almost 2 million historic largest march in history which took place in Tripoli on Friday 1st, a few hundred mostly foreign Tunisians and Egyptians took to the streets in Benghazi and Misrata on Wednesday night, in a protest against Gaddafi, waving U.S., European, Islamist and monarchist flags and calling for the end to the life of Muammar Qaddafi.

— Mathaba and Agencies #


Sunday, July 24, 2011


BREAKING NEWS- IMPORTANT- NATO  are targeting the pipe factory of the Great Man Made River in the city of Brega, where pipes are manufactured to compensate for damaged pipes of the river, THE ONLY SOURCE OF DRINKING WATER and irrigation for  4.5 MILLION the people of Libya!!! IMMINENT HUMANITARIAN DISASTER!!!!! ALERT!!!ALERT!!!!
July 22 2011. A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it.
Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself a legitimate target? 
Map of Great Man Made River
The Libyan  leader  Moammar Al Gaddafi informed members of the Security Council in his message that the alliance decided to carry out mass murder against the Libyan people by targeting their only drinking water source, where billions were invested and without it life stops in Libya. He wondered what’s the relation between this factory and the protection of civilians that NATO claims it is carrying out?
  Muammer Al Gaddafi Visiting The Project
 Photo : ‎مياه النهر الصناعي العظيم هل يشملها العزل السياسي ؟؟<br /><br />
لأن القذافي أشرف على بناء هذا المشروع الضخم طوبة طوبة!‎

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself oversaw the construction of this huge project, brick by brick!

A unique Libyan project, the “Great Man Made River” has brought water from under the Sahara Desert and made it available to various historically parched areas which can now be cultivated and developed into a breadbasket for the region. The US-led international banking consortium is of course poised to seize this most valuable asset now that it is coming to fruition. Wars will be fought over access to water throughout the Arab land in coming years. Control of water could become even more decisive than petroleum reserves in decades to come.
Schematic map of the project. Designed in five phases, which eventually combine to form an integrated system, it is an estimated 25 years from completion.
The Great Man-Made River is a network of pipes that supplies water to the Sahara Desert in Libya, from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System fossil aquifer. It is the world’s largest irrigation project.
It is the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts in the world. It consists of more than 1,300 wells, most more than 500 m deep, and supplies 6,500,000 m³ of fresh water per day to the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirt and elsewhere. Muammar al-Gaddafi has described it as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”
Gaddafi-Central Bank used billion, without interest rates, to build the Great Man-Made River  with three parallel pipelines running oil, gas and water supplying 70% of the people (4.5 of its 6 million) with clean drinking and irrigation water. This provides adequate crops for the people and would be a competitive exporter of vegetables with ISRAEL and Egypt.
Great Man made River Project facts:
These are some Facts and Figures about GMRA :
– Approximately 500,000 pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes
have been manufactured to date.
– Approximately 500,000 pipes transported to date. Pipe transportation is continuous process and the work goes on day and night, distance traveled by the transporters is equivalent to the sun and back.
– Over 3,700 km of haul roads was constructed alongside the pipe line trench
to enable the heavy truck — trailers to deliver pipe to the installation site Phase I Total Length 1,600 Km.
Phase II Total Length 2,155 Km.
– Volume of Trench Excavation 250 Million Cubic Meter.
– The amount of aggregate used in the project : 30,000,000 Ton.
Enough to Build 20 pyramids the size of the great pyramid of Khoufu.
– Total Weight of Cement used 7.0 Million Tones.
– Total Length of Pre-Stressing Wire 6.0 Million Kilometers
This would circle the Earth 280 times.
  Thousands of Pipes Were Used
The SECRET MOTIVE: why the UN declared war on Libya. DESTABILIZATION. They did NOT attack Gaddafi, They attacked Africa’s Fresh Water Supply.
“The West refuses to recognize that a small country, with a population no more than six million, can construct anything so large without borrowing a single cent from the international banks.”
“The goal of the Libyan Arab people, embodied in the Great Man-Made River project, is to make Libya a source of agricultural abundance, capable of producing adequate food and water to supply its own needs and to share with neighboring countries. In short, the River is literally Libya’s ‘meal ticket’ to self-sufficiency.”
“the river is a new lesson and an example in the struggle to achieve self-sufficiency, food security and true independence. No nation that depends on a foreign country to feed its people can be free. The Great River is a triumph against thirst and hunger. It is a defeat against ignorance and backwardness. It reflects the determination of Libyans to resist colonial pressure, to acquire technology, to develop, to improve their lives, and to control their own destiny in accordance with their own free will.”


Since when is a water pipes factory in al-Brega a legitimate target to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians? Sine when is the water supply pipeline itself a legitimate target?

this maybe as close as we ever to get the real reasons why Libya gets a NFZ that i doubt any other countries will have to put up with..all constructed without borrowing a cent..thats must really piss off the usury loving you have time..go and look where the attacks are taking place..and remember they hit a “southern” compound of gaddafis..why would he have a south compound in the desert?..maybe they were instead hitting the GMR stations? for thought methinks..
Posted by S.O.S.  at 14:19 23 JULY 2011

Introduction to “MY VISION” by Muammar Gadhafi, ed. Edmond Jouve, 08-2009

Mu's smile grabs your heart

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german-2007-08-31-German 21 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 22A FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 22B FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 22C FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 23 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 24 Sport FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 25 Charter FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 4 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 5 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 6 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 7 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 8 FULL
german-2007-08-31-German 9 FULL
german-2008-04-26-German 26 FULL
german-2008-04-26-German 27 FULL
german-2008-04-26-German 28 FULL
german-2009-06-14-German 30 FULL
german-2009-06-14-German 31 FULL
german-2009-06-15-German 32 FULL
german-2009-06-15-German 33 FULL
german-2010-04-13-German 29 FULL
german-2010-07-18-German 34 FULL
german-2010-07-18-German 35 FULL
german-2010-07-18-German 36 FULL
japanese-2010-03-08-cat 03 05 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-08-cat 03 06 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 3 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 4 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-08-cat 1 6 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-13-cat 03 04 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-13-cat 03 07 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-13-cat 1 7 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-13-cat 1 8 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-15-cat 01 01 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-17-cat 01 05 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 01 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 08 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-17-cat 03 09 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-18-cat 01 06 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-22-cat 01 04 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-22-cat 03 10 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 01 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 02 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 03 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 04 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 02 06 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 03 03 Japanese
japanese-2010-03-25-cat 1 5 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-01-cat 01 02 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-01-cat 02 05 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-01-cat 1 9 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-01 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-cat 01 03 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-cat 03 02 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 10 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 1 Japanese
japanese-2010-04-07-cat 1 2 Japanese
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 1
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 11
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 12
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 13
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 14
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 15
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 16
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 17
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 2
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 3
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 4
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 8
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR 9
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 10
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 5
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR 6
portuguese-2008-06-07-POR 7
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR 19
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR 20
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR 18
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR 21
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 22
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 26
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR 27
portuguese-2009-06-01-POR 23
portuguese-2009-06-02-POR 24
portuguese-2009-06-03-POR 25
portuguese-2009-06-09-POR 28
portuguese-2009-10-12-POR 29
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 30
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 31
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 32
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR 33
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 10 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 11 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 12 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 13 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 14 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 15 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 16 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 17 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 18 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 19 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 1 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 21 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22A FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22B FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 22C FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 23 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 2 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 3 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 4 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 5 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 6 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 7 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 8 FULL
russian-2007-08-28-Russian 9 FULL
russian-2007-11-03-Russian 20 FULL
russian-2008-01-29-Russian 24 FULL
russian-2008-01-29-Russian 25 FULL
russian-2008-01-29-Russian 26 FULL
russian-2009-05-03-Russian 27 FULL
russian-2009-06-25-Russian 28 FULL
russian-2009-06-25-Russian 29 FULL
russian-2009-06-27-Russian 30 FULL
russian-2009-06-27-Russian 31 FULL
russian-2010-03-30-Russian 32 FULL
russian-2010-03-30-Russian 33 FULL
russian-2010-03-30-Russian 34 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 10 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 11 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 12 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 13 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 14 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 15 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 16 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 17 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 18 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 19 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 1 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 20 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 21 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22A FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22B FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 22C FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 2 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 3 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 4 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 5 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 6 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 7 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 8 FULL
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish 9 FULL
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 24C FULL
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 25C FULL
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish 26C FULL
spanish-2009-05-25-Spanish 28C FULL
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 27C FULL
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 29C FULL
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 30C FULL
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish 31C FULL
spanish-2010-04-20-Spanish 23C FULL

This item is part of the collection: The Archive Team Just In Time Grabs

Identifier: algathafi-org-audio-video-201108
Date: 2011-08
Mediatype: web
Publicdate: 2011-10-07 11:20:10
Addeddate: 2011-10-07 11:20:10

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
arabic-2007-08-26-africa.mp3 6.1 MB  4.0 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-akrad.mp3 6.2 MB  4.0 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-arab.mp3 13.7 MB  8.8 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-bayolege.mp3 2.9 MB  1.8 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-earth.mp3 11.0 MB  7.2 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-fifa.mp3 13.1 MB  8.6 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-international-criminal.mp3 23.8 MB  15.6 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-kashmer.mp3 15.1 MB  9.7 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-korea.mp3 7.6 MB  4.9 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-letter.mp3 20.9 MB  13.7 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-sport.mp3 10.3 MB  6.7 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-terromrism.mp3 24.2 MB  15.6 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-turkya.mp3 11.3 MB  7.2 MB 
arabic-2007-08-26-white-book.mp3 51.0 MB  32.0 MB 
arabic-2007-11-05-ottawa.mp3 6.0 MB  3.2 MB 
arabic-2007-11-23-tt.mp3 2.8 MB  1.5 MB 
arabic-2008-12-29-pakistan.mp3 4.2 MB  2.7 MB 
arabic-2008-12-29-russia.mp3 8.7 MB  5.5 MB 
arabic-2009-01-05-International.mp3 1.5 MB  1.8 MB 
arabic-2009-04-29-Ukraine.mp3 8.0 MB  4.8 MB 
arabic-2010-03-11-chinese.mp3 7.9 MB  4.7 MB 
arabic-2010-08-18-Seas.mp3 3.9 MB  1.7 MB 
arabic-2010-12-09-pole.mp3 7.8 MB  4.7 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_11_FULL.mp3 35.2 MB  19.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_12_FULL.mp3 83.6 MB  46.6 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_13_FULL.mp3 55.9 MB  31.1 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_15_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB  2.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_16_FULL.mp3 37.5 MB  20.6 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_17_FULL.mp3 6.5 MB  3.6 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB  1.1 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_19_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB  2.2 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_1_FULL.mp3 35.4 MB  19.6 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_20_FULL.mp3 10.1 MB  5.7 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_21_FULL.mp3 8.1 MB  4.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB  708.7 KB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22B_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB  1.1 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_22C_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB  2.2 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_23_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB  9.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_2_FULL.mp3 11.1 MB  6.2 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_3_FULL.mp3 71.9 MB  39.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_4_FULL.mp3 37.2 MB  20.2 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_5_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB  9.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_6_FULL.mp3 8.1 MB  4.5 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_7_FULL.mp3 11.5 MB  6.4 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_8_FULL.mp3 23.1 MB  12.7 MB 
chinese-2007-08-27-Chinese_9_FULL.mp3 22.6 MB  12.6 MB 
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_24_FULL.mp3 5.7 MB  2.7 MB 
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_25_FULL.mp3 55.3 MB  25.8 MB 
chinese-2008-01-29-Chinese_26_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB  1.3 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_10_FULL.mp3 26.5 MB  19.2 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_27_FULL.mp3 40.3 MB  15.8 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_28_FULL.mp3 4.7 MB  1.9 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_29_FULL.mp3 10.5 MB  4.1 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_30_FULL.mp3 12.5 MB  4.9 MB 
chinese-2009-06-15-Chinese_31_FULL.mp3 9.8 MB  3.8 MB 
chinese-2010-04-11-Chinese_14_FULL.mp3 8.9 MB  5.0 MB 
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_32_FULL.mp3 124.5 MB  42.7 MB 
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_33_FULL.mp3 51.6 MB  17.3 MB 
chinese-2010-05-02-Chinese_34_FULL.mp3 9.4 MB  3.2 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_10_FULL.mp3 29.7 MB  16.7 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_11_FULL.mp3 26.1 MB  14.9 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_12_FULL.mp3 66.5 MB  36.9 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_13_FULL.mp3 43.7 MB  24.5 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_14_FULL.mp3 7.4 MB  4.2 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_15_FULL.mp3 3.4 MB  1.9 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_18_FULL.mp3 1.6 MB  947.5 KB 
english-2007-08-26-English_19_FULL.mp3 3.2 MB  1.8 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_20_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB  4.7 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_21_FULL.mp3 3.1 MB  1.8 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB  673.3 KB 
english-2007-08-26-English_22B_FULL.mp3 1.5 MB  897.9 KB 
english-2007-08-26-English_22C_FULL.mp3 3.5 MB  2.0 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_23_FULL.mp3 13.3 MB  7.5 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_2_FULL.mp3 7.4 MB  4.1 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_3_FULL.mp3 49.3 MB  27.6 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_4_FULL.mp3 27.7 MB  15.5 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_5_FULL.mp3 14.4 MB  8.2 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_6_FULL.mp3 7.9 MB  4.4 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_7_FULL.mp3 12.2 MB  6.8 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_8_FULL.mp3 21.5 MB  12.0 MB 
english-2007-08-26-English_9_FULL.mp3 20.1 MB  11.2 MB 
english-2007-11-01-English_16_FULL.mp3 22.4 MB  16.4 MB 
english-2007-11-01-English_17_FULL.mp3 4.1 MB  3.0 MB 
english-2007-11-21-ottawa.mp3 4.6 MB  2.2 MB 
english-2007-11-24-Cambridge.mp3 40.5 MB  19.4 MB 
english-2009-05-19-English_26_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB  1.0 MB 
english-2009-05-25-English_27_FULL.mp3 27.5 MB  10.9 MB 
english-2009-05-25-English_28_FULL.mp3 3.1 MB  1.2 MB 
english-2009-05-25-English_29_FULL.mp3 7.1 MB  2.8 MB 
english-2009-05-25-English_30_FULL.mp3 8.7 MB  3.5 MB 
english-2009-05-25-English_31_FULL.mp3 8.3 MB  3.3 MB 
english-2010-02-07-English_1_FULL.mp3 23.5 MB  17.3 MB 
english-2010-03-27-English_32_FULL.mp3 7.5 MB  2.5 MB 
english-2010-03-27-English_33_FULL.mp3 36.6 MB  12.1 MB 
english-2010-03-27-English_34_FULL.mp3 90.6 MB  29.8 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_10_FULL.mp3 46.1 MB  25.4 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_11_FULL.mp3 23.2 MB  12.9 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_12_FULL.mp3 82.0 MB  45.3 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_13_FULL.mp3 70.3 MB  38.1 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_14_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB  4.2 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_15_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB  2.5 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_16_FULL.mp3 37.1 MB  20.4 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_17_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB  4.4 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_18_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB  1.2 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_19_FULL.mp3 4.9 MB  2.7 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_1_FULL.mp3 24.3 MB  13.5 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_20_FULL.mp3 11.7 MB  6.5 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_21_FULL.mp3 8.6 MB  4.8 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_22A_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB  697.3 KB 
french-2007-08-27-French_22B_FULL.mp3 1.8 MB  1.0 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_22C_FULL.mp3 4.3 MB  2.4 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_23_FULL.mp3 7.0 MB  3.9 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_2_FULL.mp3 8.6 MB  4.7 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_3_FULL.mp3 50.9 MB  28.0 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_4_FULL.mp3 25.6 MB  14.0 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_5_FULL.mp3 17.2 MB  9.3 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_6_FULL.mp3 9.4 MB  5.2 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_7_FULL.mp3 12.4 MB  6.8 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_8_FULL.mp3 24.3 MB  13.5 MB 
french-2007-08-27-French_9_FULL.mp3 30.3 MB  16.7 MB 
french-2008-05-15-French_28_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB  957.1 KB 
french-2008-05-17-French_26_FULL.mp3 2.2 MB  1.0 MB 
french-2009-05-10-French_29_FULL.mp3 33.1 MB  13.0 MB 
french-2009-06-10-French_30_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB  1.6 MB 
french-2009-06-10-French_31_FULL.mp3 8.2 MB  3.3 MB 
french-2009-06-13-French_32_FULL.mp3 10.1 MB  4.1 MB 
french-2009-06-13-French_33_FULL.mp3 7.5 MB  3.0 MB 
french-2010-04-13-French_24_FULL.mp3 4.5 MB  2.2 MB 
french-2010-04-13-French_25_FULL.mp3 57.1 MB  27.2 MB 
french-2010-04-22-French_34_FULL.mp3 127.7 MB  42.7 MB 
french-2010-04-22-French_35_FULL.mp3 45.3 MB  15.4 MB 
french-2010-04-22-French_36_FULL.mp3 9.6 MB  3.0 MB 
german-2007-08-29-German_1_FULL.mp3 6.7 MB  3.9 MB 
german-2007-08-29-German_2_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB  1.4 MB 
german-2007-08-29-German_3_FULL.mp3 70.8 MB  41.0 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_10_FULL.mp3 46.4 MB  26.4 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_11_FULL.mp3 39.9 MB  23.0 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_12_FULL.mp3 2.7 MB  1.5 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_13_FULL.mp3 3.3 MB  1.9 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_14_FULL.mp3 1.4 MB  797.4 KB 
german-2007-08-31-German_15_FULL.mp3 4.8 MB  2.7 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_16_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB  1.5 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_17_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB  4.6 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_18_FULL.mp3 2.1 MB  1.2 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_19_FULL.mp3 4.9 MB  2.8 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_20_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB  1.4 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_21_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB  1.5 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_22A_FULL.mp3 1.5 MB  1.1 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_22B_FULL.mp3 2.4 MB  1.4 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_22C_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB  1.6 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_23_FULL.mp3 5.6 MB  3.2 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_24_Sport_FULL.mp3 8.0 MB  4.5 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_25_Charter_FULL.mp3 4.7 MB  2.7 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_4_FULL.mp3 42.2 MB  24.6 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_5_FULL.mp3 21.0 MB  12.3 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_6_FULL.mp3 11.5 MB  6.7 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_7_FULL.mp3 17.3 MB  9.9 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_8_FULL.mp3 29.1 MB  16.9 MB 
german-2007-08-31-German_9_FULL.mp3 29.0 MB  16.9 MB 
german-2008-04-26-German_26_FULL.mp3 6.2 MB  3.1 MB 
german-2008-04-26-German_27_FULL.mp3 7.2 MB  3.5 MB 
german-2008-04-26-German_28_FULL.mp3 1.3 MB  1.3 MB 
german-2009-06-14-German_30_FULL.mp3 3.7 MB  1.5 MB 
german-2009-06-14-German_31_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB  3.2 MB 
german-2009-06-15-German_32_FULL.mp3 10.0 MB  4.0 MB 
german-2009-06-15-German_33_FULL.mp3 6.9 MB  2.8 MB 
german-2010-04-13-German_29_FULL.mp3 33.6 MB  14.0 MB 
german-2010-07-18-German_34_FULL.mp3 120.7 MB  37.2 MB 
german-2010-07-18-German_35_FULL.mp3 50.7 MB  15.9 MB 
german-2010-07-18-German_36_FULL.mp3 10.0 MB  3.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_03_05_Japanese.mp3 2.7 MB  2.0 MB 
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_03_06_Japanese.mp3 5.7 MB  4.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_3_Japanese.mp3 2.4 MB  1.8 MB 
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_4_Japanese.mp3 3.1 MB  2.3 MB 
japanese-2010-03-08-cat_1_6_Japanese.mp3 7.9 MB  5.9 MB 
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_04_Japanese.mp3 9.1 MB  6.5 MB 
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_03_07_Japanese.mp3 14.7 MB  10.7 MB 
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_7_Japanese.mp3 8.6 MB  6.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-13-cat_1_8_Japanese.mp3 8.4 MB  6.3 MB 
japanese-2010-03-15-cat_01_01_Japanese.mp3 15.6 MB  11.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_01_05_Japanese.mp3 14.4 MB  10.5 MB 
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_01_Japanese.mp3 13.9 MB  10.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_08_Japanese.mp3 11.2 MB  8.3 MB 
japanese-2010-03-17-cat_03_09_Japanese.mp3 11.9 MB  8.9 MB 
japanese-2010-03-18-cat_01_06_Japanese.mp3 21.8 MB  15.8 MB 
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_01_04_Japanese.mp3 24.5 MB  17.5 MB 
japanese-2010-03-22-cat_03_10_Japanese.mp3 27.7 MB  19.8 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_01_Japanese.mp3 34.2 MB  24.6 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_02_Japanese.mp3 32.6 MB  23.5 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_03_Japanese.mp3 53.6 MB  39.0 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_04_Japanese.mp3 46.1 MB  33.5 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_02_06_Japanese.mp3 36.2 MB  26.1 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_03_03_Japanese.mp3 51.6 MB  37.4 MB 
japanese-2010-03-25-cat_1_5_Japanese.mp3 34.0 MB  24.8 MB 
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_01_02_Japanese.mp3 77.7 MB  55.6 MB 
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_02_05_Japanese.mp3 118.3 MB  84.2 MB 
japanese-2010-04-01-cat_1_9_Japanese.mp3 84.5 MB  60.9 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-01_Japanese.mp3 51.8 MB  38.2 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_01_03_Japanese.mp3 47.8 MB  34.5 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_03_02_Japanese.mp3 6.7 MB  4.7 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_10_Japanese.mp3 50.6 MB  37.1 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_1_Japanese.mp3 5.1 MB  3.7 MB 
japanese-2010-04-07-cat_1_2_Japanese.mp3 59.9 MB  43.2 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_1.mp3 3.9 MB  1.9 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_11.mp3 10.1 MB  4.9 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_12.mp3 3.0 MB  1.4 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_13.mp3 6.0 MB  2.9 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_14.mp3 14.9 MB  7.1 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_15.mp3 2.0 MB  1,011.5 KB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_16.mp3 2.9 MB  1.4 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_17.mp3 6.5 MB  3.1 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_2.mp3 6.5 MB  3.1 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_3.mp3 13.3 MB  6.5 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_4.mp3 23.9 MB  11.6 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_8.mp3 13.4 MB  6.4 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-04-POR_9.mp3 6.3 MB  3.0 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_10.mp3 53.2 MB  6.5 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_5.mp3 22.8 MB  11.0 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-05-POR_6.mp3 48.9 MB  23.6 MB 
portuguese-2008-06-07-POR_7.mp3 127.3 MB  62.5 MB 
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR_19.mp3 35.5 MB  17.3 MB 
portuguese-2008-08-30-POR_20.mp3 35.7 MB  17.5 MB 
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR_18.mp3 47.8 MB  22.9 MB 
portuguese-2008-09-11-POR_21.mp3 48.5 MB  23.3 MB 
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_22.mp3 59.2 MB  28.7 MB 
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_26.mp3 27.1 MB  13.0 MB 
portuguese-2008-12-23-POR_27.mp3 85.6 MB  41.3 MB 
portuguese-2009-06-01-POR_23.mp3 54.2 MB  25.9 MB 
portuguese-2009-06-02-POR_24.mp3 29.5 MB  14.3 MB 
portuguese-2009-06-03-POR_25.mp3 2.8 MB  1.4 MB 
portuguese-2009-06-09-POR_28.mp3 769.9 KB  386.8 KB 
portuguese-2009-10-12-POR_29.mp3 12.2 MB  6.0 MB 
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_30.mp3 9.0 MB  2.0 MB 
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_31.mp3 11.6 MB  2.0 MB 
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_32.mp3 9.5 MB  678.9 KB 
portuguese-2010-08-16-POR_33.mp3 8.2 MB  438.3 KB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_10_FULL.mp3 36.8 MB  20.7 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_11_FULL.mp3 31.6 MB  17.9 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_12_FULL.mp3 74.8 MB  41.4 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_13_FULL.mp3 2.4 MB  1.4 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_14_FULL.mp3 8.5 MB  4.9 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_15_FULL.mp3 3.4 MB  2.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_16_FULL.mp3 29.5 MB  17.3 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_17_FULL.mp3 6.2 MB  3.6 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB  1.2 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_19_FULL.mp3 3.5 MB  2.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_1_FULL.mp3 22.6 MB  13.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_21_FULL.mp3 7.8 MB  4.6 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22A_FULL.mp3 3.9 MB  2.3 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22B_FULL.mp3 1.2 MB  692.5 KB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_22C_FULL.mp3 1.9 MB  1.1 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_23_FULL.mp3 15.7 MB  9.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_2_FULL.mp3 8.8 MB  5.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_3_FULL.mp3 295.2 KB  172.7 KB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_4_FULL.mp3 30.4 MB  17.6 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_5_FULL.mp3 16.2 MB  9.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_6_FULL.mp3 8.4 MB  4.7 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_7_FULL.mp3 12.5 MB  7.0 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_8_FULL.mp3 19.7 MB  11.2 MB 
russian-2007-08-28-Russian_9_FULL.mp3 21.4 MB  12.1 MB 
russian-2007-11-03-Russian_20_FULL.mp3 9.7 MB  5.7 MB 
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_24_FULL.mp3 5.5 MB  2.7 MB 
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_25_FULL.mp3 44.9 MB  22.5 MB 
russian-2008-01-29-Russian_26_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB  1.3 MB 
russian-2009-05-03-Russian_27_FULL.mp3 35.2 MB  14.9 MB 
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_28_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB  1.5 MB 
russian-2009-06-25-Russian_29_FULL.mp3 9.0 MB  3.7 MB 
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_30_FULL.mp3 10.7 MB  4.3 MB 
russian-2009-06-27-Russian_31_FULL.mp3 9.6 MB  3.8 MB 
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_32_FULL.mp3 109.6 MB  37.0 MB 
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_33_FULL.mp3 50.5 MB  17.4 MB 
russian-2010-03-30-Russian_34_FULL.mp3 8.5 MB  2.9 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_10_FULL.mp3 30.2 MB  17.7 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_11_FULL.mp3 29.8 MB  17.3 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_12_FULL.mp3 76.8 MB  45.4 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_13_FULL.mp3 23.3 MB  14.1 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_14_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB  4.4 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_15_FULL.mp3 3.8 MB  2.2 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_16_FULL.mp3 35.9 MB  20.8 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_17_FULL.mp3 5.9 MB  3.4 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_18_FULL.mp3 2.0 MB  1.1 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_19_FULL.mp3 4.0 MB  2.3 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_1_FULL.mp3 33.3 MB  19.7 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_20_FULL.mp3 9.5 MB  5.5 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_21_FULL.mp3 7.6 MB  4.5 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22A_FULL.mp3 1.3 MB  806.3 KB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22B_FULL.mp3 1.8 MB  1.1 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_22C_FULL.mp3 4.1 MB  2.4 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_2_FULL.mp3 7.7 MB  4.7 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_3_FULL.mp3 2.5 MB  1.6 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_4_FULL.mp3 2.6 MB  1.5 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_5_FULL.mp3 14.6 MB  8.6 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_6_FULL.mp3 8.3 MB  5.0 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_7_FULL.mp3 12.8 MB  7.4 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_8_FULL.mp3 20.6 MB  12.3 MB 
spanish-2007-08-29-Spanish_9_FULL.mp3 22.8 MB  13.3 MB 
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_24C_FULL.mp3 5.9 MB  3.1 MB 
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_25C_FULL.mp3 55.0 MB  29.2 MB 
spanish-2008-04-24-Spanish_26C_FULL.mp3 2.8 MB  1.5 MB 
spanish-2009-05-25-Spanish_28C_FULL.mp3 3.0 MB  1.2 MB 
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_27C_FULL.mp3 4.4 MB  1.9 MB 
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_29C_FULL.mp3 9.3 MB  3.8 MB 
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_30C_FULL.mp3 11.9 MB  4.9 MB 
spanish-2009-06-14-Spanish_31C_FULL.mp3 8.8 MB  3.7 MB 
spanish-2010-04-20-Spanish_23C_FULL.mp3 17.7 MB  10.4 MB 
Movie Files Flash Video h.264 Ogg Video
arabic-2007-08-24-v10.flv 436.3 MB  697.2 MB  527.2 MB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v1.flv 28.5 MB  35.2 MB  26.3 MB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v5.flv 200.2 MB  323.5 MB  241.3 MB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v6.flv 239.5 MB  386.5 MB  282.7 MB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v8.flv 233.9 MB  285.4 MB  179.2 MB 
arabic-2007-08-28-v2.flv 242.7 MB  298.6 MB  223.9 MB 
arabic-2007-08-30-v7.flv 288.5 MB  465.1 MB  336.5 MB 
arabic-2007-08-30-v9.flv 320.3 MB  517.0 MB  388.4 MB 
arabic-2007-11-03-v3.flv 59.2 MB  73.2 MB  54.6 MB 
arabic-2007-11-03-v4.flv 331.2 MB  536.2 MB  401.0 MB 
arabic-2007-11-12-v11.flv 293.8 MB  27.7 MB  20.5 MB 
arabic-2007-11-12-v12.flv 336.1 MB  127.7 MB  93.0 MB 
arabic-2008-05-15-v13.flv 233.6 MB  378.1 MB  285.1 MB 
arabic-2009-10-02-v14.flv 331.4 MB  538.0 MB  400.8 MB 
arabic-2009-12-20-v15.flv 786.5 MB  291.7 MB  210.1 MB 
arabic-2010-12-18-v16.flv 817.4 MB  220.1 MB  163.8 MB 
arabic-2011-03-16-v17.flv 251.6 MB  375.5 MB  226.3 MB 
arabic-2011-03-22-v18.flv 164.4 MB  60.1 MB  44.8 MB 
arabic-2011-05-13-v20.flv 242.6 MB  466.5 MB  340.9 MB 
chinese-2008-05-19-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.1 MB  54.6 MB 
chinese-2008-05-21-v03.flv 186.5 MB  301.6 MB  222.8 MB 
chinese-2008-05-21-v10.flv 179.8 MB  289.7 MB  168.4 MB 
chinese-2008-05-24-v02.flv 259.0 MB  415.2 MB  303.7 MB 
chinese-2008-05-25-v07.flv 297.8 MB  477.1 MB  357.3 MB 
chinese-2008-05-26-v11.flv 276.7 MB  444.6 MB  330.0 MB 
chinese-2009-02-08-v12.flv 439.6 MB  698.5 MB  509.2 MB 
chinese-2009-06-25-v01.flv 235.5 MB  390.7 MB  282.3 MB 
chinese-2010-04-10-v05.flv 333.8 MB  538.5 MB  400.6 MB 
chinese-2010-04-12-v08.flv 147.8 MB  237.4 MB  161.4 MB 
chinese-2010-04-13-v09.flv 241.3 MB  388.1 MB  261.2 MB 
chinese-2010-04-15-v06.flv 201.8 MB  324.4 MB  236.4 MB 
chinese-2010-05-03-v14.flv 179.8 MB  290.2 MB  205.8 MB 
chinese-2010-05-15-v13.flv 331.8 MB  537.6 MB  398.4 MB 
english-2008-02-02-v03.flv 186.5 MB  301.6 MB  222.9 MB 
english-2008-02-02-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.8 MB  54.6 MB 
english-2008-02-16-v05.flv 333.8 MB  538.4 MB  401.6 MB 
english-2008-02-17-v06.flv 201.7 MB  324.3 MB  237.4 MB 
english-2008-02-17-v08.flv 147.8 MB  237.8 MB  161.9 MB 
english-2008-04-12-v01.flv 60.3 MB  97.2 MB  73.4 MB 
english-2008-05-01-v10.flv 179.8 MB  289.7 MB  168.1 MB 
english-2008-05-02-v09.flv 241.3 MB  388.6 MB  262.0 MB 
english-2009-05-20-v12.flv 17.9 MB  28.1 MB  20.0 MB 
english-2009-07-05-v07.flv 297.8 MB  477.7 MB  357.6 MB 
english-2009-07-06-v02.flv 325.9 MB  403.1 MB  303.8 MB 
english-2009-07-06-v11.flv 322.8 MB  519.5 MB  384.8 MB 
english-2010-03-21-v14.flv 331.8 MB  536.0 MB  399.5 MB 
english-2010-03-22-v15.flv 179.8 MB  289.4 MB  206.9 MB 
english-2010-12-19-v16.flv 819.3 MB  301.6 MB  225.2 MB 
french-2008-05-05-v02.flv 259.0 MB  415.5 MB  305.5 MB 
french-2008-05-05-v04.flv 45.7 MB  74.4 MB  54.7 MB 
french-2008-05-06-v03.flv 186.5 MB  300.0 MB  222.7 MB 
french-2008-05-06-v08.flv 147.8 MB  237.2 MB  162.1 MB 
french-2008-05-06-v10.flv 179.9 MB  289.5 MB  168.0 MB 
french-2008-05-07-v05.flv 334.0 MB  538.8 MB  401.8 MB 
french-2008-05-07-v09.flv 241.3 MB  388.5 MB  262.1 MB 
french-2008-05-08-v06.flv 165.8 MB  265.5 MB  195.5 MB 
french-2008-05-10-v07.flv 297.8 MB  477.3 MB  358.0 MB 
french-2009-11-04-v001.flv 235.6 MB  385.9 MB  281.6 MB 
french-2009-11-08-v11.flv 322.9 MB  517.6 MB  385.8 MB 
french-2009-11-11-v12.flv 439.6 MB  699.5 MB  509.7 MB 
french-2009-11-18-v01.flv 235.6 MB  385.9 MB  281.6 MB 
french-2010-04-25-v13.flv 331.9 MB  535.9 MB  399.0 MB 
french-2010-04-25-v14.flv 179.8 MB  289.4 MB  206.1 MB 
german-2008-05-11-v03.flv 186.7 MB  302.5 MB  223.1 MB 
german-2008-05-11-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.2 MB  54.6 MB 
german-2008-05-11-v08.flv 147.9 MB  237.7 MB  162.0 MB 
german-2008-05-12-v02.flv 259.0 MB  416.9 MB  305.0 MB 
german-2008-05-12-v07.flv 134.4 MB  215.0 MB  161.4 MB 
german-2008-05-12-v10.flv 179.9 MB  290.4 MB  167.8 MB 
german-2008-05-13-v06.flv 201.8 MB  325.4 MB  237.4 MB 
german-2008-05-13-v09.flv 241.3 MB  388.9 MB  261.8 MB 
german-2008-05-14-v05.flv 333.8 MB  539.5 MB  402.0 MB 
german-2008-05-14-v11.flv 323.4 MB  524.7 MB  386.3 MB 
german-2009-02-12-v12.flv 439.6 MB  700.1 MB  509.7 MB 
german-2009-06-29-v01.flv 235.4 MB  377.0 MB  283.2 MB 
german-2010-07-20-v14.flv 179.8 MB  290.0 MB  206.3 MB 
german-2010-07-21-v13.flv 331.8 MB  536.3 MB  399.1 MB 
portuguese-2009-04-01-v02.flv 259.0 MB  416.5 MB  306.8 MB 
portuguese-2009-04-02-v05.flv 333.9 MB  530.8 MB  400.7 MB 
portuguese-2009-04-05-v09.flv 241.4 MB  389.3 MB  269.9 MB 
portuguese-2009-04-06-v03.flv 186.6 MB  299.7 MB  223.3 MB 
portuguese-2009-04-11-v07.flv 186.4 MB  299.9 MB  222.9 MB 
portuguese-2009-05-23-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.4 MB  54.4 MB 
portuguese-2009-05-27-v12.flv 937.5 KB  1.2 MB  943.8 KB 
portuguese-2009-07-07-v01.flv 235.4 MB  384.1 MB  282.0 MB 
portuguese-2009-07-07-v06.flv 201.9 MB  326.6 MB  240.3 MB 
portuguese-2009-07-16-v08.flv 147.8 MB  237.7 MB  171.1 MB 
portuguese-2009-07-16-v10.flv 179.8 MB  285.5 MB  177.0 MB 
portuguese-2009-07-18-v11.flv 323.0 MB  520.5 MB  386.3 MB 
portuguese-2010-06-06-v13.flv 331.7 MB  163.3 MB  120.9 MB 
russian-2008-05-31-v02.flv 259.0 MB  416.2 MB  304.8 MB 
russian-2008-05-31-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.7 MB  54.5 MB 
russian-2008-05-31-v08.flv 147.8 MB  237.7 MB  161.7 MB 
russian-2008-06-01-v06.flv 201.8 MB  324.6 MB  236.9 MB 
russian-2008-06-03-v10.flv 179.8 MB  289.3 MB  168.0 MB 
russian-2008-06-07-v03.flv 186.5 MB  301.1 MB  223.5 MB 
russian-2008-06-09-v05.flv 333.8 MB  539.1 MB  402.9 MB 
russian-2008-06-11-v11.flv 322.9 MB  518.7 MB  386.8 MB 
russian-2009-02-10-v12.flv 200.4 MB  38.8 MB  27.5 MB 
russian-2009-02-11-v07.flv 297.8 MB  477.9 MB  357.1 MB 
russian-2009-02-11-v09.flv 193.4 MB  311.9 MB  205.0 MB 
russian-2009-06-27-v01.flv 235.4 MB  379.5 MB  283.5 MB 
russian-2010-03-23-v13.flv 331.8 MB  536.1 MB  399.4 MB 
russian-2010-03-24-v14.flv 179.8 MB  289.0 MB  206.3 MB 
spanish-2008-05-26-v03.flv 186.5 MB  302.2 MB  224.7 MB 
spanish-2008-05-26-v04.flv 45.6 MB  73.2 MB  54.9 MB 
spanish-2008-05-27-v020.flv 259.0 MB  417.5 MB  307.9 MB 
spanish-2008-05-27-v06.flv 201.7 MB  324.6 MB  238.9 MB 
spanish-2008-05-28-v05.flv 333.8 MB  538.8 MB  403.6 MB 
spanish-2008-05-28-v08.flv 147.9 MB  238.2 MB  163.4 MB 
spanish-2008-05-29-v09.flv 241.3 MB  389.3 MB  263.0 MB 
spanish-2009-02-21-v07.flv 297.8 MB  477.8 MB  358.4 MB 
spanish-2009-12-08-v02.flv 259.0 MB  417.5 MB  308.0 MB 
spanish-2010-04-04-v01.flv 235.4 MB  382.2 MB  283.0 MB 
spanish-2010-04-06-v10.flv 193.4 MB  289.8 MB  179.2 MB 
spanish-2010-04-27-v11.flv 322.8 MB  322.2 MB  240.1 MB 
spanish-2010-04-28-v12.flv 439.6 MB  700.3 MB  512.3 MB 
Image Files Thumbnail Animated GIF
arabic-2007-08-24-v10.flv 7.7 KB  491.0 KB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v1.flv 5.5 KB  213.9 KB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v5.flv 6.2 KB  483.0 KB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v6.flv 5.4 KB  432.5 KB 
arabic-2007-08-25-v8.flv 7.6 KB  467.8 KB 
arabic-2007-08-28-v2.flv 6.3 KB  478.8 KB 
arabic-2007-08-30-v7.flv 6.7 KB  473.5 KB 
arabic-2007-08-30-v9.flv 9.5 KB  510.1 KB 
arabic-2007-11-03-v3.flv 4.1 KB  398.7 KB 
arabic-2007-11-03-v4.flv 7.2 KB  494.1 KB 
arabic-2007-11-12-v11.flv 36.1 KB 
arabic-2007-11-12-v12.flv 176.2 KB 
arabic-2008-05-15-v13.flv 6.9 KB  506.2 KB 
arabic-2009-10-02-v14.flv 7.5 KB  498.6 KB 
arabic-2009-12-20-v15.flv 5.7 KB  487.9 KB 
arabic-2010-12-18-v16.flv 8.9 KB  348.1 KB 
arabic-2011-03-16-v17.flv 6.5 KB  422.2 KB 
arabic-2011-03-22-v18.flv 6.0 KB  288.1 KB 
arabic-2011-05-13-v20.flv 7.0 KB  380.3 KB 
chinese-2008-05-19-v04.flv 3.9 KB  398.8 KB 
chinese-2008-05-21-v03.flv 5.9 KB  474.2 KB 
chinese-2008-05-21-v10.flv 7.4 KB  467.2 KB 
chinese-2008-05-24-v02.flv 6.9 KB  521.6 KB 
chinese-2008-05-25-v07.flv 5.0 KB  481.7 KB 
chinese-2008-05-26-v11.flv 9.7 KB  500.8 KB 
chinese-2009-02-08-v12.flv 7.2 KB  486.4 KB 
chinese-2009-06-25-v01.flv 6.4 KB  482.9 KB 
chinese-2010-04-10-v05.flv 6.7 KB  492.4 KB 
chinese-2010-04-12-v08.flv 6.3 KB  470.1 KB 
chinese-2010-04-13-v09.flv 5.2 KB  430.4 KB 
chinese-2010-04-15-v06.flv 6.5 KB  475.5 KB 
chinese-2010-05-03-v14.flv 5.2 KB  492.4 KB 
chinese-2010-05-15-v13.flv 6.6 KB  492.1 KB 
english-2008-02-02-v03.flv 6.0 KB  473.6 KB 
english-2008-02-02-v04.flv 4.0 KB  399.1 KB 
english-2008-02-16-v05.flv 6.7 KB  492.8 KB 
english-2008-02-17-v06.flv 5.9 KB  479.0 KB 
english-2008-02-17-v08.flv 6.3 KB  471.0 KB 
english-2008-04-12-v01.flv 127.1 KB 
english-2008-05-01-v10.flv 7.4 KB  466.1 KB 
english-2008-05-02-v09.flv 5.2 KB  429.9 KB 
english-2009-05-20-v12.flv 7.0 KB  179.0 KB 
english-2009-07-05-v07.flv 5.0 KB  481.7 KB 
english-2009-07-06-v02.flv 10.1 KB  542.7 KB 
english-2009-07-06-v11.flv 9.0 KB  512.4 KB 
english-2010-03-21-v14.flv 6.6 KB  492.1 KB 
english-2010-03-22-v15.flv 5.2 KB  492.4 KB 
english-2010-12-19-v16.flv 9.5 KB  521.9 KB 
french-2008-05-05-v02.flv 6.8 KB  520.8 KB 
french-2008-05-05-v04.flv 4.6 KB  398.8 KB 
french-2008-05-06-v03.flv 5.9 KB  473.3 KB 
french-2008-05-06-v08.flv 6.4 KB  470.6 KB 
french-2008-05-06-v10.flv 7.3 KB  476.4 KB 
french-2008-05-07-v05.flv 6.5 KB  494.3 KB 
french-2008-05-07-v09.flv 5.2 KB  429.9 KB 
french-2008-05-08-v06.flv 5.4 KB  393.9 KB 
french-2008-05-10-v07.flv 5.0 KB  483.0 KB 
french-2009-11-04-v001.flv 8.1 KB  461.3 KB 
french-2009-11-08-v11.flv 9.0 KB  508.4 KB 
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The Illegality of the International Criminal Courts and Tribunals

YESThe international courts and tribunals are a feature of an international system that is based on selectivity and double standards. What these courts have in common is their lack of the legal conditions for the existence of any court.

The conditions for the legality of any court are well-known. It must by established by a legitimate authority, whose legitimacy is derived from a legal status. The events brought before it must constitute clearly defined offences established in a previous law that precedes their commission. The punishments for such acts must also be established in that law. The law must be enacted by a legitimate legislative authority. The judges of the court must enjoy full independence and the ability to make their rulings free from any outside influence. The rules of procedure of the court must ensure due process for the defendants. Do the international criminal courts and tribunals meet these conditions? The answer is, No!!

In fact, the international criminal courts that the world has known were established in one of two ways. They were either established by the victors of a certain war, as was the case with the military tribunals of Nuremburg and Tokyo that were created by the victorious Allies after World War II, or by an “international” authority of dubious legitimacy as was the case with the International Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda that were created by the Security Council.

In establishing the tribunals of Nuremburg and Tokyo in the wake of World War II, the Allies invoked only the legitimacy of the victors who were capable of imposing their terms on the vanquished. They created those tribunals in a manner that guarantees the condemnation of their enemies as criminals while absolving them of their own war crimes. Foremost among those crimes was the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of civilians by the use of a weapon that exceeded the needs of deterring the enemy namely; the atomic bomb. Those tribunals met none of the standards of justice in view of the following facts:

  1. They were created by the political leaders and military commanders of the occupation forces. Their judges were not impartial. They were themselves the opponents on the field of battle. In accordance with the recognized standards of justice, they were not qualified to play the role of a judge since they were party to the conflict.
  2. The defendants before those tribunals were prisoners of war. Under international law, they could not be brought to trial.
  3. The acts for which the defendants were tried were not crimes defined in, and established by a previous law as justice requires. The list of “crimes” was established by the victorious Allies Ex Post Facto (after they were committed). This is in violation of the principle of legality of crimes and punishments. It also violates the principle of the non-retroactivity of the law.
  4. The Tokyo tribunal was created by a special order of General McArthur. That personal order established new, contrived crimes and offences that existed only in McArthur’s imagination. Needless to say, the court under that law victimized many defenseless Japanese.
  5. The definition of the “crimes” of the defendants, if they can be described as crimes, was and continues to be the subject of disagreement among the countries of the world.
  6. The rulings of those tribunals were based on mere suspicion and doubts, not on proof and evidence. For instance, the Tokyo Tribunal condemned a Japanese commander for what it considered the crimes of the soldiers under his command in the Philippines. He was sentenced to death despite the fact that it was not proven that he had given any orders. Indeed, he could not have known what had happened for the simple reason that he had fled the battle field.

Those tribunals were a sham whose only purpose was to provide justification for the conduct of the Allies who exceeded the legitimate right to self defense. A proof of this is that unlike the other Allies, Russia, the country most devastated by the War, did not put any of the German military commanders in the part of Germany it occupied, on trial.

The international criminal courts are illegal. So are their sentences. Their victims and their relatives are entitled to just restitution and reparations for the injustice visited upon them. They are entitled to demand rehabilitation. The events of World War II must be brought once again before impartial courts that would reconsider the conduct of the victors and the vanquished alike. The earlier tribunals did not prosecute the crimes committed by both parties. They were confined to the prosecution of the vanquished alone. More importantly, the crimes for which they were tried had not been established in a previous law. Therefore, those tribunals violate the legal rule “Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege”. (No persecution for a crime unless pursuant to a previous law establishing that crime).

The same applies to the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. They were both established by the Security Council. The legitimacy of the Council is dubious. It was created in the same manner, and under the same circumstances, in which the Nuremburg and Tokyo Tribunals were established. It is yet another one of the products of World War II. The victors created the Security Council as a tool to shape international relations in the manner they saw fit. It was not created by the independent will and free choice of the states of the world. In addition, the Security enforce the law, it has no right to enact it. Laws are enacted by the legislators elected by the people. The character of the council, and the tasks it currently discharges, are dubious because it represents only a minority. The states of the world did not take part in its creation. Therefore, it has no right to put their citizens on trial. Suffice it to recall that the international Court of Justice ruled that the Security Council had no jurisdiction over the Lockerbie question. Nevertheless, the council disregarded that ruling and continued to address the Lockerbie question without any international legal basis. At the same time, the Council did not address the Court’s ruling concerning the “Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua”.

The so-called Security Council has absolutely no legal right to establish courts or tribunals. Article 29 of the Charter cannot be construed as giving a right to establish courts. It only authorizes the establishment of subsidiary organs. The misuse by the Council of that and other provisions is a gross infringement upon the sovereignty of peoples.

Therefore, the resolutions of the so-called Security Council pertaining to the establishment of courts and tribunals are null and void under international law and jurisprudence.

The current international courts and tribunals were created in the fashion of their antecedents. Their purpose is not to try all those who may have committed a crime, but to try the weaker, vanquished party alone.

In creating the two above-mentioned tribunals, the Council acted under Chapter VII of the Charter. This is yet another proof of their politicized character and lack of impartiality.

The Sierra Leone tribunal is also illegal. Even if it was established on the basis of a request from the government of Sierra Leone, this does not give it the necessary legal conditions for a lawful court. It falls outside the national judicial system of Sierra Leone. Its statute and rulings are not subject to the supervision of that system for the following reasons:

  1. The Statute of that Tribunal is shaped in part on the basis of the so-called principles of international law derived from the statute and the rulings of another illegal court; that of Nuremburg.
  2. The president and prosecutor-general of the Tribunal are not from Sierra Leone.
  3. Among its judges, there are foreign nationals who are not subject to the national sovereignty of which the judicial system is an integral part.
  4. The sentences passed by the Tribunal will be implemented outside Sierra Leone.

The International Criminal Court (ICC)
The establishment of the ICC followed the same lines of the Military and Ad-Hoc International Criminal Tribunals. Although established by a treaty, its Statute was based on the rules governing the above-mentioned international tribunals and on the rules of the Nuremburg Trials. This inherent distortion has stripped it of its character as a court of law in the strict legal sense. This is evident in the following:

  1. The Statute of the ICC allows the Security Council to request it to halt the proceedings of any case brought before it. Even if the Council abandons it’s well known selectivity and double-standards in dealing with international peace and security, any relationship whatsoever it may have with the Court negates the independence of the ICC and strips it of its character as a court. This is borne out by the fact that the Council exercised its “tutelage” over the Court even before it started its work by adopting Resolution 1422 which constitutes a flagrant violation of the principle of the independence of the judiciary.
  2. Thus far, the Court does not have a unanimously-agreed international legal text that establishes the offences prosecutable by it or the punishment for such offences. The absence of this text renders the establishment of the Court on the basis of the principle of the non-retroactivity of the law and the principle of legality “Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege”, as contained in its Statute, devoid of any practical value.
  3. The jurisdiction of the Court does not cover the crime of aggression!! That crime is the basis and the cause of all the other crimes covered by the jurisdiction of the ICC!!
  4. The Rome Statute mentions the most grievous crimes while it ignores the lesser ones. This is a grave imbalance in the Statute. That imbalance came into being upon the orders of certain states.
  5. The Court lacks the most basic guarantee of justice; namely, the right of defendants to legal defense. In that, it is no different from other international criminal courts and tribunals where the matter of defense is a mere formality. Neither the tribunals nor the Court have specific machinery for legal defense that assures defendants of a fair trial. Indeed, the draft code of professional conduct for lawyers and the standards and procedures for the provision of legal assistance was recently adopted to satisfy a formalistic requirement so that the Court, if it can be called a court, could start its work. It was adopted without a study to ascertain its adequacy in ensuring one of the most basic rights of the defendants.
  6. The court will be no exception to the method of work of other international courts and tribunals. Like them, it will base its verdicts and sentences on suspicions, doubts and circumstantial evidence. It will not be obliged to build its rulings on conclusive legal evidence. The Court was modeled after the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. That tribunal condemned the commanders of the Bosnian Serb Army and the Bosnian Croat Army without any evidence that they had given orders to commit the crimes of murder and torture for which they were condemned. Indeed, it was not proven that either of them was even in the theater of operations at the time of the commission of those crimes.
  7. The Court fails to meet the requirements of justice concerning the multi-tier litigation. The fact that the Court is divided into various divisions (Pre-Trial, Trial and Appeals) cannot be considered as the multi tiers that must be available in any judicial system. The reason is that those Divisions are confined to the 18 judges of the Court who are selected by the Assembly of the States Parties. It is the judges who assign themselves to its various divisions. They select the Presidency of the Court from among themselves. It is they who determine the Chambers, their distribution and the assignment of judges thereto. They also adopt the rules of the discharge of the tasks of the Court. This makes it more like an administrative body than a court. It falls short of the level of any national court. The shortcomings of the Court, which strip it of its legal character as a court, are further compounded by the absence of an independent cassation authority where the rulings of its Appeals Division can be challenged. In any national judicial system, there exist courts of cassation and supreme courts to which defendants can resort to challenge the sentences passed against them by the lower tiers of litigation.

In addition to the above-mentioned, a court that is subject to the influence of an international authority of dubious legitimacy such as the Security Council and that of the major powers cannot be a fair court. Even if it were established by the General Assembly of the UN, it would still lack legitimacy and legality. The General Assembly is made up of civil servants who represent their countries before the UN. They are not legislators. They have no right to legislate. The General Assembly of the UN deals with the political and diplomatic questions facing the world. It is not empowered to legislate or enact laws. Legislation is the exclusive right of the world’s parliaments or their representatives. An international court can be legitimate only if parliamentary representatives gather in a general assembly and adopt a statute or a basic law for such court.

The international criminal courts and tribunals that the world has so far known remain a mere façade. Rather than promoting justice, they distort it for the following reasons:

  1. Thus far, there is no unanimously-agreed international legal text that establishes the prosecutable offences or the punishment for such offences. The absence of such text makes it difficult to conclude that the international criminal law is an established one based on the principle of legality “Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege”, even if those rules are codified in international instruments starting with The Hague Convention of 1899 and subsequent international conventions and treaties.
  2. The states of the world have yet to agree on a precise definition of the crime of aggression that would facilitate the determination of aggressors and those who exercise the legitimate right to self-defense. In addition, the concept of aggressive war remains ambiguous.
  3. Invoking the General Assembly resolution of November 1946 that codified the rules of international law derived from the Statute and rulings of the Nuremburg Court, is illegal. The resolution was based on an illegal premise because the Nuremburg Court itself is illegal. By codifying the rules of international law derived from the Statute and rulings of the Nuremburg Court, the resolution has corrupted international law.

Despite its lack of legitimacy, and despite its nature as an “emergency” council, the Security Council continues to have the upper hand in shaping relations among states. Therefore, the ICC will remain, like its creator, an “emergency” court. It will also remain a façade that hides the ill intentions of the powerful states towards the weak ones. It will enable the powerful states to escape the authority of the court, if it can be said to have any real authority. National courts will continue to be more credible than the international ones. Thanks to their legitimacy and independence, the public will continue to consider the sentences of national courts as fair and impartial. The principle of universal jurisdiction of national courts allows any state to bring the perpetrators of war crimes to justice before its courts, regardless of where those crimes were committed and regardless of the nationality of their perpetrators.

International law has not matured yet. It is still of a customary nature that does not enjoy the unanimity of the world. However it develops, it will continue to be a law “among” states, not “above” them. National sovereignty of states over their territory and citizens remains the criterion for the interpretation and application of any international instrument.

As a general rule, people have a natural right not to be subject to a law in whose formulation they did not participate. They must never be forced to follow a law enacted by any authority without their willing participation.




In the Theatre of the Absurd, Libya Now Takes Centre Stage

May 1, 2011 By davidjones

© By Gerald A. Perreira

We are fighting nothing other than al-Qaeda in what they call the Islamic Maghreb. It’s an armed group that is fighting from Libya to Mauritania and through Algeria and Mali.… If you had found them taking over American cities by the force of arms, tell me what you would do?
– From a letter sent by the Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi to the US president Barack Obama.

In the Theatre of the Absurd, anything is possible. However, this latest scenario in Libya has taken absurdity to a whole new dimension. A rag-tag bunch of armed, al-Qaeda affiliated tribesmen, being referred to as a ‘pro-democracy movement’ by British State TV (BBC) and other mainstream media outlets, are now being openly armed and trained by the French, British and American governments. This same Coalition of Crusaders, with the support of the Arab League, is fighting alongside the rebels, launching continual bombing raids on targets in Tripoli and beyond, including Muammar Qadhafi’s compound, in a brazen attempt to assassinate the man and re-colonise Libya.

And what is the support inside Libya for this so-called ‘Libyan pro-democracy movement’? The answer is less than 2% of the entire Libyan population. One might have expected that the Western and Arab worlds would have offered Qadhafi and the Libyan armed forces assistance to deal with this al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) inspired insurgency. But no. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, instead, Britain and the US, led by the clown Sarkozy, in what can only be described as a war mongering frenzy, launched an all out attack on Muammar Qadhafi, his family, and the Libyan people.

As this article goes to press, the Coalition forces continue to savagely bomb targets in Tripoli and beyond, killing civilians and destroying vital infrastructure. They are pounding Libya with a force that was last seen when they invaded Iraq, doing their utmost to leave Qadhafi and his people defenceless against this insurgency. In fact, so brazen is the imperialist Obama, that he has announced an ‘overt operation’, sending in CIA operatives to train and equip the rebels. Rebels who the State Department admits are disorganised and untrained and unable to articulate a vision for Libya, beyond killing Qadhafi.

These rebels however do have an agenda. Their leaders and ideologues, inside and out of Libya, are well known for misinterpreting verses from the Quran, quoting out of context, in an attempt to justify their so-called jihad and practices which are fundamentally alien to the Islamic spirit. The best the Libyan rebels, read counter-revolutionaries, can do, is to chant ‘From Tunisia, Egypt to Libya and on, we will spread Jihad!’

Western Powers and al-Qaeda – On the Same Side

As far back as the mid 90s, a former MI5 agent, David Shayler, testified that British intelligence employed the services of an al-Qaeda cell inside Libya, paying them a large fee to assassinate Muammar Qadhafi. The assassination attempt was carried out. A grenade was lobbed at Qadhafi as he walked among a crowd in his hometown, Sirte. He was saved by one of his bodyguards, who threw herself on the grenade.

Shayler revealed that while he was working on the Libya desk in the mid 90s, British secret service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was connected to one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants. The LIFG officially joined al-Qaeda in 2007. On an Islamist website in 2009, Ayman al-Zawahiri welcomed them to the fold.

Over the past two years, the Libyan authorities have released scores of imprisoned Islamists from the LIFG into the custody of their families and communities in a humanitarian attempt to integrate them back into Libyan society. With a pledge that they would use the forums set up in the country, under the auspices of the General People’s Congress, to express their views. Many of the released prisoners had fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and been returned to the Libyan authorities as part of an agreement with the US. If Qadhafi was truly the ruthless man the West would have us believe, then surely these rebels, classified as terrorists by the US, would have remained in prison and their fate very different.

One of those released in 2008 was the LIFG commander, Abdel Hakim al-Hasidi, now one of the leaders of this uprising. Over the last decade, al-Hasidi fought in Afghanistan, was captured in Pakistan in 2002, handed over to the US, and subsequently handed back to the Libyan authorities. In a recent interview with the Italian newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, al-Hasidi admitted that, “jihadists who fought in Iraq against the US are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Qadhafi.”

Libya was the first country to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden. The Libyan authorities have for years tried to warn the world about the very serious threat posed by these Islamic deviants. According to David Shayler, Western intelligence turned a deaf ear to Libya’s warnings as far back as the mid 90s because they were actually working with the al-Qaeda group inside Libya, to kill Qadhafi, and roll back the Libyan revolution.

True Religion versus False Religion

The battle being fought in the Libyan desert today dates way back beyond the mid 90s. Today’s battle is essentially a battle between, on the one hand, the revolutionary Islam of Prophet Muhammad, manifest in the writings of Muammar Qadhafi and in the practice of

the Libyan revolution. And on the other hand, the reactionary Islam of the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) and their off shoots such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and its affiliate, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.

The Muslim revolutionary scholar, Ali Shariati, notes that, “the battle of history is the battle of religion against religion… true religion versus false religion.”

The Islam of the Wahhabist/Salafi sect, adhered to by the LIFQ, is a reactionary interpretation and practice of Islam that seeks to replicate the political and social structures of 7th century Arabian society. Although for the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera cameras, the rebels are careful to present themselves to the world as a force fighting for ‘liberal democracy’ and to show their love and admiration for the West. Off camera, they are calling for what AQIM has named the ‘Islamic Emirate in the Maghreb’.

Qadhafi, along with other progressive Islamic scholars, argues the message of the Quran and Islamic theology is incompatible with the idea of an emirate. They point out dynastic rule was imported into the body politic of Islam by the likes of Abu Sufyan Muawiyah, the governor of Damascus, in the period 642 to 661, who borrowed these anti-Islamic practices from the Byzantium Empire and the Persians. Qadhafi points out this particular system of governance has nothing at all to do with Islam.

The central ideological concern of Muammar Qadhafi and the Libyan revolution was to redefine Islam in the context of modern knowledge and contemporary political systems and thought. This is a task that requires us to revisit and rethink previous political systems set up by Muslims, without losing any of the Perennial Truth that is Islam.

The Third Universal Theory, outlined in Qadhafi’s Green Book, is a comprehensive worldview – a body of philosophical, political, economic, sociological and scientific principles, all inter-related. Together they form an alternative and largely self-sufficient intellectual structure. It is a guide for authentic Islamic revolution, and can be applied to non-Islamic, popular revolutions. It ushers in a whole new social and political practice, outlining an alternative model of democracy.

Progressive academics worldwide have acclaimed The Green Book as a serious body of political thought, offering an incisive critique of Western parliamentary democracy, capitalism and Marxist socialism. In addition, there is no denying the system of direct democracy, posited by Qadhafi’s Third Universal Theory, offers an alternative model and solution for Africa and many other parts of the ‘Third World’, where multi-party ‘democracy’ has been a dismal failure, resulting in ethnic/tribal conflict, social fragmentation and political chaos.

In his book Islam and the Third Universal Theory: The Religious Thought of Muammar al Qadhafi, the respected Muslim scholar Mahmoud Ayoub points out that, “the first part of the Green Book is an interpretation of one single verse of the Quran: ‘and their affairs are decided through consultation (shura) among themselves’… To others it means an assembly of jurists ruling over a traditional Islamic society strictly governed by Shariah. Only Qadhafi has taken the important Quranic precept seriously, understanding it literally, and applying it equally to every member of society.”

Ayoub further states that, “Qadhafi sees Islam as a perpetual revolution against unnecessary and illegitimate wealth, exploitation and oppression. Qadhafi asserted that the Islam which both the East and the West knew was that observed by kings and princes, as well as mendicants (darawish) who live off Islam. Thus, people thought of Islam as a reactionary movement, a message which could never keep up with life. They considered Islam simply as a religious heritage which could be venerated but which had to be kept from the fields of action and human struggle.”

This Islam, whose theology is primarily one of liberation, has been marginalised, distorted and co-opted to serve the interests of ruling elites throughout the Muslim world. Theirs is the Islam observed by kings and princes, the ‘feudal Islam’ of the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) and its Wahhabi spiritual leaders, such as Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who recently issued a fatwa stating that any Libyan soldier who can shoot dead embattled leader Muammar Qadhafi should do so “to rid Libya of him.”

Qaradawi is a neo-feudalist, who has defended the practice of female genital mutilation, called for the death penalty to be applied to those who leave Islam and advocates separate systems of law for different classes of citizens. Qadhafi views Qaradawi and those like him as the spiritual heirs of the corrupt Umayyad dynasty (661-750) that transformed the revolutionary Islam of the Holy Prophet into a feudal dispensation.

How does Qadhafi’s revolutionary Islam play out in practice? Why is this man and the revolution he has led such a threat? And why, over recent weeks, have people from every corner of the globe spoken out in support of Qadhafi and the Libyan revolution? Why have thousands of African freedom fighters (not mercenaries as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera would have us believe) poured into Libya from the Congo, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to fight to the death for this leader and Libya?

Who is this man and this revolution that has the moral authority and power to draw an army of Africans from every corner of the continent and solidarity from liberation movements, political parties and progressive governments worldwide?

A Libyan Jamahiriya

On September 1st, 1969, the 27 year old Qadhafi, an army captain, carried out a bloodless coup overthrowing the corrupt monarchy of King Idris Senussi, who had ruled Libya for 18 years. Qadhafi established what he called the Libyan Jamahiriya or the State of the Masses. When asked what was the Constitution of Libya, he replied “the Quran.”

Immediately after the 1969 coup, Qadhafi told Gamal Abdel Nasser to consider Libya a partner in his Pan-Arab project, offering Nasser access to Libyan resources in the struggle against Israel. From a young age Qadhafi understood the absolute necessity of unity if Western hegemony and colonialism was to be challenged effectively.

Not long after the revolution Qadhafi earned the wrath of the imperialists by closing the British Naval Base at Tobruk and the American Wheelus Air Base on the outskirts of Tripoli. He nationalised key sections of Libya’s vast oil resources and used his influence within OPEC to negotiate fairer prices for oil producing countries. Qadhafi used the oil revenue to benefit the Libyan people, building schools, universities, hospitals and much needed infrastructure.

During the reign of King Idris, fewer than one in five Libyans was literate and there was virtually no access to education for the majority of people. Today, Libya boasts a quality education system, free right up to university level, and the literacy rate is 83 per cent, the highest in North Africa and the Arab world. In addition, Libya has one of the finest health care systems in the ‘Third World’. All people have access to doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines, free of charge. If a Libyan needs surgery that is unavailable in Libya, funding is provided for the surgery to be carried out overseas. Average life expectancy is now 75, during the time of King Idris it was as low as 44.

Soon after the revolution, basic food items were subsidised and electricity was made available throughout the country. Huge irrigation projects were established in order to support a drive towards agricultural development and self-sufficiency in food production.

Recognising that water, not oil, would be the most scarce resource of the future, Qadhafi initiated the construction of the Great Man Made River, which took years to complete (see illustration and photo above). Referred to as a wonder of the modern world, this river pumps millions of cubic metres of water daily from the heart of the Sahara desert to the coast where the land is suitable for agriculture. Any Libyan who wanted to become a farmer was and still is given free use of land, a house, farm equipment, livestock and seed.

At the outset of the revolution, Qadhafi vowed to house every Libyan, many of whom were still living in tents and houses made out of flattened oil drums. He also vowed that his own parents, who lived in a tent in the Sirte desert, would not be housed until every Libyan was housed. He fulfilled that promise, his own father dying before he had the opportunity to move him into a home. Large scale housing construction took place right across the country, all Libyans being given a decent house or apartment to live in rent-free. In Qadhafi’s Green Book it states: “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others.”

Under the revolutionary leadership of Muammar Qadhafi, Libya has now attained the highest standard of living in Africa. Rated on the UN’s Human Development Index ahead of Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. In 2007, in an article which appeared in the African Executive Magazine, Norah Owaraga noted that Libya, “unlike other oil producing countries such as Nigeria, utilised the revenue from its oil to develop its country. The standard of living of the people of Libya is one of the highest in Africa, falling in the category of countries with a GNP per capita of between USD 2,200 and 6,000.”

Qadhafi believes that economic democracy can only be achieved when the GDP of a country benefits all of its citizens and when the country’s wealth is dispersed to every single citizen. Today, money from Libya’s oil revenue is directly deposited into the bank account of every Libyan.

From the beginning, Qadhafi was dedicated to the emancipation of Libyan women, encouraging them to participate in all aspects of political life. The revolution ensured that women gained full access to education and has actively encouraged acceptance of female paid employment. Qadhafi has enabled women to serve in the armed forces, and as a way of breaking down stereotypes and taboos, he established a corps of female bodyguards, assigned to his protection. Libya is a very traditional society and these moves by Qadhafi have been met with stiff resistance, especially by the forces in Benghazi.

From the outset of the revolution, Qadhafi channelled a great deal of effort and resources into continued attempts, following on from Gamal Abdel Nasser, to bring about Arab unity. At meeting after meeting of the Arab League, he condemned and exposed their ineptness at arriving at a unified position in relation to the Palestinian issue and other issues relating to neo-colonial control of the region. He became impatient as he realised that the Arab rulers of the day were more interested in protecting and preserving their own parochial interests in tandem with Western imperialism, and were only too willing to stab each other in the back behind closed doors, despite their rhetoric at the summits.

He vehemently opposed the US led invasion of Iraq and condemned those Arab leaders who supported the so-called ‘coalition of the willing’, earning the wrath of the Saudi monarchy when he said that “the Kabah was under the yoke of American occupation,” and questioned “what meaning the Haj has for Muslims as long as the American occupation of the sacred House of God continues.”

He worked tirelessly to encourage African-Arab unity, and built strong relationships with African leaders and the African streets. In October 2010, at the second African-Arab summit in Libya, Qadhafi was the first and only leader in the Arab world to formally apologise for the Arab role in the trade in captured Africans. He was highly critical of Arab leaders/elites condescending attitude toward Africans, and their despicable treatment of African workers, and in particular African domestic workers in their own countries. He stated:

“I regret the behaviour of Arabs… they brought African children to North Africa, they made them slaves, they sold them like animals and treated them in a shameful way. I regret and am ashamed when we remember these practices. I apologise for this. Today we are embarrassed and shocked by the outrageous practices of rich Arabs who treat Africans with contempt and condescension.”

This riled the Arab leaders and ruling elites and was an affront to their notion of Arab supremacy.

Disgruntled with the arrogance of the Arab leaders, and a continual thorn in their side as he openly criticised their hypocrisy and servitude to Western imperialism, Qadhafi became isolated in the Arab world.

Africa Called, Qadhafi Answered

Meanwhile, Libya’s neighbours to the south were far more receptive to Qadhafi’s ideas. When African nations called, Qadhafi answered. He is passionate about the plight of Africans and Africa and longs to see the liberation of the continent and its people. He called on the African Union to give representation to Africans in the Diaspora – the US, Europe, the Caribbean and South America, and acknowledge the need to deal with the conditions of poverty, underdevelopment and marginalisation that continues to confront these communities. At a recent conference held in Libya in January this year, to address the needs and concerns of African migrants to Europe, Qadhafi stated:

“From now on, by the will of God, I will assign teams to search, investigate and liaise with the Africans in Europe and to check their situations… this is my duty and role towards the sons of Africa; I am a soldier for Africa. I am here for you and I work for you; therefore, I will not leave you and I will follow up on your conditions.”

Today, Qadhafi is seen by Africans on the continent and throughout the diaspora as a leading Afrocentric Pan-Africanist, articulating a vision for a United States of Africa – with one government, one currency and one army.

One of Muammar Qadhafi’s most controversial and difficult moves has been his determined drive to unite Africa with a shared vision for the true independence and liberation of the entire continent. He has contributed a great deal of his time, energy and large sums of money to this project, and like Kwame Nkrumah, he has paid a high price.

Many years ago, Qadhafi told a large gathering, which included Libyans and revolutionaries from many parts of the world, that the Black Africans were the true owners of Libya long before the Arab incursion into North Africa. Adding Libyans need to acknowledge and pay tribute to their ancient African roots. He ended by saying, as is proclaimed in his Green Book, “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.”

‘Brother Leader’, ‘Guide of the Revolution’ and ‘King of Kings’ are some of the titles that have been bestowed on Qadhafi by Africans. Only recently Qadhafi called for the creation of a secretariat of traditional African Chiefs and Kings, with whom he has excellent ties, to co-ordinate efforts to build African unity at the grassroots level. This bottom up approach is widely supported by Pan-Africanists.

While the Libyan revolution has irritated the West since its inception, and although they never forgave Qadhafi for nationalising Libya’s oil, the most worrying move has been his call for the unification of Africa. After years of tireless effort on the part of Qadhafi and the Libyan revolutionary movement, the idea of a United States of Africa is gaining real momentum and support on the continent and amongst Pan-Africanists worldwide.

Unity is something the imperialists fear and loathe. They are well aware that a united Africa would completely alter the balance of power globally. The well-documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all resources and raw materials to the Western nations for just one week, the United States and Europe would grind to a halt. They are that dependent on Africa, and are therefore determined to maintain their ability to control events on the continent.

The leader of the Nation of Islam in the US, Minister Louis Farrakhan, pointed out many years ago at a conference in Libya, “Europe and the US cannot go forward into the new century without unfettered access to the vast natural resources of Africa.” He added: “Qadhafi is one who stands in their way.”

If they cannot maintain control, then at least they must try to maintain Africa’s divisions, thereby ensuring it is always in a position of weakness. African unity and true independence is something white supremacy, in all of its manifestations – capitalism, imperialism and neo-colonialism – will oppose with all its might. The French are presently spearheading a plan, with other southern European nations, to form a Mediterranean bloc, incorporating the whole of North Africa, to try to bring about the balkanisation of the continent, in an attempt to halt this unification project.

Liberation Movements Worldwide Called, Qadhafi Answered

In addition to his tireless efforts in the Arab and African worlds, in 1982 the World Mathaba was established in Libya. Mathaba means a gathering place for people with a common purpose. The World Mathaba brought together revolutionaries and freedom fighters from every corner of the globe to share ideas and develop their revolutionary knowledge. Many liberation groups throughout the world received education, training and support, including the ANC, AZAPO, PAC and BCM of Azania (South Africa), SWAPO of Namibia, MPLA of Angola, the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, the Polisario of the Sahara, the PLO, the Moro National Liberation Front of the Philippines, the Pattani National Liberation Front of Thailand, the Dalits of India, Indigenous movements throughout the Americas and the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan to name but a few.

Nelson Mandela called Muammar Qadhafi one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fighters, and insisted the eventual collapse of the apartheid system owed much to Qadhafi and Libyan support. Mandela said that, “in the darkest moments of our struggle, when our backs were to the wall, Muammar Qadhafi stood with us.”

Having examined not only the words and writings, but also Qadhafi’s life time of unwavering revolutionary action dedicated to the liberation of humankind, it is not difficult to answer the questions posed above regarding how Qadhafi’s revolutionary Islam has played out in practice? Why this man and the revolution he has led is such a threat to Western powers, and why freedom fighters from all over Africa are willing to fight to the death for him and the Libyan revolution.

The Final Act – Imperialism’s Last Hideous Gasp

As neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism plunges the world deeper and deeper into chaos, Western imperialism is in crisis. As people revolt in every corner of the world, their ability to influence global affairs is challenged. Even in the economic sphere, their power is decreasing, as China, India and Brazil emerge as vital new trading partners in Africa and South America. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Neo-colonialism is not a sign of imperialism’s strength, but rather of its last hideous gasp.”

As the capitalist crisis worsens, the imperialists will become more and more desperate in their attempts to regain their influence and direct events as they are used to doing. Events which they are increasingly incapable of comprehending – not only because of the speed at which these events are occurring, but also because of the complexity of the events and the paradigm shifts taking place, that are, quite simply, far outside the Western imagination.

Furthermore, they have lost all credibility as the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles continue. The Emperor is naked, and the hypocrisy of the Empire has become so transparent, that even the least informed observers are finally realising that something is horribly wrong.

Imperialism is experiencing its ‘last hideous gasp’ and it is imperative for progressive movements and decent minded citizens worldwide to seize this moment and to oppose this current assault on Libya with all of our collective strength. Those who still struggle to see the wood from the trees will remain enablers of the reactionary and destructive forces that have arrested the advancement of humanity, subjugating and enslaving us since the beginning of time.

GERALD A. PERREIRA is from Guyana and a founding member of the Guyanese organisations, Joint Initiative for Human Advancement and Dignity and Black Consciousness Movement Guyana (BCMG). He lived and worked in Libya for many years and served in the Green March, an international battalion for the defence of the Libyan revolution, and was an executive member of the World Mathaba based in Tripoli.

The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 126 (May-June 2011).

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نص محاضرة الأخ قائد الثورة في طلبة جامعة أوكـسفورد البريطانية حول افريقيا في القرن الواحد والعشرين
نص كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في جلسة القمة الثامنة لمجموعة سيماك
نص خطاب الأخ قائد الثورة فى المهرجان الكبير الذي أقامته جماهيــر المــــــــؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية إحياء للذكرى 92 لمعركة القرضابية 
الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة أغاديس التاريخية في تظاهرة التحدي الإسلامي الكبرى الثانية
احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد( صلى الله عليه وسلم ).

الأخ قائد الثورة يلتقي بالفعاليات الطبية بالجماهيرية العظمى
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورةفي الجلسة الصباحيـة للاجتماع العادي الثاني لمجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه أمناء المؤتمـرات الشعبية الأساسية في شعبيات 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في مؤتمر
الأخ قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم العقيد معمر القذافي يتحدث أمام حشد من فعاليات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في ضابطات الشعب المسلح والأمن العام والجمارك
الاخ قائد الثورة في الحديث المهم الذي ألقاه في جماهير النساء بمدينة سبها : أرجو من 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه مجلس التخطيط العام 
نص حديث الاخ قائد الثورة في الجلسة الافتتاحية
تأكيدا على دور الأخ قائد الثورة في ترسيخ وتعزيز سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس
الأخ قائد الثورة يتحدث في فعاليات الشعب الليبي
كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في المجلس الاعلى للهيئات القضائية
الأخ القائد يتحدث فى الجلسة الافتتاحية لمؤتمر الشعب العام يوم الثلاثاء 
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نص محاضرة الأخ قائد الثورة في طلبة جامعة أوكـسفورد البريطانية حول افريقيا في القرن الواحد والعشرين
نص كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في جلسة القمة الثامنة لمجموعة سيماك
نص خطاب الأخ قائد الثورة فى المهرجان الكبير الذي أقامته جماهيــر المــــــــؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية إحياء للذكرى 92 لمعركة القرضابية 
الأخ القائد يؤم الرؤساء وجموع المسلمين من كافة أنحاء العالم بمدينة أغاديس التاريخية في تظاهرة التحدي الإسلامي الكبرى الثانية
احتفالاً بذكرى مولد خاتم أنبياء الله محمد( صلى الله عليه وسلم ).

الأخ قائد الثورة يلتقي بالفعاليات الطبية بالجماهيرية العظمى
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورةفي الجلسة الصباحيـة للاجتماع العادي الثاني لمجلس التخطيط العام
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه أمناء المؤتمـرات الشعبية الأساسية في شعبيات 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في مؤتمر
الأخ قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم العقيد معمر القذافي يتحدث أمام حشد من فعاليات
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في ضابطات الشعب المسلح والأمن العام والجمارك
الاخ قائد الثورة في الحديث المهم الذي ألقاه في جماهير النساء بمدينة سبها : أرجو من 
نص حديث الأخ قائد الثورة في لقائه مجلس التخطيط العام 
نص حديث الاخ قائد الثورة في الجلسة الافتتاحية
تأكيدا على دور الأخ قائد الثورة في ترسيخ وتعزيز سلطة الشعب سلطة كل الناس
الأخ قائد الثورة يتحدث في فعاليات الشعب الليبي
كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة في المجلس الاعلى للهيئات القضائية
الأخ القائد يتحدث فى الجلسة الافتتاحية لمؤتمر الشعب العام يوم الثلاثاء 
نص اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة أبوظبي الفضائية مع الأخ قائد الثورة


Declaração do Irmão Líder na Assembléia Geral das Nações Unidas
Em Cerimônia do Aniversário de Nascimento do Último Profeta, Maomé
 (que a Paz e a Bênção de Deus estejam sobre Ele)
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 O Irmão Líder dirige-se aos Estudantes da Universidade de Oxford sobre a África no século XXI
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Encontro do Irmao Lider com os Chefes de Igrejas presentes na Grande Jamahiriya, os Embaixadores dos Paises Amigos
 Declaração do Líder Muammar Al-Gathafi na Reunião Ministerial Sobre Migração e Desenvolvimento da União Africana
 O irmão, o líder da revolução conduz presidentes e muçulmanos de diferentes partes do mundo em oração e realiza
Reunião do irmão Líder com escritores, homen de letras e parlamentarios europeus, e estadounidenses afiliados do Auditorio Verde Mondial
Encontro do irmão líder Com membros da Duma russa, Pensadores, Escritores e Homens de Letras
O Irmao Lider da Revolucao Apresenta aos Intelectuais Africanos Sua Visao Estrategica de Uma Revolucao Cultural Africana para Preservar
O Irmão Líder da Revolução discursa aos chefes e membros dos órgãos judiciários do Comitê Popular Geral da Justiça, acadêmicos,
O Líder da Revolução fala ao Conselho Supremo dos Órgãos Judiciais e aos Chefes dos Órgãos Judiciais

Mu 641

Mu 642

Mu mystic

Vidéos publiées par MoamerATRIX – NEO GODafi – Reloaded Revolutions

de MoamerATRIX – NEO GODafi – Reloaded Revolutions (vidéos)



WHY ‘IllumiNWatO Banksters – Neocolonial-Imperialists’ ARE ATTACKING AFRICA(N)/LIBYA(N) LEADER MUAMMAR AL GADDAFI !?
Michael Parenti – “The Face of Imperialism” Parenti – Giant Corporate Capitalism Part 1 of 2 Parenti – Giant Corporate Capitalism Part 2 of 2 FASCISM — The Destruction of Americas Middle Class, War, and Empire – Part I, War, and Empire – Part II – The US War on Yugoslavia

Economic Crisis and Social Explosion

1- The first African satellite RASCOM 1
2- African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Investment Bank
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Obama & His actions in Lybia

US looks on Libya as McDonald’s – Gaddafi’s son

Published: 01 July, 2011, 02:33
Edited: 01 July, 2011, 10:47

USA looks upon Libya as fast food expecting a fast war and a quick victory, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

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USA looks upon Libya as fast food expecting a fast war and a quick victory, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan leader wanted by the ICC, told RT. But the West will never get what they want, he added.

­“Many countries, Iran and North Korea are among them, told us it was our mistake to give up, to have stopped