préparatifs de la Victoire / Preparations for Victory

 Koran and prayer beads

Revolution idea, and ideas do not die and does not end:



Surprise Green Book achieves the highest sales at the book fair
2:43 ENGINEER SAIF AL-ISLAMThe news agency the Gaddafi International – Cairo dawn observers at the Cairo International Book .. And involving Libya as a guest of honor that the new edition of the Green Book .. Has achieved the highest percentage of sales .. And saw the biggest turnout of visitors to the exhibition. The publisher prints thousands of copies a second edition of the book after entry into force of the initial edition, the fifth day of the show .. To cover the demand for this book written by the late leader Muammar Gaddafi .. And when talking about the Third Way and the power of the people “the power of all the people” and the Shura system and system partners .. And attacking the traditional systems inherited .. And making fun of the parliaments and parties .. And predicts the revolution and the struggle for liberation needs .. House is static and not make partners …


Uncover the truth :::

::::: Ahalgahalthamnh …. The people of the Middle misled :::::

After we had our facts Champions armed people in withstand battle fought by the Libyan people and its army and leadership throughout the 8 months … The people of the Middle absorbed Libyan and not all of them, of course, had deceived them and their ideas by customers and the cross media and importers Kharijites

Was naive and Ghabamn misled the people of the Middle believe and be convinced that areas such as Sirte and Sabha, Tripoli and Bani Walid and Orishvana, Ajeelat and other cities conjunctivitis legitimacy Green could follow suit and fall easily.

As Believe like children escape leader Gaddafi to Venezuela ….

The people of the East after running out unjust committed and make sure that during the crisis, said the leader martyr him popular major in the Great Jamahiriya Vttoa for him thousands of young fighter believer thought and belief, they said publicly, and worked in the spirit blood Nvidk you our leader.

They know very well that Gaddafi alone left him millions of conjunctivitis in Tripoli and corner, Ajeelat, Aziziyah and Zliten and Sirte and Bani Walid, Fezzan and even AboSaleem in historical phenomenon have only been recorded in the land of jihad to Gaddafi’s Libya.

They know that Gaddafi faced forty full materiel and strength faced organized Islamic extremist and armed and know that Gaddafi does not have a penny in Shubra and know that he memorized the Koran and Baldlaúl and know that the owner of a strategic project which river industrial and knew he faced to end it and his sons.

Muammar kissing Koran 2

They know that Gadhafi will not be able to any creature that says or writes (Libya Arab) ..

Because history start revenge and justice, but the fact remains is that it’s only difficult but impossible to engage in dialogue or convince people who cheered for Bernard Levy and apologize to sow and raise aware Qtraúal and grow up and reach under the banner of the cross.

It is part of the conspiracy fact poisoned Arabha new Lawrence of Arabia Kadafi carrying Levy.

And now will say íÇáíĘ history back days .. and íÇáíĘ commander back days.

And that is what is happening now from the repercussions of proof security ……. Follow in the next episode

ĎăĘă safely

(as published in 24/24 Libyan Intelligence on Facebook)

Muammar kisses Koran Muammar ready to kiss Koran 2

Muammar ready to Kiss Koran 1

Muammar kissing Koran 1 Muammar kissing Koran 2

Mu in meditation

Minutes green ::::

February … month Algahaar ..

Month Raih importers

“yesterday one of NATO customers with distinction importer traitor bastard cantaloupe says that Chehrfberaar become Chehrr Raih ..

We as a resistance to respond to it, saying you Almertahun dear traitors Almenbtahon importers .. We have not and will not shivering from February and other … You Artastm us in the light and in February .. In light fled your country Rgeva the masters Talqon their shoes and Tlhthon behind the dollar … In February, the birthplace of Anqlapkm legitimacy not shivering was moved not a hair in our bodies Almtazmh God and our leader … Fjabihnakm Fartgvetoa and Hrbhetwa Astantua the infidel and Tbgehtm Cross proud of bombing the Libyan people, civilians and Askaran Rgevtm NATO Vdmrtm and Qtraúal and Emarat Cross capabilities of the Libyan people … Die scariest Vkbertm Levy and McCain … And Althemtem in the green arena with your president Sarkozy and Cameron …

As for us, we fought in our country and in the fronts did not go down and did not Nstgat Bajpina in our country even from our friends in Russia, Ukraine and China … And we used God and the noble tribes. And fought Bjeehna hero and volunteers great conqueror .. فسجلنا wonderful steadfastness in human history ..

But you Vtkhavon Zlkm and also afraid of your customers and Germankm although they like you, traitors to God and the nation ..

Will not go down … We will not surrender … Our country and we … We Aémna to prevail let us do our duty toward home.

Will not understand this because you Mrtgvon Mrtahun Ahthon Talqon shoes Asiad.”

ĎăĘă safely

Mu V for Victory
Salem Fares Gaddafi writes:
My country what works remorse – of the hand of God rule Altaliat. .
Tu Eban leg discount – Lotto Eban Whalley Aakabbat. .
Liban Falcon Bum الرتم – and Liban fishing Melli and parents. .
Past Matt and present judgment – O Taichoh Tteke died. .
Ankan Matt Lord womb – and Ankan lived P by Algaziat. .
Drto injured lived Elm – and Drto shame what LIBAT life. .
And Drto blood covered by the blood of – Ankan St. blood every Alcainat. .
Htbauna How Earned sheep – Tsouko where between Alganmat. .
Htbauna how granite idol – Enk purports ruling Gmat. .
Htbauna how Service Hinat – Enaiho p who virtuous. .
Thsaboh NATO – Aho after gradient laps. .
Aho was and Madek fee – and gunpowder P by governors. .
Citron Alkhot Maliana Atjm – Ttiyab to live bet Taibat. .
Atgium folk know the campus – the campus to Henw and you n Badiat. .
Great mind aimed p Ghashm – solves P who are the Sahlat. .
And shown saa صاعين and yes – saa Kayal e Default and Lafayette. .


Mu is prayer

“Oh of annoyance Vazh. O Lord of the Worlds
We seek refuge with the light of your face, which has brightened the darkness, and the Magistrate ordered the world and the Hereafter, that solves our anger or that have come down to us wrath, and no power to us.
God Onzarethm .. God be merciful weakness .. And mercy isolation .. Be them help .. Be them periods .. A good help .. Yes Mawla and helpers ..
Oh my dear my strong O Jabbar O severe punishment Oh you their, they do not Aadzonk O you the Christians and Nazarem and Jews and Mnhaadeh and Balravdh It Hayahm O let them شذر Mother and cut them all traces O Lift them Aawejtk and drop them Basque O housing them what to move and move them what housing O frozen blood in their veins Oh, do not have the banner and make them those behind them a lesson and AIX I ask Ontrina those wonders ability O bucking between their hearts and teams جموعهم and make them parties rival among them God shed them pathogenic and plagues and tribulations and earthquake ground from under their feet O Ahsm number and kill them Bdedda not remain one of them
Oh God, we seek refuge Protection in wrath, and from Akopetk whispers, WABC you do not count the praise you, You Kmatnat yourself.
You said you say right
* Call me will respond to you that those who are too arrogant for worship Sadkhlonghenm enjoy داخرين}
Fa them Respond prayer Thy Unitarian
God bless our Prophet Muhammad came down from the sky as rain and Jane for which they were created, humans and the number that grows in the ground of grass and trees and his family and Sahbhojmaan
Oh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamin.”


you pray for us luck and success comes only from God and with the permission of Allah will fall banner of shame in Tripoli –

The hour crawl !

The Hour Crawl

MARTYRS all! :


Green Mountain | _ Tripoli _ |
Call E. Lee to Dr. Hamza Thami fighter. . . .

32nd Brigade enhanced

In our name and on behalf of all honorable Liberal activists and supporters of the legitimacy of green draw this appeal to you Aarafiq struggle and Aassot honorableand caller to the right. . .

Caller you and you are still name legitimacy green and my father accompanied us his voice and accompanied all Hiappana and our young people and our soldiers throughout the war on Jmahiritna beloved and to this topic of the moment. . .

Vlataata today cDNA and step down when we get to victory Almighty Padnh. . .
Canutorna dear dear. . Voice Libyan fighter courageous hero.
Canutorna Fadil which radiates national and sincerity and loyalty to the homeland.
Canutorna steadfast Karim (Hamza Thami):
Our hearts go out in grief to hear your statement that you will hand over the helm and see from afar!!
Not entrust you, but strength and steadfastness, why now this decline. .

Sorry we say down because we did not find the word shows this situation!

Which shocked and shocked many, especially in this time when rejoice horror traitors and disintegration and their estates. . .
We are accustomed to you and your style is encouraging because you are the voice of the people resistor. .

Has passed us days Anksrna and days when we did not find after Hidayatullah only voice guide us to the path of righteousness and draws on our hands and raise our morale and increases the strength of our confirmation. . .
Not find only Afoatk and Smaank and your appreciation for the efforts made in order to liberate our dear country (Great Jamahiriya).
You will not linger and appreciate your decision, but we consider your family, and you are our father does leave us one else leads us in the dark days?

We need you! No resistance without this sound and God protect you, O hero. . . .
Be sure you Dear Mujahid that complement us next career victory Baden God. .
The forward and continuing revolutionary struggle. .


Alchukalat Hadi crime Petkavh, free place pension Nbwa Ankavhoha, O the crime Mpehy them.
(Meet in Tripoli)
Administration offices managers combat crime in a meeting with the Minister of Interior Brigadier Ashour Hoael.


Trojan horse story and the Brotherhood and the end justifies the means: –

Since 2005 decided ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood building Trojan horse and through D chords with Engineer Saif al-Islam to be withdrawn horse to Libya emerged from the horse each to act as pitting son to his father or coup on him but did not know that the leadership was aware of all the intentions and every step he takes is among the hands of the leader.
Under horse Brotherhood crouching his place, but his group and after the fall of Libya at the hands of NATO.
Spread and penetrated between the folds of the transition and the joints of the state side by side with the Jews because the policy group does not matter who you are if you’re with me!! To this group will be able to impose its control and increase the number that have financial and military support and media and, unfortunately, the State of Qatar is the axis or the tool that is driven by the hands of Western (American) ..

Significance and the conclusion you really West restores production emirate Afghan dye Islamic or create sedition among peoples and between Islamist groups and private Brotherhood and even burn her paper, or supported to the end to impose on the people and provide them with cover and protection for the show lie spring and turn autumn? Is there an appropriate environment and good climate for the success of this plan hypothesis? Or that the West and, fearing for his economic and sees the creation of security-backed moderate, people realized those interests?

Aware that America changed the strategy intervention to keep clean hands but used hands other to reach the desired results without losses remember (and to keep things under the same and control),,,, you end Brotherhood in countries known as the Arab Spring looming question will answer it peoples.
The Libyan news agency
Salah Albornaoy WRITES:

“good Dr. Saif Haya that made this Aacharzma able to state unfortunately Dr. Saif did not choose the right people to bring the traitors from the outside and make them Atgmo in the country and leave the people out criminals from prisons and this is the biggest mistake because they اينفع them Magistrate Vavlm become poisonous and betrayal inherent in them and here they brought Dr. are Baau and خانو puppy State to the abyss of disaster we find rats enable them from the state with the new…


Alakhunja corrupt Nizar Kawan defend desperately Brotherhood movement through the channel of the capital a few minutes ago and said she came to return the nation to its senses special “political” after Katra political corruption!

Deputy Amir battalion “Abeida” on a visit to Turkey to Otmnian wounded and change the atmosphere at the expense of Conference Allaotunai.

Shown for what they really are:

What the Israelis have done to Libyan Coastal waters with their illegal NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPING  at Derna:

Idiot Cameron today still insists that Libyans were  inviolved with Lockerbie!!! (Eeven the Rats know this is a total falsehood!)…

Permission from the client Ibrahim Sd head so-called Committee on Foreign Affairs Conference Allaotunai Channel (villains in Libya), saying they allowed for Cameron, British Prime Minister, to send investigation teams English, to investigate and open a file of Lockerbie, killing British police… note that the file locked forever, compensation to the families victims and west by the Libyan state., and try to open the file is not a new way and another excuse is looting the rest of the funds through which this people ..
When Libyans are aware that they are under heinous conspiracy intended to return the Libyan people to the era before the 69 of ignorance, poverty and want and need to colonial powers.

Popular corner: rats supreme national security committee, and armor forces Misrata mean shield Libya declare state of emergency and they secured the entrances and exits of the popular corner!

Henw TPU Tamnoha?

  Mu is truth

Elly Janoaa commander Lord ……. Djanhm wood fire -= Mu’ammar IS Truth!

Chiselled orders to al-Qaida and Sam Ben Hamida Hamid Hassi disposal by 15 \ 2.

NATO customers Petrhona preparing a list of honorable Tarhunah signed client by year and send them to base Motaiqh and in order to send battalions Jerdan disguised in civilian dress and civilian cars to Tarhunah to catch the honorable names contained in the list.
ÇŃĚćÇ warning, publishing and not underestimate any informationعملاء الناتو بترهونة يعدون قائمة بأسماء الشرفاء ترهونة بتوقيع العميل الكاتب العام ويرسلونها الي قاعدة معتيقة وذلك من اجل إرسال كتائب الجردان متخفين في لباس مدني وسيارات مدنية الي ترهونة للقبض علي الشرفاء الواردة أسمائهم في القائمة .
ارجوا التحذير والنشر وعدم الاستهانة بأي معلوم
عاجل: كتائب المقريف “درع ليبيا” تستلم 10 حاويات من الذخيرة عبر ميناء طرابلس, والذخيرة تتجه الآن عبر الطريق الساحلي شرقاً والواصل الي بنغازي.

  • Urgent: Brigades Maqrif “shield Libya” receive 10 containers of ammunition through the port of Tripoli, and ammunition is now moving across the coastal road to the east and connecting to Benghazi.

    NATO customers Petrhona preparing a list of honorable Tarhunah signed client by year and send them to base Motaiqh and in order to send battalions Jerdan disguised in civilian dress and civilian cars to Tarhunah to catch the honorable names contained in the list.
    ÇŃĚćÇ warning, publishing and not underestimate any informationعملاء الناتو بترهونة يعدون قائمة بأسماء الشرفاء ترهونة بتوقيع العميل الكاتب العام ويرسلونها الي قاعدة معتيقة وذلك من اجل إرسال كتائب الجردان متخفين في لباس مدني وسيارات مدنية الي ترهونة للقبض علي الشرفاء الواردة أسمائهم في القائمة .
    ارجوا التحذير والنشر وعدم الاستهانة بأي معلومة
    Guards Maqrif كتائبه hit the team channel capital and injure one of its staff as soon as they approached the Maqrif ……….. told you freedom:

Comic plays   

Hassan Secretary Member Conference Allaotunai for Misrata and Chairman of the Committee on Information which, strongly condemns what he suffered capital club today assaulted by militia guards Maqrif and demanding an immediate investigation, and threatening to resign from Congress if this is not done before noon tomorrow!!

Invited to Maqrif …… Libya has no president, no constitutional declaration and bylaws nor any legal text says you’re president, you’re structured sessions only … Sick!
Khod Hntk and briefed them (uniforms rotated in India) before Agmo you التريس

Brigades the “Karzai Maqrief” beatings committed an aggression against the capital cameraman!

Beatings and need clothes guards Joe second guards the “Karzai Maqrief”

كتائب “كرزاي المقريف “تعتدى بالضرب علي مصور قناة العاصمة !

الضرب حاجة و ملابس الحراس جو ثاني حراس “كرزاي المقريف”

Image morning Glory flag fluttering in the sky Suknh the Jerdanih Committee building delusional Fethiye for our young Libera:

Many subscribers Libya Telecom and Technology monopoly for Internet service in Libya Anohn that they connect to the Internet

via WiMAX Broken since yesterday and even today has been deliberately cut.

Weakness of the net in Zliten, Sirte and Bani Walid, Tarhunah and five. (Interruption loss for Bani Walid.)

Currently I [Dr. SHAKIR] use my mobile phone to enter and write this note Mtqaibda the high cost of Internet Mobile Libyana.



All are free pro tribes in Tripoli ………….. And care should be taken.

Dr. Shakir ofASHAM HOMEwrites:
“Storm the headquarters of the conference pagan times???????????”

Storm Conference Allaotunai and turned into “Mrbuah”

The militias stormed the headquarters of the Libyan National Congress 02/03/2013
The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli

Identifies us every day barbaric followers February and how democratic Araduha, today morning was breaking into the so-called National Congress which takes from the Rixos Hotel based.
gunmen enter Alie forcibly and AGPRO members of this Congress to sit on the ground and swap them until they get money and gains them, Dharben display Wall rights of all Libyans, where he became the livelihood of all the people to this bunch of corrupt that brought NATO and fought under the lid, while the rest of the population lives in poverty and the lack of need.


Our correspondent in Airport:

A campaign of arrests and raids on the homes of Liberal in the road to the airport ….. And the arrest of 20 due to control the net ……….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaajl ………….. And Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam

Liberal catch rats Ali who were incarcerated before then ……… Who was cooped leave home.

Strange movements of rats in the road to the airport and the farmer and the most Tripoli.

Campaign of arbitrary arrests in Abu Salim carried out by militias rat Gneoh..

Rats Gneoh shooting people ………….. In an attempt to terrorize not out on 15 \ 2..

the Zintan Red Army coming in to secure Tripoli — It was pre-arranged by the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya and Mu’ammar himself!
Correspondents from the road to the airport and from Abu Salim…

A convoy of 100 vehicles of Zintan …. been watching in the highway and Janzour ………………
فهي ليست الفئران الزنتان … وهذا هو الأحمر الزنتان الجيش المقبلة في طرابلس لتأمين — وتم الترتيب لها مسبقا من قبل الشعب لتحرير القوات المسلحة الجماهيرية العظمى ومعمر نفسه!
They are not mice Zintan … This is the Red Army Zintan coming in Tripoli to secure — been pre-arranged by the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya and Muammar himself!

Morning Glory and Victory ………… Good morning first mass/JAMAHIRIYA;
(The Green Resistance, with the RED ARMY of Zintan, are closing in on Tripoli, to regain order).


Liberal attempt to kill the rat hater in Friday Market.

Descent of rats to the main streets of Tripoli to review what they are, but corrupt  of offenders prisons graduates and drug users, Shen of Drnalhm my dear:

Green flag was hoisted on the bridge district huts length of 5 meters in the capital Tripoli

The news agency Gaddafi International – Tripoli was Saturday morning comments green flag over the bridge district cottages capital Tripoli and arrived in length to about 5 meters, causing joy overwhelming for residents of the capital Tripoli, while at the same time led to panic and horror insurgents who occupy the capital and have the immediately بنزعها the bridge. Currently the flag was confiscated awareness found in the headquarters of the security committee interview Nasser University …

Flute parts online “WiMAX” last night on Libya 02/01/2013

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli was last night embarking on cutting Internet service “Libya WiMAX” by a company Libya Telecom and Technology for most of the Libyan cities, for unknown reasons, and g m not giving Aitahat company on this matter. Some have linked the cause sever contacts uprising on 15 February 2013 …

Spread gates and heavily armed men in the coastal road and a private corner:

from Abu Salim

Rats Gneoh shooting people ………….. In an attempt to terrorize not out on 15 \ 2

Ivory (Tripoli): Today comments green flag over the bridge district cottages and 5 m in length.
And now exists in imaginary security committee who interview Nasser University of chills.

A very powerful explosion rocked the capital Tripoli minutes ago.
God willing, in the liver of rats.

Powerful explosion in the center of Tripoli and did not know any particular region

Precious Sister: Mohammed Rashid safety

Delegate of Libya in the Arab League previously

Cultural Attache of the Libyan Embassy in Egypt earlier

Dohme her home was to kidnap her from inside the house and in front of her children by a militia of Tripoli a few days ago and there is no information about who hijacked or place of abduction to the hour:

Rats plan to secure the capital Tripoli a day before 17.2

As our response via e:
Spread a heavy security today in مسلاته and pressed at the gates chicken and national security committee and military police and police
And Saerthelhm shiver because of publications.

Clusters of popular corner First Votes zoom resound throughout the city and trying to search for cells and Liberal supporters and cars roaming the streets all الاسلحله Altqilh gates are everywhere and they return to the gate containers of new and sounds Akaddaúv and bullets and explosions, especially at night and shiver Rakpthm.

Rats are focusing their attacks on the plateau and Abu Salim and the airport road for fear of the day 15 \ 2

The defense and interior ministries of the rats were placed plan to secure all Libyan cities and entrusted with the task of securing Tripoli to force national animation with the security committees attribution .. Will be booking all dark and cars that do not carry plates and handed over to police stations, starting on February 2, we will not hand over these vehicles to their owners only after the completion of its procedures Full

Stoping all dark colored cars and not giving the vehicles back:

1434 checkpoint in the city of Tripoli alone starting on Feb. 10 until Feb. 22

640 mobile patrol including 50 armored

Initiate the installation of surveillance cameras and begin the implementation phase of the west of Tripoli “Janzour _ غوط Alhaal Qrgi _ down to the city center and the east and south direction
Hahahahaha launched Halhsar imposed on Tripoli hydrogenation Jaivin masters rebels Conqueror??????? , Chills Jtkm O and Ladd dog.

The arrival of the first batch of Tiger armored vehicles to the port of Tripoli, from the small state of Qatar:

Pictures of armored country reach the port of the capital Tripoli, 02.02.2013

préparatifs de la Victoire / Preparations for Victory

The news agency the Gaddafi International – Tripoli and arrived on Saturday the country a shipment of armored vehicles landed at Tripoli seaport was transferred via the coast. The thought came to quell the uprising Feb. 15. & Nbs .

Qatar mockery of rats and send them their own armor ^ _ ^:

Qatari chief of staff when he was planning to conquer Tripoli on the Tunisian island of Djerba in coordination with the NATO aircraft rats and asked said the same we want to talk with you about the composition of the army in order to protect cities from “Gaddafi supporters”
He said to them, laughing asked:

What is your need for the Libyan army? Pain ask destroyed and NATO Astantm?
Qatar will protect you!!!!

ضحكت عليكم الجزيرة الخنزيرة ومولتكم بالمال والسلاح الخفيف لتقتلوا وتخربوا بلادكم بالوقت اللى هؤلاء الامراء ينعمون باموالكم

Today, Qatar already sent armored vehicles through the port of Tripoli to protect rats when Ahso danger.

Qatari following officers were at the base of Mitiga were transferred to Mahary today

The arrival of armored Tiger deal contracted by Commander ……….. bin Jabor Jordanian company …………. The United Arab Emirates halted deal

We stood fast in front of the 40 countries …………. Will not intimidate us Taúratkm or Soarichkm.

Top 3 areas in Tripoli ……….. announces exit on 15 \ 2 … and green flag comments force in the green arena.

(Dogs Mercy) تسحل Egyptian citizen in the street after removing his clothes
In Libya (dogs Maqrif) infringe on the TV cameraman capital.

“Theory of recycling Almqrfah” Mazzika furniture Cape: –
Hungry from returning Maqrif family of America jackal everywhere
.. And they are searching for companies that have extracts the state and buy extracts with “half price” as they search for properties confiscated by the state and buy the “rock-bottom prices” to achieve profits fantasy ..
Of course the support of the hungry first the “Mohammed Maqrif” as happened in the expulsion of the Embassy of Mali in Jerabh Street strategically located … In previous diplomatic indicated the extent of greed and chaos and hunger ..
God to Aterbham .. Nor of hungry Chbahm importers.

Dr. Shakir of “ASHAM HOME” writes:
“Storm the headquarters of the conference pagan times???????????”



الراية الخضراء فوق مقر ماتسمى بوزارة الموصلات سرت
02:23 video in length

2 février 2013 22:26
Green flag over the headquarters of the self-styled ministry conductors Sirte:

Video: Tribute to the revolutionaries of the Conqueror.

Anyone kidnapped and no defects
Makhlouf and the departure of group are the reason, as stated to us today kidnapped four young tribe Alqmadfh,

for some reason convalescent neighborhood events that took place yesterday.
Perhaps tomorrow and the coming days are not in favor of any recklessness so each person must be warned.:

Abduction of 4 young tribe Alqmazfah on hands rats Makhlouf ….. And tension Alaaudhaaa in Sirte.

Image slain Khaled repentant picked him in the west axis with rats Misrata precious days of the war on Sirte …
The this Aalchks killed in clashes popular Sirte that occurred at dawn yesterday by unknown assailants.

Rat killing Khaled penitent in Sirte, was found next to a building insurance.

Delegation from Allaotuny Conference went to popular Sirte this evening for an urgent visit.



A state of alert for rats ……….. With the proliferation of heavy gates …. With Air flight on the coastal road.

Heavy fire in the prison Madjer Bzletn

The reason renditions of the People’s Armed Forces to a secret location.

City Zliten

News of rebellion within the military prison Madjer and shooting inside and surroundings.



Exposure inventory Arish happy accident between Ajdabiya and Brega on Friday evening and has suffered a broken shoulder
And I came out today from the hospital to his hometown of humans .

Time Gaah neck Hatnksr



Clashes between girls Solomon in rats Sabha …… The escape of a large number of them …..
One says that rats Sabha 75% Azlalam.

Weakness of the net at the beach and Sabha …………… and Almgarhh morale high ……

and attempts of rats Alahtman stir up trouble.

Raise the green flag over the people’s court “Sabha” and the distribution of a large number of legitimate pro-saws.

Sabha Gardah Island field and a white flag that says “there is no god but God King of God” ..
And knead after جردان meeting Sabha Sons of Solomon (beast thermal), Boys Boucif, Gardah .. News says that some of the children of Solomon only Atfqo to face Green Sail next ..
God is greatest over Kidd aggressor
GOING STRONG kill them:



Armed vehicles patrolling Ajdabiya, chills, Hadi Nhitkm.

سيارات مسلحة تجوب اجدابيا من الرعشة,هادي نهايتكم
لأي جديد زوروا صفحتنا على الفيس بوك
Arrests and raids in Sabratha of rats.
Arrested one Liberal Ajeelat ………… After betrayal of one rat Ajeelat.


Mohammed Mustafa Bohakor stolen shipment of oil and tried to smuggle them from Benghazi

préparatifs de la Victoire / Preparations for Victory

 The global news agency Gaddafi reliable sources: Mohammed Mustafa Bohakor “son of former Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Bohakor” him involved in the process of trying to smuggle a shipment of oil that have been seized recently in one of the farms area C Faraj Bbnghaz …

Mohammed Mustafa Bohakor stolen shipment of oil and tried to smuggle them from Benghazi

The global news agency Gaddafi reliable sources: Mohammed Mustafa Bohakor “son of former Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Bohakor” him involved in the process of trying to smuggle a shipment of oil that have been seized recently in one of the farms area C Faraj Bbnghaz …

Slogans are coming close to victory on the walls of Benghazi 2013
Warplanes flying low over Benghazi.:

Leaflets distributed in Benghazi:

Benghazi start new revolution by fire early Jasper Battalion Ali Hassan Al Jaber, amid clashes holy perimeter battalion, and white is betting on the death of the first sons on its territory and end the day federal demonstrations downtown.

Ivory (Benghazi): Violent clashes and voice heavy fire in the vicinity of the holy battalion Buamr in the meantime..

The people of Benghazi are burning armor battalions Libya and Hassan Jaber pond area and fire trucks are put out the flames.

News from the burning armor battalion to Libya at the hands of Hamid Hassi rats …..

Was last night steal 4 cars Land Cruiser from the port of Benghazi
Saybh God Saybh,

Acute shortage of cooking gas in Benghazi and an unprecedented influx of SCA in Tripoli
The Gaddafi International news agency 

Witnessed eastern cities, especially Benghazi acute shortage of cooking gas but found very high Vosaarh,

is also the capital of Tripoli has seen an unprecedented stampede of people to shopping centers to buy basic

materials in anticipation of the uprising on 15 February 2013.

préparatifs de la Victoire / Preparations for Victory

Shooting and voice-intensive bombing large now in Benghazi.

Violent clashes in Benghazi in the vicinity of the holy Bo battalion Omar 02/02/2013

The global news agency Gaddafi – Benghazi outbreak of violent clashes and vote under heavy fire in the vicinity of the holy battalion Buamr in the meantime did not know the reasons yet.

préparatifs de la Victoire / Preparations for Victory

Facebook pages talk pleasures rats every little down news of the arrest of the cell. Ihssuk we Aychen in the Kingdom of bees. Damn Libya suffer.

Battalion was seized shield Libya in Benghazi and were seized cars and weapons inside them.

Gunmen roam the streets of Benghazi:

Rats seek support for Al-Jazeera
15 \ 2 …………… Violent clashes and demonstrations in Benghazi and most cities in the Middle

Island ………………….. Almtazahrien celebrating the second anniversary of the spree.

Benghazi boil ………………….. A city first statement in the coming revolution.

The easiest way to convince Benghazi not to go out on the 15 is to be released Ghariani fatwa calling for people to get out ^ _ ^

False Taliani Antichrist: religiously impermissible departure from the Guardian and who does it is Asi to the command of Allah.

Note that the same person who ordered out for Muammar Gaddafi and Cheran use of infidels to kill Muslims!

Mufti NATO “sincere Ghariani” Lefty is not permissible to depart from Guardian!

The news agency Gaddafi – Benghazi on Friday in a mosque Anas in the city of Benghazi thrown Sheikh sermon was about prohibition out for <and lattes it> such as the National Congress and the current government, and said no derogation from them because they and rulers and the fatwa said it issued sincere Ghariani. Note that the same person who ordered out for Gaddafi and the use of infidels!!! & Nbs …

Like understanding Aduch> Friday in a mosque Anas bin Malik in Benghazi thrown Sheikh sermon was about prohibition out for <and lattes it> such conference Allaotunai and government illegal and said may not go out with them because they and rulers and the fatwa said it issued sincere Ghariani …!<

In response to exaggerations and fatwas hypocrite Antichrist false Ghariani, which is expected to able to trade the religion of Allah and fool the masses, tell him enough falsely O false, the fact is the pension does not compare at all what he was enjoying Libyans of freedom, security and justice, and tell him that Libyans knew your truth, O heretic and we will say you:

Ktefoa Venus .. Said from behind me will sprout erupts
Cut the bud .. Said other beats in the womb roots
قلعوا root of the soil .. I said to this day I hid seeds
Potential retaliation deep buried
Tomorrow will see all mankind
How come the cry of Birth of silence graves
Cool sun and cool revenge flowers
Greetings (Badr bin) Page oversee the Arabs.


Yesterday in Alheirh gate located at the entrance of Gharyan were killed individual members of the security committee Phantom of the region at the hands of a thief denominators from Kklh area.
Truck thief 380 and today experiencing gate large Gerdani.



News on the transfer of African mercenaries to Misrata a ………… for fear of Day 15 \ 2

Higher torture inside the mosque Misrata.

Spread the heavy gates of rats with heavy weapons in Misrata

Ivory (Misurata): to find a member of the Al Huda escorts for repair and rehabilitation of dead on the beach.



This abandoned village outside the city of Zintan was populated by pro-Gadhafi families from the Mushashya, a nomadic tribe from southern Libya.

Sean Carberry / NPR

(the following is edited from rat reporter PETER KENYON)

In Libya’s Nafusa mountains southwest of Tripoli, the sight of abandoned villages and idle fighters hanging onto their weapons gives bleak testament to the fact that not everyone in the country is ready for the violence that overthrew the Great Jamahiriya.

In one windswept mountain village outside the city of Zintan, the only sound is the lonely clatter of a door against the gate of an abandoned house. Burned-out cars and a foam mattress soaked from the rain litter the street; most of the houses look as if they’ve been looted.

The village used to be populated by members of a nomadic southern tribe called the Mushashya, whom Gadhafi imported to the area decades ago.

Now, a sign in the town bears a handwritten Rat scrawl that says, “Mushashya: Gadhafi dogs.”
Zintani joined with the loyalist forces against their neighbors.
It’s a story that’s being played out in other parts of Libya as well. Outside Misrata, the town of Tawergha remains abandoned after its residents let the Gadhafi army launch assaults on Misrata from there.

Rat Misrata fighters have committed great atrocities, and are attacking the Zintani (whose fighters are said to be fiercely independent warriors, but extremely humane). An unannounced visit to a makeshift prison in Zintan reveals a few dozen prisoners with no visible signs of abuse who say they’ve been treated well. Libyans, other Africans and even one Serb are sprawled on mattresses in a dimly lit basement, awaiting an unknown fate.

One prisoner, a former general in Gadhafi’s army, says he had not seen any combat. Husni Mohammed Katy hopes to be allowed to join the new army because that is all he knows after 30 years in the military.

The volunteer head of the Zintan local council, Attaher Tourki, says he’d like to release some prisoners for the holiday, but they first need to determine those who have blood on their hands, who will need to stand trial.

Reluctance To Turn In Weapons

A slim, energetic man with salt and pepper hair, Tourki was studying for an advanced engineering degree in Britain before the revolution. He says getting fighters to turn in their weapons is the top priority, but so far he has no alternatives to offer these young men.

The Zintan fighters have given back some of their tanks to the TNC, Tourki says, but when asked for other weapons, they say they will turn them in only once they see a Jamahiriya government formed.
“That’s the main concern. Because all of them [are] young people; they lived for six months in war. And I can’t promise them, because, as you know, I have nothing,” Tourki says. “To be honest with you, yes, we have some guys or some young people out of control.”

The worst incident in recent days was a deadly shootout at a Tripoli hospital involving different militias, including one from Zintan.

Zintani fighters are in charge of security at Tripoli’s International Airport. Their commander, Mukhtar Akhdar (also known as Mokhtar Greene), whose leathery face is framed by a traditional turban, acknowledges there was a problem at the hospital.
Mukhtar Akhdar says the fighters can’t relax their vigilance now especially, or the new “al-Fateh” could still be undone.

Copyright 2011 National Public Radio


Mokhtar was falsely reported as  shot dead:

Mokhtar head of the “Green military Council of Zintan” warns Misrata Militias, that they are a threat to the security of Libya….”

مختار الاخضر رئيس ما يسمى المجلس العسكرى الزنتان…

يحذر مليشيات مصراتة من المساس بأمن الدوله على راديو الزنتان قبل قليل.…/libye-mort-mokhtarakhdar…juin-2012.html

Libye – La mort de Mokhtar Akhdar, le directeur de l’aéroport international de Tripoli (16 juin 2012) à lire sur Algéria ISP. Tous les articles sur l’actualité …

ALGERIA ISP / Selon HarakaElmokawama Libya, des informations parlent de la mort de Mokhtar Akhdar ; responsable

 de l’aéroport international de Tripoli qui est un commandant des milices de Zenten.

The strong man of Tripoli, he is

Mokhtar al-Akdhar leading brigades Zintan which control several hotspots of the city, including the airport.

Mokhtar al-Akdhar in Tripoli. Damien Spleeters



Night falls on Tripoli . I look out the window of the Mercedes which leads us to the airport to meet Mokhtar al-Akdhar, the commander of the Libyan militia’s most important post-war . The soldiers are waved through without leaving their vehicle. It’s too cold outside. In the main hall, travelers waiting taxi drivers warm. We do not talk much, there.

And then the signal comes. We made out. Mokhtar al-Akdhar will receive us in a building nearby. Commander arrives, greets us, invites us to wait in a room while he will isolate himself to pray. His men call him “uncle” Mokhtar, out of respect for his age and rank. The man leading the Zintan brigades, western Libya, which control several hotspots of the city, including the airport.

“Security, I know”

Mokhtar al-Akhdar appears larger than he is when he sits in the comfortable sofa in the “Hall of Presidents.” He asks what closes the door, so they decrease the volume of the television. He puts his hands on his knees without ring. His cheeks are hollowed. He seeks your eyes, and when he speaks it takes time. His answers are long. His rank is his uniform: a parachutist badge to the left, an eagle on a background reptile right. It is also his 38, he puts on the table. A cartridge in the barrel less for safety.”Security, I know,” said in Arabic, the man who controls the airport. It smoothes his gray mustache, adjusts her scarf, this scarf which frames the face. “The Arabs were before the Tuareg.” Before the war Mokhtar al-Akhdar ran a travel agency.

He expects the journalists’ questions. When his men will they surrender? Do not they participate in the country’s instability? What this former Libyan ambassador in France, that his men are accused of torturing to death? What is he the next elections, scheduled for June? But Mokhtar al-Akhdar do not know anything about politics, he argues. It is not very optimistic, he said. All he knows is that he is “the seat belt of the Libyan state” .

The man who holds Seif al-Islam Gaddafi

And how many men under his command? Why, he asks. He hesitates to answer. That would show his cards. He knows that the answer is important to estimate the forces, the weight in any negotiations. But it has its advantage, Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi , held by his men and still awaiting trial . “Call him Saif al-Gaddafi,” says he, “this man has nothing to do with Islam.” He insists, yes, he must be called something else. What then Mokhtar al-Akhdar, the Green Mokhtar, should he also change his name? He laughed.

“There’s  no true green in the new Libyan flag.” Then silence, he thinks. He explains. Impatient that does not include: around the city, there are fourteen katiba under his command. Each with one hundred to one hundred and twenty men.

And during the war, in the Nafusa mountains in western Libya, he continues, “there were three airdrops of weapons by France . During one of the loading exploded. Ammunition, Milan. Three operations in all. “

Finally, he got up, said a few words in French, as an omen: “Tonight, you are set on fire.” And the name of the show, “the Hall of Presidents,” as an omen? “I want that Libya is doing well, the rest I do not care,” he says. Then: “You need to stay away from money and power. This is how people will appreciate you. “Diplomacy? “Maybe in France?”.

A phone call, it goes away. Snatches of conversation: it is the media team. A drunken man was arrested at a checkpoint. Exchanges of gunfire. Must publish a story on Facebook. One of the men tells me: “Before the war, Zintan, Libya, I did not care. Today. Libya is all that matters. ”

Mokhtar Al-Akdhar back, he smiled, smaller than when sitting. It offers a flower. He jokes. He walks away. A plane takes off outside.

Damien Spleeters in Tripoli

13 JULY 2012:

Les brigades de Zinten détiennent un véritable arsenal militaire, parmi lequel 257 chars et quantité de missiles.
Les brigades de Zinten détiennent un véritable arsenal militaire, parmi lequel 257 chars et quantité de missiles. | © Marco Salustro/Marco Salustro

The Zintani cling to their guns
THE WORLD | 13.07.2012 at 15:35 • Updated 13/07/2012 at 15h44
Slightly edited from Helene Salon – Zinten (Libya) Special Envoy
In the desert, some 200 kilometers south of Tripoli, a door with two lions announces the lands of Zinten. The road stretches to the foothills of Jebel Nefoussa, on top of which stands the village, made up of scattered dwellings and bare. It is a quiet town of 40,000 inhabitants

The War left thousands of weapons lying in the streets. But the calm is only apparent. Everyone here jealously guards the treasures of War Zintan, asking the comings and goings of the curious. Katibas seven of the city are sitting on a military arsenal, the Red Army of Gaddafi forces, among which 257 tanks and missiles quantity concedes Qor Khaled, head of media relations in the council of elders of the tribe.

It follows step by step the many who are interested in the illustrious prisoner Zinten held since 16 November 2011. “Saif Al-Islam [son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi captured in November 2011] is placed under the authority of the Attorney General. Even local authorities must ask permission to view. We accept on condition that remains Zintan.

(from Dr. SHAKIR of Asham HOME:
“# Sorry Aamgariv Rshehadkm implemented major militant Saif al-Islam # Rukn al-Din Oran” )

Zinten was erected guardian of the gains of the revolution. His booty, assures us it is the guarantee of his safety and that of the country. “This is better than weapons remain here to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands,” said Mokhtar Al-Fernana, military commander of the West since the revolution. The former army colonel is investing in the construction of the future national army from his office in Tripoli, facing the Department of Defense, occupied by another zinteni leader, Osama El-Joueili.
The warlords with their thouwar taken place in the capital. Until April, the brigade commander Mokhtar al-Akhdar exercised control without sharing Tripoli airport and continued to refuse to hand the Airport over to the TNC.

“There is no police, no army. Us, we want to keep the city until the re-establishment of the Jamahiriya national army,” defends Al-Akhdar, which receives wearing a scarf and black a Bedouin robe in a luxurious villa on the outskirts of the airport, once property of Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi. The warlord said work for the country, without personal ambition. But, “if I am named Chief of Staff of the National Army and that let me work freely in four months, and I all I réorganiserais assurerais the country’s stability and peace between the tribes,” suggests he.

The Zintani refuse to give way to the transitional authorities, considered weak and corrupt. “The members of the transitional authorities are thieves. Older former Gaddafi officials, some are (like Shalgram and Jalil). They create parallel security forces with Islamists,” says Mr. Al-Akhdar, who accuses them of trying to “marginalize what is truly revolutionary.”

If any part of the city of Tripoli returned to its pre-war occupations, thousands of Zintani more still retain strategic locations in Tripoli borders and oil fields in the south of Libya.
Posted at Tripoli airport for eight months under the dual symbol of the Ministry of Defence and the brigade of Colonel Mohammed Madawi, Mohammed Ragab, a 32-year-militia, is on the verge of signing its first contract to defense. So far, only 350 men of Zintan were integrated forces of the (RAT) Ministry of the Interior of its 3000 considered for the RAT defense.

But not all intended to integrate the security forces and few have actually desire. “We demand rather that the State aid these students to continue their studies because we need them to build the city,” said the head of the local council, Sheikh Mohammed El-Waqwaq. Expect much more. “They have excessive demands as credits, work, home, and everything goes very fast …” blame Mokhtar El-Fernana, which is hard to imagine without these revolutionary Discipline integrate in the future army.

A Zinten the thouwar champing at the bit, splitting the streets driving sedans former chiefs of the regime. Their disarmament is a key concern. The fighting between ten days in June katibas the city to those of the neighboring tribe and traditional enemy of Machachia amplified the fears of the old tribal conflicts turn deadly wars.

The Zintani claimed to have saved the country from a new threat of Salafists. “The Machachia cut roads and killed several people in Zinten.

When we launched the assault against Cheguigua and Mezda, we found ourselves faced with heavily armed SALAFISTS,” said Mokhtar El-Akhdar. The katibas of Zintan have used heavy artillery, killing more than 100 people dead and 500 injured, before a cease-fire – yet fragile – is negotiated by tribal leaders of the country.

But this show of force has lost some credit warlords Zintani. A low profile, they refuse to hand over their weapons and Saif El-Islam to GNC authorities. They will hand over only once the legitimate Jamahiriya is restored and a Green national army is in place.
Vigilance remains appropriate-


Qaryat `Umar Al Mukhtar, Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Libya,  named after the Libyan

resistance leader Omar Mukhtar, in EASTERN LIBYA….a mountainous terrain also:

Qaryat ‘Umar al Mukhtar is a village in the District of Jabal al Akhdar in north-eastern Libya.  It was named after the Libyan resistance leader Omar Mukhtar. Under the Italian rule it was known as Mameli after the Italian patriot Goffredo Mameli.

It’s located some 22 km south of Bayda.

  1. ^ Amraja M. el Khajkhaj, “Noumou al Mudon as Sagheera fi Libia”, Dar as Saqia, Benghazi-2008, p. 120

Qaryat ‘Umar al Mukhtar is located in Libya  Libyen Al Jabal al Akhdar.png

Omar Al-Mukhtar grotte dans le Djebel al-Akhdar

Posted by at 7:02 AM


Visiting Apollonia



Places to see in Libya (2)

Part 2: Natural Section
-The Green Nafusa Western Mountains – Home of the Zintani. This is very general, but I could write dozens of posts on the different things in the Nafusa mountains. Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the last 8 months will have seen some of the breathtaking plains and mountain scenery in this region.

 (Credit: James Wheeler)

Israel build its base in the Nafusa Mountains ……… A prelude to hit Algeria


There are also several extremely beautiful little-known oases in the area. I’ve heard of at least 2: Ein el zarga and Ein el rumiya, which my dad stumbled across this summer and couldn’t stop talking about for days. He won’t give me the photos though, so instead here’s Yefren, a town in the mountain range, and a seasonal waterfall near to it 🙂

(Source here)
– Jabal al Akhdar – A beautiful area in eastern Libya, which should become a protected nature reserve. Heavily forested and full of wildlife. It was once used by Umar al Mukhtar as a base from which he waged guerilla warfare against the Italian colonizers. My shergawi cousins have zardas (picnics) and even camp here in the autumn, when it becomes completely green. In fact, these are straight from his fb, hope he doesn’t mind!

– The Ubari salt lakes – Yes, near where Saif was caught! I have to say, I can’t fault his taste, although hopefully the smell will have worn off by the time I get to go.

Ubari (salt) Lakes in the Sahara north of Germa, Libya
– Waw An Namoos – Yep, did everyone know that we have A VOLCANO in Libya?!
(More pictures here)
Okay, actually it’s not a typical mountain-of-fire one. In fact, it appears to be more of a cluster of oases in volcanic rock, which I think is formed when a volcano collapses. I’m not educated enough on the subject to explain it to anyone, and there is a real shortage of literature on it (I’ve rarely seen such a short Wikipedia page). So who’s going to go and see it first?
– Tibesti Mountain range – including several extinct volcanoes, on the borders between Libya and Chad. Traditionally inhabited by the Tabou tribe, many of whom wholeheartedly supported the revolution this year. Home to ancient cave-paintings and a critically endangered species of wild dog, among other things.
– Jabal Ouenat – Another mountain, on the border between Libya, Egypt and Sudan. It contains many natural springs and cave paintings of animals. I can’t find a picture to do all this information justice, but suffice it to say we have many beautiful mountains in Libya, which almost certainly hold many secrets. Here is the UNESCO report on it, and here is an article on its discovery from National Geograhic in 1924.
– Jabal Arkenu – Another mountain, nearby to the previous one but fully in Libya this time. It’s also included in the UNESCO report. The most interesting thing about this one is that it contains a double-impact crater, dated to be back in the age of dinosaurs. Reading that made me wonder if we shall find any interesting fossils in Libya…
– Weather – Ok, there’s no need to tell anybody about our incredible sunshine and the temperatures Libya reaches daily, but did anyone know that it also snows in Libya? Especially in the mountains and nearby cities like Gheryan, but it reportedly snowed in AlBayda only last week!  I haven’t managed to find pictures yet, but I did find a video of the last time it snowed a couple of years ago.

– Coastline – Only about 1770km (1100 miles) of mostly pristine shore. Say hello to tourist money, my fellow Libyans!

(See more: LYM)

– Wildlife – This is a tough one, I don’t know if any resources are still up to date. I’ve been told mountain lions are extinct, sadly, and gazelles are very rare. There is no shortage of wolves and hyenas in the uninhabited areas though.

Geckos (ابو بريص) are a common sight on the outside walls of your house at night, and I even saw a chameleon on my grandparents’ grape vine once! Of course, there are camels, snakes and scorpions galore. We also have several species of birds of prey. I have no idea if this was an urban myth, but my mum says that in her childhood she heard that a man was eaten by a crocodile in Werfalla. That would be worrying.

Less worryingly, there are dolphins near our shore!

I can’t find it anymore, but there was a lovely video of a man (one of the thuwwar perhaps?) playing with one in waist-deep water on facebook a while ago.

And i can’t forget the adorable but endangered libyan tortoise.

For more info go here and here. There is a very nice wildlife display in the Saraya museum in Tripoli’s fort, which I made a point to visit every time I came to Libya as a child.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

– Bonus feature – Escapees!  Many of Gaddafi’s elite were in the habit of keeping private zoos, and even protected reserves (محميات) full of exotic non-native animals. When the areas were taken by the thuwwar, some managed to escape or had their gates left open. At least, that’s how i suspect these things got out here! I don’t know how many there are or the likelihood of finding them, but if you’re lucky you could run into all kinds of creatures.
 (Posted by Dr Idris Elgaid)

 (I can’t remember who posted this, please forgive me/let me know)
All of this is just scratching the surface, and there exist treasures in all corners of the country. Waterfalls near Derna (pictured below), the cliffs of Tobruk, the valley of Bani Walid after the rains, and the rich pastures of Msellata (pictured below). A little different from what you’d expect of North Africa isn’t it?
ما شاء الله, تبارك الله بأحستن الخالقين
 اللهم أجعل بلدنا امناُ و أحفضه

If that isn’t enough for you, you can read some more here and see more here. And don’t forget to see my last post on the cultural treasures of Libya, if you haven’t!

This amazing tourism potential will have to be very carefully planned, with routes and tourist lodgings regulated to minimise disturbance to the habitat, but if done properly this will result in a large source of sustainable income for the country, reducing our dependance on oil and diversifying our economy.
PS. Before you go off on an expedition, please don’t forget there are a lot of unexploded mines lying all over various remote areas in Libya, particularly in the southern region dating all the way back to the Chad war in the 80s. Do your research before going anywhere off the well-trodden path, safety comes first. في أمان الله
A large tomb on the southern  edge of Cyrene.

As we approached the inhabited city of Shahat, we turned north and came across the first of a series of man-made caves. A gate protected this cave and we could see clearly that it had at one time likely served as a large tomb. Even though we were high in the mountains, the cave was full of water, which explained one of the reasons that the Greeks had built in this location. As we travelled, we began to see hundreds of small caves – we were travelling through a necropolis. The old city of Cyrene is surrounded by tombs, thousands of which have been documented. As we approached the city center, the partly excavated and restored remains of the city became visible.  Cyrene had been built upon a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean far below.


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  1. Harpoon: Abdul Majid Saif Al-Nasr, currently exists in Turkey and stable at senator .. Municipal, and confer with the Libyan ambassador the possibility of arranging a him and the rest of his family members have openly declared at a meeting with his peers Nadmon he remorseful for his participation in the boom and wishes back era leader Muammar Gaddafi, at the same hotel family Mohammad Aqil who بتهريبهم after what was to kidnap his son by armed militias and Msawmth for his release for a large sum of money, in addition to Abu Bakr Abu ostrich who purchased the villa in Tunis and now distinguished between Tunisia and Egypt … And the list goes on and we bring you more .. and our question of fleeing Al February Elm tell Libya free and Finally Tnfestua freedom when escaping from your freedom …?

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