A DAY BEHIND, and the promises of JUMA


Muammar al-Qathafi retains the promises of Allah for Fridays held devout

Mu w Prayer beads __

Why was Mu’ammar al-Qathafi wearing a white glove on his right hand? Does any one know the answer ?

(Shaking hands with the Jinn, will never do for Mu’ammar.) It shows all Mu’ammar’s purity…that despite what MSM and governments say, Mu’ammar does not have blood on his hands as they do…Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s conscience is far more than just clean…It is free, and his works by Allah, say this loud and clear.

Ali Salem DLF Thug 28:21 Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami channel in the Great Jamahiriya

on 15/06/2014 P de Ali Salem DLF Cutthroat

Anniversary of a GREAT SPEECH: al-Azizia al-Qathafi speech,19. july 2011 … Al-AZIZIYA, Libya —


Anniversary of the Hamedi Family Tragedy of 20 JUNE 2011, in SURMAN, when a target-detector was planted

in the nursury as all the children went to sleep there, …and NATO BLEW-UP the

family country home after the family was gathered for a Birthday Party for the eldest Little  boy…

another bundle of joy  was expected, but NATO blew the baby out of the womb as well– Saadi’s wife (sister to Khaled) and son were at that party too….

19 Family members and one on the way! and some neighbors too… …..

Later Khaled Hamedi suffered a leg injury while  on leave: they were setting traps for him as well, and his office in Tripoli was blown up….

When he went to Belgium, for reparations on the loss of his complete Family, with only his hero father surviving, they threw Khaled

out of the court, just as they did with Aischa, and said that the houses (AISCHA’s brother’s house

the month prior, with Mu’ammar there for family supper),

were both military Command Posts! SHAME ON NATO and the USA!

Jamahiriya Gaddafi:

غدا يصادف هذا اليوم بتاريخ 20-6-2011ف قام العدو الصليبي الغاشم بإرتكاب جريمة هي من ابشع الجرائم في تاريخ الانسانية قام بقصف بيت امن ليغدر بأصحابه . بيت امن قصف بحجة انه من اكبر غرف الاتصالات والعمليات في الجيهة الغربية وان يسكن به رمز من رموز ثورة الفاتح العظيم “الفريق الخويلدي الحميدي” لتزهق به ارواح 12 شخص بين نساء واطفال ورجال . في ليلة عيد ميلاد الفارس”الخويلدي خالد” عندما كان الجميع سعداء يطفؤن ويحتفلون كباقي العائلات ماهي الا ساعات وقصف البيت بأقوى الصواريخ . ب8 صواريخ هجمو بيتنا ليغدرو بنا , اين انتم يا من تدعون العدالة يا اصحاب الشر سيأتي يوم بعون الله وسنرد الحق

في جنات الخلد يا شهداء ال الحميدي اللهم ارحم جميع شهدائنا الابرار


The real SAIF al-Islam:





 Sufian bin Qmo soon be in Eggs.

سفيان بن قمو قريبا تكون فى البيس سفيان بن قمو




I keep on thinking about the verse from the Holy Quran, which makes me think about evil SADAK GHARYIANI, the fake MUFTI appointed by NATO: “Who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah, or saith, “I have received inspiration” when he hath received none, or (again) who saith, “I can reveal the like of what Allah hath revealed” ? If you couldest but see how the wicked (do fare) in the agonies of death” !—-

The Angels stretch forth their hands, (saying) “Yield up your souls: This day shall you receive your reward,—-

a chastisement of disgrace, for that ye used to tell lies against Allah, and scornfully to reject His Signs !”




A message to the “Brigade QaaQa” of Zintan:

I am a citizen of the city of Tripoli to thank the efforts of the “Brigade QaaQa Forces” and efforts by lightning Ikomen these days to deploy and secure the roads and gas stations .. .

I am for myself, and thank them for me in facilitating the mobilization of the citizens of gasoline.

I feel comfortable right where Alnillat witness in the system and their soldiers and Alkiefah and feel comfortable when dealing with them.

God bless you


Vic God bless Yamwatun

God willing, always forces Hama homeland and the citizen

We thank the efforts of individuals and units of the brigade for the first QaaQa

Brushed the efforts of our soldiers in the brigade efforts exerted by them

Where today Anchrh forces for General on gas stations to secure them and the ways to secure the capital

And moved units etc to spread around Tripoli International Stadium to secure the match for Ahli Tripoli and Union in the league Walibi

God bless you and may God prolong your age and God save the people in the bliss and prosperity.

رسالة عبر الوارد :

انا مواطن من مدينة طرابلس نشكر مجهودات لواء القعقاع وقوات الصواعق المجهودات التى يقومن بها هذه ﻷيام باﻷنتشار وتأمين الطرق ومحطات الوقود ..انا عن نفسى ومن معى اشكرهم فى تسهيل للمواطنين تعبئة البنزين

الحق اشعر براحة حيث شاهدة النضباط فى جنودهم والنظام والقيافة وتحس براحة عند التعامل معهم .

بارك الله فيكم

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

فيك بارك الله يامواطن

وان شاء الله القوات دائما حماة الوطن والمواطن

نشكر مجهودات افراد وحدات للواء ﻷولى القعقاع

نحى مجهودات جنودنا فى لواء بالمجهودات التى يقومون بها

حيث اليوم انتشرة قوات الواء على محطات الوقود لتأمينها وعلى الطرق لتأمين العاصمة

وانتقلت وحدات اخرة للأنتشار حول ملعب طرابلس الدولى لتأمين مبارة ﻷهلى طرابلس وﻷتحاد فى الدورى اليبي

وبارك الله فيكم واطال الله فى عمركم وحفظ الله الشعب فى نعيم ورخاء

Zintan brigade QaaQa, also mentions their service as BORDER GUARDS:
“Major multi-Ochtssas for border guards and guard vital installations and has

its special forces and rapid reaction forces and officers in various fields.




Central Committee of the treatment of the western mountain west – the city of Zintan Santé / beauté

Wael Alzentany, asks Hello, please support the publication and the official page of the city of Zintan treatment with thanks Central Committee of the treatment of the western mountain west – the city of Zintan Commission to treat patients inside and outside of Libya belonging to the Libyan Ministry of Health


El Azizia – The desert city of Libya. Long ago in the ancient world there was a city by the name of El Azizia

in Libya

For publication and to inform


Tundra two holes in the “corner of the sheep sing” in any extent, especially the sons of the city of # Zintan

Suspected owners Altndarat
They are criminals by Azizia mountain,,, # caution and Circular.



The Great Wefalla Wershvana horsemman of RISHVANA

The Rishvana at Bani Walid celebration:

The Rishvana at Bani Walid celebration   _______________________



March out to the people of Bani Walid Council members demanding social reverse their decisions

خروج مسيرة لأهالي بني وليد تطالب أعضاء المجلس الإجتماعي العدول عن قرارهم



Urgent Air Force bombed a terrorist sites in the area of Ras Crescent Valley and devoted.

Salem al-Obeidi, reporting:

Jeroshi: dumping two bulldozers and targeting port of Ras Crescent (OIL)

# Exclusive details shortly

Allahu Akbar



People are responding to parents to make sure you have the right Bassour

These images of two bulldozers that have been beaten Basilah air strikes directly # Ras iHilal<:


Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, comments:
Show innocent children of the conflicts that occur in the port of Benghazi ...

It’s the city that the world watched Geert conflicts and explosions like a movie titled terrorism


Science for terrorists in tuber mean shortages in Dkhirh and arms .. and bulldozers which were bombed today Dkhirh loaded weapons.

Allah is the greatest !



Military at Valley Rouge


 “Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, announces Casablana uprising Benghazi spark The first battalion landed in Shahat Zintan Sharar West and fuel revolution Benghazi battalion Apulvdal fall in 4 days In the last resort for the ousted Icolo you do not ya clients! Date of grandparents to grandchildren Aoaidh




Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, informs us:

After Magmt Alkmendos of U.S. ambushed Bouchtalh was transferred to Washington

Itaglglu in the ranks of the Kharijites and be captured # Zahawy leader heinous supporters

who came out in flags and Kafr army and police and the state.
Zahawy missing to contact Beah from one day to the past by his aides

Where last Sunday saw the dignity operations in several locations in Benghazi against the nests of terrorism

The last person who was arrested Ahmad # Magbari another commander in the ranks of the Kharijites

Alehih not Walibi dignity of his dignity

God is great God is great and God Praise

# No details etc. will be clarified by the official spokesman of the Military Council of the

Armed Forces of the process of dignity

(# Mohammad Alhijazy)




Clash Blaslhh light in front of Shell Poker in al-Salam neighborhood ..

# Benghazi not remember injuries and authorities are still unknown!!?

“QaaQa Brigade”, on FB:


Alumblyh sources of dignity:
We have successfully arrested the cell responsible for a lot of assassinations officers Slaj air and the Libyan army
And after much effort involved the superset of military intelligence, military police and Thunderbolt
The rebels honorable, Fethiye everyone who contributed to this work and we promise you that we are moving on the path to eradicate these
Criminal gangs

Allahu Akbar

Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, gives us
Information contained:

A failed assassination attempt on Friday afternoon, a day aimed at elements of the PSD Benghazi “Munir
Magbari ”
The Magbari belongs to the Salafist movement and the anti-Takfirists was working office Truth
Directorate, which was headed by Colonel Martyr Kamal Bzazh





Unidentified masked prison guards Qrnadh targeted the southern city of Shahat a hail of bullets

Photo: Reuters À Shahat, un manifestant s’est posté sur le dessus d’un char d’assaut.






Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, comments:
How expects take on the process of liberalization of the tuber to terrorists??

Knowing that the ground forces, air and sea surround all the roads that lead to the tuber.



Tobruk air base is targeted by five Grad rockets, which confirms the strength of the

extremist salafi is increasingly day by day. 


URGENT | operations Libyan National Army “official”:


Assigned to Major General Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi led edits Derna extremists






Shell explosion RPG at a police station Manshia versus clinic Almqji by extremist groups,

although they had previously threatened targeted a police station Sabha

Has been killed a person named Majid Faraj Gaddafi at the hands of rebels Awlad Suleiman tribe,

and was also killed today Muammar Mansour Gaddafi by  Nevsalthoar rebels Awlad Suleiman.



“Zero hour”, on FB, posts a statement of Libyan displced citizens in FRANCE:

18 juin 2014 Statement Libyan community in France we Libyans and Libyan living in France and the naysayers of what happened from the destruction and fragmentation of our nation and the killing and displacement of people within and outside the country

and the arrest of thousands of our sons and daughters and subjected to the most heinous types of torture and abuse are not the fault of their own, but they took up arms and answered a call to the nation to address the forces that moved their naval and air forces assigned the ground after being evacuated,

including signed charters whereby the turn the page on the past and open a page ores with our state of Libya, but here is a new page at the beginning of the third millennium has appeared in front of all the peoples of the world are full of killing more than one hundred thousand people of different ages and groups, and sand blasting thousands of mothers and orphaned thousands of sons and daughters, and amputations of hundreds of young people, and erected extremism and clients on the joints of the state to become the largest theater to commit the most heinous and deadliest crimes against human life and the environment,

and to blackmail the wealth of the country and move toward destruction and ruin and waste all his savings and investments and dismemberment of national unity and sow discord among its citizens.

Faced with this terrible situation we can not we the Libyans and Libyan living in France only to be for the country and with the nation that accommodate everyone and everyone will be as it was before the war, which forced us to live and leave our homeland and our people,

but to raise to the Conference of tribes and cities of Libya, which was held in twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth of the month of May of this year 2014 in the city of Al-Azizia Borcvana symbol of brotherhood, love and brotherhood tolerance national construction, the highest greetings, appreciation and support for all of the issued him of historic decisions reflected the wisdom and statesmanship and vision emanating from the good will and the wisdom of the mind in the balance of things,

and the purity of insight into this time and these exceptional circumstances of the modern Libyan history, and say to the Conference Secretariat to forward the distinguished” Guys Libya and God bless. ‘ Sons and daughters of Libyan community living in France, belonging to tribes that reject Salafi extremism

and the confiscation of legitimate and non Matmralqubaúl Libyan cities.

Released in Paris on 18 June 2014.

ساعة الصفر 18 juin بيان الجالية الليبية في فرنسا نحن الليبيون والليبيات المقيمين في فرنسا والرافضين لما حدث من دمار وتفتيت لوطننا وقتل وتشريد شعبنا في داخل الوطن وخارجه وإعتقال الآلاف من أبنائه وبناته وتعريضهم لأشنع أنواع التعذيب والتنكيل لا لذنب إرتكبوه غير أنهم حملوا السلاح ولبوا نداء الوطن من أجل التصدي للقوى التي حركت أساطيلها البحرية والجوية وقوات إسنادها الأرضي بعد أن أخلّت بما وقعت عليه من مواثيق تعهدت بموجبها بطي صفحة الماضي وفتح صفحة حديدة مع دولتنا الليبية , لكن ها هي الصفحة الجديدة في مطلع هذه الألفية الثالثة وقد بدت أمام جميع شعوب العالم مليئة بقتل ما يزيد عن المائة ألف قتيل من مختلف الأعمار والفئات , وترميل آلاف الأمهات وتيتيم آلاف الأبناء والبنات , وبتر أطراف المئات من الشباب , ونصّبت التطرف والعملاء على مفاصل الدولة لتصبح أكبر مسرح لأرتكاب أشنع وأفضع الجرائم في حق الحياة الأنسانية والبيئية , ولأبتزاز ثروات الوطن والسير به نحو الدمار والخراب وتبديد كل مدخراته وإستثماراته وتقطيع أوصال وحدته الوطنية وزرع الفتنة بين أبنائه . أمام هذا الوضع الرهيب لا يسعنا نحن الليبيون والليبيات المقيمون في فرنسا إلاّ أن نكون للوطن ومع الوطن الذي يسع الجميع وبالجميع يكون كما كان عليه قبل هذه الحرب التي أجبرنا على أن نعيشها ويعيشها الوطن وأهلنا , إلا أن نرفع إلى مؤتمر قبائلنا ومدننا الليبية, الذي إنعقد في الخامس والعشرين والسادس والعشرين من شهر مايو لهذه السنة 2014 في مدينة العزيزية بورشفانة رمز الأخوة والمحبة والأخاء التسامح الوطني البنّـــــــــــاء , أسمى التحايا والتقدير والتأييد لجميع ما صدر عنه من قرارات تاريخية تجلّت فيها الحكمة والحنكة والرؤية المنبثقة عن حسن الأرادة ورجاحة العقل في ميزان الأمور ونقاء البصيرة في هذا الوقت وهذه الظروف الأستثنائية من تاريخنا الليبي الحديث , ونقول لأمانة المؤتمر الموقر ’’ إلى الأمام يا رجال ليبيا والله الموفق ’’ . أبناء وبنات الجالية الليبية المقيمين في فرنسا والمنتمين للقبائل الرافضة للتطرف ومصادرة الشرعية لغير مؤتمرالقبائل والمدن الليبية . صدر في باريس بتاريخ 18 يونيه 2014 .

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