We will have a Green Victory

Morning pride and dignity … Morning and withstand the challenge … Good morning Victories
O hastily set victory
صباح العزه والكرامه … صباح الصمود والتحدي … صباحكم انتصاراتاللهم عجل بالنصـر المبيـن

 Mu Lion King
Here’s WBC and we will bring you Sir Commander of the nation and the pride and glory façade
Here’s WBC and with you, O martyr neighborhood will write history oversees generations generation after generation.
Here’s WBC and you Aahabib Snter millions of dignity offended and truly raped and desecrated homeland ..
Dividing the honorable sacred … He promised to the Liberal,  religion … And will teach the wrong-doers will turn any Menklba.
Steadfast … Firm … With God’s help victors:إليك وبك ومعك سيدي القائد سنعيد للوطن مجده وكبريائه وشموخه
اليك وبك ومعك ايها الشهيد الحي سنكتب تاريخاً يشرف الاجيال جيلا بعد جيل
اليك وبك ومعك ياحبيب الملايين سنثأر لكرامة أهينت وحقاً أغتصب ووطن دنس..
فقسم الشرفاء مقدس … ووعد الاحرار دين … وسيعلم الظالمون اي منقلبا سينقلبونصامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون

Science and God said, The Messenger of Allah

العلم قال الله وقال رسول الله


EVIL European Union calls for Libya to control all the headquarters of detention….NOT TO RELEASE PRISONERS!!!!

FROM Today’s news, it is very obvious, that the USA, FRANCE, U.K. TURKEY & QATAR are FEEDING THE CHAOS, which they desire; so, they can “legally”, through the UNO, get a foothold in LIBYA.

Touati Alaadh to channel capital …
– Ibrahim witnessed a public official is in the CIA, which is not only in the conference
– What is happening in Libya scheme behind the Muslim Brotherhood and the front since 2005, an American named scheme (Rand)
I challenge anyone of the Muslim Brotherhood to show me on the air and I challenge the Comptroller General to come out and announce on the air that he served as a mentor to them that he can not
– From intelligence sources Jzeran Ibrahim obtained a 60 million and drop the charge against the secret agreement with Zidane on the open fields.
– What is happening in Rbeana purpose of opening an outlet for bands Darfur were monitored meeting of Isa Abdul Majeed with French intelligence in France and France are the masterminds of what is happening in the south.
– Fallopian Libya Per Liberal and Libya appear free some of the characters from the south that they Libyan rebels and the intelligence behind it.

Fadeelalmzrohy Fadeel:

And Rafla Aaaz Ezz Snaded chivalry and knights quality of matter was intended Otaht Erhalk Lake safety Oouso ​​you had walked your peace Dima Blahadan Maraheb Aamreh painted alibi and the Yankee Lake anytime Arabs Cassaph L Ahoar Dima Otatb Arabs and Arabs blame to in ResellOne Shan.
ورفله ياعز العز صناديد شهامه وفرسان الجوده ليهم كان نويت أتحط أرحالك ليك أمان عليك أوصو كان مشيت سلامك ديمه بلأحضان مراحب يامرحب طليت الغيبه وينك ليك زمان عرب كسابه لام أحوار عرب ديمه أتعاتب وتلوم عرب ليها في العزه شان

Meeting now at the Ministry of Defence on the absence of the role of the ministry and the assassination of army officers.


Z in front of the Defense Ministry headquarters in the Islamic Dawa, because the ministry has become a vocal phenomenon does not exist on the ground
And that the minister does not attend at the ministry and does not work as they were protesting against the lack of a decisive stand Tak Minister of assassinations of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Libyan army.

REALLY! DIALOGUE WITH THE SALAFISTS??? Seems the UNO desires and condones the bombings and assassinations!!! (BTW: Bushmin arrows just brought back the SALAFIST BOMBER Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi, from Jordan prison. !!)


“US-supported Salafi terrorists tarnish image of true Islam: Analyst”

Mideast Jordan Salafi Protest

UNO Security Council held an international consultation session which it heard a briefing by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya, Tarek Mitri, about the current situation in the country. He called on the UN official, in his submitted to the members of the Council, to the need for the participation of all concerned parties in Libya in a comprehensive dialogue on armed militias and disarm, and said to the members of the UN Security Council that there was a surge popularly remarkable in size discontent and anger against battalions and armed groups in the country.
Tarek Mitri spoke about the demonstrations in Libya in recent times, and demand the withdrawal of armed groups from the capital Tripoli, and said that 46 people were killed in those demonstrations.
On the recent violence in Benghazi, said the representative of the Secretary-General’s Special Libya it on 18 November last year survived a military commander of the Benghazi from an assassination attempt, seen as a continuation of the targeted symbols of state power continued as heavy fighting broke out in Benghazi between the special forces units and battalions Ansar al-Sharia in twenty-fifth of last month, which resulted in the deaths of nine people, in addition to an unknown number of casualties in the ranks of Ansar al-Sharia.
UN official warned that the situation is still fragile, especially with reports of the possibility of a subsequent killings targeting members of the special forces. Mitri said that despite the steps taken by the government to spread quickly and army units in Tripoli to prevent a security vacuum, but the weak capacity of the military institutions and the policy of the state represent a serious problem for the Libyan state.
He Tarek Mitri said in a briefing, “The events of the past month have highlighted once again the need for dialogue with the major armed groups. At the present stage, we believe it is essential the participation of all parties in the dialogue, in order to stimulate the process of a comprehensive reintegration and disarmament, and the transition Eventually towards the state monopoly to use armed force. ”

Comment on UNO statement above: “UGH!!


“US-supported Salafi terrorists tarnish image of true Islam”

QUOTED from Frimet and Arnold Roth (14 MARCH 2013):

“…This is exactly what people have done in Libya. That is a kind of anti-social, anti-human misrepresentation of Islam that some people are pushing.

And it justifies and rationalizes the Islamophobia in the West where you yourself, your civil liberties and are at risk in Great Britain because of the behaviors of the people who think like this in other places in the world.

I am not talking about the caveman rights. In fact the people who are just like you…, the caveman rights are the murder of Libyans who happen to be black.

SAME PEOPLE EMPOWER THESE PEOPLE who empowered ISRAEL with nuclear weaponry of Mass destruction for the past 65 years…These same people created a-Grahib prison and Guantanamo…Al-Qaeda do work for the American interest. Terrorism creates the “need” for armed intervention. WAR means $$$$ for the West…and also their imperialist goals for stealing natural resources for Western consumption.

In a coffee shop in Gaza, Muhammad Hijazi, an expert on Islamic and Salafist groups, explained that Salafist jihadism is a global phenomenon, not a local one. It moves from certain regions of tension to others. It moved from Afghanistan to Iraq, then to Libya. He noted that its mission, at the beginning of the ’80s, was to fight the Soviet Union. However, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, Salafist jihadism took its mission to the socialist South Yemen.

After the region fell to North Yemen, the Salafist jihadists moved to Chechnya, Caucasia and Sudan, then to Algeria,Iraq and Libya and now Syria. Hijazi said the members are getting to Syria through Iraq and Turkey, since the border is open. Many of them are currently involved in Jabhat al-Nusra. Salafists in Jordan constitute around half of the total number of militants in Syria, amounting approximately to 4,000 fighters and residing in rural areas.

Moreover, he noted that they are financed by Gulf and Islamic charities, especially in Saudi Arabia.
The Wahhabi ideology intrinsically supports this dogma, while some countries, like Qatar, are using Salafists for political ends and jihadist purposes. Hijazi considered unofficial political oil money to be the biggest sponsor for such movements. Hijazi added that Salafists in Gaza are supported by an international network of small associations, whose mission is to offer logistical support. Those provide individuals with money and means to move to regions of tension. Through them, Salafists get salaries, visas and tickets and are directed to the conflict regions, where there is a political vacuum. The associations make sure to help them move around easily, and often, the countries that are the source of financing are aware of that. ”


British Salafists have also backed the rebellion, with the former head of the banned al-Muhajiroun proclaiming that the call for “(SAUDI-STYLE) Islam, the WAHABI-Shariah and a (demonic-led) jihad from Libya” had “shaken the enemies of Islam and the Muslims more than the tsunami that Allah sent against their friends, the Japanese”.
Libyan Salafists stand to gain once Libya is without the Third Universal Theory of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (Duetsche Welle):

An alleged dual British-Libyan Salafist has been paraded in front of the international media to support the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’s claim that the revolt against GREEN LIBYA was being directed by al-Qaeda.
Libya has put the spotlight on the fact that it may be one of the Middle Eastern and North African countries where militant Salafists emerge strengthened by the CIA-led uprising against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and its founding leader, SUPREME COMMANDER Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

Salah Mohammed Ali Abu Obah, a 43-year old Manchester resident, said he was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an al-Qaeda affiliate founded by Libyan fighters in Afghanistan. He said he had been detained earlier this month by Libyan security forces in the town of Zawiya, west of the capital Tripoli. Abu Obah described himself as a low-level LIFG fundraiser.

Abu Obah’s statements substantiated Mu’ammar al-Qathafi’s claim; but failed to fuel Western concerns that the ‘Muslim’ BROTHEDRHOOD and militant Salafists were playing a key role in the Libyan revolt unlike elsewhere in the world where they have largely been relegated to the sidelines. Abu Obah noted that the LIFG “publicly” had broken its ties to al-Qaeda in 2007 around the time that its imprisoned leaders engaged in serious dialogue with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi as part of the Great Jamahiriya’s “rehabilitation program”.

The West thinks that “the part of the LIFG that I am with does not belong to al-Qaeda,” Abu Obah said.

The LIFG alongside other dissident elements against the “Great Libyan Jamahiriya armed people’s forces” are the only two groups within the Libyan opposition with battle experience. The Libyan Salafists fought a bitter insurgency in eastern Libya in the 1990s.

Many of the Salafist fighters who are facing off against GREAT JAMAHIRIYA forces were released from prison last year as part of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA’s ” rehabilitation program” that was overseen by Gadhafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, in which they repented their ways, but secretly did not fully renounce violence.

Analysts said the jSalafists’ role in the struggle to topple the Great Jamahiriya would strengthen their position irrespective of what the outcome is of the battle for Libya. They said the fighters’ attitudes, once the battle is over, would constitute a litmus test for the new (puppet) government’s rehabilitation programs in several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Mauritania. The Saudi program has so far had an 80 percent success rate.

HEREIN IS THE 2007 “rehabilitation initiave” of SAIF AL-ISLAM:

The document is the result of a two-year initiative led by Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi through his Qadhafi International Charity and Development Foundation (QDF), and supported by Libya’s internal and external security services. As a result of the initiative, more than 200 jihadists (approximately half of the imprisoned LIGF members) have been released from prison, with more releases expected soon. The initiative has been highlighted by local and international media as a potential model in counter-radicalization and touted by the Libyan government as a “revolutionary new method to combat terrorism and the influence of Al Qaeda in the region.” While Libya’s terrorist rehabilitation program has drawn skepticism from some quarters, who view the recantation as coerced and politically motivated, the work is reportedly being reviewed by foreign governments and has received praise as a positive GOL contribution to regional counterterrorism efforts. While the initiative is significant for Libya’s internal politics — simultaneously shoring up regime stability and Saif al-Islam’s credentials — its long-term effects as a counter-radicalization effort remain to be seen. End summary.


2.(SBU) In late September, six leading members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, being held in the Abu Salim prison, issued a document outlining a revised interpretation of their jihadist ideology — one which renounces violence and claims to adhere to a more sound Islamic theology than that of Al Qaeda and other jihadist organizations. The authors represent the group’s historic senior leadership, including Abd al-Hakim Balhaj (aka, Abu Abd Allah al-Sadiq, Emir of the LIFG), Abu al-Munder al-Saidi (Jurisprudence Official of the LIFG/most senior shari’a authority), Abd al-Wahab al-Qayed (the elder brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a leading AQIM figure), Khalid al-Sharif, Miftah al-Duwdi, and Mustafa Qanaifid. In the 417-page, Arabic-language document, entitled “Revisionist Studies of the Concepts of Jihad, Verification, and Judgment of People,” the authors point to ignorance and a misinterpretation of Islamic jurisprudence as the basis for their formerly violent expression of Islamic jihad. The authors state that “The lack of religious knowledge, whether it was a result of an absence of ‘ulama’ (religious scholars) or the neglect of people in receiving it and attaining it, or due to the absence of its sources, is the biggest cause of errors and religious violations.” They credit a deep evaluation of their lives’ experiences, coupled with a closer study of shari’a law for their ideological reform.

3.(SBU) The study is characterized as an attempt to recant former LIFG doctrine and to establish a new “code” for jihad for the benefit of the modern Muslim community. In the text, the authors directly challenge Al Qaeda, addressing the recantation to “anyone who we might have once had organizational or brotherly ties with.” The document gives detailed interpretations of the “ethics and morals to jihad,” which include the rejection of violence as a means to change political situations in Muslim majority countries whose leader is a Muslim and condemns “the killing of women, children, the elderly, monks/priests, wage earners, messengers, merchants and the like.” It claims that “The reduction of jihad to fighting with the sword is an error and shortcoming.”

4.(S/NF) The revised LIFG ideology is the result of a two-year initiative, led by Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi in his capacity as QDF chairman and brokered on behalf of the Libyan government. According to press reports and Libyan officials, Saif worked closely with the UK-based former LIFG leader, Noman Benotman, on the effort to work on a revised ideology with the LIFG in exchange for amnesty. QDF’s lead negotiator, Salah Abdelsalam Salah, director of the QDF’s Human Rights Committee, (who also heads Saif al-Islam’s al-Ghad Media Group, ref A), said that he had met with al-Sadiq “4-5″ times in 2007, before reconciliation TRIPOLI 00000955 002.2 OF 003 discussions began in earnest. At that time, al-Sadiq seemed “ready to reconcile” and had indicated that his cohort shared his serious desire to break with their violent past.

5.(S/NF) Salah detailed the two-year negotiation in a meeting with Pol/Econ Chief, sharing several handwritten letters from al-Sadiq to Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi, requesting assistance. After the initial communication, a series of meetings began, along two tracks: the first involving imprisoned LIFG leadership conversing with their members; the second involving LIFG leadership, the QDF, leading Islamic scholars, and prison officials (from Libya’s Internal Security Organization). Libya’s External Security Organization reportedly took on a supporting role, coordinating a “reconciliation and rehabilitation” movement among Libyan opposition figures (including LIFG members and others) living abroad. The meetings continued over the course of two years, and al-Sadiq wrote letters to Saif al-Islam throughout that period with updates on the LIFG position. In a letter dated January 16, 2009, al-Sadiq informed Saif of the LIFG’s intention to draft the recantation work by August 1, 2009, to announce revisions to its jihadist ideology and to reconcile with the Libyan regime. On February 23, 2009, al-Sadiq issued a press statement on behalf of the LIFG leaders in prison, announcing the continuation of a reconciliation dialogue with the QDF and GOL. Salah refused to comment on international press reports that Saif faced challenges from old guard regime officials who reportedly did not want to pardon the prisoners.

6.(S/NF) As reported in ref B, QDF’s Executive Director told us in August that the QDF had facilitated consultations between LIFG leadership and leading Islamic scholars, such as Qatar-based Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qardawi and Sheikh Ali Asalabi. In response to an early-2009 letter from al-Sadiq to Saif requesting by title a list of more than 10 books on Islamic jurisprudence, the QDF provided reading and reference materials for the LIFG to study in prison. On August 1, al-Sadiq informed Saif that the revisionist study was complete and submitted it for review.

7.(S/NF) On August 23, to mark the beginning of Ramadan and the Libyan leader’s 40th anniversary in power, LIFG leadership issued another press statement, this time apologizing to Muammar al-Qadhafi for their past acts of violence against him. The first of two rounds of prison releases took place shortly after the statement was published, with 91 LIFG prisoners pardoned and released. A second amnesty was announced in mid-October, with another 43 LIFG members reportedly being released. According to Salah, these releases constitute approximately half of the imprisoned LIFG members, all of whom were imprisoned at Abu Salim prison. (Saif al-Islam has publicly stated his intention to demolish the facility, infamous for a 1996 uprising that left 1200 prisoners dead, after the last prisoners have been released.) Salah reported that another round of amnesties would take place in the coming weeks, with Saif’s ultimate goal being 100-percent prisoner release. In a separate effort, Salah said that the GOL has released some 62 members of other “jihadist groups” from Abu Salim prison based on their recantations of violent jihad.

8.(S/NF) According to Salah, the revisionist study represented the dissolution of the LIFG organization in Libya. Upon release, each former LIFG member becomes a “regular” citizen and is allowed to “do what regular Libyans do,” including unrestricted movement and the freedom to travel abroad. Salah vehemently denied the assertion among some analysts that the LIFG leaders reconciled due to lucrative incentive packages offered by the GOL. He claimed that the only benefits given to former LIFG prisoners upon release were “job training and employment assistance, financial support for medical care, if needed, and living expenses until the prisoners are able to find jobs.” Some press reports indicate that as a condition of the pardon, former militants are required to pledge not to participate in Libyan politics, although they are able to speak in mosques. [Comment: Even if they wanted to participate in politics, how they would do so is unclear, given that political parties are outlawed in Libya. End comment.]

9.(SBU) Saif al-Islam’s involvement in the reconciliation effort has received widespread local and international media attention — state-run print media has published excerpts of the text and praised Saif for his work, and CNN recently broadcast a feature report on the efforts. The CNN report praises the initiative, describing Saif’s motivation as not only ending the TRIPOLI 00000955 003.2 OF 003 violent movement against the regime but also combating Al Qaeda’s “growing influence in the region.” CNN further claimed that, “In essence the new code for jihad is exactly what the West has been waiting for: a credible challenge from within jihadist ranks to Al Qaeda’s ideology.” International think-tanks such as the Quilliam Foundation and Jihadica have analyzed the efforts and the LIFG document, with the latter calling it a “very sweeping repudiation not just of Salafi jihadism but of all forms of revolutionary Islamism in general.”

10.(C) Some observers believe the Libyan counter-radicalization experiment could be used as a model across the region and state that it differs from similar efforts, such as those in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt in its methods and target audience. The September 17 edition of the US-based “Terrorism Monitor” credited the initiative’s success to the “full institutional participation of the LIFG and its leadership,” in the reform project. By contrast, the Saudi Arabian and Yemeni models, for example, relied on “the conversion of militant individuals who may remain drawn (willingly or otherwise) to their former organizations.” In Egypt, the work of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, while renouncing violence, maintained a fairly extreme ideology, propounded primarily by a single leader of the organization.

11.(S/NF) The Libyan government proudly explained the efforts to reconcile with LIFG members during a September 6 meeting with NEA A/S Feltman. During the meeting, Director of Military Intelligence and Muammar al-Qadhafi confidante, Abdullah al-Sanussi, described the effort as a “revolutionary new method to combat terrorism and the influence of Al Qaeda in the region,” and presented a pre-published copy of the recantation study. UK diplomats have told us that the Libyans have also given them a copy of the work, which they are translating in full and analyzing as a possible model for counter-radicalization efforts. Other diplomats have praised the program as a positive GOL contribution to regional counterterrorism efforts.

12.(S/NF) Amidst the positive international attention currently focused on Saif al-Islam’s LIFG counter-radicalization program, some observers have expressed skepticism to emboffs about the project. One Western diplomat confided his personal view that the efforts were purely political and that even the Islamic scholars involved in the effort, such as Yusuf al-Qardawi, had political agendas. A number of private Libyan citizens agreed with the opinions expressed on some foreign-based blogs, that Libya’s security organizations forced the LIFG leaders to write the recantation and that some LIFG members — imprisoned in Abu Salim prison for decades — were simply motivated by the prospect of pardon and the hope of reuniting with their families.

COMMENT in 2007:

(S/NF) While local and international opinions are still being formulated on the initiative, the LIFG’s renouncement of violent jihad and extremist ideology, and the document’s direct challenge to Al Qaeda, represents a significant achievement for Saif al-Islam in particular and the Libyan government as a whole. The primary motivation for Muammar al-Qadhafi’s backing of the initiative was undoubtedly regime security, and for Saif al-Islam, it may also have been political, designed to shore up his credentials both at home and abroad. We suspect that the Libyan Government may well have contributed significant resources in the form of “financial assistance” to help ensure that the newly released fighters maintain their end of the bargain. The GOL’s immediate payoff on this investment is significant: the elimination of one of Qadhafi’s most staunch opposition groups and a high-profile public relations coup in Libya’s ongoing quest to position itself as a leader in the Islamic world. However, the long-term effects of the initiative, particularly with respect to the ideology of jihad and global counter-radicalization efforts, remains to be seen.

GREEN ARMY  fighting imported Salafist Terrorism in Libya:

GREEN ARMY  fighting imported Salafist Terrorism in Libya

Supreme Commander Muammar al-Qathafi

In early FEBRUARY 2011, Six leading members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) who were (formerly) imprisoned in Libya, issued a 417-page document. THE FALSE RECANTATION of violence and a (Pseudo) formal apology to Mu’ammar al-Qathafi stating that now “we have a clearer understanding of the ethics of Quranic Islamic shari’a law and what really jihad means” and therein specifically refuted the LIFG’s decades-long  “jihad” against Muammar al-Qadhafi. (Contrived in 2007 THIS WAS CLEARLY a fake maneouver to gain a foothold into the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and ruin it “from inside”.) THEY WERE ALL RELEASED on 15 FEBRUARY 2011…and an add was put on FACEBOOK for a “DEMONSTRATION of renewed Tidings” scheduled for 17 FEBRUARY 2011…(THE REST OF THE STORY you know.)The group included LIFG’s “founding fathers,” individuals with ties to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s (AQIM) senior leadership, including the elder brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a leading AQIM figure. At the top of the membership is Abdullah Hakim BelHadj..


Nasser year:
Homeland groaning of assassinations and bombings ….. And the children and women and elderly people in the camps ….. The elders in prison and money spent billions and do not see anything … And young people and families are looking for political asylum in the United States and Europe, Africa and Australia … do not.
Under these conditions … the capital Tripoli looking for the possibility of opening the ports of oil and specialty F so after a failed extortion and bribery ……..
# (Gate _ Libya)



“nine billion dollar loss due to Libya militias !”

Omar Humaidan: Congress today decided to withdraw the amount of six billion four hundred and forty million dinars from the budget surplus last year to fill a deficit of eight billion dinars in the current year’s budget due to suspension of oil production.



Tripoli today: the continuation of the fuel crisis, was killed. Shooting ..

Fights, chaos, queues, the inability to control the crisis widening map ..

Minister of Oil and Gas demanding the security protection of gas stations:

Student Minister of Oil and Gas Bari Arousi security agencies to provide the necessary protection for the fuel distribution stations in Tripoli, experiencing the busiest significantly since about a week due to power outages for long periods on some stations.
This came during a meeting Arousi on Monday with the director of police operations, Ahmed Belhadj, the director of Brega Oil Marketing Faraj Alkmici, and major companies late and the spark for the distribution of fuel, and the meeting discussed the conditions of work stations, fuel distribution, and the importance of providing security protection necessary for their workers, to maintain their morale and motivate them to further efforts to ease congestion stations.
The Minister of oil and gas during the meeting that the fuel is available in sufficient quantities, and that is no justification for the congestion in the distribution stations, denying the rumors about the shortage of fuel supply or disconnection, and some gas stations in Tripoli had been closed because of overcrowding, and the fights that occur between citizens, which led to confuse the officials and employees of these stations, and the lack of control over the situation in those stations.


Tajourah early this morning:

A powerful explosion
The reports suggest that the sound of the explosion near the condominium seas ...

Happening now in Fateh Tower .. The first steps towards visa Neil European “Chnql”:




Now department in AJEELAT:

A security source

Ready expeditionary force out of the department in Ajeelat tomorrow morning.



Photos and news from Rishvana:

After that carried out the abduction of a person from El Embarak and demanding a ransom of 20 000 dinars ……

Injury thug Abdul Quddus Lzimaim in Madinat al-Zahra shooting and was transferred to a hospital in Tripoli

has been under arrest there is a medical care.
Other information,,,, have been arrested a number of people who were accompanied by colleagues who are also in bullying.

The spokesman for the Shura Council and Rishvana Bouajila Seif El-Nasr told the atmosphere of the country

today to open the road between the cities of Tripoli and the Nafusa Mountains at a bridge Zahra,

after closing yesterday by protestors..

Statement of the local council and the Council of Elders and Shura Balhawwamd on the release of tribal elders and Rafla:



Led by the commander of the militia shield Libya Bzletn named Muhammad Abdul Rauf, co-mast in the attack on Bani Walid and common in the demolition of the lighthouse Alasmria Islamic science
The day yesterday on 09/12/2013 disrupt court hearings Circuit Criminal Court Zliten primary, and the attempt to judge the hearing

[Facts criminals in Zliten, Libya
Event today on 12/09/2013 confuse court hearings Circuit Criminal Court Zliten primary, and the attempted attack on the judge the hearing ]

and the attack on the lawyers verbally in an attempt to dissuade them from doing the defense of those accused of February 17, and ended up smuggling some lawyers in certain issues specifically related to the events of 24/08/2012 Zliten has been postponed all the issues pending before the court. .
1 – in this matter blatant assault on the prestige of the court and the judicial system.
2 – In this insult to public servants in the country.
3 – In this attack on the legal profession and blatant denial of the right of the most sacred of human rights, which guarantees the right of defense.
4 – in this are signs for non-recognition of the legitimacy of any of the provisions of the argument and judicial.

4 – In this serious interference to influence the judges and in the work of the judiciary and the wasting of independence.
5 – In this continuation of the disable state and its institutions and an attack on public order, which may not be for the members to agree on Mikhalvh at all.
6 – In this hurt the conscience of the general public and to spread terror and shook people’s confidence in the ability of state agencies.

Zliten ::: Zliten News :: Urgent ::

Hear now with the explosion of downtown

According Maalmt of friends there voices sound like an explosion Djilatina
Zliten News :: Urgent ::

The blast, which was heard shortly before the latest news reports that an explosion in the (Katrbel) to one of the sons Ben Nghe
This is after it has been burned the past few days and did not know the actor.

Transfer jam enemy fuel stations to Zliten ..
Zliten Today:
Congestion in front of petrol stations in Zliten and the closure of some of them by the owners of the stations.
In the town of Zliten since this afternoon too crowded in front of gas stations
And Mnhamahth fuel Adeghij Pkaduc as well as a gas station bin Masood but the latter closed, as evidenced by the rest of the stations and parking queues of cars in front of her.
The fuel stations in the city of Zliten has not experienced any congestion during the period of closure of the oil fields, while some said that congestion normal and expected and caused by the arrival of people outside the city of Zliten, specifically from cities (Tripoli – five – Palace of the good guys) because of lack of gasoline in their cities, which led him people’s sense of what the city’s disorder in the city’s gasoline.



Misrata …

Congestion of the people of Misrata Brotherhood in control of the city.

Rafla and honorable against tails Misurata to all the brothers in the Liberal Bani Walid
Who has a missing or prisoners have militias Ankhara Mzrath during campaign announced by the goodness despicable and corrupt thief Almenbod blessed Muslims disgusting disgusting face of God….
That provides us with the name and picture of your cross until it is delivered to a group of lawyers honorable goal to work on the launch of prisoners.
Please Publishing page Rafla honorable against the traitors Ziol Misurata.



Good morning Mslath and riders and olives and scientists and keep marrying
Good morning beloved Libya:

Abdel-angle Permanent
Decker Sheikh Tahir angular p 164
. Corner Abdul Permanent ……. Angle famous town of Adana and villages Mslath established for the memorization of the Koran and the teaching of science. Frequented by students from all sides by a stone and many residential students and strangers have many endowments monitoring proceeds to teachers, students and helping the needy, and do what you need of repair. One of the teachers in our Stadium Abubakar Body. I choose Mslath of scientists.



Sirte shortly before

Fierce Fighting in Sirte

Clashes between mercenaries from Misrata and the Popular Resistance.
Green Charter South Europa 

Tuesday, 11 December 2013 was a day of glorious battles in the city of Sirte, the town of martyrdom of the struggle against western imperialism since 2011.In the beautiful coastal city which was so terribly hit by NATO bombs and then blockaded in scenes reminiscent of Stalingrad, the vast majority of the population was, is and always will be loyal to the democratic principles of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and its guide Muammar al-Qathafi.The occupants of Misrata are murderers, dually despised  because they are also viewed as traitors to the nation by the people of Sirte. Renewed fighting broke out on Tuesday that killed two people and injured at least another four.

Facing each other were rat mercenaries against members of the tribe of Qadhadhfa, the battle seeing the use of heavy weapons.

The Jamahiriya (Popular) Resistance (“Green Resistance”) against the oppressors sponsored by the colonial powers is gaining more and more strength day by day, and like a river in flood, is sweeping the rats across Libya.

The death Tuesday in Sirte of a glorious fighter for the freedom of the Libyan people cries out for vjustice, while rats are more and more isolated.


Family portrait of clashes in the neighborhood of Giza marine Sirte shortly before.

News Mkmadas


Injury citizen Recep small archaeological several divorces was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital

اخبار مكمداس


اصابة المواطن رجب الصغير اثريا بعدة طلاقات وتم نقلة الى مستشفى ابن سيناء
سرت .


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Please circular /
To all honest people congregate in large groups Alnovljeh area east of the city of Sirte and the continued flow of different nationalities and owns equipment and machinery are armed and heavy every three to four days, followed by projects Shooting for South Alnovljeh .. These groups belonging to Ansar al-Sharia ….

Please pay attention to our brothers in Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf and Alhanioh and Sultan and Epehroh and metropolitan WAM lamp and all the surrounding areas and neighboring countries.



l’album de Rafla and Great | Great Werfalla.
Receiving the delegation Almgarhh tribe in Bani Walid (8 photos)

Great Werfalla 4 Great Werfalla knight 10 DEC GREAT WERFALLA 2 Great Wefalla 3



Mr. (Ibrahim Aljdharan) head of the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica:

(which according to ZAIDANE & THE WEST, are besieging forces oil sites and prevent the export),
al-JDHARAN says his forces would raise her hand to export, but the government should

form a committee control of Tripoli and Cyrenaica and Fezzan to oversee the sale and export.

Channel Vision Libyan:

Now in contact with Mr. Ibrahim Al-jdharan:
Said Mai PEOPLE him called Happy pole of a lie
On the subject of open fields of unfounded
Health and that this image was a meeting about the
Internal problem is not related to the subject of oil
And that is the subject of lock fields would not Barkawy
Especially Moroccans and the position of the Political Bureau
Clear and has been expressed in the meeting of Tobruk.


Announced Saleh Alotyosh Moroccan tribal elder during a meeting of the tribe, the city of Ajdabiya

on Tuesday that guard oil installations in Ajdabiya would reopen the plant, which shut them down

three months ago in the eastern region, and on 15 Dec. 2013.  Alnovljeh


Aaaaaaagel and HaaaamIn a telephone conversation now in Alnovljeh oil will open on 15 according to a tripartite committee federal ..
The meeting did not start officially and currently meeting all the tribal clan of Moroccan tribes combined
unit and the statement will be followed by politburo chief Burqa ..# (Gate _ Libya)


Word now
Strength of support attached to the Directorate of the white city business.


International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Security forces Benghazi eastern gate in “precise” arrest a truck loaded with a

number of 200 gun “cartridge” was heading west toward the city of Benghazi.

Pictures. Driver who smuggles weapons to Benghazi on Tuesday 12/10/2013 AD.:

Garbage problem has been resolved in Benghazi and payment of their salaries for the months of 10_11 ..

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Accumulation of garbage in the markedly different neighborhoods of Benghazi

and Employees of public services company in Benghazi for Aalenon continue

their sit-in and going on strike until their demands.

The chief of the Information Office of General Services Company Ahmad Elmessallati told the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday, the news circulating about to end their sit-company personnel hygiene, he did not return to work in the company.
He Elmessallati to sit continuously until their demands were met, noting that they demanded the institutions of civil society to “do not bid” in their demands, pointing out that “such a history,” which encourages the ministry is not to respond to their demands.
Elmessallati said that employees of the company had in the month of April to suspend the sit-in they may have done so after promises from the ministry to achieving their demands, but they do not even worsened the situation – as he put it.
Referred to the streets and squares of Benghazi experiencing congestion due to garbage sit employees of public services for several days.

Colonel sailor “Khaled Pazama” has survived an assassination attempt Tuesday morning

after a car bomb explosion near the naval base of Benghazi.



Celebration sons and Rafla city of Tobruk Mhaúkhhm exit from detention

12 pictures:


Back reconnaissance plane of the sky today tuber during dawn prayers directly.
(AD Media tuber)

Irregular work and the suspension of civil disobedience in tuber:

The city of Derna, where the city witnessed yesterday irregular work Bamoossat public and private. The school resumed its activities in all grades and the university opened its doors after a week of downtime to make way for the popular movement witnessed in the city to demand the imposition of security and safety in them. He called on the organizers of the popular movement in tuber to suspend civil disobedience to give the government the opportunity to demonstrate its role in the promotion of its recently released.

(Valley girl)

SO NOW Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi CAN BOMB SITES IN LIBYA:

(EXACTLY WHAT THE WEST WANTS..set-.up terrorism)

Launched the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan release of Libyan prisoner, “Mohammed Saeed Hamad al-Drissi,” also known as “text” and the intervention of the King “Abdullah II,” which instructed the immediate release of the prisoner and enable him to return to Libya, in response to the request submitted by the President of the National Congress of the year ” Nuri Abushmin. “
Referred to as the “text” was tried on terrorism charges in Jordan and the bombing of hotels in Jordan ...

(AD Media tuber)




Gallo, “the chief of the local council Gallo” Ahmad Ataiwir “news circulating about

the protestors, Tabu at the site of the bed through the open front of the infidels Gallo

fuel trucks and vegetables, food and gas cylinders.




Libya TV channel

A team of International Atomic Energy Agency head to Libya to preview yellowcake

New York: «Middle East» – The head of the UN mission to help Libya «Onsmill», Special Representative of the international organization, Tarek Mitri yesterday that the security force of Jordan, which is expected to arrive soon to Libya to provide protection for the international mission, «will act in full respect Libyan national sovereignty ». Revealing that a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit Libya this month to verify the safety of thousands of barrels of fissile uranium material, known as the «yellow cake».
The members of the Security Council heard a briefing by the metric on the evolution of the situation that is exacerbated in Libya, pointing out that «public anger in Tripoli has been focused on the revolutionary battalions and other armed groups». He said, that «mass demonstrations to demand the withdrawal of armed groups from Tripoli led to the declaration of Misrata forces withdrew from the city». He pointed out another wave of demonstrations in Benghazi to demand the departure of the armed brigades and re-deployment of the police and army.
As pointed metric to continued fighting between the special forces units and battalions Ansar al-Sharia (militant), said that «despite the steps taken by the government to deploy army units in Tripoli to prevent a security vacuum, are still weak capacity of the army and political institutions pose a serious problem», adding that «it is important for all parties to engage in dialogue and to find the right balance between incentives in order to stimulate the overall process of reintegration and disarmament, and eventually move in the direction of the state monopoly on the use of force».
He noted that the strength of protection requested by the «Onsmill», like other diplomatic missions, led to «misunderstanding among groups in Libya, even if some suspected that the proposal for the introduction of an international intervention».
However, the Libyan government and «Onsmill» made it clear the task order, which will be conducted by approximately 235 military of Jordan to provide protection for the United Nations Mission and the headquarters «in the framework of full respect for the sovereignty of the Libyan National», according to private information obtained by the «Middle East». He also expressed «concern» to put eight thousand prisoners «is still the most detainees have armed brigades, awaiting trial process».
I hope metric in greater cooperation from the Libyan authorities in order to improve the control of anti-aircraft missiles (fired from the shoulder), and enrichment of fissile material. With regard to the «yellow cake», said metric: «We have received information indicating that 6400 barrels stored in a military facility earlier non-functioning near Sabha, under the control of a battalion of the Libyan army», adding that «the support of the (Onsmill) will visit the inspection team of the agency International Atomic Energy Agency this month to check the stocks and (safety) stored ». He reported that «in addition to the destruction that has been verified in April and May, two for about nine metric tons of mustard gas, the team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are expected to visit this month for inspection and verification of destruction of chemical weapons in accordance with the duties of Libya» .
And also pointed to progress in the registration process for the election of 60 members of the drafting of the constitution, and that oozes its 700 people, including 74 women competing for six seats, stressing that the national dialogue combined can lead to defuse a severe political polarization and produce a common vision for the future, in the medium and long term in Libya.
As well as the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee on Libya under resolution 1970, Rwanda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Richard Eugene Gasana, an update on the work of the Commission.
Council members and moved then to consultations behind closed doors, without immediately clear whether members tend to issue a statement on the situation in Libya

The patrol force shield Libya Central Bzletn the arrest of a group of military and civilian steal electricity cables and loot the rest of the equipment at Camp volcano …. Note that some of these individuals charged with the protection of the southern city …!!
Haramiha protector ..

(Al-Sabha Free)


Mentioned to us a little while ago that he has the shooting of military personnel Sabha Hyundai car

and a military personnel wounded minor injuries …
I will tell you, and knowing that he was caught the culprit.

(Passion south)


Now we apply the punishment in one of Kufra my money venal corruption and Hua infidel Tellouk Ramadan and we promise you that we will implement immediate retribution in Kufra enemies of God they are apostates to Islam,

Ali Mrakli: Makhlouf bin Nasser: Hamid house money: Faraj Amher We will apply the law of God in them.

Heathens ::::::
The spread of intensive since a lightning strike this morning in the city of Kufra points Maholahibst and seek to impose security and calm the situation in the city after the clashes in the city between the bolt and an armed group in the evening yesterday.
Details of the news flash for clashes in Kufra, which has already been noted: Four killed in clashes between the army and armed elements in Kufra resulted in clashes, between the elements of the national army and armed groups from Tabu tribes in Kufra, southeast of the country for the fall of the dead 4.
And resulted in the withdrawal of the fighting elements of the national army from several places, where they had stationed earlier. It is noteworthy that three of the dead belonged to the tribes of Tabu and the fourth dead person was a civilian near the site of the clash.
It should also be noted that the city of Kufra suffered since the days of crippling blockade after cutting the road to prevent the supply of medicine and food and fuel due to the arrival of a sit-in organized by Tabu tribes.


The citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman no longer require a VISA to visit or stay in GREAT BRITAIN!!
(ofcourse, because these are their ZIONISTA “ARAB” friends who work with, and who were CREATED, by their government).
(Abdul Hameed to “Aperc cabled”)
____________________GREENS in EGYPT after the aquittal of Ahmed Gadaf-a-dam:

pictures of Muammar al-Qathafi with Mandela:
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