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To the Shores of Tripoli
(By Carah Ong1)

While governments and political systems may come and go, it is relationships with peoplethat last. From 29 June to 11 July 2004, I had the opportunity toparticipate in the first non-governmental delegation toLibya (the Great Jamahiriyan Society) since the US lift edits more than 20 year embargo on the country in April 2004.

The purpose of the trip was to learn about Libyafirst-hand and establish people to people relations. Thedelegation consisted of 12 Americans and one Canadian, all from various non-governmental organizations. The World Constitution and Parliament Association organized the US delegates and the Revolutionary Committees Movement was the organizer for Libya.

During the trip,many dialogues and discussions were held on the topics of Democracy, Weapons of MassDestruction, Terrorism and US Foreign Policy from an Arabic point of view. In addition to the dialogues, the delegation also had the opportunity to visit the National Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (NCIDC), the Tripoli Medical Center, the General Teachers’ Syndicate,the General Forum for Arab-African Non-Governmental Organizations and the ancient Roman cities of Leptis Magna and Sabratha as well as the cities of Abu Aishaand Shabiyat (city) Zauiya.

In meeting with many Libyans, what I was most impressed with was their ability to distinguish between governments and people.

On many occasions it was repeated that while governments may come and go, it is relationships between peoples that last. It is so important not to stereo type people based on the actions of their government, but to see people for who they are as human beings.

The Importance of Green:

As one reads this report, one may find that the word “green” appears often. In Libya, the color green is extremely significant. Green, the color of an oasis in the desert, is a symbol of security and prosperity.

Libya’s flag is green. Muammar al-Qathafi’s philosophy for establishing the “Great Jamahiriya” is called “The Green Book.” On 12 June 1988, the “Peoples’ General Conference of the Great Jamahiriya” adopted the “Great Green Charter of Human Rights.” The center of Tripoli is called the “Green Square.”

The Green Book, written by Muammar al-Qathafi, Part One of The Green Book, heralded the start of the Jamahiriya, or state of the masses.

Part Two offers a unique socialism as a solution to the world’s economic problems.

Part Three elaborates a platform for social revolution.

In Libya, al-Qathafi is venerated as “the leader of the Revolution” and the proponent of the state of the masses.

The Revolutionary Committees MovementThe Revolutionary Committees Movement (RCM) is a political and cultural movement that calls for and promotes the establishment of the Jamahiriyan society –

the authority ofthe people (direct democracy) –

as presented by the Third Universal Theory of “The Green Book”. In the Great Jamahiriyan society, the people exercise direct democracy by means of Basic Peoples’ Conferences that include the entire population of the country. The people select executive peoples’ committees that function under their supervision and execute their decisions without any form of representation or mandate, thereby annulling the rule of an individual, a class, a sect, a party or a number of parties.

RCM members participate in the Peoples’ Conferences to assure that the authority of the people is never undermined. The RCM does not exercise power or seek to ascend to power. Rather, the RCM’s primary function is to incite the masses to exercise power. The RCM also ensures that those who control resources do not control the Peoples’ Conferences. (Anyone can be a member of the RCM provided that they believe in, and never give-up, the power of the people.)

Direct Democracy:

In Arabic, Jamahiriya is a word that describes a political and economic system for and by the masses. Libya has been practicing a direct democracy for the more than 20 years. While The “Green Book” gives an outline, it is up to the people to make decisions for themselves. The people believe that if you belong to a political party, you are not free. Direct democracy is an experiment of bringing the functions of members of parliament (or Congress) to the people. Peoples’ Conferences are the legislative branch in Libya and occur two to three times per year in Libya.

The Conferences last five to six days maximum with three hours each day.

(Picture of a painting of Muammar al-Qathafi.)

The number of Peoples’ Conferences in each Shabirat (city) and the budget depends on the population of the city. The people who participate in each conference decide upon an agenda and discuss it article by article. If the people want more detailed information on an issue before making a decision, they can select someone to write a briefing on the issue and then bring it back to the Peoples’ Conference. The people select a secretary who takes notes at these conferences on what is discussed and decided. Every individual has a chance to discuss the issues on the agenda and present their views. The secretary who takes notes drafts a consensus document based on what is discussed during the conference and presents it to the people for adoption. The secretary has no right to change or modify what the people discuss or decide. Secretaries keep people on topic and agenda.

If a conference is too large, the secretary can divide it into three gatherings and ask two people to help facilitate. Some women do not feel comfortable participating with the men, so sometimes the conference will propose a separate session for women. Secretaries are not paid. Peoples’ Committees are responsible for executing decisions made at Peoples’ Conferences.

Libya has a judicial system like the US, but it does not have a jury system. The Justice Department has written procedures for appointing judges and different judges are selected to oversee a case based on the degree of the crime. Defendants can request a private trial, but they must have a good reason. Based upon the French judicial system, Libya has a primary court, an appeal court and a supreme court.

In the philosophy of the Jamahiriyan society, there must be a liberation of needs (i.e.resources must be shared) so that those with economic power do not dominate or rule the society. Today, there are organizations in 28 countries spanning the African continent, calling for the implementation of direct democracies within their countries.

Libya and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Libya has signed and ratified all conventions related to weapons of mass destruction,

including: the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1975); the Comprehensive Test Ban

Treaty (2004); the Biological Weapons Convention (1982); the Geneva Protocol (1971);

the Chemical Weapons Convention (1993); the Treaty of Pelindaba to establish a Nuclear

Weapons Free Zone in Africa (1996); the Partial Test Ban Treaty; and the Missile Code

of Conduct (December 2003).

Weapons of Mass Destruction are the topic of the time. The US went to war against Iraq

because it claimed that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. Libya’s vision

is a world free of weapons of mass destruction and it gave up its nuclear weapons

program in December 2003 because of this vision.

Contrary to US claims and reports in the media, officials said that Libya did not give up

its nuclear program because of the war on Iraq nor because it was afraid of a US preemptive strike.

Libya desires to be a model for other countries to get rid of nuclear weapons.

In Article 24 of “Libya’s Great Green Charter on Human Rights adopted on 12 June 1988”,

Libya proclaimed:

“The members of the Jamahiriyan society call for the suppression of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical

weapons, as well as of any other means of massive extermination and destruction. They
call for the elimination of all existing stocks, for the preservation of mankind against the
dangers represented by the waste from nuclear power plants.”The decision to abandon the nuclear weapons program was discussed during three closed sessions (no media) of
the Peoples’ Conferences.
Libya is currently working towards developing a Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free
Zone (ME NWFZ).Libyans believe that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is a
threat to all countries in the region, and that Israel must join in working to establish a ME
NWFZ. The US has turned a blind eye to Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and
focused on preventing Arab countries from acquiring nuclear weapons.
The existing world system is one in which bullies are rewarded and must change so that
countries do not seek to acquire nuclear weapons and use them as bargaining chips.
Comprehensive disarmament should be imposed on the strong, not just the weak.
American Foreign Policy: An Arab Point of View
After the end of World War II, the Middle East became significant to the US for two
1. Oil – the US now imports around half of its oil needs from the Middle East.
2. The Middle East became an economic market for the US.
The Middle East also became the first line of defense for the US against the Soviet Union
and therefore the US gave the Middle East priority in its foreign policy. It was only after
the fall of the Soviet Union that people around the world began to see the dark side of the
US. The fall of the Soviet Union demonstrated that the invader could be defeated by the
Over the last few decades, the Israeli factor has created a contradiction and greatly
distorted US relations with Arab countries in the Middle East. Many Arab countries
believe that without Israel, the US and Arab countries would be on friendly terms.
US foreign policy is not well accepted in the region because of the bias toward Israel.
However, Libyans stated that there is not one country in the Middle East that does not
recognize the sovereignty of Israel. Libya’s proposed solution to the Israel-Palestine
conflict is the creation of one state of “Isratine”.
Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Libya has submitted a proposed solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict in a White Book
entitled, “Isratine.”
Based on its view of the historical reality of the situation, Libya
believes that the solution is the creation of one state that would be called Isratine.
According to the “White Book”, the land area is too narrow for two states. Additionally,
two states would remain in conflict with each other as each believes they form part of the
land of the other and therefore each state would continue to feel threatened. The creation
of two states would not be able to absorb either Jewish immigrants or Palestinian
refugees. Both Israel and Palestine also have settlements on the land of the other.
At least one million Palestinians live in the state of Israel and some half million Israelis live
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The creation of one state would enforce mutual
reliance, if not integration, in respect to goods and services.
In order for the state of Isratine to be established, Libyans believe that it is imperative to
return Palestinian refugees and displaced persons to their homes. Free elections could
occur under UN supervision and allow for the establishment of proportional
representation of Israelis and Palestinians under a single government.
Weapons of mass destruction must also be removed from the state and completely from the Middle East.
Libyans believe that a Jewish state alone will always be exposed to the Arab and Islamic
threat. However, a single assimilated state comprised of Muslims, Jews, Arabs and
Israelis would never be threatened and the peoples would be far more secure.
For many Arab countries, it has become an honor to struggle against the US. They
believe that it is the responsibility of people everywhere to stand up and struggle against
any country that wishes to dominate the world. While many countries want to make love
with the Middle East, it is widely believed in the Middle East believe that the US wants
to rape the region.
From the Arab point of view, the US invasion of Iraq on the pretense that it had weapons
of mass destruction was a falsification. The real reason for the US invasion, they believe,
is to dominate the region in order to gain access to Central Asia because of the region’s
oil reservoir. No longer does anyone in the Middle East believe in US democracy,

particularly after the scandals in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

People of the Middle East believe that what the world needs most is for the US to be held accountable.

People believe that America has lost the spirit and soul of its revolution. They also believe that

the US has many rivals and it will not dominate forever, and that in today’s globalized
world, no country can live isolated from the rest of the world.
Libya has an interest for its own people to make concessions to the US and the
government believes that it must work its way through the fact that the US has total
global control. Libyans also believe that American citizens are the first victims of the
American Empire.



Terrorism is widespread and not limited to certain countries or cultures. Terrorism has

become one of the most pressing issues of our time and we must urgently do something

about it. In general, it is difficult to define terrorism. Even the United Nations could not

come to an agreement on the definition of terrorism.

Today, the main source of conflict is between forces of domination and forces of the

suppressed. Violence comes from a feeling of hopelessness. Violence has become the

voice of the voiceless. The root cause of terrorism is the inequity of power.

Libyans view Al-Qaeda as a creation of the West to discredit Islam. The Holy Qu’ran is the

main source of law in Libya and it prohibits violence. Islam is a peaceful religion and Al-

Qaeda is a Salafist extreme group that has distorted the religion for its own purposes.

The existence of nuclear weapons is also viewed as terrorism. The only solution to

terrorism is complete disarmament and the international rule of law.

National Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (NCIDC)

Based in Tripoli, the “National Center for Infectious

Disease Prevention and Control (NCIDC)” was

established in October 2002.

The purpose of the NCIDC is to propose national guidelines and legislation on

infectious disease prevention and control; extend a

program of immunization across the country; and provide

surveillance and early warning of epidemics. Negative

relations with the US greatly affected medical care in

Libya and the country effectively had to completely restart its medical infrastructure

during the 80s. During the US sanctions on Libya, Germany was the most helpful

country in providing support to rebuild the medical infrastructure.

There is no cost for healthcare in Libya; it is free to all citizens. There are 1.3 doctors,

4.3 nurses and 2.3 pharmacists per 1,000 people in Libya. The country has 620 hospitals.

The average life expectancy in Libya is 76 for women and 65 for men. The first cause of

death in Libya is car accidents. The second leading cause of death is heart disease and the

third is cancer.

Libya had a high level of infant mortality with 24 infant deaths per 1,000


Libya has eliminated leprosy and will be declared polio-free by September 2004.

HIV is considered a problem in Libya, with 2,393 cases on record in 2003. HIV cases are

mainly caused by intravenous drug use (as opposed to being sexually transmitted).

The goals of the NCIDC in 2004 include: establishing a public health laboratory by

August 2004; completing a national database of infectious diseases with an electronic

network by September 2004; adopting Foreigners Health Certificate legislation by

September 2004; adopting HIV and Hepatitis legislation by September 2004; finalizing a

national survey for HIV and Hepatitis by August 2004; and establishing local HIV

committees in each Shabiyat (city) by December 2004.

Now (2004) that sanctions have been lifted, the NCIDC will also be collaborating with the US

to train people in epidemic outbreak investigation and control, to establish protocols for blood

and laboratory safety and to train people in infectious disease diagnosis.

General Forum for Arab-African Non-Governmental Organizations:

The General Forum for Arab-African Non-Governmental Organizations was founded in

April 2000 to enforce the role of Arab and African peoples. The secretariat is based in

Tripoli. It deals with issues of poverty, famine, illiteracy, women’s issues, epidemics and

diseases. It has more than 420 member non-governmental organizations that span the

African continent. The General Forum works also to support the African Union that was

launched in September 1999.

The General Teacher’s Syndicate in Great Jamahiriya

The General Teacher’s Syndicate in Great Jamahiriya is an association to which all

Libyan teachers of the primary and secondary levels of education belong. Its secretariat

is based in Tripoli and consists of a secretary-general, secretary assistant, foreign affairs

secretary, information and animation secretary and organizing membership secretary.

The Syndicate focuses its work on programs to qualify and evaluate the competence of all

primary and secondary level teachers. It also offers programs to support teachers. There

are more than 250,000 members of the Syndicate. The Syndicate is extremely interested

in adopting peace education curricula to implement in Libyan classrooms. Currently,

non-violence and conflict resolution are taught in the classroom.

In Libya, primary level is grades 0 through eight and the secondary level is grades nine

through twelve. Students are required to take an exam to advance to the next grade level.

Children are allowed to be home schooled for up to six years, but all home schooled

children are required to take examinations with all other students in order to advance to

each grade level. At the secondary level, students have the option to attend technical and

vocational schools if they do not wish to continue on to a university once they have the

completed the secondary level of education.

The Great Man-Made River Project

The Great Man-Made River (GMMR) Project is the largest underground pipeline project

in the world. The project began in September 1984 and is currently transferring more

than 6.5 million liters of water per day from the Kufra and Sareer Basins beneath the

earth’s surface in Libya’s desert region to the coastal concentration of populations in

Benghazi, Sirte and Tripoli.

To date, with the completion of the first two of three phases, the GMMR project has

drilled more than 1,500 wells with depths varying from 450 to 650 meters. The network

of wells covers an area of 8000 square kilometers. Eight kilometers of carbonized metal

wire is wound around each pipe segment and the amount of wire used in the first phase of

the project alone is sufficient to encircle the globe 230 times. The volume of water in the

reservoir in the Kufra basin alone exceeds the amount of water that would flow from the

Nile basin in 220 years.

The volume of water that flows daily from this artificial river is

equal to half the amount of oil produced daily all over the world. The stone and sand used

to manufacture the pipes would be enough to build 16 of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.

More than five million tons of concrete were used to construct the pipeline and if linearly

extended, the pipeline would reach from Sirte, Libya to Mumbai, India. Pipe transporters

have traveled the equivalent of to the sun and back. It takes nine days for water to

journey from the Kufra and Sareer Basins to Benghazi, Sirte and Tripoli.

Some 70 percent of the daily usage of the water is devoted to agricultural projects. The

American delegation visited one agricultural project that has benefited from the GMMR

in Abu Aisha, located 60 kilometers south of Tripoli. Abu Aisha has 8,795 hectares of

land, 3,325 of which are irrigated by the GMMR. The land has been divided up into 665

farms and more than 280,000 trees have been planted around these farms to attract further

rainfall. Farmers do not live on or own the land, but they cultivate it and pay for water

usage and then sell the agricultural products.

Cultural Experiences

While in Libya, the American delegation was treated to many traditional cultural

experiences and traditional Libyan meals in the ancient Roman cities of Leptis Magna

and Sabratha as well as in the cities of Abu Aisha and Shabiyat (city) Zauiya.

In each city, the delegation was greeted with traditional Libyan folkloric music and had the

opportunity to meet with local governmental officials. The delegation was also able to

visit the local market in Tripoli. Members of the delegation also visited the site of the US

and UK bombing of Qathafi’s home where his two-year-old daughter died.


In Zauiya, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the

local radio station (pictured right) to discuss my

impressions of the country. Reports of the activities and

meetings of the delegation also appeared daily on the

national media.


I was very impressed with the social and economic strides that the people of Libya have

taken despite US sanctions. In speaking with people in the market and on the streets, I

discovered that Libyans are very positive about Americans and they gave us a warm

welcome wherever we visited. People thanked me for coming to their country and

expressed how glad they are that relations are beginning to normalize between the US

and Libyan governments.

For me, this trip underlined the importance of people to people

relations. While governments and political systems may come and go, it is relationships

with people that last. I was often reminded of a Maori proverb I frequently quote, “He

aha te nui mea o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata,” which translates, “What is

the most important thing in the world? It is the people, the people, the people.”

I extend my utmost gratitude to Sarwar Alam and Glen Martin of the World Constitution
and Parliament Association for organizing this delegation on the American side; to
Ibrahim Abouras (Gerza for Travel); and to Dr. Elshelmani, Dr. Breki, Dr. Elashkham,
Dr. Elderbak, Dr. Alrajhi and Dr. Abousetta on the Libyan side.
( Carah Ong is the Development and Communications Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation based
in Santa Barbara, California. She can be reached by email at )
Visit the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation online at:
Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:  Champion of rights for all the Living:

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:  worthy of honor as Aragorn II of Middle-earth:

“ZERO HOUR” complains:
America adds Libya to aid countries which will be awarded in 2015 and perhaps we’ll see bags of flour and oil aid of a
new America in Libya as was the case in the era of the defunct Idris, for Atsngrbua this with looting taking place in the country today.
Libya and MatanihWe got to the stage that govern the need to stop and look at the case of the country after three years
of calamity of living with “17 February”.All will say that we do not have oil, do not have electricity, and there is no viable natural gas.

Mu owl
But the mind escapes the most important of things which excludes the dignity of citizens, after Libyan leader Muammar noted that its index has fallen to rock bottom: not to mention the prestige of the state and its sovereignty.Which in fact was caused by the West, and their undercover fierce campaign against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and her people.Now every country in the world has imposed visas on Libyans; and even brotherly countries, that were like any other city of our cities, are entering our beloved land, and stealing whenever they want.The Green Libyan passport, which was authorized to travel within 73 countries (without a visa), provided the traveler with all means of comfort and safety.

Today, just became blue paper, all means humiliation and loss of all dignity to the Libyan citizen.

(Freed and liberated the country! HAH!!). Of safety and security and dignity and sovereignty, pride and dignified living stones …???

Is not this slogan Nciedkm Hey Al February ?

ليبيا وماتعانيه

وصلنا لمرحلة التي تحكم ضرورة التوقف و النظر الى حال البلاد بعد 3سنين من نكبة فبراير.

الكل سيقول لايوجد نفط لايوجد كهرباء لاتوجد مقومات الحياة الطبيعية

لكن العقل يستثني اشياء من اهمها كرامة المواطن الليبي بعد القائد معمر التي لوحظ هبوط مؤشرها الى الحضيض ناهيك عن هيبة الدولة و سيادتها
التي في الواقع من اسباب قيام الغرب والمستعربين بالحملة الشرسة على الجماهيرية وشعبها.

الأن كل دول العالم فرضت التأشيرات على الليبين وحتى الدول الشقيقة التي كانت مثل اي مدينة من مدننا الحبيبة ندخل و نخرج متى ما اردنا.

جواز السفر الليبي الأخضر الذي كان يخوله لسفر 73دولة بدون تأشيرة و يوفر له كل سبل الراحة والأمان

اليوم اصبح مجرد ورقة زرقاء تعني الذل و المهانة للمواطن.

(تحررنا وحررنا الوطن). من الأمن والأمان والكرامة والسيادة والعزة والعيشة الكريمة…

اليس هذا شعار نشيدكم يا آل فبراير

لمن ها عيش بعدك ياقائد ::'( 😥 ..سبها الأن | Sebha Now2



0:28 stronger vaccination for Abdullah denier Belhadj
de Rusaifa News

الرصيفة الاخبارية

  • de Rusaifa News 541 vuesil ya 1 jour moment to storm the National Congress by the demonstrators 03/02/2014
  • لحظة اقتحام المؤتمر الوطني العام من قبل المتظاهيرين 2.3.2014

    de Rusaifa News 431 vuesil ya 1 jour 0:14 Shooting Lead by militias Agneoh Alkkla the demonstrators

    in front of the headquarters of institutional …

    GNC Conference for Rome 05 MARCH 2014

    General National Congress gets their legitimacy at the Rome Conference,

    even though the customers do not represent the Libyan people!! The Conference of so-called “FRIENDS OF LIBYA”, is a NATO based organisation formed in 2011.


    and ZAIDANE and the CONFERENCE CONTINUE–just located at a different HOTEL!!!

    “ZERO HOUR” relates to us:
    Matt from Matt. The wound from a wound. The kidnapping of the kidnapping. And opened the road. Antvit fire and tires. And dismantling of civil disobedience. And everyone returned to their homes. And their normal lives. And Hdit outburst of anger. And ended statements and declarations. Heroes screens and disappear. And continued bombings and assassinations. The conference continued in the judgment of another hotel. Did not notice the international community and its institutions and organizations humanitarian, human rights and democracy. As if nothing had happened.

    Simply did not expect more than what happened. Because Levy and the island and NATO were not present…

    No one will be punished estimated Misurata militias to massacre Gharghour except Allah Almighty and the hands are free Libya,

    God willing.

    عاجل طرابلس المحتلة :درع الوسطى تتقدمه كتيبة محمد الحلبوص المصراتية
    تدخل الان طرابلس من محاور عدة وتبدئ في التمركزات القتالية ..

    “ZERO HOUR” comments:

    The success of the plight of February unclean and continuity is just a dream fantasy naive dream but it is not normal but it’s a nightmare perched perched on the lives of dreamers and would not leave until Antzaaha dreamy soul from the body of the sleeper.

    I do not see only chaos and farce ends assassinations and Atantzeroa the other end because Mbna on falsehood is false

    and this calamity null null total and absolute and there is no truth, only the “Great al-Fateh Revolution” carried out by a calm sane and a veteran, a leader Muammar al-Qathafi and his loyal

    and what is happening is that inserts under the name of a farce or a farce As with February completely.
    إن نجاح نكبة فبراير النجسه واستمرارها هو مجرد حـلـم يراود خيال السذج ولكنه ليس حلم طبيعي بل انه كابـوس جـاثـم يجثـم على ارواح الحالمين ولن يترك الروح الحالمه حتى ينـتزعهـا من جسد النائم . فلا أرى سوى فوضى ومهزله تنتهي بإغتيالات ولاتنتظروا نهاية أخرى لأن مابني على باطل فهو باطل وهذه النكبه باطلة بطلانا كلي ومطلق ولاتوجد حقيقة سوى ثورة الفاتح العظيم التي قام بها رجل رزين عاقل ومخضرم وهو القائد معمر القذافي ورفاقه الأوفياء ومايحدث غير ذلك يدرج تحت اسم مهزله أو مسخرة كما حدث بفبراير تماما


“ZERO HOUR” says:


The so-called Conference of the Rome’s parents will be held a few days later … so Akaror fate of Libya became the west ...

is my father decide the fate of Libyans … What do you think of Hedda conference and it Mataliqk Dear Libyan? ….

In Libya .. Mafish need Mwale or her name shows .. where Xi named Libby or mercenary assets on behalf of a client ….




Back hear explosions in Tripoli after renewed clashes between gunmen.

2:42 a state of rage in Tripoli, burning car by protesters in the door …
de Rusaifa News

From hotel to hotel Al-RIXOS: skills really are guests and not people of the country.


Urgent Tripoli territories:

Central armor battalion spearheaded by Mohammad Lhalboss Misratan
Now we are entering Tripoli from several axes, and starts in Altmrkzac combat ..

عاجل طرابلس المحتلة :

درع الوسطى تتقدمه كتيبة محمد الحلبوص المصراتية
تدخل الان طرابلس من محاور عدة وتبدئ في التمركزات القتالية ..


Sudanese Ambassador to the burning car last night in the neighborhood of Andalus in the capital Tripoli by unknown assailants.


Achaabakat in optical signal Tajourah “Albive”
The news of the injury Abdul Hakim Belhadj !

Now MB RAT “Libya Shield forces” stationed in the Central Region choice Palace in Tripoli, waiting to cross over Tajourah
And the military council Tajourah says in a statement that the hands of the treacherous cowardly assassination and

kidnapping to silence the voice of truth that you may countdown started and you have no place in Libya!

Gunmen storm the Ministry of Local Government in Tripoli.

Kidnapping of the President of the Tripoli military prosecutor submitted Bashir Alzoam now

and the killing of accompanying him in the Aiwieshh:


Were burned car in front of the Conference Allaotunai No one members of Congress when Gedo and the Qatar flag
and then burn flag statelet of Qatar
طرابلس 2014/03/02تم حرق سيارة امام المؤتمر اللاوطني لااحد اعضاء المؤتمر عندما وجدو فيها علم دولة قطر وثم حرق علم دويلة قطر

Fire at the headquarters of the Department of Passports currently:

EVIL victory for sinister Raouf hater:
Despicable cart threatens to crush the young Ali Mansoura and Alsreem Mafloh now.
Damaged buildings confrontation to the radio building as a result of the launch of anti-aviation randomly
militias cart built in Radio Street victory.Exchange of fire between militias and youth Mansoura and Abdel Raouf cart in Victory Street
and Omar Mukhtar and the militias cart to arrest the two young Mansoura ——
Hearing voices Qguadf RPG hit now hand-Mansura in Tripoli.

Mansoura now:
Urgent .. youth Mansoura firing launchers RPG based on the radio that the militia holed cart..
Victory Street now:
El Nasr Street bridge, heavy shots by militants from Mitigua and the concentration of militants Mansoura Balamarat.
armed attack on Libya’s official channel located street victory by the people of the region:
Attack on the headquarters of Tripoli youth channel sedition Libya official.
Closure of roads leading to the official channel for Libya after a violent attack on them.
Continuation of the exchange of fire and smoke billowed from the headquarters of Libya’s official channel,
and the sound of gunfire in Abuhradh.


Area Alhachan ((Margna specifically)) ongoing clashes in place between drug dealers.

Militias kill a building Aladaah “Libya official” shortly before



 In the  town of Tarhounah tension against the backdrop of the kidnapping called Azzam al-Habashi and Ashraf Ramadan Al-Amari … and killed two of the tribe Alanaajh .. and has been some clashes with the family of the Pharaonic

with a group called after the commander Salah Elmarghani of the Joint Security Committee in Tarhounah,

and news his escape to Tripoli ..

Killed Muammar Abu Hamid Khchim treacherously shot at his home in Tarhounah known him that a rebel city.



There are a total of takfiri found in the city of five abducting young people from the age of 17 and misled and transported to Turkey
and has been to Syria to fight with the so-called Front victory and this news downright 100% was kidnapped last night a
group of young Tarhounah and youth five Ayatollah Ali Macol Shahid and I generalize.
The killing of Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed, a resident of Abu_ak_i Alsreem street after being targeted by
militias Abdalroav cart just before.






Call of the tribe and Rishvana:
To youth militias against Tripoli Almentvd Brotherhood criminals.
Youth door to Ben Ghashir
To youth and Mansoura Alsreem
Young Street to Victory
Got Alshall to youth
To the young Salim
Youth to plateau
To youth Gargaresh inspired Andalus
To every young neighborhoods west of Tripoli who are subjected to persecution and prosecution by the militias Brotherhood criminals

tell them that all the cities and villages of the tribe and Rishvana “easy Aljafarah” at their disposal and will provide them with protection in case of prosecution and will provide them with treatment in the case of afflicted and will not stand idly by which exposed to intimidation and kidnapping and killing.





Announcement هــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــام
To all Acharfafa all regions and cities of Libya invites the Preparatory Committee for the demonstration on prisoners and detainees

and absent palace communicate with them in Bani Walid to complete preparations for Hedda today due March 20, 2014 to be on the captive

and open to all tribes and cities to coordinate and communicate with the Supreme Committee preparations for the formation of sub-committees in their areas and communicate with families prisoners and collecting photographs and processed in the banners

and you should work on the induction of all the people in the areas of interaction and out in Hedda today in support of our cause and our prisoners and to come to the city of Bani Walid to participate in Altdahirh millions for our prisoners and the Preparatory Commission here in Bani Walid interested in live

and subsistence delegations popular participation and is ready to receive them from on 18 and March 19 …..

possible to connect to your e-mail me or call Messrs. Commission communication and coordination 0,945,044,481 … 0,944,835,302 …

or contact Aldrdnl channel number displayed on the request to the President of the Commission Althdt media ..

Asthalvkm God had circulated to give the widest It’s possible for the success of the demonstration stops cry prisoner or captive Tadb every day.
اعلان هــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــام

الي جميع الشرفاءفي جميع مناطق ومدن ليبيا تدعوكم اللجنة التحضيرية لتظاهرة يوم الاسرى والمعتقلين والمغيبين قصرا التواصل معها ببني وليد لاستكمال التحضيرات لهدا اليوم المقرر 20 مارس 2014 ليكون يوم الاسير والدعوة عامة لجميع القبائل والمدن للتنسيق والتواصل مع اللجنة العليا التحضيرية لتشكيل لجان فرعية في مناطقهم والتواصل مع اسر الاسرى وجمع صورهم وتجهيزها في لافتات ويجب العمل علي تحريض كل الاهالي في المناطق للتفاعل والخروج في هدا اليوم دعما لقضيتنا واسرانا والحضور الي مدينة بني وليد للمشاركة في التضاهرة المليونية من اجل اسرانا واللجنة التحضيرية هنا في بن وليد مهتمة بالاقامة والاعاشة للوفود الشعبية المشاركة ومستعدة لاستقبالهم اعتبارا من يومي 18 و19 مارس…..للتواصل ممكن مراسلتي علي الخاص او الاتصال بالسادة لجنة التواصل والتنسيق 0945044481 …0944835302…او الاتصال بقناة الدردنل علي الرقم الظاهر وطلب التحدت الي رئيس اللجنة الاعلامية .. استحلفكم بالله عمموا الاعلان علي اوسع نطاق ممكن لانه نجاح التظاهرة توقف صرخة اسير او اسيرة تعدب كل يوم.



(NATO must protect her babies, no matter what the illigitimate cost!)

Iushmin cost Jardan Misrata “protection of” non-“national Conference

The Evil does not stop: IT JUST KEEPS ON GROWING!!!


# # ÚÇÇÇÇĚá Jaddaaaa

Jews ……… Misrata and this topic now confirmed information …..

Army Alasraúla installs missiles at Tel Aviv, the second Dwylthm Misrata ….. a number of Israeli soldiers are staying in a hotel / / Goz teak / / Bmasratp ….. now the Israeli Tel Aviv Misrata were installing a missile defense system within the Air Force Academy Misurata. Air Force Academy … will soon become a military base Asraúlah.

# And # # This information for each # # of # # interested in it

# Tunisia # Egypt # Algeria / / ….

ISRAELI air and missile base system for MISURATA

400+ ARMED FRENCH TROOPS LAND IN MISURATA to do dirty work for

MISURATA and “protect” MISURATA & MISURATA’s interests

Misrata port

The arrival of a ship to the port of Misrata aboard 400 armored coming from France are now downloaded

and after 12 hours at night will be transferred to the air defense __ quietly behind the Arab market.

French Troops land in MISURATA to support MISURATA:







Youth Alomly Sirte please beware there is a car Chevrolet armed white opaque glass made the day before the ears

of Morocco abducting young Mjdoby of Bohady near the crossroads of the Arboretum and liquidated after he Tacdo

Mesh ml released him please exercise extreme caution alarm.








The escape of 11 prisoners from the prison rehabilitation and reform in Ajdabiya yesterday and was arrested

on two of them and Gary Find the rest …




Finding Jtthen area Rulrhh one was attributed to the woman and another man are due to unknown identity in Benghazi.

Been Alator morning Jttin area Rulrhh Ahihama to a woman unknown identity..

Shortly before been killed in Benghazi, Colonel Adam Abdali, an officer of air defense.

Inventory assassination son unharmed injectables evening accidentally Equestrian Club ..

200 assassination in two years did not give them one defendant to justice.

Hosni Mohammed Khalifa Al-Shibli ((born 1973)) inhabitants of the gardens of his home at 8 and

did not return home until now, and his phone is locked note that he went out to his car kind

Pajero Color Black # Benghazi # Libya ..


Details ::

Who was assassinated while ago is “Adam Abdali,” where he was subjected to a hail of bullets by unidentified in

Ras Aobeidh where he was house-friendly area Sabri and he were going to the status of the object

area milkfish and The Abdali in the fifties of the Umrah and is a colonel pilot to defend the air.


Torga person was killed “by mistake” by the Chamber of pizza in 27 rebels by militias and criminal Salah Valley.

This Altanih time in a week.



Shoot Gateway project in the palm of the so-called Sixth Infantry Brigade (formerly Knight Battalion)

by a group belonging to the members of the Tabu. Where she was one of Solomon (Sulieman) Girls.



The explosion of a car that was her family near the gate of the palm when gunmen opened fire on them Sabha.

Atni brother my brother with a dagger Msom Ikcefna NATO Qudamah Leger and sleep ..

News … kill the rat offender Mohammad Omar Amotaiq Kerkom of Misrata in Sabha.
He  was a member of the MB militia forces of the so-called “shield Libya ” third force “to secure the south”.



.. Very important …
One of the Asian countries suffered granting Libyan community in Egypt grants and aid to cope with living in the Diaspora is to cover the costs of treatment and make sure scholarship after abandoning her self-styled Libyan state entirely Libyan citizens for three consecutive years.
The most important question,
What do you do about the Egyptian government’s refusal to carry out the rules and the Libyan Embassy renewal and extraction of travel documents, and not to grant some testimonies and administrative procedures task that requires access to and required to hand in the administration of various Egyptian state
, You will also be donated to one of the countries that feel compassion and pity for the miserable situation and has been miserable for the people in front of the civil state, which represents a huge community and marginalized as a result of the ideological position or career of the subject of the occupation of Libya.
Egyptians targeting Christians in Libya was on the orders of Aldoahri Ayman al-Qaeda leader.
Close Salloum land crossing between Libya and Egypt.


ظهور "نجل" أمير قطر "الأكبر" بعد 20 عاما من اعتقاله
The emergence of ‘son’ Emir of Qatar ‘bulk’ after 20 years of detention
Activists trading on the pages of social networking ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ image of Sheikh Mishaal bin Hamad, an older brother and half-brother of the current Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim. According to the assertions of activists, is the first picture of Mishaal bin Hamad, Brother …



Adjust the weapons smuggled from Libya during the military campaign…


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